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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 7

1,089 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 7

Flyboy looks like he means business. The Annihilator better watch out…

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When I was at WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE, I meant a bunch of cool creators. My neighbor was this great guy named Lar deSouza. He’s such a sweetheart that pretty much everyone calls him “Uncle Lar” (he even has special cards that make you an honorary niece or nephew!). Not only did make me feel very welcome, after a little while hearing my spiel, he started promoting Artifice to people who came by his table! So, because he is so cool (and incredibly talented!), you should definitely check out his comic, Least I Could Do. 🙂

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So! Looks like the boys have arrived at the warehouse. I wonder what they will find…

Tune in this Wednesday to see the answer for yourself! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    New page and Flyboy got a good heart.

    • DARN it xD You distracted me with flying pigs :p

      • Sapfo

        But…damn it, you are right. I did it just to take the virgin 😉

  • Someone needs a hug..

  • Awww Dangit!

  • Mysterious powers are mysterious. What exactly can Flyboy do that could keep the Annihilator away? Or is he just saying he’ll keep a look out?

    • Adam Black

      Is he an Angel?

      • SofiaT

        Or a Kryptonian!

        …or he really is Duncan’s son. >:D

        • Adam Black

          He does seem more like Kon-el …

          But I hope he isnt half Kryptonian clone half annihilators son.

          maybe he can send things into space.

          Something flight associated

        • Adam Black

          Or Flyboy really is…an older .Duncan!
          …post youth spell,
          memory wipe,

          and dumped a few years back in time to be raised as a Hero.

          Its unlikely, but if true, it would make him a likely love interest for Kyle.
          and explain why hes a YP ward

          • SofiaT

            I like that, a new twist on the time-travel theories.

            But how can he fly? Duncan can only leap.

          • Adam Black

            power up , from Laampros.

            ( said the same thing about Superman, re leaping )

            Now that I look more closely at this page, a young Duncan would resemble Flyboy far more than I thought.

            The eyes, eyebrows, the jaw…

            IT could just be the art style having limitations (( on facial variety ) but Flyboy looks very Duncan-esque in the last few panels.

            We have already seen Freud invoked once here, it wouldnt surprise me to see it again.

            He could even be an alt-future younger Duncan that can fly.

            Like Superman. In DC the verses are all staggered a few years .

            But if he had a mindwipe and is raised as a Hero, it could give the readers the redemption they crave , without the guilt.

            like this:

            If he is a souped up Clone of Duncan ( created to protect the world from Duncan ) we could get issues if Duncans memories intrude.

          • Draymorden

            He looks like kyle’s black haired brother. Cover his hair and it’s kyle.

          • Adam Black

            trying to think of an “-incest” nickname
            KItch-cest? Mile High cest?

          • no no no!

            i’m protesting this possibility…i just don’t like the idea that Duncan could play all sides of the game…that’s just not fun…he’s made it pretty apparent that he’s playing for just him…and maybe Platinum Priestess because she’s a necessary ally or whatever…but no!

            why should Duncan get to be Flyboy? Flyboy is like everything he’s not…

          • Adam Black

            “Everything hes not”
            lo0k at the face very carefully on this page.
            The eyes, the jawline, the angry brow.

            Remember how Duncan looked when he said nearly the same thing, ( hed never let anyone hurt Kyle ).
            Does Flyboy posses a single physical feature that Duncan couldnt if he was 15?

            If Flyboy was as perfectly innocent as he looks , he wouldnt be in a juvenile rehabilitation halfway house for wayward supers… Look at his anger right now.
            I wonder what hes capable of, if he was wronged and abused. Duncan seemed to believe that his fate wasnt inevitable, and was partly the result of bad teenage decisions, that he couldn’t or wouldst rectify.
            What if he was telling the truth there. A master liar like Duncan weaves the truth with his lies in a perfect tapestry, so they cant be told apart. Being honest about his youth ( if he was ) made him sympathetic and believable. Which in turn gives him a motive to be self-revealing: so he can Lie better.

            Even if Duncan is a straight up sociopath, It doesn’t mean he had to become one.

            besides, if he lost his memory and was raised twice, he would be in a real sense a new person. Think of coma patients who wake up and start over.

          • you make a very compelling argument here…argh!

          • Adam Black

            we will see

          • still that seems like awfully convoluted plot line that would be super weird to be the actual trajectory of Alex’s story…but whatever…life is weird 🙂

          • Adam Black

            depends how long the story goes.
            remind you we have already had 1 betrayal, we were taken to hell, and Alex pulled an Empire…
            So @alexwoolfson:disqus has gone Jung, Freud, and I am betting hes not afraid to do the full Moffett

          • personally i liked hell…and Lampy so…actually now i’m not sure what the bearing of any of that to what you are saying is and so i’m just like…hmm…no i just don’t like the idea of Duncan and Flyboy being the same person…not sure why…like I guess maybe it’s because i feel that there is a certain immutable quality to people that will always ring true no matter the circumstances and i feel like Duncan has shown his to be one nature and Flyboy’s not entirely shown his core nature although I do sort of feel that he has…just not maybe convincingly so…and i just don’t feel like they could be the same person…

      • That’s an interesting thought.

        • Adam Black

          Had i seen the page first,( when i commented ) I would have been thinking more like @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus

    • Sapfo

      *ssssh, It is in the hair*

    • Jeh Y

      Maybe his farts smell really terrible and linger forever.

      Just sayin’, if Wario and that thing from Abe’s Odyssey could do it…

    • mogoskier

      You know what great about comics, all the theories below are possible.

  • SofiaT

    Determined Flyboy is determined.

    • and we approve!

      now i want to see a throw down between Flyboy and Annihilator.

  • I think Flyboy’s comment just proved that he’s not only having some superpowers, he’s also much harder to hurt than the others.
    He sure is on protective mode. NO ONE is to hurt Kyle or the others anymore <3

    • Sapfo

      You can trust the youngest to protect the protecters. <3

    • yeah…i’m thoroughly piqued regarding Flyboy’s ability set…

    • Jeh Y

      Could be bravado. Not uncommon by any means. he reminds me of Simba trying to scare off the hyenas with his roaring. We’ll see if he needs Mufasa to roar and kick ass for him, though.

  • ……Flyboy as soon as you are legal, will you marry me?

    • Sapfo

      Can I come…. waite a minute, Was not Flyboy mine…. o.O

      • I asked first, so there 😛

        • Jamie Dutton

          Now now, no need to fight…besides he’s still under-age. Ya’ll will have to wait a bit before he’s legal.

          • Sapfo

            I call dips on 28 year old Flyboy! 😉

          • why wait that long?

          • Sapfo

            Under 28 seems to young…..

          • A little….but I make an exception in his case, so I can have him from 18 to 28?

          • Sapfo

            And then he is mine after 28. Great! Now Doki, you teach him well 😉

          • ^_^ Very well. ^_^

          • really? i mean…i guess under 18 might be overly young…although these days we’re all so accelerated at everything…i’m not even sure that’s true…

          • Adam Black


  • Jamie Dutton

    I bet they’re relieved to finally get there! But Mitch looks determined to do his best. He’s such a sweetie!

  • Jamie Dutton

    Omg, that IS Spooky’s car! Check out the license plate!

    • whoa…great eyes…i didn’t even notice that at first…although now i’m wonder…do they get paid a lot of money to do search and rescues? that seems like a really expensive car to purchase all things considered…

      • Jamie Dutton

        From what Alex has said about Spooks, he’s quite famous. Maybe he’s got endorsement deals?

        • oh…i must have totally missed that bit of info…i didn’t realize Spooky enjoyed celebrity status…i wonder why…

          • Jamie Dutton

            Here ya go, had to go back a few pages to find the quote of what he said:
            “You’re not far off, actually. His work outside of The Young Protectors does involve what are essentially “occult investigations.” And out of all The Young Protectors, for various reasons, Spooky does have the most “fame.” (Something that I look forward to exploring in future comics.)

            There is indeed Spooky merch out there in my world and a cartoon series has been proposed to him more than once, but all that stuff is pretty far off his radar. He has other priorities. He wears this cap for a specific reason and it’s not about money. 🙂 “

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Spinoff: Spooky Investigations, Inc. I need this now.

    • SofiaT

      Is Spooky a little full of himself or is it just me?

      • Jamie Dutton

        Lol, he probably is, Sofia.

    • Jeh Y

      Hey. You never know. Maybe his car is haunted and he’s just issuing a friendly warning to would-be thieves.

  • Holly

    The hell. I don’t camp and the page updates earlier than ever.

    To show my grumpiness I am avoiding the comic until AFTER CHRISTMAS. I shall not be convinced otherwise.

    (Lovely page Alex I’m excited for more. Adam and Veronica did a great job.)

    • Jamie Dutton

      Hi Holly! Missed you at the campgrounds!

    • SofiaT

      We’re grumpy when the page updates a bit late, we’re grumpy when it updates a bit early… Poor Alex, he just can’t win! 😛

      • I win by having the most awesome readers in the world. 🙂

        • Jamie Dutton

          Hey Alex, I forgot to tell you what name I wanted on my fan art didn’t I? :p Just put it under this name please. Hope you liked it!

      • *LOL* I also saw that a couple weeks ago on Teahouse. The page was up about 9 hours early, and there was comments going ‘Aww, now we didn’t get to camp’ … actually we did that anyway, just after the page was up xD

        • Sapfo

          I think thats was me 😉

        • SofiaT

          Nobody will steal our camping away from us. Nobody *glares warningly at Alex*

        • lol…what is Teahouse’s update schedule…for some reason, even though i’ve been following it for a long time…i don’t know lol.

          • Wednesdays. Currently pages are up between noon and the few hours after (in California time), There’s gonna be a special upload schedule for the next 3 months though, because E got herself a freelance job working with something Adventure Time related.

          • ooh…that’s cool…i’m stressed out about the theory that Gilder is going to get it or something to set up Linneus with whatever his name is…not Gilder!

    • Does that mean we’ll get early pages now if you don’t camp? 😛

      • SofiaT

        Actually, the page updated just as I was hanging the clothes to dry. I think I took one for the team. :0/

    • Jamie Dutton

      Here Holly you can have some of Chris’ share of the s’mores! He went and did rl stuff tonight. 😉

    • Adam Black

      I will mail you my tears until you change your mind

    • Adam Black

      ONG I didnt even know it was up when i wrote below!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I know – now I wish I had camped last night!

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    I have a feeling that Mitch will end up a victim somehow–either killed, so that Kyle can avenge him, or manipulated into making some sort of deal with Laampros, which would force Kyle to substitute himself for Mitch. Since we are obviously meant to like him, I surmise that this is setting up the character for a later fall.

    • aww man, i hope not…that would be kind of mean in general 🙁

    • Saxon_Brenton

      [Thinks about this] So I guess this is where the readers all go, “Way to goad the youngest team member into doing something stupid, Fluke.”

      • SofiaT

        I had the feeling Mitch would go there on the last page. *sigh*

        • wait what? no…no…i don’t like this idea… 🙁

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Myself, I’m been (only half facetiously) predicting the Mitch-has-a-crush-on-Kyle-and-will-try-to-protect-him-from-Annihilator,-leading-to-everybody-else-going-‘Huh?’ for a IIRC two pages.

          • SofiaT

            Sounds about right.

            Over-eager teen hero-in-training + hurt friend = stupid actions of heroism.

          • well duh…but does his acts of heroism have to result, even if stupid, in costing him his life?

          • SofiaT

            Oh, I don’t think he’s gonna die. But I do think he’ll do something stupid.

          • i thought that was part of the idea being predicted or whatever given the content of the comment start…so i’ve been reading along thinking, “no no I do not like this idea of Flyboy whatever whatever if it involves him dying…no way…Flyboy is so earnest…it would be so sad…like he’s so incredibly just wanting to be a part of the team”

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      In other words, Flyboy as Patroclus.

    • stickfigurefairytales


  • I wish he was blushing! That would be AWESOME! So sorry that I have a perv head LOL

    • Jamie Dutton

      No problems with that Cagla! Welcome to the club 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Now the big question is: Get a bra on or just go to bed again?

    • i’m glad that is not one of my dilemmas…that sounds annoying…

      • It is. It really is. Necessary, but annoying.

      • Sapfo

        The back pain is enough to make me want to wear it. and yes it is annoying.

        • i’m so sorry…breasts are such weird things…people make a big deal about them being attractive body elements and that in proportion to size but then physically speaking they, especially as their size increases and age does as well, they seem to be really bad for posture etc…it just seems kind of a weird bit of evolution…

          • Sapfo

            Breast confuses me to…. Dont really get them 😉

          • yet another example of life is not fair…

    • I’m gonna stick around a little longer, but after that I’ just going back to my couch, which is currently my bed, and just sleep for hours. I don’t plan to leave it for most of the day (helps that it’s next to the tv so I don’t have to get up for that)

      Edit: no bra for the whole day!!

      • Sapfo

        My heart is in this, but my brain dont seems to be able to turn on right now. Bed it is.

    • SofiaT

      Never put a bra on if you can help it.

      I hate those things.

      • Sapfo

        mines to big not to ;_:

        • Mine is never on unless it has to be because of this problem.

          • Eve

            The minute I walk in the door off come the shoes and the bra. Even Victoria can’t make a bra comfy enough for me to wear when I don’t need to.

          • For me, if I’m not out in public or we’re having company, that thing is in a drawer.

        • I have underwear tops I use instead when I’m home, because I get the need for a bra when you’re at a certain size.
          I seriously don’t get women who want to have them made a big size. I’d gladly give some of mine away xD

          • Sapfo

            Just going to say this one time and then sleep. H85!

      • Adam Black

        im keeping my fingers crossed. ( edit refering to me )

        • SofiaT

          I’ll probably regret asking this but, for what exactly?

          • Adam Black

            Thats one problem i dont need

          • SofiaT

            Man boobs? 😛

          • Adam Black

            so far , so good

          • SofiaT

            Good to know you’ve escaped that horrible fate till now 🙂

          • Adam Black

            from the complaints here, it certainly seems that bad.

            “till now” ?
            nope no Brossiere needed here

          • SofiaT

            Well, you did say “so far”, I’m just agreeing with you 😛

            And thankfully, I’m not one of those girls who have to wear one all the time but yes, bras are a pain. So, lucky you!

          • Adam Black

            If I wake up with a pair, I’m blaming you 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I understand. I’ll take full responsibility, I promise. *nods gravely*

    • Jamie Dutton

      I’m about to call it a night too. Been up since way too early today. Can barely keep my eyes open as it is! So Good night everyone. Have a great weekend!

  • Oh, scary face, Flyboy. o_O

  • Sapfo

    Bye, you all. I´m going back to bed now. My pillow needs me and I do not want to disappoint it

  • Flyboy: Look guys, this is Kyle. I care about him. So if you think that Anni does come back it makes sense for me to be out here.

    *Dramatic pause* I’ll make sure he never returns.

    Cliffnotes over

  • Adam Black

    I want to know,

    what did IS Flyboy;
    or what did he do, to get put in the halfway house for young troubled supers?

    • We need someone to sneak into whatever warehouse or office holds such documents and take a peek.

  • SofiaT

    And that helipad is useful after all.

    Although I doubt those who built it had flying cars in mind.

    • Jeh Y

      Unless Arthur Weasley built it.

      • LimpBiskit

        This. Today and most of tomorrow.

      • Cydney Sabin

        If Arthur built it, then it would probably just drive itself away at the first sign of danger. Remember the Ford Anglica after the Whomping Willow?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      My first though was: Actually, there’s enough room for Mitch to land the car on the ground right beside the door, so don’t worry about the helipad. My second thought is: Okay, but with a supervillain possibly lurking about, tactically what would be the safest landing place? On the helipad so that the car is far enough away that it won’t be damaged in a fight? (Probably redundant in an age of modern weapons, and laughable against a supervillain able to leap the doistances that Annihilator can manage). Or close in to the door for a fast extraction of Kyle?

      • SofiaT

        My first thought was, if Mitch has super-hearing, whether on the helipad or outside the warehouse, he’ll hear everything anyway. So much for it being a secret.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        My first thought was to wonder how they built all this in the first place. Did Anni fly a bunch of Mexicans up there with a couple of cement mixers?

  • Jeh Y

    “Guys, it’s KYLE!”

    Mmmmhmmm? Elaborate. Don’t be shy.

  • I just had a sappy moment…

    A tiny ‘hope’ that when we see the all the guys leaving the warehouse, flying away, that we get a panel with Duncan standing somewhere hidden watching them.. having stayed around silently to make sure Kyle got home okay. (Maybe looking all sad).

    Why am I doing this to myself all the sudden?

    • Jeh Y

      I dunno. That’d just make him seem like a bigger asshole than ever to me.

      Especially if he’s jackin’ it. I bet he is. That monster!

      • Adam Black

        i hope

        • Adam Black

          i got a minus 1.

          Duncan secretly jacking ( fan service ) is the only thing he can do to redeem himself in this book.

          He already wrecked the romance.

          Least he could do is whip it out, before he gets some justice

          • SofiaT

            You’re the only person I know who is trying to get down-votes… *shakes head*

    • SofiaT

      *trembling lip* You. You are evil. *starts sobbing*

      • I’m sorryyy! I don’t know why I felt like doing this to myself.
        Stupid mind thinking too much.

        • SofiaT

          *hugs Danish and cries on her shoulder*

          It’s just that… that… I miss the stupid jerk so much… *sobs some more*

          • Jamie Dutton

            Geez ppl, do I have to get Edna over here or what?

            *pulls out rolled up paper and bops you on the head*
            “PULL yourself together, Woman!”

            Don’t make me look up the link, cause I’m too tired for that right now!

    • Eve

      Oh, now I’m hoping, too. Although if he was waiting, shame on him for not flying to Walmart and zooming by to throw a pair of pants down for poor nekid Kyle!

    • Feverfew_M

      I like your way of thinking!

    • Cydney Sabin

      And that’s where the fan art comes in. I wish I could draw…

  • Edgar

    Is it me or does flyboy seem to be a bit too surprise maybe he’s crushing on kyle and knows annihilator being gay and got jelouse.

    • I have just been converted to the team of ‘we think Mitch has a secret of some sort involving Kyle’. I’m with you, Edgar.

    • Cydney Sabin

      While I’m a bit iffy on knowing about Annihilator, I do think that Flyboy has a crush on Kyle. Finding out about his involvement just made Flyboy scared for Kyle. I don’t believe he’s jealous, just worried.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    A niggling question; In the last panel, who is saying ‘Awesome” and why. The tail looks like it’s poiting (just barely) at Fluke, but it’s close enough that it might be pointing at Mitch. Either one of those could be saying “Awesome” in genuine appreciation of the sight of the mountain top warehouse in front of them. However it also occurs to me that after Mitch’s speech, that Paul might be making a wearily sarcastic comment along the lines of ‘yeah yeah, just as long as you do what Kyle asks. Thoughts?

    • SofiaT

      I thought it was Fluke and that he didn’t say sarcastically but that he sounded relieved. “Great. So we have a deal. No more questions.”

      • Which again makes me wonder more about Mitch’s powers. Because I don’t think they would necessarily encourage him to go against the Annihilator. Would they?

        • SofiaT

          I don’t think Fluke really believes the Annihilator is coming back.

          • Good point.

            Although I could see that backfiring.

          • Cydney Sabin

            I think that’s part of it. Part 1) He wants to keep Flyboy out of any danger. Part 1B) He doesn’t actually think that Annihilator is there, but better safe than sorry. Part 2) He knows Flyboy’s powers are the best way to make sure they’re alone. Part 3) With Flyboy’s powers, he can bring him so he knows what’s going on without “being there,” per se.

        • I see it more as a ‘recognition’ of the fact that of the three of them, Flyboy has the best powers to go against Anni, not that Fluke expect it will be necessary to use them right now.

          • Which makes me even more curious about Mitch’s powers.

    • Jeh Y

      I see it as Fluke saying “Awesome” in the same sarcastic/dismissive way Commander said it in the interlude in response to Spooky’s “We’re looking at porn on the internet!” or something along those lines.

    • It’s Fluke. And your reading is correct. 🙂

  • Oh, hey! Lar illustrates Looking for Group! I know of him!

  • Augh. I want the next page nowish. I would be ok with having the script version of the page, too. 😛 I’m impatient, can you tell?

    • SofiaT

      No, no, no. It’s like eating a roast with the potatoes half-done!

      But yeah, I want it nowish too. *sigh*

      • Siiiiigh….

        • Kinziechan you can read EMR to distract you.

          And/Or you can read SF to distract you.

          ……I have a list of other comics to make the passing days seem to go faster.

          • Ahhhh I love SF. I could always dust off my Chapter 1 slash 2…

          • And Hamlet love just updated tonight. ^_^ I think she is going to end up killing all her fans or sending them to the hospital….and I sooo commented that she was going to turn us all into warm gooey puddley messes before the whole after-battle good times were over.

          • I saw when she posted it

          • Yukiness

            I know what you mean. I grew physically sick with anticipation ever since Cain said, “You can do me; I don’t mind.” I’m still sick with anticipation now that i’ve read the new page because the look in Abel’s eyes when Cain said he can go all final form on his ass is something so beautiful is should be framed. I also have this head canon that Abel is a closet stallion just waiting to be unleashed and now i have to wait another week for closure. My heart cannot take this.

          • She knows just how to play us.

          • Adam Black

            New broodhollow tonight.
            ( 3 new ones ? im in my own world aint, I? )


            They have funny commenters too…

      • i dunno…i feel like Kyle must feel so i just keep thinking, “oh protract it by all means because this is sure to be one of the most awkward conversations ever”

        like ever out of everything.

        • SofiaT

          Conversations like that should be pulled like band-aids. As quickly as possible.

          • “I had sex with Dun..The Annihilator, he summoned a demon, the apocalypse is coming I’M SORRYI’MSORRYI’MSORRY!”

          • alrighty then…i was going to argue with SofiaT but Kinziechan…since you put it that way…i suppose yes…a truly supportive and loyal team member might just process all that and if all things considered- true- then yeah…

            i guess i’d be like, “Oh….okay…well I still don’t want to sit in the back seat…and so our options are stop Annihilator of fight off lots of demons…let’s try to stop Annihilator first.”

            so hmm…yeah…still I’m sure…well now that I think about it…at first i was sort of like, surely Kyle isn’t complaining to himself about how long it’s taking for them to reach him…but maybe he has gotten over the initial shock and is getting impatient…i wonder…

          • Cydney Sabin

            I figure more of a… “I don’t wanna talk about it…” *awkward head turn away*

      • Adam Black

        about once a month,

        1 just doesn’t cut it.

        atleast we can hang out tuesday night.

        Thanks to everybody who can donate to make that happen.

  • Yukiness

    Alex, how did you know “sale” was my second favorite word? Now i can buy posters and magnets after Christmas!

  • Another good reason to have Flyboy wait outside: His reaction to Anni being mentioned.

    ANY reaction like that from Flyboy when Kyle has to ‘fess up in a moment would just make things worse and more awkward while telling what’s happened during the night.
    Kyle needs to be dressed and no longer in his ‘birthday suit’ (oh the irony) when having to tell this to any other than Paul and Spooky.

    • SofiaT

      Don’t you think Flyboy will be able to hear what they say anyway?

      • Most likely, but he won’t be in Kyle’s ‘face’ (view) to let him see his reaction. One thing is looking at someone, knowing they hear you, another is the belief of ‘privacy’ which can make it easier to talk.

        • SofiaT

          True. Unless he starts exclaiming and yelling questions from outside! 😛

          • I’ve though of that. Let’s hope he’s not.. or him not gonna burst in going ‘What?’ either.
            Fluke is probably gonna rip him a new one if he does.

          • Adam Black


        • Cydney Sabin

          Is it possible that Fluke and Spooky planned that? Or was it just a coincidence? Although, in my experience, there really isn’t much that’s really coincidence, especially when it comes to superheroes/supervillians.

      • Derkins

        Fly boy was pretty sneaky about the fan porn they tried to hide from him. I wouldn’t put “dropping eaves” past him. But he does actually seem committed to keeping lookout, here.

        • SofiaT

          He also has “owl hearing” 😀

          And he is a little devil, isn’t he?

          • Derkins

            Jeez, he’s got all kinds of sweet skills. Gotta watch out for that one, for sure. He can keep lookout and eaves drop at the same time!

          • dereule101

            Plot twist: Owl hearing just means he can hear owls really, really well.

          • Adam Black

            Owl have all the best gossip.

          • dereule101

            His owl hearing is helpful because they’re notorious mumblers.

          • Adam Black

            Who who?

          • Steven K.

            But they’ve evolved to have nearly silent flight.

          • Plot twist: The hearing and the vision were switched. Eagle hearing and owl vision.
            His hearing can pick up a pin dropping at 400 feet on a stormy night but his eyes can see jack shit.

          • dereule101

            But owls have remarkable vision in low light and daylight. 🙂

          • Depends on the breed of Owl. The Owls in Arizona rely on their hearing because of their poor eyesight.

          • dereule101

            Well, species really. Owls don’t really have breeds – more like morphs. But as far as poor vision, in general owls don’t have great near vision but excellent farsightedness. There are species like the barn owl, which have decent eyesight but because of all American owl species they are the most nocturnal, they can hunt in complete darkness using sound alone. *is a former raptor rehabilitator and is generally owl obsessive :)*

          • Word of God, dereule101.

            (OK. Maybe not. But I like the cut of your jib.)

          • HA!

      • Adam Black

        ( mouth gapes open )
        wow! Just wow.
        This is why I like when you speculate.

  • So I’ve been going back and reading the other chapters and there are a couple of “ooooooh” moments I’m stumbling across. The most prominent one being Chapter 1 Page 21: “Honestly, I find myself rather giddy. New possibilities do make one feel…*young*”

    Alex, you sneaky bugger.

    • SofiaT

      That page is what made all the “youth seeking” theories explode a few months back. 🙂

      Of course, in all our theorizing, a deal with the devil never crossed our mind… and considering that the most famous story of seeking lost youth is that of Faust, in retrospect we all feel a bit like idiots (or at least I do). Sneaky Alex, indeed.

      • LMAO I really didn’t start getting into the comic until after this page was posted, so I missed out on that. I just thought it was funny. Even reading through the first time, I didn’t even think about it.

        • Derkins

          I can’t imagine reading the comic knowing where this was even remotely going. I was a fan of Artifice before the Young Protectors pages started posting, so I was super excited when I found out it was happening. Thank goodness for all the extra updates we’ve gotten, cause the wait to see where this has been going has been…much anticipated! To say the least.

          • I started reading around the time they got to China, actually, so not too long after the linked page.

        • SofiaT

          I only just discovered it last July too. 🙂

      • Derkins

        I do believe someone theorized about summoning a demon, if i remember correctly, which is pretty close. Though admittedly, it doesn’t carry quite the same weight as the situation we find ourselves in now.

    • Derkins

      oOOoh, good find! All kinds of hidden context! Now I’ve gotta read back through ’em, too…

    • Adam Black

      Most people caught that. ( not me )

      I thought it was too literal

  • Adam Black

    I just walked 1/2 mile ( with a bum leg, wtf !) outside in this

    ( to get milk and free sandwiches ) :

    ” 2AM Sat Dec 14 13°F ( -11C ) Mostly Cloudy
    >>>FEELS LIKE: 1° F <<<<

    HUMIDITY: 46% PRECIP: 0% "

    WIND:NW at 9 mph.

    For the Fahrenheit challenged, 0°F ( or as i think if it, True Human 0° )

    is the temperature that SALT water freezes: and thus BLOOD.
    ( google says this is -17.22°Celsius windchill )

    and w/out socks. I think it was the first time i left my house since Monday

    I should ve known It was crazy cold, cuz my buildings heat only gets superhot when its freezing out. Which it made it worse

    They had No sandwiches either. So like a good New Englander, I got us all Chocolate Brownie Ice cream. I had to make this barefoot trip thru frozen hell worth something for us.

    Tomorrow it gets warmer, and its going to snow 10 inches WTF.

    Least i got milk . ITs not even "winter" yet.

    I dont know about Europe, but i think this is going to be a cold winter.

    The walk back ( up 2 hills ) wasnt as bad. I got that cold cheeriness you get from when your brain freezes, and your thoughts clarify,
    (similar effect to when you walk out of a sauna into cool air )
    but your body is warm.

    ( even though i was cold as shit with a down coat thermal shirt and 2 pairs of pants ) or I dunno. Maybe painkillers kicked in?

    I kind if want to go back out again. Maybe if i am feeling f*cking insane, ill climb on the roof. wait, Is tonight the Geminids? air so cold they ought be visible…

    Chocolate, Chocolate Brownie…Ice-cream…..

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      I’m with you on thinking this is going to be a cold one. Maybe it’s the mostly mild (with some hot spikes) summer, and the mild start we had to fall, or the relatively late drop in temperatures, but I just feel this winter’s going to be bad in this region. I think my arthritis (yes, arthritis at under 30, I was rough on my body when I was younger!) is working as a good barometer, and so far, it’s been hellish, and we’re still not into what’s normally the coldest part of winter yet.

      Please be careful when your mind gets that cold cheeriness and your body feels warm in that kind of cold – hypothermia is a distinct possibility.

      • Adam Black

        I wasnt out that long.

        I think you have to go through a stage of numbness, and maybe turning blue , first

    • Steven K.

      Awww – sometimes you can be wonderfully poetic. It’s nice to see these aspects come through. Whatever our philosophical disagreements might be sometimes, I really do wish you all the best in dealing with your chronic pain issues. As I’ve alluded, my own health situation has me stretched a little thin right now with my emotions, etc. – I’m trying to learn to live with my own private hell from all the repercussions of kidney failure and what I’m now stuck having to do for the rest of my life or until I get a replacement organ – the basics are bad enough, but when there are some added rare complications, it really is a crappy thing. So hang in there. Those were some wonderful thoughts and musings you just stated in the midst of adversity. It’s nice when we can put all the pain and suffering on hold just long enough to find a spark of pleasure and hope in life’s simple wonders.

      • Adam Black

        That is all kinds of terrible. If I am having this much trouble when I am supposed to be healthy, I cant even imagine coping with the full loss of an organ. ( although I probably should consider the possibility ).
        You are probably doing much better job than I would in your shoes.

        Im tempted to think If i said something poetic it was due to pain meds. ( But that wouldnt be entirely a bad thing, because it means I am thinking more clearly to do that ).

        Pain is terrible, but I have health care. Im told that is supposed to make me happy. The problem with that logic is that its based on the idea that things could be worse. Which is exactly the problem to deal with , that they may be. and how to make my life work around it.
        Which it really isnt.

        I think you should have hope… OK these following thoughts are not very nice, but you must think them a lot
        . I would :). A sense of humor doesnt stay “nice” with chronic pain” ( Not me )

        Stupid reckless people die all the time with perfectly good kidneys. Some anonymous future Darwin Awarder certainly deserves the chance to gift his kidney to you.
        The news is full of them. So, why not , you?

        Its like a modern Gorey story. “Bob is for Bob, who fell off a log” “c is for chad/ who was very, *VERY* sad.
        D is for Dunkin, In quicksand he sunk in
        ‘F is for frank- it was something he drank”
        S is for Sidney, he had a poor ticker but donated his Kidney”
        I thought i could come up with something better.

        Thanks for the compliments.

        • That a lot of hard shit for anyone. I’m just wishing you and StevenK a better 2014. Sorry that doesn’t help anyone very much, but it’s a sincerely lobbed wish in both your directions.

          Take care and feel better.


      • Adam Black

        The adversity in that moment probably wasnt that high.
        It was only potential.

        But can frequently only tell, after the fact.

        My thoughts have soured , since.

  • Another thing to note, going back and reading, is that Duncan says that Kyle will always be safe with him. “Remember that.”
    I would love to hear from the lovely people of the comments section on what they think about this knowing what is happening now. I believe that Duncan can still be trusted and that Kyle will need to go back to him eventually, even if just for help. I still love Duncan as not only a character but as a love interest for Kyle. What do the lovely men and women of these comments think?

    • Adam Black

      That base broke a long time ago.

      You are just lucky Flyboy cant hear you

      • Ha! I have always been one of those kinds of people who just doesn’t give up on their favorite characters, no matter what they do.
        Like Snape.

        • I cried. I really didn’t like Snape until the very very end of HBP…….the last scene with him and Harry. I cried at the Shrieking Shack in DH and then again when Harry was looking at the memories. Then again, I think I spent a lot of time crying in DH.

          • SofiaT

            My feelings for Snape were always mixed. In the first few books I disliked him but I didn’t think him evil. I just didn’t like how unfair he was to Harry. But I realised there was more to him in HBP, when Harry got into his head. And I was convinced of his innocence when he killed Dumbledore. By that point there were too many hints that he was one of the good guys to miss them.

          • Good guy or not, I didn’t really find Snape likable until the end.

          • i love how much of a cold bastard he was to everyone…like come on…in reality you know that there are always those ones who are just totally unenthusiastic about the usual bullshit nonsense that occupies everyone else and sure they’re just as likely to tell you to shut up and sit down as they are to explain blah blah blah whatever…but if they’re in it, they’re in it…and I can’t tell specifically why it was that Snape always struck me as a pretty solid person…maybe it was that he was like the only teacher that seemed to challenge Harry and Hermione (as they were both holy terrors in two different ways…I mean can you imagine…Harry Potter surely was not a very humble person…I mean seriously…it’s not like he ever failed catastrophically at anything…did he? Hermione on the other hand…gets a Time Turner and doesn’t just permanently deal with Voldemort herself… I mean if I had a Time Turner and any lethal spell…which I’d be surprised if Hermione hadn’t taught herself all known lethal spells in her very first year…I mean if she was truly smart I feel like she could probably even deduce the spell specifics from just the spell description…just a feeling…anyway…can you imagine having the two of them in class?

            Frankly Snape’s reactions to them were pretty professional I thought as I too wouldn’t want to cater to either’s overly inflated egos or whatever…

          • Steven K.

            But you can also understand how bitter and bittersweet his position was. Promising to protect the son who is the product of the union of the woman (person) you love (but could never have) with the man who is your rival and antagonist. You promise to care for him, out of your love for the other, but he constantly reminds you that you were not the one to have the pleasure and joy and honor of the relationship that fathered him.

          • yeah…i wonder how that would feel in actuality…hmm…

          • SofiaT

            That’s what my mixed feelings were about. This prejudice against Harry made me dislike him but I knew Dumbledore trusted him and I trusted Dumbledore, so… But I didn’t start to like him until HBP, when we saw how James had bullied him in school. His treatment of Harry made sense then and -even though it was still unfair- I couldn’t hold it against him anymore.

            I have a thing for broken characters who lash out to the world because they feel lonely and unloved. Loki, Duncan, Snape, the Grinch, just to name a few. 😀

          • Steven K.

            Well, if I ever get testy again, you can just add me to that list – cuz that’ll likely be why.

          • i cried too for Snape! that was like one of the most tearful moments i’ve experienced with a story lol

          • Steven K.

            Well, I cried too. since I identified with Snape in that I was never able to have the love of my life, which has been unrequited, and he ended up with someone else instead – just like Snape’s love for Lilly.

        • Hmm…wow…that’s a comparison I’m not sure Duncan deserves…

          I mean Snape always displayed characteristics of resisting Voldemort and the big reveal at the end regarding his counter-Voldemort efforts wasn’t that surprising really given that he’d been following Dumby’s direction…

          that was probably the most genius thing Rowling did…but even that doesn’t make up for the nonsense of scripting Hermione as the greatest witch whatever and then never utilizing her to actually defeat Voldemort…

          Duncan hasn’t really displayed anything thus far that would indicate that he’s got some kind of long reaching gambit going…

          • I think that Duncan has displayed characteristics that show that he is a good person as well, even if it is just in dialogue, with Kyle telling us he’s been helping people. I believe that this is just a matter of opinion, though.

          • hmm…my psychological analysis instincts tell me that all of that behavior/dialog was purposely contrived to deceive Kyle…yes…i admit it, i’m totally trying to sink the Redilator 😛

          • It is possible. I am a wait and see kind of person! I will wait and see and buy you a drink if you’re right.

          • i’ll continue launching torpedo at Redilator in order to shore up my chances for that drink…not that i actually really care about the drink per se…i just hate to lose…i get super competitive about everything lol.

    • SofiaT

      Well, he didn’t get hurt physically. And Duncan never said he’d make sure he’d stay emotionally intact too so… technically he didn’t lie about that.

      But go tell that to Kyle… Somehow I don’t think he’ll see it that way. And I don’t blame him.

      • At this point in the comic, I believe that most people will find it incomprehensible for them to get back together. However, like there were hints to the youth, I believe that this was a nod to what is to come. He may have momentarily betrayed Kyle however no character is beyond redemption.

        • SofiaT

          You’re talking to the captain of the Redilator.

          That’s preaching to the choir. 😀

          • Redilator?

          • SofiaT

            *gasps* You haven’t heard of that beautiful ship, The Redilator?? My second in command informs me it’s now turned into a submarine, but its crew remains faithful. We have life jackets and all if you wanna join us.

          • Lifejackets, and ample ship repair materials.

          • SofiaT

            Aye, aye. And buckets and muffins. Just because.

          • And virbrainuim umbrellas that double as shields and swords

          • SofiaT

            Shields only. We’re a friendly ship 🙂

          • Just for defense *innocent look* promise.

          • Explain? 😀

          • SofiaT

            I thought you’ve been with us for some time now? How could you have missed the ship passing by, blowing its horn?!

            In short, The Redilator is the ship for all those who think Duncan is only a little bad and misguided and not completely evil.

            We like the bastard and we think he’ll redeem himself somehow because he’s too awesome a villain to disappoint us like that.

            When The Redilator started getting water in, back when the first spell was cast, we handed out life jackets and buckets, for the crew to help take the water out and keep it floating. Then we had this wonderful idea (because we’re good marketers) to fill the buckets with muffins for those who join us. But the members of Team Pitchfork have been waiting, trying to poke more holes into our ship with their pitchforks, so we also brought an umbrella made of vibranium to use as a shield against their attacks. In retrospect, we should have built the ship of vibranium too… We’ll keep it in mind for next time.

            But we’re nothing if not versatile, so The Redilator is now a submarine! But because my awesome superpower is being able to breath under water, as its captain I’m still on deck, waiting to give the signal for it to resurface again 😀

            And yes, this was the short version. 😛

          • I’ve been with the comic since January, the comments maybe… June? July?
            Regardless, I will join your submarine.

          • SofiaT

            @Admiral, bring over a life jacket and a welcoming bucket full of muffins, if you please. We have a new crew member!

          • FUCK YEAH! Submarine ride AND muffins!

          • Welcome! *hands welcome over welcome bucket* It has everything you’ll ever need.

          • you guys don’t fight fair…what with offers of submarine rides and muffins…hmm

          • whaa…another one lost to tthe Redilator…hmm…Duncan would be a formidable public relations challenge as it seems like people can be aware of his “evils” and yet totally love him…lol

          • SofiaT

            It’s charisma. He was born with it!

          • well I’m immune to charisma effects…i don’t think his oh so disarming I’m-perfect-for-you-because-you-can’t-hurt-me speech counts as a charisma effect…i think of that more as plain old deception…

            so i’m certainly not going to be won over by his charms again lol…i get his character…doesn’t mean that i think he’s at all a deserving match for Kyle though 😛

          • Haha I appear to be lost to the world.

          • well then obviously you’d benefit from a search and rescue by our intrepid band of heroes 😛

          • HA!

          • SofiaT


          • stickfigurefairytales

            Can we have a spin-off comic of the ship/team sagas? That would be so cool.

          • Ha! A fan collaboration comic!

          • SofiaT

            “The Redilator: Legend of the Seven Seas”.

            Coming soon to a movie theater near you.

          • lol…i feel like forces are assembling around another ship…maybe any ship at that…just to sink the Redilator 😛

          • Oh, please. Just because I have poked enough holes in your tiny rubber dinghy (all that is left of the once mighty Armada Redilator) for it to sink beneath the waves, and you’ve all got your snorkles out, that does NOT make it a “submarine.”

          • SofiaT

            Ha! As you can see, we even have new members on board. The Redilator is still traveling the high seas, my friend! 😀

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Don’t forget to mention the neopren suits and the breathing gear for emergency floodings and I would like to install a mini submarine for grocerie shopping. Those muffin buckets won’t hold forever, you know?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      The superficial reading of Annihilator’s actions in chapter 2 is that that statement was probably a glib lie. There might be mitigating circumstances with the hinted at forthcoming crisis, but we don’t have enough details about that yet. We *do* have enough hints that Annihilator is emotionally conflicted and had to psyche himself to go through with the ‘moustache twirling villain routine’ of his deal with Laampros. And one of Alex’s strengths has been writing intriguingly complex and ambiguous characters. If Annihilator remains one of the two main protagonists in this story, then at some point I fully expect some type of situation where Annihilator will be tempted to try and repay Kyle for the pain he caused him. Extra points if it involves abandoning his plan with the Priestess. What that situation might be, whether he acts on that temptation, and whether he succeeds are all things I couldn’t begin to guess at.

      • SofiaT

        Actually, there was no mustache twirling… nor a “mwa ha ha” moment.

        I always liked Anni but until he betrayed Kyle, I didn’t know what his intentions were. So I was worried he’d do something to make me hate him. Like twirl a mustache for example.

        I believe more in his redemption now than I did when they were having dinner and drinking that fancy wine.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          I understand. For what it’s worth, that’s why I used the description ‘routine’. I believe it was something he thought he needed to do even though he regretted it. This why, on the one hand, he gave the hinted at explanation of an upcoming crisis and the apology to Kyle, while on the other hand making comments like “it was my selfishness that truly allowed me to do this to you.” Like a lot of other people opined at the time, I believe that some of that may be true, but a lot of it is bluster. A facade of being a big bad bad-guy.

          Notwithstanding that the sheer magnitude of what Annihilator did by arranging for an invasion of Earth (and to Kyle more-or-less as collateral damage) I think using that angle as the basis for redeeming Annihilator would be an interesting story direction. Having him want to protect the Earth from an upcoming crisis, and being shown by Kyle and friends that there’s a better way, but clinging to the facade of being a supervillain because he thinks he’s too old to change… But I’m rambling…

          • SofiaT

            I’m with you. If you wat to keep rambling, I won’t stop you 🙂

          • keep rambling!

            i’m loving this comment thread…it exemplifies why TYP is such an amazing work…the characters are so multi-dimensional it’s hard to pigeon hole any of them…which certainly makes reactions an interesting I definitely never liked Duncan but held my tongue because I didn’t want to spoil everyone else’s amusement with that ship…then I too got caught up in the ship at the very end because Duncan was just being perfectly suitable for someone like Kyle…of course now I’m back to disliking Duncan and frankly hope that he gets his ass handed to him…but it’s interesting to see how passionately people still hold to the idea of Duncan as a redeemable character…

            I’m thinking that unless “Heaven” is run by a bunch of self-righteous psychopaths…it seems really unlikely that Duncan had any sort of noble motivation because really…what could be so bad that you’re going to pave the way for a demon invasion…I mean…again, maybe Heaven is got a dark secret…I feel like that’s unlikely in this story…though I do have wonder just for the sake of thoroughness…how exactly did Duncan/Laamparos shield themselves from Heaven’s watch?

            anyway…I feel like Duncan is the kind of person who has existed in a rarefied from which he’s made command decisions that consistently are in his interests at the expense of others…and with a long history of that kind of behavior, it’s probably not a question of is he a sociopath but how much so. and thus if he’s aging and dealing with impending mortality it really makes sense that he’d do what he’s doing.

            i don’t think many people truly understand how powerful the threat of demise can be when you are fully aware of such and also someone highly invested in mortal existence…by which I mean it’s not just that Duncan is cognizant of his mortality (I think), it’s that Duncan have massive momentum probably behind him from all of his criminal activity and so it would be like telling a NFL superstar that he should simply retire from his passion rather than exploit the lives of some random whomevers ino order to stay in the game…somebody who is at the top of the food chain and know they’re going to fall unless they make a move will make that move, I’d imagine,, if that move comes at a cost far outweighed by the gain.

            Since Duncan isn’t really thinking about anyone other than maybe Priestess, it would make sense that he just screw everyone else over in order to gain immortality and a permanent seat of power…which I think is funny…it seems to me that Duncan isn’t really as smart as he fancies himself because not only did he fail to realize/deduce Kyle’s familial connections, he also _wants_ to rule North America…

            A true evil genius would be like- take the populace and just leave me a private sanctuary apart…with a division set in non-revocable way…then one could happily enjoy life or whatever…I mean if Duncan really takes over North America he’s going to spend a lot of time governing…unless he just kills a ton of the population…and I just say that because knowing my fellow Americans, I know that a huge majority of us would be like, “What demons? For real? We want to meet them!” And then mobs of crazy Americans would be scrambling to meet the hordes of hell…which would probably be bad for Duncan as ruler…I mean what’s he going to do if a bunch of his populace wants to flee the country because they actually want to hang out with demons?

            I mean Americans are nuts…we just are…we’re totally insane…and I don’t really understand why anyone would want to rule us if they could just walk off and turn us over to someone else…

            Anyway…Duncan is an idiot in my book lol….

          • Haha, I agree we are nuts.
            And I also agree that Duncan is something of an idiot. I mean, seriously, there could have been another way to go about this.

          • SofiaT

            He is an idiot. And a jerk.

            But we love him anyway 🙂

          • Yus <3

          • well i don’t…and i’m not opposed to sinking ship Redilator 😛

          • SofiaT

            I’ll let you in on a little secret: the only one who can sink the Redilator is Duncan. And if he hasn’t managed to do it so far, I don’t see it happening any time soon 😉

          • well i’m not above reaching through the ether to tug on those strings…i really don’t see why Duncan should even have a second chance to even get close enough to talk…though i can see a more heart to heart conversation between Laamparos and Duncan consisting of, “So…you used my son to get my attention…let me impress upon you why you’ll never do that again…” lol

          • Steven K.

            That could be interesting, though Laampros didn’t seem all that concerned that Kyle was all bound and immobilized, or asking Duncan why that was the case, or even commenting on that being a proper or improper way to treat a prince of Hell, etc.

          • well…yeah…i’m also wondering about all that as well…why was Laampros so nonchalant about the whole thing?

            i mean, at the most fundamental level, what Duncan did is kind of bad for Laampro’s image in general because if other people/powers/entities/whatever found out that Duncan could do so with impunity- well it just seems bad for his reputation…i dunno…i just feel like in the long run he wouldn’t want to let something like that go unaddressed.

          • well he’s probably painted himself into a corner…i mean so far we’ve just seen the Young Protectors…i don’t know if Alex has stated any details yet but i’m guessing that there are more militant/combative groups of superheroes that are probably working to neutralize Annihilator.

            the thing is that sometimes i think one has to just harden one’s heart to people like Duncan because i mean look at what he’s done…of course if he feels the need he’s probably going to try to appeal to people’s forgiving natures and seek to justify his actions as just yet another misguided criminal…but…really…when do you stop giving someone breaks for massively hurting other people?

          • I suppose I am looking at this with an overly affectionate eye; I truly enjoy him as a character. I will watch and wait and see what he does and make up my mind as the comic continues.

          • lol..i guess i love to despise him…i’m ready to start daydreaming of horrible fates for him lol..

          • I have a sidestory in my head where Platinum Priestess had forced Duncan into what he did.
            HOWEVER, there is the image that Alex teased us with in the Kickstarter.

          • SofiaT

            Strangely, I don’t like the idea that Anni was forced by anyone but himself. It doesn’t fit his character, being forced to do anything. He’s a born leader and he obviously has a deep dislike in taking orders. You saw how he spoke to the big, bad demon.

            I think this is all him. But there’s still so much we don’t know and we have been given enough evidence that he’s not completely heartless or unfeeling, to believe that redemption is possible for him.

          • Hm. Perhaps not forced, but coerced or bribed. I like to think of the remorse he showed for previous acts as genuine instead of just something to say to lure Kyle

          • SofiaT

            I think that his remorse was real. But so was his conviction that he did what he had to do.

            It’s why he was both apologetic and unapologetic at the same time. “I”m sorry but I won’t say I’m sorry because even though I’m sorry I’d do it again”.

            He’s a complicated man, our Duncan.

          • Unless he was lead to believe that this was the only way? Maybe convinced he was getting weaker or dying etc. He could be getting manipulated through his free of being powerless.

          • SofiaT

            That’s always a possibility.

          • Perhaps it was implied that this was the only way to save the person he cared for most.
            I’m head nudging towards Kyle.

          • SofiaT

            But I don’t think he always cared about Kyle. I think he planned this a loooong time ago and Kyle for him was just a pawn… until he wasn’t.

            Our Little Hero got under his skin against his will.

            Or that’s how I like to think of it.

          • I would like to believe that Kyle was meant to be a pawn until he started to research and get to know him. I think when he first met him was the moment he realized that he had some emotion for him.

          • SofiaT

            I feel that their defining moment was Hong Kong.

            Duncan had underestimated Kyle and what he was capable of. I believe Hong Kong was when he started to reconsider.

          • It could be that late in the game. I think that he underestimated him and began to view him with something other than affection at that point, most likely respect or adoration.
            This could be wrong speculation. We are only on chapter three. But I am a fan of Duncan and until he does something to prove me wrong, I believe that he can be redeemed as a character.

          • SofiaT

            We were discussing the use of the petname “Little Hero” in the previous page. I don’t remember if you were part of that discussion but for me what started as patronising was later a sign of respect and affection.

            Duncan knows that Kyle is ten times the man he’ll ever be.

          • I was not a part of that discussion but I wish I had been.
            I do agree with you, and those involved. I quite like how you look at that and I can only imagine Alex sitting at his computer with a slight smirk as if to say “they’ll never really know.”

          • That’s possible too. If he didn’t do this someone else would have and sacrificed Kyle? Or something like that.

          • hmm…you know there is caring for someone in your mind and then there is caring for someone in actuality…Duncan not only used Kyle to contact Laamparos, he has now thrown Kyle into an utter rock and hard place…I bite my tongue when the comic first started…like when Alex first launched this comic I totally disliked Annihilator but people seemed to be into him so much I said nothing…now I’m obviously Team Kyle and not Duncan…but I guess we’ll see what happens right…we should all form like a betting pool or something and then…and then what I’m not sure…

          • It’s ok to not like him! I completely understand not liking him! I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt in this situation because I have a feeling that there is more to this situation than has been revealed to us. Duncan wouldn’t insist so vehemently that he has no feeling Kyle, repeatedly, if he wasn’t trying to convince himself as well.

          • hmm…well I guess one of us will be eating our words then lol…cuz it’s got to go one way or the other…either Duncan was working an unseen angle and will redeem himself or he wasn’t and won’t…

            the thing is if Alex is writing the characters as i’m perceiving them…Duncan is a smooth talking, manipulative, self-centered individual who probably made the poor choice of devoting his efforts to questionable if not criminal activities and most likely now that he’s aging he’s got to figure out a retirement plan so to speak…like seriously…just because he’s in a retirement home is probably no reason that the various enforcement forces will just leave him alone…without Laamparo’s boon he will find himself aging to the point of frailty, i’d imagine, and then he’s just going to be taken out by a younger set of opponents…

            yeah…i really doubt that he’s working from a position of good…

          • One of us will owe the other a drink at the end of this comic! lol And I would be perfectly ok with being wrong. I am always happy to be proved wrong when it comes to stories and what I think will happen.

          • it’s a deal…assuming our physical locations are even remotely adjacent…unless we get upgraded to Federation plus replicators soon…

            i’m on a mission to not necessarily float ship Fire Fly but to definitely sink ship Redilator.

          • Hikaru Takemori

            You know, I do belive a person can be so complex and complicated that both interpretations are correct at the same time.

          • well…that would be interesting to see if such was the overall character arc for Duncan…it’s hard to pull off that depth of character i think…

          • Steven K.

            Maybe he could have just let Kyle in on a few things and at least attempt to explain the situation and ask Kyle if he’d allow himself to be used as a portal, etc. – letting him know that the world/galaxy, etc. is at risk and it is calling for desperate measures – and I think Kyle’s nature of wanting to help and save people may have allowed him to be convinced. I still wonder if Duncan knew somehow about the Laampros-Kyle connection – a number of things would indicate to me that he didn’t – but if there was some hint of that, even more for Duncan to argue why he needed Kyle’s help – that family connection could have helped out. He could have asked Kyle if he ever wondered about his real parentage, etc., and then said something like, “If you come with me and help me cross the barrier there will be some important information for you to know regarding your heritage awaiting for you. On the other hand, if Duncan knew about Laampros being Kyle’s son, then there would have been no need to paralyze and mute Kyle and tell him that his silence might just be what saves his life, as one wouldn’t expect the Lord of the Underworld to slay his prince just for helping Duncan visit. In fact, Laampros ends up showing more affection to Kyle before he swooped off than Duncan did before leaving him naked and broken and alone.

        • Sofia, Sofia, Sofia… WHAT? No mustache twirling???


          That look of Duncan’s, in the last panel, is worth like five million mustache twirls, and probably means that IF Duncan ever HAD a mustache it twirled right off in his excess of evilness and he can’t regrow it anymore.

          I could have given you many many many evil Duncan mustache-twirl-look-links, but I’m being kind and gentle and just giving you one to extrapolate from because you are a delicate girl and I don’t want to overwhelm you. *snort*

          Duncan-dude is the ULTIMATE mustache twirler. I think he learned to do it from Clarice M. who hides her evil mustache twirling behind a bunch of estrogen.

          Sofia, don’t worry, I know you are a true innocent and pure of heart, so it’s hard to believe all this mustache twirling evil exists, but should true evil try to sneak up and twirl its stache on you, I’m here to help you spot it before it can get you.

          You can trust me… 🙂

          Your stalwart protector,
          Christopher D.

        • Steven K.

          Although at that point (the dinner, etc.) he had nothing to have to be redeemed from/for yet – at least regarding Kyle.

      • There are so many situations that could have led to this as well as situations that could form because of this. For instance, it is possible that while Duncan said he was not interested in Kyle before being prodded into the situation, he had been watching him. He stated that he knew few good people and had he had the chance, he would have preferred to be like Kyle (I am, of course, paraphrasing). This may have been him blowing rainbows up Kyle’s ass or it could have been his own genuine longing. He wanted to be good, but he couldn’t because of the way he grew up/ the situations he was brought into. It is also possible that not only had he had that longing to be like Kyle, he had developed genuine feelings for him and was thoroughly conflicted when it came to the implementation of the plan, which can be seen in his telling Kyle it is good he has to remain silent as well as his trying to intervene when Laampros became a little too interested in the little guy.

        I like to give Duncan the benefit of the doubt because I find him to be a relateable character.

        • that’s funny…i find Duncan to be the exact opposite of what i relate to…for starters he’s obviously a pretty elitist kind of guy in that he casually jaunts from North America to …was it Hong Kong? anyway…really…how many people can just call upon their best bud to whisk them through magical portals?

          on top of that, though Alex has only hinted at it, i get the sense that Duncan is the kind of global power player that i despise…someone who exploits others for simply personal profit…

          his deception with presenting himself to Kyle as someone that Kyle could feel safe around in terms of letting go…well that is just not relateable for me because for whatever reasons, I really cannot behave like that…I’d much rather just up front take out someone or exploit them or whatever…I really don’t like gaining people’s trust just to betray them as I think I would feel as if I’m betraying myself but that’s probably also because I tend to be very distant with most people…

          • I don’t find his current deeds to be relatable, it is his past that I relate to. I have had a rough life and I can relate to his need to prove himself, to be the best. I still give Duncan the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the situation because of his past and his actions prior to the betrayal.

          • hmm…hmm…not sure how to respond other than to say that i’ve had my share of nightmarish challenges to deal with my entire life…i’ve yet to simply throw in the towel and build my own evil empire…mostly because, and maybe we can all blame Frank Herbert for being the first truly formative book I read when I was like…i dunno…eight? anyway, i have this stubborn streak that’s like…”I don’t really care what are the circumstances acting upon me…I still want to feel and think that I’m behaving according to my own standards” of course right now given the plethora of personalities i cycle through regularly, that can be a little confusing when they start to conflict…but whatever that’s neither here nor there….

            i don’t really sympathize with Duncan at all…if he’s such a powerhouse in terms of his super powers…and he seems pretty conniving and such…why couldn’t he have acted in the betterment of others…

            i just recently came to the realization that “good” is often motivated from a standpoint of serving social interests which largely means behaving in the interests of others…which i also realized is kind of its own reward in the long run because if you’ve truly served the interests of others and they are aware of this…well i feel like you’re probably more likely to be able to count on those aiding you in return…which if you think about the life of a super criminal or whatever…to have to spend your entire existence running from law enforcement or whatever…and then to be considered an enemy by most etc etc…it just doesn’t seem like a very relaxing way to end your life…

            that’s the thing…fiction almost never shows you the life of a villain over the long run and in particular i don’t think i’ve ever seen a treatment of an aging villain who has to worry about how they’re going to literally die in peace while being hunted by the heroes or whatever…

            …you’d have to be kind of nuts i think to willingly commit to that kind of a life and…i dunno…did Duncan just not think about the future? if so, and i was Kyle…i don’t think i’d want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t assess their future…

          • I don’t think that he did think about the future, just his present and what he needed to do to gain respect, even if that respect is motivated by fear. I will agree with you on that point.

            But like Duncan said, there are no good and evil people, there are just people. People do evil deeds as well as good deeds. He has done his fair share of evil as well as his fair share of good. At this point, his evil deeds outweigh his good.

            I think that once the dossier comes out with Duncan’s past, we will be able to see what motivates him. Which is one thing I appreciate about Alex in this work. We could all be sitting here in hatred and confusion of a character we know little about but he is going to be putting together this work for us so we can see his deeds and decide for ourselves what is going on and if he truly is going to be someone who is savable or if he is someone who needs to be eradicated to further the story.

          • well i just feel then in response to the matter of giving Duncan time to play all of his cards…

            for sure it depends on what exactly Alex details regarding Duncan in the upcoming pages…that said i’ll continue to note that Alex has depicted a set of characters that have thus far behaved in a very genuine manner.

            genuine speaking Kyle better grow up really fast and learn that he cannot continue to be so trusting particularly not to someone like Duncan..I mean…I kept thinking much of the time that Annihilator was wooing Kyle that he was falling into a trap but I didn’t want to ruin things..of course now I have no compunction about clamoring for the end to ship Redilator as what Duncan did was the epitome of betrayal..I don’t think that there is anything Duncan could do or explain to justify the atrocious violation of trust done to Kyle.

            furthermore, i think we should all pause for a moment and remember…yes…the fact that Duncan sold the Keys to Paradise to Laamparos for selfish reasons that’s all beside the fact that HE OPENED EARTH UP TO A DEMON INVASION.

            lets think on that again…because i feel like the full impact of his actions isn’t coming across to everyone because this is a “story” and therefore people just sort of see the dilemma and then go, “Oh dilemma oh the hero will just rise to deal with it as usual, I’ll just ride along and see what happens…”

            but that’s the thing…this like as if Duncan nuked the entire planet or something…except that would probably be more humane…

            …I don’t think the demons are going to have much interest in keeping any population of humans alive…as what I’m guessing they want is the actual Earth rather than the humans as homo sapiens aren’t like dragons or unicorns…it’s not like their blood is magical or something so what need will the demons have for billions of humans?

            Duncan has done like the dickest move possible in all existence I think…he’s basically taken the protections around Earth, nullified them and in doing so given access to the very creatures that probably should least be present on Earth- I mean that’s seriously bad shit there…i’m sorry but the Redilator needs a couple of torpedoes in it asap…

          • I know you’re being light-hearted here when you say the “Redilator needs a couple of torpedoes in it,” but I’m noticing things have been getting just a little heated with this topic on this page and the essence of my Comment Policy is to use a tone of respect when talking to and about other commenters here. So, I’m asking folks to keep the topic of their comments about expressing what they themselves think instead of about convincing other people that they are wrong. Basically, this is the essence of the idea of what I vs. you statements is about.

            The goal of this is to promote engaged and fun conversation. (There are lots of places on the Internet for win vs. lose debates; this just isn’t one of them.) So, let’s please keep the tone here one where we go out of our way to make our fellow commenters feel respected for what they have to say, even if we might disagree with it. One where we move on without comment if we’re feeling we’d have to show the other person how wrong they are for thinking what they think.

            Let’s keep all torpedoes safely secured in their tubes. At least in this Comment Section. 🙂


          • okay no more imaginary torpedoes 🙂

    • arobynbird

      I think that he wants Kyle to stop him, sort of. By not incapacitating Kyle he and his team around to close the portal. That way he gets his youth, but the world isn’t handed over to the demon dude. Also I think he is giving them first crack at him so they can show up the stuck up adult team. Duncan says the he wont hurt Kyle and by looking at it one way he is helping him. I just cant weight to see Duncan as a young man, cause you know that’s going to be hot.

      • SofiaT

        That’s an interesting way to look at it. I try not to think of the whys and hows too much, so that I don’t end up getting disappointed, but I could see Duncan doing that.

        • arobynbird

          Its the only reason I can think of to let Kyle go, when he knows what is going down.

        • Something I thought you might find interesting, Sofia:

          Note Duncan’s pensive look as he says he takes no pleasure in hurting people. As if he is gazing into the future.

          • SofiaT

            “…But I will hurt people if it furthers my cause” is the part that remains unsaid there. Duncan is no Byronic hero. But he’s no Hitler either.

            I find this page to be most interesting because it gives us a glimpse into the why he does what he does:

          • I agree. Going to another point that I mentioned in another comment:


            I know that people have tried to bash down his “always protect” thing, but he even says Kyle will always be safe with him, even when they’re apart. That tells me that even though Duncan did what he did, and I figure that Kyle hates Duncan with a firey passion that matches the firey passion that erupted from him at the moment of his betrayal, he still plans to protect Kyle, to keep him safe.

    • Your best friend has two black eyes and a broken arm… Okay it’s emotional not physical… Think about the events, the paralysis the TRIP TO HELL… the bondage… And you think it’s not that bad.??? So your friend should go back and try again. Really ???

      And the lies that dripped from Duncan’s mouth like …. Laampros said… Like pig shit. His ACTIONS bear that out. He abused and betrayed this boy in every way possible.

      You would want your friend to go back for more? Would he call YOU friend? And if he did how pathetic would that be? His “friends” recommend he returns to his Abuser?

      God that makes me sad. There is no part of this I can understand. Save me from friends like this.

      • You speak as though I am endorsing returning to abusive relationships. Having helped friends out of those kinds of relationships, as well as family, I’m not sure I appreciate that.

        In this particular fictional story, I believe that this particular fictional character has redeeming qualities and that he was either coerced into what he did or has a damn good reason for it.
        I would be happy to be proved wrong, but no character is too evil to be redeemed. Even Dumbledore tried with Voldemort.

        • Adam Black

          there is redeemed, and there is recreating an abusive relationship.

          Kyle needs to be protected from Duncan.

          If he’d go back to him he need to be protected from himself.

          • I think we will agree to disagree on this point, but it is always good to have something to disagree about. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Isnt there some third option that staves off that miqutoast sythesis?
            So if I disagree that we must ‘agree to disagee’,
            That means you think this is also good ( to have something to disagree about ? )

            ( I am responding via dashboard and havent even looked at the thing i said ; that you have yet to realize is the unvarnished truth, ..chiselled in granite , By old Gods only Steven K can read , till one day you awakened fully enlightened to explain it back to me. A prophetess of a new day…

            wait? what are we talking about? eh, it probably doesnt matter.

        • Sorry, that did come out much more as a “you” comment than I intended. I’ve said my piece on this too many times and pages ago and promised myself I’d stop, but sometimes when it’s implied that what Duncan did to Kyle wasn’t abusive I snap back.

          My apologies.

          I sometimes think if Kyle was the commenter’s daughter and Duncan drugged and paralyzed her, chained her to a bed and then transported her to the most horrific place possible… all while she’s conscious and waiting to die horribly. Well, I guess I imagine that the parent of that daughter would count that as rather abusive.

          I’ll try to remember I’ve stated my opinion on this and let it go.


          • You can certainly continue to participate in debates. It is more fun the more people participate. I’d just recommend watching the you statements. 🙂

            Well, and they didn’t start out with him being drugged. Their sexual encounter started off normal. I feel that Duncan is a lot like I view Magneto. He is a baddy. He does bad things to further his purpose. But deep down, he does have a good purpose and is a redeemable character. I don’t think that anyone is beyond redemption.

          • SofiaT

            I compared him to Magneto once too. 😀
            They are both too focused on “their cause” and they don’t care who they have to sacrifice to succeed. But knowing their backgrounds, it’s easy to understand the force that drives them. It’s fear.

          • what? whacha talking about Lewis!

            Magneto fights for the the rights and well-being of mutants world wide in opposition to anti-mutant forces…

            …I think it is like utter blasphemy to say that Annihilator is even remotely like Magneto…sure Magneto condones lethal force and total aggression by mutants against the non-mutants but he’s doing for the defense of the mutants mere right to exist in the face of radical persecution…I mean in the Marvel universe if you’ve at all followed the full arc of the comics it’s readily apparent that Magneto is justified in his approach because the non-mutants utilized such egregious measures as the Sentinels (total nightmare and I believe they killed all of the Hellions) and then Nimrod which like I guess massacred mutants all over the place and even across time (super nightmare!)-

            Duncan? How has Duncan shown any kind of hint that he is thinking of others and acting in their good?

            It seems pretty clear that he’s acting out of basic self-preservation…which is sad because apparently Duncan never got the memo in which it is pointed out that ultimately a life that is based merely on self-preservation is not life at all because it’s all to easy to find your life threatened…to move beyond that to place where the concern becomes how to face oblivion…well that’s the real challenge worth fighting…I feel like Duncan failed that test and he allowed his fear of mortality to throw away something better..

          • Magneto is trying to advance mutant kind through the eradication of Human kind. lol I think that is the biggest difference between the movies and the comics, as well as the difference between the cartoons and the comics.

            I have a comic from the 90’s from an arc I would like to find the rest of, that has Magneto in space. He states that he would like to ignore what is happening but as the humans invaded his flying fortress, he admitted that he cannot any longer and needs to get rid of the human menace in order for mutants to live in peace.

          • oh yes…i remember all to well the ill fated Avalon arc when sort of concluded with Avalon falling or something and everyone evacuating and then Magneto and Wolverine in the same escape craft and then Wolverine got hot headed or something, jumped Magneto and FUCKING MAGNETO PULLED HIS METALLIC SKELETON OUT!

            i was seriously WTF! when that happened…i was so so traumatized because Wolverine was always this character that could just take whatever and heal and just jump right back..and when Magneto pulled out his skeleton, he not only lost the adamantium skeleton and claws (and this his actual attack prowess decreased greatly) but he also went through agonizing pain when Magneto pulled out the skeleton.

            i think that was thebpoint that I stopped closely following the ‘X-men etc…as i just got tired of feeling like the Marvel writers new jack shit as to what they might best write and thus just outputted gibberish…like seriously- they did that whole super fucking awesome reboot that was Age of Apocalypse (to this day I think that is the most brilliantly interwoven story line i’ve ever seen across multiple groups of X-men etc..that was fucking beautifully done with parallel issues across the entire title line..i used to have the entire set and then my incredibly evil mother destroyed or threw away or something all the issues…so now I just have my memory….so sad).

            anyway…the fucktards at Marvel then pulled an entire bullshit “well it’s sort of just a dream” in that the universe was like some sort of mistake and it self-corrected by self-destructing or something and i was so devastated because i had spend months following these totally re-imagined characters…like Saber Tooth as a X-man was so stellar because he was a complete bad ass as usual but he was also to the bitter end utterly loyal to the other X-men and died for…Blink I think it was.

            whatever- they killed off all these newly improved characters…like seriously everybody got way more cooler in Age of Apocalypse and then they all got axed when the Crystal imploded or whatever…like it was such bs that the only ones to get back from that universe to the main universe was like X-man and Ilyana..which was so sucky…cuz they just killed a ton of super cool characters my favorite probably being Husk…and that was so sad that Husks last panel was her standing alone in a sea of enemies in the big prison and she was just getting piled on by everyone..i was like, “NO!”

            I think with the exception of Scarlet Witch who died before the issues actually chronicle,, everyone was really way more cool like Ice Man could teleport by linking water molecules in the air…and then Jubilee was way more powerful because she could vaporize at the molecular level peoples’ skin…which always seemed really just horrifying in reality, but whatever.

          • Thank you, and I’ve actually have been watching “you statements” for a long time, but they can slip away from one sometimes, if you feel strongly about the subject, and I promise I was not even thinking of you specifically when I was to making that point.

            Thus my apology.

            This Duncan/Kyle debate has been running a long long time and I’ve said my piece on this enough times (and with enough emotion and passion) that I should simply save a series of cut and paste addresses for all my past comments on this one. Then, I could just paste them in each time this old debate resurfaces and save myself a lot of fuss.

            I agree with most of what @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus said very articulately. And I’m equally sure if Alex wants to redeem Duncan in the global (non-Kyle) character sense he’ll have a perfectly fine way of doing it and we’ll believe it in the end. I admit it will require some effort from Alex, if he wants to get ME to believe that Kyle forgives Duncan enough to have a relationship with him. But, Alex is just that good that I wouldn’t put it past his abilities. Still I’ll be one of the tough readers to convince, if that’s his intent. Duncan almost HAS to sacrifice his life for me/Kyle to forgive him, regardless of his motivations. But that’s just me. I apply real-life criteria to human characters.

            What’s tough about this reoccurring topic, is that I’m speaking very specifically of Duncan’s treatment of Kyle. (Drugged was just substitute for “trust betraying spell,” which is even more vile in my book). I’m assuming we don’t have “spells” handy in the real world and I was trying to make a real world correlation to a posited girl or daughter of a commenter, hoping that would help people think of Kyle as a real human. A human one of us might know. I don’t believe his super power means he doesn’t feel things emotionally in this AU, just like we all do. No one in this story seems from the planet Vulcan.

            Again, just my opinion.

            I listed a very specific list of cruel actions Duncan took in his violation of Kyle. Even before the paralysis etc… his gaining of Kyle’s most intimate and ultimate trust (re-read the bed love talk), only to crush it to fuel the spell, is the kind of action that puts most victims into therapy for the rest of their lives.

            So, Duncan’s motivations don’t mean anything to me in this specific. Even given the fact that Kyle couldn’t speak… he wouldn’t give the kid even the smallest of reasons to alleviate his actions. Simply put, he was as purposefully cruel as possible. I can’t think of how he could have made it worse? Short of killing the kid. Which Kyle was certainly expecting throughout the journey… so that terror was a part of the betrayal to me. So the idea of anything romantic happening now (I agree with @fujoshifanatic:disqus ) would make Kyle the worse kind of masochistic wuss to me. He would be returning to his abuser.

            Again, just my opinion. I think emotional masochists are incomprehensibly sad.

            Anyone who thinks Kyle was not fundamentally effected by these events… I would hope that, that last shot of him curled in a ball in the abandoned warehouse should help them understand why I attribute some emotion to this. If someone doesn’t care… that’s cool. We all get our own POV.

            Personally, if this was a ‘fair’ universe (and I so very much get that it is not) Duncan should burn for a long long time. I hope he ends up as Laampros’ boy-toy. Laampy is just the creature to thoroughly explore DAT ASS and since Duncan is going to live forever, Laampros will be able to enjoy himself for many many years.

            So, I guess if all the events are acceptable to a commenter then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

            If I was Kyle and I considered a person my friend and told them of this series of horrific events perpetrated on me by Duncan, and that “supposed friend” then told me I was wrong and that ‘said events’ weren’t that serious, and I should get over it. Well, I would consider our friendship finished. Again totally my opinion. It’s how I define friendships.

            I guess I can’t express it more simply than that. I’m not speaking of Duncan’s ultimate redemption in a global sense. I’m only speaking of how I would feel if I were Kyle.

            Villain… fine, got it.

            His actions specific to Kyle though were unforgivably vile to me and, so as a villain, he’s perfectly successful. Just my opinion.

            I understand that I’m disagreeing with most folk on this… this topic has been raging for quite a while.


          • I agree that his treatment of Kyle at that time was reprehensible and I would be remiss if I denied it. He will definitely be affected by this, as many victims are.
            While I would like to see them together again, it may not be possible. He may end up with another member of the team and that would probably be better for him.

            However, with that said, romance aside, I believe that Duncan will be able to do something to bring about a positive change in this comic either before the end of this chapter or before the end of this story.

          • Steven K.

            Another grand declaration – or declamation. I’m with you all the way on that in any case.

      • arobynbird

        I think you are going too over board with this. No I don’t think Kyle and Duncan would make a good couple, but I don’t think Duncan’s actions are as bad as you make them out to be. Earlier I posted a motivation that makes sense. Also I see Duncan’s actions much like any trickster, in the beginning it seems horrible but by the end your better for them. Like knowing where his powers come from will help him control them better.

        • SofiaT

          Guys, debating is great and you’re all behaving according to our comments policy, so this isn’t me scolding anyone 🙂

          Just a friendly reminder to everyone to keep the “you” statements out of the conversation, because while we’re a great group and very respectful of each other, this is something we all feel strongly about and it’s a bit of a touchy subject.

          So, for those who choose to participate on this thread, please make sure you keep it about the ideas so nobody gets offended -I know that’s the last intention of anyone here 🙂

        • Adam Black

          i dont.

          One persons trickster is another’s sociopath.

          Duncan knows what he is, and would do it all over again.

          • Klaus

            He would. But there is something going on that he has only hinted at. Just maybe he has reasons that are not all selfish. If he needs those demons to block a greater threat, I have some difficulty imagining what that threat may be.

          • Adam Black



            and salvagable as a love interest for Kyle , are 3 very different things.

            1 and 2 do not make 3.
            There is real world logic and there is heart logic.

            If someone breaks you and uses you, even for the good of the world, you dont go back to them as a potential lover.

            Plus, even If Duncan is telling the truth, he still doesnt deserve Kyle. Because he could have gotten his cooperation honestly, without emotional damage. This makes him terrible terrible BF material. The worlds worst.,

            If Flyboy has superstrength, Duncan is going to take some damage.

          • Klaus

            I agree with you about the logic of the heart. I am not so sure he could have got his cooperation honestly. Would Kyle have believed the true story?

          • Adam Black

            Duncan got him to believe whatever duncan wanted.

            So, yeah, if Duncan wanted Kyle to believe the truth, he probably could have. But Duncan probably would not get his prizes from Laampros, and Kyle would have had hero backup.

            Then there is the issue of how truthful Duncan was about wanting Kyle mentally and physically. If those were lies, it makes to do what he did.
            If Ducan didnt feel that strongly for Kyle, then he still would have had to manipulate him into a relationship for unselfish motives. That seems excessively complicated.

            This is just more evidence, to me, against Duncan. Lieing makes more sense if he didnt care for Kyle.

          • Klaus

            My impression is that he did not feel anything for Kyle at first. And he did not expect to. But it did not go as expected.

          • Adam Black

            Its open till Alex closes the door.

          • Like what I see, concerning the speed and strength. I just wonder how good Flyboy’s aim is with a pitchfork.

          • oh…maybe we can find out…from Alex…lol

          • Steven K.

            I really love a number of points you made in this comment. I was also thinking that Kyle’s cooperation could have been earned somehow without the emotional dame, etc. Also, great line about “real world logic and heart logic”.

          • Adam Black

            This is primary evidence to me that Duncan is a serious jerk.

            Although I have seen some crazy things with gay lovers. “heart logic” might be misnamed. The logic involved seems mostly characteristic of its absence of that very quality.
            ( which i am probably saying because i am alone )

          • I agree with you both… word choice is a hard thing with these subjects. I am not alone. I easily could be. If someone took my guy away from me today, I could easily become a person I very much do not ever want to become.

            So, if it’s ‘Heart Logic’, or pick a different term — if your Heart is destroyed, your limits are very much redefined. At this particular moment, in TYP’s plot evolution, Duncan has seriously messed up Kyle’s ‘Heart Logic’, if you wish to keep to that term. I think for a while, at least, Kyle can be expected to be very unpredictable and will perhaps be capable of anything. Trauma does that.

            And, who know’s, it may be the very catalyst that Alex will use to build the “world’s greatest hero” out of Kyle. I doubt however, it will make it one bit easier for us gay-men (with the t-shirt) to watch and feel. I’m bracing myself for Kyle to have to do things I would not want to. I’m bracing myself because I’ll understand.

          • arobynbird

            That may be true, however Kyle would have had to face his father at some point. The way Duncan is handling it he is giving Kyle a chance to face it and come out on top, not just holding him down. which is what abuse is all about, breaking some one and keeping them there. He let Kyle go. Now Kyle has the chance. That’s why I say trickster. Yes Duncan’s motives are selfish, but not all destroying. But even though this is true, I don’t think they should be a couple with this kind of past.

          • Adam Black

            “don’t think they should be a couple with this kind of past.”

            well yeah,
            that would be a crazy emotional burden on Kyle even if Duncans actions were justified

            “not just holding him down”
            well now that you mention it… there was a lot of that.

            I dont believe this version of Duncan is romantically salvageable. There may be others.

          • Steven K.

            I’d have to agree, though it saddens me that such is the case.

          • Adam Black

            which part?

          • Steven K.


          • Adam Black

            Are you sad that:
            “I dont believe this version of Duncan is romantically salvageable. ”


            “There may be others.”

          • what…if I was Laamparos, i’d have probably just killed Duncan right then and there for using my son that way…of course given that he cleverly split the keys means that such isn’t really possible, but yeah….Duncan did nobody a favor in the family reunification or whatever cuz Laamparos is probably pretty pissed off and Kyle…well…see there would be an awesome role for a therapist to the supers lol…

          • hmm…i’m afraid that our cross-reference with the trickster motiff results in a rejection of this notion as betraying a deep trust as Kyle seems to have extended to Duncan is not a trickster characteristic…as what trickster would actually behave so…Certainly not Coyote that’s for sure…Anansi, definitely not…hmm Br’er Rabbit…nope…hmm…whom else might there be…yeah…i don’t think he’s at all following the trickster archetype.

          • Adam Black


          • but is Loki really a trickster? i mean like is he a trickster like the others because i feel like Loki is ultimately just bad news for everyone except himself…but then again…i don’t pay much attention to him…because he’s just so weird all the time…which i suppose i should clarify this by referencing the myth about…i wish i knew the name but whatever- a tower that was like the nexus of all possibility where everything could happen but nothing had meaning because everything was happening and that solidification of essence/form was a later development of those inhabiting this tower/area…because meaning was desired…anyway- Loki seems to me a lot like that…all over the board doing everything but it gets kind of boring at times i feel because then it just becomes another case of, “Oh…well, Loki’s involved and everything has just gone bonkers”

          • Adam Black

            but is Loki really a trickster?

            Sounds like you are confusing the marvel character for the one in the myths.

            In the myths Thor isnt very sympathetic and Loki is bright , and a trickster, not a real Villain.
            But he is an antagonist to the the established order

          • uh…no…my sense of Loki has little to do with the Marvel character given that my only exposure to that character was like some appearances in movies that I never thought to be particularly accurate…

            again…I feel like grouping Loki with the other trickster gods is like grouping a 100 foot high tidal wave with your local pool…just because the local pool has a wave generator doesn’t make it comparable to giant tidal wave…

            so yeah…my sense of Loki is that he deforms events much more than the other “trickster” gods…if you insist on grouping them together…which i just don’t feel like that makes sense lol…

            but then again…my sense of the various pantheons and their members is often radically divergent from what everyone else seems to feel/think…

          • Adam Black

            Apparantly Loki is a bit of a wildcard that confounds the experts. There is no consensus.
            You may be right, but my viewpoint is skewed because he was the first trickster god I knew so I compare the other to him, and not vice versa

          • oh well then if we’re digging deep…then my first connection would be Kamapua’a and from there…maybe Br’er Rabbit…and maybe Anansi and then Coyote…and I’m positively certain that Kamapua’a and Loki…well…hmm…now I’m suddenly confused…at first I was going to say that they don’t feel even remotely the same but…maybe everyone lied to me about either Kamapua’a or Loki and then when I try to just sense them I get confused…so hmm…see I think that’s why I generally steer clear of Loki…he’s just confusing…and I don’t like feeling confused.

          • Adam Black
          • well…okay if you map it all out like that then yes…Loki would totally match all that…but then…i dunno…i just feel like Loki’s sort of in his own little category and then the other tricksters are in another…i am not sure why i feel like that right now…it’s totally irrational.

          • Adam Black

            Maybe he has tricked you

          • there are mirrors in the mirrors!

            oh my gods! what shall we do?

            lol…oh well…maybe he has…maybe he has not…we could probably all go around in circles like this forever lol.

          • Adam Black


      • Steven K.

        Exactly – all that! I’d never say that Duncan lived up to his promise that Kyle would always be safe with him, and that he’s protected him all along. I guess there are differing views of what that might mean – but I think that statement was a lie to help win Kyle’s trust and what Duncan did to Kyle was in no way “keeping him safe”.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I don’t think Anni would ever physically hurt Kyle if he didn’t have to. But as you can see, there are many ways to hurt a person and make them feel unsafe.

      I stated this a while ago, but I feel the level of betrayal Anni perpetrated on Kyle is beyond redemption–and forgiveness from Kyle–without some seismic moral shift on Anni’s part, along with a complete heel-face turn coupled with a heroic sacrifice that may or may not include his demise. Anything less would render Kyle somewhat of an emotional wuss, and would not “ring true” to the story being told here, which is Kyle’s path to becoming the greatest defender the world has ever known. Anni could become a “good guy” like that, but I don’t think that’s what the readers want, so therein lies the narrative dilemma of your hope.

      I’m sure Alex is talented enough to work this out in ways I hadn’t even thought of, but as he’s discussed when writing Artifice, the story must remain true to itself narratively speaking, as opposed to pandering to the fans’ (or even the author’s) wishes, even if things happen that not everybody likes. Will they end up together? I honestly don’t see how that would happen without venturing into some cheesy territory. Will they come to some resolution over what transpired between them? Yes, I definitely believe this is possible, even necessary for their character arcs.

      Kyle and Anni’s meeting changed each of their lives pretty profoundly in ways we’ve seen, and have yet to witness. Leaving their encounter here to turn into some two-dimensional hero-villain rivalry would also not ring true to the characters we’ve seen develop. Not sure how that’s all going to work out, but I am going to put my trust in Alex’s excellent navigational skills thus far and just enjoy the ride he’s taking us on during this narrative journey. 🙂

      • Steven K.

        Great summation and analysis and general awesome comment.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      With all the abusiveness of Duncans actions in mind, I think that, when talking about the subject of Duncan and Kyle geting back together, we tend to be more focused on Duncans side of the relationship(why or why not Kyle would take him back).

      I agree that as they are now a relationship is not possible, but I like everyone to remember that Kyle is going to be the greates champion and as such will have done much growing, emotional and power wise. The power dynamic between Duncan and Kyle will be changed (Kyle will most likely be able to kick Duncans ass in some way) and Kyle not the doe-eyed innocent he has been.
      So I say: If the greatest champion desides to give the most dangeres villain a secound chance on a relationship(on the campions terms this time) despite (or because) of all that will have happend, let him try.

      (I am assuming that giving Duncan a secound chance (or not) will be the product of much pondering and not only a decision fuled by hormones).

    • Steven K.

      In my opinion, that was an outright LIE and Duncan broke his promise by violating and using and betraying Kyle. Kyle may not have been too physically harmed, but he was physically used/abused and taken against his will and put in an unbearably uncomfortable position, etc. That line, spoken by Duncan, to me, is probably the most ironic and bittersweet and saddest line in the whole story thus far, as I think I’ve mentioned a few times.

      • You could be very right. I am still on the ship that thinks that Duncan can and might redeem himself, but the emotional toll that it will take on Kyle will be quite amazing.

        I don’t often take part in the debates in the comments, so I am not sure how often this is brought up or how many other people support this view.

        Like I said to someone else, I would love to be proved wrong. I would owe you a drink. 😉

  • vessto

    I wish Anni really to appear so to see how Flyboy will cope with him. 😀 But I doubt the sexy silver will return.

  • Jackal

    Fucking dying over here. SOON, THE REVELATION.

    • PLOT TWIST: This is the last page.
      All fans die of page withdrawal.

      • arobynbird

        Not funny…..

      • Adam Black

        PLot twist: Flyboy is future Duncan

        • Klaus
          • Adam Black

            that is what I said, plus a mindwipe

        • where did you come up with that…seems suspiciously in service of the Redilator ship…

          • Klaus

            Have you read All You Zombies?

          • VanQuinn

            I have. Might as well put in that Platinum Priestess is a past Duncan who then becomes Flyboy in the future and then in the far far future becomes the leader and founder of the Young Protectors and then travels into the past to recruit Kyle, Flyboy, etc. to make sure the timeline is complete in full circle. THEN you find out that that at some point Duncan had been tricked by another time traveling Flyboy into traveling to the past and impregnating the women who would be the Priestess’ mother. Or something like that.

          • if i was stuck in that story…i’d be like please just kill me and put me out of my misery…sounds like total identity crisis kind of stuff…not pleasant really…

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            You say that now, but many reincarnations later, as you advance spiritually, you will be reborn as me, and then think as I do. We are all the same soul reincarnating sideways, so anything you say or do will one day rebound upon you.

          • hmm…i don’t know about that…personally i just don’t like the notion of that and so i’m afraid i have to do a veto.

          • Steven K.

            Just ICK. I can’t stand things like that. Even my favorite sci-fi series, Babylon-5, had a bit of that in the plot, though they managed to tie up most of the weird lose-ends. But I still shy away from any stories with that sort of time-travel plot.

          • no…and after reading VanQuinn’s comment i’m leery of reading it…i’m not a fan of overly convoluted this that and whatever intricately spiraling all over the place…i guess being a chaotic being i find myself attracted to orderly things…lol

          • Steven K.

            That’s understandable. My life is complex and tricky enough. I want a story to escape into that is intellectually satisfying, but not, as you say, overly convoluted.

          • for me it’s a practical matter of simple functioning- i’m constantly wondering in the sense of devoting lots of processing time to figuring out or brainstorming how or whatever- like i’m just constantly thinking about the stories i read and so when they get lots of internal conflict and convolution it sort of drives me nuts…seriously lol

          • Adam Black

            I wrote it up in more detail somewhere below in a response to Sophia.

            Probably the Kryptonian parallels brought it up.

            I founded Team Revenge, way back around page 2-30, so no sympathizer.

            I am just looking at the faces, and how he looks Angry.
            The obvious question is what would Annhilator look like young?
            I had previously speculated that could backfire on him, and he could lose his memory and /or end up younger than he planned.

            give him a power up from Laampros, keep him gay, and have him brought back in time to be raised under superhero supervision….

            Its a shoe that fits.

            That are other variations, like Flyboy being a Clone of Duncan created to stop him.

            Annhilator leaping vs touch telekinesis of Flyboy fits a dichotomy of early superman vs newer Superboy .

            Our creator knows comics too well for that to be a mere accident. You can take it to be homage and coincident , or you can see it as a deeper connection yet to be revealed.

            I dont want Duncan rehabbed, and certainly not as Flyboy; But I didnt write it.

            A good scientist investigates what true without recourse to his biases. Just because *I* want Spooky to digest Duncan in the digestive track of a Justice Lizard, doesnt mean Alex wants the same thing.

            I would be dishonest if I held back his theories that support the “good” ship Duncan-Delusion.

            Unless you think, Annhilators minions are holding me hostage with some creepy pleasure spell ( Oh, no that would be … awful. Please dont make me feel pleasure . Not the comfy chair ) and are forcing me to offer them the service of my literary speculations .

          • oh…sorry…i read all that and then all i could think was, “Annihilator has minions? What are they like? oh…I want to see his minions!”

        • stickfigurefairytales


          • Adam Black

            could have already happenned

        • Sapfo

          No, you are wrong. Flyboy is Duncans grandpa.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            And vice versa. Time travel–woo hoo!

          • Adam Black

            so timey-wimey?

      • that would be so unfunny that i don’t know what i would do…nothing good probably…

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Projecting ahead: This is the third of five parts (and the first of three subparts of the third part). The fourth part will probably end with an army of demons flying through the newly-opened portal. The fifth will feature the apocalyptic battle, and resolve Kyle and Anni’s relationship (perhaps with Anni’s noble sacrifice). So, what will happen in parts three and four?
    Obviously, the team will want to stop Duncan and Sircea from opening the portal. Presumably their efforts will begin very soon, and continue until they fail, and the portal is actually opened. (Come on, it’s not like Alex could hint at something like a demonic invasion, and then fail to have it happen! Chekhov’s gun and all that.) So what accounts for the chapter division between three and four, and the subchapter divisions in three?
    Will the team divide into sub-teams, like the old Justice League used to do? Remember, we still don’t know what it actually takes to open the portal–perhaps Anni has to travel to three exotic locations and say a magic spell or something. Or perhaps there will be some sort of scavenger hunt, in which one clue leads to the next. Or will each subsection mark some sort of revelation / cliffhanger ending?

    • SofiaT

      Personally, I prefer not to over-think it really.
      Getting caught by surprise is the best part of it all. I’m just along for the ride. How the chapters will be divided and what will be in each, I leave to Alex to worry about 🙂

    • Steven K.

      That’s a pretty good pre-analysis.

  • Mmmk it is about 3 am and while I don’t have to work tomorrow, I am sleepy. I will read and respond to debate responses in the morning. :D!!

  • Paprika

    Does Flyboy like Kyle? Because I approve.

    • I don’t know but I approve too. Even if I’m on the Duncan/Kyle ship.

  • Cman65

    Hell’s Bell’s some of you people way over think this comic
    all I got was Flyboy may “like” Redhot

    • Niggle

      As a comment said above, they might be grasping at straws, trying to look for a pleasant relationship Kyle could have in the future. Something to hope for. I personally don’t see it at all either, but I’m not a ‘shipper’ by nature and I currently don’t ship Kyle with anyone.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      The text does not exist by itself, but as part of a community of readers whose interpretations are integral to it.

  • Amy

    I would really like for someone good and kind to love Kyle, but I really thought that Duncan had been the one for him, had he not screwed up. He even took Kyle’s virginity in his pocket and left. If he doesn’t have a bloody good reason for it, Kyle should definitely find himself a good boyfriend..

    • i still really feel that, and i mean this with all sincerity, that the case can be made that Duncan may have stolen his first sexualized encounter with another male but he didn’t take it entirely…in the sense that I think that if Kyle meets the right romantic interest, having a complete sexual relationship with another guy can and will supplant the experience because again, Duncan and Kyle didn’t do much in the end and maybe it’s just me…but there’s a world of different between simply being highly aroused by another guy and then having actual intercourse…of course there’s been lots of disagreement on this point but if it were me dealing with Kyle and giving him advice, I’d be very adamant to Kyle that he _can_ choose how he perceives the interaction with Duncan…he can see it as Duncan stealing his first experience with another guy or he can dismiss it as a horribly mistake that thankfully didn’t go that far…

      • You’re right, in the end it would be up to Kyle how he defines the experience, not how the rest of us would or wouldn’t. 🙂

      • Steven K.

        Well, I’ve stated my case about all that more times than I can count, but right here I’ll just add that Kyle was more than just “highly aroused” – Duncan precipitated a fully-fledged quasi-nuclear orgasm, with magically enhanced even greater pleasure that went on and on indeterminably (did we ever decide? – 1/2 hour, hour?)

        • wow…when you put it that way…the whole thing just seems even odder and odder as an experience…i mean…if the biology of people in this story is the same as our “reality’s” that would be quite a formative experience…i mean a 1/2 hour orgasam that is paired with an incredibly traumatic set of experiences (apparently so from Kyle’s reaction)…i mean how fucked up would you be after that…that would seriously warp most people i think…yeah definitely could use a super therapy person lol…

    • Kit the Coyote

      Duncan in sarcastic Jack Sparrow voice: “Villain”

    • Steven K.

      Yeah – I though it would have been a really nice and refreshing pairing, and together they could have fought all kinds of prejudices – powered by their love and affection, no matter what others might say. But Duncan had to go and be a self-centered using, violating, scum-lord. Mitch, one might be able to tell already. would always care for and protect Kyle (and presumedly vice-versa), just as Duncan (unfaithfully) PROMISED to Kyle that he’d do: “You’ll always be safe with me.”

  • Wildroses

    Personally, I’m going to ship Kyle with Mitch simply because I don’t want him with Duncan and I’ll grasp any straw that might prevent that fate. Even before the whole Meet The Father incident, their relationship always made me uncomfortable. I think part of it was because I found that conversation he had with the Platinum Priestess back on the start of the first date had enough ominous titbits for me to suspect Duncan had ulterior motives in seducing Kyle, but I think the other part was I’m only okay with an age gap of twenty plus years if the younger partner is over 25.

    But putting aside my desire to have Kyle’s broken heart glued back together, I’m getting excited about learning more about Kyle’s team. There have been enough little pieces of info here and there that makes me interested in their lives and background, especially Spooky as I want to know why he keeps ignoring requests from far more prestigious teams to hang around with a glorified search and rescue team ever since that was mentioned. Crush on the Commander maybe? I got the impression that shower talk back in the interlude was an attempt to flirt. And even if Flyboy’s hurt and worry over Kyle’s actions and state is completely platonic, he clearly adores Kyle. How did they build up that kind of relationship?

    • i second the Kyle/Mitch ship!

    • notfromvenus

      Yeah, Mitch just seems like a much better relationship match for Kyle. They presumably have a lot in common, have compatible values, are in the same general place in their lives….. even before the betrayal, I couldn’t see Duncan as more than a passionate fling, a sort of sexual mentor.

      • Steven K.

        Well, he failed miserably in that role. After that, Kyle may just want to be celibate for the next several years anyway (maybe till Mitch becomes legal).

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Or maybe Anni will slay Mitch, leaving Kyle with lifelong guilt. Again, Flyboy as Patroclus.

    • i protest this notion 😛

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        What was it Aubrey told Maturin about protesting…?

        • got me lol. i have no idea.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            “My dear sir,” he said, “I am afraid you must not insist, or protest: it is mutiny, you know, and you would be obliged to be hanged.”

    • Niggle

      Nu! Kyle has enough lifelong guilt already!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Not as much as Batman!

        • what….what does Batman have to feel guilty for…i feel like having to listen to him complain about survivor guilt would be really obnoxious know how incredibly violent he get with people he apprehends…

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            He probably feels guilty because crime-fighting excites him sexually.

          • lol…poor Bat Man…he’s like the projection dumping grounds of people’s repressed aggression towards deviant individuals or whatever…

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “My parents are deeaaaaaad!”

          • So you compensate for this by violently assaulting criminals…yeah…I’ll be sympathetic and patient if I were to, say, counsel Kyle-

            but for Batman? No way…he needs a cold shoulder that tells him it’s time to reconcile that trauma with the trauma he visits on his criminal targets…

            of course having read Brat Pack once it’s hard to ever forget the potential evil that the good guys can become…

    • stickfigurefairytales


      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        See? Your heartfelt resistance indicates that this would be a good way for Alex to emotionally affect his readers. If he has not already decided to kill off Mitch, perhaps he should consider doing so.

        • oh don’t think i don’t see what you’re doing there

        • stickfigurefairytales

          But maybe my “boo!” was a disaffected expression of boredom at such a plot twist, in which case I would not be emotionally affected at all, did you ever think of that? Unless of course you’re going to then argue that Alex should kill him off in that case because the readers don’t mind. I say that my reaction will be whichever one is the opposite of killing Mitch being a good idea.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Oh. Uh, okay, never mind then.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            (Ha ha, victory!)

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            (licks wounds)

    • Steven K.

      That’s too much tragedy. However, if Duncan had a change of heart, and realized he really did love Kyle, and tried to reform in some way and make it up to him, and in the meantime Mitch’s feelings for Kyle get stronger, and in order to protect Kyle Mitch somehow manages to slay Duncan instead, that would be more acceptable.

  • Mary Klemzak

    I love that Flyboy is turning a negative into a positive. Thats maturity! And possibly a moment of awesome? Time will tell.

  • Frater Gymnos

    I like seeing the interactions among the three protectors. Nice to see the character of Flyboy fleshed out.

  • TwilightDreamer

    aww, Flyboy is so sweet, he’s really trying his hardest despite his fears for his friend 🙂

  • Lauren Karp

    Okay, I am officially voting for Red Hot/Flyboy cuteness. I wasn’t sure until this page, but the determination and caring has officially won compared to evil hotness.

    • i think that ship needs a name…hmm…

      • Klaus

        The good ship Fly Hot. Unless you prefer Redboy.

        • hmm…i’m gonna second Jaden’s suggestion of Fire Fly…cuz that just references a whole ton of awesome and would be auspicious for the Flyboy/Red Hot ship…

          • Klaus

            I am sure Kyle could spout fire from his fly if he wanted to, but I don’t think he will.

          • the mental image of that is making me smile

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Anni + Mitch = the good ship Pedobear.

          • oh you’re probably just bitter that the Redilator is taking on water and sinking.

      • Jaden Levi

        Fire Fly I choose Fire Fly.

        • Fire Fly!

          that’s awesome…maybe we could go with that 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Fire Fly! Fire Fly! Fire Fly!

        • Steven K.

          I like that too.

      • But, but.. no High Mile Club then?
        That’s where my ‘Team Mile’ ended on previous page.. you know, since Mitch can fly xD

      • Lauren Karp

        I saw some people trying for one. FlyHot seems to be the best, but it’s still awkward. Other options are worse though… RedBoy? There are also their first names, but Mitle or Kytch? Not so much. I think FlyHot is the best we’ve got. It’s no Hannagram (my favorite pop culture pairing and ship name) but it’ll do. 😉

        • FlyHot is more original than the Fire Fly or whatever it was that was getting bandied around…i was kind of biased towards the latter.

    • Steven K.

      I KNOW – so adorable and heartfelt that it’s getting just too irresistible, even though I was an exceedingly strong Kyle-Duncan supporter – before Duncan violated and abused and betrayed and finally left Kyle the way he did.

  • Wayne

    For some reason, I had the impression that Flyboy’s only power was to fly – now it seems like he’s the ‘Superboy’ of the group, since he’s obviously vastly stronger than any of the others and now with his comments here, about taking on the /most powerful villain in the world/, he’s probably close to Anni’s level of invulnerability as well. Well… interesting.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      It is simple, If a person is ticked off they have strength that comes from nowhere….and as I see it Flyboy might be upset at Anni for hurting Kyle, so there you have the reason for wanting to clean his clock…..also there might be deeper feelings for Kyle that haven’t been spoken yet.

      • Jaden Levi

        Strength from nowhere huh? When Darkseid tried to conquer Earth many people were ticked off. Did their strength from nowhere stop him? 😐 No one is denying the deeper feelings…just the idea that Kyle has superstrength. He might have super durability to withstand to resistances of flying at high speed though…

      • Steven K.

        I don’t think that deserved a down-vote. Don’t worry – at least I know where you were coming from on that and what was meant – I’m sure others do too.

    • Jaden Levi

      How do we know Flyboy’s superstring. We don’t know it’s strength that’s allowing him to carry that car. Suppose his powers are based on his projecting some sort of localized antigravity field that he’s just extending to the car? And taking on the annihilator could just be his youthful hotheadedness. He is a teenage boy who’s mad after all.

      • I was thinking the same thing…that is that Kyle must project or generate some sort of antigravity field… 🙂

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Well, he is not only levitating the car, but somehow propelling it forward at high speed. Consider the energy he must be expending, simply in order to overcome a couple of tons of inertia.

      • Kathy

        You know, this makes me feel better. I was having a “why am I this picky” moment over the fact that the seats are not going to be able to take the weight of the car and Flyboy should be carrying it from the chassis.

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    I’m gonna say, that Flyboy either has sibling feelings for Kyle or is just straight up in love. His speech and actions in this page and the past few have kinda pointed to both directions. He’s hurt that Kyle didn’t ask for him but at the same time, he’s prepare to fight for him if Anni is still there (which we know he isn’t). He might actually become a love interest later on. Gods above, I would so love to see him and Anni fight it out. ^^

    • Jaden Levi

      I agree. This isn’t just selfish insecurities or mere friendship.

    • i love this whole growing crescendo of “Fly Boy can out perform Annihilator on X Y and Z? FIGHT!”

      • Steven K.

        I bet there are some more “personal” things he can out-perform him on as well. I’d say at least 5 for Mitch for every 1 of Duncan’s.

        • i’ll join in the hate-fest…mostly because i just want to strum the celestial strings and sink the Redilator ship…Duncan should never even have a chance to even get close to Kyle after this stunt…

          in other news…i love how this comment just totally departed conventional space and went into the land of whatever…hmm…yeah…Mitch could have Duncan soundly beat in the virility department as well lol…but that’s kind of to be expected i guess…

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – kind of what I was getting at. But I didn’t want to sound like I was knocking the abilities of older fellers. In the right circumstances, we do just fine.

          • you don’t look particularly “old” lol in your avatar pic 😛

          • Steven K.

            I’d say that one is almost 2 years old. You just can’t see the grey hairs showing up very well amongst the brown – lol.

          • ^_^. I have stealth gray hairs. You can only see them when I have my hair pulled back in a pony-tail. ^_^

          • 2 years seems like a very short time to me lol.

          • SofiaT
          • wait…i’m failing on the group mind element right now because i have no idea why this was put here lol

          • SofiaT

            Because I’m tired of writing the same things over and over. I just directed you to a much older post 😀

            Thing is, this debate has been going on for a while and pretty much everything that was to be said about it has been said already. Now we just wait and see 🙂

          • oh yeah…okay…i figured as much and did leave a reply on that page…yeah…i’m totally trying to sink the Redilator with militarized wishful notions 😛

    • Steven K.

      It’s sweet and adorable, but also rather deep at the same time, when you really think about it – he’s already willing to put himself in danger for Kyle.

  • Jaden Levi

    Fire Fly fic!!!

  • Kalic0

    Well, I “made out” as a teenager (complete with touching genitalia), but I still considered myself a virgin until I “went all the way”. On the other hand, I had a friend who considered her first time to be the first time she touched her partner’s genitals. So, I think it depends, very much, on the individuals definition of sex, virginity, and the situation in which it occurs. After all, if you are taken against your will, does that count?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      In the Buddhist vinaya, a nun who is raped is not considered to have violated the Fourth Precept, unless she experiences at least one moment of pleasure during the act.

    • Kathy

      True. And Kyle’s first was definitely not consensual after the first bit. Poor guy.

      • Oh brava! Thank you for being one of the few people who seem to understand that what he gave his consent for is NOT what he got.

        • Easy there, Christopher. I do think more than a few understand that. I know this is a triggering topic, but let’s assume the best of our fellow commenters, yes? Or at least keep that tone in our comments here. Thanks! 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    In my mind I’d consider engaging in activity with a partner that leads to orgasm to be “losing your virginity,” but I know that as a culture we’re pretty preoccupied with penetrative sex being the only type of sex that “counts” somehow. I suppose we’ll have to find a unicorn to settle this question definitively.

    • SofiaT

      But don’t forget that you can have penetrative sex and not have an orgasm. Especially if you’re a woman.

      My first boyfriend was so selfish, if orgasms were part of the definition, I’d still be called a virgin 6 months after we first has sex :0/

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That is very true. I guess I’d say that the definition of B does not necessarily incorporate A. Unfortunately.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That is very true (unfortunately). Good point.

        • SofiaT

          You agreed so much with me that you replied twice?
          I’ll take it! 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Whoops! For some reason, my earlier reply wasn’t showing up for me, so I decided to try again. -_-;;

          • SofiaT

            Let me guess: you followed your email notification link?

            If you do that, it shows you only the comments up to the point the link was sent, not the ones that followed.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, you’re right!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        But did HE have an orgasm? Case closed!

        • Kathy

          Yeah, but does an orgasm from a semi-evil spell count? 🙂

          • As what? A notch in the bed post?

          • Kathy

            Sorry. As a loss of virginity. If we assume that having an orgasm is crucial to virginity, which I think we can agree is probably not part of the common definition. I think one could actually say that a, um, magically induced orgasm would not count as a real orgasm for purposes of bed-post notching no matter how good it feels.

      • Trust me you can be on the wrong side of penetrative sex as a man and not have an orgasm too. Gay men can also be spectacularly selfish lovers.

        See how equal opportunity we are! 😀

      • Yeah, if orgasms were part of the definition, I would have lost mine in my late 20s instead of my early 20s.

    • i’ve got unicorns!

      …but they’re a little unruly most of the time…since when did they become good choices for settling questions?

      • Sapfo

        Only a virgin can touch a unicorn.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          This gets us into the truly sordid underbelly of the internet–all those Furries and Bronies and god knows what else. Does it count as loss of virginity if your partner is a cartoon character? Millions of Japanese otaku want to know…

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Also, *what if you have sex with a unicorn*?

            Sorry, that “sordid underbelly of the internet” thing really got into my head.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            The secret origin of alicorn princesses? (MLP FiM joke)

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I would agree.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          But in what WAY does it exist–as cryptid fauna, or archetypal symbol?

          • Sapfo

            A unicorn does not need to be defined, they just are. But if you want to be more precise they are of the species vegetable. Very rare!

  • SofiaT

    I have a whole bookcase full of comic books and I’ve been “taken along for a ride” with each and every one of them 😀

  • OnyxLight

    I am already dreading how awkward this will be for Kyle. I hope he got rid of all the romancey stuff so it doesn’t raise even more questions from his friends… poor thing

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think it all got incinerated already, so no worries there at least!

  • Nate

    All I’m going to add at this point is directed at those who think Flyboy merely considers Kyle a good friend:

    Consider the interlude. Especially the last panel.

    • Okay… what will be interesting to me, is what Kyle THINKS of Flyboy.

      Considering, Kyle just tried a date with a man in his fifties… which contrary to some opinion I don’t thing went very well. I’ll be interested to see what, if anything, Kyle wants.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Yes, this seems very likely to me–that Duncan is really acting heroically all along (i.e., no impending heel face turn), and had good reasons (more or less) for everything he said or did. Presumably Kyle will learn of this towards the end of the fourth act, and the two will either be united in love or parted forever in the fifth.

    • Kathy

      Yes, I keep having to remind myself that this is the “Empire Strikes Back” time. Life has to suck for the heroes for the ending to be awesome.

  • notfromvenus

    Yeah, some of the things said do make me feel like it’s more complicated than just that he’s an evil guy who betrayed Kyle for power. But whatever his motivations, his actions have been terribly immoral. I think he’ll have to have a big change of heart and behavior if he’s going to end up as one of the “good guys”.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    And what he only put it in a little way…?
    Tee hee!

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Thinking ahead to the Hollywood movie adaptation… Obviously they’ll have to tone down the gay angle in order to appeal to straight audiences. Kyle would have to be straight, and maybe Duncan’s role could go to Sircea (played by an actress who is younger than Sircea’s apparent age), while the Commander (played by an actress in her teens or early twenties) becomes the love interest. In order for the movie to remain semi-faithful to the comic, and not seem homophobic, Fluke can be Kyle’s gay best friend. (Or should this just be hinted at, in order to keep the Christians on board?) The devil can stay in, but he has to wear pants. Spooky has to do kung fu.

    • i would seriously go postal if that happened…yeah…totally…

      • Steven K.

        I’m not really a violent fellow, and don’t condone it by others, but….ya know, if they really did do something like that, I might just go that way as well. 😉

        • we can have a postal spree to protest the corruption of a great story…lol 😛

    • I would like to think that Alex will not sell the film rights to his creation unless he’s both producing and directing… he’s much too educated in the way Hollywood works for your suggestion to happen without his consent.

      When Hollywood/Sircea asks Kyle/Alex for his consent to “fix” his clothes/story before Hong Kong… well that’s a lot like how Hollywood works. You give an inch and suddenly you’re naked, paralyzed and chained to a table and apparently you’ve consented to it and you didn’t even know it. And BAM… you’re Anne Rice and the film is EXIT TO EDEN…

      I understand that there is an amount of money that will change anyone’s opinion… but for the moment, being all too aware of how this works, I’m going to live the fantasy that Alex will retain creative control or he won’t go all P. L. Travers on us… It’s just a SPOON FULL OF SUGAR…

      • hmm…having read not just this and Artifice but a few other shorter works Alex did…I feel confident that he can maintain the integrity of a story 🙂

        • SofiaT

          Considering that Alex started doing comics because he realised that was a great medium to share with others the stories in his head, without the compromises the studios would ask for a big budget movie… I just can’t see him sell out his work like that. I completely agree with Chris, unless he was the producer and director of it, or society and Hollywood changed really fast, I don’t see this turning into a movie anytime soon. Because I doubt Hollywood in its current form would allow anyone to maintain the integrity of their story, without a big name and the promise of lots of $$$ in the box office to vouch for it.

          • yeah…it’s refreshing to see how Alex handles the stories for his characters because as I’ve said before, he does an amazing job of really relaying their lives in a thoroughly realistic manner like they’re very much living and breathing beings 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I imagine a lot of creators have a vision about what story they want to tell to the world (whether it’s through films, books, music or whatever) and then along the way, editors, publishers, music labels, producers and corporate suits happen and that vision get diluted and the public gets a generic, watered-down version.

            That’s why I like projects like Kickstarter and the freedom Internet gives to creators like Alex to publish their own work. And that’s why that donation bar is so important -and I wish I could donate more often and more substantial amounts- but if all of us chip in, not only here but to any project that speaks to us, then we get the best product possible, its vision unchanged. This is the future. 🙂

          • i like this future 🙂

            now if only we could hurry it’s arrival 🙂

          • dereule101

            That’s why it’s mostly all sequels, reboots, remakes, and adaptations of already successful media franchises for the last decade. They’re not willing to bet on something unless it’s a “sure thing.”

          • This is one of the reasons I have started watching more and more Korean and Japanese Dramas.

      • Well said, Chris!!

      • dereule101

        “And BAM… you’re Anne Rice and the film is EXIT TO EDEN…”

        • Oh dear goddess, you saw that film… my condolences. HA!

          • That film was the one and only studio test screening I’ve ever been to.

            Good times. 🙂

          • that’s quite a coincidence…

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            The only one I remember going to was some Lost Horizon knock-off which replaces Shangri-La with some lost American Indian tribe.

          • SofiaT

            Great, now I want to see it.
            Is it bad-bad or “so-bad-it’s-good”-bad?

          • Well depends on if you’ve read the book or not or at least familiar with the book. But even if you have, well, it’s still rather bad-bad.

            Ultimately I would say it’s like what happened with Starship Troopers. I didn’t read the book, but I understand they were making a movie and realized how much it resembled the book and so bought the rights and continued with the movie they were making, just with a recognized title (at least to those familiar with Robert Heinlein)

          • SofiaT

            I haven’t read the book. I haven’t read any Anne Rice books, except Interview With the Vampire when I was twelve.

          • I have no idea how to explain that book quickly. But it is about BDSM and an island resort that catered to such activities on both sides. Plus a love story! Though is was written under a different name then Anne Rice.

            The movie… glossed over most of what made the book the book. Plus put in Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell and police detectives going to the island to solve some crime.

            Out of all of her vampire novels, I preferred the Vampire Lestat.

          • i beat you and have read none…just the graphic novel for “Interview” which was quite a steamy tale really…i think i had dreams about after reading it which is somewhat unusual..

          • phoenixkevin

            Anne is a gifted writer, she writes compelling stories with lots of sex (or mostly implied sex). I think you either like her or don’t. I’ve read everything at least twice.

            She is all about “control” of her works. I attribute that to her naivete in selling the rights for “interview with a vampire” and by mistake optioning the derravitve works.

            She got burned by Hollywood, she didn’t want Tom Cruise, and she lost out on other concerns. I think she lost complete control with the movie “queen of the vampires” (although I rather liked that movie).

            She is branching into other areas “the wolf gift”, which in now way can be considered derravitive works

            I loved beauty books.

            Way off topic: her son is a gifted writer too.

          • I agree with you about QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES… it’s kinda cheesy, but on many levels it’s great fun. I love the ending when female lead’s gay boss is “visited” by the vamp who turned the Tom Cruise character. That was a film that dealt with it’s gay/bi/straight issues very smartly.

          • We’ve been tossing back and forth whether to get the wolf series. The looked beyond interesting.

            I personally stopped reading in the middle of Memnoch. I just closed it and said that’s enough. It just felt like she had lost Lestat somewhere along the way. Up until then I had loved the Vampire books. The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned were my favorites in that regard.

            I shall remain mum about Interview because it’s not pleasant my opinion. 🙂

          • phoenixkevin

            The wolf series is new and different, but good.

            The Angel series is vintage Rice. Straight from New Orleans, very rich imagery from the church. The protagonist is damaged goods, but he tries to make it right. Death and destruction. By the second book, going out on the Memnoch the Devil level ‘crazy’ tree.

          • Would the wolf series compare at all to the early Vampire novels? I guess that’s mostly what I was wondering.

          • phoenixkevin

            Yes and no they compare. But its mostly to the early books and then to the later books. Like the early ones, Interview and Lestat, like the later ones Armand, Blood and Gold, Blackwood Farms. If I had to pick one book it would be Blackwood Farms vs The Wolf Gift. Mostly because its set in contemporary times with a more modern and less impulsive protagonist.

            The books are different, not a close match. Oh so different, but yet the same in the sense that the style is familiar. The protagonist becomes an unwilling recipient of the gift. He learns to deal with it. He falls for someone. He gets guidance from elders. The protagonist becomes some sort of tortured angst filled hero. Another gets the gift and becomes the Lestat to the protagonist who is a Louis or a Quinn. ( I want it to be Quinn, but it may be the more weak, less well adjusted Louis.) There is the tension between the one who embraces the wolf fully, and the one who embraces the wolf with reluctance.

            If you like the Vampire Chronicles, you will like the gift. You mentioned that you didn’t care for Menoach. More traditional in both the sense of a narrative and the sense of ‘werewolf canon’, less ‘spiritual’ and ‘out-there’. Less narcissistic than Lestats narratives. More like the narratives of Maurice (Blood and Gold), Armand (the Vampire Armand) and Quinn (Blackwood Farms).

            Its a compelling story, with mystery, love and lots of angst about accepting what one has become.

          • I always preferred the character of Lestat to the other characters. But then again I read Lestat before Interview. That’s why I wasn’t fond of Memnoch other than it creeped me out, because she lost him as a character, as if he was no longer talking to her when she wrote. He just became so cardboard.

            But I’ll pick up the first wolf book and see what I think.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            I was thinking of Ender’s Game. Card tried to get a movie made for years, but Hollywood kept balking at his insistence that the lead actor be a pre-teenager, and that other child actors be cast in proportion to the world’s ethno-racial population. I haven’t seen the new movie yet, btw., though I understand some compromises were made. But Starship Troopers the movie was actually good imho, however removed from its source material.

          • Starship Troopers was one of those movies that was so bad it was good. It’s a cult film really.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            That’s fair. It was obviously intended to be satirical (though this was lost on many). To that end, it very effectively imitated WW2 military propaganda, along with the mindless teenage film fantasies of our era. Very over-the-top.

          • wow…kudos to Card if he indeed made that stand…I just saw Ender’s game and I thought it was very faithful to the book


            Peter and Valentine didn’t do their online insurgency to undermine the government and take over the world…seriously that was my favorite bit in the story…fucking Valentine and Peter…two young teens basically turn the Internet upon itself and just take over everything…

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Well, when it was written, there was no such thing as the internet. Very precient, but hard to film, and the concept of anti-government ranting online is no longer such a revelation.

          • no but see Peter and Valentine weren’t just posting rants…I forget the precise wording but today I would say that Clark described Valentine and Peter’s behavior in a way that strikes me as descriptive of the social networking element of social networking sites…Peter didn’t topple the existing government he replaced it with that means that Peter had to acquire very powerful allies…and his main selling point was that he was as brilliant if not more so in political matters- strategist as Ender…so yeah…I’m not impressed by just some rants posted or whatever…who cares that happens all the time…more telling is the lifetime usage history as an indicator of blah blah blah whatever…like really Peter and Valentine built reputations for themselves that were known through out their society…

          • Zachary Lucido

            Looking at the Arab Spring, neither is using those online rants to overthrow a government. It’s how they did it in that country owned by a rich billionaire. Crap, what country am I thinking of….

          • phoenixkevin

            I loved Starship Troopers the book, and was not at all disappointed in the movie. The movie was either ‘camp’ or satire, but good camp or satire. The movie sequal was also great fun (because I loved the first one.)

          • I haven’t seen the sequel. Are any of the same actors in it?

          • phoenixkevin

            Mostly “no”. There is a third one (just discovered) that I have not watched.

          • I think that’s why I’ve been skeptical about seeing the sequel. Why ruin something so utterly badly perfect? 😀

          • Read the book first and then watch the film. All will be clear…………

          • But that’s just mean.

          • Perish the thought.

          • MEAN!

          • Oh #2 definitely. Get out the popcorn.

          • dereule101

            I was maybe 9 or 10? Let’s just say that, to my parents, everything on television was rated PG.

          • SofiaT

            I watched Wild Orchid with my sister on tv when I was 9 and she was 11.

            Gives new meaning to “educational tv”. 😛

          • dereule101

            What I liked most about that movie was Ofra Haza’s contributions to the soundtrack.

          • SofiaT

            I hope you don’t expect me to remember the soundtrack! The things that stuck with me from it were… more visual. 😛

          • dereule101


        • that was a super awesome line lol.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          I had to look this up on Wikipedia, but then I realized that I’ve seen this. I had no idea Anne Rice was involved. (I wonder what the original book was like?) My impression was lighthearted fluff, which got a bit too PC and preachy (in order to show that BDSM folk are people too), and that interfered with the comedy. Oh, and we never get to see Dan Ackroyd become a BDSM devotee, or Rosie O’Donnell do much of anything as a putative dominatrix (she just reads novels while her slave scrubs). I thought they were going to end up together, but no, nothing.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            PS. I just read the first 50 pages of the book, and am stunned by how well-written it is. I begin to see Chris’s point.

          • Thanks for posting Acin… (may I respectfully stop there with your name?) —

            Rice’s original book was so far ahead of it’s time it’s a little hard to comprehend… definitely pre-internet. She wrote it under a pseudonym back in those days, when publishers didn’t want to confuse audiences (read: avoid controversy), Rice was really trying to write a balls-out book about what happens when a fantasy-land of honestly portrayed Fetish/Kink meets true love and can those things co-exist in a real relationship?

            She succeeds (in the book) far far more than anyone else ever had and very few have since. She doesn’t wink or nod at her audience. She’s not ashamed of her view point. The book isn’t perfectly successful in its uber-goal, but considering how long ago it was written it goes pretty far in linking emotion with people’s deeper complex sexual needs. I’m not one of Rice’s huge fans of all the vamp books (I’ve read and enjoyed some…), but I give her big points with this one for being fearless and trying to express something very very personal and tricky and doing it fearlessly.

            Most readers will hit the Kink in the book and just be stunned and frightened unless they understand that some people like feet, some big breast, others … other things … It’s not scary in a bloody/pain sense, but it is very intimate and most of the more complex relationship-emotion is explored near the book’s end.

            It’s definitely one of a kind and even more so considering when it was written.

            Then, when you laugh your butt off at the joke of film, which bears NO resemblance to the book, think about 50 SHADES OF CRAP and what a bunch of fearful corporate studio executives are going to do with a piece of writing that is already mediocre to begin with. If you like kink and porn there is a lot of very good sensitive writing on the internet to suit every taste and preference. The fluke of this book’s popularity is incomprehensible.

            This cartoon of Tab’s is pure genius…


            Captain Picard agrees:


      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I dunno, it might be a lot of money. That’s money Alex could use to feed the starving children of the world, or something. Where are your priorities?

      • Hikaru Takemori

        I don’t need to go to Hollywood to have works I love altered to suit a broader audience. Reacently an author published one of her free online stories and a scene where a sexual sadist punished his sexual masochist in front of an audience (a friend of the masochist and his partner) for throwing a fight (which the masochist did inorder to be punished so that the friend could see for himself that the masochist consents and needs this relationship with the sadist) got changed. All elements in this sceen that might seem abusive where taken out and subsequently the nature of the relationship of those two changed (thats how I see it).

        Hollywood might be the one to royaly screw up source material, but they are not the only ones.

        p.s.: I do recognise the necessarity of alterations from free online story to published work to suit the different storytelling styles they have.

        • It is very interesting to share work with different audiences all having different needs. What can be very popular to one group can be completely un-enjoyable to another.

          It’s rather like that famous quote by Abraham Lincoln: “You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”

          So I very much know what you mean even though I did have to read your comment a couple of times to get all your noted sadists and masochists in order. 🙂

          If you find this sort of thing interesting… read the Jane Austen original book PRIDE & PREJUDICE (it’s pretty short) and then watch the 2005 Joe Wright (dir.) version of the film with Keira Knightley.

          I like the film for the visuals. The mannered society of the book is entirely framed in every shot he creates and it’s stunningly beautiful. What’s interesting is that the film cuts chronological years out of the book to focus the viewer completely on the romances.

          Both formats are interesting and wonderful, but it’s very interesting to see what different creators did to suit the very different needs of two mediums. Context is all.

          It’s a really enjoyable exercise. Rather like having someone knowledgeable deconstruct advertising and talk about how the visuals are there to manipulate the viewer. This food doesn’t look anything like this picture. Or, to wear this shirt is to have this body. Ha ha… how many of us have been effected that way. It’s pretty fascinating.

          But I really enjoyed the P&P comparison. The film works chronologically (regardless of your other opinions about casting etc…), but it’s entirely different in it’s time-line than the book. I enjoyed the exercise purely for fun.

          Interesting stuff. Thanks.

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Yeah, my comment did get complicated, didn’t it? Anyway, I do own ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and have seen the movie and you are right it is visual and focused on the romance. I love the scene in the rain when Elizabeth rejects Mr. Darcy. I’m just glad I saw the movie befor I read the book because otherwise I would have hated it.
            That said, do you really consider a 300+ pages book a short story or do we talk about vastly different versions of the tale?

          • Sorry… that was no criticism, I just smiled due the subject matter, but all good. And no, 300 pages only seemed short to me in comparison to many of the other books written at that time. I found it a pretty easy read. And yes, I’m a sucker for that tempestuous scene in the rain also.

            Almost every single shot in that film has something small in the background. Like when Darci hands her into the carriage near the beginning, and there is that small shot of his hand clenching after touching hers. it’s all throughout the film… until that stunning shot at the end with the rising sun hitting exactly between their lips. That is so not easy to achieve in a live-action film.

          • Hikaru Takemori

            That Hand :). Weeks after seeing the film I still found myselfe clenching my hand in a similar fashion. Needless to say the film made an impression ^.^ . It is actualy the reason I bought the book and searched for other live action versions to see where they differ.
            Oh, and I didn’t feel criticised.

    • “Obviously they’ll have to tone down the gay angle in order to appeal to straight audiences.”

      Obviously, I’d be in the wrong part of the straight audience then 😉

      • You and me both sweetie. ^_^

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Or you can get Ang Lee to direct it, and end up either with a new “Brokeback” or a new “Hulk.”

      • Kate G

        *raises hand* Same here. Is it just me or is there something really embarrassing watching a straight couple do sex scenes in movies? I mean, seriously, I’m straight but I find that so embarrassing. I want to inch down my seat and cover my eyes until it’s over. Of course, I’d look really weird doing that, but you know, that’s what I want to do.

        • *raises hand* It’s not just you.

          • What I don’t like about those scenes is that they have no problem showing a full nude female body, but consider yourself lucky if you get to see a male rear. If they are going to show a naked female they should show the male too.

          • I will agree with that.

            I think part of the problem for me, is that I’m never alone when these scenes come on the screen. I’m better if I’m alone. It just seems like such a private thing.

          • Kate G

            Why do our parents always come in right when a sex scene comes on? Have you ever noticed that? I swear they have the worst timing.

          • Ha! It’s awful when that happens.

          • Kate G

            OR they come in right about we are about to do mischief. Why do they always ruin our plans of dominating the universe? Do they want us to not succeed in being successful human beings?

          • Of course. That’s their job.

          • Kate G

            Oh, I know! I mean, fine, I don’t mind seeing a female body. Fine. Why can’t we see a penis? WHAT’S WRONG WITH A PENIS?! So, we can see female boobs, butts and vaginas, but no male butts and penises? What’s the bloody difference? Is the man too sensitive about his teeny tiny weeny? Ugh.

            (I may or may not be a slight feminist.)

          • Exactly!

          • Kate G

            Quite frankly, I like men’s butts. As long as they are firm butts. There is something so wrong about a bouncy, flabby butt to me. Blah. Firm butts make me happy.

          • Well yeah. Firm round butt… *happy sigh*

          • Kate G

            You wonder why I watch the Olympics, especially the male competitors. They all have very shapely, very firm butts. There is a very specific reason I love the diving portion in the Summer Olympics…..and figure skating and speed skating in the Winter. Those men have some mighty fine butts. *biggest secret just revealed*

            OKAY FINE, some of them are rather good looking on top too, but the butts are the best part, don’t you think? I mean, have you ever looked at Evan Lysacek’s butt? I’m so mad he isn’t in the run for the Sochi Olympics anymore. Damn good skater, damn good looking and he has a mighty fine rear end. *stomps feet in frustration* Ugh, it kills me. I was banking on seeing Evan Lysacek.

          • Well sure. That was always my favorite part of walking down to my car in his school, I had to walk past the baseball practice and those lovely tight pants.

            Though I have to admit I am also particularly partial to a wet muscular chest.

          • One of the reasons I have always liked baseball, ice skating, and ballet. ^_^ Got to love those tight pants.

          • *high five*

          • *high five* ^_^

          • Kate G

            DUDE, WHY AREN’T YOU WHERE I LIVE?! I love ballet. Granted, I do love ballet more for the costumes and pretty choreography and all that shizz (I was a ballerina for 5 1/2 years), but seriously, I tag you along for the men in tight pants and we have no problems. My mom hates the ballet. It makes her fall asleep (she says this after YEARS of seeing the Nutcracker annually, of course. Thanks for ruining my feelings.)

          • Ballet is a very beautiful art form. Truth to tell, I haven’t been able to watch all that much of it. 🙁 But it is something that is really nice.

            Shameless plugging: I know it is an anime but Princess Tutu is a really great story that takes place at a ballet school. There are parts that will move you to tears and some that might have you laughing. Some very interesting plot twists as well.

          • Kate G

            I usually try to see one annually. I was trying to get tickets for Nureyev’s take on Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie and fable.Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite ballet composers. Nureyev is one of the most famous ballet schools in the world. Yea, I wanted those tickets.) for Christmas for my grams and me at the local theatre near me, but those tickets sold out so quickly I couldn’t get them. I slammed the keys on my keyboard I was so angry. Note to self: get those tickets when they go on sale next time!

          • awwwwww…….:(

            Yeah that sucks. I know Broadway shows that you have to order tickets months in advance.

          • Kate G

            It depends where you are for Broadway shows. In Chicago, you can get them weeks in advance. I think my aunt got ours a few months so we could have good seats when we saw Wicked.

            New York? Yea, probably months.

          • Kate G

            Aw man, you had it made in school. Our base ball diamonds and track fields were in the back! The tennis courts at our junior/senior campus were on the wrong side for butt gazing while walking to the buses (they were on the faculty parking side, dammit) and football practice started WAY after anyone on buses could watch them at the freshman/sophomore campus.

            Wet chests are good too, as long as they aren’t very hairy. Blech.

          • Oh…I have to disagree with you there, hairy chests can really be a huge turn on for me. Example, I was already crushing on one of the cashiers where I used to work….probably one of the worst kept secrets in the store…. ^_^ The first time I saw him in “normal” clothes he had this most intriguing puff of hair coming out of the top of his shirt…..I almost fainted. It was soo sexy.

          • Kate G

            Some hair I think is okay. Being completely hairless is weird. That’s like a lady’s bits being completely waxed off. I mean, that’s just weird to me.

          • It was a pleasant walk, I will admit. 🙂

            Hairy chest can be very good. Say…Henry Cavil in Man of Steel. 😀

          • Kate G

            Ooooh, there I can agree with you. Henry Cavill’s chest isn’t that hairy in that movie though.

          • When I talk about things like hairy muscled chest, Henry Cavil, Hugh Jackman… That’s what I’m talking about… Man that makes me go all mushy brained. *blush*

          • Kate G

            My brain turns to mush whenever I think of Christian Bale in the Batman movies. I mean, my God. Perky butt and muscles.

          • Kate G

            We have degraded TYP comment section to butts and chests. HA HA HA.

          • That’s what happened previous when Duncan was undressing in Ch 2

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA. You have to wonder what Alex thinks of all of this.

          • O.O <—-

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA HA HA. Or @.@;;;;

          • I’d rather hear his opinion 😉

          • Kate G

            On what? What his favorite part of a guy is? The chest or ass? Or what he thinks of all this degradation in his comment feed?

          • Yup 😉

          • Kate G

            And he’s probably reading this thinking, “No way am I answering that. I have to have some mystery here.”

          • I’ll give you that one!

          • HUGH JACKMAN <3 <3

          • YES! Him too!

          • The sounds I just made when I read ‘a wet muscular chest’. Instant increase of pulse and taking a deep breath.
            I have a HUGE kink for a sexy wet man, especially drops running down the chest/front.. which I might have mentioned a time or two.. or ten by now <3

          • Yes, I recall well what you wrote on another page. In that we are the same!

            Eyes glaze over, face gets hot, get a bit giddy just thinking of it.

          • Kate G

            I hate to admit I get the same way. My legs turn to jelly.

          • Kate G

            If you could pick one man, any man, from any online comic to come out of the shower (Teahouse, TYP, Boned, Starfighter, etc), dripping wet, name the one that comes off the top of your head.

          • SofiaT

            Duncan. No question about it.

          • Kate G

            Now I have to hear the explanation for this. Why Duncan/Mr. Annihilator/Mr. He-Who-Caused-Kyle-So-Much-Pain?

          • SofiaT

            Because you didn’t ask who I’d like to marry.
            You asked who I’d like to see coming out of the shower, dripping wet. XD

            Check the last panel of this page, and the look on Kyle’s face. That’s the look I had when I saw it too.

            And then go to the first (and second) panel of this page:

            Holy crap, indeed.

          • Okay, yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing Duncan come out of the shower wet.

          • Kate G

            Hm, if you had to pick off whom you’d like to marry, who would it be? (My answer totally would not be Cain or Rhys here. Man, they have some serious issues.)

          • SofiaT

            I wouldn’t like to marry (or be in a relationship with) any of the fictional characters I have crushes on. In fiction I usually like the mysterious bad boys with issues, in reality that’s the sort of guys I run away from.

            I don’t think I’d even marry Clark Kent. And considering he was my first and truest fictional love, that says something.

            …ok, maybe I’d marry Clark Kent.

          • Kate G

            The Boy Scout? THE BOY SCOUT?! Omg, you like the boy scout. We officially cannot be friends. Bruce Wayne is ten times better than Clark Kent ever will be. *walks away*

            *walks back* Okay, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point.

          • SofiaT

            *shrugs* Bruce Wayne is all yours. 🙂

          • I call dibs on Nightwing 😉

          • SofiaT

            Dick? You girls can have him too. XD

          • Kate G

            I love Dick Grayson. He is so cute, especially in the black and blue Nightwing outfit.

          • Kate G

            Too bad I’m not a redhead though. He has a self-confessed love for redheads. I’m a brunette. I dark chocolate brunette and red looks terrible on me. Rats.

          • Cain

          • Kate G

            That’s exactly who I thought of first. Then I said Rhys.

          • Rhys or Reed would also be nice…and Axis

          • Kate G

            Ooooh, Rhys/Axis? Ho ho ho.

          • LOL.. I can’t, because just as soon as you started mentioning a shower scene – the only one flashing through my mind was Hugh Jackman.
            I’ve had a crush (I might even say I’m in love) with the man for almost 18 years. I saw him in the movie Paperback Hero way before he got his American breakthrough.

            Hmm.. now I have to think about it when it comes to an online comic character.. there’s too many xD
            Cain (SF), Reed (TH) or Hayden from Spindrift .. or maybe Cole or Sho from Master!
            Not to mentio- this is getting a really hard choice 😛

          • Kate G

            I’ve never read Spindrift.

            But honestly, would Reed even be able to suppress his OCD impulses enough to come out dripping naked without having to wipe up every drip he drops on the floor?

            Now that you mention it…..that would be awfully sexy. His ass would be in the air quite a bit.

          • I have the mini-print with Reed (and Rory) sitting in a bathtub – the one I got with chap. 2, special edition.

            E saw me comment about it so much on the TH comments back then that she held my package back and switched the prints so I got that one. Originally they had put another print in the package. I don’t know which, but I basicly don’t care because I got my wish for a print 😀

          • Kate G

            That was nice of her. I haven’t gotten the books of any of them because knowing my mom she would want to know what I got and I would turn bright freaking red. “Books,” would not be the right answer because she would want to know WHAT KIND of books because of my face (I might get away with the answer “comics” but probably not.) I’ve decided to firmly leave whatever is in those books up to my imagination and I have a pretty divine imagination….and fanfiction also provides a nice service too.

          • Ha! I recall a comment you made about looking forward to seeing Rhys dripping in a wet shirt after riding in the rain to see Axis then unbuttoning it. You waxed good poetry about the dripping water down his chest towards his belly button…

          • Mmmm.. yees~ *dreamy sigh*
            Clingy wet shirt, showing off his abs.. That was a good page <3

          • Teal’c has a nice butt.

          • I think this is my issue with watching straight couples having sex in movies too. Everything is geared towards the (straight) men. If you notice, most of the camera angles are on the woman’s body and her face. I get really sick of it.

            I would love to see some male butt and penises and balls in (American) movies.

            Same deal with watching two women together. I’m not saying that isn’t hot most of the time but I can’t get over the straight male girl-on-girl fantasy stereotype so I get instantly turned off. That’s probably due to men’s reactions in the past when I’ve told them of my heteroflexibility/bisexuality/or whatever you call it.

            Neat discussion.

          • I think this is a lot of it. That it’s mostly for the male gaze. Bah! It’s always so brief the shots of just a man’s chest, let alone his butt.

          • Kate G

            I know. Lesbian sex weirds me out. That sex scene in Black Swan between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman? Turns me into a squeamish little 5 year old going, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww,” although the moving tattoo bit is awesome. I actually do screw up my face and say, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.” I just don’t get the appeal. I mean, blah, gross. Ich.

            The 25 year old wants to see men, not women. I don’t care about my own body. It makes me jealous at times, quite frankly (which I think they purposely do.) People, I don’t want to see Penelope Cruz’s freaking perfect body. I know she’s gorgeous and curvy and all that.

          • Penelope…well, I will say that is one hot babe but I agree the overexposure of these beautiful people gets tiresome as hell. Don’t they have anything else for us, entertainment-wise? A good story, excellent representation of all types of people? Hot mansex and love? Or cold angst? No? I guess that’s why we’re here on Alex’s site instead of on some gossip website…

          • Gryphongirl —

            It’s complicated, but the word you’re looking for is “heteroflexibilitibisexualidocious”.

            When in need always look to Mary Poppins. 😀

          • I think this fits perfectly in regards to our media.


            And thanks to those that have now got me hooked on SatW. ^_^

          • That was great!

          • I know right?

          • HA! I’m sure said specific man wasn’t so sensitive until you described it as a (and I quote) “…teeny tiny weeny? Ugh”

            Now, I suspect that much maligned man will most definitely not reveal his poor disparaged ‘Septer of Love’ to you. *snort* 🙂

          • I agree whole heartedly.

          • Kate G

            I will admit when I am alone and watching said scenes, I do crawl lower in my seat and cover my eyes. It’s just so wrong! Eesh.

          • I’m better when I’m alone. If there are others in the room, just any random movie night at home, I yell at the screen for them to hurry up as I’m looking away.

            It’s such a weird phenomenon.

          • Kate G

            It is weird. I think we women are like, “Okay, just no. No no no no no. That’s just weird.” More women like male on male porn over straight porn and I swear it’s because we don’t want to see or read what all ready happens to us because it’s weird enough. It’s just weird.

            I’ll actually fast forward through it sometimes just for the sake of saving my sanity.

          • Well I already know those parts, yeah? Why do I want to see their parts, especially if their parts might be firmer or more perky than my parts. Bah! Show me men dammit! Attractive men.

          • And thus you both make my porn-point. At least females get a choice to have porn without women in them and still enjoy the men (for what they’re worth) without a woman. Gay men don’t even get that… Sure there are gay men who have a fetish for the men in straight-sex vids, but they aren’t necessarily ‘sexy’ by my definition. We are NOT talking Tom Huddleston or Chris Hemsworth. Those in porn, may have enormous genitals and are, by definition, sexual athletes, but there is still something rather creepy about the people who do porn. A certain look? The lack of ability to act? There is a reason that porn stars rarely break into main stream acting. Charisma is a very hard thing to quantify.

            So gay men don’t really get much of a choice.

            Further, I might take the risk and posit that most women do NOT want to see their favorite actors in sex scenes with other women and I might guess definitely not with men.

            If, I’m wrong, do please chime in and disagree. Either way, it’s complicated.

          • I personally have no problem seeing my actor with another woman (probably because I know I have no chance in heck of ever getting them). And about the actor with another man…..I about fainted when McKay kissed Carson in Stargate Atlantis. I love Carson to death and wouldn’t mind having him read the phone book to me. He is so adorable and sexy and his accent……mmmmmm. McKay I would very much like to see bad things happen to. Nothing life threatening, but he can be such an insufferable jerk. As much as I loved the one, and disliked the other, I still found their kissing to be hot.

          • Have you ever read Xanthe’s Stargate fanfic love story between John Shephard and Rodney McCay. He is still a jerk, but he gets seriously tamed… you have a broad range of taste. You might like it. Xanth’s been writing a long time.


          • Chris……if I were a guy I would soooo try to steal you from your husband. OMG……..I am not finished with the story just jet, but …..DAMN……and even though there are some aspects I don’t like, like the whole quill thing….and a giggling McKay… hard to imagine a giggling McKay…it is such a good story……I am almost done I am over half done with it……And I would soooo love to be Carson’s sub. I have been fangirl squealing quite a bit while reading this. ……And I really would not have been nice in regards to Bates at all…..I still think he got off light. Maybe something bad will happen to him by the end? *evil grin* Something horrible? *shakes her head of evil thoughts* Please, if you have anything else worth sharing? Please do not hesitate to share such gems. ^_^ I love to read. I want to finish Coming Home tonight, but I think I am getting too tired. I am on 13 of 19. Such a good story ^_^

          • Oh I’m glad you’re enjoyng. People here have turned me on to so much that it’s nice to feel a little share back.

            I’m not a fanfic person, so I read her work like it was new, and was fascinated with the idea that a queer couple of any gender, being into power exchange relationship was the norm for their universe (thus a vanilla & non-queer relationship meant you were probably a perv and in the closet). The role reversals I found very satisfying and she has a surprisingly wry sense of humor about it all and how society treats majorities and minorities in general. Regardless, at core, all her best stories are big angsty adorable romances, which I was completely drawn to.

            Her library is huge, but here are two more earlier works which I liked as much as the one you are currently reading.


            In this story, the same two characters you are now being introduced to, are transported, by accident, to our much more tightly wound universe and they meet themselves as our society would have made them. Needless to say the catalyst in that is hugely satisfying. She is NOT afraid to create and redeem an abrasive character.


            Again, I’m not much of a TV watcher except for those exceptions we were talking about like FIREFLY. So, I can’t speak to the fanfic aspect, but this crosses NCIS (the Gibbs smack) with the StarGate characters and I thought it was GREAT and freaking sexy and with all the angst, sex and romance anyone could want.

            There’s tons more, so snoop around her site, but these three were my favorites.

            Take care Doki. Enjoy,

          • I just want to see the man dammit! And well I’d just rather be alone when I do.

          • No you just need a wind machine, so your hair blows back perfectly like a super model when you look down all sultry at your lover… right? Right?

            It’s all in the accessories. 😀

          • *shakes head, Charlie’s Angels-style, tilts head down slightly, looks up from heavily lined eyes, arches back so ass and tits stick out while said wind machine blows back long thick dark hair. Pouts.*

            All I need now is to grab my [imaginary] lover’s hand and have him trace my lips before I suck on his finger…Come to think of it, I don’t need any of that other shit.

            Minimal accessories are the name of the game here, Chris, though the wind machine will help with “atmosphere.”


          • O.O

        • Heh. I almost never have any issues watching sex scenes (unless it’s really hot and my parents are there), but really romantic kissy-kissy scenes often make me cringe. I don’t watch a lot of chick-flicks for that reason. ‘Funny’ enough have no issues reading about romance. I do that a lot, so maybe it’s the visual part.
          Of course I’m also the one who cringe when I get to be near a couple who do those damn ‘smacky’ kisses where it’s like a goal to make it sounds as loud as possible – almost worse if they do those mumbly lovey dovey words in between. I couldn’t care less if they tongue kiss for hours next to me, just as long as it’s not those with kissy sounds xD
          I’ve tried sitting for hours on a bus with a couple like that behind me. When we reached destination I was about ready to commit violence to get away >.>

          • SofiaT

            I honestly don’t care about straight or gay scenes or even amount of nudity, male or female, although I don’t like anything too explicit, especially when I’m watching with family.

            What I do hate, is how movies make sex looks so serious and perfectly coordinated and choreographed. Sex isn’t serious and it very rarely is coordinated. Sex is ridiculous by definition. And that’s fine. I’ve always enjoyed sex the most when I’ve been able to laugh about it with my partner. It can be hot and funny at the same time. It’s also why I’m not crazy about one-night stands. You can’t have that sort of connection with a stranger, so what’s the point?

            In real sex, there’s bound to be hair-pulling (the accidental kind, not the hot kind), elbows knocking, awkward rearrangements. It’s part of what makes it fun. All those sultry gazes and perfect movements in the movies make me wanna laugh -and usually they’re not meant that way so the whole “vibe” of the movie is ruined by them.

          • Kate G

            That I would know nothing about seeing as I’m Queen Elizabeth I. It just sounds utterly ridiculous and weird by definition. (Although, I’ll have you know I still giggle like an idiot at certain sex scenes because it looks too serious and staged. I mean, seriously, maybe I’m still too young to become a bloody Mary.)

          • SofiaT

            Sex is not necessarily weird, only if you’re doing it with the wrong person. Sex can be good. Really good 😀
            But it’s not perfect. And nobody looks graceful when they’re having sex. If you’re trying to look graceful while you’re at it, then you’re probably not enjoying it much and you should rethink why you’re doing it. (That’s a general “you” btw, not meant for anyone specifically).

          • I agree 100%. You took the words out of my mouth there. This is exactly why close intimacy is so ‘weird’ in movies. You just worded it much better than I probably could 🙂

          • That was a great post. There is a Tumblr site I like. Not beautiful people, just naked people laughing themselves silly and enjoying themselves. Everything you just perfectly expressed.

            True Story:

            I tried to give my husband a rape (read: ravish me) fantasy once. Oh, he really thought it would be like super HOT. It was completely ridiculous. Me talking like some refugee from a 1970’s gay porno. He wouldn’t cooperate and stay still long enough to fake that he was basically accepting my amazing sexual mastery over the universe… So that just goofed things up. Nothing would slide where it was supposed to. We spilled lube everywhere. I’m pretty sure even the dogs were laughing at us. We ended up agreeing that we didn’t need to do that fantasy again. Well, certainly not without a LOT more wine.

            Trust me, I’ll tell anyone, rape (read: ravish me) fantasies are for the birds. Way too damn much work, all while someone is pretending they don’t want you?

            Feh, trust me, forget that. Heh heh heh.

          • I was being silly (if honest) below with my true story, but to add one thing to Sofia’s post, which i really liked…

            PORN is really messing with the next generation’s ideas of what gay sex is like, just as much as we fear it does for non-queers.

            Mitch, at the computer at 15, is nothing. Most kids have seen it all at a much younger age. Non-Queer porn… well we all know the sexist issues and the sexist stupidity of that industry. It’s been discussed everywhere. However, gay porn is just a as destructive.

            In real life Mitch would have been watching perfect men, with perfect bodies and enormous penises that are always erect, having athletic sex at every possible moment. All of life’s transitions are cut out… “Hi Bob.” “Yeah, let’s do it” and 10 seconds later everyone is naked and that twelve inch sucker is sliding in… Just. Like. That.

            Well, for all the Mitch’s of the world… and especially the boys who aren’t nearly so good looking as that character. As Sofia says above, good sex isn’t perfect, and neither are we. Hair gets stepped on. People fall off the bed. The lube is spilled. Sex IS FUNNY. Good sex is FUN.

            To bad we can’t accept and enjoy that idea, and teach the world that they can too. Before young people try it and feel like a failure because real-world sex simply can’t be what porn foolishly taught them to expect of themselves.

            Oh, but real-world sex can be better with the right person.

          • Kate G

            Very true and I definitely agree.

          • Kate G

            Oh gosh, I hate that! I hate it when people are all touchy-feely in the first place as it just weirds me out though (I am not a touchy-feely person. Go far away if you want to be touchy-feely.) Just blaaaaaaaaaaah. I think I have the mentality of a 5 year old with that sort of thing.

            I don’t mind reading romance though. I just prefer manxman though. I don’t get jealous at the thick hair. Why must the female characters in romance novels have thick hair?

          • Try accidentally taking your mom to the ballet and, after it starts, discovering all the dancers are naked. My mom is very cool, but nothing looks sillier than male genitalia and breasts bouncing and flouncing about during modern dance.

            Message to choreographer: BAD IDEA.

            Mom and I left at intermission. Ate lunch and laughed and laughed. It’s an old joke now, but still gets a chuckle.

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA HA HA! Where was this, Chris? Oh my gosh, I love ballet, but that….that I would be trying so hard not to laugh. I mean, imagine seeing a ballerina doing l’entrechat with boobs gong up and FLUMP! *laughing at own image in brain*

            Or hip hop naked. Oh dear Lord. *cracking up*

    • Grim

      Or it can be left the way it is because straight people are ALWAYS catered to and it means a lot to LGBTQ+ people to get representation in media????? Geez…

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        You think YOU have problems? How do you think the poor Alevi feel, when not only practically everybody in film is a non-Alevi, but people keep confusing them with the Alawites?

        • SofiaT

          I think that every minority that has ever been slighted or misrepresented, has the right to feel like that, without it meaning that those feelings diminish the rights or feelings of other minorities. This isn’t a competition, “my hurt is bigger than your hurt”.

          I understand that you’re trying to make a general point here, and you didn’t mean this to be personal, but please refrain from using “you” statements, as they may be interpreted as such. Thanks! 🙂

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Sorry, I was speaking jocularly. (I am not actually an Alevi.) My point is that there is always a smaller, less powerful minority.

          • SofiaT

            Noted! 🙂

            I realized that’s what you meant btw. But when phrased like that, jokes can be a bit tricky and people might get offended. We need to be conscious of how the things we write might affect others. That’s what makes this such a great community to be in!

            Thanks for understanding 🙂

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa


    • Jac

      tone down the…


      the gay….

      *laughs all the way into the sun*

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        And give them all leather jackets.

    • Sapfo

      Or they can just let HBO do it

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Studio Ghibli?

        • Sapfo

          It’s a pretty interesting concept to transfer one art form to another.

          Have in recent years followed Wendy Pinis attempt to transfer “Masque of the Red Death” from the comic to musical. One of the big problems for her was that she wanted to preserve Anton and Steffan. And not have to remake them into Anton and Steffani.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Also, that Elfquest orgy scene.

          • Sapfo

            Oh, that is never going to be a movie. Its been to many years now.
            My childhood dream will never come tru ;_;

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Perhaps Peter Jackson will take an interest in the property!

          • NO! if he got his contaminating fingers on this story he’d do horrible things to it like he did with Tolkiens work…i mean really…we don’t need every fucking moment turned into EPIC POSE AND BATTLE TIME!

          • which one…there was quite a few if I recall…like the Wolf Riders were always having orgies prior to battle or whatever…they seemed to use anything as an excuse lol…

          • Sapfo

            I think it is the first one. The one before the Palace-war, right after Oneeye died.
            And it was not orgys, they where doing the Dance to celebrate the joy in life before risking death.

          • the one where they’re in the Go Back’s huts? yeah…i remember always thinking…gee that’s kind of weird custom…to have sex right before heading out into battle…i mean i dunno…i think that when i’m in combat mode i just want to deal with the adversity and get it squared away or whatever…i have a hard time getting into the head space necessary to enjoy sex…which means that i can have super miserable blocks of time when i’m dealing with super stressful shit because sometimes i just can’t make the mental separation that’s necessary for me at least…which is why i’m always kind of impressed with the character of Cain in Starfighter…that guy just is ready to go whenever…but then again…i’m not exactly conditioned, at least i think i’m not, to deal with aggressive situations as he is…i’m kind of conditioned to deal with escalating emotions by methodically scaling back said emotions…i imagine for Fighters it’s pretty different…

          • Sapfo

            Cain got a little bit of Skot in him.

            (If you have not read all of Elfquest, dont read this.)

            (If you want to read Elfquest)

          • lol refresher!

            i totally have forgotten like everyone’s names except the super memorable like Cutter and Skywise…and then of course Winnowill…man was she a bitch piece of work…it was cool that Leetah’s healing effects cancelled Winnowill’s pain effects…

          • Yeah…Cain seems to channel the very archetype of fighter lol

          • oh yeah…that’s right…the Dance…i forgot what it was called…i mean technically it was an orgy though i guess that word sounds negatively hedonistic though personally i try not to let the stupidity of modern society’s fear of sex influence me too much 🙂

        • Miyazaki Hiro has pretty much flat out said that he’s focused on stories driven by strong female leads so that would probably exclude this plus…the narrative structure is radically different than Studio Ghibli’s movies in that his characters don’t get anywhere nearly as traumatized as Kyle has already been hurt.

  • i think we named it Fire Fly lol…

    • No, no, no. High Mile Club :p .. or just Team Mile for the PG rating lol

      • but Fire Fly is so much more cool ‘cuz it alludes to Firefly and High Mile Club is just wordier and so more to say lol…

        we could go with High Mile Club: Fire Fly or something…although then that’s like a super long name for a ship lol…but whatever…maybe that’s a good sign for it’s plausibility.

      • it’s kind of funny that, at least it seems to me, that the Duncan/Kyle ship was more uniformly named while the Kyle/Mitch ship seems to be stuck in committee lol.

  • oh my jesus fucking christ what they did to Last Airbender was totally unforgivable…it completely erased all of the racial openness that the cartoon strove to achieve and instead defaulted back to a bunch of white people lol..

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Alas, they can’t all be “Transformers.”

  • Vinny Gothika

    If this was made into a movie, I’d only watch it if they stayed true to everything

  • anonywolf

    I think its entirely possible that an independent movie studio would be able to keep the homosexual angle in…but the production values and performances would probably be highly suspect.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I can forgive low production values, if only they put a lot of heart in it. Similar to ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ or ‘Riley Rewind’.

  • bronakopdin

    late to the party but I still feel bad for Flyboy to be that left out… but his resolve is suggesting 🙂 I like him for that!

  • Sapfo

    Analyzing time….or me just trying to confuse people?

    I wonder about how much it is that Kyle has told Paul. The whole truth, parts of the truth, a modified truth or a big lie?
    My feeling is leaning towards it being parts of the truth or a modified truth. I do not think Kyle is ready to let others know what’s happened or that he is not quite ready to face what happend.

    But most likely we will find out about this very soon. Maybe even on the next page or the one after that.

    So what of Kyles reaction then. Last time we saw him he was crying. I am kind of hoping for that Kyle is either calmer or angry. If he have done so I think he is just collected and hidding it for later. So that he in an environment where he feels safe can unleash all of the emotions he feels. (Bad Duncan!)

    Now Kyle, tell us what you think of your new father…..
    This is one that I am wondering about: Is Laampros really his father or what?
    If he is the biological father, where is the mother. Is there a mother?
    Okay, Laampros just confuses me. Is he a devil or is he just a “thing/person” that looks like something we would call a devil?

    Okay, the last part in this rambeling:
    Do the Annihilator have a reason to be affraid of our young Flyboy?

    Well even if he is no threats against the Annihilator, he is cute and eager to help. So please don´t hurt him!

    Now I hope you all are just as cunfused as I am! ^_^

    • Shella_Bluey

      Do the Annihilator have a reason to be afraid of our young Flyboy?
      Wish I would know. 😉
      Just a random thought: The Annihilator has probably a lot of experience with fighting, which would give him an advantage in a fight with a young hero, even if this young hero has skills that a very dangers to him. But I also can see the Annihilator being too arrogant and underestimate a young hero and get in trouble as a result.

  • espoirepourmesreves

    Honestly, in ten years or so, hopefully it won’t be as big of a deal and it will be able to be made as-is. Progress in the last ten years has been amazing, so if things keep gaining momentum, who knows? Maybe it would be able to be made as the story is told and still be a hit.

    • KryX

      After Brokeback Mountain came out, I was talking to a woman who was a psychiatrist in San Francisco. She noted that most of her male acquaintances had no interest in seeing the movie. I know that was almost ten years ago, but I don’t think that things have changed all that much. Straight people may be willing to acknowledge equal rights are the correct thing to do, but that does not mean they want to sit through a movie where homosexuality is a dominant theme. That is especially true for young males, who are the most targeted demographic to the movie industry. International distribution would also take a hit, just see what is happening in Russia and India.

      • phoenixkevin

        After reading your comment, I’m thinking of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I’m sure it doesn’t have enough ping pong balls to get the straight guys to watch it.

        I’m giggling just thinking about it.

  • Corey C

    I’m thinking Flyboy might be just a tad bit more….emotionally invested in Kyle than Spooky or Paul.

    • Jaden Levi

      Well that’s one way to put it.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    There has been discussion of the idea, on and off, for a while. The problem is that we don’t have much information yet. The Crisis of Colliding Trans-World Identities was mentioned about halfway through chapter 1. I admit that at the time I thought it was a throw-away line – part homage to huge comic book superhero teamups, part explanation for why the rest of the superheroes aren’t around so that the Young Protectors have to deal with whatever problem arises. (I still do, FWIW, but there’s no reason that the Crisis can’t carry multiple plot functions and symbolic meanings).

    However speculation of whether Annihilator was trying to forestall an even bigger problem went into high gear when he gave the line (chap.2 p.47), “There are great and terrible things happening right now. Things you have no knowledge of. Threats that make the so-called Crisis look like a child’s tea party.” Given the sheer enormity of what Annihilator had set in motion and the amount of trauma he had inflicted on Kyle as collateral damage, there was some heated argument about what this problem could be and whether it justified his actions. After all, in a superhero class setting with its mixture of the many types of weird and impossible, how could Annihilator know that his chosen method was the only/the best way of dealing with the problem?

    And that leads into a final aspect: is Annihilator’s judgement trustworthy? There are points in chapter 2 where he’s clearly conflicted about his actions (ranging from his body language, to his claims that he doesn’t need to explain himself before immediately launching into lengthy monologs to explain himself). There’s also a whole lot of mixed verbal messages coming through here, with Annihilator claiming there is a big problem coming, but at the same time his deal with Laampros was motivated mainly by personal selfishness. Again, arguments ensued, including whether Annihilator was trying to psyche himself up to follow a plan that he was having doubts about.

    So unfortunately the bottom line is, until we get more information about what this forthcoming problem is, and we get to untangle Annihilator’s motivations, we’re left wondering and hanging out for more. Which is almost certainly according to Alex’s cunning plan.

    • For some reason this has caused the image of Duncan and SIrcea sitting at a table in their lair with Duncan sitting there looking down.

      Sircea: Ducan why are you looking so down? We got what we wanted. All we have to do is activate this key and we will have eternal youth! We will be set!


      Don’t tell me you actually fell in love with that boy?


      (Sircea starts laughing)

  • phoenixkevin

    I like the colors much better in Chapter 3. I went back to the beginning of Young Protectors, and after reviewing all the pages, I can’t seem to articulate what exactly changed in the colors.

    I like the colors throughout, but something seems to have changed in my perception. They seem bolder, but that really isn’t true. Deeper perhaps? Darker?

    Any way, good job!

    • SofiaT

      I think I know what you mean. I’m clueless when it comes to penciling/colouring, so I don’t know the jargon and how to explain it but both the drawings and the colours have evolved since the prologue.

      I’ve noticed that in most of my other comic books too, it takes a while before the characters are given their final form. Asterix and Obelix, Thorgal, Mafalda, even the iconic Lucky Luke have changed since they were first “born”. Here that is not very pronounced, the characters all look fairly the same as they did in the beginning, but you can still see a difference -the expressions are more detailed now? And the colours seem more “real”?

      …I really suck at explaining this 😛

      Also, the night sky is just gorgeous!!! And maybe the fact that it’s now night is part of what you meant, before I took your comment and ran with it? 😀

      • phoenixkevin

        you are explaining it better than I am.

        I am impressed with how the Young Protectors are ‘evolving’ and look forward to more. Count me a ‘serious’ fan. (The one that uses all the ‘quotes’.)

      • I think you said it just fine. It’s common to see a developement as artists become more ‘comfortable’ with characters and style with practice.
        Adam had to find his comfort style with drawing, and Veronica with coloring it. You can see that they’re used to working together now 🙂

    • La Belle Gigi
  • Kate G

    Oh, I dread the next page. Kyle is going to be so pissed. Oh, I dread the look he is going to give Fluke. I dread that page but at the same time I so want to see Kyle kick Fluke’s ass for bringing not one but TWO extra people.

    Aw man, Fluke is in deep shit. Deep, deep shit.

  • My friend on facebook posted this and I thought I would share this. This is really beautiful what they did and it really makes me tear up a little.

    • Me too.

    • Thank you Doki,

      Made me cry outright. Beautiful, and thank you very much for sharing it. It applies to so many of us in so many ways. Very special.

    • D:!!! All of the tears! ALL OF THEM! You have drawn them forth.

      I may be a little emotional today in general but wow.

    • Wonderful. Thank you for sharing…

    • steelie

      That was really special. Thanks for sharing it even if I did get a little teary watching it.

  • Alright ladies (from thread below),
    I was JUST supposed to have a quick look at the comments, and you side tracked me with talk about wet chests and firm butts. That was SO unfair 😉

    But now I have to leave, because I finally got my hands on ‘Rise of the Guardians’, and I have to watch that before returning it, so I must resist the temptation of talking hot men. Beside, once again the thread grew so long that my Disqus slowed down to slowmotion.
    I’m sure it’s trolling me since it’s doing that as soon as we get a hot thread going xD

    • Enjoy the movie, DW!

    • LimpBiskit

      And after that, check out Frozen. Just sayin’ 😉

      • I will 🙂 It will be in the cinemas here next week, I think.

        • LimpBiskit

          heh.. what is this cinema of which you speak? 😉

    • Kate G

      Ho ho ho, we know how to side track.

      How was the movie, Danish? I’ve been wanting to get it.

      • Plan were suddently changed, so I’ll watch it tomorrow instead.
        I’ve heard it’s good though 🙂

        • Kate G

          Definitely tell me how it is when you watch it. I have it on my “to see” list, but I love hearing opinions.

  • Jackal

    Total crush. And they’re *almost* within the two-year law. *deep sigh* But not quite.

    I think it’s cute, and if Flyboy turns out queer, watching Tsunami deal will be hilarious.

  • Just a very late note to say, thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica for another very beautiful page.

    I really love the intensely confined character closeups in the upper panels opening to the very expansive vista below. Wonderful character energy and urgency contrasting with a stunning environment. “Awesome” is the right word. Thanks so much.

    • I second this late note!

      I keep thinking how pretty Mitch’s almost purple dark eyebrows are, and his beautiful, determined expressions.

    • I’m glad you liked it, Chris. 🙂

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    I’m leaving for a 5 week trip in 3 days and my room currently looks like it’s been bombed. Instead of packing, I’m reading webcomics.

    I blame Alex for suggesting “Least I Could Do”. As if the YP addiction wasn’t enough!

    All his fault. *pokes Alex*

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          • That counts for something!

            Of course I have no idea what you mean by “practical and tidy”. 😛

          • Saxon_Brenton

            Sounds normal to me. I’m a combination of ‘indiferrent to fashion’/’inveterate reader’, so my packing always consists of 10 minutes of throwing clothes into the suitcase (usually it’s literally just a case of making sure I have the right number of shirts, socks and underwear) and then angsting for at least an hour as to what reading and writing materials I’ll take.

          • SofiaT

            One word for you: Kindle.
            A traveller s best friend!

          • Saxon_Brenton

            I have a Kobo. It is loaded full of stuff. Unfortunately I also work in a library, so there’s also the “Oh, that looks interesting” factor. Plus there are the books loaned to me by a friend so that I can cover them with clear contact for him, many of which simply *have* to be read before I return them. It all adds up.

          • That’s how it is for me. 🙂

        • Sapfo

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        • That’s practically 24 hours AFTER the page comes out… you should be fiiiiiiiiine. *chuckles*

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            It’s now Wed/day morning so we’re not far away from an update! 😀

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          • Oh thank god… even if she’s throwing stuff in suitcases between posts she’ll get to see the page so she doesn’t go postal on the plane!!!!! 😀

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            I’m missing Saturday’s update though. 🙁
            Unless there’s free wifi at Kemal Ataturk where I’ll be waiting for my last connection flight.

          • Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh… there must be a way we can get it to you!!!! That’s like evil. Well AW did trot out his evil laugh… even if it was a little half hearted (I think he saves his evil for his villains. HA)

            Edit: Must look up Kemal Ataturk in Google Maps… I swear I actually have travelled, but that’s a new one.

          • SofiaT

            Istanbul, Turkey.
            It’s the International Airport of Istanbul.

            My flights are Sydney to Seoul, Seoul to Istanbul and -finally!- Istanbul to Athens.

            It’s a bit funny really, I’m flying from Kemal Ataturk to Eleftherios Venizelos. If you know anything about Balkan history, that really is chuckle-worthy.

        • Solution: pack the gifts first and then double check you got them all. After that you start with underwear and socks, and then pack from what space you have left after that xD
          Always start with the underwear and socks. As someone who managed to leave for a trip without having packed underwear, it’s a hell of a thing to start your trip hunting for when you arrive 😉

    • Mwa ha ha.

  • Aaron Fitzpatrick

    I’m just going to state for the record that I ship Mitch and Kyle like burning (no pun intended).

    • Well now that you put it that way… let’s imagine that Mitch was an acceptable age to Kyle…

      Now imagine this… they could make love in the air. Needless to say things could get a bit meteoric, if they weren’t careful.

      I think, along with that owl hearing, maybe Mitch needs to be fire retardant too.

      Come on Alex! You gotta admit under the right circumstances Adam and Veronica could make that a spectacular page. (He’s totally saving it for his next book. arg.) 🙂

      On the other hand… with Paul… Kyle really COULD get lucky.

      • Aaron Fitzpatrick

        As far as Paul and Kyle are concerned, I did think about the possibilities with them and decided that really I prefer them as the best of bros. They have Best Friend written all over them, at least for me.

        But yeah, when you bring up the legal issue with Mitch it does put a damp on the potential pairing. I do hope that something does happen eventually though, when he’s at age of consent. Even just something small and fluffy because god knows Kyle deserves it.

  • misternotcarter

    im new to this f#kn great comic, all i want is next next next 🙂 waiting for it, gud job Alex such a great comic 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Welcome to the awesomeness that is TYP! 😀

      • misternotcarter

        wehooo TYP ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

    • Cman65

      oh the pain of the wait each week

    • Thank you, misternotcarter! Glad you’re enjoying it! 😉

  • Michelle Grifka

    I am on tenterhooks, it’s ridiculous.

  • Sapfo

    Right now George lookalike is looking down at me. I miss the real George. And Clave, Kathy. At least Samantha is looking good!

  • Klaus

    The next chapter will not be anytime soon, since chapter 3 is going to be very long. The next page is tomorrow. The is a new page every Saturday. There is also one every Wednesday if we pay for it. Which we do.

  • Oh ho, ho, ho… I just had SUCH a nice thought that I want to share in this pre-camping.

    We’re about to see Kyle again. Probably on the coming page. The ‘breather’ could very well be over now and it’s about to get sad-serious again. Depends on how this next scene is gonna play out, but I doubt that Kyle is suddently all okay now.

    Aren’t I just a sweetheart to point this out? xD

    (I still find it such irony that this scene has actually been a ‘breather’, a break, after a trip to hell)

    • Jac

      I’m bracing myself for the feels.

  • rgleon9986

    I’m not camping or pre-camping yet, just dropping in to say hello, and that I fully intend to join all of you tonight.
    I was actually on a road trip last Friday night, which was why I was posting so seldom. I had a performance of Messiah to do in my hometown, which took up most of my time. Now I’m officially done with classes and travel for a while. Time to start preparing for next semester! (I accidentally posted this on the previous page; oops!)

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      • I swear I can hear the theme from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE playing. I think Sofia is wearing her black spandex spy outfit. 🙂

        upvoting for TYP sneakiness…

        • Jamie Dutton

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          • SofiaT

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            And I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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          …I’ll take it! XD

          • See you went right for a Marvel (right?) woman when I was thinking of you as a beautiful Tom Cruise being dropped through the ceiling on all those wires… so this time the sexist thinking isn’t MY FAULT! 😀

          • SofiaT

            The fact that I am a woman might have something to do with it. 😛

            Also, if you want to be my friend, never ever compare me to Tom Cruise again. There are few celebrities I hate with a passion more fiery than my hate of Cruise.

          • Oh dear. Sofia just drew a line 😉 I’ll remember that.

          • 10000 upvotes for the Tom Cruise hate!

          • silibub

            I know almost nothing about Tom Cruise, and my impression of him is just…general oddness and a vague unease. I’ll have to look him up to see what’s hateful!

          • Ha… he just went with the music. But I agree I hate him, his philosophy, his treatment of his film crews… oh sorry, must stop monologuing.

            *bows apology*

            So sorry, he was just suspended over the lasers in that museum to that music. Let’s substitute someone good AND hot. 😀

            p.s. Do you WAAAANT to be Black Widow???? 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I want to be Wonder Woman, but she’s not a spy.

            And when I think of Mission Impossible, I have the tv series in mind, not those stupid movies 😀

      • No, he needs to do an incognito window. That way he doesn’t need to worry about any deletions!

  • rgleon9986

    Has anyone here been in the interesting and somewhat awkward situation of being attracted to a couple? Those on here who know me may remember I identify as a 1 on the Kinsey Scale (2 on an interesting day or if I’m drunk), but the guy in this relationship is the exception that proves the rule. As it turns out, I also have a huge crush on his girlfriend, whom I’ve known even longer than he has. It’s an interesting experience. I didn’t fully realize what it was until recently. Circumstances dictate that I won’t act on it (my and their romantic relationships, respectively, and being separated by over 1000 miles) but it’s a unique experience I haven’t had before.

    • I haven’t tried the couple thing, but I’ve tried that ‘exception to the rule’.

      As you I identify as straight (a 1 on the scale), or maybe I should rather say I now call myself heteroflexible because I’d try sex with another woman just for the ‘fun’ of it, if i felt comfortable with her – not that it’s something I’ve tried since my ‘one exception’. It’s just not something I seek out to happen, or something I’m opposed to happen either, but the sexual experience could be interesting and fun.

      Anyway, back to the exception. My first experience with sex was actually with a girl that I developed a crush on. So far my one and only exception from men was losing my virginity to her 🙂

      It also took me quite a while to recognize that my emotions towards her was different than any other girl-friend I had, and have ever had since. It was emotions that build up over years, and confused the heck out of me when I finally realized it for what it was. That I was a teen back then probably didn’t make it easier either. For a while it made me believe I was bi, even though I did’t create the same emotions for any other girls, but I sure did with guys.
      (I’ve had people tell me that because I’ve crushed on one girl -compaired to a LOT of guys- then I must still be bi but with a 98-99% preference for men (o_O) Jeez.. I guess most of the population should be bi then, if only 100% counts for either straight/gay).

      I don’t think you should (possibly) be weirded out because you found an exception to the sexuality you usually have. I think it’s quite normal that you can have an exception or two throughout your life. When your emotions for another person grows stronger than your usual preference. It’s a preference, not a set box that should define your whole emotional/sexual attraction. It just sucks that it’s a couple and the situation prevents anything from happening. There WAS potential for a polyamorous relationsship if they had felt the same.
      Hope I said this in a good way. Sometimes it’s hard to express all I want in a foreign language.

      • rgleon9986

        Oh, I’m not weirded out because I’m attracted to a man, though I’m certainly more attracted to him than I have to any other man. Normally I just notice if a man is attractive, but I’m actually kind of crushing on this guy. Anyway, the weird part (for me) is that I’m attracted to two people who are also in a relationship with one another. I don’t think they’re polyamorous, and I’m in a committed relationship anyway, so (barring a change in the situation) nothing will come of it.

        Thank you for sharing your story with me, by the way. That was very sweet, and I appreciate you being so open.

        As an aside, which Kinsey scale do the rest of y’all think of when you list your number? I’m used to the 0-6 scale: 0 is totally heterosexual, 6 is totally homosexual, with 1 and 2, 4 and 5 being varying levels of bisexuality and 3 being evenly bisexual/equally attracted to both sexes.

        • You’re welcome, and I can see why that must be a weird feeling 🙂
          And Alex had a survey a few months ago where the Kinsey scale was in use. It’s the 0-6 scale, and 1 was ‘Primarily straight with an exception or two’.. or something like that. Too lazy too look what it actually said right now xD So that is the scale, yes.

      • silibub

        Heteroflexible! I like that. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit homoflexible (heh) since even though I consider myself a lesbian I’m not…put off by guy parts or anything, just not terribly interested. And I like looking at attractive men (case in point: the glorious full page of Duncan taking his shirt off, yay), it just doesn’t do anything for me sexually, exactly. It confuses me a bit, because other lesbians I know seem to be actually grossed out by penises or men in general. I guess attitudes just vary?

        Thanks for your perspective, Danish; it actually made me feel better and I didn’t realize I needed that, haha!

        • You’re welcome. You could very well be homoflexible (that actually IS the equivalent of heteroflexible) if you’re ever willing/open to physically do something with a man -making out or have sex sometimes, either because of the (fun) experiences or because you meet that ‘one exception’.
          You could also ‘just’ be accepting of every part of the human body (I mean figuratively here) where some lesbians find the male body repulsive/not interesting at all – or vice versa for gays, or straight people with some of own gender. Don’t feel you’re ‘wrong’ as a lesbian for that. You’re ceratinly not alone.
          I appreciate the female body (same as how you like to look at a male body) and I can see the sexiness of a woman just as I can with a man. The human body can be an artistic masterpiece no matter what gender. For me I just react different when it comes to men. That’s why I know I’m straight by sexual preference.

      • Danish – I always so enjoy your posts. They have such good spirit. Similar to what you express, I think so very much has to do with the individual… and the right person can make anyone consider all kinds of things. I bounced until I found the particular guy… Then that was that, but I know what you’re saying.

        Experimenting was wonderful fun, when I was young, but I quickly figured out that I wasn’t Bi because, when pleasuring myself, the feature film playing behind my closed eyes was always filled with men. It didn’t take Sherlock to help me figure out I wanted Sherlock just that extra bit MORE. LOL.

        Still I agree the right person in the right moment can make anything possible.

        You have a wonderful open mind and a lovely way of sharing your thoughts.

        Thank you.

        • Thank you too, Chris 🙂

          • The feature film behind my eyes when I pleasure myself is also two guys. I don’t mean to be flip or anything but it is true. I’ve tried thinking of girls (nope) and I spent many years thinking of guys and girls but there was something unsatisfying about it.

            After discovering yaoi, thinking about two guys just feels…really comfortable and natural (and hot!) to me. I freaked out when I first realized it and the fact that homoerotic elements kept appearing in my stories long before I found yaoi was something I was in denial about.

            I’ve had dreams I was a guy on and off for years. Yet, I’m 100% a girl through and through. Weird.

          • I can sooo understand that. You are not alone.

          • Thanks, Doki!

            That makes me feel good.

          • You’re not alone. I very much feel the same most of the time 🙂

  • jreed3842

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    I brought hot chocolate!!
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    • I have technically been lurking here all day. 😛 I have my own candy cane today ^_^ I have cookies to share. Iced sugar, oatmeal, peanut butter….and some chocolate chip.

      • jreed3842

        Yum! Those sound delicious! *Eats Chocolate chip cookies*

  • Ellen Harman

    I don’t know why I did not think of this before but when Duncan left Kyle he actually left him stranded in the middle of nowhere on a mountain top. Would this also count as a betrayal? Since the only way out for Kyle would be to call for help since he can’t fly.
    I am starting to think that Kyle may be out to at least a few members of the team. It would explain the recent conversation between Fluke and Flyboy. He had to have said something, since they know the Annihilator was there and that Kyle needs clothes. Unless he said they got into a fight and he burned his clothes in the fight, since his civilian clothes would not be fireproof like his uniform.

    • silibub

      He’d still have to explain the bed…. I’m hoping at least Fluke and Spooky know he’s gay since they’re his best friends, and that Flyboy will be mostly cool about it once he finds out. (I say mostly because he’ll probably sputter some awkward stuff before being like, “But you’re still my teammate and friend, dude!” and then it’ll be ok.)

  • EMR has updated for those that I have hooked introduced.

    For those that haven’t yet become acquainted with this webcomic, it is a really great story that is done in pencil art. themice even has songs to play on certain pages that enhance the emotions. So if you would like something to do while waiting for TYP to update, you can start reading here:

    • mogoskier

      Okay, I have been trying forever to figure out what your icon was and it just hit me. It Kyoya from outran high school host club.
      Finally got it…… I really should be studying right now.

      • ^_^ Kyoya……whenever he does his “evil/scheming” smile, it sends pleasant chills down my spine. Though I think this scene just about made me melt in the anime and the manga. When he threw Haruhi on the bed…..I was in “omgomgomgomg Kyoya is being sexy omgomgomgomgomg” mode. ……..Haruhi….knew Kyoya a little too well by that point and was completely not fazed by it at all….One of the few times we see Kyoya laugh.

        • mogoskier

          Yea I remember that scene. I will never understand why she stop him. I mean I know he playing a trick on her to prove a point but why would you stop him. YOU FOOL

          • Yeah, I personally don’t think he would have taken it much farther, but it would have been interesting to see just how far he would go….I think that scene also shows that as much as Kyoya is….well Kyoya…..he does like Haruhi and was genuinely concerned about her welfare.

          • mogoskier

            True but think how funny would that scene if she went along with it, and he trying to stop and says
            “You know I’m doing this to prove a point”
            and she answers
            “You know if you stop I’m going to going to hurt you.”

          • That would be funny, but completely out of character. I really don’t think Haruhi saw any of the guys romantically until she started getting “sick” every time she was around Tamaki. “Mei, I think I am allergic to Tamaki…..”

          • mogoskier

            Oh god that arc, I didn’t know to hug those two or yell at them for there naivety.

          • LOL. Yeah…though Haruhi caught on a lot faster then Tamaki did. Tamaki… smart, yet such an idiot.

          • mogoskier

            Haruhi had Mei to help her though, Tamaki had the twins and Kyoya “helping” him.

          • Well….Kaoru only told Mei to not “say” anything to Haruhi. Mei didn’t say anything to Haruhi, just shoved a girls magazine at her and said “I am not telling you anything, I just happened to leave this at your place, I forgot to take this with me.” Kaoru wanted things to work out naturally. And even with Hikaru pushing at Tamaki to get him to admit things, he still took his own sweet time.

  • rgleon9986

    Well, I’ve finally heard back from Donald Swann’s archivist. He says that Mr. Swann had absolutely no problem with the transposition of the songs into other keys. I’ve just officially chosen the topic of my dissertation! 😀
    Now for finding dozens of sources and doing colossal amounts of research and writing my prospectus. 😛
    But hey, one step down! I’m very excited 🙂

    • Congrats! And yay for research! Please share any really interesting things you dig up!

      • rgleon9986

        Is the fact that Tolkien actually supplied the theme for the song “Namarie” interesting? Donald Swann played the melody he’d come up with, and apparently Tolkien wasn’t overly fond of it, so he hummed a little tune vaguely reminiscent of Gregorian Chant. Swann set the text to that tune and in that style instead. I thought it was interesting, but I’m the kind of guy who’s excitingly nerding out over the fact that he now has a semi-legitimate reason to learn to speak Quenya and Sindarin.

        • I think I already heard that tidbit. ^_^ But it is still interesting. ^_^

          • rgleon9986

            lol, I’ve probably already spilled that particular bit of information. I guess I need to start my research so I can keep y’all entertained with all sorts of new tidbits about Tolkien and Swann. 😀

  • GingerChris86

    Annnnnnd Camping. 🙂
    How are we all you lovely people?

    • We are doing very well indeed though I seem to be out of snacks. Need to go do some rummaging around the kitchen.

      • *has fruit and chocolate as a breakfast-camping snack*

        I’m finally getting close to state I’ll call awake, and feel pretty good this morning 🙂

        • Oooh! Nice breakfast snack!

          I found some nice cheese and a salted carmel chocolate bar, unopened. Think I have some strawberries and decent salami too. Oh marinated olives and candied walnuts…

          And instead of the usual tea, there’s an Italian red open on the counter. I’ve done my writing for today so I can sip a little wine.

        • GingerChris86

          It’s 4pm here. Should be working, but today has been a bad day, started with locking myself out of the house and being an hour late. Downhill from there. Only just starting to get better now.

          • Sorry it hasn’t been a good day! Sit back and relax with us for a bit. Glad you’re here.

          • I’m eating a bit of chocolate at 6am as it is here now, because on camp mornings I don’t care if I shouldn’t eat candy befor having breakfast xD

            Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day. Hope it improves a lot now that it’s brightning.

          • I think might have a few chocolate ship cookies left, I have sugar, peanut butter and oatmeal for sure.

          • silibub

            Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve had a rough day! I locked myself out of the house when my whole family was out of town once and I’ve been paranoid ever since, so I really sympathize.

          • That is a big no fun. Been there and have that t-shirt and been srsly mad at self. I hope the day got better for you both.

        • Mmm chocolate…

      • Birthday snacks, Birthday snacks, Birthday snacks,
        Birthday snacks, Birthday snacks, Birthday snacks,
        Birthday snacks, Birthday snacks, Birthday snacks,

    • jreed3842

      Hello! I’m doing well! Although, I must admit I’m quite sleepy!

  • OH.. I have a thing to say.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow, Gryphon (since I might not be around tomorrow to say it). Thank you for the bonus page we get today as a donation made by you alone <3

    • Thanks for the reminder. I was going to say something too.

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRYPHON! And thanks for the page!

    • SofiaT

      *clears voice* HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRYPH!

    • Thanks, Danish! and all of you for the birthday wishes.

      I’m happy to share the love AND to acknowledge each and every one of you who are able to donate towards these bonus pages. Thanks to all of you!

    • Happy Birthday Gryphon!!

    • rgleon9986

      Happy Birthday, Gryphon! I hope you get a present as terrific as the one you gave to all of us!

    • mogoskier

      Happy Birthday Gryphon

    • silibub

      Happy birthday! And how funny that you gave us the present of a bonus page, haha!

      • Can’t wait to see it! I’ve been thinking about it all week.

    • HA!!!! Yes now is the time… I even wrote it in my calendar since this IS YOUR BIRTHDAY PAGE!!!! Thank you.

  • Diana_Christine

    What up, campers?!?! 😀

  • Are there only 3-4 eye colors in TYP? Duncan, Kyle, and Mitch have blue eyes, Paul, Tsunami and Amanda have brown, Spooky seem to be back and Sircea’s are grey.

    • SofiaT

      Don’t forget, Laampros has white 😛

      • 😛 My bad, how could I forget those lovely white eyes of his?

        • I have a hard time remembering. He’s so droll I just remember those great lines…

    • silibub

      It seems that way so far! They’re fairly common eye colors, too, so I guess it’s no surprise that several characters would share them.

      • Hmmmmm……I think that might be why I am more into Flyboy than I am into Kyle. I really like red hair and green eyes and black hair with blue eyes. Kyle’s red and blue might be subconsciously putting me off. And I have never really been a fan of brown eyes.

        • silibub

          I actually have to keep reminding myself that Kyle’s eyes aren’t green, I’m so used to that color combination!

          • I have a hard time getting past that red hair. Yum.

          • silibub

            Redheads are great, aren’t they? 🙂

          • I go for blondes…I don’t think we’ve even seen any so far. Dammit, I want eye-candy. 🙁

          • silibub

            Yeah, there is a sad lack of blonde characters so far! Maybe Sircea will turn out to have been a blonde in her youth, or a new blonde character will be introduced. Fingers crossed!

          • Blonde hair, and blue eyes, and all lithe and…purr.
            …I’m basically describing my boyfriend LOL.

          • MODERATORS speak to our author immediately about this heinous lack of blonde eye candy. That’s a terrible oversight on his part. Oh dear!!!!! 😀

          • Yeah, someone else get it! Free cookies for you friend! 😀

          • When I was young I always wished I was blond. I got over it when the husband like dark haired men. HA! Then I decided I did also. 🙂

          • See I was kind of the opposite. I always liked dark-haired men, then fell for my German…

          • Which takes us all the back to Danish’s cool post that it’s all about “the person.” Then suddenly everything that was not before becomes HOT! 🙂

          • I find that to be absolutely true. And now I miss him. (I moved a couple months ago)
            We should label Danish as our Shaman.

          • I’m sitting here, giggling like crazy.

          • Oh great DanishWolf! Wisest of all creatures! Please, bestow upon me your wisdom!

          • Careful… how does boyfriend feel about 3 and 4-ways? Danish is full of tricky wisdom. 🙂

          • …Well. He wouldn’t be into the kind I’M willing to try. XD

          • HA!

          • Now you don’t get to start smoking a long peace pipe and acting like Yoda or we’ll have to pull you back in line. HUMPH. 😀

          • Don’t worry. No long pipe (eww).. of course I can’t garantee for acting like Yoda, but I’ll try not to 😉

          • Wise Danish is…. (see it’s easy).

          • silibub

            Oh man, you’ve got the dark hair/blue eyes thing going on — I’ve always thought that’s such an attractive combo! Lucky you~

          • I’m clipping this post and hanging it where I can see it. Thanks!

          • SofiaT

            I find your belief that we have any sort of power on this comic and/or Alex amusing. 😛

          • I believe in you Black Widow! 😀

          • I have never really been on the blonde bandwagon. The only crush I have ever had that had blonde hair and blue eyes was in fourth grade and he was Swedish.

            I also try not to spend too much time in the sun in the summer time because I will naturally get blonde streaks in my hair and it annoys me.

      • What colors are we missing? Grey? Green? Ummmm?

        • silibub

          Erm, green and…hazel? I guess? Unless it turns out some characters have unnatural eye colors, like Laampros and his soul-piercing white pinpricks, haha!

          • If we get more inhuman I guess it could get kaleidoscopic… Hazel is kinda light brown right? (you can tell eye color isn’t my specialty). 😐

          • silibub

            As far as I can tell hazel’s a sort of mix of colors – green and brown’s pretty common.

          • Okay we haven’t met Kyle’s mom yet. Assuming that Laampros is really Pops… so I wonder her eye color is… Hey, jury is still out, she might be inhuman. Hmmmmmm…

    • Now I wonder if there will ever be one with my eye colors: blue and yellow. I have central heterochromia where I have blue eyes, but they have a yellow uneven ‘circle’ around the pupil 🙂

      Edit: Much like this, just mine is more yellow than this golden one

      • silibub

        Ahh cool, I have the same deal, just different colors — grey with amber around the pupil. Heterochromia buddies, high five!

        • Wow! Both of your eyes sound amazing!

          Mine are just dark chocolate brown.

          • silibub

            Brown is lovely, too! One of my professors had these deep brown eyes, and in the sunlight they were the color of molasses — really beautiful!

          • Sometimes mine are more blue, sometimes they are more green and most of the time I cannot decide what they are so I just go with hazel.

          • Yeah that does sound cooler than just blue, but I do get complimented when I wear a good blue shirt. They say it make the eye look great. I can’t see it… blue is blue. But okay.

          • Blue is so pretty, Chris. Keep wearing those shirts!

          • Blue is a great eye color. Always pretty in my opinion. ^_^

          • Thank you both… I guess we never see the good when it’s on us. “Doh!

        • Wohoo *high fives*
          My yellow is more widespread than on the pic linked. I even have that dark outer circel around the iris as the pic mentions, but doesn’t show. I’ve even been told that ot looked like someone drew a sun in my eyes (most flattering description I’ve ever heard <3)
          I wasn't aware until recently that this is also a type of heterochromia. I used to think it was either different eye colors, or if an eye had two destinctive colors

          • silibub

            I didn’t realize there was a term for it until fairly recently, but I was excited to find out it’s a “thing.” Yours must be really striking if the yellow is even brighter than the gold in the picture you linked!

        • Mine are kinda weird. You know how your eye color stands out when you wear the same color? Well when I wear green, grey, or blue, they look like that color. They change. It’s weird. o_o

          • No that is NOT weird that is cool!

          • Lol thank you~

          • My Mom’s eyes are kind of like that. Very cool!

          • silibub

            That’s a really pretty variation of hazel – you’re lucky!

          • I’ve only heard it called hazel once. Everyone else got all pissy and said that was wrong. >_> Good to know they knew what they were talking about~ And thanks!

          • davefragments

            The state of Pennsylvania issues drivers licenses with eye color marked on them and any eye color that is not purely blue or green but the in-between is “hazel”. That’s the legal definition. I have hazel eyes that photograph blue-ish, never green.
            My Father had hazel eyes. That’s where I got them. .

          • mogoskier

            My eyes do that to, but it has nothing to do with my cloths. Some times there green and other times there blue.

          • Is it like the old mood ring… will it tell us anything? Or just a random thing?

          • mogoskier

            It random but age is a factor. When I was little my eyes were pure blue but around 8 they turned to have green in them.

  • It is Wednesday, I have schoolwork to do and crazy deadlines.
    So, naturally, I am camping.
    C’mon Alex, let’s do this thing! I am there stalking – I mean helping you in spirit!!!


  • Sapfo

    Just have to Run to the train! Then i can join you all!

    • RUN Sapfo!!!! Runnnnnnnn…… We’ll hold the new page off (lies) and make sure you get a chance at your virgin (lie #2). 😛

      • Sapfo

        Im on the train, Im here… Do i get a virgin now?

        • Nope… Alex held it for you. NO FAIR!!!1

          • Sapfo

            All my love to Alex. Live long and prosper

          • Sapfo Spock… hmmmmmmmmmmmm….

          • *straightens up* I heard “Spock.” Where is he and where is my rope…

          • Sapfo

            Is that a good thing? o.O

          • Do we have Robot Holly, Yoda Danish, and Sapfo Spock?

    • Sapfo! We’ll be waiting for you.

  • yaoi fanatic

    Camping <3 this is more fun than I expected lol 🙂

    • SofiaT

      It’s nice to hang out with the other campers 😀

      But you might want to verify your email with Disqus if you wanna participate in the chat, otherwise your comments will continue to be stuck in moderation. 🙂

      • yaoi fanatic

        thanks for the tip 🙂 hopefully it worked

        • It did because there you are? Welcome to TYP Camp!

        • SofiaT

          *thumbs up* 🙂

    • Camping is always fun!

    • I know where that picture (your id I suppose) comes from. I APPROVE.

      • Moringa? Souichi-kun?

        I love Souichi-kun! He’s such a flawed, in denial character. I love how complex he is.

  • I got my “Hacking” magnet yesterday and it’s on my fridge. I’ve got it turned to the side right now.

    I’m hoping with the arrival of his friends, I can turn it upright. Kyle deserves friendship, support, and the love of his friends now.

    • SofiaT

      Are you joining Chris’ “Abuse the Magnet” party? 😛

      • Looks like it though I need a primer on how it works, I think.

        • Simple… sweet Kyle gets abused and the magnet gets turned upside down until the guilt gets to Alex and he starts treating him better. Deacon and Jeff were upside down for a long time… it was rough.

          Not perfect… but I kept my side of the deal. No paralysis/bondage and Deacon went upright!

          I’m a fan of my word. 😛

          • Sounds like I’m on track with the magnet on its side.

          • Well done as the jury is out on his posse’s rescue attitude!!!!

      • You say that like it’s not a good thing?????? 😛

    • EXCELLLLENT The power of the magnet is unsurpassed!!!! but you have to take pix to send to Alex of your magnet’s progress. LOL.

  • Omar Cantu

    Hey guys, while you camp for the next page I have an amazing short film for all of you. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

    • That was really adorable and I didn’t even watch it with subtitles!

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Omar Cantu

        You are welcome! I believe everyone should see this particular short film. The feelings are so nice <3

    • Oh wow that put the biggest smile on my face you are right. That is just perfect and lovely warm… so so nice. Thank you for sharing it! (I need the captioning :P) Great stuff.

      • Omar Cantu

        Word on the internet is that this short is in production for a full film. I’m so excited!

  • Sapfo

    No page?

    • Not yet. Camp with us! We’re talking about eye colors and three ways, and someone down there has cookies…

    • Oh no we had a tiny Sapfo virgin window and now it’s over…. ohhhhhh well. *hangs head sadly*

      • Sapfo

        Sorry! ^_^
        But the good news for you all is that I got no idea how to take a virgin on my pad D:

  • Well there’s plenty of people. Truth or Dare anyone?
    Or crazy sex stories. Both are fun.

  • Has anyone checked on Sofia’s packing progress?

    • She’s suspiciously quiet. Maybe she’s packing underwear and reading material.

    • SofiaT

      What progress?

      I’m actually feeling under the weather, I’m really hoping I’m not going to be sick during the trip. :0/

      • Sapfo

        No Sofia! You are not getting sick!
        And to make sure of that you are going to pack all the medicin you got. (No one ever get sick when they are ready for it)

        • SofiaT

          I already got a vitamin C, to be on the safe side.

          • Oh lord… hate that. Finger are crossed. Maybe, you’re just having the last minute ‘forget-stuff’ stress (he says hopefully). Feel better.


  • Chips and salsa anyone?

  • *phew* Wasn’t the one to take one for the team this time. Just had to run to the bathroom, and then my internet crashed just when I got back.

    Now.. who’s turn is it to leave the screen? 😉 I’ve already risked it twice.

    • I have to walk my dog…BUt….but…wait for me? 🙁

    • I left for a bit to watch Omar’s lovely little short film already.

      • Seriously WATCH IT. IT’S GREAT.

        • I watched most of it but without subtitles. I’ll watch the rest with subtitles tomorrow. Sooo sweet!

    • Well it wasn’t me

  • Sapfo

    is a bit tired after running all night. needs a new page and a pillow.

    • You just rest your eyes lil Sapfo… we’ll take good care of your virgin. 😀

      • Sapfo

        I think sleeping with my pad in hand on the train home, might not be the best thing i ever done…..

  • Busy cooking, Alex? 😉
    Or is it baking?

  • Alright I’ve tried this a few times and it’s never worked but I’m going to try again and approach it this way…
    I am looking to hire a gay best friend.
    Reasoning: Every male friend I hire tries to “promote” himself without permission too quickly and I have to terminate their contracts. >_> Please, present a resume.
    I’m lonely. D:

    • What happens when he falls in love with this wonderful blonde bf we keep hearing about and spends all his time mooning over him instead of paying attention to you? Fired, docking pay, HR review? Seems like it might be complex to me. 🙂

      • What, you’re not up for a challenge? Besides, I’m pretty sure I heard the word “husband” earlier…

        • Sapfo

          He might have sold him for a new page

          • HA! Memory like a steel trap!

          • Sapfo

            Still waiting for your first born 😉

          • Hold your breath. @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus just told me I don’t have a uterus. The whole thing is so complex.

          • Sapfo

            What! But My Dangerfield baby! ;_;
            Wait a minute I got a uterus…

          • I wouldn’t mind having a Dangerfield baby……

          • Adam Black

            Oh, No.
            If you are having Delusions of Doctor Dopplegangers, that puts both you Both things into question.

            < C'mon. I "just gave " ( "Just" here implies 'Dangerfield Time'. A typology best described as Chronologically-Challenged )
            @Steve K: disqus the business for putting words in my mouth )

            For some reason I cant tag Doctor Steve, But Not only have you failed to show up to any fertility exams of mine , I am really not qualified to give medical advice about your uterus.

            You do seem to be a little more moody five days a month, and from this distance, I cant tell if your breasts get sensitive too.

            Have you tried using a thermometer?

            Nevertheless, I cant help but be very curious about what this reported dopplganger may have done…
            ( Did he put you in Stirrups, put on those magnifying goggles and give your insides a good working over …? Was disco muisc playing in the background,, or was it something more modern tike Tiesto? )

            I am going to have to refer you to a qualified specialist. Only a professional Anatomist can solve this riddle
            Dont you worry, my colleague, Dr Steve is much more qualified to to girl-handle your not-so-manly bits.

            Advanced anatomy degrees, and everything.
            ( You like Wagner, right? )

            < You dont want *me* up there. My sole qualification was a successful scavenger hunt, that my poor hysterical ( pun unintended ) demanded I go on.
            An Orgasmic uterine contraction ( OK, that part was my fault ) vacuumed off a condom to the nether regions of the female mysterious. I couldnt tell one fold from another. I wouldt know a uterus from a platypus , if it was in the palm of my hand.
            Good luck tho.

          • Well, Adam I’m so sorry to have bothered you then. Someone else must have told me of this astonishing lack of mine (no uterus, I mean honestly)! Well, needless to say, I felt terrible, simply terrible, having unthinkingly made such a promise to the inestimable Sapfo, only to discover that an honorable meeting of terms is simply impossible.

            I didn’t give up easily either and discovered that:

            A physician in 1859 claimed that a quarter of all women suffered from hysteria. One physician catalogued seventy-five pages of possible symptoms of hysteria and called the list incomplete; almost any ailment could fit the diagnosis. Treatments for suffering upper class ladies often involved frequent visits from their attractive young doctors for thorough ‘womb manipulations’. Honestly, thank goodness for the wonders of modern medicine.

            Alas, without said womb, not even such treatments will help my problem… and Sapfo will have to accept my friendship and gratitude in place of a child.

            I will just conclude by saying that I found the best musical accompaniment for such palliative treatments to be neither Wagner, (Gustav Mahler did occasionally seem to be marginally helpful) nor was it Tiesto, but rather Oneman or Scott Wozniak who seemed to engender the best responses.

            Well I can clearly see this is not your area of expertise and I’m so sorry to have wasted your and @Steven K’s expert time.

            In reading your final paragraph, I’d like to suggest that an avatar of you holding either a platypus or a uterus would be much more fun then the grey icon you currently share… just a thought.

            Thanks again to you and SK.
            Happy Holidays,

          • Adam Black

            “n reading your final paragraph, I’d like to suggest that an avatar of you holding either a platypus or a uterus would be much more fun then ”

            maybe you can find one for me, i cant tell them apart

          • So? Are you applying or do I have to go to the theatre guys at my school?

          • Ahahahahaha… nope sorry. I’ll get in too much trouble. It’s actors for you. Break a leg!

          • Le sigh.

          • No, remember he withdrew the offer because he would just bid on him himself. Kinda unfair since his sales speech had just made me gather my piggybank to find out what I could bid.

  • Sapfo

    the train is almost at my home town, the choice is now between trying to go home and camping at the same time, or run home. major problems

    • Hmm. You might get away with running home. Alex hasn’t made an baking comments yet.

      • Sapfo

        But sometimes he dont make that comment D:

  • Back home from a Christmas concert. Baking is happening. Page should be up in 10 minutes or so. 🙂

    • Did you enjoy the concert, Alex?

      • Of course… hot elves in tights. What’s not to like! ho ho ho.

      • It was a fantastic, magical experience. Very glad I went. 🙂

    • Oh? Was it a well known band and/or orchestra? Hope you had a good time. 🙂

      • It was the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus. “Making Spirits Bright”

        • Yep, they are really really good. That’s a special holiday night. Merry merry happy happy…

          • Ah, you’ve heard them before? 🙂

          • If it’s the men’s group I saw last year it was amazing. A couple of the big groups changed some key people around and I don’t know who went where, but San Francisco has several that are very special.

          • Nope after looking at the site I know I saw THE GAY MEN’S CHORUS last year, but I think I’ve seen this one before. It’s a great time of year for good choral music. I’m glad you enjoyed. You deserve it. 🙂

          • Yep, we’ve got a couple big gay men’s choruses here in San Francisco. The Gay Men’s Chorus is very special too, but GGMC seems to be about nailing more traditional and musically ambitious arrangements vs. the more pop entertainment of The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. (Big generalization, but after seeing all of one show from each, that was my impression.)

            I really love GGMC’s work. Very moving. And very impressive musical excellence. 🙂

          • Where did you see them? Would be hilarious if we saw them at the same time.

        • Oh wow. Not going to lie, I love them. I saw them the last time I was in Cali. I am jealous.

          Sorry, don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I love men’s choruses.

          It’s on my favs along with the original.

  • Nickles the Drummer

    Just wanted to say thank you to Alex and all of the others that work so hard on this comic. I have been going through some pretty rough stuff in my personal life at the moment, and the holidays have been pretty rough this year. But the updates on this comic help keep me going when I want to give up the most.

    • Oh do I hear that. It’s been a tough 2013 and TYP has made it so much better. Yep, but thanks.

      • Nickles the Drummer

        My pleasure. I am just happy the year is almost over. xD

    • silibub

      It’s definitely been a rough year — I’m glad the comic’s been a bright point in your life! It definitely is for me, too!

      • Nickles the Drummer

        -hugs- Well I hope that 2014 brings better things for both of us.

    • SofiaT

      Sorry to hear that, Nickles.
      It can be hard sometimes, especially during the festive season.

      But you’re in good company here. 🙂

      • Nickles the Drummer

        It’s alright. I am sure we all have our rough patches. ^_^ But thank you for caring. You are a wonderful person.

        • SofiaT

          Thanks, Nickles 🙂

          And you’re right, we all go through rough patches, the important thing is to not give up but wait for the good times to come again.

          You’re also right about the community here, it’s a very special place to be with some truly beautiful people. And you’re a very welcome addition!
          Happy 2014! 🙂

    • Nickles the Drummer

      It’s not just the comic itself. Its all of the wonderful people that I always see on here when I come to check for updates. Everyone is always so amazing and supportive. I don’t like to comment much, but i think everyone on here is just amazing. I hope that 2014 brings beautiful things for everyone here.

      • A fantastically kind wish… may this be true for you also. In every way! Happy Holidays!

      • And I wish you wonderful luck in 2014, Nickles!

      • And for you as well!

      • I hope 2014 brings beautiful things in your life too. Thank you for the kind words. And welcome to our community here! 🙂

  • Simba

    woohoo looks like I made it just in time!

  • Sapfo

    Home! And I see alex

    • Hope you’re not too out of breath.

      • Sapfo

        Breath? I dont know what that is 😉

        • If you ran the whole way. I’m sure breath is a mystery. 😀

          • Sapfo

            that last uphill home is pure murder. ^o^

          • And still you get first post. 😛

          • Sapfo

            Jupp, and now I am going to make a naughty comment on the next page XD

          • HA!

  • yeah…it’s annoying but whatever…we still have the awesome cartoons!

  • and that’s what makes it all so bizarre…Shyamalan is Indian-American…doesn’t he have any sense of ethnic/racial pride? so weird…like he just dissed his own heritage.

  • Francisca luis

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