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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 17

155 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter 4—Page 17

Who exactly are you trying to convince, Big Guy?

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Hey, what are you looking at?

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So! It looks like Kyle’s been giving this some thought. A lot of thought. Guess that’s what you do when you’re paralyzed/restrained and forced to listen to monologue after monologue. Well, now it’s his turn to share what’s on his mind! And it looks like some buttons are getting pushed! Will he actually be able to persuade The Annihilator to switch sides? Or will he push this supervillain too far?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

  • davefragments

    Kyle’s got Duncan angry and really pissed-off. . .
    Good Job Kyle. Good Job.

  • Oooh! He’s definitely getting to him. You go Kyle!

  • Ooh, Duncan is yelling!!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “Because Sircea said I was!”

    • davefragments

      What if Sircea walks up behind him and says something like “Of course you are, my darling, you’ve always had your own mind about this.”
      Now that would be a sly kick in the backside…

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hahaha, that would be awesome!

        • davefragments

          I have the feeling that she’s just spiteful enough to do it.

          • SofiaT

            But smart enough not to.

          • davefragments


            However, I have an image stuck in my head from an old college piece of joke-porn … where the king loudly complains and whines that he wants, land, more land, lots of land… so the queen reached over and smacks him in the testicles thereby giving him two more royal acres.

            This is my level of sarcasm and fun tonight.

  • Who has the popcorn? This boxing match is getting really good. Kyle has Duncan on the ropes.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      *passes popcorn*

      • Thanks! Mind if I dump a few peanut m&m’s in it?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I’m partial to Junior Mints myself, but go ahead.

          • mmmm mints…..

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Here you go! *offers box of Junior Mints*

          • Thanks stick! *hugs*

          • stickfigurefairytales

            You’re very welcome, Doki! 🙂

          • *pours half the popcorn into bowl and passes rest back to Sticky* 😀

          • All your many ways to eat popcorn ^_^ When I first came to US and saw a booth with a dozen kind of popcorn colors/flavors I was baffled and slighly horrified by some of the options *lol* That is not a thing here at all.

          • Doki is partial to kettle corn and caramel corn.

          • Love kettle corn!

          • D. G.

            I like caramel and cheese mixed.

          • Nom nom nom. That is good.

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • stickfigurefairytales

            I like caramel corn and white cheddar popcorn.

          • bronakopdin

            and here in Germany people mostly eat sweet popcorn and not salty popcorn… at least in the North where I live x’D

            never even know there are still so much other versions oO’
            though at times you find caramel but what is cheese popcorn or kettle popcorn xD amazing!

          • Kate G

            Sweet popcorn? Sweet popcorn?! O.o Nope, just give me the super buttered and salted movie theatre version of popcorn. Seriously, if I can’t taste the butter or the salt, I hate it. Super bad for my arteries, but I have popcorn so rarely that I do not care.

          • bronakopdin

            you can say that because that is the “typical” popcorn where you live 🙂
            here where I live it is always sweet popcorn sold in movie theatres, that’s why I even mentioned it xD
            I only learned at age 22 that in most other places in the world the “normal” version is salty and not sweet ^^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s a lot like when I learned that sweet popcorn was the norm in some places!

          • Kate G

            I’m still trying to wrap my head around buttered popcorn with sugar not salt. It just does not compute! I guess it’s kind of like WAY BACK in the day (before Nutella was popular in the States) everyone put syrup on their pancakes. I put on Nutella (if I had a jar. They were hard to find.) People looked at me as if I had grown three heads.

          • bronakopdin

            lol well tastes differ I guess xD
            also the popcorn with sugar here is not with butter, really just sugar ^^

          • Kate G

            Next Camping Time: BYOP. Bring Your Own Popcorn. 😀

          • bronakopdin

            we should do this and post pics of us eating it xD

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Actually, kettle corn is a sweet variety too! It’s less sweet than caramel corn and is a little bit salty too.

          • bronakopdin

            darn that sounds interesting… if only there would be more variety here x’D

          • Kettle corn is absolutely delicious. ^_^

          • bronakopdin

            I can imagine >/////<

          • stickfigurefairytales

            These days there are especially a ton of crazy flavors, as gourmet popcorn has become increasingly popular. Twenty or so years ago it was mostly just plain (with salt and butter), caramel, or cheese. And kettle corn.

          • It was a booth of gourmet popcorn at the airport that had my friends laughing at my reaction, after I came back from seeing it. Popcorn with water mellon, cookies, pizza, garlic cheese and other flavors.

            Just ain’t right, dude, just ain’t right xD

            Danes have a load of things with multiple flavors, but we’re pretty standard with our popcorn. 90+% of all popcorn are salty, but you can get them in low fat or plain as well. If there’s anything else sold it’s with butter or a store may have gotten some with cheese. It’s rare to see anything else.
            Theaters sell the salty ones.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Watermelon?? How would that even work?

          • I don’t know. The popcorn were green or red. Flipped in some kind of watermellon powder I guess. I was too busy to being mindblown about ‘whyyyy??’ to notice how *lol*

  • PP – “Duncan, stop playing with your toy! We have a guest to welcome!”

  • syllibub

    Oh damn — truth hurts.

    I even agree with Duncan about the world not being black and white, but I don’t think that’s Kyle’s point, exactly. Everyone has a line, and Sircea’s manipulated Duncan right over his, but smoothly enough that he thinks he’s adjusted his principles without outside influence.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Yes. And I think the essential nature of that manipulation is that she’s made Annihilator think that this is the only plausible solution, and therefore the one that must be followed through on. And when Annihilator comes up with alternatives, such as consulting with Spooky, she quashes them as impractical.

      • SofiaT

        Can I just say I LOVE all the Duncan analysis on this page? Haven’t found the time to read all the comments but I’ve been nodding along to those I read.

      • Pietro7

        Very good observation, Saxon.

  • Kyle is the one physically restrained here, but I think Duncan is paralyzed by his own mind here. He can’t let Kyle get the last word on this topic, because it is the one that hurts him most.

  • Hamish C

    I have a funny feeling that when Sircea eventually betrays Duncan at some very critical juncture (and I fully believe this is a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’), this particular conversation will come back to haunt him. Perhaps it will even serve to be the catalyst wherein Duncan helps the Young Protectors through whatever that pivotal moment happens to be. I just wonder whether it will be too little, too late. In any case: go Kyle!

  • @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus I see the eye twitch now! 😛

    • SofiaT

      I think his whole left side is starting to go numb.

      He’s at a dangerous age for heart attacks!

      • He may want to watch that blood pressure for sure!

  • We just saw Sircea in a mindgame with Amanda not long ago. I bet ya that she’s possibly also able to plant small thoughts that you’d believe your own without letting you know.

  • The fact that Duncan is engaging Kyle in this argument shows that Kyle has won. HOW he has one remains to be seen. Duncan might take what he learns here and use it in a very different way than Kyle wants.

    “How a jedi wins, that is the question.” –Master Yoda

  • Duncan, darling, all that scowling is going to give you wrinkels.

    • Or make it so his face stays like that. 😀

    • Kate G

      And not the attractive kind. 🙂

  • jreed3842

    I’ve really been enjoying Kyle’s dialogue these past few pages.
    But his dialogue on this page is really strong.
    I wish I could articulate my thoughts as well as other commenters on here… but I dunno how. I dunno what it is that I like… but there’s something about Kyle’s dialogue on this page that is really strong, and I like it a lot!

  • Zeccely

    You go Kyle!

  • Jeldenil

    Alex, your facebook announcement now makes me see Duncan as a 4-year-old about to have a tantrum and I can’t unsee it.

    • bronakopdin

      damn I don’t have a facebook but now I’m hella curious x’D

      • Jeldenil

        His announcement on facebook: ‘Supervillain poutyface: ENGAGED’

        • bronakopdin

          oh thank you so much!!
          omg it’s hilarious x’D

  • TwilightDreamer

    HAHA!! Is it wrong to say I’m kinda enjoying seeing Kyle get under Annis skin?? ;P
    But dang, does that red head ever look adorable in that middle panel ^^

  • YangYueLan

    Mr. Grumpy-Gills!

  • D. G.

    “Prove it. Figure out another way.”. Says Kyle.

  • I wonder if because Duncan sees himself as his own man that he will ever be able to admit to the possibility that he may have been manipulated into committing these horrible acts. And if he does ever admit to such a thing, I wonder what that will do to his psyche. I can’t think it’ll be good.

    • Klaus

      It is often thus with people who commit atrocities. You have to go on, no matter how much you doubt. If you stop, you admit that you were wrong all along. That would be unbearable.

  • Cman65

    Your own man just doing as you are told to

  • Adam Black

    I think this bothers Duncan because Sircea already called him weak, in so many words. This whole conversation is a mirror of the one earlier where Sircea has to talk him into it, use emotional blackmail to squash any possibility of doubts , and threaten him abandonment and death, if he doesnt.

  • karmakat

    a nerve HAS BEEN STRUCK DEADLY hehe

  • bronakopdin

    after reading everyone’s comments I can hardly add sth now! Duncan is struck by the truth in Kyle’s words and just doesn’t want to see it as it’d proof his weakness, which he fears so much!
    It’s getting more and more obvious from page to page that Kyle is driving him into a corner… the problem is what Duncan will do when he arrives there >_>’

  • Fourth panel says it all. Duncan does have principles, they both know it, and part of Kyle’s anger is that Duncan’s ignoring his own moral sense.

    Actually getting Duncan to set aside his need to know he’s made the right choice could be a little more difficult…

  • Mary Klemzak

    Sure, Duncan, sure.

    Loving this. Definitely struck a nerve. This is how Kyle is going to shine, I can feel it!

    *grabs popcorn and sits on edge of seat*

  • Kate G

    The logic force is strong with this one. *points to Kyle*

  • I see a page of Duncan doing some self-reflection…

    • Khoshekh

      Oh, hey — sorry, this is irrelevant, but — I recognize you from Tapastic! Hello! xD

      • Yup…I’ve become addicted to webcomics….this was my gateway comic

  • Dennis Grace

    Wait—you’re your own man? YOUR own? Does the old broad in the platinum thong know this? I mean, I’m pretty sure she thinks your HER own man—well, her boy, anyway.

    Really, Dunc, I think you need to have a little chat with the Precious Metal Abuelita. You know, just to clarify exactly who belongs to whom.

  • Earl Patterson

    Real Villager dont chat chit with hero. They just invite demon king over and ingore they says

  • Diviana

    Kyle: Of course you’re nobody’s fool. You’re just your own, refusing to except that just maybe you’re not as strong-minded as you’d like people to think you are. Everyone’s a fool sometimes – only real fools don’t realize that.

  • Jason Moon

    I suspect SOME of what Kyle is saying is getting through. After all, I doubt Duncan wouldn’t have SOME doubts.

  • Shiny

    Longtime reader, had to finally post just to note that I cracked up at Anni’s line about being his own man.

  • So…people from Australia….you guys have a newly discovered fish eating spider?

    • Tyler Griffin

      I read that too! I dunno, considering it’s Australia, I feel like that’s kinda weaksauce, I mean, don’t they already have a spider that builds webs to catch birds? Not to mention all the other critters that are actively trying to kill the human race?

      • I honestly was just thinking that it was an interesting addition…they are supposedly palm size…

        • That does it. I’m never going to Australia.

        • Tyler Griffin

          well, the Giant Tarantula of the Amazon River Rain Forest in South America is described as growing up to the size of a diner plate. That includes the legs (thank the gods) and not just the body, so I’m gonna choose beliveve this description is the same.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I had not been aware of this until you mentioned it. I read that it’s capable of taking down prey larger than itself, including cane toads. Any predator capable of making a dent in the cane toad population is fine by me.
      (That said, personally I am waiting for scientists to breed a venomous sheep, but given the recent cutbacks in CSIRO funding, I am not holding my breath.)

  • Shiny Gwilly

    “ah yes, you’re an old man that beat up a bunch of teenagers, congrats, here’s your trophy”
    think Kyle is really starting to push his buttons now, Anni is really not looking happy, i expect him to have one last say and storm off sometime soon
    yeah, it’s not all black and white Anni, but you seem to be driving this point pretty badly, don’t you
    Kyle’s finishing up his burning (get it), and now getting to “but seriously though, listen”

  • Tyler Griffin

    And this is why monologuing is BAD. Not only do you end up telling the heroes what your super evil Ultimate Plan is, and thus how to disrupt it; you end up giving them all the fodder they need for a psych-out rebuttal speech. Take what you can, give nothing in return, always remember: “He who fights then runs away, lives to fight another day.”

  • Derkins

    That’s what Kyle thought, too, going into his birthday date.

  • Austin King

    If Kyle is lying, he is being really persuasive. I hope/believe he is telling the truth.

  • Aitsuki

    Well, to be fair, Kyle hasn’t said anything inaccurate…. he is in his fifties and he punched a 15 year old….

  • Ophyussa

    Their plan doesn’t sound wrong at all, actually… Although I’m terrible at strategy 😐 And I really want to see young Duncan! Can’t wait!

  • Pikinanou

    Keep going, Kyle! You’re burning him!

  • AeryonSun

    Kyle is right though but Duncan doesn’t want to believe he is being bested by a young man in a battle of wits (boy am I glad I can write that now because for a while there Kyle was dumb as sh*t). Sure, it’s easy for a handsome silver fox to use his experience and spectacular body to seduce an eager teen, but here Kyle is showing he’s a better man by using his intelligence to burn the hell outta him. Love it. Kyle earned this!

  • Paul K. Edwards

    just want to say its been a long time since my last comment, but i’ve never stopped reading this, and, hmmm where to start. this is like the dreams i’ve had like forever and ever, this story is my life blood at times i swear(and listing to Sia make for a epic read lol). i love this comic to death, and love and dread when this will end. since for me its going to one of the very few comics that treat gay superheros as just that superheros, no hang ups, no weirdness form being gay, and just the normal fears that a lot of teen hero’s would face. and the writing is always superb, i have re-read this comic like maybe 10 times from start to end and i always find so much more to love about this, the art, the people, the effort and love out into it. i truly hope that this can help you making a living, simply for the pure joy you bring to my life. after my five year relationship ended i got down for awhile, and honesty i felt used as hell, but the thing that broke the gloom and doom for me, was spooky, his little speech to Kyle after the annihilator used him for, help me so much you will never understand. thank you form the bottom of my heart for making the beautiful comic.

    • Howdy Paul,

      I’ve been pretty quiet lately due to some family stuff, but I wanted to respond and let you know your comment here means a lot to me. The primary goal of my writing is to entertain, of course, but I do have a deeper goal of wanting to enhance people’s lives, even if it’s just to give them a smile at the end of a long day. And to hear that Spooky—and his little speech to Kyle—was helpful for you during a dark time, well, that’s just what I would hope for.

      Thank you so much for letting me know how much The Young Protectors has meant to you. You’ve brightened my own day. We’ve still got a good chunk of this story left to tell. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what we’re putting out there. 🙂

      • *hugs Alex* We love you sweetie, take care of yourself!

      • Kate G

        *massive hugs* We love ya, Alex! I hope you’re doing well.

  • Mir

    Man, I keep looking at this page to admire the art. The expressions are so impressive.

    • Klaus

      The “acting” is always spot on in YP. Body language, facial expressions, always just right.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Apropos of nothing to do with Young Protectors, my uni started Orientation Week today. The library I work at is a few blocks away from the main uni buildings, so we find it useful to hold an annual Playday, and lure students down to visit our location with free pizza for lunch plus various entertainments like video games, paper plane competitions, spy hunt games, demos of robots on loan from the engineering faculty, and the like. I’ve spend the day at one of the card games tables, teaching card games like Sushi-Go and Exploding Kittens, and the board game Tsuro. A fun but long (14 hr) day. Will sleep well tonight.

  • SofiaT

    I just found this segment of an interview with Tom Hiddleston where he describes how he approached becoming Loki:

    “I had to find his smile, his innate love of anarchy and chaos. I had to make his pain real. Great villains are born from tragic circumstances. They become dangerous when their vulnerability hardens into vengeance.”

    Sounds like someone we know?
    No wonder Duncan doesn’t like his vulnerability exposed.

  • davefragments

    I’m watching Victor Frankenstein with McAvoy and Radcliffe and I must say that when they first create life, the result lives up to Mary Shelley’s horror.

    • So the first half is better than the second?

      • davefragments

        It’s the better part of the story. The last half just sinks into triteness.

  • Chris Dangerfield

    What lovely impassioned dialog and such fun to see Kyle let it out. A wonderful page friends. Such a great addition to a long week. Thank you!

  • uselessness

    I just caught up this is great and there is an update tomorrow yay

  • Hello fellow campers!

    • davefragments

      Hello AJ,

      • How is your Tuesday?

        • davefragments

          My Tuesday was long. My niece told me that she has two very good job interviews — jobs in Atlanta and in in Colorado. That’s both good and sad. It’s a Tuesday primary day and USA politics are royally effed up. And I had a steak for dinner.
          How’s your day?

          • The politics just make my stomach hurt. I had a friend in Canada write and asked if I was getting nervous. Hahaha! Yeah.

            I finally finished rebuilding my website to basically where it had been minus a few pages and published it. That’s not helping my stomach. I forgot to put down that oh hey, it’s a new website. -_-

            We’re having tuna burgers. Steak sounds better.

          • davefragments

            I am ashamed to say this– go look up the Red Band Trailer for a movie titled “Sausage Party”…
            I’ll go hang my head but it is a laugh. Beware NSFW, desperately NSFW.

          • OMG! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

            I was reticent, certain it would be something I really didn’t want to see, but THAT! That has no name.

          • davefragments

            I had to play it a second time to be sure I hear what I did. Multiple “F” bombs and that late bit of the trailer is the landing at Normandy from Saving Private Ryan (with oreo cookies.) Oh gasp! The screaming this summer will be over the top. Can you imagine some poor grandparent who’s absolutely clueless taking the little kiddies to that as a mistake?

          • What grandparent would take a kid to sausage party?

          • davefragments

            I remember talking my Mother into seen “Chicken Run” because it was in a brand new theater and she could brag to her Senior Citizen’s group that she was in the first stadium seating multiplex in Pittsburgh. Chicken Run was claymation by the makers of “Wallace and Gromit” and behind us was a grandfather with two little kids. Chicken Run is not quite as child friendly as it seemed and the great fun is the hidden references to other movies like THE GREAT ESCAPE and other famous movies.
            There is a scene where the chicken pot pie machines are chasing the Ginger then hen and Rocky the rooster and I hear “grandpa, are they going to eat Ginger?” in a piping little voice. No answer… Just desperation and frightened kids.

            SO do I have faith in luddite grandparents? Nope!

          • Ooops, the poor kid.

          • davefragments

            I liked Chicken Run. I even bought the beanie baby style stuffed Ginger to sit on my computer at work and I still have it.

          • I haven’t seen it.

          • davefragments

            Well there’s these chickens kept in what looks like a concentration camp at a chicken pot pie factory. They revolt and build an airplane to escape. It’s cute but know your WW2 movies and its better.

          • Maybe it’ll be something to put on the watch list.

          • Well, it starts out as them laying eggs, but they aren’t making enough money for the Mistress so she invests in the CPP machine.

          • davefragments

            I forgot that part. Rotten Tomatoes rates it high at 97%.

          • OMG LOL, how many is going to ignore that R-rating, thinking it can’t be that bad since itr’s animated, and take their little kids to see that?

            Good luck getting the kids to eat carrots and sausages again xD

          • davefragments

            I will say that I despise Seth Rogen. I think his movies are tasteless vulgarity. That being said. That trailer is breathtakingly funny.

          • Hear, hear!

    • syllibub


      • Happy Birthday!!

        • syllibub

          Thank you! I’m excited to get a birthday page — I can only hope for a glimpse of the wife.

          • I’m sure she’s wondering what’s taking Duncan so long.

          • syllibub

            Maybe there’s a sensor that starts beeping when Duncan comes too close to listening to someone else.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a spell to do just that. He does seem to have a conscious that likes to perk up from time to time. 😀

          • syllibub

            *beep beep beep* “Duncaaaan, sweetheart, darling, shark bait — less talk, more fixing the portal!”

          • Ha! “It’s so cute that you’re humoring the boy, but we have immortality to gain.”

      • davefragments

        Oh, Happy Birthday. I didn’t know until now.

        • syllibub

          Thanks, Dave!

    • Hey AJ


    • syllibub

      Thanks, Doki! ♥︎

      • purplefoxglove

        I’ll second that – happy birthday! I hope your wife uses the power of it for your good 😉

  • davefragments

    Duncan has been away from Sircea for a long time now.
    I wonder if she is on the next page? I think she will be.

    • syllibub

      It would be hilarious if she made the same “What the hell is taking so long?!” gesture from a distance at Duncan that Paul made at Kyle in the first panel here:

      • davefragments

        Good idea

  • Hiya campers.

  • davefragments

    Tonight patreon burped. It’s got gas.

  • davefragments

    The page is up, sort of…
    In glorious B&W…