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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Coda—Page 10

174 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Coda—Page 10


First off, let me give a shout out to long-time readers and commenters Doki and Starrwinter! Very happy birthday, you two!

Also, I want to give a more general shout out to all you awesome readers. It’s no secret that, in addition to trying to write an entertaining superhero story, I also try to create scenes and situations to provoke thoughtful discussion. There’s always a good reason why my characters make the choices they do, and they often reflect deeper themes I’m looking to express, but as a writer, you always wonder if what you’re trying to do is actually going to come across.

Well, reading your analysis over the last couple pages about what’s going on here and why Kyle is making the choices he is has been very gratifying to me. In addition to being superheroes, y’all really are the smartest readers around. You make me so proud and are a lot of fun to write for. I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome. 🙂

Meanwhile, over on the Patreon page, since y’all have been getting to chance to see a younger Duncan on these pages, I figured it was the perfect time to post a long-lost Kickstarter reward: The Annihilator Origin Card art!

This pin-up shows The Annihilator jump-starting his career in villainy by doing a little light enforcement for the mob. It also features linework by Gabriel Mayorga and colors by Alex Sollazzo.

Here’s a sneak preview of it:

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please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron.

So! DunKid wants to know if he and Kyle used to be friends. What would you tell him? And what should Kyle do?

Let me know what you think in the comments. And tune in this Saturday to find out!

Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Sapfo

    Morning again

    • Adam Black

      I’ll take some coffee, Danish, er.ambien ….more sleep

      • Sapfo

        It´s morning here…. is it not night where you are Mr Black? So more sleep would not be illadvised?

  • Well…not friends exactly…

  • Friends? Not how I would define it.

    • Pietro7

      Using the term loosely. Very loosely. 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Oh dear Duncan! This little kid, I feel for him~~

  • Thanks Alex for the Birthday wishes!

  • Um… No! Just no. Stop. Nuh uh.

  • Michael

    I still say Dunc remembers/knows more than he’s letting on.

  • Songbird

    *Unintelligible screaming*

  • Ulysses Paxton

    Wonder if meeting Spooky is where Kyle needs to be tonight? One of those meetings you can’t put off.

  • Kattriella

    I actually made it to the camp out this time! Wooo~!

    And now it’s time for bed. Good night, everybody.

    • Hello, goodnight, hello goodnigt… heh could be a song!

    • Good night!

  • Songbird

    Though I will point out that Kyle’s expression seems to have softened a bit. I… Honestly don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    • Klaus

      Both, maybe.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I seem to remember that during the dinner date in Hong Kong Kyle said he was enjoying himself, just being in Duncan’s company. That might count as friendship. Of course, Duncan was doing some serious pretending at the time.

    • Duncan was doing some serious pretending, but I think it was convincing in part because he didn’t have to fake the emotions and interest. Alex said in connection with the Kickstarter that the genesis of this story was a short about a sympathetic villain wanting to give some advice to a young superhero about accepting who he was. That turned into the prologue, and it underlies much of what happened later – Duncan has ulterior motives, but he would have liked to be able to do the wining and dining for its own sake. In another timeline they might well have been friends in spite of the age gap and the superhero v supervillain issue.

      • Keneu


        After reading that, I want to see Kyle to do the same to DunKid. Give him a little speech that convinces him not to turn villain or something like that. it’d be a perfect ending, but maybe not very realistic given the circumstances.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    NO FAIR! I’ve wept for the loss of my Dad’s last brother……now this makes me weep all over again……that’s not fair!

    • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx


    • I’m sorry to hear that.

  • What’s the contrary of ‘friends with benefits’? ‘Enemies with benefits’ or ‘friends with fallouts’?

    • Adam Black

      I think you need to distinguish,
      Or contradictinguish, between inverse, converse, and total opposites

      What’s the contrary of ‘benefits’ ?

      Is it Harms? Absences?
      Detractractions? Is it bad sex?

      I think it might be “Enemies with Romance” and YP is now the Trope Holder.

  • Bei Dawei

    Next page:

    Kyle: “You might say we were…sword-fighting partners. Bye, Duncan.”

    (Exit Kyle)

    Duncan: “Goodbye…little hero.”

    Sircea (appears in puff of brimstone): “That went well. He suspects nothing. Yes, everything is going according to plan…”

    Duncan: “But will it be enough to stop…Gargonzicus?”


    • Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

    • Gorgonzicus, was he the trumpet blue bird of the Muppet Show?

      • Bei Dawei

        That’s what makes him so dangerous!

    • Saikkusukka

      I would be so on board with these developments.

  • Cecilie Muldkjær Bredesen

    I need to stop feeling sorry for people who are still likely to be the bad guy….. But i just want to give Duncan a hug

    • It’s all Adam’s work for giving him a baby face with tortured expressions!

      • Cecilie Muldkjær Bredesen

        I have always wanted to hug him, even when he was older……

        • Hug? So that’s how the younguns call it these days?

  • Justin

    Do you guys think Kyle could have feelings for DunKid? From my point of view it’s Duncan > Spooky >> Dunkid. Also, I’m hoping the plan for tonight might mean Spooky’s coming back, but I feel like it’s more administrative than anything.

    • I believe Kyle has been crushing on Spooky for a long time, and would choose him over Duncan any day, but he knows there’s limitations with Spooky – something he also expressed himself a few pages ago.

      Duncan got to him though, with seduction mostly aimed from the fact that he *wanted* Kyle, not to mention he could *be* with Kyle. Something, at the time, not possible to be safely for more than maybe a few people worldwide.
      When you crave some skin contact, not necessarily in a sexual manner, it can lead you to make stupid decissions. Duncan was one of those, but Duncan got hit too by realizing that he actually liked talking to- and being with Kyle. He didn’t have to do a lot of acting in his attempt to seduce him. And Kyle did start to really like Duncan, but had his feelings (illusions) stripped quite hard.

    • Adam Black

      Sure, if Kyle gets Amnesia too

  • PreludeToA

    He’s still so manipulative!

    • Klaus

      I don’t dee it liker that at all. He asks outright for what he wants. I don’t think he has any ulterior motive here. Of course he asks in the way he thinks most likely to get a positive reaction. Who wouldn’t?

    • NoiseShaper

      I’d put it a different way: If he is just faking it, he’d have to be rather good at it.

      But so far I don’t see many compelling arguments why he can’t actually just be a boy who mostly doesn’t know what’s happening to him.

      We don’t really know for sure yet.

  • What intrigues me is Dunkid comment on “no one my own age”! How old does he think he is?

    • Bei Dawei

      He can’t have zero memories. He obviously remembers language. Does he know he has an English accent? Does he remember that England is a country? And perhaps recall certain politicians and celebrities…? You see what I mean.

      • Yes! Like I was there for the Queen coronation, nice party we had… But, wait a minute… I was there for her 50 y of reign jubilee too!

        • Bei Dawei

          He obviously remembers the Pacific Ocean, and the basics of human social behavior. That suggests a fairly limited loss of memory.

          • Jonni

            Focal retrograde amnesia?

          • Bei Dawei

            Focused on what, though?

            For example, does he know what a horse is? If so, then it’s hard to imagine him not associating this with particular memories–probably childhood memories. He says he doesn’t remember who he is, but he’s been told at least his first name, and can put together a lot based on other clues.

          • Jonni

            Focused on personal memories, so skills & general knowledge stay intact, but there are no memories of the life he has lived? Apart from the ‘flashes’ he spoon feeds to keep Kyle interested, anyway.

          • Bei Dawei

            I’m wonder how “general knowledge” (like world geography) can be distinguished from “particular knowledge” (his life).Oh well, it’s magic.

          • Jonni

            Read up on amnesia, it’s a fascinating topic.

          • Adam Black

            You haven’t seen Memento?
            ( They cover this in passing ) you should.

          • This is how this type of amnesia often works in the real world – victims can remember general knowledge and may have access to emotions based on past experiences with people, but no personal memories about themselves. Clive Wearing is a particularly famous case, in part because he’s a very clear demonstration that there are different types of memory than can be selectively affected by amnesia.

      • And has nobody at Exsec let slip something along the lines of we’ve been searching him for the last thirty years, or something?

      • Curt Clark

        …Does he have an English accent?

    • bronakopdin

      well I guess “my age” doesn’t mean “the same year of birth” but actually +/- a few years, they might be 3 or 4 years apart and I’d actually consider that “about the same age” still, especially in comparison to the probably seriously old scientists that do their shitty experiments on him >___>’
      I mean we do talk about the current DunKid not the silver fox, right? ^^

    • davefragments

      With that much memory loss, he believes he’s around sixteen and Kyle looks like an older brother.
      Even in anger, DunKid looks up to Kyle right now.

      • Bei Dawei

        So he has a basic idea of normal human development. It’s hard to imagine that this is not attached to his own memories of growing up and/or watching others grow up.

        • davefragments

          I think Laampros did this so that he could double-cross Duncan and Sircea.

        • Jonni

          It could be that, whist the memories are there, he can’t consciously access them – but there may be some bleed-through? It’d be interesting to hear what a professional take on DunKid’s amnesia.

      • Jonni

        Or he knows how to play vulnerable so he can take advantage of Kyle’s compassion…

  • Jonni

    I can’t think of a way to be kind, yet honest with DunKid. If he’s telling the truth, then I understand how confused and lonely and scared he must feel. But Duncan manipulated and betrayed Kyle in a very intimate way; I admire Kyle’s compassion but I would be very cautious in this circumstance. DunKid seems really genuine, but so did Anni, right up until the critical moment. Is this a frightened kid in desperate need of a friend or an expert manipulator working the angles?

    • We don’t know yet for sure, of course, but it seems Kyle is genuinely concerned about Dunkid and not only playing the ‘good cop’ as suggested in the previous page comments. The first panel pause seems to tell so, ne?

      • Jonni

        Kyle is kind and compassionate, it’s part of what makes him a hero. But DunKid? I want to trust him but I really don’t dare believe in him again.

  • bronakopdin

    weeeeeeell… how to put it? x’D

    It is kind of hard to explain this and not get angry while just being asked not to be angry anymore ^^’

    • timemonkey

      “You blackmailed me into making out with you, then we went on a date and got shot at, then we touched wieners and you sent us to Hell, literally, and sold the world to my demon dad.”

      • bronakopdin

        can you do it without getting angry though? x’D

  • I’ll catch a nap before I really have to get going… It was nice camping and birthdaying again with you! See you soon, hopefully, maybe…

    • davefragments

      Have a good day

      • And have a good night.

  • Klaus

    Not friends, exactly.

  • David Welbourn

    I honestly don’t know how I’d answer DunKid if I were in Kyle’s position. My hesitation to answer alone would make the listening ears wonder why I didn’t answer right away.

    Kyle, do you answer with “Why would you ask that?” if only to deflect the question?

    Or did you anticipate a question like this and have a clever response worked out, maybe something like “You were the big bad villain. I was just a little hero to you.”

    • Klaus

      It’s complicated.

    • timemonkey

      The honest answer is ‘no’, since Duncan was lying and manipulating Kyle from their first meeting. They also never did anything remotely friendly. They went from ‘you’re going to blackmail me aren’t you’ to ‘I guess I’ll see what he wants’ to ‘hey this might be my only chance to have sex ever so why not, what’s the worst that could happen?’. Never really hit on friends.

  • Klaus

    Thank you, Alex, for your thought provoking story and your complex, believable characters.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Oh yes… AW is doing special work here. We have definitely left the well beaten trope and are getting crisp fresh emotion. Bravo I say!

    • Thank you, Klaus, for being such an awesome member of our community here!

      (And for being the best The Young Protectors historian a writer could ever hope for. 😉 )

      • Klaus

        I am most bashful.

  • Toli Bera

    “…No. but you and I have met before.”

    mic drop, haul that sweet hinder out of there.

  • ChibE

    This is breaking my heart. No kid should be subjected to this mental and physical torture.

  • Hans Niemand

    I think this is something of an original situation. My compliments to our writer, and not for the first time.

    • Thank you, Hans. I’m glad you’re enjoying the scene. 🙂

  • Awwww!
    Poor Tiny Duncan. :

    (I totally showed up for camping and then… Like… Immediately fell asleep. Sorry I missed camping on your birthday, Doki!)

  • “Friends? Not really, but we did get naked and make out.”

  • Gregory In Seattle

    So, I’m wondering…. He remembered where the Platinum Priestess has her stronghold. What else does he remember?

  • Klaus

    If Kyle was to answer “It’s complicated”, would Duncan get the reference? He would have been 16 in 1970 or there about.

    • Curt Clark

      Grown Duncan, perhaps. Dunkid — I dunno? But it would be a good lie-detector test.

  • Emma B.


  • TwilightDreamer

    *flails* That’s it! I give up! I don’t know if he’s faking or not…I’ll just wait and see!

    • Klaus

      Nothing is what it appears to be, or so it seems.

      • TwilightDreamer

        Not in this series!! XD

    • Airboy Obsessed

      It’s really the Priestess in disguise!

      • TwilightDreamer

        interesting theory… ;P

  • Kate G

    “Were we friends?” Hm, that’s a very hard question to answer. They were never really friends more like enemies with benefits?

    Enefits? Is that a thing? *blinks*

    • MrPookieBlack

      Benemies! lol

      • Pietro7

        Benemies with enefits. Ummm. It sort of works, if you squint hard.

  • Mir

    Kyle was probably Anni’s only (genuine) friend. So yeah, maybe to him.

    • Klaus

      “I was his friend, for my part.”

  • Mary Klemzak

    Dang. Poor Dunkid. I dont blame him. At least give him some books or something. Looks like he doesn’t even have a bed?

    • Klaus

      Look at page 5.

      • Mary Klemzak

        OK I see. Very basic prison bed. Not much else.

  • Cman65

    I thought we were more than friends I almost though we were in love. But you only wanted to use me.

    • timemonkey

      I doubt Kyle was anywhere near love. They had a total of three conversations before literally going to hell. The first was mostly just Kyle panicking and even the second was pretty short before they were interrupted with weaponry.

      • Curt Clark

        Kyle was also 18 and beyond virginal. A certain amount of naivete and romanticism is to be expected, particularly of a superhero.

        He reminded me of Iceman, with much, MUCH less terrible humor.

        • timemonkey

          Iceman’s romantic history never made much sense to me. I mean, he’s the funny guy, part of being the funny guy is reading people and understanding how they feel. But he was so bad at picking girlfriends, like I can’t even think of one that was even a good idea in theory.

          • Curt Clark

            Bobby’s ‘funny’ was a kind of generic, class-clown sort of funny. We see in things like the First Class comic that he spent a lot of time picking on Scott, the “stick-in-the-mud”, when if he were REALLY good at reading people, he’d know that Scott acted that way because he’d suffered a lifetime of abuse and bullying before he ever got to Xavier’s, and Bobby’s “friendly teasing” may not have felt all that great.

            He seemed to read the most surface elements of a situation and acted on that — target the grumpy guy for a prank, make everyone else laugh. It worked on Scott, on Wolverine, on Bishop. I think the only time he ever tried to reach out and understand “the grumpy ones” was Operation: Zero Tolerance, where his team was made up of Cecilia Reyes (grumpy doctor), Marrow (grumpy ex-terrorist), and Sabra (grumpy secret agent/freedom fighter). Even then, as soon as the rest of the band got back together, off he went.

      • Mir

        “They had a total of three conversations before literally going to hell.” that sounds a lot like me and my ex. Haha!

    • Airboy Obsessed

      “What? But…I don’t even LIKE guys…”

  • Will Parkinson

    If DunKid is playing, I’m gonna kill him myself. Right now my heart is breaking.

  • Froya

    And the award for Most Loaded Question goes to…

  • Midwestmutt


  • Geneva150

    Pleeeaassse. I don’t believe him for a second! Call me cynical, but every time he talks I’m pretty sure Dunkid is playing a trick. Don’t put your guard down Kyle!

    • Foye

      That’s what I’ve been thinking since Duncan became Dunkid.

    • Curt Clark

      I did not trust him. I still don’t.

      But until I learn otherwise, I have to accept both possibilities — that Duncan remembers and is lying, or that Dunkid is a whole new, separate person — as valid.

      That’s what I love about this comic. It makes me think, as well as feel.

      • unknownlight927

        I agree, every time I think I have a handle on Duncan something changes. Early on we all knew he would betray Kyle at some point but still got sucked in by his seduction. And now history is repeating itself. Is Dunkid some poor memory lapsed kid or is Duncan playing the long game again?? 🙂 🙂

  • Jose O. Gonzalez Lopez


  • Heh, I was gonna mention the wedding of Victoria and Albert first! ;°P

  • fujoshifanatic

    Sigh. Hearing about what that orange boil we have for a president announced on Twitter this morning about trans people and the military made me upset, so I came here for some escapism, and this just broke my heart. How the hell does Kyle even have this conversation? And I don’t think Kyle would be cruel enough to just leave Dunkid without some thoughtful answer to that question. Saturday can’t come soon enough for me.

  • Keneu

    This epilogue is really interesting, I didn’t expect to be waiting eagerly the next page after the main events had already happened.

    I was thinking that, no matter if Duncan is lying or not. In the end, he doesn’t acknowledge the damage he did and he gets to live on, while Kyle has to deal with the consequences. I don’t know whether it counts as gaslighting or not, but it’s quite a shitty situation. If Kyle didn’t had his friends’ support, he would find himself all alone after what he went through.

    • NoiseShaper

      I have the impression that it will be more complicated: Duncan is beginning to remember, too, and he’ll have to try growing up while dealing with upcoming memories which he may or may not welcome into his new life.

      At some point Duncan will probably remember what he did to Kyle, even if nobody else tells him before that.

      But if he gets any contact to the outside world he will learn a lot about how the rest of the world views his earlier life, and the damage he had done and the guilt he accumulated then.

      All that is assuming that he’s not just simulating his amnesia now, but I’d actually find that a rather disappointingly basic standard trope; Him trying to grow up and find a new life amid all the fallout of his earlier life would by far be the more interesting path…

  • bronakopdin

    isn’t that exactly what I said though? x’D

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Art observation: The finished colours make his big blue soulful woobie eyes in the final panel all the more terrible.

    • Mir

      I think that’s why he’s pulling on so many of our heartstrings of pity. It’s easy to convince others of such innocence when you got those baby blues.

  • Ummm, probably don’t tell Duncan you were dating… in secret. Or that you’re a demon from Hell, and you only know this because Duncan activated your lust to summon discount Satan, your father. Jeeeebus, that’s a massive can of worms you need to leave alone.
    Allies is a safe word, use that please, Kyle! But then you’d need to elaborate on Duncan’s betrayal… crap, we’re trapped.
    I wonder if Duncan knew he liked men at that age? Because if I was Aware-of-Myself teenage Duncan I would be thinking that Kyle is a gorgeous guy and turn red a lot.

    • timemonkey

      It would probably be better to not refer to them as allies where ExSec can hear them.

    • Satan is THE King of Hell, Laampros is A king of Hell. ^_^

  • Marshall Alexander

    Awwww he is so cute and innocent!!!!!!!

  • bronakopdin

    It was no question… or well it was a Rhetoric question, which is the answer in itself x’D

  • T Dibbler

    I’d say the answer to that question is ‘no’. Liking & trusting someone who is secretly using you to gain something does not qualify as ‘friendship’.

    But, like, say it gently if you’re going to say it out loud to him.

  • Soma Silverfang

    I think Duncan does remember everything, but he see this as a chance to undo his mistake he made from before.

    Then again I’m a hopeless romantic who loves angst and drama.

  • Klaus

    Maybe Duncan doesn’t remember anything. “Blanch Bone Island”, is that not just too good a name to be true? Maybe he just made up the claws and grey eyes. Anything to make Kyle stay a little longer.

  • maya chan

    you know what I love, it’s when character is not white/black or good VS bad characters. that what I love about this comic. and in the end of the day I want Duncan not to stay only the evil bad guy that he was in the start, even if he did bad things in the past.
    that what so good in children and young teens, they still have a chance to change. other people my not forgive him for what he did, and I get it. I won’t say just to forgive and forget. but what I like about him is that he’s not “pure” and only evil unlike Kyle father.
    people always joudge Duncan by his past, but even if he did remember and feel bad about it of course he can’t change his past. no one can change his past!
    the only things we and Duncan can change is who we/he are now, and what will become of him now. so even after everything, I want Duncan to change by himself. despite everything that happen and he remember what he did, it will be much more
    interesting to me. not that he become someone else completely, he still can be a little naughty sometimes ^-^
    but that only me. I love the colors and the comic so far! even if I don’t comment often, I will always love this comic.

    • I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the work, Maya! Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. 🙂

  • Morgan


  • unknownlight927

    Anni was already a complex yet intriguing character, and Dunkid continues to add more and more layers. Can he be redeemed or is he just a crazy master manipulator? Only time will tell!! Ps- can’t wait for the Kyle/Spooky arc to begin. When does that start?

  • Jason Moon

    Talk about a loaded question!

  • davefragments

    I wonder. I wonder. I wonder… We know that they haven’t revealed who Kyle’s father is. What if the only thing that the Commander and the guys told ExSec was that somehow they discovered Sircea’s plot and had to stop it. What if they never told Exec about Kyle’s date and his strange family encounter?

    • NoiseShaper

      They must have told ExSec at least most of the story, or they would not have seen a reason to specifically use Kyle as “good cop” against Dunkid now…!

      • davefragments

        It is possible that simply being the “victor” and the only person that Dunkid seemed to recognize when he regained consciousness is sufficient reason for ExSec.

  • Biippa

    H e c c, stahp, I refuse to feel sympathetic towards Dunkid.

    Hi to Doki, Noise, and the person with the wolf. I remember y’all saying hi to me and I forgot to say hi back, whoops. Hi to everyone else too. I’m typing sporadically because I am shaking terribly. Not only is this pushing my social anxiety, but I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and am trying not to fall back into my self destructive habits and I’m on a bit of a med withdrawal cuz after being terminated, my insurance was also terminated, and I can’t afford my meds. I also still do not know if unemployment will accept me or not. Fml. Hoorah for broken systems! Okay I’m gonna stop my little self absorbed pity party, how is everyone else doing?

  • Foye

    Frienemies with benefits

  • Curt Clark

    Again, anything I could say, you have said better. You have said everything better than me. :p

    We are definitely dealing with a “Schrodinger’s memories” thing here. Until we learn concretely, we’re living with both realities in our heads — Dunkid, the scared little boy wrongfully jailed and mistrusted for crimes he didn’t commit, and the Annihilator, wearing the clothes and mannerisms of a frightened child to prey on the good intentions and noble motivations of a hero. We have to treat both as legitimate possibilities, while accepting neither as absolute truth, until it’s revealed one way or the other. Everything is possible, nothing proven or disproven. Kinda makes my head spin.

    But that’s why I love this comic so much, it makes me feel things AND it makes me think.

    • “Schrodinger’s memories” — I like that. 🙂

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Wow. Thank you for such kind words. But not quite true. I love your thoughts and agree with Alex. “Schrodinger’s memories” — that is so right. We do have to live with all possibilities at once. Difficult and thrilling at the same darn time.

      And Dunkid’s eyes in that last panel are a stunning work of art.

      Love these ideas!

  • davefragments

    True, but Amanda said before Kyle went into the elevator that he could refuse and Kyle reassured her that he would be discreet (my word). That implies to me that something was kept from ExSec. The cover story could be that when Dunkid woke, he saw Kyle and that’s how he knows Kyle.

    • NoiseShaper

      I just had to check and the exact quote from Kyle on page #4 was: “Right. They know some stuff, but they don’t know about my father and where I got my powers.”

      So the …interactions Kyle had with Annihilator apparently are on record (if lacking a few “details”).

      • davefragments

        Yeah. I didn’t have time to go back to read the exact quote. ExSec doesn’t know all but only some.

        Hopefully, tonight will throw some light on this.

        I view Exec as a kakistocracy, BTW

  • davefragments

    I need to get stuff ready for tomorrow. I asked a friend NOT to show up early (9am) because I wanted to stay up late to discuss the page up date and he agreed, saying he’d come at 10am. Sigh. Whimper, an even bigger, deeper SIGH!

  • davefragments

    Hello Campers,
    How is it going with you tonight? I have some plain cake with plain icing and plain vanilla ice cream to go with plain rain and thunderstorms. I’m hoping for another marvelous page to brighten up the night.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Sounds like a splash of chocolate syrup… perk up the vanilla ice cream….if you are going off a diet or just being naughty in the dietary department…..there are ways to do it right! 😀

      • Pietro7

        Cake and ice cream work for me. Thanks Dave. Waiting for the page . . . . and noshing dessert. 🙂

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Hello everyone…..camping and waiting to see how this is going to go this time.

  • Justin White

    i think he might strike a nerve with that comment

  • Hiya, time to camp for another page. Can’t wait to see what Kyle’s respons to that question is.

    • davefragments

      Hi Danish

  • Won’t be long now…. 🙂

  • davefragments

    Patreon Rumbles

    {and hidden cameras …..)

  • Thank you, Chris, for your very kind words and fun, detailed analysis. It’s a real treat for us, as always. 🙂

  • davefragments
    • davefragments

      Oops, sorry. one day I’ll get it right

      • davefragments

        It’s just a thunderstorm out there tonight. Shook the house. Somewhere nearby, less than a mile and a big, bright lightning blast. YIKES and curses!

        • I apparently slept through the storm here, but it wasn’t too bad.

          • davefragments

            Flood warnings until 3am. They expect a total of one inch or more of rain for parts of Allegheny and Washington Counties (and others areas) in less than 3 hours.

          • Grandmother’s home visit nurse visited today, we were lucky enough to be coming home from the store (me and the guy living downstairs) when she was trying to get up the driveway. Our driveway is currently a disaster and the rain yesterday (27th) and last night/morning didn’t really help. Her tires were caked with mud from trying to get up the hill. We gave her a ride up. By the time it was time for her to leave it was pouring and C managed to get back to the house before it really started coming down. We have a mini Grand Canyon starting in our driveway from all the rain and not being able to maintain it.

          • davefragments

            I have french drains surrounding my house and along both sides of my driveway. It’s been paved for 25 years.
            One of my neighbors has a 1000 foot driveway that’s gravel and it ruts really bad.

          • Our driveway is possibly a little longer than that…a paved driveway would have been lovely. A story that granny likes to tell is that if my uncle had not blocked the driveway at the time the road crew would have paved almost the entire driveway.

          • davefragments

            I have 320 feet of driveway and had to have it repaved. It cost $22,000 for asphalt. Don’t gasp too loud.

          • O.O

            …and we could have had the county pave most of it if it wasn’t for uncle…

            I also remember them saying years ago that there needed to be at least three residences off the ‘driveway’ before they would pave it. Starting to wonder if we can count the Airsoft people as #3 as mother’s driveway currently isn’t technically off ours and that would have counted as the third…

  • More than friends boyo.
    I wonder if any of those memories he has are wet dreams?

  • Sín

    Little Annihilator is so infatuated with Red Hot, it’s so cute <3