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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 72

243 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 72

OK. I know what the red outline around word balloons means when I see that. But what does it mean when your words are inside out?!

If you look down and to the right, you’ll notice I’ve added something to this Web site: a Rock The Vote registration widget! If you’re a U.S. citizen over the age of 18 and haven’t registered, you can now do it right here without even leaving this site. Obviously, this particular election will have tremendous consequences, and it’s super close, so your vote will absolutely matter. Do the right thing, keep the world safe, and register to vote right now.

In other news, this weekend (September 16-18 — right now!), I’m at YaoiCon at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport hotel in Burlingame, CA! I’ve brought books, trading cards, Spooky Caps, and all the usual goodies, and I’d love to see some friendly faces. I’ve gone to YaoiCon for many years now, and it’s a ton of fun. And you can still get tickets at the door. If you’re going, please stop by and say hi! 🙂

So! Spooky sucked in all those souls and he says they’re safe… but for how long? And what will happen if they can’t get inside the cage?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Wait, is he floating away like a parade balloon?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Spooky at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

    • Sapfo

      Happy V for you Admiral ^^
      And a Spooky balloon?

      • Oooh, I get a Spooky balloon with my V?

        • Pietro7

          If you bring it too close to dead people, it deflates. 😛

          • hmmmm….but then would I just have Spooky?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Not a bad deal, that!

          • It’s a great deal. Now to just find the right group so Spooky can deflate

    • Saxon_Brenton

      With Flyboy around, I’m not too worried about him floating away. Being unable to do anything on the off chance that Laampros is somehow able to get through the gate to Earth is more of my concern at the moment.

      • Hmmm, there is that. So they need to hide him somewhere in the meantime so incase the demons come they can’t pop Spooky.

  • Someone better tether that boy down!

    • Klaus

      Don’t worry. Flyboy can always retrieve him.

      • bronakopdin

        OMG those pictures in my head xD

        • Klaus

          Do we want to know?

          • bronakopdin

            I guess it depends on your tastes 😉

  • Sapfo

    No Luck?

  • Sapfo

    Oki, Spooky! I´m cuting you of! No more souls for you, ghost boy!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Way to think on your feet, Spooky! Well, off your feet now, granted, but the metaphor stands.

    • Looks more like the metaphor floats….

      • stickfigurefairytales


      • Klaus

        It stands metaphorically.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    The man has a plan. It’s not pretty or pleasant, but that’s not gonna stop him from doing what needs to be done.

    • Pietro7

      It looks sorta double-unpleasant right now, and somehow I suspect it’s not getting better real soon. 🙁

  • davefragments

    Now this is going to be a corker if that gate opens.
    However, what if the gate can’t open?
    What happens after too long (And there’s always a “too long” limit attached to this type of magic.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I would not have thought that souls would make you puff up so much, on account of them being incorporeal and all.

    • Takehai

      It’s magic. . . 😛

      Seriously, though. The one thing consistent with most portrayals of magic, is that they don’t adhere to the laws of physics as we know them. 🙂

      • stickfigurefairytales

        And I guess people aren’t really built to house a whole bunch of souls at once, so that definitely has side effects.

    • Malusz

      Those were souls with high carbs content and full of gluten, sugar and fat.

  • ……..That is a lot of weight Spooky just put on. Is this the real reason for his comfortable clothes?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Always good to plan for all possible eventualities.

  • camelotcrusade

    That last panel is like Harry Potter blowing up Aunt Marge. XD

    • Fabulous Alien

      I was thinking exactly the same!

  • Wow…! So he actually did it to himself.

  • Jeldenil

    This reminds me of (I think it is) a Roald Dahl rhyme or story about pinching someone with a needle in order to make them thinner. Can’t for the life of me remember it exactly

    • Well Violet was taken to the juicing room after she turned into a blueberry. 🙂

      • Jeldenil

        It’s perhaps a combination of that scene and a Dutch children’s rhyme about ‘The Dutch American’ (yeah, it’s an offensive rhyme, sorry) who has a ‘belly like a hot balloon, I wish I could jab it’

      • Adam Black

        Who gets to juice spooky?


        hows your juicing wrist.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    well he did save them! like we hoped, what was going on was a good thing… the moment…
    i have a feeling it’s not a good idea for him to hold them for a long time, and good job on you for being super stubborn, Spooky
    …but the team has been trying to get the box open, how much longer can you hold them before something of some nature happens

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Thanksgiving comes early?

  • Klaus

    Maybe the sealing spell expired when the victims did. It would no logner be needed, right?

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Succubus” brand soul extraction! All of the soul with only half the fat! WARNING: Do not consume multiple souls at once. The demonic discharge may override the non fattening benefit of this product

  • Kyle’s face there at the very bottom.. 🙂

    And um… Spooky’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow man…. (sorry, runs away)

    • Kate G

      If we make him golden brown and put him between two graham crackers and a Hershey bar, would that make him a s’more?

      • Klaus


  • kuku

    Impressive but man that looks uncomfortable…

    Like the old old Alka-Seltzer commercials where the guy groans, “I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE THING.”

    • David Welbourn

      Bet it’s uncomfortable for everyone inside too. The cramped accommodations must be bad enough, but think about the decor!

  • Jeff Baker

    Either that or he’ll have to call Dr. Bombay…

    • ……not Dr Bombay……he always makes things worse before fixing things…

  • Mary Klemzak

    I have. So many questions.

    And do we really gotta do the fat jokes?

  • Kate G

    It seems Spooky needs a Gas-X. He seems to have ingested quite a lot of incorporeal gas. After all, it seems he needs to let some “pressure off.”

  • TwilightDreamer

    Ok, so it WAS intentional…mystery solved.
    ……am I the only one who struggled not to laugh?? I know….he was just saving them…but……
    …..chubby Spooky! XD

  • Lizzardo

    Oh my gosh, seriously??? Way to ruin the entire setup and atmosphere of the scene. 🙁

    I’m not sure whether Alex was aiming for comic relief here or not, but either way, the puffed up Spooky floating up into the air was a bad, BAD idea. So many pages building up to this moment, so much fear, so much excellently constructed drama… and this slapstick crap is what we get: a thanksgiving balloon. No, thanks.

    My very first disappointment with this comic in all the time I’ve been following it, but one so big that I had to make a disqus account to express it.

    • Klaus

      Welcome to the comment section.

      • Lizzardo

        Thank you for the welcome. I’d be glad to stick around… if I am not chased away with pitchforks for my very first comment. 🙂

        • Everyone is allowed their opinion, diesn’t have to agree with everybidy, as long as it’s kept on a respectful level.

          And welcome to the comments section 🙂

    • Kate G

      In a way, it could be perceived as comedy (and many of us have expressed comedy over it, even me), but it can also be truly frightening. Souls have mass. That mass has to go somewhere. Did you just expect him to have a bottomless stomach? What doesn’t go up goes out.

      Comedy and horror are actually very closely intertwined which is why comedy-horror films like Scream are so successful. The comedy can bring out the horror. Disney is actually quite good at employing the comedy-horror scheme. How many times did you actually laugh at Pinocchio on Pleasure Island when you were a kid? Or laugh at Captain Hook when he’s dueling with Peter Pan? Horror veiled by comedy (and action.) There’s a thin line between tipping the scales between crude and comedy-horror.

      • Samurai Jack

        Souls have mass? Maybe in this universe they do, I guess, if Alex wants them to have mass. Then again, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

      • Lizzardo

        It’s magic. It doesn’t have to obey any laws at all, that’s the whole point of magic, I believe, otherwise it would be called science.

        Anyway, I came here to express my disappointment as a long time, devoted fan of the comic who got burned for the first time. I clearly stated in my comment that the horror-comedy pairing is not working for me, having the effect opposite to the desired one (if making me laugh at a funeral was indeed what Alex was aiming at). So please, respect my right to have my personal opinion and do not try to educate me explaining how wrong I am not recognizing obvious patterns. I do recognize them, they just do not work for me in this particular scene and setting.

        • Shao Khan

          “It’s magic. It doesn’t have to obey any laws at all, that’s the whole point of magic, I believe”

          That makes for really shitty fiction, then.

          And really, people are allowed to disagree with YOU and present THEIR viewpoint. They WERE respecting your right to have your personal opinion, so why don’t you respect THEIR right to disagree and explain their side?

          Really, you just come off as a really whiny, sensitive fat person. Like all fat people.

          • Lizzardo

            What have I done to you to get such a rude and hurtful reply? What have fat people done to you that you treat them as whiny losers?

            I’ve never written anything here to force others to agree with me. Not once have I demanded that everyone else takes my views as the only right ones.

            All I wrote above was my personal – my very own and only mine – opinion, and that it would not be changed. I never forced anyone to accept it. You, however, are the one that came into the discussion raging and spewing insults against fat people, and you are the one that needs to step back and take some time to calm down.

            Also, kindly point me to where have *I* mentioned fat people at all…

          • Sorry your first opinion caused a respons like that. It’s been taken care of, and I hope it won’t hold you back from commenting again. Responses like you got is not tolerated here.

      • Wyrmidon

        Yes, because fat people are oh so funny, let’s all laugh at fat Spooky. *sigh* This is comedy, all right, but it’s misplaced and bad taste.

        • Kate G

          Did I say one thing about this poking fun at fat people? No. My own mom would be characterized as “fat” to some people.

          In this world, everything has a consequence. Spooky’s consequence for taking many souls was to become a vessel of his own making, which is to say, for every soul he took in, it would have to fit somewhere in Spooky’s body. If it didn’t fit, it would MAKE room; furthermore, since souls are floating corporeal objects, he floats, which to some people, would find funny. That is not poking fun at people who are obese. It is to show a consequence.

          Furthermore, I am out of this discussion.

          • Wyrmidon

            People find this scene funny because he looks fat/chubby/bloated. That’s the whole problem I personally see with it.

            There’s no need to run from the discussion – we don’t have to agree on anything, you know.

          • If someone steps out of a discussion, if they wish to end it, stay respectful of that. Be you agreeing or not.

          • Wyrmidon

            That’s basically what I was trying to say, guess I worded it wrong. Apologies.

          • It’s oki 🙂

        • Klaus

          Spooky is not fat, he is bloated. Not the same thing at all.

          • Wyrmidon

            I know. But the comedy is seen in the fact that he looks fat. Same difference.

    • Wyrmidon

      I agree. Spooky ate too may souls, Spooky got fat. And he’s floating like a balloon. Hahahahah. So funny.


      I’m sorry, Alex, this isn’t working for me, either. Fortunately, it seems we’re in the minority here, so nothing to worry about.

      • Shao Khan

        Please, if the FIRST thing YOU think when seeing fat people is “OHHH, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE *FUNNY* BECAUSE THEY’RE *FAT*, I THINK *NOT*,” then YOU’RE the one with the problem. It sounds like you’re projecting some major guilt there, buddy.

        • Wyrmidon

          My only guilt is suffering from a genetic disorder that has turned me into an obese lady. So yeah, by modern society’s standards, I am guilty of offending their everyone’s with my body. If you have never been a fat person, you will never understand what it’s like to be ridiculed, laughed at and humiliated every single day of your life, by adults and children alike. Read the comments here, see how many of them refer to Spooky’s chubby status as something that made them laugh or want to laugh. something suddenly cute to patronize and play with. Notice the mentions of possible stretch marks, gas problem, etc. And trust me when I tell you these are exactly the things I hear in the streets, addressed at me, more often that I can count. No matter how you twist this, this page IS using a fat-looking body for comedic purpose, and this is wrong.

        • Vaira

          Correction – it’s the first thing we think when we see a regular person suddenly becoming fat due to soul overeating. Yes, this thing is hillarious.
          I need to save your souls – nom nom nom! Oopsie!

  • Hours Left

    I expected something some sort of soul vessel type thing, but not quite this…

    Who knew souls would act like helium? O_O

  • Chris Dangerfield

    When we get past the shock. Get past the fat, calorie, consumption jokes… And all the rest. I think this is a brilliantly unexpected idea. Sure Spooky couldn’t weave together the various types of magic on the fly to unravel Sircea’s 6,000 years of experience…

    But this, more than anything, shows us once again, that no matter what, Spooky will not quit, he will not allow the innocent to suffer he will put himself at risk for other… Always!

    Sure if I were Amanda or Kyle, it’s one those — “that’s why I love him and that’s why he drives me crazy things.

    But this is a wonderful page that exemplifies why I’m crazy for my Spooky. He truly never quits.

    Thank you so much Alex, Adam and Veronica for giving me a wonderful heart filled page at the end of a very full week!

    • Klaus

      Yes. Yes. Well said.

    • Adam Black

      Maybe Spooky needs to stick to Diet Souls .

  • conan

    Spooky is the new Smough!

  • Mir

    -insert body inflation fetish joke here-

    I thought it wasn’t on purpose since he said “oh no…”, but Spooky proves me wrong yet again. What a quick thinker!

    • Oh No was because of the not saving them. Then he went into action.

      • Mir

        I thought it was a “Oh no…now i’m going to absorb them involuntarily!” lol

  • D. G.

    Alex I like this page. It was totally unexpected. A clever way to possibly undo some of Sircea’s damage. I hope this isn’t too shortsighted of Spooky cuz now he can’t help the team. Unless he’s badass enough to do magic while stuffed and floating.

  • Samurai Jack

    So… Spooky is a Soul Reaper?

    I wonder if those souls are aware of what’s happening? And if any of them are fighting with Spooky for control?

    • Klaus

      Not grim, though.

  • Aitsuki

    … OW. Spooky’s gonna have some serious stretch marks.

  • Juliette Leroux

    Yes yes yes, I knew it! I knew this “soul sucking” thing was Spooky not accepting human casualties and finding a way – any way – to undo what Circea had done. Spooky, I love you! You’re the embodiment of what I would like to be as a superhero.

    And as a side note, The “bloated” aspect is not a problem for me. I’m always a bit put off by the whole “superheroes are always beautiful and holding sexy/manly” poses in comics”. Spooky doesn’t give a s…! 🙂

  • Juliette Leroux

    Oh, but there are still a lot of questions unresolved: what consequences on the portal to Hell?

  • For me personally, I don’t see Spooky as becoming fat because he ate too many souls. I see it more that Spooky was willing to endanger himself by taking his body to it’s physical and magical limits to save a bunch of strangers from death, from suffering. He’s definitely not ok here. He’s endangered him even further because he’s now a sitting target.

    His floating reminds me of OG Ghostbusters, as well Days of Our Lives with the possession storylines. I mean in DOOL Marlena floated above that bed for six months. (And I just made myself feel old)

    • Kate G

      I felt it was more along the lines of Eragon and Harry Potter mixed together. In the series Eragon, every part of magic you do has consequences which we’ve seen in this world. Harry Potter has that idea of magic carrying weight; souls carrying some form of corporeal weight. It has some form of humor the first time you look at it, but as you stare at it and go over it some more, the more the horror sets in.

      • Columbine

        One of the motifs in myths that I love is magic as sacrifice. It’s especially prominent in Norse mythology when almost every action that changes their world costs someone physically. This reminds me of that, although not in the way Norse mythology would do it. Spooky is clearly suffering at the moment in order to achieve the magical effect he desires. Which is to save a load of people. That’s sort of beautiful.

        • Kate G

          EXACTLY! This idea is especially prominent in Native American stories of old too. I’m part Oneida (an Iroquoian tribe), and while I was raised Catholic, my mom raised us with Native American values which sometimes contradicts Catholicism.

          Mismanaging magic in the Native American realm brings some terrifying stories. Consider Skadegamutc – aka the Ghost-witch – from the Wabanaki tribes. A skadegamutc is an undead monster that occurs when a shaman uses dark magic, dies but refuses to stay dead. He comes back to life at night to hunt, kill and throw curses at any unlucky human in his way. You could theorize Spooky – being a “shaman” of sorts – is being Skadegamutc-ized.

          • Columbine

            Not being from anywhere in the Americas (or having spent much time there) I don’t actually know much about Native Americans or their stories. (I dunno if I mentioned this to you before but I tend to focus on West African stuff, specifically Yoruba and Fon which is south Nigeria to Benin area) That does sound pretty cool though and like a similar concept. Certainly looks like it might apply to Spooky here, too much magic without the necessary price to pay leading to him almost becoming the price?

            Thanks for sharing the Wabanaki story. It’s interesting how cultures that are so far from each other can come up with similar motifs and patterns in their stories. It’s nice.

          • Kate G

            If you ever take a class on myth and fairytales, you will find this sort of idea the basis of the Jung theory; civilizations have a common subconscious which is why you find many of the same motifs and patterns.

            I was thrown (well, moved. Military born and raised) across five states in the USA and I born/lived in West Germany. I have a very curious state of mind. I’ll spend all of my time in the library, on research sites or online looking a set of myth types up if I’m incredibly interested. I’ve spent days on the mythos of the traditional Japanese before I got exhausted from it. I’m seriously one of those people.

          • Columbine

            I meant to reply to this but it looks like I didn’t? Sorry. I’ve heard of Jung but never read anything, partly because what I’ve read seems a little contradictory and partly cos I already have a huge stack of books.

            I’ve been reading about the history, culture and religions of west Africa (particularly Yoruba, Fon and Ashanti) for….probably almost 10 years now? It’s amazing how parts of South America and Brazil and the Caribbean are so tied culturally to particular African states. It’s also amazing how difficult it is to get hold of decent books. I ordered a dictionary a few months back and it’s so bad even I, with about six-seven words of Yoruba, can see it’s inaccurate. I kind of almost envy people interested in Japan and Japanese culture, it is so much easier and cheaper to find and engage with that stuff. You also miss out on the ‘fun’ arguements with people telling you that the culture your interested in doesn’t exist. (Sorry I’m a little annoyed, I can’t access the uni’s African library anymore because it’s underfunded and only open when I’m at work)

          • Kate G

            There are some things you can truly only research if you are a student/teacher, true. I haven’t been a student for a while and that sucks. I am a total digger when it comes to the research archives for the Internet. JStor and things like that, I became a master digger into finding things because sometimes you have to use just the right words.

            Pft, I have enough arguments with Native American tribes. Mention the tribe Oneida and you’ll get, “You mean Oreida? Like the fries? Or Oneida silverware?” No, no, the Iroquois tribe Oneida. *face palm*

          • Columbine

            Yeah but even as a student it’s far harder to find anything about African cultures. Research, libraries are incredibly underfunded and often the only way to get hold of something is to buy the book (sometimes by ordering it printed specially) or physically go to the place with a copy of that journal.

            I guess…..I think it’s a different set of problems that are almost unique to the world view of African cultures? People might not know anything about Native Americans or the names of tribes, but they know (broadly speaking) they exist. I’ve never had to explain to an adult that India or China exist and have culture and history. But for some reason African cultures are thought to……be one generic shallow entity. The general image is an empty continent. And that feeds into a lack of interest and a lack of funding, which feed each other.

            I can see similarities in that when people acknowledge African cultures they often seem to talk about them as dead things, things from the past, which (I get the impression) is how Native American things are often treated in pop culture? Sorry if I’m being…..unclear or something, mostly I’m just annoyed that I have a uni library card for one of the best places in my country for African Studies and (having talked to the librarian) I could literally double the library budget myself. Like….it wouldn’t pay for my rent. It seems insane.

          • Kate G

            It could be where you live too. Here in the US, many libraries often share their resources. Where one library is deficient and you need that resource, you can often rent it from the other library if it’s near (it’ll often be shipped to that library.) If it’s just a few pages, that library will copy and e-mail the pages to you.

            I’m definitely not saying that African cultures are understudied (as are all Native cultures), but it seems there is a broader sharing network in America, especially since the universities and colleges with courses devoted to African studies are often further away with much bigger budgets.

          • Columbine

            May be? I mean I’m talking about a top 3 UK university. But I’m also coming from the perspective that I’m not a student there and it’s not my subject. Public libraries share a lot and that’s how I’ve got access to books before but they often don’t have much that’s relevant. I guess I’m just becoming more and more aware how much the little knowledge I have has come with a steep financial price that I just wouldn’t have had to pay if it’d been Greek mythology or Norse mythology or Japan that had grabbed my interest.

            I’m feeling more and more how much of a barrier that is. If someone wasn’t in as stable a financial position as I am they just wouldn’t have access to this stuff. You have to almost set up your own library.

            I’m actually sort of considering just doing that. Trying to set up an organisation of interested people here to share books. Seems like it might be easier.

          • Kate G

            I’m not sure how the UK system is set up, that’s the thing. I’m pretty familiar with the US system because A. my aunt was a professor in one of the best Catholic schools in the US (ergo, I know a ton about the system) and B. I was a student in the community college! If I wanted to, I could have nudged the system and I almost did once.

    • KatKaleen

      Huh. My brain made the trip in reverse. First I thought “Oh no, he’s storing all those souls, how long can he take that?!” and then I thought “What would the Weight Watchers say in a situation like this?”

    • Matt Lovinski

      Funny you and i thought the exact same thing. The difference here is Spookys possession actually has a reason to exist xD. I mean come on, i know things with Stephano Dimera and John were tough but its nothing to get possessed over o.o

      • KatKaleen

        No idea what you’re talking about.

  • My first thought was ‘OMG…OMG..Spooky got a black speech bubble’. You know it’s really not good when it passes the red line and move to all black.
    Next I think my face looked like Kyles in last panel with an ‘Oooh, that gotta hurt. OUCH!’

    Spooky goes above and beyond for people around him.

    • It almost seems like the voice is coming from within him, instead him actually “talking”. He seems almost paralyzed from this bit of magic.

  • Minyassa

    Good job, kid! <3

  • KatKaleen

    I wonder what the Weight Watchers would advise in this situation…

    • Columbine

      ‘If bloating is extensive visit a hospital to drain excess souls’?

    • fujoshifanatic

      Maybe some cardiovascular exorcism?

  • Wildroses

    Well I was wrong. I was totally convinced Sircea was planning to nom on all those souls and Spooky was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But it seems to have been deliberate. Initially I was wondering if he had thought this through as the bloating and black speech bubble indicates taking in all those souls is seriously painful and is having impacts on his general wellbeing, but then I thought: “But if they aren’t properly dead has he short circuited the sacrifice which was going to open the gate to let in Laampros and his army?” If Spooky has managed that it is worth doing. But even if he has, there is still a time limit I don’t believe he can keep hold of those souls for too long.

    • Cman65

      If Big Red can’t come over he gets to take Annie and PoPo back to hell as his new toys

      • timemonkey

        Only Duncan. PP is safe.

        • Abyssdoor

          PP would be on a black list, though, I don’t think demon lords forgive failure so easily…

          • Klaus

            And this is one enemy that PP can not simply outlive.

  • elisuccia

    Why do I have to think of the aunt from Harry Potter… hope he doesn’t fly away like she did hehehe

  • Cman65

    Well it had to happen we are in the world of Vore-Porn now

    • Airboy Obsessed

      Don’t forget Inflation!

  • CTN

    I guess we know why Spooky said “oh no”. he was afraid his pants might rip.

  • Columbine

    I….really hope this wasn’t all part of PP’s master plan.

  • Udyr

    Hahaha! I cant help it this was a slight bit humorous regardless the grim situation.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Actually, you’ve hit the exact thing. When any artist can balance humor and horror so precisely — such that you feel first one, then the other, and back again. THAT’s craft AND talent. This is an amazing page. I agree with you.

  • purplefoxglove

    I am *so* relieved that this was something Spooky did, not something he was forced to do. At least like this, he has control over the spell…I hope. I also hope they figure out really, *really* quickly how to open the box so that Spooky can get to the bodies.

  • WiseDragonQueen .

    Okay, that’s one way to save them

  • timemonkey

    That’s great Spooky, unless the portal is about to open anyway in which case you’ve taken yourself out of the fight.

  • Shao Khan

    “Pull my finger, Amanda.”

  • Nate

    Yay! Called it!

    Of course, the downside is, if Lampy turns up now, Spooky’s out of action.

  • Szymon Brycki

    Poor Spooky : <

  • Klaus

    If Tsunami were to keep the lower part of the box covered with water, do you suppose Kyle could cut it open without frying the corpses? They will be much more vulnerable to heat now they are dead.

    • timemonkey

      So he could boil them? Water conducts heat and there’s been no indication that Tsunami can control the temperature of the water he wields.

      • Klaus

        The water would be outside the box. But yes, it would boil.

  • KaBoomBOX

    Feeling a little bloated.

  • Vaira

    I see Spooky has clothes made from the same material as Hulk’s – they stretch and not tear. Cool.

    • TwoWayStar

      Right?! My idea is that it’s his magical (creepy) aura!

  • Pietro7

    As I had hoped. He’ a ‘soul catcher’, not ‘soul eater.’ Whew!

    Now comes the hard part . . .

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Apparently, souls are very high in calories.

  • I wonder how much concentration it is taking Spooky to keep the souls from matriculating into his body and becoming a part of him? I see the change in Spooky’s size as yes taking the souls into his body but also keeping them separate so they don’t latch onto him. I also don’t think this is the first time Spooky has done this. At least I am hoping, because otherwise Spooky is pretty much just hoping that the original soul is still in some way still bound to the body it came from and will return to the correct receptacle.

  • Juliette Leroux

    Ok, nothing to do with today’s strip but I wanted to share: I just came home from a 5 day professional trip abroad plus 3 hours of grocery and hardware shopping in insanely busy shops, just to find my signed copy of Artifice on the living room table. Suddenly, the world seems to be a better place 🙂

  • Howdy y’all – I’m running around getting ready for Day Two of YaoiCon, but I want to respond to something that’s come up in the Comment Section. It’s going to take me a couple minutes to write. I’m going to ask that folks hold off from commenting until I’m able to post it. You’re all awesome 🙂 Thank you.

    • I hope you had a great Day 1 and that you have a great Day 2. ^_^

      • Thank you, Doki. It was a great time. So much fun to get to see so many of our awesome readers. 🙂

  • That feeling when you’re on your period…

    Tmi? Well… fr, though.

  • Abyssdoor

    um, Spooky, you may want to stop eating souls if you don’t want to end up like this (that thing used to be an orc, btw):

  • Klaus

    “There is no way until the spell is complete.” Is the spell complete now?

    • Klaaaus *points to Alex’s comment below you* 😉

      • Klaus

        Where did that come from? It was not one of the top comments when I posted.

        • Disqus gremlins at it again.

        • It was three comments below yours at first (until my mod hands did something 😉 ) but that’s oki.

  • Pinkfeiry

    omg spooky!

  • Howdy everyone –

    As y’all know, I don’t usually explain my choices here in the comments section. I avoid that because, well, either my choices either achieve the effect I intended or they don’t, and, by my lights, no amount of “Well, here’s what I really meant” will change that. I do pay attention to the overall reaction in the Comments to the choices I make. If my arrow hit its target, great. If it didn’t, then I’ve learned something for the next time.

    But either way, my overall feeling is that my readers are completely entitled to their opinions and feelings about my work. It’s why I am comfortable with public criticism of my choices. That’s totally cool. It’s also cool for other readers to disagree with that criticism here in the Comments so long as they do so in a respectful manner . (Yep, that’s me linking to my Comment Policy — if you haven’t looked at it in a couple months, please give it another look.)

    Now there is an exchange that has taken place in the Comments Section of this page that has led to personal attacks and other violations of the Comment Policy. That stops now. And my moderators will be cleaning up those comments.

    But I bear at least some responsibility for this disruption, in part by not being clear with my story-telling on this page and in part because of my customary self-trolling joke in the notes.

    First of all, my lack of clarity: it was actually not my intention that Spooky’s current condition be evocative of obesity. In fact, that wasn’t really on my mind at all when I constructed this scene. In my script for Panel One of this page, I wrote: “In a large panel, we see Spooky, arms, legs, cheeks, stomach and
    chest swollen dramatically.” As one reader below commented “Spooky is not fat, he is bloated. Not the same thing at all.” My conception was that Spooky was literally stuffed almost to the point of bursting with these lives he took into himself. It was meant to seem bizarre, yes, and thus give a bit of a mood change/relief from the tension, but I had actually hadn’t conceived it as a comedy beat. And if there was any comedy in it, it was certainly not because I thought “fat is funny.”

    But achieving the effects I picture in my head with 2D art is challenging. And this effect turned out to be exceedingly challenging. And it was when I first looked at the first pass of thumbs, that I realized that there was a risk of Spooky appearing suddenly obese, instead of swollen with souls. Adam and I actually spent a number of revisions trying to push Spooky away from looking obese and more towards looking “stuffed.”

    As you all know, Adam is an amazing artist. If we haven’t succeeded with that, then the fault is mine. I’m asking for a really tough thing, and perhaps in our society, the comparisons are inevitable. In the script, I ask for Spooky to be “floating like a balloon” (which, again, is a choice that folks can agree or disagree with). On a future page I evoke someone floating underwater. I have a very specific effect that I was hoping for in showing the way Spooky is in magical distress and danger—but translating that from my head through another (even amazingly talented) person to the page—well, as I said, it’s a really tough ask. Probably too tough to sell on a single page. Maybe over multiple pages, it will be more clear. But I think some of the confusion about this is the result of the lack of clarity in my storytelling in this medium.

    But I also think that my self-trolling comment about soul calories didn’t help anything either. One of the enjoyable things about releasing these pages as a webcomic is the ability for me to make fun of myself, to “self-troll” as some readers have put it. Adam and I did work hard to push the depiction of this magical effect away from obesity and more towards swollen/stuffed. But because I essentially asked for the impossible from Adam, I was teasing myself here with the “how many calories were in those souls anyway?!” But I can see now how that would set a certain tone—especially after a scene of high-tension when readers would be looking for comic relief—that might encourage “fat jokes.” Or even create the impression that I was implying that “fat is funny.”

    That was not my intention. It would never be my intention. I can see why folks might think that based on my quip, and for that, I sincerely apologize. And once I finish this comment, I will remove that quip from my notes. (Not because I was “politically incorrect” but because I created an impression that I believe/feel something that I don’t.)

    My intention with this page was to show Spooky in bizarre, magical distress after making a heroic choice. Many folks in the comments seem to have experienced the page that way, and for those folks, I thank you for sharing your experience and your kind words. Other folks felt I was less artful in creating this impression, and I thank those folks too for sharing their honest criticism. Both are very helpful to me.

    And so long as the discussion is respectful, it’s all good. But any violations of our Comment Policy will stop now.

    For the record, overall, the vast majority of the discussion on this page has been very respectful and fun for me to read. This really is the best community there is on the Interwebs (just the other day I was talking about how lucky I feel as a creator to have such amazing, thoughtful, considerate readers.) You are all superheroes. And you make me proud every single page.

    Thank you, everyone, for being so awesome. Thank you for reading this very long comment (I would have written something much shorter, but as was famously said, “I didn’t have time.”) And I very much look forward to continuing to read your reactions to what the heck is happening with Spooky! 🙂

    • bronakopdin

      I’m late today and a little taken aback reading this now, obviously I missed what happened but reading this comment I’m fairly sure, that I actually didn’t miss anything important.
      Flaming is never a good thing and I agree that this community is the best one I ever found in the internet!
      people here have always been cool, even if their opinions clashed, and I am really happy about this!
      So everyone: keep it going that way!
      I am following this webcomic since 2012, which is a good 4 years now, and I know we can do it, as we always did over all this time 🙂

      Personally I have access to the scripts and hence already knew from last page’s intel, that the purpose of any potential bod “growing” was a result of the souls. But even if I hadn’t, knowing Alex, who to me seems to be rather the opposite: trying to show that being different is actually the most normal thing there is in this world, would never do something uncharacteristic like suddenly making jokes about body shapes.
      I can say this with certainty after following each statement I read over these 4 years, be it comments here, or the newsletter, or whatever interview he shared with us.
      Especially after repeatedly saying that he’s so delighted that Spooky is a fan favourite even though he IS a little chubby, or at least not your typical “mainstream-only-this-is-sexy-” body type.

      But this is just my own two cents about the matter, either way I hope we can continue our discussions in a civilized manner from now on 🙂

    • Juliette Leroux

      Well, the relation to obesity had not even touched my mind, but now I can see how it could happen. Thanks for the clarifiaction anyway and for listening so carefully to your readership. You’re awesome 🙂

    • Wyrmidon

      Thank YOU for the clarification and for being awesome, as always.

    • Kate G

      Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your intentions, Alex. I’ve never known you to be one to purposefully poke fun of any one group; you’ve always been one to think critically of how one action would affect one of your characters. It’s these pages I crave for because of the intellectually stimulating conversations.

    • Twila Lin

      As someone who has become over 300 pounds due to medical reasons (and dumb doctors that want to twiddle thumbs as my spine collapses and I lose more mobility each year) I never saw this page as ‘fat shaming’. To me Spooks looked more like he had been blown up like a balloon. I was going to make a comment that someone needs to tie a string to his leg before he floats away, but then saw much of the hate talk, and it just blew my mind. People read WAY to much into thing’s.

      I’m reminded of a youtube video ( of a artist doing tutorials on how to do some makeup effects at home for halloween. She showed how to do ‘wounds’ for a zombie or any kind of effect and showed how to do it on the arm, just like every other tutorial they made (outside showing effects for the face) .

      People jumped it and went “why would you want to dress up as a self-harmer?!” “Why are you promoting self-harm?!” or is “making fun of people who self harm” implying people who cut themselves… Never thinking that it’s just a make up effect that can be applied to anywhere on the body and there using their arm as it’s the easist area to film and work on. But instead people focused that it looked like you are cutting your arm up and it really got bad..

      People need to stop reading so deep into thing’s and see it for what is really is.

      There’s no fat shaming here just like there’s no ‘pro-self harm’ from that youtube channel. It’s just an effect.

      • Shadizar Silvermask

        Some people just look for excuses to create drama. Las Lindas closed its comment section years ago after people threw a massive flaming fit because a character didn’t appear to be getting punished for its bad behavior and Sandra And Woo has had several bouts of people tossing fits like here, one over a storyarc where they got the bizarre notion a character was meant to represent the BDSM community when she clearly wasn’t and her reveal was just for the comedic effect of it.

        The best one can do is just comment normally and give it no fuel to keep it fed and let it die.

    • Vaira

      I don’t know if there is any way of showing a person bloated not looking obese. I would go with inhuman. Here Spooky looks like a random fat person. I would go with blurring the lines, so his contouring is not sharp and disappearing or vvvvvv shaped [shiny green line is outside his body, so it doesn’t count. He still looks human]. Of instead of inflating him, make him shine through his body, with rays of light coming out of his eyes and mouth.
      Generally – something a human can’t recreate.

  • James Wade

    I just hope he remembers which soul goes into which body. It could be interesting to say the least.

    • Kit the Coyote

      *laughs* I love those type of problems! hehe. Loved the Scooby Doo movie where their gangs souls get swapped about in their bodies.

  • Kit the Coyote

    Hmmm I have a feeling Spooky is out for the rest of the fight.

    And now my little techie detail obsessing soul is going to going nuts on how his intervention impacts the magics being involved here. If the souls are yanked out of the equation doesn’t that mess up the whole spell? Grrrr I can be just a kill joy to my own suspension of belief sometimes LOL. I’ll sit here overthink it until I’ve found some convoluted fictional explaination to make this fictional scenario work. hehe

    • EyeDontNo

      PP implied that only ‘A’ soul had to be sacrificed, and tried to kill Commander. And as far as Spooky storing souls somehow, he just put a BIG target on his head, as PP would need to kill Spooks if she really DOES need as many souls as possible.

      AKA: PP does not need to be consistent in her lies and truths. She is the technical bad girl here.

  • bronakopdin

    Gosh I really hope Spooky will be fine… I wonder what will happen now though?
    He talks about putting them back but… it means that he is sure that their bodies will remain intact? I might have missed sth but I was quite sure they will be “electri-fried” in a few seconds >////////<
    Can sould be put back into dead bodies? And if aren't they dead ether way? I'm not sure if I missed sth though and I really hope I am right now x'D

    Just hoping it will all turn out well T___T

    • Klaus

      If the shock simply stopped their hearts, oridnary first aid might still save them. Otherwise Spooky may need to do some healing before reincarnating the souls.

      • bronakopdin

        I wonder if it’s a little shock like that though. It’s supposed to kill them, right? >/////<

        • Klaus

          Stopping the heart will generally suffice for that.

          • bronakopdin

            but stun guns for example don’t stop the heart or at least not normally. The question is how strong the electricity is that will float through the cage. and knowing Sircea I bet she won’t take chances and rather overdose it to make sure, which would end in crispy sacrifices >___<'

  • Rashel Izro

    Woah, that looks painful!

  • Heather

    The first thing that popped in my head when I saw the last panel was “Violet you’re turning violet!” Tehe. I hope Spooky doesn’t have to be juiced tho… 😉

  • Jason Moon

    If Spooky farts, will it smell like somebody died?

  • Jonni

    So, if you were to suck a soul out of Spooky’s mouth, would it make your voice go squeaky?

    • Or would it make your voice go deeper?

      • Jonni

        Maybe both?

    • Klaus

      It would make your word balloons go black.

  • Keneu

    … so now he’s floating like a balloon and unable to move. That’s weirder than the laser-eyed bear.

    It may be because of his green magic, but this reminds me a bit of Ghostbusters.

    I’m sorry to say it, but this page doesn’t quite work for me – although I’ll have to read more to have a deeper opinion, I don’t see it as comic relief, though. I find Amanda and Kyle’s horrified faces more amusing than Spooky’s sudden change.

  • xLizardx

    It would be funny if when he put them back, they all went into the wrong bodies. 🙂

    Well, funny/ horrifying.

    • Keneu

      Disphoria may not be much fun for the people involved in the sacrifice and soul sucking, but it could be very interesting to read it if it’s handled well.

      • xLizardx

        Precisely 🙂

  • Ireyon

    Does that mean the sacrifice worked or not? By the way, if there is someone around who can draw out souls and thereby foil your evil ritual, why didn’t you install any safeguards against that dear Priestess?

    This is such an odd oversight…


    It’s sad that I saw this page, saw the phrase “explain my choices” and knew *exactly* one second later that someone got offended again and started another flame war.


    • Let’s not keep the flame (blame) war going, oki? Evertyone is allowed an opinion, as long ass they express it respectfully.

      • Ireyon

        No problem. It’s just exasperating that these things have become so commonplace that I can predict them after a glace.

    • EyeDontNo

      This is apparently an ability that Spooky doesn’t talk about often. Even Commander doesn’t understand it without a verbal explanation. Therefore PP most likely didn’t know she needed to take that into account.

      • Ireyon

        I just realized something. Doesn’t that mean to free them Spooky has to vomit them back up? Ugh. I hope the’re not conscious. That can’t be pleasant.

        • Keneu

          I thought the same thing, but with a different body orifice. Urgh, eww.

          • Klaus

            Souls coming out of his ears!

          • Keneu

            Yes, exactly. Ears are gross. 😀

    • Reyos Blackwood

      It may not be something she could have prevented, after all if you guard against another magic user absorbing the souls, that might prevent the ring from absorbing them as intended to power the ritual, assuming it’s soul powered, not pain or death or whatever that powers it. I figure either PP needed to souls, so she couldn’t prevent this and still let them flow into her ritual, or she didn’t need the souls, and doesn’t care.

  • Ireyon

    Does that mean the sacrifice worked or not? By the way, if there is someone around who can draw out souls and thereby foil your evil ritual, why didn’t you install any safeguards against that dear Priestess?

    This is such an odd oversight…


    It’s sad that I saw this page, saw the phrase “explain my choices” and knew *exactly* one second later that someone got offended again and started another flame war.


  • SchalaRenee

    So the SOULS are safe…but what if whatever spell PP set up goes off and destroys their bodies? Does Laampros still get what he needs (apparently lots of death) and can he still come through, or does he need the power of the actual souls? If so, well…can’t Spooky prevent Laampros from coming just by holding the souls until the time for the ritual to be successful is over? Wasn’t their some kind of alignment or special thing that had to be perfect for the hell gate to open? Or is that something I’m remembering from a book? I know it took a LOT of prep…PP seems way to smart to not think of the witch-demon-boy being able to remove their souls from their bodies to prevent what she was intending to happen.

    This is definitely a confusing page. Lots of questions. Hope we get answers (and Laampros, dammit!) soon.

  • Red

    Ah ok. He made me think of Luffy’s fusen somehow…

  • Snorlaxation

    I can’t believe people actually had a problem with this.

    Anyway, I definitely wasn’t expecting this turn of events. Yay for Spooky not having to deal with all the guilt of watching them die (even though they technically did??), since he can restore them either way.

  • HHAHAHAHA Red’s face in that last panel.

  • ChibE

    It is uncomfortably similar to edema. I hope this is resolved soon. I’m excited to see how they get them out of the box! Does this mean no Lampy?

  • Klaus

    Is Spooky suffering from Metempsychosis?

  • bronakopdin

    exactly, I’m also quite a big girl and it necer even crosed my mind, apart from the storytelling that kind of made the real intention obvious, for me at least, but more because of knowing how Alex mind seems to work (from what I can tell about him anyway ^^)

  • I know this wasn’t meant to be funny per se but I literally laughed out loud when I saw Spooky. In all seriousness though, I’m really impressed with the creativity behind the whole “bloating up with souls” shtick! You don’t usually see any physical repercussions from absorbing souls/powers/etc in these types of stories, so it definitely is exciting to see here!

  • T Dibbler

    That looks horribly uncomfortable. 🙁

    I wonder how difficult it would/will be to return everyone to their correct bodies?

    • Adam Black

      Spookys pants arent recovering.

  • Klaus

    I expect that the gate will now open, since the sacrifices are dead. But Spooky will manage to restore them. An elegant solution that gets Laampros through the gate and saves the victims.

    • Juliette Leroux

      Well it depends if what is needed to open the gates are people being dead or an offering of souls. Anyway, we will soon know…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Kind of depends on whether the gate was opened because of purely conditional factors (“If X happens then Y also happens”), or whether the gate needed to be powered up by the release of the souls. Also, another complicating factor is whether there’s a difference between souls and physical life energies (since Spooky has grabbed the first but may not have grabbed the latter).

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random bizarre thought that *really* came at me from left field:
    You know, I hope that the bright necromancer that I play in D&D gets to be even half as awesome as Spooky Jones is being on this page.

    I’ve mentioned this before in discussion with other gamers on this board (Doki will probably remember) but in 5th ed the necromancers get class abilities that involve stealing the life force of others and generally pointing in the direction ‘You Must Be Evil’. At the start of my group’s current campaign I looked at this, recalled that the goddess of magic in Forgotten Realms has Opinions about the ethical use of magic, and worked with the gamesmaster to invert that standard trope to create a necromancer who’s a kindly old specialist in arcane healing but is occasionally really disturbing because necromancy can be squicky.

    And so I look at what Spooky is up to on this page – both the visuals and the underlying concept of Spooky taking on the role of psychopomp – and am both impressed and disturbed, and I think “Damn, that’s cool. I’m going to have to write that up in 5e format.”

  • om1e5ga

    I never thought he looked fat and don’t see any harm in the comment you
    originally had. IMO, anyone that would claim offense at either is simply
    trolling themself.

    If it were my site, I’d have summoned Eric Cartman and responded with one of several obvious quotes of his.

  • Madock345

    What the what.


    Spooky, that’s some weird-ass voodoo you’ve got going on.

    Lets just hope that getting the souls back doesn’t involve weird ass-voodoo.

  • Paul Andrade

    This comic has finally given me something I didn’t expect to see! I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean that we seem to think alike, in terms of storytelling. You’ve surprised me, and I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Alex, thanks for yet another very articulate sharing of your artistic vision. So many artists decide not to explain their goals. And I understand that motivation. However, in the Social Justice angst of of the world of online work, I do think there is as time and place to make sure that your artistic intentions are understood.

    You are always so articulate and kind in your personal messages. Dealing with subjects as sensitive as those of LGBTQ and female empowerment — the fact that you share with your audience what your most private intentions are. That is so very important.

    Your work is challenging and exciting. Thank you for always making it clear that your heart and intentions are in the very best place. Art isn’t always easy, but GOOD art always has a true purpose.

    Truly it is on of the many things that makes THE YOUNG PROTECTORS such a special work of art.

    Thanks for you efforts.

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    Glad I missed the drama and that’s an interesting way to handle things, draw in their souls before they’re really dead and kind of bypass the death part of the trap since it was a ‘simple’ electrocution that didn’t otherwise harm the bodies allowing for the opportunity to restart them provided he can get to the bodies before they’re either dead too long or his ability to contain them fails and they pass on to their final reward.

  • somebody

    wow…. what did I miss???
    First I read the page (of course) and was like “wwoooaaahhh! that is soooo harry potter style!”, Spooks state totally reminded me of that aunt from Harry that he, accidentally, wizzarded into a balloon (okay this sentence is so wrong, I am sorry but my english is a little rusty lately [time for the walking dead to continue so I can hear english once a week]) and I thought it was funny…. I would have never come to think of him being obese.
    That’s why I am so confused! I don’t know what happend here, but if you have to write that people should stop insulting each other… that’s just…. sad?
    Hope you didn’t get much grey hair from this fight stuff….
    And by the way, I think you did a great job in making Spooks look like a balloon (and I mean balloon, not obese, just for the record)
    Must be painful… hope they can get those poor souls out as fast as possible

  • Spooky, did i mention that i love you lately?
    I do 🙂
    You are the best.

    Good luck 😉

    • Juliette Leroux


      • Chris Dangerfield

        Thirded, Forthed and Fifthed!

        • Pietro7

          Sixthed? (is that a word?)

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Boy howdy… it is NOW! 🙂

        • El Chupacabre

          Fourthed properly. Get outta here Chris, you may comment more than all the rest of us, but you still only get one vote! 😀 (Joshing)

          • Chris Dangerfield

            HA!!! My friend, Beta, Editor and amazing grammarian is now standing and applauding you loudly… (forth… sheeeeeesh). 🙂

          • You tell ’em!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    I realize there were many different reactions to this page, however I’d like to point out something that occurs repeatedly in THE YOUNG PROTECTORS and I love it.

    Every so often, I like to back up and think of this as the Graphic Novel it will become. Throughout the book there are series of pages that are wonderful individually, but when we think of them in progression they become even more special.

    Here if we go back 3 or 4 pages and watch Spooky become obsessed with the lives of these pending sacrifices, we watch him get more and more upset as he starts to ignore The Commander, we watch him blast away at the “glass” box with all of his magical fury (boy was that a gorgeous page) then we see him slow to a stop and that final panel of his face painted in total despair (heart-breaking) and then this page. Such a totally unexpected left turn. One of those amazing ‘Alex’ moments when he totally ‘gets’ us. Part of what I love most about TYP — the fact that I can’t often predict it.

    I’m afraid, that given that run up to this page, there wasn’t anything much funny about Spooky’s condition above. I wrote elsewhere about his personal sacrifice. However, when I saw his extreme discomfort and those black voice bubbles, I had a moment of total fright.

    What now? What next? How much is he hurting? Will he make it? The more I thought about it the more poignant and full of pathos this page became. Ultimately a really awesome capstone to the roller coaster of the previous pages.

    Alex, Adam and Vero, I keep coming back to these pages and getting myself further worked up. I’m counting on you guys to save my Spooky and the DAY! I’m also crazy looking forward to having the hard copy of this novel in my hands so I can turn each page at my own speed and revel in the power of it all. Just the best. Thank you again.

    • Klaus

      For an example of how people can see the same thing very differently, compare this comment to the one directly above.

      I must say that I agree with Chris in this case.

    • Juliette Leroux

      “What now? What next? How much is he hurting? Will he make it?”
      Tune tomorrow for the next Episode of “The Young protectors”, where you will hear Lamproos say “Hey! Who stole my souls?”

    • You’re very welcome, Chris. Thank you again for one of your awesome reactions to the work. Very fun for us to read. 🙂

  • lollerilol

    i see a lot of people saying they didn’t expect this, but really no one has died in this comic yet and i think pulling out these deus ex saves is lazy storytelling.

    • Keneu

      I was hyped for Laampros arrival too, but I’m not sure this qualifies as deus ex machina. It was hinted at before in one of the bonus comics.

  • Klaus

    Such soulful eyes.

  • davefragments

    Can’t wait!

    • davefragments

      This is tasteless, slightly vulgar, and definitely crude but I need a laugh on this endless Tuesday that sucks mightily:

      Pagans have a God for almost everything except premature ejaculation. But I hear that’s coming quickly.

      • Kate G

        HA HA HA HA HA HA. *trying to hold it in* *busts out laughing again*

      • 😛

  • Kate G

    For sale: One, precocious 19-month old child. Male. Of green eyes and blonde hair. Superpowers currently known is extremely accurate projectile throwing, screaming in babble and climbing. Must go to home without pets. Will pull on pet’s tail. Only known weakness is Elmo.

    My nephew is in terror mode. Save me.

    • Adam Black

      I will give you $1

      • davefragments



        • Adam Black

          I know i should charge her, but…

          • davefragments

            I’ve talked about myself as a Twin. My Mother used to say that she’d never give a penny for another set of twins but she wouldn’t take millions to give up her first set. She never said that when I was around (or so she thought)…

          • Adam Black

            Are you saying , you are your own imaginary twin brother?

          • davefragments

            No. He’s 4 minutes older. There’s no imagination to this. My Brother and I are identical twins. People still get confused sometimes. Disgusting ain’t it. Sixty Six damn years old and people are that inattentive.

      • Kate G

        He went back to his master. Thank God.

  • Doki is going to miss camp tonight. Doki has headache problems.

    • Be well, Miss Doki!

    • davefragments

      Have a good rest and I hope that headache goes away.

  • JepMZ

    Oh my god, what’s happening here?! *reads previous page*

    Oh phew!

    The stickies post above was like the first thing I read. To be honest, I didn’t think he became fat since he’s a demon-ish Magic user. If this was final fantasy or something, his body would have protrusions of soul crystals sticking out of his body or crystal ball soul “materia” beautifully encrusted in the most fancy way possible, hah

  • Justin White