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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 5

1,186 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 5

Spooky, some day your charming lack of filter is going to get you into trouble…

I’m at WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE 5 in Austin, TX this weekend (Dec. 6-8)! I’ll be selling and signing Artifice books, I have some groovy The Young Protectors merch for sale, and I’m also on three panels with a bunch of very, very cool folks.

I’m on the Writing Panel at 2:00 P.M. CST on Saturday, the Business panel at 4:00 PM CST on Sunday and then the 18+ “After Hours” panel at 9:00 P.M. CST And if you can’t make it to the Con, you can watch those panels live via Ustream!

I’m feeling rather humbled by the star power of the other creators attending as fellow guests, so if you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello! 😀

We had our twenty-first bonus page in a row on Wednesday, already had another bonus page (page 6!) in the buffer for 12/11/13 and then long-time reader Cindy P. donated $400 to tip the donation target over yet again—which means that there will be another bonus page (page 8!) on Wednesday, December 18th! THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, CINDY!

And look below! We’re already at $149 towards the bonus page after that! O_O

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And big hugs go out to long-time friends of The Young Protectors joshua G., Robert B., Christopher D., & Wim B. for their super-generous $25 donations! And this makes Wim’s second, Christopher’s twenty-seventh, Robert’s forty-fourth, and joshua’s forty-sixth super-generous donations to this comic! Thank you so much joshua, Robert, Christopher & Wim—y’all totally ROCK!

Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! Seems Spooky knows at least some of what happened to Kyle. And it also seems Flyboy really didn’t. And now Fluke and Spooky are plummeting to their near-certain doom.

Is it curtains for our surrogate crash test dummies? And if so, will Flyboy ever get the answers he seeks?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 12/10/13 12:14 PM: Holy cats! So… while I was away at the WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE 5 this weekend, y’all did it again! You tipped over the target on the donation bar which means that in addition to our regular Saturday updates and bonus pages on 12/11 (that’s tomorrow!) and 12/18 (that’s next Wednesday!), there will be an additional bonus page on Wednesday, 12/25/13! MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you all so, so much! What an amazing morale boost for me and the artists! We really do have the best readers in the world! THANK YOU! 😀

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  • SofiaT

    Am I here first? 😛

    • Simba

      Yay Sofia!

    • LL

      this dedication is why you’re a mod, Sophia.

      • SofiaT

        I was just surprised. XD

    • By about 2 seconds 😉
      The time it tooke me to wish Tina a happy birthday on previous page and then load the new page xD Perfect time to get back from my nap.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Curse those felicitations!

      • SofiaT

        It was more than that, heh. I actually waited for Disqus to load and a comment to appear before I posted.

        When I didn’t see anything -and I didn’t get an email either- I was like “okkkkkk… I’m not letting this one go”. XD

        • *lol* oki.. I guess it was slow. There wasn’t any comments up at all when I scrolled down, and before I posted. Had to load again to even see yours. Disqus has done that before though. Congratz on it 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I think it was like 5-10 secs but it seemed much longer than that.

            I’m not a virgin-hunter but I now get what this is all about. When I realised I was here alone I felt like Scrat finally getting his hands on that acorn. Adrenaline started pumping and everything was in slow motion 😛

          • stickfigurefairytales

            You were in the zone.

          • Oh god.. you get it now.. the feelings, and suddently you’ll start wanting them again and before you know it, you’re a hunter ;D

            Since both mine and Sapfo’s time for camping will be somewhat limited from january, I think a whole new group of hunters will turn up. I’ll have to fight more competition on the days I can camp till the page is up :p

          • stickfigurefairytales

            How do you guys tell when there’s a new page, by the way? I’ve only been able to do by typing in the new page number url and seeing if it will load or not. (Before the “next page/latest page” link is up, that is.)

          • Nope, that’s how I do it as well. Otherwise I have to wait a while until browser catches up.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, thanks! I just wish my browser didn’t redirect away from a page it can’t find to a search page.

          • Sounds like it could be a small error in a thing you got installed .. or it could be a malware issue. There’s malware worms that does that. I have one of the nasty ones on my computer. It is somewhat harmless, only affects me and one of my browsers, but it’s there and can’t be removed. All I can do is block it – which luckily is possible.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Sofia thinks it might be because of a toolbar, since she apparently had the same problem. Which is much nicer, so I hope it’s that.

          • SofiaT

            That’s what I do too. And then I keep pressing the refresh button till it stops showing “no page found”.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            The aggravating thing is that when it can’t find a page, my web browser now redirects away from the actual page and goes to a stupid bing search page or something, so I have to paste the url in freshly each time rather than just hitting refresh.

          • SofiaT

            It did that to me too but with yahoo. Which is weird because I don’t use a yahoo search engine. Turns out a stupid toolbar was to blame. I uninstalled it and it’s ok now.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh wait, mine is yahoo too! I bet it’s the toolbar thing for me! Thank you!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Um, how do I uninstall the toolbar, please?

          • SofiaT

            Go to control panel, it will give you the option to uninstall programs. Then a list will come up, just uninstall anything that has “yahoo” and “toolbar” in the title 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Thank you! 🙂

          • Yoda passes on the secrets of the Virgin Force to a new generation! LOL.

          • Shhh.. I’m well aware that I gave out info on how to hunt xD It’s like shooting myself in the foot, but it’s the most open ‘secret’ anyway *lol*

          • SofiaT

            Don’t worry, I don’t want to start hunting the virgin.

            But it’s hard to pass on the opportunity when it presents itself, hehe. >:)

          • We both also told ‘Stick’ and who ever else sees this, and didn’t know it already :p

          • Sapfo

            Sssh, you better not tell the the secret behind the hunt.

            It is going to get harder and harder to get a virgin with all these people. They have got the virgin smell in the nose and that do wake the hunger.

          • b3nc0

            I had bad news at work, but will turn it in an
            opportunity to challenge you all hunters: I lost 2 and a half days of job (and the money they got me, but that’s not the point here) so I’ll be able to camp on every wednesday page ‼ (^^) (/^^)/

            (/^^)/ (✿づ◠‿◠)づ (╯°□°)╯ (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ (I tried soooo hard to look on the bright side of life, but *SOB* it seems I failed TTATT)
            P.S.: it won’t interfere with the offer about the card decks.

          • Aww, sorry to hear about your work. That really sucks. Maybe you’ll get some more hours again soon.
            You’ll be a welcome part of camping though (as long as you do’t steal all my virgings :p)

          • Email sent. Hope I got the address right.

    • I was going to try for this, but I had to step away from the computer. 😐 One of these days…

  • I adore these guys..

  • LL

    you had one job, Mitch

    • NovaLaMason

      This exactly.

      • Maria White

        ONE JOB! Great, now we need to summon the devil to fly us there.

  • davefragments

    That little drop will do your stomach wonders…

    Remember when Flyboy was peeking around the internet and found something? What was that something? I’ll bet it was something significant.

    • LL


    • Simba

      If by significant you mean gay porn fan art, then yes.

      • davefragments

        I don’t think we’d see that significant a reaction if Flyboy didn’t know something about the annihilator and I suspect he’s seen something online.

        • silibub

          Maybe while he was poking around looking at porn he saw confirmation that Duncan’s gay? Since Duncan didn’t seem terribly concerned about hiding it…. Mitch might be putting two and two together.

          • Simba

            They did mention he was the one with the computer skills

          • silibub

            Although since his skills are apparently measured against a team member who doesn’t even know how to delete the browser history, that might not mean a whole lot!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Or maybe it was Redilator fanart, as some folks speculated at the time.

          • silibub

            That would be interesting! I’d be surprised if there wasn’t fanart of the adult heroes and/or villains out there too. I–hmm. *mind wanders* Dammit! I wish I was in this universe so I could do some, uh, shameful Googling.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I know, right?

          • Holly

            Wow, Universe jumping to do shameful googling. That sounds .

        • IamM

          He knows he’s the most feared super villian in the world and, now, that he might have hurt Kyle.

  • Tina

    I find Flyboy’s reaction interesting. Why would he immediately jump to the conclusion the Annihilator hurt him? Unless Kyle was actually smart and told his friends at least about meeting him. I’m hoping for this. Also this made me laugh <3

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m guessing that Kyle did tell Paul that the Annihilator was involved.

      • Tina

        I wonder how that went down

        Kyle: so Paul… you know how I came out to you a few months ago and you were cool with it?
        Paul: yeah totally bro *smiles*
        Kyle: well last night… I met a guy…
        Paul: ooooh! Tell me! Tell me!
        Kyle: he’s… a bit older… and British… but very charming… and a great kisser
        Paul: YEAH SON GET IN THERE!
        Kyle: he’s also the annihilator…
        Paul: …wat…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Also, you didn’t get a depressing birthday page! Hooray!!

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Aaaaand Spooky’s hat is off! Can’t wait to see his horns.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Eagle vision? Owl hearing? However did they work THAT out? Was he pecked into unconsciousness in a radioactive aviary?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      And the attention span of a hummingbird!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        And sticks his head in the sand like an Ostrich!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          And the coconut-carrying capacity of an African swallow!

          • silibub

            Good thing it’s an African swallow, because we all know a five-ounce bird can’t carry a one-pound coconut!

          • Simba

            Oh my god I love you people.

          • strangeangel24601

            Yeah, but they’re non-migratory.

    • LL

      He’s a distant cousin of Eliza Thornberry?

    • LOL!

      (I’ll have to add that to his trading card…)

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Oh, speaking of that…I wasn’t able to use that form, but I would be interested in knowing more about the Annihilator’s specific anarchist philosophy. (You know, with a name like that, he really ought to be a Nihilist.)

    • Eve

      That’s classic!

    • Saxon_Brenton


      Well, if he were a roleplaying game character then he obviously purchased a group of conceptually related powers as part of a package deal.

      But in any case, he clearly has a theme going on. Which makes me wonder what *other* bird themed powers he has. Sound mimicry abilities of a lyre bird? Running speed of an ostrich? Swimming skill of a penguin? Food storage capacity of a pelican?

      • SofiaT

        That pelican food storage capacity is a power I would go for.
        It would be very useful around Christmas time.

        • b3nc0

          And for camping too (how much s’mores can you stuff in there?)

    • purplefoxglove

      I hence officially re-name him birdman 😉

  • SofiaT

    Looks like Kyle told at least a few things over the phone to Paul.
    And Mitch has superspeed, superhearing and super-eyesight.

    The plot thickens.

  • silibub

    Oh wow, Kyle told Fluke a lot more than I figured he would! Good, so at least the whole “Who? What?” part is out of the way.

    And Mitch…nice grip, buddy. At least he can just swoop down and catch the car. (I hope?) Plus it’s really interesting to know about the other aspects of his flight power! I for one am super-impressed that he can out-speed Duncan, at least in the air!

    • SofiaT

      Even if he doesn’t catch the car, I imagine Spooky would be able to create a magic Rainbow Bridge or something 😀

      …Which makes me wonder why didn’t Spooky use his magic to transport them there in the first place? Hmmm…

      • silibub

        Huh, maybe intra-dimensional portals are Sircea’s specific thing. Maybe magic users’ proficiencies fall across the board, and not all of them can perform every kind of magic.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Or maybe Spooky can’t transport other people even if he can teleport.

      • silibub

        But yeah, they could have had a sweet dragon ride! Really brought Kyle back in style. Missed opportunity if you ask me.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Maybe Spooky suggested it but Paul shot the idea down because it seemed too cheerful.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            How about a flying demon, like in Dante?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Don’t even *talk* about demons to Kyle right now.

          • Jeh Y

            “The Annihilator?!”

            “DON’T SAY THAT NAME.”

            “But what the hell-”

            “DON’T SAY HELL EITHER.”

            “It’s dark in here, can someone turn on a Laamp?”


          • dereule101

            “It’s a deal.”

      • Jeh Y

        Can Spooky teleport or fly them, though? Maybe the dragons are only good for certain distances?

        Or maybe he just wants an excuse to cruise in the car.

        • b3nc0

          Or maybe he felt Mitch needed to be there too, and magically incepted the flying car in Paul’s mind?

  • Crap……laughing so hard I started coughing and crying….bbs…..if I don’t die

  • Torke159

    Flyboy,you failed D:

  • Simba

    It is hard for me to get over how adorable Flyboy’s expressions are. Panel two…skeptical Mitch is skeptical. Panel four… ZOMGWTF.

    • LL

      I just wanna pinch his cheeks!

  • jreed3842

    Geez, Flyboy get it together. Lol.
    Wow! Flyboy has got some damn good abilities!

  • I guess falling in a car can mess up Spooky’s zen.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I bet he’s just like Indiana Jones with his hat…it’ll almost get lost and then he’ll grab it at the last moment. Because he can’t leave his hat behind!

      • LL

        that’s exactly what I thought! or, “You go down there and get my hat back from that bear THIS SECOND MISTER”

      • That would be kinds awesome.

      • Simba

        I hope he does lose it and it lands on my head, cuz I wants one.

      • Actually I just was wondering, what if he’s like Frosty the Snowman and it’s the hat that gives him the mad skilz

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Is Spooky gonna melt now?!?!

          • Nah, that only happens to Frost when the sun comes out. 😛

            Uh oh…

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          In that case, he really should add a chin strap.

        • b3nc0

          Or the cat stiched on it?

          • Always possible. A magical talisman. But I believe that be Spooky stitched on Spooky’s hat.

          • b3nc0

            Could it be a cat cosplaying as Spooky?

          • I’m pretty sure it’s just Spooky. 🙂

    • Adam Black

      man, thx for head s up

    • but it may charge up Paul’s Luck-Balance…

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Ooh, good point!

      • Yes, very good point!

      • b3nc0

        And here’s the reason for Mitch’s presence & Paul’s slip of the tongue ^^

    • Jeh Y

      Given how high he looked on the previous page, I’m hearing him complete with Zodiberg voice:

      “Oh God… I’m COMING DOOOOWN!”

  • mogoskier

    You had one job Flyboy. ONE JOB!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Shades of Dukes of Hazzard!

    • Oopsie.

  • Ahhhh I’m dyin’. And they’re dyin’…

    I just wanna get to the Kyle hugs. It’s gonna get better Kyle. The world won’t become a fiery hellscape. I promise………………….

    I’m glad there was actually more to the conversation than we’ve seen.

  • VileTybalt

    And here dies all chances of a Mitch and Kyle pairing. If he can’t even hear Anni’s name without dropping a car, how his he going to fight him to defend Kyle’s honor?! lol.

    • LL

      I wasn’t the only one who thought of that! phew

    • SofiaT

      True heroes aren’t those who have no fear but those who face that which they fear the most.

      I actually like that Mitch has such a strong reaction to Anni’s name.

      • stickfigurefairytales


      • silibub

        Yeah, it’s kind of easy to forget that Duncan’s supposed to be terrifying.

        • SofiaT

          Especially when you’ve gotten used to calling him Anni! 😀

          • silibub

            Haha! Nooo joke.

        • Klaus

          The most feared supervillain. But we don’t know what he has actually done. I am so looking forward to the dossier.

          • silibub

            Me too! I wish I could have donated enough for a physical copy, but all info is good info!

          • Klaus

            Me to.

          • SofiaT

            Don’t *sniff* remind me of the dossier. :'(

          • silibub

            The hazards of going for bad guys…but at least a dossier sounds classy!

          • SofiaT

            No, I mean I missed the Kickstarter. I’ve been mourning that dossier ever since.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Me too!!!! T_T

          • D: You missed it? 🙁

          • SofiaT

            Yeah, I discovered this comic maybe 2-3 days after the Kickstarter was over? If I was Fluke, I would have been fully “powered up” by it 🙁

          • Oh no!!!

          • I wish I’d had enough money to get the physical dossier, but that was way over my reach. I’m happy that all backers get a pdf version of it. Maybe I’ll be able to afford it in paper version one day is Alex decides to put them up for sale. I get the physical comic this time though. With Artifice I had to go with the pdf only *snif*

          • SofiaT

            *pats back* Hey, now with the store you can always get your signed copy of Artifice when you got the money for it 🙂

            For me, it’s more about postage than anything else. I wanted to buy the keychain but the postage would be more expensive than the actual product so I’m waiting till the book is out -then I’ll buy everything together.

          • Yea postage prices are nasty. For me the big evil is the Danish custom rules that often holds me back when I finally have money for something.

            Anything worth more than about $14, bought outside EU, and I can only get it if sender will ship it as a gift – and that only works with things under a value of $60.
            Otherwise I have to find a middleman in EU (who has better postal + custom service) and get them to receive it first and then re-ship it on to me. It will still cost me some custom for that + an extra shipping, but it will save me money in the end.

            Reason: Besides custom and/or tax for the package, Danish postal service rip you off legally by taking an almost $30 non-changable fee to handle custom for you. So if the PRIVATE puchase is a comic say worth $20 + shipment ($15) = $35 – when the Danish custom people and postal office is done screwing you over, the final price would be around an additional $35-38 equal more than $70 to get it >.> Truly evil unless getting around this mess with the ‘gift’ marking or a middleman 🙁

          • SofiaT

            Yeah, that sucks 🙁

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Is that an “I was too late to get in on the Kickstarter” sniff? Because mine was.

          • D:
            Oh no! I was too late for the Artifice, but I was on time for TYP.
            I was saving for a house deposit. So yeah. A little on the tight side. I couldn’t donate what I wanted to and I made such sad faces.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Just like this: :((((

          • SofiaT

            Totally. *sniff*

      • VileTybalt

        I totally agree with all of this. I mean, the first time Kyle runs into the Annhilator, his expression is a pretty priceless “holy shit I’m dead” one.

        But Mitch still kinda looks like he just peed himself a little here. Not to mention that Duncan is easily twice his size. Have you forgotten what he looks like naked? Cuz I sure as hell haven’t! Who would want to take that on? Besides Kyle that is. *and me, hehe* 😉

        • SofiaT

          No, I haven’t *cough* forgotten *cough* what Anni looks like *cough* naked *cough*.

          …Where’s my water dammit, my thoat got dry suddenly.

    • mogoskier

      I think when Kyle get done with Duncan there will be not much left for the others to fight.

      • LL

        Yeah, hopefully he won’t be too traumatized to face him. I mean, I doubt he will, but it could happen.

        • Jamie Dutton

          I’m thinking he is going to be pissed beyond ALL recognition! Probably to the point some of his teammates might have to pull him back from going over the edge.

          • Steven K.

            I kinda hope so.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      I think he was just startled enough to forget he was the one holding the car up.

      • Steven K.

        I concur.

    • Steven K.

      Cuz he can fly faster than the Annihilator can run or throw. 😉 Maybe hearing that it was him will make him more determined than ever.

    • Jeh Y

      Maybe he’s hoping No-Nuts will be douching his way right under the car when it impacts.

      “He’ll die if I drop a car on him, right?! Sorry guys lololol”

  • Caffienated

    I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I saw the last panel.

    • Your computer/keyboard is thankful. (or whatever device you’re using to view this on)

  • LL

    First camp, totally worth it. I have to go back to art history now, though. x_x

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Glad you could make it! Good luck with your studying!

  • SofiaT

    If Flyboy has super-speed, he should be able to catch that car… if not, well bad luck.

    Which… actually is a good thing. Heh.

    • Simba

      For Fluke maybe. That is Spooky’s car though, and it would be a shame to ruin such a pretty car…

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Perhaps if Fluke agreed to buy the car from Spooky on the way down, then the resulting bad luck would be enough to cushion the impact. But wait, that would be GOOD luck!

        • Indeed… Don’t cross the streams! Well unless you’re writing in the snow.

          • b3nc0

            You’re all killing me x_x

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m still curious as to whether broader situations that still constitute really bad luck would charge up Fluke’s powers (i.e., being invaded by a demon army).

      • SofiaT

        Hm… I’d imagine it would have to be an accidental thing for it to be considered bad luck. Otherwise Fluke would be able to hurt himself on purpose to “power up”.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Stop hitting yourself”

          • SofiaT

            “Where’s Fluke?”
            “He’s beating himself up.”
            “Why, what did he do?”
            “Nothing… yet.”

          • VileTybalt

            You know that Tsunami would hear this as: “he’s beating off” and run away screaming “TMI!!!!”

            Sometimes I think he really does protest too much.

    • Jeh Y

      Well, Spooky could always summon another New Year’s dragon like he did in his intro scene.

      Hope it could catch a car.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        But he doesn’t have his hat on! His hat is the source of his magical powers! (I just made that up.)

        • SofiaT


        • And quite nicely, I must say…

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Aw, thanks! It was totally inspired by Admiral’s comment about it being like Frosty the Snowman.

    • Oh wow, that is one sentence away from turning into a time travel comment where the luck/not luck/luck means that someone went into the past to become someone’s father and Duncan is really…..

      *chris puts fingers in ears*


      *chris realizes that he’s reading not hearing, and takes fingers out of ears, feeling foolish.*

      • b3nc0


  • stickfigurefairytales

    “Not again!”

    • silibub

      “Dammit, Flyboy, this is why we always make you wait outside!”

      • Jeh Y

        More like “Damn it, Spooky, this is why we don’t let you speak when you’re drunk!”

        • But the cheeseburger sang…

          • Jeh Y

            Well, the cheeseburger sings responsibly!

    • Which is why I was wondering if Fluke was feeling a little queasy flying in the car. That his powers might act up.

    • davefragments

      That’s what the “Bowl of Petunias” said the speculation was that if we knew what it meant, we might know the answer to the great question.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    You know, I’m curious as to how they know for a fact that Mitch can fly faster than the Annihilator can run or throw. Did they have a hero/villain games day at some point?

    • silibub

      Oh dear sweet LORD let this be a thing

    • Maybe there are stats around of such things.


      • stickfigurefairytales

        I imagine it was like a big outdoor picnic.

        • The company picnic with all those games one plays like three legged races and potato sack races and and and… So need to see that.

          Although I had this image of an Olympics style gathering in a coliseum and huge fanfare.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Why not do both?

          • Picnic games in a coliseum? 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Or eating a coliseum at a–wait, I’ve gotten confused.

          • HA!

          • Klaus

            I don’t think planet Bismol exists in this universe.

          • Admit it you’re thinking about those stories of the ancient Greek olympics where they all competed naked. Right?

            Note to @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus: If ancient naked olympics are a false myth, please don’t tell us. This is a cherished fantasy from gay childhood… OTOH… you may feel free to verify it’s truth, if such is possible. Thank yew. *tips cap*

          • SofiaT

            Ha! don’t worry, your cherished childhood fantasy is true. 😛

            All sports were conducted in the nude, which is where the words gymnasium and gymnastics come from. Gymnastics literally means “training naked”.

          • Naked potato sack racing?

    • SofiaT

      I imagine Amanda is OCD enought to have all the super-villains’ stats and make the boys watch tapes of them in action, like coaches do before a football game.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I bet those tapes also get some really nice shots of their asses.

      • The Bill Belichick of hero coaches. Nice.

    • Simba

      Interesting! I wonder how they get info on other heroes/ villains. Is it public knowledge? Are they just trying to make him feel better? Where are these super power highland games and how do I get tickets?

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Maybe it happened as part of that Crisis of Infinite Whatsits. Some Grandmaster-like cosmic superbeing forced the heroes and villains to compete in speed races, manhood-measuring contests, stuff like that.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Amanda totally won the manhood contest.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Well if amputees are allowed to compete while wearing prosthetic devices, it stands to reason that…

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Sure, suggest that to Amanda. Let us know how that goes…

            *whistling and foot tapping…*

            No, no problem. We’ll wait…

          • Jeh Y

            Well, she DOES have the word “man” in both her real name and her superhero name. They probably thought it was divine providence.

          • Steven K.

            Ummmm……manhood measuring does have some even more obvious and literal connotations, in which, by definition, Amanda could not take part. However, I never imagined it as an actual sport, though it is, I suppose, a contest – with “winners” and “losers”.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh, I’m well aware of the literal connotations, I just chose to take a more playful figurative interpretation of it.

    • VileTybalt

      If not, could they please do that in the very soon future. Not only would it be awesome to see some very physical (and shirtless?!) sports action among the heroes and villains, but I think some of the antics would be amazing. Not to mention that it would be really interesting to see some of the other heroes and villains in this universe.

      Personally, I put my vote in for a very large batch of Turkish Oil Wrestling!

        • VileTybalt

          That is totally where I heard about it too! Thank you by the way, to everyone who mentioned SATW on this site. I read through all the pages last night and it is so freaking hilarious.

          • I was lost for two days! Humon has a wicked sense of humor!

      • Steven K.

        Yeah – I’ve seen some footage of that particular type of event that’s just …well, umm….let’s just say someone get me a fan and a towel.

    • Jeh Y

      If they did, I hope Sircea was banned from anything involving a finish line.

      Tsunami: For fu- SHE JUST TELPORTED TO THE LINE! That’s cheating!

      Mills Lane: I’ll allow it!

      • Mills is still refereeing Super contests? I so didn’t know that.

    • IamM

      Presumably Mitch’s teammates have seen him fly significantly faster than the Annihilator has ever been observed to move in any of his fights. I wonder what his reaction time is though.

  • SofiaT

    Half an hour later and we already have more than 100 comments.
    This is going to be one of those pages, isn’t it?

    Great job, Alex!

    • Thank you, Sofia. Fun to read everyone’s reactions.

      (And nice to have a little AlexHumor on the page again… 😉 )

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m always curious as to how what proportion of the comments are directly relevant to the new page and how much is just us chatting and going off on hilarious tangents. All of these are great, though.

      • SofiaT

        We usually start from commenting directly on the page I think… and then the threads seem to move on and have a mind of their own 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          And then there’s usually a late burst from the camping threads.

          • SofiaT

            The proportion there I’d reckon is 98% irrelevant and 2% commenting on the page 😉

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hee hee!

  • VileTybalt

    So I just noticed how odd Spooky’s comment about the Annhilator is. That Mitch can fly faster than he can run. OR THROW. This seems oddly specific.

    FIrst of all, why is throwing relevant? Does Anni often throw things at his enemies. Or does he often throw his enemies. I mean, sure he’s got his own pouch of throwing daggers tied to his leg (stolen from Ziyi Zhang, no doubt). But you would expect them to wear armor to protect against that sort of stuff. I mean, isn’t a really fast dagger just as dangerous as they average gun.

    More importantly, how does Spooky know how fast he can throw things. And for that matter, if the Annhilator threw something while running at full speed, shouldn’t that item then be traveling at a speed equal to the combined velocity of his running speed and throwing speeds. At which point, is Mitch still faster. And again, how would Spooky know for sure.

    Lastly, it’s quite interesting the way that Spooky punctuates this statement as a second sentence. It almost seems like some foreshadowing on Alex’s part. Or Spooky thinks that it’s really, really important that Mitch avoids objects that the Annhilator throws.

    • SofiaT

      Alex rarely (read: never) puts things out there for no reason, so I’d say you’re on to something there.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Seems like most people would want to avoid objects that the Annihilator throws.

    • silibub

      He does have all those knives/throwing discs — I guess he uses those? It seems like he could just…punch people to death, I don’t know why he bothers with weapons.

      • Simba

        This. His shuriken have been displayed prominently when he is in uniform.

        • SofiaT

          Must be his weapon of choice.

          Which means he must have a very good aim too… Crap, I’m crushing over the guy even when he’s not on the page.

          • VileTybalt

            It’s ok. I’m crushing over the guy when I’m not even on this site. To quote LittleKuriboh: “He is a damn pretty man!”

          • SofiaT

            “Fascinating”. I go with “fascinating”. 😉

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – it’s like that for me with Kyle (and now Mitch as well) …… and Castiel from “Supernatural”.

          • VileTybalt

            Haha, that’s quite the interesting list you’ve got going. Not sure where Castiel came from, but I can sort of relate. Though, to be honest I stopped watching the show after angels got involved. Too Sunday school for me.Though Jared Padalecki is a nice tall cup of gorgeous!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Good catch!

  • I have survived the laughing/coughing fit, however it has severely tired me out, so I am going to have to goodnight. Though some of the comments didn’t help the fit any. And I am still coughing a little here and there. Night everyone and I promise a post related to the page and not some tangent when I get back 😛

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Goodnight! Hope you feel better!

      • Thank you!

        Took about 30 minutes after going to bed for the coughing to stop enough to fall asleep. It is the downside of laughing either for a long time or a sudden burst of hard laughing for me. Though it is probably a sight to see, someone going from busting-a-gut laughing to laughing/coughing to coughing. Gah, even after a good sleep i am still coughing. *sigh*

    • Night Doki!

  • I totally missed the camping fun! this is what happens when I go to the gym!!!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Aw, at least you’re here now, though!

    • I figure if anyone ever sees me running, that they might want to start running too because there’s Zombies behind me.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Or a scary as hell clown wielding a large bloody knife ><;

        • Exactly… or any other thing that really is very very very bad to have chasing you. ><

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I found that Zombieland made a very compelling case for me to try to improve my cardiovascular fitness. And also resign myself to dying in the zombie apocalypse, because I am still so very slow.

        • I suppose there is that problem. I can’t jump either. Maybe I should learn to improve my aim, or learn how to wield a sword!

          • Jamie Dutton

            Sword fighting’s fun, but I’m sadly out of practice :p

          • I’ve looked for classes, but I can’t seem to find them. I don’t know what good it would do me when well I’m too broke for classes. 🙁

          • stickfigurefairytales

            What kind of sword fighting do you do?

          • Jamie Dutton

            I took fencing in college and a friend who used to spend summers doing Ren faires taught me some stuff.

          • stickfigurefairytales


        • VileTybalt

          Unfortunately, I worked at a gym for five years. And if it’s a choice between flesh-eating zombies or the weirdos who are banging on the door at 5:59am (while I’m still a mindless zombie) for me to hurry up and let them in, I’m gonna go with the zombies. Hands down.

        • Dude, I would just jump on my bike and BOOK IT. I am great on my bike. Running is meh.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I would be so much faster on a bike! Unless we have to go uphill.

      • HA! I thought the same thing. But its been over a 18 months and I haven’t lost any of the baby weight I put on with my son, so I’d like to lose that. (80lbs, btw. 80. pounds.)

        • You’ve lost 80lbs?

          • No…I gained 80lbs when I was pregnant…

          • Oh. *blush* I shall root for you from my couch. 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That baby had better start pulling his weight.

          • silibub

            BA DUM TISH

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        You don’t have to outrun the zombies, you just have to run faster than the slowest person in your group.

        • Which is part of the problem, I’d probably be that person.

          • VileTybalt

            I suppose tripping somebody would be out of the question. But do societal morals really stand up in a post-apocalyptic world.

            Though I’m not really sure that this necessarily applies anyway. Sure, if you’re only running from one zombie, then they’ll stop chasing once they have a meal. But would a horde do the same. Somehow I think that in a zombie apocalypse you have to make a complete getaway and lock yourself somewhere in order to be safe.

            Which means that once all the olympic track teams have been turned into zombies, we’re boned!

          • The tripping, yeah, I’ll have to see how that goes if the time ever comes.

          • When it come to throwing the right person under the bus for post apocalyptic survival, I have faith in YOU Admiral. 🙂

          • Ha! I’m just afraid I would be the one tripped.

          • SofiaT
          • Except that guy resembles that Zombie an awful lot. 😐

    • silibub

      This is what fitness does! It destroys lives!

      (But seriously, good on ya for working out — I’m lucky I have a treadmill and stuff at home because I’d never drag myself to a gym.)

  • Jeh Y

    Nice job breaking it, Spooky.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    So how did a Chinese-American guy get a name like Jones? I’m not saying it’s impossible, mind you–just that it practically cries out for an explanation. Did he take his wife’s name at marriage? Is he only half-Chinese? Was he found as an abandoned infant, and given a “John Doe” like name? Is he really the grown-up version of Short Round, and adopted by Indiana? What?

    • Jeh Y

      Alex’s comments seem to imply that his actual name, the name he’s publicly known for, IS “Spooky Jones”. Like Fluke is Paul, Flyboy is Mitch, and Spooky is Spooky.

      I kinda of wonder if it’s not a pseudonym, and “Jones” just sounded good with “Spooky”.

      Or Jones could be his legal name, at least. I knew a fully Filipino guy named Ryan Adams, so there’s that.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Now that you mention it, my legal name is not really Acintyabedhabedhadasa…

        • Jeh Y

          But have you ever heard it screamed out in a passionate roar?

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Oh my. Well, I can truthfully say that the name of acintyabedhabedha is venerated by thousands.

      • silibub

        Maybe it’s his real name and pseudonym…he’s become the mask!

        • Cydney Sabin

          Said it before I could. DARN YOU SLOW TYPING FINGERS!!

          • silibub

            You still get credit for the thought! Brain twins!

        • Good thought AND lovely new avatar!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I would believe “Jones” before I would believe “Spooky,” but you never know. (At least it wasn’t the black guy.)

        • Jeh Y

          Hey, some guy in America apparently named his daughter “Temptress” without knowing what it meant, I’m taking no bets here.

  • Jamie Dutton

    I think from the look on Flyboy’s face in the 2nd panel, that he’s heard those same reasons for “standing watch outside” one too many times, lol.
    Then Spooky let the Annihilator out of the bag and its whoopsie from Mr. Butter-fingers there!

    • Jeh Y

      Loose lips sink ships…

      And now cars, apparently. Loose cars can also sink ships.

  • I love this page. I enjoy that Kyle was able to confide something in them about what happened and I am curious to see exactly how much he told them.

  • Simba

    Ooookay you lovely people. I sleeps now. <3

    • Night Simba!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Goodnight! I’ll be heading off myself soon.

  • Klaus

    So Mitch only needs to touch the car lightly to keep it flying. But he must touch. Being close is not enough.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Sort of like the first Superman movie, where Supes accidentally drops Lois, shortly after the two of them seemed to be flying together, with only their fingertips touching.

  • So is Mitch just kind of…lightly grasping at the car. I mean, he gestures slightly with one hand and you can see he’s barely holding it up. I totally thought that it was being held up by Spooky’s magic and projected by Flyboy.

    Oh how wrong I was

  • I couldn’t play tonight and was required to be a cool Uncle, which meant PAYING ATTENTION. Try to sneak a cell phone past an eight-year-old? Oh, not a chance… “What are you looking at Uncle Chris?” Ummmmm… so it was a no go, but bedtime has arrived and the page is a 100 proof pure shot of wonderful fun.

    Thank you Team AAV (Alex, Adam & Veronica) this is the perfect accompaniment to the previous two pages, when the flying car and our rescue guys lifted our spirits out of hell. Again a timely and really beautiful page. Just what we need before getting back to our hurting Kyle. Thank you so much.

    Alex good luck at the WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE 5! Those folk won’t know what hit ’em. You’ve got the best booth in town. 🙂

    Thanks for smoothing in all kinds of wonderful information about Mitch’s mad skillz. You did it so naturally. It made it incredibly sweet that we learn all this as Spooky is trying to detail Mitch’s strengths, all as reasons to reassure him about why it’s essential for him to wait outside for a moment.

    Oh, any big brother knows those techniques, “No we need you to keep watch because you are younger much more alert.” It only works for a couple of years, but this was genius. It was also perfect that Mitch refers to it as “This is the hero stuff!” Yeah the heartfelt desire doesn’t get more sincere than that. So swell.

    I’d like to note, for the doubters, that the WoC (Word-of-Chris) says that Spooky, in panel 3, is WAY TOO DAMN CUTE TO BE STRAIGHT, so I’m holding out for Bi, at least and, just as our stalwart Duncan supporters hope for change however unlikely, then even if Spooks and The Commander do end up (ahem) ‘having a moment’, well Spooky can always change his mind. So GO cute unpredictable Spooky!

    *chris does happy dance*

    I love that Mitch’s shock at hearing the Annihilator mentioned isn’t just about Duncan, but about the fact the HE might have hurt his buddy Kyle. Yep, that’s puppy-dog hero worship all the way and about as sweet as it gets. The ‘big bad’ hurting your hero? I think Duncan is going to have to watch his back forever with Mitch. Mitch has a big heart and will be the star of his own film one day. (Alex, fyi, doing leather jackets for his Kickstarter is going to be expensive… you should start planning now! LOL)

    Thank you guys for such a pure-hearted laugh. Dropping the car from Annihilator-shock made me laugh and then snort out loud. I got a very strange look from the husband (I told him he wouldn’t understand) HA!

    I’m sure they’ll get scooped up, once Mitch pulls it together, but there might be a wet spot or two on those leather seats. *laughs* That looks like quite a drop.

    Wonderful fun. Thank you all.

    Smiling big,

    • VileTybalt

      I can relate to all of this! My nephew not only won’t let me look at stuff on my phone, but will snatch it from me and either hide it or start posting random pictures from my gallery to facebook. Thank god, I’ve learned to keep nothing “questionable” on my phone. My favorite time is still when he managed to purchase a groupon for sushi classes with my sister’s phone, when he was TWO!

      • Jamie Dutton

        Like when my cat would sleep on the phone and dialed Japan twice!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Probably wanted to talk to Maru.

  • I guess we now know for sure that the flying car is all Mitch and how his powers work, no Spooky magic here (bad double pun)… unless I’m not completely getting how this work.

    Traffic rule #1: Don’t distracts the driver when driving.. flying in this case. Spooky is actually losing his cap xD

    So Kyle told Fluke more than he needed clothes. Guess my little inner scenario (mentioned on previous page) was all off. I’ll go with some of my scenario comment happening over the phone instead, or something close to it.

    Point to Kyle for giving details already, and they must have sound isolated walls at the headquearter unless Mitch wasn’t even sleeping there (possible option) – it was just Fluke’s time to be on safe guard.

    • D-Wolf, you are so fast. I hadn’t even gotten near the ramifications of super-owl-hearing back at HQ… and Mitch is too old for, “Put the p-o-r-n away before M-i-t-c-h gets back.” The classic spelling dodge has such a limited life span with smart kids these days. 🙂

    • Steven K.

      Or he was, in fact, simply asleep.

  • Gah! I just love how cute this page it. It really contrasts from the first couple of pages of this chapter and DEFINITELY from the last chapter. It is light enough to have you chuckle and serious enough that you know something is happening.

    Alex, you’re quite good at these transitional pages and the dialogue used in them. This could have been an awkward transition in the comic. It could have just had them arrive or it could have shown the conflict that Kyle went through before his friends arrived.

    By showing them arriving without anything in between, it lets the readers down. They are being relied on too much to imagine what happened between then and now and can take away from the drama/humor of the story. Had the story centered on the conflict that Kyle felt waiting for his friends, it would have depressed the reader and quite possibly lost Alex a few readers. While I would like to see more sad Kyle, I think it helps progress the story and entertain the reader by showing this from another perspective.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Also gives us all an emotional respite before Chris has to pull out the Crying Towel again!

      • I think the BF would have a fit if the pages had kept going in such a sad way.

      • 🙂 How well you understand my tough and stereotypical manly ways! HA.

  • That face in panel 2. I give that face at least once a day at work. I love it.

    “You need me because I’m useful, not because you want me here.”

  • Katie Chambers

    Oh dear Lordy. I just bust out cackling! I feel so sorry for Spooky and the other guy. Just dive bombing to their certain deaths. Hurry Flyboy!

  • Jamie Dutton

    Who else wants to doodle in a word or thought bubble for Fluke saying “Damnit Spooky! >:(“

    • Jeh Y

      “Damnit, Spooky! I should be angry with you for this! But you’re so fucking beautiful! Wait, what?”

      • haha I think it’s more of “you’re too darn cute” *said like he’s speaking to a younger sibling.

        • Jeh Y

          I just like the idea of Paul suddenly engaging in a lengthy, angsty internal monologue of his sudden love for Spooky concurrent to everything else going on.

          • motordog

            So…we’re getting a “Flooky” ship going here?

          • Oh yes, but perhaps you could submit a short-list of ship names to the committee for review. *pats air soothingly* NOT that “Floo-kee” isn’t lovely, you know, just so we do our due diligence. 🙂

          • motordog

            The odd thing is I don’t really like these ‘cutesy’ couple portmanteaus at all…but they do make it a little bit more convenient I guess.

            Besides, the alternative is…Spouke?

          • Jeh Y

            I would’ve thought the alternative would be “Spuke”, which brings up unfortunate comparisons to Hermione’s ill-fated “S.P.E.W.” from Harry Potter.

          • Steven K.

            One gets such workable names with “Spooky” – like Flooky, or Comooky or Spoomander, etc.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            *whispers* Am I gonna get in trouble for shipping Spooky/Commander? I know it’s het, I’m sorry!

          • Me too. And fanfic #47 is born. Please…

      • I really need help here: why’s everyone around here so in love with spooky? I don’t get it. I don’t get him. His character is “happy-go-lucky”, so no potential for interesting conflicts. His powers seem to be unlimited conventional magic, maybe focusing on summoning, so it’ll be really difficult to maneuver him into a situation where he’s in trouble, as he’s a perfect source for deus-ex-machina-solutions. To me, he’s the least interesting young protector, so: what is it I miss?

        • I think it may have something to do with the interlude. Where he was quite cool with the porn they found. But I could very well be wrong.

          • fluke was cool too – plus: he found it in the first place

          • That’s true. It was just a guess.

          • Jeh Y

            And Fluke is well-liked, too. I think the Spooky cap helps Spooky, though. He dresses the most casually of the team, AND wears a hat with a cute Spooky on it. Adds visual appeal and helps him stand out of the throng of fantastical super-outfits.

            Not to mention he was making plenty of the jokes about the porn. He even countered Amanda’s comment about how the boys needed to shower by asking her if she was fantasizing about the boys all showering together.

            Generally, he made the biggest impression with memorable lines, look, and attitude (well, him and Commander, who’s pretty awesome in her own ways, but as she’s currently not present…)

          • maybe I’m too old-fashioned on the looks – i’m more into skin-tight or half-naked with tattoos, so the street wear is actually a minus on my scoreboard. But that’s a matter of taste.

            Fluke is well-liked? well to me it seems he’s the one of whom most people forgot the name 🙁 I think he’ll be really interesting when his powers are let loose, because luck-based powers isn’t something you see in every single installment of the genre. Of course that’s the most challenging set of powers for the author, but i’ll confide in Alex’ talent…

          • So true. And then I miserably failed to be disappointed in his failing to disappoint. So, it’s certain that I do not know the place your not coming from. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I love Fluke/Paul.

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – it’s one of the most creatively-conceived superpowers I’ve come across.

          • Steven K.

            Well, *I* was fantasizing about all the boys showering together, although I’d also take them even all sweaty and scruffy and unshowered – there are some things that can be overlooked in the right situations.

        • Klaus

          Not everybody. I don’t think he is a very interesting character.

        • Jeh Y

          It’s all we’ve seen of him thus far. But his casual demeanor could very well introduce conflict later on, actually. There’s a time and a place to be laid-back, to crack jokes, to goof off. I look forward to seeing it get him in trouble, but his laid-back attitude toward the yaoi comics Paul found of them actually made him seem really chill and able to laugh at himself, so him having an engaging and funny personality certainly doesn’t hurt. And I think his powers are likely limited. He did need Flyboy’s help with the car, and everyone else DID contribute to the fire… his only power-related mentions/displays thus far have had to do with summoning monsters.

        • Jamie Dutton

          The thing about magic, that I’m sure Alex has found out from doing some research, is that there is ALWAYS a price to pay for using magic of any type. Light, Dark, neutral/gray, doesn’t matter. It only matters if you’re willing to pay said price for the power.
          Don’t know if ya’ll caught this, but part of the price Duncan paid was in happiness. “Happiness I never thought would be possible for me,” if I remember the quote right.

          • well, that depends on the Universe, I’d guess. In Potterverse, there’s only a price for dark magic. There are prices to pay in the Song-of-ice-and-fire-Universe, true, and the price Ringil Eskiath pays is only foreshadowed in “the cold commands”. Does Gandalf pay? I’m not sure, I’ve yet to read the books, the movies don’t really show.of course there are a lot more examples floating around

            so yes, that could make him interesting at some point…

          • Jamie Dutton

            In the Potterverse, I sort of assumed that secrecy was part of the price. It doesn’t always need to be blood price or a dark price at all.
            They could pay in energy, emotion, time or something like that as well.
            Merlin, Talaesin(?), The Genie from Aladdin, and Gandalf, lots of magic-users have paid a price for power.

          • oooh…yes…i’ve always greatly resented Tolkien’s treatment of Gandalf because we pretty much never actually witness Gandalf casting any spells or such etc etc and thus we more just know that he is a wizard rather than witness him acting as a wizard…i thought that was super lame of Tolkien.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I don’t know…one could argue the angle that Terry Pratchett takes, that being a wizard is more about judiciously *not* using spells than it is about being flashy and showing off with lots of magic.

          • i don’t know Pratchett’s universe anywhere nearly as well as i do Tolkien’s so i can only speak for Tolkien and from what i know of his universe, if would say that such methodology would be pure laziness on Tolkien’s part.


            simple. Gandalf is a major character for whom being a “wizard” and thus a “magic user” is the principal element of his character.

            for Tolkien to craft the ridiculously intricate universe that he did (think the massive amounts of history, language, and mythology that he generated for a single world), populate that world with a powerful, key set of players in the form of the wizards (Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, etc), but then never really detail said key players in terms of their actual abilities, actions, etc- that’s just lazy and disappointing in my view.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hmm, I personally disagree, but you are of course entitled to your opinion.

          • so why call them “wizards” and hint they have “magic” powers when all they do is “contribute” to the story in a mainly intellectual way or whatever? i mean really…like if you’re gonna have magic users you should be prepared for crazy ass shit to happen at any given moment because very high level magic users could, depending on what universe/world/framework you are referencing, do some pretty kick ass stuff…like one of my all time favorites is Terry Brock’s depictions of magic, magical weapons, and magic beings…like he doesn’t just coyly hint at magical awesomeness (like so much of the magic in Tolkien’s stories are really hints of magic, not actual magic and i mean that literally like often the magic or magical event or whatever is ALLUDED to rather than actually detailed.

            so again, when someone leaves out information in such a glaring way i have to really wonder why as unless there was a super good reason, it strikes me as narratively lazy, and denying your audience access to what seems to me to be some of the best parts of working magic into a story.

          • Steven K.

            I get where you are coming from, but he’s actually not a wizard in what most would see in the “traditional” OR “popular” sense. It was probably one of the few suitable popular terms that would have worked. Gandalf – Mithrandir – Tharkun (true name Olorin) is one of the 5 Istari, in the Western tongue of Middle Earth, or at least the tongue of Northern men, known as wizards. We only learn of 3 in the course of LOTR. The Istari are actually of the race of the Maiar, the angelic beings who serve and work with the great Valar – or “Powers” who, in turn, are the creative agents of Eru – the one prime god, in Tolkien’s mythology. It’s a rather creative hybrid of classical mythology (The Norse, Roman, Greek, etc. conception of the “gods”) with monotheism. The 5 Istari (Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the white, Radagast the Brown – who we see in the first Hobbit movie a lot more of than his role in the original story – and the two [twin?] blue wizards whom we never hear much about) were Maiar who were sent as emissaries from the “Undying Lands” (Valinor) in the far West to Middle earth to counsel and aid the inhabitants in the coming struggle against the darkness and the rising of Sauron’s power. The fact that his powers are somewhat limited is what makes it less possible for Tolkien to simply use all kinds of “deus ex machina” solutions to crises in which he is present. Gandalf’s main abilities, other than his vast knowledge and wisdom, greater than anyone else in Middle Earth save perhaps Melian or Tom Bombadil (who might possibly have been equal in that regard), were his abilities to manipulate light and fire, though there was also a great knowledge of what we might call magic-AL artifacts and writings/lore., etc. Even many of the creative works of the Elves and Drarves we’d say were magical or had magical properties – such as Elvish swords glowing a fierce blue-white light in the presence of Orcs.

          • that was remarkable and beautiful and…wow…i think i will like bookmark this or something because you like actually really intelligently justified why it was that Tolkien restricted what he detailed regarding Gandalf’s powers as I had always taken it to be: “Tolkien is just boring in terms of what he conceives of as magic” or “Tolkien is just too lazy to actually describe/detail the workings or Gandalf’s magical abilities” or “Tolkien didn’t want to really elaborate on Gandalf’s magic because he didn’t find it interesting” or “Tolkien didn’t want to really elaborate on Gandalf’s magic because he didn’t feel comfortable with being linked with magic in detail”

            etc etc.

            But now that I’ve read what you’ve said, I can see that perhaps Tolkien deliberately wrote Gandalf to be limited in power and scope and he, as you point out, actually developed a very thoughtful framework in which Gandalf would be…

            …oh wait….that’s right, this is the same guy that kicked a balrog’s ass…well sorta…he got killed apparently and then quasi-resurrected or something because he goes from being the Grey to the White or whatever.

            but backup…these balrogs are powerful enough to cast magic breaking Gandalf’s magical attempt to lock a door and terrify Legolas…and elf…so they must have been serious magic using bad asses…but Gandalf was able to counter one sufficiently to the point of killing it…and yet through all that fucking long long exposition of Frodo’s stupid ass (like seriously, had it been me, I’d be like, “Fuck it! Galadriel you are marching on Sauron now with the ring….but you don’t have to tell him until you’re done destroying it…or whatever…” anyway that was just a lot of boring story telling when Frodo is wandering all over the fucking place getting lost and attacked or whatever and terrorized by giant spiders…when I first read it I was seriously like, “Where the fuck did Galadriel go to and what the fuck is she doing and why the hell isn’t she kicking that stupid spider’s ass?”

            seriously, Tolkien screwed his readers over in that regard because he gives a few hints of Gandalf being able to cast door opening/closing spells (seems like an odd skill to reveal)…and now I can’t remember if he detailed Gandalf casting a light spell as in the movie…but really Gandalf worked very very little magic in actuality…okay yeah…if I had a gun pointed at Tolkien I’d be like, “Okay fucker, you’re going to really give good cause for using the word wizard or you’re not fucking calling Gandalf a wizard…” but then again to me a “wizard” would be like sending concentrated meteor blasts through the balrog’s chest…after of course canceling all the balrog’s magical defenses and then laughing at it as it is obliterated in smoldering chunks of flesh…but no…no…Gandalf had to fucking kill the fucking balrog with a fucking sword or something…which makes me think that Gandalf probably had to magically counter the balrog’s fire attacks or whatever…like apparently the balrog had some sort of unspecified magic attack…

            can you tell that i’m bitter towards Gandalf for opening such an intriguing world and then not really delivering?

          • Steven K.

            Gosh – I wish we could text or e-mail or phone in real-time because I do actually have answers to a number of your points, and it would be great to have a real-time discussion on this. Actually, I haven’t even read your complete reply yet, but I’m sending just a quick reply here because just reading your comment about the Balrog and all got me so excited to send a very brief reply and then hopefully I can find some time in my crazy schedule at the moment to reply in more detail later. The Balrogs are actually the same order of being as Gandalf (though obviously they manifest physically much differently), but whereas Gandalf was more of an “angelic” being belonging to the Maiar, and servant to Manwe and Varda (for lack of a better term at the moment, the “king and queen” of the “gods”/powers – or the Valar – and subject only to Eru – the one highest deity – what we generally think of as “God”), the Balrogs were similar spirits (i.e., also Maiar – in this case spirits of fire), but they eventually turned against Manwe and Varda when they decided to follow Melkor/Morgoth (the first “Dark Lord”- think Sauron x 10 – maybe x 50), and thus the Balrogs became more like “demonic” beings. In fact, the Elvish term for them, from which “Balrog” is derived – Valarauko – actually means “demon of might”. Sauron himself was also a servant of this first dark lord Melkor, and is also one of the order of the Maiar, to which the Balrogs – and Gandalf – belong as well. Basically what happened with Gandalf and the Balrog was two mighty spirits dueling, Gandalf slew the Balrog, but the Balrog “mortally” wounded him such that Gandalf’s physical body was slain but his spirit passed out of his mortal body to Valinor, where he was sent back by the Valar (in a new, stronger body) as Gandalf the White to further his mission. As basically the same order of being as one-another, Gandalf and the Balrog were pretty much equally matched. Melkor himself, whom the Balrogs served, was kind of analogous to Lucifer, who rebelled against God, and was cast down from heaven, to become Satan (Morgoth). The Balrogs as well as Sauron were spirits who were followers of Melkor, and thus when he was “cast out” they continued to follow the fallen power of Melkor, and went with him, and thus were akin to the “rebellious angels”, who, loosely, became demons, etc., etc. Gandalf remained faithful. There is a bit of a quasi-Jesus analogy to Gandalf. Well, that’s a very quick, not-too-closely thought-out, knee-jerk, “nutshell” response. Now to read the rest of what you wrote – lol. Hopefully that made some sort of sense.

          • sorry this took so long…i was trying to get a more cohesive comment in response to your epic comment lol-

            wow…that’s really cool and awesome that you posted all that commentary that you did. i wasn’t really expecting something so detailed…but yeah…

            okay, so this is exactly why there is so much frustration regarding Tolkien…yes he did script in agonizing detail how truly remarkable were the inherent characters of Gandalf etc (thinking Galadriel as well lol) and then their opposition like the balrogs and Melkor etc…

            …but then in the actual writings of the main books, we don’t actually get much detailed information about what they do…

            like it’s almost as if in Tolkien’s mind he was deliberately avoiding detailing the actions of say, Gandalf casting, say spells or something…and likewise, he doesn’t really say much about what much of the other higher level characters are doing…like the action is always off-screen so to speak…(is there a word for the occurrence in written literature of an event that is basically just alluded to an never actually articulated? like say the battle between the balrog and Gandalf…that is pretty much all we get…there was a battle between the balrog and Gandalf and Gandalf chased the balrog for days from the depths to the mountain peak etc etc…but like we don’t get details about the actual battle other than a few sentences describing their interaction on the bridge and that is quite sparse to say the least)…or Tolkien just didn’t care about that…or he didn’t think the details were interesting…

            and that’s where more frustration arises because my understanding is that yes, actually, Tolkien did deliberately avoid detailing the powers/abilities of Gandalf and others in favor of focusing on detailing the efforts, struggles/challenges of the hobbits as he wanted to make a point that fate or the future or both or whatever is the hands of not just mortal human beings but even more so children…(and then we could probably also accuse him of making a point that those who are in touch with nature and respect it are better than those who don’t…or call it a swipe at industrialism as well).

            the point being, he could have accomplished all of those goals and given the readers more details regarding the actual abilities of say Gandalf…instead we get treated to some text stating that Gandalf tried the opening spells he knew on the moon door of Moria and then failed to lay a closing spell because of a counterspell from the balrog…and then he does a little bit of magic or something when fighting the balrog on the bridge and then breaks the bridge…and then later he does a little more there and there (like casting out Grimma and then neutralizing Saruman…but unless i’m forgetting the text descriptions of his actions in these are sparse as well).

            the thing is that the Lord of the Rings is really great as a kids story when you’re a kid because the action really is kind of all centered around the kid like characters, i.e. the hobbits (although as i think i mentioned, as a kid i wasn’t so easily sold even then and got super pissed off about Frodo facing Shelob largely alone and for some reason i kept wondering, “where the hell is Galadriel?”), however once you start to shift out of being a little kid and realize that hey…there are very powerful forces your own universe and likewise Tolkien populated his universe with a lot of heavy hitters, stories like Tolkien’s begin to just make me angry because I feel like he created this incredible universe with its own language and everything- culture, history, legends etc- and then he basically warped all the action for all the characters such that all the super powerful characters are pretty much relegated to the positions of giving advice or serving as nigh unstoppable adversaries that are constantly pursuing or whatever but generally at a distance (and I just mention that because it feels like Tolkien even artificially manipulated his antagonists such that they most are these super dreadful beings that mostly distant and showing up just to wreck disaster (like then the Nazgul ambush them on…was it Signal Hill or whatever the place where Frodo gets stabbed and then they all run away again from the Nazgul) or to be defeated or whatever…like we pretty much never get to really see much of anything about Sauron…i mean really…that’s like the main adversary for the main body of writing and Sauron never really shows up ever…)

            anyway, to me as an adult (though i was sort of thinking this a child as well), it seems actually really artificially contrived in that it seems like, you know…leaving a couple of relatively childlike characters (i.e. hobbits) to bear the brunt of the actual action in the stories that are also populated by much more powerful characters…i dunno…it just feels like if not being a lazy writer (would it really have killed him to say more about the cool stuff…i mean really did we have to be regaled with pages after pages of Frodo dragging himself and Sam through ruins, swamps, wastelands, blah blah blah whatever…obviously i really didn’t enjoy all the exposition of Frodo and Sam laboring to get to Mt. Doom…though i did kind of more enjoy Merry and Pippin’s adventures and that would probably be because their adventures were mostly much cooler and more interesting than Frodo and Sam’s).

            okay this comment is like taking on a life of it’s own…urgh and my mind is so engulfed with so much analysis of various mythologies that i’m overloading or something right now and can’t really think as concisely as i would like to be thinking…but whatever…as i’ve said…i am aware that Tolkien did construct very elaborate back stories to pretty much everyone…like who doesn’t have a cool backstory? the complaint being that much of the coolness is just hinted at or alluded or suggested…it’s never really detailed…so i guess i’ll make myself stop here because i’m mentally not really on top of this comment as i’d like to be lol.

            oh i know…yeah…now that i’m much older and more aware of the fact that life does have very heavy hitters…i just feel like…why aren’t they doing more? why is it that shit gets dumped on those who are least able to deal with said shit…like i know that people think it’s interesting to watch a weak character struggle to deal with incredible challenges and then (usually speaking) rise to meet said challenges…or not (pretty rare)…i just…i dunno…i’m just tired of this theme because i feel like it’s a theme that perpetuates itself way too much…namely the underdog/newcomer whatever that has to rise up and met adversity…

            what’s funny is that is sort of what Alex seems to be doing here but not really…i can’t articulate right now and i certainly can’t say without seeing more of the comic, but i feel like Alex is more relaying the experiences of his characters rather than artificially manipulating them into serving a meta theme…the short thought being that Alex is genuinely relaying the experiences of these characters from a more realistic place rather than simply tossing them into adversity…like it really feels as if all of Kyle’s issues with Duncan are because Kyle trusted him from an understandably naive position as an inexperienced young person (i’d imagine that will change soon as i feel Kyle is going to go through some serious maturation now)…so

            anyway, i should stop rambling…if you want to email me that’s fine, dkkauwe AT gmail DOT com is fine 🙂

            but i will say that i have a hard time reacting to things instantly all of the time…sometimes i’ll have an immediate response and then other times it takes me a long…sometimes a very long time- to react…like this comment lol…poor comment…i feel sorry for it because i feel like it could have been such a better comment but i’m just getting hit from every direction with demands on my attention…so this will have to do…

            that’ll do pig…that’ll do…

          • yeah…i have to agree with Garak…that magic always has a “price” is well…just actually stereotypical if anything really.

            case in point, “magic” in Peter S. Beagle’s universe containing “The Last Unicorn” was a force that one aligned with rather than being a force that one actually manipulates/controls and thus as Schmendrick himself says, there magic is really more a matter of serendipity/synchronicity than anything else.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            EEEEEEEEEE!! The Last Unicorn!!!

          • 🙂

        • Steven K.

          I’m sorta kinda tending to agree with you about that, as I think about it.

    • b3nc0

      «Damnit Spooky! Let the car down, let us down for Stan Lee’s sake… But please, save my cap‼»

  • My favorite Mitch panel was on previous page, but for Spooky it’s panel 3 on this page: He just looks so darn gewd :p

    Now, Mitch. Time to play catch with a falling car, preferably before it hits the ground 😉 ..or do Spooky need to conjure something? We don’t want none of Fluke’s bad luck right now.

    Eagle eye, owl hearing.. so falcon speed for hunt diving would be good now.

    • Jeh Y

      As would swanlike grace, the taste of chicken…

      I bet he shit his pelican briefs when he heard the name “Annihilator”.

      • Klaus

        Who are you calling chicken?


        • Jeh Y

          Well, Spooky is pretty cocky…

      • There really are a lot of bird-related frases 😉

        • Jeh Y

          I can do little else but parrot this sentiment.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yes! Spooky looks so gorgeous there.

  • VileTybalt

    Well, I’ve got a craft day/potluck thing that my friend’s dragging me to tomorrow morning. So I’m off to bed.

    Before I go though, I just wanna thank Alex, Adam and Veronica for giving me such a wonderful way to end my day. This comic has been a huge inspiration to me in a period of tremendous doubt. And I wanna thank every single person on this comment board for giving me something to look forward to the past few weeks. I’ve had more fun talking with you guys than I’ve had with anyone in a long time.

    Good night everyone!

    • Sleep well.

    • SofiaT

      Night, Tybalt!

    • Night Tybalt!

    • Good night. Dream of flying cars and Mitch! 😀

    • Steven K.

      I know what you’ve been going through. Been going through a period like that myself lately, and this comic (though it’s been dark in a few spots that were difficult for me to get through) and the great people here have helped – it is nice to have something to look forward to for a change.

      • VileTybalt

        It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in stuff like this. Though, on the other hand of course, I wouldn’t wish the way I’ve been feeling on anyone. I guess that’s the double-edged sword that is empathy. It allows us to overcome the challenges we face together, by helping us to support one another in difficult times. But it also requires experiencing that pain, first hand, in order to create those bonds.

        I guess it’s the old child-rearing paradox again. Parents can try and tell their kids about all the things that can hurt them, but no matter what, their kids will just have to experience it for themselves. The same way that their parents had to before them. After all, you can tell a child that fire burns, but until they experience that sensation for themselves, they will never know what that means. But from the parent’s side, they would happily talk until they’re blue in the face if it will save their child from even one of the painful experiences that they will inevitably face. Be it heartbreak, loss, disappointment or any of the other trials that we all face in life.

        Damn empathy, why must your price be so high!

  • Is it weird that the number one thing that’s on my mind right now through the last few pages is exactly what part of the car Flyboy is holding? (Until the last two panels, of course).

    • Klaus

      Your answer is in panel two: he is touching the back of the front seats. Just touching, not holding.

      • Hmmm… I wouldn’t know that’s how his powers work… Is this the sort of thing that a regular reader of superhero comics would know? This is my first, so I am entirely unfamiliar with the tropes.

  • Cid Highwind

    Bwahaha xD ‘Oops’!

    • Jeh Y

      I see the username and I can’t help but think of Cid ranting… something like,

      “I brought up the $^##@!^%^’s name and that dumb-ass @##&*@!@ SHERA about dropped the #%^!@!@&*( SHIP! KABOOM! POW! Big mess, right?! YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT IT WAS A BIG $%^&!!%^&* MESS!”

      (Cid Highwind is my favorite Cid, incidentally. Even if Al Bhed Cid comes close.)

  • dereule101

    I’ve decided whose powers I want!

    • SofiaT

      How many guesses do we get? 😛

    • Steven K.

      I’d settle for a photographic memory and to have the ability to know without asking if someone is or would be attracted to me. Life would have been so much easier and better if that were to have been the case.

  • motordog

    lol…I love that Spooky’s primary objective is to grab his hat!

    • Timothy Hickman

      Well, it IS the original Spooky Cap, wouldn’t you?

    • I don’t think he’s going for the hat, more that his arm naturally goes up in the air when they fall, like Fluke’s too. It would be fun if it IS to catch his hat though.

    • John

      That was my reading of the situation as well. It’s kind of a ‘Jack’s Hat!’ moment.

  • Klaus

    As a magician dealing with demons, I would have expected Spooky to have a habit of thinking before he speaks. Not a very ingrained habit, it seems.

  • So many comments and coming so fast.
    I’m really sluggish this morning and can’t keep up at all – have hardly read a quarter of the comments. I just sit here and zone out. Taking this as a sign that I should go back to bed and read them later xD

    Have a nice day/night all of you awesome people.

  • I feel the need to say that they should’ve been wearing their seatbelts. They wouldn’t now be leaving the car as it falls. Or maybe that’s a good thing, do you want to be attached to a falling car? I dunno. Either way it reminds me a little of riding a roller coaster and there is that moment of weightlessness in the loop de loop.

  • Hours

    I guess we know who was holding up the car. XD

    It’s pretty interesting that Flyboy’s powers are avian based, and not just simply the ability of flight. (And apparently super strength…? Unless Spooky is making the car light.)

    • Klaus

      He has given his powers avian based names.

    • Cman65

      and a bit of a bird brain too

    • IamM

      Looks like Flyboy was the one levitating the car.

  • John

    So… is spooky that strong or does he ‘levitate’ whatever he touches, requiring him only to push?

    • Klaus

      He is the most feared supervillain. It could be just that. Then again, it would be more interesting if it was more.

  • vessto

    Flyboy’s reaction over Anni’s name is interesting. I’m sure there’s more things behind this than we can see now.

  • Kate G

    Yo, you might be superheroes, but when in doubt, do as Batman does and WEAR THOU SEAT BELT. They tend to be important.

    Heck, even Wonderwoman remembers her seat belt.

    And I wonder what the history is behind Flyboy and Anni, but my brain is too full of worries to ponder it. My grams is in the hospital because she had a massive stroke. I NEED MY GRAMS.

    It’s not my month. Seriously.

    • Klaus

      Most worrisome indeed. Best wishes for a full recovery.

      • Kate G


    • So sorry to here that Kate. My thoughts are with you and your grams.

      • Kate G

        Thanks, Jane.

    • Yeah. Big sympathies. Hard stuff. Hang in.

    • *hugs* I hope everything turns out okay.

    • *another hug* I’m sorry about your Grams. Hang in there and know that we all care about you.

      • Kate G

        Y’all are gonna make me cry. I see her tomorrow as I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving (when she was okay. She had her stroke on Sunday) so I’m all in knots. It appears she’s all there mentally, but her limbs are paralyzed which is horrible because she was very active. They don’t even know if trying rehab is a course of action because of the kind of stroke she had (it was near her brain stem.) She will be one pissed off tough old goat if she has to be this way forever (tough old goat is my aunt’s pet name for her. I’m totally not making fun of her. The woman had Lupus and utterly showed breast cancer the finger and put Lupus in the corner at the same time. The Lupus had been in remission until now; she’s having some pain issues now. Double damn.)

        GOD, I AM NOT GOING TO CRY. I’ve done enough of that in a week to last me lifetimes. *refuses to cry* No, no, no. I’ll go watch a short movie and go to bed. THERE. I do have to be awake at an obscene hour to me.

        • Sounds like not much will keep her down. Just keep your thoughts centered on what a tough lady she is. 🙂
          *one more hug*

        • *more hugs* Kate, my heart goes out to you. Your Gram sounds like an amazing, strong woman. I wish you and her the very best. Try to hang in there and see what tomorrow brings.

          And if you need to cry some more, go ahead. Sometimes you need to let some of that out. We’ll be here to give you virtual hugs and I’m sure your friends and family will be there for you too.

          Take care.

          • Kate G

            Aw, thanks. She was taken in and given a tracheotomy today so she can get the mouth tube out because they are going to take her off sedation permanently (hopefully!) She was off the sedation mostly yesterday and was doing fine, the day after I saw her (which was hard for me.) We hope the trach will make it easier for her to communicate too. She actually doesn’t use it to breathe, but to keep her airway open.

            Progress makes me happy!

          • I am glad things are going well! *hugs*

          • Whew! So glad to hear things are better and that’s great she might be off sedation soon.

            Wishing your Grams more excellent progress!

  • Steven Hedin

    I’m just waiting for them to find a smoldering crater, where kyle deleted the evidence from.

  • TwilightDreamer

    rofl! XD Anyone else burst into laughter at the end there? 😛
    Whoopsie Flyboy, careful what you’re doing ^-^ And Spooks? it’s always best not to surprise/startle the one steering 😛
    oooo, faster than Anni can run?? ;D All of a sudden I want to see Flyboy chase annihilator down XP
    Side note…love the starry sky background.

  • Jackal

    I still ship it too, but I wanna see the bastard grovel first. XD

  • Jackal

    Oh, Flyboy. And now I’m wondering why Spooky mentioned Annihilator specifically. Perhaps he knows something.

    • Cman65

      or maybe he too has a thing for hot older hairy guys

  • loopy poopy

    did kyle and anni have proper buttsex? i can’t remember this but i need to know for reasons 😀

    • Klaus

      No. Rubbing together until Kyle came.

    • Proper? Mmmmm…

      Well, I think people thoroughly discussed the fact that Kyle kept his socks on. Does that count? 🙂

      • loopy poopy

        those socks. :’)

    • Steven K.

      No. He still has his ANAL virginity intact. And yeah – they just did some major phallic frottage (or, in Alex’s creative term for it, “thingy-smushing”). I think that’s the general consensus.

      • loopy poopy

        haha, thanks.

        ‘thingy-smushing’ :’)

      • i don’t know whether to be simply bemused or actually annoyed that this is still be discussed…annoyed because all this back and forth about what “kind” of sex Kyle experienced, what actually happened, and most importantly, the matter of his “virginity” – well it just smacks of being overly fixated on sexual matters as a culture not because it actually matters (I rarely think ever about my “firsts” for sex as quite frankly that just pales with the years) but because we’ve got a very warped relationship culture-wise with ourselves and sex…

        or i’m just rambling and waxing as an idiot…

  • Joann Fuhs

    never drop a car with your friends in it .they figure out about happen to kyle but how to tell him they know

  • thebitterfig

    Yeah, more for my theory that Spooky knows way more that he’s supposed to know about all of this.

    Paul had to convince Kyle to bring Spooks along, perhaps that’s Paul realising that if the Annihilator may be in the vicinity he needs more firepower, but perhaps this is Spooky already knowing something was up and “coincidentally” going to “get a glass of water” from the staff room while Paul’s on the phone with Kyle, shoehorning his way in.

    Spooky remains with the misfit kids team, rather than join either of the two regional adult teams. Perhaps that’s because he was already friends with all the folks on the teams before the offers, but perhaps he got the offers first but knew something about Kyle’s nature and that this was the place to be.

    Spooky knows that the good Duncan is involved. Perhaps Kyle told Paul told Spooky, perhaps Spooky knew beforehand.

    I won’t be too sad or shocked if my whole house of cards comes tumbling down, but until then, I’m convinced, CONVINCED I TELL YOU, that Spooky knows shit folks don’t think he knows.

  • WarGoddess

    So…it looketh to me as though Kyle has told a little bit of what happened, at least the fact that the Annihilator was involved, to his buddies. I’m figuring that once he told Paul that the Annihilator had something to do with it, Paul immediately tried to convince him to let Spooks come along, seeing as how him and Kyle would be pretty SOL if our nasty supervillain came back. At least with Spooky around, they might have a fair chance of making it out alive (that is, if Duncan tried to kill them). Flyboy came along as a means of transportation and also maybe because Spooky deemed it necessary to have an eagle eye look out. That’s just what I’m thinking, anyways.

    Fantastic page, as always! And I almost died laughing at Flyboy’s reaction to Spooky’s slip of tongue, it was too adorable! Now let’s hope he can catch them before they become a grease spot on the mountain’s face below, lol! 😀

  • Inuhime

    I would have told him about the big bad after we were safely on the ground, but hind sight is 20/20… LOL.. I truly can’t wait to see what they’re all going to do when Kyle tells them about the demon and the deal. Oh my…

  • Niggle

    Oh man, this page made me laugh. Yay levity! Even if it’s only temporary. I gotta say I was curious about how the car was flying, but now we know: Flyboy was carrying it. I was speculating that maybe Spooky had made the car float and that Flyboy was pushing it. Does this mean the littlest Young Protector is super strong? And how is he supporting the entire weight of the car with the grip he has? Questions!

    Now I’m also curious to how much Kyle actually told Paul. He told him about Anni, but how much more…?

    • Klaus

      Levity and levitation. These words are similar for a reason.

  • cheerbearp

    For the love of God, grab the cap Spooky! GRAB! THE! CAP!

    • Niggle

      lol! I didn’t even notice that his cap came off.

    • I know. Right? I think if the cap comes off the disguise spell disappears and he turns back into Alex and his real identity of author is revealed… which, of course, puts people like Adam and Veronica at risk from Super Villain reprisal. So, YEAH, he BETTER grab that cap! XD

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Not Adam and Veronica!!

        • Agreed. It’s unthinkable, right?

          Of course, the villain who messes with THEM will find him/herself looking less attractive by the page, so they do have some built in protection. I just don’t want to take any risks. 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ha ha, now I’m picturing them drawing said villain as a hideous stick figure with blotchy, plague-like skin. Kind of like the Rageguy colored in horrible shades of puke green.

          • You understand everything… they have super powers. 🙂

  • Kalynn Osburn

    DAMMIT FLYBOY! Get your shit together!

    • Sapfo

      Oh, dont blame him. He is to cute to take any blame.

    • Steven K.

      That only happened to draw the action out a bit more and keep us waiting in suspense at least a couple pages longer for Kyle’s rescue and whether or not there will be some type of emotional resolution and comfort for Kyle, along with his physical rescue.

  • Sapfo

    I almost drove into a stone wall when I would take the license. And I do think Flyboy is to young even for a US learners permit (or am I wrong about this)

    But it was a unexpected ending for Spooky and Paul. I will miss car… I mean, I will miss them.
    Oh well, Flyboy, now go on and get to Kyle while Spooky and Paul are busy fall.

    • Klaus

      But what if the car falls on Kyle? Then we get three chapters of Flyboy dealing with the guilt and the shock.

      • Sapfo

        But he is so cute….
        Oh Damn it! Flyboy! You better save them fast!

      • Well that some BAD luck right there! So, how does this Fluke thing work again? Does it have to happen to him personally, or can it just be adjacent bad luck…

        • Sapfo

          Even if it do not work on Flukes bad luck, can it not work on Spookys bad luck? And by helping Spookey he might be help in returne.
          Or Spooky can do a spell?

      • Jeh Y

        And then, a few years later, he tearfully relays the story to the supervillain he’s dating…

    • Steven K.

      Ha ha! 😉

    • notfromvenus

      How old is he? In the US, usually you can get a driver’s license at 16 (in a few states it’s 15 or 17).

    • He can get his learners permit I believe (here in California), but he wouldn’t be able to drive without an licensed adult in the car, but I think the adult needs to be over 21 (I think) maybe 25.

      • Sapfo

        They let the 15 year old fly car! O.O
        Where are all responsible adults somewhere?

        • I know!

          But to get the learners permit you do have to pass the written test first.

          • Sapfo

            I think that is a question for Alex: Have Flyboy passed the written test for this driving permit?

          • Oooh, yes inquiring minds want to know.

          • Sapfo

            And do the driving permit cover flying the car?
            I think they are breaking some laws here. 😉

          • Jamie Dutton

            You mean besides the law of gravity? 😉

          • Sapfo

            It is importent to follow the law ^_~

          • I’m not certain how old one has to be to get an aviators license or permit.

          • Sapfo

            Even if he is old enought to get that one, do it cover flying cars?
            Well anyway, I think he lost it now, considering the not flying car with Paul and Spooky in it dropping down, down, down…..

          • Yeah, that’s a good question.

            I think he would only lose it if the car actually crashed.

          • Sapfo

            Well he is taking his time to save them. What is he waiting for? Wednesday? 😉

          • HA! Indeed. XD

            Just needs to let shock wear off I guess. I’ve sat there pouring something and watched it overflow despite knowing I needed to stop pouring.

  • Livia

    I got the feeling Flyboy like Kyle. I would love to see that happening. 🙂

    • Steven K.

      It would be almost unbearably adorable, but YES!

  • I suddently got busy in getting in front of the screen to log on the computer.

    Out of no where it struck me that I have a friend in Texas, who is only 7 hours behind me in US timezones not 8. So the Ustream panel featuring Alex starts in about 5mins now and not an hour from now *tunes in*

    Edit: Hmm.. Ustream plan doesn’t say that Alex will be on another panel again at 4. Maybe someone cancelled or they forgot to write his name >.>

    • Sapfo

      it is the audience you hear? 😉

      • I think it is. 5 mins ago there was a black screen. The picture side is very bad, but well as long as the sound works. That’s most important 🙂

        • Sapfo

          I agree on that. Thanks to you, I did not miss this.

          • though I think the one right now is the art panel, the writing panel is after this I believe

          • Sapfo

            It could be fun anyway.

          • Must be delayed, because this is the art panel. I knew there was too many women on stage xD

          • You’re welcome.. now guessing game begin. Who of these pixilated people is Alex, or has he not sat down yet xD
            I think I’ve hear Artifice being mentioned in the chitter-chatter. I hope it IS live we’re watching o.o
            Something suggest it might not be.

          • Sapfo

            When I just turned it on, someone was explain what a webcomic is for something.

          • Sapfo

            I want to sit in the front row!

    • SofiaT

      I just saw this comment (the first edit). Alex is on the Writing Panel at 2pm today and the Business Panel tomorrow at 4pm 🙂

      • Oki this just gets better and better LOL. It’a amazing how I even managed to make it to watch the current panel.
        At least I know I’m completely right about the last panel being on at 4am monday morning for me.

  • Knot

    Hello to all here. I’m asking Alex (Woolfson) why your THE YOUNG PROTECTOR story pages have been STOPPED coming to me. It’s been three pages that have not been sent to me….PLEASE…send them to me and keep them coming. I REALLY enjoy what’s going on and I try to guess what’s next that can or could happen for the next pages or Issue…. Thank You

    • I guess you mean the RSS feed. That one seems to be temporarily broken, and people don’t get told. Just show up every saturday and basicly every wednesday and a new page will be up 🙂
      If the page doesn’t show at first then refresh the page. Browser has been taking a while to catch up for some recently.

      • Niggle

        Odd, my RSS reader (Feedly) has been getting page updates every time without fail.

      • Knot

        Than you. Will it ever get fixed or will WE fans of the Story line have to come to the site instead of getting an e-mail notice?

        • I don’t know. I guess it will be fixed. I’m not signed up for RSS feeds, but check the site for updates. I’ve just seen in comments that some readers who’s signed up for it doesn’t get them.

        • SofiaT

          Alex has asked readers (because this has been happening a lot lately) to reach out to, the service handing his email notifications and RSS feed, because –even though he’s notified them of the problem– the more data they get, the faster they will be able to fix this.

          So if you could just email them and tell them what the problem is, it would be great 🙂

          I assure you, Alex has taken note of the issue and he’s as anxious as any of us for it to be fixed.

          But unfortunately, it’s not really up to him. :o/

          So stay tuned, and make sure you check TYP out every Wed/day and every Saturday for new pages! 🙂

      • Knot

        I use to get them but it’s just as of Nov 30 of this year that it stopped. Again, THANK YOU for the QUICK reply back

        • I’m not Alex, but I’ve seen it talked about in the comments. So could tell what I know 🙂

    • I just know that i don’t think it is limited to TYP, I haven’t been getting my email notifications for more than one webcomic including this one.

    • SofiaT

      Hi, are you subscribed using the email notification or the RSS feed?

      If it’s the RSS feed, I read from people in other pages who had the same problem that removing the bookmark and subscribing again has helped. Maybe try that and see if it works? Here is the link:

      About the email notification, it’s a service managed by Feedblitz. I didn’t receive yesterday’s email either. So I’d say they’re the problem. It’s definitely nothing personal, and you haven’t been removed from any list 🙂

      If you’re worried that technology will fail you again, remember that this story updates every Saturday with no breaks or hiatuses and Wed/days are the bonus pages. You can also “like” the page on facebook, Alex always posts a link when a page updates.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  • SofiaT

    Good morning (or afternoon) everyone! I’d better go make myself some breakfast really quickly, according to my calculations, the livesteaming of the Writing panel will start in about 10 mins. Here’s the link again for those who wanna watch:


    • I feel like such a doofus. I went wrong with timezones today, not only once but TWICE! xD
      I blame my migraine, but this is bad. TWICE! And I didn’t even figure it out until 30mins ago /headdesk.

      Edit: Not only had I set time for me wrong by one hour at first, but then realizing it, I went an additional hour the WRONG way >.>

      • SofiaT

        Ah, don’t feel bad. I used this: 😀

        • But.. I have a friend in Texas, so I KNOW there’s a 7 hour difference for me. For some reason I kept calculating time 12+7 and not 2pm + 7 hours, and when I realized THAT error,I managed to detract, not add, one hour so I was only 5 hours ahead.

          I don’t think I’ve done math this wrong in ages o.O

          • SofiaT

            Hey, I was a whole day wrong yesterday 😛

            It’s starting now… Very pixelated. I was hoping we’d get to see Alex’s goofy grin! 🙁

            I did recognise him immediately when he showed up though 😀

          • Oh yeah.. I corrected you yesterday *lol*
            Yup, it’s easy to see who Alex is even pixelated 🙂
            The previous panel was just as bad. Since I was the two hours wrong, I listened to that too. I’d hoped they would get the camera fixed, but as I said, as long as sounds works perfect that’s what is most important. I’d be more annoyed if it was the other way around.

        • I use that all the time at work. The home office is .ch plus I we have an office on the East Coast (U.S.)

      • *hugs* It’s okay!!! You have had it rough, its understandable!!!

        • Yeah.. Yesterday + still having a headache after taking pills 3 times.. I think I’m brain fried -_-

      • Sapfo

        Well you are not alone being sick.
        Stomach flu! D:
        But atleast I got a reason for not going outside. And I can listen to the LS. 🙂

        • *hugs* That really sucks Sapfo, but I hope it clears up soon!!

          • Sapfo

            Thank you!
            I am “empty” right now. So I am sipping some tea.

        • Noo.. don’t be sick as well D: I know we have much in common, but this is too much 😉

          • Sapfo

            My twin born 31 days earlyer then me and Danish and bron by another mother…. Jupp, we have many things incommen. XD

    • Sapfo

      I really do not like the advertisements. Can you get rid of them?

      • SofiaT

        I don’t see any ads but then again I have adbock on my browser. No ads ever come through. Try that?

        Just google “adblock add-on”

        • Sapfo

          Thank you!

          • SofiaT

            No worries 🙂

  • Steel_Man

    Hmmm….this could be pretty cool. Let’s see more of the dark-haired kid who dropped the car! He’s cute! 😉

  • Sapfo

    Lets play: How is Alex? Before they presents themself

    • SofiaT

      Second from the right, next to the guy with the blue t-shirt. 😀

      Edit: I saw him when he came into the picture but then I was talking to Danish and missed seeing where he sat. But I’m pretty sure that’s him.

      • Sapfo

        Coulde be. Anyone else?
        Or do you Sofia “see” them? I only see blurs.

        • SofiaT

          I was right!! What do I win?? 😛

          • Sapfo

            A Hug?

          • SofiaT

            I’ll take it!! XD

          • Sapfo

            Hug Sofia! Now lets watch the LS! o.o

          • SofiaT

            I’m just listening. Not much to see 🙁

      • I also think that one is Alex. Wish the quality of the video was better. The sound is fine though.

  • Okay, laughing/coughing fit over, well rested….. ^_^

    1) I really love how Fluke is doing his best to reassure Flyboy that is it nothing personal and also implying that Kyle didn’t want to place Flyboy in danger. Throwing in that you aren’t just transportation,but also a great lookout in case the badies come back. Whenever Fluke has been speaking to Flyboy, he has been using generic terms, so it feels like he doesn’t want Flyboy to know anything specific until Kyle says ok. Also, it seems that the car is on a downward approach, so are they nearing their destination?

    2) I don’t think Flyboy is buying it. It’s the whole, “I’ve heard that excuse before….you guys are always leaving me out.” It seems that they have gotten into the habit of leaving Flyboy out “for his own good” a number of times. Yes he is the youngest of the team, but he is an aspiring superhero too and you cannot protect him from life forever. I think actually being an aspiring superhero, they shouldn’t be hiding the cruel realities of life from him anyway, despite his young age. And yay! for learning more about his abilities! So he can fly and has great eyeseyesight. ^_^

    3) So we learn Flyboy also has great hearing huh? Now to tie that into what Spooky said on the previous page….”As soon as
    we know for sure, you’ll know.” Spooky doesn’t say “We will let you know as soon as we find out.” Could Spooky be vaguely telling Flyboy to eavesdrop? I wouldn’t really put it past Spooky to do that. Telling someone to eavesdrop without saying to eavesdrop. And while Fluke has been quite careful to not mention any specifics in front of Flyboy, Spooky doesn’t guard his tongue at all. Just casually throwing that name out there while letting slip another ability. Just because a person can fly doesn’t necessarily mean that they can fly fast. I take that “or throw” comment to mean that while in the air, Flyboy can dodge anything that that person could throw at him.

    4) *giggles* Flyboy’s face in that fourth panel…..Too many emotions and not sure which one should take precedence…though it does convey “Holy F&$#!” And of course receiving such a shock would cause Flyboy to let go of the car…..I see it as one of those stop-short-and-let-go-of-what-is-in-your-hands type of revelation. Spooky, there was a time and place for Flyboy to find out and the time and place is definitely not hundreds of feet in the air while on the way to rescue your friend…

    5) So Flyboy now knows whether or not there are horns or a *shivers* bald spot under the Spooky hat. So Flyboy, is Spooky hiding something under that hat? Let us know!!! Well, after you catch them and prevent them from possibly becoming a bloody mess on the ground. ^_^

    Another completely amazing page from Team AAV!!! I really love how they are able convey so much in the facial expressions. ^_^

    • b3nc0

      About the downward approach in your first point, I ain’t sure it was quite intentional… Actually, this vertical move seems a bit harsh ;°)

    • Steven K.

      Conveying so much in the facial expressions – that has always amazed me in this comic!

  • purplefoxglove

    Seven hours of baking cookies – I’m done for today.

    That page made me LOL. Could totally be me – Spooky with his talking without thinking and Flyboy (Birdman) with his dropping the goods in shock. Of course, being faster than the Annihilator, he will catch them again with ease. Right? RIGHT?
    So, I take it Mitch can transfer his power only to objects? Because else, he shouldn’t have had any trouble catching both the baby and the father in Chapter 1.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Ah, good point about Mitch possibly affecting only objects. I hadn’t thought of that angle.

  • Klaus

    It is now 9:30 CET Saturday night. The donation bar stands at $319. It seems that will get a bonus page on Chritmas day.

    • SofiaT

      I think if we keep it up like that, by Christmas day we’ll have secured pages till the end of January.

      I’d say “poor Adam and Vero!” but I’m too selfish so I’ll say “hell, yeah!!” instead. >:D

      • Klaus

        If we keep it up like that, Alex will owe us a whole new comic by the time Engaging the Enemy is done.

        • SofiaT

          I remember him saying he has a lot of ideas and he’s in a writing phase at the moment so… the quicker EtE is finished, the quicker we get the new comics!!

          • Denise Cruz

            Keep coming to Alex, good ideas! Keep coming… Good girls!! Don’t hide yourselves… He’s a nice guy! Won’t abandon you, at all! (Neither will us! lol) Just… keep coming!! =D

      • Denise Cruz

        I’m right there with you, sister!! LOL (Sorry, Adam And Veronica! But this addiction is SO intense! lol)
        These bonus pages are coming so fast, lately, that I started imagining if Alex is taking notes over them, so he doesn’t get confused… LOL

        (BTW: We are already at $ 344 toward the next one! O.O So, maybe he should… ) 😉

        • SofiaT

          $349 is the number on my screen 😀

          • Yeaa, I think we’re gonna get a page for x-mas gathered very soon. Something should be very wrong if it doesn’t hit 400 before the 24th xD
            Being two bonus pages ahead leave some peace to gather donations without us being frantic a monday night *lol*

          • I did what little I could to make sure that Christmas/Hanukkah was extra paged… I couldn’t pull off a Gryphongirl2 magic act… so I considered selling my much loved man into white slavery and using the proceeds to buy a few pages. Seemed reasonable. Right? I mean we’re talking TYP… RIGHT?

            My dude is very nice looking to me and while we both wont see forty again, he has aged well and has a beautiful penis, so I felt I could get a good price for him at the local auction house, but then I realized that I would end up bidding on him myself *shrugs* and that would defeat the whole purpose.

            So, I thought I better just help out a tiny Xmas bit and hope others also could help make the holidays bright. Oh and I also want to remind Adam and Veronica that they can buy awesome holiday prezzies for loved ones by slaving away on behalf during the holidays… see? We readers are ‘givers’. LOL.

            Still Gryphongirl2 is my hero. I say her Karma bar is pinned on full for many many months due to that 12/18 page… zomg.

            WHAT? I’m monologuing? I am sorry, but I agree with D-Wolf that having a few extra pages in the cache is super comforting.

            I’m so spoiled now with this twice a week page thing that I might have to get out my crying towel if we go back to Saturday’s only. SANTA! Please not on Christmas. LOL.

            Thank you all for making the holiday season with TYP RIGHT and BRIGHT!

            Happy Holidays,
            Christopher D

          • Chris, you are sooo funny! I love the comment about ending up bidding on your much loved man yourself.

            I don’t know if I’m a hero but I am happy this Christmas for getting this full-time position after two years of hard work and I wanted to share the love and luck.

            Every little bit helps, even the smallest amount ($2) is a kingly sum if it moves us closer to our beloved pages.

          • Jamie Dutton

            You ROCK, super duper Black Sabbath hard, Gryphongirl2!!!

          • $2 is the AWESOMES!!!! I agree. You just gave $2 a whole BUNCH of times. So either way. Thanks to all.

          • *lol* You wouldn’t give up your man if it came to it, so don’t even sit there and tempt us with your sales speech 😉 I was just about ready to pop my piggy bank.

            I’m already planning how to be able to camp on x-mas. I’m from one of the countries that celebrate the 24th so I’ll be at sleeping at my parents’ place since I’m going with them to the anual family lunch on the 25th.
            I just hope I can sneak in and be in front of the computer without waking anyone xD

            I really doubt we’re getting a page for New Year unless we get it a day early/later.
            Actually I think we readers should ‘demand’ that Alex and the gang take that day off, even though we’ll probably have gathered enough for a page… and if Alex hasn’t decided this this is a day off by himself already. That day Alex seriously shouldn’t think of uploading xD

          • Sapfo

            It is early in the morning so i think you can get some xmas camping in. Btw, guess hows working that night 🙁

          • Sapfo

            I started to read this but think I kind of zoomed out after selling good-looking husband…chains mmmmh!
            But you are right, i do hope her carma is way up! And great hugs to all how can give.

          • Denise Cruz

            I must say that I like your screen much more than my own, right now! XD

          • SofiaT

            $354 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            Like I said: It’s coming so fast, lately, that Alex can be confused… lol

      • Did I mention that I told them you were baking them Christmas cookies? Erm… whoopsie… I might have forgotten that bit. If it helps, they are very grateful.

        Hey… be grateful, I told them the ADMIRAL would help them decorate their Christmas trees.

        Erm… I might have forgotten to mention that one too.

        Oh dear… I think I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

        • o_o Does this mean I don’t get my cookies?

          Chriiiiis! You better get that good looking husband of yours out to do some shopping, because you’re gonna be busy making cookies, and you’ll need extra supplies to make enough >.>

          • *GULP*


            Computer voice: “I’m sorry Chris and his husband are out of town for the holidays. Your call is valuable to us, so please leave your information at the beep and we’ll get RIGHT on it when we return.

            Boooooooop Beeeeeeeep.


          • There has to be a penalty clause in this. We wouldn’t want to get back to having that magnet turned upside down again, WOULD we? >.>

          • Oh the horror… no let’s not go THERE. I sent Woolfie a picture of Deacon vertical. I mean an agreement is an agreement. I hope there’s not more paralytic bondage in Kyles’s future…. and so does DEACON! 😀

          • Steven K.

            And so does Steven.

  • Shella_Bluey

    Wish I could understand spoken English better. I’m watching the live feed of the panel, but I hardly understand what they are taking about. 🙁
    At least I don’t have the same problem with written English and I can enjoy the comic and the comments. 🙂

    • SofiaT

      They’re talking about fandoms right now and how some creators complain that their audience are jerks.

      Alex doesn’t have that problem 😀

      • Shella_Bluey

        Indeed, Alex has a great audience. 🙂

      • What a nice thought. I hope he’s not just a better actor than the rest. 😀

        • SofiaT

          The others weren’t complaining. It was a general discussion 😛

          • I’m sure. I’m being very silly. Alex is entirely earnest about his art. It’s quite inspiring. So, Denise you are quite right. Alex is nothing like that. 😀

        • Denise Cruz

          Come on, Chirs D… You know that’s not like Alex, at all! (at least, I can’t imagine him like that!)

  • Holly

    Perhaps we should not surprise Mitch when he is carrying the car…

    I am going to assume that next page is either Mitch catching them, or Fluke using his powers to save the car or something.

    To everyone who wanted to know my friend is okay. She sprained her ankle. It was a long and emotional night, and I would have much rather been here camping. 😛

    • Yay! That is good that it is only a sprain!…..and yeah…I am beginning to think there may not be a filter on Spooky’s mouth.

    • I’m happy to hear your friend only sprained her ankle. Good to see you here.

  • lol.. I’m happy that fan just asked Alex a question about Artifice right next to the mic 🙂

    • Sapfo

      That was fun ^_^

    • SofiaT

      Now I’m really interested in the Business Panel tomorrow, but I’ll be at work *sigh*

      • Damn. Maybe it will be uploaded somewhere afterwards.

        • Sapfo

          I hope so. Kind of half sleeping there.

        • That is what I am hoping because I wasn’t able to catch the whole thing for today….I kept having to leave/getting called away every so often to deal with other stuff.

          • I know, it was so frustrating. I was Uncle-ing again today and when I thought to put my ear buds in to catch the panel, husband gave me serious guilt evil stink eye… well it is MY niece. So couldn’t do it. I’m really hoping they’re going to podcast things.

            Please. 😉

          • You still got two chances tomorrow. The one tomorrow night is even the 18+ panel, so that sounds promissing 😉

          • *chris marks his calendar in RED* LOL.

          • Sapfo

            Better be good to your niece! Yes I mean it!
            (this comment is dedicated to all my nieces and nephew. Sorry Auntys preoccupied with her favorite comic)

          • HA!

    • What what?

      • Sapfo

        Did you miss the LS yesterday?

        • LS?

          • Sapfo

            The Live streaming that was yesterday.
            Our dear Alex did a good job on The Writing Panel.
            He will be on The Business Panel and The After Hours Panel today. Most be over 18 for the last one 😉


          • Someone will have to remind me because I will forget…

          • Sapfo

            Oh dear Kinz!
            Why don´t you set your alarm on your phone or something.
            I think Alex panel will be on in less then 12 hours. If I am wrong, please someone correct me.

          • Because I will forget to check my phone. >_< And the time difference will confuse me. It always does.

            I am the worst fan ever….

          • Sapfo

            In that case you are the Best worse fan ever. Hugs for you!

            It´s sunday. What are you going to do today? If it´s nothing big, then you could just put of this day for waiting for the panel.

            Maybe not so good for where you are. But here its snowing (hate snow) and I´m sick (hate being sicK) but that means I will let this day be a waiting day, with me sleeping and taking it easy until the panel begins.

          • I am going to be cleaning my house. It is in severe need of a deep cleaning… I wish I could take it easy but if I don’t do it today it won’t get done. It is almost 4 am where I am and I have yet to go to sleep…

          • Sapfo

            I think sleep is the first thing to do. And to clean while waiting is not a bad thing.

      • Something about a possible Artifice 2, and Alex might consider it but have other things planned first.

  • OMG! I didn’t do my cliffnotes!
    Fluke: Look, this isn’t a question of friendship. We’re all buds. You’re just super useful
    Flyboy: Because I can see far…
    Spooks: Don’t forget that super hearing! You can also fly faster than Anni can throw!

    Flyboy: Anni!!!
    Flyboy: SHIT!
    Spooks/Fluke: FUUUUUUuuuuuuuuu

    • Holly


      You should do one on the last page of every chapter FOR the chapter. ^_^

      • Haha I’ll see what I can do for that! I’ll probably have to keep notes as I go!

        • Holly

          You have notes. The spark notes you made beforehand. MIND LOGIC! XD

          • LMAO I don’t even remember when I started these. I’d want to make them slightly different from the ones posted on the page.

          • Holly

            good point. You don’t have to I just thought it was funny ^^

          • Nah, it would be pretty fun. 😀

          • Holly


  • Julio Vallarino

    Hahaha! what if Flyboy is the lost son of the Annihilator, that could be interesting.

    • Denise Cruz

      I like it, too! 🙂
      How weird and awkward would it be, if Anni was the one catching the falling car, instead of Flyboy himself?..
      I think it would be pretty interesting!
      How would they react to that?! O.o

      • Jeh Y


        *Annihilator catches car out of reflex, looks up*
        Paul, Spooky, Mitch: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
        Annihilator: *startled* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *reflexively flings car into distance* JESUS. *clutches heart*

        • “JESUS.”

          Priceless, Jeh. Just perfect.

        • Denise Cruz

          lol It would be nice! He ‘almost’ never gets that scared… lol (feeling mean)

      • Julio Vallarino

        Yup, i mean…. imagine the costume of flyboy, without the jacket and it looks like Annihilator. mmmm

  • Denise Cruz

    LOL Oh, Mitch!! LOL Such an adorable kid! His surprised face was hilarious! It makes me wonder what would he look like if they’d found out Anni there, with Kyle… Probably would have had a heart attack or something! lol

    Now… Hurry up, boy! Go get them! Go! Go! Go! Kyle still needs them there!

    It’s impossible not to crack up laughing over this page!
    Was I the only one feeling the acceleration of the cold wind in my face, as soon as the last panel appeared in front of me?

  • Megan Staples

    Eyes on the road, kid.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random physics observation: I wonder how easily Mitch’s powers will overcome the inertia of the falling car when he catches it. (I mean, okay, I’m making an assumption that Mitch will catch it – but I think that’s a reasonably safe bet, with the chances of Spooky doing something magical as a comfortable second.)

    As people have already observed, his powers seem to work by tactile telekinesis. (You don’t get to push a car, which would probably be weighing somewhere upwards from 1.5 tonnes, by direct transfer of physical force just holding onto the back of the seats.)

    I would make a further guess that Mitch isn’t cancelling the force of gravity affecting the car, because that would mean that Paul and Spooky would probably be weightless as well and would need to be wearing seatbelts to keep from being blow away by the wind resistance (which is causing the drawstrings on Spooky’s hoodie to flutter around). (Either that or Mitch is cancelling the weight of the car that he’s touching but not the weight of the people and things *in* the car, which is two young adults plus whatever Spooky has packed in the boot and the back seat. That would imply Mitch havng both gravity cancelling powers plus some measure of superstrength – which is possibly from the way Mitch was revealed on this page that he had a small suit of related powers, but which I would feel would be speculating in advance of the evidence and in defiance of Occam’s razor.)

    So I’m guessing some sort of telekinetic flight backed up by the superstrength to support a large amount of stuff. The question is: how much stuff? Well, he seems to have been pushing the car with no sign of exhaustion for the past hour. Now, granted, your endurance isn’t the same thing as your weight lifting strength, but the weight of the car and everything in it seems to be comfortably within Mitch’s strength so that he’s not being affected by whatever his power’s equivalent of fatigue poisons are.

    So in the final analysis: we have a falling car, with momentum equal to it’s mass accelerated by a few seconds under the force of gravity. Will Mitch have much trouble cancelling out that downward motion? I’m thinking ‘no’, and any sound effects he makes will be more to do with the drama of the situation than with how much effort he has to put into it.

    • whoohoo! physics in action!

      • Klaus

        Stand back! I am going to use … physics!

    • In this case I think your mention of Occam’s razor is in the zone. I think, though we’re talking selective gravitics rather than super strength. I would suggest that he may instinctively use gravity (the ultimate power) to move himself and those things he can touch through space.

      Interesting, that that would imply that the size of any object would not hinder him as long as he’s in contact with it.

      So for those of you who are in lurve with Mitch, just think of him being able to waltz you about the starry sky on a romantic night… all this as he loans you his own weightless mojo and whirls you dancing, over the roof tops and through the clouds.

      *fans self* Sorry had a romantic moment… I’m back now.

      Alex? When do we do the Mitch Adventure Kickstarter? I think we need to age him up… and quick. LOL.

      (why do I think that our wish-list for Alex is growing exponentially.) Ummmm… sorry? LOL.

      • A million upvotes for Mitch dancing in the starry sky over a rooftop and through clouds.

        • Second that!

          • Denise Cruz

            Third here!! XD

        • Steven K.

          Once he becomes of legal age, hopefully Kyle doesn’t tell him to avoid or warn him off older men. We all could use some of that kinda dance-romance.

    • Jeh Y

      I don’t know jack about physics, but I’m curious: Odds of Spooky and Paul being in danger of whiplash?

      My morbid sense of humor is Gwen Staceying them in my mind.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Ah, well. Now that you mention it, I did consider the possibility that Mitch might be using a combination of the manipulation of gravity and of inertia to first make the car weightless and then make it easy to push it forward. And that was when the Gwen Stacey angle occurred to me as well. But as I hinted in my original post, I’m trying to keep thing simple… [pauses as the absurdity of that statement hits home] Or at least as simple as the physics of superheroes can be once you get beyond the “Look! It let’s you do COOL STUFF, okay!” level. But, yet, whiplash could be real nasty.

      • Klaus

        We just don’t know how this power works. If the telekinesis works equally on each molecule of car and passengers, there will be no whiplash. If it works only on the car, there could be.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Tactile telekinesis combined with negative mass control.

  • I’m guessing Mitch will “stoop” (dive through the air), like the falcon in this video taking a duck, to get under the car and catch it. Scroll down to past the pics to see the falcon video, pretty amazing stuff.–FALCONS-point-view.html

    • *lol* yeah, I also said that Mitch now needs to take a falcon dive right about now.
      The speed of a peregrin falcon is amazing. Fastest bird in the world when it takes a drop like that.

      • I saw a demo once at Sea World. The falcon stooped right over our heads, opened its wings once, and landed on the handlers arm like it was nothing (which it probably was to the bird).

  • Comic Reader

    Wow if Flyboy the Annihilator’s son? They have similar powers only from the sounds of it Flyboy’s powers are a bit better possibly due to his youth? Also he is just too adorable!

  • Becky

    I’m not worried. I’m sure if Flyboy can fly faster than the Annihilator can run or throw, he can overtake a falling car.

  • ouch…all the befuddlement and surprise…poor Kyle will have a ton of explaining to do…probably needs Therapy Person Whomever _AND_ PR Superstar or something…

    • Jeh Y

      Read “Therapy Person Forever” and Maven was the first thing that popped into my mind.

      Actually, Kyle would probably rather deal with No-Nuts and Daddy Satan again before Maven.


      (All said in red word balloons, of course.)

      • …yeah…i was most definitely not thinking of Queen Bitch Maven as that would be more like a lobotomy than actual therapy.

        i was actually, truth be told, thinking of another comment by another person awhile back regarding a Therapy Man or someone or something who would ride to rescue Kyle from all the looming mental anguish he is certain to be facing.

        that said, since neither seem to be materializing, i guess i can just project my own psychology expertise into an avatar for such…

        • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

          Lobotomy? No! Neutering, maybe. She doesn’t think much of guys who don’t use their higher brain functions because of sex.

          • i said lobotomy because Maven’s character continuously demonstrated a ruthless willingness to utterly eviscerate whom she deemed malfunctioned, i.e. her initial statement at the conclusion of her evaluation with Decon that she was going to move to have him decommissioned or whatever and then her later move to use the outright murder of Jeff as means of testing Deacon’s loyalty given that Jeff was just, to her, damaged goods that needed to be disposed of asap.

        • Steven K.

          That was one of ChrisD’s artful scenarios several pages back!

          • oh thanks 🙂 i sorta forgot where specifically i had seen it or who wrote it or what exactly they wrote other than i was like, “I totally like this idea of a super powered therapist who is all like ‘Hi, Kyle, I am here to help you make sense of the super fucked up shit that is happening in your life.’ and then I think there is supposed to be a side kick as well.”

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        Yes, I agree, the dreaded red ballons of power would be the last thing Kyle needs right now.


        Kyke: Well it was like this dinner in Hong Kong was fine, but then he kissed me and my testicles took over all the conversation from that point on. So you see…….

        And all the men in the room start nodding and talking over each other at once….

        Men: Well yes. Of course. Testicles. I see. What’s the lad to do. Cant argue with those. That makes sense. Dat Ass. Oooooohhhhh yes (ahem) dat ass. Can’t forget about that… Well the boy clearly must be forgiven….

        Everyone continues talking at once.

        The Commander shakes her head and is not so amused, but she also understands. The power of the ovaries can not be dismissed either. As she thoroughly learned in her younger days from an extremely hot but most disastrous date (which she won’t speak about at all) with Loki.

        • SofiaT

          Hey, leave Loki out of this!

          That’s my puny god 😛

  • i was wondering the same thing…sorta…i wasn’t really thinking Flyboy’s attraction so specifically, just that he seems to be presently scripted as somewhat overly attached/concerned…sorta, i mean in the sense that the other two seem slightly less upset about the situation whereas Flyboy seems particularly perturbed.

    • Steven K.

      I think it’s adorable and sweet that he’s not only worried what Kyle thinks of him (if he thinks enough of him to want him to come vs worried that he may not have wanted him to come, etc.), but also sincerely concerned FOR Kyle. That’s what happens when you really fall for someone.

      • i’ll vote for a Kyle/Flyboy ship…although technically that could be problematic considering Flyboy’s age…plus…all hell is about to literally break loose unless Duncan is stopped…which i’ll be super bummed if hell doesn’t get to invade…but maybe that would be a bit much for everyone to deal with lol..just mentioning all that because Kyle is certainly going through a lot right now and so it would be kind of weird space to occupy if adding another romantic interest so soon…seriously though…Kyle totally is going to need some serious moral support from somebody…i do like that idea of a therapist for super heroes lol…

  • Have y’all voted for your favorite web comic today?

    • Why yes, thank you ma’am. I’m sure I did it hours and hours ago…

      ARUUUUUUGH… I can’t lie well. Okay I just did it. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Why do you think I put up the reminder, cause I recalled I didn’t vote last night.

    • Funny you should ask this today, the day I with a good conscience can say Aye, aye, Admiral *salutes*

    • How and where do we vote?

      • On the right of your screen (at this point directly right), below the facebook square. You should see where it says vote for the young protectors/artifice on top web comics. Click on the vote buttons. It’ll take you to where you can vote.

        • Bahaha! You mean that big, glaring black box that was there the whole time? I’m so numb sometimes it hurts.

          • That’s alright, took me a bit to figure out as well. But yes, those black boxes. You can vote for both TYP and Artifice in a 24 hour period.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    Flyboy A.K.A Butter fingers. 😛

  • Madock345

    So does Flyboy have super strength or can he make objects that he’s touching fly? He doesn’t’ appear to be gripping the car in a way that would let it be the former unless it’s specially designed.

    • I think we’ve all come to the conclusion he can make things he’s touching fly.

      • Madock345

        Thanks! I must have missed that conversation.

        • Yeah, it’s woven through out the many many comments the last two pages. 🙂 I think there is still some discussion going on about it not too far down from here.

  • From the car’s perspective:

    Hmm. That’s odd. Only the headlights are on and we’re flying over mountains. That’s never happened before. Granted, the high beams are on but still…

    *car stares down at the landscape*

    It’s a good thing we’re in the air. If we’d been touching the road, we’d have flipped over by now. The driver isn’t even touching the wheel, none of them are wearing seat belts, and he has his filthy shoes on my dash.

    I feel a weird tickling sensation in my carburetor, seems to be coming from the seat backs. I wonder what that’s about…


    Whoa! WHOA! That’s tooo fast for an acceleration…in the wrong direction! Need to adjust high beams…Ahhhhh Sssssshi–! Is that the…the GROUND RUSHING UP TO MEET US??????

    • Jamie Dutton

      Omg, never thought about it from the point of view of the car! Hmm, but I bet Alex has, lol.
      I’m sure Samantha can handle whatever comes next!

      • Samantha! And thus the car has been given a name while in mid-air.

        • Jamie Dutton

          Well, I just realized we hadn’t named the car yet. With our history George Finnegan, Clave and his sister Kathy, I thought we shouldn’t ignore her.

          • Sapfo

            I can see it now. George and Clave riding away into the sunset in Samantha. And live happely ever after ^_^

          • In a flying Samantha! I love this! Can somebody please draw it for us??

          • Sapfo

            We are having to much fun naming things in this comic. It is going kind of mad ^_^

          • Gaz Hawkins

            somebody read HHGTTG much then? LOL

          • Sapfo

            Oh that was some time ago. But I remember it well. ^_^

          • Jamie Dutton

            At least we didn’t name the warehouse or the TYP computer, lol.

          • Sapfo

            Challenge ac…. No that would be to much, right?

            But I was thinking of doing a a webpage with thos comic they were looking at. Lucky for Alex I can not draw porn 😉

          • Jamie Dutton

            I do believe that would be a bit much, even for us.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Lol, like the ending of Grease?

      • Sapfo

        The car have a name? Obviously it do have a name. Samantha, I do love you!

        • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

          “Agrajag” if the car turns into a pot of flowers or a whale before it hits the ground.

          • Sapfo

            Oh no, not again!

            (I so wanted to post the inner monolog of the whale, but I could not find it 🙁 )

          • Ohhh Yes, Platos. You got me. I didn’t think of that until after I posted this comment. Clearly great writing sticks in my mind even when I forget the source sometimes.

  • Jeh Y


    • J. Fure

      I thought Flyboy, since Flyboy seems so thrown by all of this.

  • SpookyDomme

    Car: “Oh no, not again.”

  • Klaus

    DING DING! $400. Sunday 16:30 CET.

    • Sapfo

      Then it is time to start on the next one 😀

    • SofiaT

      Looks like we’ve been good and Santa Claus is coming this year!
      I hope Agios Vasilis will come too 😛

  • Toli Bera

    Careful! Don’t lose that hat! D8

  • Sapfo

    Are any of you going to listen the other panels?
    Or do I get to sing: “AAALLL BYYY MYSEEEELF….:”

    • I might listen in, I have hit a bit of a bad patch. So if I don’t get much worse I will be listening with you.

      • Sapfo

        I dont like bad patches, so leave the bad patch outside and cuddel up with me and we do some listening.
        (the image is as bad as yesterday)

        *Hand over coco to Doki*

        • Well it was pretty bad last night, and usually if sleeping doesn’t fix a bad patch it means that it is going to last for a bit.

          • Sapfo

            hope you get the help you need <3

          • Well I am technically supposed to be medicated, but situations in life happened and I was forced to stop.

            When you have had issues with depression for over half your life, since you were a kid, you learn to deal with it.

          • Sapfo

            Take care of yourself Doki. I want you whole and feeling better.

          • SofiaT


            I had depression and panic attacks as a child and I know how isolating it feels. But you’re not alone, Doki. We’re right here with you. *hugs*

          • Steven K.

            From a family with a history of clinical depression here, especially my mother, so I can very much empathize – I’m glad it sounds like you were able to overcome that eventually! It’s not easy.

          • SofiaT

            Thanks Steve. I don’t know if I’d call it clinical depression -when I was eight, I used to call it “my sadnesses” (In plural. Don’t ask why, I have no idea). And it had to do with certain things going on in the family at the time not a genetic inclination, so I’m happy to say I run no more risk for depression as an adult than the next person 🙂

            I appreciate the well-wishing thoughts though and I’m sorry to hear about your mom. 🙁

          • Hey, I must have been off-line when you wrote this, because I completely missed this. My dad suffered greatly from clinical mood-disorder and through great effort he was still a great father, but he suffered mightily.

            I hope you can find a way to continue to get the right treatment. This is truly brain chemistry run amuck and totally not your fault and NOT something you nor anyone should have to deal with. Certainly not when it’s cyclical and diagnosable, and certainly not just a case of the blues, which this sounds absolutely not to be.

            So, wishing you all the best and I hope you get all the right kinds of help asap. That is a misery no one deserves. Take extra care of yourself and remember that people care even when this kind of down cycle makes it seem that no one does.

            Very best wishes from one who knows,
            Christopher D

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Poor Doki! *hugs*

          • *huge hug*

    • SofiaT

      It will be 9am my time when the panel discussion begins, I’ll be at work. Got to start getting ready now 🙁

      Oh well, at least Mondays are “Sport days” in the office, I get to go in gym clothes.

      Let me know how the panel goes and if they say anything about uploading the video or podcast later. 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Yes, I to hope they will upload all of them.

        Good luck at work!

    • Jamie Dutton

      I forgot to watch it yesterday. Gonna definitely try to watch it today or listen. It’s at 4pm Central time, right?

      • Sapfo

        The writers panel will start now. I dont know the time where you are, but The Business Panel will start in 2 hours.

        • SofiaT

          Alex is not on the writers’ panel this time though.

          Btw, do others have problem with Disqus mobile again today?

          • Sapfo

            No, one of my friends having problem with it also.

          • SofiaT

            Ugh. Great. That means I won’t be able to comment at all while I’m not home then. I hope they fix that by Wed/day.

          • Sapfo

            Dont you worry, It will be fixed by then.

        • Jamie Dutton

          thanks Sapfo 🙂

          Wow, the pic sucks though at least for me.

          • Sapfo

            It is like it was yesterday. Very bad. But the mikes are good.

    • 30-ish more minutes. Not really feeling much better, but not really feeling much worse. I will be listening with you. ^_^

      • Sapfo

        *Hug Doki*

    • I’ll be there but I need to find the link. *rustles around, pushing comments aside here and there*

      Gotta be in this pile somewhere…

      • Sapfo


    • I’ll be listening to both panes today, and this time I have my times right.

    • SofiaT

      I watched “Enchanted” yesterday and I haven’t stopped singing “I’ve been dreaming of a truuuuuuuue love’s kiiiiiiiiiiiiss…” Since 😛

      Have fun watching the panels and keep notes for the rest of us please 😀

      • Sapfo

        Damn you Sofia! Now I got it in my head!!!


  • Tuning in to watch the Business Panel. MAN that is low quality video.

    • Good to have you! And you right about the low quality.

    • Sapfo

      You are on time! ^_^

      • I barely remembered. My hands are swollen (I’m allergic to bleach) so I’m letting them rest between rooms.

        • Sapfo

          Well cure your hand with some Livestreaming then.

          • It cut out o.o

          • Yeah, I was just going to ask everyone about that. It says “off air” right now.

          • poop

          • Sapfo

            *Starts jumping up and down in soffa and throw the laptop into the wall*

          • Pretty much. I actually remember to come and nooooo

          • Jamie Dutton

            Oh I thought I had missed it. My brother and his wife showed up to use the phone.

    • It was that yesterday too. Good thing the sound is just fine, and that’s the most important part 🙂

      • fujoshifanatic

        Aw. it just crashed for me too. 🙁

        • I hope the techies see it, and connect again before we miss most the panel.

          • Saw that you sent them a tweet. I did too. Hopefully they will notice soon.

          • Yeah.. why did it have to happen just nooow -_-

      • ITS BACK UP NOW!!!!

      • Jamie Dutton

        which one is Alex? I recognize JD and Dusty’s voice, lol, but not Alex’s.

        • 2nd from the right

        • Jamie Dutton

          Oh there he is and he’s talking about Sofia and Admiral Jane as mods 🙂

    • It is up and working again!!!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Yay! We get another bonus page next week! Hopefully Flyboy will get a grip (literally) on the situation way before then. 🙂

    • Next week’s bonus page is already in too. The one we just got now is for the 25th 🙂
      We now have 3 pages saved up 😀

    • Ellen Harman

      Flyboy has butter fingers to go with his eagle eyes and owl ears.

  • SOFIA and AJ.. Alex just praised you on the stream 😀

    • SofiaT


      • He told how two of his great readers have taken the job as mods because he can’t keep up with comments, and mentioned your usernames.

        • SofiaT

          That’s very sweet of him.

    • I missed it. 🙁 I just came in. Dang it.

  • Sofia and Admiral Jane, you got a little shout out in the panel 😛

    • SofiaT

      Ok, I won’t get any work done today it seems. 😛

      What did I miss?

      • We missed about 18 mins worth when the video cut out at the beginning.

        • Yeah, stream has only been up about 10mins.

          Edit: and sound has issues today here and there because of bad connection.

        • SofiaT

          Crap. I hope it gets uploaded somewhere afterwards. At least as a podcast.

          The sound yesterday was very good but you could only see pixels, not people.

      • Jamie Dutton

        They were talking about hiring other ppl and delegating stuff to others. Alex brought up the fact that there are so many commenters he can’t stay on top of it anymore. That’s when he mentioned and AJ by name as his mods 🙂

        • Oh dear… now there will be no living with either of them… they’ll probably demand special honorifics and special treatment. There will be no end to the fancy stuff they’ll need. Poor Alex he probably has no idea what he’s just done. LOL.

          Okay so maybe one new name is SUPREME HIGH ADMIRAL JANE OF THE FLEET PITCHFORK!!!!

          (see what I did there?)

          We’ll just have to see. *snerk*

          • Hikaru Takemori

            No, no, no, no. You can’t have her, she already belongs to the Redilator.

            *stands in front of Admiral Jane protectivly*

          • Just nice to know that someone occasionally reads my posts… 😀

            This was a test, only a test of the emergency MOD shipping system.

            Besides it clearly states in the fourth book of New Wikipedia, Queen Jane version, Chapter 43, psalm 17, verse 56 that MODS are forbidden to take sides when it come to shipping. *snicker*

            Would I lie to anyone about such a thing?


          • Which we all know to be a lie.

          • 😛
            *and then ruins it by grinning*

          • Hikaru Takemori

            >.> I don’t trust you in this matter.
            *keeps Chris always in eyesight*

          • *sticking tongue out at Chris* Nyaaaa!

            Thanks Hikaru!

  • FUCKIN ADS! D: The ads won’t stop on the stream!

    • Jamie Dutton

      i finally downloaded Ad blocker plus

      • I might just have to. Every ten minutes it will go into back to back video ads, disrupting the panel. NORMALLY it’s when Alex talks. Of course!!

        • I would highly recommend it….it even takes care of all those side ads on facebook.

          • Can you link me? Is it available on sourceforge?

          • Jamie Dutton

            I just did it through google chrome extensions. But I have seen it on filehippo, so more than likely it’s on other download sites as well. Just search for ad block and it should pop up.

          • SofiaT

            It depends on your browser. For example, if you have Firefox just google “Firefox Adblock add-on” and it will lead you to it.

          • I guess it’s a good thing the panel just ended because it did it again.
            “lets give these guys a round of-” AD!

  • Heh….I like listening to Alex’s voice….^_^

    • Me too!

      • I saw him at Bent-Con. All you say is true. Even in a room packed with geeks, he makes you feel like a special visitor. It’s pretty great.

    • fujoshifanatic

      He’s a doll in person too. He’s tall and has a very kind face. 🙂

  • vyloran

    Hope you’re enjoying Austin, Alex! It’s a great city.

  • This panel is great. We get more insight to Alex’ side of making the comic now + how it’s influenced his life making this (popular) comic.

    And he got dressed again for this panel 😉

    • I agree! I’m frantically taking notes of what they’re talking about.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Totally agree–just wish the video was decent. :-

    • Sapfo

      I’m trying to decide to either go to bed and wake up at 4 or keep listening

      • I’m So gonna be there at the big panel at 4am, for us two 🙂 Don’t know yet if I’m taking a nap before that, but if you’re tired now then go to bed and be ready for the 18+ panel 🙂

        • Sapfo

          I think bed is my calling right now. And wake up to the 4 one.

    • Re your last sentence… erm… when was Alex undressed? What kind of panel was that? AND HOW FAIR IS THAT? He won’t show any super hero penis in TYP, but he’s wandering around WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE 5 in Austin, TX without clothes? Honestly.

      Please explain D-Wolf, this seems like a serious double standard. XD

      • LOL.. it was an inside joke for the ones who was watching the panel right then. The artists talked about how they sometimes didn’t even get dressed but walked around in their night suit (what ever they slept in) all day when working from home.

        Alex got dressed again because he showed up for the 2nd panel in another shirt than he wore the day before 😉

  • Valja

    Did I ever mention that I love Spooky? No, probably not… well, I officially love Spooky.
    Oh, I forgot, how old is Flyboy? I think his age was stated in one of the previous panels, but I don’t remember where… younger than Kyle, but how much?

    • Flyboy is currently 15 years of age. ^_^

      • Valja

        Thanks! 🙂 Oh, that explains his reaction!….That, or Anni’s name is enough to make any young hero gasp. ^^”””

    • I know… read backwards… I LOVE SPOOKY TOO. What is not to adore about that cute mysterious confident little guy. Why do I just think he’d be really good in bed.

      I know he and Kyle probably wont end up shipping on one of these princess cruises everyone talks about, but I’d like to see them together. I think they would take good care of each other!

      Oh hush all of you ‘non-queer’ Spooky advocates. I still say he’s too cute to be straight AND there’s a reason he hasn’t left for an adult team… (hmmmmmm?)… love for Kyle and waiting for him to be ready?

      I like that idea and it’s in the fan-fic file. LOL. Awwwwwwwww…

      • One person in this house wonders if Spooky has a thing for Kyle and why he’s stuck around.

  • Sensational Sai

    Fluke is just terribly adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks. Woolfie, can I please pinch his cheeks?

    • SofiaT

      …which cheeks? 😛

    • I feel likewise about Fluke, but the upvote is for Woofie… HA.

      • SofiaT

        I vote for “Woolfie” being Alex’s official nickname in the comments from now on 😀

        (I hope he’s not glaring at me while reading this 😛 )

        • Sensational Sai

          If he is I hope he can see the !@#$ eating grin I have for him. I have dubbed thee, Woolfie. Like it or hate it, it’s gonna stick!

        • Well Silibub called him adorkable once… which, while adorably true (he is cute), leaves you in second place with any concerns… so have no worries! 😀

          • SofiaT

            I’ve called him goofy.

            But I’m claiming a typo 😛

          • Of course! *falls about laughing*

        • *lol* When I first read Sai’s comment, I was like ‘Why is he asking me? Answer should be obvious’.

          Then noticed the extra ‘o’ and realized he meant Alex. I’ve been called ‘Wolfie’ some times in various comments, and had just written a comment below, so I was shortly confused LOL

      • Sensational Sai

        Yus, this shall be a thing

  • Alex just said he never takes his readers for granted and we’re a gift to him.


    • D:!!!! <3 ALEX! Wtf, buddy!

    • SofiaT

      He’s awesome. That’s all.

  • This panel is very informative. As someone who is currently writing a comic, these are all GREAT suggestions for ads, what to use what not to use and how to get goin.

    • So Kinzie, what was the most useful advice you got out of it?

      • Probably getting a good amount of pages done before posting. I like the way that Alex started as well as EK Weaver and I won’t copy their business models exactly, but I enjoy how they have things laid out.

        • I agree. I felt like the consistency in posting and taking your time to build your audience and their trust then seeing if their interesting in buying something were all good advice.

          Oh and Alex’s business model of being generous.

          • Alex is just allover a friendly person, I feel. I am…not? So, like I said, not following their business model exactly, but they had some sound advice that I really liked.

          • Jamie Dutton

            I think it’s not just being friendly, per se. But being respectful of us and our opinions, even when we’re being a little pig-headed or hot-headed.

          • That is certainly something I can do. 😛 Ha, I work with insurance agents who are very particular and very…childish. I am used to stressful situations and working through them politely.
            I agree with you, though, that this is customer service just like in any other business.

          • Ha! I’m in a similar situation but I work with lawyers. They sound a bit like your insurance agents.

          • They’re a special breed of people. lol

          • Oh I so agree. We’re all different, but I was drawn to his philosophy regarding creating gay super heroes and villains that he’d wished for as a teen. That is 100% me also. I kickstarted off that alone and then caught up with the brilliance of ARTIFICE and the joy of his earliest work.

            You can tell an author truly understands when he creates a whole GN of a tormented boy who’s life is changed by the right guy and the classic “massage”.

            That story was brilliant… HA… been there and got that t-shirt.

          • Jamie Dutton

            I loved his advice on how he treats his audience. The way he interacts with us is fantastic. It gave me enough confidence in him that I pledged more on TYP’s kickstarter than I ever have for any kickstarter before or since then.

          • It gave me confidence in him to pledge at all! I wouldn’t have if he hadn’t been so friendly in prior communications.

  • Enjoyed the panel even if we missed the first 18 minutes or so. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the whole thing somewhere else.

    • I enjoyed it too. 🙂 Hopefully someone recorded it with a higher quality camera

    • fujoshifanatic

      Will be staying up for the “after hours” panel. Hopefully we won’t miss any of that either.

    • I agree. Now I’m trying to decide if i should stay up till the 9pm panel is done at 11pm (6am here) or if i should get a couple hours of sleep now. I’ll give it about 30-60mins and see if I need a nap 🙂

  • That was a truly enjoyable panel. I won’t lie, I didn’t know anyone else on the panel, but it was really fun to listen to!

    • Jamie Dutton

      If you read Mahou Shounen Fight, then Dusty and JD were on the panel.

      • I do not. I’ve seen ads on here, though.

        • Jamie Dutton

          You should definitely give it a read! Very funny and great art. Think Magical Girls with boys 🙂
          It’s how I found Artifice. Alex is good friends with them too.

          • I found TYP last year (early this year?) through Starfighter. Usually these links don’t steer me wrong.

          • Teahouse for me. While camping and waiting for a page. I clicked on an Artifice ad. By that time it was almost done.

          • I also discovered Teahouse through Starfigher. O_O

          • I can’t even remember how I found Artifice. It was probably through Teahouse or possibly Starfighter. My first giess is TH though since E and CC are friends with Alex 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton

            Another good one I’ve found through the ads on here is “The Gardner.” It’s originally french, but they’ve been putting up a 2nd translated page for us non-french readers.

  • I couldn’t find the comment to post it with below, but for the person who said they couldn’t find the quote for the whale:

    Another thing that got forgotten was the fact that against all
    probability a sperm whale had suddenly been called into existence
    several miles above the surface of an alien planet.

    And since
    this is not a naturally tenable position for a whale, this poor innocent
    creature had very little time to come to terms with its identity as a
    whale before it then had to come to terms with not being a whale any

    This is a complete record of its thoughts from the moment it began its life till the moment it ended it.

    Ah … ! What’s happening? it thought.

    Er, excuse me, who am I?


    Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life?

    What do I mean by who am I?

    down, get a grip now … oh! this is an interesting sensation, what is
    it? It’s a sort of … yawning, tingling sensation in my … my … well I
    suppose I’d better start finding names for things if I want to make any
    headway in what for the sake of what I shall call an argument I shall
    call the world, so let’s call it my stomach.

    Good. Ooooh, it’s
    getting quite strong. And hey, what’s about this whistling roaring sound
    going past what I’m suddenly going to call my head? Perhaps I can call
    that … wind! Is that a good name? It’ll do … perhaps I can find a better
    name for it later when I’ve found out what it’s for. It must be
    something very important because there certainly seems to be a hell of a
    lot of it. Hey! What’s this thing? This … let’s call it a tail – yeah,
    tail. Hey! I can can really thrash it about pretty good can’t I? Wow!
    Wow! That feels great! Doesn’t seem to achieve very much but I’ll
    probably find out what it’s for later on. Now – have I built up any
    coherent picture of things yet?


    Never mind, hey, this
    is really exciting, so much to find out about, so much to look forward
    to, I’m quite dizzy with anticipation …

    Or is it the wind?

    There really is a lot of that now isn’t it?

    wow! Hey! What’s this thing suddenly coming towards me very fast? Very
    very fast. So big and flat and round, it needs a big wide sounding name
    like … ow … ound … round … ground! That’s it! That’s a good name –

    I wonder if it will be friends with me?

    And the rest, after a sudden wet thud, was silence.

    • As Sapfo said earlier, there is something funny and sad about this entire internal monologue. And the whale does have a sweet kind of innocence. Thanks for posting it.

      • i had the shirt. Sky blue with the falling whale heading to the ground saying “I wonder if it will be friends with me?”

  • Oki. This is off topic, but I just have to share it.

    The mention of how Flyboy has eagle vision made me think of this kid with an amazing ball eye. If someone has eagle vision it must be him 😉

    • “That’s right, he’s two.”

      That was great, Danish. What a natural talent that kid has!

    • Duncan and Sircea are beginning their plot for this kid’s super powers NOW! Rule the universe!!!!!! This was super fun D-Wolf thank you.

    • Adam Black

      i read this as “amazing eyeball”.

  • Just did my daily voting on TYP and Artifice on Top Web Comics 🙂

    – Those black boxes next to the comment box at the top —>

  • Roughly 30 minutes until the next ustream of Alex…^_^

    • That’s coming on during dinner 🙁

      • 🙁

        • Hopefully I can eat fast and rush back to the computer.

          • I just made me an egg sandwich as a snack, apparently I didn’t eat enough earlier. So I am eating an egg sandwich and drinking Earl Grey.

          • o.O I’m in the middle of cooking eggs, to make an egg sandwich xD

          • How do you make them?

          • Just hardboiled egg on bread this time. Don’t have time to make anything fancy

          • Ah, I used two eggs a pinch of salt and pepper and a dash of cinnamon, beaten, then fried all the way through.

          • I guess you can now have a proper meal. I’m just hoping I don’t have heart burn from rushing through mine.

          • Perish the thought!

          • So far so good, but that doesn’t mean not later.

          • nah, it is 10:48 pm…I thought i had enough at dinner, but obviously not. The egg sandwich was just a late night snack. ^_^

          • Ah! Yeah don’t really want something big now.

          • I hate waking up at weird hours super hungry… it never ends well. 🙂

          • You not home alone? Otherwise solution is to get food and sit in front of computer, or turn the sound up.

          • Nope, not alone. Otherwise yeah, I’d grab it and run back.

          • Mods usually just have a total immersive support and feeding tubes inserted so they never have to leave their monitors… Don’t tell me Woolfie is cheaping out on Mod equipment? *shakes head*

          • You know you’re not supposed to believe everything written on Wikipedia, Chris.

    • 15 minutes

  • Sapfo

    “Mummy, I dont want to wake up. I want to sleep some more.”
    “You better wake up, or you miss all the dirty talk!” 😉

    • Yeah, I’m starting to wonder if it will bite me in the ass that I didn’t get a nap now, but I can sleep for about 4 hour afterward. That will have to do 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Well I´m doing this from bed. So if I fall a sleep, I expect someone will come here and wake me up again. 😉

  • Uhm.. am I the only one who doesn’t have a Ustream screen showing anymore? I accidently refreshed the tab and now livestream is gone even on the right link o.O
    Don’t tell me theu don’t stream the 18+ panel, because it’s 18+ D:

    • Sapfo

      Same here

      • I’m starting to have a bad feeling here >.>

    • but it was listed with the others on that page that they were going to stream

  • Nooo.. new tweet from the site:

    Dragon’s Lair Austin 8m ago

    Due to technical difficulties
    we will not be live streaming the after hours panel, we are however
    recording it we’ll announce its upload.

    • *cries*

      • Damn.. guess I’ll eat my sandwich and go to bed soon instead.
        At least they’re recording it to watch later. It’s just not the same *snif*

    • Sapfo

      Well Thats just bad. But at the same time i need my sleep

    • And here I rushed through dinner. 🙁

      • They’re getting ready to go on now, and Alex is sleepy (he said in tweet). I’m so sad we can’t watch it live.

        • We are going to miss a sleepy Alex???

          …….*wonders about Sleepy Alex Voice*

          *cries again*

          *edit* This is my 666 post via Disqus….

          • *call to Woofie*

            Doki: So, what are you wearing?
            Woolfie: My spiderman pajamas.
            Doki: Oooooo sexy… I like your late night voice.
            Woofie: Whhhhat? Oh, honey I’m gay…
            Doki: Oh… that’s right.
            Woolfie: Sorry? (not really, but he’s super nice)
            Doki: Well good luck in Texas.
            Woolfie: Thank you…..
            Doki: Well, Goodnight.
            Woolfie: You too.


          • Well, I would have at least gotten to hear Sleepy Alex Voice, and best of all in a personal conversation.

            …at least you didn’t have me doing the creepy stalker thing of recording it.

          • Never! All in the best spirit!

          • I think firefox crashed as I posted this comment which is why it didn’t show up.

            If you had put it in that I recorded the conversation, I would have been nice and shared the glorious-ness of Sleepy Alex Voice with everyone. I would be the good girl and share.

          • Oh and Chris, I mentioned some maybe interesting things in an earlier comment and was wondering if you had anything to say about them. It is the numbered one, because I have followed what you said that one time about the numbers making it easier to respond to certain points.

          • I’ll have to look it up. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            The guy who so far has been the love of my life – but whom I can never have cuz he’s partnered and even if he was single he’s not really into older guys like me – anyway, he doesn’t quite know how I feel about him and we are friends, so he often calls me and will leave me messages on my voice mail or my answering machine – to this day I’ve never been able to bring myself to delete any of the messages he’s left for me. Once I deleted a really nice one by accident and was depressed for days – lol. I don’t quite consider it creepy-stalker sort of thing because he is the one who called me and left me messages – but still, very hard for me to delete anything that he’s left for me. I guess it’s partly because his bf has HIM every day and night – all I get to have is his voice on my message system!

          • My freshman year in college I had I bf who was a communications major. As a communications major he had to do a “show” (for lack of a better term) on the college radio station. His voice in person was nice, but his voice over the radio…..completely dreamy. *sigh* I wish I had thought to tape one of his shows.

          • Adam Black

            ‘Sexy phone voice’ is one of my top talents.

            < after a year of telemarketing it developed naturally to save my voice. Ladies on the office used to swoon .

          • One of my female ex-coworkers suggested I get one of those jobs when I had a raspy voice for a few weeks. She seemed to think I would have been popular.

          • Adam Black

            ( If you are a guy ) learning to talk so you dont get a raspy voice, makes you sound like pure sex.

            Its unconscious.

          • Sadly female, and due to being allergic to common things (like grass) prone to sinus infections.

          • Adam Black

            I’d hope the sinus infection would be a bigger crimp on your style, than any other perceived….lack
            Plenty of people would share.
            Unless you got snot on it. That could be a problem

          • Valja

            I was idly scrolling down and reading through the comments, but then I read yours and I had to stop. That… That’s so sweet, really. That’s one of the sweetest, heart-breaking things I’ve ever read… And you are such a strong person. Wow, you actually had me so moved. … Anyway, sorry for my intrusion, I just felt the urge to tell you…

          • *laughing* i don’t really think that’s stalking behavior at all that’s wistful if anything to me…

        • Very very sad. I will drown it in brownies.

          • The Admiral is a doctor so her prescription of brownies is pretty much life saving advice. I’d listen!

          • I claim no medical experience. But one can never go wrong with brownies.

          • Steven K.

            Well, some have traditionally been known to contain certain “medicinal” ingredients.

          • That’s true. But these were just normal brownies.

          • Steven K.

            I wonder what the criteria are for deciding to administer brownies vs. muffins.

          • Adam Black

            Do you have a floppy tail?
            1 bark for “yes”

            2 barks for “no”

      • prescription brownies?

        • No….just regular brownies.

          Stupid recipe. Didn’t call for baking powder. What kinda recipe doesn’t call for baking powder?

          • bronakopdin

            a nice hazelnut makaron recipe I love in winter ^^

          • What is that?

          • bronakopdin
          • look very very sweet.

          • bronakopdin

            depends on how much sugar you use 🙂 I don’t take too much

          • Steven K.

            Wow – brownies are not necessarily at the very top of my favorite sweet-baked-goods list, but those sound amazing. I do love macaroons, and hazelnut flavor.

          • bronakopdin

            you need:

            about 45 wafers (those round very thin plates of unleavened bread, don’t know the correct English word, sorry ^^)
            3 egg whites

            100-175g of sugar (depending on taste, I take about 125)
            1 package of Vanilla sugar

            200g crushed hazelnuts
            about 45 whole peeled hazelnuts (as many as wafers to be exact)

            turn on the oven to preheat it on 150°C (about 300°F)

            add a pinch of sugar to the egg white and beat it until it’s hard/stable (test it with turning around the bowl, it should not move in the least and stick to it)

            slowly add the rest of the sugar and the Vanilla sugar

            now fold in the crushed hazelnuts spoon-wise

            put the wafers on a baking tray with paper on it and then share the mass on them equally

            lastly add a whole hazelnut on the top of each and bake it for about 20 minutes

            Hope you like it ^^

          • that sounds awesome…if i had the energy to pull myself together to get the ingredients and then stand in the kitchen and then…meh..i’m doing well if i just make myself breakfast or whatever lol.

          • bronakopdin


            though this one is really an easy recipe, not much work to do ;p

          • hmm…now i feel like you’ve just slapped me in the face with a glove and issued a challenge…lol…or threw down the gauntlet or something…

          • bronakopdin

            what? That wasn’t my attention at all :((
            just tried to motivate you a little?

          • oh don’t take it poorly please lol…i’m the kind of person that usually likes direct challenges…not sure why…i guess i like being challenged…although sometimes i’m not sure where the boundary is for “challenging” and then “jesus fucking christ this shit is killing me” lol

        • Steven K.

          Like the A.B.T. recipe.

    • fujoshifanatic


    • I’m making so many sad faces!!

    • Bahh! And here I was going nuts because I was missing it. Oh well, at least I’ll see the upload.

    • SofiaT

      I wonder if that means they’ve recorded and will upload all panels…

  • Sapfo

    Bye, Bye for now!

  • La Belle Gigi


  • bronakopdin

    Oh my flyboy, not another car accident now ^^’

  • God I laughed when he droped them and the car XD

  • Dark_Otter

    Eagle vision, owl hearing… butter fingers.

  • Artemis

    Woah there boy-o, just try to get THEM there safely first.

  • Anna Calloway

    Nothing like dropping about 20 feet through the air to clear the sinuses LOL

  • Deeps

    And that concludes today’s lesson on the importance of seat belts.

  • So the bar shows “almost” there, but the number says $405…. Mmmmmm… myteries abound regarding holiday extra pages!!!!

    • SofiaT

      We reached the goal about 28hours or so ago. The fact that it hasn’t been reset yet tells me that Alex must be truly exhausted!

      • LOL… Great news… See what happens when you haven’t been on in a while and you come back and start posting.

        That is excellent news. I agree. Those Cons are exhausting and he does all the work. I hope we get to hear the pod casts I missed them all due to that darn REAL LIFE stuff.

        • SofiaT

          Yes, I hate how that stupid Real Life gets in the way of the things that are truly important 😛

          • Steven K.

            That’s for sure. 😉

      • I think he’s on his way home, or just got there since he’s going home today.
        I heard two days ago that there was delays in some Texan airports because a part of Texas is hit by extreme cold weather, holding back thousands of people from flying. Hope Alex doesn’t get affected by that on his way home. He could very well be stuck at an airport or on his way home right now.

        • SofiaT

          I hope he’s made it safely home by now and sleeping like a baby *sending wishes into the aether*

        • D-Wolf I’ve up-voted you for being way better than Lois Lane, plucky gal reporter.

          However, if the weather in Texas posts a comment, I’m warning you all now, I’m down-voting it on general purposes. Lousy weather.

  • Soubi

    Whoops, plummeting to their death. Better catch that car!

  • Kyra

    *disgusting angry sobbing* I am so upset with Duncan right now. I cannot handle all these feels. Fuck you Duncan, you and your stupid beard. I was rooting for you and Kyle. Still am… ugh. Sorry, that had nothing to do with the page, but I’ve been reading this webcomic for the past two days and didn’t have much time to stop and comment before.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Completely understand you there, Kyra!
      *hands over a kleenex*
      He’s being a huge, stupid-bearded tool!

      • Kyra

        Thank you for the kleenex. I have a feeling I’m going to need to stock up on them if Duncan continues being such a jerk. They had something good going on! Ugh! I can’t handle this right now. I should be studying for finals anyway…

        • You are so not alone. I had to graduate to a crying towel for some of Duncan’s eviler pages… you know… for maximum absorbency.

          Fortunately the flying car has helped me get a lot of my emo-balance back and now I have my super ninja wardrobe, shuriken, nun-chucks and poison darts and a silly ginormous sword that’s taller than I am…….. oh, and I have smores and hot chocolate.

          I’m as prepared as I know how to be for Alex to throw one of his sneaky heart-break attacks at me.

          He doesn’t play fair, but fool me once… 😀

          • I was just glad I was home alone for those pages, because I’m fairly certain most of the noises I made were inhuman. And then I got caught up while I was sitting in my university’s student union building, surrounded by people. That was fun. Try keeping a straight face when all that devil coming to Earth, Kyle crying naked on the bed nonsense is going on.

            I think I need to invest in some emotional armor to further protect myself. You seem to be pretty set in blocking Alex’s sneaky attacks. You’d think I would be infallible to that sort of thing, I mean, I watch Sherlock for god’s sake, we’ve been waiting for nearly two years for the new season and we’ve been through so much…..and then this stupid comic comes and ruins my life *sighs* I set myself up for this sort of thing, I swear.

          • Yep I’m with ya! Hang in there… And look on the bright side, we might get some more flying car! Woohoo!

          • If Flyboy does kill them before they get there of course.

          • Well that would certainly shorten the chapter and Kyle would get over a lot of his emo by being so pissed off at his ride for forgetting him! 🙂

          • Poor Kyle, he just can’t catch a break, can he?

          • That would just send this whole comic careening into pure cruel tragedy…I mean can you imagine Flyboy doesn’t get the car in time and they die..that would be awful and then on top of that Kyle has to-

            no no no. Flyboy you get that car! You!

          • Steven K.

            “Kyle crying naked on the bed” – Awww – don’t remind me – just thinking about that again has my eyes tearing up again. Chris D and I know EXACTLY what you are going through!

          • Sorry! But that panel just sort of got me. He really liked Duncan and then Duncan goes and does that like that prat he is. Ugh.

          • Sapfo

            But what would this comic be without the drama? Just a guy losing his virginty to some hot dude?

            Alex, is welcome to break my heart anytime. Muahaha!

            I think I might be a bit weird o.O

          • HA! Point well taken Sapfo.

            But let me tell you there is nothing wrong with losing your virginity to a hot dude. I recommend it heartily. 😀

          • I wish my first time had been with a hot dude. *sigh* But oddly enough, I have taken the virginity of a few guys. It seems I might have a latent talent for finding adult male virgins.

          • You ladies and your virgin capturing competition. 😀

          • …..I wasn’t competing….I actually prefer my men experienced….I just end up finding the virgins….almost like I am cursed….

          • Steven K.

            Ohhhhh – if THAT’S the case, and you prefer the experienced ones – well, then, if you find some of those guy-virgins who are also bi – feel free to toss them (or kindly direct them) in my direction 😉

          • Will do ^_^

          • Mmm.. virgins. My bedpost is starting to look a little chipped 😉

          • I wouldn’t exactly say my first guy was a hottie, but I had a good first time 🙂 I’ll take that over finding a hot guy any day when you know that a staggering 2 out of 3 wish their first time was different and or/ happened later. You finding virgins means you get the chance to give some guys a good first time. Look at it like that 😀

          • Steven K.

            That’s how I’d see it.

          • this sounds like the beginning of either some interesting erotica… 😛

          • Valja

            Mmmmh. Maybe you’ve got some sort of super-power. You can spot adult male virgins, everywhere and anytime. Haven’t you ever considered it?
            I still can’t think of a useful purpose for this power (well, unless you’ve got a fetish for adult male virgins ^^), but it may come in handy if you ever want to perform a black magic ritual in which you need the blood of a virgin.

            Hoping there’s not the tag “young girl”. Don’t know why only young virgin girls were seeked out for these tasks, I consider it rather sexist u____u

          • Because it is easier to find a female virgin than a male virgin….usually? I mean, truthfully I was kinda shocked that they had reached their 20’s without getting any.

          • Valja

            Ahahah I guess you’re right 😉 Though to me a guy still virgin in his 20’s is not that shocking, I admit it’s rather rare. But older than that, yeah, I’d be quite astounded. But nowadays also a girl still virgin in her 20’s is not a common sight anymore, imho.

          • Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Maybe he/she wants to wait for the right time, and then a relationship breaks before it happens and things like that. Someone who doesn’t want to pick just anyone.
            And then for some time has suddently passed and it can become awkward telling that you’re a virgin which then (ironically) is what hold some back even more – if they aren’t just shy about intimacy, just to mention another possible reason.

            Oh and ‘fact’. According to a survey made among 35-40,000 in Denmark some years ago – the biggest group of people lose their virginity when they’re 15-18 years old, but 20-25% was over 18 when it happened. About 8-10% was still virgin at 23+ while 1-2% was 28+ the first time or still a virgin.
            Can’t remember the specific numbers. Can just remember that I talked about this with a friend who felt ‘weird’ for being almost 21 and a virgin.
            So if about 1 in 10-12 people are still virgins at 23, but we don’t think there’s so ‘many’, I think there’s some who don’t tell their first partner that they’re a virgin, because they feel embarrased about it.

          • Well….after I got back from college I hung out with a male friend from high school. I took his virginity and then a few months later he got married to another girl. I remember thinking….”Was he seeing her at the time that we…….good thing it was only that once….” I really don’t go for guys that are already in a relationship so him getting married that soon after….makes me a little uncomfortable. I wonder if he didn’t want to go in without a little experience?

          • Hmm, yeah not the best situation. It doesn’t put him in the best light if he wanted to get it out of the way to make up for .. ‘presentation’ anxiety, even if was with someone he felt ‘safe’ with = you.
            Good thing it only was the one time.

          • Steven K.

            I think that’s totally adorable – and makes me like them even more – that they have such willpower and looking for the right person or circumstance, AND have some standards – won’t do it with just anyone, etc.

          • Steven K.

            Hmmmmm – I think I’m envying you more than anyone right now :/ I’d be much happier if I could find a few of those myself. At least I could relate to such guys better – and I’d consider it a true honor and a very special thing if someone like that chose me to be their first.

          • If the next one I find likes males I will definitely tell him I have someone he should meet. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            Meh, the boy might not have been hot, but he was cute 😉

          • SofiaT

            Mine was hot but a total jerk as it turned out.

            I’d rather he had been less hot and less of a jerk too. :0/

          • Sapfo

            They come in all diffrent kinds of jerks and hotness. :S

          • Truth!

          • Sapfo

            But then again, I was just using him. A summar fling and then never again XD

          • Steven K.

            Bad naughty evil Sapfo!

          • Sapfo

            Dont you worry, he was using me the same way. It was an arrangement that benefitet us both. Not very romatic. Sorry!

          • Steven K.

            Since mine turned out to be a jerk as well, I would have soooo settled for the hot.

          • Steven K.

            Would have been soooooo nice, instead of with just a very marginally attractive dude who turned out to be a total schmuck. X_(

    • SofiaT

      Nah, feel free to express your feelings! 🙂
      Most of us feel the same way, anyway.

      And welcome to the fandom! Stay tuned, new page coming up tomorrow! 😀

      • And to top all those wonderful feelings off, I just finished reading Artifice. Which went above and way beyond my expectations. It’s been an emotion past couple of days to say the least XD

        But wait, tomorrow as in today? Or tomorrow as in tomorrow? Is that tonight? Oh my gosh such confusion. I’m pretty sure you mean today though and if so I’m glad I’m done with my classes for the semester so I can stay up.

        • Tonight. ^_^

          • yay for being…oh wait, i am being stricken with feelings that i should be a responsible adult and say a responsible adult thing but i’m like, “whatever…i want some s’mores! why can’t we get a move on it and induct ourselves into the Federation, get replicators, connect them to the internet, and voila we can send it other virtual s’mores when would then materialize in s’mores in reality!”


          • Where is Willy Wonka when you need him? He was working on a version of this…..sort of…

          • That’s right!

            Hmm…something tells me it’s easier to get the Federation into reality than Willy Wonka…I think it’s those damn whatever those things were that danced and sung for him…they’re like running into all sorts of restrictions against slavery I’m sure.

          • They were paid……just not in what we consider money. They were paid in cocoa beans if I remember the book properly. They were actually taken in and given better living conditions than what they had in the wild. They were on the lower end of the food chain and getting food other than worms was dangerous.

          • Oh…that’s right!

            Dahl did detail all that…hmm…still seems dubious…them all just working for cocoa beans while…I dunno…maybe Willy Wonka has some really good internal propaganda that ensures the devotion of the Oompa Loompas….hmm Google seemed to recognize the term…so yeah…maybe we just need a giant candy factor, an eccentric chemist genius, and a shit load of devoted staff members who are working to realize said geniuses plans…that could actually easier than building an actual Federation…and then I guess we’d be closer to beaming each other s’mores or what have you because let’s be honest…the Internet is all great and whatever but it’ll really be going places when we can just digitally transfer actual physical objects or simply just retrieve them from the cloud…

            nothing is too much if there are s’mores involved…that’s my thinking at least…

        • SofiaT

          Depends on where you are in the world. It’s already Wed/day morning for me 🙂

          The regular updates are on Saturday and the bonus pages are on Wed/day as far as most of the world is concerned. But Alex uploads usually sometime between 9-11pm Tuesday & Friday, California time. That means many of us will gather here in about 9 hours, as Doki said, for “camping”.

          Which is basically all of us waiting impatiently for the new page, “poking” Alex asking “are we there yet?”, exchanging virtual s’mores around the campfire and discussing anything that comes to mind.

          And I really do mean any thing.

          I hope you’ll decide to join us, it’s fun! 😀

          • Oh neat =) Then I don’t have to worry about staying up too late, that’s good to know. Anyhow, camping sounds like fun! I’d love to join in on the party. I think I’ll just watch some Torchwood until then. Maybe work on an essay that’s due Thursday….

          • That’s the right spirit, but whenever I thought I was going to get work done, while camping, someone starts a cool conversation and I end up becoming sucked in and get nothing practical done… well, except I get a bunch of great links to other pages, sites and comics, music recs, book recommendations, great interesting ideas and other sweet stuff. So it’s very very useful… just not to the work I thought I was going to do. HA!

          • SofiaT

            I realised I was so unproductive on Wed/day afternoons, checking my email notifications all the time, I have now arranged to leave the office early on update days and make up for it on Fridays.

          • Oh you have come to the right girl if you want book recommendations. And I know I said I was going to work on that essay, but then Torchwood happened and yeah….that essay’s not happening. Not tonight. So much for being a responsible adult.

          • What is this “responsible adult” thing you speak of? 😀

          • Pfff! Beats me! I’ve been trying to figure that out for the past five years. If anyone’s got the answer to that, please share your secrets.

          • Why would anyone want to know such a dangerous secret? lol

          • I dunno…. Might be nice to have the information stored for later use. Maybe to impress future employers or something? Is that a thing? Working?

          • Well, I suppose such a thing would be good. It’s hard for me to say, I work from home so this “employer” thing is foreign territory. 😐

          • SofiaT

            Being a responsible adult is way overrated.

          • I have to agree with that. Responsibilities are stupid. But alas, they seem to be necessary.

          • M’lady Admiral speaketh a strange language…

          • Do you know what “responsible adult” is Sir Christopher?

          • I hear it’s a horrible painful condition to be avoided at all costs!!!!!!

          • That’s what I was afraid of. I must keep from the plague!

          • It’s very simple it’s an ADT (Adult Transmitted Disease). So try to avoid spending too much time with the wrong kind of adult and you should be okay. 😀

          • Sounds like a plan. I can do that.

          • Adam Black

            OH, I thought you said “adult turtleneck disease”.

          • HA! True that.

          • Sapfo

            ADT is that the cencor version of STD :S

          • Jamie Dutton

            Don’t worry an anime a day keeps the responsible adult thing away!

          • Do webcomics and manga count?

          • Yes

          • WooHoo! I am well immunized.

          • As am I ^_^

          • Adam Black

            can you get it from felines?
            Cuz i ache everywhere.

          • This sounds serious. I’ve never heard of that. Is it an adult feline?

          • Adam Black

            no kittens here

    • Steven K.

      Yep – so many of us are right there with you! I’ve been feeling pretty much all you have been, just maybe a bit more spread out. But definitely agree and understand!!!

      • Yeah, I read both of Alex’s comics in a total of two days….in hindsight, that probably wasn’t such a bright idea….

  • Ryn

    oh, so he told them. sort of.

  • MaddBookish

    Aaaaaaand now Kyle isn’t the only one that needs a new clothes.

    • i dunno…that would definitely be a gut wrenching moment there to be dropped like that but i don’t know that i would freak out that much…at least not at first and then…well surely Flyboy is going to react faster than the car impacts the ground…so i’m sure they’d be totally fine or whatever but maybe angrily yelling at him and threatening to hit him with stuff or something.

      • Adam Black

        two words:
        “Gwen Stacy”

        • that’s so awful because in her case i always got the sense that she’s there plummeting to her doom because the writers just want to jeopardize somebody so sucks to be her but in this case, Alex wrote the characters with such believability that i’m totally like, “oh yeah, i can totally see them panicking in their haste to rescue Kyle, thus talking Flyboy into flying them Kyle as actual driving would be impractical but logistically it is easier for Flyboy to focus on making one other object fly (like I’m just guessing that there’s some kind of reason that he can’t just make Fluke and Spooky and then eventually Kyle fly as well…I guess it would be hard for Flyboy to maintain contact with three people…make them fly…yeah the car makes more sense) but anyway whatever, yeah i can totally see Flyboy getting startled that Annihilator has done something as supposedly he has the worst reputation or whatever…anyway what i’m saying is that oddly enough, i don’t see
          Alex as dropping Fluke and Spooky to their apparent doom just to give Flyboy someone to save…

          • SofiaT

            The problem with DC/Marvel is that they keep killing their characters and bringing them back just so they can squeeze some more comic issues out of them. And angst sells, having Spidey feeling guilty for her death lasted a while. Alex loves his characters (I think he even loves Maven *gasps*), I can’t see him kill any of them without a damn good reason.

          • silibub

            How can you not love Maven, though? Sure, she’s terrifying and willfully malicious, but I adored her character from her first snarky line.

            I’m hoping the car-drop here is just for comedic effect — or maybe it’ll be a plot mover in the sense that they might see something or someone moving around in the mountains from their new, lower vantage point.

          • So, who gets the first date when they fight over you? Sircea or Clarice? Curious minds want to know. 🙂

          • silibub

            Wait, am I making them, like, fight-fight? Because I’m pretty sure that, despite Maven’s formidable brainpower, Sircea would curb-stomp her if it came to that. Maybe they could play a game of chess over me:

            *both women stare intently at the board*

            Maven: “Checkmate.”

            Sircea: “WE HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED YET.”

            Maven: “I’ve planned out my strategy meticulously and I can tell by your eye movements what approach you’re planning to take and how to thwart it. Trust me. Checkmate.”

            *Sircea zaps Maven to the bottom of the Marina Trench and triumphantly escorts a baffled Silibub to dinner*

            …Well that was self-indulgent!

          • Steven K.

            And pretty good.

          • Oh excellent.

            Earlier this evening, I could never find this post again to see if you had responded. Disqus bounces so fast that, after it calmed, I finally remembered that IF you had responded it would have been in Disqus Dashboard… yayyy.

            I got half way through your reply and cheered, because that’s exactly the scene I was hoping you would write. It is my entirely unscientific theory that Sircea will be infinitely better in bed and, while of course she’ll try hard to manipulate you to her advantage, I have faith that you should be able to take the pleasure on offer and strike an acceptable deal.

            Quit simply she’ll just have to make it worth your while. 😀

            All best,

          • yeah…i could see how Alex would appreciate Maven’s cold and cut through the nonsense edge…although she did fall for Deacon’s false devotion to serving whatever they were called…Evil Inc…

          • Adam Black

            Peter snapped her neck when he caught her.

            It was a case of the comics adding in real world physics.

          • oh…i wasn’t even thinking about that…i was just thinking about the fact that she often seems to be in comic and movie as well to be the one that just is ill fated enough to be in harms way and gets to fall from buildings or whatever etc etc and it seems to me that she was always imperiled because the writer consciously or non-consciously just wanted someone that the audience would feel sorry for and then get engaged when Spider-man goes to save her…

          • Adam Black

            we cant save everyone.
            not even ourselves.

          • i don’t find that to be particularly comforting/reassuring, at least from a character’s perspective in one of this kinds of stories, by which mean, ones in which it sincerely feels as if to me, the writers are just dropping their characters into harms ways simply because they want a fast emotional reaction from the audience…

            or maybe i’m just in a really furious mood right now and sloppy writing is something that sets me off to no end lol…

  • Stranger

    Also, just wanna say before I go to bed, I did not expect the devil to be involved. This is a nice twist on the devil’s son destroying the world. It happened because of the son’s lover, not the son itself. His simple existence is what can cause the end of the world as we know it. Not his actions. I love it.

  • b3nc0

    Can’t wait for the DING DING DING to ring ring ring‼ It’s reached 400$ more than 30h ago o`皿′o

    • Klaus

      Now is the time to donate if you want to put money in Alex’ pocket rather that costing him money.

  • Howdy y’all!

    After an exhausting few weeks of travel, I’m finally home and back on the planet and starting to get my bearings again. It was so wonderful getting the chance to meet so many of you at the WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE this weekend. And I’m simply blown away by your amazing generosity with the donation bar! Wow! Thank you!

    I also loved reading your “live blogging” comments about the panels I was on this weekend. So much fun! And… I’d say don’t sweat too much about missing the After Hours panel, at least as far as I’m concerned. I was so tired I hardly said anything and what I did say wasn’t really all that interesting, to be honest. But I was a lot more awake for the other panels and as soon as they send me links to the recordings, I’ll post them up here on the site. 🙂

    • Sapfo

      I still want to hear it (the image was really bad). And even if you think you where uninteresting, that do not mean the rest of us think so (at least not me). I look forward to all of them.
      Thank you!

    • It was some great panels. We enjoyed listening 🙂 I hope you get to relax for a while before traveling again.

      Looking forward to yet another bonus page – this one at christmas (I’ll be sneaking in to sit at my parents’ computer in the morning). About extra pages. I’ve said it earlier, but it was way down the comments..

      Even though we’ll most likely get another bonus page collected before then – don’t upload on New Years eve, unless you’ve already planned (and want) to post a day earlier/later. Skip that day for a bonus page, if you hadn’t already decided this. It’s great that we get a page for x-mas, but I think you guys need to take the New Years off. You’ve deserved it.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Glad you made it back safe, Alex! The panels were really interesting to listen to.
      I think several ppl here were frantically taking notes, since ya’ll were apparently dropping some seriously good advice.

  • >.> ..aaand my Disqus has stopped working. I see the comments number rise but no ‘comment above/below’ and I can’t see where new comments are posted. GDI.

  • VileTybalt

    Hurray for camping! I’ve got some Oreos, does anyone anyone have a vat of boiling oil? Mmm, deep-fried Oreos, now that’s what I call camping! Plus we can always use the vat of boiling oil to defend the castle from intruders.

    On second thought, maybe I’ve had enough sugar for today. 8P
    *puts down oreos and slowly backs away*

    • dereule101

      I know what you mean about too much sugar – I made giant cinnamon rolls so I’ve had more than enough. >.<

      • Can I have one?

        • dereule101

          You can have three!

          • I am sure one will be enough. 😉 Though I will clean you out of any chocolate you might have. If you let me have it.

          • dereule101

            Hmm, chocolate doesn’t usually stick around here for very long.

      • VileTybalt

        Mmmmmm, cimmanonin!

    • …..We could always have fried pickles instead of fried Oreos? I have some dill spears we could bread then fry.

      Fried pickles have got to be the most addictive thing. I never would have even thought to try them, then about 2 years ago a restaurant had this appetizer plate they would bring out to tables with fried pickles, fried onion petals, and fried sweet potatoes. I have been helplessly hooked on them ever since.

      • VileTybalt

        Ooh, yes! We can use the pickle spears as, well… spears! This shall be the most delicious siege since the famed “Attack on CandyLand” of the second era.

        • So now we just need some one with the vat of oil….

    • silibub

      Deliciously unhealthy snacks and protective measures? I like your preparedness.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Camping? Yay, I made it 🙂

    • So you’re the one with the Oreos =3 fantastic.

    • I’ve heard people speak of this thing called self-restraint… but never have I witnessed it so!

  • silibub

    I wonder why Spooky thinks Duncan might show up again — I got the impression that Duncan intended to melt away, villain-like, into the night, and coming back would kind of spoil the effect. Maybe he doesn’t actually think it’s likely and is saying it to convince Flyboy to stay outside.

    • I could see that, but Spooky really didn’t need to let slip that name.

      • silibub

        Loose lips sink ships, Spooky! If he and Fluke die in a crash because of this, that’s at least two potential romances splattered.

    • SofiaT

      He probably doesn’t know the whole deal so the possibility of the villain coming back is not one he can dismiss.

      • silibub

        Yeah, I’m not sure how well that would have gone over the phone.

        “We’re on our way, but be careful in case he comes back.”

        “Dude, I doubt it. He had this tragic antihero exit line and everything. Vanished into the darkness while I smoldered in literal and metaphorical ashes. It seemed like a pretty definitive exit.”


        • This is awesome. 🙂

          (Oh, and busy baking right now… Nom nom nom…)

          • Holly

            Knowing it’s baking makes me wonder if I can stay on long enough to see the page before bed…

            Oh Alex why must you tempt me with your talent!?

          • There is indeed a possibility that I might post in the next hour… Just depends on how the baking goes. 🙂

          • Holly

            Ideally I should be in bed in the next 20 minutes to insure a full night’s sleep and not being late for work etc. But up in an hour you say…

        • HA!

          *Silibub’s conversation continues…*

          Fluke: “Dude, did he stop at the door like he was gonna monologue a little bit more and then sigh and continue to exit.”

          Kyle: “Yeah, that was pretty much it.”

          F: “Aww you should be cool then. That’s CE#3 (Classic Exit #3) and they usually only do that extra sigh when they really mean to leave for good.”

          K: “Okay then… just hurry up anyway it’s cold and on top of everything else tonight, I don’t need to psychologically deal with shrinkage, too.”

          F: “Duuuuuuuude… are you gay or what?”

          K: “Yes… gotta problem with that?”

          F: “Ohhh… erm… on the contrary. We’ll be right there.”

          K: “Good. Thanks dude… and…”

          F: “Yes?”


          F: “Oh yeah. No worries.”


      • VileTybalt

        Just what I was thinking. I kinda doubt that Kyle told them the means through which he was “debilitated” and even if he did tell Fluke, I don’t think Fluke would share that much personal info with Spooky.

        After all, he’s not terribly tactful, as he just demonstrated.

    • Steven K.

      I was mulling that over as well and had similar thoughts.

  • For all those I have hooked EMR has a three page update!!!

    For all those that are not yet hooked… is where you can start reading while you wait for TYP to update.


  • Jeez, I’m gone for half an hour and the party’s started without me!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Yep come join the camping! I think someone has oreos.
      Btw, LOVE your avy there 🙂

      • OREOS?! Who has the Oreos?! They’d better share because sharing is caring!
        And thank you! Honestly it’s the same one I use for tumblr, but I love it so much I couldn’t change it X)

        • SofiaT

          I can’t blame you…

        • Jamie Dutton

          Looks like Tybalt has the oreos, let’s see if he’ll share!

          • Sharing is caring Tybalt =D

          • We are currently looking for someone with an oil vat so we can have fried Oreos and Fried Pickles.

          • I unfortunately don’t have a fryer. But fried pickles? I’ve never even heard of that…. though if it’s something you can cover in batter you can potentially fry it. Are they any good?

          • …….highly addictive good. I had them for the first time about 2 years ago and about cried for missing out on them for so long.

          • Then it is my new mission in life to try a fried pickle. You’d think going to the state fair every year I’d have more experience with fried foods. I’ve never even had a fried twinky. I feel like I’m missing out on so much.

          • Just make sure it is the spear and not the “rings” or “slices”.

          • Who would want it in rings or slices? What even? No. If you’re going to eat a pickle, you gotta have a whole one. And dill.

  • Adam Black
  • Holly

    I don’t want to go to bed so I can be up for work in the morning. I want to eat s’mores and cookies with you all and drink tea and Camp! *pouts and tantrums*

    • Adam Black

      I could actually load up Disqus, too

    • Then stay with us! Work? Psh!

      • Holly

        aww it’s less Work Psh, and more Sleep psh. And I don’t want to deal with customers if I’m sleepy.

        • Hmmm… Yeah, i can see how that would be problematic. It’s hard to deal with real people when you’re sleep deprived.

  • jreed3842

    HELLO! CAMPERS! Guess what I brought! *pulls out s’mores*

    • Holly

      *TAKES some of them* Thanks J. Love you. *noms* Who else wants some? OH and i make Bricks of Coal! MMM BRICKS OF COAL! *holds up plate*

      • jreed3842

        Sorry, I had too many s’mores… I don’t think I can eat the bricks of coal… but… uh…. thanks for the offer!

        • Holly

          Does anyone else want marshmallows treats that are made with crumbled Oreos instead of rice krispies?

          Yummy Lumps of Coal

          • I am in need of large amounts of chocolate!

          • Holly

            HOORAY! *gives Doki some coal* ^_^

          • Thank you! Sadly it is around that time where there never seems to be enough Chocolate around the house.

          • There is NEVER enough chocolate in any house!

          • Holly
          • HA!

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Hmm… that’s a display I’d better not go anywhere near, I’d just have to take one, and I’d die buried in an avalanche of chocolate.

          • Holly

            But it’s that a great way to go?!

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            lol, true, almost as good as getting plastered over the front of a Ferrari. I nearly did that once staring at it as it approached. Thank goodness the driver 1) stopped, and 2) didn’t get angry at me for staring so intently at his car I forgot to get out of the darn road.

          • Whadda way to go…. ahhhhhhhhh…..

          • Holly

            Really? I find that winter is the time of chocolate. Especially this close to the major holidays…

          • I like the season of chocolate!

          • … and CHOCOLATE!

          • Holly

            Lumps of Coal are chocolate….

          • That is an acceptable semantic substitution…. GOOOO CHOCOLATE!

          • OF COURSE. Who isn’t!!!!

          • jreed3842

            Oh! I’ve never heard of those before! That sounds delicious!

          • Holly

            Too bad you are too full of smores. 😛

          • jreed3842

            *steals one while Holly isn’t looking*

          • Holly

            …you could have just asked…

          • Well, after you stole all the s’mores last week…

          • Holly

            … *steals AJ*

          • Um… could you put me down. I have muffins.

          • Holly

            Or I could keep you and have AJ and muffins. Yay logic ^_^

          • Uh Oh sounds like Holly’s logic circuit is acting up again…

          • Holly

            i better power down then. *puts AJ down, Takes the muffins* Alright i’m going to go reboot. (off to bed night all)

          • I can get the muffins if I’m held captive

          • The Admiral never misses twice! I recommend caution!

          • Holly, is your secret compartment full of smores?


          • Holly


          • Adam Black


          • Adam Black

            you are such a horeo, give me those

          • Nice talk. Well I am a giver… HA

          • Steven K.


        • Too many smores? Is that possible?

    • Yay! S’mores. *noms*

    • SofiaT

      We had strawberry cheesecake at work. After I demolished it, I’m now feeling a bit ugh. I don’t want to hear about any kind of candy again… until tomorrow.

      • And you didn’t save any for the campers??? Shocked I am!

        • SofiaT

          There’s plenty left in the fridge. 😛
          I’m sure I’ll have some for breakfast tomorrow. And then feel awful again.

          It’s the circle of life.

        • SofiaT

          Btw, one of our main corporate sponsors at work is a very famous chocolate brand. We have a storeroom full of chocolate boxes in the office. >:)

          • Auuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh………. that sounds nice!

          • SofiaT

            Not really. I haven’t touched them in over a year and a half. I ate a lot of them when I first started working there but I only eat other brands of chocolate now.

            I actually have a huge box of those chocolates at home now, I’ve had it since October and I have no desire to open it.

            I’d mail it to you but I don’t think chocolate fairs well at trans-Pacific trips.

          • Sapfo

            sounds dangerous

          • SofiaT

            It is.

          • Sapfo

            Chocolate heavan XD

    • *jreed instantly becomes most popular person on planet… humans are a simple people*

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      For those campers who are sick of sweet foods, I ought to have a big pot of chicken and sausage etouffee ready in about an hour and a half (might be a little late for the new page, we’ll see).

    • I’m probably going to get attacked for admitting this, but I really don’t care for s’mores. But I’ll take some marshmallows =3

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        I’m not crazy about s’mores either, I like all the pieces separately, I eat graham crackers on their own, and marshmallows on their own, and I’m a card-carrying chocaholic, but all three together is just too much. 🙂

        • Oh my gosh, I totally agree. I love setting my marshmallows on fire though XD That’s one of my favorite things.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Oh yeah, definitely, marshmallows have to be super crispy on the outside, and so gooey they almost fall off the stick. 😀

          • I’ve tried a few times to get them that perfect golden brown, but they’re just not gooey enough for my taste. You can only get that when you burn ’em to a crisp.:3

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            I’ve managed it a couple times, but not over a full on fire, only over embers. 🙂

          • OH! I’ll have to try that some time! We have a really nice wood-burning stove in the living room, so this winter!

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Good luck! The trick is you’re going to have to take your time on it, and rotate often. 🙂

          • Thank you for the advice! Oh my gosh I keep getting distracted by all the pretty ladies in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show….

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            You’re welcome!

            I don’t watch fashion shows or read fashion magazines, they only make me feel ugly, but I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

          • I try not to compare myself to them, because if I do that then I end up feeling ugly too. I just like admiring them because damn they’re gorgeous with legs for miles. How is that even possible, having legs that long. Imagine having to shave them both! And I think it’s bad having 76 inches all together. And I like their outfits too =3 The Victoria’s Secret outfits though, because I don’t understand other fashion…

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            lol, I wouldn’t know about that leg shaving thing, I haven’t done that in years. I don’t know much about long legs either, I’ve got short powerful legs, all the better for jumping and climbing. It fits really, since my mom’s ob-gyn (an Aussie) called me a ‘belligerent little joey’ because every time he did a check up while my mom was pregnant, I was kicking harder than a roo. For the longest time, they thought I was going to be a boy. Imagine their surprise when I was born and wasn’t a biological boy!

          • Shaving is ridiculous. I only shave when I absolutely have to, which is rarely since I’m not a fan of shorts, skirts, or dresses. That’s actually funny, cos my mom was positive I was going to be a boy too. I was always in a position that they couldn’t tell. She had a name picked out and everything and then I come along very obviously female.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            lol, yeah, I was supposed to be Andrew… then I was born and that name got thrown out the window. It took a while for my parents to decide on a name after that. I was almost named for some Arthurian witches – good thing they didn’t go with those choices, I was already a pain in the butt! Names have power, so calling me Morgana would’ve been the worst idea ever.

          • Oh gosh, that really would have been a mistake XD I was supposed to be Christian Jacob which turned into Kyra Ellise after I was born. Names are a strange thing.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Kyra Ellise? That’s a beautiful name!

            Names are a strange thing, aren’t they? I read somewhere, source long forgotten, that your name affects how other people treat you, and that in turn adjusts the way you behave towards other people, so the old notion that names have power isn’t so far from the truth as science would have had us believe!

          • Yes that is a pretty name…

            Hmmmm what do you do when all three of your names (first, middle, last) have six letters exactly?

          • Steven K.

            Awww – can relate though. I feel that way when browsing through men’s work-out mags and, well, all the on-line porn ads, etc.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Aww, I’m sorry you feel like that too. I can look at pictures of gorgeous men all day. Liking men and being transgender, I think I’m able to view them as eye candy so I don’t think about how I want to look like them.

  • Torke159

    HELLO ALL :3 how you guys doing?

    • Holly


      Otherwise good. How are you?! We have Lumps of Coal. (The confection not the actual coal)

      • Torke159

        AWW YOU CAN’T MISS WORK TOMORROW? QAQ and I’m Sad D’: my dog got her lil paw hurt D’:

        • Holly

          OH NO! How did that happen?

          Um…no. First i need the money. Second, I’ve actually been off for four days. Third, there are only like 5 people who work at my job so I can’t just skiv. Fourth, I need the money.

          • Let me guess……….. the money would be helpful?

          • Torke159

            idk D’: she just started whimpering D’: and yeah we all need money D’: whyy money whyyy

      • Steven K.

        Kind of like the frogs and all that, eh? So many unappetizingly named pastries and confections.

  • Sapfo

    Oh My, I am hardly awake and camping is full on. MUST HAVE COFFEE!

    • Adam Black

      I’m back, baby

      • Sapfo

        YES; Adam finally! I missed you.

        • Adam Black

          youll have to start following me, in case Disqus kicks me out again.

          or I can just cyber stalk you across the Yaoi dimensions

          • Sapfo

            But I hardly ever check the disqus XD.
            Okej, for you my dear 🙂

    • *hands cup of coffee to Sapfo*

      • Sapfo

        The alarm clock was female today also DX

        • Holly

          Your alarm clock was Female?! *head tilt*

          • Sapfo

            it came over and over again 😉

          • Holly


        • *hugs* That happened to me yesterday.

        • HA! What a lucky alarm clock. Though not so lucky for you.

      • Sapfo

        Thank you, that did the trick!
        Ready for camping XD

  • For as much as I don’t care for Taylor Swift, she’s pretty good live….Sorry, watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and she and Fall Out Boy are performing.

  • rgleon9986

    Hello, friends! How has everyone’s week gone thus far? I’m done with TWO of my classes, and I finish up ANOTHER two tomorrow! Also, I’ve been asked to audition for an opera role that, honestly, I think I could knock out of the park. I’ve had a really good day.
    I have to pull an all-nighter studying for my Puccini final, but that’s alright. I have time to hang out with my friends here!

    • jreed3842

      My week is almost done as well! I have an acting final tomorrow, then a voice final Thursday! THEN I GRADUATE ON SATURDAY! Whew! I’m nervous/excited.

      • rgleon9986

        CONGRATULATIONS! What is your degree, vocal performance or theatre? Or other?

        • jreed3842

          I bachelor’s in theater with a concentration in acting! I had a minor in creative writing! Um… I’m not a talented singer, at all… I just took that class for the experience. Lol.

          • rgleon9986

            Ah, I see. Was it a voice class/class voice, or applied voice lessons one-on-one with a teacher? I’m teaching a voice class next semester (my first class I’ve ever taught… I’m a bit nervous ^_^*)

          • jreed3842

            It was actually a huge disappointment… I took this class because I heard the teacher who taught it was AMAZING…. but she quit over the summer, and was replaced by this lady. (She had a Russian accent and was hard to understand) And it was supposed to be a class that helped teach of like how to breathe correctly, and just… basic stuff of singing.
            Instead, it felt more like a health class. We learned about the voice box and all the stuff like that. Which, is important I understand, but… that’s all the class was. We learned how you sing, instead of how TO sing! So… it was kind of sad, I didn’t get the experience I had hoped to.

          • rgleon9986

            It sounds that class was way too oriented toward vocal pedagogy. In my opinion, there should only be a couple of weeks, one unit (up through the first test) at MOST, devoted to that. But that’s not what people go into a voice class for. I encourage you to take voice lessons at some point if you still want to get the experience. You’ll learn a LOT more from a private teacher anyway.

          • jreed3842

            Thanks for the advice!! 😀

    • SofiaT

      Well done you! And good luck with your other classes and the opera role. 🙂

      • rgleon9986

        Thanks so much! 🙂 I’m nervous about the audition, but I’m hopeful it turns out well. I’ll have WAY too much to do next semester, but that’s what Doctoral School is for, right? If you have time to sleep, you’re doing it wrong. 😛

    • Congratulations and good luc break a leg!

    • Good luck and congrats and all good stuff!

    • Sapfo

      Puccini, I would love to hear it.

      • rgleon9986

        I liked Puccini before I started this class, but now I know which parts exactly of Puccini’s repertoire that I LOVE. His big three (La Boheme, Madama Butterfly, and Tosca) of course, and parts of La fanciulla del West are WONDERFUL. Gianni Schicchi is hilarious (in my opinion), and there are bits and pieces of the other two works in Il trittico that I think are delightful. I could go on, but let’s just say that Puccini now has a special place in my heart. 🙂

        • Sapfo

          The problem I have with Puccini have nothing to do with him. It is the fact that I remember non of the names.

          Just put on the pod and listen and then afterwards someone asks me what it was, I can only say Good!
          Makes me embarrassed

          and you seem to know so much about him. Even more embarressed that I dont know that much.

          • rgleon9986

            Well, it helps that I’ve been studying opera for almost ten years now. When you have to have names of operas, characters, synopses, etc… memorized for tests, they tend to stick with you. But you appreciate opera, and that’s what we’re trying to build: Opera appreciators! We want you to be moved, and as long as that happens, we’ve done our job. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Keep up the good work. And I will keep on enjoying it 🙂

        • Steven K.

          Turandot seems remarkably absent. I know that “Nessun Dorma” has perhaps been overly highlighted in recent years, but still touches my heart and soul and sends the proverbial shivers down my spine when I hear that done well.

          • rgleon9986

            That’s probably because I’ve known Turandot the longest, and thus it’s the least prominent in my consciousness, compared to the other operas that I’ve more recently become TRULY acquainted with. I used to listen to Turandot every single day, the whole way through, the same recording: Luciano Pavarotti, Joan Sutherland, Monserrat Caballe, Nicolai Ghiarov, Peter Pears… good God, that was a cast you could probably never get on stage together, but that recording was pure gold.

  • Sapfo
    • Adam Black

      i got distracted reading Old Oglaf

      • *snorts* That one’s so ridiculous but I love it.

        • Adam Black

          this week is an epic

          • I read last week’s but I haven’t gotten around to this week. I’ll have to check it out =)

          • Adam Black

            7 pages …

      • Sapfo

        Dont get distracted like that on a camping. Its not good for you 😉

      • davefragments

        OGLAF is spectacular this week,
        Seven pages of pure, unadulterated crazy…
        …and very NSFW

        • Adam Black


        • Adam Black

          I cant believe I missed that!

        • Cydney Sabin

          Unadulterated, but very adult-rated. See what I did there? Nyuk nyuk nyuk…

      • i got totally distracted reading these comments lol and then just realized…oh it’s a Wednesday! and there is a Bonus Page!

  • Steven K.

    I believe the Invisible Woman (Sue Richards of the F.F.) had such an ability amongst her powers.

  • Steven K.

    That would be so nifty!

  • Someone important

    you have guessed right my friend

  • Curt Clark

    >.> Flyboy, that is not how you ferryman.