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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 66

257 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 66

But does he have enough time?

So, I have two bits of good news!

First off, by popular demand, the Kindle version of The Young Protectors Volume One is now on Amazon! I know there were a lot of folks who have been asking me for this, and now you can get it. Like the Kindle version of Artifice, this e-book uses Kindle’s advanced Panel View technology. Just double-tap on the first panel (or any panel) and then tap on the right side of the screen to flow through the panels and pages. It takes a bunch of extra work to set that up, but I think it’s worth it. Check it out! 🙂

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So! Commander is trying to move her team into position to push Laampros back to Hell. But it looks like Kyle is reluctant to leave Spooky who isn’t moving at all! And is it me, or does it look like there’s now less than 45 seconds left on the clock? Will Spooky be able to figure out the right mix of magic to defeat The Platinum Priestess’ defenses in time?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀



    • Kate G

      DAMMIT! I missed my a mere second!

      • It was a real nail bitter there. Because I think it was actually by less than a second.

        • Kate G

          I know! I was constantly refreshing my three pages saying to myself, “I shall beat her!” Missed my a microsecond of my computer trying to navigate the 98th refresh. XD

          • And I almost didn’t get it because my brain was having trouble with the notion of hitting post.

  • Kate G


  • With these powers combined….

  • davefragments

    That look… Spooky is determined but what if he just almost succeeds and the thing goes off? What if it is a booby trapped spell.

    • syllibub

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering that too — if breaching the shield around the box would trigger additional unpleasantness.

      • davefragments

        The booby trap could be that the timer triggers the sacrificial deaths before it hits zero.

        • syllibub

          Right, since the spell has already been cast, the timer could just be a diversion. Plus, Duncan did say Sircea was “very thorough” — that could just mean that the shield is complicated to break through, but it could also mean that it’s rigged. What if it’s a trap that redirects the energy to kill whoever gets through the shield, using that person as the sacrifice instead?

          • davefragments

            I still don’t know where Sircea’s “key to the kingdom” went. She had it in her hands during the battle with TYP and then it disappeared. That was the blood sacrifice that Sircea, Duncan (the caster of the spell) and the minions were doing when TYP arrived.

          • syllibub

            That’s true — I think its reappearance will be a key moment.

            Aaaand I’ll show myself out.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Did anyone else hear a rim-shot?

          • Samurai Jack

            Didn’t it fall through the portal with her?

          • davefragments

            The last time I saw the Key was on Chapter 4, page 21. After that, I lose track of it.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            OMG, if (what was the key’s name) is missing GFE will bereft when he follows Laampros through the portal. Oh dear me.

          • stickfigurefairytales


  • Serious Spooky is Serious.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Many magicks. Much concentrate. Wow.

      • I know, two magicks at once. It’s like the ultimate belly rub and head patting move. Of course I keep trying to rub my head and pat my belly.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I think the demonic magicks look like they’d taste like grape soda.

  • Kate G

    Believe in Spooky. In Spooky we trust. Wait, wait wait, I have it.

    Who you gonna call? SPOOKBUSTERS!

    Okay, that one is kind of bad.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Last panel is the ‘That would look cool as a poster’ image for today.

  • NOW SPOOKY!! I hate to put pressure on you, but you know hurry up! Tick tock. Literally.

  • Nate

    Badass!Spooky is badass. I love the way the two magics are weaving together.

  • davefragments

    BTW – an aside:
    Tomorrow, I want to hear reporters try to say Papahānaumokuākea …

    To quote Dave Barry: The Hawaiian language is quite unusual because when the original Polynesians came in their canoes, most of their consonants were washed overboard in a storm, and they arrived here with almost nothing but vowels. All the streets have names like Kal’ia’iou’amaa’aaa’eiou, and many street signs spontaneously generate new syllables during the night.

  • spooky’s looking so … dang sexy, in that last panel

    (i like those kinds of Expressions on a man, y’know)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Man, I hate people rushing me when I’m trying to concentrate.

  • Adam Black

    twice in a row? you’re fired.

  • Yeah, Spooky is not giving upon getting them out, and I don’t think he truly will/would until very last second. Unless he succeed before that. For years everything for Spooky has been about saving people from evil, and saving the people he could.

    Commander badly wants to save them too, but she’s more pragmatic. I think it’s in part her nature, and part her training. She’s largely looking at the bigger picture, and moves to the biggest threat when ‘small’ solutions seems unable to succeed.

    Some may not like her angle on doing things, giving up on hostages so ‘easy’, but it’s also why she has overlooked some of the rule-breaking by the guys. It’s done and/or it needed to be done.
    And either it’s been for the better good (ex. Mitch’s night missions), or she focus on what needs to come next (this whole sitution), and why she mostly let the team sort their squabbles by themself (unless it really goes of track, like in the plane).

    We’re seeing two different ways of handling things, two strong wills/tempers, and in between that -literally- we see the other guys, and what kind of reaction they have to it. Tsu and Mitch (and Fluke) follows orders, it’s what they can do right now to help, and it’s what they do in their trust of Amanda. Kyle does too, but as Spooky, he has trouble leaving the people right in front of them.

    It’s interesting to see so much of each YP member’s personality, in between the line, in these pages.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Nice analysis, Danish! I very much agree.

      • Thank you. It’s why I think the dynamic between her and Spooky is so interesting, besides their personal relationship. The difference in their nature, and viewings of things, is why it’s Tsu and not Spooky who’s the one officially leading the team with her.

        Could probably use a lot more time analyzing how I see them, all of them, because they’re all so interesting. Alex has written some great characters 🙂

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Agree with all of this. I’ll just point out two further facets that are probably playing into Spooky’s actions.
      Firstly, from the text stories we know he’s been saving people for years with effectively no backup except for calling in ExcSec to help mop-up afterwards. I’m guessing his instincts are more or less calibrated towards solo action when he thinks it’s needed (the other obvious example being the way he saved Flyboy during the chapter 3 fight scene) and that instinct is getting in the way even now when Commander is giving him direct orders.
      The other is that Spooky is a magic user, which means that (depending on the definition of magic you’re using) his entire mode of operation is to pit his willpower against the laws of physics and reality in general, and try to bully it into doing things his way. So he’s not inclined to give up, just because the going’s getting tough.

      • First point was something I thought of too, but didn’t havd the time to add before I had to go. Swcond point I hadn’t really thought of in that way. You’re so right 🙂

        Another thing I didn’t have much time to add is that Amanda’s more pragmatic view makes her willing to overlook things, if for the better good, but don’t hide it from her/lie to her. She’ll almost certainly have your back if she knows the truth.

      • And I really like your extra points here too, Saxon. Fun for me to read. 🙂

      • Chris Dangerfield

        I love these kinds of character behavior observations. Makes a ton of sense.

    • Glad you liked that, Danish. I really enjoyed reading your analysis here. 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Hi wolfie!
      Been trying to reach you. Could you slip over to Twitter?

  • Spooky used the red bubble!! Spooky used the red bubble. I wonder how Amanda will feel about being yelled at.

    • jreed3842

      I dunno about you, but I’d be too terrified to even THINK about giving Commander the red bubble!

  • D. G.

    I wonder what spooky plans to do once the magic shield is down. If he succeeds.

  • Jeldenil

    I know it’s supposed to be Kyle, but to me, this page makes Spooky the great hero. He’s not giving up, even if it seems hopeless. I salute him.

    • Minyassa

      I join you in that salute. If I was in that cage I know who I’d be focused on as MY hero.

  • camelotcrusade

    And then Spooky’s clothes blow off and…. tbh, nobody would make it past that panel anyway, so it’s a good way to stall.

  • Nirgal

    Motion to turn that last panel into a poster.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Motion seconded and SOLD. As I’ve said before, I’m taking all my other pinups down for that Spooky (okayyy and that Silverjow Kyle) and out with Chris Hemsworth and IN with Spooky and Kyle posters. Yay!

      • camelotcrusade

        But Chris Hemsworth! Maybe just put it somewhere out of the way.

    • Nate

      I’d settle for a clean copy-free version. It’d make a dandy avatar hereabouts.

  • Sapfo

    Spooky! Hurry up!

    • Adam Black

      Hes doomed us all.

      • Sapfo

        He is welcome to doom us all. He does with pretty magid 🙂

        • Adam Black

          Youre not lookin at his pretty …magid.

          Are you thinking of him shirtless and flexxing?
          stop that, we are doomed.

  • camelotcrusade

    ========= Next Comic ==========
    (Spooky, desperately) I’ve got it!
    Everybody form a circle!

    (Spooky, Gordon and Kyle form a circle)

    (Spooky) Now, put your left foot in!
    (Gordon) I put my left foot in!
    (Spooky) And put your left foot out!
    (Kyle) I put my left foot out!
    (Spooky) Now, put your left foot in!
    (Gordon) But you just said…!
    (Spooky) And shake it all about!
    (Kyle) I’m shaking it!
    (Spooky) Then you… you…. (heavy breathing)
    (Gordon) You what? Then you what?!

    (Alex) Tune in next week to find out!
    ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

    • You do the the hokey pokey
      and you turn yourself around
      That’s what it’s all a…aaaaaand they’re all dead.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Spooky in that last panel…. ahhhhhhh… (*fans self*)!

    However, Amanda is doing a good runner up for sexy in charge hot lady! Once again, you’ve succeeded in confusing this thoroughly gay man (so feel that pride)!

    As always, a wonderful page oh artists. Thank you. 😀

    • I’m a huge Amanda fan and I want more art of her, be it kickass, casual/fun or smexy hot as f*ck. Something I’ve tried to make happen more than once (in votings and such). So I completely get that confusion 🙂

      • Coming up with another cool Commander pin-up is definitely on my radar. 🙂

        • Chris Dangerfield

          ◔_◔ ok…… WANT
          (yeah, I said it)

    • You’re welcome, Chris! Glad you liked the page! 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Having had a few hours to think about the page, I am now worried. I have been wondering for a while what will be the plot development that springboards into the fifth and final part of YP: Engaging The Enemy (and, also, about where the foreshadowing would fit that Spooky gave that Red Hot’s status as a prince of hell might be the ace-up-the-sleeve).

    I am now concerned that Spooky’s actions will meet with failure: both in saving the sacrificial hostages and then in the Young Protector’s attempts to ambush and push Laampros back as soon as he steps fully through the portal. In short, that Commander is correct in this tactical call, that Spooky will not be at the portal to help push Laampros back and as a result there will be a full demon invasion. And it will be Spooky’s fault.

    Is there anyone with counter-arguments who wants to calm my fears?

    • Klaus

      Spooky may yet succeed. However, it would be too much of an anticlimax if Laampros does not get through. Maybe he can get through anyway. Maybe the PP has boobytrapped her stabby minions so they get sacrificed if the original sacrifces get rescued. Or,more likely, something totally unexpected will happen.

      What will not happen is that the sacrifices are saved, Laampros does not step through, and chapter 5 follows Spooky for the next ten years as he repairs the walls.

      • Marie

        I’m kind of thinking he’ll get it right on the timing dot. Laampros gets no sacrifices, but still comes through.

        Mostly because the idea of them all dying in front of Spooky as he shoves his last effort at it is very sad.

        • Klaus

          Those sacrifices are not for Laampros, The sacrifices are necessary to open the gate.

          • Marie

            Same thing, except replace ‘Laampros’ with ‘gate’ and ‘comes through’ with ‘exists’

            Basically I’m saying he’ll pull through right when they’re Schrodingered, and the gate is appearing already so pulling them out doesn’t stop it.

          • Klaus

            Someone is about to turn a key, unlocking a door. At the last moment, you prevent them from turning the key. But too late, the door opens anyway. I just don’t think it works that way.

          • Marie

            So say it’s a dissolving key. Turning it all the way will open the door, but also dowse it with water and destroy it.

            Just as it hits position, someone yanks it out very quickly (or even not quickly, but with the perfect timing). Door is open, but key managed not to be destroyed.

    • Keneu

      Maybe they stop Laampros, but some other demons slip through the wall creaks?

    • Nate

      Or maybe… oh, that would be evil.

      What if they AREN’T sacrifices at all? What if the entire plot was designed to get Spooky to try to breach the box… because THAT is what opens the gate?

      I mean, think about it… we know Spooky is capable of opening portals from Hell, but nobody knows exactly how he did it. So Sircea set up this shell game, and while he THINKS he’s freeing the hostages, what he’s actually piercing is the dimensional barrier preventing Laampros from crossing over.

      • Jeff Baker

        Ow! I hadn’t thought of that!

        • Stephen Hutchison

          Probably not. She had no reason to expect them to actually get there in time and find them and everything. That’s WAY TOO MUCH Xanatos.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Oh, that would be sneaky.
        [puts face in hands] And this is the legacy of the Artifice webcomic, and the comments Alex made about how he tries to write non-stupid villains. We fans keep imagining increasingly intricate schemes for the villain to be involved in.

  • Come on Spooky!!! One last push otherwise Kyle’s going to have to chat with Daddy.

  • Shiny Gwilly

    but goddamn are you stubborn, for totally good reasons of course
    but this could end up bad if they’re going to need Spooky at the gate immediately when it opens up and he’s too busy/distracted with the box


  • Mary Klemzak

    Cutting it close, but we’re behind you, Spooks! There’s lots of love behind you, all the way!

  • Klaus

    A good thing this is not the military. Insubordination in such a crisis situation would have got Spooky court martialed.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Come on Spooky!!
    ….holding onto my seat for dear life just so I don’t go slipping off the edge… ;P

    • lollerilol

      well don’t hold your breath, we all know how it’s going to end, no one can die in a western comic, it’s a sin.

      • TwilightDreamer

        Haha! well this story has already managed to catch me off guard a good few times… ;P

  • Will Parkinson

    That last panel is EVERYTHING.

  • Jason Moon

    And the tension mounts…

    Also, THANK YOU for the heads-up about the Kindle version Alex! That beauty now resides in my Kindle library. 🙂

    • If you get the opportunity (and don’t have it already), I’ll so recommend the paperback too. The book is gorgeous with such a great quality pages. The colors, and just being able to flip through the pages <3

    • You’re welcome, Jason. I know folks have been asking for that for some time. Glad to hear it found your way into your library. 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    C’mon spooky! Crack the seal of the Tupperware of doom!

  • T Dibbler

    I love that last panel. 🙂

  • somebody

    Spooks…. we all know what last happend when you said “don’t worry… there’s time”

  • davefragments

    I want to know and I want to know NOW!

  • Starfighter update!!! DOUBLE!!!!

    Doki is finally back!!!! I finally have internet back on my computer! I have missed you all soooo much!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    You know, any new readers to the comments section probably won’t be able to make the slightest sense of what Hellsnake Fanfic is about. But if the rest of your are going to keep indulging me with this stuff, I know there’s at least one more episode in this mini-story arc.

    1st Bite: In which coffee is made
    2nd Bite: In which hellsnakes are not pokemon
    3rd Bite: Now with extra tummy rubs

    Shane And The Hellsnakes – 4th Bite
    (A Young Protectors occult sitcom fanfic. Inspired by the stories of AMW Comics.)

    PAGE 1 – Recap
    1.1) Re-establishing shot of Shane’s living room from ep.3. Shane and female neighbour still standing by front door, talking. Huey the hellsnake still on the sofa.
    Shane (a bit defensive): “Well, sure I let Huey use the TV remote. Normally he’s not that noisy. Playing video games, that’s when he gets noisy.”
    Neighbour (surprised): “He can play video games?”
    1.2) Close-up of Shane’s face. He looks bemused and a bit exasperated. “Yeah, of course.”
    1.3) Two shot of Huey, who is making grumpy face from the sofa, and Shane, who has half turned from the neighbour to talk to the snake.
    Huey: “Hisss.”
    Shane: “Yeah, yeah, and make coffee. But only because I stopped playing go-fer for you.”
    Huey: “Hisss.”

    PAGE 2 – Harry Potter references
    2.1) Two shot of Shane and neighbour. Neighbour: “You speak parseltongue?” Shane: “What?”
    2.2) Two shot of Shane and neighbour: Neighbour: “You know, parseltongue. From Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort was a parseltongue, and able to speak with snakes.”
    Shane: “I never saw those movies, so I don’t know who Lord Moldybutt is.”
    2.3) Wide shot. There is a sound, and both Huey and Shane are immediately on alert, looking towards the left side of panel. Shane raises a hand for quiet. They don’t see that the neighbour (on the right hand side of panel) is now holding a sword at the ready at waist height.
    SFX: thump Huey: “Hisss.” Neighbour: “What?”
    Shane: “Shh. Sometimes… Sometimes after there’s been noise, it’s attracts attention…”
    Shane (separate word bubble, connected to first): “Not from the singing pirates, or the ninja ballett, or the cowboy cyborgs…”

    PAGE 3 – Clowns. Why Did It Have To Be Clowns?
    3.1) Wide shot. Shane throws open the door to a cupboard. Inside is a clown with tentacles for its face, with its hands flung wide as if to grab them.
    Neighbour: “Lovecraftian clowns!!!”
    3.2) Wide shot, pretty much same angle as previous panel. The neighbour lunges forwards, running the sword into the clown, which violently discorporates in a discharge of unpleasant looking energies. Shane and Huey look surprised.
    3.3) Wide shot, pretty much same angle as previous two panels. Shane and Huey are now looking angrily at the neighbour. Shane points with one hand, and his other hand is a clenched fist. Shane: “Ninja ballerina!!!”
    Neighbour: “Wait! I’m not a… I’m not with them!”

  • Keneu

    Someone commented about how Kyle is looking at Spooky on the third pannel, and the differences between Amanda and Spooky. That made me realize that it looks like Gordon is looking at Kyle (I don’t think he could see Spooky at that distance with a side glance while running). That made me think he feels protective towards all his teammates, not just Flyboy. Also, while other members of the team understand “caring” as allowing them to express themselves, he understands it first and foremost as ensuring that person is safe – even if that means being an overbearing jerk sometimes. Different love languages and all that.

  • Hi all, it’s been a while.

    I’m sooo behind on reading the comic but I’d rather hang out here and wait for the page to update first.

    • It has been a while! About time. 😛

      • Indeed 😛

        • How’s it going, A.J.?

          • It’s going okay. Just stuffing pizza in my face. The parents are watching Civil War. I’m waiting for their input before I watch. I really don’t want to see my heroes fighting each other.

          • My copy was made available late last night but I haven’t watched it yet. Will probably watch all of them this weekend. Another Cap marathon for me.

          • I’ll probably watch it on Sunday when they watch it again.

          • I just ordered pizza… and watching Civil War XD

          • what kind of pizza?

          • Honey Almond Chicken and Montrey Chicken… and I’m already craving it…

          • Sapfo

            Hehehe, Had vegan pizza last night, So full ^^

          • That sounds divine….

          • Oh! I made granola from scratch and I can’t stop eating it. Ate the first container last night and almost done with the second one. So yummy! Want to make more but I’m out of oats.

          • Nom nom nom. 😀

    • Where is Starr? She said she was going to camp tonight.

    • You and me both, GG…. 😉

      • Yay! So good to see you!

      • Starr!!! *glomps and purrs*

        • I am now playing the prettiest boy route in Mystic Messenger (praying I don’t die….)

          • Good game?

          • VERY good! I have to figure out how to woo the strings on yet though 😉

          • Is it a mystery game or something else?

          • Kind of… but more trying to date pretty boys, while not meeting a bad ending XD

          • *grabs Gryphon and curl up around Starr so we can still cuddle without hindering Starr playing*

          • *leans head on Starr’s back, arms around Doki* Sigh.

          • Adorable CUTE! What Doki asked!

          • Sapfo

            You can die in that game, or is it dieing from the game? 😉

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Nice to see a number of commentators drop in for camping after absences [nods to Doki, Gryphon and Starr]
    However, I’m off to Saturday gaming. Back in 6 hours or so.

  • Sapfo

    Hello good people!
    As GG said, it´s been a while since a real camping ^^

    • Little Strawberry! *hugs*

      • Sapfo

        Hellos GG~~ so early here *fall into hug*

        • Yeah, it’s wayyy early. Thanks for getting up.

          • Sapfo

            Hard work, but pleasurably at the same time^^

        • *pulls Sapfo into cuddle pile*

          • Sapfo

            The best of piles ^^

          • More pillows! *throws an extra one*

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            And blankets! * Someone needs to start the camp fire soon*

          • I got marshmallows! *holds up bag*

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          • *reaches for it, then starts slipping marshmallows on it* Someone light a fire?

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            Anyone got a lighter?

    • Morning Sapfo sweet!

      • Been waiting for this moment when you say that, Doki 😀

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        Morning Admiral!
        Is the ship sailing smoothly? Or are there any clouds raising in the sky…. spooky clouds?

        • It seems pretty smooth! It’s supposed to cool down a little here for a couple days. Which will be a relief.

          • Sapfo

            Fall is coming, that ones for sure. Hope it will be a warm one here.

          • I’d like some rain here. And not necessarily freezing temps. Although a little snow if fun from time to time.

          • Sapfo

            I can send the snow to you, it usally only cases a problem with trafik and such D=

          • Yeah, people seem to forget how to drive when the weather shifts. Especially here in California. Rain? OMG!!

          • Sapfo

            take it easy when you drive, that is a good motto when snowing. An even better is, dont drive if you dont have to!

          • Oh indeed indeed. I wish more people followed that rule of thumb.

          • Sapfo

            I think the problem is that more people take the car when it snows, becasue it´s “easier”?

          • Well you’re not exposed to the elements then. And it has a heater!

          • That is so true, A.J.! People can’t drive here in the rain. They just freak out.

          • Well what is this wet stuff falling from the sky? We must run from it. 😛

          • We had the oddest thing happen the other day. It poured rain around our house for a good 5-10 minutes. Our house wasn’t under any clouds at the time.

          • So we are sitting in this nice big patch of sunlight, while it is pouring down rain. It was gorgeous.

          • I’ve driven through that kind of rain. I also had it while driving home from HS one time, it was pouring rain at school and when I went over the hill towards home, since home was in another town the rain just stopped and it was sunny skies.

    • *glomps you into the cat pile* the ‘glaring’ XD

      • Sapfo

        Kiss kiss little kitten! *great hugs for kitten*

  • syllibub

    So as I was slowly asphyxiating from my coworker’s noxious and liberally applied perfume earlier today, I remembered that Alex said Spooky smells like vanilla. That’s nice, I thought as my vision began to go dark at the edges. After I walked around to the other side of the office for fresh air, I started thinking about what the other characters might smell like. Turns out I’m not very knowledgeable or creative about smells.

    I think Amanda probably smells clean — like fresh laundry, crisp linen, something bright and refreshing.

    Duncan probably uses some fancy cologne with a name I couldn’t pronounce made by some high-end label I’ve never even heard of, that he no doubt associates with fond memories of a brief, dangerous, and passionate tryst with a political figure back in his wilder youth, because deep down he’s sentimental as hell.

    Accurate or no? What about the other characters, any ideas?

    • I think both Duncan and Amanda are spot on. It’s possible that Fluke/ might use Axe body spray. I was going to add Kyle, but I was thinking would be a bad idea because that stuff is flammable.

      • syllibub

        LOL! Yeah, all these clueless young guys…I’m sure the YP headquarters are saturated with the funk of cheap body spray. Poor Amanda.

        • Maybe that’s part of the reason why she said she wished they would all shower on the same day: old cologne mixed with sweat.

          • syllibub

            Truly, it’s what Satan’s deodorant must smell like.

        • I know! I’m not certain why these people feel the need to bathe in scents. I just want to punch them when they come around.

          • syllibub

            I guess they do it because you can’t really smell things on yourself after a certain point, but that’s how it’s supposed to be! If you can smell your perfume or whatever hours later, you’ve probably inadvertently killed someone already.

          • Or everyone else! I get young folk, teenagers just learning, but adults should know better. As I recently read on Chuck Wendig’s blog, if a bottle of cologne last less than ten years you’re doing it wrong.


          • Sapfo

            If it is the same way with perfume, then I am doing it right 😉

          • I should think that it is. 😀

          • syllibub

            That’s hilarious, I have to bookmark that so I can really appreciate it later! I like perfume a lot, okay — I accumulated quite a hoard that I recently culled to only my favorites. I’m purposefully trying to empty a bottle by wearing it all the time now, and I think I should drain it sometime before the next presidential election.

          • Considering how small perfume bottles often are.

          • syllibub

            Yeah — the one I’m working on is 1 fl. oz., and I’ve had it for around two years. One or two spritzes is more than enough.

          • I haven’t really found any scent I like enough. I figure the scent of my conditioner is enough. 🙂

          • syllibub

            Honestly, the clean, just-showered smell is one of the best there is! My hair never seems to hold that scent, sadly.

          • I also like the scent of some fabric softeners. The conditioner scent works well for me too. People are always telling me I smell good when I hug them.

          • Sapfo

            You do, GG!

          • Awwww!

          • Sapfo

            maybe its the shampoo that is not good witht the scent. Mine usally holds it some.

          • I think it depends on the conditioner too. I used some heavy duty all natural stuff. My hair is curly and tends to be dry. But I think I’ve gone nose blind to it. -_-

      • Sapfo

        Oh gosh! Younger Kyle trying on Axe for the first time! XD

        • syllibub

          Flaming armpits!

          • davefragments

            It obliterates the sweaty smell of used ice hockey pads and uniforms with that WALL OF AXE…

          • syllibub

            My brother played hockey in high school. I would take the stench of his used equipment over the AXE CLOUD.

          • davefragments

            I agree.

        • That would not be pretty!

          • Sapfo

            I think it would be pretty. If it was not so he found out about his powers?!?

          • He’s pretty, but a burning room, not so much.. 😛

          • Sapfo

            Burning little flam got a little bit to big? Yeah, that would not be good.

          • Not good at all. I think Kyle might need to stick with soap.

          • Sapfo

            Oh I love the smell of soap, and fresh linens (and the smell of burned wood). That should be Kyles smell.

          • Sun warmed fresh linens!

          • Mountain Lodge boyfriend candle!!

          • LOL!

          • I’m determined to get one of those one day. Determined!!

      • davefragments

        Several schools and athletic groups around here have banned Axe.

        • Good!! I think certain body sprays and such may have been banned when I was in HS.

    • syllibub

      Oh, and if you’re close enough to smell Sircea, it’s already too late.

  • davefragments

    I think I’m here. Not to sure tonight. Temperature is going down to 53ºF tonight and I had to turn on the heat.

    • Hi Dave! It was cold here last night too. I had to close the window. Seems warmer today.

      • davefragments

        last night I got too cold. Miserable night.

        • Ugh.

        • my room on the other hand has been annoyingly on the warm side…

          • davefragments

            I know that feeling, too…

      • I swear our weather is on the same wavelength again GG… cool wind here tonight…

  • davefragments

    All I keep thinking about in snacks and treats is tacos.
    In college we used to call the Pizza Wagon — the Chilled Grease and Choke Patrol. I would have preferred tacos. I wasn’t allergic to corn then.

  • davefragments

    Patreon Countdown!

  • Morning 🙂 Last day of house-sitting this time around. Love to house-sit for my parents, but their computer makes it an.. exprerience in old tech xD

    • Just in time, Danish! Patreon countdown.

      • I just saw 🙂 Time to see if I can hunt on this old thing. It’s almost as old as my ancient phone, and it runs on a Danish dictionary. SO many red lines all over *lol*

    • Morning, Ms. Wolf

    • Morning Danish hun!

    • Sapfo

      good morning Wolfie!

      • Morning. so you made it to a camp again 🙂

        • Sapfo

          Yeah, today I could come. and I knew that Starr and GG was coming also. So YAY!!!

          • Yes, nice to see GG and Starr around too. Been a while 🙂

  • davefragments
  • Justin White