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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 2

599 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 2

That’s right, Fluke. Sometimes the Emergency Channel is used for, y’know, actual emergencies

You’ve all been super-helpful with your suggestions for what I should include in The Annihilator Dossier. You’ve submitted over 50 suggestions so far. If you get a chance, please check out the suggestion page and vote on your favorites!

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Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! Fluke now knows where Kyle is, but he has questions. I wonder what our little hero is going to tell him?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Paul <3

    Kyle is making my heart weep. He's panicking.

    • Indeed!

      And congrats!

      • Thank you. And I was here ALL alone for about 2mins. It almost felt lonely xD

        • Two minutes in comments land is a long time. 🙂

    • You’re sneaky!

      • Well I have just eaten, so my senses weren’t disturbed by hunger anymore 😉

        • lol damn your senses!

        • Sapfo

          And so the hunger games ends 😉

    • No wolf… just scared… when you’re that badly “violated” there is so much fear. Your dearest family members can seem frightening. I trust he’ll get there, but it will take some time and some baby steps.

      Anyone who needs to “feel it” re-read. It’s a harsh journey Kyle goes on. Some people would commit suicide after this journey… that Kyle is calling Paul, even scared, shows how strong he is. He’ll get there.

      I was telling someone about a friend who was severely metal pipe gay bashed in new york. He was so messed up that only one of us could get near him at a time in the hospital without him breaking down. And we were his best friends. I cried so hard at his fear. So, this is not so bad, just first steps.

      Okay enough emoting from me. I’ll just get worse.

      Good night all. Thank you for the wonderful camp.


      • *hugs* Night sweetie

      • Chris, this is just heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing.

        Good night. *joins in hugs*

      • silibub

        Oh, babe. *joins the hug pile* I’m sorry you’ve experienced these things that let you feel Kyle’s heartbreak so acutely, but you’re always wonderful at translating it into great character insight — thanks for that. Good night. ♥

      • Yeah, I know the difference. I’ve kinda been there (because of something else) but not as severe as this. Both as the hurt one and as a friend to one.
        I hope your friend is better today. I always get angry when I hear someone gets beat up like this just because they happen to be gay.. or other things you can’t control for that matter.
        Some people are scared for anything different their little narrow-sighted minds can’t comprehend, but to do something like this just shows that the ones that is something ‘wrong’ with are the bashers.

        • I’m sorry… sometimes on Disqus someone’s post (like your good one here) prompts a thought and it sounds like I’m responding TO you. When, of course, I know that YOU understand. There is just no way to post a brand new post without disconnecting in the moment from the inspiration.

          Thank you for asking. My friend is much better, but it never get’s forgotten and I’ll never forget that for a moment we (his best friends) were all frightening to him. I’m not a scary guy and when I saw him look at me in terror before realizing who I was… well it was a horrible realization. Live and learn eh?

          I know I’ve said this before. I think it was why I was so harsh in my first days on this list about what Duncan did to Kyle. The trust betrayal was so harsh in it’s sexuality. I just kept thinking about the scars it leaves that no one sees. Funny that fictional characters connect in our minds with reality in such curious ways. It may be hard, but it surely a good thing.

          But I absolutely know YOU understand. Thanks for this nice note. HA. I realized after writing this post last night, it was time to go to sleep.


          • Sorry, been mostly gone a couple of days, so no chance to reply before now.
            No worries, I know that you know that I know (I love writing sentenses like this *lol). I probably frased my reply a bit wrong too, but we get each other and what we meant. It can be difficult wording something that touch/effect you a lot.
            And you’re right, it will never be forgotten but there will be a time where you pass (most of) it and learn to live with them. The inner scars. One day you might be able to say that your outer scars are now bigger/more than your inner scars. I still have my short, bad moments but I was able to say that seven years ago, and that realization was a huge moment of relief for me.
            I hope your friend get to have his moment too.

  • Nooo Kyle! You can trust them 🙁 You need them

  • Sapfo

    Yes tis up and Im back

    • Sapfo! Good to see you.

      • Sapfo

        Same, same. ^_^

    • Good timing 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Just got the last things out and now I am “cleaning” my old appartment…. Well just some more camping and the I will do just that.

  • Poor Kyle, I can hear the desperation in his voice.

    Wow! Seven comments in? That’s close for me.

  • dereule101

    Mountains…in California!

    • silibub

      For some reason it’s immensely satisfying to have some grasp on their location — I pointed at my screen and went “Ohhhhh!”

  • Stubbylegs

    “While you’re at it….mind bringing me some damn pants?”

  • silibub

    AHA, West Coast! Given the fact that Duncan graces whatever city they’re in with his presence and there are mountains nearby, I was figuring they lived in either New York or California somewhere.

    Other than that, I feel awful hearing (reading) Kyle’s stress. Digging my nails into my face waiting for the next page already, and this one’s just been posted, oh dear…

    • silibub

      Or wait, shit, *squints* Is the Young Protectors base technically in Nevada?

      • No, still Cali, from the looks of it.

        • silibub

          Ah, okay. I can’t tell how far the map is zoomed in.

          • It looks like the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So maybe Central California.

          • dereule101

            Well that sucks for them completely if their base is in Central California, lol. Unless YPHQ is a meth lab.

          • Ha! It’s a little hard to tell the exact spot because I see the boarder to Mexico there which is throwing me off a bit. Other wise I’d say east of ‘Frisco Bay-ish.

          • Terri Sutton

            Perhaps this is an alternate universe where the geography is a little different to this one.

          • dereule101


          • Which would explain a lot.

          • dereule101

            Well looking at the map again, Alaska seems to be highlighted in the same color as California, so either the highlight means nothing and we are all reading too far into it or the section of coast is elsewhere?

          • dereule101

            Hmm, I don’t think it’s that zoomed in where we’d be able to see Mexico and San Francisco at the same time, otherwise that region wouldn’t be mountains.

          • That’s what’s throwing me off. I would say maybe the costal area was Los Angeles or Santa Barbara

          • silibub

            “Where’s Kyle? We have to cook.”

            Breaking Bad AU?

      • dereule101

        If those are the mountains it’s highlighting, then that’d still be in California. I don’t recognize the section of the coast, but then again I don’t know the scale of the zoom.

        • silibub

          I think the bit of coastline that’s jutting out is where San Francisco/San Mateo/Santa Cruz are located…so at that scale headquarters is at least close to the state border if not over it into Nevada. I’m useless with maps, though >:/

          • dereule101

            Maybe the YP logo isn’t their HQ but rather just a “bug” (floating logo) on their user interface.

          • silibub

            Ooh, that’s a good point — it’s not like the green highlight is a mapped-out route from one place to the other, just a window with the zoomed-in portion of the map. Damn, good eye!

          • dereule101

            Traveling up and down California is easy – traveling straight across is a much more challenging exercise!

          • That very true what with those mountains smack dab in the middle

          • I was thinking it might represent Kyle, what with the flame. Maybe they each have a different emblem to represent them?

          • silibub

            You guys are so sharp ;u;

          • It’s just a possibility. 🙂

          • silibub

            But it makes a lot of sense in connection with dereule101’s observation that it could be a floating logo — one representing Kyle, in this case. I figured since Fluke was talking about how soon the team could get there in the same panel that it must represent the headquarters, but now I think you guys got it. High-five for your observational skills!

          • Thanks. They of course could have a speedy jet?

          • It’s not the basic YP logo, but Kyle’s personal. The green box is where the tracking system is starting to pin-point Kyle.. probably zooming in off-screen.
            The logo shows it’s Kyle who’s being located.

      • Looks like north cali

    • Steven K.

      I know.

    • Terri Sutton

      Looks like Yosemite National Park, or there abouts. Is there mountains there?

      • dereule101

        Yosemite is more inland (I’m from the Yosemite/central valley area), but yes, lots of ’em. 🙂

        • Terri Sutton

          Thanks for the info, trying to compare a drawing to an image on Goggle Maps was a little difficult.

    • Arrgh! I just went to check on the mountains (at the beginning when Duncan carries him there) and clicked on what I thought was the right page and…there’s Duncan saying “Goodbye, Little Hero.”

      The feels, the pain, the tears, the INJUSTICE OF IT ALL!!

      *goes to curl up on couch with comforting blanket*

      • silibub

        Oh no! That page should come with a warning message!

      • I did something alike it yesterday. Managed to click on ‘Random’ instead of ‘Latest’ and the page I got was that one.
        I felt like the site was trolling me >.>

  • It’s all so heartbreaking and yet just right… I’ll so enjoy pouring over it!

    Once again AA&V you have done a wonderful page

    Many thanks and congratulations on the wonderful work!


    p.s. I’m going to cry some more… it just is what it is!

    • Sapfo

      Radio playing: “Baby dont break my heart….”

    • Steven K.

      I’ll be joining you in that.

    • Thank you, Chris. 🙂

  • Fluke: Sup buddy, you sound like shit
    Kyle: Halp
    Fluke: Will do, my man, sending out the troops now
    Kyle: No stahp!
    Fluke: O_O Why are you all the way out there?
    Audience: *wibble*

    (I’ll keep these cliffnotes going until someone tells me to stop)

  • Steven K.

    I should have gotten a magnet quite awhile ago so that I could keep it upside down until Kyle got some pants (UNLESS he was busy having a truly nice and loving nekkid experience with someone and all of it was of his own free will and volition).

    • I think that’s a great idea, Steven…in fact, I just bought the Artifice “Hacking” magnet a moment ago. I’m sure there will be other times when I’ll have to turn that magnet upside down.

      • Steven K.

        Actually, I did recently get the one where they are seated affectionately in the presumedly escaping ship together.

      • Steven K.

        And all take pictures of them in that condition to send to Alex when things get too painful again (hopefully we will reach a point when there will be more good feelings than sad or painful or heartbreaking ones).

    • silibub

      Is the magnet thing an in-joke? *clueless*

      • Steven K.

        It’s a ChrisD thing – was going on for quite some time.

        • silibub

          Ah, okay – must have missed that one!

          • Chris bought an Artifice magnet and said it would be upside down until Kyle was unchained (or something like that) 🙂

          • silibub

            Like a flag in times of distress! I’ll have to adopt this system!

          • Steven K.

            And he kept updating us (and thus Alex as well, of course), on its angular position or orientation at various points/pages of the story – trending more toward upright when things seemed more hopeful, or dipping or plunging back down again when things remained bleak.

          • silibub

            Oh my god, I love that. How did I manage to miss out on those quality shenanigans?

  • Mmmk. I want to stay up and have fun discussions like normal but I have to work and still haven’t packed and I am leaving from work so I will sign off.
    Good night all

  • Poor Kyle!! It’s okay, baby, Paul will help. I just want to give the poor guy a hug…

  • Jamie Dutton

    I love the way Adam drew Paul’s face in that first panel! And the way Vero shaded his skin is just gorgeous!

    • SofiaT

      I know!! He has a “I’m only half-listening because I’m playing a game on my phone” look -it’s amazing how they managed to capture it!

  • Toli Bera

    “Cause I’m suuuuuuuper naked…. like That one time with Tsunami in the Dairy Queen naked.”
    “Woah! uh hang on, I’ll fly something out to you Asap.”

    • Jamie Dutton

      Lol, did I miss that update? Cause that would be awesome!

      • Toli Bera

        Nah, just bubbling up a pot of noodles.

    • HA… Dairy Queen naked.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Four observations:
    1) I continue to be awed, appreciative, but somewhat intimidated by the fans giving such large donations. Thank you.
    2) Oh noes! Kyle’s gonna keep secrets! Beware! Only plot complications can come of this, Kyle!
    3) Paul reacts like a bad thing is a bad thing, rather than a resource for generating good luck. Good. I know it was rather paranoid of me, but I had been worrying about that.
    4) Maps. Slowly the Young Protectors universe fills in. When Duncan and Kyle exchanged introductions back at the start of chapter 1, and Kyle only gave his first name and that he was from ‘around here’… Well, at that time Kyle didn’t know that the identities of the underage heroes was an open secret, so he was probably just being cagey by not giving his name. But I had been wondering about what city they were in, since there was a less pressing need to keep hidden the name of the city they were both standing in…

    • SofiaT

      About your second point… I’m not sure Kyle plans to keep this a secret. He could just want to take some time to wrap his head around what happened and take a deep breath before facing the rest of the team. Having everyone storm at the warehouse and finding him there, all asking questions on top of each other, sounds scary even to me -and I’m not the one who has to face it.
      Calling a meeting at the HQ and explaining the situation there would be the logical thing to do. Hopefully with Paul as his back up.

      That’s one scenario.

      The other is that he will try to take Duncan and Laampros down on his own…

      • Marcus Dionte Scott

        Oh, Sofia!! Pffffft. Call them all there! Let them arrive just in time to help and comfort Kyle in this his time of need, and then~~~*In Blanche Devereaux voice* just as he lays there, all sobbin’ and shakin’ from sadness, Fluke takes him in his bulgin’, masculine arms, and presses his lips to Kyle’s~~and Tsunami comes up behind Kyle, his huge, tattooed body pulsatin’ with passion, his thick, masculine thighs wrappin’ around Kyle’s waist~~and then Spooky comes in with butterfly kisses all over that lonely body, and then you see all these bodies just squirmin’ and movin’~~thrustin’ and sweatin’~~a multicultural, multicolored romp of ecstasy, like a United Nations convention-meets-porn kind of situation, until they all fulfill a passion they never thought could ever be released!!!!~~~*Ahem*~~But yes, the actual way it is happening now is probably better *looks around~~~*

        • Wow…..I could sooo hear that in her voice. Amazing.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [makes a face like Tard the Grumpy Cat] Maybe. Given that we have an unknown amount of time before Anni and the Priestess activate the second Key to Paradise to let in the ravening demon hordes to impinge on everybody’s personal space, I’d feel a lot better if Kyle asked to speak with either Commander or Spooky while leaving the explanation for the rest of the team to later. The line “Don’t call anybody!” worries me. Still, not many people can be concise and precise when they’re in emotional turmoil, so it may be a while before we find out exactly what Kyle is planning.

  • SofiaT

    Meanwhile the fandom has opened up Google maps and is deep in discussing geography.
    I love it! 😀

    • Alex has this wonderful way of engaging us in this manner. We all went to look up fables that one time (scorpion and frog) and wasn’t there a time when we were looking up Greek myths?

      • SofiaT

        The scorpion and the frog is a Greek tale 😛
        But yeah, we’ve discussed everything from lingusistics to myths, from tragedy to philosophy, from theology to string theory… the things you learn in this place are amazing.

        • Really? I thought Scorpion and frog was Aesop. Oh well.

          See, I’m learning new things even now.

          • silibub

            Aesop was Greek, yeah?

          • SofiaT

            Aesop was Greek 😀

          • *runs back from Wikipedia before getting stuck there indefinitely*

            That is so cool!

          • SofiaT

            Well, if he really existed. He may be like Homer who may or may not have been a real person.

        • silibub

          I’m consistently impressed by how well-informed the commenters are here, in all kinds of areas!

          • Yeah.. I kinda feel like I need to start reading something else sometimes, because I feel almost illiterate xD
            I read all the time but recent couple of year it been mostly fiction. I’ve (almost) forgotten a lot of my mythology/theology knowledge and such.

        • Marcus Dionte Scott

          *Ears perk up* Did you say~~~”Linguistics”? *Lets out geeky squeal of edenic delight*

          • SofiaT

            Oh yeah. We analyzed those spells to pieces. 🙂

        • Mike W

          Can we get back to penises now?

          • SofiaT

            Sure. But be careful.The penis is mightier than the sword. Or, um, something like that.

          • So boys and girls… one day the Scorpion asked the Penis to give it a ride to the other side of the stream… Let’s cut the end… the Penis said, “NO FUCKING WAY DUDE! Learn to swim.”

            And the Penis lived to erect for many happy years to come. So the lesson is that cooperation is not always your best option.


            Class dismissed.

          • Mike W

            I was hoping for The Prince(ss) and the Pea-nis, but buggers can’t be choosers.

          • HA!

      • Jamie Dutton

        Don’t forget the musical interpretations via Opera and 80’s power ballads!

    • So I’m not the only one highly amused by this. We sure get around on topics.

      • Sapfo

        And most of the time there are more then one topic going on. So if you dont like one, then just move on to the next or come up with a new one.

  • Marcus Dionte Scott

    My, my, my, Fluke!! Aren’t you one delicious piece of chocolate cake. That chest of yours just says “touch me”~~and them beautifully brown eyes~! You aren’t a fluke, honey. You are one sweet bowl of Lucky Charms, and all I wanna do is taste that d~~*looks around and sees that other commenters are reading* Ummm…uuhh… nice writing, Alex, and your artists are doing a wonderful job making Fluke so bootylicious~~I mean attractive. Yes! Very “attractive”, and I look forward to seeing more of his ass~~*uh*–assistance with the rescuing of Kyle. I know right now he’s extremely sexed~~I mean “vexed”~~with the situation. So, “Gooo Fluke! Yaaay! To the rescue” *Tries to peek at Fluke’s behind*

    • dereule101


  • Initial new page excitement is wearing off…starting to shut down. It’s only 12:19 am here in California but I need to get up early again in the morning.

    Have a great Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating (and have a great weekend if you’re not)! SAFE, speedy, comfortable travels to all who are flying/driving/on a train this weekend.

    I won’t be able to camp on Friday, will still be at my parents, but I look forward to popping in on Saturday when I’ll be back home. G’Nite!

    • G’Night! And you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!

  • Holly

    FLUKE goes from Zero to WORRIED AS HELL in under the matter of seconds. That is impressive. Though I wonder what he’s thinking….

    Also I learned the hard way how stupid my building’s fire alarm sounds like. So weird and stupid, I did not know what it was an for a moment thought @chrisdangerfield:disqus ‘s inventention was real. Turns out the fire department was running a test. Very few people went outside. I have a feeling we are going to receive a memo about this. But it DOES NOT sound like a fire alarm.

    • Holly! I’m on my way out but it’s good to see you.

      My building fire alarm is so loud that you have to leave. It literally hurts your chest, not to mention your ears, when it goes off.

      • Holly

        Yeah ours is not that loud. But really it did NOT sound like a fire alarm. It was very confusing! I am ANGRY. IT was 4:10am!!!!

        • ……I slept through one once.

          • Klaus

            When I lived in a college (kind of like a university dorm, though not attatched to one university), there was a period if several months where one or more people thought is was great fun to start the fire alarm every Saturday night. It made such noise that you just had to leave the room. Even so, one Saturday when only one of the seven people with a key to the room with the off switch was home, it took an hour to wake him.

          • Our fire alarms were always going off when people would burn popcorn.

      • Oh, I stayed in a hotel once with one of those… hateful doesn’t begin to describe it.

    • See and you thought I was goofing! LOL.

  • silibub

    I’m burning out, too — my brother just got back in town, so I want to make sure I can wake up early enough to goof around with him tomorrow. Goodnight, my brilliant peeps, and be safe if you’re traveling!

  • SofiaT

    Can I just say a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s been donating for those extra pages? Especially to Chris and others like him, who have the ability and the will to do so repeatedly and with extremely generous donations to boot!

    Without your amazing patronage we would still be stuck in hell for much longer. So I’m very grateful to the few who make everything so much better for us all.

    Cheers. *raises glass*

    • *raise glass* I wholeheartly agree. I wish I could donate more, and I’m so happy for those who can and will do this, sometimes week after week. YOU ROCK!

    • *raises glass* Cheers! As soon as I get money I will be able to join those that donate.

    • *tips hat*

    • silibub

      Seriously – especially this time around, I feel like I need a “Chris D Is My Hero” T-shirt!

    • Thank you Sofia, and all of you so kindly. It’s rare that any of us can support in a demanding RL… and $2 or more it’s all good, and each dollar gets us an inch closer to that oh so important extra page.

      So ignore the amount, I was having a good month and I was deeply moved by the subtle and deeply emotional way Alex moved us into the new chapter and felt good about showing it and supporting it. His entire view of supporting “gay” means a lot to me.

      So, I raise my glass back to each and every one of us who help out when RL allows us too. Thanks all.


  • Oh good lord, my heart *doki-doki-doki*
    @fc6208f8c0c0706e8e8a0fe083e0eef4:disqus comment for you. Have you seen the latest page of the Khaos extra story? If you haven’t, go look. I just remembered and nearly swallowed my tongue. It is VERY NSFW >.>

    I think it’s the first time I’ve seen it from that angle on a webcomic (you’ll know what I mean) LOL

    Edit: Baah, now it’s doing that name-thing again. The tag name was correct until I posted the comment.. for you Sofia

    • SofiaT

      [Ah, we’re back to Disqus playing with my name! I hadn’t seen that for a while…]

      Yeah, I saw the latest page this morning. It was, um, interesting.

      Tab doesn’t mince his words. Or his drawings. o.O

      I also got an email from Tab telling me my boxset with all 4 books was posted today, yay!! I hope it gets here before Dec 20th because I’ll be out of the country (and the continent) for 6 weeks after that.

      • Yes, I got my email monday, and then the post delivery guy came by today with a package – and of course it was for my neighbour. I was just getting my hopes up, but I expect it will be here in a couple of days. It usually doesn’t take more than 2-7 days between UK and here.

        • SofiaT

          I’ve ordered things from the UK before and they usually take around 2 weeks to get here. Fingers crossed!

    • Steven K.

      Hmmm – can we get a link to what you might be hinting at? This sounds like a title that might be worth checking out.

      • Look up Khaos Komix. It’s a really good GLBTQ webcomic and it finished last year. The main comic is pg-17, but it’s mostly for other factors than sex. There’s a little sidestory between each arc that has the more sexual content.
        How ever Tab, the artist, made a kickstarter a couple months ago and part of that was ‘earning’ extra sidestories which he’s now doing and posting on the site where he’s started his new comic, ‘Shades of A’. For the first time he’s drawing some pretty graphic stuff for one of his sidestories, and the previous page had a ‘view’ I’ve rarely seen on a comic before, if ever LOL

        Note: I really recommend Khaos, but it can have triggers for some because it touches themes like homophobia, prejudice, abuse (never shows anything graphic) and such. I know many readers from the LGBTQ community like it for the ‘realism’.

        • SofiaT

          I have to agree with the note you added. Khaos is a lovely comic but not for everyone. I couldn’t stop crying when I read Jamie’s story, it really pressed some buttons there I usually prefer left untouched. But it was done in such an ernest way, Tab deserves a bow for how he treated such a delicate issue.

          People who have suffered through violence because of their sexual or gender identity might find Charlie’s story hard to read too.

          All in all, Khaos is all about the emotions and the social interactions of people who society deems as “not normal” and the art is much “rougher” too. So it doesn’t offer the visual titillation other comics do.
          But it’s definitely worth reading.

  • every time I see Fluke I just can’t believe he’s under 18 – I mean,look at those muscles… can we let one in-story-year pass ’till the next Kickstarter campaign? Please!

  • Since we’ve been talking about many interesting topics, I got another one :-p

    Their clothes. I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but how do they get out of it? Look how it clings to their bodies, and there’s not a lot of zippers to be seen.
    It must be some damn good material their suits are made of, and what about underwear? In some of those suits lines would show if they wore any. Things must be designed well to keep ..things in place.
    It’s probably just one of those comic-verse mysteries you shouldn’t ‘worry’ about xD

    Say someone who has NOT had any inner images of how they sometimes helped each other into/out of the suites when in a hurry.. uh-uhm no thoughts what so ever <..>

    • If I remember correctly, Flyboy’s suit has the zipper down the front…almost ALL the way down the front.

      • Steven K.

        Oh my! Somebody fan me!

      • silibub

        Riiight? I mean he’s fifteen and has the wrong equipment for me anyway so I’m not gonna say anything pervy, but he’s so cute! The cutest one on the team to me, actually – I like his floppy hair.

    • Klaus

      It is only the white part of Fluke’s outfit that is cloth. The blue part is paint.

    • I think it’s definitely the superhero secret art of supersuiting.

    • in case of Kyle it’s basically Shrink wrap foil. And I think he burns it off to undress…

    • Saxon_Brenton

      It might be just artistic license. I recall from ages ago, in an issue of the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans run, where Changeling was getting into costume and it was clear that his bodysuit simply had a zipper up the front. On all other occasions that zipper was otherwise invisible. [shrug]

  • Steel_Man

    Time to pay the Piper, Kyle, me boy…and finally, time to put some clothes on!

    • that’s the tricky part – telling Fluke to bring an extra T-shirt and some pants….

      • Steel_Man

        Just put some clothes on the kid.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        T-shirt OK Pants/jeans OK but it better be Levi 501’s BECAUSE without underwear …..zipper pants could cause some “damage” …if you know what I mean:D

    • vessto

      No, don’t put clothes on!:p

    • Frater Gymnos

      I find myself strangely stimulated by the simple act of watching someone put their clothes back on after being naked. It can actually reveal a lot of character, since I assume everyone puts their own quirky spin on it.

      • Steel_Man

        There’s a “Men at Play” video that presents that very thing in a really nice way. I’m not all that wild about watching the kid get dressed. I just want him to put some clothes on already.

        • Frater Gymnos


        • Frater Gymnos

          And I do like Men at Play. They present this type of scenario very well. Thanks.

  • vessto

    *sighs* I hope Fluke won’t go too far with his questions. What Kyle needs least now is to answer anything.

    • Steven K.

      I feel that way too, but I know that I’m in the minority on that, and I DO understand all the arguments on why he’s gotta spill things. I just think he doesn’t have to go into certain details.

  • Thank you guys, for being such a joy to be around when you have a crappy day. You are an awesome distraction <3

    • Sapfo

      See you on TH later 🙂

      Ice-cream to everyone <3<3<3<3<3

      • Yes. I’ll try to be around sooner today.

  • Wow.. you can really see on the comments that this page was up at a time when many have left to sleep/went to sleep shortly after, or the time people are away in school/work and such.
    It’s been a while since so ‘few’ comments has been posted emidiately after the page is up. It’s so quiet here.

    Has left me time to look at the smaller details on the page.

    1) I really like Red Hot’s personal YP flame logo. Nice design. Look forward to see the designs when all of their logos has been made.

    2) Paul looks really cool as Fluke in that poster on the wall 🙂

    3) Dayum. I get what Alex means when he say Fluke is the most fit member of the YP. For a 17 year old, no for any age, he’s really buff. I know we have a certain vilain or two to compaire him to.. but look at those muscles o_o

    • Sensational Sai

      owo I wish to see those muscles -dance-

      • I agree. Me want those muscles to dance tooooooo.

        And let me just say DAT ASS has some competition! No wonder he’s getting all verklempt at losing his mojo to a sagging old age with Paul looking so yummy (okay I’m full of it I still have that down shot of Dat Duncan Ass tacked to my office wall)… but it certainly explains his old age issues.

        Go Paul!!!!!

  • SteveMcSheffrey

    Is the GPS in as fun a place as I’m imagining it being?

    • Cman65

      most likely in his com-set

      • Jac

        That sounds awfully fun

    • dereule101

      Somewhere other than inside the tracking device Kyle just activated?

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oh, poor Kyle 🙁
    Fluke’s handling the situation pretty well.

  • Amy

    What’s going on is that Kyle is completely naked. I wouldn’t want to have an entire team rescuing me and seeing me like that. lol.

    • timemonkey

      He’s got fire powers, it’s easily explainable.

      • Steven K.

        I hope that works if he had to use that explanation – but good thought in any case.

      • Amy

        It’s a joke…

    • Steven K.

      Totally agree!

    • It’s funny how we all react to that issue. Okay, I’m Kyle and I’ve been chained naked to a slab for a good long while. Teased into a hell spell by a hot supper villain, spent a WHOLE bunch of time naked in hell, well looked over by a floating eyeball, fondled by a demon and then forced to (spread eagle) listen to the evil dude monologue at great length. (oooooh cruel)

      I just think — speaking only for myself — that being found naked at this point is not my biggest concern. Just get me a damn robe and get me the FUCK out of here.

      Although I’m a lot older than 18… but I don’t think in this moment, naked shyness is my biggest issue. I think I’d be a bit numb to that particular problem.

      I realize I’m speaking very personally here. Just my thoughts. 🙂

      • Amy

        Well, it was a joke.
        Anyway, if I have to talk seriously on the matter, I would have to say that Kyle isn’t worried about being naked in front of others. His problem must be that he slept with the enemy and now that enemy (Duncan) brought another enemy (Laampros) to destroy most of the world. I wouldn’t want to face my whole team after I’d done that. It’s not even about taking him out of there asap, it’s that he wouldn’t want to tell his teammates that most of the world is going to be taken over by a demon because of him. Even more, Kyle must have the shame that Duncan did him and just left him by himself in the middle of nowhere. He must trust Paul if he wants only him to go get him.

        • No worries. Sorry, I got you were joking. It’s just that we’ve discussed it a lot and I know a lot of folk feel similarly and I just don’t feel it myself, that’s all.

          I hadn’t mentioned it before, but just felt like it. I hope you didn’t feel like you had to explain yourself in any way, because you sure don’t.

          I completely understand your point though.

          All best,

          • Amy

            I understood what you meant, so I added my thoughts as well. 😛

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Oh Kyle. Oh sweet sweet Kyle.

  • Koe

    They should invest in a headset in that office, it would make web surfing so much easier. (Especially the late night surfing for fan-art.)

  • yalalala

    Wow, nice going Christopher D.

    I want to know how they Paul will get him home.

  • Deeps

    “Yes, the mountains. Please bring some clothes, some chocolate, and have an assortment of shirtless Bradley Cooper movies waiting for me at HQ. Wait, I didn’t mean that…”

  • JustStoppingBye

    Just get to it, man! Friends don’t ask friends what’s going on when they call for help. You can find out what mess he’s gotten into later. lol

  • Niggle

    Argh! I don’t have enough time to think this page over or read comments. Happy commenting to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it!

  • Xalun K

    Oh my goddess, I hope Paul listens to Kyle about not calling the team, while still finding a way to retrieve him.

    My brain is fried (I haven’t slept in 2 days) so I can’t really figure out what else to say that would make sense… so Paul, figure it out!! Kyle, I love you kid… you can make it through this.

    (Damn my attachments to fictional characters!)

    • Steven K.

      I know what you mean – I really can’t believe my attachment and affection for this Kyle here. The only other thing like that lately that I can think of would be falling totally for the character of Castiel on Supernatural. Sam is majorly hot, and Dean is to me off-the-charts hot/sexy, at least in terms of their looks (thus I guess talking about the actors themselves), but I can’t really relate to their personalities all that much. But Castiel – dark, handsome, sexy, brooding, serious, melancholic, and those puppy-dog eyes – all in the character of a doubting but faithful (for the most part) angel of the Lord – he grabs my heart and soul with his looks AND character, that, if I had to choose between the 3, I think I’d HAVE to choose him. Like that, I’ve totally fallen for Kyle’s looks and character as well, and through some miracle of art and literature, I’ve felt every bit of pain and other emotions that he’s been going through.

      • Xalun K

        DUDE, Supernatural makes me cry regularly, and half my tears are for Cas alone. I’m pretty sure I might be peripherally in love with him….. Haha. (And I do agree with you, Jensen Ackles is HOOOOOOOOOT, homaigawd….)


        When Dean said, “get out” a couple weeks ago, I cried so hard for Cas and continually yelled at Dean for being an asshole. Even last week, when he showed up to help Cas out, I was yelling at him every time they were together. I’m… kind of pathetic, actually. LOL.

        (END SPOILERS)

        I cry for Kyle now too, thanks to a combination of the writing (Thanks Alex) and the incredible facial expressions (Thanks Adam and Veronica). My husband doesn’t understand my unnatural attachments to fictional characters, because it happens probably more often than it should…. oops.

        • Steven K.

          Well, nice to know I’m not the only one – lol. Yep – Kyle and Castiel are my 2 big fictional loves at the moment.

    • You are so NOT alone. I attach so deeply myself. We started the new page and I was all about what Kyle was feeling, what feelings Paul was moving through… emo emo emo… and then some folk were so focused on the GOOGLE MAPS aspect and I thought… what… who… where…?

      *Trust me nothing wrong with Google maps.*

      So, yep. Some of us attach way deep to the characters. It’s different for us all. Alex does this very very well giving us all something special to grab on to.


      • silibub

        The maps were an excellent distraction from the emotional kidney punch that comes free with each update — I’ll be glad when that special ends!

        • I so get that. I’m just shocked that all I can see is the kidney punch for a bit and then I can come back the next day and enjoy the maps and commentary.

          I’ve got to learn some martial arts or something for defending myself from Alex’s lethal Bruce Lee moves. 😀

  • Sargon

    lol, has anyone noticed that fluke was on youtube??

    • SofiaT

      It looks to me like he’s checking the scores of the Angry Birds game he was playing earlier… but youtube is also a possibility 😀

      • Sargon

        really? Aww that’s so cute. I really like these little things that hints to their personality. I mean I think it’s hilarious how he enjoys surfing the internet but doesn’t know how to erase the history.

        • SofiaT

          Ditto! 😀

  • Denita Brown

    I love that picture of them on the wall on panel 3, the devil is in the details

  • LL

    A few notes:
    1) Wasn’t Fluke the one who thought the gay fanart of the team was nasty? Will Kyle tell him the truth or lie about who he was with (maybe Sircea instead of Anni)?
    2) OR will he not mention the reason he was there at all? “I was on a date with a supervillain” won’t go over well, no matter the sexes involved…
    3) I don’t completely understand Fluke’s abilities, but I think he depends on his extraordinarily bad luck…so Kyle is asking the team member with bad luck to rescue him…

    • SofiaT

      Nope, that was Tsunami. Fluke was pretty cool with it 🙂

    • Frater Gymnos

      Before I decided to embrace the blindingly obvious (to everybody else) I had a sour attitude towards “homosexual” displays. Then I came out. Paradox is the thing that binds every gay-basher to his victim.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      With regards to your second point: There are lies of commission and lies of omission (although that’s probably an overly nasty way to summarise it). In any case, theoretically Kyle could just say, “The Annihilator used my stupidity to trick and trap me, and then used a magic spell provided by the Platinum Priestess to use my fire powers to open a gate to hell,” and hopefully explain the full situation later (maybe just to Commander) when he’s regained his emotional stability. Whether he has the wherewithal to think of that sort of prevarication, or even the inclination to use it, is another question.

      • That would probably only work as a delaying measure – I think Spooky might well suspect the truth about the magic spell/ritual.

        • Erm… is it Saturday yet?

          • No. 🙁 Would you like to borrow the pitchfork to make you feel better?

          • Great idea. I will hold it close and think dark Duncan pokey thoughts until desire for retribution eases… or it’s Saturday. Thanks!

      • Steven K.

        I’m likely in the minority, but that approach would work fo me – he could tell just about everything, but doesn’t quite have to reveal that he was actually thingy-smushing with Duncan – or that the encounter ended up being sexual. It was hard enough for him to start accepting himself in the first place – his first orgasm resulted in tragedy, and we now all know what happened with the second. If everyone gets on his case about this SEXUAL encounter, he might not be able to be accepting of himself as a sexual being period, let alone gay. I want him to be able to HEAL from this, not have people pour the proverbial salt into the wound and make it less likely he’s going to recover psychologically. Though perhaps, in an ideal world he would have a really good and supportive gay therapist that he could reveal all the details to that would be confidential and help him work through those sorts of issues.

    • dereule101

      It was Tsunami who was acting disgusted.

      • LL

        That’s right. I remember now. Okay, that’s good then…

  • Sapfo

    Anyway, this it to Mr Black and everyone else how likes his comments ^_^

    • SofiaT

      “Older than the Olympics”? 😛

      I love Humon, she’s hilarious.

      • Sapfo

        Maybe I should have said it was for you to 😉

        Humon is good!

    • Love SatW!

    • GENIUS!

  • LL

    Also, Fluke has pretty brown eyes. uwu

  • Frater Gymnos

    What a wonderful turn of events. i’m soooo psyched that Kyle trusts Fluke enough to ask him to come alone. And he really does have pretty, brown eyes. (Can he peek while Kyle gets dressed? Is he interested in more than a peek? If I were my story (which I need to write, anyway), I’d have Fluke fall in love at that moment and then have to figure out how to thaw Kyle’s paradoxically frozen heart!)

  • Jamie Dutton

    To Admiral Jane and SofiaT: thanks so much for the help last night with my fan art questions! Alex said that the credit I put on there is fine.
    Ya’ll are doing a great job as mods, so far! 🙂

    • Thanks Jamie!

      Loved the art by the way! Flying Robot Ninja Pigs FTW 😀

    • SofiaT

      Thanks Jamie!
      Glad we could help a little bit. 🙂

    • Dug the PIGS. Awesome. I’m glad you could share.

  • Sensational Sai

    Omg poor Kyle. Has anyone ever had to do that shame call? I’d put that just on the same par as waking up after a Coyote ugly. Paulie sure is a good friend, he sounds hella concerned for our favorite ginger.

    • Considering that a demon has been unleashed on the world as well… Oh man. SO many levels of uncomfortable. And guilt.

      • Sensational Sai

        There alllllso might be the fact that his orgasm unleashed it. Heh. Anyone else think that’s a great reason to swear off sex as a whole? Next time it might be the Zompocalypse

        • Erm….. so what potential disaster will YOU swear off orgasms for? Just curious. *grins*

          Just having trouble answering that question myself.

          • Sensational Sai

            Zompocalypse, most assuredly. Sorry, but dead things totally put me off the mood.

      • You so understand! *applause*

    • Um… yes I have… and NO I’m not giving details. Fortunately no pending demon invasion… though I wouldn’t have remembered that right away with my hangover that morning… thank goodness… being gay is hard enough without the super-powers. 🙂

  • Thanatopia

    Oh wow. THIS is going to be a fun conversation…

  • Jamie Dutton

    Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it! In honor of the holidays (US) I leave ya’ll with this 🙂

  • HermeticallySealed

    Sircea ‘portaled’ them to China, so I imagine she gave them a return ride.

  • I thought this was weird enough to share, Alex (and everyone from last night): I got through airport security in five minutes. My mind is blown for how dead Sky Harbor is, especially since its a major international hub. I’m scared… O_O!!! (not really, just confused. My layover is in Dallas, not Houston like I thought, so that will be frightening…)

    • Wow! Fingers crossed for a speedy move through Dallas!

      • I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Toes too, though that’s a little hard in my boots. Dallas is usually a madhouse, though. >_<!!!

  • motordog

    Y’all don’t think Kyle would be foolish enough to try to fix this problem by himself, do you? Considering the gravity of the situation, I was sort of hoping he’d call some kind of ‘all hands on deck’ call right away. The stakes here are incredibly high, after all…the entire World is in mortal danger, and every minute brings them closer to it. Now really is the time for our boy to push through the pain, no matter how hard that might be, and do the ‘hero thing’.

    • I’m hoping he’s not so foolish, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. It would be within the realm for him to think that he caused it, and he would fix it.

      It also wouldn’t surprise me if he asked for his supersuit instead of regular clothing.

      • SofiaT

        “Suit up! It’s time to save the world -and it’s gonna be legend-waitforit-dary!”

        • HA!

          “Honey, where is my supersuit!?”

          • Dry-cleaners… why? Armageddon will have to wait until Saturday. Sorry honey……

          • I need my supersuit!

          • Punkin… your backup suit has that tear in the tush. I’m sorry if North American is being invaded, but I’m not having you running around with your business hanging out for all to see. Just tell them to wait till Saturday!

          • Get me a needle and thread then.

          • June Cleaver… I think I love you.

          • Ah Ward, I can’t guarantee it’ll be pretty.

          • Humph… I blame the beaver… but I would, wouldn’t I?

          • Of course you would. 😛

          • NO! Only Edna can fix your suit!

          • NO CAPES!

          • Then someone get Edna! I need a supersuit!

          • *calls Edna* Edna, emergency! Someone sabotaged Admiral Jane’s supersuit! She needs one ASAP.

    • SofiaT

      What I’m afraid of is that, in his head and in the emotional state he is in right now, going after Duncan and Laampros on his own might seem like the “hero thing to do”.
      Like, he made the mess, he needs to be the one to fix it.

      Fingers crossed that’s not his plan.

      • Jinx!

      • motordog

        Yes, exactly my thought. Also, if he ends up spilling any of the details to Fluke, he may risk putting Paul in one of those “do I/don’t I” dilemmas…does he trust Kyle and keep silent, or does he tell the others (at least Commander) what he knows?

        Maybe he’ll try to fix it solo, but Paul will talk some sense into him. Is it Saturday yet?

        • motordog

          Or…what if Kyle want’s to go alone, but Fluke insists on going as back up. Then, during a confrontation, Fluke get’s hurt? Considering all that’s happened, I wouldn’t put it past mean ol’ Alex to do that! 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I’m trying not to think that far ahead. I take each page as it comes (peeking behind my fingers).

          • Total peeking here too. I don’t trust Alex with my heart at all now… he’s so sneaky. LOL.

          • Why do you want me to cry even more… golly this is such a tough Group! 😀

          • Steven K.

            Tell me about it. They are good at coming up with all sorts of additional adversities to plague our heroes when they have plenty to handle already.

          • You got it. I’m with Sofia. A PAGE AT A TIME!!!! LOL.

        • SofiaT

          No. No, it’s not Saturday yet. *sigh*

          • No no no Sofia……..
            *chris runs to check calendar again… shakes calendar…*
            I’m sure this is broken!!!

      • Steven K.

        I’m not sure he’s going to know what he wants to do concerning Laampros – given his newly-revealed family connection. He might just need to somehow sort all that out first. First thing wold be to prevent Duncan from using/delivering the other key – however that was supposed to work. If the opening of another portal can be prevented, he won’t have to worry about fighting the demon hoards vs. leading them, or betraying his father or his lineage or destiny, as Laampros might suppose. Here’s a thought – maybe he gets access to the Hell-realm again (maybe, due to his special lineage, he might have less dramatic ways to access that realm that even Duncan did not know about, if Duncan didn’t know the relationship between Kyle and Laampros) – and has a long talk with dad, convincing him to somehow twist the deal with Duncan and not invade himself, but give Kyle the demon-hoards to lead and control in an assault against Duncan.

  • Amanda

    Kyle’s cliffnotes to Fluke: “Dude, im 18, horny, and Gays. Annihilator is older, fuckin’ smoking hot, Evil. Horny won 1st round. Evil won 2nd. Dad’s a demon, hell on earth, get your ass here NOW!”

  • Randy Patton

    I’d like to jump back a moment to the Annihilator. It seems to me that he is right in character with what he said to Kyle in his remarks as he LEFT HIM TIED TO A BED IN A VACANT BUILDING. The overwhelming majority was all about HIM. There was little of apology and a lot of rationalizing of his own position. It speaks to his self-interest, selfishness, and the lack character that he seems to have in spades. In a perfect world, Kyle would immediately realize the magnitude of his mistake and not have ANY regrets at all regarding Duncan. He was duped, and that should be enough to make the lesson stick. Learn from this debacle, and move forward.

    • Well expressed Randy!

      18… tuff age. Hope Kyle reads your note though. 😀

      • Randy Patton

        LOL! I’m sure that he will. 😉 I guess the point that I was making is that sometimes the people that we regret the most are the ones that should be beneath our notice. In the pain of the moment, we forget our self-worth and just wonder what is wrong with us when we are rejected…(and tied to a bed and used as a pawn in an extra-dimensional bid for domination of the universe…)

  • Soubi

    Oh, baby, baby 🙁 -pulls Kyle into a hug and tells him everything will be okay- Anni has his reasons for doing what he did, but the fact he lured Kyle into a false sense of security, abused what could have possibly been the night of his life and took off leaving him there, naked no less…is not something I’m sure I want to forgive. In the end, if he does decide not to go through with these total world domination plans…I still don’t know if I can forgive him. I will focus on loving Kyle for the time being and hoping he recovers both psychically and mentally from this. Paul, go help your buddy!

    • Steven K.

      Feel the same here!

  • Yes, yes, yes and wishful thinking…. erm… but I was doing it too. 🙂

  • A2MOM

    How old are the characters? Just curious. I know Kyle is 18 and Duncan 57.

    • motordog

      I think Platinum Priestess is about 88 or so…but she looks about 70…don’t tell her I said that.

      • …..I think you need to worry more about Silibub than PP.

        • silibub

          I don’t know why you’d say such a thing! *casually tosses battle axe out of the frame* No, it’s okay motordog…keep talking…..

    • I believe that Fluke is 17.

    • Flyboy is 15, Spooky is 20?

    • SofiaT

      Duncan is 58 and Kyle just turned 18. Spooky is 20 according to the cheat-sheet and Flyboy is 15 🙂

      • So you’re ABSOLUTELY sure that Flyboy isn’t 18??? I mean like double check sure? 😛

        • SofiaT

          Why is everyone so taken with Mitch? He’s cute but it’s not like we’ve seen a lot of him yet… *scratches head*

          • Love at first sight Sofia. Love at first sight.

          • Um… Does everyone keep forgetting he’s 15 too?

          • I am willing to wait for him to become legal.

          • SofiaT

            Nope, I don’t.
            I’m sure he’ll make a lovely love interest… In 3 years 😀

          • Good things come to those who wait.

          • I was thinking more like 10, but yeah… lol.

          • SofiaT

            He’ll never be old enough for me. I’m into Duncan, remember? 😀

            But for Kyle, in 3 years Flyboy would not be a bad option.

          • True. And true.

            Something about 30 always did it for me, which is weird, because I’m now past 30 and still… 😐

          • HAAA. I have a theory. I think we freeze in our heads at the age that we most like ourselves. So… you… ARE 30.

            You buy that? It kinda works. I’ll find myself in a convo with someone acting and thinking we’re the same age and suddenly I’ll realize they are younger…. ummm… ooooppps?

          • SofiaT

            23 was a very good age for me. But spirit-wise I’m 12.

            Regardless, my favourite age for a man is 35-45.
            So… I don’t know what that says about me.

          • Honestly… you’ve momentarily stumped me. Must ponder. 🙂

          • How does that work when a 30 yr old likes both younger and older men?

          • (thinking fast) Ummmm… what age do the older and younger men “think” they are?

          • Hmmmm, I would say most likely late-teens to mid twenties, for the most part. I think.

            Most of them had that relatively balanced mix of mature and immature.

          • Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever gone beyond 30. Heh, I think I’ll take that and keep it. I’M 30 Y’ALL. 😀

            Although, that said, I don’t feel like an adult. I never have. So for me it’s really weird to realize that 40 yr old men are my contemporaries.
            But still 30/35 yr old men….mmm (Well other than RDJ cause that man is magic)

          • Hikaru Takemori

            But don’t you know that women don’t get older than 30? ‘The Nanny’ taught me that.

          • HA! I will take that lesson to heart. 🙂

          • But if he takes you to hell, and Alex has to train a new MOD, Duncan is getting a huge slap!

          • SofiaT

            Oh no, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience Alex 😀

          • Okay just regular Duncan date for you… Hong Kong without the nullifier sorta thing, but you won’t be allowed to save the world later without all the hardships…

            Just wanted to be clear. Cake and eating it too. You know. 😛

          • SofiaT

            That’s ok, I never wanted to be a hero XD

          • *side eyes*

            I saw you wearing those glasses…………..

          • Oh just perversity, plan wrong headed perversity. 😛

            Edit: Such silliness that I’d forgotten his name was Mitch. HA.

          • silibub

            Haha, personally I like him because he seems like an adorable scamp! Sneaking back in the dead of night to find out which website had his teammates so enthralled and his enthusiasm for rescue during the apartment fire were endearing character moments. I can also sympathize with his desire to prove his worth and not be seen as merely the “kid” of the group. Plus the floppy hair and the way he used his ability to float in an attempt to see over the other guys’ shoulders when they were blocking the screen — so cute!

            But mostly I think it’s the goggles on his costume. Frickin’ nerd. *snickers affectionately*

          • SofiaT

            When you put it like that, he’s pretty awesome!

            But he’s still just a kid 😛

          • silibub


          • I must agree, when you put it that way…

          • Steven K.

            I’d tend to go along with all that!

      • And I think that 19 needs to be 18. 🙂

        • SofiaT

          I noticed the typo right after I posted and edited immediately. Does it still show as 19? Because I see 18 :0/

      • Klaus

        Flyboy is the youngest by almost two years, having just turned 15. Fluke is the second youngest. This means that Fluke’s 17th birhday is very close, either in the past or the future. So the teams have three birthdays close together.

    • Steven K.

      I think Duncan is 58.

  • Xalun K

    Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US and citizens abroad, and happy Thursday to everyone else. 🙂

  • silibub

    So I was thinking about everyone’s costumes — I noticed that only the underage members of The Young Protectors (Fluke, Kyle, and Flyboy) wear any kind of mask with their hero outfit, and the adult heroes and villains don’t attempt to mask their identity at all. I wonder if it’s just accepted that in this digital age there’s no point in trying to conceal your “real” face and identity once you’re technically an adult and fair game? And it makes me curious if there’s any kind of system in place to protect the families and known friends of professional heroes; it seems like the risk of them being attacked/abducted and used as collateral would be very high for them, since even the underage Protectors’ identities are already common knowledge among villains.

    • SofiaT

      Very interesting points! I remember wondering once why Spooky does not try to hide his identity (he’s not really wearing a uniform either) but I don’t know why the others never crossed my mind *scratches head*

      • silibub

        Spooky definitely stands out as the only one who does his job in street clothes. I wonder why he opted for the big trench coat instead of a more traditional costume — Rule of Cool? Does he need to keep supplies in the pockets, or does he do most of his magic through willpower alone?

        I’ve been salivating for more background information about the world of this comic for a long time, and now that the plot’s shifting away from Duncan’s seduction of Kyle, I hope we get more information about stuff like this soon. Even if it comes down to trivia, I like knowing as many of the details as I can! For…science. (And by science I mean fanfiction.)

        • SofiaT


          Point. Point. Aaaand… point.

        • Yes PLEASE.

          • silibub

            I’ve actually been keeping a list of questions regarding the comic’s ‘verse and how the superhero/villain system operates…I’ll probably wind up making another meta post on my tumblr so I can take notes as they’re answered and have all that reference material in one place. SO MANY QUESTIONS.

          • #Sillibub uploads the massive question database to the Yaoi911 servers, momentary causing a brown-out on the western sea-board… but Alex flips on the emergency fan-fic mode switch specialize turbines whir to life… and all is well.#

          • silibub

            Someday I want you to write a book about all the strange and fantastic scenarios you dream up in your comments.

      • Well, in Flyboy’s case, the goggles make since. How bad would it be to be flying around and then some random bug manages to get in (kind of like the whole mouth open and bugs flying in thing), or random dust and debris getting into his eyes and then he can’t see where he is flying.

    • Klaus

      Alex has mentioned some time ago that the reason for the masks is that there are strict laws about keeping the identities of superhero minors secret.

      • SofiaT

        Does that mean that Kyle can skip the mask from now on?

        • silibub

          I was wondering if he would — which would be fine by me, he wears his costume even better without it. I was impressed in the interlude!

          • SofiaT

            Although that panel in Chapter 1 where his eyes are on fire is pretty awesome with the mask on:

          • silibub

            Can’t argue with that — that’s some good costume design, there.

          • Ummm… yep… pretty awesome any way he goes with that one. I have to say I know he’s a bit bleak and a tad under dressed at the moment, but then you look at a panel like that and you think…


      • silibub

        That makes sense, then! Still has me curious as to why the adults don’t bother, but I guess it’s so difficult to keep your identity a complete secret in this day and age that there’s really no point in it.

  • Jamie Dutton

    I made pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow. They turned out pretty good for a first attempt.

    • ……I get the rest of it right? You had your slice and the rest is mine right?

      • Jamie Dutton

        Well I had to make sure they came out right, you know. Hmm, I don’t think they’ve invented that technology yet, sorry.

      • Seems totally fair. We should all check it before you serve it. Just thinking of you!

        • Jamie Dutton

          Aww, that’s so nice of you Chris 🙂

          • Yep… when it comes to pie I’m a real GIVER!!!! 😀

          • Jamie Dutton

            Hey Chris did you see my fan art from yesterday? I posted it on the previous page. Hmm, maybe I should post a link here too. You sort of inspired it, lol.

          • Yes!!! The flying pigs… I’m sorry I said FAB somewhere… I should have done that cool Adam Black (oops invoked him) thing and done the @ with your name after it so it would catch your eye.

            That was super fun. Thank you. And really that wasn’t me at all that was our MODS trying to deny that they are all knowing and have rooms piled high with boxes simply bulging with YP secrets they won’t share.

            You remember that final scene from Raiders when they store the arc in that giant warehouse full of crates… sorta like that. They say they don’t know, but I think they just haven’t gotten to the good crates yet… 😛 *snigger*

    • Mmmmm!

      I’m so happy I didn’t burn the pumpkin pie.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Yeah, it’s never good to burn pie. Btw, glad you liked the “Twerk your Turkey” vid. I was pretty sure ya’ll would get a kick out of it, lol!

        • It’s just blasphemous to burn pie. Now if my luck will just hold out tomorrow with the turkey and stuffing. 🙂

          That video. O.O Haha!

          • Jamie Dutton

            Lol, my local radio station played the song and told us to go watch the video!

          • How can anyone look at a turkey the same way again?

          • I gonna have nightmares about that thing chasing me around the house… Twerking at me… arg.

            No thanks! I’ll just have slice of that ham please

            *Flying Ninja Robot Pigs are dispatched to chris’ house*

          • Jamie Dutton

            LOL omg, Chris I didn’t mean to traumatize you ><;

          • Get him Flying Robot Ninja Pigs! Ham on Thanksgiving, pfft!

  • Kate G

    That’s right, Fluke, DO NOT CALL IN REINFORCEMENTS. REPEAT, DO NOT CALL IN REINFORCEMENTS. It will only end in poor Kyle’s death from perpetual embarrassment…because…it’s kind of bad he has to call you as it is.

    Oh, by the way, my dad couldn’t help himself to a slice of my homemade caramel apple pie. He had to make sure it wasn’t poisoned (his reasoning. I’m not buying it.)


    • His logic is sound I’m afraid. At least that’s how my dad would figure it. 🙂

      • Kate G

        HA HA HA, the thing is I have to take both of those pies to my aunt’s tomorrow. I guess I’ll just use the poison excuse on the one. Yea, right. No poison there. Apples, homemade caramel and pie crust (which I admittedly bought at the store.)

        • I think it has something to do with dad’s. I’m actually surprised mine didn’t insist on trying the pumpkin pie tonight.

          BUT I can’t blame him. It does look delicious!

          • Kate G

            Ha HA! My mom did the pumpkin pie. I’m in charge of apple. I do an apple crumble and an old family recipe for spritz cookies for Christmas Eve.


            *chris makes a Homer Simpson yummy noise*

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA, that’s exactly how reacts. He goes “Sprrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiitzzzz Cooooooooookieeeees. So, when can I have one?”


            Then he tries to go all GI Joe on me and tries to steal one. His Army skills are rusty, I’ll have you know. I’ve been able to nearly whack him with the hot spatula two years in a row now.

          • I had only one pie in my this year I’m afraid.

            What did you use for caramel?

          • Kate G

            Unsalted butter, sugar, brown sugar, water and flour is what I use. It’s mostly sugar, water and butter.

          • The four food groups. All good.

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA!

          • It’s so hard to find recipes for caramel without corn syrup.

          • Kate G

            It depends on what you are trying to make. If you are trying to make softer caramel, this will work (my recipe is worked from Julia Graf’s, aka, Mischievous, apple pie recipe.) If you are going for a hard caramel recipe, you may need corn syrup. It’s something that hardens better than butter.

          • Don’t need anything to… Um… *looks around* Soft caramel is all I would make.

          • I’m willing to wear a Duncan wig and pretend to be your dad for a slice?

          • Well Dad doesn’t have much hair on his head these days… 😛 But I would share…maybe… Dammit, it’s PIE! Stay away from my pie.

          • WOW… if you were Fluke your pie karma would be bad for months and months….

            *chris shambles off, starving of pie-hunger – sniffling*

            Trust me. I’m heartbreaking.

          • Awwwww Chris!!! I have some pumpkin pie left over and i also have some french vanilla cool whip to go with it! I will share!

          • All pie-karma quickly shifts to Dokidokibaka….. 🙂

          • Pumpkin pie with the fv cool whip is divine. *hands Chris a decent size slice with the topping*

          • Bow appropriately to demonstrate deep and sincere pie gratitude! 😀

          • You are most welcome sweetie.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Do you have room for a slice of pumpkin cheesecake?
            *hands Chris, Dokidoki, Admiral Jane and Kate each a slice of pie*

          • mmmmmm

          • Jamie Dutton

            um, hope no one thinks I’m trying to bribe you with pie ><;

          • *blink* I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder how much pie it would take… 😀

          • Thank you Jamie! *takes a bite* mmmmmm Very good!!

          • Jamie Dutton

            You’re very welcome. Ya’ll can be my focus group. See it’s all in the name of science!

          • Very well, I would share. Because it’s Thanksgiving.

    • I would have to agree with him. Testing for poison should always be taken seriously. So…ummm….yeah, I am going to have to verify your father’s results….

      • Jamie Dutton

        I think they’re right, it looks awfully suspicious to me!

        • Yep, definitely needs to be thoroughly tested.

          ……just to be on the safe side.

          • Jamie Dutton

            I’m afraid we’re gonna have to confiscate this. Our lab will get back to you with the uh, results 🙂

          • Kate G

            Oh, yea, and I’ll get nothing but the tin back. Y’all sound like my aunt and dad. They can eat that pie by themselves with only a fork and they will still argue over the last piece.

          • Kate G

            Wait, that’s my parents. My aunt and dad argue over the homemade German spritz cookies at Christmas.

          • Dang it, Jamie, she is on to us!

          • Jamie Dutton

            Crap, she didn’t buy. Hmm, guess we’ll have to use the flashbangs the flying ninja pigs left here. I’ll toss one while you grab the pie!

          • Got it. *quickly grabs the pie*

          • Kate G

            *steals it back* *locks in safe*

          • *whispers to Jamie* You any good about getting into safes?

          • Jamie Dutton

            How did you know…um i mean What, me know how to do something like that?
            Hmm, she’s fast and wow, that is one state-of-the-art safe she’s got there!

    • Awwww… how sweet. He’s just protecting his precious progeny. NO REALLY!

      • Kate G

        Yea, right. He just wants a piece of anything I bake or cook. He’s like a five year old whenever I bake anything. Pie, cake, cupcakes, cookies…..don’t get me started when I cook Italian herbed chicken. It’s one of the Wile E. Coyote shorts! It’s like he’s upstairs one second, at the table another…and he’s 53.

        Yea, he just loves food and will find an excuse to eat it.

        • It’s a dad thing. I’m certain of it.

          • Kate G

            Probably. And now I seriously need some sleep.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Goodnight Kate! Thanks for sharing pics of your yummy looking caramel apple pie 🙂

          • Night Kate And Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Must turn out light dear friends. Thanks for the fun. Always nice to come back the next day and find my equilibrium again. Everyone have a Happy T. Day or if in parts south then some decent pumpkin bread and just a swell day to go with it!

    Take care,

    • Happy Thanksgiving Chris!!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Goodnight, Chris. Happy T day to you too 🙂

    • G’Night and Happy Thanksgiving Chris!

    • SofiaT

      Happy Thanksgiving Chris! xx

    • Sapfo

      Happy thanksgiving!
      (for some reason my autocorrect wanted me to say think giving. Wonder if that means something?)

  • SofiaT

    I was staring at the “Save the Night” print and it made me wonder… is that scene set in the past of TYP team or their future?
    Because I can’t imagine they would have had many opportunities until now to work in a city that’s in ruins… I mean, so far we’ve seen them save people from a burning building and rescue a lost girl… that’s nice and all and cudos to them but, as far as heroic actions go, it’s closer to getting a cat down from a tree than, say, save the world from a demon army.

    Have they even had the opportunity to engage in actual battle before?

    What I’m saying is… Is there a possibility this is a glimpse of what’s coming?

    • Yeah… see what you mean. Not so much helping little old ladies across the street, is it?

    • silibub

      You might be right about it being a preview — it looks like they’re gearing up to attack someone/something off-panel, presumably whatever busted up those buildings. A big demon, maybe? Either way, it’s a nice method of showing off their abilities, and cool that the artists could evoke “magic” with a green nimbus around Spooky’s hands. I love that print!

      • Me too… I find it as eerily premonitionary (okay that’s a word NOW) as the “Something’s Brewing” print… I don’t know what it means, but it gets me jumpy. LOL.

        • SofiaT

          That print was a huge hint that Duncan had a cunning plan…

          • I KNOW! That I must have seen that print and simply pushed it mentally aside in my desire to ship those two and be all romantic and cuddly… it’s part of what made me loose my mind in shock at D’s betrayal. I mean like how stupid can I be? HELLOOO? Clues lying all about and then he IS a super-villain and him acting all diabolical, but NOOOO Chris is all surprised when he goes all badness. Yep, that’s me. The sharpest knife in the drawer. LOL.

          • Steven K.

            Well, you don’t HAVE to interpret it that way. OK – even if we still keep in mind that Duncs is evil, and perhaps not capable of such feelings, and thus we won’t say that he’s fallen in love Kyle of finds himself full of affectionate feelings toward him, he still might have found himself totally lustful toward the beautiful hunky ginger-boy, and able to at least respect him due to the fact that Kyle has superpowers as well, also having the thought that he might be the only one Kyle COULD get all down to it with without hurting anyone (thus giving him a bit of an advantage in that area) – Duncan could have just been plotting some way of getting close to Kyle and overcoming a young hero’s skepticism concerning the world’s most dangerous supervillain in order to lure the guy into a bed to satisfy his supervillain-sized gay lust. And why not have his full-of-mystical-knowledge fag hag gal pal (or sister) help him out. I can imagine that even just lust itself could have been a powerful motivating factor, even to a villain but who still has various basic human urges and desires.

        • silibub

          Ah. Yes. My favorite print. I figured “Something’s Brewing” referred to their plan to use Kyle as an express train to hell, but now you’ve got me worried that they’re not done with him yet. *stress*

          The art though! Makes it hard to concentrate on such trivial matters as “foreshadowing” and “plot points” — I’ll choose “Something’s Brewing” as my Kickstarter reward print if I can, but I wish I could get my hands on the pencil version, too. Vero’s colors are to die for, but Adam’s lines — mon dieu! The line of Sircea’s hip slays me every time. (I may or may not have it set as the background on my phone, and run down my battery staring at it. Hypothetically.)

  • Why are there only six panels? Oh dear lord. Saturday~!

  • Here’s just a random hypothesis… about Kyle wanting Paul only… at first.

    Maybe, it’s not so much about lack of clothes (dude showers and has partners all the time?) or shame at having done this “date-thing” with Duncan (sure some, but not that it’s stopping him from trying to do the right thing or lie about this) or how all this became such great huge confusing mess in what seems like one short evening, and maybe “coming out” is just not such a big deal considering the potential invasion… although there may be some worry about losing some of the only family he has if he’s kicked out. That is the primary fear of “coming out.”

    I often say that people’s closets aren’t totally burnt down until they have the talk with their family, because that’s the final fear. Losing whomever you think of as your primary family. Anyway…

    Remember the serial nature of this makes it seem forever to us, but is two days to Kyle.

    So, total guessing, but I think the reason he needs Paul alone may not be a big selfish thing. Kyle might very simply be on total overload. It’s all the things I mentioned and probably a few more I’ve forgotten. He just needs someone he can totally trust to talk it out with.

    DUDE! What do I do now???

    Thinking about it, I realized I would be totally overwhelmed. Do I need clothes first? Commander first? Explain the Demons first? My DAD !!!! first? WTF do I do like right NOW!

    Kyle may just need a buddy to say this to. Who can help him sort out a ‘first step’.

    So maybe Fluke goes, “Holy shit!” But then he channels the Admiral and hands a shaking Kyle a muffin, and then a blanket to cover up with. Tells him he’ll help explain to the gang and not to worry about THAT. Tells him if any of them have any gay issues, Paul will personally kick their asses… (you know the stuff you say to your buddies in crisis). Just someone in life who says let me grab a couple of these problems for you for a moment while you get back on your feet.

    I just started thinking it may not be that Kyle doesn’t want to tell all, but where to fucking begin??? So take a first step with Paul, maybe let Paul make that first call to Commander and say, “Our boy here is fucked up and we need some careful help… Hello, crisis here.”

    One step at a time toward getting to be that hero we know they need.

    Just some guessing that made sense to my goofy brain. Today, I’m voting that our boy, Kyle, is thinking mostly like, (push locater button) “Paul!!!!!” and then ??????????????????.

    All best and Happy Thanksgiving all.


    • Sapfo

      Maybe he need some motherly/brotherly love. For the father’s love he got earlier was probably something he could do without.

  • Just thought I would share the rest of the pics of the food I was responsible for. Though I thought I would be a tease and include the picture of my Aunt’s To Die For Rum Cake.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

    • The crust on the pumpkin pie, I assume it’s homemade? Cause if so, what did you do with it. The pie crust is my mortal enemy.

      • The crust is store bought, I just roll up the extra around the rim as best I can then use a fork to mark them. This time I used a butter and milk mix for the crust, but in the past I have used egg white and milk. Either one works good.

        • Dang it, I was hoping for a secret recipe. 🙂 I’ll have to try brushing it next time with something so it’s not so dull looking.

          • Well it is also to keep the crust from burning.

          • Huh, definitely will try that next time. Managed not to burn it this time or even over cook it. My oven runs a little hotter than I’m used to, so this time I cooked it at a lesser tempt too.

          • Crazy cantankerous conventional ovens. Older model?

          • I’m not certain what the age of it is. But it’s annoying.

          • dereule101

            I do pie crust from scratch and here’s what always gives me flaky, tender crust. I’ve done this so many times I have it memorized:
            2&1/2 c. All purpose flour
            8 Tbs. frozen unsalted butter, cut into dice-sized cubes
            4 Tbs. refrigerated unsalted butter, cut into dice-sized cubes
            4 Tbs. frozen vegetable shortening, cut into cubes
            2 tsp. sugar
            2 tsp. salt
            1/4 to 1/2 C. Ice water

            Whisk together salt, sugar, and flour. Add to food processor with refrigerated butter cubes. Pulse about ten times. Add frozen butter and shortening. Pulse about ten times or until mixture resembles coarse meal. Add 1/4 c. Ice water to processor and then run for about ten seconds.

            Test mixture by grabbing a small handful and clenching softly: if it holds together, stop mixing. If not, add a few Tbs of ice water at a time and pulse only until it holds together. The refrigerated butter incorporates into the dough but there should still be frozen chunks of butter and shortening. This is what creates steam pockets i.e. Flakiness when baking.

            Pour half of contents out onto cling wrap laid out onto a surface. Bring ends of wrap together on top and press dough into a mound through the wrap. Flatten into a disk about two inches tall. Repeat steps with other half. Refrigerate disks for one hour.

            Lightly flour a work surface and unwrap one dough disk. Gently roll out crust into a circle large enough for your pie plate. Use only enough flour to keep your dough from sticking to the rolling pin/surface. Work quickly to keep the dough as cold as possible – you don’t want the butter chunks to melt.

            Roll the dough back onto the pin and then roll out again to drape over the plate. Press it into the plate and use shears to cut the excess, leaving a 1 inch overhang. For a single crust pie, tuck the overhang into the dish and crimp the edge decoratively.

            Freeze this crust, covered in plastic wrap, for 1 hour. This sets the shape before it goes into the oven so it doesn’t collapse into itself while baking. Find par-baking (with pie weights) instructions online and follow to complete your pie. You can use any number of washes to add sheen, browning, or texture to the crust. I like 1 egg + splash of milk or cream + pinch of sugar for a browned, slightly glossy look.

            Pie crusts from scratch just require practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it they become very routine. I do pies all the time with this recipe and get tons of compliments.

          • Yes fine good great… but until you do all that at MY HOUSE it doesn’t count.

            *chris stomps off in a pie hungry huff.* 😛

          • Chris sweetie, I am out of pie, but I can offer a slice of my Aunt’s rum cake!

          • Ruuuuuuuuum….. *drool is involved here, best to look away.*

          • *pats Chris on the back* Did nobody bring pie to your house?

          • I am all out of pie, but I have some of my Aunt’s to die for rum cake I can share!

          • Hey thanks! I don’t usually like to use shortening, only because of the hydrogenated oils. Can I just double the frozen butter? Or would say lard work?

          • dereule101

            You can definitely use all butter. I used to do 1&1/2 stick frozen butter, 1/2 refrigerated. The butter/shortening is just a texture compromise: butter adds lots of flavor, but shortening tends to create a somewhat flakier crust. Using all butter will still create a very flaky crust, however.

          • Cool! Thanks. I’ll have to try it for Xmas. I can’t work with anything really cold here in the summer.

          • dereule101

            No problem!

          • But would your pies make Duncan a less self-serving selfish little shit? That is the important question. The person with the Duncan-fixing pie wins a prize.

            @admiraljane:disqus — tell our contestants what they win for healing Duncan’s selfishness.

            *and the bob barker music kicks in and the curtains open on our grand prize and Vanna White twirls*

          • Um, I don’t think my pies have that power. They serve a purpose, but I don’t think that’s it.

            As for what the winner might get? A jet ski?

          • Duncan might like jet skis? Don’t sell your pies short. Your muffins clearly have super powers…. hmmm?

          • Internet muffins can cure all the ails a body, my handmade pies are good (at least according to my dad, but what does he know), but they wouldn’t win any contest. Though the rhubarb isn’t too bad. And I make a pretty descent apple shortbread crumble thingy.

          • dereule101

            I had an oven like that in my old apartment. You can avoid burning the crust by putting the pie plate on a rimmed, foil-covered baking sheet. Toss a few ice cubes onto the bottom of the oven when you put the pie in. The steam keeps the crust from browning too quickly as long as you don’t open the door. A ring of foil on the outside does this too, but sometimes sticks to the crust.

          • At the bottom bottom of the oven (even a gas oven) or on the baking sheet?

          • Laampros is NOT going to care what level of the oven you put your pie on. I don’t think his minions will not spare you for an unburned crust. LOL.

            Just my humble opinion…. xo

          • *side eye* Why am I baking for a demon?

          • *side eye* (back)
            Are you? For Laampros? Wow… you tell me? Are you hoping the right pie will get you the Hawaiian Islands? 😀

          • Sapfo

            I have a feeling that you are all in leage with Laampros… All this food talk is making me fat and I have not even eaten anything….

          • I might try to perfect the baking of things if it got the the Hawaiian Islands. <..>

          • BRAVA… I’ll be your devoted pool boy and bring you fluffy towels by the pool and spritz you with a mister when the sun gets too hot. LOL.

          • LOL!

          • dereule101

            Preheat the oven and then toss the cubes on the floor of the oven as you’re putting the pie in. I’ve done it with both gas and electric. As long as it’s just a few cubes it wont do much puddling if any at all. This is a good technique for bread baking too – the steamy environment allows the dough to expand/flake more before the crust hardens and browns.

          • Good to know!

            What is this having it at a higher temp then dropping it. That gets me into trouble as well.

          • dereule101

            What I understand is that starting hotter allows the crust to expand quickly before it hardens and browns. Reducing the temperature after the first ten minutes or so is done to slow the browning of the crust while still cooking the filling.

          • Gotcha. Thanks again.

            I’m not much of a baker, but sometimes the itch strikes. 🙂

  • Maus Merryjest

    IF I were stranded naked in the middle of nowhere, I’d like Paul to come to my rescue, too.

    I’ll be over here, now.

  • Ryn

    yay! all caught up. and oh boy…

  • Rainbow Cockerel

    omg these comics… I never used to be into comics but i stayed up from 2 am to 4 am reading these comics non stop. I am freakin addicted! Like Im gonna have erotic dreams me thinks! Im real tired and have school at 10 AM but i dont care! Cus this was amazing!

    • Welcome Rainbow Cockerel! You are definitely not alone. 😀

    • Oh so not alone. Good luck. Your balance will come back eventually, but the first blush of a Yaoi911 crush is a hard thing. 🙂

      Welcome indeed. You are in understanding company fer sure!


    • SofiaT

      Welcome to the club of those addicted to AMW Comics! You’re in good company!

      Did you read Artifice too?? 😀

    • Welcome, Rainbow! I’m very glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors! 🙂

  • Ms.Noon

    Is it bad that if I have a bad week all i think about is…well at lest Young Protectors will be update on Saturday! I’m a sad person!! lol

    • Understood, but even if I have a GOOD week I’m thinking about a YP update on Saturday and I refuse to be a sad person!!! So even though we are clearly similar in our need for Young Protectors… I say join me in triumphant fan-ish behavior and lets revel in our fabulousness.

      Cool? Either way, welcome to those who know your pain. 😀

    • SofiaT

      You’re not alone! 🙂

    • silibub

      I hope not, I do the same thing!

  • Sapfo

    A pre-pre-pre camping vid or reading. Not really anything to do with the comic.

    After the disaster in the Philippines, there was a group in Sweden who raised money for of the devastated regions.
    I do not really know what is said in this vid, but the group must have a big heart. I think they come from somewhere far far away….

    Or if any of you want to read something.

    • The 501st sure do get around. ^_^

      • Sapfo

        Jupp, they do. ^_^

  • SofiaT

    I’m thankful it’s update day today!! Yay!

    Oh, and I had a pumpkin & ricotta roll yesterday for lunch so I’m not jealous of you people and your feasts. Not one bit.

  • So I finally have a little extra money for once, and one of my first thoughts when I found out was ‘Then I can also donate a little for TYP this month’.
    Here by done.

    Uhm.. I’m not thinking about this comic much, as you can clearly see xD

  • @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus I got my Khaos package today 🙂 It’s so pretty, and so heavy *lol* You have something to look forward too. I love when you can actually hold a copy of a comic in your hands. Even when it’s the same as you read online, it’s a good feeling.

    • SofiaT

      Tab’s email said it was posted to me 2 or 3 days ago so it won’t arrive for another 2 weeks or so. *sigh*

      And yeah, holding the book in your hands is completely different, isn’t it? Artifice stayed on my bedside table for 2 weeks after I got it in the post, had to read it again and again and again… 😀

      • Sadly I still only have the Artifice pdf version from the kickstarter, but I have all current chapters of Teahouse and one from Starfighter. Except for a couple of times when reading elsewhere, the comics have their space on my desk and they’ve had since I got them. I always know where they are. *My precious*
        Now Khaos will join them 🙂

        • SofiaT

          I have a bookcase just for my comic books and my fantasy dvds: Ladyhawcke, Willow, Princess Bride, Star Wars, LotR etc.

          Besides two figurines of Yoda and Darth (and a mini replica of Yoda’s lightsaber) I have nothing else there.

          It’s my geeky corner 😀

  • purplefoxglove

    So, something totally unrelated to the story: Has anyone of you ever had a dream about TYP? I’m not talking about daydreams (I simply take that as a given 😉 ), but about go-to-sleep-and-wow!-you’re-in-there-dreams. I’m asking because I want to know if I’m the only one who’s obviously completely obsessed…
    I already dreamt about TYP twice: a few weeks ago, it was about Anni – he’d just got his powers and had joined a team of young superheroes under the direction of an elder, experienced leader, pretty much like TYP, but with other people. Things were not going well – he was being show-offish and rubbing everyone the wrong way (obviously not being a born superHERO), and it was clear he was going to leave the team sooner rather than later. No, I can’t for the life of me remember what his hair colour was.
    Last night, I had a second dream. I was hanging out with the guys, and for some reason, we were send to outer space to recover a train that was floating around (Don’t ask. My mind works that way.). Commander had to stay in the spaceship, we went into the train and of course, did everything but recover it…all of us were fooling about (In a completely decent way. Sorry, folks.). Paul and I were in one of the cabins, trying to make the train spin. I think Spooky and Kyle were about to give the windows a nice spraying using aerosol cans they’d smuggled on board. I was soooo sad when I woke up…
    Anyways, is there anyone out there who’s as crazy as I am?

    • SofiaT

      I don’t remember to have had any YP dreams -but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had any.
      I often see things online or in my everyday life that remind me of TYP universe though, so you’re definitely not crazy.

      These were awesome dreams btw. I’m sad you woke up too. 😀

    • I can’t remember having dreamt about TYP, but I’ve done it about Teahouse a couple of time even though I only remember bits of it 🙂

    • I haven’t had any TYP dreams yet, but I have had a few Starfighter and other misc yaoi comics. In my starfighter dream I was Abel….I really enjoyed being Abel.

      …..Is it weird for a girl to dream about being a guy getting it from a guy?

      • If I have to base it on my own experiences with dreams, the answer on that is no. Of course some could be of another opinion 😉

      • Emiko

        LOL i dream/fantasize that all the time… <3

      • Amanda

        *High Five* Hell yeah to dreams of Cain and Abel!

        • *high five* And it was a really sweet one too…..Cain and Abel were being a very lovey-dovey couple in front of everyone…..with hand holding and everything. (they were having down time on an alien planet) I think I had that dream right after page 80. That third panel……I currently have that page as the background on my computer.

    • silibub

      I have, a few times! Actually I had a really sad one a couple weeks ago; the exact details are hazy, but Laampros was crossing over and coming to kill Duncan, and Duncan had just realized the safeguard he thought he had in place to protect him was going to fail. The way I dreamed it, it was laid out in panel format, and the one I remember vividly is Duncan disheveled for once, afraid and despairing to the point he was almost laughing, hugging Sircea like he was clinging onto her for dear life while she looked terrified. Heavy shit.

      But I also had a happier one that was Kyle and co. kicking some butt and joking around, so my subconscious is more or less balanced out.

      • purplefoxglove

        Knowing Alex, we might even get something akin to you first dream…O.o

  • So slightly back to the map Fluke has up. I’m actually wondering if that British Colombia, Canada instead of California.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      It could be, although California and Alaska are highlighted in orange, BC and Alberta are selected by a square box.

      • True, but I was checking out the borders on the side and on the bottom. The whole shape doesn’t really fit Cali. But who’s to say it’s following any border precisely.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Well at the bottom of the larger map which seems to be a larger version of the smaller square box on the small map, you can make out the outline of Washington state and Vancouver island. Or so it seems.

          • It just made a weird sense that Duncan would have taken him across the border into the wilds and there is a lot of that in Canada.

    • Steven K.

      The larger map does look a little like the lower portion of the West coast of B.C.

      • That lower border definitely looks more like Washington than Mexico

  • Sapfo

    Good morning Campers!
    It is peaceful and quiet in the house. So now it’s time to wake up a bit.
    I am eating frogs. What do you do?

    • SofiaT


      Nevermind, I’d rather not know. o.O

      • Sapfo

        Don´t worry. It has never jumped, except in my mouth.

        • SofiaT


    • Morning Sapfo! Frogs for breakfast?

      • Sapfo
        • That’s so cute! How can you eat it?

          • Sapfo

            Jupp, it´s easy! ^_^

          • Should I ask what it’s made of?

          • Sapfo

            It have a sponge cake bottom, a creamchocelat filling and is covered by marsipan.

          • Sounds yummy!

        • SofiaT

          Oh. *sigh of relief*

          • Sapfo

            Yes, but I have eaten real frog once. It was not bad. 😉

          • SofiaT

            You really didn’t have to tell me that. *starts turning green*

          • Sapfo

            AJ is right. It do tast like chicken. It even looks like chicken.

          • SofiaT

            I only eat chicken breast. And when I have a t-bone steak I always eat the part that doesn’t touch the bone and make sure to cut off any parts of fat or nerves or hard muscles and leave them on the plate.

            I’d never go anywhere near a cooked frog.

          • Sapfo

            I have kind of a list of strange things I like to taste and eat. Just to find out what its all about.

            Frog have been crossed of that list. But there are so much more to experience. slugs, snails, scallops….. A lot of things on S o.O

          • Scallops yummy.

            As for snails, I could never make myself…though I had a chihuahua who liked to eat them.

          • Sapfo

            With snails I was thinking of escargot XD

          • Still couldn’t myself. It’s just one of those things.. 😀

            But the chihuahua… She was a strange little dog, sweet as pie, and loved to give kisses. Snail kisses.

          • Sapfo

            Yummy! Snail kisses XD

          • I always knew when she had eaten them.

          • Taste likes chicken. 🙂

  • Well hello, fellow campers 😀

    • Hello. How was getting through Dallas?

      • My flight was delayed so I literally had to run to catch my connection. Which was challenging with my baggage and wearing high-heels and a dress. >_<

        • But you made it, right?

          • I made it but just barely.

          • At least there is that and without breaking anything too. I hope there was booze

          • There was not. Sadly, I am staying with non-drinkers. But I get to see some fantastic people, so it’s ok. 🙂

        • Oh dear. That is rough. Large or small area to traverse to catch your flight?

          • Decently large area.

          • Wow, I would not want to run through a large area…in heels….*shivers* scary

          • I made it, but yeah. I was thinking “cute outfit is not so cute when you have to RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!”

          • I always wear sneakers when flying.

          • I normally do but I didn’t have time to change before I left for the airport.

        • Sapfo

          Just dont break anything!

          • I didn’t >_<

          • Sapfo

            Thats good! But high heels are not traveling shoes.

          • No, they were my work shoes, I just didn’t have time to change them. I am looking at a promotion at work, so I’m trying to impress.

          • Good Luck!

          • Thank you!

          • Sapfo

            With shoes? o.O
            Strange work…

          • lol it was the entire outfit. It was very fashionable, which is not something I normally do. We’re a business casual place, so a blouse and jeans is OK.

          • Sapfo

            That is one of the reasons why I like my job. Scrubs, its like working in pj´s and and leisure shoes 😉

          • lmao yeah, I will really like my job after I finish my degree. I can work from home. 😀

          • Sapfo

            I do wish you good luck then. ^_^

          • Thank you! 😀

          • That’s one of the perks of roasting coffee, I wear what’s on hand.

          • lol mmmmm coffeeeee

          • 😀

          • :D!! The people I’m staying with also don’t drink coffee but I had such a neeeeed this morning, I had them stop by a Starbucks.

          • That’s a shame.

          • It is certainly a shame, but it was one of the rare ‘Bucks that didn’t burn their beans.

          • Sapfo


          • They’ll roast their beans too long so it makes the coffee taste like a campfire.

          • Sapfo

            Oh! I have no Starbucks knowledge. I come from a contry with only two Starbucks.
            If I been informed right the coffee in US is not very good?

          • We have some good coffee. But it’s best to get it from small local roasters. Like beer I guess.

          • Sapfo

            Swe is a coffee drinking contry. Most of the coffee is good.

          • It’s always good to hear when a place has good coffee. Bad coffee is such a shame.

          • Sapfo

            There is a town that is famous for rosting coffee. The whole town smells of it 🙂

          • Depending on where you go, it is very good. Coffee in Seattle is amazing. But where I live and where I am visiting it is shit.

          • Starbucks roasts their coffee on conveyor belts.

          • Really? That is rare.

          • I was shocked. It was very tasty.

          • So a bit of luck indeed.

          • A bit of needed luck.

          • Good luck!

          • Thank you 🙂

  • jreed3842

    WELL! I’m here to start camping… already! Hello, fellow campers! S’mores for everyone!!

    • Sapfo

      Thank you! Would you like a frog or a snail? ^_^

      • jreed3842

        I’ll take the frog. *pets it, and feeds it flies.* I’m naming him Randolph!

        • Sapfo

          Ooooh Thats so sweet! I eaten mine o.O
          maybe that was wrong of me…..

          • jreed3842

            Hey, if you need nutrients, you gotta do what ya gotta do…. But I’ve got plenty of s’mores… But, I’ve gotten too attached to Randolph here that I can’t eat him. Lol.

          • Sapfo

            *Looking on with envy the way you pet your frog. Licking myself around the mouth* 😉

          • jreed3842

            NO! NO! You stay away from Randolp! *throws S’mores at you* Eat those!
            Or… Or go to the lake and catch another frog!

          • Sapfo

            Don´t you worry, I get a new one form the bakery 😉

    • Instead of Hershey’s can I use Nutella? :D!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Siigh. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was bouncing on the edge of my chair anticipating the outcome of Jeff and Deacon’s seemingly hopeless situation. Now it’s happening all over again with our fiery redhead.

    Happy camping everyone!

    • I wasn’t around for that but I love bouncing on the edge of my chair in anticipation of Kyle and Duncan’s relationship.

  • ceruleanblue777

    That is one effed up map of Canada.

    • Jay Demetrick

      Yea, it looks like he’s somewhere north of Vancouver Island near Terrace, BC in the Coast Mountains? Yay! He’s in my home province! Ooo! Annihilator owns a warehouse here in BC…!

      • Curt Clark

        Look for the part of town completely stripped of rose petals. :p

  • *bows*

    I’m happy I could help.