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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 22

118 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Flyboy Bonus Comic—Page 22

Dude! Am I the only one who didn’t bring a gun to this party?

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So! Lots of bad guys. Lots of guns. Lots of attitude. Who are Kanya’s “people”? Would Mitch really let her do whatever she wanted with Ivan? And where did that mob thug get that amazing, green tracksuit?!

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

  • Woah

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Another one for Danish!

      • Not Dave? Huzzah! I’m sitting with my tablet, and writing from there, because my computer is still loading. I thought I’d go check here and had just edited the address, refreshed and then refreshed again just to be sure – and there was page 😀
        My computer didn’t load until I wrote THIS sentence just now. Yay for feeling like I needed to check the tablet while waiting LOL

        • davefragments

          Nope. I saw your comment come up while I was typing.

          • Logging on to a whole new page with 0 comments, and speeding up to comment, is sure to wake me up quicker. This is 2nd time in 14 days I’ve done that. It’s like a mental kick in the butt xD

    • 5 more

      • stickfigurefairytales


      • I was about to ask you if this was 63rd or 64th. Now I know. I’m gonna celebrate that 69 when it happens 🙂

        • Sapfo

          and we both knows what happens when you get 69 😉

          • We do? Uhh, no comments LOL
            Though.. I think, I’ll rise my new fuzzy ‘wolfy’ one (you know what I mean) in a salute.

            (I actually told my mom about getting it, but with a slightly edited story)

          • Sapfo

            I was so showing of mine to my mom! LOOK MOM! It was a gift =D

  • davefragments

    The old second gun trick!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Considering that it probably won’t go the way he’s hoping: “That trick never works”

      • davefragments

        Most “gun” tricks don’t work.
        There’s a plethora of news out there about guys trying to twirl a gun like John Wayne did in the westerns. They don’t realize that it takes a single action revolver to do that and so they shoot themselves. “Gun” fail is rampant with lots of guns around.

      • Klaus

        I works great for Kanya so far.

  • Sapfo

    Good morning Good people ^^

    • Morning Ms Strawberry!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good morning, Sapfo!

    • davefragments

      Hi there!

    • Morning Sapfo love!

    • Morning, sweet strawberry.

  • Dare I repeat myself… Uh oh!

    • Sapfo

      Oh no! The page made Aj Repeat herself. Was Chris D right? Are goats evil after all?
      Please tell me AJ?!?
      Oh you are talking about the page… Uh oh!

      • Don’t believe Chris’s propaganda!! Goat’s are never evil.

        I, of course, was speaking of the page. I mean serious uh oh. o.O

        • Sapfo

          it is not only a second gun, it is two second guns. And only one Mitch. And I agree uh oh D:
          (and I would never belive that goat´s are evil)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I hope Ivan shoots himself in the butt.

    • Jeldenil

      Haha! I just posted the same before reading the other comments. Great minds …

  • Sapfo

    No Alex, you are not alone. The only thing I got is a tomato sandwich. So if anyone want, I share ^^

    • Klaus

      Did you just ask people to share their guns?

  • davefragments

    I just noticed — one of the poker players that was supposed to be knocked out is looking at the gun on the ground.
    Is Mitch faster than a speeding bullet?

    One a complete other note: I finished my short story today. Yay for me.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Congrats on finishing your story!

      • davefragments

        Now it will disappear for months until a journal comes out. (weepy sigh)

    • Yay for finishing!!

    • Congratulations, Dave! 🙂

      • davefragments

        Thanks. I said below, these get accepted and then I hear nothing for almost a year until the anthology comes out. pout, pout
        It’s about mummification. I try to sneak a fetish into my stories and see how far I can go before the editors gag.

        added: “subversive”

        • Columbine

          There used to be a woman who’d mummify herself and hang upside down doing street shows in Edinburgh. And then escape. She seemed to make a lot of money for some reason…. ;P

    • No, he’s actually reaching for that gun, as he watches Ivan pull out his own.

      • davefragments

        Yes, and that sets up a ton of possibilities for the next few panels.

    • Klaus

      He is not as fast as a speeding bullet.

      • Luke Brady

        My thoughts too

      • davefragments


  • This is getting progressively worse for Ivan, Mitch should just grab Cory and go.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Sounds good to me, although Cory will want him to get Diego too.

      • Cory needs to drop his brother and look out for himself.

        • davefragments

          Very hard to do.

          • Well sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest.

          • kamishiro

            let his brother die by mobs is prooobably not exactly the right thing. but to be fair, diego needs to get a grip too. he is the older brother, shouldn’t be putting his little bro into dangerous stuff like these

          • “You reap what you sow”

          • kamishiro

            it always depends on the context 😛

  • … and now that I’m back on the computer, and it’s easier and faster to write..

    No wonder Kanya handled getting pointed at so cool, while she was trying to talk her way out of it. She’s been around bad guys before, not to mention she most likely IS one of the bad people… unless this is about to take another unexpected twist, based on who ‘her people’ are – which wouldn’t even surprise me xD

    Who knows what situation she’s faced before, or what nutballs she’s been around? Ivan, I think even he’s an amateur here.

    • It will be interesting to see who her people are. If they are Mob or some other group.

      • Exactly. Is she paid by the mob, and called them, or is she part of someone spying on them? Last could be more than one option.

        • davefragments

          I almost hate to say this — is it the Usual Suspects?

  • Dance is now interfering with update nights *stomps dramatically away thinking about how they’re going to get out of this situation*

    • davefragments

      You’re learning to dance?

    • Booo! Nothing should interfere with camping/updates.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, my eyes are starting to droop. I’ll see you guys later! Goodnight!

  • I feel it’s pretty sure to say this. If not both of them, Cory and Diego, then I’m pretty sure this is the ‘cure’ to never have Cory doing any crimes again, once they get out of this. Not even to help his brother out of a situation that should make them ‘rich’. Just not worth it.

    As for Mitch, I think he’s getting himself some unwanted, but perhaps needed, experience added to his vigilante side ‘job’.

  • I do love how smug Kanya is.

  • Ten bucks says it’s Diego that gets it. Because Alex would not be so crude as to kill off Cory.

    • Killing Cory here would also make Mitch’s first kiss extremely weird xD

      • Adam Black


        • Klaus

          Zombies are not known to be good kissers.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Tina Belcher would take offense to that

  • Michael

    Like I said on the previous page, riding an invisible horse the fuck outta there Gangnam Style… style, might confuse people enough for Mitch to escape.

  • David Welbourn

    Ugh. Too many guns. So glad I’m not there. When the shooting starts, though, it’s gonna end fast.

  • Jeldenil

    I hope Ivan shoots his own butt.

  • Klaus

    Does the guy on the ground see Ivan’s gun? It is on the other side of his body.

    • Adam Black

      i think he sees

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Maybe he can see Ivan’s movements rather than the gun itself? No, hold up, Kanya would be able to see the movement as well….

  • Alt+F7

    Well, no way flyboy’s getting out of this one. So, must be that the flyboy of the future/main comic is a hologram.

  • Columbine

    Why *do* people stuff guns down their pants? Alright I get it’s probably putting the ‘conceal it’ before common sense but….the chances of shooting something important seem pretty high on either side.

    I appreciate the look the poker player is giving that gun on the floor. Things are certainly going crazy.

    I also like Kanya and Mitch’s total coolness throughout, even with the twist here I like Kanya: she’s a professional dammit and she will show you amateurs how to do this right.

    • Probably the same reason they hold the gun sideways. The rool of cool. :/

    • KatKaleen

      “Why *do* people stuff guns down their pants?”
      I assume they are not too emotionally attached to their butt and want to create a physical representation of that fact.
      Maybe I’m the only one who watches WTFIWWY on Radio Dead Air, but I’ve heard of faaar worse places people put guns. Not for the faint of heart.

      • Columbine

        I have no idea what that is so Imma go ahead and assume it’s another cultural thing I missed out for being somewhere else. Not that I’m surprised people put guns weird places……..people are weird.

        I gotta admit I was thinking more of the legs. Front or back if it goes off accidentally there’s a decent chance it’ll hit a leg.

  • Aitsuki

    Oh Mitch….. you’re a sweet, brave boy, but your naivete is going to get you killed…

  • Matt Lovinski

    Is anyone else getting a Renee Montoya vibe from this chick? She’s very ballsy, but too arrogant if you ask me. Heck if she would’ve just NoT tried to shoot the helping hand here she would have had enough coverage on the perp so nobody wouldn’t have to die >.>…oh well o.o whose getting joss wheadoned today?

  • Kate G

    This guy is just doing all of the idiotic moves with guns, isn’t he? Why do we not stuff our jeans with guns, my friends? This is how we shoot ourselves in the thigh…or in the nuts. Let’s just be reasonable people and say this guy needs the Darwin of the Year Award, okay?

    People, let’s just be real, do not stuff a gun down your waistband, underwear, etc. Buy a holster and know how to use it. >.<

    • Dante Casem

      Seems more likely he’d shoot himself in the ass than the nuts. Either way he’s at least going to get a Darwin Dishonorable Mention.

      Watch as Ivan tries to hold the gun sideways (For maximum “Cool Factor”) to shoot and the recoil launches him in a circle.

      • Kate G

        I’ve mentioned him holding the gun sideways all ready (see previous pages.)

  • bronakopdin

    Oh dang… so Ivan has a second one? And one of the other warden dudes regained conscience nearly gets his hands on another one… I fear some major shooting might be coming up >____<'

    • Tyler Griffin

      THIS! IS! ‘MURICA! Course he has a second one. He’ probably has a third one tucked in the front of his pants where he can do himself irreparable harm (While simultaneously sparing the gene pool) should he move wrong.

      • bronakopdin

        don’t froget the casual dagger in his socks if all went wrong!

  • Ninhursag

    Is it just me or the old man on the floor will stop Ivan? There’s a gun just inches from his face.

    • Klaus

      And he is reaching for it. Let us hope that he handles it better than Ivan.

  • Pikinanou

    I like Ivan’s face in the 1st panel 🙂

  • George Rizor

    Alex, what is the status of the Kickstarter deliverables?
    Forgive me for saying this, but I’m kind of feeling that as a Kickstarter backer, who supported you early on, before your emphasis switched to Patreon backers, we’ve kind of become second class citizens. You don’t seem to have an interest in those who were your INITIAL supporters, even though we helped start things to the tune of $133,641.
    I still appreciate all your work, all your talent and the end results, it’s just that we don’t hear as much from you about the status of the Kickstarter rewards these days. Many thanks.

    • Alt+F7

      Hmm, it has been a little while since the last update. The most recent one I have (16 August) said Alex was aiming to send out a shipping survey at the end of september and he would start shipping rewards a month after that.

      I know it’s pretty frustrating to not hear anything for nearly 2 months, but I guess he wants the next update to be the shipping survey.

      Unfortunately it looks like the timeline has slipped back a few days… I say forgetting it is still september in most of the world.

    • Hey George,

      In no way do I consider the Kickstarter backers second-class citizens. I am tremendously grateful for your amazing support, and trying to move the Kickstarter rewards forward so that I can ship the physical rewards is my absolute highest priority. Because I don’t want to spam Kickstarter backers with a ton of emails, I try to keep my Updates there to every month/month and a half, but those updates tend to be quite a bit longer than my Patreon updates and, of course, they include multiple digital rewards at once. (With Patreon, I tend to create an update with every single reward, in part because of the limitations of their interface.)

      Should I send out Updates to Kickstarter backers more frequently? Maybe. I do get emails from folks telling me that I’m sending out too many Kickstarter Updates and that it feels like too much. Every month to month and a half has felt like a good compromise to me. Also, I like to be able to send out a nice variety of digital rewards with each update, so I’ll sometimes wait an extra week or two for some unique art to get its final polish. But maybe waiting the extra couple weeks isn’t worth it and I should just stick to a strict monthly Update schedule regardless instead of waiting for that. The last thing I’d want is for backers to feel neglected when I’m holding off an Update just because I’m wanting to show off some new art I think is cool.

      If you check out the Update I sent last month, you’ll see that all the physical rewards that I need to ship with the book — the two sticker sheets, the exclusive bookmark, the Spooky Cap, the keychains, the buttons, and the book itself have been created and are in my possession (and I am having to crawl over many of them in my small apartment right now). The last remaining physical reward has been the four packs of trading cards which has required creating 36 full-color, highly-rendered pin-ups (with an additional 7 NSFW variations, so 41 in all). I am not an artist so while I will do everything I can to get the art needed for the rewards created quickly while still keeping up quality, ultimately its delivery is not in my direct control — I’ve had to learn that good art gets done when good art gets done and me pushing harder usually doesn’t make things better. As someone who enjoys having a great deal of control, making these rewards has been a humbling experience. 🙂

      The good news is that the artists I’ve been working with on these Trading Card pin-ups are very skilled, and that the extra time that is needed pays big dividends. The art they’ve created has been awesome and, at this moment, all the linework for all 41 pin-ups is complete and all the coloring work for all 41 pin-ups has been completed except for the last 3 — and with 2 of those remaining pieces we are in the final revision stage (which means we’re very close.) All the design work and writing for the Trading Cards is complete, so when those last few colored pieces are delivered, I will be able to send the files to my printer. A month later I should have all the printed and packaged Trading Card packs, which means I will be able to ship your rewards out. A day I’m very much looking forward to—and hopefully one you will find worth the wait. 🙂

      All this said, your comment here makes me a little concerned you haven’t been getting the Kickstarter Updates in your email Inbox.

      If you haven’t received those emails, please double-check the email address you are using for Kickstarter. This is very important! When the books are ready to ship, the only way I’ll be able to get your current shipping address is by sending you a Kickstarter survey and that’s sent to your Kickstarter email.

      In the meantime, you can find all the updates (which include all your digital rewards that have been sent out so far) here:

      Thank you for checking in, George. Hopefully this answers your question. Thank you for your very kind words, they are much appreciated. And thank you very, very much for your awesome Kickstarter backing. 🙂

      • George Rizor

        Many thanks, Alex, for a comprehensive and informative response. As I said, I appreciate the incredible work you do and also appreciate your attention to your fans (even when feeling a little neglected). It’s good to hear what the current status of your efforts and the rewards is and you’ll continue to have my support for your terrific work! Tnx!

        • Thank you, George! I look forward to sending you all your awesome stuff! 🙂

  • Jason Moon

    Sigh. Ivan doesn’t ALWAYS do stupid things, only when he’s awake.
    So, anybody want to lay odds that he’s gonna die peacefully in his sleep of ripe old age? Any takers?

    • Michael

      Depends if anybody has a bottle of chloroform and a rag in this stand-off.

  • Diviana

    No guard! Hurt Mitch and I will break the fourth wall just to hit you.

    • anonywolf

      Don’t worry – we got you covered on that.

      • Still trying to figure out how to set up a room for PP. Once that is done just have to worry about incurring sillybub’s wrath for messing with her wife.

        • Tyler Griffin

          That should be easy, just lock them up together, and be sure to furnish the room for SOME fun activities, After all, it’s PP we need to punish, not our dear Silly.

  • Klaus

    The question is now: will Kanya shoot Ivan? Or will the guy with the walrus beard shoot him first?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Here we go with another one…..pull another gun……O-O!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Very American

  • Klaus

    To answer Alex’ questions: that would be telling, yes, the Home Shopping Network.

  • davefragments

    I might be late tonight. Blame it on Scream Queens
    Think of the shakespearean splendor of: “You had your chance (to be my girlfriend) when you freaked out about me fantasizing about having sex with your dead body”
    Now that line has to be a group think, doublespeak, un-thought from a drunken gang of writers! SPank those writer, hard!
    wink, wink…

  • syllibub

    Ivan, your butt crack is not a safe place for a gun. That’s just…basic common sense.

    I love that Mitch’s response to yet another firearm is to be like, “Seriously?” And I like the guard’s moxie, although with tracksuit man inching toward his weapon, I imagine things are about to spiral further downward and well out of her control.

  • davefragments

    For all the grief we gave Ivan for waving around a gun, the position of his fingers while getting that gun out of the small of his back is the right position. His trigger finger isn’t on the trigger. he knows enough not to shoot himself in the buttocks.

  • Michael

    …let’s all take a moment to remember that gun violence is never the answer.

  • We’re going to be downloading Jurassic World tonight. 🙂

  • davefragments

    OVATION is showing FIREFLY episode #2 and they are about to meet the Reavers.

  • Is patreon down for anyone else?

    • davefragments

      Yes. It seems to be offline.

      • Of course now it’s back. It can’t make up it’s mind

      • davefragments

        Now it’s up.

  • Good early morning from Denmark. Looks like I made it to camp today.

    • davefragments

      It seems that Patreon is being recalcitrant tonight.

      • Yes, I just saw. I was about to ask if it was just acting up for me, because I tried to access directly and not through an email link for the first time in weeks, when I saw AJ’s comment below.

  • davefragments