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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 67

153 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 67

During this scene, folks in the comments have been weighing in on which panel they find Spooky to be the sexiest. For me, it’s the last panel of this page. 🙂

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So, looks like Spooky is giving it all he’s got. (And oh my gosh did Adam and Vero do an awesome job with the art on this page!) Will it be enough? Is there even enough time to save the sacrifices? Tick, tock!

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Sapfo


    • Woo hoo, Sapfo! Congrats. I was right there. I think.

      • Sapfo

        Toothtless lioness no more!
        Still got the V touch 😉

    • I see your hunting skills are intact 😉
      For a sec I thought I had it, but then comments appered the split second I clicked Post. Was sitting here, almost jumping, in the chair while it loaded so I could scroll down. Soo slow LOL

      • I hit return instead of clicking on post. Been away for too long 🙂

        • Sapfo

          my hunting technique is secret *Hitting F5 until I hit something* XD

          • Chris Dangerfield

            You make it sound like playing Whack-a-Virgin? LOL.

          • Sapfo

            Almost sounds like you are criticize my hunting technique? And Even if I do hit hard, I then sensually slides down to the comments section and type in a gentle message… “Would you like to see some magic, little V?” 😉

        • Chris Dangerfield

          … annnnnnd snagging a virgin from the back of a speeding Gryphon is never all that simple regardless.

          Maybe you need a net on a stick and then you could sort of scoop one up as you fly by? I might know a website that makes those? Still takes mad skillz tho… (you’d totally ace it!). 😀

  • Oh NO!

    • Wow! Did I get that one?

      • Sapfo

        Dont know yet! It might take a few updates of the page before the right order of V taking is correct.

  • God dayum!

  • *biting nails*

  • Determined Spooky is very very very determined.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      And smexy… let us not forget that!

  • Spooky will save those people dang it!

    • I hope so. He will feel so bad if he doesn’t (everyone else will too).

  • davefragments

    And time is just disappearing second by second. Will he dissolve the spell or will the electrocution go zap, zap, and kaboom with the grand circle of bones bursting through the dimensional walls …
    and, and , an, I bet Duncan is standing with the key to open the doorway.

  • syllibub

    Oh, Spooks. I’m torn, here. For the sake of realism, it seems like he shouldn’t be able to breach the shield, but it’ll also be devastating for him if he can’t. The way he says he “should” be able to do this makes me wonder if he’s ever failed to save someone before — if not, this would be a terrible first instance.

    And emotional turmoil aside, this is a flat-out gorgeous page. Spooky’s expression in the last panel is amazing, and Vero knocked it out of the park with these colors. It must be so challenging to render magical energy, but they did it. Brilliant work!

    • Yup, what sillibub said.

    • I so agree on both things. Almost biting nails here.
      And yes to Vero. The time and work it takes for Adam to make all the details is amazing, but to truly bring all these tiny details to life with colors, and doing it so well, it’s equal as amazing. Sometimes making lines only ‘hinted’ come to life with colors.. wauv!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yes, that “should” also got me right in the heart. I’m so worried.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Yup, what @syllibub:disqus and you all said. Exactly.

  • Sapfo

    Sexiest Spooky? All of them? That is why I´m a diplomat XD

  • You know it is serious when Spooky starts cussing.

  • jreed3842


  • Sapfo

    Thank you all for being at camping. It was way to long since last, and I hope it will not be to long until next time.
    Wolfie gal, I think your attention is needed on twitter.
    Berry will now slip of to bed with her new V. It´s a really cute Spooky V ^^~❤

    • Good night strawberry! (sorry I got pizza distracted!)

      • Sapfo

        Pizza is a accepted distraction. Happy nomning 😉

      • Pizza >.> I so miss a good pizza.
        Didn’t get it much before, but have denied myself any fastfood menues the last couple of months to save money.

    • I will be back on Twitter tonight! I have missed Twitter and chatting, so much, but my parents’ old thing, called a computer, hates Twitter with a vengence -_-
      It’s the one thing that I don’t like when I house-sit.

    • Sweet dreams Sapfo

      • Good night, Sapfo!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Doki!! You’re back!!!

        • Yes I am. You missed the cuddle pile during camping. *hugs* it is good to talk to you again. ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Great to talk to you too! I’m bummed that I missed camping – I was completely caught up in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and when I looked at the clock it was suddenly 11:30.

          • It happens. ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            *cling-hugs Doki like a koala*

      • Klaus

        Good to see you again.

    • Sleep well!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good night, Sapfo! I’m sorry I missed out on camping tonight!

  • Nate

    Great job, Alex & Adam. I really feel for Spooky in this one. My Cuddle Sense™ is triggering big time,

    (And is that some lovely coloring by Vero, or what?)

  • melanie powers

    Any panel of Spooky when he’s doing his damnest to save people is Spooky’s sexiest panel. Although, to be completely honest, he was also pretty damn sexy in the good friend panels back when he was comforting Kyle.

  • TwilightDreamer

    aaww! Spooky :'(

  • You know.. if there’s ANY chance Spooky got a little demonic (or got a ‘hitchhiker’) while being in a hell dimension, now would be a time where that could come out/manifest.
    We’ve never seen him so intense and desperate before. As Sylibub also said, this may be the closest Spooky has ever come to not saving people.

    (Me): At least people, who are right in front of him.

    Has he ever mixed this much demonic energy into his magic before? I kind of doubt it. I think he’s kept it pretty leveled, sibe his magic comes of green all the time (his mix of the two energies).

    Hope this won’t do anything irreversible to Spooky, neither mentally or magical.

    • Mary Klemzak

      Hey yeah, I noticed that too!

    • Marie

      I think if he fails it will, regardless of how much or little demonic power he’s mixing in.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Well that is a fun idea… the evolution of Spooky. It does make me hope Alex will have the internal bandwidth, as his library grows, to keep telling stories that let these character’s grow up. I want to know what Spooky grows into. I also really want to know what Amanda grows into. Heck ALL of them. I want to know what Tsu’s damage is. (ect… and infinity… lol)

      When I think about this in relation to Spooky, I wonder what part of Sircea’s extraordinary abilities are inborn, or are developed due to her longevity or are skills like learning Enochian… or as you guys and Saxon have brought up… learned to weave different schools of magic together. Surely Spooky was born with his own skills and then the year in Hell linked him to something else which vaulted him to #2 after Sircea.

      So interesting to ponder. Now I want the next book. Auggggghhhh.

      Same about Kyle. We’re just seeing fire at the moment. But clearly his pops has crazy mad demon king skillz — as shown when he carved that sigil agreement in Duncan’s arm, binding him. So is Kyle going to discover some of that in himself as he grows? At one point a year ago I wondered if Kyle was going to discover the power in himself to release Duncan from the devil’s bargain, with discovered skillz as the devil’s son. So fun.

      I remembered a year+ ago when we all got in these fun debates about who Kyle’s mother was. And what level of hell his father inhabited and if his father was a fallen angel… then what parts of what does Kyle carry around in his gene-set. So cool to think about.

      Maybe when Alex recovers from his shipping coma we can get him to write a milestone story about Kyle’s conception. I mean clearly Sircea somehow got Laampros out and hooked up with who/what-ever the mother was (?-right-?) orrrrrr she did a spell similar to the Duncan/Kyle scene that transported a captured woman into Laampros’s dimension???

      Or am I mis-remembering everything? I’m a little busy just now that the leetle gray cells may not be functioning at top speed… *sigh*

      Okay now I’ve got myself all worked up about the future and we haven’t even finished “today” in TYP-land.

      (I wonder how Sircea “negotiated” with Laampros… and how she got Duncan to be the fall guy for a really raw deal? Alex, can we add that to this story I’m all worked up about?)

      • Yes! To all you said. Want to know too. Work for Alex for years to come 😉

        Going back to Spooky, since he’s the one I focused on here. I’m trying to/tried to make a comment without giving up spoilers, but this might be close to it, for those not having tead the Spooky stories on Patreon.
        Ever since I read a certain something detail, I’ve been wondering about the implications of this ever since, and what I hint around about in my comment.

        How much of Spooky’s magic powers was inborn, and how much was/is influenced by his little demon friend, Anaado? Same goes for his ability to stay sane where others go cray-cray. Is it because he’s already been in a world so scary and insane that sanity was the way to go? He’s ‘cured’ for any temptation of the demonic, so he’s exceptionally good at balancing that side of his magic, or was/is he having help to balance his mind?

        I know you’ve read the Spooky stories, so maybe you know exactly what detail I talk about xD

        • Chris Dangerfield

          YUP. I ask myself the exact same suite of Spooky-questions. 🙂

  • Mary Klemzak

    My stomach is I’m knots! Cmon, Spooky, don’t give up! Few more seconds! We believe in you!

    Oh, and last panel, is my vote. He’s getting desperate and almost panicking. He’s kept cool all this tune though. I gotta hand it to him. He’s a very cool guy. Under the circumstances.

    The last one, without the text, would make a fantastic banner to something! Like for cons or..?

    Anyway, going to be close! I have a feeling though that Kyles dad will be coming soon. Then, the Ultimate Son and Father face-off battle will begin! Of course, Kyle will win.

    Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, the end of summer and all. Stay safe and enjoy!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    My heart is breaking over Spooky right now.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Also, panel 4 gets my vote. There’s just something about the determination in his stance.

  • Wildroses

    I don’t find someone horrified and desperate sexy. If you are looking at a room full of people you probably cannot save then the last thing you should be thinking is: “Yeah, I’d like a piece of that!” 😛

    I don’t know if he can save them and part of me doesn’t want him to. I mean, storywise it would be a bit of an anti-climax at this point to save the hostages and prevent Daddy Dearest and his army from entering the world. There has to be a family reunion for an exciting story, and for that the hostages have got to die. (Man I’m glad these hostages are fictional characters or I would be a cold hearted person right now)

    I think Spooky is making the wrong decision here in ignoring Amanda to prepare for the demons to let the hostage die, but I don’t consider this a writing flaw because of his character. Spooky does have a history of ignoring advice and orders in favour of what he believes to be the best course of action for innocent victims. And the problem with that is that there have never been any negative consequences because it has always worked out well.

    When Kyle was traumatised after Duncan left him betrayed, naked and alone he ignored Paul’s advice not to make wisecracks, but Kyle responded well and felt better, so Spooky got away with it. When they all had Duncan and the Priestess helpless, he decided to save Mitch when he was attacked despite Amanda explicitly telling him not to, both as a group if this situation arose before the fight and individually in a scream while it was happening. And I’d argue that appeared until right now worked out well for him too. Sure, they were prisoners for a while, but Amanda and Paul got them out of it and they regained the upperhand with Mitch alive which is obviously better than letting him die and keeping the upperhand would have been.

    I agree that this could well be the first time in his life Spooky is faced with a situation of innocent people he cannot protect, as well as the first time in his life Spooky is facing the idea that his instinct to ignore advice and orders he disagrees with as not being the right decision. And that is another reason I kind of want the hostages to die as the character development could make for an interesting story. Spooky’s confidence has always been one of his most prominent character traits, so doubts about whether he did the right thing could be a traumatic experience for him, especially if they are along the lines of: “Maybe if I had gone with Amanda when she first insisted fighting off the army would have been better and less of my team members would have been hurt,” and “Maybe if I had let Mitch die we’d have had more time and could have saved all the hostages instead.”

  • Jeldenil

    I believe in you, Spooks! Story rules command you’ll get it in the final second. ♡

  • SleepingDragon

    Guys I swear, if you end up harming Spooks I’m not responsible for my actions. I might even write a strongly worded letter.

    • timemonkey

      Which letter will you choose? Personally I like ‘J’.

  • camelotcrusade

    In panel four it looks like the spirit of DanishWolf is swooping in to help Spooky (top left part of the panel, the upside-down wolf!). I wouldn’t put it past him.

  • Samurai Jack

    Where’s Mitch? Everyone else is accounted for these last two pages. Might our little Flyboy be waiting to save the day?

    • Derkins

      did he go off at mach speed to get help from a trusted friend? o-o

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Or at least a wee last minute lip-lock before the world ends? Hey, he’s 15, I’d understand. Priorities!

  • KatKaleen

    If I had to describe this page in one word, it would be “INTENSE”.

    • Michael

      That would not be an inaccurate description.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Nor would your reply to @katkaleen:disqus ‘s accurate description be inaccurate… (ouch… I think I just hurt my brain trying to be funny… I’ll just show myself out.)

  • Алексей Широколава

    Question: the glass is obviously transparen in the optical spectrum. So, why they couldn’t use this window of vunerability to just burn out the kill device inside? Like generate the laser beam (they have magic user & firebender, after all) in optical spectre, which would penetrate?

    • Platinum Priestess has warded the box with spells. Neiher water, fire or magic can break through.

      • Алексей Широколава

        Let’s her spells be, they aren’t the problem at all. The light obviously could penetrate the box (othervise it would be non-transparet) both ways.

        So, the coherent beam of EM radiation in optical spectrum – i.e. basically laser, working on visible light – could penetrate the box without much problems. Just plain old photons. Their source may be magic, but the photons itself are simply photons. And while spell obviously don’t stop the photons… the kill device could be burned through the wall of the cage. Fortunately, the device is black)

        • I am not nearly familiar enough with that kind of science to know of that could work. Sounds cool though 🙂

          • Алексей Широколава

            Basically this is the ultimate problem of all this fancy transparent or semi-transparent force shiedls, that high-tech villains/magic villains like to put around them) They are transparent – i.e. some part of spectrum could go in and out, without problems)

          • Pietro7

            The issue would be ‘how much’ light – the glass/magic likely has an upper limit on what it will pass, and that limit is well below laser-level power.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I’m still stuck on the fact that little Mitch can make a convertible fly. A reeeeely cool convertible. 😀

  • Will Parkinson

    Oh, why do I have the feeling something bad is about to happen to Spooky?

    • timemonkey

      Because he’s standing next to a bomb about to go off?

      • Will Parkinson

        Oh, yeah. That would do it.

        • Chris Dangerfield


  • Michael

    Happy birthday to me, indeed 😀 I love the intensity and passion in Spooky’s entire bearing, face, everything in this page. This is a man who is desperately giving everything he has, pushing himself to the absolute limit to try to save these people. I get the feeling maybe he’s failed to save someone in the past, and that’s haunting him in this very possible repeat of his failure?

    • Happy birthday 🙂

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Happy birthday!

    • davefragments

      Happy Birthday

    • Happy Birthday Michael!!!

    • Happy Birthday, Michael!

    • Keneu

      Happy birthday!

      As for Spooky, I think that’s a possibility. He says he *should* save them. He feels obligated to. There could be something in his past that could made him think that way.

    • Kate G

      Happy birthday, Michael!

    • Happy birthday, Michael! 🙂

    • D. G.

      Happy birthday.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Oh to be 21 again! Enjoy! Happy Birthday. 😀

      • Michael


        • Chris Dangerfield

          My mom always tells people she’s older than she is too. That way they all cry, “OMG, you look fabulous for your age.” Very clever! 🙂

    • bronakopdin

      Happy belated birthday 🙂

  • T Dibbler

    Oh, poor Spooky. If this fails he’s going to blame himself so hard.

  • Jeff Baker

    If I haven’t mentioned the artwork before, it is fantastic!

  • Pikinanou

    If sexy and awesome are synonyms then yes, he’s sexy!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Raises several question to which I know we don’t have hard data, but nevertheless: We know from expanded universe stories that Spooky has been rescuing people from potentially life threatening situations. Does he always take potential failure this hard? Or is it the number of people in this instance?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      I can’t pin-point the story spot that makes me think this, but I feel that Spooky’s time in hell game him great empathy for kids in danger… maybe people in durance in general. And their plight hit’s him like PTSD. As we saw, he totally sacrificed himself to save Mitch (when he fell). He knew Duncan was coming at him like a train, but he puts other lives before his own.

      Amanda knows him best and given her feels for him, that can’t be easy to live with. Knowing that someone you care about so much will throw himself in front of the Rhino every time, regardless. Watching this moment, she is calculating the damage of a freed Laampros vs. the sacrifices and making the leader’s decision. However, it’s like Spooky short-circuits and can’t help himself when it comes to people in fear and peril.

      Yadda yadda… all that said… I love your post.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Lofty thoughts…

    @saxon_brenton:disqus raises a good question below. However, also being an intellectual, I’d like to know if the size of a man’s Enochian Magic is in proportion to the size of his… WHAT? (oh yeah I saw the height chart… so it issss true. very good).

    I also have bit of a thang for a glowing man covered in multi colored magic. It just kinda rings my bells!

    So I say, “SAVE ‘EM SPOOKY!!!!”

    This page is gorgeous Alex, Adam and Vero. Thank you. It made a brutal week infinitely better!

    • Thank you, Chris! Sorry to hear you had a rough week, but I’m glad to hear this page made it better. 🙂

    • Adam Black

      Funny Thing.
      ‘Lofty thoughts’ make me think of

      ( woah, There is a movie now?

      and its considered the worst of all time? )

      The play is hysterical

      The Bigamist tell wife #1 that wife #2 is really a Transvestite named “Lofty” sleeping with his best friend. Hijinx Ensue.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        HA! It does sound very “NOISES OFF” in it’s chaos or perhaps more like the film, WHAT’S UP DOC… where everyone is chasing identical cases for entirely different reasons. 🙂

        • Adam Black

          The play wa s very funny.
          Shame the film is panned.

  • fujoshifanatic

    With those fists of fury? Definitely the last panel.

  • Jason Moon

    Aaaand the background music picks up tempo…

  • Jason Moon

    Off topic: Alex, do you plan on releasing any of your work on Comixology?

    • Yes. I’m looking into doing submitting to them sometime this month.

      • Jason Moon

        Will those who already purchased the eBooks on Amazon have Comixology copies automatically added to those libraries?

        • I’m afraid I don’t know. I’ve never submitted one of my comics to Comixology before.

          • Jason Moon

            It should, since ALL THE OTHERS I BOUGHT BEFORE THE MERGER HAVE. (Facepalm)

            If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here pushing on the “PULL” door…

  • Shiny Gwilly

    Spooky, you’re gunna make me cry
    wait scratch that, I’M ALREADY CRYING
    the emotion and intensity on this page is wonderfully done in every way, and i absolutely love it, despite what’s going on on the page, this has to be one of my favorites now

  • you are killing me. I gonna die dead…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Opinions on the art? Hmm. I think that the slightly-overhead perspective in the final panel makes Spooky look somewhat more round-faced and young (compare with the three-quarter profile in panel 1).
    And then going back through previous pages to look for corroborating evidence, I realised: that trickle of dried blood over his eye has slowly shrunk and now vanished (panels 22, 27, 52, 53, 57 and today). Okay, healing powers is one thing, but shouldn’t it be limited to closing actual wounds rather than removing after-the-fact blood stains? Could this be the secret of Spooky Jone’s sexiness? His powers adjust his appearance to optimal photogenic scruffiness!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Is that like how Kyle’s hair is always better than perfect, no matter what happens? I’ll admit there are always little shifts in character depending on camera angle and lighting. This time……….

      • I thought the camera angle, coupled with the strain showing on his face and then the bright hightlights which is his own magic, so bright, reflecting off his face made it appear a little fuller.

      • Or I was just so lost in this vision of Spooky’s super-hot bad-ass self that I just didn’t pay attention to anything except I think he and I should go for coffee and talk about what we have in common. WHAT? Hey, he’s magic and I LIKE magic. He’s sexy and I LIKE sexy. He’s funny and… well you get the idea. See, we’re made for each. Win win. (*snort*)

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I admit that I’ve always assumed that Red Hot uses a hair mousse that is not only hard wearing but also fire resistant, as opposed to having a super power of ‘always perfect hair’.

        And as for Spooky’s energy flare: yeah, lighting up his face and even leaving a slight shadow from the forelock he has sticking out through his cap.
        [extreme nerd mode on] Which makes it really weird when you look at the inside of the cuffs of his trenchcoat and realise that, despite the glare he’s producing, there are solid shadows in there. Possibly the light isn’t coming from his hands, but is instead being generated in a halo around his hands.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          [extreme nerd mode dialed up to 11]

          Ah ha! But what if the inside of Spooky’s trench is mysteriously magic from having soaked up all the leakage from all those little spell bottles? Why I’ll bet we could nerd the “F” out and head canon that his coat is curiously sapient by now — which of course comes with mysterious shadows in the cuffs. HA!

          Not sapient pear-wood, but just a really thoughtful trench coat. 🙂

          • Saxon_Brenton

            [gnashes teeth]
            Curse you, Mr Dangerfield. You’re nerd-fu has proven superior to mine… For the time being!!!

          • Pietro7

            Battle of the Nerds?

          • Saxon_Brenton


          • Adam Black

            Which makes the Trenchcoat Spookys secret lover.
            ( well if he ever buffs out in it . )

            I see a spin-off here !!

            Spooky ‘misplaces’ his coat and it chooses a new owner, giving him some temporary magic powers. But the owner must be nude ( or nearly so ) inside of it. The more naked the more magic.

            @smsif:disqus is going to love this. She can choose some of his not quite naked wardrobe.

            Trenchie warps himself around cold young ab-tastic homeless boy on the beach and *The Flasher* is born.

            I’m guessing He has Flashing powers. Glowing powers, invisibility ( cops rip open the coat and No one is there. Just Glow…. ) Blast protection. Bullet proof. Magic -detection. Dark Magic alarm.

            I think Trenchie ought to have the demeanor , personality and skills of an older Noir detective. Except it aint the troubled dames he cant keep his arms off of. ( after Spooky its Twinks all the way. )

            Basically like a Gay cynical Dr Fate ,but a lot less pretentious, lower powered, and not such an possessive asshole.

            He should be sort of a symbiant. Keeping his previous memories, of being *the Flasher* . He also has native absorbing powers, he soaks up the character and powers of the person hes with. But this is skill-based. Its magic-enabled learning, ( not a theft , like rogue )

            OK @alexwoolfson:disqus I hope you are taking notes.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Well you’ve created an original character here — in the naked trench borrowing beach bum. You’ve clearly thought this through. Now, if you can get Alex to license you the rights to Spooky’s sentient trench coat… you can probably sell this as an original series by NetFlix… Maybe “TRENCH8” or something… Nice.

            (so, can I borrow money when you get rich?)

          • Adam Black

            we can partner on the it, and you can get half.

          • Pietro7

            Gosh, Chris, now you’ve made _me_ want a Really Thoughtful Trench Coat (TM). I bet it not only cleans itself, it hangs itself up in the closet.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Count on it! 😀

    • Adam Black

      You think Spookys magic ought to be inferior to .. Oxy-clean ?

      This makes total sense to me. Spooky already said hes willing to willing to embrace a potential stereotype. This makes him a perfect boyfriend.
      You just have to keep him warm at night — at the sheets are magically clean in the morning.

      ( Whether he will leave them glowing, even without a black light, is another question.)

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Nice. I think with a very little effort I could turn Spooky + glowing sheets into a very nice friendly little fetish. 😀

        • Adam Black

          God we need to market this.

  • Earl Patterson

    I bet he able to free them within 2 sec left… or count down then nothing happens

  • Kate G

    Come on, Spooks, you have 12 seconds. 12 seconds are extremely precious. You can do a lot in 12 tiny seconds. CONCENTRATE! Or, well, as Mother Odie done say, you gotta dig a little deeper.

    Dammit, I’m quoting Disney again…

  • Zeruk

    That moment when you see the newest page the day after it comes out….

    But hey at least I have this beau-ti-fulll! Panel of Spooks using all his might to save these people… That’s something! I could actually stare at this for a good 10 minutes. Even more. WELL DONE TYP crew!~ :3

  • Lyleen

    Go Spooky, go Spooky, go Spooky!

  • D. G.

    I think Spooky is sexiest in panel 4 surrounded by his light and dark power. I think if he fails he’s gonna be devastated. He may also feel intimidated by Sircea when she returns.

  • Mir

    The colors are beautiful.

  • bronakopdin

    just got back from camping with my sis and her kids ^^
    I guess it’s the first time I was actually “camping” at a new page release… just not here x’D

    but daaaaamn I really hope Spooky can do it >///////////<

  • Rashel Izro

    I’m having a hard time understanding why spooky’s speech bubble is outlined in red in the last panel

  • somebody

    I just wonder…
    where did they get all those bones?
    Did our lovely Lady hide them in her garage?
    Maybe take it out once in a while when she gives a barbecue for villains?
    Just imagine the smalltalk “Oh my what a lovely bone-bow! Where did you get that? It would look stunning in my conservatory” – “Aw thank you darling, the Maya made it for me as a sacrifice, it took them a few decades”

    • davefragments

      The long and short answer: graveyards.

    • Pietro7

      Lots and lots of barbecues.

  • purplefoxglove

    I had a really nice dream about Spooky that made totally sense when I was asleep, but upon waking up, I realised that it did absolutely not fit Spooky’s backstory (in most parts).
    The dream took place when Spooky was in hell, only he was as old as he is now, had found a safe spot, and one of Anaado’s relatives was teaching Spooky how to use healing magic. They were practising on each other. The healing magic did not have the side effect of making you horny, but totally relaxed, as if you were just getting the best massage of your life. Turns out relaxed Spooky is a cuddly Spooky. In a totally PG way. Hmmmmmm, cuddly Spooky 🙂
    I *know* this is quite the opposite of what really happened when Spooky was in hell, but I figure with all the panic and pain Spooky is currently going through, my subconscious wanted to make him feel better. And it’s no secret that I want to cuddle Spooky. Like, anytime.

  • davefragments

    I made it, YAY!
    The countdown starts at 12…

  • Hiya 🙂

    • davefragments

      How’s it going?

      • Getting the travel jitters 🙂 Leaving for YaoiCon in a week.

        • davefragments

          I never like traveling. Especially traveling for work. Although, YaoiCon and other big conferences have been a temptation.

    • Morning Ms. Wolf!

  • Page up!!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Darn it! Right when I got here for camping!

    • Nate

      I do believe I managed to snag the V-card this time. My second, IIRC.

  • Justin White

    this is awesome and tense