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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 42

144 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 42

Well, heck, Mitch, you silver tongued devil, you…

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I’ve attended for the first two years, and it really is a great time for both readers and creators. Please tell your friends about it. I hope to see you there!

So, is it really charity if our young hero just wants to hang? Will Cory say yes? Or will Mitch have to accept doing nothing?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Move in with him, Cory!!!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      I’ll bet Cory could get his own bathroom too… well at least when he wants to shower alone (oooops did I say that in my out-loud voice?). HA!

      • Tyler Griffin

        It’s ok I was only listening with my in-my-head hearing

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Wheeeeew! 🙂

    • Congratz on the V 🙂

  • D’awwww

    • Chris Dangerfield


  • Cydney Sabin

    Just call it an extended sleepover! Pleeeeeaaase Cory?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      PJs, popcorn and video games. All good. 😀

      • Cydney Sabin

        You’re not thinking of that particular Patreon picture, are you? 😉

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Nope, never, not… why ever would you think such a thing? 😀

  • davefragments

    I like that Mitch has more of a reason for helping Cory and Diego than just “being good” and “rescuing Cory.” Superheroes are a little Sterile and annoying that way.
    “Here, I save you from harm.” plop, drop, adoring smiles and nothing more for the person.
    There is more substance to Mitch’s tale.
    And Tsunami thinks Mitch is still a virgin (HAH!)

    • Chris Dangerfield

      WAIT? WHAT? not a virgin………. 😀

      • Tyler Griffin

        Don’t you know? Men are not Virgins. lmao

  • DonnaC

    Yes Cory accept. You won’t have to worry about getting caught cuddling on the couch together at Mitch’s place.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Do you think Mitch’s family knows about him being gay at this point? (sincere question… I have no idea).

      • DonnaC

        Now I think about it they may not know, I have no idea either. I think I just have a feeling, and also hope, they would be much safer together around Mitch’s parents.

      • Hmm, good question actually. We can’t know for sure, but I lean towards that they do.

        Between the lines, I think it’s implied that Mitch is close with his parents, and they ‘always liked Cory’. Given how Cory and Mitch suddently stopped seeing each other, and how the parents jumped in to help now, I can easily imagine Mitch telling his parents what happened the last time he was with Cory. Why he had to stop the contact.
        It must have been a hard moment in his life, and I like to think he got good support from his parents on this too (maybe it was this that made him come out to them if not before).

        • Chris Dangerfield

          That makes good sense, but then begs the question of why he wouldn’t tell the TYP gang. (There may be a simple reason, such as not having been with them long enough, or he’s unsure of Tsunami’s reaction? Or something else.) However, I remember finding my folks were the last people I told and oddly the hardest and they were decent people so that was all about me, not them.

          Which means nothing, Mitch is definitely the gay child of a different era than I was.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    My personal vote would be that no, it doesn’t count as charity, but I’m speaking without ever having been in Cory’s position. I doubt I have a good enough understanding of how he’d be feeling about things.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      To be honest… (in a real-world sense) there is a lot of complexity in these situations caused by the gulf in income, background and white vs. Latin.

      It’s stupid, but it is a very real thing in our society. I didn’t come from any money, but that didn’t make it any less a “thing” that me and my dude had to work on in our early years. It’s comes up at the most unexpected times. Cory is really working uphill here.

  • Michael


    • He wants the C.
      (Double entedre that still fits what you said)

      *groans over self for this*

  • Holly

    Mitch! Look at your and your adorable Charms!

  • jreed3842

    My goodness! Mitch is too cute!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Is “too cute” even possible? 🙂

      • In Mitch’s case? Currently undetermined, need more data.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          I sense a Dokibaka research project coming on. 😀

      • Adam Black

        Yes, as in “too cute NOt to buy him a drink”
        “too cute Not to take him home”
        “too cute to keep your clothes on”
        and probably in your case ,
        “Too cute NOT to marry him”

        IN my case It was “too cute Not to squeeze in the hot tub with”

        I rest my case

        • Chris Dangerfield

          As long as your “case” is “too cute” also, then you go right ahead and rest it where ever you need to. LOL.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Thought: Flyboy’s “I let you down when you needed me the most” reminds me a lot of what he told Red Hot just before they shipped out on the mission against Annihilator and Platinum in the main story continuity.

    • He does seem to take a lot onto his shoulders.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Mmm-hmm. Now I’m wondering if that’s simply a co-incidence of the circumstances, or if he has a predisposition towards that point of view.

        • It’s not an unusual predisposition. Though it worries me that Mitch keeps doing it. I don’t think it’s healthy.

          • Adam Black

            Well Admiral if you are gonna sugggest smacking him over it , I have a mite suggestion.

            Consider spankings. You shouldnt mar that pretty face. Nobody should.

      • Klaus

        In both cases he is saying that to achieve a specific effect. To reduce Kyle’s feeling of guilt. To get Cory to accept his offer.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          He’s just practicing his mojo… hey, I’m in the boat. 😀

  • Ric Freeman

    That is so cute, I can barely stand it! If I were just a little bit younger, I’d want a friend just like Mitch.

  • You are indeed a silver tongue devil, Mitch.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      I know look at the cute little face in the final panel… I’m ready to buy whatever he’s selling… LOL.

    • angel….ANGEL

      Mitch is an Angel.

  • Adam Black

    <<< Just heard the lyrics "He'll keep the Woolfpack the door"
    nah, I'd let them in

    What I missed camping? I thought that song was Kismet. Rom-coms have lied to me

  • timemonkey

    Well, there’s a spinoff idea: mansion of gay superpowered teenaged boys!

    • Adam Black

      You hads me at mansion.
      At “Teenage boys” I Woolfpacked a suitcase at looked for directions

      • Chris Dangerfield

        The squealing of tires you hear is the sound of me screeching into your driveway to pick you and your map up. Let’s gooooooo…

        • Adam Black

          Your late, and Google Now is not cooperating.

  • TwilightDreamer

    ok…how is ANYONE supposed to say no to that face? XD

    • Adam Black

      If Cory is really smart …he’ll say hes to proud for his own room and they have to share.
      Like ……”Brothers”

      • Chris Dangerfield

        It’s amazing how many “siblings” some of can end up with. ROTFL…

      • TwilightDreamer

        lol, a little subtle hinting and those big puppy eyes might do the trick ;P

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    The sad thing is… I feel all signs point to this not ending well in any way….

    Cory isn’t in YP(because he’s too young to be in the “adult groups” like was mentioned at the comics beginning)…. and isn’t mentioned in anything else….

    I have a really bad feeling about Flyboy losing his friend… again…. >.>

    • This takes place shortly before the main comic. I’ll be the optimist who believes that they DO live at the mansion, and that the team might not know (much) about this. Not all young heroes end up on a team, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad that Cory isn’t on their/any team (yet).

      Cory might not have tried to join a team, since he’s homeless, or he could have been rejected from joining a team (like most of the YP team was).

      Optimism.. Yep, I feel optimism 🙂

    • timemonkey

      Cory’s got bad control of his powers, they’re not gonna put you in stress situations if you could lose control and wreck everything.

  • After that more or less in-/direct message of love, how can he refuse?

  • Sapfo

    Cory was not too proud that you feel the need to say no to a helping hand. This is what friends should do for each other.

  • Klaus

    Just until Diego is out and about again. (Don’t say out loud that he can always change his mind later.)

  • Jeldenil

    Smooth, Mitch.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      He actually really is. If I was that smooth at 15… life would have been very different. 😀

      • Tyler Griffin

        woulda worked your way through the ENTIRE football team, instead of just the Varsity 😉 😛

  • Shiny Gwilly

    firstly, hello to everyone, i’m new to commenting on here but been lurking on this comic for quite a while and finally decided to join in here since it’s one of my favorite comment sections <3
    secondly, just a quick note to say how much i'm loving this entire story, it's not just focused on the main 2 people, we get to see the backgrounds of the other characters and really flesh them and this whole world out, and i love that sort of thing
    and thirdly, Mitch is adorable on this page and i've been in his place. i don't have a mansion, but generally in a better position than my friend is and i try my best to offer my help and i have to convince her to take it cuz she usually refuses at first, mainly cuz of pride. so i can get both sides here enough, but come on Cory, you can't resist that face

    • Welcome Shiny!! It is one of the best comments sections around (I refuse to believe I’m biased lol). 🙂

    • Welcome, Shiny! Really glad to hear you’ve been enjoying The Young Protectors and what I’m doing with the bonus comics. Glad you’ll be joining us here.

      And yes, who could resist that face? 😉

    • Welcome, and this really is one of the mosth friendly places (totally not biased either) ^_^

      I fully agree about getting around all characters. I love getting a good insight into characters.

      • Tyler Griffin

        You know, we talk about what a friendly fandom we are to newdies, but I don’t think we every actually stop to realize and appreciate JUST how great we are, ourselves. I was going through the comments and fandom sections of a couple of other web comics I read (I’m sorry Alex, I just have too much time on my hands. I can only drool over Kyle and Spooks for so long before I need additional input, lol), and let me tell you… They all stay pretty well CIVIL to each other, but it’s basically grown adults ARGUING, I mean, all out ARGUING about the minor details of meta. Which is why this is the only web comic I read where I’m active in the comments and fandom, lmao. So, thank ya’ll for being great, AJ, Danish, ans assorted Mods, thank you for keeping us in line with gentle “suggestions” when we start to care too loudly, and that Alex for creating a story that seems to draw so many positive people.

        • I read several comics (and have seen the comment sections on various other type of sites), and it’s given me a HIGH appreciation of how friendly this – almost 100% troll-less – community is. On a rare occation a troll sneak in, but they don’t stay long.
          Also how people talk, as you said, and not just to argue. I love it. Even arguments are almost always on that civil basic level.

          And thank you, we try our best 🙂

    • Adam Black

      Welcome to the WoolfPack, The Yaoi Protectorate, The Young Bloods ..
      ( seriously we ought to settle on Fandom name ) .

      Most of us dont bite —-and then, its only on special request.

      • I thought we had settled on Woolfpack?

        • Adam Black

          Did we ? i thought it was in the top 5 .
          Other than you right now , I dont think Ive heard anyone but me use it .

          • Huh, I really thought Woolfpack was the final…because it includes Alex’s other works.

          • Adam Black

            You just got to get everybody using it then

  • Connor

    I don’t think Cory’s going to accept. Quite apart from his pride, it seems like he still has a lot of anger to work out, a lot of which falls on Mitch.

  • Someone needs to Gibbs smack Cory. You, kiddo, are not a loser for being homeless.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      So violent you Admiral you. Cory needs cocoa and tiny marshmallows. No smacking. LOL.

      • Nope, he needs his brain knocked back into place. He’s not a loser. Nope nope nope.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          ok, one tiny smack for alignment and THEN cocoa and marshmallows 😀

        • Adam Black

          Wasnt the Coma enough?

          • He was in a fugue state not a coma.

          • Adam Black

            Hows that rhyme go .. “Cocoa for comas but Gibb Smacks & fugue wacks” ?
            This is why I am not a neurologist

      • Tyler Griffin

        Everyone needs a Gibbs smack at pretty much ANY given time. There’s SOMETHING you’ve done recently to deserve it.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Actually THAT is a stone truth. LOL.

    • You get extra Belgian waffles and beer for the NCIS reference.

  • LauraMoyer

    I actually really understand the bitterness Cory is exhibiting right now. It’s not all a matter of pride- a huge part of it is the abandonment too. Having one bad thing happen to you after another, even when you are trying your hardest to make good choices, and having no one to help you…

    You lose the ability to trust that something good can happen, that there are people who genuinely care. I really feel for Cory right now.

    It also doesn’t help when your socio-economic class is so far below that of the people you associate with and care about… you can’t help but feel… less.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Oh, exactly that. Well said.

    • Very good point, Laura. 🙂

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Oh Alex, Adam and Vero… well done. This is another lovely and deceptively subtle page.

    On the side, Vero, would you please do all my personal night skies? FOREVER? OMG, your blues and stars are so gorgeous that if I could just travel about with this as my constant background, I know for a fact that I would look a whole lot more fabulous than I actually do.

    Even in the first panel those subtle golden windows in the tower are so subtle and warm. Just great.

    Alex again, not unlike the last page(s), you do a wonderful job of sharing young male pride. Yes, it’s stupid and immature and yet so real and painfully honest. Some men grow out of this and (as we all know) many never really do.

    • Notice Cory says, “Mansion.”

    • Notice Mitch says, “House” — he’s already cleared space for both Cory AND Diego with his folks while waiting outside the hospital. An adult Cory, would think about Diego and just say, “thank you.” However, baby Cory here is painfully hesitant to have his idol (don’t think he’s not) Mitch think him pathetic and needy. It’s so painful to see them stumble about each other. But, that’s fifteen.

    • It shows how much more secure Mitch is, in this moment, that in Panel #3, he can just say it, “Best friend” and that he didn’t want to make things worse for Cory, but in P#4 Cory shows how lost in shame he is. What I love is that it’s obvious he wouldn’t say that to anyone else, but Mitch IS special and thus it is all so much more painful. So much more fear of being judged.

    Personal aside: For no logical reason I made a lot more money than my partner in our first years (now of many years). Honestly, it took us several years for him to get over that and not to have this same male pride bite us at unexpected moments. The bogus idea of not taking handouts, when what we’re really talking about is accepting loving support from someone who truly cares about you so much more than they do about money.

    Fortunately, we grew up, but I remember that long ago phase. That desperate fear that someone you really care about and respect might decide you’re a loser all because of things you couldn’t control.

    Again in P#4, I find this heartbreaking, because Cory has had so little control over the events of his life to this point and yet he’s totally ready to own his trials as somehow his fault.

    As I said, last page (or so), this is the kind of off-shoot of self-condemnation that can come from homophobia within the family…… “that it must somehow be my gay fault.” I’m bad, I’m poor, I’m a loser. 🙁

    I would never suggest that it makes sense or is based in some real life logic, because it’s not. It’s just self-judgement and fear.

    Then how much do I love Mitch in P#5-6. He is strong enough to just say it. “I MISS YOU.” No sex-talk or bad romance, but a simple truth. “You were a good friend and I really missed you…” Sure there is more buried in that statement. However in this moment, Mitch gives him just enough truth.

    I love Cory’s face and response in P#6. So worn out, so tired, so confused. Wanting to believe Mitch so much and so afraid that he might be getting it wrong… and most of all he has no REAL choices. Not for himself or, more important Diego. There is real heartbreaking desperation here.

    And yet, in #5 and in #6 we see the same strength of character that we saw in the main story when Mitch revealed himself to Kyle. He’s willing to make himself vulnerable if it can in fact let his confused, exhausted friends let their guard down enough to accept a bit of help.

    These faces give us subtext for all the things the two young pups can’t say. Too young, they don’t have the words for so much of this yet. I love the fact that it’s hard because they DO care about each other. If they didn’t, I don’t imagine this conversation would be so hard… but we see how much Mitch’s opinion means to Cory and how much shame there is to overcome. From Cory’s father all the way down to Mitch seeing him at this low point. So so hard.

    Another personal aside: it reminds me once of one of my best friends, who had allowed credit card debt to overtake him and had hid it from his partner. Making himself tell me over lunch and what was clear that he was consumed with fear that his partner would leave him for his failings. Of course it didn’t happen, but the fear was so similar. What happens when someone you care about sees you at your lowest. Harsh.

    Alex, Adam & Veronica — once again you three give us so much as a team. These expressions and the stunning skin tones, the eyes, the backgrounds… all so very much support the emotional words, both words said and unsaid. You make us desperate for it to work out for them. In whatever way is best. Oh how I want that. Thank you all for another beautiful page.

    FYI — I’m going to start camping for the next page NOW! LOL. Now where are my smores?

    • Another lovely reaction, Chris. Really fun for me. And thank you so much for those personal asides. It’s a great pleasure for me to hear how folks are connecting their personal lives with the comic. Your insight into these characters and the dynamic here is a real treat. 🙂

    • Jeldenil

      Uhm, Chris, can I ask you why you think it is specifically ‘male’ pride? I’m a woman and I know how it feels too. Other than that, again a lovely comment.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        LOL. I was wondering how long it would be before someone would point at that. Absolutely true, men have no lock on being foolish.

        All my generalities breakdown on the individual level and I do know that. Pride has it’s appropriate place with anyone.

        However, I’m pointing at the fifteen year old warped “male” pride of isolation and self-sufficiency that so many young American males have been indoctrinated with. It’s part and parcel of the toxic nature of much of America’s “masculinity” crap. Crap that so many boys have to learn to understand in order to self-accept and grow into the type of man we’d hope they could.

        I’ve worked for many VERY high powered women in my corporate career, and I know there is no male lock on any of these strong emotions. I KNOW they can be just as driven, proud (right or wrong), and success-focused as any man.

        However, that manifestion of “pride” is a world away from this page. Here, I’m referencing the lost and confused “pride” of the fifteen-year-old boy. I’m trying to reference that it is making Cory struggle to do the obviously right thing for himself and Diego. They are going to get Diego (who probably doesn’t not have insurance in American out of that hospital as fast as they can. So where do you go when the mob may be after you and you may need some time to convalesce?

        Many young American men (I’ll let others express for their own countries) get force-fed an enormously confusing bunch of B.S. about being self-sufficient and not needing practical (or particularly) emotional support in life and that’s just a total lie.

        So, just at it’s most basic, at the age of 15 it’s incredibly confusing. OF COURSE, Cory needs help, guidance and support on so many levels. He is NOT an adult in the eyes of our society or the law. However, he seems to have been constantly browbeat with the idea that “need” is the equivalent of “weakness.” Many men carry some form of this warped concept throughout their lives.

        So, what I’m referencing, on these pages, is very young confusion. A confusion that isn’t allowing Cory to simply say thank you, I only refer to what I’ve experienced. I’ll leave it to others to make their own connections about how this scene would play out if these characters were young American women.

        If Cory was an adult (of common sense) with absolutely no resources, he’d realize it’s not about HIM, it’s about Diego, and he’d do the right thing for Diego (at least in the short term).

        I just note that Cory (for so many reasons), due to young pride, and its correlation, shame, is really struggling with this and it’s heart-breaking to me. That’s all.

        • Klaus

          All generalizations are wrong.

    • VeroGandini

      Hey Chris!!! hahaha thank you so much for your comment and for liking my background colors! =D

  • D. G.

    OK. Cards on the table. I didn’t really ship these two. But this page is just cute.

  • Kate G

    You know, I totally get both sides of this story. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been the person helping a friend in need and the person who needed help. It’s not easy being on either side. Honestly, I think admitting you need help of any sort is the worse of the two. It’s easy giving help. That’s easy as saying, “Hey, do you want to come over to my house over the weekend and go through decorations?” Coming to the decision isn’t always easy, but asking is pretty easy most of the time (Interventions aside, okay. Those I’ve heard are very hard.)

    Being the person to admit you need the help, whether a person is asking you or you have to go tell someone you need help….that’s shit scary. You have to admit you’re vulnerable which–as human beings–we hate doing. We would rather stay being in a rut–like continuing doing very bad eating habits that could very well turn into an eating disorder–over admitting we need to go to therapy to get help for that. I’m lucky in that I have a lot of friends who got help for their eating disorders and talk openly about them so I knew I was heading in a bad place. It was letting go of my pride which is something that Cory is struggling with. I was diagnosed with disordered eating and I go to therapy for it to learn ways to recover from it.

    Cory, I feel, is in that, “I’m struggling with my pride,” part. It’s hard to admit you aren’t doing so great and need help. It’s hard to ACCEPT HELP until you’re facing something scary. It’s easy giving help; it’s always harder to take.

    • kamishiro

      I have never thought abt it. Because i have always believed if i needed help i would gladly accepted it when offered it. it’s unrelated to the page, but in some occasions i have offered help to friends and they would politely refuse, and i never fully understand it. It would be beneficial to them so why not? Your comment makes me see how difficult it was for them when i offered help, maybe pride or just the feelings of not wanting to bother i don’t know. But thank you for sharing. It really gave me a new angle.

  • Why Mitch, you charming little dev angel!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Nono. You were right the begin with. Spooky has a problem with Demons, that’s a completely different species, so were all good.

  • bronakopdin

    as some people said before already: I really understand both sides! Mitch wants to help as much as possible and after seeing what his lack of action led to he probably feels totally obliged to do sth!
    While Cory doesn’t want to be dependend nor to be a bother to his friend… coming from a mix of pride and inferiority complax maybe, I know this mixture very well… I’m a university student and sadly not a very good one, so to pay my rent I always needed to part-time after I lost my Bafög (some federal student help in Germany) due to failed exams. As long as I still got “Childrens money” (another federal help for “children” up to 25 years of age if they’re still in education) and could stay in family Health insurance I came by somehow.
    But when I turned 25 I lost the Childrens money AND suddenly had to pay Health insurance on my own. Though I really seldom see a doctor here in Germany it is a obligatory insurance (which is a good thing IMO) but where to take from if you don’t want to steal?
    I had a bad situation with my family, too, due to verious reasons and, what we found out in the meantime, also bad misunderstandings… either way I had as good as no contact to anyone beside my parents who also have no money (and are divorced btw) and my half-sister from my mom’s first marriage (who has two kids and hence can’t help me out other than being my cosigner of my flat which is already LOTS and I’m so thankful!) but when one of my younger cousins died in a car accident about 2 years ago and I heard about it… I made a call to my aunt after 10 years… It was hard to even dial and I needed several tries to really make the call. And then attending the funeral (which I could only do because they offered to pay me the traveling costs) and see all those faces of aunts, uncles, cousins after such a long time… it felt wonderful and strange at the same time! It’s like you know all these people, know a lot about them but it’s all from at least 10 years ago… I didn’t even know what to talk about with a lot of them but was even somewhat saved from this as everyone wanted to know what I was doing those 10 years instead… I told them how I came by and that my studies aren’t that successful and also about that Childrens money/Health insurance problem. When they asked me what I plan to do about it I said I’ll probably have to find another part-time job.
    A few weeks later I received a call from one of my aunts that they’d like to invite me over once again if I happened to visit my sister who still lives more near all of them as my uni is a little more far away. So when I made plany with my sis I called my aunt again and told them and they fetched me up one afternoon to sit down for some cake and tea and there wasn’t only this aunt, also 2 other aunts (one of them the mom of my deceased cousin) and an uncle and all 4 offered me to each give me a monthly interestfree loan for the sake of finishing my studies starting from my 25th birthday. I was overwhelmed and scared at the same time, I can hardly describe it at all. I didn’t know what to say and they also told me to think about it carefully and tell them my decision whenever as there was still a few month left until I turned 25.
    It took me really long to decide… as I said before it feels like I barely know them anymore and it just felt wrong to take money from them but they probably feel the same way that Mitch does now: they could have contacted me if they wanted. And now they at least wanted to help me as best as they can! And I could have asked for help anytime but but too pride and at the same time too scared to do so…
    I’m getting those monthly payments now, 300€ per month in the whole from 4 people… and really noone is rich in my family and still they help me out like this. We’re still not what we were like when I was a kid and many things are still awkward sadly but it was a start! And it really is probably the only way I can be able to one day finish these studies…
    I didn’t even plan to write the whole story down at first (and of course it’s not even the whole story) So sorry for this little novel >___<'
    but yeah I really have an idea of what it is like for both of them!
    Just as I did, Cory really should accept the offer 🙂 Even if it is a hard decision and feels uncomfortable at first it will help!

  • T Dibbler

    I’m really hoping we get to see Cory sometime with enough pride and confidence that he’s standing up straight, not this head-ducked posture of shame he’s had going this whole time, always keeping himself turned a little bit away, and looking down.

    I also hope he accepts Mitch’s offer, although at this stage I’m entirely unsure which choice he’s most likely to make. Accepting help when you really need it the most is hard.

  • Nate

    For God’s sake, Cory! Say yes so we can get to the kissing part. 😉

  • Adam Black

    Cory is just being really smart here.
    He’s holding out for a paid staff position, to keep his pride. Professional bed warming with telekinetic bedmaking .
    Think about it, That story about Kyle warming poor Chilly-Spookys bed, has clearly made it to the back of Mitch brain, despite being wholly unconscious.

    Mitch just has to explain how the Mansion isnt perfect. Those big rooms get drafty. Theres safety in numbers. Does Cory want Mitch to keep suffering a cold bed? I just dont see how Cory can refuse to help.

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    • Thank you, Finzz! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying how the Flyboy comic is ending. 🙂

      (And yep, it’s nice to mix things up with the notes underneath. But FWIW, the longer blocks of text do help fund the work, which will hopefully allow me to tell some of those new stories in the future. And thank you again, you reminded me that I needed to mention that I’m at a Con this weekend. 😉 )

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  • Dennis Grace

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    • Klaus

      No, that is prostitution. Which Diego doesn’t want Cory to do.

      • Adam Black

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      • davefragments

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        • No one hurts Mitch…Cory’s punishment will correspond to the severity of his crime.

          • davefragments

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            Over dinner, too!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I have this feeling that maybe we have a “things can’t go right,” like the narrative seems to be indicating that it just won’t work, but I’ve been wrong and we can always hope. Kind of like the third Star Wars Prequel, you knew that it couldn’t have a good ending because of the original trilogy.

      • davefragments

        As the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) once said: “Regimes fall every day. I tend not to weep over that, I’m Russian… or was.”

        • Tyler Griffin

          I enjoyed them, but they definitely devalued the original.

          • davefragments

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