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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 4

955 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 4

Oh, Flyboy. We’ve been saving up our hugs for Kyle, but I’m sure we can spare a hug or two for you…

I’m going to be at the WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE in Austin, TX this weekend, so if you live near there, please stop by and say hello!

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So! Looks like Fluke did let Kyle know the others were coming! But I wonder what he told Flyboy and Spooky?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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  • Sapfo

    More flying cars

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman


  • So close yet again!

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      So now we know that Kyle agreed to allow Spooky to come too. But it appears that Mitch will stay outside.

      • The poor guy, just wants to help and belong.

      • Frater Gymnos

        And no Tsunami

  • SofiaT

    Poor Flyboy. All he wants is to be “one of the guys”.

    • I know. He’s like the little sibling trailing along asking to come along. 🙁

      • Sapfo

        That means he is me then. Always the little sister.

        • I just wanna hug him.

          Oops. I was about to say and ruffle his hair, but he would HATE that.

          • Ha!

            (You wouldn’t be the first…)

          • He’s just so adorable there.

          • Sapfo

            Damn AJ, always goes for the hair! >_<

            (but then I am the kind of person how likes it when people do my hair, and and scratch my back)

          • Well sure, me too, but a 15 yr old boy wouldn’t be appreciative of that.

          • Sapfo

            Neither did I when i was 15. Luckely that is something that goes away 🙂

          • Very true. The hair at 15…that’s sacred and well styled and that would just mess it all up! 🙂

            Of course the urge to ruffle that head of hair is still there.

  • I’m so happy. Thank you. Flying cars are so worth the wait!

  • dereule101

    Ermahgerd, nerr perrg!

  • Oh Mitch, you so cute 🙂 .. and this whole convo makes me releaved.

    (I will now eat my fruit that I took one for the team to go get. The minute I left the chair >.> *poof page*)

  • jreed3842

    Wow… I can’t believe I made it to see the new page! I thought for sure I was a goner! I even had a whole dramatic monologue typed out any everything!
    I feel I had a great accomplishment tonight! Congrats to all the campers who made it! *passes out congratulatory s’mores*

  • OMG… I needed this page so much today. This is the best flying car page ever. Mitch is super sweet and Spooky is going to do all the right stuff. This is the cavalry moment we needed.

    Alex, Adam & Veronica… thanks so much for the late night work on this. It is so very appreciated.

    More and smarter (okay, well at least more) thoughts to come after brain sleeps a little and soaks in awesome page.

    Thanks guys!

  • dereule101

    “He said that he didn’t want you to come because you’ve got cooties! And ’cause you’re adopted!”

  • SofiaT

    As much as I hate to admit it, those who think Mitch may have a crush on Kyle might be onto something there… I hope that’s not the case because I wouldn’t want to see Kyle falling for Flyboy -yet!- and I don’t want to see Flyboy broken-hearted either. :o/

    • Erm… so Spooky is available?

      • SofiaT

        I think Spooky is straight.

        • Jackal

          He seems too secure in his masculinity to lie about being attracted to girls. Besides, Commander needs some love. XD

          • SofiaT

            Same here. If Spooky was gay I’m sure he’d just say so.

          • You sound so right just now. BUT I know if I sleep on it, I’m sure I can come up with an overly complicated reason that Spooky is hiding his true desires so as to surprise them all and trick Sircea with his false straightness… erm… which is really non-queerness…erm… right?

            Still impressing you aren’t I?

          • SofiaT

            Alex is full of surprises so I wouldn’t be quick to call you crazy…

          • Thank you. I have my spoon and I’ll begin digging my way out of the crazy house now…. LOL

            G’night all. Great fun and Great camping.

            Thanks all and especially, AJ and Sofia!

          • Night Chris! Dream of muffins.
            Edit: And flying cars!

          • Sapfo

            Good night Mr Dangerfield!

          • silibub

            Good night!

          • SofiaT

            Good night!

            And I’ll take the thanks because I’m not stupid but, um, what did we do??

          • We’re just that awesome?

          • SofiaT

            *scratches head*
            …Sure, I’ll take that too. 😛

          • Of course we should! 😀

          • Sapfo


          • Sapfo

            I smell a fanfic ^_~

          • Steven K.

            I wouldn’t say unequivocally one way or the other – because Spooky’s statement to Amanda about liking women with experience could have been made just to tease or to “get a rise” out of her.

          • Steven K.

            My fantasy is just to go all-in with the gay thing – that superpowers are genetically linked to the gay gene and all that. So all the YP boys are gay, and their “den-mother” Commander is Lesbian, etc. Except I’m not sure if having magical abilities would be a superpower of the same nature or not -so maybe you could except Sircea, and even possibly Spooky. Or, maybe, amongst superheros, being “straight” is a back-mutation that effects 10% of them. So – 90% of superheros are gay, 10% straight.

        • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………

          Okay… I took that well don’t you think?

          • SofiaT

            Oh yes, you impressed me with how well you took it. 😛

          • bobbyjoeguy

            omg i can’t… lol must. suppress. dirty. mind…

          • HA… NOW NOW you jump in?

          • silibub

            You’re the model of calm and collectedness, Chris.

      • Alex told me a while back that Spooky likes women who’s older than him with experience (which meant I had a chance).
        So unless Spooky is bi then it’s no dreams for you, and more for me ;-p

        • Sapfo

          Get in line, Wolf!

          • Don’t have to, it already starts with me 😉

          • Sapfo

            So you think But when you where napping, I changed it. Muahahaha!
            I am going to prision now, right? ^_^

        • Adam Black

          ooo I hadnt heard that.

    • VileTybalt

      I hadn’t thought of that before, but I could totally see it happening. Though I doubt that Kyle would reciprocate, even in his emotionally vulnerable state. But that could just be my wishful thinking.

      I feel like it’s more likely that this would be used as a way to develop Mitch’s character, in order to give greater dimension to the rest of the team, while also giving Kyle a chance to reflect on what his feelings are for Duncan, beyond him just being his first.

      There’s always the possibility that in the end they could get together, as Kyle realizes that Duncan will never be the boyfriend he needs him to be and that he deserves. But, like I said, I don’t see this going that way. Both because of how much Duncan has changed since meeting Kyle, and because of my own selfish desire to see them live happily ever after

      • SofiaT

        It’s not a possibility I dismiss or dislike I just don’t think Kyle/Mitch is something that could happen in this arc.

        But if you consider this comic in the long (looong) run, with several other arches focusing on other Young Protectors besides just Kyle, then yeah I could totally see that happening. And even ship it.

        A crush on someone who is not reciprocating is also a very good point to start developing a character who is right in the line between childhood and manhood.

      • silibub

        I could see it playing out exactly as you’ve described it — I think that’s a great take!

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Oh dear. The point about character development for Mitch is well taken, but you’ve just given me a bizarre thought. Regardless of whether a Mitch/Kyle ship is even likely in terms of actual interest from all individuals involved (let alone legality), I have this sudden vision of Kyle trying to soldier on but still being obviously emotionally hurt to those who know him, Mitch having a crush on Kyle and trying to protect him, leading Mitch into being aggressive against Duncan in a protect-your-boyfriend-from-his-abusive-ex sort of way, with both Kyle and Duncan acting with an utterly bemused “Huh?”

        • Oh dear is right. And I could just see that happening.

        • Steven K.

          That would be rather awesome.

  • Sapfo

    Alex, I think the rest of this comic should be done in night time. That is one good looking night sky. Love it!

    • Me, too. After seeing the sunset in the first part of Chapter Two, I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this scene. Very happy with what Vero and Adam did with this. 🙂

      • Sapfo

        They are good!
        And I do hope you have more planes with nice background like this one.

  • Steven K.

    Hmmm…I didn’t realize that Mitch is as cute/adorable as Kyle. (Pretending that he’s legal as I say that so I won’t seem like a pederast.) Makes me almost wish he has a “schoolboy” or lil bro crush on his somewhat older colleague – he seems so concerned about Kyle and so disappointed and potentially dejected as he asks “Did he really say he didn’t want me to come?”. That would hurt so much if you really like someone – well, actually even if he really likes him emotionally as an older brother sort of figure – doesn’t have to be sexual.

  • silibub

    Aw Flyboy!! His concern is so sweet — and his insistence that he wants to be there for Kyle, and his hurt at the thought that Kyle doesn’t want him around, makes me wonder if he just really wants to be acknowledged as one of the guys, or if he cares about Kyle in particular. I know Tsunami is kind of a big-brother figure for him, but maybe he’s got kind of a crush on Kyle, platonic or otherwise.

    And if Flyboy does have a romantic thing for Kyle, that might actually help Tsunami accept Kyle’s sexuality. Since Tsunami and Flyboy are apparently close, Tsunami might be more ready and willing to accept Flyboy and therefore Kyle as well.

    Not sure if I’m articulating that well. Very tired. But thanks so much for getting the page up after all that traveling, Alex, and I’m glad you got back safely! *hugs and confetti*

    • Steven K.

      Yeah – some of those thoughts were just crossing my mind as well. I feel better that I wasn’t the only one to see the potentialities that way.

      • silibub

        Honestly I think they’d be cute together, but I’m a bit torn — not so much because of the age/legality aspect, since the gap between 18 and 15 isn’t that egregious, but I’m still holding out to see how things develop with Duncan.

        • SofiaT

          A-3 year gap is not big when you’re 18 and he’s 21 or you’re 30 and he’s 33. But 15 is still a kid. :o/

          • silibub

            True enough, although in a lot of ways you could say the same thing about an 18-year-old. But I think you’re ultimately right about the gap in terms of maturity and experience — a lot happens between 15 and 18!

          • arobynbird

            depends on the 15 year old. Iv know couples that where like this 15&18 when I was in high school and the 15year old was the naturally mature and responsible one, also the experienced one. Not that I think that’s the case here.

          • SofiaT

            I know what you’re saying but I don’t care how mature someone is, if they’re under 17 for me they’re no-go.

            It’s a personal pet-hate.

          • Adam Black

            It didnt stop me ( re 15 ) —-but if someone( s) else(s) hadnt opened that door, I wouldnt have run through it.

        • Steven K.

          Yeah – I know – I’m torn in exactly the same way. The age issue doesn’t bother ME (at least ethically), though would have been a bit more CONVENIENT (legally) if Mitch were 16 or 17. Though, heck, I had crushes on guys in their later teens and 20s and even 30s when I was 12, 13, 14 – even though I had to wait till I was 19 to do anything with anybody. Hrrrmmph!

          • silibub

            I’ve always liked them older, too — and ultimately it’s a great thing I waited and matured before trying anything, since younger me was even more of an embarrassment than I am currently!

    • You’re very welcome, silibub. It’s my pleasure. And I think you were perfectly clear. 🙂

  • singerblooming

    Shipping Kyle and Flyboy now

    • Steven K.

      Are we allowed to do that??? I won’t get in any sort of trouble? I really really REALLY wanted the Duncan/Kyle thing to SOMEHOW work out, but after what Duncan did to Kyle, and HOW he did it, and especially after the WAY he abandoned Kyle, without even giving Kyle back some dignity by providing some clothes for him – and now…ummm…after Flyboy’s adorable concerns and comments on this page – I want to be aboard this new ship if no one’s gonna call me a dirty ol man, etc.

      • VileTybalt

        While in the world of logic I would totally agree with you, in the realm of love things just don’t work like that. People do horrible things to the ones they care about.

        In fact, despite everyone being up-in-arms about Duncan walking out and not leaving Kyle any clothes. I actually think that one could see that as proof of his feelings for Kyle. I mean, before he left Duncan gave a whole soliloquy about why he was doing what he was doing and how much he wished that things could have turned out differently. And I think for Duncan to show any sign of compassion or caring towards Kyle (yes, even giving him clothes) would have left a small hope that things could change. Duncan needed to completely sever himself from the situation because if he tried to think about how Kyle felt, he would have had to face the reality of his feelings for him.

        It reminds me a lot of Carmen, actually. As in the opera.
        People always interpret Carmen’s actions as her leaving Don Jose because she’s afraid of dying. But I think that she leaves him knowing that it may be the cause of her death, because she’s more afraid of being in love than she is of dying. Both Duncan and Carmen are so afraid of being hurt that they would rather cut themselves off entirely.

        • Steven K.

          Hey – thanks for your interesting interpretation.

          • VileTybalt

            You’re welcome. Sorry it’s so rambly. I’m a film student so I’m constantly trying to predict where the plot is going. But I’m also a dancer, so I can’t help looking at things in an artsy way.

          • Steven K.

            You shouldn’t mention such things – I love artsy guys – visual artists, writers, poets, musicians, singers, dancers, etc. 😉

          • VileTybalt

            Uh oh. Well, it’s good that you warned me, haha. No, but seriously thanks man. It’s great to see there are still some people who are genuinely interested in the arts. There isn’t a lot of support for them these days.

            I mean, I was so thrilled when I started arts school, where our motto is “Live what you Love”. Until five minutes into orientation they explained that only like 2 out of five of us would graduate, and even then there was no guarantee of getting a job in the arts. They told us that their low retention rate was, in essence, a test of who had the commitment necessary to make it as an artist in today’s society. It was pretty disillusioning. Especially considering that I’ve been studying classical ballet for the past 17 years! :/

          • ……*is lost to thoughts of male ballet dancers in those nice, oh so nice form fitting outfits*

            (What was that ballet school movie that came out not so long ago? My sister made me watch it and I kind of liked it…but cannot remember what it was)

          • VileTybalt

            Haha, yeah the tights are usually a pretty big hit. Almost kind of superhero-esque one might say. Though also a source of much teasing in High School. >:(

            And I’m not sure which one you mean. Center Stage is a fairly popular one, which is set at Julliard. Though it’s kind of old now. Otherwise Black Swan is the one I get asked about a lot. Though personally I’d call that more of a Darren Aronofsky film than a ballet film. I think Fame might have had some ballet dancers too, but I never saw it. I’d recommend Mao’s Last Dancer as both a really good dance film and a great portrait of life in communist China.

          • Center Stage was it…that is old now? Crap.

          • VileTybalt

            Well, it came out in 2000, which was more than a decade ago. I mean, it was one of Zoe Saldana’s earliest roles, and now she’s in practically everything. It’s still a pretty good movie. And the actor who plays Charlie is totally hot. lol

          • ^_^ Yes, I would have to agree that he is.

          • Steven K.

            Wow – you do sound totally amazing (he said very humbly). Classical music is one of my greatest passions in my life, s I also love classical ballet, opera, etc. I did notice you made a very interesting comment a while back tying in the opera Carmen – and why she does what she does concerning Don Jose, etc. I thought that was a very interesting take on things. I adore the music even more, though. To me, Carmen is one of the few operas I can think of where (IMHO) just about every single vocal or orchestral number in that score is wonderful – not one piece of less-than-top-notch music in the whole entire score.

          • VileTybalt

            Hey Steve (can I call you steve? or is it just steven?), thanks so much. I’m extremely flattered. I’m glad that you found some useful insight in my comments.

            Though, I totally agree with you about the music from Carmen. It has some of my all-time favorite pieces. Though I assume you’re talking about the Bizet opera. Which I agree is awesome, but I’m also a big fan of the ballet version that was re-orchestrated by Rodion Shchedrin. Admittedly that probably has a lot to do with my bias as a dancer

            You should definitely take a look at the Carmen Suite sometime if you haven’t yet. If you just try searching “carmen suite maya plisetskaya” on youtube, you’ll find some great clips. I mean, any of the carmen suite versions are great, but Maya Plisetskaya is such a phenomenal dancer and she fits the role so perfectly. Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble again, haha. I do really enjoy your comments.

        • Hikaru Takemori

          I do love new people in the comments, always having a different view on things than us who have been here longer. Kinda works against interlectual inbreeding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

        • SofiaT

          I always welcome new additions to the fandom but after reading a couple of your comments I have to say I’m exceptionally glad you joined us 🙂

          • VileTybalt

            *blushes* awww, thanks so much. I’m always kinda nervous about sharing my thoughts because they tend to ramble a bit. Or as my old boss would say, “I’m being ‘verbose'”.

            It’s so awesome to get everybody’s feedback though. I love reading other people’s takes on things and if I can add anything to the conversation then that’s even better. I’m super glad I met you guys!

          • My grandmother used to tell me “readers digest version please” all the time. ….I don’t think I was ever good at doing the readers digest version of things.

        • steelie

          That’s really interesting. It would have lessened the dramatic impact if Duncan had left clothes for Kyle. I think Alex is perhaps a master of emotional manipulation as well as Duncan. Alex is clearly a hero and uses his skill for good though. Wonder what his superhero suit looks like…

      • steelie

        I could see Kyle with any of these 3. Just want him to eventually get some real love and hugs rather then the nasty, underhanded manipulation he got from Duncan.

  • Psst.. I just had a thought (damn that happens all the time).

    Alex has talked about making other stories/arcs of the TYP comic when ‘Engaging the enemy’ is done.

    I can SO see it. Main character in next long comic: Flyboy!
    The kid is 15 now, and fan-suspected to be gay. There a LOT of story for him yet to come later on.

    • Sapfo

      Yes, do Flyboy! He needs a storyline also.

    • SofiaT

      Yeah, that’s what I meant when I said that I can see them together in another arc 🙂

      It would also be a good place to start… Flyboy is depressed because he has a crush on Kyle but he pays him no attention and then *BAM!* they’re thrown together into a fantastic adventure and fall in love… of course that would have to be a few years from now.

      But I’ll wait 🙂

      • What the heck do you call that future ship? *watching it being built in the harbor*

        • SofiaT

          Flyhot? 😛

          • Steven K.

            Are you guys FINALLY letting the Redilator go down??

          • SofiaT

            Nope. And the Redilator is not about seeing Kyle and Duncan ending up together (though that would be nice).

            It’s about liking them both. And I still do, I doubt I’ll ever stop. 😀

          • Steven K.

            Well, I won’t be sad if Alex pulls some believable miracle and is able to smooth all the hurt and pain, etc., etc. and somehow stitch Kyle and Duncan back together – if it’s strong AND believable. But I’m glad to see there is potentially a logical and adorable alternative now.

          • steelie

            A possible scenario to redeem Duncan: in the midst of the coming apocalyptic battle with Laampros forces and/or the vague threat mentioned Duncan, Kyle does develop feelings for one of his fellow heroes. Maybe that person’s life is threatened in the conflict and Duncan steps in to save him knowing that he is saving him for Kyle. It clearly doesn’t put Duncan and Kyle back together, but it redeems Duncan in a way that he suffers a permanent consequence – losing Kyle to another. And Kyle can perhaps find some peace and forgiveness for Duncan, but still have a love interest.

            Now I just need to imagine which of the YP is the best ship for Kyle…

          • Jeh Y

            Spooky/anyone OTP.[/preach]

            Okay, maybe just in my twisted head.

          • Feverfew_M

            Never! 😀

          • Steven K.

            “Kitch” sounds fun.

          • That could work. Cause RedFly is bad and so is HotBoy.

        • Feverfew_M

          Would be a hot-air ballon, wouldn’t it? We’re taking off!
          But for now I’ll keep clinging to the Redilator…

          • Oooh, Hot air balloon…

            Eeek! I forgot I’m afraid of heights…

          • Feverfew_M

            Wow, claustrophobia, fear of heights,… we’re a sad bunch of shippers aren’t we? ;D

            Oh, and sea sickness is also just a question of how rough the sea gets… at least with me! XD

          • SofiaT

            It’s the one thing that never gets me.

            I am a carrier of thalassaemia so I often joke that I never get sea-sick because I have “the sea in my blood” 😛

          • Well if I have a window, I’m pretty good about rough seas. But I have trouble even seeing heights on tv or the movie screen

      • Or if the next comic do a bit of time-skip to make Flyboy a couple years older – a new character or two might possibly have joined the team 🙂
        So many options.

        • SofiaT

          And there’s another candidate too? After years pining after Kyle he finally turns his attentions on another guy and then Kyle notices him? Then he’s torn between his first love and the new man in his life?

          …Ok, we’re getting into fanfiction territory here 😛

          • No triangles!

            *pleading* Please…no triangles.

          • Steven K.

            I’ll plead along with you. I’m looking forward to less heartache after Kyle gets through this. Let the coming drama be of other types.

          • Sapfo

            Yes please more triangels (thank you for reminding me of them)

          • Arg! Nooooooo…. :

          • Sapfo

            Yaaaay! ^_^

          • 😛

          • Sapfo

            I love you too! 😉

          • Ha! You win this round…

          • No honey… not THREE-WAYS… tri-angles. Someone get’s left OUT. Not you… but someone. LOL

          • Sapfo

            Well what about the one of Danish, Spooky and Me? Is that not going to happen 0_0

          • I predict nothing when it comes to you Sapfo. LOL.

          • Sapfo

            Do you want to join us? Be one of us. If you dare.


          • SofiaT

            *teases AJ* …And as it turns out Duncan is Flyboy’s father so Kyle is caught in the awkward position of dating the son after having dated the father 😛

          • Sapfo

            Not a bad one!

          • SofiaT


          • *crossing arms and glaring* Hrumph… 😛

            Of course now you have my writers brain whirring. That would be complicated to say the least. In this scenario is there still something between Kyle and Duncan??

          • SofiaT

            Well, there is for Duncan. Not so sure for Kyle 😛

          • Fascinating. Is Duncan aware FB is his son?

          • SofiaT

            Haven’t decided yet.

          • I’d like to think if he was, he might bow out. But then again, Duncan is rather selfish…

            *slapping self* What am I saying, no triangles… 😐

          • SofiaT

            Mwa ha ha! >:D

          • You shall not trick me so again!

          • SofiaT

            FYI, I don’t like triangles either. Too much angst.

            But some angst is good 😉

          • Some angst, yes, but triangles…they’re everywhere! WHY?

            Awkward, not so much trouble, but angst… >:|

          • *lady karma lifts her head from her giant ledger and notices a young SofiaT causing trouble in the southern hemisphere of earth. mmmmmmmmm…?*

          • Steven K.

            No triangles.

          • Get a grip AJ… you’ll be writing this. Don’t you see what she’s doing to you??????

          • Nope, not a chance. Triangles are the evil.

          • HA

          • HA!

            Congrats, sir, it’s a bouncing baby facebook.

          • Steven K.

            Ewwww – no – please – I HATE things like that – they just turn my stomach.

          • Jeh Y

            You know, I saw a plot like that on Living Single once.

            Imagining Kyle as Regine Hunter is horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

          • *sits down and rolls up sleeves*

            That sounds rather good. So you’ll be writing this when? No worries, I’ll wait.

          • SofiaT

            You’ll be waiting a long time. I’m a reader, not a writer.

            Sorry 😀

      • *thump* *thump*
        (Adam and Veronica just fell off their chairs)

    • Steven K.

      That would be kind of amazing. It’s sooo cute that he’s still so young but so obviously concerned about and fond of and protective of Kyle. Nice if Kyle returned the affection and cared about and protected him in turn. The way I THOUGHT Duncan would always protect Kyle, no matter what happened. (Still one of the most sad and bittersweet things to me is thinking back to when Duncan told Kyle “you’ll always be safe with me.” I’d like Kyle to say that to Mitch at some point.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        There is the possibility that those words carry a bitter taste for Kyle now, so he might not want to say those words (this exact phrasing) to someone he cares about.

        • Steven K.

          Or it might make him feel better that he is able to say them to someone and actually MEAN it.

          • Hikaru Takemori

            That, too.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      No, I want Fluke to be next. We don’t have to wait as long for him to legaly get a romance(if there will be one). Besides any character can get character development in any arc done by a good writer who cares about his/her characters. Kinda like Babylon 5, even if the episode was not focused on the greater story there always where some little things furthering it.

  • SofiaT

    Did… did we just get ANOTHER bonus page??

    • Sapfo

      No ding, ding, ding. So I dont think so.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        No, let’s be ruthlessly even handed here. It’s only been a few minutes (I think). Alex might be as stunned as the rest of us and hastily checking to see whether it’s real or a software fault. Let’s give him time to confirm or deny.

      • Feverfew_M

        The ding ding comes when Alex notices.

      • The ding ding ding is there now.

    • O.O I think we may have. That… *sputter*

    • Yes.

      This fandom is completely awesome, Alex-Adam-Veronica is awesome, the night sky is awesome, the flying car, Paul, Flyboy and Spooky are awesome…SO to kick off my birthday month I’ve thrown down the full amount for another page.

      You guys, all of you, are the very best.

      • SofiaT

        YOU.RULE.The Universe and Everything.

        Thank you and Happy Birthday Month!!

      • Bows down to you!

      • Feverfew_M

        Yep, lovely, but crazy! The good kind! 😀
        Thanks and have the best of birthday months!!!

      • Oh wow.. I can’t keep up with how many bonus pages we’re ahead right now. You really ROCK!

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [big goofy grin of warm fuzziness] Thank you.

        This kind of puts me in mind of the old house ad that ran on Cartoon Network for Dexter’s Laboratory back in the day. So:
        “Young Protector’s fandom. It’s a happy place.”

      • I like anyone who rocks a birthday MONTH! Well deserved. Enjoy every minute. 🙂

      • *gives a huge hug*
        You’re awesome, Gryph!

    • I wondered that too, because we were close to $400 before Nikolas donated what amounts to a page on his own – from what Alex said in the comments.
      So unless everything above $400 is just counted for one page, no matter what amount when Alex reloads the bar then we actually had enough for another page by now. We’ll wait and see what the announcement says 🙂

      • SofiaT

        Gryph has actually just donated a whole page on her own!!

        …Is Alex asleep? Because I feel like champagne is in order!!

        • Alex replied on the You Rock page but he might be nodding off now due to long hours of travel.

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            He’s probably preparing the “ding, ding” edit 😀

            Edit: yep!! The bell has rang!!

          • YAAYYY! My page is going up on December 18th, the day before my birthday!!!

          • SofiaT

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            My birthday is Jan 15 -and that’s a Wed/day!

            So I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for an update then 🙂

          • We will work hard to make it happen, Sofia!

          • Indeed!

          • You soooooo rock. I feel like we get to celebrate your birthday with you and YOU did it. Thank you.

          • Wait? Do you get a real DING sound? Or that a euphemism ding…

        • I just saw 😀 And Nikolas did too, but did his money count with the around $400+ that was already put into the bar before? Because if not then the bar has actully ‘dinged’ TWICE more since today’s bonus page already.
          That’s what I’m wondering.

          • He actually donated in two separate donations that straddled both bonus pages (this one and next week’s). But I am so incredibly grateful to him as well! WE really do have the most awesome readers in the world! 😀

          • Yay, Nikolas! And everyone else who donated.

          • Oki that now makes sense in my head. I was so confused by how far we were ahead in pages. Math this early in the morning is evil 😉
            People really rock so much.

          • SofiaT

            Does that mean we’re already part way through the Dec 25th bonus page??? Because that is definitely some sort of record!

          • Alas, no. 🙂 When Gryphongirl2 donated, next week’s bonus page had been triggered and we were again at $0. She hit the $400 target all on her own from $0. So, I’ve again reset the counter.

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          • LOL!

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            Not too much. It wouldn’t do to over-indulge them when we intent to make them work equally hard in the new year 😉

          • We will send cookies. LOL.

          • Sapfo

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          • Holy crap. Awesomeness abounds.

            Well I’m a happy camper. Dang!

  • Feverfew_M

    Cool page! Poor Flyboy!

    ((And I shouldn’t even be here…))
    But wait, did that donation bar tip over yet again??? O.O
    Crazy people, very lovely but totally crazy.

    Mee too, ’cause I shouldn’t be here!!! *jumps back to work*

  • Susannah

    …. aaaand I’m shipping. Flyboy and Kyle. Like everybody else apparently

    • Hikaru Takemori

      Nope, still on the Redilator with the Hot Fluke as a close secound before I will get on the hot air baloon that is used to ship Mitch and Kyle.

  • Sapfo

    WOW! 125 comments later. This camping was a good one.
    Need one more nap. Thank you for camping and thank you for a good page!

    • Thank you for camping with us!

      • Sapfo

        Now i will dream of 28 year old Flyboy. Why 28? Why not!

        • SofiaT

          28 and 31. Yes, that would work really nicely… *scratches chin*

          • Sapfo

            28-34 good age 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Who have a 6-year difference?

          • Sapfo

            He could be older, but for me most likely not younger.

          • SofiaT

            Oh, you were talking generally? I was trying to match ages within the YP team and I was coming up short 😛

          • Yes, yes it is.

        • I could dig 28 year old Flyboy.

          • Steven K.

            But then I’d be torn as to which would be the guy of my dreams. I’ve always preferred dark-haired lads, and Flyboy would obviously be safer to make love to, but Kyle is still just sooo adorable as well, and he needs some lovin’ too – ESPECIALLY Kyle after all he’s lived through. Yeah – would be VERY torn over that choice.

    • From I went napping to I got back, you guys made almost 400 new comments on previous page. My last comment before leaving for just over 1½ hours was #1004, and there was around 1400 when i returned xD

  • TwilightDreamer

    aaawww!! <3 Flyboy's such a sweety 🙂
    Still love how this is progressing so naturally with the characters.

  • arobynbird

    ok so I can see the Mitch/ Kyle coupling being really cute. I also thin that the Duncan/Kyle is just hot! God I love dominate men. But the thing that has me scratching my head, even though its a bit crude, how is he going to deal with the whole combustible orgasm thing?

    • SofiaT

      Sooo….. Flyboy can fly. Which is close to leaping, only better.

      And most likely he has super-strengh… since he can lift that car.

      Any chance he is Duncan’s son??

      • arobynbird

        even if he is and is invulnerable like Duncan, you would go through a lot of matrices that way.

      • Steven K.

        Hmmmm …I’m still pretty sure that Duncan IS in fact gay, since some of Alex’s statements would seem to bear that out. I know that, yeah, it’s technically possible of course for a gay man to father a kid – seems to happen often enough somehow – I could never do it – but…..not sure the idea would be in keeping with the characterization though. Then the question would be who you think Duncan artificially inseminated? Sircea?

        • vessto

          Yup, she’d be first on his to-inseminate list.;)

          • rgleon9986

            Unless they’re related.

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – she wouldn’t be the one I’d propose, as I’ve always thought they might be brother and sister.

          • I don’t think I should be reading this before coffee… or maybe even after coffee. But Alex DID create Deacon and I approve of that and so does my fridge… so…

      • You think the bullying story was a lie or hasn’t happened yet? Because he’s 15 and has powers and still isn’t a bitter villain who killed his family… Assuming that story was true?

        • SofiaT


          I don’t think that we have a case of time-travel here if that’s what you’re saying (is that what you’re saying? It’s 6am here, I’m still half asleep).

          • HA. I think I wrote that at woof-AM in the morning. So yeah… we’ll just forget about that bit of non-logic.


          • SofiaT

            Deal! 😉

  • Toli Bera

    “He’s not hurt, he’s just Tsunami-in-the-dairy-queen naked. you remember right?”

    • Simba Hutchison

      This made me laugh til I choked.

  • vessto

    Kyle is hurt, psychically. That’s much worse than any physical wound.

  • VileTybalt

    Well, it’s been a long night, but it was sooooo freaking worth it. I continue to be amazed by the way Alex can create more meaning and evoke more emotion, on a single page than most people can in an entire film. *cough* Michael Bay *cough*

    I’m headed to bed now, but I just wanted to say that I had an awesome time camping with y’all. Special shoutouts to SofiaT, Admiral Jane, Chris Dangerfield and Dokidokibaka who kept me company and made me feel so welcome into this group. I look forward to many future discussions and camping trips 😀

    • Good night, Tybalt, and welcome to the fandom!

    • Night Tybalt! You are more than welcome. 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Night! Glad you enjoyed your virgin camping!

      Many more to come 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Good night!

    • Thank you very much for the very kind words. And welcome! So glad to have you with us! 🙂

    • Sleep well, and welcome to the community 🙂

    • Hikaru Takemori

      Well, that would assume that MB tried to have meaning and emotion in his films. I’m not sure he did.

    • Good night… and good morning. Thanks. It was mutual and hope to see you soon.

  • Supernova

    Hi, I never commented before as I’m more of a silent reader, but I have to ask something.
    This may sound weird but could Mitch be a young Duncan, who travelled through time? Probably not, but when I read this page I somehow felt this could be it ^^’

    • SofiaT

      Welcome to the comments section Supernova!

      I’ll leave the other commenters to debate that question with you because when it comes to time-travel my poor mind short-circuits. 😀

      But I considered the possibility that Flyboy may be Duncan’s son -there is a bit of a resemblance there, isn’t there?

    • Klaus

      Duncan does not seem to be able to fly.

    • Looking at Duncan, I think he’s more of a long-jumper than being able to fly. We’ve seen him jump, but not really fly and also in the begining of chapter 2, he said that the warehouse building was in his leaping distance.

      • SofiaT

        Duncan demonstrates a lot of the powers of Golden Age Superman -he couldn’t fly but he could leap long distances and over tall buidlings.

        • Hmm..well then. Weakened powers with age is plausible.
          Not that I think this is it at all, but the thoughts behind the possibility is fun.

          • SofiaT

            Oh, that’s not what I meant. “Golden Age” Superman is the first Superman that ever came out, in 1939.

            I was just agreeing with you in that Duncan can’t fly.

          • Aah, oki 😀

            *mumbles* Why have so few comics been published in Denmark? I’m so behind on things now and/or missed so much 🙁
            When it comes to DC and Marvel heroes I grew up with the cartoon series and not the comics.

          • That’s what I grew up with, the cartoons.

          • Unless it recently stopped as well, I think the only superhero comic still being published in Denmark currently is Spiderman.
            Other than that, Batman and X-men was (hopefully temporarily) stopped again about 3 years ago, Superman some time before that.

            Only thing published now that I know of is Donald Duck, some ‘girls’ comic, some horse-series comic, possibly WoW still and then a couple of other more Scandinavian comics. Of course a couple of the mainstream mangas are also still published, but compaired to just 5 years ago the numbers there has also declined a lot there. It’s the sad thing about being a smaller country with a smaller growing sales potential. Often something isn’t happening because the profit is estimated to not be big enough.

            It can even be seen on novels. Dark/urban fantasy books took a long time to get big in Denmark. It wasn’t until Harry Potter, Twilight and other big novels in that genre became movies that publishers started to really try out the genre. When it finally got here, it’s now being sold a lot (wimpy publishers not daring to take a risk).
            Newest thing is ‘mainstream’ erotica starting to get it’s time on the shelves. ONLY thing I’ll ever thank the popularity of 50 Shades for, but that’s how long it took for it to be more common to find an erotic novel.

          • Damn! The comics were available, not that I was really aware, I just watched cartoons. But to not have that choice, that really sucks.

          • Can you get any good comic/fantasy via iPad/Kindle/etc…?

            Oh and hear if from me, once the “NEW” erotica/romance novel, which is bad fantasy + romance, takes over… it takes over completely. Fantasy/SciFi used to be one shelf. Now it’s endless shelves of Huge handsome werewolves ripping her bodice, or perfect Twilight vampires… ripping her bodice. The books are the same as those old Harlequin romances, but the lovers are all supernatural and as perfect as THOR. (Erotic factoid: Did you know that werewolves have almost NO refractory time?) Those are the books currently swarming US bookstores. 99% crap.

            There are one or two funny and kick-ass heroines you might love, but the standard genre fare makes me want to move to your country.

            Rule #1: Only read what Captain Picard reads…

          • Which heroines are that?
            I read a lot of English languaged books online for that reason – that they don’t get published here. I’ve read a couple American series for years with bad-ass heroines 🙂 I read Urban fantasy before it became big here, and despite one of ‘my’ series now being published in Danish I still read it in English.
            Luckily the Danish companies do pick, and publish, books in the genre that aren’t in the crap-category 95% of the time. Being a small country they have to pick books that people actually want to read. The rest can be found online if you want it 🙂

            DC or marvel comics however is harder to get my hands on, and I prefer those in actual print. Danish custom rules often get in my way even when i’m tempted to buy one in English 🙁

            Heh.. speaking of Harlequin romance books. I actually read some of those xD .. but compaired to today’s books the older ones are very tame. I read the Historic series that actually have a good plot and then the series where they’re not ‘afraid’ of adding a good steamy sex scene :-p

          • I’ll go look for more. I forget that we’re also talking translation here. Whooops.

            Have you read any Jes Battis OSI series? Not lots of sex, but the funniest dialog (well in english?) that I’d read in ages. She is a tough super funny forensic supernatural expert who goes through a lot in the book series and lives with her roommate who’s a gay telepath. VERY Urban fantasy. I loved it.

            Oh and I love that you have read some of the historics then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It’s been quite the literary revolution.


          • Literary evolution. I like that. it sure has been!
            As someone who’s read Harlequin books of various kind since the mid-90s, jesus christ there’s some of the older books I wish I’d never read LOL.

            I haven’t read the series you mention. I’ll look it up 🙂 .. and in Englsih of course. Now that half the books I read are in English, I often prefer that because some of the ‘tone’ in a book often gets lost in translation.

            A series I’d recommend for you is Mercy Thompson by Patricis Briggs. Mercy is a shapeshifter coyote – not as in were animal, but as the native American type of shapeshifter, and she’s a mechanic. The series also have a lot of werewolf and some elf and vampire, but not in that bodice ripping type of way, and because of Mercy it also has native American myths and stories. A series without a lot of sex, and it’s really good. Has a cool way to depict paranormal creatures.
            It has a spin-off series now called Alpha & Omega which started as a novelette in an anthology, but then moved on directly from that to first book (so you need the anthology first). That one has werewolves as main characters, but again in a really good way.
            This series was one of the reasons I started reading Urban fantasy.

          • Niggle

            For Superman I grew up with the old black and white TV show from the 50’s being played on Nick at Nite. XD

          • I watched those reruns too, but I didn’t have Nick at Nite then. I’m not certain what channel is came on, probably the same as I love Lucy and the Three Stooges.

          • Niggle

            Interesting. I watched I Love Lucy on Nick at Nite as well, but I’m pretty sure the Three Stooges didn’t air on it.

          • Have I shown my age again? A time before Nick at Night? Most of the reruns I saw were on during the day. 😐

          • Me too and being teased for buying Marvel comics at the convenience store. Geek was bad then. 🙁

          • Might be partially the reason I got so hooked on Revenge of the Nerds.

          • Eyup!!!

          • I must have really lived in a bubble. I don’t remember there being too much issue regarding that. Especially considering in the 6th grade the boys playing D&D. Maybe I went to a nerdy elementary school.

          • SofiaT

            Ah, I’ve never read any Golden Age Superman comic books either. And I don’t want to. I came upon some Silver Age Superman books and I was disgusted. Lois Lane was crazy about two things: exposing Superman’s true identity and tricking him into marrying her. And of course he was a typical 1940s-1950s man.


          • o.O Oki, something I don’t mind having missed *lol*

          • Adam Black

            well they removed those characters to a separate pocket universe and aged them.

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Don’t feel bad about it. The only reason I know what I know about DC/Marvel comics is watching Linkara rant about them.
            ( or

  • You know, I’m suddently struck by how ironic this page actually is.

    Usually a page where some one feels left out and worried, and everyone is having speculations about a friend in need, would be seen as a sad page…

    But for us? This is a good page because we’re releaved and it’s the best page we’ve seen in a while xD We got a page where we could focus on things like Mitch, Spooky has been allowed to tage along, possible crushes and future pairing, and we know help is on the way for Kyle. Nice things that give us a breather this week.

    THIS has become the new standard we set for what a GOOD page is!!
    Oh wow. What a trip to hell can do for standards >.> *LOL*

    • That may be the smartest thing I’ve read in long long time. Yes to that!!! Thanks.

  • Terri Sutton

    Does Mitch/Flyboy remind anyone else (only on looks alone) of Superman?

    • Cydney Sabin

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

  • I get the feeling Kyle has a great bunch of friends… it sure is dusty in here.

  • Cid Highwind

    The way that Mitch looks… I dunno guys, he looks like a -possible- love interest? Hmmmm? He just does o0

    I quite love the way all the expressions are made. They’re very unique to this comic.

    • I’m horrible. Which one is Mitch again?

      • fujoshifanatic


        • You know, it made sense as soon as I re-read the page. Thank you Fujoshi!

    • I can’t wait to own the physical copy of this. Also, you may or may not be onto something with Mitch. :3

  • Ok. This is off topic, but I really had to share this after getting it on twitter, because it’s just so damn amusing.

    The Guardian is having its 2013 ‘Bad written sex in novels’- awards, and the eight finalists can be voted for. Go read them and vote at the bottom.

    I don’t know if I should just laugh my ass off, or be horrified by what some think sounds like good sex. OMG /dying.

    • I really don’t ask for much in a sex scene, but sometimes its just horrendous.

    • It helps to have actually had some when writing it… Just sayin’

  • fujoshifanatic

    DanishWolf’s observation that that our “new normal” for what constitutes a good page is spot on, and hopefully it will change again as the story progresses.

    It’s interesting how everyone has caught on to the potential spark between Mitch and Kyle. Not going to happen any time soon (Kyle got hurt too badly for that), but I think in a little while that could be a cute and potentially healing “rebound” relationship for Kyle. Mitch could explore these feelings (if he has them) in a safe, non-sexual environment (after the night he’s had, I doubt Kyle would be ready or willing to be that vulnerable again anytime soon), and Kyle could learn to like someone in that way again without the pressure, threat, and extreme complications that Duncan brought with him and his big, bad, sexy self.

    Sure, the whole working together and keeping the relationship from Tsunami thing might be a little awkward, but with Paul and Spooky on their side, they could overcome those relatively minor obstacles. I would approve this, but only for a little while. Only because I (and every proper fujoshi here) would not stand for waiting three years to see them really get it on, as we all know that Alex does not do underage nookie in his work.

    So yeah, that’s something all the potential Kyle/Mitch shippers that are eager to get on that boat should consider. It might be a sweet trip, with an adorable destination, but it would take a looooong time to get there. :-

    • Unless the next comic happening in this universe skip a couple of years, and makes Flyboy 17/18 years old. That opens a whole new can of potential drama, depending on how ‘Engaging the Enemy’ ends – and IF Flyboy do turn out to be gay.

      Alex saying there’s possibilities for another TYP comic, if we want it after this (Yes!) leaves the question of who’ll be main character. Our current youngest member seems like a good candidate IMO 🙂

      • Sapfo

        It did seem like he had nothing against the comic that he saw online. But neither do we XD

        • Yeah, he seemed much more mesmorized-shocked than icky-shocked 🙂

          • Sapfo

            There is hope for this one. XD

          • Unlike darn non-queer Spooky. The gay force is strong with this one. XD

          • Sapfo

            Poor Spooky, have to make due with Danish and me. 😉

          • Hey! Spooky likes older women with experience.
            I’m sure he’d love a ‘double-3 sandwich’ .. since we’re both 33 now ;D

            Uhm.. did I just write that? >.>

          • Sapfo

            Danish I would love to have a sandwich with you and Spooky 😉

            I might have done something bad. There´s some shit going down in TH comments.

          • Oh what did you do now? 😉 Can’t I leave for just an hour to make/eat dinner?
            *goes to look*

          • Sapfo

            Danish will save me ^_^

          • Hmm. I’ve been thinking about TH comments lately, pro’ly not the best place to mention this but the energy seems really negative over there. Or is it because this place is so amazing and I’m getting spoiled?

          • Sapfo

            I do agree with you. However the mood in the chatroom before camping is okay. But I think all there have acepted that that is a freezone from all the negative stuff.

            But when it is not a Atros or Linneus page, it is alright. But yes, we are spoiled.

          • Okay, sounds like I need to camp out in the chatroom. I feel like I can’t really hang out on those comments anymore. I post something, do a quick scan of what’s there, upvote here and there, sometimes make replies then run as fast I can. I feel like if I stick around, people are going to come at me with clubs and hammers…and that’s if I DON’T post a thoughtful opinion or theory.

            Thanks for this little exchange. Makes me feel a bit better.

          • Sapfo

            You are welcome into the chatroom. It’s open all the time, but you live in the west Us (right?) then it should be more folks in there about 2-3 hours before noon on posting day.

          • The question is can he handle you two? Mmmm?

          • Sapfo

            What do you think?

          • Not to Word of God or anything, but it would be wise not to underestimate Spooky. This applies to both super-villains and potential lovers. 🙂

          • I immediately interpret this (almost WoG) to mean that, along with his ultra Spooky-confidence, the Spookster could be… BI-SEXUAL!!! OMG. where is Sonny when I need him????

            Spooky, Spooky,Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky,
            Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky,
            Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky,
            Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky, Spooky.


            *chris does a happy gay Mitch dance, but… on the ground.*

          • *LOL* I’ve been wondering about this, if he could be bi or ‘just’ heteroflexible if occation rises. I’m so glad that Alex said something, because I’d get to see this reaction ;D

          • Well you noticed that the way Alex worded that post he could be saying that Spooky would have NO trouble handling you and Sapfo… I IMMEDIATELY IGNORED THAT OPTION!!!

            !!! Spooky will NOT be pre-pre-dicted !!!

      • That’s funny… you saying “IF” there will be. I’m ready to start the Flying Car Kickstarter now…

        • You never know. Maybe Alex is just using sneaky tricks to have us aboard the Mile-ship (sounds better than Kitch).. or should we go with Hot-Boy xD

          Wait.. you did mean my ‘if’ about Mitch being gay, right? I think he is but, as I just said, Alex can be sneaky.
          My other ‘if’ I already replied with a Yes! 🙂

    • Steven K.

      This is a very nice analysis and set of things to consider. Very much agree with your thoughts on that potential relationship. Thanks.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      This is such an insightful and wonderfully articulate comment. I applaud both it and you.

  • Adam Black

    Now Disqus loads?

    • Sapfo

      telekinesis, might be so.

      Welcome to the new page.

      • Adam Black

        maybe…. could be interesting.
        Its such a dangerous power.


        • Sapfo

          And also usefull. Think of all the ways you could undress a lover 😉

          • Adam Black

            depends on whether youd have touch.
            It might be impersonal.
            hands have always worked for me

          • Sapfo

            If things are going to slow…..But then doing thing the old fashin way is never wrong 😉

          • I repeat…. 😀

          • Sapfo

            Well, I like to see things from the bright side.

            But the world should probably tremble at the thought that I would get some super powers.

            Now what kind of superpowers should I get? Hmmm!

          • Sapfo, I think YOU have all the super powers the world can handle already!!! LOL.

          • Sapfo

            You might be right.
            But if you ever get superpowers and I don´t then I am going to sulk…alone…in a corner… with chocolate… and all the virgins I have ever taken. 😛

          • HA… fair enough.

          • Sapfo

            Well you got snoring hunk, I got so many virgins it might fill a harem. So yes, Fair is fair.

          • There’s a boat floating joke there… but meh.

          • Adam Black

            Its your ship Captain Danger

          • That is so YOU Sapfo.

          • Adam Black

            I’m sorry,
            after you said this I remembered this scene from when I was twenty, at a gay friends house ( he wasnt home, and I wasnt out ) and his dread dead gorgeous 19 year old brother hung out with me…
            he was a classic twink, very athletoc. he pulled out a bong, got us high, and then left for a minunte and came back in just a towel….
            becuase he was going to take a shower….
            and then he didnt… was like waving meat in front of a dog…
            and he got high and played cards for a while while I fought the growingorge the pull his towel off,
            anyways thats whats your telekinesis discussion reminded me of.
            in that case, that towel would have been gone.

            I found out much later he was bi, and it was was one of these perennial missed opportunities….

          • Sapfo

            Poor Adam! Well you cant have them all 😉

          • Adam Black

            I just wish I could literally share the memories.
            full, color, sound, everything….

            The ones who got away, serve another special purpose..
            so in one sense they didnt….
            ( I didnt know it, but I was adorable myself at that age )

          • No one ever seems to think they’re adorable at that age and so many are. What’s up with that???

          • Adam Black

            i should have taken more pictures, thats for sure.
            Its becuase you are surrounded by other goodlooking people, it throws off the calibration

          • Awwww FECK that is so true!

          • Thanks for sharing that story. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone carrying around those life-moments when I shy’d away from something that might have been good.

          • Adam Black

            I think i did ask if he wanted company in the shower…
            I didnt know how to move it from there. Now I do

          • Ask and ye shall receive… on the page too.

          • Adam Black

            You are offering to scrub my back?
            ( on page? ) disqus wont page load for me again.

          • Ummmm… nope.

            I meant that, if you’d asked him it sounds like you certainly would have received. Your next sentence made this whole thing sound like a story you were writing… “move it from there.” (one never knows with you AB)… so I added, “on the page too.” just to be safe in my confusion.

            BTW, what did you ever do to Disqus to get it so cranky with you? Sheesh.

          • Adam Black

            beats me.
            the dash works…

        • See that’s Alex’s plan. When Mitch has an orgasm he inadvertently floats people right out of the atmosphere… very traumatic. Then he meets a super-villain just right. It’s a very heavy story….

          • Sapfo

            NO! That would be to sad! ;_;
            I go and cuddle up with my virgin insteed.

          • Oh the gloating!!!! 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Hey, I did not get the virgin on my b-day, then I am going to gloate about this one. And just look at him, he is so cute.

            *squeezing hard hug* My virgin! ^_^

    • Are you using Disqus mobile. My browser version seems the same as always?

      • Adam Black

        no, firefox portablee, ( not mobile )

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Tactile Telekinesis. (see “Kon-El” under alien hybrid superpowers)

      Or “Super strength” and “negative mass” in The Physics Of Superman

  • mogoskier

    Is it just me or dose Spooky look like he making a “my god, it talks” face at flyboy.

    • Steven K.

      That doesn’t sound like a friendly attitude for him to have – I hope that’s not the case.

    • Jeh Y

      I still think he looks incredibly high. He probably forgot Flyboy was helping with the actual flight.

  • Holly

    OH okay, so Paul convinced Kyle to let Spooky come along. Good to know. I love seeing Mitch’s concern. He is so adorable. I am really excited to see what happens on Saturday. If they will arrive and talk to Kyle, or just arrive, or whatever. I feel like Kyle will end up crying a lot. Not sure what he will say.

  • Simba Hutchison

    I can’t get over how adorable Flyboy is. The way his hair looks so great even while flying and turning his head. That cutey way his eyebrows knit together in panel 3. ^.^ I know it will be hard on Kyle at first, but I am excited to see him surrounded by people who care about him.

    • I especially like that last sentence. Super nice. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Mary Kelleher

    I’m totally hoping Flyboy and Kyle get together.

  • Niggle

    Aww, Flyboy is adorable! I really hope that this pickup goes smoothly for Kyle. When you’re down, or just sick, the last thing you want is people fussing over you and talking when you don’t want to talk and really don’t have the capacity or energy to listen and respond.

    • I hear that thought, but our boy Kyle needs something and this seems like the best rescue possible considering. I hope so anyway. 🙂

      • Niggle

        Oh, totally. Three friends who care about him and hopefully aren’t going to say anything judgmental and will accept it if Kyle is quiet and will listen if he wants to talks.

  • Just re-read Alex’s note and jaw-dropped. Cindy P (Gryphongirl2) you is THE super-hero. Thank you for heading us into TWO great weeks. Very kind and very generous. *major applause* 😀

    • Yay! I love being generous and for the first time in years I can be.

  • I love the art in this page so much. Flyboy looks like a little lost puppy with his tail between his legs. 🙂

  • And sure…NOW everyone sees what a cutie Flyboy is….NOW they are all ready to join the ship….*sighs* …Just to make sure everyone remembers, I was one of the first, if not THE first….

    • Flyboy was a cutie from the start, but I don’t really ship him with anyone.

      • Well there have been people wondering why some of us liked Flyboy….ship or not…saying they just didn’t see it.

        • SofiaT

          By some, I assume you mean me? 🙂

          Today’s page is the first page where we get any indication Flyboy really cares and worries about Kyle as a friend and not just as a teammate -and that sparked a debate about possible romantic feelings he may harbor towards Kyle. I can see that happening and -on further thought- I’m even fine with it, even though I do not want Kyle to reciprocate now in any way because that’s just icky -and I don’t think he’s emotionally ready anyway.

          But I still don’t see why out of a group of 3 more available men -and no previous indication of any kind of interest from either side- people would go for the youngest of the team… especially as a sexual interest in this arc. Three years from now? Sure, why not! 🙂

          • mogoskier

            You know the only reason I want Flyboy to be gay and have a crush on Kyle is so that when he finds out Kyle gay he do a ridiculous cute flying happy dance. No other reason, don’t want them to end up together. Just want a happy dance.

          • SofiaT

            I’d like to see that. 😀

            “Guys, I’m… I’m gay…”

            “YES! Another one!!”

          • Erm… I’ve done that dance, but my hair doesn’t look that good and I keep falling back to earth.

            Gravity is such a mean…

          • Go mogoskier. Dig the flying happy dance! 😀

            Someone alert Alex for the future happy idea file.

          • Which is why I have always stated that if anything were to happen, it would have to wait until he is legal. And no offense to Kyle or Fluke, but Flyboy has always been more my physical type. Good body, not too thin, nor too thick, not overly muscular, hair long enough to run fingers through…..*sigh* I really want those 3 years to pass quickly…..cause when he turns 18 I wanna call dibs. But I will settle with him being eye candy until then. ^_^ I know we haven’t really seen that much of him so far, but he was the one that was instant eye candy for me.

          • SofiaT

            I have problems considering anyone who is as young as TYP as eye-candy, even drawn up characters *sigh* Even Kyle I like in a little-brother sort of way.

            I remember watching a movie with Alex Pettyfer once and thinking “wow, he’s hot” and I’m still feeling bad about it 😛

            But still, if I had to ship anyone from the Team with Kyle, I’d go for Fluke. Anyone who is willing to take some really bad luck as long as he gets to help people is very ok in my book. 🙂

          • Eye candy is just that, eye candy. Doesn’t mean you want to jump them…..well not always….Just means you find someone pleasing to look at. I find Flyboy pleasing to look at and I am very much looking forward to seeing an adult Flyboy. ^_^

            I can see Paul and Kyle hooking up, and I wouldn’t be against that…and I agree that he has a nice body…gah I don’t know how to word what I want to say

            …..I just wanna see more Flyboy.

          • My husband and I have an eye-candy “look, but don’t touch” arrangement. If it looks good, it’s eye-candy, enjoy… BUT you better point him out to me and share that look or you’ll get a good kick in the…

            So, look all you want… just don’t touch. Three-ways are a sad/bad idea. Never had a good one. Someone is ALWAYS left out. Sorry, truth.

          • I was not trying to imply a three-way with Paul, Mitch, and Kyle. And I can totally get behind Paul and Kyle…it’s just….Paul doesn’t do that much for me.

          • Blasphemy! With his stomach muscles you dare to speak so???

            You shall walk the gang plank of ship FlukeHot for your temerity…

            *teasing rather a LOT* 😀

          • *sigh* I will walk the plank if I must…..Just to be clear, I am not saying he isn’t hot….because he is….he just doesn’t….get those juices flowing?

          • Then…… let’s make this about me….. shall we? XD

          • Can do. ^_^ hmmm…How are we going to handle those that can/are shipping both? Can there be a truce between the ships? An alliance?

          • Jeh Y

            I understand. It’s like how, technically, sure, Duncan and Tsunami are pretty attractive guys. I just don’t want to FUCK them.

            …Now I hear Grace Jones in my head…

            “Straight… you’re not straight, you just don’t want to FUCK me. I know a straight man when I see one!”

          • That works!

          • Brava… Team FlukeHot lives…

            (okay that was really pushing it, but I couldn’t help it.)

          • And besides…. he’s not Paul! Have I mentioned Paul’s body? LOL.

          • LimpBiskit

            Dem abs tho 😉

          • I KNOW!

          • LimpBiskit

            They’re like, wraparound abs. This is the part where I don’t make a wrap around joke.

          • Ellen Harman

            Well according to the talk with Duncan before the spell, if he did try anything with Mitch then Duncan and the other superbads would be after him. Kyle is 18 and considered an adult now and Mitch is off limits for another 2 years. I don’t know if they make exceptions for teenage adults.

          • I’m quite sure you’ve seen it, but I did like EldrinSMP’s post above about Mitch and hero worship. Yeah I WAS gay, but I followed around an 18-year-old brother of my friend for almost a year, just because he was the coolest human alive when I was 14-15.

            So his take on simple hero worship has a nice sound too. Typically I think Alex has left all his options open. Tricky author!


          • SofiaT

            It could be either or both. Let the theorizing begin!

    • dereule101

      Oh he’s cute— especially without the goggles.

      • Yeah… the goggles are just Alex’s way of trying to encourage us pervs to keep our hands off his sweet under-age Mitch. A little geek protection from this ravenous pack. XD

    • Jeh Y

      I’d ship them if Mitch weren’t underage. I may be talking with the wrong head, I just think, you know, Kyle needs some NON-traumatizing release (well, if he ever desires it ever again after this whole fiasco). Mitch is a bit young for him to take on.

      In the plus side, Mitch’ll be pretty bangable in three years. (Or two? He’s fifteen, right? So three years.)

      • Three years gives plenty leeway in recovery time for Kyle. ^_^

  • Fluke: It’s not that we didn’t want you come. Kyle didn’t want you to come. We just needed you to fly the car.
    Flyboy: I’m his friend, too.
    Flyboy: I wanna help
    Flyboy: 🙁
    Fluke: Look, dude, he didn’t want ANYONE to come. Don’t get too offended.
    Flyboy: Kyle hurt? 🙁
    Spooks: Probably

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Now I’m suddenly hearing Flyboy’s dialogue in this comment in the voice of Dug from Up.

  • Paul does look a littly “holy crap” concerned. It might be Spooky who has the sophistication and experience to be the most help. He’s definitely got the open mind about the social issues Kyle is struggling with. He’ll be able to interpret the spell (I’d guess) and what that all means.

    Hopefully, he’ll be able to help Kyle get his feet under him.

    • Mary Klemzak

      Paul is Fluke, right? Kinda confusing 🙁

  • This is not anything to do with this page, or the story arc we are currently on, this is just an overall note to Alex.

    Most comics nowadays have women who are…well, not treated well. They’re sex objects. In Artifice and even in TYP, Alex treats his female characters with respect, even the villian. They’re not overly sexualized and they are strong beings. They don’t require men’s help, but they do ask for it. They’re leaders in their respective groups. It is a rare story that shows women like this and I’m very happy that Alex has been able to show not only strong gay male characters, but strong female characters.

    A gentlemanly hat tip to you, sir. I’d shake your hand if there wasn’t a thousand or so miles between us.

    • *standing ovation*

      I so agree. Sofia and friends educated me to what “spineless” posing was in female depictions of super-heroines and I thought a lot and realized we’ll always have some of that, just as we’ll always have some gay depictions as effeminate weak men.

      But what Alex has done is give us choices. Amanda or even nasty Clarice, are smart, sexy and strong female choices. Sircea uses her desire as a choice. But it is having that choice.

      I thank him in the same way for the gay male characters. He’s right that, just as he describes for himself, I grew up dreaming of gay characters like this. With dignity and respect… who might not ONLY be villains and or cannon fodder, but MIGHT be the hero one day.


      So I agree with you 100%. It deserves an extra round of applause that’s for damn sure.

      • Yes, we had a good debate about that on previous page 🙂

        I know it’s not about comics, but the debate made me appreciate a new ‘trend’ in Denmark even more: Most new crime/drama tv-series, made in Denmark, have a strong female leading role now. Not meaning we don’t have series with men in leading roles, but the ratio is turning towards the opposite. Also she’s not sexualized or being portrayed just as a beauty. She’s a strong, ‘common’ woman with both good sides and flaws, and the focus is one her actions/life and not her looks.
        Two examples are ‘The Bridge’ and ‘The Killing’ – both series that has been made into an English spoken series as well, but there’s others and a few of them are named after the leading role, like ‘Dicte’, ‘Anna Pihl’ and ‘Rita’ – clearly telling who the main role is. It’s refreshing.

        • That’s a great trend.

          Meryl Streep said that women don’t actually act with only their boobs. So this is good news. 😀

        • I had to go look up the debate you were talking about. I’m really sad that I missed that!

          • Yeah, with so many comments it’s easy to miss something, but now we got a chance to elaborate on it again. It’s a good point that needs mentioning more than once 😀

          • I agree. If something is done well, there is no need to be silent about it. That being said, I love how modest Alex is about all of this.

          • SofiaT

            You know, whenever we praise Alex and he replies with one of his modest comments that start with “heh”, I can see him blushing in my head 😀

            That said, while he’s very modest, the other thing that strikes me about him is his confidence. It must take a lot of confidence in what you do and bravery too, to create stories that are so out of what’s considered “the norm” and put them out in the open for the whole world to see and judge.

            And I’m very grateful for that, because it would be such a shame if these stories never made it out. 🙂

      • Even among the webcomic universe, Alex’s gay characters and stories stand out. I think the fact that he is a gay male himself helps him write from a more realistic view point but also keep it attractive to the audience. It is certainly an amazing talent and it really makes me want to read more of his writing.

        • Jeh Y

          Seriously. I actually identify with Kyle in some aspects. I see gay characters pop up here and there, and people tend to lump them into, in some cases, “burly top and wispy bottom” stereotypes, or… like the gay guys from any Seth MacFarlane cartoon or Cam and Mitch from Modern Family (although I’ll admit to kinda crushing on Mitch a bit).

          Kyle, Jeff, Deacon… all gay (well, Deacon may just be Jeff-sexual, like Mr. Smithers is Burns-sexual), but all very different, relatable guys who fit into their own molds. I see bits of myself in each of them (mostly Kyle and Jeff) when it’s really tough to find gay guys in media I identify with. (The closest before this was Andrew from Desperate Housewives. Then, he was either a sociopath, or an offscreen stereotype).

          Also, Duncan, but I’m nursing hatred for No-Nuts right now and would prefer to not compliment anything about him in case it makes him feel good about himself. When he really needs a slap to the face and a kick in the groin.

    • Thank you, Kinziechan. That’s important me. It’s makes me feel very good that you feel I’m doing a good job with that. 🙂

      • You certainly are doing a good job. 🙂 I enjoy reading your stories and I love the little nuances you put in. *shakes hand*

    • VileTybalt

      That’s a really good point. I totally agree. I was actually just talking to a friend of mine about the marginalization and sexual exploitation of female characters in comics. She got me to become a fan of the Hawkeye Initiative (as if I need an excuse to imagine Jeremy Renner in sexy poses *drools*)

      But it reminded me of something my nephew said the other day. He’s 3 years old and has become a huge Avengers and Spider-Man fan lately, but when he saw Wonder Woman, he turned to my sister and said “look, it’s a nudey girl”. And while it was absolutely hilarious, and I know that Wonder Woman is a classic and all, I couldn’t help but feel that if a 3 year-old can see how differently woman are depicted in comics, how come the rest of the world treats it like it’s totally normal.

      So I think it is really important that we support the artists who defy all the negative stereotypes that we’re constantly bombarded with. Even if that is in a heavily gay male focused comic (which I do recognize some irony in that). Kudos Alex!

      Seriously though, if you’re not familiar with it. Go check out the Hawkeye Initiative. It is pretty friggin awesome!

      • SofiaT

        Interesting that you mention The Hawkeye Initiative, we were just discussing that and a few other similar projects on the previous page. Go check it out (if you have the patience to dig through the pile of comments), it was a fun thread and lots of interesting links were exchanged.

    • Jeh Y

      I do agree. I mean, Sircea’s revealing outfit raised some eyebrows when it first came about, but for starters, I believe the characters are always dressed in-tune with their personalities. Hers fits her personality (proud, a bit cocky, powerful and commanding but also sneaky and manipulative), just like Spooky’s fits his.

      And as far as Maven, loathsome as she is, I respect her intelligence. I cheered when she got her just desserts because she was just awful, but at the same time, I still would not dare fuck with her because she’s dangerously savvy.

      And I just plain love ComManda. Powerful, mature, great sense of humor and willing to banter with her teammates and treats them as equals, doesn’t mind them goofing off but knows how and when to draw the line without coming off like some sort of J. Jonah Jameson or Mom-from-Futurama kind of hardass. I’d love to work for her. It’s clear they all respect her. Even Spooky, who just loves to mess with anyone.

  • Okay, let’s just say it… Mitch is going to be voted “Best Hair” in super high school. LOL.

    • Sapfo

      Not even the wind can make it bad

    • I LOOVVE Mitch’s hair! It’s not even Superman blue, it’s…it’s beautiful and purple and matches his uniform.

  • Hikaru Takemori

    I had just the best day ever. Broke of part of my tooth in an argument with the street while riding my bike and dentis can’t see me until monday. Eating this week will be fun *joy* 🙁

    • *hugs* Why must the street be so violent? Has the street been skipping its therapy sessions? BAD street, VERY bad.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        I think it had a bad day because of the rain.

        • Ah yeah, rain is one of the triggers for street’s temper.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            @hikarutakemori – sorry you lost your fight with the street, that always sucks. I bashed a front tooth out whole in a similar incident, not the one that follows below. Broke my jaw and a couple fingers in the doing too. My jaw’s never been right since. I hope your dentist can slot you in real soon!

            @dokidokibaka – Especially rain on an oil slicked street. Worse still when you throw in a motorcycle’s bad temper in those conditions. I was riding along just fine, then boom, my bike goes down and across three lanes of traffic, thankfully dropping me right by the curb instead of dragging me with it. I was so darn lucky to escape with nothing more than a mild case of road rash, some gnarly bruising, and some shaken confidence (my protective gear helped!). I rode the bike home, then never rode it again. Ten years on, and I’m finally feeling like riding a motorbike could be fun again.

            Biker PSA: You will always lose a fight with the street if you don’t wear protective gear. Please wear it, because even if you think you’ll never come off, you never know when the street’s going to serve you humble pie in an asphalt crust.

          • Awwww *hugs* I so understand the not touching something again after something happens. Not bike or street related, but work related. I used to work closing kitchen in a Bakery/Deli. They had three fryers, two “chicken” drop down fryers, and one “french fry” fryer. In order to keep the oil from going bad you have to filter it every night. It isn’t so bad when you have to filter the chicken fryers because the filter boxes fit right snug underneath. To filter the the french fryer, you have to pull out one of those boxes and set it up in front of the smaller frier. The down side to this is that if there is a drip from the pipe it can get onto the electrical cording. Now this isn’t so bad as long as the wiring isn’t exposed or something doesn’t go wrong with the plug.

            Is quiet for a moment so you can think of all the horrible things that can go wrong and try to guess where this is going

            Now the one I had to use had a small drip from a leak somewhere. In order to keep from getting a puddle of oil on the floor that could cause slippery problems we had the habit of putting a folded up paper towel under the leaky drain pipe.

            pauses again so people can think of just how horribly bad this could get…..

            Now before I get to the rest of the story, sometimes the filters like to be mean and not work when you turn them on. There is a reset button one can push in these times in order to get them working again, It usually works…..even if you have to press the button for ten minutes before it works. Sometimes it won’t work until you get frustrated and call a manager over and then it starts up no problem making you look/feel like an idiot.

            Now this night was like any other and I managed to get the chicken fryers done no problem. I go to due the french fryer and all of a sudden the filter decides to not work. No biggie right? So I reset press the button until it starts working again. It starts to work and I am all happy and then it starts to spark. Now, no major problem there because this has happened before. Immediately turn off the filter and then page the manager to call the deli to inform him of the situation.

            Things are okay right? Filter is turned off so nothing more can go wrong……right?


            After I got off the phone with Mr Manager I headed back over to the fryer and filter box.


            I noticed a slight problem. Remember the folded up paper towel that we use to catch the dripping oil?




            Slight problem = after turning the machine off and during the time I was on the phone, that paper towel had caught fire.





            Mind goes into panic mode. First immediate thought = fire extinguisher. Second immediate thought = image of me using fire extinguisher and things getting worse. (and yes I know that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but it is me we are talking about and I trip over air, run into things and cut myself on smooth surfaces.) Third thought = get the fire away from the electric plug and the remaining oil.

            Now luckily the whole paper towel wasn’t engulfed in flames and I was able to pull it out and get it on the floor away from everything. Where I stomped it out.

            After that incident I told the Deli manager that I needed to be out of the kitchen for awhile and that if/when I returned to the kitchen I would not filter the french fryer. And I didn’t. From that moment on until I left, I did not filter the french fryer. Some of the others did, but I refused. Up until I left, I still got extremely stressed/jittery/shakey/nervous just talking about that incident.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Oh, yeah, I get where you’re coming from on the oil and fire thing. To be clear, I love fire. I’ve never been near a fire that scared me, even when it probably should’ve scared me. My favorite was watching a whole stand of fir trees on fire and burning so hot they were roaring.

            But just because I love fire doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t hurt me.

            I had one of those aromatherapy oil burners, but I’d bought it second hand.

            I set up my oil burner with its little tealight candle, and went to go pour myself a cup of coffee.

            When I came back, the whole thing was ablaze. I panicked, thinking ‘oh god, I’m going to set fire to the house’. Now, knowing you don’t put water on an oil fire because it just spreads around, the only thing I could think of was to get that thing out of the house right now, and put the burner, fuel, and ignition source on concrete, where it wouldn’t hurt anything. See where this is going?

            I got it out of the house nice and easy, not a lick of flame on me, no fuel spilled, nothing else in the house set fire to, nothing bad. Then I went to put it down on the concrete.

            That’s when I splashed that scalding, burning hot oil on my hand. That stuff was so hot, it gave me a third degree burn on the finger I splashed it on, and it did it almost instantly. It’s almost a decade later, and I still have no nerve sensation in a good chunk of my left ring finger because of those burns. In hindsight, I’m lucky I didn’t get burned worse than that.

            Once the fire burned itself out, and I’d done some first aid on my hand, I took a look at that burner on my way out the door to go see a doctor. That oil burner looked like it had been damaged before, split right down the middle in a straight line, and probably been repaired with a glue that was not fire safe. When I put the fire under it, it destroyed the glue’s bond on the ceramic, and though it didn’t split the entire seam, that’s when the oil got down to the candle.

            I cannot state this strongly enough to anyone – do not, under any circumstances, use something to contain flames that you are not a hundred percent confident in. Additionally, do not leave a room with any kind of open flame burning. In the time it takes to pour yourself a cup of coffee, that fire can do more damage than you think, if something goes wrong.

          • Well I was tempted to watch the towel burn out, but I probably would have gotten in big trouble. Fire is sooo nice and beautiful to watch. Always shifting and changing. Always gets a bad rep though….

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            I probably wouldn’t have left that towel burn out if the whole situation’s how I understood it, it would have been really bad if it had set fire to the whole shebang. Oil fires are not to be messed around with, that’s for sure.

    • Sorry… I’d down-vote the street, but that’s just confusing my brain. Feel better and hang in. Teeth. Bah.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        Thanks Chris.

    • Faolnagael

      Lost a fight with a street in Seattle myself. Those streets be badasses. 2 black eyes man. Sorry about the tooth 🙁

    • Oh, man, that sucks! I hope that dentist is able to fix things right away on Monday and without any pain. My fingers are crossed that they have a cancellation and you can get in early…

  • So.. is this going to turn into a Team Redilator vs. Team Hot-Boy? (Or Team Mile, depending on what we end up naming them).

    Of course there’s the recent made Team Pitchfork in the mix as well. Shouldn’t forget them 🙂

    • Well, I think Team Pitchfork might side with Team Hot-Boy/Mile/something better maybe. Though I think they might side with anything as long as it isn’t Anni/Duncan.

      • mogoskier

        I really don’t want Kyle to end up with anyone, at least not in this arc. It would be nice if the charter came into his own and then went to date somebody. It would be a nice change to the finding yourself though love that a lot of yaoi follows.

        • Arc as in this chapter, or as in this whole Kyle’s story arc (Engaging the Enemy)? Most if not all of the Team Hot-Boy/Mile/etc are willing to wait for things to happen between the two until Flyboy is legal. I think all that could happen between them now is that they become a lot closer. And I really don’t think anyone expects Kyle to just jump into another relationship. We just want Kyle to be happy and love to speculate on just who that will be. ^_^

          • mogoskier

            I mean after the engaging the enemy arc. I feel it will flow better

    • Excuse me… but I’ve got Team FlukeHot on the phone, but we’ll get back to you shortly………..

    • I fear it is far too early to outline our official policy position. All our efforts and concentration are focused on achieving proximity to our firm, ample target and bringing matters to a speedy, successful conclusion whilst achieving a breakthrough of colossal, sturdy proportions.

      So once we’ve stabbed him in the butt, I’ll get back to you.

      • Oh you were SORELY missed last night. Team Redilator ran amuck with submarines with windows for the claustro and inflatable rafts made of vibranium umbrellas (or something), Team FlyHot(?) and it’s balloon are working on the time travel machine to age Mitch up, Team AnniLaamp are… (Naaaahhhhh just messing with you on that one), I tried to get Team Spooky’sAvailable going, but was shot down they’re all convinced he’s not queer… I know? Whassup with that?, and Team FlukeHot is iffy for everyone as they’re not sure WHAT Paul wants.

        Everyone IS clear they want Mitch’s hair products.

        So, anyway dude, bad night for your pitchfork to be out. Just sayin’ 😀

        DatAss is waiting… is waiting for YOU!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Do we have a name for the Spooky/Commander ship? Cooky? Spookmander? I like any of these options.

        • Oh, Chris. Don’t listen to their lies. Team Redilator’s once mighty armada got reduced to one single inflatable rubber dinghy. Which is quite fun to poke holes in with a pitchfork, let me assure you.

          And even though it has sunk beneath the waves (thanks to aforementioned pitchfork poking) taking them all with it, that DOES NOT make it a submarine.

          Even if they all have snorkles.

  • ladykazumi

    why is saturday to far away

    • “Why is saturday to far away?”

      Wait… ladykazumi… I know this song… “Why is Saturday…?” Oh wait this is a sad sad song.

  • After being so reasonable, last night, in handling my quiet, thoughtful, dignified reaction to the news that Spooky is NOT QUEER (ahem). I’m as steadfast as the mountains and have thus decided that it is now all about…

    Paul, Paul,Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul,
    Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul,
    Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul,
    Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul

    Now you can truly see how well I handle these wee contretemps that life throws at us occasionally.

    And have you seen that body. Yowza? (ahem) … as I said… dignified.

    • For your sake, I almost hope that Paul is gay or bi now. That’s enthusiasm right there 😉

      ..Oh dear the reaction if he’s not. If we don’t find out sooner, we shoud know when the kickstarter packages are shipped out. That’s when we should find out about all of them, if I’m not mistaken 🙂

      • Ahahahahahah touché Wolf. I’ll pre-write my non-queer Paul tantrum now and save it. LOL.

    • purplefoxglove

      Whait, what? What did I miss? Did we get a WOG that Spooky is not gay? And why is he only a fictional character? *sigh* the best men are already taken, gay or fictional…

      • SofiaT

        Heh, no WoG. We were just teasing Chris that we think Spooky is straight and he took it a bit hard. 😛

        Edit: but yes, the best men always seem to be either taken, gay or fictional. Dammit. 😀

        • purplefoxglove

          Oh, what a relief…that means there is still hope 🙂 I’m shipping Spooky/Kyle 😀

      • No, not at all. Me being daft, as usual. Our Alex is being completely WoG-odless about Spooky, but others had decided he’s too straight to be gay, and so now I’m dreaming of a Bi Spooky and a gay Paul (greedy thy name is Chris). So it’s all pure silliness, we only know about Kyle.

        Even Duncan and Sircea are a mystery to anything orientation related. So, Alex is being difficult and asking us to make up our own minds for the moment.

        So wrong. Ya know? 🙂

        • purplefoxglove

          Oh, Alex did Hint-of-God us about the cap 😉
          And I’m totally with you on Bi Spooky and a gay Paul – too bad us readers won’t get to vote on that. We can only hope and dream 😀

  • Emiko

    Jesus christ Cindy…. thank you thank you thank you <3

  • SpookyDomme

    Wow. Is it weird to covet a fictional character’s hair products?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Fictional hair products are the best. Not even the most powerful winds can affect them! Just look at any anime character in a fight.

    • Samurai Jack

      Fictional? Didn’t you know that Flyboy was Jimmy Johnson’s youngest son? 🙂

    • Jeh Y

      I covet Kyle’s. I scorn No-Nuts’. (The Annihilator. Not Mitch. Mitch also has pretty hair and probably bigger balls than the babbling old coward. I just prefer Kyle’s because motherfuckin’ gingers, man.)

      • SpookyDomme

        There was nothing about this comment that I didn’t like.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Hopefully when they get there….Paul will take the clothes in , check Kyle out…to make sure he is alright …..hopefully Kyle hasn’t had a chance to fully regenerate his flame mode, because once he finds out who all are there he could possibly get a little “hot” under the collar!

    • Jeh Y

      Well, he DOES know Spooky’s already come along for the ride, since Paul mentioned having to convince him to let Spooky tag along.

      He may even expect Mitch simply for convenience of transportation.

  • twincast

    I feel compelled to point out that I kept voting for Kyle/Mitch art after the first Duncan/Kyle one. ;P

    • Steven K.

      That would have been my choice as well.

  • twincast

    I did. Replacing the bookmark somehow helped.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I say hugs for everyone! Except Duncan. And Sircea. And Laampros. No hugs for them.

    • HA

    • awwwww….but even demons need hugs! And Laampros hasn’t done anything truly bad yet. He was even nice enough to be mean and cause pain to Anni/Duncan!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hmm…good point. Although he does kind of want to take over the world…

        • up-vote? down-vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-vote?
          down-vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-vote? down-
          vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-
          vote? down-vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-vote?
          down-vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-vote? down-
          vote? up-vote? down-vote? up-vote? down-vote?

          *chris runs off confused with too much choice???*

        • Yeah. The operative word here is YET. Duncan just needs a kick… somewhere painful.

          • You know the Kickstarters got to VOTE on the most painful places Duncan needed to be kicked. Wow, sad it’s too late. Bet some folk would like to change that vote now. Well Alex will work it all out somehow.

    • Steven K.

      Well, Laampros didn’t end up hurting Kyle, and as scary and freaky as it probably was, he actually tried to comfort Kyle and rather tenderly kissed him – so even though he’s a big bad scary-demon hell-lord, he still gets at least of a bit of a tentative hug from me.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Well, no hugs if he starts calling us maggots.

    • Klaus

      I for one do not want to hug Hunter.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That’s fair.

      • But he wants to hug you!

        • Klaus


  • Ellen Harman

    Thank you Cindy P. (Gryphongirl2). We now have pages for the next 2 weeks. Will there be a page for Christmas? It is on Wednesday this year. If so the next time we tip the scale is for a Christmas page. And then for New Years.

    • SofiaT

      If we tip over the donation bar (and I don’t see why not!) updates will go on as usual during the holidays 🙂

  • EldrinSMP

    i think Flyboy’s reaction is more overactive puppy 15yo friend than anything truly amorous. I was the same way with my older friends when I was his age. It was a hero worship, in a way. They were the “older” kids who had so much more freedom than I did. I had Puppy Syndrome bad.

    • SofiaT

      I agree that sounds like the most obvious conclusion but you know how much we all love to theorize 😀

    • Derkins

      I was a bit like that. I felt cool cause I got to hang out with my older sister’s friends. I used to follow them around like a lost puppy. Aaand I can’t say I never had any puppy crushes on some of them.

  • Adam Black

    So, I got a small package today, from “apple way”
    and i jumped to the conclusion that a friend mailed me an iphone as a xmas present. Which strangely enough, made me depressed. ( its complicated)
    So i put it aside unopened.

    Then I thought about it… and I realized its probably a sample of coffee from
    @admiraljane:disqus !Which immediately made me happy again.
    Thanks Admiral.
    ( It was in exchange for my Hot Fudge recipe, I posted 10 pages back )
    I just made coffee tho. But I know what I will have tomorrow.
    ( NO, I still havent opened it. . But I KNOW

    • Hope you like it. And are you certain that didn’t say Apple Valley?

      • Adam Black

        little bit of social engineering right there

        • I see. A bit of smoke… 😛

          • Adam Black

            I promise I will NOT write down your Incorrect favorite pet or, incorrect Mother’s maiden name

          • *raspberry*

            Why do I suddenly feel like Dr. Scratchansniff?

          • There has been a raspberry theme going on lately. Not that that’s bad or anything. Just sayin’

          • *tosses raspberry muffin at Chris.* Woo Hoo *dancing cause it bounced off his head* Perfect aim!

          • You lady? Smug is never attractive. Just sayin’ 😛

          • Smug! *takes aim with another muffin* Considering I rarely hit my targets, I’m rather deserving of excitement. 😛

          • Adam Black

            who was that , your pet?
            I am *so* sorry.
            Whatever you do, DO NOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION.

            i will just have to live my whole life without knowing the answer. I am brave. I will try and not go insane..

          • Adam Black

            Raspberry? , Raspberry Synchronicity? or perhaps a lil’ Raspberry Reich?

            I happen to have this page open next tab over:

            with eminantlty re-quoatable lines like:
            “The Revolution is my boyfriend!”

            “Are you revolutionary enough to give up your girlfriends?” “Join the homosexual intifada!”

            “Out of the bedrooms into the streets!”
            “Heterosexuality is the opiate of the masses”

            I cant believe I haven’t seen this movie.

            Because a rasberry, is never just a raspberry to the homosexual revolutionary agenda.
            ( i dont know any Situationalist International propaganda to end that joke properly )

          • Adam Black
          • I know! I know!

            *waves hand in the air wildly*

            It’s “Princess Puffball” and “Gertrude”. Am I right? Yeah? Do I win something?

          • Adam Black

            No, NO!
            You must stop. The compulsion has proven to strong.
            We must protect Admiral from the impulse to overshare.
            Didnt you see the Seinfeld episode ( where Constanza KILLS a woman by telling her his ATMcode. )

            Who knows what terror this path may lead to. Its all folly and comedy from her on …

          • Okay, I’ll consider… but folly for whom and comedy for whom… those are the questions I want answered.

          • Adam Black
    • Adam, I’ve figure out your Disqus problems… see below. 😀

      *beeep boooop biiiip* (disqus computer voice)


      • Adam Black

        sometime in September or october,

        or you can scan through my posts in the disqus dashboard about 1000 posts back.

        Or ask google, maybe it got indexed

        • Thanks and you made me go look at that super romantic shot of Duncan carrying Kyle up to that landing pad. So while chocolate is good…….

          *chris goes to look for crying towel*

          Oh, BTW those were the days when gay men were making marriage proposals to Veronica based on her background skys alone, and she still had time in her day to comment back. Those were the halcyon salad days of the Graphic Novel, before the additional pages thing ran amuck and she realized she hadn’t actually seen the night sky in a month of Sundays… ho hum… so hard to be brilliant.

          Don’t worry Veronica your skies have just become more beautiful with each page!

          *still crying, but now it’s about Mitch’s hair, but that’s Adam’s fault.*

          • Adam Black

            You found the recipe?
            I think it was post betrayal. Probably at least after the the first monologue.

            “Halcyon Salad?”
            Got no hankie…
            just this.. towel

          • Adam Black

            wait a minute, Ive never even laid a hand on flyboys head

          • HA! Sorry… Adam DeKraker.

          • Adam Black
    • Coffee. O_O I wants

      • Adam Black

        admiral is a PRO,
        shes a roaster

        • D:!!! SO much want

          • Adam Black

            ask Admiral for her webpage .. i forget what it is

          • Heeeeyyyy Aaaaaadmiral? Trade for banana chocolate chip cookie recipe?

  • Jamie Dutton

    Love the way Vero colors the sky! That night sky is just as beautiful as her sunsets! Adam captured Flyboy’s adorable 15 year old self wonderfully, too! This whole page made me smile, even though it’s kind of bittersweet.

    Wow, 2 bonus pages to look forward to? Merry Christmas to all of us! 😀
    Anyone else take one look at this page and wonder what’s the word on our Spooky hats?

    • I’ve been meaning to ask about Spooky’s hat.

      Edit: I think that may just be Spooky on Spooky’s hat.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Please do, Admiral.

        • I just edited my post. I think that may be Spooky on Spooky’s hat.

          • Jamie Dutton

            That is Spooky on his hat. He has his own tv show and that’s the logo for it.
            My question earlier was wanting the word on the Spooky hats that were a Kickstarter reward. I was wondering if Alex has put them in to be manufactured yet?

          • Wait, what? He has his own show? Where did I miss that? Now I feel like an idiot.

          • Jamie Dutton

            The first page where we got a good look at his hat, everyone was asking about it. Alex mentioned it in the comments I think. And I’m pretty sure he put it on the kickstarter page.
            Um i think it was the scene where they’re looking at the porn site.

          • I will have to go look.

          • SofiaT

            I believe the Kickstarter backers are due to get their rewards by April so I’d imagine the caps and all other goodies must be getting ready at the moment.

          • Is it April yet?

          • SofiaT

            I’m waiting for summer 😀
            (Well, your summer. It will be winter here.)

          • The current word on the Spooky Caps is that I just got a “digital tape” (today!) from my vendor which shows how the embroidery is going to look on the cap. I had a bunch of little corrections, but I hope to be sending out an update with those images to the backers very soon.

            It’s very cool to see the “embroidered” version. Excited! 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton

            OMGomgomg!! Yay, can’t wait to see 🙂

    • You said that and then silly me, went up to look at Spooky’s hat to see if there were words on it. heh. But then I noticed that it looks like Spooky’s hat has Spooky on it. So is that some merchandise that Spooky fans can buy and Spooky is walking advertisement for it?

      • That’s what I did. I thought words? I didn’t see any words on his hat.

      • dereule101

        I bet he has a breakfast cereal. SpooOOOOky Crisp!

  • Alex, is that Spooky on Spooky’s hat? Cause if it is… I SO WANT ONE!!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Lol, I just answered this further down 🙂

      • Yes, and I feel really ridiculous now. 😐 I came in after the Kickstarter.

        • Jamie Dutton

          It’s all right. I saw some other people asking about Spooky’s hat further down in the comments, so you’re still doing your mod thing 😉

    • Jamie Dutton

      Here’s what Alex said about Spooky’s hat, on Pg 4 of Interlude One:

      “You’re not far off, actually. His work outside of The Young Protectors does involve what are essentially “occult investigations.” And out of all The Young Protectors, for various reasons, Spooky does have the most “fame.” (Something that I look forward to exploring in future comics.)

      There is indeed Spooky merch out there in my world and a cartoon series has been proposed to him more than once, but all that stuff is pretty far off his radar. He has other priorities. He wears this cap for a specific reason and it’s not about money. 🙂

      • Jamie Dutton

        Oops looks like he doesn’t have his own show, yet ><; Guess I remembered Alex talking about a 'possible' cartoon and took it from there.

        • Thanks for looking that up. You’re awesome!

          Well, I hope the hat gets put up eventually in the shop cause I would buy one.

          • Jamie Dutton

            No problem, glad I could help 🙂

      • Klaus

        Does he ned a picture of himself for magical reasons?

        • Well Alex doesn’t wave ANY (WoG) type stuff around, stingy author… but he does rather portentously (there’s a lot of TONE in Alex’s comments) say, “He (spooky) has other priorities. He wears this cap for a specific reason and it’s not about money. :)”

          *chris rubs chin knowingly… and nods… nods again*

      • I forget how much good stuff there is if you go backward knowing what you know now. That shot of the back of Spook’s cap is perf. and Alex’s comments are great. It’s so easy to forget all that. And on some of my “catchup” early read I didn’t do all the comments also, so I missed a lot. Something fun for rainy/sick day.

        Just gotta remember the crying towel, if I venture out into the D/K pre-hell dating zone… Angst wuss tears guaranteed… damn.

        Anonymouse(?) had a comment back then during the porn interlude. Is Tsunami just feeling hate towards the gay or to the idea of him getting it on with his good friends?

        Not an awful question, I’m obviously just fine with gays. That said, I have some gay friends that I don’t necessarily want to see Adam & Veronica do a smut spread on me with. Of course with my new set of MITCH-PERFECT © AMW HAIR PRODUCTS (easily purchasable at Alex’s web-store) all my friends want porn spreads on-line with me. XD

        Interesting trawling in the histories… thanks Jamie for the reminder.

        • Jamie Dutton

          Your welcome 🙂

    • Did you not notice that before? 😀

      • No. That’s partly why I feel ridiculous. But I’m getting better at reading comics, slowing down and taking in all the various panels and each detail.

        Before I would always just look for dialogue… 😐

        • I used to be the opposite. I would look at the pretty pictures and go to the next page. XD

          • I’m getting better. I’m still pretty new to the comic thing.

        • SofiaT

          I usually read comic books twice, back to back, once for the story and once for the art.

          The first time I’m too much in a hurry to pay the art proper attention.

  • Steven K.

    I wonder if there’s a tiny Spooky on the little hat on the little Spooky on Spooky’s spooky-hat.

    • I could have sworn that Alex had sent an update or something in relations to the kickstarter which showed the print that would be on the caps, but I can’t find it so maybe I remember wrong.
      But now you have me wondering LOL .. and I love to read your question in my head.

    • twincast

      We need to go deeper!

  • Jeh Y

    Poor Flyboy. He feels insecure. Man, he’ll feel a lot better about himself once he learns what KYLE’S been through!

    Side note: I love how Spooky looks high as a fucking kite all throughout this trip (ahem) thus far. In panel 1, he kinda looks like Mitch’s head just turned into a singing cheeseburger that asked him if he believes in God.

    • Jamie Dutton

      …a singing cheeseburger asking wha? Lol, I don’t think I wanna know ><;

      • Jeh Y

        I’m just saying, THAT’S how high Spooky looks.

        I’m going off the excample from this “reefer madness” styled video I saw once where a woman took LSD or something and bought a hot dog that started begging her not to eat it because it had a wife and kids.

        (This is an actual video.)

    • dereule101

      He is pretty high. They’re in a flying car, after all.

  • Tangoutah

    One interesting possibility to consider: that “kiss” from Lampy. We’ll shy away from some of the more unpleasant implications of a “fatherly” kiss from a demon, the “sweetest meat” and all that, and simply note that it may well mark Kyle (in a way that is different from the Mark Anni now carries) and that mark may be visible to those with the sight. Spooky may see it right off or when he uses his powers. One can only wonder what his reaction might be. (Sorry if this has been broached before, I tried to scan the comments and make sure this was not a repeat idea.)

    • SofiaT

      It was mentioned by someone (I remember discussing it with a few people) back when we were still in hell, but that only proves it’s an idea with merit 🙂

      Don’t be afraid to contribute to the discussion, most things have been mentioned more than once anyway, it doesn’t stop us from analyzing them to the death either way. 😉

      • Jamie Dutton

        Lol, how blithely you say “when we were still in hell…” What has Alex done to us? T.T

        Is it scary that whatever it is, I like it?

  • TruelyMe

    Hey Alex, just wanted to let you know I haven’t been getting RSS updates since the end of Chapter 2. Maybe something’s not working right?

    • What is your RSS reader?

    • Other folks have mentioned this problem too. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind reaching out to (they’re the 3rd party that’s handles my feeds.) They are aware of the problem, but the more data they get, the better they will be able to troubleshoot this.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • SofiaT

    Hey @DanishWolf:disqus guess what? My Khaos boxset is here!! Gonna go and pick it up from the post office tomorrow. It only took one week to get here from the UK, I’m so doing a happy dance! 😀

    • Wohoo, Awesome it got there so fast 🙂 Hope it made the travel well. I’m glad they we’re getting all the extra stories on pdf next year. Then it will finally be complete 🙂

  • Sapfo

    I really don´t like Disquse right now! Jumping up and down. Gaaaah!
    Hope it will get better soon.

    • You too? I can’t seem to click on anything without it jumping to the top. >:P

      • Sapfo

        It´s on Teahouse and Starfighter also. Been going on for about 10 hours now. XP

        (and it has locked out our wicked genius ;_; )

        • Arg! I just want to click on the see new comment without loosing my place… 🙁

          • Sapfo

            I know, I am going mad with having to find my place again. But if you dont press the notice for new comment, and instead press new comments up or down it don´t jump so much.

          • And refresh isn’t working right either. I’m not always seeing the new comments, even one’s I’ve just made. Stupid Discus Gremlins.

          • Sapfo

            Jupp, I said it before and I say it again: I don´t like Disques right now. XP

  • SofiaT

    Mitch is the one with the power to fly but Fluke gets the aerodynamic uniform. I wonder if it’s because Alex didn’t want the youngest of the team to wear tights or because he had a thing for the aviator jacket. 😀

    • Sapfo

      And he looks so good in that jacket 🙂

      • SofiaT

        With that hair and that jacket, he looks like a young hearththrob from the 1930s 🙂

        Even his goggles look vintage.

        • Sapfo

          My favorit era *.* (this is me being staryeyed)

    • It could be a bit of both?

    • Terri Sutton

      I had assumed the jacket was because it gets cold at high altitudes and in this universe the power of flight doesn’t automatically make you immune to cold or protect your eyes from bugs (the goggles).

    • Denise Cruz

      XDDDD ‘… a thing for the aviator jacket.’ ?!
      Ooh! I miss being here, even more when I read some comments… lol <3
      That crazy zipper keeps me thinking, everytime I look at it: Not even my party dresses have zippers that long!! lol

    • Flyboy chose the jacket. (And yes, cold was a factor there. 🙂 )

      • SofiaT

        He has a good fashion sense! 😀

        Question about Kyle’s uniform (if the reply is not containing any spoilers). We saw him absorb fire and his uniform remained unscathed. Is this part of his powers? A bio-electric aura that allows clothes close to his body to remain untouched by fire? Or is his uniform made from a special material?

        • He got it from Edna so of course it can withstand fire. (Is holding to the belief that Edna makes the suits/outfits for this comic, because she thinks that Edna would already approve of what they are wearing….so logically they must have been designed and made by her) ^_^

  • Jaden Levi

    Mitch seems to be taking it real personal. Wonder if he has a crush on Kyle. 😉

    • Denise Cruz

      I was wondering about the same thing, here…
      He’s such an insecure kid… it’s kind of cute! ^v^ But, he’s also the youngest guy there…(15 y.o, if I’m not wrong.). I believe it probably has something to do with his reactions, too. He’s still too young.

      Let’s see how Kyle is going to react at his presence there.
      AND how HE’s going to react at Kyle’s situation…
      Maybe it can make things a little clearer for us.
      At least, I hope so! 😉

    • Steven K.

      Would be so adorable.

      • Jaden Levi

        I know. I’m gay and I have known it since I hit puberty. I disagree with those saying too young to know. You know if you like boys or girls or both. Of course it could just be insecurity. But it would be kind of cute. Lol.

  • Jaden Levi

    I totally agree! >:)

  • Bryan Axson

    I wonder if there is going to be an orgy??

  • Denise Cruz

    I would like to congratulate Adam and Veronica for this page!

    The effect of windshield, in the first panel is amazing! Is as if we could touch it through the computer screen…

    And about the hair!?! The different shades of Mitch’s hair give me even the feeling of softness … I loved it! Very nice!

    The facial expressions of all of them, but especially Mitch’s, put this page among my favorites!

    Great job, guys!

  • KingOfNymphs

    ^ 3 ^ //Shot as well

  • SofiaT

    Nelson Mandela just died. 🙁

    • Sapfo

      Yes, I just saw. A great hero and the world need people like him. <3

    • 🙁

  • Wim ten Brink

    Poor Kyle. He got fucked, yet he’s still a virgin… 😉

  • Did Chris mention The Sound of Music on the last page because he new about this?!|About|Sub+Nav|Main|null|1

    The timing….coincidence? Did he mention Duncan getting tortured by Maria because he saw a commercial for this?

  • Takehai

    For the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out who Flyboy/Mitch reminds me of, because every time I see him it’s been sitting in the back of my head, bugging me. I finally realized today that he looks like Superboy/Conner Kent from the days when he wore the leather jacket, round sunglasses, had the bowl cut, and his only power was “Tactile Telekinesis.” Which, strangely enough, made it so he could fly and carry virtually anything. Of course, he could do a lot with it than that, and we haven’t seen Mitch do much more than fly himself or this car.

  • Well, according to Alex ( ), there’s a reason Spooky wears that hat. Is it that hat in particular or will any hat do?

    If any hat will do, I’m wondering if Spooky is hiding something. You know, something like two little horns on the top of his head. Basically is he part/full demon hiding out in the real world?

    • ooooOOOOOOoooo (not sure if I typed that sound right) That would be interesting. ^_^

      • Sound came out just right! And yes, most interesting. 😀

    • twincast

      Occam’s Razor suggests a bald spot. 😉

      • NOOOOOO!!!! *faints from the horror* 😛

      • That was my other thought, but I erred on the side of demon horns or some other supernatural designation adorning his head.

      • Steven K.

        Made me chuckle. 🙂

    • SofiaT

      So, you’re suggesting that he does everything with the cap always on? Because that brings some hilarious mental images 😀

      • I’m just saying we haven’t seen him without his cap on. 😀

        • Even in the online porn they were looking at in the Interlude he’s wearing a cap. Even while bottoming. XD

          • Exactly! *scratching chin* I’m certain there is something under that cap, besides a lovely head of hair.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Crackpot theory time! Noneco of Artifice fame created Spooky, then something weird happened to bridge the gap in time and space, and so now we have Spooky the ‘inhuman’ monitoring superheroes in the past to make sure they don’t end Noneco before it gets big. The cap covers his positronic brain.

          • Ha! And the cap hides the control panel?

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Something like that! 😀

    • Steven K.

      Kyle’s distantly-related cousin? Although ….with those impressive horns on Kyle’s dad, and the fact that Kyle doesn’t have any (who’d have thought that extreme horniness was a recessive trait?) – I’d think that even if Spooky had some demon-genes, horns may not inevitably show up as a reflection of that.

      • There are all sorts of demons. His type might only have little one. Or he might be some other form of other worldly being with some or form of something adorning his head.

        • Steven K.

          Of course – yes – there are other possibilities.

        • Adam Black

          cant get disqus to load on page….
          Alex said what?

          • Quoting from the link:

            “You’re not far off, actually. His work outside of The Young Protectors does involve what are essentially “occult investigations.” And out of all The Young Protectors, for various reasons, Spooky does have the most “fame.” (Something that I look forward to exploring in future comics.)

            There is indeed Spooky merch out there in my world and a cartoon series has been proposed to him more than once, but all that stuff is pretty far off his radar. He has other priorities. He wears this cap for a specific reason and it’s not about money. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            whoa, thanks.

            I’m not sure how I missed this.

            People have leaped to the horns conclusion. Could it be comething else? A Halo? Antennae? a magic Siamese fetal twin?

          • This was said during the interlude while they were looking at the porn.

            I did mention in my post above that it could be some other paranormal/other worldly adornment too. I mostly meant that there was SOMETHING under that hat. Whether it be demon horns or dragon related or or or…

          • Adam Black

            the links take me to the page but Disqus will only load for me on dashboard.

            Pretty soon Steve K will even overtake my position a top commenter. I am handicapped.

          • SofiaT

            Send a tweet to Disqus and let them know of the problem. Apparently lots of others have problems with it too. Hey, at least you know it ain’t personal!

            And don’t worry about your spot in the top commenters being overtaken, people will have to pass through my spot first. 😛

      • *giggles*

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol is on tv. ^_^ My second favorite Muppet Christmas movie. ^_^

    Light the lamp not the rat! Light-the-lamp-not-the-rat! Lightthelampnottherat!

    *edit* It seems like Disqus is finally fixed! For those of us that have been clicking on “one new comment” and getting sent to the top of the page.

    • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

      lol, I can even see the ‘Light the lamp not the rat’ scene in my head, and I haven’t seen it for years. Thanks so much for the reminder from my childhood, Dokidokibaka 🙂

  • LL

    Hmm why is Mitch so worried about whether or not Kyle wanted him there…?

  • Okay I would like people’s opinion on this and I think this is the best place to ask this. Especially male opinions.

    In this certain other yaoi comic I am reading and that I love. Someone made the comment that they see one of the main characters as “less of a manly man” just because said character is willing to bottom when he has previously always been the seme. Now I know people are entitled to their own opinions and everything, but this confuses me. How does being on bottom make one less manly? Is it only because he hasn’t bottomed before? But then even that doesn’t make sense because I actually have more respect for the character for that. He is willingly stepping outside his comfort zone and that takes guts. Is that person just being small minded or is that a widely held mindset?

    (Another comment that confused me was someone claiming his counterpart was feminine….never saw that character as feminine at all…)

    • I’m with you. Confuzzled by such a notion. Being a bottom doesn’t make one less manly, just as being a top doesn’t make one more manly.

    • KryX

      This originates in the straight societies desire to discourage homosexual behavior at all cost. Unfortunately, many in the gay community continue with this stereotyping. It is actually a double bit of bias. To buy into it you first have to believe the original premise, that a bottom is feminine, and then you need to view femininity as inferior to masculinity. The truth is that some men find this sexual position enjoyable and others not so much. No one should never be embarrassed about what they like nor should they be pressured into doing what they don’t like.

      • Steven K.

        That, sir, is an excellent response to what could be considered a rather “touchy” subject, and quite the “can of worms” to consider prying open. But nicely done.

        • That is one of the reasons I felt it would be okay to ask that here. Because everyone is nice to each other and willing to help others understand. Sometimes my mind is so open about things that it makes it hard for me understand not-so-open viewpoints.

          I will admit that there was a time when I didn’t really accept homosexuality as okay…..the whole ewww reaction (Please forgive my youth). And then I picked up a book in high school that had a gay couple as side characters (well in that particular story arc they were side characters and they were side characters that played an important role). It taught me that love is love no matter who it is between and I have been a friendly ever since. And also that I shouldn’t judge people just because they have different views than my own. It might have also helped that I no longer believed blindly everything older people told me. Reading really does open up the mind.

          • Doki, this is a wonderful comment. So honest and open. I was fairly open-minded in my youth but it wasn’t until I saw the film “Maurice” then read the book by E.M. Forester that I finally came to the same conclusion as you: love is love no matter who’s doing the loving. Same feelings, same fears, same desire to be together.

            I’m proud to be part of a fandom where you feel safe enough to ask these kinds of questions.

          • Steven K.

            Aww – your comment also made me cry – in a good way – so touching as well.. I sincerely wish everyone in this world could eventually come to that conclusion.

          • Now I’m getting misty-eyed. Lovely, Steven, just lovely.

          • Steven K.

            This made me tear up – but in a warm and fuzzy way. “Love is love no matter who it is between” – that is the most important lesson anyone can learn.

      • SofiaT

        Very good point and very well stated. I always thought misogyny and homophobia went hand in hand. Along with cluelessness of course.

        That is an ancient stereotyping by the way, therefore very hard to get rid of. When something has been around for thousands of years, it tends to be considered true by default.

        The ancient Greeks had a very strict (and complicated) set of rules about what kind of homosexual behaviour was accepted and what kind wasn’t and -surprise, surprise- being an adult male that would bottom was most definitely not acceptable and made you a “kinaidos”. Which literally translates to “shame of the dogs”. Paederasty was fine though, as was bottoming while you were an adolescent. Go figure.

        The language itself has two epithets for those involved in the acts of eros, “eromenos” and “erastis”. They both mean the same thing (“lover”) but the first is a passive grammar form while the other is an active form. The first is mostly associated with women and used as an insult when referring to men while the second is primarily associated with masculinity.

        In texts that have survived, it’s obvious that the “eromenos” was expected to be the younger of the two, the prettier of the two and the physically smaller of the two. What you’d expect of a woman, in other words.

        It’s why the ancients felt very uncomfortable bringing up the relationship between Achilles and Patroklos and it’s always only referred to in passing; all sources indicate that Achilles was much younger and prettier than Patroklos. He was also the most badass of all mythical heroes (save for Hercules), so they didn’t want to think too hard about what that meant and how it challenged the perceptions of their society…

        • Steven K.

          Great post as well – love the historical contextualization. I’ve always been interested in that. As I’m sure you know, there are some amazing Grecian vase-paintings that have survived which depict the various roles you mention, but they are so beautifully and artistically portrayed – at the same time they are societal commentaries AND ALSO aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable representations of a subset of the diversity of possible type of human relationships.

          • SofiaT

            I’ve seen those vases but I must admit I have trouble liking or finding aesthetically pleasing any kind of depiction of scenes where adult men seduce young boys (starting at around the age of twelve) by giving them gifts. Paederasty might have been acceptable back then, along with slavery and the subjectification of women but I find all three equally hard to swallow.

            My dear forefathers were far from perfect, even if they have been heavily romanticised since The Renaissance.

          • Steven K.

            It’s a tricky business – art vs morality. I guess I can appreciate the line and the form – and put my judgement on hold – not being a part of that antique culture, I can’t absolutely judge it by contemporary standards. If we take a biological look at things, the life span of members of the human lineage hundreds of thousands of years ago – or even tens of thousands of years ago – may not have been more than 20, due to a number of environmental factors. Those individuals likely routinely reproduced in their early teens. I know this next statement would be controversial, but playing the “devil’s advocate”, and also taking a bit of a perverted religious stance – “If God did not want humans to reproduce in their teens, he/she wouldn’t have humans become sexually mature at 12 or 13 – What’s the point of that? Why not “make” /”create” people to mature physically at an age where their brain and judgement has caught up to the other urges. I’m really not advocating one way or the other – and I don’t mean to offend anyone – I’m just trying to have an open mind and not to judge. Actually, I hate to see young people having sex at an early age – I even get upset if I met a guy who says he “started young” – usually meaning 12-14. I even get upset when one tells me he started when he was 16. I had to wait until I was 19 for ANYTHING – there was no “experimenting”, no circle jerks, no curious touching – nothing. The second person I ever experienced wasn’t until I was 23, and I was actually physically attracted to the person that time. So maybe my distaste and anger is partly due to jealousy. When I was 12, I yearned to be physically – sexually – close to someone to whom I was attracted. I knew what I wanted by the time I was 11. But I was too mature for my age to take any risks. Even when I came out at 18, it was the height of the HIV crisis – and the word out and about at that time was that to do much of anything beyond masturbate with someone was a possible death sentence. I was too scared out of my mind to be promiscuous. That just made me wish even more I had had some close buddy when I was young to fool around with. Or one of those older boys in their later teens or twenties that I had a crush on – desperately wanting and dreaming of and fantasizing about them wanting ME. It’s sooooo complicated. To this day I fervently believe I’d be a happier person if I also had been one of those who was able to “start young”. Most gay lads even today, after the worst of the HIV crisis seems to many to be past us, have more sexual activity by the time they are 18 then I got to have by the time I was 40. And if there is an older/younger dynamic – who is to say it’s always the older one who does the seduction and who holds the power. That’s one reason why it’s so dangerous to let oneself enter into anything with a younger person – I’d say it’s just as likely to put the older fellow in a dangerous situation than the other way ’round. Yes, an older person can take advantage, but it can work both ways. A younger person can manipulate and and use the law on their side to blackmail and get their way – or else threatening to tell all and ruin the life of the older person. The ancient Greek “system” was not perfect – but neither is our modern one. When I was 13, lusting after a hot 20 year-old for all that my mind and soul and body was worth – I didn’t care about laws or anything – I just knew that I wished to be involved – with SOMEONE I was attracted to – but it never happened. I wouldn’t have thought it immoral – and it sure wouldn’t have been the older fellow seducing me – it would have been myself giving myself freely if I had been wanted. Now, I’m not talking anything here about active or passive or particular sex acts. I’m not a “Greek passive” even now, and that certainly was not what I was hoping for in my early teens. I’m just talking about physical/sexual connection in general. Based on my personal experience, I just can’t be as quick to judge. And it’s easier for me to appreciate lovely forms when depicted artistically. Many images show boys playing or wrestling – or watching one-another engaged in gymnastics. Yes, sometimes there are older men presenting gifts or presents to “favorites” to win their love or affection. But I think the youths got to have a say in those that they may have chosen to be with as a general rule – older men often, indeed, “competing” for the affection of those they most favored.. And there may be images of older men watching younger men. But this happens all the time in every venue of our society. I certainly can appreciate the physical form of members of a varsity swim team – I certainly did when I was in high school when I was 16 – why should I suddenly stop being so appreciative later in life. It doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and try to seduce a high school kid – heck – I didn’t even try to do anything with someone in high school even when I was in high school. And I’ve always been afraid of legal statutes as much as I’ve been afraid of HIV. I’m just saying it might not be as morally unambiguous as is sometimes thought. What happened to Kyle was no less wrong or immoral just because he was of legal age, as much as the abusive character may wish to use that to lessen his feelings of theoretical guilt. Sex and desire human emotions and physical urges and hormones and biology and evolution and ethics and morality and legality – it’s a complex quagmire. I just don’t see these things in the black-and-white terms that could be seen as more convenient. I hope this isn’t a huge tinderbox – I’m, also, just trying to be as absolutely honest about my feelings as possible.

          • *hugs*

          • Steven K.

            Aww – thanks. I was expecting to be slapped around for that instead. You are very kind and understanding.

          • That you have had to suffer so much saddens me, but without that, you wouldn’t be the Steven K. that we have come to know and love. *hugs*

          • Steven K.

            That is such a lovely and powerful sentiment. I am humbled by your kindness. THANK YOU!

          • It is nothing. ^_^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            *also hugs*

          • Steven K.

            Thanks SFFT!

        • Well said. Basically it was a perception of power.

          • SofiaT

            “Mentoring” they called it. And yes, of course it was about power. It’s always about power. :o/

          • Not much to say to that other than 😮

          • Steven K.

            I’m not at all sure or totally convinced that it was ALL about power (the relationships themselves that is – I think there may have been some genuine feelings involved in many instances). However, there is a power dynamic in the meaning/intent in the words/terms. But since I don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion on the point, I won’t belabour it. 😉

        • Klaus

          Those terms are often tranlated “lover” and “beloved”, which I at first found confusing. I would think that, at least in the ideal relationship, both partues would be both lover and beloved.

          • SofiaT

            It’s one of those cases where you can get the nuances of the words only from the original as they’re hard to translate exactly. You can get that the word “beloved” also has a passive connotation though -if you’re a beloved then you’re “being loved”, something is being done to you.

          • Steven K.

            Yes – what Sofia said of course. But also kind of like “one who is making love to someone” vs. “one who is having someone make love to them” or someone who is “being made love to”.

      • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

        Bravo on an excellent summary of the origins of this point of view, however strange the point of view may be. I wish I could give this more than one thumb up.

    • Abbi Orenstein

      I’ve never felt that way. it makes no sense to equate it to a male-female relationship because there is no female. they are both men and I totally don’t really understand what really makes a man a man and its probably because I never had a y chromosome (in this life any way) but I’ve always been under the impression that a male who takes responsibility, is happy with who he is, and has dignity is a man regardless of how he dresses or how he has sex. who ever made that comment I feel is an idiot.

    • This is such a great discussion. I once had a conversation with a good friend of mine. She said that she thought gay men were less manly, especially if they bottomed.

      I told her I didn’t agree and said her thinking was confusing. I mean, you have two men loving each other. That’s two penises. Twice the testosterone. How can two men be less manly?

      I suppose if you’re thinking along the lines of traditional masculine/feminine roles then perhaps you could come to this conclusion but I find the entire mindset strange.

      I’ve had relationships with women and some of them also seemed to want to stick to these kinds of mindsets. They would ask me if I were butch or femme then tell me I had to pick one or the other. Why should I pick a stereotype if I don’t identify that way? It’s been a long time since I’ve been in that situation so I hope things have changed.

      • SofiaT

        I have a friend who’s a lesbian and a few months ago we went out for lunch, along with her girlfriend. When I took my wallet out to pay, K. (her girlfriend) pointed at it and told N. “See? Sofia has a man’s wallet.” To which N. replied “yes, but Sofia is straight”.

        I found the whole exchange very confusing, so after explaining that I don’t like women’s wallets and I’ve always only used “men’s” wallets I asked what was this about.

        Apparently K. has been wanting one but N. won’t let her buy anything that is remotely “manly” because she doesn’t want people to think that her girlfriend is “butch”.

        I wisely decided not to comment.

        • Wow.

          You are wise indeed, SofiaT.

          • SofiaT

            Well, Wisdom is my name after all 😛

          • Drewe Kiba Chan


            Feel awkward joining the conversation so late, and this is my first comment, but
            I think I totally understand why N. says what she does about wallets and such. I myself am pansexual and it is not easy to live with. I personally stereotype everything because it makes me comfortable to “know what something is”. For example I see a certain type of person that I have “catagorized” and I have an idea of how that sort of person will react to certain things, or what they will do. It makes me comfortable in an unpredictable and often unkind world, that I can have some sort of “filing” system to fall back on when things get out of my comfort zone.
            This is my personal opinion and I know I shouldn’t stereotype but it is my way of coping. In relationships I have had, I have always liked to have known who was what, ie: who was the more dominant and who was the submissive. With girls or men I had to have this security of a label to help me react to certain situations.
            I hope this helped… 🙂


          • SofiaT

            Thanks Kiba, that was very helpful. Even though my friend’s situation is a bit different, I think you might be on to something there.

            And I’m glad you decided to join the conversation, all thoughtful input is welcome -hope you’ll decide to participate more in the future 🙂

          • Drewe Kiba Chan

            Thanks, I most definitely will be joining more of these very insightful conversations.

            (also sorry >:( I think I downvoted one of your comments by accident and my laggy as F tablet wont let me change it. .-. )

          • SofiaT

            Ha! You’re forgiven 😛

          • Drewe Kiba Chan

            Oh yay ~(*¤*~)
            Cookies and milk for all those who are lactose-tolerant!
            And soy milk for those who aren’t!

          • SofiaT

            Wait till tomorrow and camping time. We usually have s’mores going around 😉

          • Drewe Kiba Chan

            :U Definitely sticking around with you guys!
            Normally I just hid in a shrub by the campsite and watched you all, now I shall join the merriment!

        • I am not sure I would have been that wise. I have been known on quite a few occasions to speak without tact. If it had been me I probably would have asked “Why would it matter?” “Why is it so important what others think just because of a wallet?” and other assorted questions along the line of “why not?”.

          Though maybe curiosity gets the better of wisdom in my case?

          • SofiaT

            I’m surprised I kept my mouth shut because I’m not known for it. But I’m happy I did.

            I’m sure N. had her reasons for thinking that way, reasons I can’t even begin to comprehend as a straight girl.

          • That is so funny!

            I used to get in trouble all the time with my girlfriends for questioning these kinds of things but what got me in the most trouble was saying I really like men. A lot of the women I used to hang out with didn’t like men at all, which is fine. They have their reasons for it and I can respect that BUT they also expected me to feel the same way and were offended when I didn’t.

            Men are awesome, sexy, gorgeous. I guess that’s one of the reasons I love yaoi so much.

          • SofiaT

            N. doesn’t hate men and she’s very girly -but she’s also not from around here. She’s from a South American country in which I suspect gay people are not very well received.

            As I said, she must have her reasons for acting the way she does. I just wish she didn’t feel the need to.

          • Erff! I apologize. I didn’t mean to imply your friend hated men! I was just recounting my own experience.

            I love the last line in your comment: I just wish she didn’t feel the need to.

          • SofiaT

            I didn’t think that’s what you meant, I just wanted to clarify 😀

          • I probably would have done the same as you, Doki.

        • I might be a bit slow, but how do you distinguish the sex of a wallet? OK, i guess a pink “Hello Kitty” design could count as girlish, not even female in general…

          besides that, i’m so over thinking about if something I say or do or own or use or hear or… looks or feels gay or female or whatever. It just takes away your time, your concentration, and your fun in life. If you live in a place where it’s legal and safe to be yourself, just be yourself!

          • SofiaT

            Women’s wallets look like little purses. I find them awkward and I don’t like how they look.

            Men’s wallets -or what is known as men’s wallets- are essentially folders for the bill notes, a couple of spaces for credit cards and a compartment with a zipper for coins. Much more my style. 😀

            As for the second part of your comment, I wholeheartedly agree! But society sometimes makes it very very hard to be yourself. :0/

          • so that’s once again associating “male” with “useful” and female with – well anything else. Weird.

            I find it often strange how much time people invest in thinking in such categories, e.g. some female colleagues of mine find themselves being accused by people hardly knowing them of being un-female – just for having a degree in engineering!

          • SofiaT

            I don’t have a degree in engineering. But I have an MBA, speak 3 languages, have a job that I absolutely love and have travelled around the world. 😀

            Regardless of the above, I’m an utter failure as a woman apparently because -no matter what my achievements are and if I’m content with my life- I’m single and have no kids. And everyone knows that’s a woman’s sole purpose in life and the measure of her success. 😛

            An uncle also asked me a few months back, during a family bbq, if I’m gay. *headdesk*

          • At my brother’s wedding. My aunt made reference to my possibly being gay because I’m single, childless, and at that time mid- 30’s. Wait, what?

            Granted she’s a little clueless and possibly was just covering her basis on the off chance. Her daughter is gay so she may not have wanted to assume anything. 😐

          • SofiaT

            Well, it’s good to not make assumptions about people and always keep an open mind I guess. It’s like that scene from Love Actually where the kid tells his step-father he’s in love and his response is “does she… he(?) know how you feel?”.

            Poor aunt, she probably only wanted to be supportive 😛

          • It’s definitely good not to make assumption and I’m sure she that’s just wanted to be careful, but it was so strange because it came out of nowhere.

            But she’s also made comments about my age, how the older a woman gets the less likely she’ll get married. Thanks, that makes me feel great!

          • I assume both of you weren’t offended by the suggestions, giving how much time you spend hanging out with us around here 😉

            Honestly, I think it’s a good thing people start asking directly. I’ve had some awkward situations where colleagues asked me if this or that other person was gay. luckily, they scored no hit until now, but do they really think i’d out someone of whom I do not know exactly that he/she is fine with them to know?

          • Definitely wasn’t offended. 🙂 It was just a weird conversation because I wasn’t expecting it. But she wasn’t asking directly, it was just an off handed remark, including the possibility, which I assumed came from the fact that I was single/never married.

          • SofiaT

            To be honest I was a bit offended. Or taken aback I guess is a better way to put it. Not because he thought I might be a lesbian but because he thought that If I was I would be hiding it. I mean… doesn’t he know me at all?? o.O

            Also, his assumption wasn’t based on that I am single but that I have no wish to stop being single. For him that’s a very bazar and unnatural behaviour for a woman who just turned 30 and it can only be explained by me being gay.

            I consider that an insult not only to myself but every woman anywhere in the world, who has any kind of ambition that doesn’t include the words “wedding cake” and “white fence” in it.

          • Excellent, Garak. I love that your gay auto-outer is broken. That is so true how that happens. What are people thinking?

            I love that we all know everyone of our own kind to others, “Oh? You’re gay… do you know xxxxxxx in Chicago, he’s a friend of mine.”

            One of my closest friends is black and he get’s that all the time… he just rolls his eyes and says, “Gee, no I don’t know that random black person who happens to be living in Idaho.”

            Honestly. SofiaT, do you know all the Greeks? I just feel we should check the statistical sample across the entire group.

            Could someone get us one of each… erm… whatevers? Thanks. XD

          • well, that’s what gay networks are for…. I DO know one closeted gay colleague or the other, and it is a small company – only 10 000 people at the site and about 300 000 worldwide 😉

          • Congratulations on some truly remarkable life-achievments.

            To show how life has NOT moved all that far along… I was my mother’s first child. This was a LONG time ago. She was married to my father for five years before I was conceived. She was only finishing off her second Masters in the Sciences, while my Dad was getting his PHD (so they thought, hey, let’s wait until we can afford to feed the kid. HA)

            All the grand-parents were insane and in mourning for the entire five years because, of course, being childless meant THE WOMAN must be infertile or *whispers* they weren’t having good sex, or something. In those days “GAY” was a horror too dark and bleak to be thought of.

            It couldn’t be because they were finishing multiple degrees in really complex and challenging subjects, oh no, the baby-machine MUST be broken.

            So *headdesk* indeed.

            Unfortunate for you that you are a kind and honest person, because you could have had a really good time messing with your Uncle’s mind with just a pair of Doc Martins, a short haircut and a little male oriented clothing… sheeesh… you’ve already got the controversial wallet!

          • SofiaT

            Ha! I used to have short hair (the back of my hair was even shaved) and wear boys’ clothes in high school.

            I didn’t have a gender-identity crisis, I was just not ready to be a grown up yet and girls these days are expected to dress “like women” and are sexualized from a very young age. I was trying hard to be as “un-girly” as possible. 😛

            I must also say that I was always like Mafalda and bemoaning that my mom only has a high-school degree so I’m extra jealous you were raised by parents who were so dedicated to their education.

            I was the first one in my family to go to uni.

            Greek society is one of those societies where sending your girls into uni means they have something to do while shopping around for a husband. *rolls eyes*

          • heh. I remember getting really shocked in middle school by a question I was asked by a class mate. Now, I was always seen as the goody-two-shoes and “most likely to tell if you do something bad”. When one of my classmates asked me if I worshiped the devil just because I wore a lot of black….I was speechless. Asking Miss Straight A’s and Teacher’s Pet if she worshiped the devil?? As much as that shocked me, it still didn’t change how I dressed.

            And by the way Black is still one of my favorite colors.

          • I so understand that. My mother had (has) that no-make up version of Jackie Onassis type of beauty. Except she never did the fashion dress-up thing, just a beautiful person inside and out.

            I loved my Grandmother dearly, but I almost slapped her once when I walked in and heard her say that it’s such a shame that my mother was so pretty and wasted all that time at Uni learning Science. That’s when I learned that a girl’s primary job was being pretty. *snort* I told my mother three weeks later (I was young and it upset me) and she laughed and laughed and then explained the world.

            It may have been even have been you who said that misogyny and homophobia (stereotypes in general) share a lot in common. A lot of what she taught me about society and women turned out to be just as true for society and gays.

            *shares eye-roll*

          • SofiaT

            It was me -but I’m sure others have reached that conclusion too 🙂

            It’s my extended family here that’s giving me trouble. The old immigrants from the 1950s and their children are very traditional and hold the old “values” (woman at home raising kids, man is the head of the house) very high.

            My family back home is the exact opposite, mostly because it’s comprised almost entirely of women, women who have suffered a lot in their lives and their marriages. My mom is very big on independence for her daughters because it was something that was stolen from her. And she’s fine with my kid sister being gay. As long as one of us gives her grandchildren.

            I think I’ll let my older sister do the honours 😛

          • Both my sisters have already produced the grand kids, so the only one that pesters me about having kids is a family friend. I keep telling her that it takes two and I am single….I think she is slightly disappointed that her daughter only had one. Of course, she used to baby sit a bunch of kids, which she really enjoyed and I think she really misses. She really is a sweet heart though, so I put up with it whenever we talk. ^_^

          • *lol* I’m happy I have a younger sister who wants children. She just gave my parents’ their first grandchild 7 months ago. They’ve known for a while that kids wouldn’t come from me.

          • SofiaT

            Btw, have you heard this definition of homophobia?

            “The fear that Gay men will treat You the way You treat Women”.

          • I get so ticked off when someone gives the ‘every woman wants children’ speech. That and ‘just wait till you meet the right man’.

            Like you I’m single and have no kids. It is all by choice, and I’ve said/known since I was 15 that I had no desire to ever give birth. Now 18 years later and nothing has changed about that. Being single is just how I feel comfortable because being in a long-time relationship makes me restless, no matter how much I might like the man. Guess I’m too much a ‘lone wolf’ in nature 😉
            I’ve started to give rediculess examples back to the ‘speaker’ for what a woman or man MUST want to accomplish in life. It usually shuts them up.
            Or even ‘better’ simply say I can’t have children just to see their reaction when it suddently becomes very awkward that they questioned me being childless xD

            Don’t know if it’s the right word, but ‘strangely’ enough my sexuality is almost the only thing that has never been questioned, even though I was a tomboy growing up and being heavily bullied – and I’m still not what stereotypical will be judged as ‘feminine’, and I never will be.

          • SofiaT

            Damn stereotypes and preconceptions. >:(
            I never played with dolls when I was little yet I do love children and I’m very nurturing (even if I managed to escape the “Childhood brainwashing about the role of women 101”). Children love me too, mostly because I don’t mind acting like a child with them.

            That said, I’m not sure I’d make a good mother. Independence is something that’s very important to me and you’re never free again once you have children -your life is, and it should be, centered around them. I’m, like you, a lone wolf and so not ready for that.

            But since I always seem to enjoy the company of children, that must mean I secretly crave to have one of my own, right? So, why am I not searching frantically for a man by now if I’m not gay? Hm?

            Their logic leaves me speechless.

          • I played with girl and boy toys equally. Sometimes the boy toys where way cooler… legos….I love legos. My older sister and I also spent quite a bit of time playing video games (which at the time was still mostly seen as a boy thing for the most part). I still hate that she seemed to have a natural affinity for being awesome at the games, where I had to work hard to be decent…..and the worst part is….she isn’t a geek/nerd at all…..not even a little bit….*cries over the unfairness*

            But anyway, what I was going to mention was that forever ago (we moved to GA just before I turned 5) when my family still lived in 29 Palms there were these twin boys that we would occasionally play with. One of them would come into our room and play dolls with us. I never really thought anything of it.

          • SofiaT

            I love Legos! And Playmobil! 😀

            And I have nothing against normal dolls but, if I ever do have children, my daughter (or son) is not going anywhere near a Barbie >:(

          • Some of the only times I’ve played with a barbie was at a friend’s place. She lived at a ‘hobby’ farm, surrounded by various planted fields.
            We didn’t play family-Barbie like ‘normal’, but always had a scenario where our barbies were lost in the wild and had to survive. The small duck pond was a good lake, the bushes around it good forrests and the corn/rape/peas fields an amazing jungle. Not to mention the various poultry and cats/dogs were scary beasts xD

          • SofiaT

            That sounds like a place for great adventures!

            Letting the children free to use their imagination and explore their surroundings is so much better than giving them a doll and a video game and “parking” them in front of the tv. When I was little my older sister and I found a dead crow on a field. We went back to our grandma’s house, made a mess out of her closet, got dressed all in black and then went back and buried it, giving it a traditional greek funeral, with mourners and all 😀

          • Little brother and I played with legos and play mobile and hot wheels. Those things rocked.

          • Hear hear! I really hate how people think that just because one is a girl, they just have to absolutely love anything and everything pink. I personally have probably come to hate/extremely dislike that color because of that.

            For me, most of my relationships usually only last about six months. It isn’t that things go wrong or anything, it is just that romantic love becomes friendship love. And while I would greatly love to have a boyfriend, I honestly cannot see me getting married. Marriage is a big thing for me and I really believe in the “till death do us part” component of the vows. If I ever get married I want it to last until I die. My only problem is I cannot find a non-fictional character that I would want to take that step with. It isn’t that I have extremely high or exact standards that have to be met….it just going to take one very special person to put up with me. I can be a very difficult person at times and I need someone that can deal with that.

            …..I also think I might get friend-zoned by a bunch of potentials because I might come across too much as “one of the guys”.

          • That’s always been my problem. I’ve always come across as one of the guys. Plus most of the guys I’ve met are my younger brother’s friends and well at that point I’m just the sister. Bah!

          • Hikaru Takemori

            I have recently come to know how it feels being constantly asked if a significant other has been found or if I wouldn’t like to have kids of my own, and while I belive starting a family should be the goal of everyone and it is a goal in my life I also firmly belive that it is no ones business but myself. To be going around and questioning people in such a fashion is to overstepp the bounds and I’am glad that there is only one person so far doing it to me.

          • Luckily I don’t get it much anymore. People have come to find out that I mean it. It’s most people not really knowing me that will say it now, IF I hear it. It was much worse about 5-10 years ago 🙂

          • For me, many of the women’s wallets are mostly cumbersome. You can’t stick it in your pants pocket or any other small carrying device. It’s like we have to have all this extra stuff: snaps here, flaps there.

          • Adam Black

            Your comment is much funnier if you remove the first sentence. 🙂 I can relate.

          • Funny.

          • Adam Black

            Says the woman who has never tried to stuff a mans wallet in a ( mans ) tight pants pocket.
            all that extra stuff can get in the way.

            all those folds and creases, and pockets and ….er… snaps ( snaps? I’ve seen um metallic ornament ion… but …snaps might be cool

            OHMYGOD, Chris quick, reserve “ and SnapScrotum. we will make a fortune!

            Why has nobody ever thought of this?
            hmm I think clothing snaps are held together at a tighter force then the tensile strength of human skin. yuck.
            we will need to work around that. I think its just a design problem.

            Admiral, you want in on this business plan?

            Those scrotum wallets are not going to close themselves. Or maybe they will! That can be the selling point

          • LOL.. just for the fun of it, I tried clicking the links disqus created as soon as you wrote something that ended on .com. I’m afraid you’re too late to snapsex (.com) It leads to a German porn side xD

          • Adam Black

            do they use snaps?

          • Give me just a second to search for something I think George Takei posted awhile ago…..*disappears for an hour* Found It!!!


            That made my day when that was posted.

          • Well said….

            *chris stashes his hello kitty backpack in the closet, the irony does not escape him.*

            I so agree. The REAL issue with women’s “coin-purses” is that they look a little like scrotums sometimes… well you know… that is a very specific look, and a person should be wanting that look.

            I agree that SofiaT is wise to go for the practical wallet! I believe in freedom of choice when it comes to conveying legal tender. XD

          • Adam Black

            go see if “scrotum” is taken.

          • HA! We’ll be rich!

          • Adam Black

            It gets better!
            We can use real models for designs.

            Have your own CelebrityPouch. quick , reserve that too

          • The “Brad Pitt Pouch” © is already very popular. Good work.

    • Omega Entity

      How did I know exactly which webcomic you were referring to 😉

      Anyway, no, I don’t see that character as less manly, either, especially as I don’t see his overall demeanor changing to something ‘more feminine’ because of it.

      • I still don’t see how A is feminine….either in looks or attitude…so confused over that.

        • Omega Entity

          Feminine isn’t a word I would use to describe him… Maybe innocent or naive, but not feminine. Especially how he can keep B in line when necessary.

    • Sapfo

      I read this and feel kind of sad. I know that some think there are a “right” way to have sex. This notion does not apply ton sex between two men, but sex between two women and heterosexual sex.

      Some thinks that oral, petting, fingering and so on is not sex. If two people have a good time in or out of bed that involving intimacy with arousel, then that is most likely sex and it does not make either partners more or less male or female.

      For me sex is fun and can be done in many diffrent ways. But it is best done with love. ^_^

    • My compliments to everyone who was involved in this evolving conversation. It’s rather like having a live grenade on the coffee table, but everyone being loving and gentle enough, not to set it off with judgement and assumptions. What a great group this is.

      I’d like to recommend that you go to Alex’s Yaoi911 site and read “Should Yaoi Be Just For Women?”

      In 2006 a well known female Yaoi mangaka (creator?), Kazuma Kodaka, said in an interview that her m/m Yaoi work was NOT homosexual “The story is usually about the characters’ feelings of ‘pain and longing’ for each other, which is a more feminine sensibility.”

      Read Alex’s brilliant (seriously beautifully written) response where he talks about the fact that growing up gay is nothing BUT experiencing “pain and longing” and he felt a unique attraction to portions of the Yaoi form but from his gay male perspective. We have TYP today, a totally unique piece of art because of the way he feels.

      (Forgive me Alex, there is so much more you say there and say so well and I’m paraphrasing badly. Everyone should read it.)

      Alex’s writing there was brilliant. It just made me so proud of him and proud to be gay. Also, read the links to the other gay male bloggers at the time. Springing from his response they wrote equally wonderful and articulate things on the subject of the universality of “pain and longing.”

      Tops, bottoms, Doms, subs, lovers, beloveds, penetrators, penetrateds… what SHOULD any of it mean but that someone loves someone else and cares for their well being and pleasure. I would imagine women would understand this very well indeed. There is nothing but strength in giving someone permission to penetrate. Nothing, hopefully, but love.

      I have been married to a very sexual man for many years and, let me tell you, the traditional roles of man and woman are simply NOT the applicable. As someone else posted the chromosomes are different and double the testosterone makes it a unique journey no matter what else it is. But a couple figures things out just the same way as any couple of any preference… day by day.

      You cannot make assumptions. Nor is anal sex anything remotely like traditional vaginal penetrative sex. Not better or worse, but requiring it’s own very special degree of love, care and patience… and then, when it’s right with a person you love and TRUST, It can be transcendent.

      Nothing is what one might assume and that is very okay, since each relationship is it’s own unique wonder. Isn’t it?

      All my best,
      Christopher D

    • silibub

      I think that kind of mindset is the result of society enforcing a strict gender binary, coding certain traits and behaviors as exclusively masculine or feminine. So if a male character behaves in any way that isn’t stereotypically masculine, such as agreeing to be penetrated during sex (like a woman apparently would be), readers who buy into the gender binary will interpret it as the character losing some aspect of his masculinity and becoming more “girly.”

      Really, there’s nothing inherently masculine or feminine about bottoming or topping, it’s just an artificial gendering of the behaviors. I know which comic you’re talking about, and I think it’s a shallow reading to interpret the character in question as becoming “less manly” because he’s agreeing to be the bottom — to me it’s about a new depth of trust between the two characters and a growth of intimacy.

      (Actually I’m really glad you brought this up, it’s been so interesting reading the discussion!)

      • I haven’t really seen how most people that comment on that comic would respond to a question such as this, which is why I asked it here. There are quite a few that seem willing to discuss plot and the art, but the majority of comments are revolve around the sexy times. There is nothing wrong with that but it makes me wary about asking something in there that could potentially blow up. Here is a nice safe place were I can ask serious questions and everyone gives thoughtful answers without attacking.

    • I just realized that I was in such a rush 10 hours ago, having to catch a bus, that I forgot to actually post my reply to you before closing the tab xD I had a long reply before, but much has already been mentioned since by others, so doesn’t need to be said again.

      I’m just as ticked by the view some have of what defines a ‘manly man’ as I am by the ‘all women want children’ that we talked about a bit further down the chat. This is why I don’t like to use the Japanese Seme/Uke terms because in yaoi they seem to limit the role of a character immediately. It doesn’t compare to real life, but it helps create a cliche about behavior.

      I said it in my own comment on the comic you refer to: Love is not a one-way street and neither is sex.
      Sure there’s some male couples who never switch place in bed, just as there’s some who doesn’t have anal sex at all. It’s not about that and all about what preferences you have and what you like doing – both in and out of bed.

      In generel we like to box/label ourself, but in the same time it also helps create a limited view of how you’re supposed to be, depending on what label can be put on you.
      By golly, he suddently want to try to be penetrated during sex. something must CLEARLY be wrong (forgotten is every other ‘masculine’ thing he does every day). He stepped out of the role he was labeled to have o_O – His masculinity must be faltering, and it couldn’t possibly be because he wants to broaden his sexual experience and do it with someone he trust and care about.

      A couple who wants to switch in bed sometimes.. how outragious. How ever will we decide what each their ‘role’ should be? /heavy sarcasm.

  • loopy poopy

    wait, did Anni and Kyle actually have sex? ahaha, i cant remember 🙂

    • Klaus

      They did.

      • Hmm. I thought they were frotting and no penetration had yet occurred.

        • For me, that counts as sex.

          • You are so right, AJ!

            I assumed Guest meant “actually have sex” as penetration. Should never assume anything, especially with regards to sex.

          • It’s true some don’t consider sex sex unless there is penetration. I just hate to think that just one act defines the whole of the experience. That would be kinda boring. 😀

          • 😀

            It is narrow thinking for sure. Hmm. I just realized my own narrowness in thinking about what is sex and what isn’t while having this discussion. I totally agree with you that one act shouldn’t define the whole experience BUT I had a knee jerk reaction when I read the comment and made an assumption.

            Interesting to see my own mind at work like that. Helps me think more broadly. Thanks!

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Well noticed, Gryphongirl! I love this comments section so much, it’s filled with great, insightful people. I wish the whole world was like this.

          • So do I!

          • No problems! 😀

            One of the greatest things about having the internet and finding such welcoming communities. It’s helped me so much broaden my POV on life. Finding Dan Savage helped a whole bunch in helping me realize that the world of sex isn’t black and white. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            ironically, a sex columnist is the clearest voice of rational moral reason in our time.

          • It’s kinda funny. I read in a book once that when it comes to what is counted as ‘actual’ sex, there’s often (used to be) a difference between American and European generel thinking.
            A lot more Americans tend to be more about sex = genital penetration where Europeans look more at the complete act. Ex. A lot more Americans doesn’t see oralsex as sex, or to use TYP’s example -genital contact/frotting to orgasm is reached.
            Remember I said ‘generel’, because it’s far from how everyone on each ‘side’ define it, but I think this observation is right – though imo it’s changing as sexuality gets a wider acceptance, and I mean in other ways than preferences too.

          • So right on and well said. I have a number of lesbian friends who have strong views on this subject. I’ll let you imagine. 🙂

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Bill and Hillary Clinton really should have had this discussion.

          • *snort* Well you can send them the link. 🙂

        • Klaus

          You are right.

    • Cman65

      if one or both gets off its sex
      sometimes even if nobody gets off its sex
      the other night this hot guy came in to my shop and we had sex and he did not know that we did but I enjoyed what we did in my mind so it was sex LOL

  • Adam Irving

    Really enjoy seeing more of these other characters (nothing against the ones we’ve already seen, however). Very interested in seeing how Kyle recovers. To have so many intense experiences (vulnerability, intimacy, surprise, fear, helplessness, anger) in such a short exposure is going to leave him a lot to process. I’m sure they’ll be a help and/or hindrance at times in upcoming events. At least he has good friends!

  • Sapfo

    Guess hows having a good hairday?
    Me and that is good because the rest seems to suck. The trains do not go to work and I can not camp in the morning. BLÄÄÄ!
    Well I hope for a good camping and a good new page 😉

    • Oh that is SO wrong. I’m not sure camping IS camping without Sapfo. Of course, that means virgins are a possible thing for the slow among us. There is THAT. Still I think I’d rather have a Sapfo than a virgin. Hope your day and your hair get better by the minute!

      • How will you react in a month’s time or then? Sometime in january I won’t be able to camp wednesdays after 6.30am the latest, so if page is up after that it will happen without me D:
        .. and I think Sapfo said she’d gotten a new job that prevents wednesday campings too.
        Someone else will have to battle for the virgins the days the page is not up by then. It will be horrible having to wait till after work to see the page!

        • This is too too horrible. How will I react? You know. I’ll run around making horrible noises until I get over it. (Please you saw my Spooky issue… it’s not pretty)

          Re the waiting… contact SofiaT. I remember her having a phone-under-the-desk method or something that seemed to work. 😀

          And re 6:30AM… problem solved! Just move to the west coast of America and the page will go up around midnight and you’ll be fine! LOL.

          Take care.

          • Your reaction will be like me when I’m tripping at work to see the page xD
            Sadly I’ll be in a cantine/kitchen/cash register area, so I don’t think the phone option will work. It’s a 13 weeks unemployment course where I’ll get a chance to get other/re-new skills that will help in my job hunt. Besides I don’t have internet on my phone anyway 🙁 My poor ass haven’t been able to get a touch-/smartphone yet (they really need to become cheaper here).

          • Well good luck smart person, as you work to make things better! Go WOLF!

      • Sapfo

        Oh thank you! You are sweet!
        Just got to work and the weather is just geting worse. Starting to think that going home is going to be a big problem.

        But the bad news is that the wind took away my good hair 🙁

        Good news, there is cake at work 🙂

        • Cake makes up for almost everything!

          I was going offer congrats on the great hair day for as long as it lasted. My sympathies regarding the wind. Stupid wind.

  • WarGoddess

    Omg wifi!!! I wish my phone wasn’t such a floppy wanded dementor buggerer. Anywho, poor Flyboy, you are Kyle’s friend and he loves you! His embarrassment and not wanting you to know what’s happened shows how much he cares about your opinion! He doesn’t want you to resent him for what’s happened. Also, I wanna pose a question. Does this mean that Flyboy has super-strength as well as the ability to fly? Or does the car have some kind of gravity manipulation field around it? Things I would like to know. 😀

    • SofiaT

      Things we would all like to know! 😀

    • Klaus

      My guess is that he has some sort of telekinetic power to make things he touches fly. There is no way a car could be lifted like that and stay in one piece.

      • WarGoddess

        Maybe, but from my experience reading comics, they are always finding ways to defy physics and completely blow it out of the water, lol. 😀

    • Total off topic: But your great avatar makes me smile every time!

      • WarGoddess

        I’m glad it makes you happy! It looks even better on the friend I made it for! 😀

    • Steven K.

      🙂 at “floppy-wanded dementor buggerer”!

    • Steven K.

      Good comment/point about Kyle as well (in relation to Flyboy).

  • Here I am again, on a day that turned out to become very sad for me as I was told early this morning that my grandma has died. I’m at peace with it, but still very sad. Last week it was my cat, and you guys were such a great distraction.

    It’s made me realize that you guys, and this place online, has become a comfort zone. A friendly ‘feel good’ zone, and I love being able to debate and have fun with you all without ever getting really pissed (annoyed a time or two, but that’s inevitable with so many people and opinions around).

    Thank you all for being such an awesome bunch <3

    • SofiaT

      Aw, I’m so sorry Danish. *hugs*

    • Klaus

      Sorry to hear it.

    • *hugs* We love you Danish!!! My grandmother is getting quite old and although she goes to the doctor she spends more and more time in bed, doing any little activity makes her tired, is doing less and less things for herself….. 🙁 *hugs*

      • Thank you 🙂 Yes, that’s why I’m so at peace with it being time for my grandma.

      • Sapfo

        A warm hug Doki! <3

      • Klaus

        That is very sad. My grandmother spent the last five years of her life sitting in a chair. She had fallen and broken her hip, and while she was able to walk, she did not dare. She had lost her eyesight late in life, and did not manage to learn to use the tape recorder she was given to listen to audio books.

        • SofiaT


        • All sympathies…

        • *hugs*

          • Klaus

            Thanks. This was 17 years ago. What I really wanted to say was really: I know just how you feel.

    • WarGoddess

      I’m sorry about your loss, DW! I am sending you a bunch of telepathic hugs and flowers right now!

    • I’m so so sorry. *hugs indeed and lots of them* Take care of yourself during a tough time. And cat too. They are our family also. xxoo

      I up-voted thinking positive stuff for you.
      I want to down-vote a tough world, but that’s confusing.
      You understand.
      Be well.

      • Adam Black

        Sorry about your grandmother , Danishwolf

    • Sapfo

      As always the others have already Said the best words. So I will just hope for a good evening for you and a good camping.
      And for you some <3
      This time I think it is a heart and not an ice-cream

      • Oh darn.. now you’ve done it. *noms on chocolate icecream with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce*

        • Sapfo

          Wow! I most have some kind of super-power after all. But the ice-cream can fix a lot of things. *ice-hug*

    • I’m very sorry for your loss. And I’m very glad you’re here with us. Hugs! 🙂

      • Thank you, Alex. I’m very happy to be a part of this community.

    • silibub

      I’m sorry to hear it, Danish, and I’m glad that this is a good place for you to hang out and help yourself feel better — we love you! Take extra-good care of yourself today. ♥

    • I’m so sorry, Danish. Losing Grandma is hard. I still get a little teary thinking about mine. Lots of hugs.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I’m sorry to hear of your loss. 🙁

    • Denise Cruz

      I’m so sorry for your loss, DWolf! 🙁 Hugs.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      *hugs* I’m sorry for your loss, and I’m glad that this place has been a source of comfort for you. I love it here, too.

    • Simba Hutchison

      I am really glad to be a part of the thing that gives your solace while grieving, and that you have something that makes you feel better. *hug!*

    • Steven K.

      Very sorry to hear about your grandmother. When I lost my grandmothers they were difficult losses for me. I hope you are hanging in there and taking care of yourself.

      • *hugs* 🙁

      • *Hugs to you*

        • Steven K.

          Thanks. It’s so nice to experience how the community here is so supportive to everyone. It’s very refreshing and heartening. Cuz we all have adversities at one time or another – and during those times, every supportive word and kindness from others helps.

  • Howdy everyone!

    Another day of flying for me. Hope to have the page up on time tonight, though. 🙂

    Just wanted to give a heads up for those who’ve been having trouble with Disqus mobile. When I mentioned that some of my readers were having trouble, they wrote back to me and asked for examples. I don’t have time to play middleman for this, but if it’s not too much trouble (and you have a Twitter account), could you tweet to @Disqus with a description of the problems you are having? (And if you don’t have a Twitter account, perhaps email them from their main site?)

    I know a bunch of you have been struggling with their recent change, so maybe if they get enough feedback, they’ll be able to fix it more quickly. 🙂

  • Joann Fuhs

    I think mitch cares about his friend kyle. he is concern about him and his friends are worries about him too . I hope kyle can tell flash everything

  • Jamie Dutton

    Camping yet? Hope so, cause it has to be warmer than it is at home right now! We got snow, lots and lots of snow!

  • Simba Hutchison

    Hullo! I am here to camp as I don’t have to wake up early in the morning! Who has hot cocoa? It never got above freezing today where I live…

    • Would mint cocoa be alright?

      • Simba Hutchison

        Yus! Mint chocolate is delicious.

        • *fixes Simba a mint cocoa and hands it to him* Careful sweetie, it is hot and you just revived.

          • Simba Hutchison


    • SofiaT

      I have hazelnut latte… and some brioches if you want?

      • it might take a minute for SImba to respond…..died over on Starfighter….I tried to tell him he cannot die yet.

        • SofiaT

          Ah… Death by webcomic.

          It happens.

          • Yeah…

          • SofiaT

            It’s been a month since I’ve changed my avatar, going through my photos now.

            Will let you guys decide. Recent pic or from when I was a kid? Can’t make up my mind.

          • Is the kid one really cute?

          • SofiaT

            Um, it’s me so I’m biased, but yes? 😛

          • Eh, I don’t really like photos of myself, kid or otherwise. ^_^ But I vote for the kid pic.

          • SofiaT

            I love photos of mysef from when I was a kid!

            Every picture I have from the age of 9 till 17 has mysteriously disappeared though… hehe.

          • silibub

            Well it’s shallow, but I tend to “see” commenters as their icons so it would surprise me a bit to suddenly associate your comments with a kid’s face! Even if it’s your face, and adorable, haha

          • SofiaT

            You got a valid point there, I’ll go with a recent one.

          • So you see me as smexy almost legal boy with bedroom eyes drying his hair with a towel?

          • silibub


          • SofiaT

            All I saw was eyes and a fringe but yeah, that’s how I’ve been “seeing” you too 😀

          • Here are some pics where you get to more of him.


          • Steven K.

            Well, that description sounds rather adorable as well.

          • Kyoya is my favorite character from Ouran High School Host Club. He is intelligent, cunning, scary, manipulative, loyal,…..kind….in his own way….if you haven’t done something to anger him.

          • Simba Hutchison

            Maybe I should change mine too..
            this is a picture of my cat, Simba. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            For some reason I thought it was a fox o.O
            Btw, Doki referred to you as a “he”? Just to make sure I’m using the right pronoun XD

          • Simba Hutchison

            My cat is a he, so technically that is correct, but I am not. 🙂

          • sorry

          • SofiaT

            Ah, thanks! I thought you were a she but with the random pics and names it’s hard to tell some times.

          • ….I used he without thinking…

          • Simba Hutchison

            Is okay! I am not easily offended by such things.

          • Simba Hutchison

            he is fluffy and orange-y like a fox, so i can see the confusion. ^.^

          • Simba Hutchison

            Especially THAT comic

          • YAY!!!! You revived!!!

      • Simba Hutchison

        I actually don’t drink coffee, but noms sound good, thankeem ^_^

    • I can make a mocha latte if anyone wants one.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’ve got some hot cocoa – is it all right that it’s made from a mix? (Oops, I see you’ve already got one! Well, you can have another if you’re done with that mug.)

  • Okay, I meant to get around to this a bit sooner, but I gathered up a bunch of courage to post on a current comic where things have been getting a tad dicey, and then Starfighter updated and I fainted…which turned from faint to sleep. …woke up and then had to write a coherent post…and yeah it has taken me awhile to get to this.

    1)It seems like we might actually be coming in to an ongoing conversation. I feel bad for Flyboy. Being told that Kyle really didn’t want anyone else there and that he is only there because of transportation issues. Though the way Flyboy finishes Fluke’s sentence, makes me think that this isn’t the first time that he has been used for transportation. I don’t think he really minds it, because I see him as willing to do most anything his team mates ask of him. He is such a sweetie pie.

    2) Now this might be just me but how he says in the second panel “i am saying he’s my friend too and if he’s in trouble, I should go in.” and not “I should go in with you.” is speaking volumes. To my ears it sounds like he wants to be the one to help out Kyle, even though Fluke is Kyles best friend. And I love that even though we are seeing only half of his face, we can still clearly see his worry and concern.

    3) In the third panel we get Flyboy sounding hurt. *hugs for Flyboy* And I always read that as him asking “Did Kyle specifically say he didn’t want ME to help?” “Does Kyle not like me?”

    4) Kudos to Fluke for saying the right thing in panel four. I think we can safely say that it isn’t personal that Kyle only wanted Fluke to come. When he says that he had convince Kyle to even bring Spooky along, Spooky’s face says “You better believe there is no way I am being left out of this…” ….Spooky so smug. He leaves a trail of broken hearts….

    5) In that last panel Flyboy’s face is just too cute. TOO CUTE. I also like how he is wanting to know more about what is going on. Spooky’s reply makes me think that Flyboy is going to be babysitting the car while the other two go into see Kyle.

    Team A A V have really brought us another amazing page. I really love how emotive the faces are. They are so very talented. Can we send them cookies?

    • Simba Hutchison

      I read and enjoyed everything you said but my brain is stuck on the “Starfighter updated” part. BRB everyone, must see Cain/Abel cutieness!

      • LOL That sounds exactly like me at times. I am surprised you made it through the whole comment before heading over. And you took the time to comment before heading over there….so much control….^_^

    • Steven K.

      Great posting. I was thinking most of the things you enumerated as well – and feeling the same.

  • SofiaT

    Oh crap. I just remembered that Alex was in those panels and I wanted to watch the livestream. Arrrggh, damn timezones, you confused me again!

    • Panels? Aren’t they first tomorrow? I’m pretty sure it’s saturday at 2 and 4pm CST he’s on panels, and then again sunday night CST. I read the schedule somewhere from a link yesterday. He just arrived at the place today 🙂

      • SofiaT

        I’m such an idiot!! I read Saturday… and I thought it was today because it’s Saturday here. Duh! *headdesk*

        • *lol* I got all frantic for a second, thinking I might have missed them. Then remembered that Alex was traveling there so it couldn’t be.
          Now just to remember it’s CST, so I think for me that’s an 8 hours time difference – here it’s at 20:00 and 22:00. It’s suddently new when he’s in the mid-east USA 🙂
          And sunday it was at 9pm, so that’s early monday morning for me.

          • SofiaT

            Ugh, I have to make sure I got the timezones right this time.

            Last time, with the phone interview, I completely miscalculated >:(

  • WarGoddess

    My mobile disqus is working! Thank the yaoi gods for small miracles! 😀

  • WarGoddess

    I do regret to say that I will not be able to camp with everyone tonight. I had an interview for a job at Walmart this morning (everything went swimmingly, btw, I have a follow-up interview on Monday), so my head was doing a number on me last night. I even had one of those dreams where you wake up and realize you slept in and missed the interview. That kept me up. (O_o) So, needless to say, I need to catch up on sleep so I don’t devolve into a rabid wolf and tear off the heads of those I love, lol. So goodnight everybody! I’m looking forward to another great page in the morning! 😀

    • Night sweetie and good luck!!!

      • WarGoddess

        Thank you! 😀

    • SofiaT

      Good luck! Hope you get the job! 🙂

      • WarGoddess

        I hope so too! Thanks for the luck! 😀

    • Good night! Good luck with the job!

      • WarGoddess

        Thank you! 😀

    • stickfigurefairytales

      That’s great about your interview, and good call on not staying up tonight. Best of luck on Monday!

  • Simba Hutchison

    uh oh… Getting sleepy… More caffeine! Stat!

    • One mocha latte coming up! Just got fresh cocoa today!

    • LL

      unacceptable! keep those lids open, soldier!

  • Torke159

    I’m really happy today <3 got the amazing news that I'm done with school this year XD on vacation (thank god <3 no more bullies for me) so happy in camping tonight :'D

    • SofiaT

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been bullied Torke. But I’m glad you got some good news, congrats!

      • Torke159

        Ah Thank you <3 and I really don't care for them anymore Just got used to them after so many years D: but I'm still happy :3

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m so sorry that you have to deal with bullies, but I’m happy that you can be on vacation now and camping with us!

      • Torke159

        Aww Thank you for your kindness :3 After a whole year studying, a new page,vacation and nice people are just what I needed :’D

  • Amanda

    I wish I could bring myself to comment, or even stay up until the page updates. But it has been a helluva week, and I find myself wallowing in a big batch of, “Im and ugly, and no one will ever love me”. That isnt an easy position to find yourself in when you’re already having issues with depression.

    • Torke159

      I know how you feel, but, never look down, there’s always someone there for you, you might not know but, your soul mate could be walking by your side 😀

    • *Hugs* Been there. Be good to you (as ChrisD would say)

    • SofiaT

      You. Are. Not. Ugly. >:(

      First of all, there you are, I can see you and you’re most definitely Not. Ugly. If someone said that or made you feel that way, screw them. They’re the ugly ones.

      And there are plenty of reasons for someone to love you, your amazing sense of humour and funny one-liners, for one.

      Your comments always crack me up 🙂

      • What Sofia said!

      • Steven K.

        Ditto what Sofia has told you! Very wise words. But I realize that sometimes we have trouble remembering them, so it’s nice to be reminded.

    • Simba Hutchison

      I am dealing with some of that too as the holidays come up. I’m terrified to wake up alone Xmas morning for the first time in almost 8 years… Plus my longterm boyfriend dumped me the day after Xmas last year so it has been that long since I’ve felt loved. …besides family and stuff, you know what I mean… Anyway! You are not ugly and you are not alone in feeling this way. *hugs*

      • Steven K.

        That’s so crappy – sorry you are going through things like that as well. Some HUGS for both Amanda AND for you!

      • *Big hug*

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Oh honey! I’m so sorry that things are tough right now. *hugs*

    • Denise Cruz

      I also know the feeling, Amanda! It is, indeed, a hell!
      But, you aren’t ugly, at all!
      You are funny,smart and BEAUTIFUL!
      Anyone who says otherwise is a stupid liar!
      You shouldn’t give any credit to such a creature!
      Take good care of yourself, dear! — Hugs–

    • frankenmouse

      I’ve been there, man. Hope you get through this rough patch soon and your brain stops giving you shit. *hugs*

    • Steven K.

      Awwww – So sorry to hear that. BIG HUG! I’ve been there and still have times like that, so I know just what you are going through and can empathize. And for me, add the age and genetic health issues on top of that. I know it may not be all that helpful, but you are still young and there is all kinds of time for things to turn around – and they probably will before you know it. As long as you have hope, and the capacity to love others, that is the important thing. People keep telling me I’ll find someone. there is someone for everyone, etc., – but the years go on and on and it doesn’t happen. But I’m a rather strange/odd/eccentric ol’ guy, so who knows what the issues truly are. For you, however, you are young with what has seemed to be a really good head on your shoulders – so please don’t get discouraged and hang in there! You are not alone, in any case.

    • Steven K.

      And Ditto! what Sofia has told you! Very wise words. But I realize that sometimes we have trouble remembering them, so it’s nice to be reminded.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad right now. *hugs* I hope that you feel better soon. I wish I could punch depression in the face for you.

  • rgleon9986

    All I can say is, thank God next week is finals week.

    • Torke159

      I know that feeling XD

  • Elizabeth

    Okay! I’ve had my nap & I’m bundled up in my blankets ready to camp! 😀

    I’m just happy I still have power so I /can/ camp & I hope everyone else that’s iced or snowed in is safe & warm!

    • Simba Hutchison

      Thankfully it is so cold that it has stayed dry over here in Seattle, but it didn’t get above freezing today so me and my flannel sheets are getting very snuggly. 🙂

    • Torke159

      That moment when doesn’t snow in your country *curls up and cries*

      • Simba

        I’m having trouble thinking of a country where it never snows… Columbia? Haiti? Saudi Arabia?

  • silibub

    Changing icons is like putting on a new face. But I’ve been watching a lot of Archer…

    • SofiaT

      I like the new one! Where is it from?

      • silibub

        And I like yours too!

        • SofiaT

          It’s from a Manu Chao concert last summer.

          Good times! 😀

    • Simba Hutchison

      I want to change mine, but I think because I sign in with Facebook I can’t change it… I will keep trying

      • Click on your name and then click edit profile. You should be able to change it without much trouble to facebook.

        • Simba Hutchison

          I think because I am using my phone it is being troublesome… Still trying!

          • Good luck.

            You can always complain to Discus on twitter about any mobile trouble if you need to, let them know any specific trouble you’re having.

          • Simba

            Well, it wouldn’t let me browse my phone for pictures, but at least I have an adorable Gravatar pic. 🙂

          • That’s adorable!

  • jreed3842

    How are we all doing tonight?!

    • Where’re the s’mores!? 😀

      • jreed3842

        I was afraid to bring them because last Tuesday night Holly ate them all… and then it was just a hot mess after that. Haha.
        I suppose I could go make some real quick! 😛

        • Just teasing! Having your smiling face is all that’s needed…. That is unless you want to bring in s’mores cause I wouldn’t stop you!

          • jreed3842

            *pulls out a giant plate of s’mores*
            Dig in!

          • Gimme! *doing s’mores dance* Thank you!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Om nom nom nom — wait, is it okay if I have some too?

    • Simba Hutchison

      Hullo! 😀

    • Torke159

      Yoo :3

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m a little late to the party, but I’m here!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      It’s early afternoon here, but pretty good!

  • Xalun K

    I feel so bad for Mitch. He just wants to look out for his friend, and at his age, that kind of rejection has to hurt. Hopefully Kyle will let the whole team know what’s going on.

    Also, hey everybody. 🙂 Probably not camping tonight, I have to be up very, very early, boo.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hi! Sorry you can’t stay, but it sounds like you’re making the right call getting sleep. Hope we have a good page for you tomorrow!

  • LL

    I might as well camp if I’m procrastinating studying for finals!

    • Elizabeth

      The best way to procrastinate

      • LL

        this is one of a few webcomics not on hiatus, what else can I do? ;_;

  • Tina

    ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! *hands out cake to campers*

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Happy birthday!!!

    • silibub

      Aw, happy birthday! *takes slice of cake*

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      May you live a hundred years!

      • Tina

        God I hope not XD

        • LL

          think of all the “in my day” stories you could tell

          • Tina


          • LL

            “I had to wait 20 minutes for MY gay fanfiction to load!”

          • Tina

            “And you could forget all that high speed porn you kids indulge in these days. You were lucky if the girls moved at all in the videos!”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “When we wanted smutty fanart we had to go on back behind the shed, cut off a tree branch, and use it to carve pictures in the frost!”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “And we liked it!”

          • LL

            “or worse, had to make due with sexy forums on GaiaOnline!”

          • LL

            “and just forget them fancy sex webchats”

          • Simba

            XD oh my sides, ow…

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Not even if you make a deal with a demon for lasting youth?

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Or however many years you prefer to live until.

      • SofiaT

        Ha, that’s the traditional wish we give to someone on their birthday/nameday in my country. We either say a hundred or a thousand XD

    • LL

      “What a day for a birthday, let’s all have some cake.”

    • Happy Birthday!!!

    • Happy birthday, Tina!

      (I might just have a little something nice for you in the oven… 😀 )

      • Tina

        Squeeee. This’ll probably be the last time a page is posted on my picture. Unless this comic runs for another 3 years or so

        • stickfigurefairytales

          There was one on my birthday too! (November 20th)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            But it was a very depressing page. 🙁

          • Tina

            I don’t think this page will be very up lifting either… -_-;

          • LL

            shhh no I’m sure there will be bro hugs

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh, I hope so!!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s true…but at least you get a lot of great people to help cheer you up!

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Steven K.

      Happy birthday! Here’s wishing you (well, and the rest of us) a nice and (hopefully at least somewhat) comforting page tonight in honor of that!

      • LL

        you better knock on wood!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          *views that comment in light of Tina’s reply to Steven*



          • Simba

            Glad it wasn’t just me…

          • LL

            it is our right, as adults, to snicker openly at double entendres

      • Tina

        Awww but comforting’s no fun. Now smut. Smut’s fun

        • Steven K.

          Well, I’d take one or the other at this point. But I doubt Kyle is in quite the right mood for a mini-orgy at the moment, and we certainly don’t have an indication that his 3 rescuers would all be inclined toward such a thing with Kyle and one-another.

    • Torke159

      Happy birthday! :’D

    • SofiaT

      Happy birthday!!

    • Simba

      Hippo birdie!

    • Happy birthday

    • purplefoxglove

      Happy birthday 🙂

  • In my hotel room. Dough is kneaded. Oven is pre-heated. Got my hot mitts on.

    Shouldn’t be long now…. 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Mmm…the smell of a new page baking…

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      This sounds like some sort of code.

    • VileTybalt

      Ooh, sounds like perfect timing for me to join the camping. I was super worried that I would miss it tonight.

    • davefragments

      This is like me cooking my dinner … It’s never fast enough…
      😉 but then, it does get eaten regardless.

  • Simba

    I put a little orange liquor in my Mexi-coke. Is delicious… *hic*

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Mmm…Mexi-coke (or really any non-US Coke)

      • Simba

        Amen sister!

    • LL

      might as well skip the high fructose corn syrup if you’re getting your drink on

    • I love Mexi-Coke!

  • Tina
  • SofiaT
    • Tina

      I said it first! lol

  • Steel_Man

    I see an angsty “crush” coming up…

  • Ree

    I’m so excited to get to know the rest of the team better!

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