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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 54

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I’m exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con this weekJuly 20-24 (that includes the “Preview Night” this Wednesday, July 20 starting at 6 pm). I’ll again be tabling with the awesome Prism Comics booth (BOOTH # 2144 in Hall C).  And I’m going to have Artifice graphic novels and copies of The Young Protectors Volume One for sale. And, as a special treat, I’ll be bringing The Young Protectors trading cards, including the 18+ card pack, which features fully nude art of the adult heroes and villains of The Young Protectors! Oh, and TYP sticker sheets! And NSFW print packs, too! 

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San Diego Comic Con is taking place this week, July 20-24, and I look forward to seeing you (and your friends!) at the Prism Comics booth #2144 in Hall C (and you can locate the Prism Comics booth on this map of the Expo Hall here.)

So! Kyle finally gets another chance to connect with The Annihilator! Will he be able to sweep The Annihilator off his feet? Or will The Annihilator’s hard heart keep their relationship stuck in the mud? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • davefragments

    oh what fun this page is!

  • Bam! Here comes Kyle.

  • syllibub

    Hahaha! BOOM.

  • Take that!!

  • syllibub

    So…his reflexes are still very good, but are they super-good? It’s hard to tell from one dodge whether the dampener had an effect on his abilities.

    • Klaus

      In the prologue he dodged Kyle’s fire blast at close range. He would have had no problem with a flying kick.

  • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx

    You’re making the villains look so pitiful! So human! I feel so sorry for them!

    • Well, Duncan did knock them out not long ago. Time to return it.

  • Looking a little beat up there buddy!!

  • Well, Kyle definitely knocked him off his feet. ^_^

  • I get the destinct feeling that Duncan isn’t himself right now. Not meaning someone *else*, but weaker, not his old self and easy to take down. Spooky and Kyle found two alternatives in sweeping him off his feet.

    Neither very romantic 😉

    • …..Doki likes Spooky’s way…and it could be romantic….

    • syllibub

      Yeah, whether he’s worn almost all the way down or actually de-powered, this doesn’t seem like his usual level of combat skill.

      • Considering how he was in Hong Kong with the dampner going, I don’t know how much actual “skill” Duncan has without his powers.

        • Yeah, if he’s powerless, it’s a huge handicap he’s not had for maybe 45 years. That’s a long time to get used to be (one of) the baddest mofo’s around. He’ll be like a newborn.

          • And with being so worn down, it’s basically the same thing.

          • amusingmurff

            Also, if for whatever reason he and Kyle ever reconciled, they could never have sex again

          • *lol* Not exactly the first, or even the 10th, thing I’d consider a sad consequence about him possibly loosing his powers for good.

          • amusingmurff

            Ha, well everyone else seemed to have put forth a bunch of the other considerations. And boning was a fulcrum for the plot. *shrug*

        • Klaus

          He did pretty well in Hong Kong. Better than Hunter had expected.

          • But he still seemed quite surprised when injured by the sword, maybe of how it hurt.

          • But he was also not doing as well as Duncan expected either.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Haahhh? He’s still alive?

    Well my dear sweet redhead, I do believe we must fix that.

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    Be careful Kyle…. Don’t let the pain you endured be your source of power. Forgive him. Forgiveness makes you stronger than Duncan at any point.

    Pacifists aren’t people who’ve never taken life. Pacifists are those who have seen death, felt it’s icy finger upon their backs and have even visited it on others. What makes a pacifist is that at the moment of life or death, they choose forgiveness. They chose non-violence.

    (As an aside it’s really telling that you have great artists when you can see the pain and rage in kyle’s face for the hurt caused him…. and the fear in Duncan’s)

    • Adam Black

      I dont think Kyle is a pacifist.

      i think Kyle needs to kick his ass. This isnt Starwars. Hes not going to get seduced by the dark side of the force.

      But I think your definition of pacifist is way too loose.
      It would allow unlimited violence upon Innocents a person doesnt kill
      It would even Duncan a pacifist.

      • Sunseahl Silverfall

        It’s not that a pacifist is someone who has /never/ killed. what it means is that a true pacifist is someone who has done great evil before, knowingly or not, yet chooses, at the precipice of consuming another life, to never kill again.

        We have no story of Kyle’s birth. For all we know Kyle could have unintentionally killed his own mother in childbirth as birth is a VERY stressful process for both mother and child.

        And if he /is/ the son of Laampros… that means only a Rosemary’s Baby situation brought him here in the first place.

    • Maus Merryjest

      Forgiveness is earned, not given. Duncan would have doomed the whole world for his youth. He is beyond forgiveness- to forgive the perpetrator is to betray the victim.

      • Klaus

        Did he? The Walls of Blood and Pain are weakening. This much we know to be true. If nothing is done, they will break down soon. If they do, Earth will go back to being just another circle of Hell. PP can repair the walls, but she needs more power. The presence of all those demons on Earth will make that power available to her. Once she has repaired the walls, she will banish the demons. We only have the word of PP for this, and not much reason to trust her. But the crucial point here is that Duncan believes her, He honestly believes that he is acting for the common good. Youth and perfect health unending is a nice side benefit. It is also necessary to make the deal plausible to Laampros. If they had offered to let his forces into Earth for anything less, he would have smelled a rat.

        • Stephen Hutchison

          Believed. He might be wavering.

      • Sunseahl Silverfall

        That you say the first sentence speaks volumes about how little you understand what forgiveness actually is.

        • Stephen Hutchison

          There are different flavors of forgiveness. They vary as widely as the things that need to be forgiven.

          There’s forgiveness of a wrong done unintentionally and without malice, where the wrongdoer may or may not realize that they have done harm. That one is especially important for parents towards their young children, and it is said to be the kind of forgiveness God gives those who turn against Them.

          There’s the forgiveness that sees no future in holding onto anger or hate, but also sees that the other person is crippled by guilt and confusion, and by forgiving them, it opens them to healing.

          There is the flavor of forgiveness that validates the transgressor by saying “you did nothing wrong, it’s ok, I probably deserved what you did to me, don’t feel bad.”

          That’s the reflexive forgiveness you’re trained to express by people who want you to stay a patsy for them to continue using. We call it “Cheap Forgiveness” in some quarters.

          Then there’s the forgiveness that you have to use for the people who use love as a weapon to harm you, who betray you knowing that it will hurt you but who justify it for their own reasons, making them seem like such honorable and good motives as “saving the world” when in reality they’re simply finding a way to gain great advantage off your injury. Duncan is this kind. He does not deserve cheap forgiveness. He does not deserve to be forgiven until he actually REPENTS.
          The first component in repentance is recognition that one has done a Wrong Thing and that it HURT another person. The second component in repentance is to tell the person that you know you hurt them and that you are sorry, and that you will do your best not to ever do it again. The third component of repentance is to actually try to make compensation, and to follow thru on the promise not to repeat the offense.

          Actual apology is more than just saying “Gosh, I feel bad about how I keep hurting you” or “I’m sorry if you think I’ve done something wrong” and it’s not “But I did it for everyone’s best interests” — and Duncan did that one pretty well.

          Duncan hasn’t done one thing so far to show that he’s actually repenting the things he did to Kyle. SO no. He does NOT deserve forgiveness. Maybe God will forgive him. But only if he repents first, or it won’t count. Because God can forgive someone but if they’re holding onto their guilt then they’re not really ready to be forgiven.

          • Sunseahl Silverfall

            You’re forgetting the forgiveness type that forgives not because of healing but because the aggressor is incapable of being forgiven by others.

            Both Batman and Harley Quinn forgive the Joker in this manner.

          • Stephen Hutchison

            I didn’t say it was an exhaustive list, and that’s certainly not applicable here anyway. Duncan could still earn forgiveness. He’s something of a sociopath but not a full on insane person. Platinum Priestess might well be that kind of a person though.

          • Sunseahl Silverfall

            Sircea also deserves forgiveness in this manner. We already know why she’s as insane as she is(she survived magic where others went so mental they killed themselves or others en-masse)…. and much like we’re meant to believe of the Joker… her “sanity” is the source of others unforgiveness towards her.

          • Foelhe

            I kind of feel like using the Joker invalidates your whole point, since constantly forgiving him just means he can constantly murder innocents. Let’s not rush to forgiveness so fast that we forget justice.

          • Sunseahl Silverfall

            If that were the case then Joker would never go to Arkham… Which he does, repeatedly. Forgiveness of the person does not stand in the way of justice. It forgives their transgression.

            This is mirrored many a time in our own society where a person forgives someone who murdered their loved ones even before they’re a “death trial” here in the United States. Those that can forgive the transgressor of their crime do not impede justice, those that think “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind” do.

          • Foelhe

            …Then I’m not sure why we’re even talking about this. The worst thing he’s done so far is kick a nigh-invulnerable guy in the chest. I think Kyle has every right to be angry right now, I think he’s a decent enough guy that he won’t do anything too crazy about it, and I think telling him to get over it already is kinda lacking in empathy, IMO. Duncan’s not the only important person here. People who have been mistreated should be allowed to deal with their own anger without getting scolded for it.

          • Klaus

            What if he knows he hurt you, and is truely sorry, but is convinced that it was necessary for the greater good? That seems to me to be how Duncan feels.

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Nope. Contaminated by the fact that he was taking advantage of the Eternal Youth thing. He was aware that there was something wrong, and he went ahead and did it anyway.

        • Hi Sunseahl.
          Be careful about ‘you’ comments when it comes to the conclusions about another commenter, especially when you are in disagreement. This is what leads to heated discussions. It’s posible to disagree with a ‘I believe this is how it is’, and explain why you think it’s different, rather than just saying the other commenter’s opinion is wrong.
          Respect the other commenters**, and on times where you have a debate where you don’t feel you can find an agreement, say so and step out of the debate.

          (** Only exception is when a commenter is offensive and/or attacking you. In these cases, flag a comment, leave it alone, and let us mods handle it).

          • Sunseahl Silverfall

            Normally I would agree. Still, the responder didn’t have to insert their own opinion onto my comment. Doing so can also be taken as a hostile or aggressive act even when no names are called.Where’s the warning for not using “I feel” statements to the other commentor?

          • Hi Sunseahl,

            We will review the other comment, but it’s always best to stay away from “you statements” as it is often seen as an attack upon the other commenter and against the comment policy.

            When the mods (Danish, myself, and, of course, our dear Alex) step it, it is often just a reminder to all within the thread to be respectful and courteous to their fellow commenters in an effort to head off any potential/possible flame wars and keep our small community a fun place to hang out.

            Of course, if a commenter disagrees with our call, or is having trouble with another commenter, they are always welcome to send a private email (link above) where we will do our best to try to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. 🙂


          • I’ll be happy to give another reminder to someone else, if necessary, but so far I see nothing else but counterpart opinions on your comment, not you yourself. Give an opinion in the comments, and it’s open to debate. Everyone is allowed to disagree.
            The one reply you gave here was a specific negative loaded conclusion about another commenter, based on a short sentence. The other replies in this thread (including yours) debate the topic/opinion of other replies in the thread. There’s the difference.

            Admiral Jane has already replied to you too, so this will be the last I’ll add here.

  • Me thinks that power dampener exploding really did do something to Duncan, more specific his powers. All those scratches, and him fumbling around, isn’t his style. Oki, he’s not invinsible, and he had an explosion in his face, but being very hard to hurt, he still looks.. more vunerable, which is new.

    Wonder how permanent, or not, this lower level of powers is? How powerless and how long?

    • darius404

      Going from super-strength to normal-person strength has got to screw with his sense of balance. The amount of strength he needs to exert in relation to his maximum output would go way up. It’s easy to move like an acrobat when you can lift many times your own body weight with ease, not so much for a person with normal strength.

      • Itmust be akin to loosing one of your natural senses. You have to learn to adjust to a new reality, what you can and cannot. Below I compared it to be like a newborn.

  • davefragments

    I think Kyle has Daddy issues, unresolved Daddy issues. really deep like abandonment and betrayal Daddy issues, too …

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I wonder if Annihilator realistically has a chance of getting a second wind to dodge about a bit, generally avoid capture, and maybe interfere just enough to keep Tsunami from disabling the kill-o-matic. He only has to hold out for five-and-a-bit minutes.
    Hmm, extrapolating from his almost immediate recovery against Killer after the first dampener in Hong Kong went off-line, his subsequent comments that he should be fully healed within ten minutes, and the fact that this time he took a dampener explosion to the face, I’m going to guess “No”.

  • Nice drop kick, Kyle!

  • Cman65

    Sorry but Red is one pissed twink and he is mad at you annie

  • Megan Staples

    YEAH! Beat him up, Kyle! Oh, right, Anni is sort of invulnerable, so kicking his ass isn’t all that effective… Damn. But still boots-to-face must feel good, at least for Kyle.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    If the team have their powers back, then so does Duncan, yes? His immunity from harm and other abilities?

    • That is the question.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      In theory, yes. In practice, maybe not.
      He took the explosion of the dampener to the face, so it’s possible that there may be lingering effects that have reduced or nullified his powers, either temporarily or permanently. We just don’t know how many cylinders Annihilator is firing on at the moment.

    • Klaus

      I don’t think Duncan would normally have been that affected by a mere kick.

  • Jeldenil

    Kyle does not fall for your wardrobe malfunctions, Duncan. Try lying down in surrender.

  • Klaus

    He is a foot fetichist. According to his romance card, he is into well heeled men.

    • Songbird

      Actually now that you brought up the romance cards, I think that’s Mitch’s favorite part.

      Picturing Cory trying in vain to kick him away is strangely endearing 😛

  • Saxon_Brenton

    That’s an impressive flying kick. We should admire Commander’s training regime, because we recall that she taught the guys their combat moves.
    Meanwhile, the snarky part of my brain keeps coming back to: “Really Spooky? More tentacle bondage?”

    • Klaus

      Why not? It worked the first time.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I know, but I think I’m kinda spoiler with comic book super-mages. I keep assuming that since they have such a wide and amazing repetoire of weird crap that they can use, and that they always change their tactics – even if they last trick worked. Part of this would be for the in-universe reason of keeping their opponent from adapting to their magical attacks, and partly because out-of-universe the artists can go wild and keep drawing all sorts of wild and wacky stuff.

        And then I remember that a lot of Spooky’s wild and wacky stuff was in his potion bottles, which were either destroyed or released by Fluke, and I realise that I’m just grousing.

        • timemonkey

          Spooky’s also not at his best right now, best not to get fancy.

  • camelotcrusade

    Ghost Duncan is hot!

  • Michael Isaacs

    I still feel like Duncan and Kyle are endgame though. Because Kyle’s demon father is coming and it will be interesting. Duncan does care for Kyle, I believe that, so when all hell breaks loose (pun not intentional, lol)he’ll do anything to keep Kyle safe. I also think that Commander has read enough of Duncan’s mind to know it too.

    • timemonkey

      That doesn’t mean Kyle would be willing to give him a second chance. When someone manipulates you, lies to you, tricks you into sex for their own purposes and then uses you for things you never would have consented to, then the relationship is dead because it was never a real relationship in the first place, even if the asshole regrets it.

      • Librarican

        ^ Oh man, you nailed that one. Beautiful summation of their “relationship” thus far as I see it. However, I will say that quite frequently you don’t realize the relationship is dead at the time. It might be only after “trying to make it work” and a lot of rationalization that you get that realization. Sometimes coming to that conclusion takes time, time that Kyle hasn’t had yet, so I do worry that he’ll go back to Duncan.

        …. not that I would know from personal past experience or anything.

    • Eris, elder daughter of Nyx

      I still ship, ship, ship Kyle and Spooky. :3 That would be the real happy ending~!

      • Agreed! Kyle and Spooky should be together. But maybe Kyle could be friends with Duncan.

  • timemonkey

    That feeling when you’re dodging tentacles and you take a red head to the chest.

  • Mir

    The tables have turned. Now Duncan is the one (almost) naked and getting beat down (though more physically than perhaps mentally compared to Kyle’s experience)

    Anyone see that Steven Universe episode tonight?

    “it’s over, isn’t it?” beautiful song.

    • timemonkey

      Steven Keystone Motel’d Pearl and Greg.

      • Mir

        AND MOM!

        (oh my goodness, Steven)

  • Shiny Gwilly

    Anni definitely isn’t down, but he is weakened by a good amount, obviously. they need to pull their PP strategy and just constantly hit him and give him no chance to really recover
    that kick is a good start and probably felt good to Kyle lol

  • What happened to the scarring or tattoo or whatever that Lampros put on Annihilator’s forearm?

    • Klaus

      It is magic. It glows strongly during the magic ceremony, but it invisible most times.

  • Sapfo

    Kyle, that is not how you clean wounds. Soap and water!
    *Shake head, muttering* Boys

    • Klaus

      Or you could use fire.

  • Klaus

    Does Duncan have any defence against psychic powers?

  • Songbird

    I feel like it says something when a pyrokinetic to decides to dropkick you instead of set you alight.

    • amusingmurff

      That you want to incapacitate someone as opposed to burning them alive?

  • Kate G


    *sings* It’s that time of year, when the heat index is high, every horse is rolling in sand. I am dying, please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me!!!! *singing ends*

    Seriously, on Thursday, we’re supposed to get up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit with the heat index up to 115. *panting heavily* Somebody send Elsa and Jack Frost and kick Red Hot to the curb! I don’t need the heat. Scooby doesn’t need the heat!

    Speaking of horses, guess who’s going to be learning advanced stuff?! I AM!!! Larry, the Liberty Farms coach (aka the barn attached to my NFP barn), agreed to take me after this horse show so I can learn big horse riding girl stuff like….JUMPING. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Well, possibly. I might have to nail transitioning between canter, trot and walk first.

  • Aitsuki


  • karmakat

    a flying kick? is it a way to get a revenge for taking his first kiss as a mischievous plan or what? USE YOUR FLAME AND STOP CUDDLING HIM!!!

    unless…he is more tired than he lets on….

    • Jason Moon

      Or he’s building up to some truly epic ass-kicking.

      • karmakat

        i am not going to say it’s not possible…i just not sure.

        would expect more that in a way he pities him or still has some kind of feelings. they say you never forget your first kiss after all and even less your fist love.

        • Jason Moon

          That, plus I’m not sure if he’s had all that much time to move on.

          • karmakat

            such a thin line between hate and love

  • D. G.

    I’m sure Kyle is enjoying that kick more than any1 will ever know.

  • Jason Moon

    The hunter has now become the hunted! (Trite and cliched, i know, but I couldn’t resist)

  • Hours Left

    Love the new look Duncan.

  • Will Parkinson

    Poor Anni. Kyle, kiss his boo-boos.

    • timemonkey

      With fire.

      • bronakopdin

        you want him to chew on some chili beforehand? Now who is the evil one x’D

  • endymion

    Revenge ☑

  • No, Kyle! You were to kick his butt not kick him with your butt!

  • TwilightDreamer

    oh Kyle….I’ll bet that felt damn good ;P
    Feel kinda sorry for Anni though……
    …..I lie, not sorry! XD

  • SchalaRenee

    I’d like to see Kyle end up on top of Anni. In…several different ways.

  • bronakopdin

    late here but had work in the morning and just got home x’D
    I like how Kyle chose to restrain Duncan physically instead of using his powers! It’s like there’s a silent meaning behind that ^^
    I can’t blame him for wanting to give him a good smack… or two… or ten…
    Now let’s how the talking will go… if there is talk NOW… and obviously whether Gordan was able to do sth to that machine x’D

    • Kyle’s powers are totally useless against Duncan.

      • timemonkey

        Last time he used them on him he burned him pretty bad.

        • One of the reasons Kyle has chosen Duncan for his first time – he cannot hurt him if he loses control.
          And I don’t see any burnmarks on him. Just a few little cuts.
          Just the hair on his left arm is depilated…

          • timemonkey

            And when they went to hell Kyle got so mad be broke his restraints and burned Duncan. Lampros thought it was funny.

          • Kyle’s power is basically demonic – I think he’s just a lot stronger in hell.

      • bronakopdin

        As we very well saw after he freed himself from the spell Duncan used to restrain him while summoning Laampros his powers are actually very useful against Duncan. To the point even Duncan was surprised. Ofc at that point he probably needed most of his power just to break the spell and Duncan wasn’t weakened, so it was a merely little burn on Duncan’s arm. But in this situation with no spell to be broken and Duncan exhausted they would surely do wonders.
        Also there is still the theory that the explosion of the dampener kinda “disabled” Duncan’s healing powers so it might not even take much to work on him.

  • Concerto

    I have the impression that I am the only one who’s sad for Duncan héhé. >w<"

    • Lucia Laila

      I’m sad too u.u i know he has been a very horrible person but i can’t help it, hes my fave character x3

    • bandanajack

      nope. i am too. i hope he can be redeemed in the future..

  • bandanajack

    now it gets interesting…

    • We meet again…. lol

      • bandanajack

        heh heh heh…

      • bandanajack

        i enjoyed our little tech break.

  • Jeff Baker

    Kyle gets to work off some of his frustrations…

  • Jay Demetrick

    Boot to the head!

  • Mm

    Not exactly sure what happened in panel 3, did Spooky grab ahold of Duncan’s spirit?

    • It’s a ‘movement’ panel, showing Duncan jumping away from the tentacles.

      • Mm

        Thanks, with Spooky’s powers I wasn’t sure if it was movement or spirit.

      • Yeah, but it could also be a teleport. Just a few speedlines in panel 2 & 3 and it would be a lot easier to read the pictures.

    • bergulme .

      Yeah… the motions are not very good pictured in this page…
      But I get a giggle out of the kick à la James T.Kirk.

  • Arthur

    at this point, I don’t even want Kyle and Duncan to be together anymore. I wish Kyle would kust move on

  • Pietro7

    What does Ani have in all those pocketses, precious? We wonders, we does . . . .and why weren’t they torn open by the blast?

    • Utility belts are naturally impervious to everything that would damage them.

      • Jonni

        Is that one in tvtropes?

  • Odd_child_1

    Duncan succeeded in his dexterity save against Paul’s grasping tentacle but Kyle rolled a critical in unarmed strike. Duncan takes two D6 damage.

  • Klaus

    Does Duncan enjoy this as much as he did their first fight, I want to know.

  • D. G.

    Three superheroes against one anni equals anni gets his ass handed to him. Lol.

    • Klaus

      He went away in an attempt to avoid his bad luck affecting his teammates.

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    UFF”!!?? Duncan said, “UFF!”

    Then is powers must be on the fritz. In Annihilator mode, 180 pounds of cute muscle boy jumping on him wouldn’t budge him an inch.

  • bandanajack

    body contact achieved… now what? toast?

    • Klaus

      Right, The Annihilator is toast.

    • davefragments

      Lover’s spat — face slapping, indignation, screaming and yelling, stomping, and then lots of words…

  • purplefoxglove

    Fanservice: You’re doing it right. >:)

  • Toli Bera

    Kids these days! No respect for the elderly! :O

    • D. G.

      Thx doki.

  • davefragments

    Let’s see about the agenda for the weekend:
    Update tonight.
    Two more days of the Tour De France,
    One political convention down, one to go
    Lots of old movies watched this week. Next week I might break out the Opera DVD’s. Desperation.
    Finish putting the food in the proper place in the fridge.
    Take out the garbage.
    Read the graphic novel version of L’Étranger
    Try to figure out episode 9 of PREACHER after I watch it…

    • I just can’t quite figure out Preacher and have kinda lost interest in it.

      BUT!! I did see the new Ghostbusters on Tuesday! It was a whole lotta fun. People clapped excitedly at the end. I can’t recall the last movie that happened with. Were there flaws, yes, but it really was awesome and I can’t wait for it to come out on bluray/dvd.

      • davefragments

        I went to the spoiler sites to figure out some of it.
        I want Cassidy to survive.
        I want them to reveal The Cowboy and the fate of Ratwater.
        I want them to do something I can’t even hint at it’s so spoilerish.
        I want Cassidy back. I liked that crazy vampire.
        i want Assface back. He’s a sweet guy.

        • I may have to do that. But I read the review of one of the eps and I was really unhappy with the fate of the adopted dog.

          • davefragments

            That was mean and ugly…
            It was like that cow Cassidy met at the beginning of the story when he jumped out of the plane.

            Did you see the fight in the motel between LeBlanc, Fiore and Jesse and the Seraphim (and then Cassidy?) That was spectacular. I was cheering the craziness for more crazy.

          • davefragments

            I was laughing so hard right now that I closed my email window and had to log in again. Grumble!

          • Yeah, that was worth a very good laugh.

          • davefragments

            BTW – if in any episode the town gathers in the church, watch it. Just watch it. Don’t ask me why. Just watch it.

          • Maybe. 😛

  • I’m melting I’m melting… lol. That keeps going through me head when I look at that first panel. XD

    • davefragments

      Cold, wet, aching, and bleeding but just slightly bleeding.
      Maybe his ears are ringing, too.

      • I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m sure there is a litany of swear words running through his head too!

  • davefragments

    Beat that man to a pulp, BTW…
    Beat him, beat him hard…

  • Justin White