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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 14

684 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 14

Kyle’s never going to get any pants on, is he? Good thing he doesn’t get chilly…

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So! Seems like Kyle has the whole weight of the world on those naked shoulders of his. And now Spooky’s going to check to see if anything else is there along with it. I wonder what he’ll find…

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Kyle is so much more comfortable now 😀 ..but not out of the woods.

    • Oh and I just tripped and fell on my keyboard and once again I was first! Imagine that? Amazing how that seems to happen EVERY… SINGLE… TIME… 😀

      • silibub

        “I’m not a camper — the comment just sent on its own!”

        • I think Sircea likes you and there’s probably a spell seal somewhere on you causing this. After we get Kyle taken care of we can discuss this mystery. XD

      • Chris. I set my timer for 5am. Woke up stumbled to bathroom, used about 5mins there to get more awake, turned on the computer, waited impatiently for it to load, opened the tab for TYP, read the first handfull of comments (like I always do before joining my own voice to camp), saw Doki say the Purpurea Noxa page was up, clicked the link, started commenting, remembered that I should have the 2nd tab open to check for new page, opened that, had an OMG moment, scrolled down and saw no comments, commented, went to previous TYP page to tell page was up, returned to PN to finish my comment, returned here..
        And that was was the first 15-20mins of my morning LOL.

        • SofiaT

          *looks suspiciously at Danish*

          You’ve made a deal with Laampros, haven’t you?

          • LOL.. I was starting to wonder if I should look for George.

    • Sapfo


  • Okay, I am never going to get a first. I need to accept that. I had the tab up refreshing and…

    So, checking to make certain nothing followed him? o.O

    • Aww.. again it was damn luck. I was in the middle of writing a comment on Purpurea Noxa before coming to camp on TYP, and remembered I should open a tab in preparation for the new page, and voila!

      • I just have to accept that my fate is not getting to be first on a page. 🙂 But Congrats to you!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          We could do an Opposites Day first sometime, maybe? Although I’m not entirely certain how that would work – maybe the last person to comment on a page before the new page goes up?

          • I’d still have crappy luck. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            …Maybe you have the same powers as Fluke, and your crappy luck at commenting first will enable you to do awesome superhero things!

          • Fingers crossed!

  • Is it bad I’m really hoping for a full, up close shot of Kyle now? Please? Pretty please?

    • Toli Bera

      That’s what the full monty printed edition is for.

      • But only the special posters will be full monty.. as far as I know 🙂

        The pages aren’t gonna switch to 18+ in print. Not on this comic. The kickstarter backers will get a full monty option for a few of the posters that will be printed, but that is it.

        • The wolf’s teeth are hurting and she’s extra dangerous… I urge caution.

          (Hope you’re feeling better!)

          • *lol*.. I am actually, feeling better I mean, at least on that account 🙂 Grumpy Wolf is turning into a happier wolf.
            Seems like it might ‘just’ have an infection anyway because after I made it bleed and such around the tooth (sorry for TMI, and it hurt like hell to do so) the swelling has gotten down and it’s ‘only’ pretty sore now. I can even chew lightly with it again, something I couldn’t 24h ago. So instead of going to an urgent treatment today, instead I’ll call and ask if I should come in anyway, or give it a couple of days’ waiting instead, to see if it get worse again. Might not need a dentist visit at all *cross fingers*

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Either way, I hope you get better soon!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Either way, I hope you get better soon!

          • I’m glad you’re a happier wolf and I hope you feel even better very soon too!

          • Sapfo

            But Danish! Don´t you want Doctor Jones to check you out?


        • Then I need to find some extra cash, now! (Yes, I’m shallow. Sue me.)

        • Toli Bera

          Really? I thought it was the other way. anyone have links to the KS to double check this?

          • We had polls about wether or not a few of the posters should be explicit or pg rated, as a service to the backers. It’s some of the posters that will be 18+
            For sales purpose, Alex keep the comic pg-17 when it comes to nudity.

  • Cookie

    can we be sure that spooky doesn’t just want to put his hands on kyle’s supple, warm skin
    i don’t think so

  • Toli Bera

    It’s great to see Kyle’s getting some after-care. and that his friends have their priorities in check.

  • Vinny Gothika

    well okay Spooky…you want to check him over for injuries….>.> I guess that makes sense…I guess lol

  • DC

    Yep, listen to Spooky Kyle, there is still hope. Mmm can we be present while Spooky checks over Kyle.

  • Sapfo

    Next page …. Oh damn my dirty mind XD

    • *grins* It’s the best dirty mind I know!

      • Sapfo

        My mind is a nice place to be. All warm and fluffy 😀

  • b3nc0

    Check for spell?
    Yeah, right!

  • So is Spooky doing this naked check over for himself, Fluke, Kyle, or any combination there of?

    Spooky looks all concerned when he asks, but in the next panel he has this grin on his face that makes me wonder just how many things he is trying to accomplish with asking Kyle to do that.

  • jreed3842

    Hmm. I wonder… if there are any lasting effects from the spell… What would they be?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Jiminey crickets, in a superhero class setting what might they *not* be? Even limiting it to the possibility of genuinely accidental affects that directly relate to either the spell of binding that held Kyle immobile and silent, or to the spell of transport that took them to Laampros’ dimension: Maybe Kyle is resubjected to the binding curse whenever he faces off against Annihilator (or even *any* selfish person) ; maybe Kyle now has a interdimensional link Laampros’ dimension and can draw extra power from there (increasing his existing pyrokinetic abilities) and/or giving him the new power to create interdimensional gates.

      Then again Spooky might be worried about (but reluctant to actually say) that the Annihilator and the Priestess have deliberately left a spell on Kyle – the magical equivalent of placing malware on a computer. The Priestess could have done almost anything when she was using those magical tentacles: if she was able to multitask to simultaneously change Kyle’s clothes and scan him to see what was the basis of his powers, she could easily have added a mind-control geas or made it easier to scry on him. After all, we still aren’t sure why Annihilator just left Kyle in the warehouse rather than doing something tactically sensible like imprisoning him or killing him. Maybe Annihilator is genuinely regretful about using and abusing Kyle in the way he did, and simply didn’t have the heart to do anything else to Kyle – but we shouldn’t take that for granted.

  • Steven K.

    <— Very sad face again. Certainly not giving Kyle much privacy there – asking to check Kyle over and all that BEFORE he puts his suit on. Something doesn't seem right about that. Might SOUND logical, but Spooky could have done that while Kyle was sitting there – or after he gets his suit on. Why does he want to "check Kyle (all) over" like that? Spooky is now being creepy.

    • Steven K.

      Being creepy is not being friendly- in the actual friendship sort of way.

      • Adam Black

        I think Spooky is aware of the irony.
        That in other circumstances , Kyle might want to check him out back. and he would prpbably let him.

        he is also aware that he needs to check Kyle out, with the thought that Kyle is gay now foremost in his mind.

        Warning, next page Spooky will make a joke or two.
        how sexy Kyle is, and its a shame Sppoky is into gilrs or he would hit that.

        You should expect this. and you should expect something bad.
        He probably has a hell mark hidden on him

    • Because there might be some mark on his skin that they wouldn’t be able to see if Kyle is covered. I think Spooky’s concern is legitimate, that grin as he helps Kyle up not so much.

      • I read Spook’s final grin as the doctor being friendly and trying to keep Kyle calm when the exam goes down. I don’t get any smug or smarmy vibe from it at this moment. I want to believe that Spooky has his ‘doctor’ coat on and is at work.

        Just my opinion… the many faces of Spooky.

        *compelling music plays here*

        • Well, I also wouldn’t put it past Spooky to have more than one objective…Spooky is most likely to be the most sneaky ….of the group.

          But I can see it as “just a Dr smile”….but just barely. I guess I should also mention that smiling doctors creepy? ….well maybe not creepy, but they put me on edge.

    • Respectfully… totally disagree. Nudity and sexual arousal are two different things. Being nude does not necessarily mean there is a sexual component involved.

      It is hard for us to think this way because you and I WOULD be attracted to Kyle, but I don’t think we can assume that with Spooky in this situation… as much as I would like Spooky to be interested in Kyle (and personally, I would). However, you are right that NOW is not the time for THAT and I don’t think THAT is what’s happening.

      When Sircea changed Kyle’s clothing prior to Hong Kong and sent them through the portal she asked Kyle and got CONSENT from him. She also set up the sex-spell that Duncan used that required Kyle’s full trust. Sircea is fully capable of leaving malign magical tidbits behind. In addition Daddy(?) Laampros left a kiss on his brow. Spooky knows about this shite, and is being careful. I, for one, am relieved.

      I just don’t think Kyle is as hung up about nudity with these guys as some of us might imagine. Sircea did her bit. Laampros did his. I’d be worried if Kyle didn’t get a magical checkup. So Kyle seems cool (and looks worriedly relieved) and so am I.


    • Adam Black

      Because Spooky cant see through solid Objects.

      This is what doctors do. Hes giving him a mystical Physcial.

      Id get naked for spooky right now, for a free healing—- and so would you .

      • Excuse me? Is this the Spooky out-patient office? I have an appointment… Do you want me to undress now or should I wait? 🙂

        • Adam Black

          Just whip it out now.

          It will help @stevenklimecky:disqus relax.

          and raise your arms behind your head… yeah, just like that

        • Adam Black

          I’m sorry, Dr. Spooky was let go due to complaints from the Michigan Moral Bigade. Apparently he was actually looking at nude men to examine their bodies.

          We are all quite shocked at the whole affair Thank Goodness one brave man stood up for purity and chastity .

          We have a Doctor, luckily he has the only exclusive license in the country for doing fantasy nude male exams.

          DR. @stevenklimecky:disqus , get ready for your next exam,
          He’s a real hottie. , He wants to know should he strip now, or privately in your office?

      • There are a lot of people that would get naked for Spooky period….*cough* @DanishWolf:disqus *cough cough* @Sapfo:disqus *cough*

        Love the phrasing “mystical physical”. ^_^

        • Sapfo

          Get naked… I am already naked…. Oops! ^_^

        • Adam Black

          I’m sorry we had to let Dr Spooky go, due to complaints. But don’t worry, we have the most competent Anatomist this side of Michigan to see you .
          ( DR @stevenklimecky:disqus we got more patents waiting )

  • silibub

    LMAO at Paul’s face in the last panel — “Wait, whaaat?”

  • SofiaT


  • I love Kyle’s face in the 4th panel. He looks like he’s grumbling.

  • silibub

    But anyway, it would be interesting if there was a lingering effect from the spell, maybe one that Sircea didn’t even tell Duncan about. I doubt the possibility would have been introduced if it wasn’t important…

  • Alex, you Adam and Veronica are too damn awesome for words!

    This is great, we take a huge jump. It’s ever clearer that things are understood both BY KYLE and by the others and that they will start to deal like the hero’s we want to believe them to be.

    And yet you leave us with so many questions. Not the least of which is Spooky’s need to give our K. a ‘check-up’ — of course I can think of all kinds of reasonable reasons why he should and, of course, you know I’m dying for him to have a secret lurve for Kyle. So, oh such fun, imagining the possibilities.

    But that said, thank you all again for working so hard for us and our entertainment.

    The dialog throughout is great fun and very direct and then the most wonderful thing is Spooky’s look of real serious concern in panel #5. Adam does a great job of showing Spooky’s mask of cool slip for one moment. I look at that expression and think that, if nothing else, he sincerely wants to make his friend is safe. If anyone, Spooky best understands the kinds of things Sircea’s spells might leave behind.

    After all he’s been through you can see that Kyle has the same fears in Panel #6 and is more than glad to have his friend check him out.

    Once again you give us a page that makes us feel like there is hope. Hope in many different ways and about many different things, but hope…

    So nicely done. Thank you!


    • Adam Black

      ( I want to do filtthy things to your icon )

      is that weird?

      • I thought that unless your avatar had tentacles, that was sort of the whole point… but then again I’m a yaoi neophyte, so maybe not the best one to ask.

        Let’s get you an appointment with Dr. Spooky for a full check-up.

        • Adam Black

          Shhhh , not so loud… You will offend somebody.
          There are some person who dont appreciate Dr Spookys Mystical Physicals
          ( ahem jealous .. jeeeeealous )

    • Yeah, I really wouldn’t be surprised if Sircea did more than take a sample of some kind from Kyle back before his first date with Duncan. Something that can come back and not be good for Kyle later on.
      I trust her less around Kyle than I do with Duncan. Not because of the ‘she’s the evil woman’ thing, but because she doesn’t have the emotional involvement that Duncan has. Despite Duncan going through with their plans, in the future he’s the one who’ll be feeling conflicted of the two.

      • Conflicted or not… don’t know… but I’m sure if Sircea could have left an evil surprise, she would have for exactly the reasons you state. Duncan didn’t kill Kyle at the end and he could have (well it seemed that he didn’t ‘need’ him anymore) and still he didn’t… not sure if Sircea would have held back.

        *scary music plays…*

    • You’re very welcome, Christopher. Thank you as always for your very thoughtful reaction. 🙂

  • JustStoppingBye

    I love Spooky, but don’t do it, Kyle.

    Admiral Ackbar: It’s a trap!


  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Hmmmm, I don’t know about that “check up”.

  • SofiaT

    Not sure exactly what Spooky is doing there -the request sounds legit, albeit a bit strange (mostly because of that grin on the last panel).

    However, what I’m going to focus on is Kyle’s response. “Sure. Ok.”

    If I had gone through what he just went through, I would probably be suspicious of my own shadow. When you’ve burned your tongue with porridge, you’re careful even with yoghurt.

    But not Kyle. Kyle is as pure and trusting as ever.
    The romantic me wants to go “awww!” and the cynical me shakes her head.
    We’re both eager for the next page.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I did read this comment correctly at first, but for some reason my brain remembered the phrasing as “Kyle is as pure and trusting as yoghurt.” Which is hilarious.

      • SofiaT


        I’ve heard the “pure as the driven snow” expression but I guess “pure as yoghurt” could also apply.
        If it’s organic. 😛

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I don’t know if it’s particularly trusting, though.

          • SofiaT

            I was going to make a joke about how you can trust it to keep you regular but it’s too lowbrow, isn’t it?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Nothing is too lowbrow for us! (But don’t feel compelled to test that assertion, everybody.)

        • Adam Black

          I miss Whitney’s!!!!
          @admiraljane:disqus @smsif:disqus @chrisdangerfield:disqus

          • Excuse me… I thought this was TYP… did I wander onto the cooking channel by mistake? Well Sofia is here so we’ll have Feta shortly, AB’s oven doesn’t have temp control so we won’t be baking, the Admiral is proficient but likes easy recipes (lazy) and frankly I have no idea what Stickfigure will be bringing.

            So, thankfully I have a full alphabetized notebook of places that deliver in our area… now want kind of food do we WANT Kyle to be like… seriously.

            cc: @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus, @Sapfo, @Admiral Jane, @stickfigurefairytales:disqus

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’m mostly with Admiral in the liking easy recipes corner, but I can bake a mean chocolate chip cookie.

          • Easy recipes for the win!!

          • Sapfo

            Food! Did somebody say something about food recipes. OO have in recent days made more food than I can eat in a week. Coq au vin, home made “hard bread” and Roasted Vegetable Soup. Mums! ^_^

          • Of course you know me so well, Mr. Dangerfield. Lazy lazy laz… 🙂

          • No I didn’t mean that sorry. No one micro-waves a Lean Cuisine like you do! I swear. 😀

          • HA! Yeah, even cooking rice a roni is too much work.

            It’s a good thing I don’t live alone. Lots of ramen would be consumed.

          • Adam Black

            I made a pizza.

            ( but have to cook it from 100- 500+ degrees and try not to burn it. Its kind of crazy )

          • SofiaT

            No idea what that is. :0/

  • Steven K.

    Spooky doesn’t seem all that totally straight with that request – and, dammit, if that turns out to not be legit – and is some sort of ploy to be voyeuristic, that is definitely *NOT* cool – to use someone’s compromised state like that and take advantage of Kyle’s current vulnerable physical and emotional state just to do some ogling or cop a feel. Dude – Kyle has just been sexually molested and traumatized – AGAIN – NOT COOL if what you are saying you are doing isn’t sincere or is for some other purpose.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      It may be an honest request, Steven. Magic is Spooky’s thing. He may be right that there might have been more to the spell. Or it could be both actually, he may be trying to check him out in more ways than one. 😉

      • Steven K.

        But then why does that need to be done BEFORE Kyle puts his suit on?? Seems like that can be checked after just was well. The one thing I wanted was for Kyle to have a little bit of privacy and dignity and get dressed before I’m able to move on more comfortably with this story. Now this has me a big mess of anxiety again.

        • SofiaT

          Maybe there are marks on his body (like a “seal”) or something. You can’t see those over a spandex uniform.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            And if it’s magical it could be invisible and only show up when someone who knows how looks for it. The person might have to be naked.

          • SofiaT

            I imagine a full “body scan” like the one Sircea did on Chapter One.

          • Cydney Sabin

            It’s also possible that Kyle’s suit isn’t just spandex. It could be superhero-grade, so it’s bulletproof/magic-proof/fireproof/Godzilla-proof/anything-that-comes-from-Batman’s-utility-belt-proof… Makes sense that Spooky’s scan could be distorted or even blocked by the suit itself.

          • SofiaT

            Good point!

          • *giggles* ……”anything-that-comes-from-Batman’s-utility-belt-proof”…….*giggles*

          • Cydney Sabin

            I actually came up with that one on the fly. Pretty proud of that.

          • HA! Good.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Yep, and we don’t know if Sircea did more than just a body scan on him. That is why Spooky’s request seems legit.

          • Those tickle…

          • Adam Black


          • Seal of Solomon… maybe we’ll get to see it through Spooky’s eyes and it’ll look coooool.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          If it was me, I wouldn’t mind at all. I have no problems with nudity. Maybe Kyle doesn’t either, you shouldn’t assume that he does.

          • Steven K.

            Might be different if one has just endured what Kyle has just endured.

          • Steven K.

            I make my assumptions based on Kyle’s behavior with Duncan as they were undressing. Kyle was almost “blatantly” and abnormally shy getting in that bed. In my experience, if that was not the case, there would have been a much more drawn out sequence of slowly and sensuously and erotically undressing one-another, exploring each other’s bodies in detail as that proceeds, getting comfortable with the sight and the slowly increasing nakedness of their bodies together, etc., etc., etc. But no – Kyle pulls things off and dashes under those covers quicker than a dear dashing across a road – and doesn’t even take the time to take his socks off. That didn’t give me a sense that Kyle was that comfortable being nude – or at least on display or wanting to be looked at – even with or by the guy he was about to get down and dirty with.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Well, that was Duncan. These are his friends. He seems to have no problem now with them.

          • That might have just been Kyle being a pile of nerves over his first sexual encounter. No one is ever completely comfortable there first time, and there are also uncertainties like “What if he sees some thing on my body that completely turns him off and this doesn’t happen?” I didn’t really find Kyle’s behaviour all that odd for a first time encounter.

          • Adam Black

            not “even with or by the guy he was about to get down and dirty with.”

            But because ” with or by the guy he was about to get down and dirty with.”

            That made Kyle subject to “male gaze”
            Kyle changing in front of his friends likely happened many times and thus doesn’t count.

          • Steven K.

            I guess I don’t understand that phenomenon – at least not after 2 people find that they in fact are comfortable with one another and like each other’s bodies. No one is more body-shy than me, but if I’m getting physical with someone, and I know that they like what I have well enough to want to follow through with physical acts with me, then why would there be any shyness or furtiveness – then the parties would go into explicit explorations of all the details of one another – with no wish to cover up or to hide, or to do everything under the blanket. I kinda know what you mean, I think, but wouldn’t that be at a very early stage where one is still fearing that the person that one is about to embark on something naked with may not like what he sees once it is revealed? Once there is mutual acceptance, then the wish to hide or be covered falls away and abandons itself to the opposite desire. Or am I just crazy?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            But that date actually was very early on in Kyle and Duncan’s romantic relationship – it was only their second real date. Plus it was Kyle’s first sexual encounter and it was with someone considerably more experienced…I would have felt very shy in his place as well.

          • Adam Black

            You are forgetting it was Kyles first time, and
            “fearing that the person that one is about to embark on something naked with may not like what he sees once it is revealed?” still applied .
            It was all that.

          • Steven K.

            Although, realistically, I don;t know what someone with Kyle’s looks and physique would have to worry about – he’s gorgeous, his body is beautiful – no reason to expect that ANYONE wouldn’t like that – and so the only reason for such a reaction would be an inherent shyness. (Unless he had some bizarre genital abnormality of malformation.)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Well, shyness and insecurity can have no connection to how conventionally attractive someone might be. People don’t always believe that about themselves.

          • Adam Black

            “(Unless he had some bizarre genital abnormality of malformation.)”

            You dont think a pitchfork shaped penis is odd—- Oh you haven’t seen the lockeroom scenes.
            Sorry, I forgot

          • Steven K.

            I’d still make out with a penis like that – esp. if attached to someone totally adorable – wouldn’t ruin it for me – given my scientific background and curiosity, might even be intriguing.

          • Adam Black

            better starts practicing with hot forks and peppers

          • I can tell you that I’m pretty body shy, and my first time I reacted pretty much like Kyle until things started going 🙂 We also see Kyle forget about being shy and feeling a bit awkward when he starts to get really into it.
            But every time I have to undress before new people, be it sexually or often not, I’m feeling very awkward at first. Reacting a lot like Kyle did.

          • Steven K.


          • SofiaT

            Everyone’s attitude so far (mostly Kyle’s) tells me that they’re ok with nudity. They probably see each other in various states of undress all the time. Kyle’s bashful attitude when he was with Duncan doesn’t mean he’s bashful in general -I’d imagine everyone would be nervous and shy when getting undressed to have sex for the first time. (Yeah, even Spooky!)

            The only one who seemed uncomfortable in the last two pages was Paul, and we already know he was worried about how fragile Kyle is at the moment, so maybe he was just giving him some space, in case he needed it. After Kyle laughing, Paul seems fine with looking at him on this page.

            Still, I cannot imagine this not being a bit awkward. Feels like going to the doctor’s and -really- is there anyone who likes those visits? 😛

            I can also imagine an exasperated Mitch storming into the warehouse because he’s tired of waiting mid-check up and getting all red-faced.

            Now that’s something for the Hotboy shippers to dream about! 😀

          • Adam Black

            I like My doctor.

          • SofiaT

            I read your comment and for a moment thought you’d written “I like The Doctor”. 😛

          • Adam Black

            HA! yeah him too

          • I’d imagine he could get the demon off you also.

          • Turn your head and cough up a demon please…

          • Adam Black

            No one has ever calledit that before—-
            But since you asked so politely
            ( Cough, Cough )

        • Adam Black

          You just told me last page that you wouldnt mind if Kyle bent over.

          Let Doctor Spooky examine him.

          He was just in a hell dimension. He might have demonic fleas.

          Its safe to guess that they change and shower in front of each other. The situation is more humilating due to the circumstances.

          If we are lucky there will be a lot more YP nudity.

          and i know we all want that, including you

          • Steven K.

            I was probably speaking privately – in a mental fantasy, if just Kyle and me – maybe some others – in some other situation, etc. NOT what I wanted to have happen in the actual story!!

          • Steven K.

            Not at this exact moment, anyway. I think that one’s state of nudity should be consensual. If Kyle wanted to stay nude and be checked over and checked out nude, he wouldn’t have asked Fluke to bring him some “God damned clothes”. He was obviously upset about his state of nakedness – and the fact that he was all huddled in a near fetal position against the wall should say something as well. He DIDN’T greet his buds at the door all naked with open arms and everything else. He wasn’t going all “Daniel Radcliffe in Equus” running all around with his junk bobbing up and down waiting for them.

          • Adam Black

            That more because he is humiliated for shacking up with a supervilain, beiing outed by having his clothes stolen and having ‘destroyed the world”

            If anything Kyle is so traumatized he doenst care who sees him naked. But that doesnt mean he wants to flaunt it and get a arrested for public nudity.

            We already know they have public showers and lockers.

            Its a physical. Kykes health and safety has to take precedence over modesty. If Kylle has a demon stuck to him it couldnt threaten the world.

            and yes i bet he does!

          • Steven K.

            Well, I agree with a lot of the first things you mentioned.

          • Steven K.

            Someone is going to have to direct me to the pages that show their public showers and their lockers” In junior high, I had to shower naked every school day after gym class and swim naked once a week. I hated every minute of it. I got to do a lot of furtive looking, but was always scared someone would notice. And I was very shy and private – I didn’t like being on display – I didn’t want to be naked in front of everyone. I was being naked by coercion – because I had to – not cuz I wanted to or cuz I didn’t have a problem with it. It seems difficult for so many to think someone like that could exist.

          • Adam Black

            The lockers were just mentioned, and the showers were mentioned during the interlude.

            Spooky joked she would see them all naked if they all showered at the same time

          • Steven K.

            There are many kinds of lockers. I guess I wasn’t thinking of shower-room type lockers for changing – but more of typical high-school type lockers where you just keep your stuff.

          • Adam Black

            Ya , you keep your stuff, your uniform that get naked and change into

          • Klaus

            A shower scene is one of the prints we have coming from the kickstarter. We do not if iot is cannon, however.

          • Adam Black

            “Someone is going to have to direct me to the pages that show their public showers and their lockers”

            Absolutely not.

            Those pages are only for readers comfortable seeing casual male nudity of Young Protectors Clearly you are not.

            I am not saying @Chris Dangerfield: Disqus and I stuck in and put a spy cam in the YP locker room
            ( It was really me and @DanishWolf:disqus ) …

            wait what were you saying?

            yes i would love to go antiquing , do something wholesome. None of this nudity stuff for me.

          • Alex is right!

            “If Kyle has a demon stuck to him it could threaten the world.”

            Remember the ‘face hugger’ from ALIEN? Well, I’ll leave you with that image, but stuck to a much less obvious place.

            (Oh Spooky, please be thorough.)

          • Adam Black

            You are going to spoil the – surprise – total trauma for @stevenklimecky:disqus on the next page.

            What am I talking about ?
            Steve probably teaches a whole class in removing undead creatures of the Netherworld from the nethers of nubiles.

          • Adam Black

            ( and maybe some others? Well you got your wish! )

            That is exactly what this is.

            Its private between Kyle and his best friends.

            Read back: I predicted your reaction

          • Steven K.

            Again, didn’t mean what I wanted to happen in the story at this moment. In other circumstances, it might be quite nice or appropriate.

          • Adam Black

            wait, Flyboy is about to come in during the physical.
            and then hug kyle naked.

            Steve this is called “fanservice”

            If it bugs you so much, ask @Alex to WOG that Kyles nudity to his friends isnt traumatizing him more.
            He looks Comforted to me.

          • Steven K.

            Well, I hope that is the case. I don’t want to get into the “rape” debate and all that, but typically you don’t help a victim that has just been sexually violated by “checking them out” – i.e., explicit trying to look and see their parts. The person to legitimately do that might be the physician that one is sent to to “professionally” do that – and probably not a physician that just happens to be one of one’s close friends. But if you want to argue that Spooky is in somewhat that sort of role, then I suppose that has some validity.

          • Adam Black

            “you don’t help a victim that has just been sexually violated by
            “checking them out” – i.e., explicit trying to look and see their parts”

            Actually you do with a doctor.

            @stevenklimecky:disqus Dr Steven Strange isnt here, Spooky is going to have to do. and he is qualified.

            In this page Kyle looks much more comfortable with his body.

            Plus I notice, he looks a lot more Jockish and adult than I thought.

            You should be more freaked out what Spooky is going to find.

          • Steven K.

            Your quote of me at the beginning and what you said about the doctor – that’s what I JUST said in the post.

          • Adam Black

            Isnt that how quotation marks work?

          • Sapfo

            Nudity is always necessary when it comes to checking up on someone. If so, you’ve been in a car accident or if you have an ingrown toenail. Strip please! 😉

          • That’s my Sapfo… alway thinking of pubic… erm… I mean public health and safety! Yay! 😀

          • Adam Black

            My wrist *is* kind of sore.

            ( Hops on exam table )
            I will need help with my belt if you want to look at this Nurse @smsif:disqus

            ( @chrisdangerfield:disqus werent you supposed to teach me Disqus formatting ? )

          • Sapfo

            Belt, why are you wearing a belt with a kilt? o.O
            Sir, do I want need to know what you been doing with your wrist to make it sore? O.O

          • Adam Black

            Sure I understand, some other time, “other circumstances” , “privately” , when you are the only reader , and no one else can enjoy it publicly.

          • All right, Adam. That’s enough. Let’s move on from this.

          • Adam Black

            yes, sir

          • Adam Black

            A Naked Boy being comforted in a Yaoi story.Its completely completely shocking. I’m completely sympathetic. I am certain if we all band together, Alex can leave illustrator instructions in his next story, for the Superheros clothes to be permanently bonded to the characters skin.

            I personally wasnt brave enough t protest this gratuitous nudity. Just because it says Yaoi doesnt mean men are supposed to get naked and f*ck. They can sip sodas, or hold hands…. ride Hot air baloons, go antiquing.

            This story has gone one for 3 chapters, and they havent even gone to any tag sales together. what kind of romance is that. Not a realistic , i tell you that.

            Your an anatomist. Cmon, when’s the last time you heard of a fire ejaculation?

            That almost never happens. Its completely unrealistic. But I have complete faith In @alexwoolfson:disqus . Sooner or later he will get the hang of this gay romance thing, write tales of boys falling in love with their cooking instructors… or Olympic skiing intructor… all that down clothing, you will never see hint of flesh— Except in the locker room for the gay Olympic Orgy, but nothing else.

          • Demonic lice are a bitch to get out of your pubic hair, there’s a solution, then that little comb to get out the demonic crab eggs. It’s really a…

            WHAT? Oh fine I suppose everyone wants their super hero fantasies all easy and clean. Just remember these are LICE FROM HELL!!!

            (Cue MFX: Dum du DUMMMM)

            So a simple blast of A-200 isn’t going to do it.

            Spooky’s going to have to check out Kyle’s pubes closely with the stronger than normal solution of Solomon Brand A-200, and that’s a lot rarer. Kyle is probably a lot luckier to have Spooky there than even he knows.

          • Adam Black

            I just ate.
            Thank you

        • Adam Black
        • Jeh Y

          Blah blah blah, whine whine whine, it’s all about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ooh, poor Steven, what about his feelings? I’ll tell you what about your feelings – NOBODY FUCKING CARES.

          All you DO is whine, bitch, complain, shove your own issues and hangups on everyone else and say “Fit your reactions to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! FIT THE STORY TO ME! I’M THE MOST IMPORTANT! I’VE BEEN THROUGH THINGS.” We all have, you self-absorbed cuntwash. Take it to therapy. Unless no therapist will take you because none can stand you. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked.

          People exist besides you. Do you whine for the attention? Hmm? “What happened”?” “oh, I don’t want to taaaaaaaaalk about it. But okaaaaaaaaay.” Do you have some need to be in control of others all the time? Tough shit, pudding. Now take your chronic bitching elsewhere. All you do is bring others down and you’re a burden on everyone.

      • Steven K.

        Kyle should be able to trust his friends – ESPECIALLY now more than ever. After what Kyle has just been through with the horrible broken trust by Duncan carried out in a sexual way, and the ogling and caressing by Laampros, which clearly horrified Kyle, if Kyle finds out that Spooky just wants to check out his goods, that is totally the opposite of showing or giving Kyle support and showing that he, unlike Duncan, is a true friend and someone that Kyle can be SURE of being able to trust – especially if he’s taking advantage of Kyle’s vulnerable position just to get his jollies. I’m sorry – not at Kyle’s expense like that in this situation after the precise things that Kyle has just endured.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          And what makes you think that they haven’t seen each other naked before? Maybe while changing clothes or showering together?

          • Steven K.

            That keeps coming up. There is no evidence for that, however. And see my comment below about Kyle’s shyness. AND I don’t think Kyle would have been comfortable showering with the guys – I think he would have been too afraid that he might look at them, and, worse, too afraid that then one of his buds might notice him looking and assume what Kyle, at least initially, didn’t want them to know or to think. And would be even worse, probably, in Kyle’s mind, if then his buds thought that Kyle might actually be into them in a sexual way. Totally awkward. I don’t think Kyle, given his state of coming out and comfort with himself, would have risked any of that.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Steven, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Spooky seems to be really concerned about Kyle. I’m sure in the next page we’ll find out how comfortable Kyle is being naked and what Spooky is going to do.

    • I think he’s totally legit. I didn’t even wonder about this for a second that it was to play with him. Look at the concern on his face, and we saw early in the comic that Spooky can heal injuries with physical contact if they’re not too bad.
      All he wants to do is help and check Kyle over.

      Edit: This page

      • Steven K.

        I hope you are correct and that is all that it is.

      • Totally agree!

        • Chris and his muscle men……

          😉 ^_^

          • Hahaha… oh stop you. You beat me at that game. You know that I like them all kinds of ways… as long as they look ‘healthy’. LOL. 😉

  • Cydney Sabin

    I’m seriously debating with myself as to whether or not Spooky is completely genuine in his request. My conclusion so far? He’s serious, but getting a… bonus… in doing so.

    • Samurai Jack

      Spooky understands magic and Kyle does not. Checking him over is only sensible. Besides, Kyle has been a portal once. For all we know he’s he way the demons come to earth the next time. Or he’s a magicked Trojan Horse. It could be interesting if he finds something…

  • Madock345

    I know it’s a good page when it makes me grin uncontrollably. I swear I cracked a huge smile as soon as I got to the last two panels and it hasn’t gone away yet.

  • silibub

    Spooky looks really handsome in panels 2 and 6! Even though I know he’s an attractive guy, the carefree goofiness usually overrides it for me — not in those panels, though.

  • This page is adorable. I love that sly little smirk that Spooks has. He’s soooo up to something. :3

    (cliffnotes to come later.)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Oh no, I’m late! But there’s a new page – yay! I really love Spooky’s attitude here. Such an awesome friend and teammate.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Methinks Spooks has a thing for Kyle’s heinie.

    • Firebirds1

      Me thinks its not Kyle’s heinie Spooks is looking at 😉

    • WarGoddess

      Everyone has a thing for Kyle’s heinie. It’s a very cute heinie. 😀

      • Mary Klemzak

        True! I’d be happy to see any of the YP’s heinies. 😀

  • YG_Frenchie

    I don’t always camp due to early working hours but I always click on the “last page” button before bed in hopes for some new eye candy even though I know it’s too early for such a miracle. BUT when it does happen, like tonight, I’m such a typical child who just opened the biggest present! I love updates! Now I can go to bed patient.
    Go Team Alex, Adam and Vero! <3

    Spooks is such a fun guy! I'm glad Kyle has friends he can count on.

    I have a question: What happened to the mobile version of Disqus? My iPad and iPhone were asking 😛

    • SofiaT

      I think the Disqus people got tired of receiving complaints all the time and canned it. 🙂

      • YG_Frenchie

        Ah dang. I didn’t realize it didn’t work well for most.

        Thanks for replying 🙂

  • SofiaT

    The more I re-read this page, the more Spooky’s smile on the last panel seems reassuring, rather than mischievous.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Alex and Adam have envisioned the next page. I imagine Kyle will be standing straight, probably with his arms extended. So, will the “camera” be behind him or do we get a front shot but with Spooky or Paul conveniently blocking our view?

    • Steven K.

      I know I’m probably projecting a lot of my own issues and hangups – but – yeah – that is the thing that for some reason would just make me cringe – Kyle on display again – but not in a positive way – now almost like a freak to be examined. I just don;t think it’s appropriate after he was bound and spread-eagled naked and in front of Laampros and all that (I never got the impression he was comfortable with any of that) -now to just be going through something similar once more.

      • SofiaT

        You got a point. Nobody likes being on display.
        However, I don’t think Kyle would have agreed so readily if he really had an issue with it. 🙂

    • WarGoddess

      It might be shadowed in, kinda like Big Red’s was, ya never know. 😀

      • Oh common that was a wing (wink) remember?

        • WarGoddess

          Oh yes, definitely a conveniently placed wing tip. 😉

      • SofiaT

        Or maybe he gets surrounded by a green spiral/cloud of magic?

        • Steven K.

          At least that would indicate that Spooky was doing something legit.

        • WarGoddess

          That would be a nice effect. 😀

        • You mean, just the penis gets surrounded by a green spiral/cloud of magic?

          That hardly seems fair. Why are we assuming that the demon seal is only on the penis? I mean that is where demon seals usually are, but still…

          Well I’ll just wait patiently for the next page and see.

          Edit: Are things getting lonely at The Fortress of Solitude yet?

          • SofiaT

            *shakes head* Mind out of the gutter, Dangerfield. 😛

            I meant something like this, but green and less tentacle-y (and without Kyle floating in the air)

          • Okay it’s out, it’s out…

            I had to read all the Sircea pages in that spot. She’s so damn funny and scary at the same time. When she tells Kyle that having Duncan not screwing with him will defeat the purpose of the date and you see Duncan’s and Kyle’s faces… Oi.

  • WarGoddess

    Hmmmm I kinda wanna check him over for spell damage. He looks as though he really REALLY needs one. I assure everyone, my intentions are pure.
    ………………………Well, at least I ‘ll pretend they are. 😉

    • Even Zomet and Karr? She asked hopefully?

      • WarGoddess

        Yep, they’re on my list too! I’m sorry I haven’t sent you the original copies of the drawings, but once I found out that Morgan was going to give me a scanner for Christmas, a whole new world of possibilities opened up! I’m gonna re-color them, then put them on DA and print off the pics somehow. 😀

  • On previous page Spooky was a doofus, breaking the ice to make Kyle laugh and stop his self-hate, and it worked. Kyle was so stunned about the humor rather than being blamed. He got the laugh he really needed right there and then.

    On this page Spooky is getting down to business. He’s reasuring, he’s not letting Kyle go all self-blaming again and he wants to make sure Kyle is also physical okay.
    In my opinion Spooky is doing a GREAT job helping Kyle here. He couldn’t have handled it better, and Kyle knows about Spooky’s abilities – both the magical ones and about Spooky being able to heal people with physical contact.
    As seen here, Kyle doesn’t seem against Spooky doing the check up, and I can easily see Spooky being all professional on next page and/or still cracking a joke to keep this situation ‘light’. To keep Kyle from going back to freaking again.

    Spooky keeps Kyle’s thoughts going and focused on the now. The best way to move forward is to not think back.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I agree – all of the experience Spooky mentioned about working with people who’ve been through trauma is really showing. He knows how to make Kyle feel better.

    • Well said!

  • EMR has updated for those that read.

    She also said on her facebook page that she might be taking a week off sometime this month because she wasn’t able to get much done over the holidays.

  • TwilightDreamer

    aww, loving these boys more and more with each page 🙂
    Probably just he’s usually the lovable joker, but I do love seeing when Spooks gets serious.
    Really looking forward to where the plot heads.

  • Steven K.

    Yea – I would just not like to see Kyle continuing to be depicted and treated like just an object for display or use. There was enough of that earlier.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I honestly would not consider that to be the case here. I think that this is about determining whether Kyle is healthy and safe, and helping him if he isn’t.

      • Steel_Man

        And keeping the gays/girls around by continuing to keep Kyle half-naked.

        • Exactly. See, as one of those gay guys I was going to suggest that everyone else take off their clothes to make Kyle more comfortable.

          Sensible right? Proper fan-service is provided and I’m happy. All good. Right?

          • Steven K.

            That would be different.

          • Steel_Man

            Uh…okay. Sure.

        • Steven K.

          Just like I said – an object to be displayed and used.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Well, the girls interested in boys, anyway. And bi guys – can’t forget them.

          • Steel_Man

            The ones I know, personally, I wish I could…but in the interest of being inclusive – girls who like boys and bi-guys, too!! 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Like the most people already know my first thoughts on this page might not have been fully accepted in mixed company, not that it has ever stopped me before 😉
    Now I really wonder what it is that Spooky will find when he does his magic.
    But before I get into that I will just mention that Kyle must really trust Spooky if he allows him to perform magic so soon after Duncan’s magic betrayal.

    Now the question,do I think that Spooky will find anything wrong with Kyle or is he doing this check for some other reason. Spooky have just found out that Kyle is the son of “Satan” also known as Laampros. Even if the is not up to anything bad, can this young man simply be a little too interested in Kyle’s DNA?

    I for one hope not so. And by the look of him, he seems to be worried about his friend’s health and not just out for the thrill of some demon blod.

    Must admit I was really looking forward Adams and Veronica’s “magic”.

    • That’s an interesting thought. Could Spooky be checking to verify the demon DNA while also checking make certain Kyle’s okay? That’s a good possibility.

      • Sapfo

        The followup question then becomes whether it is a bad thing to Spooky want to know more about Kyle’s “DNA”. Maybe they can learn more about Laampros by looking at Kyle and through that defeat him. Curiosity is not always a bad thing.

        • Exactly. They might learn exactly what class of demon Laampros is, which would help tell them any kind of weakness and strengths. It would probably also help Kyle develop his powers further too.

          • Sapfo

            It´s a theory atleast. Might be right, might be wrong.

          • As is the way with theories. 😀

    • As always Sapfo you have smart thoughts. I’ll tell you why I don’t think it’s your stated problem this time. Kyle is true-blue. He’s a hero. He wants to fix this problem.

      So if there were something wrong in his very DNA then, even if it was bad for him personally, if it was good for the world and kept out Laampros and thwarted Duncan and Sircea, I believe he’d be all for Spooky doing whatever was necessary to save the day.

      So, given the long-term goal of Alex’s story I doubt it will be the kind of problem they can’t fix (even if they have to get Indiana Jones and go find Solomon’s book or something). Kyle will do the right thing.

      Just my guess, but it makes me happy today so I’m going with it.


      • Sapfo

        Kyle wanting to do the right thing: Yes!

        But if Spooky where to do something like that without asking: Not nice Spooky! Bad Spooky!

        *tired brain response*

        • Totally true, but Spooky has proven all my fears groundless so far. So I’m hoping for the best! Come with me and we’ll think about happy endings until your brain is rested! XD

          • Sapfo

            Mmmmmm Kyle ridning a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbow…. ^_^

          • HA!

          • Double HA!

          • Sapfo

            Unfortunately, no dreams about Kyle or unicorns. However, I had a nightmare that my computer was broken into a thousand pieces. Horror! /(¤.¤)

            But then last week I had a dream about killer larvae. They were quite large ….

          • *hugs* Saofo you poor thing! That is one of the worst nightmares there is! That poor computer…

          • Klaus
          • Steven K.

            Aww – that would be SOOOO CUTE!!! (And fluffy.)

        • dereule101

          I wouldn’t mind if Spooky did something that tickled Kyle, even on the inside! *blush*
          Though right now is kind of a bad time, I admit.

        • Steven K.

          I agree though.

      • Mr. ChrisD, I am completely in awe of your continued, large contributions so all of us here can get these wonderful bonus pages.

        You and everyone else who’ve contributed on a regular basis (or contributed once or a couple of times) so that we may all enjoy Alex’s, Adam’s, and Veronica’s work, deserve our gratitude.

        Thank you for your generosity.

        • Ms. GryphonG, everyone of those wonderful wishes goes right back to you, and all the others here who do everything they can, in whatever way, to allow us all to continue to have such great fun.

          So thanks to you and our whole gang! So great.

          • I second that!!! Everybody should take a bow right now or better yet, raise a glass (or cup) or whatever so we can toast ourselves!

            To a wonderful 2014 for all…a wonderful community…a wonderful comic…and a wonderful Alex, Adam, and Veronica! CHEERS!

            *drinks the last of my Earl Gray tea*

  • Kendall

    The last couple of frames are like the setup for a porno. 😉 I’m sure it’ll be relatively innocent, but it did make me LOL….

    • No it can’t be a porno, because Spooky is not delivering a pizza.

      • HA!

      • John

        Nor is he a plumber, painter or electrical repairman.

        Don’t know why those are the most picked-on proffessions pornographically, but there it is.

        • Some truths are not to be questioned. XD

        • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

          Excuse the fevered thought process here, goodness knows why I chose to bite on this one – I blame the cold from hell…

          I think those professions are the most picked-on pornographically because they’re some of the loneliest and lowest – the person doing those jobs is easy to relate to because they represent the every-person – this makes it easier for the viewers to put themselves in the shoes of the lucky stranger 🙂

          But, like I said, cold from hell, high fever, I’m probably barking mad.

          • SofiaT

            I always thought the pizza delivery guys are usually college boys so they’re great for fantasies of cougars who like younger guys.

            And plumbers, repairmen etc… well, there’s something about men who work with their hands 😀

          • xLizardx

            Forget the pizza delivery boys, I’d fantasise about the pizza 😀

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            om nom nom!

          • SofiaT

            Same here! 😀

          • Steven K.

            Aww – good for you for such a refreshing and unconventional response!

          • xLizardx

            Unconventional? But everybody loves pizza! Except possibly those who are gluten or lactose intolerant, or allergic to tomatoes. But they would probably love it if they could 😀

            I’m sure a pizza delivery boy would be perfectly pleasant too, but the pizza itself is too much of a distraction to prioritise anything else. Except, you know, breathing and stuff. It’s ok though, because I’d still need dessert afterwards 😛

          • Sapfo

            Oh gaaa! You are making me hungry.

          • Pizza! have pizza

          • Sharon Kerr-Bullian

            Good point. I’m too young to think of things from the older person’s perspective, I think, so that never crossed my mind. Likewise, I’ve never thought of it from the point of view of the homeowner – being a person who went to school to learn how to work with my hands (except for IT, but honestly, I think IT’s just the newest trade in the skilled trade family), it’s easier to empathize with the worker than with the homeowner.

            People who work with their hands tend to have the kind of hands that don’t feel too great on your skin – trust me on that one, my hands are awful. I can’t touch things like silk and satin just because of how my skin catches. Wool can be iffy too. That on your skin wouldn’t be too enjoyable, I’d bet. Different, but probably not enjoyable.

          • SofiaT

            I didn’t think of the texture to be honest.
            My point was, I get why the idea of men who know how to use their hands (wink, wink) can be alluring.

          • WHAT????

            Are you saying that women objectify and ogle hot sweaty young blue collar men who are good with their hands?

            Shocked I tell you! Shocked I am. Just for that I shan’t order pizza… until this evening… thank yew!

        • Kendall

          Heh, good point. But he does wear a cap, so that’s something.

          Those are probably picked because really, if someone’s bored and horny, home alone, who else would be stopping by, other than, say, someone with a package (!) to deliver (another one that’s also picked for porn)? Accountants don’t usually stop by during the day to visit lonely housewives/househubbies to help them with their taxes. 😉

      • Kendall


    • vessto

      Gah?? Still I’ll repost the page in the PG section of StumbleUpon.

  • I’m actually really happy to see Spooky suggesting a check-up. After a major trauma, that’s exactly what would happen. Just because he’s a superhero doesn’t give him a pass, especially with some magical mojo having taken place.

    But I’m with everyone else, will Spooky or won’t Spooky find something and what could it be?

  • Sapfo

    Reasons why Kyle can to have his uniform on when Spooky does his thing: It might have some built-in protection against magic

  • Steel_Man

    Good LORD – put some clothes on, already!!!

    • Steven K.

      Well, that’s def. at least one thing I agree with you about. Seems like we’re the only ones though.

      • Steel_Man

        Yeah…this just makes his whole “oh, I’m shy” thing look even more contrived and cheap. But yeah, I think we’re the only ones.

  • vessto

    As I think now Kyle can really has something put on him, to could be tracked easier for example. But imho Spooky suggest this check as the part of his everything-is-ok-mate attitude.

  • Clearly, this is the reason why Paul convinced Kyle to let Spooky come too. Even though Kyle told him he wasn’t hurt, Paul would have the smarts to know spells, close encounters with a demon, and being turned into a portal to hell might leave lasting effects on him so he brought the resident “doctor” along for a necessary examination and healing.

    • Hey Gryphon!!!

      And yes, you don’t usually hear about the “sacrifice” to summon a demon surviving the experience, so a thorough mystical physical is definitely warranted.

      *edit* This is my 900th post on TYP ^_^

      • John

        Congratulations. Perhaps when you hit 1,000 Alex might congratulate you too 😛

      • I’ll congratulate you right now. 🙂 Thank you for being such an awesome member of our community here!

        • Congrats on your contributions, Doki!!

          • One day I might catch up to @chrisdangerfield:disqus, @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus, @admiraljane:disqus and @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus… day….

          • You will most certainly! You’re a major contributor, no question about that.

          • *blushes and ducks her head so her hair covers her face* Thanks

          • Hey, I get more great links, ideas and suggestions out of you than most people I can think of. I, for one, am very happy you are here sharing your Yaoi expertise with us underprivileged kids. XD

            Thank you!!

          • ^_^ Thank you so much for that. I am glad that I am providing some benefit. ^_^

        • Not nearly as awesome as some of the others, but thank you so much for thinking that of me. ^_^

      • Doki!!

        This just goes to show how powerful Kyle really is. And he’s so young right now. I bet his powers increase with age and wisdom too (including having gone through the portal experience in the first place).

      • Wow! I’m so happy that your 900th was in reply to one of mine!

        I just figured out how to look that up and I’m actually approaching 500 (and I’m listed as a top contributor). I had no idea…

        • Heh, this is what happens when OCD overrides ADD and I have too much time…..


            You are so [geeky] cool.

          • lol, I think most people when seeing that would just tell me I need a life. Very loudly tell me I need a life.

            I also have a list of my movies. My movies are sorted alphabetically, with the sub sections of boxed sets, collections, collector box, mini-series, tv series, and anime. Then I have those listed by Disney, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, MGM, Universal, etc. I am also working on my list of films I have sorted by actor, director. seasonal, etc.

            Light help me whenever I get started on working through my books…..

          • John: That…was amazing.
            Sherlock: You think so?
            John: Of course it was. It was extraordinary. It was quite extraordinary.
            Sherlock: That’s not what people normally say.
            John: What do people normally say?
            Sherlock: “Piss off.”

            Sorry, but that’s a little of what this exchange reminded me of.

            Ugh, Doki. Left work early and went directly to bed because I don’t feel well which is why I haven’t been camping. Just saw the new page, (and Kyle’s amazing booty). Now I need to go back to sleep.


          • That pretty much sums it up. I am going to bed too, can barely keep my eyes open.

            Feel better soon sweetie!

  • RustyBurrell

    $10 says Spooky takes pics. I’m sure the boy has a camera phone.

  • Sapfo

    Next on Jerry Springer

    “My dad is a big red demon who abandoned me!”

    (All this talk about DNA made me thing of “the Springer show”)

  • Nate

    It’s fitting that after all that has happened, Kyle is actually more concerned about the Laampros situation than himself. He’s SUCH a hero.

    And I get the feeling Saturday’s strip will lead to a revelation about Spooky. Maybe he just wants to feel Kyle up? 😉

    • Steven K.

      Again, if he was truly Kyle’s friend, that would NOT be cool after what he’s just gone through. One doesn’t help a victim who’s just been sexually used or violated by feeling him up. That’s not showing how much of a trustworthy friend you are – that’s just the opposite.

  • Soubi

    Spooky just wants to ‘check’ you out, Kyle. Be sure to turn around and give him a nice pose 🙂

  • dereule101

    Give us a twirl, gurl!

  • dereule101

    Meanwhile, side-bulge.

    • SofiaT


    • KryX

      When there’s a naked guy in the room, sometimes the one in the spandex gets overlooked.

  • PFG9000

    Alex, you are really awesome. Thank you for what you do. Thank your artists too. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. You make my Wednesdays (Thanks to donors too) and Saturdays so much better.

    • You’re very welcome, PFG9000! It makes me very happy to hear that The Young Protectors is something fun in your week! 🙂

  • I like that you have made Kyle honest about what’s going on and not hiding it. You could have added more drama and made the others finding out the hard way. Instead you put it out there immediately and that to me makes the story even better.

    • That’s actually something I really believe in as a writer (and a reader/viewer). I know even very excellent shows (like Buffy, for example) make use of the “good friends keeping secrets from another” technique as a way to increase tension, but I find that both unbelievable (“You’ve saved the world with these friends ten times! You’re really going to keep your resurrected vampire lover a secret from them?”) and frustrating (because you know the truth has to come out eventually. Just get on with it!)

      The Young Protectors is a character-focused story so I know that the plot pacing might not be as zippy as some readers might like (especially when read in serialized form), but “keeping important secrets from friends even when the world is at stake in order to create drama” is a form of narrative stalling that you’re not likely to ever see from me.

      And, even more importantly, it’s not something Kyle would do in this case. 🙂

      • I’ve spent the entire weekend trying to better educate myself on ‘what the hell am I doing here’. Apparently I can log into my disqus account and presto, all my comments are there for me to see. Rather than searching for then on the original website I first posted my comments. I swear I feel a million year old when this happens 😛

  • HermeticallySealed

    Why do I get the feeling that Spooky is just setting Kyle up for another joke?

    • SofiaT

      I think it’s our minds playing tricks on us. We didn’t see this coming and we’ve gotten suspicious and wary with everything that has happened, our mind goes immediately to the worst conclusion possible.

      When I first read the page, Spooky’s smile looked cheeky. But then I looked again, and all I saw was a friend offering a hand and a supportive smile. Spooky may or may not know more than he shares at the moment but I don’t think he’d play a joke or hurt Kyle in any way.

      • HermeticallySealed

        I don’t necessarily mean that he’s setting up for a hurtful joke, just more cheekiness.

        • Thud

          Cheekiness huh? *snicker*

        • SofiaT

          Cheekiness is always possible with Spooks!
          But I think he’s legit now.

  • Calvin Wilkinson

    Haha, I just realized that at least two other people on here have been reading Prince of Cats recently. It’s nice to see a familiar icon. Also, no longer just a lurker!! hooray for first actual post. Love this comic and so glad I found it, reminds me of some of my escapades…. why are older men so often so sexy -_- merp

    • SofiaT

      Hooray! 🙂

    • Welcome!

    • Welcome, Calvin! I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying the comic and hope you’ll enjoy being part of our little community here! 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Welcome! Glad to have you here!

    • Welcome!

  • Kalynn Osburn

    This is just an excuse to let us see Kyle naked for a while longer isn’t it?

    *looks at writer/artist*


    • Steven K.

      Seems Kyle is just around to be exploited – by other characters and AS a character. If you count up how many pages he’s been naked vs. not, I think the vast majority is of the latter. I’m for seeing a hot, hunky character all naked in the right situations, but at this point not at the expense of his dignity or comfort – there has been that for a good chunk of the story already. Let’s just keep Kyle naked as much as possible for the fans – well, maybe that would be more palatable if so far most of the time he has been so it has either been not by choice or while something bad has been happening to him or being used as an object to a means – nothing to his welfare or benefit.

      • Thud

        I’m not sure that’s entirely fair. The times he’s been naked have been for story reasons-there’s not really a lot of gratuitous nakedness I’ve seen so far. He took off his clothes for the invisibility thing because otherwise he’d not really have been invisible. He got naked for the sex because, well, sex. He was naked during the spell because he was naked for the sex when the spell was placed on him. He’s naked now because Duncan did something with his clothes. And Spooky is checking him out because he’s worried and there might possibly be harm done to him, not because he wants to ogle his friend. I have a feeling that the nakedness is pretty much coming to an end for awhile.

        • Kalynn Osburn

          Err…I more just meant I was enjoying the naked manflesh. Nothing deeper. No criticisms. Just makin’ a joke.

        • Steven K.

          Yeah I thought nothing of the invisibilty episode – and enjoyed his nakedness there, but after the naked bondage (NONCONSENSUAL BONDAGE, I should emphasize) for so long, and now THIS little incidence, not even LETTING Kyle ***FINALLY*** get dressed after his just recently traumatic sexual experience and use and violation, it just got me wondering and a little suspicious. And yes he got naked for the sex, but then under the covers. But then, after his orgasm, he was bound and kept naked and displayed and vulnerable against his will and in front of his possibly paternal demon-lord, to be ogled and fondled and kissed (though, I have to admit, the tender kiss by Laampros was the only emotionally positive thing in the entire episode, and the only tenderness shown to Kyle in his scary situation, I found it not unwelcome). Anyway, let’s say there was no betrayal, and after Duncan and Kyle got undressed and then got in the bed, they had all kinds of total naked man-on-man exploration, I wouldn’t have had any problems with that – so I’m not, obviously objecting to the idea of getting naked for the sex. If Spooky really does just want to check Kyle out NAKED – only because he is worried about him, and not to ogle him as so many assume here in any case, I don’t have as much of an issue with that, if done discreetly and not compromising Kyle’s dignity after his already erotically exploitative situation. I’d feel a bit demeaned or degraded if I had to pose with arms and legs out for inspection – like after a military draft, or induction, or a prison exam, or a strip-search (or the gym experience I had to go through once a week before swimming in junior high of being naked and having to sit, cold and naked and shivering, on a wooden bench with 20 other boys, while the gym teacher took role before we could get into the water) – anyway, Kyle doesn’t need such a demeaning splayed-naked exam like that in front of his friends, after just having to endure that helpless, bound, non-consensual spread-eagled, naked position for so long in front of his betrayer/user/predator and his alleged father.

          • Frater Gymnos

            I agree with you on one point. i would’ve enjoyed a more extensive erotic scene between Andy and Kyle. They seem like the type of guys who would keep having a conversation before, during and after sex.

      • Awww come on Steven. I’ll bet you’re feeling ganged up on since many of us don’t feel the same way at this moment. You know I’ve been on the Duncan wagon with you, and at other times, we’ve been on different tracks and that’s okay.

        I think it’s fair to say that everyone on this group hears you and no one wishes more “unpleasantness” for Kyle at this moment. Look how happy everyone is to see his spirits lift even a little. You have to accept everyone is going to have different feelings and tolerances for nudity in its many forms here. For Yaoi in general, this is positively Victorian.

        I know how you feel and I admire your tenacity in expressing it so clearly, but please don’t feel bad that others feel differently. They’re not criticizing you, just stating a different viewpoint and if they DO CRITICIZE YOU for the way you feel… well, you know that Alex will give them a thump.

        Hang on buddy… Kyle is ALMOST in the super flame-proofed onezie and all will be well again and you’ll be dying for some new skin along with the rest of us!

        Take care.

        • Steven K.

          It’s not that I mind the nakedness – and I know there is supposed to be a lot of it in this kind of genre – but it’s just after that experience that Kyle went through – god he was naked and helpless and in bondage for HOW many pages? – you yourself tallied it up I think – and it was in a way I don’t think he wanted to be that way – and it has mostly been in unpleasant situations – and now still very soon AFTER an unpleasant situation where I think he could use a litttle releif. I just want Kyle’s state of nudity and experession to be in pleasant circumstances and those of his own choosing for once. I want it to be happy and enjoyable nudity for once. Of course at the beginning I thought this was going to be a story or comic that had a lot of that – but mostly so far it has been under a circumstance that was at least something akin to rape or torture – at least betrayal and violation – emotionally and physically. And I do feel VERY strongly that Kyle doesn’t need another violation of trust by having Spooky use of pretext of “checking him out” for ill-effects in order to satisfy his own sexual curiosity or satisfaction – and taking advantage of Kyle in this very vulnerable physical and emotional state to do it. That would be a double violation – of trust and friendship – when Kyle right now has to know he can TRUST his friends – and just yet another physical violation of Kyle after what he has just been through. Now, if Spooky and Paul were comforting Kyle, like with their arms around him, and Kyle and Paul suddenly looked at each other as their faces were very close, and there was some kind of realization, and Kyle leaned in to kiss Paul, and their lips touched, and then Spooky gently took hold of Kyle’s chin and turned it toward him, and kissed him as well, and then Kyle, dumbfounded, leans in to kiss him back even more passionately, and suddenly Kyle is removing Paul’s suit and Spooky’s overcoat, and, etc., etc., etc., a passionate 3-way encounter ensues, that would be altogether different in that it would be initiated by Kyle. Of course I’d rather that not happen at this moment cuz I’d then feel bad for Mitch, whom Spooky promised to bring on in and help Kyle together. But he wouldn’t be able to in this case for legal reasons. But, if he were legal, and he walked in on the goings-on between the 3 of them, and protested, but then was encouraged to join in, and he did so even more passionately than the others, etc. – well, that would be even better. So, you see, it’s not that I’m being “Victorian”, it’s about an acceptable or appropriate time and place for everything. After such a horrendous use and abuse and violation of Kyle that went on for what seemed to the reader at least to be an eternity, and the agony that such betrayal and use caused Kyle (which you can continue to see here in how he is still blaming himself), and the agony it caused me as a reader – yeah – I guess it’s selfish to point that out, but feelings shouldn’t be judged – anyway – after all that, I’m very loath to see anything that even smacks of betrayal or violation or use or exploitation of Kyle, for any reason, RIGHT AT THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT AND CIRCUMSTANCE. But most people find the Spooky maneuver to possible “check Kyle out” in a sexual way funny or titillating. I can’t join in with that right now at this particular moment because that would just be another betrayal and use of Kyle at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME. Now, if Kyle were to say – “OK, but only if you get naked along with me first so I can check you out at the same time” – and the orgiette proceeds – again, THAT would be DIFFERENT.

          • Frater Gymnos

            Ever thought of writing your own comic? It lets you create your own world where the rules are yours and yours alone and you shouldn’t have to defend any philosophy or line of reasoning you, yourself adopt.

          • Steven K.

            🙁 Just trying to explain my logic/reasoning, and that I’m not actually coming at this from a prudish or Victorian viewpoint. Why be so patronizing? I think a majority of people here have had ideas of how they would like or would have liked things to go. You even mentioned one in your response below. And people don’t typically get told – well, if one has a different opinion, one should go and write one’s own comic. What’s the point of having a comment/opinion page for discussion if everyone is going to feel exactly the same about everything, And why discuss anything if people are going to get told to go and write their own story if they think differently, and then they won’t have to defend their philosophy or reasoning. I think even the author here has done that once or twice. If an author doesn’t want people to discuss his or her work, or have opinions on it, one way or another, then I don’t think an author would have a comment page.

          • Frater Gymnos

            I’m writing my own story right now. The rules of the game are mine and that’s very freeing. It’s also healing parts of me I hadn’t realized were even hurting. But frankly I am serious. Writing what you want to read, inspired by the craft of others is a very worthwhile experience, which I recommend.

          • I wrote a poem to help me deal with an instance of sexual abuse/harrassment/whatever from when I was a very young kid. Got rid of it as soon as I didn’t need it anymore. In that case though I just wrote about everything that happened as a type of cleansing process.

          • Congratulations to you Frater,

            I’d like to agree completely. I started writing a few years ago for the same reasons. Characters who reflected me. Things I wished I’d said or done. Men I wished I’d known when I was young and sexual and emotional things I wish I’d been brave enough to do then. A life I wished I’d been brave enough to try when I was young. So, hell, I’m learning about that life now. Hey? I’m not dead yet.

            Very self-illuminating and healing.

            So I very much agree with Frater that it is pure art and therapy. The creation of world and self as YOU would have it (or have wished it) and it has great value… if you do it for yourself first and foremost.

            It took me many years to accept that it was okay if I wasn’t automatically an ‘Alex’. I can now say, with a little self-experience, that I can see how much work goes in to making sure each character adds something and every line of dialog means something and, at the end of the day we see a whole body of work that assures us that Alex IS a director.

            As I said, I’m not THERE as an artist, but I’m ‘here’ taking my baby steps in writing and I’m not unhappy with the results. They’re good for me.

            So Adam and Veronica are brilliantly executing Alex’s vision and direction, but he’s giving them a holistic vision of a story where each character’s contribution adds to the whole.

            I think Frater’s suggestion to express anyone’s own very specific vision is a very good one. Especially for us gays who have past-lives that are maybe not everything we could wish for.

            My first story was 16k words and I was sure it was horrible crap and no one but me would ever see it. Until, several dear friends loved it enough that I was pushed to share those first time efforts and readers gave me props, told me I was funny, and slowly but surely I started to teach myself to write.

            And, just as Frater said, I’m inspired by brilliant authors who make me want to emulate them.

            I will most likely never have that serious “author” skill, but the experience has been great for a gay man who wants (just like Alex) to tell (and read) the stories he would have given anything to read when he was 15 years-old.


          • You asked me to read this post carefully and say I understand it and Steven, I do. You have many different wishes you’ve expressed for the character of Kyle. Boy do I understand that. My trust was shaken by Duncan also. As I think Sofia mentioned, it’s hard not to to suspect everything as a possible plot.

            In that sense Alex may have done his job too well… or perhaps we’ll just be jumpy until we have the whole book in our hands. *shrugs*

            But, knowing just how you feel, I’ll tell you that the only way I’ve been able to handle it is (like Danish says) is to look at Kyle T0DAY, out of the closet, laughing with his friends. Look at him with trusted friends and HOPE that for a while he’s going to be supported and cared for.

            I don’t know the future, but I know that the only way I’m going to have fun with this story is to take it a page at a time and hope for the best.

            Trust me, I know it’s hard. Gay guy here… I know. However our only alternative is to put it all away and wait until the book is finished (which is a very reasonable option for a professional man like yourself) and then enjoy it all at once, when you can decide what is right for you to read.

            I do understand. Make sure you’re having fun with this. That is the only reason to do it.

            Take good care,
            Chris D.

          • Steven K.

            Thanks! I just wanted you to know – some people didn’t seem to get what I was saying – that it wasn’t the nakedness ITSELF that I was worrying about. Under the right circumstances, I can enjoy that as much as anyone – and that I know it’s supposed to be in works of this genre. It sounded like some didn’t think I was aware of that – I’m not that dense or out of touch with popular culture. So I wanted people to know I wasn’t knocking that, or suggesting that there shouldn’t be any – just in this one instance after all the “bad-times-while-being-nonconsensually-bound-naked”, I was a bit skeptical of more. Thanks for reminding me of what Sofia said – yeah – that’s probably true – after being taken in by Duncan as much as Kyle was, and giving him the benefit of the doubt just like Kyle did, and after what he did with that trust, it IS hard not to suspect lots of other things as a potential plot. To tell you the truth, I was beginning to wonder if, after Spooky gaining Kyle’s COMPLETE TRUST after asking him if he could check him over, we were in for Spooky slamming his hand onto Kyle’s chest and uttering a spell or incantation of his own, igniting Kyle and sending everyone back to the hell-dimension so he could scope things out and check out Laampros for himself and see what could be done. After the twists so far,it obviously wouldn’t have been unprecedented.

        • Steven K.

          Well, it terms of what you just said about people not being critical or being free to voice their opinion, I think Frater’s reply to my response below to be rather rude and patronizing – when all I was trying to do was explain my reasoning/feelings and to convince you I’m not a prude or “”Victorian”.

          • I don’t think the Victorian was directed at you, I think it was just saying that in contrast with a lot of other yaoi and bl comics out there, this one is has been “Victorian” in what hasn’t been shown. (Did I word that right @chrisdangerfield:disqus?)

          • Steven K.

            Oh – ok. I just hope people can try to understand what I was trying to explain below – it’s not the nakedness per se – and certainly not depictions of sexuality – that I was having an issue with – but in or under the circumstances I was trying to describe below. I know I may not be as good at expressing myself as others, but I still think it’s OK for me to try.

          • I get that, and understand where you come from. Kyle has been through a lot, but he’s with friends now.
            I know Spooky likes to joke around, but he does care a lot about Kyle, and I doubt you should fear this as another violation. Look at it this way..

            If your friend had been in an accident, wouldn’t you want to check him out to make sure he was unharmed? A doctor makes a thorough examination of a person who’s been in an accident .. or has been violated for that matter.. and with all the needed medical instruments available. It’s all about finding the wounds that might not have been noticed just by looking at someone.

            In this case Spooky wants to check to see if the spells has caused Kyle any ill effect, or if there’s still something lingering that can hurt him. The suit could prevent him from discovering something.
            Kyle trusts Spooky enough to show no discomfort letting him do this. Spooky asks him before doing anything.
            See the friendship on this page. The need to help and make sure Kyle is physically okay. In this scene it’s a good thing that Kyle stays naked for just a moment longer, and Kyle isn’t feeling bad about it. He’s safe now.

          • Yep, Doki, that’s exactly what I meant. I know that StevenK is no Victorian. I was only saying that TYP is very PG in relation to some of the Yaoi that is very explicit and, while I don’t ever mean to speak for Alex, I believe that he would never purposefully exploit a gay character in the way that I’ve seen so often all my life in other places.

            Trust me, as gay man in my forties, I know how sensitive this stuff can feel when you’ve lived it for yourself. However, I still have to applaud Alex for doing what he promised, which was to give us the hero comic we (at least I) always wanted when I was a kid.

            Bottom line, I keep coming back to that and I’m happy. Next page please. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            Hey there. I’m sorry I misinterpreted. I’ll try to put my faith in the opinions of those of you I respect and admire most here. But, maybe you could do me a small favor? If you could possibly read my response a couple posts below below (the one that begins (“it’s not that I mind the nakedness …) and tell me that you don’t think my reasoning is prudish, and that you at least UNDERSTAND what I was trying to say or where I was coming from with that, it would be very helpful to me. Then I’ll be good, and I’ll be able to make it to the next page more easily (though still with a little anxiety again). THANKS! You know I always value what you have to say very much.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Did Frater’s supplemental response resolve your concerns on that front? I admit that I too initially misread Frater’s first comment as dismissive, but I think that his subsequent reply clarifies his intent as genuine.

          • Steven K.

            It’s ok – thanks. And it was nice of you to ask. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales


          • I speak to Frater’s writing thoughts below, as that is a separate idea about writing, but please note what I said above about Victorianism carefully.

            “For Yaoi in general, TYP is positively Victorian… meaning it’s very body-safe in comparison to other Yaoi works out there on the market.

            The Victorian comment was NOT in any way directed at you. You can trust that I am not making anything but an observation that this Graphic Novel has a definite limit on how it deals with ADULT graphic body exposure. Alex is more than clear about that.

            My trigger issues in earlier chapters were paralysis and nonconsensual bondage. It was good drama, but very hard going for some of us. I can understand that intellectually, but emotionally it was tough.

            However that was the past chapters and I very much want to move ahead. At this moment, I feel we are well into a new zone.

            Breathe deep SK, wait a couple of pages, and we’ll see what happens. 🙂

            Take care.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Steven, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It may seem this way or that way, but the fact is that we won’t know until the next couple of pages. Let’s give Spooky the benefit of the doubt and wait and see what he’s going to do.
        I think that you have a valid point, but it is still too early to tell what Spooky’s intentions really are. Duncan and Sircea may have done much more to Kyle with their magic than we know, and if that is the case then Spooky is right in trying to find out if Kyle is alright.

        I think that Spooky and Paul should get naked too so that their clothes don’t interfere with the magical scanning. (just joking! :-P)

        • Steven K.

          Well, yeah – you see, if Paul and Spooky got naked as well, for the reason you mention, and so that Kyle won’t feel so uncomfortable being the only one naked himself – THAT would be different and I could get on board with that (NOT being “Victorian” as MR.D. asserts) – except for the feeling bad for Mitch part.

          • But Kyle doesn’t look uncomfortable being naked around Spooky and Paul. He just didn’t want to be left there naked and alone. Now that they’re there and not blaming him (for other reasons), he doesn’t seem unconfortable with his nudity at all.
            Had he been unconfortable he would have snagged that suit and quickly dressed. He’s not doing that.

            You have to seperate the previous situation and him dislike being nude around his friends in generel. The first was bad, the last doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. He might be used to it, sharing shower rooms at the headquarter. Nothing in previous story suggest he has issues about being nude around them.

    • *looks at writer / artists*

      Do as Kalynn Osburn instructs. I feel it’s for the best. 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Panel 4. Paul’s inner monologue: “I wonder if I have time for some Buttock pinches exercises. Gotta keep those cheeks firm. Oh yeah baby, feel the burn!”

  • twenty_fifth_night

    agreed. although, when is spooks NOT up to something? =D

  • bronakopdin

    oi Spooky… no touching at funny places xD

  • Emiko

    I want. Them. To kiss.

  • Jill Whitten

    Spooky just wants to see him nekkid. Not that I blame him. I’d want to as well… 😉

  • Jill Whitten

    oooh, i hope so.

  • purplefoxglove

    And in case you need a nurse to assist you with the checking over…I volunteer 😀 I’m even certified!

    • Denise Cruz

      Huuuuuugee line… lol

      • purplefoxglove

        I’m only worried about Kyle’s health – honestly! 😉

        • Denise Cruz

          Of course you are! So is the line! lol 😉

    • Steven K.

      Well, if we are going to put up credentials, I’m a professor of anatomy and physiology, and Kyle probably is, even after his negative experience, more comfortable having another man check him out and examine him, so maybe I should go first.

      • Denise Cruz

        A redheaded boy who was just drugged by two freaking insane supervillains has no right to choose medical care based only in sexual options, since that was exactly the factor that led to him being drugged and bewitched at first place…. Sorry, Steven! lol

        • Steven K.

          Well, then that should be another argument for why Spooky shouldn’t be checking him out – after going through what he did with that one spell, he should be a little reluctant to put himself at the mercy of another spell-caster. Who knows what might happen to him this time 😉

          • Denise Cruz

            That’s exactly why I volunteered! I own no spells… I’m not a spell-caster/witch/sorceress or anything like that… ^v^

            Oh! And don’t you even try! You are a spell-caster through comments! That’s for sure! lol

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I want to check over Kyle too, there could be a little imp that hitched a ride with him. A thorough check over is in order. Paul and Spooky need to get naked and be checked out too, they could have been contaminated. 😛

    • Denise Cruz

      You are SOOO right! All of them could just have been infected by the magic from that crazy woman or by the Sulphur from Mr. Big Red… O.O (After this one, you are going to make your auxiliary nurse! XD)

    • purplefoxglove

      A contagious magical spell to spy on the TYP team! Why didn’t I think of that earlier! In that case, we should check everyone Kyle met after the infamous first date. 😉

      • Oh puhleeze. This group would just use this spell to spy on the guys in the showers…

        “Hey… aren’t we supposed to be taking over the world?” … “Yeah, but come over to the scrying bowl, Tsunami is about to take off his towel and get in thew shower.”

        *rush to scrying bowl only to find the cheerbearp is already there with popcorn,

        Everyone shoves in and the world is safe for another day.

    • Steven K.

      If they were ALL naked, including Mitch joining in if he were legal, and Kyle wouldn’t have to feel all self-conscious being the only one, and Kyle was comfortable with remaining naked still – so that they could all check each other – I wouldn’t have such an opposition against that. But it seemed, when Kyle was talking with Paul, that he really **DID** want some clothes.

      • I basicly just told you the same below, but when Kyle was alone and naked in the dark, he really wanted his clothes. That’s not equal being self-conscious about being the only one naked and feeling better if they were all naked.

        I honestly think you mix the two things up a little and see Kyle as much more body shy than he is. Look at him in panel one. That is not a guy who’s hating being naked around Paul and Spooky.
        He was worried about being judged for being gay and having been a part of a deal that could destroy the world. This not happening, and he’s feeling a lot better.

      • Frater Gymnos

        Agreeing with Danish Wolf: I think he’s more comfortable with his body than some people want him to be. The character then isn’t able to be freely a realized character and gets dumbed down by another’s fear of personal growth. These are marvelously drawn and nuanced characters like you can’t find anywhere else. Keep up the good work, I say!

        • Steven K.

          Well, I do agree with what you said there at the end 😉

    • Poor Mitch. You clearly don’t think he needs a check-up. 😀

  • Denise Cruz

    Oh… Spooky’s face at 2nd panel.. So cute!! As much as his answer at that same panel!! ^v^

  • VileTybalt

    Hmmm, now even I’m starting to have my doubts about Spook’s interest towards Kyle. Though, honestly I think that Spook will take the opportunity to check out anyone smexy enough. I mean, clearly he has no filter on what he says, why would he have one on what he fu…. um, finds attractive. Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say 😉

    • Back home with access?

      I would say that Spooky does have a filter, either just a selective one, or what he says is filtered meaning that what he was going to to say…..

      • VileTybalt

        Unfortunately, no… not quite. Amtrak had some delays due to snowgasm. So, I ended up changing my return train to Saturday. It totally doesn’t help that my 3-year-old nephew keeps saying “but I don’t want you to go home” and “can’t you stay til next Christmas” haha. In the meantime I’m still smartphoning it up.

        But yeah, if this is Spooky filtered, I don’t even wanna know what he’s not saying…… *thinks* ….actually I take that back, I do wanna know *has a verrrry dirty mind* o_o

        • Awwwwww……:-( Stupid Amtrak!

          Awwwww, your nephew loves you! You must be the cool Uncle! ^_^ They are so much fun when they aren’t your own. I love my nephews, but I don’t think I could ever handle having my own. ^_^

          Heh, if that is filtered Spooky, I think there are a lot of people that would like to hear an unfiltered Spooky. ^_^

    • It’s your way with words dude… of course you were going to say that. Welcome back to the land of the internet.

      • VileTybalt

        Haha, thanks man. I like the way you say “of course YOU would say that” apparently I’m creating a reputation for myself, muahaha!

  • KiannaLeigh

    I’m loving the friendship that we see at play here. It just makes me all warm inside. The characterization is just awesome.

  • davefragments

    What if Spooky pulls another funny and silly act like touching Kyle and MITCH walks in on them? Can’t you just see Fluke have a fit?

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Let’s just hope that Spooky doesn’t pull a rabbit out of Kyle. 😛

      • Denise Cruz

        I think it would be easier to pull a mini demon out of him… (sorry! I couldn’t avoid it! ) XD

        • davefragments

          I think it would be interesting if Spooky found the demon in Kyle. Alternately Spooky might just want a good look at what’s down there and the buns. Kyle is easy on the eyes.
          But, there might be a clue as to how they can’t stop Duncan and Sircea. Maybe another demon on their side.
          I recently discovered that in the original comic book version of the AVENGERS that was made into the movie — they took a vacation and discovered leprechauns in Ireland. Think of that unexpected a plot twist.

          • So Spooky pulls leprechauns out of Kyle’s…. erm…

            Okay, let’s look at it this way… is there a pot of gold involved? Then I think we’d have everyone looking! 🙂

          • No no no no, I so did not need that visual. 😛

          • Whass wrong Admiral Smaug… it’s just moarrrrr gold…. Mwaaaahahahahahaha…

          • Not the gold…. Leprechauns. Oh god the leprechauns.

          • So Kyle is NOT full of Wee Free Men? CRIVENS!

          • I think they might be rather insulted that you compared the Mac Nac Feegle to Leprechauns.

          • You know… you are so right… I’ve got a serious ass kicking coming. I let you know later if I enjoyed it… or not. 🙂

          • I need to find my copy dangit. That deserves a read through.

          • Best series ever… and yes it does!

          • La Belle Gigi

            “I think it would be interesting if Spooky found the demon in Kyle.”

            Ohhhhh…. *fans self* I’d love to see some of ~that~ action!

          • Denise Cruz

            Oooh! Spooky is the master of double intentions! lol That’s for sure! So, I wouldn’t doubt about any of the alternatives…

            Do you believe the mini-demon-Kyle could be a bit more cheeky than Kyle himself? Just a little bit?

            Think about it: How would Spooky, Paul and Mitch handle such a situation? One sassy mini- demon- Kyle freely playing around… (XD I know I’m thinking too much! But, it’s so funny imagining this kind of things.. lol)

    • Denise Cruz

      It would be, at least, very funny!! lol I can see the scene and Paul providing a Homeric tantrum…. LOL

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Speaking of pulling stuff out people, I came across this article today:

      “Novelist Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife busted after pulling gun from vagina during argument about aliens”

      • LOL……Seriously?? wow……I almost cannot stop laughing. That is a great headline……

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman
          • “Who is crazy? You or me?”

            She is. She is.

            What if that had accidentally gone off?? The HORROR!!!

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            No wonder some are clinging to their guns! 😛

          • ……guns ARE NOT SEX TOYS….she needs to be institutionalized for that alone. The rest is just garnishing the crazy.

          • Well this does seem like a time when one of those useless sprigs of parsley at the side of a plate actually IS a better idea.

          • Have you read Cormac’s THE ROAD? Yeah… that gives you a lot. He’s brilliant but… wow.

          • Nope. I don’t believe I have. Something I should put on The List?

          • Not sure. Library. Very very very dark and a little crazy. Brilliant writing, but surreal. It was a hard start. Ended up loving it, but never went back again. NOT a happy book. He’s a challenging writer.

          • I will put it on The List. ^_^

          • High caliber uterus?

      • VileTybalt

        Holy shit, when I read the headline I thought it was an article from the Onion. I guess truth is stranger than fiction, eh? No, but seriously, that’s fucked up! This is why I don’t date women, no offense to the ladies, I love you all, but they could be hiding just about anything in there. *whispers* I heard they steal babies and hide them down there. >_>

      • davefragments

        Just when you thought nothing was left in the world to surprise you…

  • Frater Gymnos

    Notice how Spooky asks Kyle if it’s OK for him to touch Kyle. Nice subtle touch. Easy to overlook the fact that his face holds no leering gaze. He actually wants to make sure Kyle is OK with what he’s about to do. I’m just loving Spooky more and more!

  • Halfway to the next bonus page already. ^_^

  • Dare9179

    Spooky, what are you doing?

    • Dakejev

      …what most of us would want to be doing – getting a good look at naked Kyle! 😉

      • I’ve had pages of naked Kyle… I think it’s time for some naked Spooky…. HEY? It’s that kind of exam?


        • bronakopdin

          now THAT’S a proposal! ^^

  • I have read all but two of these. ^_^ Both Artifice and TYP made this list. As well as SF, EMR, and TH. ^_^

    • I have now read all of them. ^_^ The two I hadn’t read, 4 & 6, are really good as well. Looking forward to seeing how things develop in both of those. ^_^

  • *monks gather in monty python maner and bang heads with boards*

    “Invoking rule of sexy! Invoking rule of sexy! Invoking rule of sexy! Invoking rule of sexy! Invoking rule of sexy! …”

    Clearly Alex needs access to the manual.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    More fun at Kyle’s expense….but the answer is : since Kyle is half fire demon,he is not a true complete demon , but he could use his knowledge and fire to fight one….even if it means going up against “Daddy”

  • Kate G


    In other news, the polar vortex is finally moving out of my area! Yes! My area can finally won’t be a -42 degree Fahrenheit icebox!

    Poor Zena got frostbite from the polar vortex and it’s moving eastward…so anyone in New York (yea, I know y’all got a sniff of it. JUST WAIT.)….get your puppies BOOTIES! There seriously nothing worse than frostbitten paws. I feel so guilty still. My poor Zeebs.

    • Hope she’ll gonna be okay.

      • Kate G

        She’s pretty okay. She hates having her paws getting Vaseline on them to moisturize the burns and paws (and then she gets disposable booties on her back paws where the burns are), but she generally is back to normal. She has times where she absolutely will not “talk” to me because she hates me.

        • Oh the puppy hate stare, is never fun

          • Kate G

            Yep, especially when it’s followed by the puppy leaves from stage left prance/hobble and gives you no good night kisses. Leaves you in utter rejection. My 10 year old dog gave me NO GOOD NIGHT KISS. I mean, what dog does that? Apparently mine does.

          • Poor puppy.

          • Kate G

            I think that’s when you say Poor Katie. I like my good night kisses. I did get a good night kiss tonight thankfully. She did not snub me. I think she only did that because Mom put on the moisturizing crap. HA HA HA! I’ve been saved!

            I have such a strange dog. At least she wasn’t hobbling too much today. It’s more like, “Uh, dude, I ain’t going out in that. I learned my lesson. I want a litter box.”

            She didn’t get a litter box.

          • Yeah, I have a dog who owns her humans too…..

          • Kate G

            HA HA HA, so you definitely know how it feels. We call her Queen Zena. She’s definitely a queen. She owns us, not the other way around.

          • Yes, there is poor Katie too. For some reason mine don’t really give kisses, though my boy likes to give wet willies on occasion.

            My girl, Twinkie, she likes to give me a look of incredible hurt when I ask her to move over just a bit and then she’ll jump off the bed making me feel so guilty.

          • Kate G

            Zena will give give me a look that says, “Make me.” Sometimes she jumps off and then hops back on the couch, but most times she’s like, “I ain’t moving; you can’t make me lady. I am THE QUEEN.”

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I’m glad she’s doing better – poor baby!

    • OMG I finally understand! There has been an outcry over a naked Kyle character. I mean when does THAT ever happen? Well all you folk in the frigid climates can’t stand to think of naked Kyle freezing his red-hots off… Totally understandable.

      Spring will come, I promise you, and with it a season of rebirth and you will all welcome a naked Kyle… once again. Ahhhh the time of renewal.

      *birds tweet and frolicsome music plays…*

      • Kate G

        Oh, I don’t mind naked Kyle, but I’d rather see him naked in a completely different scenario. As in, he hasn’t been utterly rejected and been cursed.

        Have him naked any other time and man I’d be happy, especially because it is -11 over here! He can come over him and warm my bed for me! I would not be complaining one iota. Hell, I would have loved that scene two days ago when it was -42 with windchill! I think I would have fainted.

        • He was bound and sent to hell and now you want to put your cold feet on him! OMG how cruel! Are you Sircea in disguise?

          Wait, Sorry. I forgot. He could flame on just enough to warm your feet without burning the house down and then that might be cozy.

          Sorry………………… proceed.

          • Kate G

            No, I’m just a girl with a very, very col, very drafty bedroom. The only thing I have for a radiator is my dog and she refuses to sleep with me at night.

            And that totally does not sound right.

    • At least you didn’t do it on purpose or pure stupidity. I was furious yesterday when I read a story about a rescue worker who spent half an hour with hot blankets to get a dog free FROM THE GROUND – the owners had left it outside and it’s paws and fur had frozen to the ground *sends the evil eyes*. At least the dog has been taken from them and they’ll get charged with animal cruelty but seriously, leaving two of your dogs outside without shelter. The owners should have had to try it themselves!

  • Minion Jay

    For some reason the only thing I can picture Spooky doing the next page is tickling his friend with a magic spell and tendrils… as he checks him over for lasting magic from the Platinum Princess.

    My roommate’s gone the other direction. She thinks the Princess left a spell when Spooky gets it it’s going to infect him and he’s going to become evil, secretly.


    How long till Saturday again?! -head hangs-

  • Thanatopia

    Come to think of it, fire powers would have all kinds of auxiliary benefits. Mundane Utility and Required Secondary Superpowers! Whoot! ^_^

  • Adam Irving

    Great to see the interplay between all of them. Even in such a few panels, the characters are well-defined, sparkling with personality. Such a great story!

    I also think whenever this gets put into a book format, there needs to be a note at the beginning that says something like “this comic was finished X weeks/months sooner because of donations” or something like that. I bet by the end, it’ll be quite impressive – it already is impressive!

    • Here here!!

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. And that’s an interesting idea about the donations. Because the print book for the first volume was funded by a Kickstarter, I was definitely going to talk about that. But I also like what you’re suggesting here… I do feel very grateful for the amazing generosity of these donations. Maybe in my author’s note…

  • And then… after all this drama… we find that darn Fluke has brought the wrong fire-proof onzie by mistake (hey? he’s a guy). Last year’s model, and now it’s two sizes too small, and so Kyle has to stay naked for yet — oh several more pages at least.

    WHAT? Hey I can speculate toooooo!

    (Sullenly) Well, it could happen………….. *sullen look*

    • Sapfo

      or he took the right one, with strategically placed cut outs
      You don’t have to show it all to show of 😉

      • I knew you were secretly a fashion designer for the heroic!

        • SofiaT

          You guys are hilarious! 😀

          • I’m just Sapfo’s assistant and when she tells me to measure an inseam, I just say, “Yes ma’am.” 😀

        • Sapfo

          Nures by night! Fashion designer by day…. I hope that the Heros don’t mind me using glue.

          I know that Danish have posted this one before, but it is to good not to show again ^_^

          • I love Humon so much. After Alex, it is easily one of the best things I’ve nabbed around here!

          • I’m a big fan of Neils & Gang, though I’m way behind at this point, I’m sure. 🙂

          • bronakopdin

            xD thanks for reposting since I seem to have missed it last time 😀

    • It’s like you can read my mind…

  • The force is strong in this one!

    • Midnyt Slayer

      yes, yes. my wisdom comes with-
      eh what the heck im not going to lies. I was BORN wise B)

  • Sapfo

    Damn you @danishwolf !

    • bronakopdin

      LOL at Vinland xD

  • KennyKenKen

    I’m sure about 80% of us with the mental maturity of a teenager just pictured this page going south ;3

    It’s content like this that makes me dread waiting -n-

  • For SF fans: Hamlet has posted that there won’t be an update until after Sunday, but she has posted some nice drawings for us to enjoy in the comment section. ^_^

  • Yami_no_Ite

    Hmmm…. We’re already at some $235 to the next bonus page. Think we can tip the bar over before the next one and make it a full month’s worth of bonus pages on reserve?

  • Evoru

    “Hey…uh…I need to see you naked. For medical reasons, of course…”

  • Jackal

    And of course, the Only Straight Man needs to check our hero out.

    • …the Only Straight Man…

      You know what they say about “assume”… and just because he’s not wearing a spell repelling onzie… 🙂

      • Jackal

        I base this more on his response to the online slash porn of the team and how he acts around girls, but I guess he could be bi. XD

  • VileTybalt

    So this is just a totally random rant that is sort of related to this comic, but not entirely. However I just need to get it off my chest. So, I was up a little too late reading random yaoi manga and comics, and it’s starting to really piss me off how so many authors feel compelled to include warnings that their comics have gay themes and “if it’s not your thing don’t read it…blah…blah”. And this is such a common thing and we’re all used to it, but when I stopped and really thought about it, it really made me angry.

    Now, I’m all for disclaimers warning about adult content, strong language and all that. I mean, the MPAA rating system exists for a very good reason, to help parents make sure that their children aren’t exposed to inappropriate materials. And this is what pisses me off so much. So many comics list “homosexual themes” in with violence, nudity and all that. Which is pretty much saying that anything that includes gay characters or themes must be filled with sex (cuz apparently that’s the only thing on our minds) or that the inclusion of gay characters at all makes material inappropriate for certain audiences. It’s just like the way Disney conveniently erases the existence of gay people in everything they do. I mean, no one’s expecting them to make a movie about Zac Efron finding his prince charming, but they don’t even show same sex parents or supporting gay characters. They’re supposedly all about telling kids to be “true to yourself” and yet they’re actively harming gay youth by pretty much telling them that there’s no one else out there who’s like you.

    In addition, I understand the sentiment of warning people about things that they might find uncomfortable and troubling, for instance rape is something that I’m totally in favor of warning people about, regardless of having an R rating or whatever. I mean, there are a lot of people who find the issue of rape very disturbing and don’t want to see it portrayed. However, all this “please don’t read my comic if you’re offended by gay shit” is totally ridiculous. First of all, anybody with a brain reads what the comic is about in the first place, so you should have a clue. Second of all, if it’s a comic that interests you as far as genre, style, etc but you get all wigged out cause two dudes kiss, then I think you need to actually read more Yaoi so you can get over your goddamn insecurities. I mean, seriously why are we so afraid of the opinion of a bunch of morons who don’t take the time to read a freaking synopsis in the first place.

    Lastly, I just wanted to say that I’m not at all criticizing the artists here, but rather the society we live in that makes them feel like they have to walk on eggshells. I really think this is another great example of why I love this comic so much though. Nowhere on this site does Alex apologize for the content of his work, nor does he put big flashing “gay content ahead” signs anywhere. He just tells it like it is in a concise, polite and “straight”forward way in the FAQ section. Thank you for that, man. Ok, sorry, rant over. I feel better now!

    • SofiaT

      I’ve never come across such warnings/disclaimers, but I admit I don’t really read yaoi. The few BL comics I happen to follow are of authors who are pretty unapologetic for the comics they create -as they should be.

      I don’t blame you for ranting.

    • Sapfo

      My fav warning on a M/M book.

      “Warning: Contains color abuse with a really bad sense of fashion, a southern accent from hell, sex on antique furniture, a pouncing playful werewolf, obnoxious siblings, liberal use of a color identifier and impatient sex. No lightning bugs were harmed in the making of this book.”

      But in on of the first book by this writers had this warning:

      “Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence and hot man-love.”

      • VileTybalt

        I do totally love it when the authors can have a good sense of humor about it. Like in Xena: Warrior Princess, in the fourth episode there was a baby being thrown around a lot (literally), so they had to put one of those disclaimers that “no babies were harmed in filming”. But after that they got the idea to start doing gag ones, and they kept up with it for the whole series.

        One of my favorites is from the Trojan War episode: “No oversized Polynesian-style Bamboo Horses were harmed during the production of this motion picture. However many wicker lawn chairs gave their lives.”

        • Sapfo

          Xena, oh that was a long time ago.
          *completely nostalgic* ^_^

        • “… wicker lawn chairs gave their lives…” OMG that is perfect.


          WARNING: On page 38 — 467 people posted comments trying to discern if they could actually see Laampros’ demon penis or not.


      • That warning is hysterical! (impatient sex LOL)

        • Sapfo

          have to warn about it or else maybe people are shocked. Oh no, they did not have the patient to wait /(*o*)

    • I like your rant (which is actually too reasonable to be really called a rant. HA).

      *pulls out a cunningly hidden soapbox and steps on it*

      I fully agree. I Kickstartered with Alex even before finishing Artifice or starting TYP, because he wanted to tell those stories we all saw growing up, but WITH regular old non-warning-labeled gay folk… Yep. Just good old mo’s.

      In my day, media was completely devoid of gay characters. As you say, Disney were all “don’t ask don’t tell.” (finger in ears, lalalalalanotlistening). Orrrrr at other studios, the gay characters had to suffer and die horribly to demonstrate where “the lifestyle” (oh, those were sarcastic quotes in case that wasn’t clear) inevitably led. Decades of that shite.

      I’ve always thought that it’s because America, at it’s heart, is so irrationally puritanical and has such insane hangups about SEX and religion, but that’s pure opinion.

      It’s certainly not all about our gay fabu-kitty fashion sense, or our great faux-fur design skills. Gad, I’m living proof of that. My dude is laughing at this, because he just throws away my clothes occasionally when they’ve passed the point of insane wearage.

      To your point, I believe it’s because the minute a book, film or whatever, acknowledges the great homo existence, in even the slightest way, they have opened the door to a discussion about S-E-X. And WHO we have S-E-X with and WHO we love. Honestly, that is the only thing that differentiates our minority. That’s it? That’s all.

      At least in America, so very many people would like to get through their entire lives pretending such terrible things as “Gay” and “Sex” don’t exist.

      But then you have those pesky things called babies and pregnancy, which is harder to block out of your reality. So sex DOES exists but, of course, we all are taught from birth in America that men must have sex constantly, but good girls NEVER do and even more *whispers* they don’t like sex!!! (I know? Who knew?) So apparently women also come with warning labels, but we rarely see where they are printed so I can’t help you with that. *calls for moderator help… HEY! @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus, @admiraljane:disqus*

      All minorities have had these issues as they integrated into society. The difference, as I see it is, if your child sees a person of a different race, they ask… and the question is undeniable and usually answering it will not cause your child instantly to change skin color and start wearing say… a sarong.

      But to ask about homoSEXUALITY opens the door to undreamed of horror and possibility and thus… you must be warned (see label).

      Okay I’ll stop Part-1, but now someone who is an expert on Yaoi and Manga has to talk about the insanity of warning us against the very thing that we’ve just purchased, right? Because, I really must be missing something there.

      *uses foot to scooch soapbox back under table for later use*

      Take care Tybalt. Thanks for the fun.

      • One author I read has said that there’s a clear difference between her American and European readers in one area. When some readers complain about/critique her books, in generel it can be devided like this: Americans has an issue with the sexual content – Europeans with the violence content.

        Sex must truly be a dangerous act in US 😉

        • Sapfo

          That is true. I really want to know before if a story or film have a lot of violence in it. Either so I don’t see it or that I am ready for it. But when it comes to two or more people being naked or having sex and they are all enjoying it. That needs no warning 😉

          It is not uncommen that Swedish kids movies have some nudity in it. It is seen as natural, not strange
          Just look at Ronja Robber’s Daughter. Warning: Male nudity

          • The winter ‘bathing’ xD
            I actually think that movie was the first time I kinda saw a penis.. several of them (that I remember).
            A dozen naked men in a childrens movie isn’t something you see everyday *lol* It’s just so casual in the movie that it’s not something you focus on besides that it’s a fun scene.

          • Sapfo

            I can hardly believe that I managed to find an uncensored version of Winter “Bath”. 54:25 minutes in to this vid.

            I will give no warning for this, but there is a lot of naked men in a non sexual scene. 🙂

            What has happened is that Lovis who lives with her husband, daughter and 11 other men have become tired of all the men start to smell, so she drives them out into the snow to get a little less dirty.

            Lovis (female voice): “Out! Away with you!……You also, Mattis!”
            Mattis (male voice): “This can not be good for the health”


          • I found that version yesterday. I should have linked it 🙂

          • Sapfo

            It´s still funny as an adult. Love the song afterward. And the crossdressing. Knottas looks so cute in the pointy hat 😉

        • I so agree.

          That difference in reaction to honest sex acts and violence, is one of the single most infuriating things I find about America’s media. Violence that is truly gratuitous and obscene in it’s violation of character for no story purpose will be ignored. While sex — especially that implies enjoyment — must be avoided at all costs.

          The problem is now so horridly skewed that we have a genre of horror/slasher film, literally called “HORROR PORN”. Films where audiences can go watch people literally wearing the fetish costumes of bondage and leather sex and then being killed in the most painful and horrid ways — all of which goes unmentioned.

          The obvious connection being — that sex and the extreme violence of sadism — are the same thing.

          But, have someone on screen perform a sex act and express joy, humor or pleasure and you will have a huge public outcry. It infuriates me, because the very definition of the word “obscene” is turned on it’s ear.

          I think(?) the “horror” film HOSTEL in 2005.

          was the first time the term “horror porn” was coined and used. Even the film and advertising industries could no longer pretend that sick violence and the props of extreme fetishistic behavior were being enmeshed.

          ARG… personally I find it unforgivable.

          • I had not heard about that definition, but it’s another reason to never watch Hostel :-/
            I already refuse to watch the Hostel and Saw movies because of the violent content. I react strongly to visual sights, and just the few clips I’ve sadly seen was more than enough. Torture movies are last on my scale of movies I ever want to watch. Horror porn will be right there with it.

    • What gets really weird is when you see these warnings on Nifty. Nifty is a website dedicated to queer sex stories (it has “gay” in big writing, but actually has various sections, including bi, lesbian and trans stuff). There’s all sorts of stuff in there: some terrible, some very good; some with believable characters and romance, some with just a single sex scene. It’s not exactly well categorised, but there are a few absolute gems in there if you look.

      And, while the site itself doesn’t go to heavy on disclaimers, many many of the user-submitted stories (even the non-porn stories) start with them. And I’ve often wondered why.

      You make good points here.

      I intend to watch the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which I’m told makes the point that film classification in the US (and other countries) tends to be harsher on gay content than on straight, and also harsher on straight consensual sex than on coerced, because showing a woman enjoying herself is too disturbing, apparently. Ugh.


      • Sapfo

        Please tell me if the movie is any good when you seen it. Love a good documentary.

        • IamM

          This film is not yet rated? Yes, it’s excellent. As I recall, aside from the various skewed priorities and double standards with regard to content the organization is also well a fraud.

      • I’ve been a reader of Nifty’s stories for years (basicly check the site for new updates on various stories almost every day), and like you I sometimes find the warnings rediculess. I’d rather they all spent the space to shortly write what themes will be in the story.
        I’ve found some awesome stories during the years, and some that really weirded me out. As you say, it’s not the best categorisation so you take a chance with a story and decide if you like it or not.

      • VileTybalt

        Yeah, I’ve really been wanting to watch that movie as well. I remember learning all about the history of the MPAA in my film classes. It was certainly a huge improvement over the Production Code, which simply forbid films from having anything in them which they deemed inappropriate (including what was at the time termed “sexual deviance” aka homosexuality). However, the overall hollywood system hasn’t changed much, so the studios are still run by a bunch of out of touch old white men who try and make every film cater exclusively to the majority.

        I’m not even exaggerating either (I seriously wish I was). My first day of class we did this exercise where we looked at all the films playing at a major theater nearby and wrote down the age, race and sex of the director and protagonist. We found that with very few exceptions they were all white men in their forties-ish. Sometimes there would be a white female director or a black male protagonist, but they were rare and you never saw two minorities (like a black woman [I include women because they’re treated like a minority in our patriarchal socety]) . I mean, even Red Tails, which was one of the films out at the time, had limited showings at most theaters despite having big name actors and being produced by George Lucas. And this other film that was directed by a black, gay woman was only at like one theater and had one showing a week or something. Try it yourself sometime, you’d be amazed how many movies are just “Mark Wahlberg directed by Steven Spielberg” or some variation of that.

        Oh also, (I promise I’ll stop rambling very soon) if you’re interested in another film on the same topic, I’d suggest “Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema”. As well as “The Celluloid Closet” which I haven’t seen myself but have heard good things about and discusses things during the Production Code era and how films got away with using innuendo.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I definitely recommend “The Celluloid Closet.”

      • I enjoyed This Film Is Not Yet Rated quite a bit. Definitely worth your time. 🙂

      • John

        One of the reasons the stories have disclaimers is they put the exact same thing, copy & paste job, on other sites as well. Especcially in the celebrity section which ends up in fanfic sites the internet over.

        So by putting the disclaimers up there you fulfill the criteria for every story site out there.

        That said I’ve come across some great disclaimers in my time. I think the story was called ‘two guys, one bed’ and the disclaimer read ‘despite the title there’s some straight sex in here. If you don’t want to read it feel free to hit that handy little back button, top left’

        That made me grin

        • Heh. That would make me grin too.

          And then there’s the stories with the strange lack of disclaimers. Like, if a story is focused on underage incest, I’d prefer to be warned of that up front, so I can go read something else instead.

          Actually, a story I have in my head and might write one day might need a disclaimer along those lines. The beginning might sound like it was a setup for a father/son incest story, so I’d like an upfront statement that it isn’t about that. This would encourage the people who’d be put off by that kind of thing to keep reading, and save the people who do want that kind of thing from wasting their time. I’m not sure that this could reasonably be called a “disclaimer”, though.


    • Shinashi

      I was actually pretty upset that Adultfanfiction made me put more warnings on my story. It was located in the gay slash original erotica section, with only BDSM (originally) as a warning. My story was blocked until I put in the warnings ‘anal sex, spanking, male slash’ etc.

      I was just so confused. Why are you on AFF in this section, having read the BDSM warning, and not know what you’re getting into? I never apologized for my gay sex or intersex sex, except when my story was hidden. I really think that if you don’t like it, just move on.

      /rant lol

    • Thank you for the kind words. And it’s bothered me as well that we live in a society that still equates same-sex romance with violence and obscenity, especially when young people might be viewing. That’s a crazy, chowder-headed false equivalency and you are right to rant about it.

      That said, I do think many creators post up those warnings not because they believe the content is particularly delicate, but rather because they are hoping to avoid anti-gay/anti-yaoi screeds from winding up in their comments and inbox. I don’t know if it offers them any protection from that, but I suppose it’s possible that it might avoid those pesky occurrences of gay panic via surprise.

      So, I have compassion for those creators hoping to avoid those outrageous slings and arrows, but for me, for the reasons you mentioned, I don’t offer special “Go away if you don’t like the gay” disclaimers. I certainly have no special desire to get into it with haters, but I stand by my choices and one of my goals as a creator is to help usher in the day when showing two men or women in love is no more provocative than showing two opposite-gendered people in love. Ultimately, my goal would be to help create a world where what matters is the content of a character’s character, not their gender or sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant “triggers.”

      Thanks for prompting such a thoughtful thread! 🙂

      • Organic With Attitude

        What you said, I agree with it with my entire being! So much stupidity and ignorance out there. I saw an illustration recently that shows just what kind of ignorant idiots those kinds of people are.

        All it said was “So you support gay marriage?” “This is what you are supporting” that statement was followed by a four panel drawing. In the first panel was a guy and a dog making out, second panel depicted a woman and a cat making out, third panel was what I assume was supposed to be a guy making out with a giant locust, and the fourth panel showed a duck making out with a goat. Then it was followed by their church logo.

        My only thought when I saw it was, “Wow, you guys must eat a lot of led based paint chips”. I mean honestly, were these people all dropped on their heads from birth on or what?

    • Niki

      I’m not trying to derail your rant, by any means. I fully agree that our societal views are outdated and hinders on dehumanizing for far too many groups of people, and dehumanization almost always leads to violence. I just wanted to point out one little thing to hopefully share some of my over the top optimism.

      I recently watched the Despicable Me sequel again and I’m starting to actually find little hints of gay characters in modern kids movies. I’m a Babygirl (child at heart, whatever) so I’m still totally in love with kids movies. Throughout the movie of Despicable Me 2 there seems to be an overly affectionate relationship between two of the minions. I would normally pass this off as my slash fangirl coming out, but then towards the end they have the same two minions singing an Nsync song with others and they make a heart shape with their hands together while all cuddled up and smiling at each other.

      That was harder for me to just go, “well, it’s got to just be me.”

      Right after that it has the stereotypical YMCA song with a minion as a police officer, a construction worker, and so forth. I would normally put that under the same category as a Minstrel Show, but add in everything from ParaNorman and I’m starting to see a pattern.

      In ParaNorman, a jock/meat head older brother character is obliviously being pursued by the main character’s blond older sister. At the end of the movie you finally hear the jock character say, “That’s a good idea! My boyfriend would really enjoy that.”

      My jaw hit the floor and it is very hard to surprise me during a kids movie anymore. I’m sure most would say they are using being gay to make a joke out of it, but I’m thinking it might be the other way around now.

      Instead of the writers using being gay as a joke they are in fact trying to use humor as a way to incorporate it into the movie without the huge backlash that would follow. This made me instantly love ParaNorman because the whole movie was about accepting people and their differences and then they just drop that bomb at the end and no one was upset by it. To my little symbolic brain, I instantly made the realization that they wanted to make the moral of the story apply more apparently to those that are gay. Basically, to me, they were equating societies stance on gays to that of witches during the witch hunt days to the point where we would rest the punishment of our fears upon innocent children just like they did in the past.

      Just like you are talking about, because we won’t let them be who they are.

      I’m not proud to say it, but my Mother would be one of the ones to start loudly declaring Disney was trying to corrupt our youth into such deviant and depressing lifestyles if they had made his sexual orientation a much bigger focus of the movie. She didn’t like Wall-E or Happy Feet either because she felt they were trying to shine a bad light on America. If she can complain about that, her head would explode if Disney tried to make it a more obvious role.

      Eventually, the humor will wear off and, if we are all lucky, by that time the gay characters will become so common place that they stick from there out. It wouldn’t be the first time, I again use the Minstrel Show as an example. It just takes time and many different generations before the past can finally be let go of. It’s hard to be human because we are always waking up in the middle of history and it never seems to change fast enough to fit our liking.

  • grimsister21

    Spooky just wants a little more Naked Kyle time

    • Madock345

      Don’t we all?

    • OnyxLight

      Me too

    • Beyond Jourdela

      and is there a problem with that…no? Then enjoy!

    • KryX

      I’m in too.

  • Organic With Attitude

    Yeah spooky, you just want to check for lasting spell effects… sure…

    • OnyxLight

      I don’t believe him either OWA

  • Cman65

    end of the world a spell he just wants a better look and the Goods

  • OnyxLight

    Why do I get the feeling Spooky is about to play a not so funny prank on Kyle…

    • Klaus

      If you don’t know, I certainly don’t.

  • Sapfo

    have been felt quite pessimistic in recent days. most likely it’s the music I listen to, BUT ….
    As much as I belive that Kyle trusts Spooky, I think at the same time that Kyle confidence to magic, especially the magic that is directed against him, will provoke a negative reaction
    Spooky, be gentle with him!

    • Valja

      Actually I too am a bit afraid of this “checking” thing… I fear it might trigger something into Kyle, or even hurt Spooky if he tries to dispel the leftovers of the spell… Agh, maybe I’m overthinking it. I just hope our boys (mainly Kyle) could have a moment of peace before the storm arrives

  • Rashel Izro

    am I the only one who thinks spooks is just being a really good friend


    • You are indeed not! I’m quite sure this is all above board. 🙂

    • Not at all.. but speculation is fun. Soo many possible options, just look at the fanart they found in the interlude *wink wink*

      • Rashel Izro

        hehehe good point^b^

  • Valja

    Damn how I wish I had a friend like Spooks! And I’m not referring to his magical powers, obviously (still, I’m dying to know just how powerful he is, after all this comic is about superheroes right? Kyle is awesome with his fire powers, Flyboy is useful for many tasks, but I can’t figure out Spooks’ level) (but that’s not what matters to me now).
    I mean, I DO have good friends, but none of them have Spooky’s personality, and sometimes a behaviour like his is veeery needed. I’m quite envious of the friendship between those three guys 🙂

  • bronakopdin

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  • I can make pomegranate tea for campers. Just wish my head would clear up.

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      • *hands Sapfo a mug of pomegranate tea* Carefull sweetie, it is hot.

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          But oh so good!

  • Sapfo

    For DanishWolf how is having Sherlock-fever this last week 😉

    Oh, And time for camping 😀

    • Holly


    • <3 What a good reason to be here early, so I could see this sooner 🙂

      Woke up a whole hour before I had set my timer (have been awake for almost an hour), and I even had set it earlier today. I think my body is confused xD
      No mouse, no building noise for more than 2-3 hours today.. and I got to sleep LONG. I'm still tired, but no way am I daring to sleep again now *lol* It can wait until after the page.

      • Sapfo

        I know the feeling. Got up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep. Wish I hade sleept some more, but body said NO!
        So here we are now. 😀

    • Oh.. and 39 HOURS until the 3rd episode!!
      Maybe I should watch the 2nd episode for the 3rd time before that. I watched the first episode 3 times in 3 days xD The 2nd episode of the season is SO my favorite, and I feel sure that we will get a 4th season.
      WE WILL.. don’t they dare otherwise >.>

      • Sapfo

        They better! o.o

      • Amanda

        I am beyond Jealous that I cant watch Sherlock. Right now my theme song is “Hey Jealousy”

        • I watch them directly online when they air, but still Denmark is one of the first outside UK to send them on tv. Episode 2 will be on tv here the same time I’m gonna watch the 3rd episode directly online, so they’re only a week behind on tv here 🙂

          Very unusual, but I’m soo not complaing *lol*

          • Sapfo

            But as always Denmark gets it wrong. They should be showing it on DR 1 or 2. Then I could watch it to ;_;

          • Can’t you watch it on DR’s homepage? I linked it to you. Episode 1 is up on the site, and episode 2 will be there monday, the day after they air it on DR3. I think the online site should be open for you too since you can watch some of the Danish channels in Sweden.

          • Sapfo

            It did not work on that computer. But maybe it will work on this one. But I have seen the ep.

          • Amanda

            Ive been watching them on Netflix, but I want to see the new ones!

          • Without saying too much on here – in this case the internet is your friend 😉

  • Holly

    517 comments? That is majorly subpar for us. I disappear completely and now there are no comments?!

    Anyway, hooray for Spooks making Kyle feel a little better, then taking the time to check him for magic damage. He is a BAMF. Love Spooks.

    Now I will disappear because my brother is visiting for the night, so I will not be camping again tonight. BUT WEDNESDAY I WILL BE HERE WITH BELLS ON!

    Also, Chris seems to have learned that I am a WEREWOLF android. This was a secret held between me and three others, and now it is known. So yeah…. now you all know. *rushes away*

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      Hi Holly! Want a cookie? ^_^

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        *sits* Maybe I will stay here until the new page…. *noms*

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            Missed me, bah. You have been talking to me on the twitters silly lady. You and Gryph and DW. *noms*

          • Sapfo

            I know. But it is not always the same thing. This is camping and there is only one rule in camping. And I forgot it…. o.O

          • Holly

            The Android will always try to steal the virgin?

          • Sapfo

            I only know you, and you try to steal it when you can 😉

          • Holly

            Just not tonight, as I must eat pizza and do things with my sibling person.

          • Sapfo

            I like my sibling people. They are nice and give good hugs.
            Have fun! Eat some pizza for me 😉

    • Awww Holly! Miss you, see you Wednesday!

      I was almost a vampiric werewolf once…..if only I had been biten before being sucked….

      Does werewolf android Holly want tea?

      • Adam Black

        We are lucky Comics do not come out on Thursday

        • Holly

          Yeah the moon rises at 5am here that day. I would turn in the MIDDLE of replying. O_O

        • Yeah, though that might be fun…

      • Holly

        Actually in some folklore werewolves just naturally turn into vampires when they die anyway. Not sure if I’m that kind.

    • HOLLY! You can’t run away.

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        • I know! Sniff. I mean aren’t we important? 🙁

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          • Dang you got gussied up for us? See Holly, you can’t leave! Sapfo’s all dressed up!

          • Sapfo

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          • Dang, you’re getting daring! That’s steamy stuff right there.

          • Sapfo

            So, you don´t dress up when it´s camping time? o.O

          • i am usually in pjs

          • Sapfo

            Sassy Doki 😉

          • Wow… the classic, “What are you wearing.” conversation. There are men all over the world who would pay by the minute to those 1-900 phone numbers to get to listen to this conversation and I’m getting it all for free…

            And the really WRONG thing is that I’m gay so it’s wasted and that’s just crazy…

            I mean, honestly, that just proves the Goddess has a really fierce sense of humor. XD

          • So what are you wearing Chris?

          • Sapfo

            Maybe you should ask Adam, or if you dare Alex 😉

          • silibub

            Ha! I can never take the “what are you wearing” question seriously. I always answer with something vague or off-putting before I can stop myself.

          • Men are SO visual when it comes to that convo. They want to have that vision in their head. I’ve been asked that several times on the phone before .. uhm, nevermind..

            … so would pay to hear it? Hmmm..

          • You just need to remember to make something sexy up instead of telling them that you’re only wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. 😀

          • Yeah, there is that LOL

          • I had a guy ask me over IM once. That was a disaster. I didn’t realize he wasn’t casually asking until it was too late. -_-

          • Caller: Sooooo… babe what are you wearing?

            AJ: (attempting super smexy phone voice) “Jeans and a t-shirt…. erm… I mean… umm… really super hot jeans… like tight tight… err… and it’s really more like a tube top and… (pause and banging noises)… hey could I call you back I think someone is at the door (*click* as AJ quickly hangs up the phone).

            *phone rings again and AJ thinks maybe this lying on the 900 number job thing isn’t worth quitting her day job over after all.*

            AJ (mutters to self): I hate that they taught me not lie… gosh darn ethical parents… *she stares at the phone as it finally goes quiet*.

            *phone rings again*

            AJ (yells out door): MOM! THAT CALL IS FOR YOU… I HAVE TO RUN SOME ERRANDS. SEEYA!

            *AJ dashes out the door and heads over to Doki’s house to have a career talk, gossip about annoying people, and nosh on some nibbles.*

          • *beans Chris on the head with a stale muffin* XD

          • What? What did I say? I get blamed for everything.

          • *beans Chris on the head with another stale muffin*

          • Now Miss Wolf… remember you accused us poor fellas next time you close your eyes and VISUALIZE… (wait who is Danish’s main squeeze? Is she a Thor-fangirl or Superman or… hmmm(?)

          • But I don’t ask what they wear, I just visualize 😉 ..and I don’t have a main squeeze, except in my dreams ^_^ (sadly Hugh Jackman is taken).

            If we talk comic/cartoon heroes, I’ve always had a weakness for Nightwing, and Thorgal from ‘Thorgal Aegirsson’.

          • Sapfo

            Mmmm Nightwing!

          • I put lip balm on! And I’m wearing shoes and a shirt. Here in the US it’s: no shirt, no shoes = no service.

          • Sapfo

            Only shirt and shoes. Thats kind also kind of sassy. XD

          • HA! Well I’m wearing pants too.

            You know, I don’t think those signs ever said anything about no pants. o.O Dang it, if only I had known.

          • Always kind of wondered about that myself….

          • I would think they would be more worried about those without pants, but I guess they just assumed folks would have the good sense to wear pants.

          • You would think…..but while I worked at FC, there were a couple of people I would swear were not wearing pants….not something you really want to see in a grocery store

          • No, no, that’s very true. But then again, sometimes those guys who low ride so low, they aren’t wearing pants.

          • Well there are those great fashion statements… such as when people compile the “best of” dressing choices such as THE PEOPLE OF WALMART:


            There is also a site where you can select a particular state, etc… above is a YouTube video compilation. Sort of a “best of” (worst of) kind of thing.

            So anytime any of us need dressing tips…

          • I am surprised some of those haven’t given me nightmares….

          • Philosophically doesn’t it really matter more… WHO is without pants. I just hate that it’s always backwards. The people I’d rather have be ‘without’ pants are the ones fully dressed and verse-visa. You know?

            Anyone else have this problem?

          • Well sure. It’s always that way.

          • Yes, I quite understand that problem very well.

          • Sapfo

            Yes, a recurring problem. Do you have a solution?

          • NO, but if you and I are both experiencing this then it must be pushed up the emergency priority list… AND FAST!

            *stands akimbo speaking dramatically*


            *They rush from the cavern and leap impossibly into the bucket seats, while the screen spins impossibly.

          • Sapfo

            We are superheros? Yay!!! ^_^

            How about a law?
            Or a machine that transfers people’s pants to people who need them more. Leaving people how are not in need of pants without?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I think I’m going to need your help with all this food we have, even though it’s *summer* food. I’m still visiting my relatives on the beach with my two sisters, and we’ve had two groups of family friends (and their dogs) staying with us, and we’ve got all this *stuff* leftover. (One group left just this morning, so we had to spend an hour our so swimming and honouring the promise made last year to the 11 year old that when he was bigger he could dive bomb off the foot bridge into the back creek)

    Anyway, if I just lay out these trestle tables with all this cold pizza, and rissoles, and chicken legs, and salad, and leftover cheese platter, and potato salad, and tzatziki… Oh and better not forget the chocolate chip ice cream, and home made brownies, and lollies. Do you guys think you could just nom on some of that while we’re camping? I realise that the weather in the northern hemisphere might not be the best for summer food just at the moment, so you might need to heat it in the microwave first…

    • Sapfo

      Why do people talk all about pizza….
      *Takes the pizza and runnes into a cornor*

      “Mine! My precious!”

      • Did Sapfo run off with all the pizza or is there more?

        • Sapfo

          Okay, I will not eat it all anyway. Here you are. ^_^

    • Grabs potato salad and runs away.

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    • *hisss* Been there, done that. That’s a glitch I hate when happens. It’s worse than when your new messages in Notifications just doesn’t show for you.

      • Sapfo

        I reloaded it and that might have fixed the problem.

    • Adam Black

      its actually working for me for once

      • Sapfo

        Yes, but I remember the campings when you where locked out. That was no fun.

        • Adam Black

          It could have been worse

      • That’s excellent for once. Are you two sharing a Disqus line so that only one of you gets on at a time?

        • Adam Black

          Thats a Tron-Yaoi tale right there.
          Two fans sharing the same Disqus line, Love on the fiberoptics .. @Alex I hope oyu are taking down these ideas…

          ( actually thats the second failed disqus tag in 5 minutes Look 3 comments up )

          • Actually that a modern day SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE… (?) “Two fans sharing the same Disqus line, Love on the fiberoptics.” I like it.

  • Okay Disqus experts… here’s one that I don’t get. So when one does that thing that @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus does so well, where you alert people in a comment like this one. But, for example, @alex hasn’t been on the page yet so when I type the “@” I don’t get him in the list and his name doesn’t go all bold-facey, because he hasn’t been on YET. But @smsif:disqus and @DanishWolf:disqus have already posted so I can get them.

    So does this mean that everyone who has already posted ON THIS PAGE will be alerted, but Alex wont? So, then what happens when later Alex posts about bread, then does he get alerted that I referenced him in this comment THEN?

    So does that make someone a page-virgin until they post for the first time on any given page?

    Am I making any sense, because I think I’m even more confused than when I started this. LOL.

    • Sapfo

      Alex lates commens most be showing it you want to add him. If I want to @ Adam one of his comment most show for him to add on correctrly. and is not how correctrly is spelled 😉

      • Adam Black

        INMHO adding doesnt let you tag unless they are on the page

    • Actually, honestly, I’ve never been alerted that someone has mentioned me even though they’re supposed to. What’s up with that Discus?

      But yes, until someone posts on the new page, there isn’t any tagging thems. At least that I’ve seen.

      • Adam Black


      • Have you set your settings so you get an email notification when you’re mentioned in a comment? That should do it, I think.
        Of course the mention has to be with a tagging so your name shows up blue, otherwise it doesn’t work.

    • Adam Black

      says the man who uses Bold, Underline and Italics on every other comment.
      tagging people is the only trick i know

      • bold
        mark through

        • Adam Black

          See, @chrisdangerfield:disqus ,

          I didnt have to ask @dokidokibaka:disqus 3x

        • Adam Black

          thank-you. Now excuse me while I edit 3000 disqus comments

          • You’re welcome. ^_^

          • He’s going to take over the world now you know. 😛

          • Sapfo

            But he seems so innocent and sweet. How could he think of any ….Damn it! You are right! Lets help him!

          • But what if I have my own plans? <..>

          • Adam Black

            I’ll appoint you olympic locker room inspector, with a pass to the Olympic sex Village

          • Sapfo

            What about me! I want some…thing….things too

          • Adam Black

            Head of SAG casting Couch Directors guild

          • Sapfo

            POWER! All this power is just mine. Muahahaha!
            Now lets see if Travolta getting anymore jobs. (sorry alla Travolta fans, not my kind of actor)

          • Adam Black

            closeted, you mean?

          • Sapfo

            No, that choice is up to him.

            The biggest reason:
            Battlefield Earth! Muöööh! (I think I threw up a little in my mouth) 🙁

          • Adam Black

            Not the worst Ive ever seen, but terrible.
            Travolta didnt want to be 6ft tool purple squid monster.

            Source material isnt that bad as you might think. ( How could it be? I read half of it as a teenager )
            Not great/ but …
            madmax meets start wars or coyboys versus aliens
            They could have easily hired a real scifi screen writer to fix/adapt it. They certainly could afford to. Ironically they run the “writers of the future contest” and pay real scifi authors to judge

            It would have been a post-apolycyptic survival movie where he gets captured by an bizarre alien at the end as cliffhanger and taken to an alien base.

            movie 2 would have been a psychological tug of war between prisoner / jailer

            3 would have been star wars space battles

          • I get something for helping right?

          • Adam Black

            You get to run the Yoai cable network

          • I can live with that. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            I am not so fussy, I will help you too.

          • Adam Black

            thats good , a nurse comes in handy for all the strip searches ill have to do conducting world meetings,

            Any one who lucks buff and assassiny, you are going to have to check for weapons.

            be VERY thorough,

            you know never know what fold they night be holding a poisonous dart in

          • Sapfo

            Can I force them to wear the kilt?
            Hmm, I think I need help with my kilt addiction.

          • Adam Black

            tell them its kilt johnny

          • Sapfo

            *Sapfo runs into her closet and retrieves all kilts she owns. Why do one singel woman have 42 kilts lying around, you ask? That is the meaning of life

          • Adam Black

            might get breezy

          • Adam Black

            what colors?

          • Sapfo
          • Adam Black

            I… dunno

          • Sapfo

            You are right, that might be a blue color. Don’t worry, they will only have them on for a short time before the wrestling begin. Turkish wrestling. an enjoyable sport

          • Adam Black

            Bring on the Olive oil

          • Sapfo

            Ah, he is back! the maker and master of naughty comments!
            You been missed. I needed some good hugs.

          • Sapfo

            Have fun, or look at the new page. There is a very cute bottom there to look at

          • Adam Black

            a little too perfect

        • Professor Dokidokibaka most generously teaches a special webinar on Disqian formatting practices among the ancients (qualifying as anyone over the age of 14). It is most illuminating, as is her free, after-hour Yaoi lecture, on the best webcomics for those 18+ who consent to the liberal display of tumescent male genitalia.

          Admittance to this particular course is on a first come first serve basis and despite the energetic efforts of two well-known virgin experts, @DanishWolf:disqus and @smsif:disqus, Student Dangerfield has often been known to be first signed to this list, thus making him a pre-eminent virgin in the study of the erect penis (note for the neophyte: an apple may not noticeably effect your grade, but a glow in the dark condom place conservatively on the corner of Professor Dokidokibaka’s desk has been rumored to gain a student extra credit points.

          I thank you most kindly.

          Edit: Mr. Dangerfield’s faux snarky remark below was removed by Moderator Admiral Jane due to insufficient insouciant humor.

          Professor D-D-Baka will be doing a practicum on understanding and translating Mr. Black’s formatting curmudgeoning. Look for time and location to be posted next Tuesday after office hours.

          • Sapfo

            Lesson number one in taking a Virgin: The first thing you must consider is to eliminate opposition from other potential hunters. This can be done with a a comment about a complex issue, a link to a vid somewhere or just use your humor to make peoplelaugh until they pee in their pants. This will keep them occupied while you take virgin.

            Warning: This usually do not work so well on the most experienced hunters.

          • You may have to give a class on this… I’m always deeply involved in some conversation on the previous page… and the only way I know… is that suddenly it gets very quiet… and I realize NEW PAGE IS UP…. darn it!


          • If Moderator Admiral Jane was to actually moderate your post you would possibly be finding yourself tiptoeing through the tulips.

          • HA. Tiptoeing or running?

          • Perhaps skipping with a right bouncy tune serenading them.

      • What? @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus

    • It only works if the name is blue when tagged, and all who has an active tag will be noted if their settings are right and no glitches happens… but sometimes there IS a glitch because you can’t tag someone even though they HAVE posted on a page. It’s annoying.

      Edit: *Shakes fist* Dang you. All your virgin speculations had me distracted. and I was writing this comment. I was like 1-2 secs. late on the new page xD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Do you have to do anything special when the person’s name is more than one word, like use an underscore?

      • Adam Black

        hit return twice

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Thank you!

          • Adam Black

            return, edit, return

            i dont know why , it doesnt work on the first try

  • Sapfo
  • karmakat

    SPOOKY you not as sexy as tsunami but DAMN KID… I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW HEHE

  • karmakat

    i think… that the people in this webcomic are having trouble catching up with all the “donations” hehe

  • Demie Duken

    Kyle must be super snuggle partner numero uno in the winter.

    • Curt Clark

      And hell to be under the covers with in the summer.

  • Sarah Lebowicz

    It’s almost like spooky has a strong desire to see Kyle standing up fully naked…. *wink wink*