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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 8

654 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 8

Hmm. I wonder what Fluke means with that question?

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So! We’re finally landed at the warehouse! And it looks like Fluke’s got a question or two he wants Spooky to answer before they see Kyle. What’s he going on about? And what will Spooky’s response be?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    What, wolf!

    • At least I WROTE something that was words and not jibberish at first 😉
      I lose on the damn scrolling down every time xD
      My browser wants to finish read in everything on the page before it moves down (damn ads). Aww, I though I had it today *lol* It didn’t show yours or my comment until my 2nd refresh.

      • Sapfo

        Are you asking me to think after me working the whole night (runing)? 😛

        Well, my pants are of and I´m ready for bed now…. That sounded sooo wrong!!!

        • Or so right… ummm… maybe I need to go to bed also. G’nite Sapfo and all!

          • *Gibbs smacks* Why did you start talking concerts with Alex? It gave Sapfo time to get home :-p

          • HA!

          • Sapfo

            Thank you Chris and Alex. This virgin means a lot to me. and I will value the highest of them all.

          • S-M-U-G (tsk tsk tsk)

          • Sapfo

            I am never Smurf…..(damn autocorrect XD)

          • I agree… damn autocorrect indeed!

          • But surprisingly it still works….. 😛

          • Sapfo


  • And another difficult scene arrives..

  • c’est magnifique !

  • Awwww, so close


  • SofiaT

    Did Fluke just confess something here?
    He seems to both understand what Kyle is going through and doubt that Spooky can…

    Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?

    • Maybe, maybe.


    • Toli Bera

      I’ve been thinking about this too. (I also semi-suspect Flyboy. what with his computer-discovery.)

    • silibub

      Hmm! I wonder…although it could just be a comment on how unconcerned Spooky’s been acting so far. Either way, I’m interested to see where this conversation goes!

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      it could be that Kyle told him more over the phone than we know, Sofia. He could know more than he’s saying to the others.

      • SofiaT

        He wouldn’t ask that question in that tone if he hadn’t told Spooky everything Kyle told him… whatever that was. And it appears it was a lot, if not all of what happened.

    • Probably not. 😐

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?
      No. My first thought was to try to psychoanalyse Fluke in terms of his powers. As in, he’s accepted that by his powers *he’s* the one who should have bad things happen to him (because he can then use his powers to make some good come of it), and he’s suffering empathic crankies just thinking about a friend suffering (futiley) instead and lashing out because he doesn’t know how to handle it.
      The gay innuendo didn’t occur to me until you pointed it out.

      • SofiaT

        Other way around for me. I didn’t even think that this could relate to his powers until you pointed it out. Hmm..

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Well, I saw it both ways simultaneously. :-O

          • Well just diddly crap… I wasn’t thinking either thing until you all started talking. Now I just feel like a dope. Thank you all very much for being so smart. 🙂

            *chris stomps off in a huff*

    • I was thinking, “Ummm yes keys, man’s wallet, passport, watch…. cab faire, presents… OMG WHO’S GOING TO WATER THE PLANTS…” Was that what you were thinking? Cause then we’re like psychic or something. I’ll bet that was what the commander was thinking… 😀

  • Okay, I officially love Spooky.

    • Takehai

      What? It took until now?

      • Oh I liked him, but I am officially declaring my undying affection for him.

        • Takehai

          Hey, I saw him first. . . 😛

          • I have a feeling Danish might argue with who saw who first. 🙂

          • Or Chris

          • Or Chris yes.

          • Takehai

            Not really trying to argue, but I have been following Alex’s work since early Artifice days. I’m just not a particularly active commenter due to scheduling constraints. Speaking of scheduling, I am way past my bedtime. Good night, all!

          • Indeed wasn’t arguing. Just noting it was a long line for him. 🙂


          • (ahem)… will return tomorrow…. 🙂

          • Night my friend!

          • Night dear Admiral!

            Good luck and safe travels Black Widow!!!!!

          • MINE! ..Wait.. why do we even talk about this again. I think I called dibs waaay back 😉

          • Just making it a little more interesting 😀

          • Tomorrow, when I am awake, I plan to collect all of Danish’s superbly worded arguments about gender-preference-flexibility…

            it’s seems Spooks is quite available to the right MAN!!! Lalalalalala

            *chris trots off feeling quite pleased with the evening’s camp out*

          • Suuuure.. way to remind me of my own words *LOL*

            This is turning into an orgy >.>

            .. of course that’s something I haven’t experienced yet. It might add an interesting experience to my sexual repertoire 😉

          • I shall delay my Danish gender preference comment collection until you post about your upcoming orgy experience… I don’t want to miss a thing. 😀

          • Steven K.

            While y’all are sharing Spooky, I’m going to bide my time and ingratiate myself (in a totally nice way) with Mitch and make him fall totally for me so by the time he’s legal he won’t want to be with anyone else. Of course I’m feeling torn now, cuz I’m still totally loving our little ginger hero. But if Mitch really does love Kyle, then I’ll let them have one-another, cuz Kyle really needs and deserves the love and affection and devotion of someone special right now, and it seems Mitch already cares about him quite a bit. Maybe we can be super-progressive and form a triad.

          • Good man SK. You are a gentleman and a scholar. You shall provide a port in a difficult storm and provide a safe harbor (gad I’m all nautical) for our damaged ginger-hero, while he gets his emo-feet under him.

            While you do that, it shall provide time for our Mitch to out grow his puppy love stage and learn to appreciate fine art, opera and a few of the other finer things in life that I’ve heard you are expert in.

            You so know that FlyMitch is going to get that trip to San Francisco where Richard Gere took Julia Roberts to the opera… of course if you go to soon you’ll have to take Alex as a chaperone and that’s SO awkward, especially if he insists on bringing along Adam and Veronica. So, make sure Kyle is okay first… and then I’m sure that will give Mitch time to land on the ground! Take care!


          • Sapfo

            And then me, right?

          • I have a feeling that Spooky would be up for the challenge for all of us.

    • I am still loving my Flyboy, but it is very nice how Spooky is standing up for him.

      • Flyboy is adorable, yes, but Spooky is the AWESOME.

    • Told you he was fab……….

  • Dissension among the ranks?
    I know this is a delicate situation, so they are probably on edge but Fluke seems a bit tough.

  • dereule101

    whuuuuu? What’s with that last comment? I guess we’ll have to wait to see…

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Fluke seems to know a little bit more than he is saying. Maybe Kyle told him more over the phone than we know.

    • OMG… you’re making me think Alex will keep us outside for another page of Fluke and Spook yacking. That’s it… I’m dying now. No don’t try and argue me out of it… I need to see Kyle.

      Is it Saturday yet?

      • Sapfo

        Oh you poor Young one!
        You will survive this <3

        • Thank you for the comfort wise Sapfo… it’s clear that you have been in that place before.

          *bows in appreciation*

          • Sapfo

            Yes my dear Chris! I have. But we always have the comments to comfort us when the hard time hits.

          • And food, don’t forget the food… I was trying to tell Doki that I don’t think this list is on Weight Watchers. LOL.

          • Sapfo

            Chris, I have a secret I must admit …. I have no cookies….and I am on a diet D:

          • Says the avatar scarfing down delicious strawberries. Yuuum.

          • Sapfo

            They are the best XD
            I could live on them for a long time. Mums!

          • Adam Black


          • Sapfo

            ADAM! No, it was all a lie…I got cookies, like a lot of them…..Just dont like to share. But if your nice…..

          • Adam Black

            3 panic attacks later and near-fatal cookie withdrawl.

            Do you have any idea how hard it is to stuff chocolate chips inside an IV?!

            Well neither do I. Its awful

            and I need a personality change?
            WHOA, you are becoming high-maintenance .

            I cant deceive you. I’ve that word from people a lot—but *never* while dressed. and In such a highly *localized context* I cant imagine it applies in a cookie-relational manner.
            ( but This is a Yaoi community… )

            ( grabs a bunch of cookies while @smsif:disqus is distracted with the obscene adjectorial implications )

          • Sapfo

            Adam have finally gone into my trap and eaten the cookies that turns all into cute nice little lambs.
            Nothing can save our evil genius, Muahahaha!
            For only I know the cure and nowone would ever do what it takes on their own free will….


            *hide the strawberriess behind the cookie jar*

          • NO WADDLING FOR CHRIS……that is like saying Spooky has a bald or balding spot that he was hiding with his cap. *refuses to believe in such things*

          • Good Dokidokibaka!!!! I like that!

      • dereule101

        Shoot, I know! This must be what the person who reads Mary Worth goes through.

  • SofiaT

    And Kyle is not just getting clothes. He’s getting the uniform!!

    Time to suit-up! It’s gonna be legendary!

  • mogoskier

    Wait did they bring his costume. Oh I can’t think of a worst article of clothing to bring him right now.

    • Toli Bera

      it might be the best actually. it’ll give him a layer of “Protection” for both the body, and the mental state.

      • SofiaT

        *nods* He’s not Kyle, the victim, he’s Red Hot, the superhero.

        • Toli Bera

          He’s both. like a Matryoshka.

  • silibub

    Aww, Spooky — looking out for Flyboy, that’s nice to see! I hope Kyle feels up to putting on his uniform, although I like to think the fact that Fluke brought it and not casual clothes means they’re definitely going to be a team through all of this!

  • Is it time for Spooky’s time to get a tongue-lashing from Fluke now? He DID take it pretty calm on the trip there. It’s not until now Spooky got really serious.

    • Sapfo

      Spooky do not want Fluke to lose face infront of Flyboy. But he might not be so happy with him.

      • Don’t you mean the other way around?

        • Sapfo

          uh?!?! I dont know anymore. It took me about this long to read the whole page without falling asleep XD

          • *lol* Now I don’t know what’s up or down. Let’s tak this when we’re both more awake xD
            I’m getting sleepy as well, but instead of finding my bed I have to find the shower soon. I got a much needed apointment at the chiropractor at noon.

          • Sapfo

            Me to Danish! Shower, then bed!
            Good luck with your back. See you later. xD

          • I’ll be around a bit on TH (chat) later today even though there’s no page. See you 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    I also just kinda clued in that Tsu’s not there? maybe Fluke didn’t invite him along because Kyle told him -why- he was alone with Anni? considering the reaction he had to the fan art?

    • Jeh Y

      Could be, or perhaps Tsunami just… wasn’t needed/available for other reasons. Could be both. After all, Commander isn’t there, either, and that could also be for many reasons. (In this case, not so much Kyle being gay as Kyle canoodling alone with a known, extremely powerful enemy. Not that she won’t find out eventually, of course.)

      • “Canoodling” makes it sound so pervy…..

        I LIKE IT!

        • Jeh Y

          Well, they WERE using their noodles for a while…

          • It was delicately described as ‘thingy smushing’ at the time but I think you’ve elevated the whole discussion with ‘canoodling’ … However, I daren’t speak too long or we’ll remember that one was an EVIL noodle at work, and thus crash our morning mood.

            More coffee. HA!

          • Steven K.

            Maybe that should be co-noodling.

          • Ahahahahaha… Bravo!

  • Summer

    ::cuddles Flyboy::

  • Does Flyboy ever walk?

    • If you could fly, would you walk?

      • I would think it would be good to walk some of the time. Just incase I was ever grounded.

    • Looks like he floats a lot of the time.

    • LOL, I was about to post that his natural state seems to be hovering!!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      He was standing on the ground at the start of chapter 1, at the building fire. He also walked in on the others when they were looking at porn in the interlude.

      • SofiaT

        But he was levitating when he was trying to sneak a peek 😀

      • Maybe he walks on air? 🙂

      • Whew! Thank you sir.

        *chris puts crutches away in relief*

    • Jeh Y

      Flyboy is the Rainbow Dash of the group, it would seem.

      …Well, at least in THAT particular respect.

      • *snorts coffee on keyboard chris laughs so hard, and then curses JehY while mopping up*

        I think you may have hit on something there…

  • Sapfo

    I got my virgin and now I am of to bed…. naughty comment done! ^_^

    Have a good post camping!

    • Sleep well!

    • How do you consistently do that without breaking your refresh button? LOL.

      • Sapfo

        it is a talent hard to leran 😉

  • Thank you so much Alex, Adam & Veronica.

    I love it. I love the concern. I love that Spooky calls Fluke on his fear coming out as anger snapping at Mitch (they’re all so young) in the last page. I love Paul knowing, but sharing his fear back… he doesn’t know what he’s going to find inside. What’s left of his friend, Kyle?

    He’s worried because Spooky is one big enigma and I’d bet money that Spooky knows plenty and Kyle, Mitch and Paul have his sympathy. If anyone gets how rough this is going to be, I’ll bet it’s Spooky.

    I think there is a so much packed emotionally in this page. Really really well done. Now the boys are going inside, and we’ll see kind of shape our Kyle is in. Shattered? Furious? And if so… at whom? Duncan or himself? Both? Being a self-hating gay man is a sucky phase lots of us travel through before we get it right. Who knows what we’re going to find?

    You can tell everyone is afraid in this page. Afraid for a friend. That said, I really want to believe, with all the bumps yet to come, this is the right posse to have arrived for THIS moment… and they just have to be strong enough not to let their fear become anger. They have to pull it up for Kyle until he can pull it up for himself.

    You can tell… this page is everything I was hoping for.

    Kyle, Kyle,Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. I can’t wait. ARG!

    Must sleep and then more on the stunning art. As always the sky is amazing and the mountains giving that sense of vastness. You guys are doing that so very well. The contrasts of intimate human emotion with stunning vistas… all in one page. Serious plaudits to you all!

    Thanks again guys and thank you gryphongirl… THIS IS A BIRTHDAY PAGE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    G’nite all,

    • Thank you, Christopher! I love reading your thoughtful and kind reactions. 🙂

  • Nickles the Drummer

    So, I thought you all may need a good laugh…So, when I got home from work tonight i decided to dye my hair. My hair is a fairly dirty kind of dark brown color, so i got a bottle of blonde to lighten it up a bit. So I got home, put the dye in and thought “Hey while I am waiting I will go check my e-mail…” That eventually lead me to TYP page where I chilled out for a few to wait on the comic update. Sad thing is, I forgot to keep an eye on the time. So what was only spouse to be a 25 minute wait before washing out, turned into an hour and 15 minutes…as you can imagine the color is well….not quite what I expected. If any of you have seen the James Bond movie Skyfall, well my hair is now the color of the antagonist from that movie.

    • You! Javier Bardem blonde!

      Great story.

      • Nickles the Drummer

        xD Thank you.

    • o.o .. but you still have all the hair. Bleachy colors can be pretty hard on it. Gives you an opportunity to dye a color you didn’t plan 😉

      • Nickles the Drummer

        Yep, I am lucky my hair did’t decide it hated me and fell out. ^_^

        • Yes, and be happy it’s ‘only’ color. Back in the mid 90s I was gonna try to get a perm for the first time; a couple days before my 9th grade started.
          Perm back then was different and instead of getting long big curls as intended, I ended up looking like a poodle. For MONTHS!
          I have a picture that’s taken about 8-9 months later, and on that I finally got the big curls that was intended. The effect of the perm lasted for almost 2 years where the hair that grew out later also had big curls, but those damn first 5-6 month was horrible.
          Apparently I got all perm effect in that one time, because I risked a perm again 10 years later, and it wouldn’t stay. Four days later I had it redone, and still my hair was straight after just over a week xD

    • I once tried to dye my hair a red color. It should have been red. It was orange.

      • Nickles the Drummer

        At least it turned a cool color. My friend once dyed her hair black, decided she didn’t like it, and stripped the color out. She looked like a calico kitten for a month.

        • Ooh that’s harsh.

          I mean crayon orange. I tucked it up under a hat for weeks until I was able to dye it again. Of course there was the time I dyed my hair green. That was fun.

    • SofiaT

      You can always act like you intended for it to go that way… and dye it blue or something!

      • Nickles the Drummer

        That’s a good idea! And seeing as I have had my hair every color in the rainbow, it wouldn’t be too out of character for me to show up at work with blue hair. ^_^

    • WarGoddess

      Sounds cool! I’ve had my hair colored fuschia, then dark red, tried to color it blonde (it ended up orange), eventually managed to dye it all the way platinum blonde, streaked blue through it (when it faded it looked green), dyed it platinum blonde again after cutting it short, then grew it out and attempted to dye it back to my normal color, which I like to call dirty dishwater blonde. Now my hair is a light auburn now that I’m out of the military. 😀

  • silibub

    Just speculating, but…I wonder if Fluke’s reacting kind of harshly to Spooky here because of some preexisting tension. One of the five hundred ways this situation sucks is the way Kyle’s been left out to dry, and of the two of them, Fluke’s the one who would be more familiar with rejection. Spooky apparently has his share of fame and adoration, and has been recruited by legitimate adult teams, whereas Fluke has been told he’d just make things worse. Maybe he’s worried that Spooky will say something careless because he might not truly get how this is another perceived failure for Kyle piled on top of others (being turned down by the adult teams, being rejected by his foster family, etc), and how awful that is. It would be interesting if Fluke believes he’s the one best suited to understand and help Kyle right now, and is maybe resentful that he had to bring Spooky along. And now he’s been acting all breezy on top of it.

    I don’t know. Just because Fluke and Spooky are Kyle’s best friends doesn’t necessarily mean they’re each other’s best friends, too. So far it seems like the main conflict within the group will be Tsunami’s reaction to learning that Kyle’s gay; it would be even more interesting, and make the Protectors a more dynamic group, if there was a bit of rivalry among them besides that. Spooky seems poised to introduce that kind of tension in the team, but I guess we’ll just have to see!

    • I’m still not sure Tsunami will be the problem. From my experience, I’d say you’ll never know how one or the other reacts to coming out until you come out to them. And sometimes weeks after that. Everyone’s full of twists and surprises….

      • silibub

        Very true! Tsunami might surprise us. Which would be cool, actually, since I like his character so far and want to keep liking him, and it would be hard to do that if he acted like a total jerk about Kyle’s sexuality (although it would be okay if he were uncomfortable at first but moved past it!)

        • Cydney Sabin

          At the very least, his (hopefully temporary) unwillingness to move past it would make for another source of secondary plot tension. While I would love for Tsunami to not really care, I don’t think he would move on so easily, coming from experience, and not just as a reader/writer. Although, this is one of Alex’s characters we’re talking about, so it might not be so long before he’s over it.

        • So agree with you on that. I want to LIKE Tsunami.

    • Draymorden

      I think Spooky has a little more depth to him than you are giving him credit for. If he has gotten offers from the legitimate Adult teams, why is he not apart of those teams? Kyle would jump at the chance. Same with any of the other guys.

      So why does Spooky stay? I think Spooky’s humour and laid back demeanor hides something.

      • TwoWayStar

        He may be a spy…or a plant! :O

      • Steven K.

        Or maybe he likes being a mentor.

        • Draymorden

          eh. I don’t get that sense from him yet. but who knows.

    • I’m sorry I can’t remember the poster, but I also like a comment from the way-back machine, that maybe during the Porn Interlude… what was hacking off Tsunami just as much was seeing him effing his teammates. So maybe homophobia, but also just maybe massive discomfort at seeing yourself doing you pals. ??? It was an idea that I hadn’t thought of.

      • I suppose, but I think Alex must have put that in for a clear reason (and indeed the whole interlude)…and foreshadowing is unfortunately a likely candidate.

        • yeahhhhhhh… I know….

        • SofiaT

          I agree with you that this was there for a reason, but I also think that one doesn’t exclude the other.

          We saw Tsunami’s reaction (as well as everyone else’s) and Kyle’s weariness, which might explain Kyle’s reluctance to share that part of himself with his teammates. It has also given the audience a lot to speculate about.

          That still doesn’t mean that Tsunami is necessarily a homophobe -or it could mean just that. Although, he did seem to protest a bit too hard…

          • I understand you both… I’m just with Silibub somewhere, that I want to like Tsunami so I’m hoping Alex has some of his voodoo that will make this all work out okay. Hey! A guy can hope.

          • SofiaT

            I made a comment a few pages back about not blaming Tsunami for reacting the way he did because I most likely would react the same way if I saw drawings of myself on the internet having sex with friends -of either gender. Eww.

            So I agree with you too. What I’m saying is, we have a first impression of the team’s reactions on the subject of homosexuality. But we still don’t know why each of them reacted the way they did and what their future reactions to what happened to Kyle may be.

            Personally, I tend to think that maybe Tsunami is in the closet and his reaction was over the top because it took him by surprise and he was trying to cover up for it. He also seemed to hover a lot and come back to the screen despite his protests. Morbid curiosity or something else?

            But again, this is just speculation and putting any kind of labels on poor Tsunami because of a situation that would have made most of us uncomfortable, is unfair.

  • Steven K.

    “Just tell him that I’m here for him though, all right?” Awwww – That made me shed a tear or two. So sweet. He seems to be hopeful that Kyle would see his being there as something significant – apart from the others. Oh to have such an adorable lad tell me that he’s there for me. With Mitch’s previous comments, then this one, I’m not sure how anyone can staunchly deny anymore the distinct possibility that what’s been brewing lately is a whole lotta feelings inside Mitch for Kyle.

    • Eve

      That raises the question, though, of whether we will eventually get to see Kyle enter into a healthy relationship with Mitch. While I love-to-hate the character of Anni more than ever after his betrayal and I love a good, tortured romance, Kyle is such a sweetie that I want to see him get a happily ever after. Even Crichton got one of those after all of his suffering!

      • Draymorden

        donno if he would go that way. Kyle’s 18 now and Mitch is 15. I think Spooky or Fluke would be a more likely choice.

        • Cydney Sabin

          There’s always the possibility of a sex-less romance. And if all else fails, time-skip/age manipulation/retcon. But I definitely agree that Fluke or Spooky are better choices, logically speaking.

          • Good post. Now, not meaning to be dicky, but how do we ship a sex-less romance? Is that the good ship Nunilator or the ship NoHot or the ship Flybate or the fine fiiiiine yacht Flukeless?

            And if we age Mitch up due to age manipulation, well he may not thank us for cheating him out of several essential masturbating years. Think about THAT!

            Just happily shipping away here… the fleet need expanding. Thass all. XD

          • Steven K.

            Ummm…in thinking about that, I don’t think he’d be cheated out of ANY masturbating years – one can essentially ALWAYS carry on with that. I didn’t have any sort of sexual experience actually WITH anyone till late teens, but I was masturbating at pre-school age, so i don’t think there is anything holding him back from that (unlike Kyle) nor would there be anything keeping him from continuing during a relationship – sometimes the partner just isn’t around, or too tired, etc. – and males have been known to still be able to take care of themselves that way well into their later senior years. I just wish Alex would have made Mitch a year or 2 older. Of course all of this could be just to throw us all off-track – steering us into thinking about someone else for Kyle – and giving various signals (that may prove completely false) that others are interested in him, so just as a lot of us former Redilator passengers that have jumped ship have climbed out of our lifeboats and on to other ships, there will be lots of other plot twists creating more currents and storms for our journey.

          • …..I for the record would like to say I am not leaving the Kyle/Mitch airship….except to visit others from time to time, but I am very securely tied to the airship. Unfortunately not all of the cool kids are here, so I I have to leave on occasion to mix with the cool kids that aren’t on the airship. ^_^ Of course I wouldn’t mind being alone with a legal Flyboy on this airship either. ^_^

          • Plot twists yet to come (no pun intended)? Not from our good Alex. Perish the thought! I’m sure it will be all smooth sailing from here on out.

            *chris surreptitiously tucks his crying towel under the pillow.*

          • Nunilator! HA!

          • Cydney Sabin

            First off, that post made me laugh waaaay harder than it probably should’ve.

            Second, you can easily ship a sex-less romance. It’s just more about the adorable fluff than anything else. Difficult for some people, way too easy for others. Here’s a rule of thumb. If a thought of two people together invokes a feeling similar to “PFFFFWWAAAAHHH OMIGAWD THEY ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER” then they are sex-less shippable.

            Personally, I fly the colors of the HMS FlukeHot.

          • Dude… I’m soooo with you.

            First, the inappropriate laughter on my side went on too long also, and there were more inappropriate sex-less ship names. Despite what you all may already believe, I like you all too much to over-share… Yes? (I can get worse. Just sayin’)

            Cydney, I like the way you think… I threw out the idea of FlukeHot casually a couple of pages ago… when a certain Danish Canis Lupis @DanishWolf:disqus and a Strawberry Eating Virgin Predator @smsif:disqus were harassing me about the ever homo-flexible Mr. Spooky. (can you believe they doubted my word… with this honest face? Shocking) Anyway, I think it was that smokin’ shot of Paul lounging at the computer and answering the bat-phone that made me start gathering the parts of your new ship.

            (I’m sorry Mitch lovers, but it’s just too much like dating my little bro… just can’t get my mind to go there for a few years… I mean if he gets upset with Paul’s cute little frowny face (oi don’ you just want to squeeze him), holy cow, I’ll give Mitch a heart attack in our first five minutes together… Hey, Alex’s next book and I’ll be right on the HMS Flyship with you… but I can’t get there today… as Cydney said so perfectly:


            Just not getting the hot vigorous MAN love yet from our Mitch yet. I know at 15 he’s haired-up and all, but give him a minute to get used to his peach fuzz and it will all get so much better for your patience… trust me. 🙂

            And look at it this way… a couple of years of fumbly mediocre sexual experimentation for Mitch and then when any of you come (no pun intended) upon the scene, you shall be like Erotic Gods to our needy little Flypuppy and he’ll suck those new experiences all up (still no pun intended) like a sponge.

            So, anyway (ahem) Cydney, I’d be happy to be a member of your crew on the HMS FlukeHot… as we head out of the bay of Fluff and into the waters of the Smokin’ Hot OPEN Sea.

            *chris fans self and heads off to find some cool fruit juice (yes… to prevent scurvy) and a muffin… where is the Admiral and her baked goods when he needs her?*

          • No offense Chris love, but although Fluke does have a nice body, it is just too much muscle for me. Luckily it isn’t to the point of being completely unattractive. Though I would have to say Tsunami is close to borderline. I like muscles, but there is such a thing as too much.

          • Madock345

            Tsunami is well past the borderline for me, that’s just not pretty. Not pretty at all. Kyle is a hot, if a bit stocky, but that’s to be expected in someone with a job like his. Mitch is disturbingly attractive for a fifteen year old, and Spooky could be anything from cut to pudgy, really. It’s hard to tell under all those layers he wears.

          • So I should add you to the “cannot wait for Mitch to be legal” list? ^_^

          • Madock345

            You most definitely can.

          • Doki,

            ‘…too much muscle’. Yesssssss. I think I shall just have to leave this question/discussion for each individual to decide personally. I pasted the exact phrase ‘too much muscle’ into my Gay-Google-Translate (we have a special version) and it couldn’t find an originating language, you know?

            So, I’ve just decided to applaud your self-knowledge, and we’ll agree to disagree for the moment.

            The jury is still out on Mr. Tsunami for this gay man, but that has nothing at all to do with muscles. Only time and Mr. Woolfson will be able to help me decide how I feel about our man of the tattoos. 🙂

            Best wishes,

          • Oh you stinker… here I am being silly and you totally win… YES that is WAY WAY WAY too much muscle for me. I kinda suspected I was setting myself up for this one. It’s like bratnip… sometimes you just can’t help it. *snort*


          • ^_^ Of course I win on this. ^_^ You said you typed “too much muscle” into your “Gay-Google-Translate” and had trouble. I just thought I should help you out. ^_^

            *edit* I am probably giggling and laughing way too much over this whole thing. ^_^

          • Why yes… I’d say you are… *laughs* Oi… I just walked into that sucker face first. Those guys are frightening.

          • Yes yes they are, and why anyone would want to do that to their bodies is beyond me. it is so beyond natural.

          • Truth. I was being so silly. I’m not a muscle chaser at all… lean and cut works for me every time. A little definition is always nice, but that steroid look doesn’t ring any of my bells…. 😐

          • Sapfo

            Aah, Chris, it’s not only strawberrys and virgins I like to hunt. There are so many other things that are so wonderful to bring down. Like a good comment. They can give so much satisfaction! ^_^

          • Awww Sapfo, it’s one of the things I love about you… Your unstoppable good spirit. Lots of strawberries, as well as lots of fish in the sea. I don’t imagine for a second that you’ll have trouble keeping “busy” for a few years while Mitch grows up. Somehow, I don’t think you’ll be able to travel well on any of the sexless ship either.

            Hmmmm… I wonder why? XD


          • Sapfo

            *Starts reading the comment*

            You are sweet Chris, and strawberries are the best.


            “ouch! … that almost hurt.
            It felt like something in my optimist-organ was breaking a little. Hmm… But that can not be so. The optimist-organ is as true as Santa and unicorns.

            You almost got me there, Chris.”

          • I think we have a language misunderstanding. I was saying that “sexless” would NOT be good (or healthy) for you. Meaning you’ll find some fun for a couple of years until Mitch is ready for you.

            Ahhhh bet then I do know how you like virgins. *grins*

            So, please, no breaking of the optimist-organ please. If I have to call Dr. Adam Black again, I’ll never hear the end of it.


          • Sapfo

            Me sexless XD thats funny.

            Yes I do love my virgins, but usally I just leave them in my harem with my other virgins, with a lot of sex ed books, lubricant, the melted chocolate and strawberry

            When I come back the strawberries are gone, and the new virgin and my old one are all coverd in chocolate and I dont know why they smiles are so goofy.

            To be honest I think they are up to something when I am not around. But I dont know what…..
            I put my optimist-organ behind my heart, It´s more safe there ^_^

          • Sapfo and I have already come to an agreement on this Chris. I get Mitch from 18-28 in which I get to train him. At 28 he becomes Sapfo’s. So she gets to enjoy the fruits of my training, while I get to enjoy the training. ^_^

          • Good, then you feral ladies will leave poor Spooky with the good gay men, safely, where he belongs, and focus your attentions on Mitch and his leather jacket. Good idea, I say. 😀

          • Cydney Sabin

            I gave that a slowclap. No, seriously. I literally started clapping at my computer. My dog thinks I’m nuts.

          • Adam Black

            Flukless is a good thing.

          • Well on a sexless ship? All at sea. In close quarters… And honestly it was just one particular Fluke… ?

            Hey we haven’t shipped HMS Fluke-Hot-Spook yet? That should wake everyone up.

          • I think that one is still in the early building stages. *looks down from the airship and points to a remote part of the shore* See…over there….I think they just have the frame up right now…

          • Steven K.

            Depends if you are talking about the sheep-liver sort (parasitic platyhelmith) or the whale-tail sort.

          • Adam Black

            That is very interesting.

            Which one would you prefer to have swimming inside you? 😉

          • Adam Black

            HMM. I could not tag you to:

            Poor Chris is having fertility issues and was relying on my highly unqualified services, ( and even putting medical claims in my mouth I do not remember saying )

            I recommended a professional Anatomist give him a full work over. If he can afford you, you should spare no joke unturned , over his Uterine difficulties. Hysteria demands it .

        • Eve

          Hmm. That’s a really good point. You’re right that Alex might not go there unless the comic stretches over the course of a couple years.

    • 😀 Hero worship………. right?

  • SofiaT

    We all are 🙂

    What I meant was that, I wonder if Paul feels like he can relate to Kyle in a way that Spooky can’t. And the first think that came to my mind was Kyle’s sexual orientation.

    If Paul too is gay and Spooky isn’t, maybe Paul thinks that Spooky can’t really comprehend what Kyle is going through right now.

  • I keep staring at that fifth panel. I love Spooky’s expression and apparent seriousness. And Fluke’s comment about five hundred different ways.

    I keep wondering what they’re going to see when they walk in…Kyle huddling on the bed? Gah! It’s wrenching to think about it. The Hacking magnet is going to stay on its side until we see how Kyle is doing.

    • I’m so proud!!!!! A magnet user of the first order. Well done. 😀

      Happy Holidays.

      • And with that…I’m going to bed. G’nite all!

        • Night Gryphon! Thanks for the page and Happy Birthday!

          • SofiaT

            What AJ said!! XD

        • Nickles the Drummer

          Good night, sweetest dreams.

      • Chris, I hope you were able to get some bad-for-you-food.

        I agree with you that Alex doesn’t do chance on his pages. I think what’s driving Paul’s fear is that he realizes that Kyle is truly in big trouble and is really hurting.

        How would you feel if your best friend called you, said he needed some clothes, and you could hear the sound of crying in his voice? Add that he probably told him that the world’s most notorious super villain seduced and betrayed him AND brought about the end of the world.

        I just thought of something. I don’t think his friends are going to give a damn about Kyle being gay. I think they’re going to be feeling more like Paul: terrified because their friend was hurt in this awful way.

        • G-Girl,

          You are so kind to check on my nutritional healing plan, but unfortunately I did not find that any of the available sustenance alleviated my anxiety.

          First, just because I suspect that on Friday we still wont get into the warehouse and thus TOO our little Kyle (we might get through the door)? I just have an eensy feeling that Alex is going to keep this discussion going for another page. I really want Kyle to stick his head out the warehouse door and yell, “Will you three STFU (shut the fuck up) and get your butts in here! This place is freezing and I don’t need to deal with shrinkage on top of everything else!

          So, that will help focus our ‘poor nervous/curious’ Mitch, our ‘worried/grumpy’ Paul, and our ‘hanging-on-to-his-mojo-with-both-hands’ Spooky to put things in perspective and take care of their bro…

          However, I realize that’s a little unlikely. Alex is only human. So there is poor Alex sitting there with this veritable Smörgåsbord of tempting angst spread out in front of him to torment us (oops I mean entertain us) with. You see his problem?

          So, I’ve heard the plethora of arguments and I honestly don’t know, but I want to believe that in spite of youth and fear they all love their friend Kyle (even if a little keystone coppishly when they dropped the car, but hey, honest mistake. Right?). So, they will get in their ASAP, and help Kyle. Wouldn’t you?

          So G-Girl, I’m with you in hoping that what Kyle does with his Penis, from this point moving forward, will be ignored as NOT THE TOP PRIORITY and helping Kyle deal with his hurt and fixing the tiny hell-on-earth- problem will take priority.

          I’m hoping your magnet will have the power to get our unchained Kyle down off that *^%*&^%$&^%$ table and into the flying car and rolling with his boys getting ready to kick some serious butt.

          In fact, I’m going out on a limb here and saying, much to Laampros’ disappointment, we’re going to find they our little hottie is going to take after his mother’s side of the family. Go Kyle.

          Hey! One can only hope. Thanks for cheering me upl I’m armored up and ready to camp in the dangerous part of the Mirkwood tomorrow.

          All best,
          Christopher D.

          • Chris, you are so awesome. I want to give you a prize for writing this comment.

            Ha! I’m late to the party and the page is already up but you called it about Paul and Spooky still talking outside. I was thinking the same thing: “STFU and bring me my clothes!”

            I would definitely help Kyle. I want to go right into this comic myself but this time I don’t want to hug him. I want to hand him his super hero outfit and let him suit up. Watch him remember who he was before is still who he is now.

            Not the possible son of a demon…not the betrayed, naive closeted gay young man…not bringer of the earth’s destruction but the young human idealistic hero who has more heart than Duncan ever will. And whose powers are only JUST starting to manifest themselves.

            At the end of the story, and maybe even now, I think Duncan will look up to Kyle and wish that he was like him and had been like him all along.
            Sorry I didn’t camp tonight. Was out and about with more Bday celebrations. I’ll be hanging out on the new page tomorrow.


  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay, it looks like were pretty close to starting the New Year off with a bonus page as well. 😀 As for this page, I love the different dynamics we see here. Mitch’s concern for Kyle is super sweet–he looks like a worried puppy in panels 2 and 3! Still think the concern stems from the loyal friendship of a younger boy looking up to his older peer, but we’ll see how that turns out.

    The bit between Paul and Spooky (is Spooky his real name, by the way?) is also interesting as well. Don’t think it’s from rivalry (romantic or otherwise), but more from what someone else mentioned in terms of past experience. By nature of his powers, Fluke really knows what it’s like to have shitty things happen to him, so he can truly sympathize, even empathize, with what Kyle is going through right now. Spooky has pretty much lived a charmed life, with awesome powers and a devil-(demon?) may-care confidence that comes from being at a place in your life (in this case, with TYP) because you want to be, not because others didn’t want you. I think Paul is throwing him just a little popular-guy-privilege shade just to remind him that now might not be the best time for Spooky to be his usual flippant self when they finally encounter Kyle

    Hopefully we’ll see how the poor boy is doing on the next page! And I agree with the previous poster who was glad Paul brought his suit instead of civies. In regular clothes, he would be Kyle the hurt and confused victim, but in his suit, he can be Red Hot the Righter of Wrongdoing, and be able to step outside himself for the time being until he can process and resolve everything that has happened to him tonight. Can’t wait until Saturday!

    • Fay onyx

      I think there may also be a dynamic of Spooky using humor as a tool for hiding his emotions and it working too well. A lot of people who use humor (or flippant attitudes, etc) like that may turn to it in stressful situations, possibly giving the people around them the wrong idea about what is going on inside them. His concern for Flyboy shows that he is sensitive to and concerned about other people’s emotions. I think his concern is much deeper than he lets on.

      • Cydney Sabin

        So Spooky’s an eccedentesiast? That makes a lot of sense right there…

    • Ding!

  • vessto

    I got the feeling Flyboy won’t just stay outside.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Scenario: Flyboy stays outside to ostentaciously Guard Against The Annhilator. However, Flyboy eavesdrops with his owl hearing, and at the same time is reflexively staring at the wall. As a result, Flyboy discovers his x-ray vision.

  • TwilightDreamer

    I like this moment of focus on the other boys, and I’m coming to love each of them more and more. For all his joking, Spooks proves to be quite protective of his friends.

  • bronakopdin

    wow, this is getting more and more interesting… I really wanna know their thoughts! Flyboy is supercute! I pity him so much right now
    Spooky is cool as ever in a way… maybe too relaxed and that’s why Fluke asks him this?
    either way: I can’t wait for the next page and more thought revelations 🙂

  • Denise Cruz

    Just to make it clear: “A ‘little’ hard”?!
    You got to be kidding me!.. I wanted to beat him up for that. A lot!
    Poor kid! It sucks for him, too. Don’t you think?!
    I know! I really do! Everybody is having a hard time about this. But, being mean to the youngest kid won’t help anyone or anything to get better… so… just put yourself together!
    E-errr… I’m starting to think that I probably should do it,too…
    But… Come on! That wasn’t fair! We don’t need any other unfair things happening, right now! There are too many, there, already… >~<

    About Spooky… Why do I keep on having the feeling that he always knows/ knew who Kyle really is, (the gay thing and everything else), and what was/is happening to him, too?

    • Cydney Sabin

      Along with that thought, what if he himself has experienced something similar? Not necessarily a one-night-stand with the villain and becoming the conduit for a portal into the netherworld, but maybe the whole “got played by a girl/guy and now doesn’t trust love” kind of thing…

      • Steven K.

        Unless Spooky’s previous encounter with Sircea went something like that. Maybe Spooky has some relationship (not necessarily familial) with demons as well, or we know he at least has some powers over them, so maybe the villainous duo tried to pull their stunt on Spooky first a while back, with Sircea in the seduction role (though I still think it would be nifty if she was Lesbian) – but he managed to thwart things or to escape.

      • Denise Cruz

        Yeah… It could be true, indeed… *thinking about it*

    • Honestly… I agree… it’s not like Paul just paralyzed, bound and sent Mitch to hell… hmmmm?

      He just frowned at him and said a few sharp words… Me and my brother used to knock the crap out of each other for less serious stuff than this at 15-17… Just sayin’

      • Denise Cruz

        Oh, I know that, very well, Chris! I also have a brother! 🙂

        And, please, don’t even try telling me that it’s different between guys. It’s not! The punches, the slaps, the screaming, the fights, the teasing… all the same. LOL At least, when it comes from siblings, uhn?! XD

        I just think Paul, even being worried and nervous about Kyle, could remember that he wasn’t the only one feeling that way…

        Jeezy! The kid was just worried, in his own way… but whatever!

        About Kyle: Obviously, none of us would forget his hard situation, regardless of what is happening with other people right there.

  • Kalynn Osburn

    *claps* WHAT DID I TELL YOU! What did a friggin tell you!
    Jingle bells!
    Duncan smells!
    Protectors will make him pay!
    Spooky wins!
    Commander grins!
    Flyboy all the way!

    • AWSOME!

      (song cont’d)

      Flukie’s hot, Flukie’s hot
      You forgot to mention that
      So, I’m hoping that to save them all
      He’ll have to take that…

      …g-damn suit of his off at some point and reveal some serious naked Fluke muscle body and…

      Whoopsie… I sort of lost the rhyme scheme there… sorry I got to day dreaming and… well you know…

      *chris wanders off muttering about Paul’s skin tight suit*

    • Adam Black

      *Slow Applause*

  • purplefoxglove

    The advantage of getting the TYP update around 7 am every Wednesday:

    ShoulderAngel: You should really get up. The alarm clock already went off.
    ShoulderDemon: Just five more minutes. It’s far too early.
    ShoulderAngel: You said that twenty minutes ago, when the bell rang for the first time.
    ShoulderDemon: Well, we deserve some rest! We’ve been busy for the last 17 days because we were a good girl and made cookies for the whole family one weekend and went to the block seminar the other.
    ShoulderAngel: But time is running out – we have a train to catch!
    ShoulderDemon: The train is always late, anyways.
    ShoulderAngel: Not always, and if we miss it, we’ll have to wait for another half hour.
    ShoulderDemon: We’d still be on time then.
    ShoulderAngel: Only if we catch the early bus. Get up, we have an important appointment with the professor who is hopefully going to mentor our bachelor thesis.
    ShoulderDemon: And that’s scheduled later than our usual courses.
    ShoulderAngel: Only by five minutes!
    ShoulderDemon: That’s five valuable minutes of beauty-sleep! We’re tired, the bed is soft and warm and it’s cold and wet outside!
    ShoulderAngel: *draws some deep breath* You know, if we’re quick, we’ll be able to read the newest TYP update before leaving for university.
    ShoulderDemon: GET UP GET UP GET UP AND HURRY!!!!!!!
    Estimated speed from bed to shower: Mach 1
    And, because fate has a cruel sense of humor – 30 seconds before I have to leave:

    Fortunately I’m back online now, and to prevent the horror of a new year without an update (and because Alex is too far away for me to send him cookies), I made a sacrifice to the God Of Donation Bars. *Ding!*

    • *Massive applause*

      Do you thing our shoulder creatures talk with each other on their breaks? This all sounds so familiar?

      • purplefoxglove

        I’m sure of it! They meet for tea and poker while we’re asleep and exchange stories about how they got us/out of in trouble 🙂

        • Oh I’m sure of it. I’m convinced that after all these years, whatever acts as my guardian angel-thing must be exhausted from keeping me alive.

          I’m sure both of mine probably have to spike their tea, just to get through it all.

          Thanks for the awesome story. Best, CD

    • I love this story. 🙂

    • I’m the same, only it’s 9am for me. *shame*

    • Adam Black

      That would never work for me,
      Id be late for everything if i stopped to read

      • purplefoxglove

        That’s a definite problem…you only want to peek in and suddenly, you notice you just spend 2 hours in the comment section….:-P

        • HA! I have no idea what you’re talking about.

          *chris glances about shiftily and realizes he’s late cause he’s messing about in the comment section. Arg.*

  • Cman65

    but if I (Flyboy) an outside I can’t see Kyle’s bits

    • You think they’ve never seen each other disssssrobed before?

      • Steven K.

        Ummm….maybe not. I keep going back to the scene when Duncan and Kyle were getting undressed. Kyle popped into that bed so fast that I don’t think he even gave Duncan much of a chance to see anything uncovered – he didn’t even take the time being nekkid to remove his socks – and all this was with a fellow he presumedly WANTED to get all down to business with. If Kyle was that painfully shy with someone he wanted to get naked and naughty with, I don’t imagine he’s been much in the mood/habit of displaying himself to his team-mates. Furthermore, if he happens to find any of them attractive, he may have a a further reluctance to see them naked at a time when they can see him naked as well, as I’m sure he has not wanted to put himself in a situation where he’s getting an erection for his buddies to see. Straight guys tend to tease even other straight guys a lot about getting erections in the group shower situations. I doubt that Kyle would have wanted to risk anything like that.

        • Mebbe? *shrugs*. Don’t know, but I spent much of 13-16 permanently tumescent and I don’t remember much choice. You just had to cope. Later you find out it’s pretty much the same for all guys no matter what the preference is, but at the time everyone just assumed you were non-queer so a gay just suffered in silence and tried not to be noticed… Good times. Good times.

  • WarGoddess

    Awww has Spooky been too light-hearted for the situation for you, Flukey-poo? Don’t worry, he’s just as concerned as you are about Kyle’s sitchy-aychun. 🙂

    Anywho, just in case anyone on here has wanted me to draw fan art for them, I’m sorry that I haven’t been on that much. I had my two job interviews for Walmart a week ago, then I accepted the job offer this Monday and I went to a super long orientation yesterday. So I finally have a job!! But sadly I have less time to do anything outside of work. I will pop in to say “hi” every now and then, but I won’t be able to read all of the comments to the extent that I used to. You guys are awesome though! 😀

    • Congrats!!! Great news, but clearly another horrible situation of real-life getting in the way of what’s truly important… TYP! *snort*

      Look forward to seeing your happy avatar when we can!

    • Congrats on the job. Though you shall be missed here!

    • Adam Black


    • Congrats! We’ll look forward to seeing you when you’re able to pop in.

  • Jac

    Fluke is not only nice (coughlooking), he also seems very bright. Could it be that he already knows that Kyle is gay?

    • Cydney Sabin

      I have a feeling that they all know, or at least most of them. They just don’t care and want him to tell them himself, maybe. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Oh well.

      • I’ll bet you are exactly right.

        Because until you tell, your friends will often wait… even when they roll their eyes later and say, “Oh yeah we’ve known for years.” (and you think DAMN….)

    • Nice???

      Umm you mean smokin hot in that panel one down shot as they walk away from the car. Yikes the bod on that boy… He and Kyle don’t have to stay together forever… but come on Alex don’t you think our poor poor (love cheated ) Kyle deserves one good fling with that Flukie bod. YEAH!


      • Jac

        … Okay, maybe I understated Fluke’s oh-my-god smokin’ hotness a… a lot >.>;

  • So why is Paul so grumpy to everyone, when he’s been chill since the rescue, and the interlude, then the batphone call from Kyle? Could it be he’s just that super scared? How many 17 year olds do YOU know who have had to handle their best friend’s coming out drama? And huddled in a burnt out warehouse in these circumstances is drama. I did my first coming out over a beer at a bar to a best friend. No demons easy easy huh?

    Who votes that Spooky knows all and Paul doesn’t realize that yet.

    Maybe none of this has to do with romance at all, but we’re seeing a sub-team come-together for some kickass world saving. Mitch to help with Duncan (all that faster, owl stuff hearing stuff) and Spook to deal with Sircea and Kyle has to deal with Dad? I don’t know but fun to think of.

    Come on… if Mitch get’s any cuter… it’s diabetes time. At 15 my brother would have tried to pound my head into the sidewalk for giving him sh*t like Paul has been. Poor scared grumpy Paul.

    Is it Saturday? I think it is. Alex please check the calendar again. Someone take the Christmas cookies away from Alex until Saturday… then he can them back while bed is breaking at the camp.

    Take care,

    • SofiaT

      My flight is not for another 20hrs, Chris 😛

      • Oh poop… as usual I’m totally confused. Safe travels in 16 hours. Have a wonderful time.

        • SofiaT

          Thank you 🙂

      • Adam Black

        have a good Flight.

        • SofiaT

          Thanks, Adam!

  • Well I’m thinking everyone really love kyle as a friend or everyone of them(spooky and flyboy) is in love to kyle…. holy cow I’m dying for curious 😀

  • AliceVenturi

    “I know.”
    “Do you?”

    Does he? The questions we’re all left with here are, who knows what, how long have they known, and how did they find out? And what are they going to do about it? Paul clearly knows something, but what, precisely, does he know? Does Spooky also know? Or does he know something completely different? All this tip-toeing around smacks of deep secrets and underlying emotions. In other words, it’s time for Character Development for Everybody! Yay!! My favorite!

    • SofiaT

      My main question is, has Kyle “come out” to anyone before?
      I bet he hasn’t. His weary look when Tsunami told Spooky the fanart in the Interlude was messed up and Spooky seemed to agree, before he made the “I would totally be on top” comment, makes me think that at least he hasn’t told Spooky. Would he have told Paul?

      I think Kyle is so afraid of rejection that he never told any of his friends anything. But I’m starting to believe that -at least Paul and Spooky- know.

      The second question of course is, what the hell was said on that phone-call??? It seems to be a lot more than we initially thought. And whatever it was, sounds like Paul has shared all the news with Spooky, or hiss question on the last panel wouldn’t have that accusatory undertone.

      • AliceVenturi

        I agree; I don’t think Kyle has officially told anyone. But, as was mentioned below, a lot of times people don’t have to “come out” for their friends to figure out they’re gay. Does Paul know? Does Spooky? Do either of them suspect? Maybe. Maybe even probably. But I bet that the bombshell news of an upcoming demonic invasion trumps the news that Kyle’s gay. At least, I hope it does.

        When I imagine that phone call, I see Kyle trying to be adult and responsible, and not quite hitting the mark. He was clearly upset (well, duh!!) and probably not focusing well. Did he convey the information of the invasion? Did he tell Paul about the circumstances of him being in the Annihilator’s company? Did he happen to mention that he was the son of a demon? Any single one of those things would upset Paul, I think. If Kyle just did a data dump, and dropped everything that had happened on Paul, it would certainly account for Paul being a tad…umm…tense. And if Kyle was a bit shocky, that phone wouldn’t necessarily have been the most coherent. We’ll know more, I guess, once we see Kyle.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          You know, the “Kyle trying to be adult and responsible, and not quite hitting the mark” is among the best options (and descriptins thereof) I’ve seen so far. It keeps Kyle pointed in the direction (and the one I prefer) of being a genuinely good and boy scout mode superhero, while also allowing for Plot Complications.

      • Steven K.

        But if Paul had shared it ALL, there wouldn’t be the need for the “Do you?” reply after Spooky says “I know”.

        • SofiaT

          Depends on how the “do you?” is said. To me it doesn’t seem surprised, it seems confrontational. It sounds like a “do you understand?” more than a “do you know?” question. Why would Paul accuse Spooky of not understanding, if he’s the one who didn’t tell him what’s going on in the first place? I think it’s Spooky’s grasp of the gravity of the situation rather than his knowledge that Paul doubts.

          Knowing something and understanding it are two different things.

          • Adam Black

            Interesting point.
            You are saying Paul is challenging Spookys seriousness. Which also makes sense If Paul is nervous

            I thought Paul was implying spooky knew more than he should.

            I thought it was clear in the car that Kyle was trusting Paul with details. So Spooky might know Paul hasnt told him everything ( because paul didnt have to dance around Spookys questions , like he did Mitch. he could be Honest about Holding back ) .

            Yet here we see a very serious and pensive Spooky who does appear to know more than he ought to by now.
            ( maybe)

      • Thanks for posting this, I went back and re-read the porn interlude. Kyle’s looks are occasionally really painful, because I can really remember those moments (he’s totally quiet). Those moments when you think you almost might be brave enough to… say it… and then suddenly the wind turns and Tsuanmi says something shockingly negative, having no idea your inner turmoil and the conversation changes and the moment is lost. God, watching that and feeling it again. Wow that is tough stuff… when you’re in the middle of it.

        Then when you’ve talked out loud a bit and gained some friends and shockingly lost a few, and discover most never cared at all and hopefully you tell your folks and, even if it’s bad for a while, you make peace. And life gets better and you build your own life and often family… it’s hard to remember how desperately important coming out is. IT. IS. EVERYTHING.

        Reading the interlude did bring it all back. I had forgotten how harsh Tsunami was in the scene. I’ve been happily married to a wonderful Latin man for a long timeand it’s totally unique for every person, but race and religion can play a big big part in how accepting family is and what the up-bringing was like. when my husband told his Catholic mother she threw him out (like just out) for two weeks. The entire huge family did an intervention. And he was her favorite. She is now a very selective Catholic. Anyone who tells her her kids are wrong is OUT. Long time ago. The TYP interlude made me realize I know nothing about what background Tsunami came from or went through..

        I just want to like him as a character, so I hope he can struggle past it. It’s so tough. I can see Kyle crushed, explosive, breaking the team up, and/or all of the above.

        Ponder. If the team splits, even temporarily, who goes with whom? Interesting questions. I would imagine a lot rests on The Commander.

        Gays often do form our own families of the people who can accept us for what we are. We, all of us, have no choice about who we are on that deep a level. The only choice is to hide it or accept it, but it’s NOT changing. The first route is poisonous, the second just plain hard going.


        Is it Saturday yet??? (sorry)…

    • Alice,

      You win the perfect post to go with your avatar award! Enjoy.

      *applause from the studio audience*


    • Saxon_Brenton

      Nasty thought that just occurred to me: Fluke and Sppoky are miscommunicating. They’re talking about two different things.

      People have speculated in the past that Spooky may know about Red Hot’s demonic parentage, and this is part of the reason why he keeps turning down invitations to the senior and fully accredited superhero teams: he’s (probably genuinely) friends with Kyle, and is hanging around to keep an eye out and be ready to help with any problems that occur. He may even know that Kyle is gay, but from Spooky’s point of view that’s not a serious problem.

      By contrast there’s no reasonable way that Paul can know about Kyle’s parentage. He does know that Kyle is really upset, and that Kyle says he’s screwed up. I’m guessing he possibly knew that Kyle had a date (it depends on how secretive Kyle was about the fact he was dating a guy). At this point I have no way of guessing whether Paul knows if Kyle is gay, but I doubt he knew he was dating Annihilator. Of course, all this is modified by what Kyle told Paul over the communicator an hour ago.

      It’s possible that Spooky knows all the cards in play, and is playing it cool because although he knows things are bad its a contingency he’s been preparing for, and he’s being the professional; whereas poor Fluke is merely worried (and testy as a result). There’s also a possibility that Spooky doesn’t know some things (like Kyle being gay) but it seems seriously unlikely that it would matter to him, either personally or professionally.

      • AliceVenturi

        That was my thought, that Paul and Spooky are talking about two different things. But who knows?

        Well, hopefully, we’ll know soon!

        It seems unlikely that any of them know everything that’s currently in play, not even Kyle. But I’ve had my suspicions about Spooky for a while now. It’s very possible he knows – or suspects – that something about Kyle is…odd. And I don’t mean about Kyle being gay.

      • Adam Black

        I am acccepting your version as true till otheriwise tolld

  • SofiaT

    New Year with The Young Protectors!
    2014 looks promising already!!!

    • Jeabro21

      I agree

    • Yeah 🙂 I’m hoping @alexwoolfson:disqus will wait to post it until at night the 1st, which means wednesday night. I want a New Years camping, and lets face it.. how many will be around that tuesday night?

      • I will because I have no job and no life. I will have the place all to myself. ^_^

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          • Well….I guess I can share the emptiness….

          • Make plenty of room because I work from home and pretty much have no life…

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          • No, no it doesn’t. 😛

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          • Well, I think in some ways I’d rather an odd mind than a normal one. 😀

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          • Phew! That could be a very very strange conversation with the parental units. 😀

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            Plus the upcoming holidays would get very complicated.

          • Quite. Who gets what socks? lol

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          • Of course. Who wants to be known for their size.

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          • And yet at the same time… AWESOME!

            (I was quite excited to hear how this story turned out. Just finished the first season of Orphan Black, y’know…)

          • AW — I’ve heard really good things about OB, but haven’t had time for my BBC faves. So, I have a good TV back log.

            Do you recommend it?

          • Yes. It’s not Firefly good, but it’s solidly entertaining. And I think there are just ten episodes for that first season, so you can motor through them fairly quickly. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I hear so many people worshiping Firefly, I’m starting to suspect I need to watch it… :0/

          • Yeah you really do. Yep.

          • Yes, yes you should Miss Sofia.

          • It took me about 4 episodes to get into it, but now it’s officially the most fun (read my all-time favorite) TV science-fiction show for me—and the one that stands up best to re-watching.

          • Hmm. Alex, it’s good to see that it took you 4 episodes. My brother keeps insisting Firefly is a great show but I wasn’t really feeling it 3 episodes in. Maybe when we hang out at Christmas, I’ll suggest we watch it again.

          • Give it a few more episodes and let me know what you think. 🙂

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            No, I don’t think I want to know. I think you’ll just have to entertain the idea.

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          • Indeed!

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            Nope! We’re safe on that front, at least.

          • Kate G

            Oh thank God, I haven’t been cloned.

        • Oh damn.. for once I’m doing something for New Year that probably won’t have me home that morning since it involves sleeping at my friend’s house, and a bunch of you will be camping ;_;
          The irony since I’m normally home again by that time on New Years – except this one year where it falls on tuesday night and there’s gonna be a page xD

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        • *chris pictures Doki rolling in virgins while fire shoots from Sapfo and Danish’s eyes…*

          hmmmm this could be good. 🙂

          • ^_^ I like that image. ^_^ As long as the Sapfo and Danish with fire shooting eyes aren’t too close.

            …..Though then again, if it is cold enough we might could use the extra heat. ^_^

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            It’s just going to be family for me. And I don’t like playing cards, we’ll probably end up playing Taboo or something. 🙂

            And have lots and lots of vassilopita of course!! 😀

          • “vassilopita” … I learn so much here. I just leave google open and plug in the new words all them time.

    • YAY!

  • Jeabro21

    My guess is that Kyle is going to make up some story of him getting kidnapped, Anni forcing him to get naked and do the ritual and that they have to stop an evil demon from taking over the world
    I mean who wouldn’t lie.

  • LL

    I love Fluke’s expression in panel four, haha.

  • LL

    I think Paul and Spooky just deal with stress and anxiety in different ways. Spooky wants to remain positive (or at least appear to be) while Paul is a supersrs worrier.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Let’s hear more about the 500 different ways…..Oops! Sorry my brain….I am not a nice boy!

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Hmm, Fluke seems….not happy with Spooky. I guess he thinks Spooky isn’t taking this seriously? Or never had to deal with any problems?

    • I’d go for the second guess. I’d think Paul wouldn’t consider Spooks an expert for dealing with rejection.

      • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

        Rejection? I’m…pretty sure that is the least of Kyle’s problems. I mean….well, it ought to be. I dunno, I guess it may be a big deal. It would be to Kyle I guess, being rejected; well….led on. But…I don’t think that is….the point Paul was making. And….does he actually already know what happened?

      • I follow your imaginings of what Paul might think Spooky thinks… I think.

        But regarding rejection… it’s like that old saying that, “With daughters, fathers fear all boys because they were one once and they know how they think… but when it comes to sons, fathers fear that ONE special girl, because that’s the one that can break their son’s heart.

        Spooky’s got a lot of bravado, but like I blabbed somewhere else about Tsunammi… I don’t know anything about Spooky’s backstory, so I have no idea what’s a ‘front’ and what the real Spooky.

        I’m srsly looking forward to finding out. I love graphic novels like this, where the stories of the ensemble’s is at least as fascinating as that of the current main character.

        Let’s pretend that Alex isn’t an artist with his own plans — just for a moment — I think that Alex can easily start planning kickstarters for:

        1) Young Duncan – “His Doomed Love Affair With Loki”
        2) Mitch – “To Adulthood and Beyooooooond!”
        3) Spooky – “The Mystery Of The Magical Cap”
        4) Commander – “The Great Love Affair That Saved The World”
        5) Tsunami – “The Tattoo That Changed His Life!”

        and… unlimited more to follow…

        And yes, I did get out my best Nancy Drew titles for you. No, no need to thank me… It’s the holidays after all.


        • Chris, seriously…..just when I think my love for you could not grow anymore (despite your love of muscle men)…..You go and do this….and if there wasn’t fanfic with those themes before, there sure will be now…I am particularly interested in…..1, 2, 3, 5 and four as a close second. 😉

    • Marie Laurent

      I took it as a suspicious look. Like, ‘hey, did you and your mind-power-thingies know about this…?’

  • Suzanne O’Dell

    Long time reader, first time poster. Um pretty sure hooking up with the bad guy (especially one that just released a demon) could be reason enough to kick someone off the team, has anybody else mentioned that bit?

    • No, we haven’t. Mostly because we’re in denial. Do NOT open that door. 🙂

    • Adam Irving

      That hadn’t actually crossed my mind till you mentioned it. A good point, though! There’s a Julia Roberts movie from the early 90s this reminds me of…

      • “Charlotte’s Web” … right?

      • Adam Black

        im drawing a blank

        • Adam Irving

          Sleeping with the Enemy. 🙂

          • Well, when people started pushing a four-way with Kyle, Mitch, Paul and Spooky… I thought you were headed for FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL… but then realized that’s not one of Julia’s… thank god. 🙂

    • Marie Laurent

      Good point. And I mean, they don’t know that this isn’t a ruse from Kyle so he can become a mole or something, and even if they don’t think that, he violated their trust and endangered them by hanging out with Anni BEFORE this happened, and even if that’s forgiveable, even if they suspect him of no evil intent or further misdeeds, his lack of good judgement probably would be reason to kick him off the team

      ETA- However, I doubt this happens, and if it does, I think only Captain would be making it happen. They’re already ‘outcast’ supers for being so young, throwing Kyle to the wolves wouldn’t seem right.

  • Brian Bomdiggity Fisher

    As I’m reading this, I find myself relating to Kyle and what he’s going through more and more. It really jerks my heart around when I read but it’s a great comic and I have no intention to stop. 🙂

    • Welcome, Brian! I’m glad you’re connecting with Kyle here. Thank you for the props! 🙂

    • Wow you are so not alone in that feeling. Welcome indeed.

      (Plus great screen-name… HA)

  • Steel_Man

    If this is going to turn into a love quadrangle…

    • Bryan Axson

      I would love to see the action in that.

      • Steel_Man

        I wouldn’t…

    • You’re going to have to enlarge that if you want to include Laampros and George Finnegan Eyeball… right?

      • Steven K.

        Just noticed that “Tripping Over You” has got some eyeball-themed stuff going on as well.

        • *giggles* I love Alfonz!!! He is the best cousin ever!

        • Indeed a good visual connection you make theresd, if less bulbous and floaty. I like those characters and the dialog a lot. I agree with Doki, Alfonz is seriously charming.

  • joncarllewis

    Wow! Two little words at the end… so much suspense. Great writing, Alex!

  • Dakejev

    I still think that all the young protectors are gay. Including the commander. 😛

    • Damn! That’s the kind of smart thinking we need lots of on this group. I say YES! to Dakejev.

      77 thousand up-votes (even though only one shows) XD

    • Steven K.

      Yeah – I’ve mentioned my thought (hope) about that before – that somehow the “gay gene” and the gene(s) for superpowers are somehow linked together – and thus the only people who have superpowers are in fact gay as well. Now they get to save the world and everyone hold them in high esteem to make up for so many centuries of prejudice of the negative sort. I think I got downvoted once when on a previous page I mentioned that I thought that a Commander-P.P. romance would be rather nifty, and would also help to make a gay-themed comic, with guy-on-guy romance, even more appealing to the straight fellers (at least aesthetically) if there were some intimate gal-on-gal action going on as well.

      • Marie Laurent

        This is now my headcanon for real life. It’s also why drag queens are so damn fab and good at costumes.

  • Klaus

    Guys, you are not going to stand around arguing while Kyle is waiting for his clothes, are you?

  • Kiri

    Spooky is looking very pensive when he says ‘I know’. It sounds like he has a bit more insight than his usual happy-go-lucky exterior would suggest. Fluke on the other hand, probably DOES know more because of what Kyle told him, and what he pieced together. I mean – Annhilator, naked, and in the mountains and alive? There’s not a lot it can be.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if first and foremost these guys are the sort of family that stick together no matter what, because of their super-hero-ness, because of their being rejected for the official lot, and because of their good hearts. (And yeah I do think Tsunami has a good heart).

    My guess is that Spooky has some idea about the demon dad. For similiar reasons.

  • vyloran

    The impression I got from Fluke’s “Do You?” was that it was a bit judgmental. We don’t know much about their backgrounds other than Kyle, but it seems like of all the young protectors Spooky is like the golden boy. All the adult teams wanted him and as far as we know there has been no tragedy tied to the circumstances of his powers. So I got the impression Fluke was calling him on that. Perhaps he feels he can’t be sympathetic because he’s never been through the same experiences as Kyle, his powers aren’t as fundamentally destructive as Kyle’s. We’re not sure how much Kyle told them, or if he even told them the truth. So it just felt more like the fact that his fire raged out of control again as opposed to his sexual orientation and his parentage.

    • La Belle Gigi

      I dunno, it seems more of a “Do you know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your chest?” question than being judgmental to me…

    • Marie Laurent

      Last comic or the one before, there was discussion of whether Spooky already knew, because of his talents. I took this as Fluke also suspecting that.

    • Draymorden

      I think spookys humour hides soemthing dark from his past.

      • vyloran

        I can see that too. Just so many unknowns. But tonight we get a new page and perhaps some answers!

        • Draymorden

          Bah in my experience, we will be left with more questions than answers.

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    When any hero who’s suppose to the jokester of the group suddenly gets serious, you know things are bad.

    Fluke might mean the “Do you?” as a “Do you think you understand or do you know?” kinda of question. Its part judgmental but also unbiased at the same time. He doesn’t know what Spooky is thinking and despite being friends and team mates, he might not know all of Spooky’s past history before the team. Maybe Spooky’s been in dark situations. I find that those who laugh and smile the most, tend to hide their own darkness and desperation for a normal life. The last sentence is from experience, but Spooky could have that same philosophy.

    • Well said.

      That is exactly my experience too. People OFTEN hide the things that hurt most behind humor… Nothing I’d know about personally, but I’ve heard it said. *smiles ruefully*

  • So, do we think Sofia is over Kuala Lumpur just now? Hope it’s a smooth flight. It’s a good thing all Alex’s MODS contractually fly first class. (Better snax).

    You know, I just figured out why Paul had the nervous grumpy face on in the last couple of pages…


    • SofiaT

      I’m leaving for the airport in 40mins :p
      Are you gonna keep doing this, keeping track of my trip for the next 38 hours? I’d better send you my itinerary XD

      • He only stalks you because he cares Sofia! ^_^ How are things holding up so far? Any amusing or horror stories about the airport?

        • SofiaT

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      • Probably. I mean this is exciting stuff for us folks stuck on the ground. 🙂

        • SofiaT

          Update for both of you then: just made it to my gate, I’m boarding in a little over an hour.
          I also realized that I paid a shitload of money for boomerangs from Australian Geographic to give to friends back home and you can find similar ones at the airport for half that price. Arrrrggg.

          • 🙁 I hate when that happens . 🙁 But are they nice boomerangs?

          • SofiaT

            Yes 🙂

          • That is good. ^_^

          • Are they the same boomerangs?

            Edit: I remember the time I flew to Scotland. I had to wait forever to board, even after they started calling for the flight. That was sucky. There weren’t chairs

          • SofiaT

            They look the same. But the ones I got are hand-painted by Aboriginals and the profits go back to the Aboriginal communities. So it’s probably better I paid extra for them. We took their land, least we can do is buy their original art.

          • Having a story behind things like that make the gifts extra special. As well as offering the support for the various communities like that. 🙂

          • I would be happier with the hand painted ones. ^_^ They are more special.

          • Very cool gift!

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            What, they let you carry boomerangs into the airport?! But what if…?

      • Where are you flying to?

        • I’m assuming she’s already in the air on the first leg of her journey home to Greece.

          • SofiaT

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            I’m exhausted already and not even half-way through my trip.

          • Sapfo

            Hope you feel a little bit better after that.
            But I guess we do not get our Sofia for camping.

          • You got a massage? Nice! How good was it?

          • Glad you were able to get the massage and shower. I grabbed a shower on the way to Thailand and it definitely helped. That and flying Business instead of Coach…

          • SofiaT

            Business would be lovely! I’ve only travelled Business once but it was Athens to London, a relatively short trip. It was mostly the same with Economy, except I boarded first, got my luggage first and was served ice-cream XD

            But long trips on coach suck.

          • And of course you’re now back up in the air. 🙂 I must chime in and say glad you were able to get a shower and a massage. You’re on a marathon.

            Hope you can get a little sleep.

          • SofiaT

            Actually the second part of the trip wasn’t bad at all. Plane wasn’t completely full so I got 2 seats all to myself, I made a little cot out of them and managed to catch about 2 hours of sleep. It’s why I’m able to type at the moment instead of hallucinating 😀

            I’ve been traveling for about 28hours o.O

          • That’s awesome! Not the traveling for 28 hours, but it’s good you got some sleep. And you’re coherent. 🙂

        • SofiaT

          Sorry it took me so long to respond.
          I traveled to Greece, to spend the holidays will my family. It was a long trip, had to change 3 planes.

  • b3nc0

    “trust”, “hard on” & “sucks” oTL

  • Shinashi

    Fluke is preferentially available, correct? Because I want him. And Tsunami…

  • Taylor

    is it somehow possible that fly boy is Kyle’s brother? has this been discussed? I mean in panel two its like an exact duplication of his face.

    • Marie Laurent

      I see it and though I sorta like the Flyle pairing, this seems likely based on that panel (they’ve drawn Kyle that way, in that kind of panel, so many times, after all, it feels like Flyboy’s version must be intentional), and I like it.

      Of course, I’m fabulously (awfully) chill about consensual incest, so I guess I could have my cake and eat it to.

      • Taylor

        with my background in psychology + my own mindedness, I’m a little iffy on consensual incest but not outright disgusted. I worry more about family members being able to maintain a healthy family relationship in the context of a sexual one. Even “emotional incest” has been known to have bad effects… idk but the resemblence in panel three as welll…. I’m suprised this isn’t like the main conversation

        • Sargon

          I think it’s just how sometimes, artists draw similar people that just look alike. You see it all the time, I mean look at Bleach!! Better yet, look at all the other comics out there. They do look alike! I mean all the robins look alike to me and they aren’t related to each other! Far as I know…

          • rgleon9986

            Furthermore, how often do brothers actually resemble each other in visual fiction (comics, movies, etc…)? It’s like they forget that brothers and sisters, and their parents, resemble one another pretty closely, but then they cast people of entirely different body type, facial structure, and complexion as siblings.

          • Kalic0

            I think this is funny because I have seen both. My Dad resembles both his brother and sister, but not that closely. You might guess they are related but think they were cousins or something. On the other hand, mother and her brother look very much alike. My sister, brother and I also look very much alike, and my children are the same. On the other hand, my sisters children don’t resemble each other nearly as much. I also had some friends growing up in a large family where one of the children was blond, two were redheads and the other two had dark brown hair. Some of their features were similar, but the youngest and oldest hardly resembled each other at all. If you saw them all together, you could tell they were all related, but if you saw just the youngest and oldest together you might not guess that they were.

          • Upvote for Bleach!

        • Marie Laurent

          So I’m really late in seeing this, but maybe you’ll see my reply. I’m not sure whether you could tell this or not, but with ‘consensual’ I also meant ‘between consenting adults,’ not just ‘not rape,’ and generally I would assume that even if the age of consent is 14-18 in many areas, under 20 or so it’s a bad idea, seeing as what is being consented to is much more complicated than ‘normal’ sex.

          Also, I’m much more approving of sibling-cest than parent/child, regardless of age, because the latter implies grooming very heavily in my mind.

    • Steven K.

      That could be a way to account for Flyboy’s feelings and concerns about Kyle, and, if that is the case, could rule out any sexual overtones. They could still both be gay, however – gay brothers are not unheard of. In the last panel of the Interlude, it looks like the porn images on the screen are of Mitch and Kyle, so if they are brothers, that may have accounted for Mitch’s “Oh wow!” as well. I’m a little hesitant to think of them as a potential couple if they are related, and I’m not sure Alex would go there – I’m thinking that might just be a bit TOO controversial. I have absolutely no sensual inclinations toward my brother – quite the opposite, in fact – but, I have to admit, I always figured that, if I had had a twin brother, we probably would have been fooling around with each other all along – and I could have had a bit of a fulfilling life in that regard – someone to love and be loved by and get some physical closeness with as well.

      • rgleon9986

        Except, Kyle was adopted. Would he or any biological brothers know anything about any siblings?

        • Steven K.

          That’s a very good point – I remember something about Kyle’s sister, but I don’t think there was anything specifically about a brother – and if the potential brothers didn’t know anything about the other, then that would have to negate the idea of my comment.

          • The sister belonged to the foster family I believe.

          • Steven K.

            Oh – OK – just his foster-sister then, not related by blood?

          • I don’t believe so. I understood it has the parents adopted or were fostering Kyle and then they had a child of their own.

  • Okay a total wild supposition. I mean srsly out there idea, for sure, but I am sober. I don’t know if that makes this idea worse or better? But it would make an eye opening scene.

    What if our threesome gets over themselves, and heads into the Warehouse to get that suit to Kyle and help their buddy only to find him already dressed with an emergency blanket around his shoulders and a thermos of something hot to drink… and The Commander and Tsunami are waiting for them.? Hey? They’ve got work to do.

    Just something to ponder as we ease into camping. XD


    • In that much of a hurry are we? *looking at watch as Chris sweeps the camp ground in the dark*

    • Steven K.

      Hmmmm….just doesn’t work for me. I think this needs to be a serious guy/friend/pal rescue/intervention – esp. since we know that Kyle initially didn’t want Paul to tell ANYone else. Given Kyle’s most likely still fragile emotional state, I think his wishes should still be respected at some level. Maybe his 3 closest buds and colleagues is a good compromise.

      • Oh, I wasn’t suggesting it like it was a good idea, I was just imagining what I was least expecting and THAT popped into my head. You KNOW I agree with you. I wan’t Kyle to catch a break too.

        It truly was just on “odd” idea. But if the gang here doesn’t understand about those ‘odd ideas’ than, seriously, no one will. 🙂

        *chris wanders off to gather fire wood*

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Or: they go into the warehouse, and find Kyle transformed into a big red demon. (And hardly notice that he’s nekkid.)

  • Pashakitty

    Hmm… I wonder if Fly Boy could also be gay and in love with Kyle…?

    • Steven K.

      I think there is a decent-size contingent of us who are dreaming of that, after the last few pages and Flyboy’s very sweet comments of concern and caring for Kyle – though the “brother” hypothesis” has just been introduced below. Though I’d prefer the former scenario, I’d rather have Mitch be Kyle’s brother than be Duncan’s son.

      • Well….Duncan could be Mitch’s grandfather…..and I think I much prefer the grandfather thing to the father thing. Duncan is old enough to have a 15 year old grandchild.

        • Steven K.

          Hmmmm…that would be even MORE awkward for Kyle if something eventually does develop between himself and Mitch. Kyle: “Wow – guess what – now I’ve been intimate with you AND your grandfather!” Nah – that doesn’t work for me – I’d rather not have any familial connection between Mitch and Duncan. :/

          • Could you call Dr. Who? I think I might need some paradox meds for head aches… 🙂

          • Would that mean Mitch would be related to Laampros too? Holidays could get complicated.

      • rgleon9986

        It might also just be the camaraderie experienced between members of a team who have fought together in life or death situations. People in such groups often form very, very tight-knit bonds.

        • Steven K.

          That’s certainly very true, and could be a very likely explanation – and perhaps the most parsimonious.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Or he could secretly be in league with Laampros and/or Annihilator, and waiting for the opportunity to kill somebody.

  • rgleon9986

    *sets up kitchen tarp for the making of camp food* Is it too early to start? I guess not, as a few of y’all have already beat me to it. 😛

    So, throwing a random idea out there. I wonder whether Kyle, being the offspring (half-human or otherwise) of Laampros means he’ll be bound by the contract. Specifically, the part setting aside the New World for Duncan. Presumably this prevents Laampros from invading and taking the territory for himself, and extends to his servants, but does Kyle count?

    This assumes that there is a period in which Duncan succeeds in freeing Laampros and his minions. I think this will happen because 1. Duncan seems to believe this will prevent something even more dangerous and awful from happening, and 2. it gives us, the readers, even more emotional highs and lows to go through as we worry about how the day will be saved.

    • Steven K.

      In regard to your question regarding Kyle’s status – I think he’d be the prince of the rest of the world under King Laampros – maybe being asked to carry out all the business of ruling while Papa just chills out and leads a terrestrial existence of hedonistic wild and wanton abandon, which would be a never-ending source of embarrassment for Kyle.

      • rgleon9986

        But I don’t see Kyle taking on such a role willingly. In fact, Kyle breaking the rules and causing havoc in the New World may be what ends up ending the deal allowing Laampros access to our reality. Bit of a stretch, but I think it has potential… It just needs some development.

        • Steven K.

          “But I don’t see Kyle taking on such a role willingly” – Of course not 🙂 – neither do I. That was just a role projection – a potential scenario given his supposed relationship to Laampros.

          • rgleon9986

            I noticed you used the word “supposed” regarding Kyle’s familial relationship with Laampros. Any theories regarding that qualifier? 😉

          • Steven K.

            Well, my first inclination is to take what Laampros told Kyle at “face value” – that Kyle is in fact his son (does make things even more interesting and gives Kyle an additional connection of potential advantage someday). But, on the other hand, I have learned, with this comic, to not always assume things are, or will be, the way that one expects them to be. There has also been a lot of debate earlier as to whether Laampros meant the phrase “prince of hell” and “son” as meaning literally his own offspring, or was speaking more metaphorically given Kyle’s powers, which still may be demon-related or derived, etc.

          • I always found it interesting that Laampros makes that claim, kisses Kyle, and then it is never mentioned again. Certainly not by Captain Monologue. So, either it IS true and that’s why Kyle can breach the walls of blood and pain or it’s just plain old demon fun and old Laampros is just messing with the little humans… ‘case he’s bored.

            Either way Duncan didn’t say a word about it.

          • Klaus

            Duncan may not have noticed. He was curled up in pain some distance away.

          • Mebbe? Honestly, have no idea… I just thought they targeted Kyle for some reason for this whole shenanigan. Soooo, it seems likely they had a clue that he had some link to Laampros and his crib. Kinda a human step ladder over the walls of blood and pain. So Duncan (or Sircea?) knew something. I would think.

          • rgleon9986

            This goes well with my analysis of possible sources of magical power in fiction: by inheritance/birth, by ritual (connecting the magic-wielder to an arcane or divine source of magical power), or by study (which it doesn’t seem applies to Kyle).

          • Klaus

            Nothing is what it appears to be (or so it seems).

      • Well being Prince of most of the rest of the world wouldn’t be that bad… right? Especially, if by some plot-twist, he gets to be Prince of Duncan.

        Remember in ALICE when Helena Bonham Carter, as the Red Queen, calls for her foot-stool pig… “PIG! Bring me my PIG! (turns to tall Alice) Don’t you just love a pig to warm your feet?”

        I’d like to see Kyle be able to do that with Duncan, “PIG! Bring me my Duncan! (turns to GFE who works for Kyle now) Don’t you just love a good Annihilator to warm your feet?”

        Ahhh good times. Good times.

        • Steven K.

          That would indeed be most excellent. Though supposedly Duncan gets to rule a big chunk of the other hemisphere, so unless the Laampros clan decides they are going to conquer the regions under Duncan’s control, then unfortunately I’m not sure how he;d end up subjugated to Kyle. Furthermore, I’d assume an assault by the forces of Laampros would be against the bargain between him and Duncan. Of course Kyle, not being bound by that agreement (only bound to help make it possible to be made), could, as defacto-ruler of the rest of the world (while Papa Laampros is busy going about his various debaucheries with his human supplicants), take matters into his own hands and take and lead the demon army into Dunkfuckistan and make the conquest and subsequent subjugation of its former leader.

    • Klaus

      We don’t really know Duncan ‘s plan. Maybe he intents to cheat Laampros somehow. Even if he does, he may not succeed, though.

    • Oh good you have the tarp. I forgot that, but I did remember the battery powered blender…

  • Sapfo

    I was extremely tired when I tried my hand at understanding Spooks on this page. I said something about not losing face and was kind of confusing even myself 😉

    I’ll try again. I think Spooks virtually trying be a mediator of this page. First, he gets Mitch feel a little better and it is only when Mitch stays with the car that Spooks turns to Paul and tell him that he was a little too hard against our young Flyboy.
    So what I meant with losing face, Spooks did not confront Paul about his somewhat harsh words infront of Mitch, but waited until they where alone.

    • I knew what you meant! Though that might be because I myself at times word things a bit weirdly. ^_^

      • Sapfo

        *hug* ^_^

    • Klaus

      Ears of an owl.

      • Sapfo

        Nose like a clown? o.O

        • Penis like a…

          (WHAT?)… oh excuse me they say that Alex is on the line… I wonder what that could be about(?) Be back shortly… 🙂

          • Sapfo

            So he is not a Ken doll?

          • Oh my dear lord… our resident nurse may be ill. Perish the thought. Do I need to call the emergency rescue team to pick you up? Coming from you an idea like that is seriously shocking.

            *chris breathes deeply trying to calm down*

          • Sapfo

            No, not ill. Just really ready to meet the pillow for a long date. 😉
            But until you dear Flyboy is of age, he is a Ken doll!

            By the way Chris! Have a cookie and calm down. ^_^


  • rgleon9986

    You know, we’re all so busy thinking of angelic/holy power and entities being the opposite of these demons we’ve forgotten that fire and water are usually elemental opposites. Tsunami’s powers seem to differ fundamentally from Kyle’s… but still, I wonder if there’s anything there.

    • I’d actually buy into much of the team being elementals.

      • Steven K.

        We have at least fire, water, and air.

  • rgleon9986

    So, we talk about camping so much. How many of you enjoy real life camping, in the outdoors? I used to go a lot as a kid, but haven’t gone in years.

  • rgleon9986

    Btw, New Mexico’s Supreme Court affirmed Same-Sex Marriage, in a unanimous decision! 😀 That’s 17 states (if I’m not mistaken) in the US.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      On the other hand, the cause of progress has lost Duck Commander.

  • Becky

    Looks like Kyle has confided in at least one of his friends, after all. Good for him.

  • So a quick comment before I go take a nap.

    We were talking eye colors during last page’s camping and I mentioned my central heterochromia. It wasn’t easy to fully explain my blue/yellow eyes, so I tried taking a picture. It’s far from best quality, but better than nothing 🙂
    Hope this works. I just made a photobucket account to try this.

    • Pretty!

    • I must agree with Doki. Pretty!

    • fujoshifanatic

      Gorgeous! I’ve only seen that starburst pattern on one other person, and she had a lovely amber brown/gold color combination. You are very lucky. 🙂

    • Very cool eyes. The picture came out fine.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      So THAT’S what it’s called. I vaguely remember learning about this in Physical Anthropology. (I have the same thing.)

      • Does everyone in the world, but me, have like super cool double colored eyes… ? Where was I the day they installed extra cool eyeballs?

        • Sapfo

          Yes, everyone 😉

      • Yes, I didn’t know it was a type of heterochromia until recently. Didn’t know it was kinda unusual 🙂

    • Steven K.

      Yeah – have that as well – mostly green/”hazel”, but with a medium brown around the pupil.

      • rgleon9986

        Mine are just the opposite. More green around the middle, but browner on the outer edge.

    • xLizardx

      Your eyes are beautiful! Mine are all green, they look slightly more bluish with my contact lenses in though [as all contacts are slightly blue-tinted so you can see them when taking them in and out] 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Do any of you have eye color that changes sometimes?

      • Mine move around a little, but that all depends. Mine are blue with gold flecks around the pupil. A little how Danish’s are but not that bright and I don’t have the dark ring though.

        • Sapfo

          Mine is mostly brown, but sometimes they turn greenish or sometimes grayish, but still with the brown in it. I think it have to do with the light that I am in.

          • I think it would be more noticeable on me if I didn’t wear glasses. But yeah, the light or my mood can make my eyes more greyish or even sometimes a little greyish green

      • Only that the yellow can stand out more/less because of how much light I’m in and maybe a little because of mood.

        • Sapfo

          Yes, the mood. But for me more likely if I am in natural light or indoors.

    • rgleon9986

      How exotic! My eyes are much less interesting than that; my right eye winks when I chew.

  • I made cream cheese mints for the first time today and I have three sets of cookie dough chilling in the fridge. I am going to be making those tomorrow. ^_^ Other wise I wouldn’t be able to camp.

  • jreed3842

    Hello, everyone!
    Maybe I’m a bit early to start camping…. but… as usual, I brought snacks! I’ve got some nice fudge and chocolate chip cookies! Oh! And, of course, hot chocolate!

    • rgleon9986

      *grin* we set up the campsite hours ago. Join us at the fire. 😀

      • jreed3842


  • SofiaT

    Made it to Istanbul! Are you guys camping yet? What have I missed?
    They have no free wifi here, a Turkish guy who works at the airport tried to hit on me and gave me his password, hehe.

    The things I do to catch a TYP update!

    • We’re talking eye color at the moment

      • SofiaT

        Ok, I got two hours before I have to go to my gate, will try to catch up.

        • Oh our own color. Danish put up a link showing the color of her eyes

          • Amazing says the guy with normal eyes…

          • They are that. But I doubt yours are boring

          • Alex give the Admiral extra up-votes please…

          • Awwww

          • mogoskier

            We could put actual pics of are eyes up. This way we can decide if people are under reacting to their beauty or not.

          • I wouldn’t know how to get a pict like that.

          • mogoskier

            The seemly easiest way I found to do it is to take a pic on your phone and then put it on twitter/facebook by the app. Of course I don’t know if you have a smartphone. Other wise I have no idea, I discovered that way by accident.

          • I haven’t been assimilated yet. I don’t have a smart phone. 🙁 And my phone sucks

          • Don’t worry. me either. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            Yes, You have a very nice…. color eyes. Or maybe you have a George thing going on and only have one? o.O

          • HA! Okay I’ve made myself a fancy name for blue eyes and that will do. Blueohomochromia.

    • I’m so proud of you. Using wiles to get the essential campout information…

      Oh and Alex said that you were supposed to tell us what’s in this page… so…

      • SofiaT

        In this page we have Fluke and Spooky and they talk about Fluke being hard on Flyboy and why. The page ends with a loaded and ambiguous question the possible meanings of which we’ve been debating since Tuesday night.

        Is that what you wanted? 😛

        • HA! Excellent because you are probably 100% on the mark and now, more than ever, people will believe my heinous falsehoods about all-knowing MODS. Mwaaaahahahahahaah….

          • SofiaT

            You do realize I just described the current page, right? 😛

          • Yessssssss….. 😛

            Personally I don’t think we’re getting inside today… we’ll see…

          • Sapfo

            Maybe that will be a Jul present 😉

          • That our favorite optimist! You’re right. Although that Alex is stinky… and I, for one, am ready for his sneaky ways. (tucks crying towel in next to him)

            *side eyes*

          • Sapfo

            blasphemy O.O

            Alex don´t stink…. it must be the towel you where smelling… when did you wash it last?

          • HA… you know I mean… in the sense that he’s a troublemaker… don’t try to turn this around. 😛

          • Sapfo

            I am very innocent and do not know what sarcasm is, or how to manipulate people ^_^

          • Bahahahahaha… best joke of the week 😉

            Gave me a good laugh.

          • Sapfo

            Why do people never belive me when I say this? 😉

          • I actually have people believe me.. until they’ve heard me speak in the wrong moment.

    • Sapfo

      You rock Sofia!

    • That’s how to do it 😉

      • SofiaT

        I took Prof. Duncan’s “How to flirt your way into getting what you want 101” class.

        • I need to take that class. Though even with it, I wouldn’t have any luck…. 🙁

          • mogoskier

            Naww, don’t say that your awesome

          • Damn right! We’ll be having none of that down-vote talk now Doki!

          • Nope, irl I am not good with people at all. Even when on my best behaviour (not doing/saying a single mean thing, being perfectly polite….) I still seem to piss people off.

          • Then that’s on them. 99% of the time I think it’s not about us at all. I always think problems are about me… and surprise… NOT. So don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂

          • Just makes it hard to find someone when people automatically see me negatively. I know I am not the easiest person to be around sometimes, but no one is perfect.

          • I’m with you.

          • *hugs* As much as I joke about becoming a crazy old cat lady, I don’t really want to become one.

          • Oh heck no! I hold no desire to be one either. I just wish I was more comfortable around people. I’m getting better, but it’s still difficult

          • It is better at cons though. Much easier.

          • If you wouldn’t mind telling the people I meet that?

          • Me neither!

          • SofiaT

            Fake it till you make it.
            I could never flirt with guys I was interested in but flirting with strangers has saved me many a time and I’m surprisingly good at it.

          • mogoskier

            Yes but for that to work one needs to no the basics of flirting and the ability to tell if your being flirted back.

          • SofiaT

            Try smiling. Usually all I have to do is smile and they’re the ones to start the flirting, I just play along.

          • mogoskier

            How can you tell there flirting because I can never tell. I ether have to be told or I just assume there being polite.

          • SofiaT

            I don’t know really. I can just tell?
            Although -again- only with guys I have no interest in.
            When your heart is not on the line and you’re being objective, it’s easy to read the signs.
            When it matters, I tend to be self-conscious too.

          • Isn’t that the truth. When it doesn’t matter you do everything right… when it does matter… my foot automatically heads toward my mouth. HA.

        • A trip to hell for some wireless time…….. that seems reasonable.

          I was good and didn’t tell anyone about your stop in The Maldive Islands to meet up with Tom Huddlestone. So, tell us how’d that go. Is he nice?

          • SofiaT

            You mean Hiddleston? 🙂
            And I’m afraid I only caught a quick nap, didn’t have time to dream about meeting Tom.

            I’ll put it on my “dreams to have” list. Along with the trip to the Maldives . 😀

          • Oh poop… fat bad spelling fingers… yes Hiddleston!!!!

            Okay on the dream list it goes. He cleans up rather nice too. 😀

    • Steven K.

      Some of those Turkish lads are pretty hot!

    • silibub

      You sly fox! I love it.

      • Yayyyyy Ms. Silibub hath arriv-ed! Welcome.

        • silibub

          If I had known you’d applaud my arrival I would have made a more dramatic entrance — curse these missed opportunities! *belatedly sets off glitter canons*

          • LOUD CHEERING AND APPLAUSE FROM THE CROWDS (there I think we saved it, we’ll coordinate better next time. LOL)

    • LOL! That’s awesome, Sofia! 🙂

  • Sapfo

    After all the cookies and candy do I need to exercise a bit. So why not dance a bit when I´m camping

    • Sapfo……that is so odd….I was thinking Caramelldansen before I clicked on that link. Though I haven’t the HP version. ^_^

      • Sapfo

        Seeing Voldemort dance the Caramell makes me smile ^_^

    • Since we’re on the Harry Potter theme, maybe this one 🙂
      (Should not be listened to if you haven’t read the books and/or seen all the movies)

    • I had bookmarked the one with the misheard lyrics. Anytime I needed a laugh that was a good one to go to.

      • I also love the one with video and literal lyrics.

        • HA!

        • Sapfo

          Chris, If you where not gay and did not have snoring hunk. I would hunt you down like a virgin. Love this one so much!

          • Does this mean that if Chris was not gay and did not have a snoring hunk, that we would fight over him? Or can we share him?

          • Sapfo

            I don´t think he is a virgin…..But I like sharing 😉

          • Yay!!!! ^_^

          • Erm…….. not for a long time, but I think you knew that. HA!

          • Sapfo

            It´s for the best ^_^

          • I don’t think I’m going to let him know his new name is snoring hunk… erm… nope… but thanks for the kind thoughts. You guys crack me up. XD

          • ^_^ Hey, I was just using what Sapfo called him. Oh, and I am almost done with Coming Home…..such a great fanfic. ^_^ I just haven’t had the time today to finish it. 2.5 chapters left.

          • They are long, but I thought worth it. Enjoy.

          • I am. Very much so. ^_^

          • I’m so sorry to be gay, but I’m afraid it’s a done deal. LOL. You’re very kind. I did love this video as the best of the bunch but hunt around there are a few other that are fun also. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            I’m glad you’re gay, I think your straight Doppelgänger would be a prat and not all as much fun as you 😉

          • Thanks… I like to think that some of us are just meant to be gay. *laughs*

      • Sapfo

        Here is the English version, with spineless girls and everything. ^_^

        • I found the misheard lyrics one, but the track was off… 🙁

          • Sapfo

            To bad AJ. You just have to enjoy the other one now.

          • It’s so happy!!

          • Sapfo

            I find the English on kind of funny. At least in the Swedish one the moves the girls makes are mentioned. “take some steps to the left” 😉

          • The Swedish one is better, even though I have no idea what they’re saying. And that’s awful of me. 🙂

  • mogoskier

    Hey my nana’s birthday tomorrow and I going to draw something for her but have no idea what. What do you guys think a 79 year old irish woman would like?

    • Really hot looking scantily clad dudes? Oh NO wait… sorry… that’s me. I’m afraid I have no idea what Nana’s into, but let me know if it’s scantily clad hot dudes. Thanks. XD

      • mogoskier

        With any other women I know that would be a yes but I don’t think that would work with her. My grandfather would get a laugh out of it though.

    • A four leaf clover.

      • Oh she’s good…….

      • mogoskier

        Possible, I’ll put it on the list.

  • Hey apropos of nothing… did everyone vote?

    • Late last night, so I have to wait until after 12 here.

    • Yes. ^_^

    • I still think the best time I had to vote was when I had to confirm some character’s cleavage to vote.

      • Sapfo

        I am almost too afraid to ask.

        • *lol* Apparently the cleavage had a role in what ever comic it was from. The thing I had to mark off to confirm my vote was literally ‘(insert name’s) Cleavage’ xD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Vote on what?

      • The best web comic. 😀

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Where? Where?!

          • To the right —> and up just under the Facebook box. You should see the little black and white vote box. Click each one to vote for TYP and Artifice. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Awesome – thank you!

          • Mighty welcome.

            YAY more votes! 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales


  • mogoskier

    Oh that good. Thank you

    • How about compromising… a castle with really hot men in short kilts? That way you can act like you’re giving her a castle, but if Nana’s got some sass in her you’re covered! 😀 Ta DA!

      • mogoskier

        I don’t know what kind of guy she likes though. I could base him on my poppop but I don’t think I could do it.

        • Totally understood. I don’t think I could sex up the grand-folk in an appropriate fashion either. Although my mother did show me one of those old faded b/w photos of HER grandfather and he was a hottie when young. (I thought… damn… I’m perving on my great grand pop as a young dude) He passed away long before I was born.

  • Sapfo

    Have not done this is in a long time, but it is fun. Just got it to guess right on Starfighter Abel on the first try XD

    • Once again you send me to something super fun… I did Loki and he totally guessed it. (Okay I know, but I wasn’t really going for obscure…)

    • Heh, it took him a bit to guess mine. ^_^ Fujiwara no Sai.

    • jreed3842

      I’m always impressed with how quick he guesses it!
      He guess the Annihilator from The Young Protectors, but Kyle must have not have been in his database, because he couldn’t guess that.
      Lol. This is fun!

      • Sapfo

        Then its time for Kyle to enter it 😉

    • I just beat him with Rhys from TH. He asked the wrong questions because usually he guess that one. Probably helped me that he did a round where I only could say Yes three times on the 20 Q’s.. but after three rounds he still hadn’t got it o.O

      Kuroko (from Kuroko no Basuke) was easy for him xD

      • Sapfo

        I´m trying for Axis now and all I can think of are rude things like. “Do he fight with a sword?” “Yes, here is his sword….”
        And that might not be helping 😛

    • He got Kyo Soma pretty easy, but couldn’t get Flyboy/Mitch.

    • And Sapfo has distracted everyone with a game……

      • Sapfo

        Doki is on to me ^_^

        • ^_^ Well…I think we are sharing a bit of the same wavelength lately.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hi everybody! I won’t be able to stay for too long since I’m really tired, but I wanted to drop by for a little while at least.

    • HELLO!

      • stickfigurefairytales


        • Hey. Glad you’re here… but what could possibly be more important than camping… sleep is so overrated. 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s often been my philosophy, at least as far as the going to bed part – the getting up aspect is another matter. 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Okay, I do need to head off to bed now. Have fun camping, everybody!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Ooh, I love the new fanart of Commander! And all of the other fanart, of course, but I wanted to give a special shout-out to Jamie Dutton as a fellow Commander fan.

  • Steven K.

    Everyone’s kinda quiet tonight.

    • It’s because Sapfo distracted everyone with a game.

      • stickfigurefairytales


      • Sapfo

        Just hope I did not distract Alex….

  • Steven K.

    Well, maybe just in the last 20 min.

  • Steven K.

    Sofia should have taken a pic of the Turkish feller she was flirting with to get connected on-line. Then posted it here so we all could rate him.

    • Yes, yes she should have.

      • Steven K.

        Something else to pass the time 😉 Then, of course, we’d pressure into posting the pics of all the rest of the guys she flirts with during her continent-hopping this holiday season.

        • ….Yeah…..that might get a little out of hand

          • Steven K.

            We could then help her pic the best one 😉

  • You know that reaction Luke has in Star Wars in that famous scene?

    I just had a reaction like that with this game:
    I had made all the previous 420 combos (saved for a long time) and something in my recent computer updates is starting to reset/delete caches on sites a little TOO well, so now I’m back to zero – just as 30 new combo options were added D: *cries in a corner*

    It’s so simple yet very addicting this little game, if you want to try. You have to drag things in the sidebar on to the ‘board’ and connect them. Correct combos give new options.

    I had used hours and hours on this and now I can start all over *snif* I wish i knew what in my computer is doing this now so i can turn it off. It’s the same thing that have me sign into some sites all the time because it doesn’t save my settings :-/

    • It’s all about the cookies.

      • I know that, but what in my computer updates could suddently start to auto-delete my cookies. I haven’t asked anything to do this 🙁

        • Could it have changed your preference settings with the update?

          • Hmm, maybe. This is one of those times where I hate that I don’t know about computers. I don’t know how to fix this or even where in my settings to start looking.

          • Definitely check your preferences. It may have changed things so it’s not accepting third party cookies.

          • I’ll try things with this during the weekend. Either it works, or I just make everything worse. Very likely the last :-p

          • Well I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the former. 🙂

    • Sapfo

      I manage it just once. It is kind of hard when I want to creat one thing and get something else.

      • New combos is added along the way as people start suggesting things. When I tried the first time there was 380 combos. Then it grew to 400, 420 and now 450.
        I don’t know if I dare start to gather them all again, and find the new ones if my computer is just gonna delete them all the sudden D: *sad panda*

        Edit: I’m not making a google accoutn just to sign into this!

        • Sapfo

          Don´t be sad, You have come with a distraction that is bad for me, but might be good for you 😉

          • I’m just relly bummed right now. Without any issues, my computer had saved this for month and just as I recently got all previous 420, everything is now gone.
            I WILL make them all again + find the new combos one day… it will just take a while /headdesk

          • Sapfo

            Oh, that sucks. Well then you have something to do later on.

    • Sapfo

      15 done and already I have done both gunpowder and the atomic bomb. I wonder what that means about me as a person?

  • Is everyone now playing with the genie or making new elements?
    The silence is spreading *lol*

    • Sapfo

      I am starting to fall asleep here. ~_~

  • Diana_Christine

    Hey there campers! How are you this evening?

    • Good 🙂

      • Diana_Christine

        good! It seems kinda quiet tonight…

        • Sapfo effectively distracted everyone

          • Diana_Christine

            How did Sapfo do that? It seems difficult to distract everyone :p

          • A game

          • Diana_Christine


          • Yeah

  • Sapfo
  • This side story is boring. Mitch is beyond annoying.