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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 65

130 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 65

Should they wait?

So! Earlier this week, I added another Milestone Goal to our Patreon featuring more of Silverjow’s awesome art. It was his take on our firebending hero Kyle, and after a few days, we’re now less than $5 away from sending it out to all Patrons!

Here is a preview of the pin-up:


And here’s how the Milestone Goal works: If we hit $6400 on the Patreon, all Patrons will be able to download a digital wallpaper of the full version of Silverjow’s completely new, never-before-seen, Patreon-exclusive Kyle pin-up, which shows Kyle’s full body in all its sexy, ginger glory! And at the beginning of the following month, $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version of the pin-up, with over twice the resolution!

ALSO! I’ve just started a new feature for $5+ Patrons on my Patreon called Flashback Fridays. For Flashback Fridays, I am re-posting art (including NSFW art!) each month that was sent before that new Patrons may have missed the first time around, starting with the Save the Night Wallpaper, which is a full-color action pin-up of the entire team!

And for long-time Patrons, there’s still something special with Flashback Fridays: $10+ Backers will now be sent a high-res version of the Save the Night pin-up (with over twice the resolution) on the 10th of September! This is one of our most popular images and it’s the first time I’m making this pin-up available as a high-res download in any form. Just a way for me to give an extra thank you for your super-generous support. Woot!

There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron (you can see them all here along with an explanation of what the heck Patreon is), and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits),

please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron.

So! Time is running out and Commander is making the tough call. But wait! Spooky’s getting all cosmic with his magic. Will he be able to break through The Platinum Priestess’s defenses in time? Or will he have to give up on the sacrifices in order to make sure an army of Hell doesn’t get a foothold in this world?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • I do believe in Spooky, I do! I do!

    • Nate

      *claps hands*

  • davefragments

    I think it’s booby trapped.
    I think when the barrier falls, the timer races to zero.

    • bronakopdin

      I wonder about that… I might remember wrong but I thought the exact timestamp was important for the ritual? I don’t recall why exactly but I have sth clinging to the back edge of my mind that tells me the exact time was important for some reason ^^

    • Samurai Jack

      It just occurred to me that they don’t have to remove the captives from
      the cage. The earlier page Klaus references makes it sound like there’s
      a wire mesh at the base of the cage. If the timer is counting down to electrocution, all they have to do is insulate the captives from the cage. Or remove the ground connection. Mitch flying the cage into the air might be enough to get the job done. Just lift it and turn it over…

  • davefragments

    I like that purple and violet cloud with the sparkles for some other form of magic.

  • Spooks! Is he about to slow down time? What the heck has he come up with?

    Spooky magic… literally.

    • timemonkey

      I’d bet if slowing down time was an option he would have used it for the fight.

  • Adam Black


    • davefragments

      glad to see you

    • D. G.

      Hey Adam.

    • bronakopdin

      hi 🙂

    • Keneu

      Hello! *waves hand*

  • TwilightDreamer

    Come on Spooky!! You can do it!!

  • D. G.

    I think they should do as Commander ordered. Spooky its just not enough time to figure it out.

  • Nate

    Ganbatte, Spooky!

  • syllibub

    Not that I’m eager to see anyone electrocuted, but I’m sort of at the point where I’ll actually be annoyed if Spooky manages to just wing it and hit the right combination to undo a 6000-year-old sorceress’ carefully-planned impenetrable murderbox spell in a matter of seconds. Fluke’s power of ultimate convenience is one thing, but this would put me over the edge.

    • I think that Amanda just might grab Spooky and shove him towards the bone circle with a very firm Go!

      • Chris Dangerfield

        I do LOVE Amanda’s line in P#2: “So you’ve got nothing?”

        Woman does not pull her punches, even with man she has some hots for. HA!

        • Nope, no punch pulling with her! And I’m quite certain she would not hesitate to grab Spooky from what he was doing.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I know that would have been an awesome panel — just snatching by the collar and powering on. ‘Cause you know she would. LOL.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Not that you’re biased to a sexy silver sorceress… nooooeeeee. However, I agree.

  • D. G.

    I like the way spookys magic is drawn and colored. Great job.

    • syllibub

      Me too! Also very intrigued by different “types” of magic — I wonder what kind Spooky generally uses?

      • syllibub

        Also interesting is that the script on Patreon suggested that one of the magic types should be “blue-white,” which sounds like Sircea’s style. The yellow-white magic Spooky’s generating looks jagged like hers, too. I wonder if that means she uses Enochian, possibly with a twist?

        • Chris Dangerfield

          … and shaken, never stirred. 😀

  • So.. Spooky is using both Enochian and demonic magic right now. Seperate to make ‘the right mix’.

    Interesting that he has to adjust the mix, making his usual green energy it split in a lighter magic and something that looks like dark and universal. So he’s used a mix of both the whole time, probably is a more even mix, but is now putting in more of one to replicate Sircea’s magic more.

    Which one does he up? What magic level has Sircea’s magic worked on? For her deal with Laampros, my guess is more demonic, but does she always have a more deonic magic, or is she keeping a more even mix too?

    Is an even mix of angelic and demonic magic important to keep sanity? Is that where many magician go crazy, because they stray to one side and stay there?
    This is too early in the morning for me to have these big thoughts xD

  • Mir

    The hostages have the classic duct-tape around mouth, but the thing is it’s incredibly easy to get duct-tape taped like that off your mouth, often times without even trying it comes off.

    Should we go with Amanda’s plan or Spooky’s? What if it doesn’t work? Spooky will have to live with the guilt of those hostages dying because he didn’t do it in time.

    • bronakopdin

      what if it’s magical enhanced duct-tape?

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Now, I’m not sure whether to be more concerned about her assured knowledge of duct-tape behavior or yours of the magically enhanced sort. Oy this list can worry a body. 🙂

        • bronakopdin


  • Shiny Gwilly

    i was late to the last update but early enough for this one!
    Spooky, i love you, we all do, but there’s really NO time to experiment and figure out a good mix, you can keep trying your best though
    i’m sure at least Gordon is going to listen to Amanda and go to the gate but Kyle will hesitate or only go halfway


  • That poor guy in panel 3. He wants so desperately to see behind him he’s crossing his eyes.

  • Jeldenil

    Do I see bursts?

  • camelotcrusade

    This comic is so educational! TIL: “Enochian is a name often applied to an occult or angelic language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague Edward Kelley in late 16th-century England.” – Wikipedia

  • Klaus

    No timer.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Oh man, Spooky, I hope you can do this in 30 seconds because all that dialogue takes time and you’re out of it!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Spooky! Gah!!!
    Okay, on the positive side: like a lot of other people, I’m impressed that he can make a reference to using Enochian magic. (I bet he’s even read the Stanzas of Dzyan in the original Senzar.)

    On the negative side, that last panel where he’s saying he just needs a few more seconds… That immediately put me in mind of the fight in chapter 3 where the Priestess blasted Flyboy as a distraction and Spooky fell for it, taking his concentration off from holding Annihilator aloft and immobile for long enough to get a superstrength punch out for his troubles.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      The supreme geekiosity of your “Enochian, Stanzas of Dzyan” reference is well and truly balanced out by your very accurate comparison to Spooky’s pre-clobbered Mitch moment. Impressive is Saxon!

  • purplefoxglove

    Over at Patreon:

    949 patrons
    $6,407 per month

    Yessssssss…I see amazing art ahead!

    • YAAAAYY!!!

    • bronakopdin

      wanted to announce the same thing xD

    • And what a niiiice reward it is 🙂

      • Chris Dangerfield

        My phone wallpaper looks AWESOME… I feel 15… AGAIN! LOL.

  • bronakopdin

    Gosh! Those seperated magics are really cool! Especially the demonic one (I guess it’s save to bet on which one it is xD)

    I really admire Spooky for keeping a clear head and be confident but at the same time I hope he’s not too confident >////////<

  • Kate G

    You can do it! We can help! Well, uh, maybe. Spooky, anyway we can help?

    I’ve been on the DL because Vince the 17hh horse is kicking my ass. I’ve been officially told I will be riding this fearsome beast at the Special Olympics in…nine weeks. That is nine weeks to learn all of Vince’s stubborn, crazy hunter/jumper ways. To compare, I had 9 months to learn of Scooby’s loving, silly stubborn ways. 9 months compared to 11 weeks…YEA. Oh, that’s also 15.3hh (Scooby) to 17hh (Vince.) I look like a Smurf on this draft horse.

    Do you want to know how rocky this relationship is currently? I had to buy full-seat Euro style breeches because I have saddle bruising on the inside of my thighs and knees from Vince. Those $169.99 breeches better be miracle workers or I’ll have to wonder why they are that expensive.

    Also, I’m back in the, “Horse, MOVE YO ASS!” stage. Vince, he will not trot. Not for shit. Even my coach couldn’t get Vince moving. Someone please try to get Scooby back for me. PLEASE.

    • Ideris StarWolf

      On the upside, I have heard and seen it suggested that physics warps around equines, and the potential energy of a fall is inversely proportional to the size of a given horse. So this Vince maybe a tall, stubborn son of a biscuit, but hey, at least he isn’t a pony?

      • Kate G

        Well, not really. Of course, I have no authority on this as I’ve never fallen in my 1.5 years of riding. I’ve been put on ponies of every kind, horses of every kind…especially the draft horses. I’ve been put on our green horse to give him experience (and to see if I’d finally fall or be tossed off.) Nope. I’ve dealt with Scooby kicking, bucking, tripping so hard on himself he nearly face planted (dealt with that tripping thing on a few horses), had a pony and a draft horse side swipe me and ride me into the rails….I’ve never fallen. I’ve nearly wiped out but got myself back on but they are still trying to find a way to get me on the sand. It’s very irritating that I haven’t had this rite of passage yet. (Very irritating.)

        Temperament, size and sport are all important as to how bad your injuries are going to be. Generally, the faster you are going and the bigger your horse, that’s going to be a bad injury. There was a guy in the Olympics who was only saved from some nasty, probably hospital-worthy injuries on the cross country because of the new vests eventers must wear in the cross country round. They blow up like airbags when they are tossed from the horse.

        I mean, yea, this couldn’t have felt good. It was hilarious as shit watching it, but he wasn’t wearing a vest like in cross country, so OUCH (this horse is GALLOPING so lots of speed) :

  • Sounds like the big confrontation is going down pretty soon…. nail biting stage commence!

  • Lyleen

    Go Spooky go!

  • Pikinanou

    You can do it, Spooky! It’s like cooking… but you can’t mess up :O

  • Jason Moon

    There’s never enough time…

    And I’ll be surprised if I’m the only one to suggest that the new $5 Patreon perk should be called “FLESHback Fridays(emphasis mine)”. 🙂

  • davefragments

    The Silverjow picture is great. Kyle is appropriately heroic.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      He’s a great version of my future-happy-Kyle pin-up.

      I guess it’s time to take the Chris Hemsworth poster down off my bedroom wall and replace it with this Kyle poster… that I’m SURE will be in Alex’s shop soon… (hmmmm… I wonder if my husband will understand?)

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Do please please review Alex’s Graphic Novel on Amazon. Just think…

    1) More money for Alex means more books for us.. WHAT? I’m not self-centered.

    2) If you have your Kickstarter Graphic Novel, you know it’s damn gorgeous and worthy of all the praise it gets.

    REMEMBER, you can turn those little pages just as fast and slow as you want to! Mwaaaaahahahahahahah… OH THE POWER… (ahem) I’ve done both.

  • David Hambaugh

    Is any one else thinking that spooky is going to going to pull a time loop starting with hop back in time and repeat the last few seconds untill he can break the cage safely?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Erm… I wasn’t. But I am now. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Keneu

      [Spoilers] Having watched Madoka Magica, all I can say is – please don’t do that, Spooky. *points at avatar* Unless you don’t mind losing your sanity, endangering the universe, slaving an alien race and turning into a monster in the process – then go for it, I guess.

  • Keneu

    Spooky’s enochian magic or whatever does look like Sircea’s… so she uses light/angelic magic? How ironic xD

    • Steven Higgins

      Well it kina makes sense seeing as how she used to be a goddess.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        True… @admiraljane:disqus believes she’s a goddess. The goddess of the holy thrown muffin. (ahem) Yes it’s a lesser known deity, but no less important in the pantheon. 🙂

      • Keneu

        I took that as “she was a human so powerful she was considered a goddess”, not that she was an actual goddess, but that’s an interesting theory.

        • Steven Higgins

          Maybe, I IIRC she also mentionesd something about loosing her immortality along with much of her power when Earth was freed from Hell.

          • Klaus

            To the contrary. She lost them when the Grey Working weakened the walls that seperate Earth from hell.

          • Steven Higgins

            So she was immortal then? So immortality+extreme power=goodhood normally.

          • Keneu

            You’re right. Since I never considered she might be anything other than human I assumed she used magic or other kind of tricks to stay young.
            If she really was a goddess, then I wonder what she ruled over…? And maybe there are others like her around.

  • Spooky’s face is so full of such concentration and with a hint of desperation thrown in. You know just how seriously he is taking getting the prisoners/sacrifices out.

  • xLizardx

    Definitely intrigued in the in-universe magical mythology, now. So there’s not just general “make impossible things happen” magic, but at least two distinct types, presumably each with their own advantages and disadvantages. I wonder if innate ability is essential to all, or if some may be mastered through study? Or perhaps [more likely] innate ability is a prerequisite, and years of study are required on top of that. I’m also speculating whether ability in any type is essentially raw ability in all, or whether there has to be some background/ genetic connection to the specific magic employed, in which case, the fact that Spooky can harness demonic energy is interesting indeed. 🙂

    Looking forward to future expositionary revelations.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Well I suppose you could be right. 6,000 years of advanced graduate study in evil sorcery could have given Sircea a ‘slight’ leg up here. After all, Spooky ‘dropped out’ of hell after only his first year of study. 😀

      • Pietro7

        Kids these days. WHY won’t they stay in school?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    [examins art] Huh. Hey people, take a careful look at panels 3 and 4. I think Shirtless-duct-tapeless Guy might be twins.

    At first I though we might be seeing the same person from two different angles, but that doesn’t mesh with the relative positions of the Young Protectors lined up outside the Box of Doom, or the way that the woman in the orange shirt straddles the centre panel border.

    Because I’m almost always ready to propose an outlandish explanation, I suggest that in fact the sacrifices are in fact all holographic projections. (A device created for sale to villains that did just that turned up in one of the more recent volumes of the Empowered comic). Clearly the software is fritzing and cause one of the randomly selected Innocent Victims(tm) templates to be duplicated.

    Anyway got any other demented ideas?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      WOW… that is so diabolically twisted and clever, it’s Woolfson-worthy. Saxon, are you sure you’re not a retired super-villain yourself.

      Again, WOW.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Well shucks Chris, that’s welcome praise, but seriously, I’m just a guy with an overactive imagination.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Meeeeeeeee TOO!

  • D. G.

    Too bad its only Monday. Quite a bit longer to wait. And I miss Doki.

    • Kate G

      Doki, where is Doki?

      • D. G.

        One of the commenters said she is sick and having computer problems.

        • Kate G

          🙁 That’s no fun!

  • Midori Ren

    I’m thinking it’s weird those people have stayed tied up with tape over their mouths this long. They could untie each other, and tape falls off if it gets too wet, like with spit or sweat. And while, yes, the average person might not be as flexible, I could definitely bend over and undo it all myself if tied like that. So, what don’t we know?

  • Hey y’all.

    The Young Protectors is up for sale as paperback and kindle on Amazon now (though the paperback is already temporarily out of stock – damn, that went fast!). So, if you didn’t make the kickstarter, and want a book, now you can order… Or order when it’s back in stock *lol*

    I’m sure Alex would appreciate a review too. Share the comic, make it seen on Amazon, and share the awesomeness.

  • Justin White

    i hope this works

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Hmmmm…….might take a bit to get it done but I think he can do it!

  • D. G.

    Hey campers.

    • davefragments

      Hi D.G.

      • D. G.

        Heya Dave.

  • Kate G

    *In Mrs. Doubtfire voice* Heeeeellooooo campers! How are you? *ends*

    Okay, that’s all the cheer I have. I’m so tired. I had to my 4-hour round trip to the neurologist yesterday and I. AM. WIPED. So sleepy. So very, very sleepy. I had the thought to do my laundry today and upon waking up at 5:30 pm, I looked at my laundry and went, “Nope.”

    • davefragments

      Hi Kate

      • Kate G

        How’s your week been going, Dave?

        • davefragments

          OK. A bit busy. An in-law is going to paint the inside of my house and I’ve started collecting all my books.

          • Kate G

            Oooh, new paint! That sounds exciting (if not a little stressful!) What color are you painting your walls?

          • davefragments

            Roughly the same colors — off-whites.
            I always bought each anthology that has one of my stories and there were 60 of them on shelves under my TV.
            The “library” crept into the spare bedroom. I think they know how to reproduce by themselves.
            Somehow I found 5 phone books and I just threw them out.
            I also found my book on STEAM (nerd alert) — how boilers work, what they consume, Carnot cycles, coal ranks, fuel oil ranks. All my most favorite stuff in my nerdy little world.

          • Kate G

            I would have gone bonkers with the colors. I lived in military housing so long that I’m so sick of white! My house is still 98% white! (Our landlord is slowly letting us paint, but not much!) I really want us to get a house so I can just PAINT ALL OF THE WALLS! White is great, but I’m tired of it.

            I know the feeling with books. Somehow my room gets boxes and boxes of books every year; every single year I have to go through all of my books and I donate what I don’t like/read/outgrown. When I did Marie Kondo’ed my room (oh, that was stressful, but I needed it), I donated TWELVE boxes of books. Twelve. Like, where did I find the room for twelve boxes of books in my bedroom? O.O The library was delighted with the donation though.

          • davefragments

            How’s your horse adventures?

          • Kate G

            Well, my next lesson is tomorrow, but currently….a war of wills would be a good summation. I’m going to be on a 17hh retired hunter/jumper named Vince for the Special Olympics and I’ve only been riding him the past 2 weeks. He’s, uh, stubborn.

            Last week was all about not losing my cool because he wouldn’t trot one bit. I was doing everything my coach told me, but Vince’s attitude was, “My feet will stay on the ground and my ears are full of wool.” I was really close to pulling out my hair.

            I had to get new breeches due to Vince too. I keep getting bad saddle bruising because I’m adjusting to his height. So, I have full-seat breeches now. Basically, most people get breeches with just suede/protection on the knees. Mine go from the ankles all the up to the seat of my butt. I test drive them out tomorrow. Let’s hope for no bruising!

          • davefragments

            The last horse I rode walked my under a low branch. I didn’t fall off. My brother has all the horses. He tried to sell me one or two to keep on my property. I told him I don’t shovel.

          • Kate G

            Ouch. All of my lessons are indoors, so I don’t have that issue. However, when I do ride in my coach’s barn as opposed to the NFP’s barn (they are next to each other), his barn has jumps. Vince, lovely beautiful Vince, was so annoyed at me that he thought he would try to scrape me off by walking next to a jump. Like, really Vince? You think that’s gonna take me off? Uh, no. I’ve had ponies nearly topple over and I’ve stayed on. TRY AGAIN.

            Battle of willpower. That’s where we are at. It seems to be a thing with me and whatever horse I’m destined to be on for more than a lesson. Luckily, I am very stubborn.

          • davefragments

            My brother had a blind stallion that hauled a cart and he used it at his pony ring and various weddings. Well, my brother and I have nearly identical horses and it would respond to me if I spoke. So we were careful. It was white and a very handsome critter. That ring was in the middle of a County Park and he left a mare in the field with the stallion one night to breed. The county police called him up because a lady in a car filed a police report that she drove past and witnessed the act. The county policeman was a little embarrassed at her shock that two horses did those things. It’s still a laugh.

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! *hacks* Oh my lord, that’s funny. How did she think they reproduced?

          • davefragments

            I honestly can’t say.
            However, I have watched my Brother field questions from little ones about “boy and girl” horses. Some parents just never explain.

          • Kate G

            ha ha. Well, I do know some barns use people and get syringes to take the sperm and do it that way. That’s just…O.o

          • Ahhh the fun of the mounting dummy. Unless they’re using a mare and grabbing before well before.

          • Kate G

            Somehow I don’t want to know what a mounting dummy is, do I?

          • HA! It’s just a big blue cylindrical thing set up for the stallion to jump on instead of a mare. Some horses need to learn to use it. Some dummy’s are set up so there is minimal human interference and some not. I had stallions. And did plenty of breeding before that too.

          • Kate G


          • I know, how romantic right? Here you go boy, a blue cylinder to have fun with. -_- It’s supposed to be safer all the way around for both mare and stallion.

          • Kate G

            Like going to a fertility specialist. *hands cup and playboy to man* Please place specimen in this cup. The bathroom is over there.

          • Yup, basically. Of course this works better for some mares anyway. We had a mare that that was the only way she would conceive. So….yeah.
            I think I may be a little too casual about all of this. Haha…

          • Kate G

            Is it weird I make IVF/infertility casual? We’re all a little crazy in some way. I make awkward/serious things funny. That’s just how my family is; we make serious funny. As we used to tell my grams when she was living, if she ever wanted a breast augmentation, all she needed to do was order a boob size up from the catalog.

            (She had breast cancer a year before my parents married, couldn’t get reconstruction, so she had removable boobs. We had 100 jokes for them at least.)

          • Not in the least. Sometimes it’s just easier to make the serious funny.

          • davefragments

            I’d rather see the insides of pumps and valves and engineering things. I’m not good at animal husbandry.

    • Hiya Kate!

      • Kate G

        Hey Jane! How’s your week been?

        • And it’s only Tuesday!! 😀

          It’s going okay. Friday found the hallway flooded from a busted hose on the toilet. After two days of shampooing the carpet and dosing it with baking soda the house is finally smelling a whole lot less. -_-

          • Kate G

            *gasps* Oh my lordy. I do hate it when that happens. Of course, ours is usually a clogged pipe. I seriously think we just need new toilets (our toilets are, like, 20 years old.)

            Have you tried adding a few drops of essential oil in a few places and then vacuuming? I might even see if the old vodka and water combo in a water bottle would help. But test a spot to see if the vodka takes up the color first.

          • It’s a combination of I only baby buddah knows how old carpet/padding, old cat and dog urine that was exposed by the two inches of water and other I don’t want to know smells. Most everything would just be laying down on top of the already bad odor and it was something I had thought about, mixing some essential oil with the baking soda. We did shampoo it with a special enzyme cleaner for pet urine which did help.

            It’s now down to minor nose wrinkling when you walk in from a time outside instead of knocking someone dead. Of course we just today learned the landlady had insurance for this sort of thing, but she was out of town and unreachable until well just today. We couldn’t not do something about the carpet. We’ll see what happens when she come by next.

            But at least we now have a cool bissell carpet cleaner. We found one on sale and was able to scrounge enough to invest in it. And the carpet is much cleaner. Ha!

          • Kate G

            Oh I love bissel carpet cleaners! Ours is like 14 years old!

          • This one is pretty nice, seems heavy duty. It keeps the water warm, it’s easy to clean out, and works basically like a large vacuum cleaner. So some good came out it.

          • Kate G

            Ours is pretty bulky, but easy to clean. We may need a new one soon. It’s a big, heavy monster! We call it the carpet mop.

          • Good name! And apt.

          • Kate G

            I think it’s the only appliance Zena is curious about. The vacuum, the broom, the mop? She runs from them all; a barn dog she would not be.

    • D. G.

      Hey Kate.

      • Kate G

        Hey! How’s your week (well, weekend?) been?

        • D. G.

          Pretty good.

  • davefragments

    Patreon rumbles at 45 seconds left on the clock.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I said it before and I’ll repeat it now: Spooky! GAH!!!

  • Kate G
  • page up!

    For some reason the latest page thingy link has been lagging.