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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 23

130 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 23

Ouch! I bet Ivan’s going to feel that in the morning. Or, then again, maybe not…

This week over at the Patreon page, $5+ backers get to download a very special What-If pin-up — of Kyle and The Annihilator committing a crime together! Comments from Patrons have included: “It’s said that people will do anything for love and I think this shows Kyle doing just that. He looks really hot in both senses of the word :D”, “This is beautifully rendered.  Honestly, nothing like Flame Boy in action with his muscles rippling under all that spandex!”, and “Kyle. Kicks. Butt. in this poster. Nice job by both Alex and Gabriel here. Those flames glow right out of the page… And the poses seem really ‘classic comic book hero/villain’, showing off those rippling muscles on both of ’em. 👍”

Here’s the sneak preview of that:


Gosh, Kyle looks kinda mean here, doesn’t he?

There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron (you can see them all here along with an explanation of what the heck Patreon is), and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits),

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So! Shots fired! Ivan got one in the back of the head! Will Flyboy be able to stop him? Will Kanya start shooting too? Is anyone else going to get hurt?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Well damn!

    • Nice! Just missed it 😉

      • My computer wasn’t responding as quickly. I thought I would miss it.

        • A blue ‘New comment’ showed up just as I had loaded the page, so didn’t even try hunting. Too slow today. Congratz on another one 🙂

  • davefragments

    So they are all crooked.
    And I don’t think that’s a flesh wound on Ivan.

    • syllibub

      Well, flesh…and bone…and brain matter…

  • Oh damn, the pile of shit exploded! … FUBAR.. FUBAR!!

    You don’t warn the badder guys about the – right now- less bad guy.. ehh.. or.. uuhh.. yeah.

    Everyone duck or RUN! Cory, time to know people out again ASAP.

  • Airboy Obsessed

    Oh jeez, he’s still firing! 🙁

    • I knooow, and I so don’t like the direction he’s firing in. We already know from Mitch that bad guys can have their luck in just firing.

  • syllibub

    Yikes. Grab Cory and Diego by the scruff of their necks and book it, Mitch!

    • davefragments

      That would be a good plan.

  • jreed3842

    Get it, green jacket guy.
    Is it bad… Panel five kinda made me chuckle…
    I do hope no one else gets hurt, though. I hate that green jacket guy is still shooting…. *is worried*

  • Now I really want to know how long before the main arc this is happening, and how much the team knows – or don’t know – about this. It’s clearly happening after the ToD comic for sure now, as I though, otherwise Mitch would have been lying.

    Did he manage to hide all of this from them? Did he try? There’s suddently a couple of scenes, in the main arc, where his reactions -and what was said- could make even more sense now, knowing this happened.
    At least some of Mitch’s reactions and responses can be understood much better now, and perhaps some of the others’ too. Again, based on how much they know at that point.

  • Yep. Ivan got it first. Awesome.

  • Klaus

    Why did he stand up? It attracks attention, it makes him easier to hit. Does it make it easier for him to hit?

    • Archidel

      While I can agree with you on the point that it makes little senses for The Mustachioed Mobster to stand up as it makes him easier to hit, as far as attracting attention goes… Well, shooting people and barking out orders has a slight tendency to do so anyway.

      • Klaus

        Yes, but he stands up first, then he shoots.

  • Tyler Griffin

    And no one was sad

    • Well I think Mitch might be sad. I mean, maybe?? Considering it was done in front of him. Will he be missed, no.

      • Michael

        He certainly wasn’t missed by Matlock Mobster.

        • 😛 No he wasn’t. That was pretty good aim.

    • Michael

      The people Ivan owed money to (because, c’mon) might be sad.

    • Klaus

      Reminds me of that line from The Dark Knight Returns: “Leaving the world no poorer, four men die.”

  • davefragments

    This is for Admiral Jane…
    Comcast and its Xfinity service is holding the rental of Jurassic World until 10 Oct 2015 and the viewer has the option of “buying” it to play over and slightly over $20 dollars.
    I never watch movies on the computer and there are only a few movies that I want to watch 10 or 20 times (It’s the crazed raccoon with a machine gun, or the seventh psychopath, or a musical, or certain operas, that get me to spend money on a Blu-Ray.)

    • We downloaded it from Amazon instant video. 🙂

  • Michael


    I hope Matlock Mobster isn’t aiming for Cory or Diego next.

    Or if he is, at least that he goes for Diego instead of Cory.

    • Klaus

      Who else?

      • Michael

        Maybe Mitch can take him down before he hits anyone else? Unlikely, as he’s already firing at his next target in the panel, while Mitch is wheeling around to stop him. But still possible.

        Come to think of it, I hope Cory doesn’t react in instinctual self defence and destroy the roof or something.

        • ChibE

          I foresee more deaths. I think this will be a pyrrhic victory for Mitch.

        • Klaus

          And I hope that he will react in instinctual self defence and stop the bullet aimed at him.

  • EEEP!

    • Oh! I know who you are. The name sounded familiar, so clicked your profile. I found your comic a few weeks ago, shortly before going on vacation. I haven’t commented there yet, but love the story and art. Hope it will keep going for a loing time 🙂

      • It will, slower posting because poor chris works full time and does the art, inking, colors, and lettering.

        • And he does a great job. It will take the time it takes.

  • Zephyr10101

    oh my gosh!

  • Aitsuki

    MITCH, STOP!!! JUST STOP. You’re WAY in over your head, you have LOST, sweetie….. Grab your friend and his brother and run!

  • Jeldenil

    Whelp. Mitch, zigzag!!! And get out.

  • Columbine

    That’s a nasty place to shoot someone………. I’ve got to admit I don’t really like these sorts of shoot-out guns pointing at everyone situations in stories. Waiting for normality to resume (once we figure out what’s normal anyway)

    • Klaus

      The town? Or just this room?

      • Columbine

        Don’t understand? Sorry.

        • Klaus

          Is it the whole town you consider a nasty place to shoot someone, or just this room?

          • Columbine

            Your jealous cos I gave someone a slow clap last week arn’t you? 😛

          • Klaus

            I do not know what a slow clap is.

          • Columbine

            In that case I feel I should share this with you- 🙂

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      A cycle on the washing machine is normal ……this is just CREEPY!

  • Sanbai

    In the wake of the Oregon shooting this just seems…eh… I know you planned it months in advance, but… *sigh*

    • anonywolf

      I understand your sentiments but you must know that not only did Alex plan this months in advance, this bares very little resemblance to Oregon beside the fact that a gun is used and the back of the head. What happened in Oregon was a horrible criminal act of gun violence by someone who was specifically targeting Christians and idolized the IRA.

      This is a story, a scene in a fictional story about superheroes, that depicts members of the mob. Gun violence in America is a problem every day even if it is only really highlighted in times of mass shootings, and as cold as it may mean to say it – this is a story and the timing of it would ALWAYS be off to SOMEONE in the US who just lost a loved one, so it doesn’t matter when Alex released this – it would be wrong for someone. So it’s perfectly legitimate to put it up now as any other time. It’s just a story.

      • Sanbai

        And therefore, perfectly legitimate for me to comment on the recent news events that make this “fictional crime” seem all the more real…

    • Since there has been a mass shooting a day in average in US this year alone (around 290-300 mass shootings on 275 days), counting all and not singling out schools, it’s hard to find a time this wouldn’t hit home as very real.

      School shootings make national news, so that makes them more memorable, but sadly this scene could be real any day in US. Not to mention homicide shootings with ‘just’ one victim.

    • False equivalency. This is no more similar to the shooting in Oregon (or in NSW) than a baby bird dying after falling out of its nest is like avian flu.

  • bronakopdin

    oh dammit….
    A shot in the head it is, so I doubt he’ll survive it? It’d be a miracle… even Ivan shouldn’t be dying this way… I wish that Warden shot his leg, then maybe the arm holding the gun :/
    Seems life doesn’t hold much value for him?
    I mean Ivan could have shot them all, too, when they were out cold, would have been safer for them, yet he didn’t (though I actually could imagine him threatening with it it if he had a reason to think they’d wake up so fast)

    So what now? Mitch is trying to stop the guy! Will Kanya try to stop Mitch?
    But he DID help her out before…
    gaaaaah I’m useless in these action filled scenes xD

  • Andy Diehl

    I wonder… We know Mitch has enhanced senses (eagle-vision, owl-hearing, etc) and can fly at crazy fast speeds that defy inertia. But does he perceive time differently too? Panel 3 suggests there might be some bullet-time action going on.

  • Nate

    Add me to the list of “Cut your losses and run, Mitch!” I’m pretty sure he can carry both brothers.

    • Klaus

      But can he get them out without any of the three of them being shot?

      • Nate

        Sure, if he works quickly enough. Right now, they are a bit distracted. But the longer he waits, the harder it will be.

  • Matt Lovinski

    You know if this is in Mitch’s could he say with a straight face that no one got hurt? Because contrary to popular belief, a bullet going through a human skull…yeah kinda stings a bit o.o

    • Pikinanou

      Maybe he’ll survive? Yeah, no, I don’t really think so either but, maybe?

    • xLizardx

      Not clear from the angle whether it’s his head, neck, or merely shoulder, IMO?

    • Michael

      I think this is -after- the Truth or Dare reveal, not before. So, up until now, he was telling the truth about nobody getting hurt.

    • Phyre Storm

      I’m pretty sure he said HE didn’t hurt anyone. Also, Jerkface, I mean Ivan, could easily survive that. That’s not a headshot unless it’s just a graze.

  • Pikinanou

    Too busy keeping an eye on Ivan to notice Mr. Mustachio behind him :O

  • Phyre Storm

    Well, that should shut him up.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I assumed that it was neck? Which in hindsight, highlights your points even more

      • Phyre Storm

        Yeah, a bullet from 20 feet away doesn’t get stuck in someone’s neck. Also, in the last panel, the blood is all around his back and chest. He could still bleed out or already be dead if his spinal cord was hit, of course.

    • Klaus

      Read Alex’ comments under the page. It is a head shot.

      • Phyre Storm

        …Oh. Yeah. That’s a good reason.

        *smacks self*

        • Johndar

          To be fair, I agree it doesn’t look like one, but that could just be to refrain from being too gory.

    • SReyes15

      I’m going to assume we were avoiding gore.

      Even ignoring an exit wound, the way his body’s arching (chest forward, spine bent) and his head is snapping /back/ instead of forward from the momentum of a “headshot” from a 9mm (at least – probably a 40 or 45), I thought it was lower neck or upper back, as well.

      While still a great panel, your confusion is valid =P.

      • Yep, I instructed Adam to avoid making it too gory — as stickfigurefairytales points out above, in this comic, a little blood goes a long way. So, if there is confusion, it comes from my request that we keep it from being too gory.

        • SReyes15

          Agreed about the blood. It fits well within the theme of the comic. Suddenly switching to Spawn levels of gore would be jarring to the story.

  • Jason Moon

    I just hope Ivan’s the ONLY one who gets shot. If Casey gets shot, will it be a major reason Flyboy never told anyone about this(Besides the illegality of his actions, which has already been mentioned)?

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Oh man! You know, overall there’s been so little blood in TYP as a whole that this felt especially shocking to me.

  • davefragments

    I saw THE MARTIAN this weekend. Good movie.
    A very enjoyable movie. The science never overwhelms it.

  • Connor

    You know, mister Green-Shirt-and-Mustache, you should follow your own advice. If you didn’t feel the need to yell at Kanya, you would have had time to shoot at LEAST three of them before they found the shooter.

  • Thank you for such a great reaction! 🙂

  • Rick Fitz

    I’m with the old man. Despite the “heightened realism” of comics, if someone threatens to shoot me or my friend, and I have a gun…well, they deserve the bullets. Even if the situation is allegedly de-escalated (and the fact that he is reaching for a gun proves it is still 100% deadly for everyone involved) then shooting the thug is acceptable.

    Cops are thugs that kill because they have immunity. Civilians kill because cops are useless and only come after the crime. You seem to lack any understanding of this dichotomy.

    How many students would be alive today if everyone on Umpqua campus carried a gun?

    • At least three of the people dead at Umpqua were killed in the first few minutes, before other people had a chance to react. In addition, there were two people present who were armed, and even they said that having a gun wouldn’t have helped saved any lives.

      But nice try though. Would you like a consolation prize?

    • davefragments

      I won’t discuss guns and gun control. Umpqua is and always will be a tragedy.
      However, in terms of being a writer and considering the story (a fiction) that we are reading … A character with a gun using it to get his way represents a choice for a writer. One of the choices is what Ivan did, the “threatening thug” who uses the gun to intimidate. Most people with a gun in their face act out of fear and do what the gunman wants. Another choice (of the writer) is to do what Walrus-moustached man does and that is short when you point the gun. It requires a rather bloodthirsty attitude in that character. It’s the shoot-first-think-second action that requires the decision of killing be made in advance.
      Ivan has lied to Diego and Cory, big time lies. He got them to the building with his lies and just watched Cory rip the front off a building with his thoughts. Ivan is scared shitless of Cory. That’s why he keeps the pressure on the pair. Kanye the guard is the first upset to his lies and threats. Mitch is the second surprise intruder. The entire business goes into the porcelain dumper of failure. The question now is, who comes out alive and who comes out dead, AND who isn’t mentally scarred for life.

      • Mitch at least comes out alive.

        • davefragments

          That we have from Alex. Which places a boundary limit on tonight’s panel.
          I think one of the future panels (not many can be left) contains Cory screaming nasty things at Mitch for interfering. At least that, if not more misfortune, will affect Mitch enough to put him in tears.
          I think the lesson Mitch will learn at the death of others is that all his good intentions do not mean no one can die. That is the pain of a hero — he can’t save them all.
          Maybe, he can’t save any of them tonight.
          The Shakespearean or operatic Tragedy — blood is spilled everywhere and like Lear or Hamlet or Cio-Cio-San, or Florio Tosca, they will all have blood on their hands and the ground and the wallpaper, the scenery, (sorry, that’s a bit ghoulish of me)
          But Mitch survives to tell the tale. This isn’t Kurosawa’s Rashomon.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Thoughtfully shared Dave. Thanks.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Sorry again that I’ve been silent. I feel that popping in to pontificate seems inappropriate, and maybe it is, but then again… SO WHAT. MAWAAAAAhahahahaah… (sorry, not sorry).

    I’d just like to say that in addition to all my usual kudos to Alex, Adam and Vero for the top notch writing, directing and art on every page, what I like in this page and the last few is the fact that they’re full of mystery and moral questions.

    Who’s right here and who’s wrong? Heck if I know. Clearly Ivan is (was) ‘a’ bad guy. Yet our ‘victim’, Kanya, who Mitch so heroically lifted out of dangers way, has shown that she was no kind of damsel in distress. In fact I’m not sure who exactly she was (is) working for. Diego was no kind of of good guy. He seemed to care about his younger bro, but not enough to ‘ACT’ and get him out of harm’s way. In fact, he seemed more than willing to use little bro’s powers to get what he wanted.

    Now our old gangster comes back to life and starts firing randomly and gets Ivan nicely, then he delivers the sweet avuncular line, “You idiot, stop talking and just shoot them. Shoot them all!” D’awwwww so sweet. Now, I don’t think he’s talking to the dead Ivan, so who’s left… the gentle damsel, Kanya(?).

    So, IS Kanya a “shoot them all” kind of gal?

    So, that means shoot Mitch, Cory, maybe (the questionable) Diego? Would she? Should she? It’s her job, after all.

    So, as difficult a moral crossword puzzles go, this is a doozy after all. I like the fact that once again, as is often the case in a Woolfson Fable, things are complicated and I’m not sure who exactly to root for.

    Well, except for Mitch and Cory, because I’d like to see some more milestone special wallpaper prints of the two of them making out (shaaaddddup… they aren’t underage in my head!). So, selfishly speaking. I’d rather have the grumpy, shooty old fart eat it, have Kanya get knocked out to gently drop to the pavement with one hand gracefully draped across her forehead, and Diego to be the only one left for the coppers to pick up…

    See, Mitch grabs Cory and flies his cute tush out of this grubby alley to the following tune… so they can snog among the stars…

    Thanks again Alex, Adam and Vero for giving us something beautiful, tense, exciting and morally layered and ambiguous. Other than being an obvious gay who is rooting for cute boys snogging, I love the passel of unknowns we have going here. Exciting stuff. Thanks for once again not taking the obvious route. I’m excited about page day… yeeeeee hawwwwwww!

    • syllibub

      Why would it be inappropriate? I like your assessments of the pages — always entertaining!

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Thank you kindly. I’m mostly being silly (you know how shy I am *snort*).

        I’ve just been overloaded in my meat-life this last few months, and I’ve been a very irregular poster, despite how much I enjoy the pages. That said, you are right, I don’t think there is anything inappropriate about anyone popping in to share whenever they can. Life is life and we ride the waves. I enjoy everyone’s comments anytime I can.

        It’s been lovely to see you able to join in again and many others I always enjoy. Take care everyone.

    • You’re very welcome, Chris. Thank you again for another wonderful reaction. You’re asking the right questions. Very glad you’re enjoying the mysteries. New page up soon! 🙂

  • davefragments

    I’m going to throw this out ahead of time.
    My latest read is volumes 1 thru four of THE DEATH NOTE by Tsugami Ohba and Takeshi Obata …

    • I also enjoy the works of Obata sensei. He is good with the art. In Hikaru no Go he seamlessly ages the younger characters. I also have too many “babies” in that series.

      • davefragments

        I’ve played Go. I have the board, the stones in their bowls, and just can’t find anyone who knows what to do. I’m not good. I especially not good enough to teach it to someone. It’s like Teaching chess. I’m damn good at chess but Go is a;most another realm of knowledge and brains.

        • Yes. Go is a whole other level. But omg Hikaru-kun and Akira-kun are just perfect.

  • Are we still getting an update tonight, even though the world is ending tomorrow?

  • Michael

    Am I the only one who wants to print out sticker-pages of Matlock Mobster’s face and stick it to things?

    • davefragments

      Try a dart board to relieve boredom

      • Michael

        That’s already reserved for Ani and PP.

        • davefragments

          It is rumored among the cognoscenti that The Annihilator’s company invented the Anus-brand of Toilet wipes so people can grunt and grown with leisure and without fear of damaging tender tissues with rough papers.

  • Good Eeevening! (Morning and Afternoon)

    • Hello AJ

    • Michael

      Ahoyhoy! The way you wrote “eeevening” caused me to waste 5 minutes watching Frank Nelson clips.

      • Hahahahaha! Sorry (not sorry)

        • Michael

          Wasn’t complaining, just sharing.

          • Oh good. Because that’s funny.

          • Michael


  • syllibub

    So are green tracksuit guy and Kanya established allies, or is it an “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of thing? I might be dense, but I’m still not sure which “people” Kanya called.

    • Not certain about allies in the sense of being of similar minds and equality. I get the feeling that maybe tracksuit sees her as definitely employee being told what to do.

      • Michael

        If it turns out that Matlock is the godfather of the local crime-family, that would just be the cherry on top.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I’m here for camping, although I’m not sure how long I’ll last as I’m pretty tired.

    • I’ll try not to yawn!! 😛

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thanks! Yawning is more contagious than bubonic plague, you know. (Real science)

    • *glomps stick*

      • stickfigurefairytales

        *glomps Doki back* Hello lovely!!

        • Hey, sorry I was checking the numbers in my grandmother’s bank book. Work going alright?

    • Michael

      I’m here for camping, too, but of a different variety. Specifically, I’m here for Harold Camping.

      I want to see the next page before the earth is destroyed.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Was he the one who predicted the current doomsday? I know he predicted one back in 2011…

        • Michael

          I don’t think so, but all pre-Rapture parties are now called Camping-outs.

          • stickfigurefairytales


  • davefragments

    Page 24 is going to be very painful.

    • Michael

      I won! 😀 Finally got one.

  • Ninhursag

    Badass grandpa in action! But don’t shoot them all, not Mitch or his friend.