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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 40

168 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 40

Yeah, that’s, uh, totally not as bad as I would have thought…

Last week, $5+ Patrons got to download a sweet pin-up of Flyboy’s very first kiss — and it’s with Cory!

And people loved it. Comments have included: ‘This is just perfect. So sweet and innocent and spontaneous. Such a sweet expression of young love that it just makes me want to hug someone.”, “I absolutely plan to make this my Desktop BG”, “Okay, that’s as adorbs as it gets. I want to be 15 again… IF I can be Mitch (with a Cory)”, “While the art is, of course, of the highest quality, I find myself fascinated by the shading on their bodies, especially that one spot on Cory’s neck (go there next, Mitch! 😉 ) Truly exceptional work all around.”

Here’s a sneak preview of that:


Who’s going to clean up that popcorn?

Folks who join right now will get to enjoy this kiss and be able to download the full wallpaper for this.

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So! Cory’s a runaway who’s been living on the streets — and that chain of events started with something that happened between him and Mitch way back in the day. What did Cory’s parents find and why did it mean Cory and Mitch couldn’t be friends anymore? How is Mitch going to react to this news about what happened to his old friend? And if Cory hasn’t eaten for days, can’t they continue this at a hamburger joint or something?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

P.S. A belated Happy Birthday to long-time reader Sapfo! May your next year be filled with happy days and sweet strawberries! 🙂

  • davefragments

    This is turning into serious stuff.
    He’s got some real problems.

  • Diego. Diego just got better for me.

  • Poor kid.

  • *adopts Cory*

  • Holly

    Oh sweetie. *hugs Cory* Some people don’t deserve kids!

    Also, I love that I missed the camp all together but got to the page just after posting. Win/Fail?

    • I did the same. Showed up just as Alex had posted on Patreon according to Dave’s comment. I opened a new tab, and there it was.

  • davefragments

    I have never understood the mentality of a “parent” who can throw out a kid they raised.

    • Holly

      Kicking out your kid shows a failure as a parent. Short of my child doing something that threatens the wellbeing of the rest of the family, I don’t understand this either. Though in that case, I have already failed as a parent.

      But I know people who have been thrown out, or had their parents threaten to throw them out over stuff that boggles my mind. Especially when it comes to who they love.

    • People like that…. I have very violent feelings towards them

      • Chris Dangerfield

        I knew there was a reason I liked you so much, you violent Admiral you!

    • Kate G

      My parents didn’t “kick” or “throw” my brother out, but they did tell him he had three months to move out after he got his girlfriend pregnant. My mom (after talking with my dad) said if he was responsible enough to know what the dangers of not using birth control would do and wait until his girlfriend was 20 weeks pregnant before he told her, he was responsible enough to get an apartment. He all ready had a job at the time. My mom said under no circumstances would his girlfriend (who had been kicked out and was living with her aunt) and a baby be living in their house nor would they have someone whom I absolutely despised live under the same roof because there would be physical violence. My brother didn’t think so because I hadn’t acted out violently in years, but my mom knows very differently. It takes a lot for me not to throw something at his girlfriend because she purposely chooses to be a few crayons short of a crayola crayon box.

      Those two did a lot of thinking when it came to “kicking out” my brother, as most people see it. A lot of it was for my brother’s own safety, believe it or not. I have two ways of overstimulating: I either break down (which most people know as the classic overstimulation for Autistics) or I become completely aggressive. I can become very aggressive if my world changes too much and that was a lot of change in one night. She told me to take a shower and calm down. Autism isn’t all black and white. It’s scary sometimes.

      My nephew is 10 months old now. I still don’t “love” him. I’m in like with him, but I wouldn’t get run over a bus to save his life; I might save him from a turtle. My brother’s girlfriend’s status has gone from “I will shoot you with a shotgun if you get within 20 feet of me” to “tolerable if you like toxic sludge.” This is a massive improvement for me. I wouldn’t be there is my parents didn’t make the executive decision to make my brother grow up.

      • davefragments

        My Niece had her son at 16 years old and for years my Mom (her grandmother) carried on about it until I pointed out that they stayed together and raised the kid well. They separated eventually but the kid is OK.
        I think that people have to start to think about what will make things better and not what will satisfy their ego and make things worse.

        • Kate G

          I applaud that your mom did that for your niece. In some cases, I think kids are too young when they move out or are kicked out. My brother is 21 months younger than me (I am almost 27) so he can live on his own. My nephew was over up to three times a week because they (my brother and his gf) were moving but he’ll be coming back once a week once they finally get their butts up and vaccinate T-Rex (what I call my nephew.) I can’t have him here when it’s whooping cough season and he’s not immunized because I have no whooping cough immunity (epileptics can’t have the pertussis shot.)

          Every situation is different. If you’re 16 and pregnant, I think you need all the support in the world. If you’re 23, have a job that allows you to be self-sufficient, get your gf knocked up, and have an older sister who can’t live on her own due to disabilities that prevent that….I think you can live on your own. Different situations with different results.

          • davefragments

            That’s not throwing out a teenager with nothing to their name and no prospects of a good job.
            And I do understand what you are saying.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          (*mic click* zzzzzzzt)

          May I have your attention please? Please observe the simulated living room on your left…

          This is the heterosexual-compound. Heterosexuals, while often observed to be a heterogeneous collection, are a curious and perplexing lot.

          Our LGBTQ scientists have often observed in them a drive to produce progeny, but then have occasionally observed little native instinctive ability to nurture them, often feeling threatened when they don’t recognize themselves in their very own offspring.

          Our scientists plan to keep closely observing until they can discover the DNA error that allows unsuitable parental units to become fertile.

          Still they are a fascinating species.

          (*click* zzzzzt)

          NOW, If I can have everyone’s attention! We will be leaving the heterosexual compound and proceeding to the large reptile compound. Please keep your arms and legs well within the tram. These creatures WILL attempt to eat you… and not in the good way.

          (*click* Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*)

    • bronakopdin

      it sounded as if Cory left on his own though… but still you’re right about any parents that do

    • Columbine

      Well……aside from the stuff raised below about reasons people might be thrown out (ie well being of the rest of the family-) it depends on what you count as throwing out or moving out. I went to school with girls who more or less left home at 6-7 because that’s the age they started going to school. I don’t understand how they still had a relationship with their parents afterwards, but I understand the reasons their parents did it.

  • Kate G

    *gives Cory all the food he wants* I got Nutella, peanut butter, bread, a Stouffers, meat, yogurt (probably expired *throws that out*), milk, Thanksgiving leftovers, pasta, what do you want?

    Poor wee baby. He needs hugs, cuddles, new clothes, blankies and some rest. And food.

    • Holly

      It’s so easy to disregard food when you are tight on money. You become so focused on staying warm and dry, food because so unimportant.. Even compared to things that may seem less important. Like cell phones.

      I wonder if Cory or Diego has a phone…

      • Kate G

        I think that was one thing that my parents never did, even when we were so strapped for cash we were about to lose our home. If we absolutely needed something to eat, we’d get pasta. We gave up the cell phone payment or one of us went without a medication that was less essential. Food was nourishment and that was so important to us, especially because I lose weight so quickly. It was the food we kept up.

  • Sapfo

    Good morning good people.
    Cory, dear Cory! Life has not been kind to you. (The worst part about Corys backstory is that there are kids who really have to live this kind of life. I wish for all real life Corys to be safe)

    This is a hard, but also wonderful page. Thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica!
    And thank you for remembering my birthday. I will make sure to share sweet strawberries with all of you ❤️^^

    • bronakopdin

      Happy belated Birthday, Sapfo 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Thank you ^^

    • purplefoxglove

      Happy belated! :*

      • Sapfo

        Thank you 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, Sapfo! I look forward to sharing those strawberries. 🙂

  • Because I mentioned it previous, the turkey tetrazzini came out very yummy!

    • Holly

      YAY! My family doesn’t have leftovers. But then again, we have 50 people for dinner and leftover day.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hooray! I love turkey tetrazzini!

      • It’s just the best! And!! It was good the next day too!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Did you make enough for Mitch and Cory? 😀

      • ‘fraid not. Nom nom nom. Well I suppose if I hadn’t eaten the left overs.

  • I wanna hug the brothers now… and then feed them.

    As stupid as the decission was to try and rob the mob place, I can’t exactly blame Diego (and Cory) for trying. Can put blame on Diego for bad situation and choice of partner, but not for trying. Hunger makes you do stupid things.
    Cudos to Diego for being so protective of Cory, and what he won’t let him do for money, even while still being on drugs himself. I wonder how old Diego is? Since what age has he been on the streets?

    Cory right now. Honest realism with a touch of both optimism and pessimism. What will Mitch do next? Have a feeling his part in the brothers’ new coming future isn’t over 🙂

    • Call Spooky and Amanda to find something for Cory.

      • I was thinking more like ‘call daddy’ again. Then maybe Amanda later.

        • Well he is definitely talking to Spooky and/or Amanda at some point..

          • Holly

            Many adults that can me called

          • Mickey Phoenix

            Careful, there. If he’s Mitch’s age, as seems likely, then he’s still a minor. Which means that it’s almost certainly illegal for any adult to help him, knowing that he’s a minor, without calling the police and his parents, and returning him to them.

            It’s a hell of a position to put someone in. I’ll admit up front that I would choose to violate the law in that case, rather than send a child back into an abusive situation where they were trying to “beat the gay out of him”. But it would be scary, and risky, and legally dangerous.

            I wish that the law were more effective at protecting children than it is. But no matter how well-intentioned Mitch’s parents are, involving them in Cory’s problems may not be safe for Cory.

          • Which is why the call to Spooky and Amanda. They would figure out how to best help Cory.

      • stickfigurefairytales


  • Saxon_Brenton

    Well. Dark backstory. That said, if Cory was holding back during the beatings, then it throws into sharp relief the way he completely lost it when it looked like Diego was dying. Which makes sense, considering Diego was the one thing in his crappy-so-far life that he thought he could rely on. Might be interesting to speculate on where the balance between ‘love for my brother’ and ‘he’s the only thing I have to rely on’.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Oh, well said!

  • davefragments

    I’m watching KINGSMAN
    and I’m bored.

    • Holly

      As in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” ?

      • davefragments

        Yes. I’m so dreadfully bored that I might do something exciting like back-up my files on my computer.

        • Holly

          Generally bored, or bored by the film?

          • davefragments

            Bored by the film.

          • Holly

            WOW. that is depressing to me.

          • davefragments

            A little Shostakovich or Mozart or perhaps Messiaen will cure any bit of depression in me.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            When I was very young, my mother made my father stop cussing in front of me and my brother. So, he started using “Shostakovich” as his stand-in swear word. For years I thought it was worse than the F-Bomb.

            Dad would play it up too… “Never let your mother hear you say that.”

            One day I rammed my shin against the coffee table and it hurt so much that I yelled “Shostakovich!” and my mother started laughing so hard she was snorting.

            Family story. You’re welcome. 😀

          • davefragments

            At one point in history, I owned more music by Dimitri Shostakovich than was legal in several countries.

            wink, wink

          • Ha!

          • I stopped watching after the first twenty minutes.

          • davefragments

            “Land of Hope and Glory” convinced me that this move is complete and idiotic garbage.

        • Michael

          So watch the porn parody (“Kings&Men: The Secret Servicing”) instead. At least you’ll be entertained. That one fight scene in the church is so much more interesting when everyone is a waxed and oiled dude with killer abs, and the guns are replaced with dildos.

          • davefragments

            Thanks, I have to look that up.

          • Michael

            I have no idea if it actually exists, but if it does that would be awesome.

          • Columbine

            You got me all excited and now you tell me it’s not real? 🙁

          • Michael

            So, find some hot guys and go make it real!

          • Columbine

            My one hot guy might objects- I mean he has work today, he couldn’t join in!

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Personally, my favorite line in the film is when Colin Firth is visiting, what is basically the equivalent of a Westboro baptist church and encounters this horrible evil church lady who questions him and he says:

            Harry Hart: [to bigoted church lady] I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam.

            It’s the kind of line I always tell myself to remember, for later use, and then never can. HA!

          • davefragments

            I thought that was gratuitously idiotic and out of character.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I don’t contest your opinion. However, I felt that way about the entire, poorly made, knock-off attempt at a tongue and cheek James Bond film. Badly written, moderately cast and poorly directed, having adopted an entirely Benny Hill tone.

            That, however, was the only line I laughed out loud at, because it was the one where the filmmakers admitted they were making a ridiculous film.

            It was in no way out of character for the man who was so foolish to walk into a trap (repeatedly) set out for him by Samuel L. Jackson’s absurd lisping villain “Valentine.” A predictable trap that gets him killed.

            If the first scene in the film with Jackson didn’t clue a watcher in to the overall tone they’d adopted due to stupidity and lack of talent or just because they had no respect for their own genre… well then nothing would have.

            I felt that line was the only moment of tonal honesty about what they knew they were making in a very very silly film.

            I do agree that some classical music might very well have been the only palette cleanser that would heal things afterwards…

          • davefragments

            Sorry Chris, This is one movie that I think was a waste of time to watch.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Oh don’t be sorry DaveF, I totally agree. Stupid film. I just laughed at that one Monty Python type line… probably wasn’t worth the verbiage. 🙂

  • kamishiro

    I knew Diego wasn’t that much of a crappy brother. Just one who didn’t have what to offer better for Cory, just the less bad.

    With the choices of : letting your brother into prostitution, making him go back to an abusive home, stealing some ” bad guys ” sounded more less harmful to them.

    Cory body language at the end is really sad to watch 🙁 It really resonates to the things he is taking what’s on his chest.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Yep and you can give Cory some leeway due to his age and lack of life experience, but Diego can’t be the sharpest knife in the drawer if he had NO idea that Ivan was not the right guy to hold the gun. I think Diego needs a little support also, poor dope.

  • You know, it sounds like that fugue was actually a long time coming….kudos to Cory for lasting as long as he did. I want Cory to be taken in and helped with training his powers so he isn’t a danger to himself and others. He is precious to Mitch and therefore must be taken care of.

    • Michael

      Agreed, I would have lost it long before now with everything. I doubt I would have had the self-control to not accidentally crush a certain bastard’s skull in, either.

      Mitch, Cory needs a hug. Like, NOW. Don’t try to empathise, don’t judge, don’t try to say it wasn’t his fault, or that you’re sorry, it that it will all work out. Just hug and be there for him and support him silently.

  • Jeldenil

    What a mess… I kindof wonder how Mitch didn’t at least know about some of it, considering he is still in touch with home. His parents obviously know Cory and Diego, seeing how they helped out with the surgeon. Maybe Cory’s dad kept everybody away… so sad.

    • bronakopdin

      well but it was said they didn’t have any contact in 3 years… I doubt the parents kept in contact with Cory or his family if Mitch himself had nothing to do with Cory anymore (after Cory’s parents made them cut all the ties) so how should he have known anything?
      I’m not so sure about US schooling systems but I guess a change of school was involved in the time inbetween, too, so maybe that’s another reason of losing contact or even contact to other kids who might know about Cory still

  • Connor

    Oh, poor Cory. Right in the feels.

  • kuku

    “Can’t get food for days” is “not as bad as you might think”? Poor babe.

  • Adam Black

    For this to be any worse it would have to involve actual cannibalism,
    — or dating the Annihilator and getting sent to actual hell for it.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      That’s another backstory called THE SH*TTY FIRST DATE CLUB. It’s not a lot of laughs… so it may not make this print. 🙂

  • Nate

    OK, Cory needs a hug. Since I can’t do it, I’m delegating that job to Mitch. 😉

  • jreed3842

    *Gives Cory all the hugs*

    • Chris Dangerfield

      All. The. Hugs.

  • Dennis Grace

    Gaydar confirmed.

  • bronakopdin

    oh wow…. I mean I had an idea of a bad situation but actually not this bad >____>’

    • Terry

      You are exactly right. In the US, a kid is not taken from his parents unless a case can be proven that active abuse is taking place. This means not only that his father is beating Cory, but that he is either doing it around witnesses or he is leaving bruises that cannot be explained by anything else. Also, America does leave room for corporal punishment in homes, so as long as he isn’t hitting Cory in the face or using “excessive” violence when giving punishment, it is legal. We don’t know how far things escalated, so what Cory’s father was doing might not have been strictly illegal. So technically, if Cory’s father was giving spankings or lashings, there would be nothing that Child Services could do.

      If Cory was found by authorities: he would be labeled a run-away, returned to his parents, and possibly receive legal charges that would put him on probation where he would be watched to make sure that he didn’t attempt to run away again. This means that his family could potentially put him under house arrest and emotionally abuse him legally. Even if a kid gets taken away for abuse, the courts prefer to give second chances, so all the parents would have to do would be to take some anger management classes and Cory would likely be given back whether he wanted to go back or not.

      Technically, there are shelters for homeless kids that wouldn’t check to see if Cory was a run-away or if he was kicked out or something else, but those places are not much better than living on the street. There’s rarely enough space to take care of need, so lots of people are turned away and those who do get in likely won’t sleep well because everyone else there is desperate too and many will steal from you given half a chance. There are also soup kitchens that homeless people can go to and get a meal, but, again there is never enough food to feed everyone and it is first-come first served.

      Cory is very lucky that he had Diego to take care of him. Most kids who end up on the street are taken advantage of in one way or another and may end up being the victims of human trafficking which can take the form of being forced to work for no pay and given the minimal needed to survive or prostitution as well as the stereotype of being sold into slavery.

      Long story short: abused kids (of any kind) don’t have a whole lot of good options. Not unless they get very lucky.

      • Columbine

        Wow, no offence but I’m kind of glad I’m not in the US, that’s a crazy way to treat domestic abuse. (Makes Captain Cold’s backstory seem a lot more realistic too-)

        • zunden

          (also @bronakopdin:disqus)

          The other thing about the US and Child Protective Services (CPS) is that there’s no guarantee it’ll get any better. Some foster families are great, sure, but many really, really suck. Like, worse than the abusive homes the kids came from, suck.

          In fact, there’s been some research done around here that basically demonstrated that unless the abuse was pretty severe, it was actually better for kids to be left in their abusive homes than put into the foster care system. The amount of sexual abuse in the system, for example, (some perpetrated by foster parents, some by other foster kids in the same home) is a little ridiculous, too. About 11% of kids go into the system with histories of sexual abuse, and something like 60% come out with that experience, to say nothing of the ways that people can be shitty to each other without involving sexuality.

          There are, of course, attempts to improve this going on, and some programs are better than others (MTFC comes to mind), but there’s a good chance that reporting the abuse wouldn’t have improved his situation to begin with. Especially if you think about the fact that, in some places, calling the cops and saying, “Hey, my dad just beat me,” may just result in the cops telling you to shut up and do as you’re told, or to stop wasting their time. It’s a really, really inconsistent thing here.

          • Columbine

            Wow I had no idea that it being that bad was a thing anywhere outside of fiction. Do you have any helpful links to studies?

          • Mickey Phoenix

            My parents were physically and emotionally abusive to me. At one point (I was about 13 at the time), I got desperate enough to call CPS and beg them to come and take me away and protect me.

            My mother got on the other line, told CPS that I was lying, and mocked me to them. They believed her and hung up on me.

            It didn’t leave me with a lot of trust in the system.

            Then again, this was in the mid-1980’s in upstate New York. I imagine things have gotten some better since then, at least in some places. But I have no doubt that there are places in America where that kind of thing still happens.

          • Columbine

            I’m sorry you had to experience that mate.

            I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never had to live through anything comparible. Which is good because domestic abuse is pretty much legal where I grew up (I think they outlawed some forms of it last year, but you can still get arrested for even encouraging women and children to leave an abusive home). It seems……..strange to me, the disconnect between how well the system works and public opinion. Because in the West there is a general consensus that abusing your partner and/or kids is wrong-

          • zunden

            Ohhhh man, it’s been a few years… Ummm. Do you mind if I go with “no,” just to avoid having to dig through years’ worth of old articles and websites for several hours? I know I have links to studies somewhere, but… I really don’t want to spend that much time finding them.

          • Columbine

            That’s fair enough. A shame, but fair enough.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Awwe I want to adopt him.

    • bronakopdin

      you have to line up after @DokiDokiBaka:disqus it seems xD

      • Doki has to make sure to take care things for Mitch, but not so much that he feels smothered. Making sure Cory has shelter and food is on the okay list.

        • zunden


          Sorry. Not sorry. Icon. Love it.

      • Mary Klemzak

        Joint custody?

  • Klaus

    That first kiss had some really nasty consequenses.

    • bronakopdin

      if it was the kiss only… I suspect there was more than one in the end and over some time period… it would be really bad luck if Cory’s parent walked in on them that very same moment >_>’
      though maybe even this happened… dammit…

      • Klaus

        Mitch’s first kiss let to more kisses, which led to this.

  • Pikinanou

    Sheesh, good thing Diego was there o.0 I mean, okay, playing with the mobs wasn’t a bright idea, but in comparaison… You’re cool, Diego. You’re cool.

  • Columbine

    I know it’s sort of been said before with comics but trying to beat and bully the kid you know has superpowers is all kinds of stupid. Of all the reasons to sympathise with Cory here the amount he’d have to hold back while being abused so that no one ended up dead, that really sticks out for me.

  • Derkins

    awwwwww he’s like a puppy left out in the cold! I want to bring him in and wrap him in a blanket! :<

  • Shinashi

    What’s up with dads thinking they can beat the gay out of their sons? I’ve heard of that for so long… and it happened to my brothers.

    • I’m beyond baffled by some of the action of people that they can find ‘logic’ and a way to handle things.

      I knew someone in US (mostly a friend of a friend, but I talked with him sometimes) who was thrown out of the house – I believe at 16 – when it was found out he was gay. He joined the army (I think air force) when he was 18, but before that he DID have to turn to prostitution to manage and survive.
      When I got to ‘know’ him, he was in his early-mid 20’s and had moved past it, but while he had a ‘healthy’ and accepting attitude of it and his former life, I imagine it must have been hard. There had to be things still lingering about it.
      I know a few things from detail I’ve gotten here and there, back when I had contact with him, and that parents can dismiss a child from one moment to another – just because of their sexuality – it can piss me off to no end. Will never understand what goes on in the mind of such a ‘person’.

      • Shinashi

        Pisses me off -_-

    • zunden

      Personal opinion on the subject? An exercise in futility and powerlessness.

      There’s really nothing you can do to change your kid’s sexuality. If there’s nothing you can do, you’re powerless. If you’re powerless, you probably want your power back. What’s one way you can get power? Beat up the person who’s taking your power away from you. In this case, the son who says, “Hey Dad, I’m gay,” is taking away the father’s power by creating a situation that the father didn’t want but can’t change. So, to get his power back, he beats up his gay kid. Abusive behaviors are usually designed to create absolute control over the people around the abuser, so… Anything that results in more power for the abuser is fair game.

      • Shinashi

        Matches up completely!

  • “He’s clean at least half the time.” If Diego’s an addict, that says a *lot* about how much he loves his little brother that he manages to stay clean a lot of the time so he can be the parent they don’t have any more.

    Which makes me wonder how and why Diego ended up on the street, and how much of the mess he is happened as a result of that.

  • MoonByte

    I am somewhat confused about the beginning.
    “After my parents found us […] He thought he could beat it out of me”. It sounds A LOT like what parents did to their homosexual children when those outed themselfs. Did Cory and Mitch date? Or is he refering to his superpowers?
    I don’t really get what he is suggesting there.

    • Cory was Mitch’s first kiss. Back when they had contact about 3 years ago. There’s been made art of it. Alex speaks of it in the notes under this page and the previous page. So that gay child bashing is what he means.

      • MoonByte

        I got the kiss theme, but I for example didn’t date the person that got my kiss and my parents definitely don’t know who got it, which had me so confused. Like, how did Corys parents know unless they were actually either seen or together for a while.
        I mean, Alex mentions himself in the notes “What did Corys parents find”, suggesting it MIGHT be something unrelated to sexuality.

        • Klaus

          I find it more likely that thay found them kissing, hugging or something similar.

  • D. G.

    Cory needs Mitch now more than ever.

  • T Dibbler

    Okay, hugging is definitely required, Mitch, hug that boy. Then see if you can get him set up with some place safer to live – your parents’ place maybe? With a super team?

  • TwilightDreamer

    awwww….think my heart just cracked a little :'(

  • I WANT THEM TO KISS… ♥♥♥♥♥ *shipping lvl HARD*

  • Mitch R.

    Oh gosh

  • Jay Demetrick

    This revelation is very Marvel Boy (aka: Justice) from Marvel Comic’s “The New Warriors”. Vance Astrovik was a telekinetic who was physically abused by his father… and ended up killing him in self-defence.

  • Connor

    Although, in fairness to Cory’s parents, they didn’t actually kick him out. His dad beating him is terrible, of course, but it’s possible that he might have been willing to change his mind if Cory had been able to argue his case without fear of getting angry and killing everybody. And we know nothing about how his mom reacted.

    I don’t want to give his dad the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time I feel I may have judged him too hastily, having failed to take into account how complicated superpowers tend to make relationships.

    • TayaLarkin

      Trust me, if you’re being beaten by a parent, the chances of them being reasonable, listening to you, and having any sort of respect for you in any way (and this includes being open to having their mind changed) is virtually zero. Parents who do that shit think that they own their children and that their kids are too young or stupid to make good decisions. Getting out, especially in circumstances like this is pretty much necessary. Just because he didn’t kick him out, doesn’t mean Cory wasn’t forced to leave. Super-powers or not, being beaten by a parent is fucking terrible, and if it happens once, it’s likely to happen again, especially if it’s because of something that’s inherent to who you are (like sexuality).

      • Connor

        I wonder about Cory’s mom in this situation. Did she fail to defend Cory from his father because she didn’t want to (in which case we should be mad at her too) or because she was afraid of his father? (In which case we should hate him even more.)

      • Chris Dangerfield

        So well expressed. I’d just like to add that what TayaLarkin expresses is exactly how complicated it really is.

        In many situations the parents can’t make themselves responsible for “kicking a child out,” because that would make THEM be the bad ones, so consciously or unconsciously they make life so unbearable that the child HAS to flee in self-preservation.

        And, as so many of us know, abuse isn’t only physical. Verbal abuse is absolutely as bad and as scarring and often takes longer to get over.

        Parents are, by their very nature, “inside our walls” from day one psychologically speaking. So, as children the things they tell us about ourselves we are much more programmed to internalize at a very deep level.

        Tell a child they’re “bad, evil, wrong, selfish, etc, etc…” enough times and chances are good that it will take a lifetime of hard work for that person to lose what has wormed it’s way in to become a critical inner voice of self-condemnation and shame. You may know, that little sh*tty voice in the back of your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough and can’t do it?

        And while we aren’t told explicitly about Cory’s mother’s actions, we do know she couldn’t or wouldn’t stop his father. Cory does imply that it wasn’t easy for her either and he MADE himself leave for her as well. Believing it’s his fault. It’s going to take a lot of inner work for him to put the blame squarely back on their shoulders where it belongs.

        I just wanted to point out that there are many ways to manipulate children that allow selfish parents to pretend they have no responsibility for the situation and often those very types of parents have years of experience in creating their own false narrative of belief that makes them “the good ones” and certain children “the problem.”

        There is nothing simple or easy about any of it.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Respectfully, I disagree. There is no excuse ever for beating a child in temper. That’s abuse. There is no benefit of doubt for abuse in my book. It’s heartbreaking that Cory’s youth didn’t allow him to find a better, safer escape, but that’s often the situation that poor desperation creates.

      It’s is exactly why we have such a horrifically high rate of suicide in the teen and pre-teen populations of LGBTQIA. When you can see NO other escape and life is unbearable. And to be honest, the life long scars can be applicable to any abused child.

      So, for me, I’m thrilled that even after all this, Cory did what he could figure out to do, and Mitch helped when it was essential, and they are both alive to hopefully live to see better days until Sircea and Laampros kill everyone.

      I know too many people who didn’t get those chances.


      • Connor

        Stop being such a thoughtful, intelligent commenter! You make the rest of us look bad!

        In all seriousness, though, your comments are always a joy to read. I’m not quite prepared to accept the premise that there’s not ever an acceptable excuse, but that’s purely on the strength of the word ‘ever’. I can’t imagine a situation where beating one’s son is an acceptable action, but I suspect it’s possible to formulate one. Obviously not Cory’s situation, though. Something more along the lines of the child committing genocide, although even then the much better course of action would be to turn them over to the law.

        Oh well, I’m going to try to stop overthinking this. Probably not going to matter much once the world’s gone to Hell. Or, the other way around, actually.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Hey, because you are so nice about this, I’ll offer up one more viewpoint on this subject and see if we’re saying the same thing.

          I absolutely believe that sh*t, depression, abuse, and all the human behavioral evil roll down hill. Parents who abuse children (in every way from mild to harsh), people with sexual issues of the worst kind, bosses who abuse employees… all of it.

          When I see abusive people, I honestly wonder what they’ve suffered to damage them so. What parent or guardian stuffed THEIR unprotected young heads with hate, harm and a profound fear and insecurity.

          Because it’s ALWAYS about insecurity, isn’t it? No matter how overpowering that abuser is. It’s always about some form of deep seated fear.

          I do get that idea that no one in that spectrum is spared. All I’m saying about abuse is that, “children are defenseless.”

          If we have one duty in life, when dealing with those younger and more vulnerable than ourselves — it’s that WE DON’T PASS OUR SH*T DOWN to them.

          It’s a horribly difficult challenge. If you’re a boss you don’t sh*t on your vulnerable employees, no matter who is sh*tting on you. If you’re a parent and your childhood was sh*t, then you do everything in your power not to pass that down and break that chain… It’s a well known fact of the cycle of domestic abuse.

          So, it’s okay not to hate Cory’s father. None of us knows what was done to him in his past. However, there is still NEVER a free pass for an adult to abuse someone more vulnerable… be that a wife, child, whomever.

          We can be understanding, while still being firm. DON’T. DO. IT. It is wrong.

          Like they say about things like war and revenge… it’s a never ending cycle and if you perpetuate abuse, if you pass it along… it’s not just about you, but about your children, grandchildren and on and on…

          I think we agree. Life is hard. It’s our duty not to make it harder.

          But, that’s just me. 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    well now that Mitch has a canon boyfriend, I hope he survives even more. 🙁 since we can deduction that Kyle also survives.

    • and you thought the fugue inspired by thinking Diego was dead was bad….

      • Toli Bera

        it could a been without someone to snap him out of it.

  • Megan Staples

    Please please can Cory join the YP? It’d be so fun! And giving Tsunami a heart attack per day would just be a big plus!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I somehow feel like Tsunami would cause a disaster. He’s already homophobic, now he’d have two minors that are obviously attracted to each other under the same roof. Could you imagine?

      • T Dibbler

        On the other hand, his protective streak would kick in, so he’d be super uncomfortable about the situation, and maybe give some lectures about how they’re ‘too young to know’ or whatever, possibly blame Kyle for ‘corrupting’ the innocent young kids, but he wouldn’t actually do anything to hurt them or make them feel they should leave. It would be awkward and I reckon there’d be some shouting back and forth, but I still think it would be much, much better than anything else poor Cory’s had to deal with, and nothing that couldn’t be worked through in time.

        • Sanbai

          Oh oh OH and there has to be a scene, where, where like, the two youngest are in DANGER and he THROWS HIMSELF BODILY BEFORE THEM just in the nick of time, after having lectured them all comic-long about how they’re just “experimenting” and need to snap out of it and how he’s disappointed, but then, all covered in blood he’s, he’s like, “YOU’RE ON MY TEAM AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS” *tiny blush* and then, then then then, THEY BOTH HUG HIS BIG MAN TORSO and he winces and tries to hide a smile and END SCENE
          oh ohhh… *types furiously in Word*

          • Tyler Griffin


          • Chris Dangerfield


          • Fan fiction or it didn’t happen. 😉

        • Tyler Griffin

          I more imagine him becoming paranoid about what’s going on when he isn’t looking. Kind of seeing things that aren’t there, so to speak. Like, his homophobia by itself would be manageable, as you say, and much better than anything else Corey has had to deal with. But he base lack of trust would undermine him, I think.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            WHAT? WAIT! What are you all saying?

            Cory has a choice between his abusive parents and Tsunami?? What? Do we want the poor kid to just hurl himself off the roof right now? LOL.

            This line of thinking is going to push him straight into the loving arms of Team Silver, where I’m sure he’ll be made most welcome. 😀

          • T Dibbler

            I think everyone else would be supportive though, so it would wind up being a case of Tsunami just having to deal with his own feelings and get over it, because no-one else would back him up. It could wind up being a growing experience for him. I like to think he’d eventually come around and become less homophobic. But yeah, he’d probably be super paranoid and uncomfortable for a long while first.

          • Tyler Griffin

            That is true. But I’m not ready to let Tsu tsu have redemption yet. It’s like Artemis in the Dark-Hunter Series, Her flaws are all the kind a parson can recover from, but the stunts she has pulled are too over the line and too recent and I’m still mad at her. She isn’t ALLOWED to have character development yet, she’s grounded 😛

          • T Dibbler

            Haha! Fair enough. 😀

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to camping – I was hosting the annual Christmas/holiday party for my miniatures club on Tuesday and I was absolutely exhausted afterwards. It was lots of fun, though!

    Oh man, poor Cory. What shitty parents…it makes me so upset that there are so many real life cases out there like Cory’s (minus the superpowers). I am glad to hear that Diego wasn’t quite as bad a brother as he’d been seeming. I also wonder what the backstory was behind Diego leaving home.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Warning: TL:DR INCOMING!

    Good god people. If I were any later in praising this page, I’d be doing it on another page. I wonder if Alex has any idea of the pressure he’s putting us all under with this two-page a week lark of his? Gad. 😀

    I just want to say this page hit me on a lot of really random levels. I’m old enough that I experienced my own version of this. Not hateful parents, but a different world, more secrecy required and no internet to let me know I wasn’t alone. That said, I get these feels. I know so many people who lived some version of Cory’s story.

    One or the other parent refusing to accept you and their reasons are as varied as there are insecure people.

    This is also why (as sad as it feels) I firmly believe that 99.99% of the things that happen in our lives (of any sort) are not about us, unless we are the instigators. Then it’s up to the other person to realise, “it’s NOT about them.”

    • Dad can’t accept: But it’s not about having a gay son, it’s about: • how does that make HIM look • what does that say about HIS masculinity • what if somewhere on the infinite sliding scale of sexuality HE has thought about men in life and it scared HIM to death. All about HIM.

    • Mom can’t accept: what did SHE do to cause her son to be gay, because of course it MUST be HER fault. • what will HER friends think? • what might HER church think? • does this mean SHE doesn’t get grandkids?

    On and on, to infinity and beyond.

    And, then when we’re so young, WE have NO perspective. So, we take all their issues and make them about us (and often they encourage us to do just that, because it CAN’T be THEIR fault). And this is true for anyone and not in any way exclusive to gay, but this-page-reasons. So, we either are the cause of a divide in our parent’ lives, because of “the gay” and we are the “bad child”, “the disappointment”, etc…

    It takes so many years and sometimes the hard acceptance of letting go of things and people you can’t change… and often (if you survive) the creation of new family that accepts and loves who YOU are. Because… (point)… “acceptance and love” is the one thing that should be about YOU.

    If we want to look at the idea of Cory “holding back his powers” as a metaphor. It can be as simple as staying in the closet and “holding back yourself and the truth,” all so dysfunctional and/or selfish family members can live comfortably with their insecure illusions. Most of use who’ve been their you can only do that so long before you break… as Cory did… and you have to get away.

    So, on this page, here is gay Cory holding back on both fronts (gay and super) until he breaks, and goes to find his brother.

    If you’re from a poor family you understand this. There are no resources. No help beyond childhood. Even if the parents wanted to. No help buying a used car or getting insurance. No savings. No place to live. NO money and you’re a teenager on the street with no way to get employed to get any of the things that start everyone off toward even small betters.

    Both boys are so quiet here, but I think this page has a truly lovely and honest pathos in the subtext. For a superhero comic this is wonderfully emotionally real-life and honest. It elevates this work in this genre so much.

    Cory does the only thing he can. Finds Diego and hopes that he’ll spare him a couch. He has NO other options and then Diego and company realize they can “use” Cory to achieve some goals. So, being young, poor, male and dumb (as many of us have been at some times in our lives) it all goes south.

    The last panel broke my heart. I knew boys/men who had to DO the “sex and/or porn stuff” to survive, at least until they found another way… it did change something in them, I think forever. However, when you look at what he’s really saying… it’s, “We were starving and that option was on the table and so, to all of them, it started to sound like a really good alternative.”

    That’s heart-breaking when your world is that eff’d up.

    Even worse, it’s clear that in addition to everything else Cory had NO idea that fugue was a possibility.

    Okay sorry for being so wet. I just found it a personally emotionally moving page and part of what makes TYP utterly unique in it’s melding of the genre and LGBTQIA issues… just why I love it so.

    Now. On an awesome art note:

    I loved the stylistic way these last umpteen pages were composed, paced, presented and executed. Honestly, think about it…

    • Mitch floating on his back, above the city, taking in the voices.

    • The breathtaking race to Cory

    • The stealth in having to deal with an out of control gun situation before he was ready (as in trained). Also so many variables between Ivan, Diego and Cory, then Kanya, then the mobsters.

    • Diego getting shot!

    • Cory’s fugue

    Just the contrast between each of these sections in design and color was amazing and then dropping us into the chaos of a tornado with that amazing detail and those great fractured frames. So good.

    • Mitch’s determination to do right.

    • A moment of quiet humor to realize that Kanya is more than we might think.

    • The quiet pathos of Mitch waiting outside the hospital to hear if Diego lived.

    • And finally this peaceful roof-top scene where panels are ordered and stable, the guys are still and quiet and it’s the perfect setting to hear of the nightmare of Cory’s recent life.

    Honestly, the artwork in this book backs up the emotion of each section just as well as it does in the main story. I think this backstory is going to read fantastically well in graphic novel form. I cannot wait.

    Last thought and I apologize (TTL:DR) if it’s been said already:

    Thinking about Mitch, prior to the main story. When I think Mitch had his “first kiss” with Cory, spilling the popcorn… well it makes it all the more clear how long Mitch has been processing his gay inside.

    • It makes the internet fanart short story feel different through Mitch’s eyes. I was all focused on Kyle the first time and now…

    • It makes what must have happened after he took Paul and Spooky to rescue Kyle at the warehouse feel different (when looked at through Mitch’s then eyes) as he realizes what Kyle is and WHAT just happened (Mitch discovers that Duncan is gay too…).

    • It certainly explains why he was having so much trouble flying the jet when his pal Tsu was castigating Kyle for being the betrayer, with all the feeling of homophobia that scene carried. That must have been very hard for Mitch… yeah fly that jet.

    • It certainly gives a lovely energy of strength to his reveal to Kyle before the battle.

    This is why really good backstory matters so much. It makes one re-read everything that’s gone before through a new set of eyes. First read was all through Kyle’s eyes for me. This last read was through a new set of Mitch eyes. I’ll take all the backstory I can get and then it’s not just one graphic novel, but a wonderful multitude of them between one set of covers.

    Thanks all for letting me do the TL:DR. And thanks so much Alex, Adam and Veronica for weaving this one just right. I can’t wait to read it again when I can flip the pages myself. Wonderful work.

    • Klaus

      Please do not apologize. This was a very interesting read. Very insightful.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Thanks Klaus… it’s more in fun (’cause I’m so shy). So, I think of it like a “trigger warning” for former English majors, who might get PTSD flashbacks when they see too many big blocks of text. 😀

    • I think you’ve outdone yourself with this comment, Chris. What a wonderful reaction to read! Adam, Vero, and I really sweat the subtleties, and it’s very gratifying to have our work given this much thoughtful perspective.

      From your “holding back” metaphor, to the discussion of family dynamics, to the discussion of the limitations of class growing up in our society, to your appreciation of the different uses of art styles in this story to further the narrative and mood — you’ve got me grinning here. Thank you, Chris. Really nice. 🙂

  • Connor

    It’s too early to start camping, but I know that if I leave I’m going to get distracted and miss it entirely. Decisions, decisions.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      That is indeed a conundrum.

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    I will probably be in and out for camping, because my favorite sports team has to sport tonight. They are sporting later than they usually do today. Hopefully they will score the points and win the thing.

    • Go sport team. Sport your sporty hearts out!

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        They did not sport well earlier this week. I am going to shout encouragement so that they sport better this time.

        • Hopefully they don’t need some sort of sport rain dance

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I remember hearing once about how the New Orleans Saints (American football team) got a Voudun priestess to come and bless the stadium to lift the curse they felt was on them. And they went on to win the Super Bowl so it seems to have worked well.

          • Then again a sports rain dance might be the thing. o.O

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Sporting, like adulting, is hard at times. 🙂

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    Hi campers.

    • Hi Dave!

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          Excellent movie.

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            “I don’t think the pig lizard was grignak!”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            [as rock monster smashes a room full of bad guys] “It’s the simple things in life that you treasure.”

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Splendid, quirky, artful, film. Full of humor, humanity and genre awareness. Way ahead of it’s time. Good fun.

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  • Jason Moon

    So basically Cory trusted a good person, and that person trusted a bad one. Ooog.