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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 23

186 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 23

Does she?

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So! The team still has some fight left in them. Does Commander really have a plan that will get them out of these restraints? And then what will they possibly be able to do against The Platinum Priestess and The Annihilator?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀


  • Snark.. Love sassy Kyle.

  • Of course she does, she’s the Commander!

    • MoonByte

      I literally wanted to write the same.

  • davefragments

    She’s one of the quiet ones. That makes her very dangerous.

  • So that means, no getting distracted by the desire to place a well aimed kick to a certain supervillain’s excellent backside. 😛

    • Ma chere Admiral,
      Let us not beat around the bush. By this point, Kyle is waiting to launch that kick when Duncan is facing him–and he isn’t aiming for the face.

      • HA!

        Dearest Donald, one would almost think you blood thirsty. 😀

        • Never thirsty for blood, as it stains the attire terribly. Alas, with ample warning, I am only too happy to stand back and applaud as Kyle inspires Duncan to sing in soprano.

          • So a fan of football? Hee!

          • In this instance, I find I am an avid supporter of kickball.

          • Hopefully then that Duncan isn’t great at dodgeball

          • Columbine

            You guys are hilarious! This whole exchange made being up at an ungodly hour for work on a Saturday more palatable.

          • *bows with flourish* Glad to be of help! 😀

          • Your welcome, Columbine. I enjoy witty repartee with the lovely Admiral Jane.

          • And I with you! 🙂

      • timemonkey

        Why kick when you can grab a handful and burn that shit!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Oh Lord, I didn’t see the last couple pages. Glad they’re eventually waking up. Kinda worried about Mitch.

  • I love the confidence Amanda has. There doesn’t seem to be any doubt at all that they’re getting free. Wonder what she has planned.

  • Of course she does Paul! She is Commander!

  • davefragments

    I’m going to sleep. Have a good night.

  • fujoshifanatic

    I knew she’d survey the situation, figure out a plan and some contingencies, and mobilize the troops! PP’s gonna be sooo mad she didn’t get to take care of Amanda when she had the chance!

  • syllibub

    Amanda’s incredible — I don’t care if Duncan was just trying to divert Sircea’s murderous attention, he never should have disrespected her abilities.

    And I love that Kyle’s like, “I didn’t realize I could want to kick this guy’s ass more than I already did, but whadaya know.”

  • Nate

    Force field disruptor hidden up her sleeve? Or something she can trigger with her feet? There is something to be said for being “Crazy Prepared”.

    (I was in a D&D group once with a fellow who played a thief, and had convinced the DM to let him conceal about a half-dozen or so small knives about his person, so that no matter HOW his hands were tied, he could cut himself loose. Smart guy.)

  • Amanda’s meta-powers may be knocked completely knocked out, but with her it only gives a few disadvantages, it doesn’t make her much less powerful/dangerous.

    Her brain and tactical skills certainly is still at 100%…. and SEAL trained. If no one had any meta-physical powers, Duncan included, I think I’d put my money on her out of anyone there – if they had a ‘normal’ fight. Even with Duncan (or any of the guys’) natural/trained strength.

    • It was this kind of logic that made me fall in love with “The Judas Contract” arc of the Teen Titans when I was a kid—one of the inspirations for “Engaging the Enemy” in fact. 🙂

      • Ooh, this is interesting …and this time I actually know/remember most of the story you reference to.

        Hmm, this could open up for theories, based of what’s happening along the way. My mind is already coming up with a couple that needs more thinking. What it would mean for the rest 🙂
        (*wonder what some of the other insprirations was*)

      • Jason Moon

        Hey, Grant Morrison(Yes, I consider him the Kubrick of comics. Right next to Alan Moore) did that one better by making GREEN F*CKING ARROW kill GODDAMN DARKSEID(In the “Rock of Ages” arc) and made it both awesome as sh*t as well as believable!

  • Mir

    Kyle, all ya gotta do is ask Duncan for a kiss and then bite his tongue. Orrr fake fight with each other and have a pretend RIOTTT!!

    Honestly though I have no idea how they’re gonna get out of this one, Amanda is hella smart for having a plan.

  • TwilightDreamer

    oooo! she might have a way to get out?? I want to see!! 😀

  • Jeldenil

    All I can think of is the way that Jessie freed herself in Gerald’s Game… *shivers*

    • Tyler Griffin

      River Song escaping the Weeping Angel…

  • Cman65

    It does so happen that I do have a way.

  • Klaus

    I don’t see how Mitch can do anything but hang in there. Unless Amanda does something about it, of course.

    • Tyler Griffin

      He seems to be hanging very successfully at the moment.

  • karmakat

    and now she answers “actually i hoped you guys had a way” and i think i explode laughing lol.

  • joshsusser

    “No, but I bet Kyle does.”

  • Shiny Gwilly

    yesss, more of the team planning and getting their determination back, this fight isn’t over just yet
    but yes amanda, what IS your plan here? we’re all eager to hear it
    and it probably won’t make PP happy

  • David Welbourn

    While I’m very curious how round 2 is going to work, I’d like to remind Amanda that the last time a power dampener got destroyed, there was a large explosion with unusual effect. That explosion has to be avoided or contained, otherwise everyone without speed powers is gonna die.

    • timemonkey

      Last time a power dampener was destroyed it was with a rocket launcher.

      • Tyler Griffin

        details, details. 😛 lol

    • Hopefully this one has an off switch!

  • Adam Black

    She knew about the power dampener possibility.
    maybe she has a power-dampener dampener, on her?

    Remote Teleport , back to the Jet?

  • Adam Black

    Amanda Turns back to Fluke:

    “No; You do”

    • Klaus

      I always loved that exchange in Watership Down:
      (From memory, far fropm verbatim)
      Blackberry: “But how are we going to get away?”
      Hazel: That requires an engenious plan. Which you will to provide.”

      • Adam Black

        If we need a Deux-ex-Machina solution , Fluke seems the way to go .

        He seems under-performing till now, superpowers wise.

        If all this cant super-charge him to the max, I dont what will.

        We also dont know the source of his powers, either.
        Does the dampener even work on Fluke?

  • bronakopdin

    indeed, I hope Mitch will hang in there >_<'
    but I like how Amanda seems to have a plan! I can'T wait to see our heroes back in action 🙂

  • Vaira

    How much time has passed? Because they mostly need to just buy time. You know, with military being on their way and all. You do remember there’s a group of trained soldiers rushing there? 🙂

    • Tyler Griffin

      No, the ritual has already been set and started, in roughly 20 minutes that portal is opening even if Duncan and Sirsea do nothing else the rest of the series, according to themselves. So, now the team needs to be actively trying to disrupt things.

      • Vaira

        I know the ritual has beed set, but military can help free our team, so they can do magic stuff. Not to say that if the military has at least two working brain cells, the incoming party will be filled with psychics, mages and whatever they have. There is a huge demon invasion incoming, they’d better call every supernatural personnel they have, no matter vacation.

        • Diviana

          Weren’t the majority of supers (including those with magic) off planet fighting some great evil?

          • Vaira

            Right. I don’t remember how big was that majority, but right, I forgot about that. Hope they have some left.

    • Klaus

      About 30 minutes ago, when the countdown clock stood at about 50 minutes, Amanda said that the military would need at least an hour to get there.

  • Pikinanou

    Never doubt the Commander! *I can’t believe I missed three new pages?*

  • Wisteria Lady

    just a sec… how is spooky healing himself if their powers are being nullified?

    • Tyler Griffin

      Magic. The Priestess claims that she can still cast, ergo it would make sense that Spooky can as well

      • Toli Bera

        or the dampener doesn’t cover all the ‘frequencies’ of magic. and what spooky is using is out of it’s influence.

        • Tyler Griffin

          OR PP has claimed that she is capable of casting. Thus it stands to reason that Spooky can to, as stated in comic. No additional theories needed 😛

    • Saxon_Brenton

      From context, the dampener doesn’t affect magic, and healing himself is an ability for which Spooky doesn’t need to make exacting hand gestures. The comment that Tsunmai made on the previous page, about how “He’s not going to be able to cast out with his wrists like that”, could be interpretted in a couple of ways, but if taken literaly it implies Spooky only needs to use his hands if ‘throwing’ a spell to affect something other than himself.

      I find it slightly more interesting that Spooky is healing himself while unconscious. It indicates that it’s either an automatic ability, or one that he’s somehow pre-set as a contingency: if situation X happens then response Y. In this case, if Spooky gets badly hurt, healing spells begin to repair him.

      This affects the Priestess’ tactics. I’ve speculated before that if the dampener doesn’t affect magic then the Priestess would be wise to put something like a sleep spell on Spooky, simply so he doesn’t wake up and start trouble all over again. Meanwhile, if being able to set a magical contingency condition like that is something that any non-insane magic user can do, then the Priestess should have anticipated it and taken steps more emphatic than allowing the Annihilator to simply truss the Young Protector’s up in anti-grav forcefields. Forget the argument about whether the Commander was too dangerous to let live, the first thing she should have done was kill Spooky, and if the Annihilator protested, then the Priestess should have… [pauses significantly]… dealt with Annihilator. Finally, the fact that Spooky is the only other non-insane magic user suggests that there’s a wild card element to magic, and that the Priestess honestly has no idea that Spooky can auto-heal.

      • I don’t think Sircea thinks much of Spooky’s abilities. Because she wanted to first off the Commander. She also scoffed at Duncan’s suggestion of enlisting Spooky’s help.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Neither Spooky’s abilities nor Spooky as a person. As I recall “prurient child” how she described him.
          Which is a bit strange if you think about it, because according to the third Spooky Jones text story he’s been busting up various crazy magic user activities that were at least been peripherally influenced by the Priestess, and after he wrangled confirmation of her existence from Exsec Agent Hastings he said he was intending to hunt her down. I could guess that he hadn’t had time to get very far with that if he hasn’t yet made an impression on her. Either that or the Priestess is so arrogant that she dismisses his successes as beginners luck, or somesuch.

          • I don’t think she believes anyone is of any use. For her, everyone else is a charlatan, that never could they reach HER level.

          • timemonkey

            You don;’t think someone who views themselves as a goddess is going to admit a mere child is a threat.

      • I’m not sure that Spooky is auto-healing while being knocked out. A green light would most likely be noticed if it had been going on all along. I think he’s reeached that semi-conscious state where your brain is (lightly) aware of what goes on, almost awake, but your body don’t have the energy to react much physically. Meaning that he can’t fight just yet.

        Spooky was/is aware enough now to activate/start self-healing, but it’s where he has to put his energy until he’s better. He’ll be fully awake and reacting soon.

        As for healing, I’m going your way too. I don’t think PP really knows that Spooky is able to use that power now, meaning it’s based on magical powers. That and/or her arrogance makes her feel that it’s insignificant for her plans. They’re not strong enough to take her down anyway.

  • I wonder if Mitch took Spooky aside before the flight to find Anni and PP and got some healin’ love. Otherwise, not only does he have the damage from PP’s blast and possible minor injuries from Spooky’s Cushion of Non-Instantaneous Death, he also has the gunshot wound in his arm and debris tornado damage. Poor baby is going to be black and blue all over.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I sure hope he did.

  • Diviana

    If they can lean towards another, can they I don’t do air scooting until the force fields collide and fizz out (or more likely explode) which charges up fluke more and then they go for the power damper?

  • Zeruk

    It’s great to be back on time for a comic…well sorta if you don’t count the 8-10 hours ;P

    I’m liking all this energy from the group! Makes me wan’t to stop and kick some Duncan booty too!

    P.S: I feel like Spooky might come in for a last minute save if the team needs it.
    But someones gonna need to protect my lovely Mitch!

  • Jason Moon

    This reminds me of a scene in Grant Morrison’s JLA where a new Leaguer asks Batman if he has a plan for taking down the bad guy(I think it’s Julian Seven, or something like that, but I’m not sure) and Flash says something like: “Look at the new guy. Look at who you’re talking to. This is BATMAN. OF COURSE he has a plan.”

    I could have the scene and the quote wrong, but I think that’s it. 🙂

    • 🙂

      • Jason Moon

        In retrospect, I think the villain’s name was Julian September, and his gimmick was manipulating luck. It’s been a while since I read the story.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Now I’m curious as to whether this Julian guy has ever run into Two Face, and if so did he use his powers to constantly screw with Two Face’s coin tosses.

          • Jason Moon

            As far as I know he was a one-shot villain. I could be wrong. He didn’t seem to have powers, he just invented a probability engine that screwed up the world. It’s been a while.

          • stickfigurefairytales


  • Toli Bera

    my guess on how to get out: Amanda pulls a metallic item (knife, hairpin, wrist watch, etc.) from her coat wrist which drops into the holding device under her which causes it to spark and short out: she then hurries to short out the other holding devices in the 3-8 seconds she has available. spooky still has one dragon vial in his coat somewhere which takes out the dampener while the others handle it Hand-to-hand for the moment.

  • Justin White

    she truly is a master traction

  • YangYueLan

    Fluke, asking the important questions.

  • Kate G

    What? You’ve been keeping how to get out the WHOLE TIME?! Are you trying to pull a Batman on us, Commander?


  • T Dibbler

    So, Commander really IS the most dangerous one.

    Also, randomly: I keep thinking that everyone’s arms are going to be so sore/numb from being held up like that for so long. I can just imagine that as soon as they’re free, they’re just going to stand there for a few minutes shaking their arms by their sides to get feeling back.

    • Jason Moon

      On the plus side, they’ll find out who has the better deodorant. 🙂

      • secret-alpacas

        meanwhile the bad guys are finding out who has the better butt out of the YP

        • Jason Moon

          I can’t shake the feeling that ONE of the Protectors is hoping a henchperson will walk behind him just so he can fart on the guy(Just because they’re prisoners doesn’t mean they’re going to be mature about it 🙂 ).

          • davefragments

            One of those large ripping farts that last about 10 seconds.

            (sorry, the little boy in me escaped for a few seconds)

          • Jason Moon

            Actually, I was thinking of something a little more SBD(Silent, But Deadly).

          • davefragments

            How about this one from South Park… (totally undignified for a Monday)

            What if SOUTH PARK did a parody of TYP’s?

          • Jason Moon

            Who would Cartman be?

      • Toli Bera

        Utterly pointless guesses at who wears what:
        Amanda: Secret Plantinum w/ Olay.
        Gordon: Old Spice
        Kyle: Degree
        Spooky: he uh… Kinda… forgot this morning.
        Paul: Speed stick
        Mitch: Axe

  • SchalaRenee

    Kyle should tap into his demonic powers like he seemed to when Duncan used him to cross into the Hell world. I’m sure demon powers would be able to defeat even PP. She and Duncan both know that they’re no match for Laampros, so why not his son? Why can’t Kyle finally embrace who he really is and use his hellfire or whatever to save the day? I am of course assuming Kyle has demonic powers, or that his fire power is demonic rather than a mutation or whatever like the others.

    • Klaus

      This is the story of how Kyle became one of the most powerful champions the world has seen (according to the Kickstarter page). You may get your wish.

  • secret-alpacas

    if it doesn’t involve some form of seduction,flirtation or sheer womanly pissiness then tut tut.

    • Klaus

      I don’t think either of those are Amanda’s style.

    • Journey Saintel

      If anything, Kyle would be the one flirting??

  • Odd_child_1

    So Commander is Batman with psychic powers and none of the sociopathy.

    • John

      More like Batgirl; she’s not as extensively trained as Batman, and she has links to a military force (albeit the ACTUAL military rather than the police, but scaled up I think that works)

      But yes. With psychic powers.

  • Jeff Baker

    “Of course she does!” 🙂 This is a comic book (and a damn good one) remember?

  • Kensworth Ebbinghause

    Just discovered this series and binged the entire set up to now…and now i really wish i had paced myself a little bit. i hope they come to some tempo-ed conclusion because i want this resolved. i am torn between sympathizing with and hating annihilator, so well written! I kinda want Kyle and Duncan work out at the end but at the same time not really…and i also have a thousand ships i want to see come to fruit! aaaaaaaarrrrgh

    • Welcome Kensworth!! You’re so not alone in your feelings towards Duncan!

    • Welcome Kensworth! It updates Wednesdays and Saturdays and we hang out (“camp”) in the comment sections the night before as we all eagerly await the new page. We have an amazing group of people here. ^_^

    • Welcome! Thank you very much for the kind words. I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying the writing and our work here. 🙂

    • Klaus

      Welcome. This is a five chapter story. You will need lots of patience.

      • Kensworth Ebbinghause

        But that’s the problem! I don’t want to BEEEE patient.

        • Klaus

          And now you know how the rest of us have felt for years.

  • Klaus

    I just received my package from kickstater. I had to pay US$ 32,40 to get it. Kr. 52,00 VAT, kr 128,00 fee to be allowed to pay the VAT, and kr. 32 VAT on the fee. Please make any other Kickstarter projects EU friendly.

    Who is this Paul Malone named on one of the power cards? Is he related to Paul Nicholas Jackson?

    Sorry to sound so negative. But those are what I have noticed until now.

    • He can’t. It’s not about being EU friendly, because most EU countries have higher allowed amounts, it’s Denmark having rediculess low custom rules (not to mention the post office is allowed to legally rob you with that high postal fee to process you customs for you). I learned that the bitter way too some years ago too.

      DK tillader kun køb med påskrevet værdi under 80kr uden for EU, og du må modtage gaver under 360kr, før de putter told på. Nogle af de skrappeste regler i EU hvis ikke de skrappeste. Der kommer snart andre regler for eletroniske varer, men desværre endnu stadig ikke bøger o.l.
      Jeg er kommet uden om det ved at få sendt ting til venner enten i US eller EU, hvor reglerne er andre, og har så fået det sendt videre til mig – hvis fra US så som gave. (Nogle gange med lavere påskrevet værdi på pakken så den går gennem tolden -shhh). Koster en ekstra forsendelse, men kan stadig være billigere sluppet end en fortoldning når PostDanmark har været inde over.
      Nogen gange kan du få en kickstarter til at markere pakke som gave, men mange vil/kan ikke da afsender skal være privat og ikke virksomhed + hvis pakke bliver snuppet i toldkontrol, så risikere -f.eks Alex – at få frataget hans forsendelsesrabatter. Jeg spurgte ham nemlig om det kunne lade sig gøre, men jeg måtte også ud og betale told denne gang. Vi ER endda sluppet lettere fordi Alex har skrevet købsværdien af tingene på pakken, og ikke hans salgsværdi, så nogen er sluppet uden om told mens vi andre har fået mindre. Det er bare det dumme PostDanmark gebyr der gør det så dyrt for os i Danmark.

      • Klaus

        Jeg betalte også 160 kr. 128 kr. i gebyr, plus 32kr. moms af gebyret.

        • Chris Dangerfield

          Multilingues frimeurs.

          ¿Dónde está el baño? 😀

          • davefragments

            Google translates it.

          • Oh dear, a Google translation. At least it gives the main points of what’s being said.

          • davefragments

            It’s not too terrible in that it is not understandable. I’ve seen worse attempts at translations. The long and short of it is that your Post Office can diddle its customers. (that’s not in the translation. That’s my interpretation. Please don’t be offended).
            I’ve seen enough translation from where I worked to understand what happens.
            I was once was handed a paper from China (a mass of pictograms) on Flue Gas Cleanup in Coal-Fired Boilers. When I made comments to the author about the work, he asked if I could read Chinese. The answer was that I couldn’t. However, in science and engineering, since there was never a Chinese pictogram for Reynold’s Number or Friction Factors, and countercurrent gas flow, I could read the graphs. Knowing the graphs, I could understand the paper. Pronouns kill the translation of Chinese.
            And most people don’t realize that Latin texts in music are written Subject, Object, Verb, because that’s the syntax.

          • Yes, our GLORIOUS postal service take a fee of 160kr (around $24) to print out the custom file and deliver it to you + the regular customs. No matter how small the added customs might be. In this case 52kr. Pay the full postal fee or don’t get your package. It’s a damn robbery, and it’s legal for them.
            And they can do this with all purchases, bought outside of EU, that cost more than 80kr (less than $12 with the current currency). Same goes for gifts worth more than $53. Danish custom rules SUCK! We have some of the worst in EU, not to mention our general stamp/shipment prices are the highest in EU >.<

          • davefragments

            Kinda brings a tear to the eye as it restores my faith in bureaucracy.


          • Klaus

            People living near the border actually go to Germany to post mail to Denmark. An ordinary letter costs something like a third that way.

          • Clever. Wishwe could do that.

          • *lol* much easier to tell custom rules/tricks in original language.

          • Klaus

            Wir sprechen very good udenlandsk.

          • tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’

        • Det gik op for mig. Redigerede det ud af kommentaren 2min efter 🙂

    • God bless your eagle eyes, Klaus. I’d made the change to Paul’s last name in the InDesign file for the page where The Annihilator mentions it (so when I went to print it would be correct), but I failed to upload a new webcomic page. Fixed! 🙂

      • Klaus

        Why change the name? I can not be he only one who remebers Jackson and will think Malone an error.

  • John

    This page reminds me of a question I had earlier (but didn’t post because I was weeks behind when I read the page that triggered the question)

    Why didn’t the commander just psybolt the princess? It’s line of sight right? Well she HAD line of sight. Even a quick jab could’ve thrown her off enough to let a solid hit or two land.

    • The first time PP stopped her attack, and now the dampener is active, so she can’t try again.

  • Sapfo

    All thouse nicks and cuts, and no happy clownface patch? You are a bad nurse Duncan!

  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening!

    • davefragments

      Good Evening (for me)

      • We’re in Prevening-ish. Sun is heading towards the horizon as we speak

    • Sapfo

      Good insomniac ^^
      I will soon slip of to bed. (Bedtimes for me seems to be 5 am tonight… morning?)

      • Not fun! Unless you have a riveting book.

        • Sapfo

          Nope! But that would have been a good way to make insomiac night go faster (but then I would not be wanting to sleep now XD)
          I am of to find the Zen in bed.
          Happy camping AJ! Please go get me a V this time. And dont keep it for yourself, sharing is fun ^^

          • I hope sleep finds you the moment your head hits the pillow. As for my latest crew member…I can’t make any promises… 😛

          • Sapfo

            Oh come one! I got strawberries, and chocolate. I am an exelent V caretaker. He be in good hands here 😀

          • And I be a selfish Admiral. Heee. But we’ll see. If he is the hairless sort, he’s all yours!

          • Sapfo

            Send hairless elf V to me 😉
            Happy camping everyone.

          • davefragments

            Have you seen the SNL sketch of Peter Dinklage on “Naked and Afraid”? ? ?

          • Done! Sleep well!

          • Sleep well, hopefully.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Good time-is-an-illusion,-lunchtime-doubly-so.

  • davefragments

    Hi out there:
    While I’m camping what’s a good movie to watch to avoid the political talking heads… The free ones I haven’t seen yet:
    A Walk Among the Tombstones?
    Vacation (remake)?

    • I don’t know the first one. My parents liked Trainwreck. And I heard Vacation (which is Rusty all grown up) lacked the warmth of the Original.

      • davefragments

        I’ll try Trainwreck. I’m not the best person for Romantic Comedies.

        • It’s a fine line to tread. How much romance to how much comedy and if they manage to keep everything in check while they tread.

          • davefragments

            I’ve been on a comedy binge since the last episode of THE WALKING DEAD.

          • I can’t make myself watch that. I’m not a fan of Zombies

          • davefragments

            I watched it from the beginning.

            What the hell is Amy Shumer doing?

          • I think the title of the movie is very telling.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’m not a fan of shows where I’ll get emotionally attached to lots of characters who are going to get killed.

          • davefragments

            I’m glad there is the after-program THE TALKING DEAD because they are so silly and goofy that a viewer can decompress. TWD has killed a few people that made me almost swear off the show…

  • And there is that fine line I mentioned. Funny turning into embarrassing and/or ridiculous because they don’t control it.

    • davefragments

      This year, the final play of the Public Theater is going to be “Venus in Fur” and I’ve been taking my niece. Now not that she’s innocent, she has a 21 year old son. I think this movie is going to be training for that experience.

      • o.O I just looked up Venus in Furs.

        • davefragments

          The PPT has large signs with big letters warning that it is adult. Thursday is a play titled “Disgraced” that is brand new.

          • I bet it does. What is Disgraced about or should I not ask?

          • davefragments

            Here’s the Wiki page on it. It’s been getting dynamite reviews.


          • davefragments

            Daniel Radcliffe has a cameo as a dog-walker?
            John Cena is naked and (I can’t say that)…
            And Tilda Swinton is the boss from something worse than Hades.

            (oh rats, I hit the wrong reply)

          • My mom loved the weirdness with John Cena. What that says about her I don’t know.

          • davefragments

            That’s a good word for it.

          • It’s probably not free, but the movie What If was fun. Another Romantic Comedy. Staring Daniel Radcliffe. Also has Kylo Ren in it as his best buddy.

          • davefragments

            I have to look for that.
            I watched Radcliffe in Victor Frankenstein. He’s great but the guy who played Frankenstein should be shot.

          • Not a fan of James McAvoy?

          • davefragments

            Nope. And since I’ve read Mary Shelley and used the thematic material in a couple stories, I’m extra critical of anything Frankenstein.

          • I just love his brogue. Not certain I like him as Prof. X, but when he’s full Scots, sigh.

          • davefragments

            Trainwreck is messing around again. My ears just popped at a few jokes about very personal female items…

          • Silly men. 😛

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I love James McAvoy. He’s adorable.

          • That brogue. Sigh.

          • davefragments

            IT’s the way Victor Frankenstein is written in the eponymous movie. It’s such a betrayal to Mary Shelley’s conception of Frankenstein and his Monster.

  • Hello hello, to you great people. Made it to camp.

    • davefragments


    • Good Morning.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hi Danish!

  • davefragments
  • Kensworth Ebbinghause

    Hello good people. Made it to my first “camp” Though luckily it doesn’t involve tents! So not sure on the standard flow of events. Do we all just sit around talking u til the good Lord blesses us with a click able “next” button?

    • davefragments
    • Kensworth Ebbinghause

      Well that was a short camp for me!

      • Hello and welcome. Hope you make it to a camp again. It was a short camp for you, but the answer to your question is yes 🙂

        We’re around and chatting about this and that. Having a good time while waiting for new page.

      • davefragments

        There are people discussing the new page.

  • Sanbai

    Of course she does, SHE’S THE COMMANDER!! *indignant snort*