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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 9

620 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 9

Hmm. Seems like the boys have some different ideas about what our young hero needs and so tensions are beginning to run a little hot. This can only mean one thing—that they’re about to kiss, am I right?!

I’d gotten way behind on approving translations for pages, but I’ve finally gotten caught up! Special thanks go out to readers Powell (for Spanish—and they did a ton of excellent ones! Beyond the end of the Interlude!), jorn bliki and Ewout van Sabben (for Dutch), Tyler B. and Louis Markowitz (for French), WTCelesta (for Russian who’d been working their way though Artifice), ckazka (for German), and Naya Yukida (for Portuguese). They have my deepest thanks for putting in that time to help their fellow readers. Please take a moment to check out their excellent work by clicking on the Available Translations drop-down right under the comic pages!

Continuing my recommendations from the WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE, I want to recommend to you Wondermark by David Malki ! (who it turns out I had a ton in common with, including that his former day job before comics was editing film and video.) Wondermark is created from 19th-Century woodcuts and engravings, scanned from his personal collection of old books and also from volumes in the Los Angeles Central Library and is very much worth your time. Do check it out!

We have a sweet scene of Fan Art comfort between Kyle and Mitch by silibub. It’s very cute so be sure to check that out too.

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So! Looks like Kyle filled in Fluke pretty well on what happened—and that Spooky is likewise in the know. Will they come to an agreement about how to approach Kyle? Or will they, instead, throw down on the ground right now and make out like love-starved bunnies for the next several pages? (Not that I have a horse in that race or anything…)

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Oh my, Fluke, I have a whole new and bigger love for you <3

    • Sapfo

      I close my eyes and what happenede?

  • Sapfo

    New Page, But i did not get the virgin this time ;_;

    • Did I get it? I can’t see my own comment -_-

      • Sapfo

        Yes, It said 1 comment when I started to write.

        • Wohoo 😀 It’s so annoying that my comments dissapear and I have to wait to see..
          Oh.. there it was. That only took about 5mins >.>

          • Yeah, I just now got all the comments to show.

          • Sapfo

            But I was hoping to tie with you with four. (at least I think it would have been my fourth).

      • Yes it appears you did.

      • It is saying 7 comments and I only see five, and I have refreshed it twice.

  • “I was born cool”


    • I know. That’s either some serious self-confidence or a great front.

  • You tell him Spooky.

  • dereule101

    He was born with it? I thought it was Maybelline.

  • I think in a situation like this, plans fly right out the window. They’re going to have to go in and see what mood Kyle is in before they can fully react.

  • Marcus Dionte Scott

    Kiss! Right Now! Give me that Blasian satisfaction that only two hot, revved-up superheroes can provide! (I wanna say something in Ebonics and Chinese to commemorate my lustful thoughts, but I am worried that people might find that a bit weird). Anyway, I like Spooky. I sense his wisdom (~~and imagine what he looks like wearing nothing but boxers as he eats an ice cream cone, a drop of sweet vanilla falling from the cone and dripping down the valley between his pecs as it glides ever so gently down his chest to his navel and rests on his~~*Fans himself and begins to hyperventilate* Oooh chile *faints from overwhelmingly titillating satisfaction*

    • mogoskier

      I had thoughts but then I read your post and now they are gone

      • Marcus Dionte Scott

        Uh-oh…I am sorry.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      “Ebonics” is a pedagogical approach, not a synonym for AAVE. Have we learned nothing from all those Jesse Jackson protests?

      PS. Mei guanxi! Wo ba ni kai wan xiao er yi.

      • Marcus Dionte Scott

        Ummm….Being an African-American raised almost his entire life in an African-American community where the sociolect was used and referred to constantly by the aforementioned nomenclature, I can absolutely assure you that Ebonics is a synonym for AAVE.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Well, this folk development occurred without the blessing of the original creator of the Ebonics textbooks.

          • Marcus Dionte Scott

            Doesn’t really matter, though; African American Vernacular English goes by many epithets, be it “Black English”, “Ebonics”, or the occasionally pejorative “Ghetto English”. Whether or not the creation of the sociolect came before or after the first use of “Ebonics” is a moot point. FYI: Ebonics was a term created as a name for AAVE in an attempt to give it a name. There was no pedagogical approach (unless you are referring to the ruling of the Oakland School board in ’96…which still doesn’t necessarily correlate)

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Yes, the whole Oakland thing! The press could never be bothered to get straight what was the proposed curriculum actually was.

          • Marcus Dionte Scott

            Then media seems to have understood it just fine, seeing as how Ebonics was a term created in the mid 1970’s and was made popular in part due to the Oakland matter, but didn’t come into existence because of said matter. Anyway, I am going to stop discussing this issue. I made the original statement because 1) I was raised learning to speak Ebonics and 2) I have my BA in Mandarin Chinese. The two characters I originally wrote about happened to belong to two cultures having to do with the aforementioned points.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Okay. fair ’nuff. Peace out.

          • Marcus Dionte Scott

            “Fair ’nuff?”
            Okaaay~~ Peace to you, too.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            (Jewish sociolect, by way of Stan Lee)
            (But “Peace out” is stereotypically Jamaican)

      • Marcus Dionte Scott

        好的。 只是你的那个笑话好像有点严肃的。

  • rgleon9986


  • mogoskier

    Okay send in Flyboy first, before anything else Kyle need some pure comforted and bless both Paul and Spooky they are not the ones for the job right now.

    • Steven K.

      I’d have to agree with you at the moment and that that would have been a good idea.

    • Frater Gymnos

      Not that I would know, but I think Kyle might like first to have some clothes (especially before underage Flyboy enters the scene).

  • They’re both right, actually. But this is gonna suck so bad for Kyle, no matter what.

  • Sapfo

    *fanart* looks like someone know how to hug ^_^

    well good people, I am of to bed. My date with Pillow needs some more time.

  • NovaLaMason

    What Kyle NEEDS is for y’all to shut the fuck up and GO AND HELP HIM!

    • mogoskier

      Also there right in front of the door, he can probably hear you guys.

      • Klaus

        Mitch certainly can.

        • rgleon9986

          You know, I didn’t even think about that. They JUST mentioned his “eagle-hearing.”

          • Owl Hearing I believe it was. ^_^ and Eagle Vision

          • Klaus

            Beeing kept in the dark seems to ruffle his feathers.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Also, the ability to combine his urine and feces together into a homogenous slurry, then expel it from his cloaca in a gooey white glob.

          • mogoskier

            I wonder if he ever got asked if he can do that.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            He might get asked to do it at parties, like what happened to Mr. Methane.

          • Steven K.

            I assume that was simply a reference to just one additional thing relating to the qualities/characteristics of birds.

        • Adam Black

          he cant drop them now

      • Madock345

        Nah, I doubt it. They are both being nice and supportive and unjudgemental. The Laws of Fiction state that characters only overhear conversations when doing so would result in a tragic/comic misunderstanding.

        • mogoskier

          Well Paul did just say Kyle is in fault, so we are still one to that.

          • Steven K.

            Paul also needs to realize who TRULY is at fault, and that Kyle unwittingly got involved in a very carefuly contrived evil plot, the particulars of which he had no way to predict. I’m not wanting to start the whole victim-blaming argument, but now I think Paul is being a bit too hard on Kyle with that comment, though I know some disagree. But I think a compromise approach between the opinions of Paul and Spooky would be most effective.

        • ………I am trying to think of an example where that isn’t the case….I cannot think of one…..maybe after I sleep I will think of one….

        • HA

  • rgleon9986

    I’m with Fluke on this one. But NovaLaMason said it best, they need to stop worrying about each other and get in there.

  • CH

    Naked emotionally scarred buddy probably wants his clothes more than you two to be a united front right now, boys.

    • Steven K.


  • Klaus

    There is no way to to make this easy for Kyle. Just get it over with.

  • Vinny Gothika

    Cheer him up? Gonna have a ways to go sorry guys….this is bad :/

    • Steven K.


  • Next page..
    Kyle: *From the door* What ever you two agree on, just give me my clothes. Please. Fight or make up. I just want to get dressed!

    If we didnd’t know already that Paul and Spooky are Kyle’s best friends, we sure do now. They even know about his past, especially Paul knows everything, beyond that he clearly told him what’s happened.

    With each of their personalities they must have their controversies, but they also supliment each other well.

    • dereule101

      Oh man, I bet Paul got into some potentially devastating situations when first discovering his powers. *gets antsy for origin cards*

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        “Oh boy, my first date. I’m gonna get lucky tonight!”

        • Jeh Y

          “Oh no! She got eaten by a bear! I… I found $100…”

  • The meant what happened to Kyle when he was 12, when he accidentally burnt down his foster parents house after playing with himself for the first time.

    • Edgar

      Whoa I really need to re read this then cause I did not know that. Thanks for the info.

      • You’re most welcome! Glad to be of help. 🙂

        Oh! If you verify your email addy with Discus, your comments will show right away and not need rescuing from moderation. 🙂

        • Edgar

          I know but the problem is I may have deleted it by accident or something cause I never got an email to verify.

          • Deleted the email account? Otherwise if you go into your discus account, you can have them resend the verify email.

    • Kiri

      That’s interesting – I read that comic as he was having sex with his foster sister who got the 30% burns over her body, and since then he wouldn’t even try masturbating.

      • No, I believe he was just masturbating. I would hope at 12 that’s all he was doing.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Oh, that is so wrong!

      • Adam Black

        Oh, that is funny

      • Steven K.

        As Admiral J. said – she was just caught in the fire. Kyle had no idea that his flames would burst out when he had an orgasm.

        • Apparently the earlier wet dreams only caused a small scorch mark on the sheets and thus could be hidden.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Short Round seems remarkably unconcerned about the impending demonic invasion. Assuming Kyle’s explanation got that far, which seems to be the case. He’s laughing in the face of Armageddon.

    • skp

      Okay, I had to register just to reply to this. “Short Round”? Seriously? Because he’s Asian and wearing a baseball cap? You couldn’t think of a single other (even remotely favorable) guy or character to compare him to? :/

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Who would you suggest? Besides, what’s wrong with Short Round?

        • dereule101

          Outside of race, there’s no real connection between the two. *shrug* It just seems crass to reduce a Spooky to that character is all.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            And a surname. And a penchant for hats and mystic lore.

          • dereule101

            I guess I could imagine one of his teammates or someone very familiar calling him Short Round in a cheeky way, fully expecting a friendly smack upside the head…
            Spooky did say that to embrace a stereotype is to control it, but that should be on his terms.

          • Adam Black


          • Eve

            You know, I think Fly Boy just deals with things through levity. My husband is like that. He’s really good at making me laugh through my tears and before I know it, I’m beginning to feel better. It’s an endearing character trait and who knows, maybe Kyle could use a little bit of everyone treating him like nothing is wrong. Or maybe he just needs a pair of pants!

          • Adam Black

            “Fly Boy just deals with things through levity.”
            That could be a visual pun.

            but did you mean spooky?

          • Steven K.

            My thoughts exactly.

          • skp

            Sure, if it’s an in-joke and both parties understand the context. Some of my friends make similar jokes with me, but there’s a mutual understanding between us. To be race-aware does not mean to be humorless. 😉

            (EDIT – just saw your own edit! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. 🙂 Spooky’s got the right idea!)

            But that’s the key thing, though–it’s not appropriate if someone uses a label like that to describe a total stranger. I used to get a lot of “Apu” (Simpsons) comments and didn’t appreciate those at all. People have asked me whether my dad owned a dry cleaning business or a convenience store, and were genuinely shocked to find out that he was a business executive. Complete strangers have come up to me and asked invasive questions about whether I’m going to have an arranged marriage. All of that comes about because these people see me as a WHAT and not as a WHO.

            And this same principle applies to describing fictional characters–it’s unfortunate that, in so many instances, the dark-skinned minority character in a mostly-white ensemble cast is usually differentiated almost solely by her ethnicity, and that’s a form of objectification that detracts from seeing her as a fully fleshed-out individual. Things are getting better but we still have a long way to go.

            Okay, stepping off my soapbox! Hope you all have a lovely evening!

          • dereule101

            I completely agree.

          • Jeh Y

            Christ almighty. It was a fucking joke nickname. If you take yourself so seriously, the only people who will like you will be equally insufferable and self-absorbed. You say you don’t want to argue needlessly, but you do. Oooooh, a complete stranger made a joke you didn’t like, better try to enlighten the poor soul to be like you, think like you think, do as you do, because the world is doomed! And where will that poor stranger be without your personal approval?

            You let everything in life get under your skin like that? You seem to.

          • Jeh, the comment policy here is to always talk to and about other commenters with a clear (sincere, non-sarcastic) tone of respect. Your response in both words and tone was a personal attack and has been deleted.

            I’m not sure if you were having a very bad night or something, but don’t do this again here.

          • Steven K.

            Well, if it’s any small consolation, some of us (like me – lol) really like Southern Asian men AND culture – food/literature/music. I especially love Indian classical music (sitar, sarod, sarangi, tabla, etc.) as well as epic literature such as the Mahabharata, etc. And, some of the hottest guys I’ve met have been Indian. Just wanted to let you know some of us have different inclinations toward such cultures. 😉

          • ……and here I was staunchly resisting going into daydream land thinking of hot Asian/Middle Eastern/India n men……

            *her darn you fades out as she heads straight to fantasy land*

          • All of your points were really well and kindly said. They were a pleasure to read and I hope you’ll keep jumping in from time to time. Welcome.

          • Steven K.

            Like putting him on the “bottom” all the time in the fan porn.

          • Adam Black

            “short Round” was a Chinese ( national )

            Spooky is American.

            I’m not sure if Alex ever established this is in depth, but there seems to be worlds apart from the culture and personality of short round ( 1940s Tapeii and Spooky ( California – Chinese ) .

            Spooky is suave master of his game, he isnt speaking pidgin English

            Americans like to think they have no culture —-but to the outside world we are all a lot more in common, no matter what race, than we often think.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Make that 1930’s Shanghai. But, point taken.

        • skp

          Well, just because Spooky’s Asian, that doesn’t mean that people need to reach only for Asian analogs/characters/celebs to describe him, or to use his ethnicity as the primary descriptor–it doesn’t have a huge impact on his character or plotline, which is a real strength of this comic. It’s so rare to find a richly diverse cast that DOESN’T dwell on the minority characters’ ethnicities. So it’d be cool if people could see him for who he is, not simply what he is.

          Also, Short Round has become a pretty unfortunate “Annoying Asian Kid” stereotype. It’s definitely not a compliment to compare anyone to him!

          Peace. 🙂

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Well, *I* liked the character. Anyway, a nickname needs to be something of a diminutive.

          • Madock345

            This is a good point, the only time a nickname should be flattering is when it’s meant ironically, i.e calling a bald guy curly.

          • skp

            TBH, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a pretty rotten example of a movie with solid depictions of Asian cultures. 😛 I’m Indian and have totally fielded questions about eating monkey brains and whatnot over the years from people who apparently don’t know any better and think that all 1+ billion of us are like that! That’s fine that you liked him, but it’s important to be aware that a lot of East Asians find Short Round to be nothing but a token Asian character, and a really cringe-worthy one at that.

            And there’s a difference between a fondly diminutive nickname and one that draws on stereotypical imagery.

            Definitely not trying to argue needlessly–this seems to truly be a friendly and accepting community, and I wanted to extend that to issues of race and ethnicity as well.

          • I’m glad you’re finding Spooky to be a three-dimensional character. That’s important to me.

            Spooky, like the other heroes of The Young Protectors, has grown up in a culture like ours where prejudice based on racial judgments exists so his ethnicity isn’t irrelevant to him but he also certainly wouldn’t consider it his defining quality by any means. And my goal is to show him as he really is. (A “who” and not a “what” as you aptly put it.) I’m glad to hear you feel I’ve been at least somewhat successful with that. As I said, that’s important to me.

            Welcome to comments section! Glad to have you onboard! 🙂

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Do you think Anni left any extra costumes behind? Maybe this Wednesday we’ll be treated to the sight of Kyle in Anni’s costume. Or maybe just the tunic.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Why stop at just the two of them? I say they both go in, say as little as possible, and get Kyle to join them in a nice, amicable, cathartic three-way. Yeah, that would make us–er, I mean them–feel a whole lot better. ;-P

    • Steven K.

      Now I could generally live with that resolution of all the emotions and tensions. However, I would not want it to happen in this particular case, cuz then Mitch would really REALLY feel left out. And furthermore, if he really does have romantic feelings for Kyle, I think he’d be devastated by his 3 closest friends taking Kyle and getting to be with him, and yet he gets nothing (even though he’s not quite legal, I’m sure he’d still feel that way and would feel betrayed), and it would make it very difficult for him to work with the others, and then we’d have another emotionally scarred young man to have to worry about.

  • Eve

    Wow, Kyle filled them in on just about everything. I wonder if he told them he was with Anni? I have a feeling he held that part back.

    • Madock345

      I doubt they would be bringing up “What happened to him when he was twelve” if they didn’t know he had been “with” Anni.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [blinks in surprise] Ah, very good point. After all my fears about how he would act, it looks like Kyle has acted as a responsible superhero beyond my wildest expectations. And yet Alex managed to string out my doubts; sneaky sneaky Alex.

        • Adam Black

          Its a good thing too.
          I am not sure if it would still be tragedy or move into farce had he kept that secret.

          It would like a combination of Threes Company and revelation

          • Damn… now I’ve got that theme song in my head. I blame YOU.

          • Adam Black

            At least you havent heard the Original ….
            Hmmmmm ha ha google, google…
            screw it: The power Of televsion compels you to look up the original theme by Alan Thicke…

            or keep the earworm you got AND live in mystery…

          • Adam Black

            “Come and dance on on our floor……

            Take a step that is new…..”
            or, trade it for this:


          • I think that’s probably on loop in Laampros-ville, which is why GFE is just an eyeball… no ears to hear it.

        • Eve

          I just reread the archives and Paul and Flyboy had a pretty typical “har har har” reaction to the yaoi fanfic. Only Tsunami did. So now I’m wondering if Paul knows Kyle is gay and was with Anni and is just not concerned about that right now.

      • Eve

        But do they know he was with someone or with Anni? He may have withheld that part for now, otherwise Paul is going to be a lot more understanding than implied by the fabric scenes.

        • Steven K.

          But Kyle also must have mentioned Anni to them, as they know that it was he who did this to Kyle. If they know there was a sexual episode, and they also know that Anni was also involved in the events somehow, then one can make an assumption that the fooling around happened with him.

    • Okay… look at Kyle face in panel #2:

      You definitely TELL your friends about that. Clearly the villain had some Annihilator weeny on him! Sure the trip to hell was a drag, but Kyle didn’t even get to get his hands on that penis. I’d be bitter too.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Perhaps the biggest mystery here is why Spooky’s car, after flying through the air at high speed, has no dead bugs on it.

    • I know! omg.. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who thought of this mystery xD
      I just decided a couple pages back that it was one of those things I should just let go and not care about *lol*

      • What’s funny is that there is actually a reason for this. And it’s the same reason why Flyboy isn’t covered with bugs after he flies through the air. 🙂

        • You’re such a tease xD You and all your interesting hints that only make me more curious.
          Had a feeling there was a reason so I let it go. My first guess is that what ever ‘force field’ ..telekinetic.. thing that allows Flyboy to lift himself and heavy objects with him, also shes away the bugs.
          I mean.. think of all those flying heros who would be covered in/choke on bugs if there wasn’t a reason xD

          • Totally creates a field of gravitational control around himself and what he touches… Which just proves that the geeky goggles are NOT necessary except as a way for Alex to keep pervy readers away from his underage Mitch…

            There is always a reason for everything. 🙂

          • …….Chris sweetie, do you really think that the goggles are that much of a turn off for us? Seriously? 😛 Mitch is my fave, goggles or no. ^_^

          • HA… no I didn’t REALLY think anything would protect him from some readers, but it was a decent try? Yeah? LOL.

          • Yes….Nice try. ^_^

          • Excellent reason 😉 That and nayve there’s something in the goggles that make his eagle vision better, or there’s a camera in them fo help the others. It’s like their own little ‘over flight’ spy camera.
            (Can you tell that I’m in the ‘I love weird gadgets’ mood?)

          • I love the our Danish as Inspector Gadget. XD

    • Jamie Dutton

      Samantha doesn’t like bugs, especially in her grill.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Who is Samantha? She should probably do something about that…

        • Jamie Dutton

          We nicknamed the car Samantha.

          • Is she going to join the affair between GFE and the Key orb (whose name I’ve forgotten)?

    • Jeh Y

      Maybe he ate them. You know, like a frog. With the tongue.

  • Could this page symbolize the final destruction of the raft that was the last piece of the Redilator ship?

    Even if there ever was a reason that could make Kyle forgive Duncan, I’m doubtfull about these guys would ever following suit.. and Kyle picking Duncan above his best friends? Naah!

    I don’t think even the self inflating life boat could stay above water at this point.

    • mogoskier

      Now, now never say never. If I have learned anything from Alex writing and comic books in general it is that anything is possible. Remember this is the same media where a brain in a jar and super smart gorilla where gay relationship with each other.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Have they no shame?

        • mogoskier

          What? Are you saying that disembody human parts and super intelligent animals can’t love each other?

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            If this is allowed, then what next? This is like, some kind of slippery slope. Next thing you know, people will be wanting to have sexual relations with their own hands, or something–and then where will we be?

          • mogoskier

            Okay, I want to use that argument in every anti gay marriage debate.

          • Klaus

            It is not going to work. Some of these people are so set on preventing just that that they even advocate cutting off baby boys’ foreskins to prevent them masturbating later in life.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            If only there were some way to overcome this handicap…

          • I just love that this is the longest convo on this page by about 4 million comments……… LOL

          • mogoskier

            I don’t believe cutting off a boy foreskin stops him from masturbating. Most baby boys if the US get circumcised and we have a lot of porn usage still.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            On the other hand, self-abuse is virtually unknown among male Jews and Muslims.

          • Steven K.

            If you mean masturbation, I’m not buying that. Unless that was a joke.

          • Klaus

            No, but makes it more difficult. Circumcised men often need some kind of lubrication to masturbate. And that is the only real purpose of circumcision.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            *I* thought it was to compensate for wife-poaching in polygamous societies, by making furtive sexual relations more difficult, since circumcised men would take longer to ejaculate.

          • mogoskier

            Okay I’m not a boy and have never given a hand job but I assume that even with the foreskin you need some form of lubrication because the friction of dry skin to dry skin contact would become painful.

          • Klaus

            I have 40 years of experience and have never used any kind of lubrication for that.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            You might be compensating by thinking especially dirty thoughts. Or the mohel might have messed up–it was his first time, and he slipped.

          • Klaus

            Mohel? What is that? I don’t get it.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            In Judaism, a professional circumciser. The joke is from Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part I:”

          • dereule101

            It’s the person who cuts a foreskin during a bris.

          • mogoskier

            Well now that I have done some research (because why shouldn’t I look up on the different masturbation between non-circumcised and circumcised men at 2:30 in the morning) you do seem to be right. The extra skin there gives more freedom and comfortable friction. I will say this, the reason women are given for the need for men circumcision is that it meant to keep the penis cleaner. That why a lot of women I know won’t sleep with a guy if he is not circumcise. I know that not true, I am just tell you what I was told.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Also, smegma is an acquired taste/smell, like fine French cheeses.

          • That’s depends on where you’re from. I know many Americans go by that myth, but being from a European country where circumcision is unusual, I have never seen a cut guy IRL (unless you count online and pics of course).
            The circumcision = being cleaner is actually only true in 3rd world countrieswhere cleaning is harder – or if a guy hasn’t learned to clean himself right. That last one isn’t any different from a woman’s perspective when it comes to cleaning genitals :9

          • mogoskier

            I didn’t think it was true but that was the reason I was told. Also that it looks better that way, which is very stupid.

          • Steven K.

            I think uncut ones are far sexier and more interesting – so I think the aesthetic argument is, like so many things, rather a matter of personal preference.

          • Steven K.

            I’m so jealous – I really love uncut guys/penises – and they are still relatively rare here overall.

          • You need a travel to Europe 😉 ..or the right parts of it.

            I read somewhere that around 85-90% of men in US used to be circumcised for a while. In the latest 5-10 years it’s down to ‘only’ around 60-70%.

            I find it ‘amusing’ that circumcision is so common in US while there’s a talk about ‘banning’ it in Denmark. Rules about it are already more restricted in parts of Europe, a couple countries it’s already basicly banned on the same level as the female counterpart. If the full restrictions (proposed in Denmark) are added here then it will only be allowed for medical reasons, and if for religious reasons it has to be performed by someone who’s been medical trained.

          • It is almost an automatic thing done at birth here in the US I think. I cannot remember if my mother was asked when my brother was born, or when my older sister had her son. I do know that it was something of contention when my younger sister had her son. I remember there being some discussion over it, and if the hospital had or had not done it without her permission there would have been hell to pay. That girl is scary.

          • dereule101

            That reason always makes me shake my head in amusement. I can assure y’all that it’s cleaning the penis that keeps the penis clean, but you already know that. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            think of the diffrerence between the inside of your lip and ther outside. The foreskin also produces lubrication.The foreskin also keeps the glans from drying out, and stimulates more pre ejaculatory fluid.

            Its a system that works.

          • mogoskier

            I am learning a lot of good interesting things today. My future partners will thank you.

          • Adam Black

            If you are male , you could dock.

          • mogoskier

            I’m a girl, also what dose dock mean.

          • Google docking xD
            I know the answer, but don’t know how much I should venture into that explanation here. Of course we already talked about masturbating.. so not sure where the line should be drawn right now *lol*

          • mogoskier

            I just did, my god how is that not painful.

          • I only know what it is. I’m not so familiar with it that I can answer you that ..though I think the skin needs a certain size for it to work xD
            Pfff.. this is weird in a funny way. I’m sitting here talking about more unusual sexual acts while I feel SO grown-up by watching an animated movie on Cartoon Network. Writing about docking while various kids commercials are playing in the background right now >.>

          • Klaus

            I for one do not intend to try this.

          • Adam Black

            its when a gentlmean with a hood shares it with another.

          • Adam Black

            I should teach a course,

          • Andy D.

            As a man with a foreskin: Nope.

          • Jeh Y

            I’m guessing you’re not circumcised and you’re just going off hearsay and horror stories, and as most people do with whatever cause they want to champion while knowing little about it, skewing facts to support your own agenda.

            I have a friend who won’t shut the fuck up ever about male circumcision and how it’s barbaric and demonic (she says nothing of female circumcision), and she also does that.

          • Klaus

            Yes, I am uncircumcised. In these parts, that is a given if you are not a Jew or Muslim.

            I do not have an agenda in this. I am just pointing out that some people regard masturbastion as evil.

            I don’t know about horror stories. I constantly see lubrication mentioned when male masturbation is refered to by Americans. This is totally alien to me.

            Here is a typical example:
            I suspect that many Eutropeans would miss the punchline entirely.

          • Guess you’re right about that punchline. Well, at least as a gay man you don’t have to be circumcised to have
            “first hand information” about it:
            “Horror Story” may be a bit harsh, but I really don’t like how you have to be careful with circumcised men and how to touch them. It keeps me from completely letting go, ever since I’ve hurt one unintentionally. It’s a shame, considering how beautiful some of these guys from Turkey, the Middle East and Northern Africa are 🙁

          • Steven K.

            A lot of cut guys do prefer lube, though there have been some uncut fellas that have been known to use it as well. I’m cut (unfortunately – cuz I just think they look super-sexy/hot, and more to play with, and the sensitivity thing is probably true), BUT – I’ve never needed any lube for “private time”.

          • Steven K.

            Never stopped me (nor most cut guys I’m assuming) – and been at it since 3-4.

          • Klaus

            My point was that that “you might as well try to prevent people from masturbating” is not going to work as an argument. There are many who find that a worthwhile project, and quite a few who are willing to go to extremes in the attempt to achive it. And, while I have no statistics, I have a strong suspicion that most of these are found among those who are against gay marriage.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            I’ve always wanted to get on the podium and say, “If we let the gays get married, then next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to have GAY SEX, and then where will be be?”

          • Steven K.

            At least partially satisfied.

          • With or without a box of tissues?

        • Clearly not, but that’s why we read. Right?

      • Wait… ummm… so Kyle had a three way with a brain in a jar and a super smart gorilla? Wow. Kinnnnnnky.

        • mogoskier

          Who are also super villains. Kyle might have a problem.

          • The super villains seem not to give out very good sex. Bad date, Kyle, bad bad date! See, that’s why he needs someone experienced, like (hint) Spooky (hint) to teach about GOOD dates and good sex. Think of the angst saved! 🙂

          • And then Kyle can teach Mitch when he comes of age. ^_^

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      I expect to see Anni redeem (and probably, sacrifice) himself. So he and Kyle may yet have their moment.

      • A moment, yes, but not a bigger thing. That one could become quite difficult.

        • dereule101

          A Ghostship Redilator, perhaps.

        • Yes, the moment is Kyle holding a holding a dying Duncan while Big-D overcomes a LOT of pain to choke out an apology for not being able to be a better man (lots of soap opera regret for Steel Man to enjoy). Kyle will cry and then go and get either Spooky or Paul and make out like bunnies. Yeahhhhhh.

          Not like I have a horse in that race or anything. 😀

          • Pfff… *lol* With all that betting, I might need yo enter my own horse in that race soon 😉

          • You may enter any fast animal you please, because I’m not “betting” I’m being very silly. I burnt out my “what happens to Duncan” circuits, a while back when I got so mad at him when he did the rotten to Kyle. I’m over it now (mostly).

            Honestly, I hope he’ll get whatever he deserves at some point, and happy or sad, I just suspect Alex will make sure he deserves it. Whatever it is. So it’s too far in the future to worry about.

            Enter you horse any time, but I’d rather you keep pursuing your google, hat, device inspection. That IS new and interesting.

            For instance:

            Why does Tsunami have to run around half naked showing off that bod and tats? Is that just his gig or do the tats need to show for his water magic to work?

            and… Why does Paul have that little have face half-shield guarding his eyes? Does the luck thing cause stuff to splatter or did Edna just like the look of it?

            There’s still lots of critical item information we don’t have yet… so don’t quit inquiring to start ship building please. 😀

          • Maybe it was a requested item? Maybe the helmet puts him in a comfort zone type thing? I just had the oddest image of Paul in a football outfit. In my eyes he does have that kind of build…..maybe that is another reason why he doesn’t really do anything for me. (not a fan of football players, despite the nice tight pants)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I think that Paul had to have his face at least partially covered because he’s still a minor, but I’m not sure why he chose the eye-shield specifically.

          • Yes, because eyeballs under 18 years of age must be protected from sudden costume catastrophe… I mean what if someone wearing lycra suddenly went tumescent… that eye-shield will protect him from such a horrible sight by suddenly going opaque. 🙂

            Because as we all discussed the other day… What’s the rule? SEE A PENIS and GO BLIND!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Tumescent is an excellent word.

          • I found out by swimming and playing water polo for many formative years, that if you find yourself “tumescent” in a pair of speedos… things might as well be “transparent.” However I see you point… or I wish I did… like RIGHT NOW. 😀

          • Adam Black

            Thats evidence you were standing too close

    • Feverfew_M

      *puts fingers in ears* Nope, can’t hear you!

      • Klaus

        Doomed to sail the flying Dutchman, are you?

        • Feverfew_M

          Yup. For ever and ever. And ever. Not done, yet.

        • Steven K.

          Wish I had to knowledge or skill to insert here the first seven musical notes following the opening chord of the overture from the Wagner opera.

    • It’s not a raft. It’s a submarine.

    • you can always cling to the drifting debris 😉

    • *chris zips his lip*

  • And then Kyle’s outfit appeared out of nowhere. Fluke LITERALLY pulled it from his ass.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      I’m picturing a scene like when Barry Allen makes his “Flash” costume come out of his ring. But with the other ring.

      • Adam Black

        Im sorry.

        I hope i dont upset Flash fans with “Other ring?”

        ( this is Yaoi and I am now thinking of a cockring costume on Bart —smallville version )

        • I cackled. You’re so bad.

          • Adam Black

            But, But…Even with a preemptive apology?

            ( wait, isnt one the Flashess now Retro Homo. Speedster? )

            Are you telling me the Flash museum wasnt created by a gay speedster groupie? Who else would do such a thing?. In my head there is a back room with secret flash porn. Vintage, of course

            ( Chris Dangerfield back me up here. Steven K. Back me up here? **Vintage** Male Speedster porn: Untold: tales of the Flash Museum. Tasteful Coffee-table book . market for it, right? )

            So, you are saying this isnt what Acintyabedhabedhadasa meant?

            For those who forgot this was Bart Allent :

          • Adam Black

            But, But…Even with a preemptive apology?

            ( wait, isnt one the Flashess now Retro Homo. Speedster? )

            Are you telling me the Flash museum wasnt created by a gay speedster
            groupie? Who else would do such a thing?. In my head there is a back
            room with secret flash porn. Vintage, of course

            ( @chrisdangerfield:disqus Chris Dangerfield back me up here. @stevenklimecky:disqus . Back me up here?
            **Vintage** Male Speedster porn: Untold: tales of the Flash Museum.
            Tasteful Coffee-table book . market for it, right? )

            So, you are saying this isnt what @acintyabedhabedhadasa:disqus meant?

            For those who forgot this was Bart Allen :

          • Flash porn? Some things I don’t want to happen super fast.

          • Adam Black

            you just put in slow mo, matrix style

          • me too.

      • Steven K.

        Makes me think of that famous – iconic – one-word utterance from “Citizen Kane”.

    • Jeh Y

      I think it came from Spooky’s ass. Check him giving the shoulder pat in panel 3. He’s clearly frisking Spooky, trying to figure out where the outfit’s stored, and…

  • Where did Kyle’s suit appear from?

    • Paul was actually holding it on the previous page. 🙂

      • Look at the third panel. It is missing.

        • It is. Good catch. We’ll fix it. 🙂

          • ^_^ Don’t mean to point out little flaws…They do happen. I just thought it was kind of funny. 🙂

          • If it’s a major continuity error like that, it helps to let me know about it now when I can fix it. After it’s published in book form, it’s much harder to change. So, thank you. 🙂

          • No problem! Definitely glad I could help. I didn’t mean to poke fun at it. ^_^;; I notice these things first since I look at the art before I read the page. I do things out of order.

          • Adam Black

            those invisible properties could come handy in a future chapter

          • I kinda like the idea of Kyle having a super suit that goes invisible from time to time. (everyone tries to be polite and not mention it). Yeah!

          • Adam Black

            More kickstarter requests?

          • If @alexwoolfson:disqus would just allow you and I to help him select his “Kickstarter Stretch Goals” next time we could make him obscenely rich.

            Who could be more trust-worthy and helpful than a couple of pure heart paladin types like us? Bet we could up the male readership too… well and the female readership of course… ummm, and any others I’ve forgotten.

            I have time to start the “special” list over the holidays. 😀

          • I can understand that. You, Adam and Veronica having to travel around the world and individually correct each of our Graphic Novels would be a lot of work…

            Not that we wouldn’t enjoy seeing you guys… Hell I’d off you something to drink and a snack, but I’m a nice guy that way

            It’s not like your mistake allowed Laampros to take over most of the world. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Hi Alex,
            The story is coming along great.
            I hope you have a good Holiday

            Wait I had a question:
            Is there backstory to Kyles suit?
            How Fireproof is it? any mystical or advanved technology properties we ought to know


          • Thank you, Adam. I hope you have a good Holiday too!

            There does have to be some story with the suit considering Kyle’s powers, but unlike the Spooky cap, I don’t have any immediate plans to get into that right now. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Sweet. Thanks

            ( You could have played it cool and said:
            : ‘maybe you are getting a clue right now. ‘
            We are lucky you didnt think of that. )

          • Heh. No. I’m very careful about when I WOG something. Only when it’s real. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Sometimes Gods keep their mistakes. —Especially on this planet. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            I’d say just about every one it would seem. Don’t ask for examples or I’ll be here all night.

          • Adam Black

            Hmm. Can you rephrase, without giving examples?

            ( I am not giving you a hard time, I am uncertain of the syntax of your answer )

          • Steven K.

            In other words, I think the “gods” on this planet have kept around a majority of their mistakes. Of course that’s just further evidence for evolution rather than creation or intelligent design. A truly intelligent designer would have engineered and planned things much better.

          • Adam Black

            or the Gods didnt outrightly create it,
            So why intervene and ruin the free entertainment?

          • Sofia could help with this… I think the Greek gods did all kinds of questionable things when they got in a snit. It’s one of my favorite things about them.

          • Adam Black

            The Greeks totally should have kept their Gods… for reasons

          • Special and specific reasons…. yup.

          • Adam Black

            we both know today is supposed to be Dionysusmas, and we both know what we would be doing instead.

            well , I still will…

          • LET THERE BE CLUES!

          • Klaus

            A gift from his dad?

          • b3nc0

            SPUQI KAP RAIT NAO??? Haevens‼

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Three cheers for spelling reform!

          • मुझे समझ नहीं आता

          • Adam Black

            Not sure if there was in your future marchandising plans,
            but fans might buy Spooky caps from you.

            ( i am always happy to offer any idea to monetize your work )

          • There will definitely be a limited quantity of Spooky Caps for sale to the general public once the Kickstarter backers get theirs. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            You act fast.

          • It was always the plan. 🙂 While I do have a couple Kickstarter exclusive rewards this time around, the only real way for me to make any profit with the way I do Kickstarter is on the back end by using the extra Kickstarter money to buy merchandise at bulk rates to sell later. So pretty much all the rewards will be available to the general public once the Kickstarter backers get their rewards.

          • Adam Black

            smart— as long as people buy.
            maybe you can get Geek celebrities to pose in some caps ( or other merchandise )

          • purplefoxglove

            Best Christmas present ever! I’m still hoping to get my hands on that Annihilator dossier…

        • So it is… HA! Uh oh.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          I hope you get a “No Prize” for that!

          • “No Prize?”

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            (I’m getting old.) Marvel Comics used to give you a “No-Prize” if you caught a mistake (or later, if you also suggested an explanation). In the early days, the fan would receive an empty envelope in the mail, which said on the outside, “No Prize enclosed!”

          • LMAO that is amazing. I think I was a little young for that but I enjoy the humor there.

    • Sapfo

      I was thinking the same thing, then I remember something: “Magic” 😉

  • So sad I missed the camping. I was driving to California. NOT a fun trip, mind you. HOURS of desert. I do not recommend it.

    • dereule101

      I’ve driven there multiple times from the other side of the country. Sure there’s some interesting stuff here or there, but in my opinion there’s lots and lots of things along the interstate that you’re not really missing when you fly over. 🙂

      • The I-10 from Phoenix to LA is mostly desert and aside from Indio, there really isn’t a worthwhile stop. I prefer flying because of the speed.

  • Marcus Dionte Scott

    Awww. Someone took down my Chinese response. *Sadface*

    • :(?

      • Marcus Dionte Scott

        Yeah, someone had written me using Pinyin (Chinese romanization) and I wrote them back using Chinese characters, and my message went bye bye. *Shrugs* Oh well

    • It’s there. Discus is being difficult about that.

      • Marcus Dionte Scott

        Oh yaay!

        • Refresh a time or two. Clean the cache. It should be there. 🙂

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Kan dao le.

  • Fluke: Alright, Spooks, you gotta be cool about this.
    Spooks: Dude, I’m always cool *scoffs*
    Fluke: Srsly. Kyle started the end of the world. This is a somber event.
    Spooks: No. Kyle needs friends right now, not co-workers. Get your priorities straight.
    *mutual glares*

  • Feverfew_M

    Gosh, how I love these guys! Kyle has unintentionally put the whole world at risk, and Paul and Spooky are arguing about how to approach Kyle to make him not feel even more horrible about it. They are really awesome friends! How did Kyle ever fear they could take “the gay thing” badly?
    I bet they were knowing/guessing, already, but didn’t say anything to let Kyle come to terms with it in his own time.
    Now that I think about it, Paul might have shown his team the fanart on purpose, to give Kyle an opportunity to see how the team would react to anything gay. And to show that he and Spooky were totally cool with it.

    • Jeh Y

      It makes sense, in a hilariously awkward way.

      “Here’s what it’d look like if we all had sex with each other! Here’s you raping Spooky, he’s fine with it.”


      “I… uhh… I left my house on fire.”

  • vessto

    Aah, Fluke knows much more than I thought. Can’t wait to see the next pages!!!

  • Steel_Man

    Oooooo, the soap opera of it all…”what happened when he was 12″?! Really? Goofball made a bad mistake and now, instead of owning up to it and moving forward, we have to psycho-analyze why and explore our feelings so that we can shift blame to childhood? Really? That’s where we’re going?

    • John

      not necessarily. It’s up to Kyle how he handles it, and we’ve not a lot to go on yet.

      • Steel_Man

        I want to be wrong because I think Alex is a stronger writer than that but if that wasn’t where we were going, why bring it up?

        • timemonkey

          Because it’s relevant to the current situation?

          • Steel_Man

            M-kay. We’ll go with relevant but it smells like a gimmick.

    • Feverfew_M

      I don’t think that they mean it that way. They just know that the bad experience Kyle had when he was 12 made him feel really guilty, which is why the current situation must be especially devastating for him. And they try not to make Kyle feel even worse about it than he already does. So instead of blaming Kyle, they’re willing to focus on being supportive and on figuring out what can be done about this mess.
      In fact, I think that Paul’s concern is going to be just as welcome as Spooky’s jokes, because both will show Kyle that these guys are still his friends.

      • Steven K.

        Thanks for that reply.

      • Steel_Man

        I’d much rather have them acknowledge that Kyle F-ed up and say “okay, you made a mistake, let’s fix it and move on” and not “oh, poor victim, we still love you”. But it’s all good.

  • SofiaT

    Finally getting to see the new page!

    I like how protective Fluke is. And I like that Kule already filled him in.
    Our little hero is a hero/i> before anything else. He wouldn’t keep something like this a secret. Go Kyle!

  • So many things to question and wonder about, and still I become increasingly curious about Spooky’s hat. What’s the significance of the hat?

    It could be something very simple, but there’s been more than one hint in the comic and in the comments that there’s some kind of info to come about Spooky and his hat.. and I just wanna know whaaat? xD

    • Sapfo

      It´s the hat of friendship of magic *****

    • Klaus
    • Just had a thought (run away run away). What if the hat is hiding who/what he is? Or hiding him from someone (who I don’t know)?

      • *lol*.. That’s been part of my thoughts too. Such a ‘small’ thing as a hat, and I’ve been all the way around from what you said to how it’s hiding some physical feature when he’s doing magic.. and down to the simple thing that it’s a part of his image, or he could need something with a meaning to be really strong.
        I’ve had so many logical/weird theories about that hat along the way, since first hint, that where others might go ‘cool’ when it’s found out what it is, I might sit with a ‘That’s it?, Nothing else?’ .. because I’ve been around some weirder guesses ;D

        • Very much this. 😀 I keep thinking, what is it about the hat. Is it magical, is it keeping him in check, is it just a really awesome hat. WHAT?

          I just hope it turns out to be something more than just a hat!

          • Do you think he takes it off in bed after his dates? Alex? Any hints?

          • Spooky does not wear his cap during sex with other people.

            At least not usually…

          • Excellent.

            So, @DanishWolf:disqus I think you can rule out awesome sexual magic powers from your list of potential Spooky-cap juju. Thanks Alex. 🙂

          • All this thinking.. for a hat. @alexwoolfson:disqus knows how to make details interesting LOL

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Maybe he’s an Indiana Jones fan.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Wuh oh! Seems like Spoojy is sorta an easygoing guy, theres a time and place for that. Kinda doubt this is tho, even though he may mean well. Maybe a bit later, when things cool off a bit? He’ll have to read the mood. That takes experience too, which I’m guessing since they’re so young, they don’t.

    Then again, maybe this will help him out a bit, if Kyle has known Spooky for awhile, maybe he’ll appreciate it? Under normal circumstances, this might be the case, but THIS AINT NORMAL…

    Also curious about what happened when he was 12. Is this a backstory flashback? We’ll see around Christmas.

    And wow, the languages available! Thats superfantastic!

    Hope everyone has a great Christmas and holiday! God bless!

    • Cydney Sabin

      I may be completely wrong, but I think he’s talking about when he burned his foster home down by accident.

      • Mary Klemzak

        Yes I was just going through the archives (in ch 2) and thats where I saw what happened. I wonder though, how he found out? Was he exploring his body, like in masturbation, or doing it with someone?

        • It was his first time masturbating, and that’s when his powers showed and he burned down the house. Until his time with Duncan he hadn’t masturbated/allowed himself a sexual release since then.

          • Steven K.

            Poor guy. I may not have had anyone to fool around with in my teens, but at least I could do that.

          • Such a bummer… I just wanted some private time in the bath room or my bedroom, but it’s tough to do the necessary if you burn down the house every time. I wonder if he could toss one off safely in a swimming pool?

            WHAT? I’m just pondering… erm… (okay fine perving) on this idea. HA.

          • I can just see it now……Kyle alone in a pool having “private time” and then poof half the water is gone and there is steam everywhere, which allows Kyle to slip away unnoticed.

          • I was wondering how much of the water would disappear.

          • That would entirely depend on if it was a really good jerk or just a half hearted one… you know… I’m sure girls have the same issues. XD

          • I suppose length of time would have an impact.

          • True… length always has an impact. 😀

          • HA!

          • Adam Black

            reading on Disqus, ( without looking up context )

            Can I use it in a sentence?
            The really good Jerk gave Chris a really good jerk using really good jerk. While being extremely satisfying, Chris lived to regret it, when he didnt wash it instantly off. What a jerk. ( the Jerk— not Chris or the jerk or the jerk )

            In the following days the Jamaican dermatologist wasnt very nice when Chris explained the circumstances of ethnic food abuse.

            So, in summation: The jerk doctor was a jerk about Chris’s jerk with jerk by a jerk.

            all of which makes me wonder?
            Is the proper moral:
            man can not live by jerk alone?
            Do not treat your tallywacker like a jamaican BBQ porkchop?

            So, ..what are you guys talking about anyway?

          • Damn son… Dr. Seuss would be so proud of that post.

          • Adam Black

            Maybe we can get recruit a Yaoi-girl to illustrate it..?

            any takers on here?

          • I’m not sure, but i think Alex said in the comments a while back that even water wouldn’t help for Kyle o.o
            I guess the ‘fire hose’ would still shoot, all the water would go poof or not stop it and then he’d burn down things anyway.. if I’, right about Alex saying this. Kyle really is badly off on this until he learns control – in some lonely, far off place -_-
            At least Duncan had the right basic idea, he just did it all wrong.

          • Adam Black

            Xman Danger-room

            Wolverine on staff. yes literally.
            Bobby Drake on standby, keeping things cool

          • HA. Hole-ograms put to good use finally.

          • Adam Black

            Punster Hell is a Thing, yo

          • You’ve been?

          • Adam Black

            youve left?

          • HA!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Easy boys….valid points on both sides, but the LAST thing Kyle needs is for his friends to cause more tension.
    I believe Spooks will be “cool” when he gets in there…though certainly can’t blame Fluke for being worried…Spooks can make light of most situations, but this isn’t the time to try….
    Always a joy to come home to these updates ^-^

  • Toli Bera

    What Kyle needs is someone to get to first-and-a-half-base with who won’t turn out to be an apocalypse-monger.

    • Oh so true that. Hey even a kiss with a little tongue would be a step up at this point. 🙂

      • Toli Bera

        well, I think the rebound naked time would clear his head, then the real romance-y stuff to come later once he’s on a more even keel.

        • Absolutely true… just speaking hopefully. I think a really good kiss from the right person fixes a lot of things, but you are correct. Timing is all. Heck, I’ll wait…

          *taps foot and looks at watch* 🙂

  • cheerbearp

    So how did Kyle’s replacement uniform show up out of nowhere in the last panel? Super heroes I can handle, pocket dimensions (other than Lampros’ not-so-cozy cavern) might blow my mind…

    • Klaus

      Alex has said it is a mistake, and that it will be corrected.

      • cheerbearp

        Awww, at least we have some materials for a bloopers section!

      • JozefAL

        I think THAT’s a mistake. Alex ought to put it up for something like Marvel’s old “no-prize” deal. An error showed up in a Marvel comic and the fans wrote in with their best idea for how to explain the mistake. The winner would be sent a “no-prize” (basically an envelope with a little letter with the words “no prize”). Later fans began thinking they deserved the “no-prize” for things like a printer’s coloring error or a spelling error (like “teh” for “the”) and Marvel had to remind them of the “rules”–and quit the “no-prize” award, simply printing the best idea in the book’s lettercol.

        Edit to add: (Something akin to how Jeh Y explained the goof.)

    • Jeh Y

      Paul puts his hand on Spooky’s shoulder in panel 3.

      I like to think it was in Spooky’s jacket. Along with a bunch of watches. That or he pulled it out from under Spooky’s cap. Or maybe his butt! It could be anywhere on the man!

      • Heck, Spooky’s butt COULD be another dimension. The dude is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and then baked panini style until all the cheese is melted and …. shit I just got hungry… gotta go…

    • b3nc0

      It’s more a matter of vanishing out to nowhere as he already had it in last page…

      • cheerbearp

        Sure enough you are correct!

        Maybe Fluke is manifesting new powers… if only it wasn’t an error, lol.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Snerk! He keeps the costume in a super compressed ball hidden on his body and changes at the speed of sound, dontcha know!

    • At least he doesn’t need a phone booth, ’cause they don’t really exist anymore… You ever try to change into your super hero costume in a cell phone? *shakes head*

  • Jackal

    Boys, boys. You’re both right. Now woman up and go in there and hug your friend and treat him very gently. You can get back to ripping on him the way guys do when he feels better.

    • xLizardx

      Haha, “woman up”, I like that 😀 But yes, hugs are probably the best thing to give Kyle atm.

      • Okay, but lets have two page debate on whether we’re talking gay body touching hugs, or those weird sideways het-guy hugs where you have to turn sorta sidewise to make sure your thingies don’t accidentally touch (gay cooties you know) and then slap each other’s backs. DUUUUUUDE. XD

        • I vote for “gay body touching hugs”. Just because their “thingies” might touch won’t change the fact that it is a platonic hug…..well unless one of them gets grabby.

          I also think that would be a great way to show support to/for Kyle. In a “We aren’t afraid to get close to you” and an “its okay to get close” way. Because Kyle will probably have some issues about closeness after this. I can see Kyle keeping a physical distance between him and his friends after this kind of experience. Not an entirely logical way to treat his friends, but an after effect of the trauma he went through.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            A gay hug would be what, back to front?

          • Yes but only if you buy dinner first…

    • Steven K.

      Good job of appropriately turning that phrase around!

  • bronakopdin

    wow, seems I was right about the reason why Paul scolded Spooky last page ^^
    never thought this might get into a kind of fight… really now you never know what’s best, maybe they should just enter and ask Kyle how he feels and what he needs himself

  • Kalynn Osburn

    *chuckles* Spooky WAS born cool.
    !See Kyle, you were so worried about your secret getting out and come to discover you have some of the best friends you could ever ask for.
    Flyboy is all about being loyalty.
    Fluke is all about honesty.
    Spooky is bringing the laughter.
    …Oh my god…
    Is Commander going to be kindness?
    And Tsunami is magic.
    And Kyle is obviously generosity!

    • I’m suspecting that this is a Friendship Is Magic reference.

      Someday I’m going to have to watch an episode of that… 🙂

      • Adam Black

        Dont watch it, until you are ready to out yourself as a self-identifying Brony.

        ( How do you look wearing Ponys? can you pull it off? )

        You can choose not to watch it, but you cant choose not to like it .

    • SofiaT

      I didn’t get the reference Alex mentioned before (Friendship Is Magic?) but that was awesome!

        • SofiaT

          I googled it afterwards. XD
          That’s nothing like the My Little Pony I used to watch when I was little…

          • True… Sapfo taught me that one and I felt I should share… 😛

          • SofiaT

            I’ll now see this every time I close my eyes. Thanks, Chris. -.-

            So is the fluffy unicorn part of the new MLP franchise? Because that’s really like nothing I remember… O.o

          • No, Sapfo will have to answer, as I have no idea of its origins. *shakes head ruefully*

  • Eve

    I was just thinking the same thing! Let’s not forget a friend with super hearing who now knows that SOMETHING happened when Kyle was 12.

  • Niggle

    Very interesting! I’m surprised how much Kyle revealed. But I guess considering the gravity of the situation he didn’t have much choice. Kyle has some very loyal friends there, they just really disagree about how to take care of Kyle. So boys, shut up and just in there and help Kyle! Stop making him wait!

    “This can only mean one thing—that they’re about to kiss, am I right?!”

    “Or will they, instead, throw down on the ground right now and make out like love-starved bunnies for the next several pages?”

    And, Alex, have I ever told you how much I love your silly author’s comments? XD

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      But at this point no one has even entered the building…..and if anyone other than Fluke goes in…..kyle may explode again!

    • Thank you, Niggle. I’m glad you like those. 🙂

  • LL

    Ah! Exactly as I thought. They just deal with stressful situations in different ways. And everyone has different methods of emotional support and affection. 10 points to Liz-en-dor.

  • LL

    Also: This is the time for bro hugs, guys. Not fighting. BRO HUG IT OUT

    • So, basically… “Bro-up!” XD

      • Denise Cruz

        That’s the Chris we all love so much! XDDDDDDD

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      But…he’s got no pants on. That would be…awkward.

      • Ummm… not for me…

        • LL

          Any hugs would /most likely/ be after Kyle putting on pants. But also, maybe not, ya know, whatevs

        • Adam Black

          Thats what Mitch said too

  • They both have good points, but I’m surprised it’s Spooky who is the older one. Fluke is so serious for his age here.

    And Alex…are they EVER going to see Kyle???

  • Steven K.

    And another who seems to really adore and look up to him and care for him and wants to help keep him safe.

  • Summer

    They both care for Kyle so much in there that they want to do everything they can to make things better for him, but in that sense, they’re also interfering in the help they CAN give to Kyle. It’s nice to have friends.

  • SpookyDomme

    “What Kyle needs is his friends to cheer him up.”

    Oh hon. Jokes are great for that, but I sure hope Spooky’s a good judge of how far is safe to go before it has the opposite effect.

  • JozefAL

    I’ve got NO problem with 2 pages of Kyle putting his pants on. (Not that we’re likely to really see the goodies or anything like that. But just imagine 2 pages where all we see is Kyle putting his pants on–focus on the pulling on the pants, and underwear if appropriate, over the legs–while word balloons are floating around with the dialogue. If Alex and Adam ever want to do it that way, I have no problem with that decision. A nice reverse strip-tease is always fun.)

    • KryX

      I had to take a break from reading the discussion after this one.

      • Well yeah. It’s basically a super onzie and, like a speedo, you gotta get your business adjusted just right in there or its super uncomfortable.

        All that adjusting of the Kyle junk is a page on it’s own right there… (I hope, I hope, I hope)

  • Sai

    I’m wondering right now how much information they have about the situation. I’m suspecting Fluke knows everything, but has omitted some of the more sensitive details because he obviously thinks Spooky isn’t the most tactful guy on the planet.

  • First, just reading some comments and those who are grumbling about the pacing, and this ‘side story’. IMHO, their pacing issues are entirely an artifact of the serial nature of a weekly webcomic. I believe Alex is writing the Graphic Novel as a whole, so when you hold it in your hands all done and finished in its entirety, the reading experience will be 100% different.

    Then, you will control the pacing. Like any book YOU will speed through the bits that don’t effect you and YOU will linger over the bits that tug at your heart. It’s just the nature of the serial reading experience. The writing ISN’T slow it’s the page by page experience. The only other option is to simply wait and read this book when it’s complete. Me? I’m glad of all of it. IMHO, I personally DO NOT need Kyle to instantly power-up burn the crap out of everyone and for this story to be over by Saturday. Just my two cents.

    I was prepared for another page outside, just because. And I do desperately want to get inside just to see what shape our Kyle is in, because I’m desperately curious. Kyle must be moving through so many emotions. So, I was prepared to accept this page… and keep waiting, but boy do I want to know how Kyle is.

    Well I still do, but goofy me, I should’ve know better. This page is packed with character information and not a simple pause at all.

    Thank you Alex, for creating another really wonderful moment of character revelation. I wish I had fresh words but it seems I can only repeat my sincere thanks to you, Adam and Veronica for giving us exciting staging, great expressions and beautiful color that supports the story so well. Indeed another terrific page.

    I love that in previous pages we saw how young the guys were. How worry was transformed into the grumps. That, like us all, everyone doesn’t always say the right thing. Paul was young and wrongly grumpy and snarky to Mitch. Paul just knew too much and he was being pulled apart by all the constraints on him — gee who he could he tell what to (?) I loved the way we started this page with that wonderful worried closeup and that almost plea to Spooky, who is clearly the dude, powerful and unpredictable.

    I thought Spooky’s glance back and expression was great and his line was classically him as he’s really saying, “Don’t worry dude, I got this.” Spooky style. I also loved that you And Adam went to the trouble to make that panel a two shot over Paul’s shoulder so we can feel their physical relationship in space. More work for you, but it nicely sets up the following lovely wider shot. That shoulder touch, reminding us where we/they are on this dramatic landing pad.

    I love the adult Paul. They are at the age when moment by moment people switch back and forth between immature and mature. Paul has had a snark moment to figure out how to say the right thing and him putting his hand on Spooky just says perfectly how important this is to Paul. It also lets us know that, even if they disagree, he and Spooky are good with each other. Also that CU of Paul’s face in panel 5 is so worried and adorable that I want to hug him (and squeeze him and hold him and… oops sorry).

    This time, Paul is ready and he says the perfect lines to express what he thinks is important. I also like that we now KNOW that they both understand how big this is and that the world is at stake. They also get that their team-mate and friend Kyle holds some responsibility for making ‘some’ poor decisions and that he’s going to be shattered by it. I love knowing that they understand that this pain for Kyle connects to his past. These are true friends who ‘know’ Kyle.

    It’s true we don’t what they know about the Duncan-date or the gay bit, but their care is clear. I’m totally guessing, but this threesome seems like the group that won’t do Kyle wrong no matter what. I know I’m guessing and The Commander and Tsunami are still a mystery, but at least with these two, they remind me of my friends who, when I told them I was gay said, “Yeah, I know, it’s cool, so what did you want to tell me?” (me-shock) “Uhhhh, that was it.” (me-shock) “Cool, then let’s go get the pizza…” (more-me-shock) “‘Kay…” .

    And the final panel. It’s cool that they each want to support Kyle in their own way. That seems so true of any bunch of friends and it’s cool that they disagree, because this is what friends do. And, for me, they are BOTH right. So, now it all depends on Kyle’s state (? – shattered, mad, burning, suicidal, ready to quit because he’s a failure, ready to run off and do something foolishly heroic – ?)

    That’s our mystery now. What state is Kyle in? Does Kyle know how much he can trust these guys and that they really DO understand. I think this page does a wonderful job of showing us how much these two are true friends and smart ones. It’s true, Mitch’s reactions are unknown because he’s so young, but it’s clear he really cares and looks up to Kyle. So, even if he has trouble, I think that Paul and Spooky will help Flyguy work through it and understand.

    I repeat what I said last time… even more. I believe this is the RIGHT posse for this moment.

    Now, I’m dying to know how Kyle is… ALEX… I’M DYING HERE. And it’s going to be your fault when the NCIS team finds my lifeless body and the letters “T-Y-P” are scratched into the nearest piece of furniture.

    Gibbs: “Ahhh, another one lost to Young Protectors suspense. Tell our SWAT team in San Francisco to move in… it’s time to put a stop to Woolfson’s wanton path of anticipatory destruction!” (A, A & V head to secret tunnels to protected secret hide out… just as the Swat team moves in to find abandoned offices.)

    Thanks @alexwoolfson:disqus.

    • You’re welcome, Christopher. I’ve been feeling a bit grumpy today (just lots of stuff on my plate with the Holidays and all) and it’s a great pleasure to read your reactions. Thank you. 🙂

      (And you won’t have to wait too much longer to see our little hero. I’m afraid Gibbs will have to gather evidence for his case elsewhere. 😉 )

      • Adam Black

        Please give us some shots getting dressed

        Just because Flyboy doesnt get a peak doesnt mean we should be so deprived.

        ( In my head, Nay, in many of our heads, Mitch really wants to comfort Kyle—with those puppy dog eyes— while he suits up )

        If Kyle throws on a fireproof cup ( is its red, black or white? Is there a Flame across the Cup? ) before slipping in to the Red Hot pajamas… some fan service wouldnt hurt …before xmas , thats all …

        ( I am only asking of course for all the ladies here, who probably have never been in a super hero locker room. )

        • LOL. of course you are Adam sweetie, of course you are! Thank you so much for your consideration. ^_^

          • He’s a giver our @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus !

          • Adam Black

            I thought those pictures were destroyed

          • Nope, sorry, once on the internet pictures live forever! Be proud.

          • Adam Black

            You are thanking me now, but if @alexwoolfson:disqus Alex through you might have to quit your job and become a sports reporter

          • That would be hilarious, as I know next to nothing about sports……but then again it might just be nice to do a running commentary of how well some of the guys look in their uniforms….Which were the sports with tight uniforms again? The baseball aren’t as tight as they used to be…..

          • Adam Black

            they usually take them off

          • … room access? That could be very nice…..

          • Adam Black

            maybe Alex will give us an interlude with that hinted at Shower scene

    • I love this comment, it summons up all I felt like saying.. and I love YOU for the NCIS reference <3 I should Gibbs-smack you more often if that helps 😉

    • purplefoxglove

      I wish I could up-vote your comment more than once. You explained the story and character development in such a wonderful manner – you sure have a way with words, Chris 🙂 And I completely agree with you: these pages are not prolonging the story. To me, the contrary would have been the case: the narrative flow would have been disturbed had Alex not taken the time to display the team’s responses to the news. You just don’t dump information like that on somebody and don’t expect them to react to it. Jumping from the phone call right to the guys entering the building would have meant to leave out an important part of what this comic is – true, the story focuses on Kyle, but in the end, it is about the whole team, and the teammates’ reactions are crucial to the story’s further development. Also, it would have felt far too abrupt to me…and it would have left me puzzled as to why not only Paul, but also Spooky and Mitch were there, how they got there, and so on.
      About how much Kyle told his friends…since Paul in part agrees with Kyle’s bad conscience about being responsible for the end of the world (and still has Kyle’s back. These guys ROCK), I think Kyle poured out his heart to them. I just don’t see any way in which he could have explained his involvement without mentioning the date bit. That’s probably one part of why Paul doesn’t want to tell Mitch much about what happened to Kyle. He doesn’t want to jump the gun.
      The anecdote about your friends made me smile – tell them they’re awesome! 😀 I think The Commander will be cool about Kyle being gay – she was completely unfazed by the boys looking for porn (“Not just *any* porn. *Gay* porn. Of *us*. Made by *women*.”), so she probably couldn’t care less about Kyle’s sexual orientation. As for Tsunami…I’m not sure, but I hope it will be something along the lines of “Dude, I usually feel strongly about stuff like that, but for you, I’ll make an exception: *I* will hold, *you* may punch.”
      And, Chris, making NCIS references? You’re aiming to break my heart, aren’t you? 😉 But I don’t think Gibbs will hunt team A, A & V down. He’d never do anything that might displease Abby, and I’m sure she is a HUGE fan of the comic 🙂
      Yes, this comment is going to end soon. Only one food for thought: while in the long run, Paul and Spooky making out right on the heliport won’t help to save the world, it might lighten Kyle’s mood (especially if they offer him to join in for comfort), and it would certainly help to enlighten us about Mitch’s view on homosexuality. 😉

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I think Kyle needs clothes, hugs, and help putting together a world-saving plan. In that order.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Plus a shower, to clean up the semen that must be caked to his belly. Unless it burnt to a crisp (having lost whatever protection from fire his body enjoys) and now consists of little black flakes which can just be swept off with his hand.(Unless he is an “innie”–belly buttons are always tough to clean.)
      And counseling. Years of counseling.

      • KryX

        Made me laugh.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I think that the semen got magically transmuted into flame when the spell was cast, which at least means that there’s no messy clean-up physically speaking! Well, unless you count demonic hordes.

  • Denise Cruz

    Well… maybe Paul should leave Spooky outside and go in with Mitch! lol

    I’m afraid that our Red Honey isn’t in the mood for jokes. He probably needs some help to understand that there was nothing else he could have done to avoid what happened there… and… e-err… he certainly is going to need much more help to handle with his memories, especially with those where that huge red thing calls him ‘son’.

    But, I don’t think they are going to have time for any of these things, right now. They still have to figure out how to stop Anni and avoid the massive infestation of demons over our world… Jeezy! Undoubtedly, the worst birthday EVER!

    Hopefully his friends won’t worsen things for him…

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    I wonder if Kyle has Anni’s phone number? Will they be texting each other? I can see it now: “So you want to know why I betrayed you, and what the deal with your father is. Well i owe you no explanations. In fact I shouldn’t even be answering this text, since by doing so you might learn the one clue that might cause my whole plan to fall apart, namely my extreme vulnerability to sourkraut.”

    • Adam Black

      the problem with Krout-onite attacks is the delivery.

      and that its spoils.

      • AK-47 = The “K” is for krout!

        • Sapfo

          And the 47 stands for?

          • Just part of the name of a well-known dangerous gun…


          • Sapfo

            Oh, My dad had one of those… and my mom 😉

          • I’ll bet your boyfriends didn’t like hanging around your house that much did they? 🙂

          • Sapfo

            You wish! XD

            But your right. With a naked/naturloving mom in the house handing out condomes and a Progg/military dad with long ginger hair and full-beard. I did not have many boyfriends over for some reason.
            And It was not because fo the AK. 😉

            (to say this, when I was a teenager, they had toned down that part of themself, but mom did give me condomes and dad… he is to cool for that American dad stuff)


          • I thought your countries didn’t like guns floating about like us brilliant Americans (that is a total JOKE by the way… humph).

          • Sapfo

            Chris, guns are bad, very bad. People dont kill guns! Guns kill guns!
            And that is why we in Sweden dont like guns… I think?

            (my parent only had guns at home a few times because they worked in the military, and mom locked them in a safe… and I think she swallowed the key)

          • I agree and I like your parents… They are so right!

        • Adam Black

          damn you America and your semiautomatics with every happy meal

  • Adam Black

    Speak for yourself, I want 10 pages of Kyle putting in his pants,
    I want Mitch outside using his eagle eyes to peak through a crack ,

    I want the see the Flame Cup suited on Red Hots fire jock,

    I want GFE peering thru walls of pain and Blood checking him out
    I want a pan shot of Platinum priestess watching this from her silver Cauldron

    I want some Bro Hugs once Kyle has the pants on —but not the top
    ( ………..Anticipation )

    I want a surprise in the warehouse before Kyle can finish suiting up
    I want Mitch to bust in and save everyone.

    ( and get the praise and flash o’ Nipple he really craves . )

  • Pockets

    What Kyle needs is his clothes.

  • Cman65

    go back a page Had the suit as left car

  • rei rei

    Agreement. I am hanging on to what is going on because what happens next will change our hero for good or bad. I think Fluke has the right way of it, because an inappropriate joke at this stage could make Kyle turn off to the world, which is what will probably occur because Spooky can’t keep his trap shut…

  • SofiaT

    I kinda agree with both Fluke and Spooky here. They’re both right and they’re both a little wrong. Which means the both of them going in is the best thing for Kyle right now.

    He does needs his friends to be cool about what happened… and maybe crack a joke to show him that it’s not the end of the world. Yet.

    • Which is why I was thinking it would be good if they played it by ear. I don’t think they can know anything until they see what mood Kyle is in. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        The important thing is for his friends to be supportive and non-judgmental. Which they are. The rest depends on their individual characters and way of dealing with things. While I agree with Paul and I get what he’s saying, I’m sure Kyle wants his friends to be genuine and not feel like walking on egg-shells around him. Playing it by ear sounds about right.

        On a slightly different note (but still on the subject of “being non-judgmental”) I know that Paul said “he kinda is [responsible]” but that’s a plain fact, not a judgement. Kyle’s role in the whole mess is undeniable, it’s the blame that’s questionable.

        I don’t blame Kyle and I don’t think Paul does either. He just says things as they are. That’s what friends are for.

        • I don’t think it’s blame per say coming from Paul. It’s a strange situation Kyle’s found himself in. He thought he was getting birthday sex and he gets taken to hell etc. He was certain he did his due diligence.

          I do think Paul is being a little too cautious, but is that his usual response to unknown situations?

          • SofiaT

            It seems like it’s his character, to be the responsible one. Tsunami seems a bit too headstrong, Mitch is too young and Spooky takes everything lightly. Kyle is too nice… someone needs to be the cautious one and who better than the guy whose superpower relies on bad things happening to him?

          • That makes sense. That he would need to be cautious because he may never know just when his powers will strike.

          • Totally agree with both of you.

            I look at Kyle’s responsibility in this as the judgement of the young (not that I would know this from personal experience), but it’s kinda like having to call your pops at 4:00AM from the local jail because you and your friends went into a dodgy bar and through NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN a fight started and the police came and your innocent self got picked up along with some of your friends (innocent too) and also a bunch of low lifes, and then your dad made you work off the bail money you owed him doing crap around the house for two weeks and it was like totally unfair… erm… like that kinda “at fault.”

            I mean anyone who hasn’t had a lousy date raise your hand! See? It wasn’t YOUR fault. Lady Fate can be a real…

          • Yes, very much like that. And one doesn’t mess with Lady Fate.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    A wizard did it. *nods*

  • Sebastian

    Welp, looks like Fluke knows he’s gay. Wonder if Spooky knows, too?

  • This is my favorite Christmas song (maybe because it involves Snoopy and the Red Baron) and just so happened to find a really nifty version of it on you tube and thought I would share before I forgot.

    • Klaus
      • steelie

        Crying like a baby over that one.

        • Klaus

          Me too, though I heard it before. Truth is much stranger than fiction.

        • Me too. (damn crying towel is in the wash)

          • Sapfo

            It´s good that you get that cleanded.
            But I am not letting go of my huging pillow….

          • HA

          • …..Chris….You have no idea how much I was fangirling in that second story, General & Dr. Sheppard……

            I about died when that Thank You arrived in their room….there was much giddiness, giggling and squealing…..the timing was perfect ^_^

            After I get done with the last one i am going to look through and see if Xanthe has any stories about Carson….. ^_^

    • I like this whole album and I can do the dance to this song just like Snoopy…

      • steelie

        Vince Guaraldi’s music is the epitome of joy! One of the only things I miss about my Duncanesque ex – he would light up the house when he played Guaraldi.

        • I’m so with you. Honestly sometimes when I need a lift I’ll play that album any time of year. It’s pure joy.

    • Amanda

      Snoopy and the Red Baron have brought me out of my Posting hiatus. I love that song!

    • steelie

      My contribution to the Christmas music fest – love this group!

  • SofiaT

    A bit of a random question but, I’ve noticed before that the mask is one with the rest of the uniform -when not on his head, it falls back like a hood. I wonder if the boots are part of Kyle’s uniform too?

    • It could be a complete onesie. Suit and boots and hood. Still wonder how he gets into it. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        Hidden zipper? And yeah, something like a onesie with fortified soles and toes is what I had in mind. 🙂

        • It would need to be a special zipper that didn’t melt or get too hot. Maybe whatever the communicator was made from?

        • No it’s like those speedos, the one’s olympic divers wear. I would never look myself… but if you examine them closely I hear that everything… I mean EVERYTHING is clearly outlined.

          (ahem)… just sayin’ I think Kyle’s is like that, and I’ll bet Alex has a proper piece of art somewhere… well you know…

      • That’s adorable like pajamas with feetsies built in!

        • Yes, very much so… These would be such an awesome set of pj’s for a kid.

          • Hunny. not just for kids. They make adult sized onesie pjs too now. I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a Flyboy onesie….

            My mother got all of us a onsie for the Christmas before last I think. They were nice and warm and awesome… if only my mother hadn’t gotten mine too large I would still have my Eeyore one.

          • Yes, well, um… I wouldn’t mind one either, but you know, it seemed best to just mention the children. 😀

      • GingerChris86

        Talcum Powder :p

  • Klaus

    I expected this to be a superhero story. Like other superhero stories, except that the hero is gay. That would mean that the romance stuff is either a sideline or a setup for the real story. We have had far more romance stuff going on than I expected.

    It now seems that the romance stuff is used mainly for character development. This is IMHO a good thing. But in a superhero story character development is something that happens alongside the actual story. It is not the character development that is the story.

    So I expect that we will get back to the romance stuff eventually. But now we need to move the plot forward.

    • That’s a good analysis of what I’m trying to do here, Klaus. To which I’d add that this story arc does and will continue to focus more on character development than your traditional superhero story (especially the ones I grew up back in the day, but even modern graphic novels like Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade.)

      I point that out just as a heads up. As y’all know, the whole 5-chapter story arc is written out and won’t change. And while there will continue to be plot developments and revelations (and, in the last two chapters, big chunks of superhero action), attention to character development and character interaction is the primary focus of this comic. Not the exclusive focus, mind you, (there’s plenty of plot ahead) but a primary focus. So if, as a reader, you find that tedious, that’s something to keep in mind. 🙂

      • I just want to add… this is what spawned my comment about reading a story serially. It can’t help but distort the timing of your reading experience. It’s hard, but it is okay to say that the serial form isn’t for you… and wait for TYP to be complete before reading it — like most books. In this case the artwork just takes the time it takes.

        When most people re-read this as a complete Graphic Novel, I think they’ll be shocked at how different the experience is but, bottom line, it’s always the reader’s choice to enjoy the weekly wait now and have fun speculating or simply wait for the completed book.

        To each their own. 🙂

        Happy Holidays.

        • Klaus

          It is not just the tempo that is going to be different. Take as an example. On the printed page, the bed will catch your eye immediately. On the screen, you have time while scrolling to think “is that blood?”.

          • SofiaT

            90% of the things we notice on the page and discuss in between updates, we probably wouldn’t notice on the printed book, at least not until the second reading. We’d be too busy moving over to the next page.

            I like how we get to savor all the details in each page and panel now. Gives you time to really appreciate the work and effort that’s been put in them.

          • I totally agree. Each time you re-read you get some new glint that you can’t believe you missed the previous read. I often find when reading favorite sections of well thumbed books that I have to go back a few pages and “read my way in” to the part I love.

            Always seeing something new.

        • SofiaT

          You’re absolutely right Chris!
          I like how the story flows now but at the same time I want moaaaar, moaaaar! Waiting for each page, speculating and discussing with the other readers is half the fun though. There will come a time when this will be in book form and the experience will be different but, until then, I very much enjoy this experience.

          And besides the fact that all the action not based on Kyle gives us a lot of food for speculation for the other members of the team, the whole story would feel “off” without them. This isn’t a first person narrative. People may feel impatient but you need to keep the right pace; and the pace of this story has been perfect -it’s very easy for a writer to fall into the trap of hurrying up some parts or linger on others, but Alex is very good at keeping the pace exactly how it should be, so the story feels neither hurried up nor tedious.

          And Happy Holidays to you too! 🙂

          • I feel exactly the same. The push pull of it. Need the page now and wanting (as you say perfectly) moaaaar! Ha.

            I think I wrote after the first flying car page how much I NEEDED it. The trip to hell exhausted me (in a good way), but I needed a moment of shenanigans the hope for the arrival of people who loved Kyle. So, I agree pacing and contrast is all.

            I also love a really good ensemble. Our friends, our loved ones, are the catalysts that make us who we are. They help us survive the Duncan-moments in all our lives. Maybe we don’t get sent to hell quite so literally, but when someone stomps on our hearts, it can feel the same.

            Who do we call when someone breaks our heart? Especially when all our friends told us not to go on the date with the good-looking jer… who is that person you still call. It’s why it’s so important to have those friends who just shake their heads at you, call you a jack-ass and then take care of you until you can get back on your feet.

            So, for me the ensemble character development is just as important and tells me just as much about our main guy as anything else.

            Further, I’m endlessly greedy and hope that @alexwoolfson:disqus will have so much fun that one day we’ll get a SPOOKY adventure where they’ll all support him and by then I’m sure Mitch will have grown up enough to figure out how many of the genders he prefers (LOL)… and so on.

            So, I hope Alex can just go on and have fun for a bit with TYP, because there isn’t a one in the group, so far that I’m not interested in knowing more about.

            My two cents yet again. 🙂

    • Frater Gymnos

      I’m really glad Alex has managed to create characters with enough depth and complexity to even imagine them having relationships. Thanks, Alex for making a comic that a variety of people can enjoy! Fanboys can get action anywhere; what you’re doing, Alex is very special, mature and clever.

      • Thank you very much, Frater! It means a lot to me that you feel that way about my characters. 🙂

  • Given that it seems likely the romance will be Kyle/Duncan, Team Pitchfork is perfectly happy for it to take a backseat role to the superhero stuff.

  • Joseph Vorder Bruegge

    Hm, actually it looks like it’s just that one panel where the suit disappears.

  • You are so right. Couple that dream of finding someone he couldn’t hurt, with how hard Duncan worked the kid. If you want to torture yourself, go back and read all the Duncan love talk from the date all the way to the bondage spell. Big-D worked the poor kid hard. I surprised Kyle held out as long as he did.

    He’s at that age when you have to do ‘the necessary’ once in the shower before your date just to make sure you can stay calm and cool long enough not to get too worked up too soon. Although that is less of a problem when you’re gay, because you’re usually both too worked up too soon.

  • thepielady

    After what what happened when what what? >_> You wanna back up there? 🙂

    • SofiaT

      When he was 12, he had his first orgasm and he set the house on fire by accident -that’s how he discovered his powers. 🙂

      • thepielady

        Oh! Right I remember now… I was wondering why no one else said anything. 🙂

  • Michelle Grifka

    I personally agree that it would be a good time to “play it cool”. Kyle’s been through a lot–jokes should come later, but if there’s jokes now, he might think his friends don’t understand the seriousness of his situation or his feelings.
    On another note, one of the ads I’m seeing for this page is “French Kissing: How To Do It The Right Way” which perhaps points in a more romantic direction for the next pages, per Alex’s comments above.
    Ad-mancy: the divination of the Internet.

  • Joann Fuhs

    what happen to kyle when he was 12 years old. kinda want to know. he is right its time to cool it and support kyle.

  • If you need something to do while waiting for the next page – Starfighter just updated, ending the chapter with two of the most sexy pages I’ve seen in a while.

    .. I sure felt like I couldn’t stand for a few minutes.. or 10 xD

    • OMG!!!!

      Edit: Is it really the end of the Chapter?

      • I know! I really have no clue how I managed that, considering how my brain exploded and my hands were shaking, and I didn’t see the pages before Hamlet told about them.
        Maybe everyone else was as stunned as me at the sight of those pages :-p

        • Probably. I mean… O.O I think I finally understand the notion of getting a nose bleed.

          • YES! That last page of the two. I could FEEL it, I was reacting that much.

          • Merry Christmas to all of us!! I think I’m still in shock.

          • Amanda

            Cain and Abel have had that effect on all of us.

    • OH GOOD LORD… not shy… definitely not shy. Well if that’s the end of a chapter it’s definitely going out with a BANG.

      • LOL.. uhm.. that’s what i said. Oh.. i should edit my comment. I don’t think it was the last page of the chapter, not sure, but it was the last pages this year.

      • There’s not a shy bone (heh) in that comic.

        • No there sure isn’t. You guys got me going on that one a while back, and I’m still switching between catching up and stuck in the ending (no pun intended). Butt, I’m with Danish in loving the reversal on the endlessly shy guy that’s happening now… it’s very… satisfying.

          • I’m a big fan of the perceived shy one changing the rules. 😀

          • Allow me to join your fan club… ’cause that’s how it works. FUN!

          • *not so secret handshake* 😀

          • There are no words to describe how happy I am to have never seen the words “uke” and “seme” on TYP. And even more that, when people discuss potential new ships, there is never the phrase “X would be *the* uke” or “Y could never be an uke.”

          • SofiaT

            I have a feeling I should be very happy I don’t know what “uke” and “seme” is.
            Although I can imagine.

            Very happy indeed.

          • Sapfo

            Honestly evertime someone says uke or seme I have to look the meaning up so I din’t mix them by misstake

          • I SO agree. I touched this topic too recently. It gets even worse when ‘sekes’, ‘sukes’ and what ever else I’ve seen a ‘switch’ called is added to it. I know they’ve become so common words to use for everything that is BL, but for me the Japanese terms belong in mangas and that’s it.

          • It’s not so much the vocab borrowing from manga that bothers me; it’s more that the terms often come along with incredibly and ironically sexist connotations. e.g. the pretty fragile boy has always to be the “uke”, because he’s like a woman, etc, etc.

            I say “ironically”, because I suspect that the majority of the “Person Y can’t be an uke, no, no, no!!!!!1111 *sob* ” people are actually 13 year old girls.

            It’s nice never to see that sort of thing around here.

          • Yes, I think it helps that about a 3rd of TYP’s readers are men, and that 85-90% of the readers are 18+ in age. I’ve never seen so many men regularly COMMENTING on any other comic I’ve read before.
            I don’t doubt there’s a good part of many comic’s readers that are male, but that they actually comment as much as some here do. That is very new to me, but something I really like.

          • As someone who used to be a 13 year old girl (so long ago), would it be bad to say that I want to Gibbs Slap these other 13 year old girls?

          • No one is too young for a Gibbs Slap.

          • Yay! XD

          • I agree so very very very much.

    • I think you really should post a warning along with that announcement…..cause…… know…..I was expecting that and still…..I think my comment on the last page sums it up……I had to go look for a proper image because the nosebleed images I had did not sufficiently cover what those pages did to me…..

      • *lol*.. Me not being able to walk didn’t give a hint? 😉

        • ….Oh yeah….you did say that didn’t you? How about……jeez I am still reacting to it…..”you are going to need some alone time after seeing those pages” or “your s/o better be close”?

          • Sapfo

            Or maybe she should had said: “ST upp! I’ll be in my bunk!” 😉

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      Well, at least Hamlet more then made up for my loss. Considering I was not at home when they where uploaded…can you really call that a race? Thats hardly wining at all….. *bad loser* 😉

      Needed to cool down before I could even find words for what I was feeling.

      This is the great holidays of comics! Happy comicdays all for you! ^_^

      • LOL.. As one of the few who know what that Edit means.. EPIC, you have to make an epic one 😉
        (See @chrisdangerfield:disqus we can elevate the tone in here as well xD )

        Yes.. TWO more 😛 Damn thing, I might not be able to camp for TH’s x-mas page at all -_- Otherwise I could have tried for a 2nd ‘triple’ – TYP, TH and SF within a few days.
        I’m sure you agree it’s a darn shame 😉

        • Sapfo

          And Epic it was! XD

          With family and friends, camping is going to be hard. But I will try for some both here and on TH. And yes, it is so sad that I have to take thouse virgins from you… yes really sad 😉

        • Tragical is what it is… tragical!

          Oh and indeed… tone elevated! LOL

    • I printed out that page for my husband and helpfully numbered the steps… pointing out that “first you do this” (point) “then I’ll do that” (point) “and then then you grab….”

      *rude pounce and then paper is grabbed*

      The rude butt simply crumpled up the page… but it seems he has a perfect memory, because it all worked just as they illustrated it.


      What can I say, they clearly did their research. 🙂

  • Steel_Man

    Thanks for the clarification. That doesn’t change the gimmicky nature of this sort o’ thing. It takes the blame for making a bad mistake out of Kyle’s hand. It generates false sympathy because now, instead of saying “good for you for taking responsibility for your actions” we’re going to say “poor baby, it’s all because of your past”.

  • Hey guys, I really hate to bring people down, but I would like to ask a small favor. My grandmother isn’t feeling well and she has used the words “I feel like I am dying” and “I am worried that this is going to be my last Christmas”. Would those of you that do, please pray for her?

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      • No kidding… that is awesome… what can’t wait to make us cry some more? 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your webcomic.

        “Young Sircea & the Silibub Who Saved Her” — *grins* I think that AU needs serious exploration. LOL.

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    2014 will be the year we discover that Spooky’s big secret is how GAY he is!!!! (that was really for @DanishWolf:disqus and @smsif:disqus so don’t worry… no WoG yet… but I’m still waiting. *stinky grin*).

    Many very special wishes to Alex, Adam and Veronica, who work tirelessly for all of us and continue to give us entertainment that is easily some of the very best to be found anywhere on the internet. Wishing you three the happiest of holidays with extra cuddling with the gender preferences of your choice (even though I guess we did sorta squeeze some extra work into the holiday *winces* sorry (NOT)). 🙂

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  • What are peoples favorite Christmas movies?

    Mine are:
    The Night They Saved Christmas
    A Muppet Family Christmas
    A Muppet Christmas Carol
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)
    Miracle on 34th Street

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