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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 26

204 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 26


I had an amazingly good time at Emerald City Comic Con. Lots of readers stopped by to let me know how much they were enjoying the comic. And then there was this awesome reader who came in Spooky cosplay:


I love that T-shirt! 😀

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi. Y’all made me feel like a total rock star. And I’m again reminded just how wonderful our community is here. We really do have the best readers in comics. 🙂

Kickstarter rewards have started shipping to the original backers, but there is still time to join in the big shipping push and pre-order a copy of The Young Protectors Volume One and other Kickstarter rewards. Watch this video for more information about that. I’ll be receiving the 11″ x 14″ print packs from the printer at the end of April—so there’s still time to save up for those if you’d like one. But I now have everything else, and I’ll be shipping rewards that don’t include prints over the next month, so if you just want a book, now would be a great time to pre-order.

So! Looks like Fluke’s powers are in full-force! Will our heroes be able to capitalize on this new development?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Ka-BOOM!!

  • YES!!

  • DonnaC

    I hope those minions near the control button aren’t in trouble.

    • They really chose a bad day to go to work.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Would you consider it “unlucky?” (snerk)

        • Ha!

        • Wait, you can access the site? I haven’t been able to for a day. I’m replying via Disqus.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            Me too. It’s been super slow and hanging all day. All other sites are fine so I know it’s not my overall connection, but TYP’s server must be unhappy with me or something. 🙂 (It will kill me tonight, lol). I need some Fluke-luck to help me out. HA!

  • syllibub

    This is probably a terrible time to remind the minions that they don’t get health insurance.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      HA! Even if they did, I’ll be the deductible is positively diabolical. 🙂

  • davefragments


  • timemonkey

    Hopefully Duncan won’t just super speed punch them all unconscious again in five seconds.

    • Luck could have him slip in a puddle of water.

      • Or twist his ankle. Or would he super heal from that?

        • I think he heals pretty fast, but if he slip or twist around, I don’t think he’d heal THAT fast.

          (There was a couple healing heels puns crossing my mind here xD)

          • Well? Pun away!

          • Oh, just something about if he slip and hurt his foot, he’d need to heal his heel and those silly things.

          • Klaus

            He is a very well heeled man.

          • HA!

        • Klaus

          If it takes a couple of minutes to heal, it would be enough.

  • Cman65

    Snake guy is thinking “See you should of gotten me out I was going to have a look at that”

  • So what happens next? Shall we take wagers?

    • timemonkey

      If they’re smart they’ll have Tsunami take out Duncan with a wave. Either knock him far enough away for to make him harmless or keep him under water until he passes out. That way they can concentrate their big guns on Sircea.

      • Klaus

        If they manage to shut off the nullifier. Duncan is very fast, and he must have noticed that something is amiss.

    • syllibub

      Duncan will be all “BLAAARRRG HOW CAN THIS BE???” and Sircea will be like, “This, this right here is why you ALWAYS. KILL. THE PRISONERS.”

      • “You still don’t care that you somehow couldn’t move them to my dungeons?”

        • bronakopdin

          “you could have taken the bodies to your dungeon for all I care… I do the same, how do you think I collected all these bones?”

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Duncan: [to Sircea] If you say I told you so……….

        Sircea: [Gives Duncan the LOOK that would kill, if looks could kill and hers just might.]

    • davefragments

      The spell is not complete until the hostages in the glass cage die.
      They don’t die, everything stops…

  • Wait! Is Sircea using magic in the background of panel 1?

    • syllibub

      It looks like she might be helping Duncan get the portal back in position.

      • Maybe she wasn’t as tired as she said? Or she was saving her magic for Laampy showing up?

        • syllibub

          I figured she was lying about being tapped out because she wanted to keep the team around long enough to kill them.

          • Well it could be considered a frivolous expenditure of magic. It might be more fun to torment the children. A little zap here and tickling blast there. Or what if that minion is just so incapable of his minioning… 😀

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I suppose with world domination and immortality on the line you can always find that little extra bit of energy… and honestly she can kill them later. Right?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      She is NO slacker!

  • Fluke, water and electricity. A good combo for utter chaos. Now we need to get Spooky and especially Mitch out of the way from being pawns and possible in the middle. Hope that drop wasn’t too bad for any of them.

    Shane (snake minion) still ‘tied’ up somewhere on the scene might just be lucky for that reason, being no where near the blast 😉

  • Coming up…. Duncan: Damnit, I had just erected that back up!

    • davefragments

      That’s an interesting choice of words. I’ll just giggle and smirk quietly because my thoughts are way too vulgar right now.

  • Doki would like to draw everyone’s attention to the lovely view of the YPs backsides we are treated to on this page.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Indeed, it really tested the power of magnification on my laptop! 🙂

  • davefragments

    If you get the thumbnails, go look at them.
    It’s so funny.
    The minions in the last panel look like schmoos being knocked around like ten pins in a bowling alley.
    The pencils don’t look that way.

    • bronakopdin

      damn, I’m meeting with a couple of friends on Saturday evening for bowling… now I’ll have this picture in my head x’D

      • davefragments

        I’m happy to be of service.


  • Mir

    The two henchmen in the first panel are having a discussion all like “okay but their asses tho”

    Not even PP or Anni can stop the power of luck!

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Wasn’t that the name of an old Huey Lewis and the News song? “The Power of Luck” 🙂

  • Gregory In Seattle

    And the moment he realizes that maybe his power is not shut down, an extremely fortuitous stroke of luck occurs….

  • Rick T

    Fan Art Assignment: Fluke riding in on Falkor the Luck Dragon.

    • The mental image has me laughing.

      • Chris Dangerfield


    • Spooky could probably provide the dragon.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So is this how Fluke’s luck manifests? I don’t mean “causes an electrical fault due to power cables running through puddles of water”. Oh no no no. As far back as the start of the chapter people (myself included) were harping on about the safety risk of the electrical cables running through puddles of water.

    No, clearly Fluke’s power has caused the bad guys and the minions to NOT NOTICE the safety risk of the electrical cables running through the puddles of water.

    (Maybe it was a chain of events. Fluke’s power caused Spooky’s hellsnakes to stick around on Shane the snake minion rather than dissipate after a few minutes like they were supposed to. And this caused Team Silver to become so distracted that they didn’t notice the potential safety risk. See, it all fits.)

    • Rick T

      My thinking is that the cables running through the water might just be the path of least resistance when it comes to the luck energy.

    • It is only Fluke’s power pod that malfunctioned though.

      • davefragments

        Take an expanded look at the pencils — the entire team is tumbling to the ground

        • Yes, after the boom took out the control system. In panel 2 it all starts with Paul’s pod blowing a circuit, causing a huge chain reaction.

    • Klaus

      The diabolic duo would have used waterproof cabeling.

  • davefragments

    The lucky part is that neither Duncan or Sircea will think of this as anything but an electric short. After all, the dampener was working. It wasn’t magic.

  • Toli Bera

    are the snackrifices alright in the Tupperware o’doom?

    • Chris Dangerfield

      HA! (*Laampros has the munchies!*)

  • Chris Dangerfield


    I was excited about this page. Now I’m really excited. I feel like I’m getting another page when I wake up tomorrow… with color. Now, I don’t want to encourage color delays, but this is pretty exciting.

    Oh, and I totally agree with Klaus about the waterproof cabling… I hope team silver is reading the comments 😀

    Thanks Alex, Adam and Vero for making the week seriously better. And yes that t-shirt puts the “A” in awesome. Excellent!

  • Everyone face plants except for Commander and Fluke. Doki is still very concerned about Mitch’s state of wellness.

    • Same. A drop like that can hurt. Hoping that Fluke’s luck streak includes them dropping just the right way to not cause further issues.

      • Klaus

        Face down in the puddle.

  • Hopefully the dampner blows up next. >:D

    • Michael

      That would be ridiculously lucky. To the point of defying all logic and physical possibility.

      Unless, in their reaction to the prisoner-machine blowing up, Dunc and Sirce accidentally drop the bone-ring on top of the dampener machine, crushing it…

      • You never know!! I mean the whole area was drenched and stuff, so…

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Well, this will be the moment when the flying ninja robot pigs finally arrive and crush the device… right?

          • That’s would be good timing indeed.

          • Chris Dangerfield

            I do believe in ninjaflyingrobotpigs. I do believe in ninjaflyingrobotpigs. I do believe in ninjaflyingrobotpigs. I do believe in ninjaflyingrobotpigs. I do believe in ninjaflyingrobotpigs….

          • Why am I all of a sudden reminded of the cowardly lion?


      • timemonkey

        The more complex a machine is the easier it is to mess something up.

  • karmakat

    YEP talk about luck hehe

  • Jeldenil

    Something was funny about that cable. It cracked them up.

  • Michael

    Now that’s some freaky good luck. Dude must be charged.

  • Michael

    Now that’s some freaky good luck. Dude must be charged.

  • Michael

    Now that’s some freaky good luck. Dude must be charged.

  • Michael

    Now that’s some freaky good luck. Dude must be charged.

  • Michael

    Now that’s some freaky good luck. Dude must be charged.

  • I’m assuming the only thing blowing up is the table the electronics were on?

    • Klaus

      As far as I can see on pages 1 and 2, the electronics are not on a wooden table. The console comes with a stand, all metal.

      • True, but were the cords running from the platform to power the holding devices? Or was the dampner exploding too because Fluke?

        • Klaus

          To find out, tune in next Saturday. Same YP time, same YP channel.

  • bronakopdin

    pretty butts in panel one, nice calves in panel two… I love the subtle fanservice 😀
    and let’s not forget about snakeguy ^^
    So Duncan and Sircea try to repair the gate, foreground minions wonder what to push next as the control panel is so much bigger than their game pads, background minions at the gate stand in line for their imaginary taco stand, lne even already getting his purse out and check his balance, background minions on the right playing rock, paper, scissors with the first loser randomly spotting a girl he likes in the “tupperware o’doom” (sorry this was so nice I had to re-use it @toli_bera:disqus)

    everyone is able to move again! I hpoe someone catches Spooky and Mitch or did the boom wake them up?

  • Hours Left

    The poor, beleaguered minions just can’t catch a break.

    That one is still trapped by Spooky’s magic snakes.

  • Hours Left

    The poor, beleaguered minions just can’t catch a break.

    That one is still trapped by Spooky’s magic snakes.

  • Adam Black

    Alex, @Al@alexwoolfson:disqus
    I noticed now comes up blank

    ( Alex, I think it used to point here . You probably dont want squatters to steal the IP )

    • Thanks for the heads up, Adam. Looks like my hosting provider was having some domain name forwarding issues, but it seems to be resolved now. Not to worry—I have these domains locked up for some time. 😉

      • Adam Black

        Your welcome.
        I usually half type name and let auto-complete and google forward me

        ( it was an unusual error for Chrome. I havent seen a 404 that looked like that before. )

        Forgive my terrible memory, Is there a latest page bookmark now?

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Yep. It’s a special code (url) that can be found under FAQ section at the top of this page, the second item under “Comic Navigation” about three items from the top.

          It takes you to the most current page and then the URL magically turns into the url for THAT page. Spooky created it, I think.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Damn, those minions just can’t catch a break, can they? Oh well, now it’s WHOOPING TIME!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Flukeiness activated!

  • Shiny Gwilly

    ooooOOOOOoooooo here we go
    WAY TO GO FLUKE, LET’S KEEP THIS UP, commander was right after all
    i’m really hoping those people in the box survive, but i’m also feeling bad for those mooks, they just can’t catch a break

  • Jason Moon

    Bet those mooks are feeling like these guys:

  • zaina

    sooo excited!! i cant wait for the update!!! xx

  • Malusz

    Yep, one was enough. Loved how Amanda kind of forced Fluke’s power into working.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    I realized between the first panel and the last that “snake guy” is slighter below (if a bit forward) of all his fellow minions (up on the platform) who have been so studiously ignoring his plight

    If most of them, and the platform, are indeed thrown a bit forward and land on him, then I think he gets to pull the full Extremely Unfair Indignity Clause and claim this as just “one too many” rotten things endured for one diabolical world claiming plan.

    I’d say an early retirement from Minion Co. and perhaps something easier… say retail at Christmas… would be quite understandable.

    Poor wee minion. Just can’t catch a break. 🙂

  • Chris Dangerfield

    Oh, and did I mention that Amanda was bright? Regardless, it bears repeating. 😀

  • Earl Patterson

    About time!! ACTION!!!

  • Vaira

    Are they able to move their arms? After having them up for some times? The arms should be so asleep now!

    Also – told you, Sircea, you were so incredibly stupid for letting them be here.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Dr. Evil: All right guard, begin the unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism.

      [guard starts dipping mechanism]

      Dr. Evil: Close the tank!

      Scott Evil: Wait, aren’t you even going to watch them? They could get away!

      Dr. Evil: No no no, I’m going to leave them alone and not actually witness them dying, I’m just gonna assume it all went to plan. What?

      Scott Evil: I have a gun, in my room, you give me five seconds, I’ll get it, I’ll come back down here, BOOM, I’ll blow their brains out!

      Dr. Evil: Scott, you just don’t get it, do ya? You don’t.

  • Pikinanou

    Paul, why do you have to break everything? 😀

  • Connor

    This page is much easier to understand with color.

  • Okay, snake guy *still* makes me crack up every time I see him still flinching away from his personalised bondage equipment. 🙂

    • Mir

      I vote for a snake guy spin off. What was his child hood like? Did he have a pet snake? Does he hate snakes now?

      • Chris Dangerfield

        He actually retired from Evil Minioning and opened up a pet store in Greensboro, NC that specializes in reptiles. TBH he’s a much happier man. 🙂

  • Drake

    I got my fancy kickstarter stuff about a week ago, and I love it! It’s more than I could have hoped for when I backed it all that time ago, thank you so much 🙂

    I live in the UK though, and wasn’t expecting the £14 import charge, and was just wondering if you knew that would happen and if I missed an email, but in case you didn’t know, I just wanted to mention it so others know in future so they don’t get an unexpected import charge.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Drake!

      So glad you love all your rewards! That’s awesome!

      And I did talk about customs fees, etc. for international backers in one of the recent Updates before I started shipping. And it was then much discussed in the comments, both explanations and potential solutions. (And in the Update, I also talked about ways I tried to reduce the impact of those fees.) The bottom line is that international shipping is truly a joy for all concerned and no solution is perfect. But I am glad you like what you received. And I thank you very much for your backing, my friend!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Damn, she’s good! Oh, and you too, Paul.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      She’s awesome and I suspect Paul just learned something about his power… so cool.

  • D. G.

    And soon the next round begins!

  • Brian Hopkins

    Hooray power of positive thinking or something. I’ll admit that I too am glad for a return to action. And while it’s fun to see `Shane’ now and then, I wonder if he isn’t being kept in his predicament for another plot point.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    This is cool!

  • Kate G

    WOOOOOOO! GO PAUL! GO PAUL! KILL THE DEPOWER-THINGAMABOB! (Please excuse any brain spasms in names of things. Today in my horse lesson, I went around the arena cantering eight times around the arena and then Scooby got canter happy, so I had to make him go into a trot to a walk slowly. Before that, I learned a new pattern and so my brain…completely fried. The fact I remember my own name actually surprises me.)

    And I’m cackling that mini-Stonehedge and the platform got blown-up and Sircea was on it.

    What are the odds that she survived that?

    • Klaus

      The probability that Sircea survived is one. Mainly because the plot requires it, but also because she is not on a wooden platform. She is standing on the concrete platform where the bone wreath is.

      What was it that blew up? The control panel, as we see on pages 1 and 2, was not on a wooden platform. But the wood looks to be much closer to the operators at the control panel than the stairs to the ceremonial platform. The wooden floor that the dampener is standing on, and the remnants of the ceremonial platform itself, are even further away, and the remnants of the scaffolding around the bone wreath are further still.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        Not only has Sircea survived, but I’ll bet her cape is spontaneously regenerating while she works. 🙂

  • Evil Minion to others: “How many times did I say to use a heavier extension cord? NOBODY ever listens to me and this ALWAYS happens! Also, WHY am I still tied up with SNAKES!?! Why snakes, why does it ALWAYS have to be snakes? Wait, what are you doing? Stop your wriggling snake! ACK! Not under the robe! Not under the robe! I go commando! HELP! I’m being oppressed!”

    • Doki sympathizes with Snake Guy minion over that issue. Doki also feels like no one listens to her and pushes her words aside.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      I am NOT going to make snake size jokes……….. NO, I am not. 🙂

      • Yes, let’s not get into a LENGTHY discussion on a public board.

  • Klaus

    Is it just me, or is the perspective in panel one distinctly odd? The terrain is flat, and the operators at the control panel are standing directly on the ground. The viewpoint is only slightly higher that the top of the heads of those operators. Yet we are looking at the rest of the scene from a considerable height. The glass (or diamond) cage is twice as high as the minion standing next to it. Even so, we are looking at it from above. We are also looking down on the hands of our heroes, who are suspended more than a foot above the ground with their arms stretched at full length above them.

    • Chris Dangerfield

      Fluke’s astonishing ‘luck’ powers are causing reality to momentarily warp… I’m sure I read that that happens… somewhere? 🙂

    • Vik-Thor

      your right, it does seem a bit forced.
      Page 2 gives a good overview of the area:

      I originally thought the minions were on the pile of stuff where the power neutralizer is, in the interior of the bare ground C, which would have given them the elevation, but they are on the opposite side of the YPs from that pile.

      I find it interesting that the C is outlined with small standing stones…

  • Justin White

    GO go go!

  • Name

    Awesome, this updates so fast! I really appreciate the dedication!
    I hope there will be an extra that explains Fluke’s power a little more in depth. I know the mystery is part of it’s allure and all, but I really want to know a little more, like how he slid that light through the cable or what it was. Maybe his essence or something? Anyway, I can’t wait for the next update, keep up the good work!

    • Klaus

      He did not do anything as such. His power is that he is lucky. The cable shorted at an opportune moment.

      • Chris Dangerfield

        All true. However, I’d be interested to know if this isn’t an “ah ha” moment for Paul. They are all “kids” and still learning about their powers. We can assume that Kyle hasn’t discovered everything about himself yet. We saw that when he was bound on the hell-date. Under extreme duress he almost overcame Sircea’s spell bounds and he actually burned Duncan. That clearly wasn’t (what he considered) normal.

        So, I think a fascinating thing about TYP in general is that they are young and still learning what these “powers” of theirs can do. A natural (lava-style) orgasm or a consciously directed fire-storm.

        Same regarding Fluke’s luck. He may have assumed it was mostly unconscious and it “just happened” until Amanda (in a true leadership way) just helped him discover that his power can be directed with enough will and passion. Who knows where this course of self-discovery will lead him over time.

        Now I think of all of them and wonder what kind of power and finesse they will learn as they grow. Tsunami may assume his power is one of giant waves as his ‘name’ implies… and yet learn that he has the fine control and finesse to insert a “finger” of water into the tightest of places — to do all sorts of salacious effective things. 😀

        I think this bodes well for many sequels @alexwoolfson:disqus — many many sequels… Mwaaaaahahahahahahahaha.

  • Jeff Baker


  • YangYueLan

    I love subtle powers 😛

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Something I should have noticed before: Obviously Fluke’s luck powers have a flair for the dramatic, what with them kicking it at exactly the right moment after Commander has just finished her explanation.
    Or maybe not the right moment, since it could be argued that – while those same luck powers may well have been what kept Flyboy from getting killed – they haven’t keep Flyboy and Spooky unharmed enough to be conscious and able to help when the rest of the team escapes from the antigrav holding pods.
    Speculation: Is it possible that despite our fan speculations, that Fluke’s power isn’t retrospective, and that while Fluke might be supremely charged up now, he wasn’t charged up enough then to keep all team members undamaged, and the power has to work with what it’s got?

  • davefragments

    I just got thumbnails

    • They don’t seem to be up on patreon though.
      Which you’ve just noted… Gremlins.

      • davefragments

        No, I checked that first thing before I typed. I had to log in like crazy to comment.

      • davefragments

        I know what they are doing in it, too.
        I really do know what they are doing.
        Yay me.
        Made my morose day of Taxes — yesterday, just to go to the Post office I spent 3 hours “gifting” myself CINEMA-SINS just to get in the mood to face that. Today, I played the Manhattan Transfer all afternoon.
        This is my reward — a quickie sneak peek…

        • Taxes are never fun.

          • davefragments

            Past two years have been hard on me. Last year because I had to replace my old Omnistone driveway with asphalt and it cost as much as a new car. New Omnistone or Versalock or whatever its called would have cost as much as the first mortgage on my house. I had to take that money from savings.

          • That sucks. We had a little bit of savings and the damn fridge died. Not that it compares, but it seems to be that’s how it always works.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I’ve just been in my email account, sending off part of a text story to a friend, and I noticed that as well. [spoilers] Aw, isn’t Spooky sweet. I’m sure DokiDoki will approve of the way he looks out for Mitch.

      • davefragments

        Shhh. Shhh. It’s a surprise!

      • And what can that thing be under F hand?


      • *hugs*

    • Hope Adam kept the same… pacing(?) for the final page!
      It works so well b^^

      • davefragments

        I’m not saying anything more than “you’ll like it.”

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hello everyone!

    • davefragments

      Hi there.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hi Dave!

    • HI Sticky! Feeling better today?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I am, thank you!

        • davefragments

          Great. The weather is warming, too. Which is welcome.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yes, it’s great to see the sun!

          • davefragments

            I keep thinking that I should offer you an escape route from the Republican Convention this July.
            wink, wink, sort of

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I may have to take you up on that…

          • davefragments

            I keep thinking that if we are all lucky, it will be decided before either convention. This is one mess of a primary season.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’d very much like to keep Donald Trump out of my city entirely. Ted Cruz too, to be honest, but we can’t have everything.

          • davefragments

            Trump was just in Pittsburgh and they oversold both Soldiers and Sailors Hall in Oakland and The Convention Center downtown (or as we say DahnTahn)… That’s irresponsible. There was both a Hockey game and a baseball game in the evening. That was a mess.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh jeez…

          • davefragments

            The only thing I can think like that I’ve been to was a Symphony at Heinz Hall with a play at the O’Reilly and a musical at the Benedum and the Three Rivers Arts festival in 8 building lobbies plus a Gay Pride Parade. Now that was wall-to-wall people.

        • YAY!!!

    • Hallo!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hi b3nc0!

      • Hey! Good to see you somewhere other than TOY, *shakes head fondly at Alfonz*

        • I keep telling myself not to shun myself and come back where it all started…

          • Nice avatar btw. ^_^

          • ~///~

        • Speaking of good ol’ time, I posted a couple sky pictures from Wednesday on G+

          • My only working camera doesn’t do so well with being pointed at the sun. T-T So what pics I can take are limited.

          • TTATT
            I’m sorry for the snarky comment I was about to post orz

          • *hugs* If there was snark I didn’t see it. ^_^ I miss being able to take sunset pics though. It is nice to see yours. ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales


    • And Cain is going to be a dick to him on principle in 5,4,3…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      How are you tonight, Doki?

      • Not too bad, had a long afternoon nap. Was really tired, sleep has been weird lately. No matter how late I go to sleep I end up waking up between 9 and 10 30 the past few days.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Aww, I’m sorry you’ve been tired, but I’m glad you had a nice nap! *hugs*

          • Would have been better if it wasn’t interrupted in the middle, but such is life.

          • Had a weird dream about living in my college dorm again with a girl I never got along with, but I can’t remember from where and she was hogging the whole darn dorm, like I had no room for my stuff at all.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Stupid jerk dream girl. Glad you don’t have to live with her in real life.

          • I am thinking maybe middle school, but it is kind of fuzzy. I am pretty sure it wasn’t Elem, and I don’t think it was high school.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I tend to be pretty bad about remembering where I know people from. And also their names. And faces. I’m just bad at people in general.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I keep chuckling every time I look at the minion who’s still wrapped up in the demonic snakes.

    • I wonder if the explosion finally freed him.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        He’s been trapped by them for over a year, our time-wise.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          (I just went back and checked – he got ensnared by the snakes on January 27, 2015. Poor guy!)

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Or distracted them enough for them to leave him alone. (“Ooo! Pretty explosion with fire and sparks! Must go see!”)

    • Saxon_Brenton

      The interesting thing is that – reading through the scripts – Shane the snake guy and his hellsnakes only got mentioned briefly back at the start of the chapter as background detail for readers to catchup and see how much of the situation has or has not changed. All Shane’s appearances since then seem to be Adam throwing in Easter Eggs for us.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Delightful Easter Eggs wrapped in hell serpents.

      • Adam loves us.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Yes, he does. <3

        • Tyler Griffin

          And we love Adam 🙂

  • If Laampy does make it to this realm, I wonder what he’ll think of his son trying to stop him?

    • davefragments

      I think that is the right question.

      • Considering he was looking forward to ruling this realm with his precious boy.

        • But He saw the fight in him too…

          Not without pride ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales

      “All teenagers go through a rebellious phase. It’ll pass.”

      • But how would Papa Laampy deal with a rebellious teen?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Mostly through swaths of utter destruction. I get the feeling that kings of Hell don’t really do moderation.

  • davefragments

    tremors in the aether …

  • Crackferret

    Go Fluke!!!

    (And yay, that’s a picture of me looking super cheerful! :: hugs :: Glad I could come by, and thanks again for letting me shamelessly fangirl at you!!)