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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 35

181 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 35

I get the feeling that Commander really enjoys her day job…

This week $5+ Patreon got to see a sweet, romantic image of The Annihilator and Kyle “cuddling.” Comments have included: “Aw…too sweet!”, and “the art is awesome as ever and I really love this! It grants a little hope for our two sweeties :)”

Check out this sneak preview!



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So! Score one point for Fluke, and ten points for Not-A-Bear! Are our villains truly down for the count? Or are they just getting their second wind?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Run, Fluke, Run!

  • Tyler Griffin

    dang, that was a quick one

  • Tyler Griffin

    dang it. with the page up THIS early, nobody will see my awesome MJ reference :'(

    Anyway, ya’ll diggin the look on Sircea’s face there? I think she’s taking this seriously now, lol.

    • syllibub

      I just finished typing out a long comment over there, too. *sob* Ah, well, they can’t all be conveniently timed.

    • I saw it. I love it.

  • I really love Amanda.

  • syllibub

    Duncan should really just let Fluke switch off the dampener — right now they need all the superpowered help they can get.

    Meanwhile, Amanda slays as usual, blocked powers be damned. And I’ll just be over here digging fingernail grooves in my desk until Sircea is out of harm’s way.

    • Tyler Griffin

      But you gotta love that expression of pure panic as she leaps out of the way BETWEEN the eye beams.

      • syllibub

        “Fuckfuckfuck this was not on the list of possible setbacks!”

        Good thing she’s agile.

      • strangeangel24601

        Makes you wonder how many thousand years it’s been since she’s had THAT look on her face.

  • davefragments

    When will “good luck” run out?

  • Well, Duncan heals THAT fast. He’s not even knocked out… opposite that minion.

    Go, Amanda! She makes me want a set of pom-poms to wave at them.

  • Have to give credit to PP too. That was some fast moving, avoiding the laser eyes. Me, I’d have been a pile of ashes.

    • Tyler Griffin

      and by dodging BETWEEN them at that

  • syllibub

    Manhandled by ectoplasmic tentacles, soaked in water, recipient of the mother of all smacks by a demon bear…and Duncan’s hair still isn’t messed up. HOW.

    • Tyler Griffin

      come’on now. PP’s was set on fire, and it’s still gorge, they must be sharing an EverStyle hex or something.

      • syllibub

        At this point I really wouldn’t be surprised.

  • The downside of being too close to your target when you are a giant Not A Bear with laser eyes….there is that tiny gap that your opponent can use..

  • Cydney Sabin

    Looks like that minion doesn’t need that knife anymore. Can I have it?

  • Cman65

    Zapp the PP for what she did to your hairy butt

    • davefragments

      Less painful than waxing

      • Tyler Griffin

        I dunno, I’ve never had my junk give off smoke as a result of waxing, that’s almost as bad as my short experimental fling with nair…

        • davefragments

          Don’t even go near that stuff.
          It’s too caustic to touch my skin.

          • strangeangel24601

            I’ve never had it cause a skin reaction, but it’s the smell that keeps me away from it.

          • Tyler Griffin

            well, I’ll just add this…. when the instructions say rinse off after 3 minutes… they MEAN 3 minutes. Like you better be stepping INTO the shower at the 2:25 mark, lol

        • davefragments

          There’s a youtube out there somewhere about 4 guys who let their private parts be waxed and they talk during it. It’s absolutely hysterical to watch them as they try to prepare for the hot wax and then the sudden yank. I can’t find it tonight.

          • Tyler Griffin

            darn, I’d love to see it

          • davefragments

            It’s the duel scene in “Once Upon a Time in the West” … after that I’ll look harder.

          • Tyler Griffin


          • davefragments

            It’s a scene out of gran opera with Harmonica and Frank circling and the tight shots of just eyes.

            Here’s the link. I had the search title wrong and damn google didn’t understand…


          • Tyler Griffin


  • Chop chop, Fluke. Who knows when that current luck is running out. It would be irony if it was while he’s running towards the dampener. Can’t waste as much as a second. Anni is already up and looking at him again, and who knows if Fluffy will notice him next.

    • Madock345

      Fluke’s power is basically luck extremity, right? He goes from super good to super bad and back again. I’m really worried what’s going to happen when he goes back to Super Bad Luck mode.

      • Tyler Griffin

        After all of this is settled down, he (and the rest of the team) may decide he should go off and enjoy some nice, quite, ALONE time somewhere secluded for a few weeks to let those ripples settle themselves out, lmao

      • I don’t think it’s just one extreme to the next on the scale. I think it range everywhere on the scale from super lucky to super bad luck. The more it goes on way, the more it’s going to turn the other too. So many nuances.
        It must be a constant work/battle to keep the scale as level as possible, and keep himself and people around him safe.

        I worry about that for when the tables will turn.

  • Madock345

    Thanks for the assist, Kyle. Your color commentary is way more useful right now than something stupid like firebolts.

    • Nono

      They’re still de-powered.

      • Madock345

        Oh. Oops. Sorry, friday night of finals week. I not brain so gud now.

        Something stupid like punching then.

  • Tyler Griffin

    Ok, if this may be a bit too “political”, and if so, I apologize; I just wanted to share some of the doings that my little hole in the world has been up to.

    Some of ya’ll may remember a couple Friday camps ago when I mentioned the city where I work passing an anti-trans bathroom law?

    Well, to update that, in response a fb equality group I’m in got together and contacted a crap-ton of state and local businesses and agencies who depend on federal funding which would be impacted by the law and informed them of it’s effects, and planned a protest rally. In less than a week the outcry forced the city council to rescind the vote.

    So, we switched gears and turned out protest rally last saturday, into a celebration for the LGBTQ community in general to just come out and dance in the park with us.

    And now we are moving on to round 2 as one of our state reps has introduced a new bill to make it a statewide law that any business or company which has an inclusive trans bathroom policy to hire “attendants” to check that people are using the proper bathrooms, whatever THAT means.

    So, it’s gonna be fun in Alabama for a while to come it seems, but ya know, there is a great LGBTQ and Support community here and I’m looking forward to standing with them as this unfolds.

    • kuku

      yay to you guys!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Haha! Fluke’s power really is awesome 🙂 Of all the ways a distraction could’ve occurred, I definitely didn’t see a giant demon bear being one of them XD lol this rocks!

  • strangeangel24601

    This page is possibly my favorite Commander moment so far. I think I may be developing a girl crush on her.

    • Tyler Griffin
    • My girl crush on her settled firmly during the first interlude comic where she went snarky with Spooky about bathing. Has only grown since 🙂

  • amusingmurff

    I am SO NERVOUS. Things have been suddenly going *too* well for the YP.

    Even if I’ve never been more attracted to Commander.

    • amusingmurff

      *Sees creator has upvoted post.* *Questions if in support of lady boner or if prediction is spot on.* *flails*

  • amusingmurff

    Also, PP is lucky she’s so hourglass-esque – a less svelte individual would have lost a couple inches of waist.

    • strangeangel24601

      “Lose ten pounds in seconds with this one weird trick!”

      • Tyler Griffin

        Doctors HATE this Not-A-Bear (but it’s totally a bear)!

  • karmakat

    oh look at that platinum blonde lost her idiot grin…now if she could lose her face or head i would be VERY HAPPY…personally.

  • Mir

    PP practically ruled the world at one point, but she’s no match for demon bear!

    • Klaus

      No wonder she wants her power back!

    • Tyler Griffin

      Well, she does claim that the Grey Working weakened her.

  • Jeldenil

    I’m just wondering… where is Fluke running to, or from? Or is he possibly trying to become an elegant garden ornament?

    • He’s running towards the dampner. You should see it in glowing in panels 3 and 5. 🙂

      • Jeldenil

        Thanks, these details are hard to see on the cracked screen of my phone and without my glasses. 🙂

        • No worries! Glad to help. 🙂

        • Klaus

          You need to get a projector and a white wall.

          • A couple year ago I got to check for a page with a computer that was attached to a 50″ TV-screen. That was glorious!

  • Kate G

    “Did you really think I didn’t see you there, Minion? How about an elbow to the face?” I love the Commander. She’s knows how to kick butt with or without powers.

    Run, Flukie, run as fast as you can to the thingy that turns off people’s superpowers! <-brain can't remember word so I'll explain it! The Not-A-Bear is starting to get very, very CRANKY.

    Although…I don't think anyone would miss Miss Metal Butt if she suddenly, oh I don't know, got turned into dust by a giant, pissed off not-a-bear with eyes that shoots lasers like Cyclops from X-Men. Well, except one silver-haired butt-head that might need to be turned into ash as well.

    Also, have we forgotten about Spooks and Flyboy all ready? WHERE ARE THEY IN ALL OF THIS MESS? Shouldn't we see them in the panels or see some shadow of them? HM?!

    • Tyler Griffin

      I think they are behind the skirmish at this point. Remember, they basically just fell out of their containment fields and lay whee they landed, except Spooky managed to get a hand on Mitch for healing. It seems like we should be seeing something from them from our perspective, yet only enough time has elapsed for Paul to grab a vial, hurl it, the bear materialize, and Kyle make 2 comments, each responded to by Amanda. I’d say this is only the 3rd round of combat, and I think team Silver has their initiative next for the start of round 4.

  • SofiaT

    That’s one angry not-bear!!

    And what a stroke of luck indeed! Wonder where that came from… 😀
    I see Duncan on the last panel and I wonder if he’s still in a “wtf just happened?” mode or if he’s already planning a counter-attack. Based on how even from behind you can feel his eyes drilling holes on Fluke, I reckon it’s the latter.

    …Is anyone heading towards the caged people, btw?

    Tick-tock, tick-tock…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Considering that the box has no visible doors, and that Spooky speculated that it was probably industrial diamond into which the prisoners were teleported, I’d say there’s not much that the Young Protectors can do with their powers nullified. The moment that Fluke frags the nullifier that changes, since Commander wanted Tsunami to reach in with a steam of water and rip out the wires of the timer on the execute-o-matic. And I assume that can be done at range. Until then, the YP can best spend their time beating up bad guys and generally keeping Team Silver off balance.

      • Klaus

        It would be easy for Kyle to burn a hole in diamond. Once he has his powers back, of course.

        • Pietro7

          After all, diamond is just a fancy form of carbon. It will burn, or at least disassociate into breakdown products with far less strength (like, say, charcoal). Then one good kick and it’s got a new doorway!

  • SofiaT

    Random: I watched The Rocketeer last week and if finally came to me what Commander’s jacket has been reminding me of all along.

  • I see Duncan fixing his gaze on Fluke. Fluke has one bottle left. I wonder what is going to happen to Duncan?

  • Aitsuki

    See PP? Told you the burr ain’t scurred. Let’s see how well your silver bikini protects you from giant lasers.

    • Klaus

      They do reflect light.

      • I wonder where that light might be reflected? Depends on which way Fluke’s luck is running, doesn’t it?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hey, cool. Apropos of nothing to do with the story, I just noticed that the patreon funding has *finally* edged back over the $7k Alex-can-quit-his-day-job mark again.
    I’m glad. It reached that threshold before (and we got several Spooky Jones text stories as a result) and then patreon recalculated to reflect how much creators were actually getting as compared to how much was being pledged. Then for most of this year the AMWComics patreon has been sitting stubbornly around $6.5k, and I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘You know, that must be really frustrating for Alex’. It’s nice to see things back to this point.

    • I wonder where that actually left us on the old scale, if we have technically reached a new goal, since Alex’s goal scale was based on amount incl. the Patreon fee. It’s not been this high on new scale before, has it? The new design sadly only shows coming stretchgoal.

      Does this mean we’ll get another Spooky story, Alex? 😉

      • Actually, a couple things happened at the time Patreon recalculated. Not only was Patreon displaying more accurate numbers (they were no longer counting credit cards that were bogus or expired—a surprisingly large number), but a couple Patrons donating fairly large amounts needed to reduce their pledges due to other commitments.

        But with the latest new pledges, we are almost back to where we were. (And the big Kickstarter shipping push is almost wrapped up.) So, I look forward to being able to add some new, fun Milestone Goals soon, maybe even next month. 🙂 (And yes, I think another Spooky story would be a fun addition to that!)

        • Awesomeness all around! And I got no problems at all with a new Spooky story, or any prose story with any character 😀

    • I am feeling very grateful for this. It’s because of the Patreon that I’m able to create these comics, and (as I note in my reply to Danish below), these latest pledges are now getting us close to where we were before.

      Y’all are awesome. 🙂

  • I’ll just sit here for a moment and admire that back-elbow to a minion’s face… Only a moment, because there are so many other things to enjoy on this page. Sircea finally meeting an opponent who’s bigger than her in more than one way, the team working together, Duncan dragging himself up off the floor and still trying to do the wrong thing for the right reason; and the feeling that something very, very big is going to happen soon.

  • somebody

    the not-a-bear deserves a shirt design
    10/10 would buy

  • Jen Roberts

    Sweet mother of chaos, I love Commander.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Me too.

  • Pikinanou

    What does a woman like The Commander do when she’s on vacation? She’s so badass, I can’t really picture her doing anything that’s not potentially dangerous 😛

  • Jason Moon

    PP should take this moment to reflect that shooting first isn’t always a good idea.

    And the Commander looks almost… AMUSED at the mooks.

  • Dennis Grace

    Today’s lesson learned: do not shoot the demon grizzly. It just makes him angry.

  • Jac

    I vote we name them Aaron Bear.

    • Are you trying to rename Fluffy?

      • Sanbai

        We could name him…GRYLLS!

        I’ll get my coat.

  • Dumb Clicker

    Haha if PP can’t even deal with a daemon bear, how does she expect to control Lamperos?

  • More than slightly Off-Topic, but I’d like to remind the Americans that logo TV will transmit The Eurovision Song Contest in less than one hour – if you ever wanted to see a huge show with about 80% gay men in the front row that is also transmitted by a major Russian TV-Station: here’s your chance.

    To all Europeans still in the contest and to Australia: May the best song win!

    • I’m going to be sitting in front of the telly with my laptop open, mocking along with my friends on IRC 🙂

      • Twitter is GOLDEN during Eurovision. One of my fave days of the year on Twitter 🙂

        • Great on second screen, but a curse when displayed on TV, as EinsFestival did in the Semifinals…so distracting…

    • This is a weird year. Except for Sweden, that are mandatory since they won last year and is hosting, no other Nordic country made it to the finals. That’s never happened before. Denmark isn’t in for 2nd year in a row. Also a new (but imo understandible) one. Will be watching anyway, since I’ve seen the Eurovision for 15+ years.

      • Actually, I’m even more surprised that the unsinkable Greece didn’t make it …

        • I know, right! It’s a strange year. I lile to see Australia has officially joined though, and that it didn’t just stay as an anniversary thing last year as first intended.

          • I actually think she’s got a fair chance – the Russian wasn’t as good as expected in the semi. This year it’s far less obvious who’s going to win than in some years before – and the new voting mode may add to the suspense…

    • Sniff! I don’t get that channel. I was so excited when I heard.

      • Too late now, but it’s usually also on livestream somewhere. I know that’s how Americans used to watch it.

        • I went looking for the live stream but they wanted me to install some app and I figured I could eventually find individual performers later.

          I saw that Ukraine won.

          • Yes, new voting system, where jury votes and viewer votes are split up, made that come out of the blue. It was high ranked, but it wasn’t until last moment it was a winner. Beat Australia with 23 points, so it was close. Funniest to see was Poland. Jury had them last at 26th place with 7 points, and BOOM viewer votes was added it knocked them up as 4th in final scores.

          • I took the votes and reconstructed how the old system would have ended up – with Australia a comfortable 41 points in front of Ukraine, Russia still third. And i don’t get that poland effect – i’m completely on the juries’ side. Malta’s the other Alien: Jury placed it on 4, televoting on 21. Both are strange, and both are not as political as the usual Israeli problem: good song, good jury, no calls. I whished politics could stay out of this contest just once.

            I knew before German entry was mediocre, but I’m still shocked how bad she ended up.

          • Seems a little like the crap they pulled with the last season of American Idol.

            I am curious why Australia was allowed into Eurovision.


          • Easy: The ESC is held by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), of which three Australian Broadcasters are associate members. SBS has broadcast the ESC ever since 1983, and even with their own commentary since 2001. Since the show was so popular in Australia despite the really bad time of day, the Australians were granted a special anniversary starting place at last years 60th Song contest and somehow, nobody wanted them to leave, once they were here.

            So, dear Americans, if you start now (maybe on a bigger Network – ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS are EBU Associate Members) you may be allowed to join the 100th anniversary ESC in 2055 – go for it!

          • It’s something about the TV-channel SBS which is the one broadcasting the show. While Eurovision (also known as ESC) DID start out for Europe only, it has spread out to be most of the countries SBS covers. A reason why Israel has been a part of it for many years, and Azerbadjan joined about 8-10 years ago. Other Mid-Eastern countries have joined shortly, and others will probably join at some point.
            Australia SBS has aired the show for for 30 years, and it has a huge fan gathering each year. Aussie hasn’t been invited to join until last year when it was ESC’s 60th anniversary, but it was only intended at a one time thing. However, afterwards it was decided that it was such a big success that they could stay, also because Australia has a close political and historical connection to Europe (Queen Elizabeth is also queen of Australia still).
            There is one clause for Australia though; that if they win, the show still has to be held in Europe.
            So they’d have to work with a country to have the show – still on Australia’s bill of course. While not knowing it, my guess would be that if they win, there’s a good chance the show end up in England.

  • Poppyjaz

    I knew we had a semi bear in this comic with Mr. Duncan..I didn’t expect to see a real one…hehehe.. it’s a good day to be silly.

  • bronakopdin

    you DON’T say xDD

    more than late to the party and ofc I missed a hilarious page ^^
    Kyle’s line added to Amanda’s blind rutine 🙂

    but actually Sircea is not that unlucky herself, being able to totally dodge those lasers in the middle of them O__O

    Now will Paul make it to the dampener before Duncan?!

  • D. G.

    Flukes luck has got to b used up by now. Uh oh!!!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    I’ll bet that laser blast made Sircea’s bustier nice and warm and toasty… Good bear… good good bear!

  • Chris Dangerfield

    I never thought that I’d think Duncan was the “sexier” bear…….. never a dull moment in TYP. XD

  • Shiny Gwilly

    wow i’m super late
    think PP is rethinking her choices now….and Fluke better have some kind of solid plan to take that thing out, possibly from afar since Anni is getting back up
    also bonus points to commander for that sweet elbow hit

  • Pietro7

    Hmmm. Tsunami is between Ani and Fluke, and there’s a lot of water on the ground for him to work with – not to mention that Ani is already wet. Past time to see Tsu at Hero’s work again, and I don’t mean punching minons. Hmmmmm.

    • Klaus

      Tsunami is powerless. And Duncan is plenty fast enough to stop Fluke before he gets to the power nullifying gadget. Besides, even if Fluke does get there, will he know what to do?

      • maybe make the bear step on it?

        • Klaus

          Or blast it with its eye beams,

          We all beam
          For eye beam

  • Jack Mason

    Okay, I found this comic today and spent the last three hours binge reading it. I so read the other one, “Arafice,” please excuse me if I spelt that wrong. And may I just say, I love your work!!! Best thing I’ve read in a long time, it is now my favourite thing. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Mary Klemzak

      Artifice is definitely an amazing gem! Welcome to the YP, we have lazer eyed bears!

      • Jack Mason

        Thanks for the welcome, and who doesn’t love later eyed bears?

        • Klaus

          Duncan, I would think. And possibly Sircea. Even Amanda does not seem entirely happy.

          • T Dibbler

            Pssht! Spoilsports, who needs ’em?

          • Hmm, what would Laampros think of a bear hug?

          • Klaus

            Interesting question.

          • amusingmurff

            Spooky was clearly on board – that’s the only recommendation needed!

    • Welcome to the comic and the comments, Jack!!

    • As others have said, welcome to the comics and comments. I’m sure Alex would like to know how you found the comics 🙂

      There’s comments being made by the YP community every day, all year around, but tuesday and friday evenings (US westcoast zone) there is also ‘camping’ here in the comments. A time where we wait for the new pages to be posted. If you want to.

      • Jack Mason

        Hehe, about that. I found the comics by looking up “Cute gay online comics,” it seemed fitting because that is how I found another great yaoi comic entitled Space School, by DarkChibiShadow, find her on tumblr. 😉

    • KatKaleen

      You are very welcome here! Artifice is my all-time favorite! Simply the best (insert song here). I’ve never before seen a comment section filled with such wonderful people.

    • Welcome to the Woolfpack ^_^

      • amusingmurff

        ….is it really called that? Because that is both incredibly corny and exceedingly delightful.

        Also, next project has to be about gay werewoolfs then 😛

        • Pretty sure everyone agreed with that one, though I don’t think we really use it that often here. Though I am pretty sure I usually use it to welcome those that comment they have read both Artifice and TYP and are new to the comment section.

          • amusingmurff

            Artifice was amazing. Like, don’t get me wrong TYP is great, 10/10 would and have recommended, but Artifice….just damn.

          • ^_^

        • I know that fans of Teahouse and Starfighter are “Teafighters” and Tripping Over You is called the “TOY box”

          • And split up it’s Teacups and Stargayzers 🙂

          • It had been so long since I had to reference them individually.

          • amusingmurff

            Is that like Superwholockians? Where one goes the other surely follows kind of deal?

            And hmm, I’ve never heard of Tripping Over You – would you recommend it? My foray into webcomics has been both tragically recent and relatively limited.

          • Yes, yes, and yes.

            And for more webcomic recommendations visit –

            And if you want to sign up to the forums so you can post in the threads and/or subscribe to them –

            We have a forum that does its best to post when comics have updated. There is also a forum with threads for fanfiction recommendations as well. I seem to be the main one for that section, and I seem to be a bit behind on that, but I plan on hopefully getting back to that soon.

          • Silly me! Here is a link to the first page of TOY!

    • Welcome, Jack! I’m so glad you found us and are enjoying our comics! Thank you so much for your kind words! 😀

  • Mary Klemzak

    Lazer bear. Lazer bear. Does whatever. A lazer bear can.

  • Klaus

    Has anyone managed to find out what karaura means? We have two names of demon types: karaura demon (the head Spooky brought back from Hell) and takwin-demon (Anaado). Takwin is easy: but the only Karaura I have been able to find is a village in Uttar Pradesh.

    • KatKaleen

      Or… Alex just made them up! Sometimes it can be as simple as that.
      Or did he say that all the names have a deeper meaning, I might have missed that?

      • Klaus

        Not that I have noticed. But given that takwin has a very appropriate meaning that pops up at a simple web search, I think it likely that karaura has some meaning too.

        • KatKaleen

          Maybe it’s Hawaiian? I know a little Japanese, but despite all the syllables being there, it doesn’t struck me as Japanese.

          • Midori Ren

            My Google search in Japanese (admittedly in hiregana which could be the problem) didn’t turn up anything either, nor did (dictionary) but it could still be a peculiar reading of unknown (to us) kanji. Or something I just don’t know and can’t find with my middle-school-level Japanese. Ura could be ‘underside/undersurface’ (裏), which is a common enough word, but there are so many possibilities for ‘kara’ I really couldn’t say. ‘From the undersurface’ would make sense, but that would be urakara, not karaura. That said, Karaura is a Japanese place name as well as that village in India, and has been used in an anime or two.

    • Kate G

      There’s a city in India named Karaura?

      • Klaus

        A village. I can find only the name and coordinates, not even a population figure.

  • KatKaleen

    HOLY GUACAMOLE! I usually go weak for girls with blond curls, but Amanda is so awesome! No, I’m not going to ask “Is it weird to have a crush on a comic book character?” because I know it already. It’s perfectly normal. 😉

  • Justin White

    Epic miusic Da da da dada da da dada daaaaaaaaaaaaah! 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Dat elbow shot.

  • Librarican

    Can someone clarify something for me? People keep saying that Fluke is the only one with powers, but I thought all the dampners were short-circuited along with Fluke’s, thereby releasing everyone from their energy chains and (I thought) enabling everyone to use their powers. Is that not the case, and if so why not?

    • The dampner hasn’t been destroyed, only the holder thingies. Fluke is on his way towards the dampner at this moment.

    • davefragments

      The Commander explained it to Fluke on page 25…
      It seems that the dampener thingie doesn’t work on Fluke because, because…

    • As AJ said, the shiny little thing Fluke is running towards in the background on this page is the dampner. It’s a match to the device Hunter and Killer had earlier. We saw Anni turn it on back in chapter 3, before he then knocked everyone out. The pods were basically energy prisons that could hold them captive after that.

      • Derkins

        took me way too long to realize this :p

    • Klaus

      You can see what the dampener looks like and where it is in this and the next two pages

    • Librarican

      Thanks everyone for the reminder. I forgot that the dampner was separate from the pods/holder thingies (don’t know which name I like more). In my defense it was over a year ago (holy cripes!) since we’ve seen it.

    • Kate G

      Someone wrote “poor unfortunate soul” over there. How could they not know Katie’s weakness. The three words that will always make Katie break out into song.

      • davefragments

        Al and Town?

        • Kate G

          Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Dave.

          • davefragments

            Allentown? You mean you would leave Broadway for …. Allentown!

          • Kate G

            Woah, wait a second. What are you talking about Dave?

          • davefragments

            I was teasing about musicals. I haven’t seen THE LITTLE MERMAID onstage but I will try if it hits the city again. However, “Allentown” is a the city that Peggy threatened to return to when she’s town and the producer yells her city name to her.
            Pencils are up

          • Kate G

            It’s a MOVIE! MOOOOOOVIE!!!! I haven’t seen the Broadway musical. Watch the movie!

          • davefragments

            I’ll try.
            but you’ve never see this?

          • Kate G

            No, I haven’t. The Broadway version never came to Chicago. The Shakespeare Theatre of Chicago near Navy Pier adapted it. It’s much shorter than the original and the costumes are much different. ( )

            The Broadway costumes were never my favorite. I saw the sketches and production photos on D23 and gagged. The Chicago ones are beautiful but going into Chicago is always a tribulation for me as it’s so noisy. I’d love it if my local theatre (which is well known for hosting Broadway shows for a short time) brought the Little Mermaid.

    • I showed up, no new page breewing, and saw your Center Stage reply on SF. Had tro open Youtube to watch, and was distracted for a couple minutes doing that. Comes back to new YP page and two comments the moment my page is loaded xD
      I really need to open all tabs and check, and not be distracted during high camping *lol*

  • Hello everybody!!

    • Kate G

      HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I actually made it to camp. O.o

      • Yay!!

        • Kate G

          How’s things by you?

          • Not too bad. And you?

          • Kate G

            Get this, it’s the middle of May…and we have a frost advisory. FROST. ADVISORY. Who gets a frost advisory in the middle of May?

          • It happens. Maybe it’s one of the volcanoes that’s been trying to erupt.

  • davefragments

    Hi AJ.

    • How’s it going Dave?

      • davefragments

        Rain is creeping in again and I’ve had a bit too much running around. Although, the symphony Sunday was all Strauss and that was great.

        • Clouds have been going over all day. I think there were some sprinkles everywhere but over us. But it was good because the a/c unit and electrical panel was being replaced today. So we didn’t have any electricity all morning and hopefully it remains somewhat cool until the a/c is functional

          • davefragments

            same here but it’s only 50 degrees out there

  • syllibub

    Look alive, everybody:

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