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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 17

661 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 17

Oh, Kyle… 🙁

I’m excited to unveil something cool I’ve been working on for a little while now—The Young Protectors Greeting Cards, just in time for Valentine’s Day! You can get them blank inside and add your own words, but I’ve also had a lot of fun coming up with the text for these. I’d like to think they’d be an amusing, beautiful (and certainly unique!) way to touch base with your friends and share your love of The Young Protectors. I also think they might be nice just as a gift for yourself since you can get The Young Protectors and Artifice art for a fraction of the cost of the prints (both in terms of price and shipping costs) and at 5″ x 7″ you can put ’em wherever you’d like. (There’s even a card with “Dat Ass”—and surely that’s something that’d be fun to wake up to on your bedroom table each morning!)

Click through the pictures in the Sample Packs to get an idea what they’re like. And let me know what you think! 🙂

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So! Fluke has finally gotten a chance to express his feelings and now it seems like Kyle is having some feelings of his own. Will another SpookyJoke save the day or will something else need to happen?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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    friends will be friends
    (Mod Sofia comes along and wips there is a new page. ^_^)

    • SofiaT

      I have the superpower of waking up and making a new page appear! YAY!

      Edit: But… wait a minute. I wake up every day.
      Damn, I get a superpower and it’s faulty >:(

      • Sapfo

        With great power comes great responsibility, use them well Sofia.

        • SofiaT

          Yes, Uncle Ben! XD

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            And now you look the part ^_^
            Good day to you, new avatar Sofia.

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      • Get the lady a lot more coffee! 🙂

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          You are getting better and better. Almost a virgin. One day you might get it. 😉

          • A dream is a wish your heart makes
            When Sapho’s fast asleep
            In dreams you will be first up and
            The Virgin… you wish for… you keep. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Well right now (for 9 days) I am unemployed and I will do my best to get all the virgins I can. But after that the Wednsday virgin might be one person easier to snatch up. My working hours will make camping hard.
            So your dream of a virgin might not only be a dream 😉

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        I suspect Page-Kryptonite!

    • Holly

      I miss competing with you. (I crashed because I had a headache. Head ache is still there I just can’t sleep so I came by)

      • Sapfo

        I missed you also. Bad head for aching. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Sorry you’re not feeling well but it is good to see you, Holly.

      • I hope you feel better soon too, Holly. 🙂

  • Pojavi se čudovito stran!

  • Nooo, I can’t take the tears. One of those boys better hug him soon!!

    • Eve

      He needs a group hug!

    • I wonder what Mitch is going to do when he enters???

      • Sapfo

        I think Kyle is going to freak out for a sec when they tell him Mitch is with them.

        • SofiaT

          “Noooo! He’s like a little brother! He looks up to me!”

          • Sapfo

            Yes, that and “You left him outside, ALONE! What where you thinking.” 0_0

      • Maybe we’ll get a display of some of his other powers?

        Other than that, 15 yr old boys are an enigma to me. You were once one, maybe you have some insight?

      • b3nc0

        I thought he would have already barged in by now with his supposed super-hearing & obvious concern for Kyle?!

        Maybe he’s distracted (disgusted or stimulated idk) by the mental image of a sweaty Redilator session?
        Or he may even be furiously typing away on his Hero-pad© to send a new fanfiction novel to the RedHot section of the site he discovered in the interlude & had been frequently visiting since ¬¸¬

        • Dude you have obviously have an awesome personal story going internally longing to be told! HA… Go boy. Good luck. 🙂

        • You know? At 15 years old I could just buy that theory. I hope he credits A,A&V properly, or he’ll have an Admiral and a SofiaT on him so fast that even our Mitch wont fly fast enough. LOL.

          I wonder if Alex secretly has a hand in THAT interlude site…

          Does anyone have the web address? 🙂

  • Oh wow .. *lips wibble* .. now’s the breakdown?
    I know that right now I’m having MY breakdown. I knew I shouldn’t have read sad things before this page update *grabs tissue*

    • Jamie Dutton

      *gently pulls Danish into hug with Sapfo*
      Sniff, dangit I’m all wibbly wobbly now

    • Sapfo

      I was watching old eps of Dharma and Greg… And I´m crying.
      *Pillow is good, pillow is soft, pillow will keep me safe*

  • Torke159

    Ohhh myyy D’: no tears please ;_;

  • jreed3842

    NOOO! KYLE! DON’T CRY! *gives Kyle all the hugs in the world*

  • Sapfo

    Damn it Alex, Adam, Veronica!
    That last panel. You are making my cry.
    Hug! I need a Hug!
    (Grab pillow and hide)

    • Jamie Dutton

      I need one too…T.T
      *hugs Sapfo in co-misery*

    • Hug? Did someone say hug? Need hug!

      • Sapfo

        Hugging you gooood! ^_^

    • Count me in too. *sniff*

      • Jamie Dutton


        • *hugs back, gentle squeeze*

          • Sapfo

            *Give good hard hug back that will make you feel it afterwards.*
            I´m not letting go of you just yet-kind of hug.

          • *Big hard hug-o-rama!! to Jamie and Sapfo*

            Ahhhh! So sweet. *relaxes*

            I really needed that. Thanks.

          • Sapfo

            Was it as good for you as if was for me 😉

          • MAYBE even better XD

    • b3nc0

      (>^ ▽^) > (UnU)
      (✿づ◠‿◠)づ (,◕︷◕,)

      • Sapfo

        A b3nc0 hug?!
        Mmmm, loving the hugging! ^_^

        • b3nc0

          Yup, cute, that’s me all over… B°)

          though i should take it off now it has a strange smell since this morning

          • Sapfo

            freckles and bristles, how needs flowers to be cute. By the way some stranger said this was hug day today. ~_^

          • b3nc0


  • mogoskier

    OW OWOW, Kyle please don’t cry it cause me pain so much pain

  • davefragments

    AH! The confession!
    It was all my idea. I agreed.

    Where have we heard that before and from who?

    • I said all that Duncan-monologuing to a paralyzed Kyle was nasty brain-worm stuff… I think so even more now.

      • davefragments

        It’s quite possible the entire date in the early chapter and the attack there was a set up just to get Kyle into bed.

        • I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean.

          The entire date and all that lead up to the spell that transported them to Laampros’ realm was to get Kyle’s complete trust. The spell required it.

          Duncan in page 31, as he get’s out of bed and get’s dressed, says to a paralyzed naked Kyle:

          “the magic couldn’t work if you didn’t TRUST me. If you were guarded at all. If you held back… I NEEDED you to trust me.”

          So the date, the wooing and everything else was designed to get the final key to the spell… TRUST.

          At least that’s how how I saw it and what made a spell like that so hard to achieve. You had to have all the right elements including a naive first timer, longing to trust and love.

          • davefragments

            Sorry Chris, I wasn’t clear in what I said. Go back to the first date in the Oriental restaurant and flower shop where the two “heroes” attack Duncan and Kyle. Tight before that attack, the conversation between Duncan and Kyle seems to be silliness about not wanting galactic domination but only settling for the world. And then in the first chapter, Duncan’s confrontation with Kyle outside the gay bar. I think that Duncan set up Kyle from the very first time he met him. His intention was to use Kyle as the portal.

            I think Duncan always viewed Kyle as merely a tool and not as a love interest only to develop feelings as DUncan’s and Sircea’s plans unfolded.

          • SofiaT

            I believe all this has already been established.
            Duncan admitted as much.

          • We’re pretty much saying the same thing, I think.

            If you go to Page-31 / Panel#4 — when D. is doing his monologue, he pretty much tells paralyzed Kyle that he’s probably guessed that D. set everything up from their very FIRST meeting outside the bar, the fire, the Hong Kong date, the whole thing was plot. He says it.

            I’d even say the invisible powder was not for the accidental arrival of Hunter/Killer and their dampener… I think D. and S. had that in case someone saw him with Kyle and would try to talk some sense into Kyle and prevent… “the sex spell” and thus the portal.

            So, regardless of whether people want to ruminate about whether Duncan has feelings or regrets for Kyle or not, I think you are correct. Kyle was a carefully planned, well used tool to open a very difficult portal.

            I’d imagine Duncan and Sircea worked hard on this, because it can’t be easy to get to a creature like Laampros, who’d even have the power to get you something like everlasting life, youth, etc…

            It it were easy, everyone would do it. Sircea tells us that only Solomon really understood this stuff. So you know you’re dealing with BIG time magic. And, the spell requires sex with a totally trusting soul… where the hell does one find one of those lying around? Unless you happen upon the perfect young man, traumatized by an early sexual moment in his youth.

            So, unless I misunderstand, you are quite correct.

          • davefragments

            Before the two rather clumsy heroes throw the stasis device into the restaurant and blast their way into a rather messy fight, Duncan and Kyle have a chat. Duncan says something to the effect of he’d settle for the world and not the galaxy. Why does he say that? The truth masquerading as idle chit-chat? More like seduction IMHO. A plan from the start – Even Duncan’s pose in page three of the entire comic is like I envision a pavement princess leaning against a lamppost — “hello sailor, see anything you like?”

            Yes, we are saying the same thing. It’s just that I think I’m more cynical about Duncan. I think he’s as lovable as MacBeth and Sircea’s as adorable as Medea. Now that would be a pair to contend with.

            Does anyone here think that if they succeed and (1) Duncan gives into his feelings for Kyle and (2) leaves Sircea that she won’t scrag his ass in a second? Hell hath no fury like a (Etc…)

            But before that can ever be known — Alex dropped some clues as foreshadowing. Let me say this — JK Rowling in the (hush, hush) CUCKOO’S CALLING drops all sorts of hints in the first chapter of that book.

            One of my revisionary techniques as I write short stories is to go back and add this type of foreshadowing. A short story of a few thousand words can write itself without pre-plotting. This detail indicates a completed story with lots of planning.

            That’s why I like Alex’s stuff and not many others stuff. Most explicit comics seem too ad-hoc to me, too much wandering from sex act to sex act. This isn’t anything like that. A reader can care about these characters.

          • b3nc0

            Just wanted to be Mr. Know-it-all once more: the arrival of Tweedldumb & Tweedle-Dumber (dixit Anni) wasn’t accidental, their relative efficiency was though… [beginning of the not-explanatory explanation ch2 p31]

  • Sheva Bree

    ZOMG! KYLE! I will hug you!

  • SofiaT

    I don’t know whether to hug you or get angry too, Kyle.

    • mogoskier

      There is always the option of angry hugging.

      • SofiaT

        Hug him till I bruise his ribs?
        I like that idea. But would it get some sense into him?

      • Ba Đạt Trần

        Indeed. That’s what pythons have always been doing, I believe.

    • Both seems reasonable.

  • silibub

    I like Paul’s, uh, energy-slash-murderous rage! It’s tough wanting to comfort your friend when they’re hurt but also smack them because they got hurt doing something incredibly dumb. I appreciate that Paul’s up-front about being angry with Kyle, while also making it very clear that he’s still on Kyle’s side and wants to support him above anything else.

    That said, there damn well better be a hug in Kyle’s immediate future.

  • Amberwolf

    No crying Kyle. Please, I don’t wanna cry before bed!

  • I love Paul.. and that’s all I’m gonna say for the next minutes.

    Seriously.. I read this just before the page update. It’s so freaking beautiful in it’s pure sadness .. but damn, not the right thing to read before this page *snif*

    Now who the hell stole my tissues? I need another one.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Yes, Paul is amazing on this page! Oh I guess that means he’s on Team Pitchfork now?

    • Have a fluffy absorbant towel.

    • Danish, that was amazing. Thank you for sharing it. Did you tweet it? Cuz I wanna RT. John is just beautiful in these pictures, particularly the last ones.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that. It’s just beautiful and painful all wrapped together.

      He was my first crush.

    • Holy crap Danish. I’m glad I waited until after. What bravery and now he’ll have that forever. Wow.

      • I knew it was going to be sad before scrolling down. His face might smile, and he could act happy, but I still think you can see pain in his eyes in some of the ‘happy’ photos.
        I believe he’ll be happy one day that these pics were taken. He needed to express his sorrow.

    • b3nc0
  • Eve

    Ooh, I just want to yell and cry at Kyle at the same time. He asked for a nice dinner and to make love with someone he’d grown to trust, not to be used to destroy the world.

  • Kyle’s comments in that last panel remind of a MAJOR, life-changing dumb thing I did a while back. I even that same conversation with my BFF.

    I had tears in my eyes.

    And my BFF’s reaction was the same as Fluke’s…It’s good have friends, Kyle. They will steer you away from that “blame me, i did it” crap to a more productive focus. Hopefully, that focus will involve kicking Duncan’s ass but I think I’m getting ahead in the story.

    As for me, I didn’t kick my ex’s ass (though I wanted to). Nope. I walked away and made a great life for myself. And here I am with all of you, creating stories I love, and having a grand time. Living amazingly is the VERY best revenge.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m so glad that you have such a great BFF, and that you’re winning by living a great life. *hugs*

  • SofiaT

    “He didn’t force me”.

    That’s… eff’d up. I’m Anni’s biggest fan and even I can admit that the tying up and sending to hell part was rather forceful.

    Is there such a thing as therapy for superheroes? We should find a good shrink for Kyle.

    Lets find out who Bruce Wayne is seeing… and make sure to avoid that one.

    • silibub

      Therapy…my immediate thought was “Artifice/YP crossover where Maven is the go-to therapist for superheroes, but her motivations are super shady.” Oh, the possibilities…

      • Sapfo

        Maven, she is going to have a lot of work to do 😉

      • SofiaT

        I just visibly shuddered.

      • Clarice, Sircea and Silibub out on the town… *shudders with Sofia* I think I’ll stay in that night. 🙂

        • silibub

          Honestly, I might stay in that night. Imagine having to sit in the middle of Sircea and Maven’s mutual dislike — could get ugly.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Lol, sounds like fanfiction waiting to be written

        • silibub

          Trust me, I’m thinking about it.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Ooo, that would be a good read

          • silibub

            I have so many half-formed fic ideas for this comic, but I want more canon background information before I really delve into anything! Given that this will be an ongoing comic with a lot of different arcs, though, I should probably just write and accept it when worldbuilding details turn out to be inaccurate…

    • Exactly… but Spooks and Paul are doing a decent amateur job on the therapy…

      But I so agree with you about Wayne. NO!

  • Simba

    okay guys, emergency bro-group hug powers activate! Those welled up tears nearly did it to me, and I haven’t cried yet on this web comic. I’m not going to start now, so lets do this, the kid needs a major hug attack.

    • b3nc0

      The soon-to-be-activated emergency bro-group hug powers need an extra pair of arms… Even though I’m very glad to volunteer, I’m thinking about Mitch, actually ^^

  • Jamie Dutton

    Oh, Kyle the thing you’re just starting to realize is that NONE of us are who people think we are. Doesn’t have anything to do with being gay, or the child of a demon, either.
    Paul explaining his differing levels of anger is so spot on, Alex! I LOVE the fact that the worst of it is reserved for the bastid who had the nerve to hurt his friend!
    But the tears damnit, you’ve got us all weepy again with this friggin beautiful page!! *sniff* I hope Chris brought enough towels for everyone T.T

    • Steven K.

      Ah yes – you were thinking the same thing about the towels – yeah – we need all we can get.

  • Sapfo

    Yes, Kyle, you said yes, to the date! You said yes to the kissing! You said yes to making out! You said yes to the sex!

    But Kyle YOU did not say yes to all the other thing. The magic, the loses of controll, the binding, the tripp to hell and the ability to say NO!

  • silibub

    I really like the greeting cards, Alex! Granted, the “So, about last night…” text nearly made me choke, so you might want to add a warning. (And I’m going to give the Something’s Brewing card to myself, obviously. Can’t wait to see you, indeed.)

    • Puuuuurrrrrfect Priestess!

      • silibub

        Almost disappointed that the panel where she first appeared, with Kyle announcing her in special font and everything, didn’t make it onto a card, but that print is a work of art at any size!

    • Thank you so much, silibub! (And glad you liked the “So, about…” card. Hee hee.)

      I’ll get that card out to you by Monday! 🙂

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Oh god don’t cry Kyle… get even

  • Steven K.

    Christoper, how many crying towels did you just freshly launder?

    • Jamie Dutton

      Looks around at all the teary faces…I don’t think it’s gonna be enough *sniff*

      • Steven K.

        Exactly. :_(

      • Stacks and stacks… here…
        *hands another out…*

        • Jamie Dutton

          Finally! We were hoping you’d show up, Chris.
          *takes towel and hugs you one-armed in gratitude*

    • Here. *hands over fresh fluffy one* I came prepared!

      • Steven K.

        Thanks man – good thing about that! I’m hoping that SOMETIME before the full story is over we will get to use those to wipe away some happy tears for a change.

  • Dear Paul, I do believe I forgive you for being a jerk on page 6 (Ch3).

  • NovaLaMason

    Listen, Charitard! Your friends are trying to help you set things right! Get off of the bus; guilt trip is over!

  • Oh the last panel is so touching.
    Let Fluke rip his god-damn head off. That’s one great friend there 🙂

  • Steven K.

    Kyle is just so fucking handsome, and sweet and amazing and adorable. God I want to tear apart anyone who hurts and has hurt him as well, and then wrap my arms around our ginger little hero and comfort him and tell him that, though he made certain choices of his own free will, he was masterfully led astray and what ultimately happened was NOT his fault! Duncan must bear the blame for his wretched deeds.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Heck, Duncan played us all, even the ones who kept warning us.

  • Tears aside, I just want to say I appreciate Kyle’s superhero outfit. I kept thinking it was going to be too tight on him and be uncomfortable after everything he had to endure but he looks relaxed in it.

    • Jamie Dutton

      I think it’s more his suit of armor than anything made of steel.

      • SofiaT

        We all have our power clothes, it makes sense that for a superhero his suit would be it.

        I was very happy to see Paul bring the suit instead of regular clothes.

  • silibub

    Not to be crass, but I think a date with someone called the Annihilator could be very fun, depending on your proclivities. Context is everything, Paul.

    • mogoskier

      To be fair before the whole using you to get to hell thing happened it was a good date.

    • I know you’re a dangerous woman… but THAT date? Wow you are tuff! 🙂

      • silibub

        Dangerous, huh — and which half of that date do you think I am? Haha!

  • Sapfo

    It took quite a while before I saw it. but look at Spooky.

    He is like: “Jupp Paul, get it all out.” 😉

    • I love Spooky’s expression there with his hands in his pockets, watching his friends talk it out.

  • Oft repeated, but no less heartfelt… THANK YOU Alex, Adam and Veronica for another stunning page. (Geeze I gotta get some new praise wordage… or a writer… or something… *grins*)

    I love this. This is friendship. YOU DOPE. Yes you’re a dope and I still love you… DOPE!

    Paul’s line that, “I KNOW what you’re saying and it’s even stupider than you thinking a guy called the Annihilator would be a fun date!” (Ouch… true… for me also, I went on that date with Kyle just a happy little camper hoping for flowers and kisses… so… OUCH) But TRUE.

    OMG that is the greatest line ever for being so damn true. (Of course Paul still wasn’t there to see Dat Ass… but still… TRUE! How could you not love Paul even more for all of this. He hit’s every nail right on the head. HARD. Yes, I said we were BEST friends… DUMB. Yes, you didn’t talk to us… DUMB. Yes you did a stupid thing… DUMB.

    But that’s not what I’m so mad about… I’m so mad that someone would do this to MY BEST FRIEND, that I’m ready to RIP SOME HEADS OFF!

    What could be better from a true friend. No denial. No pretending that your boo boo doesn’t make you an idiot. It’s just that that its all secondary to the fact that MY BEST FRIEND was treated unforgivably and I’m so mad that I almost can’t speak!

    I love that the scene is so intimate between Kyle and Paul. Just that one wonderful approving smile from Spooky in the background as he watches Paul say the perfect thing. Spooky, damn him, knows when to talk and when to shut up. God he’s good. Are you sure he can’t be gay? (nevermind *grins)

    I also loved the final panel with Kyle tearing up. He’s NOT a wuss guys. This is the trauma so many of us keep talking about. Duncan scammed him hard and bad. He was used and abused. Me (and some of us) say paralysis and bondage under these circumstances was rape. Some of us don’t. For some of us rape can be in the mind, some feel differently. That’s fine to disagree about terms, but we all agree that Kyle was “traumatized” and he was left in harsh pain and has to get it OUT. These two Buds are going to let him GET IT OUT! In the best way.

    Spooky says dude your dad doesn’t matter, gay doesn’t matter. Paul says you are a doofus, but I don’t care I want to kick Duncan’s butt. You’re our doofus. Oh it’s very clear that Kyle will NOT be doing any butt-kicking alone. Paul will be there or he’ll be there with Kyle bruised… but HE WILL BE THERE to help kick some Duncan-ass.

    I know we end on Kyle tearing up, but I think it’s as much about getting all this heavy emotion OUT and knowing these two are still his friends. This is therapy at it’s best.

    Three pages ago Kyle was sure he was below slime… “the worst thing ever.” was what he told Spooky, and Spooks talked him off that ledge. Now Paul is reminding Kyle that best friends don’t just hang around when you’re brilliant and your shit is together, but they’re also there when the ass-kicking needs to go down and the PERSON WHO DID THIS TO YOU… must get their just returns.

    These two are going to get Kyle’s feet under him. I love the way the twosome compliments each other. They are almost a perfect therapy duo for helping set a super hero on his feet.

    Wonderful work A,A&V… thanks for leaving me feeling a 1,000% better for another page. I’ll take it. And with thanks!

    • Sapfo

      You are our word smith <3

    • What Chris said!

      Perfectly stated as always, Mr. Dangerfield!

    • And thank you for another lovely comment, Christopher. It really is a pleasure to see these pages through your eyes. 🙂

    • How is the Deacon magnet faring now?

      • HA! All is vertical.
        *side eyes*
        For now………. (cue: suspense music)

    • Elrohir

      Beautifully said Chris. And I like your summary of the reactions from Paul. The chemistry on the page (as well as here in the group) is truly amazing. But as every chemist knows, adding new elements can change the equilibrium. I notice that Alex hasn’t taken us outside the building yet. Where the flying equivalent of elemental sodium (aka highly reactive) is SO aching to know and to help and to protect. Mind you, it’s only here in the discussion that I can pick my head up out of the current page long enough to think about that. Alex, Adam and Veronica do weave a spell that binds you to the page and ensnares the mind. In all the best possible ways, of course.

      The cards are great Alex! Fun and artistic. And taking unfair advantage of the not so bad shipping rates here in the states I just ordered up some. Now I just have to resist the temptation and wait to get the other singles I want. Thanks again Alex!

      • Thanks for the kind words.

        I hear you about Mitch outside, but what I keep thinking (and reminding myself) is that this is whole thing is just a couple of minutes in Kyle, Spooky, Paul, Mitch time and weeks in our own. So I’m sure Mitch is anxious and bouncing on his floaty toes, but it’s not what we’re feeling.

        Someone great at math… translate one-page of Kyle time into one-unit of our-world time… and let’s see how whack we really are? LOL.

        Take care.

        • Elrohir

          It’s a good reminder. However, and I know I’m going to regret doing this in this particular crowd:
          “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.” -Dr. Who/David Tennant
          Kyle time and Mitch time are VERY subjective I think. As we get older we tend to forget the immediacy of youth. Kids don’t really develop a sense of time until they are 7-9 or so (5 min really is forever when waiting for the ice cream) and even as a teenager the time dilation is still at a much different pace. Even between Mitch and Kyle there will be a different sense of time and immediacy. We lose that later in life. It’s what makes it so hard for us as adults to understand why a teenager would commit suicide over something we believe is a “temporary situation”.
          So I’m guessing that in Mitch time, it’s been forever, and he wants SO badly with such a single focus to save/help/protect Kyle. Hence my comparison to elemental Sodium. Highly reactive.
          But I guess we will wait and see what Alex and the magicians have in store for us. But at this point Chris, I’m in the back seat going, “has it been five minutes yet?” 🙂

          • Klaus

            How long a time is five minutes? No matter what your age, it depends on what side of the bathroom door you are on.

      • Steven K.

        Definitely with you regarding Mitch outside – “aching to know and to help and to protect”.

  • Do check out the greeting cards. Romantic sure, but there is a falling car! And it’s AWESOME! Trust me, worth the look, and you’ll be the only kids on your block to have them… LOL.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Alex makes us laugh, cry,sends us to hell on the second date and then spoils us with awesome Kickstarters and assorted greeting cards! 🙂

    • Sapfo

      They look absolutely gorgeous, And I love the dropping car, the dropping baby and the dropping Briefs. I like things thats falling XD

    • Thank you, guys! I had some real fun coming up with them. It makes me very happy that you like ’em! 🙂

      • They’re super cute! 🙂 I’m going to get some. Or force Mike to get them for me. 😛

    • Sethy

      Aha that falling car one…

      “I thought I’d just DROP this off in the mail to say hi! How’s it HANGING?”

  • My “Hacking” magnet is almost upright. Anybody disagree with this position?

    • Sapfo

      The hacking is to good to have upside down. That and my Happy Ending is the right way all the time. I trust Alex ^_^

      (I love a happy ending here also)

      • I trust Alex too.

        Your comment got me thinking. The Hacking is definitely beautiful enough to be upright all the time sooo maybe I’ll get a print for my wall o’ yaoi prints.

        • Sapfo

          And I am trying to make my bedroom in a blue tone. Maybe a Happy Ending might make that blue tone justice

          Edit: BTW my mom like the TH original Em´s art 🙂

          • YOU got TH original art??? Which one?

          • Sapfo

            Yes I did. I got a bit crazy and bought maybe a little too much. Broke my piggybank just for that.

            It was actually when I came to the conclusion that I’m a pretty big fan of Claret and Argent. Who would have imagined that. So I got a lot of them and a page with babbie Linny and Atros.

            And I could not resist the hot dude with sword. For it was a hot dude with a sword. (Which some have theorized that this could be Atros from the original idea that Emirain had. Where he is a general)


          • The ‘dude with a sword’ was for a game concept. It’s a part of the series of some of the other characters she sold.

          • Sapfo

            I like hot dude with a sword ^_^

          • Especially with a big one like that, unsheathing, pulling out only to put back in again. Yep, I right there with you.

          • Sapfo

            He inspires me ^_^
            I want to write his story.

          • Do It!

          • Sapfo

            Well I did a resolution to write more. Dude need a story.

          • O.O

            Dayyuummm! Envious. If you ever get tired of one and just have to get rid of it, let me know and I will buy it.

          • She has my favorite which she snatched in a heartbeat >.> *mumbles* ..lucky b- uh.. woman.

          • Sapfo

            What did you say Danish? I do not think I heard you right?
            Sorry, I am not a good loser and I am an even worse winner 😉

          • *Looks at my copy of the original first 100 numbered artbooks that was made for Chap 1 Special*

            At least it turned out I had money to use elsewhere instead. I jumped this when I found it for sale.

          • Sapfo

            We are all winners then 😉

          • Yep, envious again.

            At my first Yaoi-con, E was holding out original first 100 numbered Chapter 1 Special to me but I’d only just discovered TH right as I was walking up to their table and had no idea. I ended up getting just the comic.

            I have two sets of all the other Specials but not that one. 🙁

          • Sapfo

            Thats to bad. But now you know better

          • True but we’re all still winners with the cool stuff we do have to echo what you said below.

          • I wish I could afford two sets of each. I know others who has two as well. I found TH the day the original special went up for sale, and it got sold out in the 20mins it took me to read the chapter and decide I wanted it. I had looked at the shop first before reading and there was still some left, so that’s how close I was the first time.
            I saw this copy up for sale in an auction about a month ago, and I kept SO quiet about it with everybody. Wasn’t gonna risk more competition than I already had xD
            I literally won the action in the last second it was up, beating 4 other who bid at the same time, and 14 days ago it arrived at my doorstep 😀
            It’s #56 out of 100, and the mini art coming with it is #12 out of the 20 that was made *my precious*
            Paid a little more than hoped for, but luckily I had enough food in cupboards + x-mas came up so free food elsewhere *lol*

          • That was great, keeping quiet like that. I’m glad you got it, Danish. It’s going to be kept safe and well appreciated.

  • Holly

    MY GOD KYLE! I know you were traumatized by all this, but you need a damn “come to your senses” slap.

    You were Manipulated! A man of almost 60 years of age manipulated a teenage boy. You are NOT to blame in this. Yes you said yes, but you were MANIPULATED. I know Paul is not going to slap you,but I really wish I could. Stupid boy!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Maybe not a physical slap, but a verbal wake up call might work better.

      • Holly

        NAW.Verbal slaps don’t seem to be working

    • Remember this is all in minutes in “Kyle-time” and weeks in “Holly-time.” So the pain is still a little fresh for Kyle. He’ll get there.

    • Cman65

      Slap that arse (as you kiss him)

  • *lol* Love the greeting cards. The one with the car dropping, I expected something like ‘I feel for you’, but the actual text is just perfect 🙂

  • Sapfo
    • So Awesome!

    • Elrohir

      One of those links that just sidetracked me for 20 minutes and had me looking up the book on Amazon. Thanks SO much! 🙂

    • Klaus

      One of these reminds me of something a prison priest once wrote. He was puzzled why the inmates were always happy to see him, even the non-religious once. So he asked one of them. “Of all the people in this big house, you are the only one who knocks on the door.”

      Sometimes it takes so little.

  • Okay take the speech bubbles away in panel #2 and we are just a heartbeat away from serious lip-lock-city! Oh so close.

    Huh? Huh? Is it just me?

    Not that I’m hypnotically starting at it or anything like that….

    • SofiaT

      You gave up on Spooky and hoping for Fluke now? 😛

      • Imagine the scenes.. just imagine them 😉

        • Sapfo

          Pauls hands on Kyle light skin, and Kyles hand around Pauls dark neck when why…… Mmmmh! ^_^

      • Steven K.

        I think we was ALWAYS hoping for Fluke in any case.

      • NEVER! Perish the thought.

        Spooky would be the perfect partner for Kyle (trust me he’s rockin’ a hot bod under that trench) and he’s smarter than any three of them. But, (sigh) Alex was pouring on the hetero hints in the comments two pages back during the mystic inspection about how Spooky was overwhelmed with his need to reassure HIS female audience of his “professional nature” (yesssss… sarcastic quotes intended). I think Alex is hoping to avoid me losing my mind like I did over the Duncan betrayal. (Okay I got issues…) So I got all focused on panel #2 above and what Kyle was REALLY looking at.

        Do you know that way when you start staring at someone’s body part… lips? eyes? elsewheres? And it gets all hypnotic and you can’t look away? And you forget you’re staring?

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        Paul: I said we were best friends because I meant it.

        What Kyle heard: Bwaaaa bwaaaa bwaaaa bwaaaa.

        What Kyle was thinking: Why have I never noticed how fricking hot Paul’s lips are… they’re just sooooo (leaning in slightly without realizing it)…..

        Kyle: WHAT?

    • Even with the bubbles, kiss kiss kiss was whispering in my head.

    • Slight tilt of the head, Kyle stares at his best friend Paul.

      Paul is going on about something but Kyle has stopped listening. He stares transfixed at his friend, marveling at how beautiful he is, almost like seeing him for the first time.

      “Kyle! Are you listening to me?! I’m trying to tell you—”

      Kyle leans forward, pressing his lips against Paul’s mouth. In the shocked silence that follows, he grabs him around the neck, kissing deeply.

      • Steven K.

        I think Mitch would be rather upset with that as well as with what Kyle previously went through. Kyle would have at least made out with two other super-powered beings before Mitch even gets to tell Kyle his feelings for him.

        • Donny Osmond: And they called it puppy lovvvvvvveee…..

        • And In my scenario, Paul, Kyle, and Mitch will have forgotten that Spooky was even there…

          You’re probably right about Mitch’s reaction.

  • Um. I might force the BF to buy me those cards. Just… just sayin.

    • SofiaT

      I’m waiting for the YP Vol 1 book to come out. Then I’ll buy all the merch I want at once, mwa ha ha!

      Shipping to the other side of the world from the US is ridiculously expensive. >:(

      • Yeah. shipping from the US to other countries is ridiculous. I used to ship BJDs from the US to Australia, the UK, Germany and sometimes Japan. It got pricey.

        • SofiaT


          • They’re Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.

          • SofiaT

            Now I have to google what these are! 😀

          • Kiri

            I added a pic to my post, so you can see it. 🙂

          • SofiaT


          • The ones I used to own were Soom Glati and Soom Cuprit. They’re gorgeous!!! <3

          • Kiri

            Ball Jointed Dolls. They are awesome. Hehe – answered at the same time. I have 10 of them. 😀

          • SofiaT

            thank you, Kiri 🙂

      • For me the trouble of doing this is always the Danish custom rules which is plain rediculess and some of the worst in the world.
        With every private purchase bought outside of EU over $14 and you have to pay custom + tax of custom. If you’re sent a gift from outside EU the custom/tax is added if it’s worth more than about $65. On top of that the Danish postal office has a rediculess fee of almost $30 for every package that they have to handle the customs on, before they will deliver it to you – no matter it the original puchase was ex. $16.
        Means I have to get some purchases shipped as gift (if the sender agrees to) or have a friend living in EU, but outside Denmark receive it first, and then ship it on to me = up to twice the price in shipment, and it’s already a lot from US.
        It’s often prevented me from buying something even when I actually have the money for it 🙁

        • SofiaT

          I had that problem when I wanted to buy my first Kindle and I was in Greece. I was supposed to get it from the US store because the UK Amazon store wouldn’t ship to Greece but the customs fees weren’t worth it. So I bought it from the UK store, had it posted (for free) to a friend in London, who then posted it to me for only a few pounds.

          Now that I’m in Australia, unless I buy something worth $1000 or more, I have no trouble with customs or taxes but the posting charges themselves are very high.

          • Cman65

            Yes we have low tax but are ripped off on the post

          • SofiaT

            I can understand postage being expensive, what I don’t get is why buying digital products is more expensive in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

            You download a music album for almost double the price -and it’s not like there are shipping costs involved! >:(

          • Yeah, it’s really annoying when people in your neighboring countries can get something with a much higher value without any trouble.
            Just look at Sapfo in Sweden. She can purchase things custom free for up till almost $200 (in Danish currency). It’s unfair :-/

          • Sapfo
          • b3nc0

            Erm… Thank you…?

          • Sapfo

            I’m making a wild guess here and conclude that you have taken a thoughtful look at the Swedish post office website. And now you are wondering how much it will cost to send a package to the moon. Am I right? 😉

            (Danish Wonder how much it cost to send packets between Sweden and Denmark, as the Swedish customs are not as heavily taxed.)

          • b3nc0

            You give me too much credit: I was plainly ironically complaining that I would have to buy a Swedish(or is it Suomi?)->French dictionnary online get it express-send from France, close enough but still with fees & still wait 2 days before being able to read it (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

            Moon is quite tempting, still.

          • Sapfo

            Here you have it. The Spanish edition? ^_^


            Why is there a Spanish version of aSwedish-French conversation guide?

      • b3nc0

        Quite right! In Belgium you have to ad toll fees even ಠ益ಠ

  • I just want to give Kyle a hug. You consented to sex, Kyle, not a magical orgasm.




    You consented to a magical orgasm, not a hell-bringing orgasm.

  • Kiri

    Actually Kyle, he manipulated you into it, so yeah – he did force you. He just didn’t use physical force is all. And I’m with Fluke – rip his head off.

  • No, Kyle, you consented to a dinner date and then a sex date. You did not consent to be one of the ingredients in a magic ritual. I think that’s what Paul is so angry about.

    The cards are beautiful. I’m in the “oh my god USPS international postage rate” camp, but at domestic postal rates I would already have my plastic out.

    • I’m glad you like the cards. I’d hope that they’d be light enough that even the International postage wouldn’t be too crazy, but then, International postage is always crazy. 😀

      • bronakopdin

        yeah sadly though or I would have bought a lot of stuff, too, already…

        but then you want to save and order lots at once and it gets too expensive for you in one go >_>’
        someday… for sure… ^^

        (I dunno, but I like the kiss ones of Kyle and Anni in Hongkong and on the bed best… can’t help myself why the suggesting ones? xD)

      • $9.45 for a sample pack sent first class, so not completely out of the question, but perhaps better to buy with other stuff. Except then you run into the customs thing. :-/

        You do not want to know how much Priority costs. 🙂

  • I want to share this amusing little morning story.
    So two hours ago, at 7:30am (on a saturday morning) I get a text message from my internet supplier.

    Text: Your new, better and faster modem is on the way for you. Delivery date will be Jan. 14th.

    Me: *Looks at date* o_O Uhm.. I sure hope my modem will be faster than your message- and delivery service.

    • Sapfo

      lol I hope so

    • Ha!

    • bronakopdin

      really now?
      well didn’t you wait for it already then?

  • Asch

    Pffft Kyle baby you wanted dinner and sex, you DID NOT want to be used, abused, and utterly victimized. Let Fluke be angry and at least consider joining in on the rage fest as opposed to the self loathing fest. Dang boy.

    • Klaus

      There was actually no dinner, just a glass or two of wine.

      • Asch

        Yes but he agreed to dinner it doesn’t matter it didn’t happen. He also agreed to sex. That was all. He doesn’t bear responsibility for anything else.

  • Becky

    KYLE, you said yes to sexytimes, not “Hey I know, let’s end the world together!” Sure you were dumb and teenage-hormonal and secrety about it, but please stop conflating your guilty feelings about secret gay fire-sex with ACTUAL guilt, and cut yourself a BREAK. And get back to heroing. 🙂

  • I can’t sleep. I have a cat snoring next to me (if you remember my dog, April, we had to find her a new home, someone who could afford to give her the medicine she needed as well as the tests) and the bf snoring too. I can’t sleep with all this snoring!

    • b3nc0

      The only way is to start snoring louder than them!

  • bronakopdin

    oh damnit, I cried, too, just now Y_Y
    and I’m happy Paul wouldn’t be tooo angry of Kyle… like right now… they can talk about that later

    and I like how also Spooky cheered up in the BG compared to last page ^^

  • Vinny Gothika

    ouch those tears, oh Kyle 🙁 ……Damn it Duncan I want to kick you in the balls right now

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oh no…no no!! Please don’t cry Kyle…please don’t….!!……aww heck…*tries to hug him through the laptop screen*….now I’m crying!
    Even though I don’t like seeing Kyle upset, I do like Flukes reactions, and now seeing his anger turn to the annihilator openly….
    Kyle has a really good mix of friends…Mature, firm but caring Fluke, comforting and uplifting Spooky, and even concerned and ready to be there Fly Boy….
    I have to say, sad as the situation is, Kyle looks really good in the first panel ^^.

  • alyssia

    awwww my poor baby

  • Kyle needs a group hug right now.. and no, it’s not my dirty mind speaking!

    Paul’s rant makes me smile. It’s honest, hot tempered and still in support of Kyle, despite him not understanding what in the world Kyle was thinking.
    The way Spooky looks at Paul on this page vs. the look on his face on the previous page. Besides not liking Paul getting angry, he must have been woried about what Paul was about to say to Kyle.

    If Paul had had any fire powers, smoke would have been fuming from his ears 😉

    I still wonder if Spooky has been -or close to being in a situation with Sircea where he could have been the one asked what he was thinking. There can more than one thing in his little smile.

    Kyle. Kyle, kyle, Kyle. Doing what we so commonly do after being in a situation where we got hurt bad – wonder what yourself did wrong and what you should have done instead. Self blame is more persistent than others blaming you, and it can be the most dfficult to look past because t’s your own inner voice speaking.
    He’s traumatized, and it’s no wonder, but I hope Paul (and Spooky) is about to give him that huge hug if he need it, and then they can try to move on and find out what to do next.
    Telling your best friends you screwed up is hard, because you have to face those you care about a lot, but sadly this is probably the ‘easy part’ this time. A lot of hard times and situations is coming 🙁

    … the first might be right outside the door.

    • I’m going to ignore Danish’s scary future allusions (and the erie music I hear in the background) and follow her past advice of sticking with a laughing Kyle for now.


      I want to really agree with that second to last paragraph. So often the worst and most potent angers, sorrows and frustrations are the things we direct at ourselves, when WE feel WE are at fault.

      I can help friends sort their problems out, easy peasy. I can forgive OTHERS all kinds of things. I rarely stay angry for more than a solid minute. My mood is like the weather in Hawaii… don’t like it? Wait ten minutes.

      BUT… when I’m upset with myself and I fear that I’ve created the problem, or that I’m the one who did the stupid thing, then I’m at my worst and bad behavior ensues. So, I guess I’m just agreeing that when WE are the ones WE’RE mad at, it’s much worse.

      Thus I understand it taking a page or three for Kyle to work through:

      1) feeling badly fooled and used by Duncan,

      2) being gay (he doesn’t know yet, that that is not a fault to be fixed. That just takes time),

      3) being mad about being used by his sex drive (I personally know nothing about that problem),

      4) doing something he knew was wrong in not telling his friends – real foolishness,

      5) being the son of a demon. I have a number of friends with Demon fathers… they would sympathize.

      Quite a list to work out. He’ll get there though… especially with the posse there.

      (Remember WE’RE IN TYP TIME — not our time.)

      Danish is so right, self blame is the worst and I truly believe that —Anger is just fear with another coat on.

      Kyle makes a lot of sense to me right now.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Ok, Kyle needs an order of comforting hugs, stat!

  • Bryan Axson

    Is it bad I just want to jump right in there to kiss and hug Kyle and comfort him so much!!!

    • Steven K.

      Certainly not I’d say – especially since I feel EXACTLY the same way.

  • Randy Patton

    There is a lot of blame to go around. It isn’t all just Kyle’s. Kyle can be forgiven for his actions, because he was trying to do what his heart told him was right: his brain disengaged at that point like it does with so many of us. (There are times when I want love so badly that I think that I would do just about anything to have that “just one minute of Real Love” that Michael MacDonald talks about.) Duncan knew what the truth was from the beginning, and placed Kyle in a terrible situation based on lies. There is no forgiveness for Duncan.

    I hope that Alex has some kind of relationship in mind for Kyle at some point. It would be a shame for him to grow old and not know love during the summer of his life.

    • xLizardx

      Absolutely, and let’s not forget how very young he is – and how much older, more experienced, and generally far more practised at being utterly manipulative Duncan is. Kyle has zero romantic experience, barely any life experience, is naive, eager to please, and has had a troubled background in which he has been unable to experience much affection, romantic or otherwise. I don’t think he can be blamed for his actions, as Duncan has spent decades acquiring the skills to charm, persuade and bully people into doing what he wants – and, from the sound of it, years also dedicated to doing just that specifically to Kyle. If their interactions had been a physical contest, then it would have been a drastically unfair fight to begin with.

      • Steven K.

        Thanks for this comment. I agree wholeheartedly.

      • Great comment. Thank you for pointing out these vast differences.

    • Steven K.

      Great comment. As someone who is almost at the half-century mark, and has never been fortunate enough to ever get to love someone in a romantic way and have that person feel the same or feel that for me in return, it is indeed a tragedy and I wouldn’t want most people to have to know the loneliness that I’ve endured over all these years. Maybe that’s one reason why I can empathize with Kyle’s motivations.

      • Randy Patton

        I am past the half-century mark, and I have never had love. I guess that it is more common than I thought. I try not to be bitter, but on some days, it is hard. Thanks for your post.

        • Steven K.

          Thank you as well – I feel you for sure – know what you mean. I don’t know why it’s never happened – I don’t think it’s been all me – just that the people I’ve fallen for have not felt the same way or have been partnered already, and the few that have felt that way toward me have been totally not my type that I felt an affinity for – couple that with a busy, stressful life, an elderly parent to take care of and being on dialysis due to a genetic kidney issue while still trying to work full time, and that just adds to the difficulty – sometimes it’s not easy. We just have to keep hoping. Best of luck to you!

          • Denise Cruz

            Welcome to the club, friends! Although, I’d rather you weren’t part of it. (In this particular case, the fewer people the better!). But, it seems that, sometimes, things just don’t happen as everybody thinks they should… Doesn’t help much trying to figure out why… It’s just the way it is… Best of luck, for both of you! 🙂

          • Randy Patton

            You are absolutely correct: “sometimes things just don’t happen as everybody thinks they should.” I have returned to school to start life over again, because I think that I have “done it wrong” the first time. I am taking full responsibility for the fact that things have not gone well, and have about 20-25 years to turn things around to some degree. Maybe having friends, family and loved ones will be in the cards this time. All a person can do is try. (Like our friend, Kyle. Alex has constructed a wonderful character here and has given us insight into what makes him tick.)

          • Denise Cruz

            Hi, there! 🙂

            The good thing about ‘having done things wrong’, at some moment, is that never is too late to make them right, again… ^v^

            You decided to take full responsability over that. That’s a wonderful way to start improving everything! And a prove of great courage of yours. Pretty nice!

            I’m sure you’re going to get better outcomes than you ever tought you would.

            We try. We have to.

            As you said, that’s the best we can do. It’s never a loss if you try with your heart, isn’t true?! 😉

            About Kyle: Yeap! I don’t know how he got there, where did all of it come from… but, Alex has created amazing characters here!

            Kyle, certainly is surprisingly deep, for a 18th boy… So young!! It makes the story even better! Makes us go deeper inside of ourselves, too! Such a pretty great work!

  • Mary Kelleher

    Ah no. If a guy invites you over for sex, and he doesn’t tell you he means donkey punch, NOT YOUR FAULT. Then again, if he’s got a track record, it’s a slightly dumber decision.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I’m so glad that Kyle has such wonderful friends. I definitely agree with @chrisdangerfield:disqus and @twilightdreamer:disqus that Spooky and Paul make a fantastic team for helping Kyle – their individual reactions are both great and complement each other perfectly. Having that support is going to make such a huge difference for Kyle.

    I also love how much we’re learning about the characters through their reactions. I already loved Paul, but even if I didn’t he would have won me over on this page. Yes, he’s upset with Kyle, but what he’s the most angry about is *somebody hurting his friend.*

    • poppyroc

      This is exactly what I was thinking too! At first I was kind of put off by Paul’s reaction, but then I realized that Paul is acting out of frustration from not being able to protect his friend. Then there’s Spooky who manages to use a bit of humour to gently show Kyle that not all is lost. A good duo – like you said, they complement each other perfectly! I’m also enjoying seeing their characters revealed this way. How a person responds to a crisis and a friend in need reveals so much about them!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        It’s funny, because I kind of think that my own reaction to something like this would be a mixture of Paul and Spooky. I could see myself going “Sure, yeah, whatever” about learning that my friend was gay and part demon, but I’d be ready to murder anybody who had hurt them. (I guess that puts me a little closer to Paul than Spooky, since I probably wouldn’t be confident enough to joke about it immediately. But who knows?)

        • poppyroc

          Lol I think I’m somewhat the same. I’d be accepting of who Kyle is, but completely in an uproar over what happened. And unlike Spooky, I don’t have a natural talent for breaking up tension with humour. That said, Spooky is very quietly reassuring, and I think that I’m pretty good at that. It’s a good thing that Kyle’s got the both of them!

  • poppyroc

    Aw, these feels. 🙁 Poor Kyle. Just because you consented to a date and sex and trusted someone, doesn’t mean you’re not a victim!

    • Steven K.

      Very true!

  • EyeDontNo

    @DanishWolf will be right there to catch the virgins you sacrifice.

  • Finooola

    Hahaha, a fun date! That was such a cute line.

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    Fluke is obviously the big brother of the team. He is also extremely pissed at Anni and wants to rip some balls off(preferably the ones belonging to a certain villain who crushed poor Kyle’s heart). I can’t wait for that battle.

    • Frater Gymnos

      Actually, fluke is younger, I believe. but he does seem to be well into that protective mode. Funny that the title is “The young Protectors.” Protection is what they do. and they may be feeling angry also that they failed to protect Kyle – at least in this instance.

      • Steven K.

        Good point.

  • Kalynn Osburn


    *emotionally can’t handle this right now*


  • Denise Cruz

    NO! Please, don’t cry, sweetie! Oh, please, don’t cry… that wasn’t your fault… It was HIS fault, for being a huge dumb-ass!! Don’t cry!.. *Hugs *

    Fluke is being adorable! Big-brother! <3

    • Nicolas Boisselle

      Yeah, but he’s a baby.

      • Denise Cruz

        Who are you talking about?!
        I’m not sure… Kyle, Mitch, Paul or our favorite dumb-ass, Duncan?! XD

    • Steven K.

      Same feelings here!

      • Denise Cruz

        I’m such a crying baby when seeing such a situation…

        • Steven K.

          Don’t worry or feel bad about that, Denise – a lot of us (even some of us guys – who stereotypically aren’t supposed to get so emotional) are right there along with you.

          • Denise Cruz

            😀 TY, Steven!! (I still think YOU should get Kyle…)

          • Steven K.

            Aww – thanks Denise – always such a sweetie. Of course it would be the best thing that has ever happened to me if I could find a lad like that – even the non-super-powered variety – safer that way 😉

          • Denise Cruz

            Well… I think HE would be the lucky one! 🙂

    • Klaus

      Try reading the lateast pages and pretend you are Mitch. You can hear everything with you “ears of an owl” ability, but you don’t know the background. How much can you figure out. “Son of Satan”. WHAT? Date with the Annihilator. WHAT? He must be even more curious by now.

      • Denise Cruz

        Exactly my point!
        How much more can that kid bear untill he crosses that door, desperate to see his friend?
        He’s hearing BAD things for a while, now and he already got there pretty worried.

  • Anna Calloway

    Oh the detail of the art sometimes get’s to me. The emotionalism is just caught so well in this page. The anger, the guilt….It all just ties together so well.

  • Frater Gymnos

    Awwww! wow. Great page.

  • Frater Gymnos

    That panel with the tear is my second favorite panel since this whole rigamarole began.

    • What’s your first?

      • Frater Gymnos

        Chapter 1, page 41 of course! (I can’t seem to attach it here…)

      • Frater Gymnos

        Chapter 1, p.41!

        • Such a good image!

          I feel the same way about the series where Kyle first shows off his chops. The fire is amazing. Also in chapter 1, it starts with the last two panels of Page 5, all of Page 6, and the first three panels of Page 7.

          Kyle just looks so fricking cool.

          • You know, each time I see him first calling the flames, I try to figure out if the flames are saying something.

          • Hi Admiral,

            I know. Adam and Veronica do something that gives the flames a character of their own. It’s absolutely awesome. The shapes are animalistic and then of course in the bed scene you’re getting mystic shapes in flame. Whatever, they always have that sense that you’re about to recognize something in them.

            I think that’s why we all got into phoenix, djinn, efrit, devil, angel ideas so long ago (HA… well it seems long ago now). I think it’s because his power seems to embody something primordial.

            I’ve always liked the feeling in the pages above that he’s sucking all the flames in, as if they all belong to him.

            HA. Romantic images. Fun stuff.

          • Very very true. 😀

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Tears,I can’t stand tears….Kyle needs to pull it together and go out there and find this guy and burn him for what he did….but then what “price” will Duncan pay for his new body art?

  • Katie Chambers

    No!! Dont cry Kyle! *starts hugging computer*

  • fujoshifanatic

    Awww, what Paul and Kyle need right now is a good group hug and an awesome Spookyism to get out all the feelings they are both having right now and leave them in the warehouse where they belong. It’s good to see Paul so passionate about dealing with the person that hurt his friend, but he needs to keep a level head to deal with the bigger (redder, and demonic) problem at hand.

  • John

    Oh dear. Kyle is trying to own the wrong bit of the problem

    Kyle, darling, please listen. Getting seduced isn’t a ‘problem’ you ‘own up to’. Being manipulated isn’t one either. Nor is being betrayed. Agreeing to a date? Yeah, thats fine. Agreeing to a birthday dinner & date? Thats fine too.

    Not discussing it with your friends first? That was a choice you made and YES you have to live, and deal, with the consquences thereof

    But, again, being manipulated? NOT YOUR FAULT.

    • Marie Laurent

      And he agreed to fuckin’ and stuff, and that he trusted Anni, he didn’t agree (and wouldn’t have) to going to Lampros-land

      • vessto

        Imho his friends thought he had been manipulated from Anni to go to bed, that is what is the conversation about.

        • SofiaT

          I believe this conversation is about Kyle’s guilt and the weight he carries on his shoulders atm. He feels guilty for enabling Duncan to make a deal with Laampros and bring the end of the world as we know it.

          Kyle feels foolish and angry and ashamed for allowing Duncan to trick him like that, but the guilt part I’d say is all about the impending demonic invasion and enslaving of human kind.

          • I agree.

            EDIT: I believe I go completely off topic at this point… so… erm… Sorry?

            Poor kid. He doesn’t even know what Duncan and Sircea know about his background and the power it gives him. I keep hoping Spooky knows something.

            Like why, for example, was Kyle able to burn Duncan in Laapros-land? Did the spell itself up his mojo? Or, was he just so angry and furious at being paralyzed and what Duncan was using him to do, that the anger took his power up a notch?

            Eitherway, he still doesn’t know much… nor do we.

            Oh Alex, could we have a word with you about moving Wednesday up this week? Thanks.

    • Steven K.


    • notfromvenus

      Yeah. It was a dumb move to agree to sleep with a bad guy, yeah… but that was all he agreed to. He was tricked, and everything else that happened was not at all his fault. Hopefully his friends can help him accept that.

    • Sarah314159

      Yeah… He agreed to a romantic sexual encounter with a man who
      professed to care about him. He sure didn’t agree to “this.” Fluke seems to understand that even if Kyle doesn’t, and may be able to help Kyle realize it.

      One really sad thing about being in the closet is losing out on the reality checks your friends might give you. It’s probably tearing Fluke up a bit that he never had the chance to say, “hey buddy, I don’t think you can trust that guy…” before it was too late. Most of us need to hear that sort of thing from the outside now and then when we get swept away by hormones.

  • vessto

    Now I wonder how his friends will react. Admitting everything happened with his will. I’m sure they won’t stop supporting him.

    Great cards, I wish I could buy. As I always state I’m hard fan of Kyle/Anni HEA my most fav card choice won’t be a surprise – Park Kiss is simply brilliant. ♥♥

    • Thank you, vessto. I’m glad you like that! 🙂

      • vessto

        That’s the way I dream to see them at the end. Even with some additional thing, like here:

        I hope it is not against the rules I edited the pic, pls, tell me if I must delete it or to add a disclaimer on it.

        • Hi vessto, yeah that at the very least needs a disclaimer on it, giving credit to Alex, Adam and Veronica.

          There’s a section in the FAQ that shows all the proper crediting for such things.

          • vessto

            Thank you, I copied and pasted the credits for fan-art. Link above changed to the edited pic.

          • vessto

            I saw in FanArt someone made a collage using original page, so it is possible I to suggest my collage as fanart too? I may add some text on the image too.

          • You can always suggest, but Alex usually prefers displaying original (drawn by the fan) fan art. 🙂

          • vessto

            I looked and I saw one and that is why I asked.
            I’d love to make a fanart but my rl is too hard lately.:/

          • It’s always good to ask. 🙂 That’s also why I said preferred.

            Sorry to hear that life’s been hard lately. I’ll hope for better times for you! Has anything been good?

      • Amanda

        Not gonna lie! I love the cards!! But I wish I saw my favorite page in the, 19 of the prologue is my ultimate, its just beautiful.

        • Thank you!

          And I was actually thinking about adding a card with that image, but I wanted to see how the cards in general did first…

    • notfromvenus

      I’m sure they already know that he agreed to sleep with the guy – but he didn’t say yes to being used in an evil ritual to end the world. That part happened against his will. Hopefully his friends can make him see that!

      • vessto

        I still think they discuss the date and bed going.

  • EyeDontNo

    Friends… So much cheaper than a shrink. (And there when you need them, not during ‘Office Hours’.)

  • SofiaT

    “Let’s be bad together”.
    Hehe. Looks like I found the card for me. XD

    • 😀

    • HA! As if there was ever any doubt!

      THAT is why THIS avatar is so right for you!!

      Both the other ones had a nice gentle beauty, but this one just screams… SOFIAT!

      I say Yayyyyy!

    • Denise Cruz

      I just loved this comment of yours! XD L.O.V.E.D !!!

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      • SofiaT

        You mean super and heroic, with a commanding presence but somehow humble as well?

        Yes, that’s me. I’m smart, beautiful, funny and kind but my greatest virtue of all is modesty. 😛

        • Plus the super secret ability to wake on page day and make another page appear!! 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Which seems to be inactive again today because I woke up an hour ago and still no new page… it’s weird, this superpower only works twice a week.

            I wonder why.

          • Ummmm… Maybe it’s like Fluke’s powers. You have to wake up a few times to make the ability appear?

        • *chris manages to stop uncontrollable coughing from laughing too hard, before his husband decides he needs to go to the emergency room, thus all is well*

          • SofiaT


            I live to entertain. 😀

        • silibub

          Just so! (Thanks for the giggle fit!)

  • Shinashi

    I think there are some serious golden friendships here.

  • Knot

    okay…. for some reason now…. for every other week…. I have NOT been getting your e-mail your UPDATES on TYP’s..I had to go to an earlier version (like last week to get the updates on the story).PLEASE try and figure out WHY. I Like & ENJOY reading the story and plot lines of it. Thank You

    • SofiaT

      Hi Knot, that would be the FeedBlitz service, the third party that manages the notifications for those who’ve subscribed for the updates. We seem to be having problem with their email notifications now and then, and Alex has contacted them repeatedly. So it’s not up to him I’m afraid, although he is as vexed as the rest of us.

      The best you can do is email them directly (, because the more of us that raise the issue and the more information we give them, the better and faster they’ll be able to fix the problem.

      In the meantime, just keep in mind that we have bi-weekly updates: the regular Saturday updates and the bonus pages on Wed/days, when the donation bar is tipped over (something that has become a regular event for the past 6 months or so, with no signs of stopping!).

      Alex makes a point to always update on time and according to schedule -we even had bonus page updates on Christmas and New Year’s Day. So if you show up on these days, you won’t miss another page!

      I hope this helps 🙂

    • I had exactly the same problem. Just one suggestion… I had to change email addresses for a moment a while ago and then could change them back. I don’t know for sure, but I think Alex’ world-wide masterminded web of comic intrigue is all connected via email addresses.

      For example, if you are a member of the Yaoi911 site and want that very sexy avatar to show up, you have to go to Gravatar. That requires that the same email address you sign up with on Gravatar is used on Yaoi911. I think the email updates are similar with Feedblitz. Yaoi911 member email must be the same as the one you used the first time you subscribed.

      Did I just confuse us both?

      I tried to re-subscribe and it wouldn’t let me. The minute I remembered and switched my, now working, email address back, I got my updates as normal.

      Maybe? *fingers crossed*. Good luck.

      • vessto

        Nah, since Gravatar united with WordPress I lost the avatars in a half of my emails.Y__Y

    • Yep. What Sofia said. 🙂

      You can reach out to them at

      There’s one other thing you might try. For folks who have had trouble with their RSS feeds, it seems that deleting and re-entering the feed info fixes the problem. You could try re-entering your email address:

      But reaching out to Feedblitz will likely be the best option. Hopefully they will fix this. 🙂

      • Just a little more hooey to try. If you go to and sign up or in (using the same email address that you subscribed on Yaoi911 with) you can view your subscriptions and there are a number of controls, including diagnostics.

        Maybe this is more info than you want, but I checked, and my YAOI911 WEBCOMICS subscription shows up just fine in their list.

        Just another option. 🙂

  • LimpBiskit

    I vote that Spooks will dispel the rage with a joke. Mostly because he’s Spooky, but also because he seems to know that overcharged emotion isn’t the way to go right now, aside from the bits that reaffirmed everyone’s general bro-ness.

    • Klaus

      He looks like he thinks that Fluke is handling this well. No reason interfere.

  • Sethy

    Aww Kyle don’t cry…
    I’m sure other people have accidentally started the end of the world too…
    There there.. /pats

    • HA!

    • Denise Cruz

      That sounded sooo ‘Spooky like’… lol

      • Sethy

        haha with a “S’kay bro! We’ll get through this!” for good measure

  • Melissa Lyn

    Nooo Kyle you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t cry.

    • Nasro Subari

      Maybe it’s also frustration that Fluke doubts Kyle’s ability to handle his own (sex) life…

  • Ayella

    “..even stupider than you thinking a guy called annihilator would be a fun date!”
    I love Fluke so much right now.
    (And you too, Alex, for putting those words in his mouth. You are such an excellent dialogue writer!)


    I don’t know, I do feel like a guy called the Annihilator would be a fun date.

    • HA! And with that comment I think your fun screen name is fully and thoroughly explained. LOL……… now if you’d be so kind as to share how you feel about Giant Floating Eyeballs?

      • Amanda

        George isn’t about the party. He’s the responsible one. He’s the designated driver of the Highway to Hell.

      • Denise Cruz

        XDD Oh, @chrisdangerfield:disqus… sometimes I do love you! XDD

        • Only sometimes?? 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            XDD Good point, AJ! Thanks! XD
            I meant: Sometimes I love him even more!
            Better now?! 😉

  • Lady Bloodraven

    oh god he’s crying….my heart hurts…..

    • Klaus

      Let him. He will feel better afterwards.

  • Amber Rose

    Oh, Kyle. You are too young and inexperienced to understand the ways in which the experienced and manipulative can force you to do things while making you believe you had choice. And as a supervillain, and an older one, Anni knew all the right buttons and switches to turn you into a puppet.
    Poor kid.

    • Jackal

      You know what? This is totally a job for Superman. He can just pop over from his own universe, soothe Kyle and take care of that pesky virginity for him, and get back in time to deal with Zod. Or whoever. I’m sure Lois would be okay with it if she got pictures.

      (Tho Kyle’s looks might make things a bit awkward for Jimmy Olsen. XD)

  • Amanda

    “He just had this absolutely amazing ass! I couldn’t say no to it, it was hypnotic…..and did I mention his abs? Damn, dat ass and everything!!”

  • Sai

    I really like Fluke’s expression in panel 4. That’s a look that says “I’m so conflicted and going through so many emotions right now but I know I JUST WANNA PUNCH THAT GUY.”

  • Steel_Man

    And THIS is why I’m still on board!! Just when I think Kyle’s going to be a complete baby – he mans up and takes responsibility for his actions! Way to GO, Alex!!! Thank you for this!!!! It’s realistic and doesn’t detract from the character!

  • LES

    OH MY GOD! I just discovered this comic and I am DYING to know what happens next! How do you guys manage to wait for three days for each

    • Welcome LES!
      It’s not easy surviving the days in between pages. I’m certain there are days we’re all certain that we won’t survive another minute.

      @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus You should try sleeping again!!

      • LES

        So I just discovered that Artifice exists but I don’t know if I should read it all right now or instead to read one page per day to make the days between pages of The Young Protectors easier.

        • I…I don’t know if such a thing is possible. It would take a feat of super human willpower that I don’t think any of us have. 🙂

          (Oh! Just a quick FYI. If you verify your email with Discus, your posts will just pop up, otherwise they get stuck in moderation.)

          • LES

            I kinda just read about half of the comic so I think we can all agree I have absolutely no self control.

          • You’re not alone! Alex writes a very compelling story. I think that’s actually understating it a bit! 🙂

        • *snigger* I love that he’s so sweet and innocent that he thinks that possible with an “Alex” comic.

          Good luck my friend.

          • LES

            Apparently it is not possible because I kinda read all of it within twenty minutes after posting that comment.

          • SofiaT

            I remember being told at school that it takes smoking 3 cigarettes before you become addicted to nicotine (I don’t know if that’s true or they were just trying to scare us).

            It takes only reading one of Alex’s comics to become addicted to all of them. So I’d warn you, but it’s already too late for you. WELCOME TO THE A.A. (Anonymous Alexoholics)!

          • Welcome. You are clearly one of us! 🙂

      • Naps. Lots of short naps with frequent wakeups… we’ll figure this puzzle out yet.

    • Welcome to the comic, the comments and your new addiction 😉

      It sure is great that just about always, we get two pages a week. The few weeks where it doesn’t happen feels horrible! I’ve been a reader since early Artifice, so know the feeling.

      Btw.. really like your avatar.

      • LES

        Thanks! He is Tsumugu Kinagase from a series called Kill La Kill. I think I will like it here.

        • Well, you have come to one of the best, most friendly and talking comments sections I have ever seen online – and that along with a great comic.
          We also ‘camp’ for a new page, meaning we hang out here in the hours before/after the page.

    • Welcome LES…

      There is no hope for you now, Just accept that fact that you’re a lost soul to the vicious all-consuming black hole that is the suspense of THE YOUNG PROTECTORS… this comments group is also pretty damn fun. So…………..

      Welcome! And Enjoy!

      • LES

        I’m probably not getting it back anytime before the comic ends right…

        • I’d like to be kind to you and bring you comfort but… erm…


          However, our lovely moderator, the Admiral Jane, makes an excellent muffin which she will lob in the general direction of your head if you get out of hand. While our other lovely moderator, SofiaT, will engage you (blades at dawn) on the finer points of super hero lore. They are on opposite sides of the earth so my satellite detectors very rarely find times when both are absent… (oh damn… where’s the edit on this thing?) Oh, anyway…

          Alex seems to know everything, but refuses to fess up and just hides in his underground lair making greeting cards and coasters and TYP tea cozies, so we can’t find him to drug him up to get plot secrets, WAIT… that came out wrong… I meant to say so we can’t find him to deliver last years holiday fruit basket. Yeah… that’s it.

          *side eyes*

          Many others on this fine group have excellent theories about why things are, *rubs hands together a la Mr. Burns* as they seem to be. So please feel free to join in the debate. You can also go back in time if you wish and see some quite excellent debates on what species Kyle’s mother might be. Always a lark.

          And on the bright side the comic should be done in just a very few decades. So, ho hum…

          The important thing to remember is that you can truuuuuuuuuust meeeeeeee I would never mislead or obfuscate intentionally.

          And on that cheery note. Again, welcome and, should I look up “Tsumugu Kinagase from a series called Kill La Kill?” The avatar alone is great and the title is unpredictably awesome.


          • SofiaT

            “…They are on opposite sides of the earth so my satellite detectors very
            rarely find times when both are absent… (oh damn… where’s the edit
            on this thing?) Oh, anyway…”

            *Sofia points at Christopher, then her eyes, then Christopher again*

          • Denise Cruz

            ‘Sofia points at Christopher, then her eyes, then Christopher again.’ XD
            That’s it! Nice work, Sofia!! XD
            Keep him awake! XD

          • Now you! You just hush you! 😀

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            Keep saying no senses and I’ll send you to ‘Temíscera’… (pops whip vigorously).

          • When did our sweet little innocent Denise become so Toppy? Okay who is to blame for this?

          • You’re the one who gave her a whip.

          • Really? Was I drunk or something?

          • It’s always possible. Or you just thought it a good idea at the time when you turned her into Wonder Woman. Or was it WW’s sister?

            So basically I’m saying it’s all your fault. 😀

          • You are seriously DOWN-VOTED sister!

            YEAH I DID IT!!!

            Why is everything around here MY fault?

            Denise is a sweetheart, and I think she’s on another continent than I am. So I refuse to be responsible for her becoming a whip wielding, invisible plane flying, Amazon sister to a well known super heroine who is dressed in exactly the fashion and with exactly the bra size that is likely to get SofiaT’s knicker in a knot!

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            Okay? Someone? It’s your turn to step up to the plate! Our little Denise used to have a sweetheart of an avatar and now she’s looking a little serious.

            Don’t look at me… Who is responsible for this?

          • You DOWN-VOTED ME? You DOWN-VOTED ME? ME?

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          • Yes, but laughter is the best medicine? Right, Nurse Sapfo?

          • Sapfo

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          • You should feel better in NO TIME then!!

          • Sapfo

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          • Indeed! Sorry about the mess on the keyboard. 🙂

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            You kids are having a good time?

          • 😀 Oh yes!!

            Or was that a rhetorical question?

          • SofiaT

            It was a “I’m shaking my head at your antics” question. 😛

          • HA! He started it. 😛

          • Did you just UP-VOTE yourself? The nerve of some people!!

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          • You’re right. PEACE.

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            NEVER MIND…

          • Yeah, we don’t need the marshmallow man walking down the street. That’s just such a mess.

          • …..That is THE Stay Puff Marshmallow Man to you ;-P

          • Marshy? Nah, we’re like this *holds up crossed fingers*

          • Obviously not that close or you would know that he and I are in a serious relationship. ^_^

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          • Yeah, when we invite Vinz and Zuul, Gozer always party crashes, so we figured that since Gozer was going to show up anyway, we should just invite it to begin with

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          • What? For you new readers, I have no idea what she means? ………. no really.

          • LOL.. that’s the best reply ever.

            We know Superwoman Sofia will use her heat vision to heat up Chris’s rear end if she find it necessary.

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            I think I got the head part from my fever brain that remembered an old ep of Face-off Zombie.

          • Denise Cruz

            XDDD Even better! XDD (she’s going to kill me for this! XDD)

          • Sweetie you can not crochet our Sofia as Resident Evil’s Mila Jovovich… sure Mila is teh awesomes but no… Sofia is NOT a zombie hunter. Even with crochet.

            Love your creativity though.

          • I’m the one that’s supposed to be holding the severed head I think. o.O

          • Sapfo

            What do you mean I can not? How? I think you try to trick me into doing this. But I can not let myself be fooled.
            No, I will make crocheted versions of our mods! Challenge accepted!

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          • As long as I get a cape, my vote is yes!!

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          • It’s doesn’t need to be huge. I’m sure that even a small one will have Time Lord Technology woven into it. 😀

          • You know? That comment sounds so much more porny that you might have thought…. Huge? Maybe, depends on the timeframe…

          • A willy with Time Lord Technology? Hahahahaha!

            And just because I must go and fix it just on the off chance that Mr. Black sees it.

          • SofiaT

            If someone makes a drawing of me, please make sure you capture my good side. That’s the left, in case you were wondering. Thank you. 😛

          • Sapfo

            We will.
            Now how can I make crocheted version of Sofia…..o.O

          • SofiaT


          • OMG… a Sofia tea-cozy. Fab.

          • That “good” side is facing the wall. A little rotation please. Just askin’ 🙂

          • But I’m in a cape!! Don’t forget my cape!!

          • Very important! That is a cape… NOT red boobs.

            Our AJ is awesome!

          • *trumpets* Da dada DAHHHHH!!!!!!

    • SofiaT

      Lots and lots of chocolate.
      And endless theorizing. It helps.

      • I’m amused. Scrolling down, scanning comments, and just as I reached yours I was putting a piece of chocolate in my mouth 🙂

      • LES

        I already feel like i’m at home.

    • Welcome, LES! Glad you found us! 🙂

      • LES

        Thanks for making such awesome comics!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Hi LES. Welcome to one of the best communities you will ever have the privilege to stumble into! There are a lot of awesome ppl here and Alex, our glorious leader, tends to grace us with his presence quite often. 🙂
      Feel free to find a nice camping spot while we ply you with muffins, various baked goods, and green tea.


      Hahaha, I just changed my Avatar and then decided to check out my webcomics.
      Hello, fellow Kill La Kill fan!

  • Kelly Johnson

    oh god now hes gonna cry.

  • Klaus

    To those who keeop donating week after week to keep the bonus pages coming: thank you.

  • Klaus

    “Wish you were here” is my favorite card. If only I had someone to send it to. “Sorry for beeing out of touch” is also great.

    • The Kyle “Wish you were here” card was the one that gave me the idea to do the cards in the first place. As soon as I got the final art for that page from Vero, I just knew I had to create a card with that note for that panel.

      And from there, I started to think about what other cards I could come up with.

      Glad you like them! 🙂

  • I think I’m the last to say, but I love the cards. I’ve been trying to figure out if buying a card or five was in my budget at this time. How does anyone choose!? There’s the Unzipped card and the Car drop and the YP battle scene and…

    • SofiaT

      I already know what’s going to be in my order -I just have to wait for the Vol 1 book to become available so I can order everything together.

      Is it summer yet?

      • Klaus

        In some places it is, and in some it is not.

      • Oooh! Yes, and that way I could also save up and make certain it’s all in my budget. 🙂 Granted I don’t have the shipping problem, but it’s a good goal to save up for!

    • I’m really glad to hear you like them! 🙂

      (And it also makes me happy to hear that different cards are speaking to different folks.)

      • I have to say that making the ‘Fire bed’ card was sorta ‘daring’ ..
        I mean, we all know it’s the moment Kyle’s life well all to hell, even though it felt good getting there xD

        That sure is an ‘About last night’ card if any is it *lol*

        • AlexHumor at work there, I’m afraid. 😉

        • silibub

          I’m still intermittently cracking up over that card.

      • Oh yes, I want at least half of them. 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Laptop near bed, almost asleep, going up and down the comments.
    Atleast I am not alone when I´m sick.

    • You are definitely not alone. Feel better soon! 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Thank you Alex!
        This is a good place to be, and I can not get you sick when I´m here 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I hope you feel better soon, Sapfo!

      • Sapfo

        Thank you Sticky!

  • Just read a little of the first pages of the comic. The art was great already back then, but comparing it with now… wow ..what a developement.

    Love watching the progress as an arists become more familiar with characters, style – drawing, inking and coloring.

    I remember how in awe we were about the last panel of Chap 1, page 6
    (Alex, I still hope we get a card, print or something of that one, or something alike it) – an awesome panel, but honestly.. looking at Veronica’s way to color/create fire now, and the coloring has risen to a whole new level

    The first panel is one of my favorite panels of Kyle in the whole comic, and looking at it and going back to the first pages really shows the difference in how familiar Adam has gotten with him. Adam has truly found his drawing technique now.

    Alex, you are a lucky man with the pick of these two amazing artists.

    • Denise Cruz

      No way I could contradict you on this one!
      My favorite panels of the entire comic are panels 2 and 3 – page 29- chapter 2.
      Those flames are kind of imprinted in my mind. I remember to keep looking at them for days… such an amazing work!

    • Indeed, I am! I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with them! 🙂 (And yes, it is interesting to look at the development in the art from the Prologue until now—definitely things just keep getting better and better, and that was starting from a pretty high watermark. 🙂 It’s a real pleasure to keep being astonished by new pages of art, almost two years after launching this comic!)

      And I do believe that the art from the lat panel of Chap 1 page 6 is on one of the free art cards I hand out at Cons… 🙂 But I’ll think about creating a print like it. I was actually thinking of something like that for Kyle’s ORIGIN trading card…

      • Something like the panel would be great for an Origin card 😀

        *Pout* I wish I could go to a con where you and either Em+ CC and/or Hamlet could be there too. Maybe one day I’ll make it to US for a trip where that is possible.

        • If you’re wanting to come to a Con where both me and one of the Teahouse/Starfighter creators is at, then I’d think about YaoiCon 2014. I’m betting they’ll be there and it’s my plan to be there too.:)

          • Alex, they opened registration for the Dealer’s Hall. Here’s the link if you didn’t have it already…

          • I didn’t know that. Thanks! Just sent in my payment for a booth. 🙂

          • YAAYYY!

          • I’d love to, but if I can make it it will be for next year in 2015 the earliest. This year it would happen if I won good in the lottery.. or robbed a bank. I don’t want to rob a bank 😉

        • Yes, Danish! Come with me to Yaoi-con and we can meet Alex there together.

          • I sadly know for sure that I won’t be able to make it this year. My finances suck. I’m already fighting to save enough money so I can make my first trip to US in may – meeting some really good friends for the first time.
            (I think I have told you about the extra $13,000 I suddently had to pay off within 3 years, 2½ years to go *sigh*)

            Sapfo and I have talked about it though. We really want to try yaoi-con one day, so maybe we’ll be able to make it in 2015. I know I’m gonna try to make it.. if I can manage in a way that doesn’t involve me robbing a bank xD

          • Well, keep me posted, both of you. I go every year since it takes place near San Francisco.

            Sorry about the sucky finances. I have been there, just a couple years ago when I was laid off, owed a bunch of money in taxes, and couldn’t get a job. It was not fun.

      • Denise Cruz

        Alex… Hi!

        Could you, please, kill a doubt of mine? (It’s more like a curiosity, to be more accurate…)

        How do a writer choose the artists whom he’ll be working with?!

        Is there a list? Or…requests?.. Interviews?.. Maybe by knowing them personaly before?

        It’s merely a curiosity of mine. Once we’ve seen the results of this kind of choice… (It’s fascinating! They work as if they’ve known each other for ages…); how could anyone not being curious?!
        I’m sorry! I couldn’t avoid it. I had to ask about it. 🙂

        • Most of my artists I’ve found by placing ads on trade Web sites looking for artists. I then review the portfolios that are sent to me (and I get hundreds of those because I’m offering payment, which apparently is a rarity). Out of those hundreds, I narrow the list down to about ten who I think are serious contenders and then offer a paid art test based on a page of my script where not only do they create a first pass, but we work on revising it together so I can be sure we work well together. And from that process, usually one artist will be head and shoulders a better fit than any of the others. 🙂

          I talk about that process a little bit in this ancient blog post of mine:

          Hope that helps!

          • Denise Cruz

            It’s really great knowing how did ‘we’ get to these results!
            No doubts you did get the right artists! 😀

            Thanks for your kindness answering my (curious) question!

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    Oh Kyle, baby, you making a stupid mistake doesn’t make you responsible for him using you to doom the WORLD! Not your fault, bubby. Not at all.

    • karmakat

      sorry to say but the way you saying it makes me think “it’s not your fault cheerleader for ending up pregnant.”

      … sorry

      • See that analogy doesn’t work here, because this is a GAY comic… (here sit down and I’ll explain). That’s one of the few really good things about GAY… no one EVER gets unexpectedly preggers. So a big NO on the cheerleader analogy.

        … sorry truth…

        • Steven K.

          You tell ’em, sport!

        • karmakat

          was just using a comon analogy to tell how much “not his fault” wouldn’t be helping in that situation. i know he been fooled but still if he wants to grow up he has to admit his fault too. its like the kid that says ‘i didn’t do it” and never learns.

          plus they will need his powers so he REALLY has to grow up

          • Oh, I know. I’m just teasing. Just remember he’s coming to terms with ALL the things that have happened with Duncan, in just a few TYP minutes, with his buddies. Kyle is doing pretty good. I think he’ll get to where you’re hoping for very soon.

            Admitting fault is one of the hardest things we all have to do, and I think he’s doing a pretty good job overall.

            We’ll see. Great posts. Thanks.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          [enormously mischievous] So… No m-preg revenge-fics where Duncan discovers he’s carry Kyle’s baby after smushing thingies, then?

          • HA! Perhaps not.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, come on! It would be great!
            Don’t you think?! (I do! XD )

      • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

        The way you say that makes me think “You shouldn’t have been wearing that if you didn’t want to get raped, cheerleader.”

        Not sorry at all.

      • IamM

        Disease, pregnancy, and jerks are well known risks of sex. Who stops to wonder if it’s a ploy to summon a demonic invasion? Kyle had no reason to think he was putting anybody but himself at risk. Granted, he should’ve talked to his friends and listened when they said, Really? A supervillian? Maybe you should take this slow.

  • karmakat

    well… mr got a point there for sure …

  • amanda

    aaawwwww!!!!!! poor kyle I would hug him.
    im proud of him he has good supportive friends more supportive then even he thought they were.

  • God dangit! I saw a link with a really naughty song today on twitter and it’s just STUCK in my mind. Good thing is that it’s a parody song made of another tune and I only hum it – can’t sing well enough to hit a tone if I wanted to – so I’m ‘safe’.

    Still, the song is distracting me. I still hear the lyrics in my head.
    In the middle of something I start humming and in my mind the line
    ‘I.. I love you like a big schlong, baby’ sounds over and over again xD

    I have an interview tomorrow for a 13 weeks course. I can’t have naughty tunes playing in my head D:

    • “big schlong, baby…” that’s kind of a regular refrain in my head. I don’t think you should let this worry you. As your TYP physician, I can assure you that this is entirely normal and you have nothing to worry about.

      Good luck today!

      • I’ve put Marilyn Manson’s version of ‘This is Halloween’ on repeat. I’ll show my brain who’s the boss and what songs should be stuck in my mind 😉

        • Sapfo

          I do belive your naughty brain should be sleeping, Danish. You got an intervju and it´s 3.50 in the morning. Have you sleept at all? Do you like big scholngs? 😀

          • I got a good nap earlier. I was just preparing to go sleep again soon. My interview isn’t until noon, so I can still get hours of sleep.

          • Sapfo

            *fingers crossed*

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Good luck, Danish!

          • It went well 🙂 They were oki with accomodating the few things necessary for my uniform + work tasks.
            I got the special permision for footwear and such (have bad feet so can’t wear their mandatory shoes). I start on wednesday.
            Sure beats sitting in a boring classroom for 13 weeks and I get new skills to add to my resume for job searching.

          • So glad it went well!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hooray! Congratulations!!

    • SofiaT

      There’s a stupid tv ad jingle that’s been stuck in my head since yesterday, so I can feel your pain.

    • I was visiting a friend once, and her flatmate remarked that she had a song stuck in her head.

      “I have a cure for that,” I said. “Just listen to something by Tim Minchin!”

      “But,” she protested, “that just means I’d have another song stuck in my head, but with dirtier words in it.”



      • Tim Minchin – If You Really Loved Me
        (keep listening…. pure awesomeness)

        • Alas and alack, I have no audio on this computer. However, I can offer you my compendium of Tim Minchin’s perverted love songs on my blog, if that’s any help.


          • Thanks… it just randomly reminded me how much I love him and I had to share for no reason. 🙂

        • Three things:
          1. Here’s my collection of Tim Minchin’s Perverted Love Songs.

          2. I think I already responded to this, but I can’t now see that response.

          3. I hate Disqus. Specifically, I hate the way it resorts comments and pulls them out of their context when you link to a specific comment.


          • LOL. Actually saw and much appreciated your original Tim comment. I appreciated the links, many I know, but some new ones which are great.

            I actually left you a comment under your Tim Minchin’s THE FENCE post. I just checked, it’s still there on your blog, “awaiting moderation”. I enjoyed many of your posts. Thanks.

          • And now I hate Disqus even more. Seriously. I’ve never seen the point of it.

            Also, I’ve approved your comment. I’ve been to three Tim Minchin concerts, but never had a chance to chat to him. I’m now envious.


          • It was just an intro and a hello where I got to say I was a fan and shook hands. Thats all. But he’s cool.

    • Lulzlullylulz

      Well, if you’d rather have another less naughty song stuck in your head, here’s this one:

      At least if you’re caught humming or singing it, people will assume it is about pirates (which it is, gay pirates that is).

  • Soubi


  • Yukiness

    Why did my internet have to die for so long?!! I missed you guys so much! *hugs all fellow YP fans*

    • Welcome back, Yukiness! 🙂

    • Denise Cruz

      It’s nice to have you back!!

  • Nate

    Awww… Kyle needs a hug.

    Of course, I think everyone needs a hug at times. 🙂

  • KryX

    Brings up an interesting point. If your body gets hot enough to melt steel, do you need a shower? I’m sure any bacteria or “other organic substances” on you would be ash in an instant. Just the Bio-chemist in me.

    • Okay Professor, then what the heck is that hot tight looking super suit he wears made out of?

      I mean, DAMN, hot is HOT!

      I’m feeling the need for some special gloves, condoms and various other accouterment made out of the same materials as his super suit…….. erm…

      Sorry. You just got me thinking.

      • KryX

        It would have to be non-organic, no natural fibers or organic molecules. This leaves out spandex or any of the other polymers we are used to, i.e. nylon. Some sort of silica, quartz, base polymer might do the job and resist the high temperatures.

        • Yep… Kyle is nothing but one who causes high temperatures! I’ll have to ponder this.

          I wonder if certain body parts are hotter than others?

          Cheap questions… I know. 🙂

          • KryX

            It’s all about percentages. Say if a certain body part was 10% warmer, for a jump from say 1000C to 1100C. If you get a bag of water too close, that’s you or me, 100C would hardly be noticeable. We’d be steam either way in about the same instant. I might have to just watch from afar 😉

  • Joya

    Angry Paul, Sad Kyle. Stop making my emotions go all over the place!

  • Mickey Phoenix

    Oh, god, the poor kid. I really, really, really hope that someone explains to him about “rape by fraud” (“rape by deception” in some jurisdictions). He needs to know this wasn’t his fault.

    Kyle? Kiddo? What you consented to was sex with someone who cared about you, for the purpose of mutual pleasure, in a safe space where you could afford to let go without fearing that your powers would somehow hurt the ones you love. What you were subjected to was rape by someone who didn’t care about you, for the purpose of exploiting you, in a way designed to devastate the lives of those you love by the misuse of your powers. Which you never, not in a million years, consented to.

    That wasn’t sex. That was rape. And I’m with Paul — I want to rip his fucking head off.

    This…isn’t just a comic-related rant. I know people in the real world who have said things like, “Well, he said he was going to use a condom, and then he wouldn’t, but I’d said that we could have sex, so it wasn’t rape.” No — you said you could have protected sex, with a condom. That thing that happened to you? That wasn’t what you consented to. That was rape. Whether it’s threats, force, or fraud, if someone does sexual things to you that you didn’t consent to, it’s rape.

    Poor Kyle. I’m counting on his friends here to help him get his thinking straight, and stop blaming himself for what is the Annihilator’s fault.

    • Kalynn Osburn

      In ancient Ireland it was considered a crime to have sex by trickery or coercion. It included things like giving a girl too many drinks, lying about your estate/social standing, giving a false name, marriage promises, and even lying about sexual prowess.

      • SofiaT

        In ancient Greece, one of the worst things someone could do (if not the worst) was to break an oath. The only exception: oaths you had made to convince someone to have sex with you.

        It’s why when Semele had Zeus swear that he loved her and would grant her a wish to prove it, she made sure he swore by the waters of Styx -the only oath that was unbreakable for a God.

        What is considered immoral to the point of being criminal in one culture, is acceptable in another.

        • Kalynn Osburn

          Isn’t that just insane! Oh don’t break an oath that’s a horrid crime! Unless she’s hot. Cause ya know when ya gotta tap that…

          • John

            Not to the Greeks. They set a big store by dominance, especially sexual dominance. To them, it was impossible for two women to have sex. Sex=penetration you see.

            We often like to judge ancient cultures by our own Morals, but consider this; future generations will judge US in turn. Don’t be too harsh.

          • Kalynn Osburn

            It’s kind of horrifying to think that we set such store by ancient Greece. Also can I safely assume that when you say sex=penetration you are referring to the ideal the GREEKS held to be true and not necessarily your own person views?

            And I dearly hope we will be judged by future generations. The entire point is that moral change and (hopefully) become more progressive and helpful to society as a whole. If we don’t take a look at past ethical standards, we won’t see how our culture was influenced and dissect whether or not these morals and ethics still apply.

          • John

            The greeks did wonderful things for science and philosophy, no question. Funny how we conveniently forget the bits we don’t like about them.

            And yes; that was the GREEKS view, not mine. I’m well aware the love doesn’t even need sex, let alone that sex requires penetration.

            You’re right, of course, but I think we’d do better judging the present, not the past.

          • Kalynn Osburn

            The present is tomorrows past.

            AND I just eclipsed my own level of dorkiness!

          • SofiaT

            Yep, pretty much. They were asses. But they were asses according to our modern standards and morality, not their own.

            If you told them about the laws in ancient Ireland, they’d consider those insane. It’s all relative.

            Same thing about what happened to Kyle. Some readers view it as rape, others don’t. That particular subject has been debated at length and I don’t wish to restart it here. My point is, both views are opinions -not a fact.

          • Kalynn Osburn

            I’m not sure I would call what happened to Kyle rape. At least not sexually. The Annihilator did NOT at any point in time lie about who he was, what he had done, his reputation or his sexual prowess. He simply lied about what he actually WANTED Kyle for.

            Kyle entered into the relationship under no pretense of who of what the Annihilator was. He took a risk and it did not pay off. That being said, Kyle was not forced into having sex. He was not forced to go to the warehouse. He was not forced into taking off his cloths. He was tricked. Now that is cruel and shitty and makes me want to hurt the Annihilator something awful. But it’s still not rape.

          • SofiaT

            Completely agree with you.

      • Is that part of the Brehon laws? I really should learn more about them.


        • Kalynn Osburn

          YES!!!! *cheers for someone who actually fucking knows the word Brehon*

          • Heh. I’ve lived in Ireland all my life. I didn’t study history, but I couldn’t get through an Irish education without knowing something about the Brehon laws.

            Not very much, admittedly, but something.


          • Kalynn Osburn

            I think it’s wonderful that this would be a part of education in Ireland at all. Most of what we get here are second hand sources or internet sites which are shaky at best. I would dearly love it if you have any good books to suggest.

          • Sorry. Really can’t think of anything.

    • Agree, but I do find a massive hole (like what Duncan will have) in your reasoning: the beheading has to wait until the pitchfork-impaling-through-the-crotch. Just a small academic quibble…

    • Steven K.

      Love your post. M.P. Brilliant summation of the situation that happened. I agree with you totally. Thanks for this forthright but true comment.

  • Tanayah Thornhill

    Kyles crying…i’m gonna cry…oh god *sobs*

  • Simba

    Am I here too early for camping? I missed it last time…

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      about 8-10 hours or so…

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Allow me to begin the camping by throwing out an observation about the design of this page: not the art per se, but about the layout of the word balloons.

    In the first and fifth panels, where Kyle is all trying-to-be-brave he’s in the middle of a large panel, and although the size of the text is the same size as everybody else’s there’s a subtle implication from this placement that both Kyle and his words are isolated and alone. (Compare this with page 12 panel 1, where Kyle says, ‘Spooks’ and the tail of the word balloon is all wobbly, a fairly blatant indication that Kyle’s voice is trembling. No wonder Paul is having trouble looking Kyle in the face in that panel.)

    Then from panel two the layout is a far more balanced, as the space around the figures of both Paul and Kyle and their respective word balloons is about equal. It’s pretty much the same in panel 3.

    But then we get to panel 4, and things get interesting. Paul starts his rant. There’s a lot of text, and rather than give them more room his words are instead crowded in, dominating the panel, getting *in your face*. Again, the text is the same size as all the other word balloons, but the layout makes Paul’s speech *look* shouty. And I’m pretty sure that’s deliberate. Consider the page layout overall. It would have been trivial to swap the layout of the middle three panels so that panels 2 and 3 were the horizontals on the left, and moving the slightly larger vertical panel to the right hand side for Paul to rant in. Indeed, it would have been easy for the rant panel to be just a closeup of Paul so that there would have been room for his word balloons. Instead what we get is a crowded panel that violates one of the basic rules that’s offered up in various guides for designing comic pages: don’t cover up important figures in the art with the word balloons and text boxes. Indeed, Paul’s word ballons could have started in the top left and then moved straight down to cover the lover half of Spooky (who’s basically a bystander on this page), leaving the visual focus of the panel on Paul and Kyle. But no: Paul’s word balloons, like Paul, are *angry*, and they don’t care about visual storytelling conventions. They jump down diagonally into the foreground and force themselves on us. The “I can’t even wrap my mind around it” baloon is particularly egregious in that regard, seeing as how it sits more-or-less over the middle of Paul’s figure. (Although they do leave uncovered Paul’s gesticulating hands, ready to wring Annihilator’s neck like a chicken.)

    And then, as already said, the last panel returns to an isolated and fragile feeling Kyle going all woobie on us. Overall I’m impressed with the way the layout combines with the art to convey the emotional content.

    Additional random observation: I just realised that in this scene Kyle’s mask and cowl are all white when seen from the front, back and side. In the previous where he also had his mask down (during the internet porn interlude) the mask and cowl where all red. In the scene where he’s wearing his mask and cowl to cover his features (the burning building scene at the start of chapter 1, and the ‘Somethings Brewing’ print) they are a mixture of red and white. I’m not sure what to make of that: it might be that there are a couple of slightly different designs to the Red Hot costume, or it might be that the material is falling in different ways to show different colours at different times, or it might be a colouring error. Given that Alex has previously asked us to point out any potential art problems that may need to be fixed, I’ll throw that into the ring and hope I’m not being too nitpicky.

  • “Hey Red, don’t you have two projects due tomorrow?”
    Why yes. Yes I do.
    “Well then why aren’t you working on those?”
    Because Alex is an evil sorcerer who has corrupted my mind and forcibly created an addiction to his comics, and I am now forever doomed to camp every time there is the chance of a new page.

  • Is it too early to start camping? XD

    • jreed3842

      It’s never too early.

  • b3nc0

    So, I’ve only read half of the comments or so, meh- RL I hate you so much rait nao I can’t say that after the Hug Day… Still, I gotta find a way to speed up my English reading.
    I wanted to post this since Saturday (even if haven’t found it back before late in the night to Sunday) Paul’s 2d to last panel speech got me on the verge of tears & seeing Kyle in the same predicament next … well … yana TTATT
    & it reminded me of a Tiger & Bunny episode (had to re-watch the last half of them all) it’s in the ep.19, One of the hero, Barnaby, aka Bunny, is crying for he can’t visualise his parents’ murderer’s face (the very reason he became a hero) & his partner, Kotetsu the Wild Tiger, offer his help…
    I think even the dialogues match this page quite finely ^^
    As I can’t post image or video with Diqus anymore, here’s a vid link & a link to my virgin-’til-now Tumblr

  • jreed3842

    Hello, my fellow campers! How are we doing tonight?!

  • Simba

    Hi everybody! For camping I have brought samosas and warm kitty snuggles. 😀

  • Howdy campers! Just a heads up that the update will be a bit on the later side tonight. It won’t be past midnight PST, but I had a late day myself so I’m just getting to kneading the dough…

    My best guess for release is 11:00 P.M. PST. But maybe it’ll get baked sooner than that. I just know that some of you have early mornings tomorrow, so I thought I’d let you know. 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Then I let my virgin finger rest some. Maybe I be more awake when it finally comes ^_^

      • NO FAIR!!!!

        • Sapfo

          Oh hush you cute guy! Mod Sofia is stil sleeping. And you know what happens when she wakes up 😉

          • Always optimistic our Sapfo!!

          • Sapfo

            I have to be. If I let the pessimistic feelings take over, Laampros will come and the world will end.
            (Honestly, I don´t have time to be to much of a pessimist. There is to much fun things to do in the world)

          • That’s a good point! And a good philosophy. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            AJ help me, 11 pst is about 2 hours from now. right?

          • Three hours. It’s a bit after 8

          • Sapfo

            My bed look very good from here. Maybe it looks even better up close. 😉

          • A nap never hurt anyone. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            But I been naping for the last 12 hours. Don´t think I got anything left in me 😉

          • Dang it… I mean. Yay you’ll be camping with us!

          • No no no napping is good for her.

          • Yes! *rubs hands like Mr. Burns.*

          • Sapfo

            why do it feels like a conspiracy in here today? 😀

          • Holly

            There is no conspiracy. We just love you and want you to have nice healthy cuddly naps in your nice comfy bed.

          • Lullaby and goodnight, with roses bedight
            With lilies o’er Sapfo is baby’s wee bed
            Lay thee down Sapfo and rest, may thy slumber be blessed
            Lay Sapfo down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed
            Let me get the virgin next and all will be joyful,
            Lullaby and goodnight, with Sapfo bedight…

          • Sapfo

            NO! I will not sleep!
            I need something…. can you send over Spooky. He might help me sleep. Yes, that is what I need Spooky!

          • NOOOOOOOOOO! Not my Spooky.

            Alex is confused about Spooky’s sexuality, but all will become clear eventually…

          • Sapfo

            I don´t care if Alex is confused about Spookys sexuality. I will not sleep without him.

            *Look Spooky up and down*

            By the way, I dont think Spooky is confused 😉

          • Oh, I agree. I’ve seen the way he looks at us boys. Spooky is just being patient… butt he’s not confused at all……….. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Bad Chris! Spooky will show his true colors soon. 😛

          • Holly

            PAN!!!! 😛

          • No no, we just want to make certain you’re healthy. 🙂

          • A deeeeeep long nap that leaves you rested and waking in the morning all fresh to appreciate that…. I HAVE THE VIRGIN. MAWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAH.

            Oh, no a nap… is just a healthy idea. Sleep well little Sapfo!

          • Holly

            Wow, not even Chris fears me taking the virgin. I am not longer a threat… 🙁

          • Oh please I jump at shadows… I never get the Virgin… well not in the digital world. 🙂

          • Holly

            … Digital Virgins does not make me think of page virgins. I sounds….dirtier.

          • Yeahhhhhhh… nicccce.

          • HA!! Yes yes… I mean No No… it’s just a healthy thing

    • Oh, our Alex isn’t working 24/7… shameful it is. Shameful.

      Well thank goodness we all love and support you (and your hench-people Adam and Veronica). 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Glad you not my boss 😉

        • A slave driver he is. It’s just terrible.

          • I just want my people to reach their productive peak… what’s so bad about that?

          • Sapfo

            A happy staff don´t steal stuff…. <..>

          • That’s fine, it’s the whips and manacles tying the workers to their desks. And the lunch hour… What lunch hour, more like a lunch minute!

          • Most of my people have the whips and manacles written into their contracts as essential…..

          • The spikes too? And leather masks?

          • God woman… do you work for Disney?

          • *GASP* I never…. *kicking tiara under the couch*

          • Sapfo

            Where do you work Chris? What do you do for a living? o.O

  • Sapfo

    One Question: Why is there a Spanish Edit of a Swedish-French conversations guide? I don´t get it. I don´t understand. What? Why? When? Huu? o.O

  • Jac

    “It’s even stupider than you thinking a guy called The Annihilator would be a fun date!”

    … Well when you put it that way it doesn’t seem so appealing…

  • Holly

    Late for camping, but now I find out the update might not happen until 3AST. I don’t know if I can stay up that late. Now I am double sad.

  • *Shows up to camp and see Alex new message*

    11pm.. that’s around 8am here. Oh dear.. I’ll probably have to go before the page is up. I have to leave for the bus at 7.30 today – first work day in new place.
    The following wednesdays for a while I have to leave around 6.30am. It’s gonna be a whole new thing where I might have to leave camps before getting to see the page, and I’ll have to wait at least 8, sometimes 10 hours, to get home to see it D:

    New times are happening. Work mess up my wednesday campings xD
    At least I have something good to come home to when that happens.

    • Sapfo

      YES, the virgin is… I mean good luck! Hope you will like it.

      • Holly

        I WILL STAY UP! With the power of Caffeine and Spite! As we all know, Spite is the reason behind 99% of the things I do.

      • *lol* You have to start a new job yourself next week, right?
        What will we do when we both have to leave early on wednesdays? New people are gonna get a taste of our virgins >.>

        I think I’m gonna like the job. Just wish I didn’t wake up an hour ago with a roaring headache and pills hasn’t works so far :-/
        Darn thing is that the local bus drives 5mins too late for me to make it in time for work, so I have to leave half an hour earlier to walk the half mile to another bus and I’ll be at work half an hour early instead.

        • Holly

          I would like a job… 🙁

          • This is more like a job-course. I get paid in financial aid so it’s less than a normal pay, but better than not getting any money 🙂
            And I get new skills to put on my resume so I can search for a wider range of jobs + this place has contacts that might help me find a job faster.

          • Sapfo

            I hope you get something really good out of this. Cross my fingers.

          • Sapfo

            You get something.

          • Holly

            what if the wait is as long as last time :O

          • Sapfo

            Thats not happy thoughts. o.Ö

          • Holly

            I am worried.

          • Sapfo

            Don´t! Whatever happens, happens. You just have to make the most of the opportunities that you may get.

            Edit: Oh, that sounded sappy o.o

          • Holly

            I make faces at you.

          • Sapfo

            I deserved that 😛

          • Holly

            I am kind of in a weird place qualification wise…

        • Sapfo

          Better early then late.
          Danish, that is why I need all the virgins this week. They will keep me warm for a long time (I hope)

          With week unemployed, Monday, New job! I´m scare.

  • Sapfo

    Of topic (as always) I was just thinking of Torchwood. The big scene in scene when Jack confronts John in the bar. The excitement and anticipation on the great action scene that is about to come. It´s worth a look. The British know how to do a good Sci Fi show.

  • EMR has updated:
    Don’t forget that it is 2 pages.

    For those you that haven’t read EMR, you should start here if you would like to read something while waiting for the new page, especially since it looks like it is going to be up late toniight. ^_^

  • All that talk of camping and then I conked out. >_> But now I’m here!!

    • It’s and up and down thing………..

      • Sapfo

        Yes, sometimes it´s a quite camping. Sometimes not.

  • Sapfo

    New page. Alex, I think you need to learn the time 😉

    • You know I’d leap over tall buildings to make y’all happy. 🙂

      (I just got a strong wind behind me, so I was able to post earlier than I expected.)

      • Sapfo

        I knew it. You are Santa! 😀

        • Denise Cruz

          XDD Alex being ‘Santa’ was the best of the week! XD

  • Gaz Hawkins

    Kyle, Honey, YOU WERE FORCED IN IT – yes you agreed to the sex (and why would you not? 🙂 but you DID NOT agree to become a vessel to allow demons to take over the world!!!! YOU ARE A VICTIM HERE!!!