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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 78

161 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 78


(When I was writing this script way back when, it took every bit of willpower I had not to have him say instead: “Hello, children. Daddy’s home.”)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My artists have been working solidly on this comic, delivering twice weekly updates for the last 128 pages (the Flyboy Bonus Comic and Chapter 4). They have now requested a short break, and I think you’ll agree with me that it is well deserved. 🙂

Typically what would happen here is that a webcomic would go on “hiatus.” Maybe that would be a smart thing for me to do (I wouldn’t mind a break either). But I know that this webcomic serves as a special twice-weekly destination for a lot of you, it’s a chance to socialize and hang out with friends in the Comments, and I want to honor that. I wouldn’t be able to make these comics without your support, and you mean the world to me.

So, I wrote a short 6-page “bonus comic” and hired awesome artist Julie Wright (who worked on the Truth or Dare Bonus Comic) so I can keep posting pages on our usual twice-a-week schedule during this gap.

Now my previous bonus comics have very specifically not been “filler.” They were all meant to give character and plot information that’s important for the story. (And sometimes also give me a chance to change tone, e.g. to create some comic relief.) But from the beginning, it had always been my intention to jump from the end of Chapter 4 right into the first page of Chapter 5. I hadn’t intended to create a interlude at this point. So while this 6-page bonus comic does include some interesting character/world information, it’s about as close to filler as I’ll ever get. So with that in mind, if you absolutely can’t handle seeing non-main-story pages, I can tell you now when the main story will resume: Saturday, October 29th.

That said, the first page of this little bonus comic will be posted at our usual Saturday update time this week (October 8th). I think Julie’s done an amazing job with the art. And with these 6 pages, we get to catch up with kick-ass telekinetic Cory, Flyboy’s long-lost friend from the Flyboy Bonus Comic!

Wondering what Cory has been up to all this time? Tune in this Saturday to find out!

As for the fate of the world and our heroes? Tune in on Saturday, October 29th to find out!

Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Here’s Laampy!!

    • Michael

      All Hell and no play makes Laampy a dull boy.

  • syllibub

    Ohhhh, son of a taint.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Please give our thanks to Adam and Veronica, Alex – they have more than earned a break! I hope that they get to relax and enjoy themselves, and in the meantime I’m looking forward to this mini-filler comic!

    • syllibub

      Exactly this! It’s really incredible that they’re putting out such quality artwork at this rate — you guys are a phenomenal team, and I hope they’re able to recharge and banish any lingering hand cramps.

  • *weeps*

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I feel like it’s just rude to invade somebody else’s world without even putting on pants.

    • Even just a fancy sarong about the hips.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Maybe we can kick him off of Earth by invoking the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule.

        • Oooh, I like it!!

          “Clothing must be worn at all times unless within the confines of your own bedroom.”

          Laampy looks around grinning

          “No, the world is not your bedroom.”

    • camelotcrusade

      This is a no-pants approved zone. In fact, we need more of that. Kyle, you can start. Don’t be shy.

      • Klaus

        Kyle’s experience with that kind of thing is not all good.

    • darius404

      Some villains are SO rude!

  • I must say Laampy is looking very very scary and intimidating, even more so than last time. Art is awesome guys!!

    • Adam Black

      That an intimidating ass.

  • KuroRiya

    Well, I’m personally excited to catch up with Mitch and Cory! That was, honestly, one of my favorite little story arcs. Looking forward to it, and thanks to the crew for all the hard work!

  • Jeldenil

    He had it on his list for Santa forever.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Unfortunately, Santa never delivered as Laampros was literally ALWAYS on the naughty list.

  • Well someone is on fire… ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Too hot (hot damn)

    • Klaus

      Does that indicate that he os a liar?

      • I believe that would also require him to be wearing pants.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Well heck… Daddy is indeed home. Holy feck. I’m going to have to think about this one. (Love it).

    Thanks Alex, Adam and Vero! Awesome as always.

  • Michael

    More Cory? YASS!

  • I know this is somewhat inappropriate but…..*giggles at floating glowing Spooky legs* and Isn’t Mitch just so precious!?!?!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Tiny Mitch is so tiny <3

  • Suhndog

    Laampros looks a lot like satan in Walt Disney’s original ‘Fantasia’.. well, his face at least…

    Thanks to the staff for the great work! You deserve a nice break!

    It will be most exciting when our Team puts the ‘Laamp’ out! heh

    • Squishy

      The demon from Fantasia was named Chernabog. Love the ‘laamp’ joke! That funny.

      • Suhndog

        Thanks! I never knew that – [I fixed it!]..

  • Laampros, love, the world is HALF yours, though I would say you probably have 3/4 of the population. ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Technically he probably doesn’t even have dominion over the part where he’s standing now, since it’s most likely in North America.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      (P.S. Hi Doki!!!)

      • Hi Sitck! *curls up with Stick and takes nap*

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Yay!! <3

  • Zephyr10101

    um, youre not Hatsune Miku

    • David Welbourn

      Wait until Karaoke Night.

      • Pietro7

        Shudder) Okay, now you’re scaring me. Please, no.

      • Zephyr10101

        pretty sure he’d be more of Big Al

  • Sapfo

    Oh daddy! XD

    A well deserved break for you all, look forward to see Julie work ^^

  • I am a-ok with the break but I likely won’t read the bonus chapter. 🙁 I’m very excited for the next chap and love the story, as always.

  • Nate

    “… now I’ll FINALLY have enough booksheves!”

    (SPOILER: He won’t. 😉 )

    • David Welbourn

      I do wonder why Laampros would want dominion over the Earth. Like, we humans like it fine, but what would a demon want from it?

      • Nate

        IKEA™. He just _loves_ their Swedish Meatballs.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Laampros’s comment (during the negotiation-in-hell scene (chap.2 p.38)) “You live in paradise yet so much pleasure is forbidden” has always stuck with me. The comment itself may have been either literal or metaphorical, but it indicates that he thinks Earth’s dimension is desirable in some way.
        The why it’s desirable is the big question. It might be that it has so many tasty human souls for him to eat. It may be that his dimension is lower down the entropy slope than Earth is, and from that position anything looks good. Or to paraphrase an early Terry Pratchett Discworld line, it may be that our world is the psychic equivalent of more convenient to the shops.

  • Toli Bera

    Oh no! He’s here to usher in a 10,000 year rein of dad jokes! D:

  • timemonkey

    All new content is good content!

  • motordog

    I kind of hoped he’d show up and only be, like, 2 inches tall…

    • David Welbourn

      I assume Laampros has either size-changing or shape-changing abilities if only to make it possible for him to have mated with Kyle’s presumably-human and presumably-human-sized mother.

  • David Welbourn

    He’s here. He’s naked. I think we can get used to it.

  • krissdevalnor

    I REALLY like that you are so honest about your work Alex 🙂 Never have I heard an author admitting to creating a filler-story 🙂 Its absolutely awesome that you are upfront about it, because then we can enjoy it for what it is – several pages of goodies, but no mainstory 🙂 I will enjoy every page of it. Your storytelling skills are amazing and you always choose amazing artist, who deliver great work.

  • Enjoy your time off, guys, you definitely deserve it!!!

  • My, he’s grown. No wonder he needed a hole this big to enter.

    Daddy, what big claws you have.

    And, Alex, you tried all you could now to say it, but you haven’t been alone in the ‘Daddy’s home’. As others amd myself have gone there too along the way with suggestion to his first comment 😉

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Yes, he has grown. In fact, the scene reminds me of the old mid-eighties Teen Titans storyline where Trigon invaded Earth the second time. Laampros hasn’t grown quite as big as Trigon, of course, but that, and the sky going stormy with continual lightning strikes, and the trope of the team of teenager supers alone against the big red demon lord is very evocative.
      (Laampros isn’t worrying about clothes, however…)

  • Tell Adam and Vero to enjoy a well deserved break, and try to take some time too, now that you don’t take a full break yourself. For years this comic has been updated concistently, no matter what, and everyone is allowed a break. Yes, I look at you too, Alex 🙂

    Even if you don’t want to take a full 6 updates off (3 weeks), because you care more about us than yourself -as seen before- I don’t think there’d be anyone screaming bloody murder if you skipped a week’s updates completely *hint hint*
    (Could always take a ‘break’ another time by not posting pages twice, but only once a week, for a week or two here and there. Eapecially holidays and other personal important days for anyone in Team AAV)

    However, now that we get a little filler comic, I’m looking forward to see what you came up with, with Julie’s help. Will be great to see Cory again 🙂

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    Watch Sircea come back now that spooks is pre-occupied with… staying alive.

    Also. Take a break guys, ya deserve it. Yaay filler! o/

  • Klaus

    All this time? What has it been? 16 hours?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I get the feeling Laampros has been waiting to get his claws on Earth for a millenia. If we wanted to get into wild speculation, we might even wonder whether he was the threat (perceived or actual) that caused the protective walls around Earth to be erected in the first place.

    • In Sircea’s younger days, earth was a part of/accessable from a hell circle, until the walls was build. Maybe Laampros used to be a common visitor on earth until then. There’s also the matter of who visited(?) his circle of hell for him to get her pregnant, of that was how Kyle was born?

      Laampros has probably wanted access to all the delicious souls onnearth for a while.

      • Klaus

        “Wondering what Cory has been up to all this time? Tune in this Saturday to find out!“. It is less than a day since we left Cory.

  • Daddy is indeed home. 🙂

    Fabulous page to end the chapter on, and a reminder of how stunning the artwork has been. Have a well earned rest, guys. You too, Alex – I appreciate the work you’ve put into this, with other stuff going on in your life as well. Time you had some time off.

  • I noticed that as well. And then thought, no, it must be my dirty mind, that’s his other hand. Alex does not do that level of nudity on the comic page itself. And then thought, nope, even if it’s meant to be a hand, it’s sufficiently indistinct that I can believe he’s male…

    • Skudplastr

      Aw man! I didn’t even stop to think it could be his other hand! Now that’s all I see. Fun’s over 🙁

  • Mir

    Daddy’s home!

  • Shiny Gwilly

    hello daddy
    i mean
    this page is great! really, it is, all the fire, him grabbing the gate to step out of it, the last panel…..the world is doomed
    you guys deserve a break! perfectly fine with it, and can’t wait for the bonus comic!

  • bronakopdin

    Omg, I’d had loved your original idea, Alex x’D
    Ofc I’d hated Laampros for saying it but it’s still epic and my humour ^^

    I wish Adam and Vero a nice and well deserved holiday and actually wouldn’t have minded if you took a break, too, Alex, but of course I’m also looking forward to the short extra 🙂

  • AseretZone


  • Juliette Leroux

    Adam and Vero do deserve a break, and I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing more of Cory and Flyboy! I’ve been wanting to know if Cory’s gonna be OK since we left him on this hospital’s roof. That said, Alex, you can take a break too and you don’t need our authorisation. Everybody deserves a break. I swear we will survive, and we can still meet on the last page you publish before taking said break to chat if we want too, happily making stupid guesses about the next pages.

  • Oh…. dear. That’s, um. Not good.

  • Алексей Широколава

    What, nobody thought about tripwire at the exit of the portal?) Nothing could destroy the credibility of Demonic Evil Overlord as tripping over the wire and landing face in the dirt on the first step)

    • I don’t think that trip wire would have lasted through the explosive opening on the gate.

  • TwilightDreamer


  • Looking at panel one, all I can think is, I wonder who does his nails?

    • Klaus

      I bet is is Anaado.

  • Adam Black

    Woo-Hoo! Bonus Comics!

    maybe it will be 6 pages of Cory finding Yaoi Porn of Flyboy.
    Nay, Drawing!

    @alexwoolfson:disqus I mentioned this way back, but it still seems a good idea

    ( and yeah i totally get it was impractical now , prob because of lack of advance notice )

    I would love If there was 2 track story, when you do breaks backstories, and bonuscomics: Wednesday for the bonus and Saturday for the main story.

    ( and it would also require having a buffer , and I think we blew threw the buffer.

    Im just thinking aloud. So thats probably why It didnt happen or even come up.

    Thats makes sense.

    But my thinking is not just so the main story doesnst get interrupted.

    ( which is OK )

    i think there would be a special exegetical pleasure watching the parallels and synchrocities of multiple parts of the story , with a shared audience.

    ( Think of Lost . That was one of the better story telling features of that show. *)

    I understand why this might be impractical. But i’m not an entitled reader.

    I love the Bonus stories — thats why I woiuld want to read one side by side with the main story.

    * that doenst mean i think you need smoke monsters and Polar bears.

    • Juliette Leroux

      I think I may actually be disturbed by this kind of functionning – it is published one page at a time, meaning the action is often interrupted mid-discussion or mid-action. Not at all the same thing than in a TV show where they can time and cut more easily the scenes, so as not to lose the audience. But I may be in the minority here!

      • Klaus

        One advantage – if you consider this an advantage – is that we get to analyze and discuss every page, every frame, in a way we would never be if it was published one chapter at a time.

        • Juliette Leroux

          Ah yes, I like the “slow” rythm linked to the medium. I just think it would not be adapted to a system with 2 stories alternating.

          • Adam Black

            I do know what you mean.
            When the action is fast there are more frames, yet we see them at the same reate slowign down the action for to a crawl.

            I think this would be complemented by the alternating story live moving quicker.

            BUt othing is slower than a 4 or 6week gap in a story line. A dual story line could fill in that gap ( If Alex had started this 3 weeks ago )

      • Adam Black

        Spookys backstory and Flyboys would have played out amazing during the main run. We would have seen the rhymes of the story, and drew new connections as it progressed.

  • Earl Patterson

    Welcome to Earth, Master

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Paging Kent Brockman. We need a catch phrase stat, Mr Brockman.

  • Jeff Baker

    Let’s see, Lamphros takes a look at the TV news and goes right back? More power to you with the extra webcomics, I’ve been reading this since about this past spring and I don’t know how you folks keep up! 🙂

  • oh shit…it just got real!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Somehow, I didn’t think that demons would have teeth as nice as that. Gorgeously frightening page (for some reason, the first panel with the exquisitely drawn hands is my favorite); enjoy your well-deserved break, guys! I could use some cute Cory right about now.

    • Nate

      Of COURSE Hell has dentists… they give torture lessons to the demonic hordes….

  • Niggle

    Caught up again and damn. O_O

  • *Pffffff* … And suddently I get the thought that with Laampros’ new bigger size, it’s going to be fun to see what Adam will come up with to hide Laampy’s genitals xD

    If most/all of chapter 5 will be their fight against Laampros then there’s going to be a lot of panels cut off at the abdomen and/or a YP teammate or object in the way of our view.
    Lost and lost of shading and use of light/darkness LOL

    Yes, this is of course where my mind go.

    • Vaira

      So glad I was not the only one with immediate “fire penis!” thought ^.^

  • davefragments

    I fall asleep early one night and what happens — a demon king walks into the world.

    • Klaus

      Better not do it too often. then.

      • davefragments

        It’s the housepainters from hell for me…

        wink, wink

  • D. G.

    Things may get very bad. We don’t know if Amanda can effect his mind because he’s not human. We don’t know if flukes power will work either. He is immune to Kyle’s fire. Spooky probably is struggling so hard to survive that he can’t help. Maybe Mitch can fly into his body fast and push him back through the gate.

  • Lampy, darling, pooky, if you have any serious aspirations for ruling Earth you must understand something. Red is SO last season! How can anyone take you seriously as King of Hell if you can’t keep up with fashion news. I mean, REALLY!

    • Vaira

      Is this the place where I make an immature penis-on-fire joke? 😉 I mean really, if all his body is on fire… How was Kyle conceived, from a distance?

      • Klaus

        So Kyle did not inherit this trait from his mother?

        • Vaira

          I am almost sure his mother wasn’t/isn’t shooting fire demon sperm when she comes, but I may be wrong… 😉

          • Klaus

            With Alex you never know.

    • I guess he’ll have to just make it work. 😀

  • Jason Moon

    Honestly, what IS the allure of conquering the world? I always think of this scene in the fantabulous Girl Genius webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio(This was the scene, BTW, that made me love Baron Wulfenbach as an antagonist):

    It sounds like it would cool up until the point you actually conquered it, and then it would just SUCK.

  • Monika E

    Woah, this is the best / most impressive comic so far 🙂 Devil/demon on fire!

  • Kitkat822

    Arrrgh what a page! Cannot wait to see what happens next!
    Of course I’m sure the bonus content will make the wait easier haha.
    Enjoy your time off Adam and Veronica 🙂

  • Derkins

    so much going on and all i can think is “… dangly bits…”

  • Randi

    I hope the artists all have a nice break! Thank you for the “filler” but try to get some rest<3

  • Angel Rosemond

    Hope y’all have a great break, you’ve been working your asses off in this brilliant work! Will be looking forward to the bonus comic and 29 Oct. Amazing work, love you guys!!!!

  • Pinkfeiry

    oh uh…

  • KiannaLeigh

    His face reminds me of Kyle’s for some reason…

  • Pikinanou

    Kyle: “Aw, come on Dad, you could have put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends…”
    *Insert sitcom laughter*

  • Saikkusukka

    Half the world will faint from direct exposure to big demon penor. The rest will rejoice.
    I wonder how long it will take until news stations get tired of blurring most of their announcements after this.

  • That Guy

    It was very considerate of them to build the portal with such a smooth landing zone in front of it. Can’t have him getting a twig(tree) puncturing his foot immediately on entry in our world. ^-^

  • Kate G


  • Shadizar Silvermask

    After reading some of the comments all I can think of now is the animated Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths where heroic Lex is sitting naked in the police station and after convincing Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash he’s a good guy he starts to get up and Superman goes ‘Pants’ while holding his hand up in a ‘stop’ gesture.

  • Adam Black

    This page is shocking on so many levels!

    But I am Most shocked about Is Alex Woolfson used this page to break his No public Nudity on the site.

    ZOMFG Alex Woolfson Gave us an EASTER Egg. Full Demon Nudity is Another visual Pun .

    In flagrante delicto (Latin: “in blazing offence”) or sometimes simply in flagrante (Latin: “in blazing”) is a legal term used to indicate that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence (compare corpus delicti). The colloquial “caught in the act”, “caught with one’s pants down” or “caught red-handed” are English equivalents.


  • Ruben

    Is that a hand or a pipi?

  • SchalaRenee

    Ahh, I love this page. In Kyle’s case, the Daddy’s Home line would be true. How bout some full-frontal Laampros? XD

    He totally has a package. Let’s see it! Maybe there was a BIG reason Kyle’s mom slept with a demon king…

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hellsnake fanfic ep.6 – For your camping entertainment
    (I’m pretty sure this brings an end to the current story arc, but I haven’t thought of anything else yet. In the meantime I thank you for your indulgence.)

    Shane And The Hellsnakes – 6th Bite
    (A Young Protectors occult sitcom fanfic. Inspired by the stories of AMW comics.)

    1st Bite: In which coffee is made
    2nd Bite: In which hellsnakes are not pokemon
    3rd Bite: Now with extra tummy rubs
    4th Bite: Now with extra clowns
    5th Bite: Now with extra backstory

    PAGE 1 – Blame Assignment
    1.1) Following on from ep.5. Wide shot, re-establishing the location as being in Shane’s living room from eps 3-5. Shane, Alice, Huey and Louie are all seated around the coffee table. Louie speaks.
    Louie: ” ”
    1.2) Closeup on Louie.
    Louie: ” ”
    1.3) Closeup. Zoom in for a tighter shot of Louie’s face, which fills most of the panel.
    Louie: ” ”
    1.4) Closeup. Zoom in for an even tighter shot on Louie’s face. Now it’s Louie’s eyes filling most of the panel.
    Louie: ” ”
    1.5) Pull back for a medium shot of the people sitting on the sofa, with Shane as the main focus of the panel. Shane’s body language shows he has heard Louie’s line of reasoning before and he isn’t particularly impressed, but is making a token effort to counter it reasonably. Shane is slumped sideways on the sofa, with one arm propped up on the arm rest and supporting his face with his hand.
    Shane: “People have been doing stuff for ages that’s bad for them.”
    Shane: “For all sorts of reasons. Because it’s cool, or addictive. Or from peer pressure. Or just needing the money.”
    Shane: “And includes using magic. I mean, King Saul went and consulted the Witch of Endor, despite the ban on magic.”

    PAGE 2 – Secret Origins Over Munchies (part 2)
    2.1) Wide shot of Shane’s living room. All four characters still seated around the coffee table. Shane takes a sip form his coffee.
    Shane: “So, yeah. Jones’s Do-as-I-say-but-not-as-I-do probably isn’t helping, but it’s not like people wouldn’t find their own excuses to do something stupid.”
    2.2) Wide shot of Shane’s living room. Alice changes the subject and asks for Shane’s secret origin story.
    Alice: “So how did you meet these snakes?”
    Shane: “Needed the money.”
    Alice: “!?”
    2.3) Flashback panel with rounded corners and sepia colouring (but in a somewhat different colour mix to Alice’s flashback in ep.5). Shane is among a crowd of guys dressed in minion robes. The Platinum Priestess is off to one side, with her arm upraised in a ‘making a serious declamation’ gesture.
    Shane (voiceover): “I was out of work for a while and the only job I could land was as muscle for what looked like a cult. I’d been a bouncer a few times, so I thought there wouldn’t be a problem. Turns out it was a supervillain scheme by Annihilator and the Platinum Priestess.”
    2.4) Flashback panel with rounded corners and sepia colouring. Single panel recap of the scene in the YP main story where Spooky incapacitates Shane. Spooky on one side of panel, making a throwing motion. Shane standing on the other side of panel, with one arm raised and holding a dagger. Shane has just been hit in the chest with the bottle that Spooky threw, and hellsnakes are just starting to emerge and entangle Shane.
    Shane (voiceover): “That got the attention of some superheroes. The Young Protectors, in fact, including our old pal Spooky Jones. So when they turned up to put a stop to things *of course* there was a fight.”
    2.5) Flashback panel with rounded corners and sepia colouring. Recap panel of Shane entangled on the ground by a nest of hellsnakes.
    Shane (voiceover): “Turns out Jones preps for big battles by keeping creatures in magic bottles that he can release. I spent most of the time after that lying on the ground and tied up by something like a dozen snakes.”

    PAGE 3 – Grump
    3.1) Medium shot. Shane and Alice still seated, but facing each other in close conversation. Rear half of Shane is off the left side of panel, while the rear half of Alice is of the right side of panel.
    Shane: “Just between you and me, I think that’s why they don’t like Spooky Jones. They hold a grudge about being treated like pokemon.”
    3.2) Medium shot. Huey and Louie have pouty faces. They make the same grump sound effect that Huey had back in ep.1 in exactly the same typeface. Sound effect: ” grump ”
    3.3) Wide shot of Shane’s living room. All four characters still seated around coffee table.
    Shane: “And that’s about it. After the heroes defeated the villains and the world got saved, everybody either escaped or got out on bail, and three of the hellsnakes decided to hang around with me.”
    3.4) Wide shot of Shane’s living room, at slightly different angle.
    Alice: “And that complicates your life. Haven’t you ever thought of… you know..?”
    Shane: “Have you ever thought of getting rid of the sword?”
    3.5) Wide shot of Shane’s living room, at another slightly different angle.
    Alice: “Yes. But… I don’t think I could.”
    Shane: (shrugging with a there-you-go motion) “Same thing.”

    PAGE 4 – Goodbyes
    4.1) Wide shot of Shane’s living room. Alice stands up to leave, the other three start to rise from the sofa.
    Alice: “Well, thank you for the food. It was nice to meet you all.”
    4.2) Medium shot of the door way out of Shane’s apartment. Alice is opening the door but half turned to say good bye. The others have followed her to the door.
    Alice: “And listen. If you have any problems with the clowns, or the pirates, or any of the others, just give me a call.”
    Shane: “Likewise.”
    4.3) Medium shot of Shane, Huey and Louie standing at the now closed front door.
    Louie: ” ”
    Shane: (puzzled expression): “A date? Why? I don’t need anyone else in my life. I’ve already got three demon boyfriends.”
    4.4) Medium shot of Shane, Huey and Louie. Silent panel as Huey smiles and gives Shane a big hug.
    Sound effect: “Hugs!!!”

  • davefragments

    Gee, we only have to wait for October 29th to find out how bad “Going to hell in a handbaskst” with Laampros is as compared to finding out if the USA really does go to hell in a handbaskst on November 8th. I don’t know it I can stand the suspense involved between the duality of the real and the imaginary hell-spawn…

  • Stubbylegs

    “Honey, where are my paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants?” (from the Lego movie)

  • Hello Campers!!

    • davefragments

      Hi Admiral!

      • Have the painters left you in peace?

        • davefragments

          No. They left early today (4:30). They left at 5:30 yesterday. … Tomorrow there will be 4 of them — 2 painting and 2 fixing the attic fan which requires removing the old fan and installing the new one. The reason for the extra fellow is that the one who runs it (essentially my in-law but the two are not married) is afraid of heights and my one-story house is a frightening height.
          I got up at 8:30am and didn’t get my very personal chores done. I will get up again at 8:30 and instead of doing “that thing” second, I will do it first.
          My cistern signaled it was running out of water because they wash the brushes and tools and four days of that uses water.
          They keep turning off the heat and leaving the doors open. I get too cold and I refuse to wear an afghan over my legs.
          Library painted. Guest bath and bedroom painted. Hallway painted. My bathroom half done. Tomorrow the LR, DR and Kitchen and garage.

          • Sounds like you need a couple of weeks in Hawaii. So when you come back it’s all done and you can be left alone.

          • davefragments

            I’m hoping they will finish tomorrow but I kinda know that they will finish Monday.
            2/3rds of my library is about 2 cubic yards of books in boxes stacked in my living room. Want a book?

          • Are there any romances?? lol

          • davefragments

            I’m not sure. I’ll keep an eye out.
            I did read some romance novels when I was in a book club years ago that ranged through the genres. I am going to be selective about putting these back.
            Could I interest you with Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities? Or Busch’s Whores of Lost Atlantis…
            I think my Niece grabbed Sophie’s Choice.

          • I’m good. I hardly have any room myself. Still have books in boxes from all my moves and the one little bookshelf I have is over flowing. Sigh.

          • davefragments

            I know that feeling.
            I took all my old Christmas wrapping paper and I’m going to gift it to a neighbor who has a new grandchild.
            I threw out the 20 year old tissue paper that I never use to wrap anything anymore.

          • davefragments

            Oh wait, on second thought I do — The Light Between Oceans by Stedman…

          • Saxon_Brenton

            I hope you haven’t got too much longer to persevere with.

          • davefragments

            I’ve lived through worse. I’m just sore and tired.
            I will read your snake story tomorrow or Sunday. If I blink for more than a second I might fall asleep tonight.

    • Saxon_Brenton


      • I liked Part 6 of Shane and the Hellsnakes!

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Thank you. Once I realised that people were reading and enjoying it, I revised the rough outline I had and put a bit more effort into the emotional beats.

          • It’s been a lot of fun seeing evolve and grow. 🙂

    • Hey AJ

  • Hello, my fellow campers!

    I’m excited to see what we get to see about Cory in this little break-comic.

    • davefragments

      Hi Danish…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Hello. Yes, it ill be nice to see Cory again.

    • morning Danish!

      • I was looking at the new Wish&Will page. It was certainly a nice view. Now on to the next YP page, and my saturday morning is great 🙂

  • *Hggnnn* Do any of you read ‘Wish & Will’? If not, I’d say check it out. The latest pages …oh my ~
    Now there’s a demon guy I’d happily do 😉
    (Updates fridays at midnight in my timezone, which is a coyple/few hours before we start our camp here)

    • I can never remember to check it

      • Bad Doki 🙂

        • You should maybe also warn that the new page is NSFW….

          • Oh, yes it is *lol* My link leads to page 1 though, so no ‘surpriiiise’ if people click it.

  • I know we need to wait until the 29th, but I wonder if Kyle could bluff dear old dad and tell him: No, this world is mine, go back home.

    • ‘You took a wrong turn somewhere around the 2nd circle of hell. This is not the world you were looking for.’

      • Ha!

        Hand wave. “These are not the souls you want to devour”

  • Hello, Alex. I’m a reader of your comic for about a year and I’m loving it. I’m from Brazil (and sorry for my english). I have two question for you: How long will The Young Protectors be? And the Artifice will continue?

  • Phyre Storm

    Where’s a Super Soaker full of holy water when you need one?

  • a0ctin

    but how big is his dick

    • Ieuan Darknell

      Just look at his delicious bum!

  • Justin White


  • Kattriella

    No! Send it back! Send it back!!!!! RETURN TO SENDER!!!!!!!