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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 15

879 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 15

Last call! Last call to see Kyle’s bare booty! LAST CALL!

(And as you can see, Spooky is being the consummate professional here—no sleezy ulterior motives for his examination. I was planning to chide those of you who suspected that he was just some horn dog, but after being told that the majority of our readership is actually women, he said he’d prefer to do that himself. In fact, he said he’d be willing to spend all night clearing up this misunderstanding. I think you really hurt his feelings, so I’d pack a toothbrush!)

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So! Seems that once Fluke saw that Kyle wasn’t completely fragile and that Spooky actually had things in hand, he felt it was safe for him to ask a few questions of his own. How will Kyle respond? And will he finally be able to put some pants on?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    bring on the magic

  • Oh Spooky

    • WarGoddess

      I wanna do a Freaky Friday switcheroo with him right this instant. O_o

    • b3nc0

      Hope this will look as cryptical as intended to be: the you-know-whats are on their way to you-know-where ;°)
      at least

  • Is it mine?

  • He’s like a million years old!!!

    • That’s the best line.

    • silibub

      I started laughing at that line, I couldn’t help it — it’s such a hilarious, teenager-y thing to say!

      • IamM

        And Kyle has the perfect teenagery reply. He’s hot, he’s fireproof, and he was there.

        • Adam Black

          “he was there” does usually trump all

    • WarGoddess

      Poor Paul doesn’t realize that when it comes to matters of love (or just plain sexiness,) age doesn’t really matter that much. I mean, aside from a few tiny wrinkles and the silver hair, Duncan is absolutely gorgeous for being as old as dirt. Not to mention he’s very limber for his age. 😀

    • Klaus

      Am I the only one to find this statement of Paul’s ironic? I mean, this is just what Duncan is trying to achieve.

      • You know, I have never really got the whole, live forever thing…

        Give me a couple hundred years, but forever? Uh uh. No way.

        • Klaus

          So you say now. But when your couple of hundred years are just about up, you may wish for just one more year. Or ten. Or better twenty.

          • SofiaT

            “Who wants to live to be a hundred??”
            “He who is ninety-nine.”

          • Nah, I would be bored. So it would either be a couple hundred year and/or abducted by aliens.

  • Sapfo

    Alex, you can tell Spooky to come to me first. I really need a very long explanation. I can be very slow at times and he might have to do it again and again and again….. until I understand 😀

    • Spooky says that he’s a very patient, thorough explainer and promises me he won’t let up until you both are completely satisfied in your mutual understanding. 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Thank you Mr Alex, Sir! I take good care of him. ^_^

      • Simba

        Unf… I’ll be in my bunk.

    • Alex, Spooky can get around to me whenever he is free, unless Flyboy becomes legal first…..cause if Mitch is legal I wouldn’t even think of looking at Spooky.

      • Klaus

        All Flyboy would need to do to become legal is some travelling. Age of consent is 15 here.

        • Sapfo

          Same here!

          • Both of you with your temptations…….

            @alexwoolfson:disqus so can I take Mitch to visit Klaus or Sapfo? (just kidding, 15 is WAY too young for me…..half my age is too young and will be too young until I reach 40, cause 20 isn’t so bad)

          • Sapfo

            Even if it is allowed, I would not do it with a 15 year old. So I was thinking of a time aging maskin….

          • What’s the rule? Half your age plus seven? Nah. Bullshit. Rules like that are petty social conventions, not to be taken as Holy Writ.

          • What rules? That is my personal view on it. At 30, I wouldn’t date someone who is 15, though I might like looking. 15 is still a kid. If I was still in my early 20’s I might bend a few of my personal rules for Mitch…I am actually bending a few of my personal rules now when I say that I will wait for him to be 18.

            Heh, for a long time I told myself no guys more than 2 years younger or 10 years older then myself,,,,and then I met the best friend of my younger sister’s older ex bf J (he was crazy and not in the good way). V (his best friend at the time, V no longer has anything to do with him after this one stunt J pulled), so sexy I had to amend that age rule…and if he hadn’t have been taken at the time….*sigh* I would have been one very happy and very lucky lady. Up until my late 20’s I kept up with the no dating guys more than 2 years younger, but as I kept getting closer to 30 and people kept mistaking me for someone early to mid 20’s I figured I could adjust that lower range a bit. ^_^

            So I wasn’t adhering to “petty social conventions”, but my own personal ideas. ^_^

          • Yeah, though I’ve always been attracted to younger guys. Slightly younger, anyway, usually, with some exceptions. (To be clear, I was more “thinking out loud in response to your comment” than actually addressing you. Sorry. I should have made that clearer in my original post.)


          • That’s k. No offense was taken. ^_^

            I personally don’t keep track too much of what “society” thinks. I have long since had the opinion that what people do is their own business unless it involves me. I might not agree with what some people do, but I am not going to tell them it is wrong just because it is something I wouldn’t do.

            To each his own and all that jazz.

    • WarGoddess

      That sounds nice and all, but i’d rather have Mr. Wells give me a long explanation. Of course, i’d have to magic myself into a guy first. ;-D

      • Sapfo

        Good luck with your transformation. 🙂

        • WarGoddess

          Sadly, this transformation will only take place in my mind, where all of my fantasies are. I have a man already in reality, and he is all I’ll ever need. 😀

          • Sapfo

            The mind! Where dreams comes to rest. 😉

  • Well I’m glad there weren’t any foreign hellion bodies that snuck back or that the spells caused some sort of permanent damage.

    I’m also glad to see Paul getting over his nervousness. He’s crunching those eggshells now.

    • Adam Black

      I think Spooky just cast an anti-Annihilator spell on Kyle’s ass

    • WarGoddess

      I can hear the sound of rice crispies. Snap, crackle, pop!!! 😀

      • Oooh, yes.

        Ah, dang it, now I want rice crispy treats.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Mmm…rice crispy treats…

        • WarGoddess

          I don’t have any, but it’s too late for them here anyhow. I gotta go to bed as soon as I get my fill of commenting. I haven’t been able to do a mass commenting session in days. I’ve always been too tired from working. 🙁

          • Yeah it’s a little late for it here too. BUT it’s not too late for a decaf iced latte. mmmm. 😀

            Edit: Glad you could stick around to comment! You’ve been missed.

          • WarGoddess

            Yay!! It’s always good to know I’ve been missed. It makes me feel loved. I do love commenting on here, but working has limited my camping time. And I like to comment a lot when the comments are fresh, otherwise there are too many to read through and my phone spazzes out. 😀

          • I understand completely. On both accounts. It’s hard to comment when the comments are a day or more old. And it’s always nice to know one is thought of. 😀

      • Adam Black

        i dont get it Oh

        • WarGoddess

          Lol 😀

  • hey.

    don’t be calling The Titanium Titillator a dinosaur!!

    or i’ll gobble your head up, pauly!

    (actually, you might like that.
    never mind, flûko!)

    • WarGoddess

      “The Titanium Titillator.” I will cherish this for years to come, it made me laugh so hard. XD

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww, poor Kyle….:( now here comes the real heartache….facing the fact that he really felt something for Anni, even if he shouldn’t have….
    I know it has to be said, but go easy on him Fluke…

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Yay for professional, not-creepy Spooky! I would say that I knew my faith in him wouldn’t go unrewarded, but then *I’m* not the one he’s visiting for, oh, shall we say “extensive explanations.” Hmmph.

  • WarGoddess

    Oh Fluke, he may be a million years old, and have some rather dastardly plans, but honey…he’s sexy as hell, not to mention fire-proof. And I really do think that he killed people by accident. (By stopping their hearts by exposure to pure, unadulturated hotness!) 😉

    To any Team Pitchforks out there, I’m still on the S.S. Sinking Ship. I really hope there are still a few fellow supporters of Team Redilator out there somewhere! If you are out there, let it be known that you are not alone!!! 😀

    • Chibi

      you have a point … not many people are… fire-proof…

    • Simba

      I am getting “Redilator 4 Life” tattooed on my ass right now, actually.

      • Ha!

        • Adam Black

          Thanks for the fan service

      • WarGoddess

        I would do something like that too, if not for my vow to myself that I would only ever tattoo the names of my kids on me. 😀

        • We won’t tell. 🙂

          • WarGoddess

            Haha I know you guys won’t, but my fiancee would be able to see it. He knows I read yaoi, but that might be a tad too much for him. 😀

          • I suppose you could always name one Duncan. XD

          • Sapfo

            Or Commander if it´s a girl 😉

          • Oooh, One could have a middle name or nick name of Spooky.

          • WarGoddess

            Maybe, but I think I might’ve told the name to Morgan already. I’m officially a moron now. *facepalm* >_<

          • Oh well, it was worth a shot.

            Yes, son you were named for a supervillain in a comic I followed online before you were born.

        • Simba

          You named your child Redilator?? That’s awesome!

          • WarGoddess

            Haha I don’t know about that one. My fiancee Morgan knows that I read yaoi, but I think he’d draw the line at naming one of our future kids “Redilator.”

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Speaking as a member of Team Pitchfork, I respect you and your submarine. (Of course, I’m also a member of Team Firefly – and in favor of calling Kyle/Mitch that because it means our ship is a spaceship!)

      • Liking this just for the Browncoat reference. 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          You can’t take the sky from me, Ruff.

          • Adam Black
          • Sapfo

            I love you right now!
            Will you be my Serenity to my (Well I am not a man but) Mal?

          • Simba

            Oooh, oooh, I’m Kaylee!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            WILL I?! Tell you what, a ship like me, you treat me right, I’ll be with you til the day you die, Sapfo.

          • Sapfo

            Kaylee (Simba) will always take good care of you. Be sure of that and so will I ^_^

          • Simba

            I’ll fix up Stick-enity but good! ;D

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yay! *hugs you*

          • Simba

            Omehgerd, I love Out of Gas. “This isn’t the ancient sea, you don’t have to go down with your ship!”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Me too! It’s my favorite episode!:
            “You all gonna be here when I wake up?”
            “We’ll be here.”

          • Sapfo
          • Simba

            I just watched that episode a few nights ago. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            I feel a Firefly marathon need is coming on. There is so much to love in that show.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I decided that in my personal headcanon, the movie is followed by a brief, loosely-plotted sequel in which the Alliance gets ahold of a Genesis Device for some reason (see Star Trek: The Search for Spock if you’re unfamilar with this thing), uses it (for similarly undefined reasons) on the planet where the Firefly crew buried certain important individuals, those characters come back to life, and then basically this sets everything up for the crew having to go back in time to twenty-first century Earth to get a pair of humpback whales and bring them to the future.

          • Sapfo

            Just saw that Star Trek movie last week.
            Yay! All is well in the univers! ^_^

          • Simba

            “You woulda done the same…”
            “We can already see that I haven’t. Now get off my ship!”

      • Simba

        I must have missed it when you named a ship Pitchfork… Who is represented in this ship? And, I might be convinced to join Firefly only because of the amazing name. I am quite the Serenity nerd…..

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Team Pitchfork is technically an anti-ship, I suppose – it refers to persons in favor of stabbing Duncan in his delectable rear with said pitchfork over how he treated Kyle.

          • Simba

            Aaaaaaah. Okay. ^^;
            We’ll have to agree on Firefly then.

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Simba

            is it impolite to say I would stab his delectable rear with other things? Yes? Oh… :3 Sorry.

          • IamM

            I’m on team Dark Kyle, because I want to see Duncan face the realization that he’s given someone who can incinerate him an excellent motive.

      • DId you not see the awesome airship we have?

        • stickfigurefairytales


      • WarGoddess

        I like the name firefly a lot, and Mitchy is a cutie, but I still haven’t been able to mop up my drool from seeing Duncan’s almost completely buck-nakedness. Humanahumanahumanahumana 😀

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Oh, I’m certainly not going to dispute Duncan’s incredible hotness! I’m just not in favor of a relationship between him and Kyle any more at this point because of the depth of Duncan’s betrayal. Hmm, maybe I don’t really count as a member of Team Pitchfork after all. I guess I go back and forth – I’d like to see Duncan end up doing something to redeem himself to some degree, but I’m also pretty pissed off at him. But I will still admit that he is one hot villainous bastard.

    • Klaus

      The Annihilator is, as far we know, not yet a million years old. But he is working on it.

  • Simba

    @-@ DAT ASS.

    *ahem* I mean… No, actually, that’s exactly what I mean.
    Also, I am stuck on that last thing Paul said before Spooks interrupted, “out of everyone you could have done this with”. The wording…. It makes me wonder if maybe Paul has a thing for Kyle? Could be wishful thinking…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Even if Paul doesn’t consider himself a candidate, I’d really like to hear his list of who Kyle could have gotten together with. 🙂

      • Simba

        Also something that crossed my mind!

      • Adam Black

        It sounds like hes about to come out , or out someone

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Maybe Paul maintains a list of the dating preferences of everyone in the superhero community!

          • Adam Black

            Forward him my contact info.

  • yes.

    i saw the ginger butt.

    and, yes.

    both my hands are not currently above my keyboard.

    well.. ..they both are, but maybe i am molesting my screen in another way…


  • silibub

    Yes, thank you Spooky! I think it would be best if Kyle could put his clothes on before he starts explaining himself — it’s a psychological thing. Anyway….

    Duncan’s never killed anyone on purpose? Now that surprises me. I can believe that he’s killed people without meaning to, like when he was first getting accustomed to his powers, but I also had the impression that he wouldn’t sweat a few casualties while going about his villainous business, as long as he could convince himself they deserved it or otherwise rationalize it. Like with the apartment fire — he put people in danger, knowing some of them could very well die, to serve his own ends, and that counts as killing people on purpose to me.

    That said…Fluke. Buddy. You can’t be telling me you don’t see the appeal of the silver fox. Especially considering Duncan is in damn good shape. Still, I imagine once Kyle’s able to explain the whole “I burst into flame when I orgasm” thing, the necessity of a fireproof partner and Duncan’s particular appeal will be clearer. I think Fluke and Spooky have been handling this admirably so far, so I’m pretty confident that they’ll let Kyle tell them his side of things.

    Alex, Adam, Vero: thanks so much for another wonderful page! I can feel the story moving toward emotional growth and ass-kicking territory, and I’m so glad we have all these generous commenters and bonus pages flooding in!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Well, Paul’s 17 and might not be into guys at all (who knows?), so I can definitely get why he wouldn’t see Duncan’s appeal. Not that I *share* that viewpoint, however…

      • silibub

        True, true! And it’s hard for me to un-see the appeal, since that’s always been attractive to me.

    • You’re very welcome, silibub! Thank you for the thoughtful comment! 🙂

    • Klaus

      It is difficult to imagine that Duncan would set that building on fire if he had never put people at risk before. And why would he be the world’s most feared supervillain if he went out of his way to not kill people? But the fire did not actually kill anybody. That all would survive was a likely outcome, though far from certain. I would not call that killing on pupose. It still highly immoral, obviously.

      • silibub

        I guess it depends on how you look at it, although if someone had died in that fire, the blame would be squarely on Duncan. I feel like if you knowingly put someone in mortal danger for your own benefit, and they die, you’ve as good as killed them yourself. The fire could have gone either way, and I’m willing to believe that Duncan has done similar things in the past.

    • Meh.. Paul has never been up and close with a very smooth talking Duncan, and even more charming in a tux. Of course, Paul most likely is straight so the appeal of Duncan escaped him 🙂

      We need to find Paul a woman who’ll make him go all blabber mouth and ‘brain dead’ *lol*

      Edit: and if not straight.. then we find him a cute guy.

      • silibub

        And then Kyle can pop up in the background yelling “See? You see?” and kill the moment, haha!

  • Xalun K

    We all make mistakes when we’re young – sometimes even serious ones – and hopefully Paul comes to understand that. I mean, supervillain or not, NO ONE expects a firsthand look at Hell to come from making a mistake. Spooky seems to be very understanding right now, while Paul is slowly creeping up on his soapbox. Hopefully he doesn’t shove his foot too far in there. Just because Kyle laughed at Spooky’s snark doesn’t mean he’s all right.

    • Xalun K

      I really tried to keep this in, I really, REALLY did, but… oh my god, dat ass. Thank you for one last beautiful, glorious view of one amazing derriere.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh, I do think Paul understands that to a large extent – after all, he is very focused on supporting Kyle and being there for him. I personally don’t feel like Paul is out of line in his reactions, though admittedly I don’t know how Kyle is feeling. Fortunately I think that Spooky is helping to diffuse the tension with his interruption.

      • Xalun K

        I don’t necessarily think he’s out of line right now, but this seems like the sort of speech that could escalate into something hurtful and not helpful, y’know?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I get that.

        • Adam Black

          Clearly Paul was just projecting his anxieties onto Spooky when he lectured him 4 pages ago

      • Klaus

        I think Kyle was expecting this. Better get it over with than leave it as the elephant in the room.

        Of coutrse the team leaders are not there. They will most likely have something to say too.

  • Sapfo

    Lets us all take a moment and show our respect for Kyles booty and the maker of said booty.

    Adam and Veronica, may you soon get your orders from Alex to draw and colorize Kyle’s delicious botty again.

    • Simba

      Hear, hear! Three cheers for the booty!

    • Yes, yes indeed!

  • yaoi fanatic

    First of all: Fluke, Annihalator is not a million years old, he is 58.
    And second, Kyle feels bad enough, he doesn’t need to reprimanded about something he already knows he did wrong.

    • Sapfo

      Oh but Paul is counting in teen years. They do things diffrently then non teens.

    • Well he IS old enough to be their granddad. That’s like a mio years old for many teens 😉

  • SofiaT

    “A million years old”? Yeah, well, Anni looks really nice for a mummy though. And he’s damn charming when he wants to be. And there’s the whole invincibility against fire thing going on.

    What else don’t you get , dear Fluke?
    I’ll explain it for ya.

    • silibub

      *snerk* I’m picturing you pulling out a list of Duncan’s attractive qualities to read to Fluke, and the paper is one of those comically long scrolls that rolls all the way across the room.

      • SofiaT

        *Sofia hides the scroll behind her back*

        What? Moi?

        • silibub

          *points at the scroll unravelling to your feet* J’accuse!

          • SofiaT

            Lies! It’s all lies!!

          • silibub

            *turns dramatically* Ladies and gentlemen of the jury–

            *a cascade of papers, all odes and essays extolling Sircea’s attractiveness, falls from my pockets*

            –I’d like to call for a brief recess while I flee the country.

    • Adam Black

      Why he didnt ask.. Paul maybe?

  • davefragments

    While we are all enamored of Kyle’s butt (and it is a cute butt) and Spooky’s inspection — remember that Kyle still has not told them that he is part demon. Spooky seems to be checking for after-effects.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      No, he did. Spooky mentioned it a few pages ago.

      • davefragments

        When the Demon first said that, I thought he was teasing Kyle because Kyle could control fire and the Demon wanted to make him into his son.

        But as I read the comments, everyone else seemed to interpret that panel as Kyle’s got demon blood.

        I’m still wondering which is true.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          The characters’ reactions seem to suggest that they believe Kyle is in fact genuinely Laampros’s son, though I guess it remains to be seen whether or not that will ultimately be confirmed.

          • davefragments

            Kyle took Laampros’ words as truth but I think the Demon was lying.
            More startling in the entire encounter was when Kyle burnt Duncan. That startled Duncan and seemed to startle Laampros. At least, that’s what I thought.

            BTW – I used to be able to “edit” my comments but now Disqus won’t let me. Never a dull moment with Disqus.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I kind of interpreted Kyle being able to burn Duncan as being the result of Kyle’s powers being stronger in the dimension from which they may derive, but that’s just my take on it. (Hmm, I wonder why Disqus is being obnoxious to you? I hope it stops!)

          • IamM

            Could be that and/or could be Kyle lashing out at full strength in rate and desperation. One assumes he’s usually trying hard not to burn anyone badly with his powers.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hmm, interesting notion…

          • Klaus

            Kyle’s powers has to come from somewhere. PP ruled out (what I take from context to be) the usual suspects.

          • Saxon_Brenton

            I do agree that – regardless of whether or not Laampros was actually telling the truth – Kyle has accepted his word on this matter just a little too quickly. So let’s get this straight, Kyle’s has just been tricked, lied to and betrayed by a potential boyfriend who at least made the effort to pretend to be reforming, and *now* he’s going to take the unsupported word of a demon lord who has made no effort to even pretend to be anything other than a non-human monster who wants to invade Earth and feed on human souls. No, Kyle. One of them being a lying villain does not preclude the other one from being one as well. Consult with Spooky, who’s a source you can trust.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          I have always had Laampros’ claim that Kyle is his son mentally marked as ‘a small chance of being false, and made for the purposes of messing with Duncan or Kyle or both’. Along that line I also had a minor worry that Laampros’ kiss on Kyle’s forehead might have been made for the purpose of transforming Kyle into an ersatz demon-spawn; presumably Spooky’s magical checkup will put paid to any trickery of that sort. Nevertheless the circumstantial evidence of the Priestess’ pronouncement that Kyle’s powers aren’t based in conventional magic makes my gut instinct be that Laampros lying in this case to be low probability. In any case, we should be able to get confirmation from Spooky one way or another within the next few pages, since I imagine Kyle will want confirmation.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Now I’m imagining something like a pregnancy test, except a little image of horns and a pointy tail show up to indicate demonic lineage.

    • SofiaT

      They know. Spooky called him “the spawn of Satan” a couple of pages ago.

  • embarrassing…

  • OKAY! Alex thank you for giving us one the most realistic scenes that combines being chewed out by one best friend while another best friend gives us a full body mystical seach. It’s awesome that we get both at once and Adam’s body language and facial expressions are so perfectly matter of fact and relaxed while Veronia gives us the perfect color for Kyle’s sexy skin tone and Spooky’s mystic green spell-work.

    I’m serious. I really love the dichotomy of how you three have made all these opposing things work in perfect sync.

    It’s perfect that Spooky is entirely ignoring what Kyle is doing and saying and at the same time our buck-naked Kyle is totally ignoring Spooky just like one does when you go to the doctor and you’re just waiting for him to be done.

    Then to have Paul FINALLY get to say what he’s probably been chewing on since that first emergency phone call. The way we all do when we’re in a flying car and rehearsing what we’re going to say. I love that he looks away and says, “we’re your BEST friends right?” KABOOOOOOM and the whole “what were you thinking speech comes out.” Perfect. How many times have we all been on one side or the other of that speech? It’s so so true.

    Then Kyle starts to DEFEND the Annihilator. I laughed so hard I thought I’d pee myself. Then, even funnier, of all the things that squick Paul its the fact that Duncan is a MILLION years older. I have no idea but it sure could feel like one of those… “You picked HIM when you could have had me???” Okay I have no idea, but I swear you were trying to make me choke, pee or simply just die laughing with this.

    Perfect. Two totally different things happening at once.

    Then GENIUS… Spooky’s done. Get dressed. Like none of the rest of that really matter because in a way it does and in a way it doesn’t. So great.

    At first seeing that wisp of green magic I thought oh SEE

    • Thank you, Chris. I always love reading your reactions to the page.

      This one was a fun one to balance and yet another of a constant string of reminders how lucky I am to be able to work with Adam and Vero. 😀

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Chris, you always find the perfect way to articulate all of the things that I want to say about a page but can’t figure out how. I love reading your comments!

    • I LOVE this comment. You’ve said what I was thinking, and in much better way than I could get it down in writing. Wish I could upvote more than once. You’ve pretty much summoned it all up. No more is needed to be said 🙂

  • Kyle on next page:

    What I was thinking? I was thinking that he was a sexy, sweet talking, great kissing silverfox.. oh and he’s fireproofed. Look, I’m a teenager who’s never had the chance to really get my load off and I reaaally wanted to know how it feels. You should get that. The little head took control of my big head, and blocked out all logic.
    It’s not easy to find someone to try this out with when you doesn’t exactly announce that you’re gay and a danger to your surroundings during sex.. I WAS still considering peoples safety, and you know.. fireproof, I’m sure I mentioned it, how often do you get around THAT? ..except, he might not have been so fireproof as I thought.

    Or maybe that’s juust a bit too much dialog to put into a page unless it’s one panel. It would probably have to be shortened down to: ‘I was horny, he was fireproof and all my thinking was done by my little head’ 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Well, so far it seems like he’s only non-fireproof when he’s in the hell dimension that may be the source of Kyle’s powers, which wasn’t really covered in Duncan’s fireproofing warranty.

      • IamM

        Fireproof, invulnerability in general, is relative. Duncan wouldn’t have known about his rapid healing if he had never been injured before. Bullets bounce off, but an antitank missile might not. He can walk through a house fire fine, but an actual white hot flame could still burn him, just less than it would you.

        He did dodge the firebolts a bit at their first encounter. Presumably just on instinct, I doubt Kyle ever directed anything strong enough to hurt the Annihilator at a living target before his outburst in the hell dimension.

    • Steven K.

      Well, except, as your discussion itself actually points out, Kyle was considering all those facets, so ALL of his thinking was NOT just done “down below” – he rationally in his mind considered a number of factors and did actually carry out a bit of a “cost-benefit” and risk analysis. So I’d def. agree with most of what’s mentioned here, except that Kyle was just thinking with his man-parts.

      • Or that it was Duncan mentioning going a place that was safe and Kyle’s little head was just all ‘Sure, whatever you say’.. along with Kyle’s subconscience 😉

        • Steven K.

          Well, I like to think he WAS actually thinking things out in his mind AND with his HEART – rather than with just his guy-parts. Sexual frustration is one thing, but, as I know only too well, even just the the LONELINESS can be a major factor – the want/need to just be with someone in a physical way, to be held, cared about, etc. – even if for a few brief hours – it’s not even all about a sexual need – it’s something even more basic than that – something at once simpler and at the same time even more grand – the wish to be touched, wanted, needed, protected, cared for.

          • Oh he probably is, I know that. No doubt about it. The guy parts and his heart just spoke a little louder than logic this time. We all try that feelings make us react over logic all the time.

  • Marcus Dionte Scott

    Did Kyle just say “Never on PURPOSE..”? Did he ACTUALLY go there. Oh…*reads on*…oh, alrighty, then. So yo too are aware of how MORONIC you sound right now

    • stickfigurefairytales

      “Ooops! My bad!”

  • So.. Kyle left one tiny detail out of what he has told Paul (and let Paul tell Spooky).
    Seems he hasn’t told Paul that he shoots fire when reaching an orgasm.. literally.

    Oh, and my main reason believing he hasn’t told them, besides Paul wondering why Kyle would go with Duncan: Spooky.
    He hasn’t mentioned it at ALL. It’s Spooky.. could he really have been able to NOT mention that until now? 😉

    Convo on this page tell that this event means he just have come out of the closet with Paul (and again it now includes Spooky), but that particular detail I think he left out. It’s REALLY an awkward thing to get into a convo, even with your best friends.

    Will he ‘fess up to it on the next page, to really explain his reasons? I wonder 🙂

    • Good point!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I love your reasoning for why you believe Kyle hasn’t told them. I can’t argue with it, either.

    • SofiaT

      I don’t know about that. The boys know what happened to him when he was twelve. And they know about “the spell”.
      Even without giving too much detail, I’d assume they know when the spell was activated and why.

      • Yeah, that’s the one comment that makes me wonder a little of HOW much they know. I’m not as much questioning them not knowing that Kyle can set things on fire when loosing control during sex, it’s the literal ‘fire shooting’ I don’t think he has specified 🙂
        Maybe I should have made that more clear in main comment. I’m just a little surprised that Spooky has left any mention out, or that Paul is questioning Kyle’s reasons for going with Duncan.

        Okay, even though it IS Spooky, he knows how to be professional when needed, and Paul’s comments might make him keep silent about it (and it could be mentioned in coming pages), but Paul’s questioning can be read in more than one way: 1) He knows, but still wonder. 2) He doesn’t know that detail.

        But did Kyle tell them that when he reached an orgasm that he shoots fire, or just that his powers emerged when he lost control the first time he was sexually aroused?
        Did he tell Paul now that he actually ejaculates fire, and that he hasn’t masturbated since his first try? He could just have said that Duncan released the spell when he orgasmed.

        • SofiaT

          But did Kyle ejaculate fire? That part was never clear to me.
          And even if it was, are we sure it’s the norm and not just part of the spell?

          • Hmm.. yeah. Now you mention it. Oh, now I wonder myself xD
            Did he shoot fire, or did we just make it so by all the comments about it? I know he had fire in his eyes and it shot from his hands and feet, but did he actually ejaculate fire for a few moments? Page 29 in chapter 2 could just be the typical ‘how to not show full nudity’ thing.

            LOL.. oh what a thing to wonder about.

          • Sapfo

            But kind of importent when it comes to sex with someone.

          • Yup. ‘How many ways can I burn my partner?’

          • Elrohir

            I don’t think I expected my first post here to be on a topic like this, however…I don’t think he “shoots fire” as such. I suspect that it’s more the fire, you should excuse the expression, “comes” when he loses himself in the orgasm. My rationale for this is that if, and it’s a big if, Kyle’s biology is mostly human male, there is this sometimes annoying and slightly messy thing that occurs when you don’t masturbate for a long time (six years? Sheesh Alex! Have pity on the poor kid!! Extreme case of white out going on there…or maybe his is a different color…anyway). How would wet dreams have gone without destruction occurring? As I remember my own 12-18 year history that would have been a LOT of accidental pyromania.
            Alex, I got hooked on your work with Artifice. And I can’t tell you how much I look forward to every installment of YP. Others have said it much more articulately than I could. But the reality that you give your characters. That’s an amazing skill. In many storylines I find myself analyzing characters or development. Yours are more of an alternate reality pool one can just immerse oneself in. And they feel real. Well done sir, to you and your amazing team. And please keep going. Many thanks. And now I’ll head back to Silicon Elfhame.

          • Saxon_Brenton

            The problem is, that with Alex’s explicit policy of ‘no exposed weenies on the webpage’, it’s possible that we never *can* know unless he Word of God’s it or includes some supplementary art in the print only materials.

          • Adam Black

            Are you suggesting it was something else— Like Chlamydia ?

          • Adam Black

            I thought of you today:

            I tried to spin this into a joke, quip, or riff on alternative possibilities of Kyles parentage—- But sadly shooting blanks today:


          • SofiaT

            I don’t know how I feel about people seeing an Oglaf comic and being reminded of me… o.O

          • Feel … inspired.

          • Awesome! Must read more Oglaf.

          • Adam Black

            hes the chosen one

    • Klaus

      If you reread page 9 panel 5, I think that you will see that he did tell them.

      • But has he told them that he LITERALLY ‘shoots’ fire? There’s a difference in them knwong he can set things on fire when losing control, and knowing down to details HOW he can set things on fire 😉

        • Klaus

          Does he? The pictures were not quite unambiguous as far as I remember.

          • See my reply to Sofia below. I now wonder.
            Not only about this but full details. I’m amusing myself about how much I consider wether or not about details on this topic xD

  • Kit the Coyote

    “you can put your suit on now”

    Or not, I mean we’re perfectly fine with you not putting your suit on if you want, no problem at all. In fact why don’t Paul and I take our clothes off to make you feel more comfortable.

  • Stubbylegs

    Now instead of saying DAT ASS, I can say DEM ASSES, because there are multiple DAT ASSES in this comic.

    • SofiaT

      I hereby vote for Anni’s behind to remain known as Dat Ass (double meaning) and for Kyle’s behind to be referred to as Dat Butt.

      • Seconded!

        • Sapfo

          Unfortunately Spookys clothes have not been so revealing. But I’ll find out how this back part is to be described. Just give me time.

          • Well, at this point, he can be known as Dat Spooky. My imagination is failing me.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            How about ‘Dat Booty’, so it rhymes with Spooky?

          • That could work.

            Though I’m guessing that Spooky wold be enjoying our discussing such a thing.

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Yeah, I can see him enjoying this discussion. Folks talking about giving your butt a name? That means they’re at least sorta interested! Great ego boost, and oddly amusing.

          • Exactly so.

          • Sapfo

            Congrats on 4500 TYP comments! ^_^

          • Apparently I miss counted. This one was #4503 or something. 😐 But thank you!

          • LOL.. I was just about to say that we should say ‘Dat Booty’

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Great minds think alike, Danish! 😀

      • Steven K.

        Well, that’s a clever idea.

  • Steven K.

    Well, older guys can be attractive too ( a “million” indeed! HA!), and have nice bodies, etc., that one might want to be with. And of ALL the people that could have been chosen, who else could he have done anything with, to the point of sensual release, without killing them or at least severely scorching them. Kyle should tell Mitch he hasn’t even masturbated in 6 years – just think about THAT – buddy! I wonder if Fluke would have had the willpower – and if suddenly maybe the one fireproof man in the world comes along, is actually of the proper orientation (the odds of that?), seems to be not quite so bad (in ways Kyle describes), seems to be in pretty good physical shape with a body that obviously has some appeal to Kyle (and a lot of people here it would seem), and after a bit of a thorny start seems to be very sincere and caring and considerate and authentic and sophisticated, and romantic, etc., etc., promises that he’ll always keep you safe, etc. – well, it really didn’t seem like the worst or most ILLogical choice under the circumstances.

  • Steel_Man

    Please…put some clothes on. PLEASE!

    • Donald Burch

      Why? I’m quite serious here so please, I would like to know. I’m sincerely curious.

      • Steel_Man

        I don’t particularly enjoy gratuitous nudity from teenagers.

        • Steven K.

          I’m afraid I’m gonna have to support you on this one – since the spell and Kyles naked bondage for 30-some pages and nude huddling – and now this not even letting him get suited up right away (I’m glad the intentions were good though) – I’d say that, at least for this extended scene only, it almost does seem to border on gratuitousness maybe a bit. Made me wonder if the only reason Duncan left him without any clothes is so that he COULD be left nude for awhile SO THAT Spooky could check him out that way. Perhaps that was not the intention, but almost starting to seem that way. Also, I would like to see Kyle be able to defend himself with some clothes on – naked makes him, symbolically as well, even more vulnerable.

          • Steel_Man

            The “gratuitous” part is my main problem. It makes me feel pervy to be leering at a naked teenager. If it were naked Annihilator, that would be a different beast…but still gratuitous.

        • Donald Burch

          Please don’t take this harshly but the question begs, why then are you here?

          • Steel_Man

            I was under the impression this was a super-hero strip and not a strip your super-hero scenario. I was also under the impression this would be more about actual super-hero stuff and less about this soap opera approach to storytelling. I’m here to give Alex the benefit of the doubt, to support a fellow creator, and give him the chance to prove my skepticism wrong. I’m here to enjoy the fantastic art and see where that takes me. My comments aren’t as glowing as some, I’ll admit. However, if I was hating this piece outright, I’d be gone. 😉

          • As I’ve said before, for this story, the character drama/exploration is definitely my primary focus over the “super-hero stuff.” So, it’s highly unlikely that your skepticism is ever going to be proven wrong, if that’s based on The Young Protectors being “more about actual super-hero stuff.” Something to think about in terms of managing your own expectations. 🙂

            Glad you aren’t hating the comic outright, though. And that you’re enjoying the art—I agree it is fantastic. I feel very lucky to be able to work with Adam and Vero!

          • Steel_Man

            You always surprise me, Alex. Just when I think we’re about to get mired down in soap operatic crap, BOOM!, we don’t! That skepticism that I’m talking about? It’s not about whether you’ll deliver a top-notch, quality piece, but rather, about my own expectations. I may not be a scream-from-the-rafters fan of the characters or the teen-set, but I am a fan of how they’re written and how you seem to lead the story. In this instance, it truly is your writing, the fantastic art and the overall “ride” that keeps me coming back and contributing moola to your work.

            I don’t ever want my critical analysis/comments to be seen as “hate”. That’s not my purpose and if I ever over-step, it’s not done from a place of spite or malice but, rather, mistake.

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Forgot about this, lol. 2 a days will do that. Anywho, the thought of not being able to hurt your partner was probably a giant glaring sign to Kyle

  • Sapfo

    Must admit that Kyle seems to have told a good deal more than I thought he had done from the beginning. He must either feel that the situation is too serious to withhold anything or he have confidence in his friends will accept him and what he has done. But given the way Kyle described himself on the page 13, I take it that it’s my first assumption that probably comes closest to the truth here.

    • SofiaT

      He always thinks of others first. That’s our Kyle.

  • Madock345

    Dammit, Spooky. You forgot to check the front….

  • Klaus

    In defense of the doomed ship: someone said som pages back that no matter how noble Duncan’s real motive for the deal with the devil was, he should have trusted Kyle.

    But would that have worked? Just what does it take to open the gate? “If I could have done this without causing you any pain, even the cold ache of emotional pain, I would have”. Duncan, ch. 2 p. 31 1st frame. It may be that it is this pain that opens the gate. “Walls of blood and pain”. Or maybe more specifically the diabolic act of betreyal connects you to the demon realm.

    • well, the ship doesn’t feel too doomed right now – Kyle’s already defending Duncan…

      • SofiaT

        Or he’s simply defending himself.

      • timemonkey

        Not really, he’s explaining why he fell for it and admitting how incredibly stupid it sounds.

    • SofiaT

      Also, Duncan himself doesn’t consider his motives to be noble. I mean, if there are positive consequences for the world from what he did (and that’s still to be seen) the man insists that’s just a side-effect. How dare you imply he is anything else but the most villainous of villains?

      Don’t try to ruin his image, he worked hard for it.

      • Klaus

        So he says. Who is he trying to convince, Kyle or himself?

        • SofiaT

          Exactly. >:D

    • Feverfew_M

      Yes! I’m thinking the same – that it wouldn’t have worked with Kyle knowing about the plan. And it doesn’t even have to be about the pain or betrayal. Duncan said he needed Kyle to trust him for it to work. So maybe Kyle needed to let himself go completely to open the gate. And honestly, who could do that – having sex for the first time is nerve-wrecking enough, but knowing that your orgasm is going to open the gates of hell??? Yeah, that certainly wouldn’t get me to relax…
      And we aren’t doomed, we’re a submarine. And we have life vests. 😉

    • IamM

      It required Kyle to trust Duncan, have an orgasm, and be a fire elemental.

  • Sapfo

    Oh My, Oh My! This is my 2000 comment on this comic. Must make the most of this! Something clever or insightful.


    Oh fubar!
    Well I can make amends on my 4000 comment (across all the forums) when that time comes.

    • Congrats on 2000 TYP comments!

      After this one, I have ten more before I reach 4500 here.

      • Sapfo

        Hope you do a better job at it then I did 😉

        • If I remember. I keep thinking. Oh hey I’m going to be at such and such comment and then I forget and it’s ten comments past. 😐

          • Sapfo

            That´s the danger of not refreshing 😉

          • Yes yes it is, And now I need to fix what I wrote, because apparently, if I go by what is says in the community section above this will be 4506. If I go back, I think the actual 4500 was a bit better.

          • Sapfo

            Go for it AJ! I belive in you

          • 😀 I think I got the right one labeled. But I could still be wrong. Geesh. But I had refreshed before I checked that so. I need to keep better track of these things.

    • Well I used my 3000th comment on TH to make a speech. You using #2000 to appeciate Spooky’s booty. I approve 😉

      • Sapfo

        And with my 4000 comment with Disques, I thank Danish! ^_^

        • Wohoo <3
          2000th comment on TYP and 4000th in total within a few minutes. Well scheduled 🙂

          • Sapfo

            And in three more votes I will have 8300 upvotes. 😀
            Jante is coming to get me very soon 😉

          • There. That should do it 😉

          • Sapfo

            Yay! 2000, 4000 and 8300. What a day! XD

    • Congrats on the 2000th TYP and 4000th Disqus Sapfo!

      Geez you guys are making it hard to catch up. 😛 But then again, you guys have been on Disqus longer than I have.

      • Sapfo

        Thank you!
        You catch up in no time. As long as you have fun doing so. 🙂

    • Congratulations, Sapfo! Thank you for being such an awesome contributor and spirit here! 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Thank you, Alex!
        You are the key person and you make this a fun place to be. To all the new pages and many more possibility to make comments. Thank you! ^_^

  • Hmm – I think Paul actually develops motherly feelings here – what a strange combination of cute and annoying…

  • SofiaT

    In the long-standing and honored comments’ section tradition of analyzing everyone’s motives and possible thought-process and accusing pretty much every character in the comic of having their own agenda, I feel I must ask… Is Fluke letting a bit of jealousy show its ugly head here and color his remarks?

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I think that Kyle probably didn’t tell him about catching on fire when he has an orgasm, and that the annihilator is fire-proof.

      • SofiaT

        I believe Paul is aware of the first part, since he knows what happened to Kyle when he was twelve. But you’re right on the second part, Kyle wasn’t aware The Annihilator was immune to his power until their first encounter, maybe Paul isn’t either.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          That has to be it, otherwise why ask? It’s not like there are tons of guys out there that are fire-proof. And even if there are a few around Kyle is not aware of them.
          Edit: And of course, they would have to be gay too. A tall order, fire-proof and gay too.

          • Steven K.

            EXACTLY right!

        • Dracon Ra

          I don’t know, telling your best friend you accidently set your foster parents house on fire is one thing, telling them it happened while masturbating for the first, and only, time is something else. So Paul might not be aware of Kyles need of finding a gay, fireproof super.

          • Steven K.

            That’s true – although Paul seems to know about what happened when Kyle was 12, we aren’t told unequivocally that he knows why it happened or the exact CAUSE of what happened – basically as you have stated. You bring up an important point/question.

    • I’d go for over-protection instead of jealousy – as I said: he takes the mother role…

      • SofiaT

        For the record, I don’t think so either. I’m just putting the possibility out there. 🙂

        • Eve

          Well, Spooky is cracking jokes and Paul is being a mother hen, so they’re both doing what comes normal to them.

    • Mary Klemzak

      I dont think so., I think hes genuinely worried, and is more like a naggy mother hen, than a friend. I think he’s also disappointed that Kyle felt like he couldn’t even trust his best friends. If anything, I think Paul should shut up and think before he speaks. Lord knows, kyle is harder on himself than anyone will ever be.

      Maybe Fluke should be thinking that maybe he coukd be a better friend? Now is not the time to accuse. Now is the time for understanding and support.

      • Steven K.

        Mary – love your comment here and agree wholeheartedly (especially Kyle being harder on himself than anyone else could be and now being the time for support and understanding)!. Thanks!

        • Mary Klemzak

          You’re welcome! And thank you! I like to give people chances, even if they disappoint me. Its also my many years of living (39) and growing up in a loving Baptist Christian home. Shocking, I know, but these webcomics are just so well drawn and written, as well as the social community. Im a lot more open minded than I used to be, believe it or not.

          Ok Enough preaching! Enjoy and God bless everyone here and there and everywhere!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      [thinks] Given Paul’s behaviour over the past few pages, I’d also go with ‘concerned friend tending towards mother hen’.

  • Okay. I am beginning to think that I am possibly the only one that doesn’t think Laampros is out to devour everyone’s soul. *sigh* Chapt 2 page 41

    Duncan: You will have a kingdom on Earth. Billions of mortal souls to use and devour.

    It was my understanding that this (being free on earth with billions of souls to use and devour) is something you have wanted for a very long time.

    Laampros: You understand nothing!

    You are a child, afraid of the dark, begging the night sky for the sun on a platter!

    So while everyone seems so intent on the soul eating, I am thinking that there is something else that he wants. Not saying that it still won’t be bad for humanity, but I am not completely sold on the whole soul devouring thing. He did say something about exploring the limitations of human flesh, though. (and while that be can taken one way, images of various ways of torturing people is what popped into my head.)

    (I was going to talk about Fluke a little bit here, but then the over the counter pain med pm kicked in with the SLEEP NOW STOP TYPING. *sigh* I think they actually put a sleep aid in those things….every time I take them they conk me out.)

    • Klaus

      He did call Earth “paradise”. Maybe he just wants to live here. The thing about human flesh may just mean that he intends to live a very hedonistic life. But that is not the kind of thing that happens in a super hero story. Whatever he intends, it is most likely something that needs to be prevented.

      • Cydney Sabin

        Maybe all he wants is to open up his own little demon-themed coffee shop? Who knows?

        • Klaus

          Coffee of Doom?

          • Nate

            Devil’s Brew?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Questionable Content ftw!

          • isn’t that the name of an online comic?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            (Yup, the latter.)

          • There was a time when I wasn’t able to keep up with web comics because I didn’t have a computer and had to borrow my brother’s laptop….I lost track of where I was in a lot of comics so I am working on getting to know them all over again one at a time, slowly…..

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, gotcha! Well, I guess that even though it might be a long process getting reacquainted and caught up with them all, you’ll also be able to have a lot of fun doing it (at least I hope so)!

          • hai ^_^

          • Cydney Sabin

            Or maybe Hell’s Kitchen? (Had to. Sorry)

          • Steven K.

            Since Laampros obviously has a tender side as well, as shown by his affectionate behavior toward Kyle, maybe he’ll change that to “Hell’s Cozy Cafe and Magical Muffin Shack”

      • Steven K.

        Although, you’d think, as a King of Hell, he could already have the most hedonistic existence he could want with all the damned souls he rules over anyway.

        • Souls don’t have flesh, blood, and bone though. You can do a lot to a soul, but if you want the body to last, you have to be a bit more careful.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I can see it as plausible – even likely – that Laampros has an agenda beyond mere conquest and nomming on souls. However if Annihilator and the Priestess has any sort of competence in their intel gathering to prepare for their deal, then the comment about ‘mortal souls to use and devour’ can be assumed to be not be factually incorrect, even if it *isn’t* the main point of the scheme.

    • Dracon Ra

      I fear the “pleasure of human flesh” doesn’t need to be sex, a demon might get his pleasure by torturing and ripping people apart… who knows?
      Or it is sex and he’s a shapeshifter, who misses having sex in human shape.
      I mean, it is yaoi, after all 😉
      Since Alex is not predictable, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

      I have a thing for demons and it’s always interesting how other people/artists see them. In my “world”, they’re just normal people, who basically just want to be left alone. But the angels, who despise humans and demons alike, try to set us up against each other. And since angels are pretty and demons are a scary,
      with sharp teeth and claws and stuff, we tend to believe the angels. Because, we’re stupid like that 😉

      • Yeah, I have read many different interpretations of demons, so I kinda get a little annoyed when people just automatically assume that one is one particular kind without proof. Would you call those people demonists (a form of race(?)ism?)

        • Dracon Ra

          Demonists, yes, I think that fits perfectly.

          And stuff like that makes one of my characters sooo depressed… The poor guy looks rather terrifying
          in his true form, his mother is half dragon, half fallen angel and his father is a demon. So people will run away in terror or try to kill him. Not nice. Lucky
          for him, he’s a shape shifter and can live as a ‘human among humans’. It’s like a nice little vacation, he’ll stay here for a few decades, have a job, a lover, a nice Dom and just enjoy not being feared. 😉

        • Dracon Ra

          Why is my post not where it belongs? *shrugs* ok, another try:

          Demonists, yes, I think that fits perfectly.

          And stuff like that makes one of my characters sooo depressed… The poor guy looks rather terrifying
          in his true form, his mother is half dragon, half fallen angel and his father is a demon. So people will run away in terror or try to kill him. Not nice. Lucky for him, he’s a shape shifter and can live as a ‘human among humans’. It’s like a nice little vacation, he’ll stay here for a few decades, have a job, a lover,
          a nice Dom and just enjoy not being feared. 😉

      • Steven K.

        I guess in your world the angels were free from the tradition that they were commanded by God to love humankind. Kind of a bummer.

        • Dracon Ra

          Yeah, in my world, there is no God.

          So the angels are just an arrogant bunch, who see emotions like love and compassion as weaknesses, only humans and demons should have. And a fallen
          angel was proven guilty of having such weaknesses 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      “No thank you, I’m just not in the mood for souls. Do you have any tapas?”

    • Steven K.

      Yeah – those are some of the most significant still-burning questions!

  • Donald Burch

    Sigh, crass agism there, Paul but sadly, only too common and accurate for many. Paul’s words indicate that he hasn’t had a bad relationship or done something stupid. One does not “choose” who he falls for and “decisions” are difficult for even most experienced adults. Given the Annihilator’s reputation Paul might consider giving Kyle points for having survived the encounter. Once again another thought-provoking page of prurient perfection from Alex and the team. I appreciate the depth of character development shown here. I look forward to the next page!

    • Steven K.

      Nice comment!

  • Mary Klemzak

    Hearts dont always think logically when falling in love.

  • VileTybalt

    So I’m obsessed, I know, but I’m so happy that Kyle’s defending Duncan here. It’s entirely possible that he’s only trying to justify his own actions or that he’s just sticking up for him out of reflex, I mean Kyle does try to see the good in everyone (whether they deserve it or not it seems). But I still can’t help but feel (hope?) that he’s saying it because he hasn’t completely given up on Duncan yet. *crosses fingers*

    Oh, and Fluke is totes jealous and Kyle’s ass in the second to last panel is… well, let’s be honest you could bounce quarters off that thing. Though the view from Fluke’s angle must not be bad either. I can’t imagine how he resists the temptation to peek.

    • Steven K.

      Though I’m not sure I agree or disagree with the first part of your comment, I love it nonetheless.

      • Haha, thanks man. What can I say, I see a little bit of myself in Kyle (minus the discomfort with his sexuality, because I never had any trouble accepting that part of myself, but that’s a whole other rant). But I was in a pretty long relationship with an older guy, at least relative to my other relationships, and though it didn’t work out I still find myself kind of nostalgic over the concept. Plus, I really have a thing for villains and bad guys. I love how totally direct and uninhibited they are, and yet completely emotionally unavailable. Yeah, I know how screwed up that is, heh.

        In other news: I’m back home! FINALLY!!! It took a 23 hour train ride (not including the 5 hour delay) but I’m finally back in my apartment, sleeping in my own bed and using my very own high-speed internet. I missed you guys sooo much!

        • Steven K.

          Nice to hear you are safe and sound. I have a feeling the gentleman to whom you have made reference here was a very lucky fellow!

        • *hugs* Glad you are finally back with us brother!

          Heh, and I can kind of understand the bad guy thing too. ^_^ There are a few that I am known to give a lot of leeway to. ^_^

  • Adi Zeller

    Naah… you can leave it off and give us a few more panels with your hiney.

    Oh, and Alex, since you’re going to GaymerX, and if I’m allowed to make a reference to the Commander’s “fantasy” from the interlude, Jessica Merizan (BioWare community manager) said on the last GaymerX that it was “one of the nicest smelling Cons I’ve been to.” –

    • That’s awesome. lol

      I did have a very good time last year. 🙂

  • Its ok, Kyle. I understand falling for someone much older than you. *sighs*

    <3 the page. 🙂

  • Also, Alex, I have such a fun time reading your comments. They have me in stitches. The bf likes ’em too, I’m sure. He crashed before I got home, but I’m sure he’ll love this page. He said the same thing. ha

    • Very glad you’re both enjoying the comic! (And the AlexHumor. 😉 )

      It does indeed make me happy that you’ve gotten him into this and that now you can share it together.

      • We’re on opposite sides of the spectrum. I like the idea of Anni being redeemed and he just wants to see him pay. But it’s fun to be able to geek out together over something other than WoW and Archer. 😛

  • Saikkusukka

    With who, Fluke? HMMM? I demand information!
    Also, he can’t since he has a habit to combust during the act.

    Bwah, dat booty! Never put on pants, Kyle!

    • Nate

      Well, maybe Fluke just wants to get lucky? 😉

      (And Spooky is definitely checking him out… I wonder if ANY of the Young Protectors are straight)

      • Saikkusukka

        Hmm, that does make one wonder…

    • Denise Cruz

      Agreed!! Never, ever! XD

    • Steven K.

      Hmmm….I wonder how you might feel if someone had that sentiment toward you? 😉

      • Saikkusukka

        Why I’d feel confused and flattered. And I’d wear a skirt.

  • Thank you for the offer, Spooky, but I’m old enough to be your mother.

    Which makes me wonder yet again – Kyle did suggest that Spooky had had a run-in of some sort with the Platinum Princess. Is Spooky’s lack of “He’s like a million years old!” because he can understand why Kyle could find someone so much older attractive, even if it’s A Really Bad Idea?

    • Jackal

      They can go on some talk show’s “Vicious Silver Foxes And The Teens Who Love Them” episode.

      • Which comes on after Demon Dad’s and their Secret Offspring.

        • Jackal

          And it’s awkward backstage, with Laampros all “I’m sorry I wasn’t there,” and Kyle all, “fuck your flame powers!” And then they make up, and Laampros drags Duncan back out to beat him up and it’s the best-rated episode ever.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            George is there too, and he just keeps crying at everything.

  • The more I look at this page, the better it get.

    Spooky is totally up close to a naked Kyle in a very professional yet amusing way, at least when you lok at it. He’s very thorough and Kyle is basicly completely ignoring that while talking with Paul. Spooky might as well not even be there, Kyle seems that oblivious of him. It sure isn’t an issue. He looks almost surprised in last panel when Spooky talks to him.

    Then there’s the talk itself in which I’m just loving Kyle’s expressions.. not only Kyle’s btw. They, along with how the text is written, always make me feel like I can ‘hear’ him say his dialog very clearly in my head. Only a few comics give me this feeling so clearly.
    Kyle’s ‘ugh-face’ in panel 4, realizing what he just said, is just the best.
    It’s one thing having your hormones tell you how great an idea is at the moment, another thing is explaining the ‘logic’ later xD

    And the last call to see Kyle’s naked booty…
    You sure gave a good last look. Now I hope we get a good close-up sometimes. That tight sitting suit fit so nicely, and we need a repeating reminder of what it hides 😉
    I wasn’t one who believed Spooky to be a horn dog, but I’ll be ready to have him over all night. We sure need to ..uhm talk about this. I’ll even clear a drawer so he can come back often. There’s a lot to about.

    • SofiaT

      Spooky reminds me of the monkey in Lion King here! 😛

      • vessto

        The wise baboon? *giggles*

    • “Kyle’s ‘ugh-face’ in panel 4, realizing what he just said, is just the best. It’s one thing having your hormones tell you how great an idea is at the moment, another thing is explaining the ‘logic’ later xD”

      THAT. Exactly that!!! HA!

    • Denise Cruz

      Agreed! They expressions are great!
      Spooky ‘working’ on que magic ‘remainings’ que is so funny that I spent a lot of time looking only at him. (Remember que Kyle is beautifully naked right there, uh ?!) I loved that! 😀

      The discomfort of Paul, even though diminished somewhat, is still fun to watch… He’ll get used to this… eventually… XD (I believe he’ll even start liking it!)

      And Kyle… well … I think he even forgot, for a moment, that he was naked in front of his two friends … Nice thing to happen!

      Now… I wonder, what would happen to Mitch if he got there right now… O.o (thinking…)

    • After reading such a thoughtful comment, Spooky has let me know he’d be happy to get your thoughts on his perceived image. And perhaps his booty as well, if you think that would be useful.

  • vessto

    No pants on! No pants on! *goes to write a petition Alex never to put Kyle’s pants on again*

    I can stare this butt endlessly…

    Hmmm, Kyle’s defense of Anni is honey to my ears. I’m hard dying fan of them as a couple and my ultimate dream is they in HEA final.

    Fluke is cool again. And that small as a movement but huge as gesture act of Spooky with his hand on Kyle’s shoulder. This page is brilliant.

    • haha 😀 I was staring too LOL

    • Frater Gymnos

      Now that you mention it, I need to go back and see what Spooky is doing with that green floaty stuff. I keep getting distracted (pleasantly) by Kyles assets, but Spooky and Paul’s body language are worth a second and third look also.

      • vessto

        Fluke has divine body and in my fanservice dreams I could see him topping Kyle. Kinda can’t see Spooky as an object of my erotic thoughts. *hides*

        • Steven K.

          Hmmm …. I’d put Kyle as a “switch”/versatile.

  • Amy

    “…a MILLION years old.” xD

    Dat ass! @ç@

  • Curator

    is it just me, or does paul seem a lil JEALOUS?… makes me wonder if his discomfort has more to do with that than anything else 😉

    • Dakejev

      This is what I’ve been saying all along – they’re ALL gay/bi, mark my words. =P

  • Cman65

    Your good, YOUR GOOD ??? Mate that Butt is GREAT!!!! We may have to stop calling you Red Hot and change your name to “Hot-Buns”

  • EverybodyILoveDies

    It seems to me like magic medical-scanning powers would not require a skin-tight spandex suit to be *off* to take its readings… we all see what you’re up to, Spooky…

    • Steven K.

      You’d think.

  • Denise Cruz

    It seems like we ALL are more… uh… ‘perverted'(?!) — [No offense intended, guys! I was thinking about that, too! XD] – than ‘Spooky’, after all. He behaved pretty well… Just helping his friend.. That was nice! ^v^

    Now… Kyle defending Anni… Ownnnn! I just love that boy!

    Finally, someone thinking about him nicely.. even knowing, (both, he and me), that Anni doesn’t deserve it at the moment…

    Yes! Judge me! I still hope something nice coming from him, even knowing he deserves some ass kicking firstly. And YES! I still believe that Kyle’ll help him before this story ending. [With both things: Kicking his ass nicely and making him a little bit of a better person. 😉 ]

    Oh! And… just for the records.. yes, I miss Anni! XDD (You , guys, must save your desires of kicking asses for his, all right?! Kyle may appreciate some help, then! XD)

    • Dakejev

      I think Kyle’s defending his reasons for his decision to go boink with Duncan, more than actually defending him.

      • Denise Cruz

        I know… but it sounded almost like the same thing… (sighs) you know what I mean?

  • Feverfew_M

    I love Paul, here. His first priority was clearly to see if Kyle was ok and to offer him some support. But now that Kyle seems to be reasonably well, he’s like “what the f**k were you thinking???” And from his POV this must look like the craziest thing ever. Heck, I think if someone had told such a story to Kyle a few weeks ago, he would have been just as incredulous.
    Also “he’s like, a million years old” – haha, Paul really IS 17, even though with all his maturity he sometimes comes across a bit older. 😀

    Tsk, people really thought, Spooky just wanted to get an eyeful? Nah, I don’t think Kyle is Spooky’s type… 😉
    But I noticed that Spooks was completely cool with everything until Kyle reminded him of Sircea’s involvement. That was what prompted him to check Kyle over. Like, The Annihilator? Yeah, whatever. The Platinum Priestess? OMG, I should check for lingering magical nastiness!

    • SofiaT

      I keep wondering if perhaps Spooky was involved with Sircea at some point.
      I can see him defending Kyle on the next page if that’s the case.

      • Feverfew_M

        Maybe at one point, when Spooky was still young and impressible, she tried to lure him to the dark side?

        • SofiaT

          My thoughts exactly. Hence why Spooky has nothing good to say about her 🙂

    • Steven K.

      Kyle (recently?) reminded spooky of Sircea’s involvement? I guess I somehow missed that. What page/panel was that. I remember Kyle mentioning her to him a long ways back.

      • The previous page, panel 4

        Kyle: Except the Americas which will be ruled over by The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess, of course…

        • Steven K.

          Thanks – guess I overlooked that she was included there.

      • Feverfew_M

        What Doki said. 🙂

  • It’s now several hours since I first saw this page, and I am still giggling over Paul’s “Of all the murderous supervillains you could have lost your virginity to, you pick *him*?” reaction. Because obviously it would have been understandable if it had been someone hot, but someone that old is just yeuw.

    I think it would be utterly hilarious to watch his reaction if Sircea decided that he would make a nice pet. :->

  • Pikinanou

    A million years old? Yeah, when Anni was kid, he had a t-rex as a pet 😛
    (BTW been reading TYP for a while, finally got around making a disqus account 🙂 I love it!)

    • SofiaT

      Welcome to the community, Pikinanou!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yay! Welcome!

    • Welcome, Pikinanou! Very glad to hear you’ve been enjoying The Young Protectors! Thank you! 😀

  • JustStoppingBye

    Glad that Spooky has given Kyle the once over and that there aren’t any lasting effects. Wait? Lasting effects? What does that mean? (Yes. Suspicious Poster is always suspicious.)

    Could Spooky determine exactly what the spell was used on Kyle by tracing the magic…backwards? Does it even work that way? If he could, then could he help Kyle set up something to reverse/minimize/contain it?

    And last, but not least, great googly moogly! Dat azz!

    • Dakejev

      Well, even then all he could do was to trace the trans-dimensional teleport spell, not whatever Laampros did to make the pact with Duncan.

    • great googly moogly…..Fraggle speak?

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Even when someone hurts us, we can’t help but still have feelings for them.

    • Yep….I couldn’t say that I wouldn’t date my ex bf again who had a ginormous stick so far up his a** he couldn’t bend over. Really good physical chemistry together though. He was a senior my freshman year of college and we broke up before he graduated, we were still friends my sophomore year. Then he accused me of trying to come between him and his best friend (yes the bestie was hot, but we only really got close because I helped him though a really really rough break-up (he was at times suicidal), but I hooked him up with one of my friends at some point). Then my senior year we started talking again and he actually joined a D&D campaign I ran. We were talking outside of the dorm and one of his friends was having a somewhat drunken break down (this one not too bad looking…..great voice, seriously….he sung…this one song can’t for the life of me remember what it is called…..maybe “She’s Got A Way?” let me just say….melt worthy) and Ex and I were just talking to him (him sitting, and us standing), We just kind of gravitate(?) towards each other unconsciously. Also apparently we gave off the couple vibe because he kept asking if he was interrupting something….

      Long story short, Kalynn has a very valid point. To this day, I am still unsure whether I would turn him down or not if he came knocking on my door (highly unlikely due to said stick up his a**).

      • Kalynn Osburn

        I think a lot of it has to do with just how lonely and isolated Kyle felt. I mean, he had this secret. This big huge phenomenal secret that he had to keep pent up. The last time he had a secret like this it resulted in burning down his foster families home. And we all know how that ended for him. Finally, after all these years of having to hold on to control, he finally meets the one person who kinda gets it. Yeah he’s a super villain, but he’s strong, and powerful, and confident in his sexuality. Everything you aren’t. Everything you wish so badly you could be. Not only that but he genuinely sympathizes with you. He treats you like an adult when you are that point in your life where people “SAY” you’re a grown-up but you still don’t feel like one. He gives you kindness, respect, an outlet. He makes you feel wanted and gives you someone to rely on.

        What I’m saying is, I don’t BLAME Kyle for falling in love with Duncan. How could he not! The son of a bitch made all of us swoon or him to the point where some of us are still determined to see the “good” in him despite the emotional rape he just landed at Kyle’s feet. I understand how Kyle feels. He was invested in this, into making Duncan and he work together. And to be betrayed so callously by the first person he trust with his deeper self.

        We’ve all known that feel.

        I’ll say it again. Flyboy is my personal choice for Kyle. IF he has some hope of a normal relationship after this is all over, I think it will be him. Flyboy is younger, true, but I think it’s going to take Kyle few years before he’s ready to open up to having someone in his life. Flyboy has shown not only his willingness to be there for his friend no matter what, but I think the fangirl yaoi discover was a precursor to Flyboy’s budding sexuality. Don’t know if it will happen. But I feel like there is potential.

        My crackship is SpookyxKyle. Logically I feel the feels between the Commander and Spooky. But damn I wanna see Kyle and Spooky with some hot love.

        • Well, I guess I should have also mentioned that said ex also hurt me more than once emotionally, but then if I had gotten into all of that it would have taken a lot longer to type and for you to read, so I just summed it up concisely with the stick up his a** comment. To sum up the relationship in another way, he liked me for who he thought I should be instead of who I was, so I often felt the “gilded cage”.

        • Steven K.

          Not sure I’d agree with your last paragraph (I think we’ve had enough intimations that Spooky is straight, in any case), but I really love the rest of your post and agree wholeheartedly with the things you mention and your wonderfully empathetic analysis!

  • NightArcher213

    Wow, it’s really upsetting to see Kyle defend Annie. Especially just after a betrayal that should, even to someone in love, be indefensible.

    • SofiaT

      I don’t think it’s Duncan he’s defending but rather his decision to get involved with him in the first place.

      • Dakejev

        This is how I read it too.

    • Niggle

      I agree with SofiaT. Kyle is defending his decisions from the past: that he thought Annie was reforming.

  • Mark Cothern

    I really hope it turns out The Annihilator isn’t all bad…..I wouldn’t mind seeing him interact with the whole team, out in the field. That would make for some interesting dynamics/conflicts.

  • Mary Kelleher
    • vessto


  • Frater Gymnos

    i love the intense look on Spooky’s face. He’s all about business, while poor Paul is a little hotter under the collar.

  • Niggle

    Alex, I love love love your comments. XD I didn’t doubt Spooky’s motives. Given the situation that would have made him truly a scumbag and I didn’t believe that he was. However, I could pretend to have doubted him so he can correct me. 8D

    I also find it a little funny that Fluke is complaining about age. There was a discussion many pages back from a reader who was displeased with the age gap and felt it was reinforcing bad stereotypes, but they also said they wouldn’t have minded what Anni had done if he was just much younger. Pissed me off enough that I kept editing my replies and then never replied in the end. Because damn, that is straight up ageism.

    • Thank you, Niggle! And no need to pretend doubt—I’m sure Spooky wouldn’t mind preaching to the choir. 😉

  • Lady_Hiroko

    I didn’t doubt. Not really. But I get where he’s coming from–the age thing. Anni is old enough to be his dad if not his granddad. I want my partner to be close enough to my age so we can enjoy doing things more. I can accept a 10 yr age gap max. Unless you’re one of those who go after money. My ma is 10 yrs younger than my dad and my dad can’t do anything anymore and its restricting her own freedom–she’s more or less his house-nurse. Don’t get me wrong, I love my folks and wouldn’t trade them for anybody. If my partner died of natural causes, I want to be right on his heels. That’s just my point of view. Agree to disagree.

    • Dakejev

      Having lost my virginity (unless you count mutual masturbation experiments in my teens) to someone that was 30+ years older than me (I was over 20 myself), I can tell you that when it comes to love and lust, the age thing doesn’t matter that much.

    • Randy Patton

      Actually, 58 is a little young to be Kyle’s grandad. There is a 40-yr gap which means that each generation would have to start before they were 20 (by at least nine months) in order to make it come out with this interval. It could happen, though.

  • larry

    I never really thought about this before, but does anyone even know how old Annihilator actually is? I don’t know if it’s even been established whether or not he even ages at a normal pace. Most of his powers seem to be physical in nature, and then there’s the Priestess’ magic. The idea of him out living normal human beings isn’t that far fetched. He could easily BE 100 years old. Or older. Might explain why the idea of his own mortality terrifies him so.

    • SofiaT

      He’s 58. 🙂

      • Xalun K

        He’s 58 according to himself. 🙂

        • Sapfo

          “Mr. Annihilator. I need to see your driver license.”

          *look at the license and see his true age, look up at Duncan, look back to the license again and then starts to laugh*

          “Mihihihi! Really!? Hahahaha! Your that old! Muahahaha!”

          *Annihilator takes the license with a sour face*
          “Yes, really!”

          “You have a good day….hihihi!”

          • Dakejev

            …for some reason I don’t think he HAS a driver’s licence, at least not a legit one. =P

          • Denise Cruz

            Maybe because he’s an anarchist. So, he would probably prefer driving without it. Well, assuming that, with all that speed of his, he would ever need a car… 😉

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, goodbye Kyle’s bare butt! It was really nice to make your acquaintance during the time we spent together (and going back and rereading the comic from the beginning, I realize it was actually a LOT of time :-D). Too bad that time didn’t include more, um, enjoyable circumstances for you, Kyle and myself, but I have hope for this storyline that Kyle’s romantic prospects will improve once all the world-saving is done, so I’m sure I’ll see you again, and hopefully with a much more pleasant outcome for you and our little hero. Oh, and I’d like to give a little shoutout to Kyle’s fiery happy trail–we didn’t spend nearly as much time together as I would have liked, but it was very nice to at least get a glimpse of you, and I am looking forward to seeing you again as well. 🙂

    As for Paul’s lecture, I hope he doesn’t go too hard on Kyle; after all, he’s still just a kid, and an inexperienced one at that. Who doesn’t have one or two romantic mistakes in their past, especially at that age? His are just a bit more epic because, well, he’s a superhero. If you’re gonna fuck up romantically, you might as well go big early on and get it out of your system, so you have time to recover and get it right, than to have never taken the risk and possibly miss out on something really good and/or educational. Given your powers, Fluke, the odds of you being lucky in love the first go-around (I’m assuming you haven’t yet, considering your age), are not that great, soo I’d ease up if I were you, and just focus on the problem at hand, which is helping Kyle save the world.

    And Spooky? Don’t change a thing. You are perfect and awesome so far, and I am rooting for you and Commanda to hook up (what’s a good portmanteau for them? Cooky? Spamander? I’ll think about it) once the demon- and villain-ass-kicking is over, so keep on keeping it in the comfortable buddy zone with you and Kyle. 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      (I favor Spookmander myself, but I’m open to other names.)

      • fujoshifanatic

        I like it! I will add it to the list. 🙂

        • John

          I thnk it’d TAKE someone like The commander to keep Spooky in line!

          Actually, thats doing spooky a disservice. If anything he’s shown that he is actually very mature and considerate. He just doesn’t act it.

          Either way, I stand by my assertion the commander is a good match for him. But I suspect the commander wouldn’t date one of her charges so either she’d have to stop down or he’d have to leave for it to happen.

          • Denise Cruz

            I’m with you on this one! They were looking each other very… suspiciously(?!) , when the guys were looking at porn, few pages ago… They even look good together! 😀

    • Frater Gymnos


    • Steven K.

      Awesome post and great points you make and sentiments you give here. I especially agree with the following:
      “Too bad that time didn’t include more, um, enjoyable circumstances for
      you, Kyle and myself, but I have hope for this storyline that Kyle’s
      romantic prospects will improve once all the world-saving is done, so
      I’m sure I’ll see you again, and hopefully with a much more pleasant
      outcome for you and our little hero.”
      “As for Paul’s lecture, I hope he doesn’t go too hard on Kyle; after all,
      he’s still just a kid, and an inexperienced one at that. Who doesn’t
      have one or two romantic mistakes in their past, especially at that age?”

      And – I REALLY love (well, in addition to the pits), those happy trails you reference – fiery or otherwise. Soooooo sexy.

  • Adam Irving

    Oh, how this brings to mind learning experiences of my own (never involving a demon or the fate of the world…I think). I’m really interested to see more of how Kyle processes everything that happened to him, especially given the reactions of his friends and co-workers. A lot of growing up to do!

    • IamM

      This is actually another point Kyle should bring up. He was planning to have sex with a (possibly inactive) supervillian, not help him take over the world.

      Although has anyone noticed that Duncan seemed to stick awfully close to the truth in his flirting? The only outright direct lie would seem to be about setting the fire.

  • Sapfo

    Apparently there is a board game based on the Firefly universe, I’ve just been invited to a game night in the Firefly spirit, 😀

    • John

      So jealous of you right now.

      Keep flying!

  • YG_Frenchie

    Fluke: “He’s like, a MILLION years old!”

    Me: “Have you seen him naked?!?” *wipes brow*

    Clearly he didn’t.

    I’d join the dark side for a hottie like Duncan. <3

    • Dakejev

      Well, methinks Fluke’s a bit jealous.

      But what Kyle really should point out is that his fuckbuddy ought to be fireproof, and there aren’t that many gay guys out there that are.

      • YG_Frenchie

        I have a feeling that him needing a fireproof partner will be mentioned. Probably in the next page or later. It’s a detail that would help explain why he went for it. Aaaaand that Duncan isn’t hard on the eyes. Awh yeah, I might go draw more of Duncan later.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Besides,some guys just aren’t into “flamers”….now excuse me while I go some place until this giggling fit goes away.

        • Dakejev

          I’m afraid I’m going to have to set you on fire for such a bad joke… =P

      • Steven K.


    • Sai

      Fluke’s like 17 or 18 right? Seems like a normal reaction for that age. “But dude he’s like, old. Like OLD old.”

  • Sapfo

    Ding, Ding! Wow! This fan-train is on the roll ^_^

  • Ellen Harman

    Duncan may be in trouble with Kyle. Not only did Kyle hurt him but his father branded him. Does that not mean that Duncan can be harmed if Kyle really lays into him. And Duncan was not paying attention to their conversation after is branding so he may not know that Kyle is the demon’s son.

    • Dakejev

      I think he knows – the spell wouldn’t have worked on Kyle if he wasn’t, after all.

      • Klaus

        He almost certainly knows that kyle has demon ancestry. But who and how close he may not know.

        • Steven K.

          Right – I’m not sure that we know enough to say for sure that Duncan knew that Laampros was/is actually Kyle’s parent.

  • purplefoxglove

    Well, I didn’t doubt Spooky’s good intentions (as opposed to mine *ahem*), but I’m in dire need of a little tutoring concerning magical examinations. My couch is *very* comfortable…or, if he’d prefer that, I have a double bed that I wouldn’t mind sharing 😉

  • Volume 1 was funded via Kickstarter last year, and is currently going through the production process.

  • Dakejev

    Having lost my virginity (unless you count mutual masturbation
    experiments in my teens) to someone that was 30+ years older than me (I
    was over 20 myself), I can tell you, Fluke, that when it comes to love and lust,
    the age thing doesn’t matter that much.

    It might (usually does) matter when it comes to long-term relationships, but the heart doesn’t check the birth certificate when it decides to fall in love, nor do the loins want to see a driver’s licence when the action’s on.

    • Steven K.

      Thank you for that very wise and true comment. He was probably a lucky gut to have the pleasure and honor of being your first. But it sounds like he was someone with whom you were comfortable, and kudos to you for waiting to find someone that you felt that with before taking the leap.

  • Dakejev

    Even then it’s more of “a murderous OLD guy” – the whole supervillain thing is secondary to the age difference in his mind. =P

    • Steven K.

      So many young men like that these days 🙁

  • Welcome, Emma! Glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors. And Jules is right—a printed book is in the works and once the Kickstarter backers receive their copies, I’ll be making copies available to the general public. Look for it this Summer. 🙂

  • Amanda

    Kyle, the only acceptable answer to why is always going to be, “dat ass”.

    • Denise Cruz

      The funny thing is: No matter what that guy does/have done… No one will be able to forget “dat ass”… 😉

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Well Spooky, I got my tootbrush ready. Where do you want me? 😀

    Also, yes! We tipped the donation bar over. We’ve got a full month of bonus pages ready and waiting for production.

  • Dark_Otter

    I’m sure Kyle will be pleased to know he can put some pants on. Dressings down are easier to take when you’re… y’know… dressed.

    • Steven K.

      Exactly. Thought that as well.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I can’t believe Spooky did that without grabbin’ dat ass….self control or respect…..maybe both!

    • Cman65

      Spooky likes the girls but it is a cute arse

  • Frater Gymnos

    Just had a scary thought! Is Sircea Spooky’s MOTHER!?!?!?!?

    • Denise Cruz

      Cruzes! Credo! >~< Stop that! Don't even start with it, please! (feeling nauseated just thinking about it..)

    • La Belle Gigi

      I seriously doubt it. Someone of her caliber would have either made sure her child was kept close, or would have recognized him through her magic.

      It makes for interesting speculation, though.

  • Cris

    I’m pretty sure spooky could’ve done that with kyle with his clothes on. (not that I’m complaining) (i just want to ship kyle with a good guy and for him to be happy)

    • Steven K.

      Awww — ditto! I’m sooooo bummed that Flyboy is still too young. He already seems to care an awful lot for Kyle – and maybe a little more than you’d expect from simply a “big-bro” type thing.

      • Cris

        but flyboy is like 16, at least in my head the age between the two doesn’t really matter (The author may find it an obstacle though XD)

        • 15, My Mitch/Flyboy is 15….but as soon as that boy turns 18…..*sigh* Why do I have to be so old? Though the fact I look younger than I am makes me feel slightly better.

          • Denise Cruz

            ‘So old’?! YOU are so old?!
            Ahumm! Ok! Sure!..
            You really don’t know how old I am, do you, kid?! XDD
            Well… at least we both look younger than we are! That’s a good thing! 🙂

            And about Mitch… Yeah! He’s such a cutie pie, isn’t he?! Very young, but definately a cutie pie!..

            (Oh, great! Now I’m picturing him in my mind with the age of 30… Nice! XD)

            I wonder if he ever got a girlfriend/ boyfriend…

          • Yes I am a veritable fossil

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, come on! A veritable fossil wouldn’t have Kyoya Ootori as an avatar… 😉

          • …….touché

          • Oh pumpkin that’s just adorable… but you’re just a sweet little kitten. I don’t think you are allowed to even spell the word fossil. Take it from one who won’t see forty again… you are just a young adorable wee little thing. 🙂

            Some day, you’ll look back on this comment and it will make you laugh. Just remember that women don’t reach their sexual peaks until long after stupid men and that, with the right attitude you’ll be having fun long long after most of the bad dates you’ve had have given up hope.

            Enjoy fossil-girl. n 😀

            xo, C

          • ^_^ Chris sweetie, I will be your pumpkin or kitten anytime you want. *tries to give her best come hither look* ^_^

            And I was laughing when I typed it. ^_^

          • Steven K.

            Then that would put my beginnings back to Precambrian times.

        • He just turned 15. He’s almost 2 years younger than Fluke who either soon will – or has just turned 17.

  • Denise Cruz

    Alex Woolfson I laughed so hard from your willingness to chide us about Spooky… (although I’d understood why… lol)

    So, Spooky would like a chat with the girls… XDD All right, but don’t forget to tell him about our comments… It may be a warning for him. Specially the ones about Anni and Kyle’s… er… butts?! lol

    Now, seriously. Seeing that comment of yours made me think about it:.

    Did any of our comments, ( the girls’ comments), ever surprise you?
    Did you ever read something that you’d have expected from a guy, but not from a girl? O.o

    I never really had stopped to think about this kind of things… lol Oh, God! I’m starting to get scared about it… lol

    • Ooh, those are some good questions. 🙂

      • Denise Cruz

        I don’t know if he’s going to answer them… I’m almost scared about the answers, already… lol

        • I don’t think there’s anything to be scared of. 🙂 But I would be curious if anything the readership has said that surprised him.

          • Denise Cruz

            Exactly! I keep thinking about it… Once he always surprises us, how could we have surprised him?

    • Heh. I’m glad you liked my under-the-page note. There have occasionally been things from the readership that have surprised me, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s ever been along gender-lines. My personal belief is that in terms of sexuality and attraction, people are people and there really isn’t that much difference between those who were born with male parts versus female parts. At least in terms of desire and how they might react to a story. 🙂

      • Denise Cruz

        Nice! I tottally agree with you! 😀
        I’ve asked about “the girls’ comments” because I got surprised with some of those,(even with my owns), a few times… (And, I liked it! I must admit! XD)

      • Well Alex, in recent pages, as your readership has tussled back and forth over what to expect from Spooky via a sexual preference (not that I have in any way been part of such tussling), it was fun to see you break down with today’s Spooky-related page notes…

        “I was planning to chide those of you who suspected that he (Spooky) was just some horn dog, but after being told that the majority of our readership is actually women, he said he’d prefer to do that (chiding) himself. In fact, he said he’d be willing to spend all night clearing up this misunderstanding. I think you really hurt his feelings, so I’d pack a toothbrush!)”

        Hurt feelings? Really? I never would have imagined such a thing from Spooky of all people. Well, I guess even the most open-minded non-queer males have their (tooth brush required) breaking points. 🙂

        Let us know how Spooky handles this situation. He’s been so good about all this after all that I hope the ladies are understanding, and comfort him appropriately. Poor guy. 🙂

        • And who is going to comfort you, who was hoping for Spooky to be bi?

  • John

    I’ve dated someone twice my age as a teenager, and half my age now. Age is only an issue if you let it be one.

    That said, I don’t think age is really the primary issue with Duncan, all things considered. I suspect the whole plot-to-end-the-world was the real deal-breaker from the Teams point of view

    From Kyle’s, I’m sure it was the whole trust-betrayal thing. The trick is, as Duncan knew well, you have to give a person a chance to reform. Duncan preyed on that, and exploited Kyle for his own ends.

    I suspect, then, that there is nothing Fluke can say that Kyle hasn’t already told himself. Probably multiple times in the time it took for them to get there.

    • JozefAL

      You kind of have to wonder if Paul would be as hung up on the age deal IF Kyle had been straight and been spending that time with Platinum Priestess?

      I mean, let’s face it. Go read real-world comments in the stories about female teachers in the late 20s to early 40s having sex with their teenage male students. While female commenters recognize the statutory rape aspect, most (straight) male commenters tend to be more “Lucky guy” and “Where were these teachers when I was in school?” than accusatory or even condeming the women’s actions.

      • Dakejev

        That reminds me of that South Park episode…

  • LL

    We got that 20/20 hind-sight

  • bronakopdin

    all the joking about Spooky aside: I’m just relieved that Kyle is OK 🙂

  • Soubi

    Spooky checking out Kyle’s backside. This, I approve of.

  • Jill Whitten

    gratuitous ass shot. I approve. 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    I love how Spooky’s the one actually keeping a level head in this situation, after all Paul’s concerns about his reactions.

  • Johndar

    I know what it’s like to want to explore your sexuality, and while you would rather be with someone around your own age, there’s a handsome older guy who’s available.

  • Holly

    Here’s Paul giving Kyle the most epic “What were you thinking speech” and Spooks just goes “Yeah no magic issues, suit up.” I feel like I am that friend.

    The kind of friend who is checking my friend for broken bones will my other friend is giving them the “what were you thinking speech” and then just interrupting to be like “Yeah, you don’t seem to be bleeding anymore.”

    • But is this a good thing or a bad thing? The interruption could allow both to gather their thoughts so things don’t go kablooey. And we really don’t want Kyle going kablooey.

      • Holly

        mmm I agree. But my point was more that Paul was making a big deal about not upsetting Kyle, and then he is giving him the “what were you thinking speech.” I dunno the timing of what Spooks said, and what he said seems kind of pointed to me. I might be reading into it too much.

        Like, “hey Paul. Kyle has no lasting harm from the traumatic incident he experienced earlier. Remember that? The one we are not too upset him about?!”

        • No, you have a great point there regarding the timing of the interruption.

          Though I have to admit I was glad to see Paul stop walking on eggshells. It was getting uncomfortable with his discomfort. Now he’s looking at Kyle instead of avoiding any contact.

          • JozefAL

            Well, considering the fact that Kyle’s now standing up, Paul might be less concerned about inadvertently seeing something he might not want to see. It’s MUCH easier to look someone in the eye when they’re at the same level that you are with a bit less, um, chance of a “wandering eye.” Kyle was pretty well-covered in the last couple of pages (at least from OUR point of view) but he was sitting on the floor and sometimes “bits” get into the line of sight from someone (like Paul) who’s standing up and looking in that general direction.

          • Dakejev

            Guys check each other out, even straight guys, so I’d say it’s less “the whole nudity thing” than “the whole gay thing”. Because now stealing a glance at his goodies might be considered interest, right? Cause obviously any gay guy automatically wants to sleep with any other guy that they come across. /sarcasm

            And if it indeed is that (and not Fluke having the hots for Kyle and trying not to look too close in fear of finding out just how much/little that spandex conceals), then I’m going to have to be a little disappointed with him. Kyle was gay yesterday, too, and he was fine with him. Now he’s somehow changed? It’s just Fluke’s perception of Kyle that has changed, and if it makes him avoid things like friendly hugs, then he’s no best friend.

          • Denise Cruz

            I agree with you, AJ!
            Of course it’s an unconfortable situation for everyone, but, avoiding the hub wasn’t making it easier at all.
            From my pov it was the best thing that could have happened… Now they can talk with each other more frankly without having to pretend not see the ‘elephant in the planting of strawberries’… 😉 Now things are going to settle in…

          • Exactly so! He was being silly in my opinion. 🙂

          • Denise Cruz


            But, I’d dare to say that they all were being silly… ’cause any of them could’ve said something more quickly. It would’ve helped Kyle to feel better, as I think it did.

            Even Kyle could have done it first, although, he had already been through a lot.

          • I do think Spooky handled it about right. No nerves, (or at least hiding the nerves) got Kyle out of the mode of self-disgust and self-pity, and on to business.

            But Paul, with all his talk, just stumbled, but he seems to have landed on his feet.

            Though I am getting more and more curious about Spooky and his background.

          • Denise Cruz

            Yeah.. Spooky was wonderful! Although he made me a little insecure with his first comments about Kyle’s situation… but, it was good, so… we’re fine! lol

            I really keep my eyes on Spooky’s atitudes… I’ve said it before: He knows more than he says.. He certainly knows better than everyone else. I don’t know why, but he seems to be prepared to everything that happens, BEFORE it even starts.

            Someone else speculated about he being Sircea’s son…

            I’m starting to considerate this idea. It would explain a lot of things…

            OH! BTW: I LOVED those green effects from his hands! That was so cool!! 😀

          • The magic is great. Do you suppose it’s silent or makes a noise? I mean since it’s kind of a “diagnostic” spell.

            Oh I’m quite sure Spooky knows more than he’s letting on. I do hope that Alex writes his story someday.

          • Denise Cruz

            Well… once Kyle looked kind of startled when Spooky talked to him, after doing his ‘diagnostic’ spell, (look at the last panel – Kyle’s face), I believe it made no sound.

            Although, I can’t avoid picturing it sonically in my mind…lol

            Seriously, I hear the sound every time I remember those

            I would love seeing Spooky’s story, as well. It would be definately great to know how he turned out to be that great, even being so young! 🙂

            Oh! Do you think Amanda knows that he knows better?! I sense she does…

          • No you’re right the magic is probably silent, but I can definitely hear it when looking at the page. lol

            Oh she probably knows quite a bit about Spooky. Does she know all about him, that’s a good question, but his tendency to know best? Oh yeah, I’m sure she knows that very well.

          • Denise Cruz

            I wonder how much she knows about each one of them… Maybe she even knew about Kyle being gay…

          • That’s the ultimate question.

          • Denise Cruz

            Yeah, it may be… maybe Spooky and she have been talking with each other all this time, about Kyle’s situation and everything else.
            Spooky could’ve being another ‘commander’ beside her. Without the other guys knowing it, of course.
            It would explain why he never accepted those invitations to be part of the adults teams…

          • The mystery of Spooky just thickens. And I’m sure Spooky is enjoying all the speculation. XD

          • Denise Cruz

            I AM being speculative tonight…(and talkative, I just realized… XD)

          • XD Nothing wrong with that. You’re making up for lost time. 🙂

          • Me three!!!!

          • Denise Cruz

            Welcome to the club, friend! XD It’s nice to have you here!

          • And four and five and six and…

          • Steven K.

            IF Spooky is Sircea’s son, they don’t seem to have a very positive relationship, given his comments much earlier concerning her.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, they certainly wouldn’t! After all, they ended up being in opposite sides of justice.

            I think it’s pretty interesting to imagine how it would’ve happened to them.

            Did she abandon him when he was little?
            Did he recognize her?
            Did he choose the side where he is or it was just a coincidence that they are opposite people?

            So many questions and no answers yet… (sighs)

        • Steven K.

          Right – Paul was the one concerned with Kyle’s emotional state and state of mind, yet he’s the one slamming into him.

  • Aja

    so. much. fanservice 😉

  • Sorry I was gone all day today. My brother wasn’t feeling well so I had to replace him in going to see Jeff Dunham in Knoxville.

    How things went down today:



    Me:mmmmmhuhwhattimeisit? *looks at clock*……oh…*gets up picks up phone and speaks in just woke up two seconds ago voice (which funnily enough often gets confused with sick voice)* yeah?

    Mother: You sick too?

    Me: No, just woke up

    Mother: You want to go see Jeff Dunham?

    Me: That is today?

    Mother: Yeah

    Me: Daniel going? (the tickets were his Christmas present after all, so I am confused about why I am being asked)

    Mother: No, his ….blah blah blah….is flaring up again and he won’t/can’t go

    Me: Oh…ok. Sure.

    Mother: Well go shower and I will be there as soon as I am ready.

    Me: Ok.

    So not even an hour after waking up I am on the road. Roughly a 2 hour drive. Get there close to 30 min before they start seating people, roughly 20 till start seating time we go to get in line. Line wasn’t that long quite yet so we got to our seats not too long after they start letting people in. Sit in our seats for about an hour. Show starts a little late. Lots of laughing. Show ends roughly 3 hours-ish later. Almost have an accident getting out of Knoxville cause some stupid people need to learn how to drive and blocking an intersection is illegal….Get dinner at the Cracker Barrel, not impressed with the service, but the buttermilk fried chicken thing that I got was good. Drive home….spend 3-4 hours catching up on everything I missed while sleeping and then being away….

    So did not know that Jeff Dunham had done shows in Scandinavia…( He just made his fifth trip to Europe, stopping in Iceland,
    Scandinavia, Amsterdam, and Belgium, and recently made his second trip
    to South Africa, selling out arenas in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sun City
    and Durban.

    • Sapfo

      Have fun! ^_^
      (hope your brother gets better soon)

      • It was great, loads of fun, we got to see a new character he is working with/on. Daniel may not get better until he can see the doctor and the idiots didn’t schedule him in until the 20th…roughly two weeks after his problem started so he might be, to quote mother “skin and bones” by that time. It is an on going problem and he is going to have to take meds for the rest of his life for it. The doctor visit is just to get a refill on his meds I believe.

        • Sapfo

          Sorry to hear.

          • Eh, I personally don’t see why he lets it interfere with his life as much as he does, but then again the Mother and Grandmother always let him do/get whatever he wanted…..he is 20, and I seriously doubt he will ever be able to function as an adult.

    • Steven K.

      Gee – and I don’t even know who Jeff Dunham is 😉

  • Kate G

    So, um, what do you want on this toothbrush, Spooks, because I only have Crest or Colgate. Crest or Colgate? I mean, if you really want to torture me, you’d make me have to rinse with that awful extra-strength Biotene stuff my parents have in the downstairs bathroom (that stuff is HORRIBLE.)

    And why am I not allowed to admire Kyle’s butt again? He has a cute butt. I need a cute butt right about now, especially since my legs are about to fall off from doing leg and ab exercise routines earlier today. My leeeeeeeeeeeegs.

    For that comment, do I have to brush my teeth twice, Alex?

    And there’s a bonus page two days before my birthday and a regular page the day after. I feel special. Sometimes it’s great to have a birthday at the end of the month (January 31.) Presents without looking! *squeals in glee*

  • Kelsey Marie

    Aaaaaaaahhhh look at that cute little tushi! Hahaha thanks Alex!

    • Steven K.

      Sofia proposed “dat butt”, for Kyle’s, but I think I prefer “dat tushi”.

  • Dracon Ra

    The million years comment reminded me of something I wanted to post for a while now.
    It’s for the benefit of everyone who likes to see Duncan punished.
    Over 20 years ago, I came up with the idea for an immortal dragon and she didn’t leave my head ever since. So I’ve been thinking about the drawbacks of being immortal. My dragon is actually millions of years old, she was born on earth, while there were still dinosaurs to hunt.
    For her, immortality is a price she paid for the benefit of her people. But being so old, the dragons evolved and now she is feared, a living fossil,
    representing a time where dragons where more animal like, more dangerous than the modern dragons.

    Why do I tell you this? I do see a similar fate for Duncan.
    Living thousands of years, seeing the world change, unable to keep up with it, losing the few friends and loved ones he has, time and time again. Slowly losing his mind, to loss and grieve.
    And in his rare clear moments, realizing, he is not in a prison, but in a zoo:

    “Look kids, there he is, the last of the homo sapiens. They were a dangerous race, it is a wonder mankind survived their reign. Careful, don’t get to close!”

  • Leon

    He is like a million years old. I think you need to be like a million years old to be considered ‘silver fox’ no?

    • Denise Cruz

      Not to mention looking damn gorgeous… 🙂

      • Leon

        hell yes. I could not agree with you more if I tried.

        • Denise Cruz

          Anni can even be a huge douchebag, but man… if every douchebag in life was that handsome and charming… oh, the world would be a much, much better place to live! XDD

          • Leon

            That is so true. sighhhhh such a swoon moment.

  • KryX

    Having reached the “millennial” age myself, I’d like if I could make a couple of observations. Humans are sexual throughout their lives. Infants through seniors are sexually stimulated at times. For those of you in your “prime”, do you seriously see a point in your future where sexuality will not play a part? I can also say from personal experience, the way you view older people and sex in your youth will play a large part in the way you view yourself when you hit a million, unless you don’t plan on making it that long.

    • bronakopdin

      I always wonder about young people thinking that way!
      I mean I’m only 24 and yet I never thought I might be a nun with age… Someone once asked me in the context “just imagine p*rn with old people” and my answer was “I don’t need to image, I just need to stay over at my granny’s”
      The face the dude made was hilarious (and also I BET somewhere even those movies exist)
      so what? as if you need to be “at most” some certain age as you need some certain age to drink…

      so yeah, I totally agree with you, let them get older and see for themselves if the thought of it is still that unappealing to them 😉

      • Denise Cruz

        Totally agreed! 😀
        I even know an older guy, (pretty older), that is a widower… he dates a lot; is very healthy; pretty active; swims every morning AND is freaking damn attractive!
        What’s the problem with it?
        I don’t understand people being prejudiced with older people sexuality… I jusnt don’t get it…
        It’s nice to see someone so young with such a great mind/heart as yours! 🙂

        • bronakopdin

          awww thanks ^^ I seem to think different in many ways and always stand alone in the corner so it’s nice see someone appreciate it 🙂

          and I cheer for that guy, maybe he even finds a new love! It’s never to late for that 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            Believe me, honey: I’ve been there! For all my life, I’ve been there! lol

            But, what you need to understand, although I sense you already have, is that you’re far far ahead of your folks, when it comes to think wisely…
            You seem to be pretty mature for your age, and that maturity charges a price. So you kinda get… in the corner, as you said before… Who doesn’t understand this, can’t keep with your pace. It may not be easy, sometimes, but it is, indeed, a gift! 😉

          • bronakopdin

            so sweet ^^ maybe you’re right, and maybe that’s the reason I always fall only for elder guys :p
            though those never want me ^^’
            maybe later xD
            good luck for you though 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            Well, it’s true!
            Don’t rush yourself! They are the ones who are losing ‘a great deal’!
            Thanks. Good lucky for you, too! 🙂

        • Great comment.

          Sexual joy has nothing to do with anything… Not joy, age, race, gender preference, etc… etc…

          You say it perfectly. It’s all about attitude, love, imagination, self-confidence, care for others and empathy.

          I read once that the writer Sam Keen said that, “Love comes, not from finding the perfect person, but from seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

          Love that. It’s certainly been true in my life. XD

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks! I really meant what I said!
            I loved this comment of yours, as well… That Sam Keen’s quote was wonderful! <3 And I'm glad to know that you are seeing/being seen perfectly! 😉

          • Adam Black

            you are lucky

          • Steven K.

            That he is.

          • Steven K.

            I know a guy like that, though he was taken. Even the very few “imperfections” that I’ve been able to find or notice in him I find rather adorable – and they make him human, rather than a god, so I guess that’s a good thing. Yes, no one is perfect, but he’s the most perfect human being I’ve yet met. His only “faults” that I DON’T care for are that he’s already partnered and not into older men.

    • I agree with you. Let me start by saying that. Sex doesn’t have anything to do with age.

      I believe Paul’s comment about being ‘a mio years old’ is based in what most teenagers go through. Most people have that time where you don’t want to imagine your parents have sex, let alone your grandparents. We KNOW they do it, but it’s easier to visualize that we came with the stork xD
      Kyle went out and lost his virginity to a guy who could be their grandfather. No matter how we twist it, it’s quite an age differerence especially since Kyle is still a teenager. Paul is ‘seeing’ that and not Duncan is quite a hunk.

      It’s not that Paul is going ‘elder people have sex *eww*’ in itself, it’s that Kyle had sex with ‘grand-daddy’. Fluke is going ‘why would you even..? Don’t want to visualize’.
      Then add the villain factor and Fluke is baffled and confused by Kyle’s choice in sex partner.

      • Yes to everything you say. But if you are a guy with a yen for cave-men or for men with the solidity, experience, and assurance of “some” age… and some of us are?

        It’s just what it is. OMG, how could you not have some reaction to Duncan. AA&W created him to be hot. Any age… and he’s HOT. Even if I ever looked like Kyle, I could not have denied that Duncan was HOT.

        There are may tricky ideas that go into attraction. It’s is never just one thing. It’s funny that even in Hong Hong I never even thought once of the idea that D. was ‘older’. He was just hot and I’d have gone in a second. If going with a super villain made me a dope… I would have bee such a dope.

        That’s part of what made the betrayal so hard.I would have done just the same thing. Arg. Most of us don’t like just one thing. We like may different men for an infinite number of reasons. It’s so embarrassing.

        I couldnt’ have explained myself to Paul even as well as Kyle did… ugh. How embarrassing.

        • This is why I think we can establish that Paul is straight (unless he’s saying it out of jealousy), and we got an indirect view of what he’s not attratced to 🙂
          He doesn’t seem to see Duncan-the-hunk, he just seems to see Duncan-the-middleaged.

          I know I had a whuut-moment about 5 years ago that made me feel ‘old’ in the age of 27.
          Was standing at a busstop along with two teenage girls, around 17-18 years old, and they were talking about hot men. They were talking various moviestars and one asked the other how she thought about guys like Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, because they were seen as sexy, and the other goes ‘Eww no, they’re way to old’.
          My facial expression must have been priceless, but they didn’t even see the appeal of ‘old’ moviestars in their late 40s, just the almost 30 years age difference.

          • Sapfo

            More Depp, Clooney and Pitt for us then. I know that I would not kick them out of my bed to fast.

            But at what age do we (30-year-olds) view a man to be to old? Or to young?

            I know that Justin Bieber is not on my list of hot men. And he is older then Kyle.

          • On the 25th of this month I will be 30.5,,,,,and I think I have stopped caring about the older age limit I used to have about dating men….(though in my early 20’s I would not have turned Sean Connery down, but as a general rule would not have dated someone that old at that age) and as for younger men… long as it doesn’t look like I am robbing the craddle and they have to be at least 21.

          • Sapfo

            I think age is relevant to what I most want to do with a man. And that sounded all wrong. But what I mean is, to have fun for a short time or settel down. That’s where the difference comes into play. To have fun with someone then has aged is less importance. But if I want something more permanent then aged to play a greater role.
            But it all goes back to personality, which is the most importent thing of all. And I do not mean he have to have a great peronality, He just need to be a person I can like and care about.

            Edit: and who can stand my personality.

          • Denise Cruz

            Sean Connery is almost a god! That guy is HOT! And GORGEOUS!
            He’s 83, btw! 😉

          • Sapfo

            Yeah he was hot until he said that he think it´s okay to slap his wife…. Not so hot after that.


          • Denise Cruz

            I didn’t know that…
            Oh, that’s bad! That’s stupid! Oh, man…that’s such a huge disappointment…

          • Sapfo

            Well not really. I rather know a mans view on things like this before doing something I will regret later. But It is kind of like saying there is no Santa.

          • Denise Cruz

            Yeah! That’s true! XD But, at least, Santa keeps being nice, even when we know he isn’t real… XD
            This is one f the reasons I never got married. If he did something like that to me, I certainly would stab him to death. And this is one thing I don’t wanna do to anyone. Ever!

          • Sapfo

            That is why I should marry Santa. Good reason to not care about my waist anymore. 😉

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, Santa would be such a great husband! You would get nice presents all the time! XD

          • But is he happy all the time? That might get tiring, being around someone always jolly. ;D

          • Sapfo

            But if he is jolly, maybe I can be jolly too XD

          • That’s one way of looking at it. And there would be all the cookies one could eat wouldn’t there. Cookies make up for a lot of things. 😀

          • Sapfo

            And as Mrs Sapfo Santa I would not have to think about my waist ;D
            Wonder if I can convince Santa to take my last name o.O Muahahaha!

          • HA! Yes, the advantage of marrying Santa.

            Well, in this modern age, he should really consider such a thing. Or at least hyphenate.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, I don’t think he’d be happy all the time. This isn’t even possible… but, at least, he wouldn’t blame you or try to take it out on you when he wasn’t; he’s too nice for this kind of thing! 😉

          • I would hope so. I’m not sure I trust the jolly ones. Those guys who are always happy and chipper. They make me suspicious. 😀

          • Ditto. They creep me out.

          • Denise Cruz

            XDD So you are a suspicious girl, uhn?! I would’ve never said, AJ… 🙂

          • HA! You gotta admit, when someone is always happy… 😛

          • Denise Cruz

            Well… I’m certainly not the best person to talk about it, once I am always happy! XD It’s this or too much moody… XD

          • But you have moods yes. Some of those chipper folk… 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            Yes. We can say that! XD

          • 😀 Well there we go, It just seems unnatural to always be happy.

          • Could the aliens come and take Bieber back to their home planet please?

            As far as I’m concerned Robert Downey Jr is getting better looking the older he gets. He was always good looking but now… 😀

          • Please do not insult aliens in that way.

          • Sapfo

            I can understand why the aliens left him here.

          • Yup. They didn’t want him either. I think it’s the house breaking issue.

          • Denise Cruz

            To punish us for being bad for the whole Universe?!

          • Someone needs to lay claim to him. We don’t want him. Surely someone will take him off our hands.

          • Denise Cruz

            Pleeease!!Anyone! Just do it! Quickly! XD

          • bronakopdin

            OH Yes

            and in general I think it works that way: I sometimes think young men (20ish) can sure be HOT
            but only older ones (30+) are ATTRACTIVE
            in a way that you really think they’re standing in life with both feet on the ground and have some kind of CHARISMA

          • Very true. Many of them have reached their stride. They know who they are and what they want, but I suppose that’s part of the charisma. 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            RD Jr. — YEAH! Woohooo!! XD
            Maybe the aliens could just make ‘that thing’ disappear… It would, already, be a HUGE help! Xd

          • HA!

            I swear whenever RDJ walks on the screen I drool a little.

          • Denise Cruz

            No one can blame you, honey!
            Everyone is too busy trying to wipe the floor of their own houses… XDD

          • Too true. My mom always complains that they never seem to put RDJ on the list of sexiest men. Something is just wrong there.

          • Denise Cruz

            Maybe they are loosing too much time hearing Justin Bieber… That’s their problem! XD

          • I’m certain there are some lost brain cells floating around in need of a home with those guys. Of all the men named here, not once had Bradley Cooper been mentioned. Why should he have been made sexiest man when there are so many better candidates… RDJ, Hugh Jackman…etc I’d take Daniel Craig even.

          • Yes, so yummy

          • Denise Cruz

            Eeeeewwww!! Bieber!

            I only can talk for myself, but, I don’t think it really has something to be with age… Look at this webcomic, as an example: Most of us consider Anni hot. He’s 58.

            Most of us consider Kyle hot. He’s 18. And, for last, but not least, most of us consider Mitch hot. He’s 15. So, it says a lot. Don’t you think?

            It’s not about age, at all!

            Saying for myself, one guy I think is INSANELY HOT is Mads Mikkelsen. He’s 48. 😉

          • LOL. I seem to be surrounded by Mads Mikkelsen fans these days.

            And for age, in real life I often find myself attracted to guys older than me instead of my own age. Well, oki, now that I’ve passed 30 the ages start to vary more bit *lol* .. but as a teen/young adult it was like that. My mom even commented on it once that she had noticed I seemed to like men 10-20 years older than me xD

            (Of course my crush on Hugh Jackman, lasting 18 years and going, didn’t make it any harder to figure out)

          • I always found men who were 30 attractive, since passing 30 I still find 30 year old men attractive. It’s just weird.

          • Sapfo

            I found 20 year olds attractive when I was 20 and now when I´m 33, I find 33 years olds attrative. I´m taking a wild guess that when I am 50 I will like 50 year old men….

          • It’s so very interesting what each of us finds attractive and are attracted to.

          • Denise Cruz

            I agree with you about the older guys! I’ve also been a huge fan of then, since my teenager years. ^v^ Their elegance is always so attractive!

            About Mads… I can’t explain what happens… He isn’t even my type, but when I see him acting in ‘Hannibal’, with that cold way to look… er… I can’t avoid it! I don’t know… lol

            But, you must admit it: that guy is gloriously handsome. So is Hugh Jackman! Although they are so different each other,both have great attributes to fill or eyes with! 😉

          • Steven K.

            I actually do think that J.B. is totally cute/hot/adorable, but OH, SOOOO annoying! And I’m not a fan of the music. I’m more of a total fan of the music of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (I know – slight difference in spelling). So, although Justin is visually appealing to me, there are a lot of older lads that are WAY ahead of him on the list that I’d rather make out with. If we are talking vocalists, put someone like contertenor Phillipe Jaroussky a the top of the list – beautiful, exceptionally talented with an amazing voice, a man of my musical tastes, AND a super-intelligent scholar! He is THE “total package”.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, I also prefer Mr. Biber! I also play the violin! 🙂
            Mr. Jaroussky, indeed, is beautiful! And his voice is exquisite! Very talented guy!

          • Steven K.

            Denise – I am impressed that you (also) have such sophisticated and impeccable taste!

          • I don’t think until Mr. Biber grows his pubic hair it’s appropriate for us to be taking this way about his future (pause) just sayin’. :-0

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks, Steven! That makes two of us, uhn?! 😀

            Unfortunately, this kind of music really isn’t very popular in Brazil; but I always had… different tastes from the most of people here… it drives my dad insane, sometimes XD He doesn’t understand it.

            Did you ever heard about ‘Edson Cordeiro’ ?!

            He’s a brazilian countertenor. Also, very talented guy. Look at youtube. He’s quite entertaining, although, not handsome… XD

          • Denise Cruz

            Ha! Put Clooney or Pitt on a party, alone and lets see how old they would considerate them… There’s not age for someone that sexy!

          • Don’t you get tired of being right D-Wolf?

            Okay, I’m getting that this is definitely not a gay romance. My first clue was Duncan sh*ting on Kyle… CLUE#1… even for some of us slower readers like me, I finally got it. Then, as of our current page, it was CLUE#2.

            HA… As you well know D-Wolf, I tried to play out the romantic versatility of our Spooky as long as I could, just for the fun of it. You were gracious even though you knew my efforts were in vain. But, while not an official WoG, Alex’s comments at the beginning of last page were pretty much as close to a WoG as you could get without the angelic choir. He pretty much says, pretty directly, that Spooky is not queer… okay… got it. I fold my hand. It’s been said. I was swimming upstream past the Grizzly bear… yeah… hopeless.

            Your wolfish self was right about that one also.

            Too bad. I must admit that I had hoped that the Spook-dude, the guy not in the skin tight onezie, might have been the surprise “mo” love option. You know just to change up the typical Tom of Finland tight pants gay outfit. So, too bad, by my light, but clearly Alex is telling us that Spooky is here for you and Sapfo and maybe a few thousand of the other ladies, but not for Kyle.

            Now I hear some of you saying… “Oh for pete’s sake Chris, look at Kyle he’s not going to have a problem getting a date. And while I have to agree, I will remind you all that his first date pretty much went to hell… so, even if he’s a stud, I just can’t believe that everything is going to be easy peasy. But, hey? What do I know.

            Hey, the clues have been there throughout, but you know that I’m never been one to let evidence get in the way of my personal desires. So, sad for Kyle, but a very understandable road to follow.

            Now — you, Denise, SteveK (and I’m sure many others seem to have established “Paul as non-queer.” Paul can’t seem to understand Kyle’s attraction to Duncan. And I must agree that it seems more age/sex related than “villain” related. Too bad. So I guess no support to be had there. I guess it’s not meant to be.

            Mitch… well, if it is Mitch — at 15? It puts all the weight of figuring out what it means to be gay back on to Kyle and that seems just rather like the blind leading the blind. Alex can write anything, but it’s hard to sit here today and imagine a happy healthy relationship in that scenario. So, while I’m aware anything is possible, it seems like a rough and short-term road to any sort of happiness. (?) So I kinda think there’s no happy ending with Mitch except as a pal, I hope.

            Tsunami — (?) Well there’s a lot of ‘guy’ silliness during the interlude and I do agree with Sofia’s comment about “He doth protest to much.” until he gets to his conversation in the INTERLUDE with Mitch: “Trust me, Mitch you don’t WANT to see this stuff. It’s messed up and twisted. I wish I hadn’t seen it. Dude, I’m serious, it’ll ruin you for life. Promise me you’ll leave it alone, kay, little budy?”

            That’s NOT casual revulsion. I’ve encountered many people over the years who were closeted or scared of their own desires. I don’t read Tsunami’s lines that casually. Tsunami may have his own issues, but they are deep and complex. There is no love to be found here. This is full out revulsion. I hope he’ll find a place with Kyle to be a professional colleague, but I can’t imagine we’ll go from lines like those to any understanding easily. I suspect we’ve got some pain coming

            Just what Kyle needs.

            So that’s that. *dusts hands* If there’s love in our Kyle’s future it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be found within his team. And that’s reasonable. Most of us don’t find true love at work.

            While I do agree with many of our readers and hope that our Duncan finds redemption, that’s all I hope. The idea that our victim finds his way back to his victimizer because that’s his only option is heartbreaking. How many women return to abusing husbands because they don’t think they can do better?

            I wan’t Duncan redeemed, healed and happy, but not at the price of Kyle’s soul.

            So. one page at a time…

            – Let’s have friend and colleagues forgive Kyle.

            – Let’s save the earth.

            – Lets be happy.

            – For some… let them be redeemed.

            – Let Kyle’s true love be a honest… whenever it happens.


          • Muffins! And coffee!

          • Monsoon? (he says hopefully)

          • Today was Blue Dragon and Sulawesi. But I think there is still some Monsoon in the bucket. 🙂

          • Mmmmmmmm……….

          • Indeed

          • Oh but Chris, just as beauty being right or wrong is in the eyes of the beholder. I can only be happy if you think I’m right, but I know I’m far from that every time 😉
            (And I’ve had people tell me that in more or less polite ways *lol*)

            Who knows, maybe Spooky isn’t ‘afraid’ of a little heteroflexibility, but I do think we can skip the thought of a romance there.. unless Alex is being particularly sneaky.

            “I was swimming upstream past the Grizzly bear… yeah… hopeless” <- You made me laugh with that analogy 🙂 We can still ship them.

            However, I haven't 'given up' on Paul yet. Just because he's not seeing Duncan as potentential bf-material, it actually doesn't mean he can't be bi or gay. My 'most likely straight' was a quick guess, but there's more than one way to read what he say. Maybe there IS a bit of jealousy in his statement but thinking Kyle was straight, he never let any interest be known. I'm waiting to see.

            As for Mitch and Tsunami, I think you're right. They sure are wildcards. Tsunami could be quite unconfortable with gay love in generel, or he could be scared of his own desires. A love interest? That would be a big surprise if the answer is yes *lol*
            Mitch.. he could be gay/bi but, as you said, he's only 15 so he doesn't seem like a love interest. At least not in this arc. I think they're both out of the picture right now.

            Duncan.. now that's the hard one. After past events it sure seems like that ship has sunk hard. I trust Alex too, so if that is ever going to happen I'm sure he will do it in a believable way.
            I REALLY want to know what twist could turn this whole thing around, and if somehow fits into any theories I've had :).

            While this comic is about Kyle's developement into finding himself and becoming a hero, I also want the romance. Your 'one page at a time' is the way to go for us readers. It's gonna take some time, and in the meantime shipping and speculations are fun.

            Right now, and until the comic and/or the trading cards tell more (what ever comes first and tells us his sexuality), I'm actually going with Paul and Kyle as the couple with most potential.
            In one way or another, there's love out there for Kyle. I'm sure of it.

          • Brava D-Wolf!

            “In one way or another, there’s love out there for Kyle. I’m sure of it.”

            I am without a doubt your devout follower. May it be so!


          • Sapfo

            We Will all wait to know how Kyles Mr Right is.
            If it’s Paul or someone else <3

          • You are right… 47 pages is not that long…

          • Sapfo

            47 pages?
            Thats almost 1/2 year, if we get double updates every week. Where did you get the no. 47 from?

          • I wondered that too. Maybe it has something to do with when people will get their kickstarter packages. If we don’t know before then, maybe we will be able to say yes or no about some characters for sure with the trading cards info.

          • Erm…. made it up?

          • Sapfo

            Well I say 42 pages. Thats the meaning of life 😉

            Now I am going to eat crisps and blueberry yogurt. Why you may wonder? Do not ask! I warn you. It’s an answer you can not handle. O.O

          • Okay, I now want to ask why crisps and blueberry yogurt. Must know. Must know!

          • Sapfo

            Salt and sweet! It suppresses my inner super-villain. And make me not want to hurt people anymore 😉

          • Well that makes perfect sense to me. Those inner supervillains need to be suppressed good. I need donuts to do that.

          • Sapfo

            A dream sweet dream! Good night Chris. I dream of Mr Right and Kyle….riding a unicorn, dancing on a rainbow 🙂

        • Klaus

          A new slogan: “Hot at any age”.

          • Steven K.

            I need to get myself a shirt that says that.

          • Denise Cruz

            I loved that!

        • Steven K.

          “We like many different men for an infinite number of reasons”. Well, I certainly fall into that category of liking many different (types of) men – some more than others, but still – if one were to put all of the different guys that I saw within a day that I found simply PHYSICALLY attractive, and then one compared them, I’m sure one would say – “Wow – you are attracted to a wide variety of looks/types”. Of course I have limits and standards, and I won’t typically “do things” with just anyone based simply on looks, there are a lot of factors that go into attraction, and so many different attributes can add to one’s attractiveness.

          • Denise Cruz

            Right there with you, SK!

      • SofiaT

        Paul has obviously never seen Duncan naked!
        Also, I admit I hmmm’d when I found out Anni’s age in chapter one, but the age thing really is relative. You know who else is 58? Kevin Costner.

        And I’d tap that in a heartbeat! XD

        • Steven K.

          Nice perspective.

    • Steven K.

      Thanks for your comment. Being a year shy of the half-century mark (which, if 58 is millennial, is rapidly approaching that mark as well, and my libido isn’t any less now than at 18), I very much appreciate your words.

      • KryX

        I’m about a decade ahead of you and the only thing that’s changed in my libido is that it has become manageable over time. At half my current age, it ruled my life, now I find once a day sufficient;)

  • Denise Cruz

    It’s the first time I hear such a thing… Seriously! Where I live, it’s kind of the complete opposite situation… too many women naked, everywhere, and no guys at all.
    That having been said, I do understand your question.
    It’s quite frustrating, isn’t it?
    I use to complain about it too; although, in the situation I mentioned before…

    • ??? – You live on Amazon Women Island? “…too many women naked, everywhere, and no guys at all.”

      You know Wonder Woman left that very island for that very reason. I mean it’s fine if all you need is first class cunnilingus, but if you turn out to be a super ‘amazon perv” and want some heathen penis… well then it gets difficult.

      Okay let’s discuss the important part… Denise? Do you have an invisible jet? A golden lasso? Any of the good stuff? (You’d meed to discuss the super costume with Sofia and Edna). In the old days it did look like WW was going to spill out of that super boddice, but she spun and never did??? So what can I say?

      I’d be the third to the last person to suggest giving up an invisible private jet for a really good penis… but I think you should let me inspect the penis first. As an expert, I could then inform you if the penis in question was worth an invisible private jet.

      We just worry about you, and don’t want to worry about you making a bad deal penis/jet deal… that’s all.

      Your caring friends,
      Christopher D.

      • *Snerk*

        • Denise Cruz

          What’s ‘snerk’?! XDD

          • It’s between a snicker and a snort.

            I should by rights have said *Snirt!* Which is a better spelling.

      • Denise Cruz

        LOL Oh, Chris… You almost made me fell from my chair…LOL

        Well.. I’m sorry, but my invisible jet is not available for deals! XD

        No, honey! I’m not a super perv! Not at all! (Although, I know I may sound a little like that,sometimes… lol) But, NOPE! I live in Brazil! Here, it’s pretty easy to see naked girls, or almost naked… I just get mad about the inequality. Just it.
        Did you ever saw a Carnaval party? (It’s next month) Try it! Then we’ll talk about it, again… XD
        You certainly will understand what I mean, after that.

      • Steven K.

        I wish I would have gotten to experience enough of them in my life to be considered a penis expert.

  • Denise Cruz

    Anyone has news from ‘WarGoddess’? Did she change her nickname or something like that?

    I haven’t heard anything from her for a long time…

    • She was on here Friday night. If you check the older posts, there she is. 🙂 Work’s been keeping her busy. 🙁

      • Denise Cruz

        Oh, thanks, AJ! It’s nice to know!
        I have not been able to camp for a while, so, I haven’t seen her! ^V^

        • She was definitely missed. So have you! It’s been nice seeing you post this weekend!

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, thanks, AJ!! You are so sweet! ^v^

            I was feeling a little down… so, I wasn’t posting, although, I’ve kept reading it, of course! 🙂

          • Well, it’s true!

            But I understand, I’ve been there. It’s good to see you back amongst us! 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks. It’s really nice to be back! ^v^

          • 😀

          • Steven K.

            Hey Denise – I’m glad you are (I’m assuming, since you are back to posting) feeling better! Yeah – we all know how things can be sometimes.

          • Denise Cruz

            Hi, Steven!
            Thanks! It’s nice to be back! ^v^

  • bronakopdin

    didn’t read through the comments yet but… any suggestions how Paul’s sentence continues? xD
    Who could he name? ^^

  • InnocentUke

    I love this story I’m hoping to see many more fun action and will Kyle get new powers being the son of the devil? And will his friends try to hook him up with a guy? ( the last question would be awesome if they do! )

    • Welcome, InnocentUke! I’m glad you’re enjoying the story! And we’ll just have to see about the rest… 😉

  • I agree with Denise..
    Where I live the female body is shown just about everywhere. Magazines, tv, movies etc. Boobs and/or full body nudity is common, but a man with more than his shirt off (unless it’s an underwear commercial) now that you have to look for.

    It’s still weird that a bare male chest, or a man in shorts are so much more accepted when you consider how much more we get exposed to the full female body. Even more when you compare to how no-no it is to show off a man sexually in full body.

    • Denise Cruz

      Thank you! Could you, please, be a doll and explain it too Chris Dangerfield as well?! He just called me “a super amazon perv”… (cries)
      I’m kidding, of course. I didn’t feel offended or anything…

    • Steven K.

      That’s a SUPER-great point. It’s much more accepted and common for a man to be almost totally naked than a woman. A man can be totally nude except for showing his genitals and we say that he’s not naked. A bare-chested woman is more naked or scandalous than a bare-chested man. Why should that be? I know I’m totally sexually lustful – read that usually totally sexually frustrated – when I see a guy with a great chest and abs as I’m sure I would be if I were a straight man looking at a nice pair of bosoms on a female. In a way (yeah, I know, kind of a perverse – maybe reverse perverted? – way), I actually wish sometimes that bare male chests in society were not so prevalent everywhere and that it wasn’t generally “OK” for a guy to bare his pectorals and nips – cuz then I wouldn’t be so sexually frustrated every day of my life – though even more so in nice weather.

  • Sapfo

    I have not much to add to what the other have said…. so all I say is more dong please.

    • YES!

    • I was sure what this would be before I even clicked it 😉

      • Sapfo

        Great minds think alike?`;)

  • Rose

    ok, ok. I know this sounds bad and everything, and I’m mad at the guy too, but I really like Kyle’s and the Annihilator’s relationship, and while I am not one to forgive and forget easily, please fix this some how! Like really? Tell me there is a good forgivable reason behind his actions. I feel like, even though he was using him, he really cares for Kyle 8(>.<)8 don't leave them like this.

    • Steven K.

      Maybe unrealistic, as you admit, but some nice sentiments and hopes here!
      Well, unless Flyboy can miraculously become legal (and turns out to be queer) – then I’d have to put Kyle with the lad who seems more likely to CERTAINLY – genuinely and truly – care for Kyle.

    • Denise Cruz

      I’m with you on this one! I really liked them together, too and I also think Anni really cares for Kyle…
      (I think if I keep on talking about it, someone will kill me slowly, just to make me shut up! XD So… I’ll be quiet, now…)

      • Jamie Dutton

        As much as I think Anni’s a douchebag of MASSIVE proportions, whom needs a proper beat down, there yet remains a teeny, tiny piece of my heart that hopes Alex has a way to make this happen. I have faith in his mystical writer’s mojo!

        • Denise Cruz

          I’m not against Anni getting some good beatings; God knows he deserves them! Badly!

          I just really wanted that, after that, he could get something good for himself.

          I do feel sorry for him… >~< I've already said it before, a lot of times.

          I ended up identifying with him, somehow… I think.

          Ok. I never did those things he did/does and, of course, I wouldn't. But, I'm not perfect either; I have A LOT of flaws/sins. Some of them I can't get over, doesn't matter how much I try… I think that's why I feel so bad for Anni… He saw a great chance to be happy with Kyle, one that looked like he hadn't seen before, with anyone else; but he couldn't get over his own weaknesses to be there… to live that with the boy. I'm sure it was painfull, in more then one way. And it's so very sad!..

          Well, anyway, maybe Alex manage to reform him enough to get some love and give some love, properly. I would appreciate that. ^v^

          *Ok! Ok! It may look unrealistic, but I can dream, right?! 😉

          • Jamie Dutton

            Yes, you can dream, Denise. Even Anni himself can dream, although he was silly enough to walk away the first time. I didn’t mean to make anyone feel like they couldn’t hope for that kind of thing between him and Kyle. I was just throwing in my own hopes/wishes for it too. Maybe if enough of us do so, we can make it happen.
            As crazy as it sounds to still be hoping or wishing for that kind of thing, I tend to believe it’s better to be crazy than unable to do so at all.

          • Denise Cruz

            Agreed! Very nice! Thanks. ^^
            He was, indeed, very very silly and that’s the most sad part, at my pov… But, let’s dream! Maybe it can still happen! 🙂

  • Steven K.

    I’m not sure that I’d agree that such is the case. Take film, for example (non-porn film, though the line has been much blurred in recent years, e.g., something like “Lie With Me”). Bare titties have been much more common in film over the years than male full frontal, although that has been shifting more and more – in the last 5 years especially.

    • While I agree with your counterpoint here, that I think that female nudity is shown way more than male nudity (for example in most video games or mainstream comics, where females are shown not only scantily clad, but also in extremely suggestive, and arguably demeaning positions), however I disagree with your comment about “willies” versus “tatas”. The reason being that women’s nipples, and the attached mammaries, are no more a sex organ than men’s nipples. For some reason our society looks at them as such, but in fact they are simply erogenous zones (which could be said of any number of parts of the female anatomy). I’m not sure what the huge obsession with breasts is, I mean they are meant for child-rearing, which I suppose is related in a way to reproduction. I can only assume that the reason they receive so much attention is that they constitute a major anatomical difference between men and women. So, by that understanding, one could say that they are in fact a definition of being a woman.

      Sorry, long ramble. My point is, I don’t think you can compare the two.

      • Steven K.

        See my comment a bit below in response to DanishWolf’s point. I’d be curious to get your viewpoint in light of that.

      • ……There are such thing as man boobs.

        But I was going to point out that, bare chests aside. Most forms of media (movies/tv/etc) show no compunction about showing a fully nude female, but the best we get with males is a butt shot or two. Heck even in the pilot episode of Stargate “Children of the Gods” they show the fully nude body of a female. But whenever Daniel returns naked from being ascended, the most we ever got to see was his back side. mmmmmmm Michael Shanks…..

  • Valja

    *laughs* Is Spooky willing to “clear the misunderstanding” also to those who didn’t speculate about his hidden true intentions? Cause if that’s the case, I’ll SOOO GLADLY “listen” to his explanations! 😉 If you know what I mean…

    Now a couple of considerations.
    I admire Kyle’s strenght. Yes, it’s also thanks to his friends’ support, but as Alex wrote, he proved to be not fragile at all.
    As for Fluke’s question, well he does have a point, after all he doesn’t know just how convincing Anni was and still thinks of him as THE supervillain… we all have seen he’s a complex character, with fears and weaknesses, but only us and Kyle know it. And there’s still the little “I’ll-give-you-3/4-of-the-world-and-you-give-me-immortality” detail which kind of makes me less sympathetic towards him. If mistreating Kyle hadn’t been bad enough.
    Kyle’s answer was predictable. And to me, he doesn’t sound stupid at all, so I’m sorry for the guy if he feels that way… I’m sure almost everyone has made the mistake of trusting the wrong person, at least once.
    *chuckles* Bad thing Fluke didn’t end that sentence!! I’m quite sure he’d had said “…with anyone but him”, but there’s still the chance he meant someone in particular! Or at least that’s what I’m secretly hoping for…

    Now, to the “million years old” thing. If I’m not mistaken, Anni should be over 55, I can’t find the page right now but I recall a 58 if I’m not wrong.
    That’s obviously not “old” in the true sense of the word. And if we only consider sex and physical relationships, the Anni-Kyle thing is not that shocking (this is not the correct word I’ve been looking for, but right now I can’t find a proper translation in english of what I mean. I hope you’ll understand anyway). I think Fluke’s remark was naive and mostly related to the age gap in the “He’s old = there must be someone younger, and so hotter, out there” sense. If that was the meaning of his sentence, he’s victim of the “young=hotter” assumption, which is quite naive but still understandable (though not true at all).
    But if his remark was more serious… I quite agree with him. 18/58 IS a considerable age gap. Obviously you can not put everyone into the same basket, but I would think twice before dating a man much older than me. For instance, normally (and I’d like to underline this word, because as I said we’re all different and so generalizing is always a bad thing to do) objectives and priorities are different, and I’d feel too… how can I say… too much responsibility? He wouldn’t be a boy, so he’d need someone… more mature. I’d feel compelled to behave and act differently, even if he did’t ask me to do it (if he did, I’d instantly stop dating him. You have to accept me for what I am right now, not what I could become).

    Sorry for my rant, but something similar happened to my best friend and we went through a hard time (yes, we, because if she’s in trouble I feel bad as well and try my best to help her).
    The man she was dating was almost 50, and she fell in love with him, but she felt… wrong. Because she thought she was still too young, and he obviously wanted something serious, definitive, and long-lasting. She’s a serious girl, very serious, but with time she felt scared anyway. And this wasn’t the main problem. Our town is not that big. Voices spread, and people here are quite the bigots sometimes. Just think that I’ve been bad-eyed for a while because I was in a relationship with a non-EU citizen. Well, my friend didn’t tell her parents she loved and was with that man, cause she felt it would have been too much of a hit on them, and she was scared. She didn’t want to make them worry and to spread voices, and so that no one could know of this relationship, they had to keep it secret for some years. In the end, she couldn’t go on like this…
    But the most important thing that made her change her mind was this: he was 50. And she, last year when she left him she was 21 (she’s the same age as me). The most frequent sentence she used to tell me was “In 10 years I’ll be 30, and he’ll be 60. I’ll still want to go to the parties, have fun with friends, travel the world. And I still can’t think about marriage, being tied to someone, I still don’t know what will become of me when I finish my studies…Our trains have different rails”.
    I… I didn’t know what to tell her. Really. I’ve met the man, and I really liked him. I don’t know what I would have done, had I been in her shoes. I’ve never been in that situation.

    Again, I’m sorry for my rant, but since this fandom has always proved to be much introspective and serious I wanted to share this with you all.

  • I finally remembered, what Paul’s reaction reminds me of:

  • Shinashi


  • Gingerbatch

    Spooky likes what he sees.

    • Denise Cruz

      So do we. 🙂

  • SofiaT

    I like that Spooky keeps touching Kyle. Not in a flirty way but in a “you’re still my buddy” way.

    Saying it and showing it are two different things. Spooky walks the talk.

    • Yes, I am amazingly happy with Spooky at the moment. In my eyes he is doing everything right. While I can understand Paul’s reaction, for all his talk about “being cool”, he sure isn’t. Again something I can understand, you can say “be cool” in theory, but be so completely “un-cool” when it comes to application. But I just worry that his reaction could cause one of those rift things that start infinitely small and then grow quite large.

      • SofiaT

        I don’t think that Paul is being un-cool here. It would be un-cool of him if he kept his mouth shut and didn’t say it as he saw it. Being a good friend means it’s not just your right but your duty to chew out your buddies when you think they’re being idiotic.

        Kyle had his reasons for dating Duncan but at this point Paul doesn’t know or can’t guess what these reasons were -this is a conversation that needs to happen or unsaid thoughts can easily turn to grudges. Silent grudges is the quickest and surest way to kill a friendship.

        Paul needs to hear what Kyle’s reasons were and Kyle needs to be treated normally by his friends and not like he’s made of glass.

        While it wasn’t premeditated, I think the combination Paul/Spooky and the way they both act around him right now is just perfectly balanced and exactly what Kyle needs at this moment.

        • Up until this page, i would argue that Paul has been un-cool since they entered the warehouse. It is those very first reactions that can cause the most damage in the long run. The hesitation and uneasiness on Paul’s part leaves room for doubt to grow. Just because Paul is now acting like the friend he is supposed to be doesn’t change the initial reaction.

          Maybe this is just the concern of someone who spends too much time inside her own head. But that initial reaction could come to bite Paul in the a** later. If it is not followed up in the right way,

          ……..Though while it might have been easy for us to spot, Kyle might not have realized it all…so this is probably just me pointing out that Fluke/Paul is the one getting unpleasantly under my skin at the moment. ^_^

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Yes I noticed that too, unlike Duncan. 😉

    • You are so right. I wish I could see that scene.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Finally got my disqus problems worked out so I can comment again!! Yay 🙂

    • YAY!! 😀

      • Denise Cruz

        AJ, let me ask you something: Is there a way to see pretty older answers received here and never read?!
        I didn’t read the first messages I got here, ’cause I didn’t know how to use it…. (XD Yeah! That stupid! XD) There are 11 of them and I can’t find them…

        • Click and keep going back through your Notifications until the ones with a colored line in front of them show up. That should do it, and I don’t think you can get around doing it otherwise. Since it’s from the beginning it’s probably a while back, but the only way I know how to remove them.

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks, DWolf!
            I’m going to try it, then… 🙂

        • Sorry Denise to not answer sooner. I had to run to the store.

          Danish is right, I believe that’s the only way. Hopefully it worked 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            There’s no problem, honey! Thanks for answering.:)

    • Good to see you back Jamie!

      • Jamie Dutton

        Thanks, it’s great to be back! Had to go through all my extensions to figure out which one was messing with disqus.

        • That sounds incredibly time consuming, which one was it?

          • Jamie Dutton

            Avast Web Reputation. I usually leave it off, because I find it rather annoying. I’m not even certain why I keep turning it back on. It’s back off now and it will stay that away until it stops interfering with my webcomics!

          • You tell it Jamie….maybe when it learns to play nice with the comics, it can come back, but not before. ^_^

          • Jamie Dutton

            Heck if my family can’t come between me and my webcomics, what chance does a silly little app like it have?

          • lol. Well said. ^_^ Well said.

  • SofiaT

    Speaking of age and being a million years old, today is my last day of being 30. Took me a whole year and I’m not still not used to the concept.

    I don’t blame Paul who -at 17- thinks 58 is ancient. *sigh*

    Edit: Also, most likely he doesn’t know how old Duncan is. All he knows is that The Annihilator was a big baddie when he was still in diapers.

    • *lol* I still remember your b-day 🙂 .. and when I turned 30 I wondered what all the fuzz was about. I’m still not feeling the ‘grown-up’ state.

      (I guess a part of me will always have the ‘Peter Pan syndrom’ as I call it xD )

      • SofiaT

        One of my favorite poems is the monologue of an old woman, talking to a young man, titled Moonlight Sonata. There’s a verse half-way through (it’s a long poem) that I often think about:

        […] It makes no difference whether you go or return
        and it makes no difference that my hair has turned white
        (that is not my sorrow – my sorrow is
        that my heart too does not turn white)
        Let me come with you.”

        (Here is a link of the English translation if you want to read the whole thing:

        I remember disagreeing with the literature teacher when we did this in school -she insisted that “the heart not turning white” part was referring to the (Greek) saying of having a “black heart” when you’re sad (similar to the English “it makes me blue”). I, on the other hand, felt -and still feel- that what The Woman meant was that the reason for her sorrow was that she was still a young woman, trapped in an aging body.

        And this is what scares Duncan so much -he doesn’t feel old but he keeps getting older. And time is an enemy he has to beat down, same like he did to those bullies when he was younger.

        • For some reason I can’t click the link, but just from what you quoted I feel you’re right. You’re definitely not wrong so it can be your interpretation or both interpretations are correct.
          I definitely agree on your view on Duncan.

          • SofiaT

            Hmm, it works for me. If you google “Moonlight Sonata, Ritsos” you’ll find it.

            I have to warn you, it’s a heavy poem to read first thing in the morning though…

          • Alright, will do it later then. Some things needs the right time and right place.

        • Steven K.

          I agree with your interpretation Sofia – I would have thought the same and also disagreed with the literature teacher!

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      And little does Paul know that in the blink of an eye he’ll be 58 and wishing he could live longer/stay younger too.

    • Turning 30 was a little worrisome at first, but then I learned a lot about myself after 30. Found my voice really. So for the most part it’s been a fine experience.

      Actually, my head still doesn’t know it’s not 18.

      • SofiaT

        My head still doesn’t know it’s not 12 😛

        • HA! I think I was too serious at 12. 😀

          • Same for me. A lot of it came from being bullied. I didn’t really get to be a child when I WAS a child, so I’ve probably been compensating later when I felt ‘free’ to do it.. without the teenage ‘stupidity’ though 😉

          • I was shy and a wallflower. But that’s pretty much it for me now. Or at least I’m working on it!

          • Yeah, at 11 and for most of my teens years, I remember pretty much trying to be the mother for my younger brother because grandmother couldn’t and wouldn’t discipline him and mother was never home. You would think that that would fall on the oldest right? No, she had a bunch of friends and a thriving social life, SHE was never forced to stay home and watch the brat. I remember in my 8th grade year when I was the one even forced to stay home from school and watch him.

            Needless to that is probably the reason that while I love babies and kids, I don’t want any for myself, raising my brother was enough.

      • Jamie Dutton

        I usually feel about 23, even though I will be hitting the big 4-0 next month.

        • I get that pleasure this summer, but I just don’t mentally feel different. Now if I could just get my body to stop aging that would be great.

    • Happy Birthday!!!! And today is the first day in which you leave your childhood behind and start your adolescence. Congratulations and enjoy this time… May the frolicking be be grand fun, and well deserved!!! Hugs and wild times to you!

      x, ChristopherD

      • SofiaT

        Thanks Chris! But my birthday is not until tomorrow -or at least tonight at 1.15 am 😛

        I think I’ll hold on to being 30 for a few more hours 😀

    • Jamie Dutton

      Happy Birthday, Sofia! May it be filled with all kinds of awesomely yummy things and also cake!

      • SofiaT

        Thanks, Jamie! It’s not until tomorrow (I’ll wake up to an update of TYP, yay!) but my mom is already making the cake I ordered: a gateau with white cream and almonds 😀

        • Jamie Dutton

          OOOOOooooooooooo, that looks yummier than the bottle of Chocolate Hazelnut spread my sister gave to me to make up for the horrible Christmas Eve thing…I almost forgave her, but I’m gonna wait til I finish the jar which shouldn’t take too long, lol. I LOVE that stuff 😀

          • SofiaT

            I had brunch on Sunday at a lovely Belgian bakery in London, that served pastries along with the most delicious hazelnut praline spread. I had to bring home 2 jars for my sisters:

          • Jamie Dutton

            Wow! That looks delicious! I hope you post pics of your birthday cake 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton


          • Jamie Dutton

            Btw, did I ever let ya’ll know how that turned out? Christmas Day was way better, between Dr. Who and the saner side of my family coming to my rescue it was really nice. But the day after was even better! My nieces and their mom came to see us and we hung out watching more Dr. Who and eating pizza! It was the best!

          • SofiaT

            Good to hear you had a good time with family 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton

            Ya know, that gave me an idea. I think if i can afford it, I’m gonna buy myself a T.A.R.D.I.S birthday cake! Would that be too crazy?

          • SofiaT

            Why would that be crazy?
            I’m currently putting books and comic books in boxes to post home to Sydney and I’m debating whether I should post my life-size R2D2 as well or leave it in my mom’s garage a while longer…

            When is your birthday?

          • Jamie Dutton

            OMG, you have a life-size R2? That is awesome!
            Oh and my birthday is next month on the 19th. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get a bonus update for it, since it’s on a Wednesday 😀

          • SofiaT

            Almost life-size. It comes up to my hips, I think 1:1 scale would be closer to my waist. Gift from an old boyfriend for my name-day. 🙂

            Considering how far ahead we already are with bonus pages, I’m sure there will be one for your birthday!!

            You know, ever since I discovered TYP and started reading, we’ve never not had a bonus page, so I’m quite spoiled. 😛

          • Jamie Dutton

            Nice boyfriend 😉
            Hmm, I think we missed one bonus page and everyone freaked out, lol. I think that was before we went to hell, cause after that we couldn’t pledge fast enough to get Kyle and ourselves out of there!

          • SofiaT

            Nope, I’m pretty sure we’ve had extra pages every single week as long as I have been reading. I discovered TYP sometime in mid-July… and since we just had our 26th extra bonus page in a row last Wed/day, my calculations say that’s when “the row” started 🙂

            I just took a quick look back on Alex’s notes before that and it seems that there were extra pages almost every week before this string of back-to-back bonus pages as well, with only one or two weeks missed.
            But now we’re so far ahead, I think it’s safe to say we’re covered for quite a while 😀

            I think what you remember is that week a couple of months ago, when we came very close to not having an extra page because the bar was tipped just an hour or two before the deadline expired. There was a lot of nail-biting then!

          • Jamie Dutton

            You’re probably right.

          • SofiaT

            I wonder if we’ll manage to keep having back-to-back bonus pages every week till the next Kickstarter… *fingers crossed*

          • Jamie Dutton

            That would be very cool. Anyway, I gotta go. See ya tonight in camp 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            The best explanation ever! 😀

            I imagine how distressing it must have been for those who were already here…

          • SofiaT

            Lets hope we never have to find out! 😛

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, Yes! Pleeeasseee!
            I don’t wanna experience it. Not at all! XD (I love being that spoiled! Let’s be like little kids! Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! XD)

          • I’m quite sure you’re right about that one week where the string was broken. I remember that one.
            It was already an anti-climax when the KS ended, and then we got that one page-free wednesday.
            It was HORRIBLE! xD

            But the donation frenzy on the KS was so funny. People were going ‘nuts’, because in the hours before the deadline it looked like we might be 1-2 trading cards away from getting a ‘full set’ with 4×9 cards. Well we got the 35th card with about 4-5 hours to go – and because there was a poster as a stretch goal in between card 35 & 36, we had to get another $5000 in before the finish.
            Several hundred comments were written in those last few hours as people were sitting and staring at the number rise + donating what dollars they could spare extra.
            I know I personally didn’t have more than maybe $10 to use for food and such in the following week after donating extra xD (I was lucky I could ride for free on the bus when taking the one my friend drove). That week I ate bread and what I had in the freezer.

          • SofiaT

            Your comment makes me even sadder to have missed the Kickstarter, not only for the awesome rewards and stretch-goals but also because it must have been great being a part of it, all caught up in the excitement!

            Since this is a loooong chapter, I guess it means it’s gonna be around 100 pages, maybe even more -so we still got at least another year before the next Kickstarter, even with two updates a week. *sigh*

          • Aww, sorry about that. A year.. I hadn’t even sat down and thought how long it would be till next time .. oh dear *sigh* At least it will give a better chance to save good money.

            I think the biggest difference between the previous and the next KS (which we should both look forward to) is that now I would call a lot of us friends. We talk more. The following the KS will be a blast of polls, fun and commenting.
            (Alex is never gonna sleep in that month, he barely slept during the previous KS and I think he might actually be relieved when there wasn’t a page the wednesday after – so he could relax and sleep)

            A Whole year away.. 🙁 Now it feels like forever.

          • SofiaT

            It’s already been 7 months since I started reading TYP. In a way it feels like a long time but at the same time like no time at all. Maybe the next year will pass quicker than you think!

            One thing is certain, we’re gonna have a lot of fun at the next Kickstarter! And we’ll be a much bigger crowd!

          • Denise Cruz

            I wasn’t here, then, Jamie… I also never had to pass a Wednesday without a bonus page… (SOOO spoiled! Just side by side with @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus ! XD)
            Please, don’t make us be there… I DON’T WANT a Wednesday without it… I’m sure I would freak out… XD

          • Life size? Oooooooooh.

          • *note to self: must “borrow” Sofia’s R2D2*

          • Denise Cruz

            Make sure she lends it to me, after you, please! 🙂

          • heh heh… did notice that borrow was in “” right?

          • Denise Cruz

            XDD Actually I didn’t… Anni would love you! XD

          • Eh….maybe, I just think evil thoughts, don’t really carry them out…..I have this HUGE guilt complex and it can be amazingly easy to make me feel guilty.

          • Denise Cruz

            Thank you, God!! lol
            Anarchism and those kind of things don’t look like you! ;)l

          • Though I really think my parents were saying something about me the way they named me….

            First name: 6 letters
            Middle name: 6 letters
            Last name: 6 letters


            Then we come to my initials: LAM, which is actually a word and it means to be on the run from the law…..

            So that I haven’t really embraced my evil outside of my head is a good thing I think. ^_^

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh! Do you think Laampros is coming to look for you, because of these things or he’s coming to look for your parents, because of these things?! XD

          • Heh…..could be me…..When I was a very young kid I remember having this dream about this friend I made. He was a very fuzzy type creature. He wanted me to meet his parents. To get to his parents, we had to descend this very very very long staircase into the depths of the earth. Then we finally get down there and then we have to go up a few more stone stairs to reach his parents who were sitting on stone thrones.

          • Denise Cruz

            Well…By any chance, this friend of yours was a redhead?! ( His hair could be a little large and disheveled) With blue eyes?

            Maybe he had run away from home, to see you and got lost. And now, finally, his dad is coming to find him… (Ok! I’m not drunk! I swear! XD)

          • LOL. That would not have been a child friendly dream.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, come on! It could had been… if the reddish boy had asked Spooky to bewitch your eyes, the first time you met his parents… He’d never thought that he’d be lost for so long and then you would meet them, live and in color, because of it.
            Let’s be positive, here! His father may like you! He can even be in a good mood… 😀

          • lol. There were only 4 people in the dream. Me, my friend, and his mom and dad. Also, neither Kyle or Spooky would have been would have been born at the time of this dream.

          • Denise Cruz

            uhmmm… Ok! But, I still believe it was Kyle… You are trying to deny it, so you can keep hiding him just for yourself… XDDD (Again! NOPE! NO drunk at all! XD)

          • hmmmmmm *hands Denise a cup of coffee* I think you should drink this hun.

          • Denise Cruz

            Ooookey-dokeyyyyy! – enjoying the coffee and singing at same time

        • Yum… is that for making a Kickstarter stretch goal?

        • WANT!! That looks so good.

        • Denise Cruz

          Sooo unfair!.. Now I want it too…

        • Isn’t it a Greek traditions that you share that gateau with ALL your TYP friends? I swear it looks ridiculously good . 🙂

          • SofiaT

            That’s a pic I found on the web to show you what it will look like. My mom’s is better 😀

            And I’m an excellent baker myself so if I ever find my way to LA or you find yours to Sydney, I’ll make one just for you! 🙂

    • silibub

      Happy (early) Birthday! And if it’s any comfort, I personally am really looking forward to my 30’s — all my relatives tell me it is or was one of their favorite stretches of life. Gear up for good things!

      • SofiaT

        Thank you, silibub! 🙂

    • Happy pre-Birthday, Sofia!

      And I was also quite anxious about turning 30, but 1) it ultimately felt like a non-event once it happened and 2) the truth is, for many folks, your 30s are the period of your life with the best physical health (your immune system has gone pro) coupled with (finally) some solid confidence in who you are and what you’re worth.

      Back in the day, 30 meant the end of youth, but IMHO now it really is true that 40 is the new 30. At least that’s how it felt to me. While there were things going on in my life personally that made my 30s challenging, of all the stuff I was scared about in terms of “no longer being young”, none of that came to pass. I really think the best is yet to come for you. The awesomeness of your 30s is like the world’s best kept secret. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        Thank you, Alex! 🙂

        It’s true that the first year of my 30s wasn’t the horror I thought it would be. I just don’t feel like a grown-up yet. And I always thought I was supposed to feel like a grown-up by the time I hit 30. I have the sneaky suspicion that if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s never gonna happen.

        …In 20 years from now I may have to go looking for Laampros to bargain for a deal.

        • Denise Cruz

          Happy Birthday, Sofia!!
          The 30’s are not so bad! Believe me! I have been there for a while, now… 😀 They bring us big surprises about ourselves and it ends up being pretty nice/funny!
          At least, that’s how it has been for me…
          Let’s hope you enjoy them, even more than I’ve. 😉

        • What is this “grown up” you speak of?

          No, if it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t happen ever.

    • Happy birthday Sofia!! I will also stop being 30 this year, though that end is in July. ^_^

    • Happy Birthday, Sofia!! It’s officially tomorrow where you are. 🙂

    • Cman65

      when I was 29 I have some friends who were 30 and 31 they told me one night the they use to think ” why don’t guys over 30 just give up and die” its all boots and feet

  • Speaking of kickstarter in comments a bit below. It’s a while away, but it got me thinking of the stretch goals and polls.

    (For those not knowing, we backers got a vote of who should be on a poster every time a goal for a poster was reached)

    It will be really interesting to see the potential difference in poster pairings and other stuff for volume 2. I think the results are gonna be much less predictable for some of the votings next time. The mix of people will be very different + we’re more readers now to back and/or spread the news to other people who’ll be backers.. so it will be:

    1) People/readers missing the first kickstarter who might want a chance of a pairing that we already had more than one poll come up with the first time.
    2)The group who already backed and might want something different for the 2nd volume.
    3) Of course the story progress. We’ve started to create more shippings + Duncan isn’t as ‘loved’ as he used to be xD
    4) New character: Laampros.. and well kinda .. George *lol*

    Just some of the things that will possibly influence the results. I’m already looking forward to it, because it was SO fun last time, especially the last few hours before deadline, and it was basicly the first kickstarter that really started the camping-culture here on TYP too.

    • SofiaT

      I’m really looking forward to it because I discovered this comic about a week after the Kickstarter had ended and I’m still mad at my timing!

      Vol 2 will be my chance to make up for it!

      • Jamie Dutton

        It’s ok, Sofia.
        Alex tipped us off a few months early for the TYP vol 1 Kickstarter which gave me time to save up the dough to splurge on those yummy prints that I missed out on for the Artifice KS. Hopefully he’ll give us an early heads up again to save up all our pennies! It’s still the most money I’ve ever pledged for a KS and I’m now quite the veteran backer.

      • joncarllewis

        Me too! I just missed being able to help in that effort. i do what I can now…

  • SofiaT

    I remember a few comments from further down, pointing out how utterly absorbed Spooky is in what he’s doing. Very professional, doesn’t pay attention to what either Paul or Kyle are saying, just doing his own thing and making sure his friend is ok… And I agree, he’s very professional and dedicated that way.

    However, I don’t think Spooky is ever unaware of his environment. While he chose not to be part of that conversation, I don’t think it’s a coincidence he chose to cut in at that exact point in Paul’s rant. In his own way, Spooky is already showing he gets why Kyle did what he did.

    And makes me wonder again about whether it’s because he’s been through something similar himself.

    • bronakopdin

      I thought the same! It couldn’t be a coincidence that Spooky finished right at THAT moment… I even thought he might have finished before for a while and only pretended to check further so he CAN cut in at a critical moment like that 🙂 I’d truely consider him being that caring for Kyle

      • SofiaT

        They’re both caring, each in his own way. I don’t blame Paul for asking what the hell Kyle was thinking, and it’s a discussion that needed to happen (and I doubt is over yet). Which is also probably why Spooky didn’t interfere sooner.

        But the way these things go, someone says “what the hell were you thinking?”, the other person gets defensive and then more words are exchanged and it’s not long before you got a fight in your hands and no memory of how it started. I see Spooky’s intervention as the time-out and the breath needed for both Kyle and Paul to be reminded that they’re on the same team.

        That doesn’t necessarily make Spooky more caring than Paul, but it does make him wiser. It tells me a lot about the kind of person Spooky is and makes me wonder how come he’s so wise at such a young age.

        • Valja

          Awesome. All the things you wrote, that’s what I thought while re-reading the latest pages (which I did only to study more deeply the plot and the details of this wonderful art… *coff* not at all to give a second-third-fourth look at Kyle’s booty *coffcoff*).
          I like characters with Spooky’s demeanor, because they’ve got something mysterious, as if their attitude is meant to be a shield to hide… idk, their inner thoughts? Their fears?
          Speaking of fears, reading some discussions below made me afraid of aging. Had he not been such an as**ole towards Kyle, I’d almost start feeling sympathy towards Duncan. Almost.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          “That doesn’t necessarily make Spooky more caring than Paul, but it does make him wiser.”
          Which rather gets back to the question someone asked a few pages ago about how long Spooky has been this wise twenty-year old. [Yeah, okay, as attempts to string out a paranoid conspiracy theory go, that was pretty lame…]

        • bronakopdin

          I didn’t say anyone was caring more than the other 🙂 but yeah you’re right! They just each care in their own way and avoiding a fight was the best Spooky could have done! I also think the convo isn’t over yet, let’s see in a few hours *where’s my patience again?*

          • SofiaT

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you said one was more caring than the other. I just often use other people’s comments as the base to launch my own thoughts and imagination into outer space -in this case it was the “caring” word you used. XD

            I guess when that happens I should start a new thread and not hit the reply button, but I like to acknowledge in a way where the light-bulb moment came from. 🙂

          • bronakopdin

            xD I don’t mind actually I like your thoughts just wanted to make my point clear ^^

  • joan

    I volunteer as tribute for spooky.

    • Valja

      Trust me, you’re not the only one.

  • Time for ‘theories’ that might, or might not, be completely ‘out there’.. so don’t take this as something more than that -yet 😉

    Don’t know if this has already been debated. Spooky and PP.
    Could PP at some point kinda have been Spooky’s mentor/teacher in controling magic? Where Spooky then decided to go his own way on the hero side, and not follow PP to the dark side (to use a Star Wars analogy).
    She could even have had more contact with him than just teaching him to control his magic – more than just mentoring him in that one area, if you get what I mean 😉 Maybe Spooky has more than one reason to understand and not judge Kyle’s side of what happened with Duncan.

    We know from Kyle that Spooky has had some kind of contact with PP because he’s told Kyle things about her. I doubt it’s easy to control magic powers just when they manifest, especially some like Spooky’s. It would need someone to guide him, and PP has quite the magic skills herself.
    I’ve been considering this since we knew for sure that PP helped Duncan find a way to contact a demon (and kinda before because Alex told me that Spooky liked experienced women older than him). That’s some major mojo.
    We know that Spooky can conjure things from just the air and, while we haven’t seen it, we know from the interlude that Spooky seems to be able to conjure a demon or two by himself. That takes some knowledge. I can easily see him having gotten that from PP.

    • SofiaT

      I’ve been wondering what’s the deal with Spooky and Sircea for quite a while now. But the way Spooky has been treating the whole deal between Kyle and Duncan so far has made me “hmmmm” a lot and consider the possibilities even more.

      Whatever his previous experience(s) with her, Sircea had enough of an impact on Spooky to make him mention to Kyle that she’s no good. I say this because, even though they’re best friends, it seems that Kyle, Paul and Spooky don’t share all their secrets, as is -finally!- obvious from Paul’s rant on this page (“…not telling us about being gay”).

      On the other hand, Sircea was 1) important enough for Spooky to mention and 2) maybe too important because he kept it general and didn’t share details… or Kyle would have known to be alerted by her presence on the date night and her co-operation with Duncan.

      If Spooky has had a similar experience with Sircea as Kyle had with Duncan and if he chose not to share it with his friends I wonder if now he feels in part responsible about what has happened.

      Quite a lot of “if’s”.

      • Yes. Whatever their past relations are, I feel pretty sure that it’s been more than just fights between them. The hints are there.
        Now, let’s just hope that Spooky won’t be doing a ‘180’, and it turns out he’s still a part of the group to keep an eye on Kyle. IF he’s in the group to do just that with Kyle then I hope it’s for good reasons.. but theorizing in these directions is for a whole other day 😉

        • SofiaT

          Lots and lots of theories 😀

          But whatever might have happened and whatever he might be hiding, I trust Spooky.
          If he has stayed on the team specifically to keep an eye on Kyle, I trust it’s not for nefarious reasons.

          • Klaus

            PP did not know there was anything special about Kyle until she examined him before the teleport to Hong Kong. She says to Duncan: “what you suspect”. So she would have had no reason to plant Spooky to keep an eye on Kyle.

          • SofiaT

            I didn’t say that PP planted Spooky there.

          • I don’t know about Sofia, but my meaning wasn’t specificly that PP has planted Spooky in the group. More that IF there’s anything that is making Spooky keep an eye on Kyle then I hope he’s there because of friendship and not because of being asked (if anyone else has discovered that there’s something a bit different about Kyle).

            This is just random thoughts that’s why this is for another day 🙂

      • *door bell rings*

        Silibub: (cautiously calls through the locked door) Who is it?

        Delivery Man: Delivery man.

        Silibub: *looks back into room and raises one eyebrow* Did one of you order a “porn pizza?” I like you guys just fine, but I’m not about to become a stereotype, just for your amusement.

        Danish: No. Of course not. Honestly Silibub, we may get silly, but unless someone asked Sapfo to order the pizza we should be okay… (calls out) SAAAAAPFO… (quiet) SAAAAAPH… No she must busy and she’s the only one who would order ‘special’ pizza.

        (Danish goes to answer the door)

        Delivery Man: I have 6 lbs of salt here for one Danish Wolf?

        Sofia: (with suspicious look) Salt?

        Silibub: I swear I don’t know. It’s not me.

        Sofia: (Raises her eyebrow also) Daaaaannnnnish???

        (Danish looks about… pretending innocence)

        Sofia: Tell me you didn’t…

        Danish: Wellllllllll…

        Silibub: Awwwww, Danish don’t you think he’s suffering enough just having to accept that Spooky isn’t even Bi?

        Danish: Well he refused to accept that I was right and that our Spooky was heterosexual and you know how stubborn he is… and well… I guess I just got cranky.

        Delivery Man: I’m sorry ladies, but I need to finish my rounds. Can one of you sign… right here?

        (Danish signs and the delivery man’s fat helper wheels in 6, 1-lb boxes of rock salt and stacks them in the entry way)

        Silibub: Honestly girl, I can’t believe you were going to rub salt in Chris’ Spooky-het-wounds. That’s just plain mean.

        Danish: (Defensively) Well… he deserved it for trying to pretend that our Spooky was gay! He’s not! He’s ours and I said so… in writing. It’s not my fault (pouty face).

        Sofia: Wolf! You know, Chris was already crumbling… as I remember he had gone as far as to agree to Bi, by the last post-round. You know he was caving it… and then Alex totally pushed Spooky out of the TYP Kinsey scale closet on the last page. Have a heart.

        Danish: Well I told him and he was being stubborn and…

        Silibub: Really? Chris? Stubborn? Puhleeze… I know Chris is a pain sometimes… but rubbing salt-in-the-gender-preference wound seems pretty harsh girl.

        Sofia: You know, the gay boys are going to like Spooky for the same reasons we do. He’s just cool. I’m sure you saw Chris’ other post… not much left for Kyle is there?

        Danish: (throws her hands in the air) Fine, fine, I guess I was just worked up when I ordered it… it’s just that… well… oh pooh.

        Sofia/Silibub: Ya think?

        (glance at each other)

        Sofia/Silibub: Psyche!

        Danish: (kicks the boxes of salt) OKAY FINE! I guess I got carried away… but Spooky IS STRAIGHT…

        Sofia: (soothingly) Yes Wolf… that’s why we all want him in our camp… he’s cool. You can’t blame Chris for wanting that too… (pats the Wolf’s fur soothingly)…

        Silibub: (also pats the Wolf comfortingly on the other shoulder) That’s right girl. We do understand, but try not to gloat… or salt wounds. Both leave wrinkles you know.

        Danish: Really?

        Sofia: Oh yes, it’s true. Hey! does anyone need a refill on their drink? There is some nice chilled Pinot Grigio left… and some cashews.

        (Everyone heads to the kitchen)

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        *Half way around the world (*ding*) the dryer clicks off and, sensing it’s going to be a cruel cruel night, ChristopherD pulls out several extra crying towels… all nice warm and fluffy*

        Sometimes being a Young Protecters fan isn’t easy. Nope.

        • *giggling*

          *cough cough tries to pull off a serious face*

          Awwwwww poor Chris! *hugs*

        • Denise Cruz

          I’m sorry, honey! (chokes a laugh)

          We, girls, can be pretty harsh, sometimes.. I think it’s the hormones… (chockes again)

          But, at least, we all can dream about Spooky being bi! How about it? 🙂

          (Blows a handful of salt to the side – such a bad idea! How could you DWolf?! )

        • Aww, Chris. I swear it wasn’t me *offers soft cuddle bear* ..
          I would be suspicious of Sapfo’s absense. That girl has been claiming Spooky quite a lot lately. She’s so not inocent, and the one who’s dangerous right now 😉

          Uhm, besides.. had it been me .. this is way to obvious for me >.>

          • Awww, I know. I was just being as silly as I can be. Spooky is just pretty cool, but it is what it is. However, I know you are a good soul. Poor Kyle, maybe things will work out for him one day. We can always hope. 🙂

          • And who knows. Spooky might be the one up for a heteroflexible moment or two. That could be hot. We know who to call then 😉
            And Fluke.. we can’t fully put Fluke in the straight box just yet.. I haven’t.

            Oh, the possibilities *noms on pizza*

        • silibub

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          But hey, instead of weeping alone into your towels you might as well come share the wine! I’m a firm proponent of sharing alcohol.

        • SofiaT

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          • Cause Chris is just plain awesome like that Sofia….^_^

            (not sure if you saw it, but I did wish you a happy birthday…..just in case you were thinking I had ignored it…)

          • SofiaT

            I did! Thank you, Dodi! 😀
            Just catching up with all the comments now! 🙂

          • …..k not d 😛 Though are you trying to give me a new more cutesy nickname?….because I don’t think that one quite works. 😛

          • SofiaT

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          • It’s k. ^_^

        • Sapfo

          You all had pizza without me ;_;

    • silibub

      There’s definitely some kind of history there, sexual or otherwise, since Spooky brought Sircea up specifically as bad news. I hope some of it comes up in this scene, because I’m really curious (plus I have to know if I need to sign up for a Krav Maga class, in case I need to kick Spooky’s butt in a display of jealous machismo.)

      More than anything, I’m curious about the society of superpowered people — how they relate to each other, and if there are programs in place to mentor those who have just discovered their powers and need help developing and controlling them. I’m assuming interning with an adult team is part of that, but you’d think there would be an option for those like Kyle who have powers but apparently don’t qualify to be a professional hero. Leaving it up to the individual — probably a preteen like Kyle was when his powers first expressed — to find their way seems dangerously stupid, since it would leave impressionable youths with minimal control over their abilities open to manipulation from supervillains who offer to train them.

      Regardless, I do like your mentoring theory. It’s definitely also possible that Sircea pulled something similar to what Duncan did on Spooky, since that seems to be her particular M. O.. Obviously the consequences would have been nowhere near as dramatic, but it would be helpful for Kyle if one of his best friends had already been in his shoes.

      • IF, and that’s still a big if, there has been anything sexual between Spooky and Sircea then it was most likely on good terms – until they split for what ever reasons. But more than Paul, Spooky will know why you as a teen can end up in bed with a villain xD
        Even if it was all platonic contacts, Spooky will still have a deeper understanding of Kyle’s actions, and Spooky comes off as a rather smart guy behind his easy going nature.

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    (I really just hope I will not bit anyones of at work before this is over)

    Alex, thank you for sending Spooky over.
    he has put a lot of energy and spent several hours to satisfy my curiosity. hope he is not too scruffy now as I returne him to you for the next page. XD

    • LOL.. good to hear. I actually found a good thing about the snow we got here. No building noise 😀 It kept my inner villain from hurting someone. Amazing what two days of good long sleep can do for you.

      • Sapfo

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        I like a good wolf. Have a good camping

    • This is very good to hear. Hopefully there are chips and yogurt handy if the villain stirs. 🙂

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    To me it looks like if he was touching… I don’t know… one sculpture of an extremely expensive cristal or something like that…

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  • An argument for Paul being straight:

    Paul: I get being lonely and maybe even not telling us about being gay.

    To me if Paul was gay or even bi, he would have left out the “maybe even” in that statement. As a straight guy that statement makes a lot more sense. As in “I thought you could tell us anything bro and it kind of hurts that you feel you couldn’t tell us this”

    If he is gay or bi, that statement is a bit hypocritical because he hasn’t told them he was either. Otherwise Kyle wouldn’t have been quite as freaked out about being outed than he was or as worried about how his friends would react to being told his orientation.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Makes sense to me.

    • Jac

      Agreed. Slightly disappointed to see the quiet sinking of the S.S. Red Hot Fluke, but agreed. I must go, and grieve, and seek consolation in the form of smutty, smutty fan art.

  • New season of Face Off tonight. ^_^ The theme for the first episode of the new season was Beauty and the Beast. There were a couple of really good concepts. And I really hope the people who did the underwater themed beast win. It was awesome. ^_^

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    • jreed3842

      Face Off is my sister’s favorite show. I don’t really watch TV, but I have seen a little bit of Face Off… It’s a really cool show! Beauty and the Beast themed stuff would be awesome!

      • There were some very interesting interpretations. A couple of really good ones, a couple of cool ideas that didn’t quite pan out, and some bad.

    • Steven K.

      Wasn’t that a rather weird Nicholas Cage / John Travolta movie?

    • I have that in the DVR. Can’t wait to see it.

      • Then I am glad I refrained from commenting who won. ^_^

        • Oh I have no problems with that. I watch to see the all the makeup, who wins or not isn’t so much an issue.

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          • 🙁 *hug* That has to be hard. I’m sorry such things are a part of your life.

    • Go to bed and, unless you have to get up, get some good sleep. Sleep can do wonders for your physical mood which again can help your emotional mood. Maybe get a good neck massage.
      If you still feel like you’re spiraling towards your bad place then talk to someone. Isolation won’t help. Maybe ask your doctor if a winter depression could hit you harder currently. I know that the light being grey outside can affect my mood.
      And beyond everything, always try to remember that depression lies. It’s the mantra I keep telling myself when I have moments of darkness.

      • Eh…..I prefer the colder weather, and sunny days are more likely to depress me than cloudy ones. Actually, I think I get depressed sometimes is because I don’t lie to myself enough.

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          I remember learning about a psychology study once that found that most people naturally tend to overestimate their own abilities, while people with mild depression (?) tended to rate themselves more accurately. But I think that when it came to full-blown clinical depression people’s estimates became inaccurate once more, except now in the negative direction.

          • Hmmmm…I have had depression issues for over half of my life now. When I was in the mental health unit in the hospital while I was away at college (sophomore year?), they diagnosed me with moderate/severe depression.

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    • I am really missing my Mitch. I hope we get him back in the scene soon.

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      I’m hoping that as Kyle gets dressed he says that they need to focus on the due-any-time-now invasion. Then they head out and meet Flyboy.

    • stickfigurefairytales

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          • Don’t you dare start imaging bad things happening to my Mitch!! It better be he just saw something cool….


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            I definitely bet that’s it. Spooky, Paul, and Kyle will come running out all panicked, expecting the Annihilator or demons or a giant eyeball (George, of course, but they were never properly introduced), and then Mitch will be there all sheepish and have to explain that he just saw a cool thing and wasn’t actually in danger.

            “It was just…really cool, is all.”

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