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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 13

808 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 13

You might think that Spooky would require significant time to come up with a quip that combined both of his new discoveries about Kyle into a single sentence, but one flying car ride and death plummet was all he needed. Oh, yeah, baby, he’s just that good.

(Of course, Fluke might have a different word for Spooky’s wit right now. I wonder what his thought bubbles in Panels 4 and 5 would say?)

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So! Spooky’s just, well, been Spooky. Kyle is now laughing. And Fluke is currently wondering if he’s too young to take heart medication. What’s next for our young heroes?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Pfff.. I love Spooky

    • Just remember he still might be Bi. 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Well then he is still mine 😉

      • But still mine. Making him bi would just add a little spice to it all. Remember who you talk to 😉

        • Sapfo

          Might make him more open to the threesome of my choice 😉

          • purplefoxglove

            …foursome..? *gets hopes up*

  • Sapfo

    Oh boys, make love, not…yes make love! ^_^

    • OH! I just realized I got the V. Until I refreshed it looked like you had it on my screen 😀

      • Sapfo

        I was going to be graceful about it, but damn it.

        I wanna that Virgin! Alex, make Danish hand over the virgin to me!

        • <3 An icecream for you instead.
          I was lucky. I just finished watching a Huff Post news video clip in another tab and then refreshed and it was up

          • Sapfo

            Oh <3 Icecream to everyone! Thank you!

            (Your comment just appeared when I started to write, so then I was just taking my time. Writing more then just "ölksdjgföaoilsdj")

          • Adam Black

            Google wont translate that

          • Sapfo

            What? But that is the most commen word in Swedish. I use it all the time.

          • Adam Black

            i tried translating it to dutch too,
            it said : ölksdjgföaoilsdj

          • Sapfo

            Maybe it’s a dialect thing.

          • Adam Black

            <takes away cookie batter


          • Sapfo

            No, please not that!
            No virgin and no cookie batter. Do I at least get a hug or are you all out of them?

          • Adam Black

            rips off Kilt…

            Now your mystery word needs a meaning.

            make it a good one.
            Then we can Tumblr it, and enter it into the lexicon

          • Sapfo

            The meaning? I think the meaning it when you get a new update and you don´t really know what to say about it because it´s so good!

            Use of a sentence:
            “That was one ölksdjgföaoilsdj new page!”

            “This is one warm naked ölksdjgföaoilsdj bear-hug from Adam!” 🙂

          • Adam Black

            wow. what a word.

            But How the hell do you pronounce it?

          • Sapfo

            It is a great word!

            I was going to say “run it thought google translate”, but you got no sound 🙁
            It sounds really good, but in everyday speech it is mostly shortened to “ölksdj”. Only hipsters and snobbs say the whole word.

          • Adam Black

            But,, but.. How do you pronounce ” öl ? ”

            Oh, no You got to say the whole thing.

            Im afraid Americans will turn “ölksdj” into “ooksiedooksie”

          • Sapfo

            Damn it! You are right! But we will make the ölksdjgföaoilsdj of this moment and try to teach everyone the joy of ölksdjgföaoilsdj.

            I think you should take “öl” and put i thought google translate. You might like it 😉

          • Adam Black

            um I am confused. on this line
            “I think you should take “öl” and put i thought google translate. You might like it ;)”

            grammar or typo?

          • Sapfo

            Most likely both. Sometimes I should not be allowed to use a keyboard

            (öl = beer)

          • Adam Black

            apparently it means “kills” in Hungarian

          • Sapfo

            I think I stick to the Swedish version.

            But then to much beer can kill o.O

          • Adam Black

            Sometimes none of us should

          • Sapfo

            True! But right now I will take prid in all my typos and gramma mistakes.

            And if someone feels offended, I can always take out my two biggest arguments for all my errors: English is not my first language and ….* drum roll * I have dyslexia, and now you have offended me by pointing out my typos. *dramatic gesture*

            (Yeah, like I don´t know that my writing can be a horror to read sometimes. SHOCKED!)

          • Adam Black

            Thats is seriously offensive @smsif:disqus
            My Mother died from dyslexia, 5 years before I was born.

          • Sapfo

            Then I am really sorry to inform you that I got dyslexia. Was born with it and will most likely die with it…Wait a moment. You mother´s not dead!

            (working on it every day and getting better and better at seeing my typos. But some days the letter do not want to go where I want them to and they put themselves in all the wrong places.)

          • Adam Black

            Did she tell you that? She told me something different

            ( Firefox does autos-spell check )

          • Sapfo


            (yes, and it helps a lot, but sometimes it changes it to words that looks very closely to the word I want, but the meaning is all wrong. I don´t see the difference. And then sometimes I come to a computer that have Swedish autos-spell. Those days can be a lot of fun. Head-desk and repeat)

          • Madock345

            Google says this page is the only place it has ever appeared on the entire internet.

          • Adam Black

            You read my mind!
            I was going to post the same comment and browser crashed

          • Sapfo

            And a pic of @alexwoolfson:disqus next to it. XD
            Alex, I made up a word for you. Use it well 😉

    • Adam Black

      first the naked Hugs,

      • Sapfo

        Loving the huging!

        • Adam Black

          Spooky doesnt have to make Kyle wear pants

          • Sapfo

            He can get a kilt….

          • Adam Black

            hes just fine for me

          • Steven K.

            I wonder how awkward it is to get into that one-piece suit – and does it open from the back or the front – or the top and you pull it up all over you. And obviously Kyle has no undies to wear – so I’m wondering how prone to “topographic effects” it might be.

          • Adam Black

            If there is a god, he will need help getting into it.

            maybe Flyboy usually does that, and thats why he was so eager to help.

            There has to be some kind of Fire Cup built in. A crotch Pouch, Date Plate, The Hot Rod Cod. The Giver Quiver, restacles for his testicles,

          • Steven K.

            I think you should ask Sapfo if “huging” is a synonym for vacuum-pumping (as in penis-pumping) or taking doses of “male-enhancement” pills, etc. Trying to make a certain something get huge.

          • Adam Black

            Only in small Michigans towns,
            where dancing is banned.

            Hugs are doled out in back alleys and street corners , among the riffraff, neer-do- wells and boys of the night.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman


  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I knew that Spooky would get a smile out Kyle.

  • Dang it! I was so diligent checking and checking and again I miss it!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yeah, I’m pretty resigned to never being first. I’m okay with it, though – I still have so much fun camping with you all!

  • davefragments

    Good Job Spooky!

  • mogoskier

    I love Spooky I win face there in the last panel

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I’m pretty sure that in panel 4 Paul was holding his breath to see if he’d have to kill Spooky for upsetting Kyle, but fortunately it turned out well!

  • SofiaT

    And we got a “LOL!”, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Susannah

    I’m absolutely in love with Spooky after those last few pages. He’s amazing and I want to hug him! X3

  • Sapfo

    Paul panel 3: What does that mean?
    Paul Panel 4: For f*ck sake Spooky!

    Spooky Panel 4: Told you I got this under controll. I´m the coolest of them all.

  • silibub

    Yes!!! I was so hoping that Kyle would laugh at Spooky’s ridiculousness and all my wishes have been granted! I have to revel in this — thank you Alex!

    • I’m glad you liked the update, silibub. 🙂

      • silibub

        Heheh, I like all of the updates, but this page is a particular treat!

    • Miss Quinn

      Honestly, after everything Kyle’s been through, someone like Spooky is probably the best thing for him. He acts as he would in any other situation, cracking jokes.

  • I laughing so much over this page. Spooky is just priceless, not letting Kyle swallow in shame and the looks on Paul’s face!

    It also helps to see Kyle laugh. He REALLY needed that <3
    Seeing Kyle laugh makes everything better right now.

  • Sapfo

    I can´t belive it!!! That in panel 4!!! That is a almost hug with naked Kyle!

    • SofiaT

      That’s Spooky for ya. Nothing phases him. 😀

    • Adam Black


  • Xalun K

    I seriously didn’t even think Kyle would react like that. I thought he’d be way too distraught for inappropriate jokes. I’VE NEVER BEEN SO GLAD TO BE WRONG.

    • silibub

      He must be so relieved ;u;

    • Kelsey Marie

      I’m with you, I thought he might maybe possibly crack a smile. NEVER BEEN SO GLAD TO BE SO WRONG

  • SofiaT

    The Beatles said it best. I wonder if they knew Spooky (can Spooky time-travel??)

  • Panel 4 Paul now believes there’ll be no living with Spooky now.

    • SofiaT

      …Was there before? 😛

      • Probably not, but the look on Paul’s face, just confirms it.

  • silibub

    Also! Adam and Vero did such a great job with the art for this page — Kyle’s ashamed expression in panel one and Paul’s look of abject horror in panel four are real gems. *confetti, etc*

    • b3nc0

      Arts & colors are splendid as always and I don’t like to be the party-pooper, but in panel 4, there was either a color mistake (skin-pink instead of wall-grey) or Kyle grew insanely large hips over the Holidays orz

      • SofiaT

        I believe those are his thighs.The way he has crossed his legs, his thighs are “sitting” wider than his torso. It creates the illusion of him looking massive.

  • Oh god.. it just came to my mind. I wonder how Mitch is reacting outside, IF he’s able to hear them which that previous ‘owl hearing’ comment suggest he might be.
    The looks I can imagine on his face. Paul’s and Kyle’s in panel 4 might not be off for Mitch either xD

    • SofiaT

      Judging from our reactions, he’s probably wondering what a “big ‘mo” is.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Yep, that’s what I thought too. He’s probably still too young to know.

        • Miss Quinn

          He’s 14, not 8. Unless he’s had a really sheltered life, I’m pretty sure he knows what a “Mo” is.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Lots of people on this forum didn’t know what ‘mo meant and they don’t lead sheltered lives.

          • Sapfo

            Different cultures and different languages. I did not think about it until someone else pointed it out.

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – even some of us who are great big ‘mo s ourselves didn’t immediately get it.

          • Guest

            Really? It’s that hard to figure out?

          • Sapfo

            Miss, how is 14? o.O

            Name Age
            Spooky 20
            Kyle 18
            Paul 17
            Mitch 15

          • Miss Quinn

            I was talking about Flyboy, I thought he was 14, for some reason. Wait, Spooky’s TWENTY? Holy shit, talk about a babyface. I thought he was Paul’s age!

          • Sapfo
      • silibub

        He’s a computer expert – he’s probably out there like “‘Mo? Mo…dem? That makes no sense!”

    • Sapfo

      Kind of afriad something is going to happen to our Flyboy.

      • Shhhhhh! Kyle is laughing. Focus on that and nothing else for this one page. It’s the first good moment Kyle has had since he reached orgasm and all went to hell. That’s over 30 pages ago!!
        Everything else but enjoying this can come afterwards on the next one..

        For now.. Kyle. Laughing.

        • It’s the first good moment he has had since all went to hell. Literally! :D!!

          • Steven K.

            Yes – let’s keep it that way – for a while at least.

        • Love you take on things D-wolf! Thanks.

        • Sapfo

          (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥

      • lawrdy…not another emotionally damaged hero!

  • Sapfo

    I do not know why, but this new page makes me want to write everything with exclamation points!

    Alex! Adam! Veronica!
    Great work! Loving it!

  • SofiaT

    I like the pause. That fourth panel is awesome! “STOP! Hammer time!”

  • Yukiness

    Cookies for you all. And I love Spooky’s face. He’s all, “Yeah, i still got it.”

    • SofiaT

      “And that is how it’s done.”

  • Oh, I just love Spooky 🙂 He makes everything better.

  • CH

    I love the panel of Kyle deciding how to take it.
    And poor Paul, so very wrong about Spooky’s unique approach.

  • dereule101

    Poor Paul is like “Kill me now.”

  • I feel like in the last panel, Spooks is shrugging like “Told you, man.” If he could smirk any harder, I think he would. 😛

    Great job Alex, Adam and Vero. I’m always excited for a new page.

    • Thank you, Kinzie. Glad you liked the update! 🙂

    • dereule101

      The expressions in this comic are like a whole extra dialogue. I am always impressed.

      • As a writer, it feels like a great privilege to work with such talented artists. It really does.

  • Jaden Levi

    You know…I never was a fan of Spooky. But now…I don’t know. I overwhelmingly hate him…

    • SofiaT

      Even after he made Kyle laugh?

    • silibub

      Actually, as wonderfully cathartic as it is to see Kyle cheered up, I can see how Spooky might spark a negative reaction — obviously I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’d understand if he strikes you as too smug or still being insensitive (even though it got a positive response from Kyle). If you can articulate it, I’d actually love to know your take on Spooky, because he’s got a pretty high approval rating otherwise!

    • Adam Black

      I do not get

  • Awwww thank you for an absolutely perfect warm and wonderful page Alex. As always compliments to Adam and Veronica for absolutely beautiful work that supports the story. But HUGE compliments to you for making none of my gay silly fears for this page come true.

    This is the dream we all have when we come out. Not even considering being the son of a demon dude.

    Spooky’s line about perhaps being unwilling to bend over to get the holy water could not have been better if you had tried.

    Must sleep now as keyboard is getting blurry, but thanks, thanks thanks. This page means a lot to this Big Mo!


    • Sapfo

      *Hugs to our big mo Chris* ^_^
      Get even better now and sleep well!

    • Big hugs, Chris. Very glad you liked the update. Feel all better very soon. 🙂

    • So does this knock out the bi Spooky you were clinging to, or are we
      taking this as Spooky might still be bi but Kyle isn’t his type?

      OR since he said he wouldn’t bend over in front of Kyle, but would he like Kyle bent over in front of him? 😛 😉 In the interlude the only problem he seemed to have with the porn of them was that he was always on bottom. ^_^

      • Sapfo

        Maybe he won´t mind Kyle bending over 😉
        *naughty thoughts*

        • Adam Black

          Who would?

          • Steven K.

            Not I, that’s for sure.

          • Adam Black

            You say that now…
            Youd be the first one to object.

            Sure you think you want it….But I think how that would effect kyles feelings would be primarily on your mind, re other conversations on this page

            Sad reality is, that ass needs someone fireproof, or its staying a virgin forever.

            Duncan couldnt even finish the job, and lay the boy right

      • Adam Black

        Maybe he just doesnt want Kyle to see him reaching for the Holy water, to spare Kyles feelings

      • Klaus

        Why read so much into a joke? He obviously does not mean it.

        • SofiaT

          For the same reason we read so much into everything? Because it’s fun XD

        • ….I am just teasing Chris. Yeesh. 😛 Chris is holding on to the hope that Spooky is at least bi. ^_^

          • Cydney Sabin

            Trust me. He’s not the only one.

          • Truth to tell, I think some if not most of the women fans of Spooky would like that too….For Spooky+guy+them ^_^

      • Steven K.

        Good points and questions to ponder.

    • yeah…i didn’t really think too much of the demonic heritage stuff but then again…well i won’t really say what Omen inspired childhood mythologies i’ve wondered about…but point being i sort of was just like “oh yeah…that…”

  • Vinny Gothika

    ohh pfff jeez lol, at least he got him to laugh lol

  • Sapfo

    Dennis is that you?

  • SofiaT

    Anyone else read that “oh yeah, baby” in Alex’s note in Austin Powers’ voice?

    • Sapfo

      I do now

    • Like Sapfo said, I am now.

    • SofiaT

      Also… “new discoveries”?
      I know author notes are not WoG and more often than not they’re also misleading but I can’t help wonder…

      • Sapfo

        Oh Alex likes to play tricks on us. Kind of like Lokie. 😉

        • this comment makes me pout with my lower lip thrust out in an alarmingly pouty manner…sometimes you just have to be in the experience i guess because it seems more funny to me when i’m doing it and much less funny when i write about it…

          • Sapfo

            Yes! I made a grown man pout.
            Mission completed!

            Next mission: Steal @DanishWolf:disqus Virgin!

          • Good luck with that one Safo love, I think Danish keeps an extra close guard on hers…

            She isn’t a Danish Wolf for nothing…^_^

          • Adam Black

            Danish wolf is a Virgin?

          • Sapfo

            I don´t think so. But she got virgins. A lot of them 😉

          • Adam Black

            I will need to see photos as evidence

          • Evidence is clear online. No photos needed 😉

          • Adam Black

            you will have to direct me

          • You and photos and videos… where is the trust I ask you. WHERE?

            *raises eyes and hands to heaven plaintively*

          • Adam Black

            Hey, i warned him I would accept his continuence , as permission to film. If the lights were off i could have slept. fair exchange there

          • *chris forwards this comment to lawyer friend for verification of verbal agreement as being applicable in both our states…. HA*

          • Adam Black

            possesion is n9/10ths of the law…
            I think i got the agreement on film too. I hope.
            i need to go watch that .

          • Hmm.. I should start the new year doing a count, just to make sure you don’t steal one 😉
            I’ve already had Disqus steal one – back when it switched two comments around after a day >.>

          • Oh don’t try and fool us… you both have all your virgins tracked on a data-base (and backed-up for safety). Even the ones under debate.

          • Chris. On this one thing I can honestly say – and considering, it’s actually kinda embarrasing.. I don’t have a number on my virgins for TYP. I can’t even remember if I got any before I really started camping here. Same goes for Starfighter *hides head in shame*

            (I really need to do a count now).

          • aww…man…i gave you that for like free…i hope @DanishWolf doesn’t give away Virgin for free lol 😛

      • I was just thinking about that too 🙂 It certainly seems telling… or just Alex being very good at misdirection.

        • SofiaT

          It reminds me of the iocaine riddle in Princess Bride.
          No matter which way we look at it, we’re back to square one. 😛

          • Adam Black


          • SofiaT

            A very rare, odorless, tasteless and very lethal poison from Terra Australis.
            But don’t worry, you can build immunity to it if you ingest small amounts every day for seven years!

          • Adam Black

            isnt everything in Australia poisonous ?

            I heard even the fur of dropbears have poisonous fleas

          • SofiaT

            Glad you mentioned the dropbears.
            They’re very, very dangerous.

            #1 reason for tourists’ deaths in Australia in the last decade.

            So if you ever visit the Land Down Under, make sure you stay away from them. Or at least try to speak with an Aussie accent because it’s scientifically proven that dropbears are less aggressive towards those who speak English with an Aussie accent.

          • 5 million up-votes and a bow of respect for referencing that film!

            Man in Black: All right. Where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right… and who is dead.

            Vizzini: But it’s so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy’s? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

            Man in Black: You’ve made your decision then?

            Vizzini: Not remotely. Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.

            Man in Black: Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

            Vizzini: Wait till I get going! Now, where was I?

            Man in Black: Australia.

            Vizzini: Yes, Australia. And you must have suspected I would have known the powder’s origin, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

            Man in Black: You’re just stalling now.

            Vizzini: You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you? You’ve beaten my giant, which means you’re exceptionally strong, so you could’ve put the poison in your own goblet, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But, you’ve also bested my Spaniard, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal, so you would have put the poison as far from yourself as possible, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

            Man in Black: You’re trying to trick me into giving away something. It won’t work.


            Man in Black: Then make your choice.

            Vizzini: I will, and I choose – What in the world can that be?

            Man in Black: [Vizzini gestures up and away from the table. Roberts looks. Vizzini swaps the goblets]

            Man in Black: What? Where? I don’t see anything.

            Vizzini: Well, I- I could have sworn I saw something. No matter. First, let’s drink. Me from my glass, and you from yours.

            Man in Black, Vizzini: [Vizzini and the Man in Black drink]

            Man in Black: You guessed wrong.

            Vizzini: You only think I guessed wrong! That’s what’s so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia” – but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line”! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha…

            Vizzini: [Vizzini stops suddenly, his smile frozen on his face and falls to the ground dead]

          • Incidentally, if we’re talking The Princess Bride, the humour in the book is different to the film, but it’s just as good.


          • Thanks for the tip. I love that film (as you might guess from that endless post), but now I’ll look up the book.

            “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

          • so by extension…we just need to…actually i don’t really see how that precisely maps to present…like does that mean we just need to immerse ourselves in _more_ of Kyle’s suffering in order to just obviate the entire suffering dilemma?

            so confused now…

      • Adam Black

        am I missing something?
        ( new discoveries = “big mo” & “son of satan” )

        • SofiaT

          We’ve been wondering for quite a while if Spooky knew beforehand about Kyle… and what he knew exactly.

          • Adam Black

            Oh, I see.

            I guess i took it at facevalue.

            It didnt occur to me that Alex was Wogging backstory.
            and now that its mentioned , I wouldnt stick words in Alex’s mouth —- not even his own.

          • SofiaT

            Alex is very careful and frugal with his WoGs.
            That doesn’t mean we can’t put under the microscope every little thing, trying to figure out what on earth is going on in this crazy universe of his!

          • Adam Black

            Oh, of course
            I even put my lack of a reaction under the microscope:
            Was I wise , for not looking deeply and have internalized Alex’s sneakiness,
            ( maybe (
            or was I clueless and incurious? I do not know

            Might be positive Bias: Noticing the things that are there, not the things that could be there and are not

          • Excellent point. Everyone tally their own lack of internalized introspection (for the last thirty pages in ‘real-time’ not ‘page-time’ and plot it on a grid, and we’ll add that bit in at the very end. Adam is a “Bias” expert and will be able to deconstruct the final summations regarding actions that may or may not have been taken BY Alex with or without his OWN self-awareness.

            See! Once you have a plan things are easy.

            *Oh and someone get a satellite uplink for Sofia. I think she’ll be flying over Iceland or something as the planes go over the North Pole now… I think…*

          • Adam Black

            I cant figure out if this is intelligent or Psychotic, so plot both on your graph

          • I think it’s both so … DONE.

          • Adam Black

            Area under your Psychotic curve/ the Slope of your Intellibar

          • Thank the stars above that I am far too wise and mature too ever be involved in such a ludicrous and questionable undertaking.

            Now let’s go back to the part where we count past Alex up-votes shall we? Danish you get out the pad and pencil. Alex and Sofia the bible of previous pages of comments and we can begin. Noses to the grindstone and we can get half-way there before the next page is up. Right? 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Chris, mmm, ööö, I kind of have to work and do a dinnerparty…. can it not wait until, I don´t know. August?

          • -Pad –*check*
            -Pencil –*check*
            -Candy cane pacifier ..*check*

            Wait.. scratch that last one <..> Star counting, I’m waiting.

          • Adam Black

            above comment sounds vaugely moralistic, I meant it in a practical way, not a “thou shalt not”

          • Exactly my point! Practical, of course.

          • Oh you so would for the right price.

          • Adam Black

            make an offer before i change my mind, or Hit “context” and read what yo are talking about

          • No, I find understanding what I’m talking about too exhausting, and if I don’t have to understand others then I don’t feel morally forced to make any sense to myself. See?

          • Adam Black

            Dont Ask questions about Project Vinegar

          • HA. Understood.

          • Adam Black

            Probably not , since you recognize neither Welch nor even a Welshwoman

          • Point.

            But as I said… don’t have to. She’ll get you all the Euros you need, so I can relax.

          • Adam Black

            be sure and forward those Vinegar soaked $50s for me

          • I’m so with you. And I find it really hard to try to figure out if he’s up-voting for concept, content or just fun writing in a comment. *shakes fist impotently in the air* Oi you, Woolfson. It’s enough to drive a person mad I tells ya!

          • Sapfo

            I have figured out that atleast one of the upvotes I got from our dear Alex, was for the fact that I had guessed right on what was going to happen. (or that’s how I interpreted it that time)
            But I do not think he do that all the time.

          • Exactly, misdirection within, misleading misdirection.

            Well the important thing is that you must remember that MODS know all and harass Sofia and the Admiral until they give up all these inscrutable secrets. I know this to be true… even though they haven’t crumbled for me yet. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            Chris, how high is your fever? o.O

            Maybe I should get nurse Joe.

            Yes, I belive you Chris! JOE! GET HERE FAST!!!

          • HEY! I’ve been shaved and that thermometer is HUGE. I’m sure I’m fine and I just need coffee… yes coffee! 😀

          • Sapfo

            There are actually caffeine drip (injektion) in the hospital. But in 8 years as a nurse I have only given it once to a patient.

            Might be something for us campers 😉

          • WHAT? Didn’t you know that MODS have been using caffeine drip (injections) for years? In addition, between extra pages, his day job, prepping kickstarter stuff and all that… well I don’t think Alex has been OFF a caffeine drip in years.

          • Sapfo

            He must be more speeded than an energy bunny

            But Sofia and AJ have only been Mods for a little time?! A flaw in your theory?

          • *shakes fist impotently in air yet again*

            Darn you, you crafty Swedish nurse for poking holes in my caffeine theory! 😀

          • Their caffeine drips are smaller 😉

          • Yeah… that’s what I meant to say… erm… first.

          • Sapfo

            Chris I´m cutting you of. No more coffee for you!
            (Then I realize that you are in another time zone)

            Here´s you coffee.

          • Thank you kindly…

          • Adam Black

            Im sure you loved it

          • Well the coffee is deliciou… OH? You mean… Yes that was… erm… quite pleasant also. Thank yew.

          • Steven K.

            Hopefully they didn’t shave those hot sexy armpits.

          • Oh SK! Ahahahahah perish the thought. NEVER!

          • SofiaT

            I think he -more often than not- remains “silent” when guesses get too close to the future plot but I’ve noticed him upvoting some theories/guesses from time to time that have later proven correct, so that’s not entirely accurate.

            Mostly, I have a feeling he upvotes for imagination, also tone of respect in the comments when it’s a debate-thread and people are keeping a cool head, as well as to show his respect of the commenter’s opinions (especially when it’s a criticism of his work).
            And, of course, comments he finds funny or amusing.

            …So, good luck trying to decipher what it all means 😛

            [Disclaimer: the above are my own observations and speculations so I can’t guarantee their accuracy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ]

          • Sapfo

            If nothing else maybe he finds out what our Alex likes 😉

          • Oh good shrug.

            I definitely think you’re right on all points. This is all just fun silliness. Alex is too crafty for that and I agree (erm… *sheepish look*) having actually pondered this, that it’s mostly just about a good discussion.

            But still fun speculation, for sure. Is it Wednesday yet?

            Oh and did I say that’s a good shrug? ‘Cause it is. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            Yea – that’s def. the thing about his votes – really makes you wonder about the motivation behind, and if ANYTHING can be gleaned from them concerning future conception made manifest.

      • okay so what is WoG and Wogging?

        • SofiaT

          Word of God.

          It’s when we haven’t seen something in the story (yet) but the creator has verified it, so it becomes canon. :0)

          • oh…i should have like totally realized that…so weird…i think the similarity to WoW for WoG got me thinking about MMORPGs or something and I was just like what is this attribute thing here…ignore me.

          • SofiaT

            I don’t do well with acronyms either 🙂

          • The first time I learned what WoG meant, I got WoG and WOG confused, wondering what the little “of” meant? Like is that a less Goddy word than a WOG? Finally someone just told me I was an idiot and pretend it was all WoG unless I get struck by lightening.

          • yay…we can be confused or whatever together then 🙂

      • Oh yeah baby… me too!

    • *chris goes back and does*
      Thank you, that was so worth the laugh!

  • Just did the count.. it’s been 35 pages since Kyle last had his good time before everything went bad. 35 pages.

    Even getting constant bonus pages, so it went faster, that makes 4 months we’ve been in hell with Kyle.. quite literally. Just the though of how long this would have been without the bonus pages D:

    No wonder it feels so damn good to see Kyle laugh <3 *laughs with him*

    • Sapfo

      It´s been a long ride. But somehow it feels like everything will be better for a some small moment. But then Alex is going to hit us with the Drama!
      *Getting ready for the heart ache. Getting huging pillow ready*

      • Saaapfo! Why are you doing it again? I just told you below.
        This page. Kyle laughing. Focus on the now!

        • Sapfo

          Just putting salt on the icecream…..

          • Well it’s your icecream, so you have to eat it 😉

          • Sapfo

            love salt licorice ^_^

          • My husband puts salt on his watermelon… ugh. Although he’s allowed to salt other things with impunity so “Whatever works” I say.

          • Sapfo

            Love a good watermelon, but I never put salt on it before. o.O

          • SofiaT

            A lot of people in various villages in Greece (especially up in the mountains) eat watermelon with feta cheese.


          • Steven K.

            Actually sounds good to me, but maybe that’s cuz I’m a fan of Feta and not so much of watermelon – thus I think the one might make the other more palatable 😉

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’ve put salt on cantaloupe before…it was pretty good, actually.

          • salt doesn’t really go in the ice cream…it goes in the ice surrounding the ice cream churner…

          • Have you met Sapfo? She does go her own way. Just sayin’.

          • Sapfo

            Yes, And I´m loving it! ^_^

            Chris you make that sound like a really good thing. Thank you!

          • i just thought it was confusion about where salt goes during the ice cream making process…obviously someone could just i guess want to put salt in their ice cream?

          • Sapfo

            salt on the ice cream was more than metaphor for me being pessimistic. This is a nice new page where Kyle can feel safe with their friends. But I pointed out that more drama is around the corner.

          • yeah…and that was me being probably way to literal about things lol…

          • And you do if you like the Salted Caramel flavor of ice cream. Which is indeed yummy… 🙂

          • Sapfo

            I love salted caramel.
            Now I have a mission in life: Find Salted Caramel Ice cream! 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Come to Ohio! There’s this place called Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream that’s one of the best in the country.

          • Sapfo

            I have a feeling that my future tripp to the US is going to be very looong. Wonder how many weeks I need to do the whole country. Phu!
            (the tripp is still in my dreams only)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            At least you’d have plenty of people offering to host you!

          • Steven K.

            “Hugging” (two “g”s), but “trip” (just one “p”.). But again, like I said, your English is several orders of magnitude better than my foreign language skills, so I probably shouldn’t say anything. It was an entertaining discussion you had with Chris concerning your spelling errors, etc., and I have to say it sometimes gives me a pleasant chuckle to see them – not laughing at you, but just find them cute.

          • yes but then wouldn’t that be “salted caramel” rather than say…just salt 😛

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, I hadn’t know that!

          • yeah it allows a colder set point than without…i forgot why though…oh well…

        • *muses*

          Still good advice.

          • Sapfo

            Yes, our Danish have some good advise.
            *Hug towel closely to my chest*

      • *chris washes extra preparatory crying towel for Sapfo, knowing it will be needed in the future… then laughs knowing the smug D-Wolf will have to run around looking for tissues*

        • >.> Well you promised to save me 3 pages ago.. how quick things change.
          The flu bug you caught left me alone anyway and I had to handle the crisis on my own (did you see the first comments 2 pages back). I had to find another snuggle bear *pout* .. and gather my courage.

          • True! And like the stalwart person I am, I take back my horrible tissue threat and throw another crying towel in the wash. (Trust me over-tissuing isn’t pretty).

      • Steven K.

        My Dear Sapfo:
        I wonder if you might permit me to offer a VERY friendly and very humble suggestion/correction to your English usage? I believe that the word that you are looking for and that would be more proper to use in English would be the word “hugging” as in “hugging pillow” rather than “huging”. There is no such word in English. When changing certain words to the the -“ing” form (to simplify things, I’m not going to go into or label the grammatical terms for the different verb forms) there are rules that are followed. Just as the word “run” would become “running”, and “tan” would become “tanning”, and “drop” would become “dropping” , the word “hug” would become “hugging” (the consonant is doubled before adding “-ing” if the verb ends in a consonant in these cases) . A word like dine would become dining, and smoke would become smoking (if the word ends in the “silent e”, then that final “e” is dropped, and “-ing” is simply added, without doubling of the final consonant). Thus, huge would be the word that would become “huging”, if there were such a word, and “huging”, if it existed, would be pronounced as “hyoojing”. But there is no huging, and what you want is the “-ing” verb form derived from “hug” which is “hugging”, which would be pronounced as you would expect – hug-ing – but would be spelled with two “g”s. I hope that wasn’t too forward of me to mention this, because I did read your posting concerning your dyslexia, etc., and so I mean no disrespect or insult at all in making this correction or suggestion. I just thought you might like to know.

        • I dunno Steven. Huging could be a word in the right context. Huging: the process of making things huge.

          • Steven K.

            Yes – well, I actually mentioned that to Adam in a reply to an earlier post that he had made in a reply to Sapfo where this word form came up. If the word were to exist and have a meaning, that would be it.

          • Steven K.

            Maybe, then, a “huging pillow” might be some type of bellows or bladder used to inflate something?

          • Then a word has been born has it not? 🙂 But I think it’s more of an action instead of a thing.

          • Sapfo

            Aha, so this is what I have been doing all along. Given birth to new words. I must be absolutely incredible without me knowing about it myself 😉

          • That’s the way it works for me. 🙂

        • Sapfo

          Do not worry Steven, this was very respectful.

          Me and my dyslexia (which is a very difficult word to spell, why give such a difficult word to a person who can barely spell on a good day o.O)
          have a complicated relationship. We have reached an agreement that “it” will not make my life difficult and I will not be upset when “it” do make my life difficult. As you can see, this is not the best for arrangements​​, but it is the best we have come up with.

          If you know anything about dyslexia so you might know that there are various severe cases. Mine is hardly the worst. If it had been there, I probably would not even tried to comment even in Swedish, much less in English.
          I appreciate when I get help, but as always when it comes to a persons weak point, do not poke at it too often, or I might start to bleed.

          I thank you for your tips and I will at least remember Hugging.

          The problem is mostly not that I do not know the rules of spelling (which I do…some of the time), the problem is that I do not “see” when I do slip up. Another word for dyslexia is “letter blind”, I do not see the letters. So when I write the word huging, it do seems right to me. I have all the letters atleast once and that’s enough for my brain. Sometimes I know that it should be more than one letter, the problem is that it is the wrong word I think of, and then there will be a few too many P in the tripp. It’s like my brain is trying to compensate for the letters I have missed ​​elsewhere.

          Since my dyslexia and I have the agreement that we do, I usually do not bother me very much if I have a letter too much or too little. However it is important that the substance is there. Words I’m a little afraid to use (because they can make a big difference in a sentence) is How, Where, When, Why. These words cause problems, they are very similar (almost look a like to me), but if I happen to use one of them wrong, then that might change the whole sentence.

          I realize that now I might have been going on for a bit too long. But basically, my dyslexia has also given me many good laughs (and headaches), and I rather people laught at the mistake. At least it’s something positive, and I do like to make people chuckle.

          There will be many more mistakes to come, do not try to correct them all. It is no use in doing so. But I really appreciate the “hugging”, because it is a word I use often.

          Hyoojing Steven 😉

          • One small positive point… hugging and huging are both useful when it comes to the penis. It is good to hug a penis and there are times when it is also good to be hugging it (making it huge).

            So for that word at least I’ll just consider it good with both spelling versions. 😀

          • Sapfo

            Okay, wait a minute just going to take some notes….
            Paper, pen….
            Hmmm good to hug penis…..hugging make it…. huge? o.O
            Can this be applied to hugging-pillows?

          • If it does, I want one. ^_^

          • Steven K.

            Aww – thank you – you are very sweet. Yeah – I only thought of doing so in such an instance because you were using it a lot and thought you might not mind in that case. Personally, I’d like a hugging pillow with Kyle in his supehero suit on one side and nude Kyle on the other – and another one like that of Flyboy/Mitch (maybe he’ll have to keep his underpants on the naked side of the pillow because he’s still a little young) – so when I’m not around they can keep each other company.

    • yeah…totally…i mean…you’re really right in terms of the real time experience at present…our simultaneous experience of our reactions to Kyle et al has been super protracted…i just don’t usually reflect on that because i’m used to comics playing out over long periods like this…i mean just look at Girl Genius…there’s stuff in that comic that’s been thrown out years ago and is just kind of still being worked through in the present sense…but yeah…that’s a pretty interesting thing to think about…

    • You have spreadsheet with all this don’t you? Or is it a database?

      • It’s a database. It’s called my brain 😉

        Spreadsheets would so not work. They would just be missing after a few days. I call my desk ‘the black hole’ for a reason xD
        Hmm.. I should start the year by sorting out the stuff on my desk. uhm, maybe I’ll wait for the spring cleaning.
        It’s quite amazing that I can always find my comic collection.

  • jreed3842

    YAY! Kyle is laughing! 😀

  • Eve

    Paul’s face is priceless. Priceless!

  • thisboybroken

    I sooooo love you Alex!!! YOU ROCK!

  • Summer

    Wow, Spooky. You’re hilarious and awesome, but please, PLEASE never become a shrink!

    • Feverfew_M

      Oh, I don’t know. Every now and then, I think I could use a shrink like that… 😉

      • i thought at first in line with Summer and then now after reading your comment i’m like…hmm…i guess the tough love borderlining on insensitively rude _might_ have its place lol…

  • Loneliestoflulabies

    I laughed. Spooks’ phrase and then Paul’s face

  • Heh.. Spooky is looking at Paul in the last panel, all like ‘I told you so, now tell me how to do this again’.

    I told Alex on the last page how I love the facial expression and the emotions Adam has drawn so well on that page, and how it was one of my favorite pages yet when it came to expressions. This on is right up there with it.

    You can really feel that moment of silence in panel 4 when Kyle is looking so stunned before it really sunk in what Spooky said. I bet that laugh is just as much a reaction to the relief he’s feeling after feeling so ‘ashamed’ and unsure of how Spooky would react..
    It’s like getting ‘big brother’s approval’. Knowing that your closest friends, your self chosen ‘family’, still accepts you.

  • Syncx

    Ahahahah his asshole means more to him then HOLY water , he must be able to shit the Holley Grail

    • Steven K.

      Huh? Maybe I don’t want to think about that too much to try to figure that one out.

  • For the ones up. Starfighter updated as well 🙂

  • strangeangel24601

    The relief is palpable in panel 5.

  • Madock345

    I’m glad these last two panels have spooky moving around more, it’s been hard for me to get an idea of him physically, what he might be built like etc. just because he wears so many layers and hasn’t been in an action scene. .

  • Cris

    I love how spooky was able to make kyle laugh. And I also love how akward Fluke seems to be right now.

  • Love the hug. And I’m not sure Kyle could have coped with the hug, however much he needed it, without the stupid joke. Because they may be superheroes, but Kyle and Paul are still teenage boys…

  • Carla Lasley

    It is awesome that Kyle finally got a laugh. I know this must be really hard on him.

  • Finooola

    Fluke is adorable.

  • Damn you boy! You captured my heart again! <3 <3 That joke was HILARIOUS! Hahahaha!! Holy Water LOL!!!!

  • And he still didn’t wear the costume!!! OMG! Those Muscles everywhere! *perv thoughts*

  • Toli Bera

    See, that’s the sign of a true friend. he can in the darkest of moments make that one asshole comment that leaves you in stitches.

  • Mary Klemzak

    I’m loving how blushy and awkward Paul/Fluke is being. Definitely isn’t big on teen male nudity. Specially his buddy Kyles.

    I admit, I don’t get the holy water thing. Unless it’s a quip about Kyles man-junk? Adolescent humor, gotta love it..

    • TwilightDreamer

      I think it’s just a joke about not daring to bend over in front of him :)…for anything.

    • Adam Black

      Its a quip about him being “son of satan”

    • Klaus

      I think it is what Spooky is saying the he doesn’t like. They are used to showering together after workout. Or so I think. We have apicture of just that coming, but it could be “what if”.

      • Steven K.

        I still don’t think they actually shower together regularly -or at least I have a feeling Kyle has not participated in that.

    • Denise Cruz

      Did you ever heard something about the soap that fell during a group bath?
      I think it’s kind of the same. Plus, using the ‘whole water’, probably as a reference to Kyle’s Big Red Dad! XDD

    • Steven K.

      Yes – as Adam mentions, it’s a reference to Kyle being related to Satan / Laampros / a demon-lord, etc. – holy water being one of those items with which to repulse such an entity.

  • TwilightDreamer

    lol *light clap*….well done Spooks, wonderful to see a smile back on Kyle’s face….exactly what he needs right now.
    There may be a lot more drama to go through, but at least he gets a small break with his friends for now.

  • Denise Cruz

    So great seeing Kyle laughing again! <3
    That first panel was killing me!
    And, I'm pretty sure that the way Spooks sat, just next to him, must have helped a lot, too… the kid was feeling defeated, for sure; having his buddys around him, like that, should assure him that he's still the same person. Not matter what. 🙂

  • Klaus

    That holy water remark is interesting. Does holy water have any effect on demons in this world? Just what does it take to make water “holy”?

    • Denise Cruz

      A Priest gives it an appropriate blessing, Klaus! ^v^

    • ToxicIce

      What makes something “Holy”?
      I mean, as I read it isn’t something only Holy for someone if they are of the same religion? I mean, do you grab the Davidstar instead of the Cross when a Jewish Vampire attacks you?
      What if he’s Muslim? What do you do then? I’m not entirely sure that they have Holy water in Islamic belief, but I won’t know…

      And what if he’s an Atheist?! My god! Nothing will stop him except for Holy Mathmatical equations!

      (Joking… But seriously, I think that Holy is something only the person can do who it’s used on can make it Holy…)

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I feel like I’ve seen/read a number of things where the important factor was the belief of the person using the holy object, so if they were a devout Christian a cross would work, while a Star of David would work for someone who was Jewish, etc. (I guess atheists would be sort of screwed in that system, but at least garlic and stakes and fire would still work.)

        I don’t think I’ve seen anything where the reaction was dependent on the religion or belief system of the vampire (or demon), although it’s kind of an interesting notion.

        • One of the really interesting things… if you find this stuff interesting is that in almost every culture there are the same ideas represented by a variety of symbols.

          Catholicism and possession… so you give access to a “demon” (representing evil) to gain some personal desire. Or a vampire not being able to enter your home without permission (again permission being the key). Different again, but the idea that evil only gains access with your permission. Every religion or even things we would barely call religions have ideas of things that represent evil and the ways people use to prevent their access (or conversely use them and pay the price).

          Catholicism gets used a lot in book and film because it’s so visual and theatrical with it’s angels and flaming swords and various ranks of devils and demons.

          People who have spent real time with the LOTR writings can really see the Christianity represented in many ways in Tolkien’s work. Not the least of which is how Sauron is a form of demon who was left behind when his master was forcibly removed from Northern Middle Earth at the end of the First Age… Very Lucifer.

          Even in very different ways, the American Indians had very specific rituals to prevent the invasion of evil spirits.

          Go to Asia and you’ll really bend your mind… it’s circular there, so all that is bad can, one day, become good again and vice versa. I can’t begin to speak to it accept to say what tiny bit I’ve read is fascinating. The Great Wheel.

          If you want to enjoy the breadth of this idea read C.S. Lewis’ THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS — letters supposedly written between two demons to each other as they work to temp mankind. Definitely writing of its time (Like THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH), but entertaining stuff all the same.

          It’s a cultural subject that has no end. Good stuff.

          • Steven K.

            Yes – all very interesting. Being a great fan of the Tolkien mythology, I would agree with you concerning a lot of that Christian symbolism – though Tolkien’s mythology and creation stories are a very interesting mixture of Christian monotheism and classical/pagan polytheism. Though if one were to find a figure to equate with Lucifer/Satan, it would be the first and greater “dark lord” Melkor/Morgoth, whom you reference as being removed from Middle Earth. (Though maybe that’s what you were saying). Sauron, one of the Maiar, was a servant/vassal of Morgoth, one of the Valar, who rose to power in the absence of his master. Sauron, then, would be akin to a powerful demon-lord, but not as great in power or stature as Satan himself. The Balrogs are also powerful demons of the same “race”/order as Sauron (also Maiar), though they were spirits associated with primordial fire that followed Melkor out of Valinor (or perhaps more technically Aman?) and into Middle-Earth.

          • Yep that is EXACTLY what I meant. I was just excising all those endless LOTR names and places for those who don’t give a flying frick about LOTR. 🙂

            The U.K. is very interesting in it’s layering of Christianity on top of Paganism on top of many older forms. Since so many cultures rolled through and left their mark on that land. You could spend forever just digging around in the UK alone.

            The really pertinent thing to me is that in each of our own personal searches for the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ in each of us. We have a belief system and we work with and against good and evil influences. So the question is… what do you give permission to influence the kind of person you are? And what practices (even such as meditation) do you use to help refuse to give ‘evil’ permission to enter you?

            I just find the subject super interesting, in it’s universality.

            Let’s be controversial, shallll we, and say that Duncan was once a good guy, but unfortunately he gave evil people/creatures too much access and influence over who he became… and thus we have the villain we have today…?

            Fun, huh?

          • SofiaT

            I think paganism comes more naturally to people than monotheistic religions. Here, we have many traditions that carry on straight from the time of the Olympians. In spring, many towns and villages in Greece still hold celebrations where people wear goat skins and carry huge fake phalluses and big metal bells, they dance and jump up and down making as much noise as possible and drink lots of wine. That’s exactly what was done when it was Dionysus they were celebrating and honoring, only now it’s part of the per-lent “Christian” traditions that surround Easter.

        • Steven K.

          You’d think that the latter (the belief or tradition of the monster / unholy being) would be the more important.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Really? I’m not sure I feel the same way, but whatever works to keep those demons away, I guess.

          • If the monster/demon/whatever was atheist well there is some trouble. 😉

          • stickfigurefairytales


      • Steven K.

        Well, you might be joking, but excellent theoretical questions nonetheless! Yes – are there only “vampires” in Judeo-Christian Mythology? I think there are other cultures with similar sorts of beings, but it would only be a vampire that was brought into being among/from Christian people that would respond to a crucifix. However, I think “believers” would get around this by saying that all things of evil would be repelled by this because Christ is the Son of the One True God. So, if someone who was Jewish was turned into a vampire, the Christian cross should still repel it. I would assume the same with the holy water. Denise is correct in the assertion that certain things (like the water) are made holy by having a blessing performed on/over it, etc. Now, I don’t believe any of the world’s major organized religion have it more or less correct than any other – and I certainly don’t believe that any one of them is the “One True Church”. But, if there is no one single true faith, then, if we postulate monsters, I wold then assume that personal beliefs in the traditions of the monsters themselves would have a lot to do with what worked against them – and maybe then a vampire who was from the Jewish faith could indeed be repelled by a Star of David. It’s a fascinating think to kick around in one’s mind all these theoretical religious constructs and how they may relate to varying manifestations of the occult or our collective fears and terrors. The TV show “Supernatural” has done some really nifty delving into all kinds of questions like this, and the intersections of the mythological gods and creatures and monsters of many of the world’s religions and myth-traditions.

        • I personally believe that it is the faith of the person that wields said relic whether or not it will be effective or not. I don’t think someone who wields a cross or Star of David who didn’t truly believe in it would work against the undead. I think that as long as you have a holy item and completely believe in the power behind it, then it will be effective.

          • Or you could be like Benny in the 1st Mummy movie and carry and know the invocation for every holy symbol of each religious sect.

          • I think that only works if the undead in question needs a translator or a servant…..Benny I don’t think truly believed in anything, but to be “safe” carried one of everything. I don’t think it was the symbol that saved Benny, but the fact that he spoke the language of the “slaves”.

          • True. Benny was an opportunist rat. But I could see the wisdom in what he did, on the off chance that something might work. But then, wouldn’t having faith that something would work make it work? : lol

          • The faith of a true believer would be more powerful than the faith of an opportunist rat. I don’t think he put any real faith in anything except trying to save his own a**. Though I think if Benny put real faith in anything it was superstitions….

          • Well sure. But I’m just being a little silly. 🙂

  • xLizardx

    Spooky’s face in the final panel: “See? I told you so!” 😀

  • LL

    Ahh seeing Kyle laugh is a giant weight off my chest!

  • Soubi

    Spooky is just so cute.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aw, Spooky knew just what to say to a traumatized dude who needed to relieve a lot of built up tension. I totally get how humor can help at a time like this. Many years ago, I had a cousin who died very suddenly, murdered by her boyfriend. She was 20.

    Most of the cousins (there were a lot of us) were in our 20s and early 30s, and we were having a hard time trying to console her older sister (21), because none of us had dealt with a death at that age (as young people, we all kind of think we’re invicible, so it’s a shock to confront someone your age actually dying–it doesn’t compute), and never in such a violent manner.

    Then my brother started cracking jokes about the misadventures we all had as a pack of unruly, adventurous kids during our family get togethers over the years, and that seemed to do the trick. Instead of the whole funeral being about mourning her death, it also became a celebration of her life, and of us as a family being there for our cousin, and it helped her come to tems with her sister passing on, too soon.

    Spooky, in his own Spooky way, understands how healing humor can be even in times like this, and I’m glad Kyle can respond to that. And even if Fluke doesn’t quite get it, I hope he at least understands the obvious results (better a laughing Kyle than a weepy/raging/catatonic Kyle) and doesn’t chew out Spooky. 🙂

    • Steven K.

      Lovely heartfelt story. Hope and one-another. When it comes down to it that’s all we really have, and nice when we can help each other get through tough times through remembering the good times that were shared among us.

  • Leon

    Spooks is like “told ya so”

  • Kalynn Osburn


    Wow…uhm…sorry I just got fangirl all over the place.

    Seriously though, Spooky is awesome. Takin it in stride and hugging your naked buddy is friendship.

    • Bryan Axson

      I think it was more grinding than hugging…plus I do the same thing to Kyle.

  • espoirepourmesreves

    I think its funny that Fluke actively avoids looking at naked Kyle, whereas Spooky right from the get-go doesn’t act as though anything is out of place, and doesn’t seem to care at all. It works really well because I think it really works with their personalities, and its great that such a small detail like that was worked in, I love awesome characterization.

    Also, how smug does Spooky look in that last panel?

  • Frater Gymnos

    i love the turmoil going on in Fluke’s facial expressions. I like the second panel wherre he looks like he is breathing a sigh of relief. I notice that Fluke is trying not to look at Kyle… Due to the laws of paradox, that might mean that he’s even more interested in looking than he wants to be. I’m holding out for a Kyle/Fluke healing (and slow-paced) romance.

    • Frater Gymnos

      Scratch that. Panel 4 I think he’s definitely captivated by something he sees.

  • Awww! He made Kyle laugh. *grins*

  • cheerbearp

    Spooky is perfection, that is all.

  • Niggle

    yay! Uber sad face to smile! Love the look Spooky gives Fluke, and just poor Fluke’s expressions in those panels. But basically I’m just happy that Kyle isn’t feeling so weighted down with the betrayal, the guilt. 🙁 Deserves better.

  • A2MOM

    Took me a minute to catch the reference too 🙂

    Nice to see that after you take away the super powers and costumes, they’re just a bunch of guys underneath it all in how they relate to each other.

    Also, I think that casual one-arm hug was the best thing Spooky could do. It’s one thing to say ‘we’re still buds’, it’s another thing to prove it with a simple touch. Doesn’t quite erase the awful intimacy of Laampros’ caress or Duncan’s betrayal, but it’s a damn good start.

    And then that “told ya so!” look Spooky gives Paul when Kyle laughs, oh man–!

  • Raven R. Bloodwolf

    See Fluke. You should always trust Spooky. He knows what he’s doing.

  • lifeless1

    Thanks Spooky, for saying just the wrong thing to make every alright.

    • vessto

      I found it for wrong too.

      • timemonkey

        That was the point.

      • You know as a gay guy who has been right there… minus the naked perfect body, satanic father and super-powers… What spook said was exactly the RIGHT thing to say. That plus the touch or the arm on the shoulder. That touch was equally important for being so nonchalant and casual.

        When you grow up gay, everything about what you want in the world is WRONG (you can sense it all around you in your family and friends). You’re afraid to talk about it. Afraid to admit it to yourself (lots of denial). You are so afraid of being found out and treated differently (fag, homo, etc… etc…) and you’re constantly aware of just wishing you could be LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

        So what Spooky said, in his own inimitable fashion, was “We know… and guess what… it’s all good. We are the same, we’re buds, and there is no problem.”

        I know it sounds harsh from the outside, but it’s a very gay guy longs to hear and the joking IS the THING that truly tells you, that you are just one of the guys.

        I have a dear friend who says things like, “I’ll unload the trunk, but don’t be lusting after my butt while I’m doing it.” (He knows my husband well) and I’ll say, “In your dreams closet case.” (I know his girlfriend well) and it’s all ways of saying, “yes there is a difference but it’s not important or scary.”

        So it’s not scary if my friend is black or it’s not scary if my friend is Swedish (okay Sapfo is a little scary but that’s due to the nurse thing, trust me, otherwise she’s a pussycat) or any other difference. I even have *GASP* women friends of both the non-queer and lesbian variety (okay one lesbian friend does scare me a little cause she will kick my ass if I’m too big a doofus and she can do it too) and, when we became trusted friends, the differences melted away. The life crises and worries and money problems and jilted lovers and family dramas… well, we were all just the same, and without judgement.

        So that’s why what Spooky did, he did in just the right way. He said, I’m not afraid of you friend. We’re just the same… BUDS.

        Trust me, it’s what every gay man, after a youth filled with secrets and fear, most wants to hear.

        500 up-votes for Spooky in my book.

        • I did the mistake of driking soda while reading your comment, just when I read that part about Sapfo. You damn near killed me and I could have used her nurse skills right here xD

        • SofiaT

          We had a brief discussion about the use of the word “homo” in the previous page. I believe that words only hold negative power because we give it to them.

          Imagine a future when someone can use the word “homo” and it will have no negative connotation, and nobody gets insulted. It means that the prejudice that follows the use of that word now, by then has been conquered and set aside.

          That’s what Spooky is doing now. He takes a joke that from anyone else could sound like an insult and owns it. Words, like ticking bombs, have the potential to hurt a lot. Spooky just took that bomb and disarmed it.

          • vessto

            Fortunately that future is unavoidable.:)

          • I once watched an episode where Oprah and one of the worlds most famous young popular black rappers (forgot his name) debated the public and casual use of the word “nigger.”

            Huge famous powerful figures in the entertainment world went at it with entrenched but carefully respectful debate. It was jaw dropping.

            He talked eloquently about how much young black men want to disempower the word by owning it. Using it. Making it nothing. His point is that there isn’t a word that makes you feel bad to be “white” so why should this random word hurt blacks so deeply or make them feel lesser. So he uses it freely in his music and lyrics and his friends us it as a friendly greeting.

            Oprah was equally eloquent and said that growing up when she did as a very poor ugly little black girl in the American mid-west that word was used to make her feel less human and to this day (one of this richest and most powerful moguls in the entertainment business) the word nigger still makes her cringe inside and she can’t help it.

            So they agreed the problem still existed they also agreed on the goal of eliminating the words pain and that maybe the only cure would be time.

            I agree absolutely with what Sofia says about how Spooky uses both the gay word “Mo” and the “Son of Satan” joke (I mean we don’t even know if he is… or if Laampros is what we’d call ‘Satan’ or just some demon thing??? Here, that isn’t the point. Kyle’s pain at being different is.

            @Alex — care to WoG here?? Hello? Just checking (snerk). Anyway…

            But Spooky disempowers those things for Kyle and for an unsure Paul. And they’ll do it again and again, as needed, until they get through everyone — well, that they can. But it has to start with Kyle and so Spooky does. Kyle and a facepalming Paul. (so awesome).

            But back to the word thing…

            I think (hope) “Gay” is the same thing. I grew up never knowing another gay person (besides me) existed until I was in my teens. That’s a long time with no way to make value judgements when you’re a kid. Now, (ahem) I’m old enough to a pre-internet kid. So you could be isolated in that way. There was NOTHING *gasp* gay EVER mentioned on TV.

            Now days via the internet, it’s almost impossible to grow up without knowing the entire world is filled with people who share your situation (whatever it may be) so you may still have to suffer through the growing up part, but not the alone part. And now gay is on TV and everywhere. Famous sports figures coming out. Go read everything NFL footballer Chris Kluwe has ever written. In the most homophobic sport ever and as a straight man, he has become an amazing voice for gay rights in pro sports all because of one of his best friends and a fellow player was gay and being attacked by coaches and owners in the NFL.


            So I hope Sofia is exactly right… and with time and generations, all these things will lose their power over us and it only gets better.

            And NOW we have a gay super hero comic. So way to GO Alex. Kick that homophobic butt! 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            This is a wonderful and incredibly eloquent comment, Chris. I love your contributions here, and I’m sorry that you had to go so long feeling like you were alone as a kid. I’m so happy for all of the progress that has been made (even though we still have a long way to go), and I hope we all can help that along. Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness!

            P. S. I was also thrilled to learn about Chris Kluwe – I’m not much of a football fan, so this was the first that I’d heard about him, and he sounds awesome! What a cool guy!

          • Adam Black

            and it costs Chris Kluwe his job

          • Sapfo


          • Adam Black

            maybe hell get hired somewhere else

          • It’s shitty… but the legal and PR wheels are beginning to roll. It won’t make Chris’ life any easier, but his persecutors are in the cross hairs now, and I can feel the PR machine aiming squarely at them. So A+ for the man for doing some serious good.

          • Adam Black

            May not make up for a a year or two lost salary in the NFL

          • Indeed. It is f*cked up.

          • Have you read the new developement? After Kluwe published that ‘open letter’ a few days ago, the Viking’s team owner (can’t remember his name) now wants an investigation to why Kluwe was fired last year. The team owner is very pro gay rights.

          • SofiaT

            Speaking of words and how they’re perceived, that’s an expression I’m not too fond of: “Gay rights”. It should be “human rights”. That’s what it is, basic human rights that are the same for all and should be respected as such. Bigots hear “gay rights” and they think it’s about “special” rights that non-gay people don’t have and then they start making a fuss about “the gay agenda”.

            I don’t see the reason for creating a bigger divide by using words that make it sound as if gay people want a preferential treatment, when that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

          • I fully agree 🙂 I usually don’t use the frase much, because as you say, it should be everyones rights, but here in this context it’s what it’s been called, and I couldn’t find another way to say it.

          • SofiaT

            I know, “human rights” is too broad a concept and when you want to refer to the human rights of those who happen to be gay that’s the only way to say it without using the railroad of a phrase I just used. I just think it’s an unfortunate expression because it takes away from the point -which is that there is no freaking difference between “us” and “them”.

          • I totally agree with that concept. And “special rights” has been a long running part of the gay marriage battle in the U.S.A. I might guess though, that some of these social issues are so complex and embedded in our social fabric that they can only be fought one at a time. The stories about American women jailed so long ago for trying to get the voting ‘right’ for woman are truly horrible… Or reading some of the amazing feminist work done by Betty Friedan and others… huge amounts of work to give women an equal shot in the work place (still an ongoing battle, as I’m sure you know)


            You know many of those women were gay but they knew they couldn’t fight the lesbian or gay battle at the same time in the 60’s that they were simply fighting for the right for equal pay (etc… etc…)

            So I think you’re right. I would just guess that people often have to pick one cause they can chew on since there are so many social things we need to fix. When I hear about the plight of Native Americans or the Indigenous Australians it’s pretty horrific.

            We definitely have work to be done and I suspect it will get done in bite size chunks… like ‘gay’ marriage as opposed to just MARRIAGE for all…

          • Well said, both of you. The debate about “reclaiming” words” is an interesting one. As a gay kid growing up, I hated it that folks were starting to use the word “queer” to self-identify, but now the negative power of that word has been completely destroyed for me and I use it as an inclusive word for all LGB folks without a single cringe.

            Hadn’t thought about that for a while…

            That said, still not a big fan of the f-word (and obviously, I’d never use the n-word).

          • Just an addendum because I did exactly the same recently with ‘queer’ as I became more aware of the extreme hardships of people with Gender Identity Disorder (dressing, hormones, surgery) went through. It makes being a big Mo seem so simple… in such a hard way.

            So I agree. “Queer” is so easy now. You’ve even got me using non-queer, because I’ve always hated ‘straight’ (for the obvious ‘bent’ corallary).

            Still I agree with you about the f-word… I may be okay, but I have too many friends of every age, for whom the f-word is like Oprah’s emotional reaction to the n-word. Too much pain in today’s world. It’s a hope for our future.

          • SofiaT

            I think it’s because “queer” originally only meant “strange”, “different from the norm”. And nowadays we’re slowly coming to realize that being different from the norm is fine. More than fine even.
            “Homo” is part of the word “homosexual” and it means “same” (as in “same sex”). It’s very literal and scientific, regardless of how it’s been used and what connotations have burdened it -it’s not an insulting word in itself, so it can potentially get rid of those connotations in the future, just like “queer” did.

            The f-word on the other hand, was used (in relation to gay folk) specifically as an insult. So coming to terms with its use I imagine is something much harder, if not impossible.

          • I fear you are quite correct…

            Which means that all gay people, people of color or any other minority can do — is their very best to inoculate their children from words that are just sounds. Sounds that get pain associated with them. and that pain we associate with those sounds is within our control. The younger we learn that, the stronger we are.

            It is tricky stuff, but it’s the only way. We have to learn that WE have the control about what hurts us.

            THAT is something parents can learn and teach their children.

          • Well it is a lot like how nerd, geek, dork, etc used to all be bad. Though I always remember taking pride in being called those. ^_^ (Though I remember seeing Revenge of the Nerds at a really young age so that might factor into why….) I yes, admit to being all three. I can be nerdy. I can be geeky. I can be dorky. Its all good. ^_^

            ‘Course I also took (possibly frightening) pride in being called weird, crazy, and/or freak. ^_^ ……come to think of it….I still do ^_^

        • Sapfo


          (Don´t worry Chris. Nurse me is very kind and caring. Nurse me will make most things endurable. You should be more afraid of the me me 😉

        • vessto

          I’m so much sorry for everything you passed trough!!! I can’t help feeling guilt just because I belong to the kind that gave you this pain, as I feel guilt to any black person because I belong to the kind that oppressed them. This evil is as big that people which didn’t cause it must feel guilty.

          I got your point of seeking signs that you are accepted as a part of the bunch after they know you are different is some points. That’s the meaning of what tolerance is. I posted some thoughts here before after the acts in Sweden which tried to achieve tolerance trough escaping pointing differences. That IS wrong imho.

          Gosh, so warming lines about you and your buddy!!! And you have husband, that is great, I’m so happy for you!!! You and everyone bright person as you deserve only happiness!

          • Sapfo

            I think you got the acts a bit wrong. (the word used for this is hen)

            There are parents who choose to put their children in daycare where the children are not devided by gender, but seen as children, humans. It is kind of hard to explain. I believe the spirit of the word “hen” can be difficult to translate/explain.

            If I try to explain it, the meaning is that it is a way to not force the children into certain gender roles that have been common before. It is a way to get kids to see that they can become whatever they want.

            This is not something new. It´s been going on for over 50 years.

          • vessto

            I read only one article this is mainly children to feel by themselves what gender they are. But as everything in the press most was changed and twisted, the common was that as if they try to equalize children. The most common was like anti-feminism, as little girls to have same respect as little boys with gender word skipped. Journalist can fake things, glad I heard the real facts from a real Swedish person. Hm, over 50 years and was targeted in 2012/2013 as a global news, 2012 ans 2013 had quite a lot anti-female talking.

          • Sapfo

            Den 30 november 1966, that was the first time the word Hen was used.
            And the slogan for the daycare I was talking about is “for all the possibilities”.

          • vessto

            I’m glad we discussed it because my impression was a bit wrong as you see from my LJ post. It is great that they wanna build a child’s mind clear from every possible prejudice, even if it is this child’s gender.

          • Sapfo

            Yes, many get it wrong. Even here in Sweden. It is not about making the children forget what gender they have. It´s about how the child is treated and to show the children that it is nothing wrong with a stay at home dad and a firefighter female.

          • vessto

            That is how I understand it now, no any gender in advance, before the child to show the typical behavior (which also is a bit complicated term). And even after he/she knows his/her gender must see that the gender roles are not something that should be applied anymore.

          • Sapfo

            old gender roles should not weigh on the next generation.

          • vessto

            Totally agree!!!

          • vessto

            If you have LJ account could you post this info in my post. I wanna my posts to contains as much facts as possible.

          • Sapfo

            Sorry, right now I only use Disquse and Twitter.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Maybe you could copy from here and paste it into your lj instead, and just quote Sapfo?

          • vessto

            As long as you allow me I’ll do it.:)

          • Sapfo

            Oh my!
            Just know that I am not an expert on this. There are people how know more about the science and theories around this then I. *Blush*

          • vessto

            You are Swedish and that means you know better from our local journalists and commenters. I was glad to add your words in my post.:)

          • Sapfo

            I can also try to find some English sources that are more neutral

          • vessto

            Oh, no, thank you!! I stopped reading articles, can’t take any unjustice. Even the neutral ones would drive me mad.:(

          • Sapfo

            I find it interesting to read such news from abroad. Before Christmas there was a toy magazine in Sweden where boys were playing with toy vacuum cleaner and girls were playing with classic toys “for boys”. It was a great uproar in some places in the world.
            But I know a little 2 year old boy who loves his toy vacuum cleaner, and he would be very sad if someone took it from him.

          • vessto

            As a little girl I played with cars and beheaded all gifted dolls and threw them. My grandmother was a nurse but never expressed any sign she’s upset I may be “boy inside”. The gender roles create fears. And the uproar in the certain places you mentions is just the next voice of the bigots. They truly know they lose all war but are willing to postpone their defeat as much as possible.

          • No guilt vessto. We all go through our trials and, having read many of your journals and different posts, I know how much you do to make this a better world for everyone. So feel great about yourself and know that I’m just sharing past and perspective with people to help give a gay viewpoint some real-world context… and I’m a happy man today (okay other than this FLU grumblefutzlesnarglefunk).

            Your just feel wonderful about yourself. You deserve it.


          • vessto

            That’s so great, to hear you are happy man today! That’s the thing everyone (minus brainless bigots) deserves!

            Today is a much better than any yesterday. Yet I wish such things never happened. I’m sure everyone who cause pain will have their own evil returned as a boomerang.

            Thank you for your very kind words! For sorrow I can’t feel ok, especially after the accidental reading that caused my latest LJ posts. I didn’t sleep whole night. I still didn’t finish my row of angry posts, can’t explain how much I abhor the ones who caused and cause this. They cannot be and they are not human beings, nor animals because calling them animals will offend the natural ones.

            Lol, also I strongly feel I’m in my midlife crisis so that makes everything even worse. But if my dark mood and posts help the cause then everything worth it.

            Flu, that absolutely sux!!!!:( I hope you’ll be better very soon! *hugs*

        • Sapfo

          Oh I almost forgot…

          Chris, that was one ölksdjgföaoilsdj comment

          @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus ^_^

          • Sapfo, tack så mycket!

          • Adam Black

            that sounds dirty in English.

            I would tack all over your mycket

          • HA! (I never doubted you for a second.)

          • Adam Black

            Well tack you too

          • Adam Black

            ya well, Sparkle Motion

          • Did one… avoided the other.

            *Did you know when translated to Swedish, “Sparkle Motion” is……. “Sparkle Motion?”


          • Adam Black

            i did not know that

          • Did you know that you didn’t care?

          • Adam Black

            i did not know that

          • Läckra svenska ord. Yayyyyy.

          • Adam Black

            Før jeg kommer i problemer igen, for at opgive engelsk — vores manadate tunge, der ikke bør respektløst —

            Jeg er bare at være høflig med svenskerne og de ​​wannabees.
            Ikke at jeg har noget imod svensk. Eller at sproget Animal taler. Eller bæger. Lad os ikke glemme bæger.
            Hvilken anden grund, ikke dukke op i Google Translate

            You are going to get me in trouble

          • Ummmm, not me.

            You do realize you’re troublemaking in Google-Danish? Right?

            *whistles innocently*

          • Adam Black

            I blamed Google,—- I didnt change the settings from your excursion lexigraphic Scandia.

            Fine I apologize to all Danish people for accidentally implying that your frequent Conquerors and tormenters , The Swedes, are your role-model.


            Sorry @DanishWolf:disqus

          • Adam Black


          • Adam Black

            ölksdj mycket

        • Valja

          *orders a load of t-shirts with the slogan “Chris D. fan club”* 🙂
          Ok seriously, I love your comment, that’s exactly what I wanted to say even though I’m not a gay man… But I had almost the same behaviour with a female friend who one day confessed to me. I was the first girl she liked and I think she’s been very brave, confessing even though she knew I’m into men. I had to reject her, but one hour later she was shocked to see I was and behaved the same as always with her 🙂 Well to tell the truth, I was a little angry at her because of her shocked reaction, seriously did she really think I’d see her in a different way only because she likes women?? Tsk! 😉
          The same day we ate together as always, but something was different… Yeah, the fact that we didn’t only give random comments about the asses of the guys passing by (*embarassed*), but for the first time also about the girls… since I then knew she wasn’t as interested as me at the beautiful male world 😉

          • vessto

            That’s great. I also had signs from a girl that she likes me but I never treated her not as before. When I know some from my female online friends like women I just send them erotic images with girls instead with boys.

  • Good. Kyle needed the laugh. But I keep getting distracted by… skin. So much pretty.

  • Joya

    Spooky’s “I told you so” face… I love him so much

  • Ileandra & Raven

    HA! His face…! Totally all… ‘Dude… told you so. Nyah.’

  • vessto

    Hm, Spooky isn’t as bad as i thought. Still I don’t like his joke in panel 3, it is the stupid moment when someone says “see here, I accept you but *insert stereotypical joke here*”. No woman says this to a het man yet bi and gay guys are considered for more “dangerous” maybe? Spooky can’t get off from this stupid cliche I suppose.

    • Hi Vesto —
      I had a very different feeling about how guys use and need humor with each other, but I appended it to your comment below…
      Take care,

      • vessto

        It is not that I’m female but rather my personality. I take everything on 100% and sometimes have misunderstandings at work bc innocent jokes, mostly ones that target my unwanted large upper parts.;)
        I don’t know much about male sense of humor but I agree with you, you know best.:)
        All the best!^^

        • Oh, trust me, I know it’s not that you’re female. You guys have your own ways that humor works or doesn’t for you. And the reference was really about the subtly of being a “guy” who’s grown up “gay” … which is really all about just wanting to be a regular “guy.” It’s kinda tricky, but it’s why I think Spooky’s line works in this very specific situation.

          • vessto

            Because as Sofia sad our time gives words meanings that they don’t have (as the meanings of “normal”, “dude” and “regular”). If Spooky wanted to say “Kyle, you might be different in some points but you’re as regular guy as I am” then his line is perfectly well.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I think that it’s a different issue when it comes to how you personally feel about jokes made about you – if other people’s joking makes someone feel uncomfortable, they really need to stop regardless of what their intentions were.

          • vessto

            Usually they stop or laugh to my seriousness.

            In Kyle’s case Spooky knows his personality and probably was sure he won’t offend him in any way.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I agree.

        • I helped a GOOD friend who’s daughter had developed a significant chest young and was starting to be teased and was really getting hurt (like 13-young). Mom talked with me. Hey… I’m gay? Couldn’t hurt right? So the three of us sat down and developed a routine for her when straight boys stared at her chest where she learned (lots of practice with her sort of gay uncle) to brush her hand across her breasts off at them (like brushing them away as if not worthy) while saying, with attitude, “Uh uh uh… these girls are way TOO good for you… (and then point at her eyes)… eyes up here BOOB-BOY!

          Kids started to laugh at the boys and she started to feel like she owned her bod and they told me it got better.

          I’ve always hoped well for them since they moved, but she was 16 when they left and doing a lot better. It just goes to show that we all have our challenges and body self-love is a big one.

          So long story short… you are NOT alone vessto! Hang in. 🙂

          • vessto

            Lol! I wish I had such a good teacher!:) Most of the time schoolmates teased me (calling me Samantha Fox, an UK 80’s pop-star known for her huge ~eyes~) I got all red and couldn’t speak.

          • Denise Cruz

            Well done, CD!! That was such a great idea to help the girl! Great thing she had you there! 😉

    • Marie Laurent

      Every time I bend over near a het man, they’re likely to get that joke, actually. I agree that it’s not the most appropriate joke for someone who is already freaked out about being gay, but not for that reason.

  • Perverzak

    I love this page! its everything hoped for! Kyle isn’t a sensitive girl he can handle it! ^^

    • HEY! >.> .. but maybe a sensitive GUY can’t 😉

      • Valja

        LOL xD Defend us girls, Danish!

        • Perverzak

          I know I know 😀 Unfortunately all of my guy friends are basically Spooky in one form or another, to saying insensitive but definitely not in touch with their feelings

          • Jamie Dutton

            hmm, maybe you need some new guy friends? Although, the ones on here are pretty great.

          • Okay get your guns out, but this works every which way you try it… I have gay friends that, if I start to describe a vagina in detail, or get specific about cunnilingus.., well I can make great big hairy gay men “squeal like a girl” and run off with fingers in their ears squealing, “lalalalalanotlistening.”

            So plenty of the stereotypes ARE true. You just have to put on your Vibranium flack jacket if you wanna use them. 🙂

            There you go Perverzak. I have just blown all the proprieties out of the water and everyone should leave you alone…

            *chris flees the computer… before the ladies get their knives out and properly sharpened.*

          • Awwww, if anyone wants to throw knives at you they will have to get through me….and I have sword I could defend you with ^_^

            ….though just to warn you, most people get scared whenever I am wielding a sharp pointy object(s)

          • b3nc0

            How can I up-vote the edit too? ^

          • Sapfo

            And you will have my bow! (or rather my brothers when I got it from him) (Edit: the bow is not for shoting at you, but for defening you, Just so you dont get the wrong idea….)

          • Valja

            And my axe!
            (sorry I HAD TO xD)

          • b3nc0

            THOU SHALL NOT PASS‼‼
            Wouldn’t it be weird if I say: I’ll take my big long hard shiny staff for you!?

          • Valja

            LOL weird indeed but you’d become my hero xD

          • Perverzak

            I feel like this got out of hand pretty fast but took a great turn towards the end 😀
            I will mount my noble steed, grab my longsword and rush to your rescue!

          • Ok, so @chrisdangerfield:disqus is Frodo, I think that makes me Aragorn, @smsif:disqus is Legolas, @disqus_jAywoW2aDy:disqus is Gimli, @Perverzak:disqus is Boromir…..So just Gandalf, Sam, Merry, and Pipen and we are all good. ^_^

          • Frodo? Frodo? Okay let me just say that Orlando Bloom is getting older in the current film… so HA!

            I am not Frodo. I’m a freakishly good looking long lived elf… erm… or on a bad day I’m the Necromancer currently residing at Dol Guildur until his new dark tower is finish being constructed.

            *now where did I put that damn ring?*

          • …..but I grew up crushing on Elijah….I think he’s a sexy Frodo….*pouts*……those darn eyes of his…..they get me

          • And I like Orlando better as Legolas than as Will Turner.

          • Valja

            Ahahah and what should I say then? My characters/pgs have always been mainly half-elves or elves, and mages/healers if possibile… Whereas now I happen to be a bad-tempered dwarf flying an axe – oh well, let’s be honest, Gimli is adorable in his own way 😉

          • Steven K.

            I;m not sure that the “Barad -Dur” was constructed AFTER Dol Guldur.

          • Problem with sub-contractor repair scheduling.

          • Sapfo

            Nopp, you are Frodo in this game. 😉

          • So we have @b3nc0:disqus as Gandalf, now we just need Sam, Merry and Pippen.

      • Perverzak

        thats true, Im sorry for that, i feel like sometomes we take things too seriously ^^”

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Not cool, man.

      • Kelsey Marie


        • stickfigurefairytales

          *fist bumps you*

      • Perverzak

        Once again a girl 😀

        • Denise Cruz

          Try putting a female could help a lot! 😉

          • Perverzak

            I definitely need one 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            At least, no one else is going to confuse you with a guy… It can be annoying, sometimes… lol
            What does ‘Perverzak’ means?! (I don’t know this term. Sorry!)

          • I actually don’t mind getting confused for a guy in these forums….hmmm maybe I should change my avatar to Haruhi?


          • Perverzak

            You should! 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            Nooooooooo!! Most of us already know who you are, honey! And this avatar of yours is adorable! (I don’t care if he’s mean! XD)

          • b3nc0

            Yes @dokidokibaka:disqus, it’s lovely & not even a week old yet!

          • Don’t worry, I was just teasing, I love my Kyoya too much to switch him for just Haruhi. ^_^

          • b3nc0

            could still be confusing, though…

          • Denise my dear one… you need to explain what your Avatar IS… maybe everyone else understands, but all I can understand is water and…. something. 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            HI, Chris! ^v^
            It’s a ice cube melting and inside it, there’s a heart.
            I chose this one because it looks like my current situation… for a shorter story… ^v^

          • Thank you!

          • Denise Cruz

            You are welcome, hon! ^v^

          • Now that we’re on the topic of avatars.. I miss the ‘MeH’ How could you do this to me? :-p
            The previous made you easier to point out in between many others. There’s so many faces, either drawn or real, as avatars.

          • I hear you, but as you can see from my posts, I’m not really a very ‘Meh’ guy… so it had it’s moment, but I felt I had to move on. 🙂

          • It also comes in a ‘Doh’ version 😉

          • Denise Cruz

            DW, are U, a Capricorn, maybe?

          • Nope, I’m a scorpio ..but I know why you ask *lol*

          • Denise Cruz

            Do you? Scorpio would have been my third option… lol
            My second one was a Taurean… 🙂

          • Capricorn is my moon sign, and pisces is my ascedant. xD

            Edit: At least I think my moon sign is capricorn. I can’t remember where I found out.

          • Denise Cruz

            My moon is Aries and my ascendant is Pisces, too! 😀
            Your need of stability showed up a little bit… I think!
            That’s why I asked about that! ^^

          • *lol* I know. The irony is that I’m kind of a massy head, but in a few things I can be almost OCD-ish in my need for order and stability. I don’t do well with some changes. Just let me grump about it for a few days until I settle for the new ^_^

          • Denise Cruz

            LOL I totally understand you! I’m a Virgo! Don’t like changes, too!
            And, I usually get along with Scorpios, easily! ‘They’ make me feel save! ^^

          • Hmm.. seems my moon sign is actually Leo. I don’t know why I’ve been told it was capricorn, but looking around online just now and there was some calculators that was wrong and also said capricorn..or cancer o.O

          • You astrology experts just scare me. I have no idea what any of it means, but whenever I tell people mine (the only one I know) they always shake their heads, look worried, and then pat me kindly and say something like, “Of course you are dear… obviously.”

            It’s not encouraging. 🙂

          • Well if you know the time and place of your birth, it’s easy to find the others. 🙂

          • Sapfo

            I don’t really know what they are talking about. But appearently I an a moon sign virgo….do this mean people are going to be hunting for me o.O
            Better hide 😉

          • My moon sign leo will go on the hunt. As if my zodiac sign being a scorpio wasn’t enough for that 😉

          • Sapfo

            Oh dont you worry this virgo is a Sagittarius also. Love the bow and Arron 😉

          • SofiaT

            I only know I’m a Capricorn with my moon sign (or whatever it’s called) on the Scorpio, because when I was thirteen my mom had a friend of hers (who was an amateur astrologist) make my horoscope. I think I still have it somewhere.

            A lot of the stuff in it describe me perfectly, like how I like solitude, I have a strong maternal instinct and I’m good with children, my love for books and history studies and how independence is very important to me.

            But I think it was due to the fact that she was my mom’s friend and had good observation skills, rather than the stars making plans about my life and deciding what kind of person I’d turn out to be.

          • I was going to mention how my moon is in Capricorn. I have a Leo rise with a Leo sun. 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            It happens frequently. It seems that some astrologers have different pov’s of the majority .. so, it ends up happening. ^v^

          • So “helpful” you are. (NOT). LOL.

          • Perverzak

            More than the guy thing, Im one of the few who dont have one ^^”
            About my nickname.. I’d much rather not say 😀 its something my friends call me in Czech ^^

          • Denise Cruz

            It’s ok! You are going to find some that you like, eventually.
            About the nickname… it’s ok! It was just a curiosity of mine! 🙂

          • I think it can be guessed anyway 😉

          • IamM

            I had a Dark Phoenix avatar and I’m a guy.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh! A Dark Phoenix! *.* That’s a great avatar! And I wouldn’t think it was from a girl… I think girls use to put something more… ‘sweet’ or ‘delicate’ or even ‘creepy’ (sometimes)?! lol

            Anyway, I had no intention to be offensive or anything like that. Neither to Perverzak, not to anybody else… I only put that comment there, because none of us had known her before, and she was having trouble being constantly mistaken with a guy… so, I thought it could help her a little bit. 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      Pfft, if he’d been a girl, she’d have been pissed enough to go out there naked and bitch slapped both douche bags who set her up and THEN called the girls to come pick her!

      • Perverzak

        First of all Im a girl 😀 If i was in his situation Id very much have a mental breakdown, you must be freaky confident!

        • Jamie Dutton

          Not confident, I just have a temper. I’m quiet and sensitive myself, slow to anger but once I’m set off… My family and friends will tell anyone to never betray or piss me off, cause it ain’t gonna be pretty.

          • Perverzak

            That is definitely a quality I would love to at least partially possess.. I always let things go and forgive people, more often than not when they don’t deserve it.. Its great when you can take care of yourself!

          • Jamie Dutton

            It is a handy thing to have, just unfortunately had to go through some bad stuff to get it. But if I don’t stand up for myself, who will?

          • Perverzak

            Thats absolutely true!

          • Jamie Dutton

            One of the best things my mom ever said to me was that I had the right to tell ppl “No”. She’d laugh and remind me not to be rude about, but that it was my life so I needed to take care of it.

          • Perverzak

            You have a great mom then…
            For me it is that I can take care of myself just enough, you know not to get taken too much advantage of and etc. but not quite enough to do what I want to with my life..

          • Oh I so sense an awesome lesbian (okay, or not) fanfic where these two female super-heroines go through lots of trouble and then save the world.

            It there a lesbian on the list who can give us a substitute word for the strong one to use… that is a reasonable equivalent of “Mo”?


          • Steven K.

            I’ve always used the term “lesbionic” for a strong, proud, sturdy-willed lesbian.

          • IamM

            Check with the lesbians, but I think if you gender flipped that exchange between Kyle and Spooky you’d use ‘dyke’ or ‘lezbo’, with the second marginally more clearly joking like using ” ‘Mo ” instead of ‘fag’ here.

        • Steven K.

          I “stick up” for Kyle so much because I would have been feeling the way you describe the way that you would be feeling after all that. But I’m a guy and I’d still be bothered by so much of that – but I don’t think that makes me weak. It was a shit-load of horrendous stuff. I don’t think any of us would blame any other of us for being deeply affected emotionally by all of that.

    • Steven K.

      Nothing wrong with being a sensitive guy, though. For a guy to be a sensitive guy. This is one of those problematic statements though. Nothing wrong with being a sensitive girl either – I guess the implication is if you are a girl. The implication of the statement is that if you are a guy, you shouldn’t be sensitive – LIKE a girl (is sensitive). But this means that girls are by nature sensitive. Are they? Always? Are guys by nature insensitive? Or not sensitive? Is it bad to be sensitive altogether? *IS* being sensitive being “like a girl’? And is being “like a girl” a bad thing for a guy? You can apply all this to things like receptive butt-sex – is being penetrated “down there” being “like a girl, for a guy? (and thus we get into homophobic or at least heterosexist, territory). I think one needs to be careful with phrases that would seem to indicate that a guy having characteristics of a “sensitive girl” would be a bad thing, as that would seem sexist. Are girls the only ones that can or should be sensitive? What’s wrong with being sensitive? Is it really like a girl to be so? And even if it was, is it bad for a guy to be “like a girl”? And that’s assuming that sensitivity is exclusively a female trait – and thus somehow bad for a guy, etc., etc. I could go on and on, looping around and around. I’m sure some one of y’all can make this argument or case a lot better than I’m doing at the moment.

      • Don’t worry, Steven. Perverzak already said it was a wrong thing to say in a reply below. It’s just been burried a little in the following convo of replies this comment started.

        • Steven K.

          Yes – you are right. Sorry. Didn’t mean to unnecessarily “fan the flames”.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    You know, I think that in Superhero/Comic Book World, Hallmark should consider marketing a line of cards aimed at complicated backstories and sudden revelations. Like one that says “I’m sorry that your mother/father turned out to be: A) a supervillain, B) a demon or demonlike being, C) an unfathomable horror from dimensions unknown …but I’m still your friend”

    • vessto


    • Valja

      Luke Skywalker likes this.

      • vessto

        Luke Skywalker is a son of super-hot looking young Jedi Master who was few years under the manipulations of The Emperor.


        • Valja

          Ahahah yeah! 😉 And you forgot to mention “a supervillain for two decades” xD Though I sooo agree with the “super-hot looking Jedi” part 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Well, until he got turned extra crispy. (Sorry!)

          • Valja

            ….. I feel bad about it, but I fell off the chair laughing ^^”

          • Alex,

            I’d like to request that Kyle not turn super evil or get burned (is that even possible?) horribly or breathe creepily with the help of lots of apparatus by the end of this already written book.

            See I’m already going back on my previous page post about liking the fully written story. I just want the super hero to stay super cute and not be bald and wheezy by the end. You know gay AND not wheezy.

            Just sayin’ Thanks.

          • Valja

            If there’s a petition to sign, count me in!

          • Steven K.

            Now, Duncan, on the other hand …. (he’s already made it to the super-evil part, so the rest isn’t so hard). Burned and BALD and wheezy would serve him right.

          • Steven K.

            He was just painfully TOO beautiful.

    • I laughed stupidly loud at this ‘truth’ and my husband watching football just gave me what I now call the “TYP Look”…

      • IamM

        ‘Sorry your wife turned out to be a clone of your first love who went crazy after merging with a cosmic force of nigh limitless power.’

        — Marvel Expressions.

    • Steven K.

      This could work well for straight married couples where one or the other doesn’t get along too well with the in-laws. Such as: “I’m sorry that my mother-in-law turned out to be …(choices)…but I still love you anyway sweetie.

  • Jay Demetrick

    Erm… Still naked there Spooks. Personal space? lol!

    • No… see Kyle is the gay one, so the naked bit is okay… It’s usually the problem the other way contrary-wise… well, you know.

      • Steven K.

        But, again, Kyle was even super-shy with Anni – the other gay guy he was PLANNING on being nekkid with. He might still be too numb to process it too much at the moment.

        • mogoskier

          I think he was shy BECAUSE he was planning to be naked with Anni.

  • Kelsey Marie

    Aaaahahaha! Fluke’s face is perfect in panel 4! He’s all “I can’t believe you said it! What do I even…*cannot comprehend stupidity* *does not compute* does not compute*”

    Kyle’s face is perfect too. *What did you just say? Was that joke? Should I be offended? Wait I should figure out the joke first…”

    My hat’s off to the creators for panel 4. It is really well done!

    • Oh so agree!!! The facial expressions on this page are worth their weight in gold!

  • Muse

    lmao i love spooks face in that last panel, he’s like “Bitch! And What??” xDDD

  • WarGoddess

    Oh Spooky, you adorable thing you! You got our resident red head to laugh! Hooray!! 😀

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    So one more week (Saturday to Saturday) and nothing really moves forward…this, to me is frustrating…I have no money to donate…and yet I want things to move forward! And what of “The Deal” between Anni and the Demon? How will Kyle figure into that?

    • I think this page and the one we got wednesday was important. It’s a crutial moment for Kyle where he finds acceptance and support where he feared rejection and being treated differently. It’s an important scene we’re witnessing.

      Alex has said this story is very character driven. It’s Kyle’s story and developement. We see him go from a closeted insecure teenager to the hero he will truly become. Sure there will be a lot of plot happening in the mean time, but character driven stories often run at a slower pace because the plot story is second to characters.

      Something would have been ‘off’ with this story if we had just skipped the reaction they had to Kyle, and what we see in this scene. It would have been too rushed, imo.
      Also the previous scene where we saw Paul and Spooky alone showed something about their friendship and personality.

    • DO NOT… I REPEAT DO NOT ask either Danish or Sofia to tell you how long before we actually get to the last page. They have minds like computers and have calculated this to the minute. I think I’ll be 203 years old. It’s very discouraging.

      Sorry not to be more help, just know you are not alone in your desire for MOARRRRRR.

      I mean Duncan and Sircea could be having sex right NOW! And we don’t even know it? What is that about?

      @Alex — Hello? Feel like a WoG? No? (He never does. It’s so unfair.) 🙂

      • Sapfo

        The first page was pulic den 14 March 2012. Since then, there have been 136 pages so far. We are 13 pages into the first part of chapter 3, which indicated that there will be a Part 2.

        If I remember correctly without checking, Alex said there will be 5 part all together. So that means we are not even half way through.

        It’s a little hard to tell how long the chapters are and the between scenes. The story so far have been going on for 92 weeks (not all of them dubbles)
        So I would think that this comic might end in about 1½-2 years time. (maybe)

        • I thought he said somewhere that chapter 3 was going to be in 3 parts? Not sure if that is true or not, but I seriously think I remember something about chapter 3 being a 3 parter.

          • Sapfo

            Then the time should be more 2 -2½ year of this comic. YEAH! ^_^

        • The plan seems to be for three volumes of treeware edition, of which one is already in preparation. Granted, the volumes may not all be the same length, but it looks as if we’re over a third of the way through now.

        • Thank you Sapfo.

          I realized that it’s a relatively simple formula, linear approximation of a full polynomial with the lunation length and an accumulator which corrects the mean syzygy, then you’re straight into sine terms and you can calculate the new moons which in turn give the full moons-”

          OH? Crap. My mistake. That’s the formula for how many full moons until we get to chapter five… I’ll have to do some more work and get back to you on this.

          I remember Adam Black was a math whizz wasn’t he? Maybe he can help.

          • Adam Black

            This what you were looking for?

          • Actually you’d just been quiet and I wanted to see if you were around and listening. But your selection is more cheering than GOOD WILL HUNTING, I’ll give you that.

          • Adam Black

            Dammitt, i was aiming for :

          • True that! That IS suburbia for you… and your laugh rings out clear, alone and so very wrong. Thanks, better selection. You’re still okay with the maths, right? (Full circle to chapter five),

          • Adam Black

            I thought my laugh was wholly correct, and apropos.
            It was uptight straight suburbia did not understand what they were watching and couldnt process it.

            Me? Id already been there…
            You still want your hororscope? birthdate? I ll pull up a nonstandard one

      • But Chris.. we can’t calculate that. Too many unknown factors:

        -How many pages will there be?
        -How often will we get a bonus page?
        -What if Alex has to take a break so we skip an upload/week?

        .. even though that last one one would most likely be caused by a force of nature happening. The man didn’t even take the holidays off 😉


          “-What if Alex has to take a break so we skip an upload/week?”

          How can you even write such a horrible horrible idea down on pap… erm… Disqus? Alex may take a week off when the book is done and not before… I mean Rain of fire, END OF DAYS, cats and dogs having carnal relations, the horror already… gee.

          Gad woman… give me a heart attack why don’t you?


  • Kisa

    For a moment I just wasn’t sure what the heck Spooks was doing there! I agreed with Fluke’s facial expressions until I re-read Spooks’ joking. Hahaha, obviously I’m a little dense from being woken up rather suddenly from a nap!

    My s/o and I make fun of each other with little jokes about things about us like this too. More so things we tend to stress about that are part of us, it’s a way to diffuse the stress in the moment and basically say ‘so what? I still love you, it’s not the end of the world.’

    • Oh god, we’re two men, and we do exactly the same thing. “How old are you that you can’t hear me… wow that must be really OLD?” …. “Oh, no you’re just very boring so I just hear blah blah blah…” And so on… and on we go.

  • DarkFeanix21

    Spooky looks so pleased with himself in that last panel, but given that he’s gotten Kyle to laugh after such a traumatic experience, I suppose it’s well-deserved.

    • Marie Laurent

      So, so smug at Paul.

      • I retract all my previous false Spooky (self-protecting) vitriol and say that I think that Paul was not only somewhat expecting this, but like any little brother somewhat prepared for the obnoxiously big brother behavior of Spooks… In fact, subconsciously, I’ll bet this is exactly why he brought Spooks along.

        His inner self new that he was in to something over his head and needed some help to get his buddy Kyle on his feet. In the previous page when he tells Spooky that, “you didn’t hear (Kyle’s) voice” … he was clearly scared.

        Obnoxiously smug Spooky may be (I think my big brother knows him), but right Spooky certainly is! Some part of Paul knew what he needed.

        • I told you so! 😛

          • “Smugness” thy name is Admiral Jane!

          • Or would it be better as Smaugness?

          • The Desolation of Admiral?

          • Maybe, I was just thinking of myself for a moment as a dragon. Or wishing I was one or… *brain crash*

          • Now point me to my pile of gold and gems and all will be well. 🙂

          • Oh no… you’d just spend your centuries sleeping away under that pile of gold getting nothing done and Alex would be even more exhausted.

            So NO GEMS FOR YOU young Admiral!

          • Then someone seriously needs to invent typing by osmosis or telekinesis or …

          • HA!

  • Marie Laurent

    Yay, everyone who said Spooky was being helpful by joking was right. I like Spooky, so this pleases me. Now we just need to see what happens with Flyboy!

  • Denise Cruz

    Man… I believe someone has to be A LOT of a MAN to be able to laugh like that, being still naked and have been through all that Kyle have…

    • Valja

      Soooo true. I’d be still either in post father-meeting / lover-betrayal shock or in deep wild & blind fury. Definitely not laughing, unless it’s in a hysterical way.

      • Denise Cruz

        Exactly my pov! I know I wouldn’t be able to laugh.

        Let’s see what they’ll decide to do. After our ‘little hero’ (it still melts my heart!) put some pants on, of course. ^v^

        Man! Such a troublesome situation!..

  • JustStoppingBye

    Spooky’s look in the last panel: And that is how you do it, bro. *smirk

    Aside from his words, I also like how he just gets down on the floor with Kyle, makes body contact with him, and is just *there* for him. That’s the way to do it, dude. That’s how you be a friend.

    My heart belongs to Spooky now.

    • Valja

      I’ve been a Spooky supporter from the very beginning, I love to see him gaining more and more fans xD And I’m liking him even more now that he’s proven to be a brotherly figure to our beloved little hero Kyle…

    • b3nc0

      3 great things about Spooky body language:
      – he gets at the same level as Kyle
      – he makes light but definite contact
      – he’s open (open arms & open legs) wink-wink nudge-nudge seewhatamean

      • Sapfo

        I see what you mean. And I was thinking the same. Spooky would be a good nurse 😉

  • Nate

    OK, Spooky is now officially the cool friend.

  • bronakopdin

    OMG I had the exact same reactions as Paul 😀

    and I absolutely hoped for Kyle to laugh like this 🙂 now I’m relieved ^^

  • Oh….wow…..why did I not think of this before?

    Spooky…..I think I could see him singing this song: (with lyrics) (with cast, quality is a little bad, but you get the muppet visual of the characters)

    Sorry, I just love Ave Q. ^_^

    • Alathe

      I totally agree!

    • b3nc0
      • Eh, I didn’t like that one as much…the quality is 100 times better, but ….but there is just something about it that bothers me

        • b3nc0

          I’ll seriously investigate tonight the intrinsic values of both to sort out why this one doesn’t trigger your like brain cells?!

          • It might be that the voices are different…or something else. My ears can be very picky….which is why sometimes I find/found it hard to watch American animated sequels where the voices are somewhat similar but different. That difference has a tendency to really really bother me. Though that might be what somewhat makes me good at placing accents, except when my brain is on the fritz.

  • Katie Chambers

    I was SO waiting for Kyle to make Spooky a little butt-flambé for that comment… I reacted like Fluke there. And then I giggled

  • Midwestmutt

    Don’t forget to vote for TYP on top web comics. We can do better than 140.

    • b3nc0

      You can vote E-VE-RY-DAY!
      personaly i’m only on a 3 to 4 times a week basis oTL

  • Megan Staples

    Hah. I knew it.

  • Paprika

    I’m mad he’s looking at him like “Told ya joke’s always work!”

  • Jackal

    Ah, good. Nice to see that Spooky knows the rule about drama and comedy, too.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar


  • VileTybalt

    I totally love Spook’s look towards Fluke in the last panel. He’s just like “how could you have ever doubted me.” It’s good to see that he can keep his foot of out his mouth when it really matters.

    • Hello brother Vile! How have you been?

      • VileTybalt

        Been doing okay, thanks for asking sis! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’m in Chicago with my parents for the holidays and they don’t have internet! D:

        I know, it’s inconceivable in the modern world. But I’ll be back home with my insanely overpriced comcast xfinity on Wednesday so I’ll be more active then. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

        • They blaspheme? *hugs* You poor thing!

          Yay to having you back in full force on Wednesday!

          PS. Do you like my new avatar?

          • VileTybalt

            Trust me, growing up without internet or cable. that’s just cruelty to children that is 😛

            But yeah, I can’t wait til Wednesday either. I miss talking to all you guys. Plus, I’m sick of shoveling all this snow. Darn Chicago and it’s 2 feet of lake effect snow! At least it’s pretty looking 🙂

    • Welcome back!

      We shall celebrate the end of this horrible child abuse when your modem is full back on!!! 😀

  • Great way to end a bad situation.
    No better friends to have.

  • Ulquorria

    *giggles* Spook i love you for this.

  • purplefoxglove

    Oh, Spooky, you’re my hero…and you may “rescue” me anytime! *hides from Danish and Sapfo*

    • Sapfo

      You might need some saving XD
      I’m totally willing to “wrestle” with Spooky, for whatever reason.

      • purplefoxglove

        I hold, you…”wrestle”? 😉

        • You can’t ‘wrestle’ the willing. Welllllll, you can but usually you have to get them to agree to pretend to be unwilling first……… I’m putting out TMI again aren’t I?


          • Sapfo

            Most likely the wrestling will be entirely voluntary from the start. Until Spooky realize how ticklish I am …. I’m doomed!

          • *chris takes note of Swedish tickling essentials* 🙂

          • purplefoxglove

            This comment somehow makes me think of a certain “Canadian Lip Massage”…

          • HA!

          • purplefoxglove

            My dear Chris, you just created images of the TYP team playfully wrestling with each other…on Commander’s beloved “all the boys showering” – day. Will you please continue?

    • Why do I feel like comments like these multiplied after these couple of pages ;-p
      I’ll be watching you >.>

      • Don’t worry Danish love, while Spooky has moved up on my favorite character list, my heart still belongs to Flyboy/Mitch. I am not taking back my marriage proposal to him so easy.

        • Steven K.

          And if he;s a budding gayling, I’d be ecstatic to be in a triad with him (ahem! once he’s legal) and Kyle. Obviously Kyle doesn’t mind older gentlemen, and they could both use someone to lovingly (this time) help and guide them through the whole world of man-to-man romance.

      • Don’t worry, I’m sure Spooky and Kyle will discuss you and Sapfo at length on their upcoming date…. 😀

      • purplefoxglove

        Spooky, I am in need of rescuing…badly!

      • See what Danish and poor poor Sapfo will eventually be forced to understand about little Spooky one day is that all that baggy clothing is just mis-direction.

        See Spooky is desperately in love with Kyle, but doesn’t want to put any pressure on him until Kyle is totally secure and ready to deal with both ‘gay’ and ‘love’. It’s true love. Thus the big coat and baggy jeans and camouflage cap.

        Underneath all that Spooky outfit, is a smokin’ hot bod, perfect fitting Levi’s and a nice tight t-shirt with a torso that would give Paul the green envy’s… 😀

        That’s how crafty our Spooky is… he knows the only way to get his true love for Kyle is to go slow and give him time to get his “mo” feet underneath him until ‘gay’ is good thing.

        And, I will tell you this for nothing… when gay is good, it is VERY GOOD! XD

        • Hmpf.. well if it doesn’t work out, you didn’t exactly make it horrible. There will be something hot to watch 😉

          • I love that you make that sound so sensible and lubricious at the same time. Nice! 😀

  • I’ve been so focused on Spooky and his fun brotherly messing with Paul that I really didn’t think about the very first painful Kyle panel. Maybe, a little because we’ve had so much pain from Kyle already. The artwork is really beautiful and you can see in his face that he’s been building up to this moment of pain-release for a good while now.

    But, when you think about it, his line, “God. You must think I’m the WORST, the most AWFUL thing ever…” Kyle is really saying what he thinks of himself in this moment. His own horror at both what’s just been done to him and what he is (gay & possible demon spawn).

    That’s another one of the great things Spooky does on this page. He just stops that anguish fast and stops Kyle before he really goes down the rabbit hole of self-hatred. Kyle’s worst fears are all true… and suddenly Spooky makes him realize they’re actually not that bad at all.

    Love that.

    • SofiaT

      There’s nothing sadder than not liking yourself. And Kyle already had a problem with that, the events of chapter 2 just made it worse.

      I remember in his first meeting with The Annihilator, when he said “People can’t know this about me… I’m supposed to be a hero… other kids looks up to me”, I cringed. What that told me was that Kyle didn’t feel worthy of being called a hero or being a role model for anyone.
      He was ashamed of who he was.

      That’s too sad for words.

      I’m hoping that Spooky’s and Fluke’s acceptance, and later the acceptance of others, will help him realize his own worth and vast potential.

      • Gad, I remember feeling EXACTLY the same way when I read that line of Kyle’s. I wish I had been confident enough to comment here about stuff like that when I first started reading TYP.

        I remember being heartbroken and also impressed because Alex so subtly took one of the issues at the heart of gay self-hatred and self-worth issues and tied it to the idea of being worthy for others in the super-hero genre.


        I love re-reading in general. Maybe I’m ready again. I did it a while ago and had forgotten how hard watching Duncan work Kyle over was for me. I invest so hard in it, even knowing it’s coming (If it’s okay with everyone, I’ll leave out the obligatory sexist-sensitivity comment that would normally go here *grins*) and just toddle off and have a nice manly cry.

        What’s even worse is how many villainous looks and clues there were (LIKE EVERYWHERE) telling us what was to come. But, I so wanted Duncan to surprise us by being good to Kyle, that I just blinded myself to the painfully obvious. Now when I re-read it, things seem so obvious.

        But that is the pleasure of re-reading serial material. Each new page gives new meaning and information to the older pages and makes it like a whole new read again.

        I can still re-read ARTIFICE and find something new that Jeff was doing while I was all busy perving on Deacon… it’s a fascinating experience.

        Thanks for reminding me.

      • Steven K.

        Good things to hope for!!

    • Randy Patton

      Very thoughtful comments from you and Sofia T. Kyle has a lot of sadness in his life, and it seems that his struggle isn’t over quite yet. Some great writing here from Alex, with a dose of truth thrown in.

  • SofiaT

    Quiet night at home and I’m (surprise, surprise!) re-reading TYP to pass the time.

    I came across a comment from Alex in Chapter One, where he reassures a reeader that there are non-gay male members (plural) in the team.
    There goes my theory that the team is comprised of rejects because of a government conspiracy against gay superheroes. (ツ)

    Any guesses about who is gay and who isn’t?
    I put my money on Tsunami. XD

    I think Spooky would be open about being gay if he was and Fluke -while he’d probably not advertise it- he would have shared it with Kyle at least, if for no other reason, to make him feel less alone. Keeping it a secret at this point would be cruel, and Paul has shown us how considerate he is when it comes to other people’s [Kyle’s] feelings. Mitch is an unknown at this point, so 50/50 chance?

    That leaves us with the guy who was quick to protest loudly in the Interlude… and yet couldn’t stay away from the “offending” screen and images.


    • Me likes your devious confabulations… Ha!

      Although I’m STILL not giving up on Spooky being some kind of flexible. He’s just too cool not to be at least a little queer and let’s face it Paul is too hot to be totally non-queer. So logic isn’t the only answer here. (snerk)

      • SofiaT

        Hey, non-queer people can be cool too! >:(

        Also, confabulations? Non-native English speaker here, explain please 🙂

        • Aww sorry… no harm intended.

          It’s a variant on an old gay joke “2cute2Bstraight.” Same for ‘cool’ just a way of saying he’s so cool he MUST be gay. Just a silly. But you are quite right non-queer people can be cool also!

          “Confabulation” is a totally made up word for “complex plots and plans” so your confusion makes absolute sense. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Psst, I wasn’t really offended 😉

          • Psst, I know…

            I just thought a little over-caution was okay with black & white words.

            There are so many languages and cultures represented here that it’s fascinating, but it still needs a little caution, even if it seems a little silly sometimes.

            Now, in your world travels are you currently skiing the Swiss Alps with Tom Hiddlestone? I’ve lost my Sofia itinerary… 😀

          • I think she’s busy climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

          • SofiaT

            *sigh* You guys…

          • Wait! That supposed to be a secret wasn’t it?

          • SofiaT

            Yes. Well, at least you didn’t tell them about my next stop at The Fortress of Solitude.


          • Are there any cute guys at the Fortress of Solitude?
            Hey? Just curous.

          • SofiaT

            Just the one. But he’s enough. 😀

          • HA!

          • Or Atlantis to visit with Aqua…man… Right! Secret.

          • Oh, that was what all that high altitude training was for… now it makes sense. 😀

      • Denise Cruz

        I’m with you on the Spooky ‘flexible thing’.
        About Paul.. not so much, but… it makes 50/50, uhn?¹ lol

        • Okay just for the fun of it… I could concoct an argument that Paul is gay, he’s okay with it and has known for some time. BUT, he’s been madly crushing on Kyle, who he knows is completely tied in knots about the whole gay thing still and has this huge issue due to his past accident with his foster family and thus won’t want to get romantic for fear of hurting Paul.

          So Paul is frozen in indecision.

          The more you like someone, the harder it is to risk rejection by bringing your feelings for them up. It’s like you only get one shot at it. So, if Paul, say, was really in love with Kyle (and let’s face it, who isn’t), then he could have been waiting to approach him just out of fear. They are very young. I wasn’t brave enough to be asking guys out on dates at 17.

          Okay, I have NO idea if that makes any sense, but it’s fun to think about. Thanks, Denise.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh,CD! XD Ok! It does make some sense, but… even so… I don’t know… Paul could even be gay; I have nothing against it, (let’s face it: I wouldn’t be here if I did XD), but, for some reason, his actions at this last page made me more confused about it.

            He seemed to be dealing so well with the scenes of gay porn on the computer… Now, he’s all terrified about seeing his friend naked.

            Well, okay, it’s not an easy situation. It’s quite unexpected and somewhat … uncomfortable! (regardless of the sexuality of each one of them).

            Still, I think it’s a little too early to judge these attitudes of his, as ‘being in love’ with Kyle… Could be just the insecurity of his friend’s situation… He didn’t know how to handle that…

            AND, ‘just for the fun of it’: What do you have against straight guys being hot, unh?! Explain it to me, please! O.o

    • Klaus

      You put your money on Tsunami, you say. But you do not say if you think him an “is” or an “isn’t”.

      • SofiaT

        This is a gay comic so I treat being gay as “the norm”.
        Also I thought that the “gentleman doth protest too much” hint at the end gave away my thoughts on the matter… 🙂

        • Steven K.

          I’d still like Commander to come out as Lesbian. Then there might be a greater chance she’d be a little more sympathetic for Kyle. Well, that and the fact that Lesbians need superhero role models too.

        • VileTybalt

          I agree with this, especially the “protesting too much” on the part of Tsunami. He’s definitely over-compensating for something.

          However, in response to your comment about gay “being the norm” in a gay comic, I feel like that tends to be true only about half the time. At the risk of drastically oversimplifying things, most gay comics I’ve read (as well as gay movies, books, etc.) fit into one of two categories.

          The first category being ones that follow an all gay group, place, society or even world, where “gay is the norm” and discrimination is treated as an outside force that threatens the “gay status quo” if it’s even addressed. The second are ones which take place in a somewhat exaggerated version of the real world where a small number of gay characters must come to terms with being the “outsiders” and figure out how to exist peacefully and find happiness in a society that rarely is accepting of them.

          Interestingly enough, and the reason I mention this, is that I’m actually not really sure how to classify this comic. Like I said, my two category view is an over-simplification but even so, I have to give Alex kudos (mmm… Kudos bars with M&Ms) for not taking either extreme here. Which is why the sexuality of the characters is so difficult to pin down for me. The fact that Kyle is so afraid of coming out indicates that there is definitely some discrimination in their world. But the number of gay characters and the level of acceptance of them, not to mention the very existence of superheroes all points to this being a more idealized world.

          In other words, I think Alex does an awesome job here of not making it inherent that every character has to be gay, but he’s also made it so that we can’t really rule it out either. After all, sexual orientation is a major focus of the comic. So, long story short, I have no clue what team Tsunami bats for 😛

          Sorry for the long ramble. It’s been so long since I got to post on here. *hugs Sofia*

          • Great comment and great observation about the world the characters inhabit taking on certain types of forms. That is so true and has a strong influence on this type of story.

            The other thing you touch on is that Kyle IS obviously gay, but Alex has let us know that, unusually (in this type of book), the ‘romance’ is not necessarily the most important part of this story.

            (Maybe yes romance… maybe no?). So there is a chance that we could get to an end where Kyle is single, heroic and happy and yet single… with the future yet to come? I honestly have no idea.

            Sofia might remember a past WoG that sheds light on Kyle’s long-term romantic possibilities, but I can’t remember one. So I agree, it’s great that Alex makes them people first and sexually romantic pairings second.

            Thanks for this post.

          • SofiaT

            Alex has only assured us that Kyle will end up being happy and strong instead of broken and alone. But “alone” could mean “without friends” -and from what we see here, Kyle can count on some awesome friends to stay by his side.

            So, no WoGs about his long-term romantic possibilities for this arc, as far as I can tell.

          • Thanks for helping us out with the data-banks! 🙂 Much appreciated.

          • SofiaT

            I probably haven’t caught every WoG Alex has ever given, so don’t rely on me too much though.

          • I promise… but between you and Danish and occasionally Sapfo and a few others, your memory banks only have about 4 quintillion terabytes more memory than mine… so it’s usually worth a shot.

            I won’t hold you to it! 😀

          • Steven K.

            At the time when things were getting pretty emotionally difficult for some of us, at the height (or depth) of the bad things happening to Kyle, Alex stepped in and made a statement (it may have been a long one in one of his comments after the page – unfortunately I don’t remember which page exactly) that there was no way he was going to leave Kyle broken (I remember that word) and a couple other “somethings”, but I distinctly remember the ABSENCE of the word “alone” – since I THOUGHT that’s how the sentence was going to end: “There is no way I’m going to leave Kyle broken …..and alone”. But there was a different word at the end than alone – which, like I said, I very much took notice of – that Alex DIDN’T promise that Kyle wouldn’t be alone (in that statement at least), and it made me start to think that maybe Kyle DOESN’T end up with anyone at the end of the story, which would, after all the trauma he’s been through even so far, be rather disappointing and kind of sad. I wouldn’t want Kyle to end up like me. But we could be thinking of 2 different statements.

          • SofiaT

            I believe this is the statement you’re referring to:

            “[…]This was actually a difficult section for me to write, even with me knowing how it all turns out. If I were a reader, I would have some serious concerns about what’s going to happen to this gay hero I identified with. Is he going to be killed to further the plot? (As happens far too often.) End up miserable and alone? (Which also happens far too often.) You all know how I am about spoilers but know this: there is no way that this story ends with Kyle miserable and broken.” [Author’s note, Ch2, page 32:

            Alex mentioned that too often the gay characters in media end up “miserable and alone” -and I took this to mean that’s not where he’s taking this story, even before his explicit reassurance a bit further down on that post. But I also took “alone” to mean friendless and isolated, not romantically uninvolved (otherwise it would be too big a spoiler, giving away Kyle’s romantic state at the end of the comic). And I never believed that being friendless and isolated was going to be Kyle’s fate, even before Alex’s post. The last few pages, this page, justify my faith.

            About him ending up romantically alone… we need to keep in mind that this is a story arc. Not the whole story. Even if Kyle ends up unpaired in the last page of the last chapter of Engaging the Enemy, it’s fine. It doesn’t mean he won’t find someone to be with after this arc is over. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Hi Vile, long time no see! 🙂

            Thanks for your reply -I agree with pretty much every point you’re making. But what I meant with “I treat being gay as a norm” was an implied “for the readers” not for the universe in which this story is taking place.

            I once had this theory that there was a possibility this could be a more homophobic society than our own but now I’m pretty sure this is just a reflection of our own, with both its good and bad elements. So I expect the same reactions (some people will be cool about homosexuality and some will be uncomfortable or even plain haters) and the same “ratios”.

            I never considered the possibility of the whole of society being comprised of a majority of gay people, mostly because then Kyle’s feelings of isolation and fear of acceptance wouldn’t make much sense.

            But, when Klaus pointed out that I didn’t clarify whether I expected Tsunami to be gay or non-gay, I thought that it was quite obvious. For us, the readers of Alex, reading about gay characters is the norm -otherwise the issue of sexual orientation wouldn’t even come up except maybe in passing. So when I say “I put my money on Tsunami” the implied continuation of that phrase is “being gay”.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I’ve always thought that Spooky and Fluke are straight. And that possibly Flyboy and Tsunami might be gay.
      Both Spooky and Fluke seem very comfortable with their sexuality and would have been open about it if they were gay. Tsunami and Flyboy we don’t know much about, so that leaves them as possibilities.

      • It’s so interesting that you have such a clear viewpoint. I feel like I’m just now barely getting a clue about their backstories.

        I honestly could see Paul either way. It doesn’t seem a matter of confidence or not. He had a grand time with the porn and it really just seems like a matter of whether it’s anyone’s business or not. It’s not really something that comes up a lot in casual conversation at that age, so I don’t know.

        I agree with Sofia’s Tsunami doth protest to much theory… that seems awful familiar to me in relation to a lot of guys I knew right before they came out of the closet. But that’s just one example that I know of, so again I don’t know. It could be familial or a number of other things influencing him. Phobias of all kinds are very quirky and changeable things.

        Spooky is probably a bit of everything and doesn’t care what you know… until he wants to sleep with you. So again I don’t really know. The ‘confidence’ theory works both ways. Confidence to tell or not to feel he has to you anything. He clearly has confidence. HA!

        Flyboy — ? Too young to worry about for me.

        So there you go. ME? Clueless.

        I will say I’ll bet there are a few discreet women out there who think The Commander is a hottie. 🙂

        • SofiaT

          You know… about Paul and him “accidentally” running into that website… I can’t help but wonder how much of an accident it really was. Just when Kyle happened to be in the room and see his and Spooky’s positive, lighthearted reaction.

          Paul is a very good friend. I wouldn’t be surprised to know he was sneakily trying to show Kyle that his friends would be cool with him being gay.

          • Oh that’s good. True or not… really good. Devious thou art to think of that. Makes me love Paul (and maybe Spooky) even more.

            Most of us gays had friends who just KNEW we were gay and resisting coming out and could all see how hard we were making our own lives. So that’s exactly the kind of stuff, as friends, you concoct to hopefully help them get over their fears.

            I had friends that would take me out with the ‘guys’ on Saturday nights to the (?gay?) dance clubs and they were just dying waiting for me to say something or break down and go on a date with someone. It took about a few weeks for me to break down and start babbling and they were all like, “Oh, of course we knew. Thank god, we NEVER thought you’d get this over with!” LOL.

            “Oh look? This photography site on Tumblr has all kinds of stuff one it… oh my?”

      • SofiaT

        I think the Commander is hetero. And I hope she’s hetero, to be honest.

        No matter what Alex has chosen for his characters I’ll be happy with it but, it’s so refreshing seeing a female heroine who is strong, practical and doesn’t dress like a Playboy centerfold, I’d be disappointed to find out she’s a lesbian -as if only lesbians can have those qualities and straight women are all about tantalizing men with sexy costumes.

        If we are to have a lesbian in the comic, I’d like for it to be Sircea, for the same reasons: she’s a sexbomb, and despite her age I can see men drooling over her but she’s completely blasé about it (but at the same time using it like a tool).

        • Steven K.

          Well, that would be a good option too – but if that were the case, Sircea would need SOMEONE to be non-blase about.

          • SofiaT

            I believe that blasé is Sircea’s MO.

            I don’t think there’s a different setting for her.

          • Steven K.

            Now that I think about it a bit, you could be right about that.

        • WHAT? Are you telling me that The Commander is saying NO to her new super mini-skirt costume that Alex designed special for her… wow.

          Welllll… NO CAPES! XD

          • SofiaT

            “You want me to wear what?

            I trained with the navy SEALs for eleven months. I could break you in half, Jean-Paul-Gaultier-wannabe.”

          • Ahahaha… yep Alex looks fit & toned in that avatar, but not like he’s ready to take on her ladyship The Commander and former Navy seal. So I’ll bet Alex takes the safe route and just leaves the red-mini in the closet for some future heroine who has, yet again, a different new of how female heros should dress… 😀

            Although, have you seen Jean-Paul-Gaultier occasionally? It’s a little hard to imagine our sensible Alex kitted out like that, but hey what do I know. Maybe he has the occasional big ‘hair-day’?


        • “I think the Commander is hetero. And I hope she’s hetero, to be honest.” (Sofia)

          Ohhhh oh oh oh. So if your supposition is true… maybe Duncan will fall madly in love with Amanda.

          He IS hot and she just might decide he’s worth the effort and will only give him the time of day when he’s fully ‘redeemed’ and she’ll thoroughly kick Dat Ass while she gets him straightened out.

          That’s a love story that I would very much enjoy reading… HA!

    • Denise Cruz

      I would say that Spooky is a ‘reversible guy’; I mean… He could probably be a bisexual;

      Paul… I think he’s straight… he seems too troubled with everything that is happening there…

      Amanda… she looked at Spooky with such a sassy face, a few pages ago… lol I think she’s straight too.

      AAANDDD our good friend Tsunami… I really don’t know what to think about that guy… he looked so freaked out when they were seeing gay porn, on the internet. It was almost as if he was hidding some gay pictures/films of himself…LOL

  • Eric L.

    Don’t usually take the time to comment, but this comic really moved me. Have to say, when I went through the first chapter I thought it was just another typical yaoi fantasy ride. After the end of Chapter 2 I realized this comic is much deeper than that. Kyle was living out the most exciting of fantasies only to have it turn into a horror filled nightmare. Such is real life. Really sympathize with Kyle, since I’ve been him so many times. Looking forward to see how he rises above from this horrible betrayal

    • John

      I’m glad you stuck around enough to change your opinion 🙂

      I thought it was ‘just another comic’ at first too (though I’m a big fan of those) but I’m continually surprised at the depth Alex can put into a character in just a few lines and facial expressions. Or sometimes just the expressions

      Hell, look at panel 4 😀

    • Steven K.

      And glad you made this nice comment – lot’s of us riding that emotional rollercoaster along wit you – here and in real-life.

    • Hey! This was a nice post about your perceptions. I went on a roller coaster too with the first chapters and I’m very glad I’m here. Someone ACCIDENTALLY (I hope) down-voted your post. So I up-voted it as it well deserved.

      I hope you take the time to comment again. Thanks.

      • Eric L.

        Thanks everyone. I’ve read a lot of yaoi and I recognized a lot of the typical tropes. I sincerely thought that it would go like the Japanese yaoi manga with a perfect love dovey story. So it sincerely through me for a loop to see Kyle betrayed. There goes the fantasy, but that’s ok, because unfortunately life is not a fantasy.

        • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

          I’m in the “read a lot of yaoi” camp with you, but I read Artifice before this, so I was waiting the whole time for the twist, especially with some of the foreshadowing. As a person, I feel bad for Kyle and this betrayal, but as a reader, it’s really exciting to me that we’re finally getting to the meat of the story. And since I DID read Artifice, I know Alex wastes no characters, so I’m looking forward to the roles everyone’s going to play in this story.

          • Denise Cruz

            Right there with both of you! 😉

        • Exactly, being gay, it really triggered me, because I’d convinced myself the surprise would be the villain NOT being a villain for once.

          Sounds dopey now, but it hit me right between the eyes. Still I love it’s unpredictability and I know the story is better for it. I love being led away from the traditional tropes.

          Is it Wednesday yet?

      • Klaus

        For those who have not yet noticed: if you accidentally downvote a post, you can cancel your vote by clicking the downvote button again. Works for upvotes too.

        • As demonstrated by the fact that my up-vote of Klaus’ post just now, I did NOT un-up-vote. So it remains… see? Simple.

        • Denise Cruz

          I hate that ‘downvote’ things! I never use them! Never! And they are showing up to people as I had done it. People who I hadn’t even seen the comment!
          I hate the ‘downvotes’! XDD (revolted crazy creature)

    • Welcome, Eric! Thank you for letting me know that The Young Protectors moved you and I hope to see you here again. 🙂

      • Eric L.

        I will definitely be back. I’m a bit low on cash right otherwise I would contribute to the making of the new page. Have to say its nice to see American comic books that incorporate gay themes. You are quite the trailblazer.

  • John

    I dunno; I love the X-men comics (I’m not a collector or anything, but I’ve read a few) and when I compare them to their ‘tv dramatisations’ I’m always pulling my hair out. Same with the films.

    Pretty much the same with book adaptations too. Comics translate better, but always they ‘improve’ things for the TV. I know I’m a purist and I wouldn’t try to stop an adaptation being made

    But I wouldn’t watch it.

  • Sai

    They, uh, -might- think you’re the worst for dooming the world there, Kyle. Did you not get around to mentioning that part?

    • I hope they understand it’s Duncan who doomed the world, not Kyle. 🙁 Kyle had no feasible way of knowing what could happen.

      Perhaps at most Kyle could have predicted that Duncan meant to kill or harm him, but Duncan had plenty of chances earlier on to kill Kyle or take him as a hostage for ransome, and he didn’t.

      At most, Kyle could reasonably have feared that Duncan just planned to use him for a quick shag, but I don’t think that would have bothered Kyle too much! Plus Duncan implied he wanted a more long term future with Kyle when he said they’d take it slow. There’s just no way anyone can reasonably expect Kyle to have guessed all this could happen, and thus blame him for the consequences.

      The most Spooky and Paul can blame him for is the mere principle of going on a date with a supervillain without letting anyone know, and there’s kind of mitigating circumstances even here, given Kyle’s vulnerable background and Duncan’s adept manipulation of it and of Kyle’s wish to see good in people.

      • Steven K.

        David – I love your post in every way (<3 <3 <3 ) and agree with you 100% about all that you mention there. THANKS FOR WRITING THAT!

      • I agree 100%. Great exploration of a really complex situation. Part of what made me so mad at Duncan was him keeping Kyle (and us, I guess) in the dark about so much. Leaving Kyle fearing for his life the entire time.

        Well expressed, and all those perceptions are part of what bring so much emotion to how that duo interacts for me. I both dread and can’t wait for their next meeting.

        Do we yet actually know WHY Kyle could suddenly burn Duncan? It’s gonna be good. XD

        Pitchforks are very redemptive… best of luck!

      • Dracon Ra

        Yes, that and I totally understand why Kyle did it.

        Hands up, who was still a virgin at age 17/18 and thought “Oh no, I will never find someone, I will never have sex!”? *raises hand*

        And none of us had to find a gay, fireproof Super to get laid….

        • Garnasha

          Hmm, at 18, I wasn’t really bothered. At 21, it’s getting on my nerves, but I find myself actively interested in maybe one guy (or sometimes girl) a year, and thus far they all turned out straight.

          At least I now know why gay people flock together even in tolerant societies: if 90% of your extended social circle (that is, friends of friends) is straight, you need an absurd amount of friends to get a decent dating pool.

          • Dracon Ra

            I am straight, but I was always the strange one, that didn’t really fit in and didn’t have any real friends. So, I was really desperate, lonely and horny at age 17.

            I got my first boyfriend close to my 18th birthday, kind of by accident 😉

            He was an idiot, but he was the first who wanted me and like I said, I was desperate.

          • In high school I was also the strange one. I would also say that I was a floater. I didn’t really fit in with any group but I talked to people in most. I don’t really remember being too horny in hs, but I do remember being envious of couples. I was however an avid reader of romance at the time, so that probably helped control the urges.

          • Garnasha

            As in temperature preferences, I have to agree with you. Not too horny, but envious of couples, yes. It’s more the relationship than the sex I envied.

            Even now, I guess that holds true. Although the not horny part will probably change once I have a boyfriend. Which would be the first time I’d be actually fine with being horny, until then, it’s distracting at best.

          • Well I currently have a male “friend” who comes over from time and we scratch each others itch so to speak. But sometimes after he leaves I really really wish I had a bf. Because I want more….more than the 1-3 times a month s**, I want someone that actually wants to hang out with me and spend time with me.

            Though he has given me the best I have had….

          • Garnasha

            Trade you, one guy I crushed on (straight, as stated before) knew, wasn’t bothered, and actually liked talking and getting me all hot and bothered (fun, the way they can tease you), but otherwise, he has told me (and knowing him, I believe him) that a) if he thought he might remotely enjoy it, he’d be up for some experimenting (well, for him it’d be experimenting, for me it’d just be fun) but b) he goes limp at the thought (which he pities along with me, since he’s quite desperate to get his itch scratched). Quite definitively straight.
            Yes, we have extremely open discussions, which seems a bit weird considering the situation, but there you go. No, it’s not because of the situation, we both have these kinds of conversations with other guys too. It’s just slightly weird that we two have them.

            That guy, by the way, is how I found out that my sex drive isn’t structurally low, it’s just low so long as nobody’s poking it, regardless of the chances of anything actually happening.

          • Dracon Ra

            I’m 36, still single and I will probably end up as “Crazy old cat lady”. Or maybe guinea pigs, I don’t really like cats. Where was I? Oh yes, most of the time, I’m happy being alone, I can’t imagine myself in a happy relationship. So I’m not really envious and I only know one couple with a relationship I would like to have. But do need Sex, once in a while. Luckily, in times of internet dating, that is not a problem anymore, no matter how shy I am in real life.

          • Garnasha

            Yeah, that might or might not work for me, but I’d really appreciate having sex with someone I really like first as a sort of baseline before hooking up with random guys. And that’s a real might not, since so far it seems only guys I like get me horny. And like takes more than “looks good and is willing”. Sometimes maybe not a lot more, but still. Personality counts for a lot.

          • ….I have an ex that is bi. I personally think that he needs to stick to the guys because he doesn’t do so well with women…..hmm but I think he is in a relationship right now…..wait…he might still be okay with that….while we were dating we had an “open” relationship….though I told him I don’t mind if he dates guys along with me, but I really didn’t want him with another woman. I didn’t have the confidence to deal with that kind of competition….girls are scary.

          • Garnasha

            Can’t really follow your thought process. Okay with what?

            It’s funny to see how split reactions are to the gender of someone dated on the side. Some, like you, don’t want another woman (makes evolutionary sense, I guess, he can’t get other men pregnant and leave you for them). Others feel fine sharing with their own gender but fear competition from people of the other gender, maybe because they’re afraid their partner might start preferring the other gender instead of another person, at which point they can’t compete.

          • Okay with seeing another guy. So if you wouldn’t mind sharing him…hmmm, I think he is currently in Seattle maybe?

            Eh, I knew when we started dating that he was bi, so I was okay with that. I have always said (please no one take offense at this) guys get violent and girls get vicious….and of the two the girl scares me more. Girls are scary when mad. I think the only case in which I would feel comfortable sharing a man would be in a harem, but even then I would have to watch my back 24/7. Women are scary. Self-preservation.

            While I cannot compete with a guy, I could at least eliminate having to compete with another girl.

          • Garnasha

            See, I guessed that and thought “nah, she wouldn’t suggest that”. Either that’s a good joke, or a sympathetic suggestion in principle rife with practical problems. Problem 1: I don’t know him, or anyone who might vouch for him. Problem 2: I live in the Netherlands.

            Damn, I’ve been thinking/talking about sex for too long, now I really want just a hookup, not necessarily a relationship. Still not willing to fuck strangers though. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with fucking strangers (although you’re making yourself rather vulnerable), but I don’t think I’d dare to or like it.

            Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen women really get vicious, but I have heard stories, mostly of that viciousness being directed at each other or at husbands. Then again, guys generally have an easier time getting violent against other guys than against girls, so maybe both ways of attacking are mostly confined to within a gender.

            Anyway, time to go to bed here. Past time.

          • Hmmm….he is my ex, so maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising?

            And I can understand problem 1, don’t really blame you…I actually took a risk in meeting him. I met him though a dating site. Though I loved him at the time, I think I was more sexually attracted to his room-mate (straight). Mmmmm if only Z didn’t like skinny pretty girls….

            problem 2…..he has been willing to travel

          • Garnasha

            Tell you what, warn me if he ever happens to be in Europe anyway (and interested), solving problem 2. Him travelling for it makes as little sense as me travelling, both our continents should have plenty of cute gay guys.

            Problem 1 can be solved either by us getting to know each other or me loosening up. The former seems a fairly dependable route, though the latter isn’t impossible (but not reliable either).

          • ^_^ I will keep you informed. ^_^

    • Steven K.

      Oooo – from that avatar, we have another devil-baby here folks!

  • Hey guys. There was a really nice sunset here tonight. Though I would share the pics I took. ^_^ There are three of them

  • I’m slightly bored and in pain (seems I’m getting a toothache the one month of the year I’m utterly broke) and can’t call a dentist or doctor until tomorrow, so what do I do? Come to check out what goes on here, of course 🙂

    Feel like the last two days have gone so slow. Two days more till the next page. So loong. Being busy in the holiday week now make it feel like the days move at a crawl.

    • Steven K.

      Interesting you should mention that – been dealing with a similar situation here that started happening just before the holidays and getting progressively more painful, and of course my dentist’s office has been closed over the last few weeks and will only re-open on the 6th, and the only reason I’ve gotten through is by using some of the prescription I have for pain meds for my back – though more frequently than I would need to normally. So, anyway, know very well what you are going through, cuz I’ve been suffering the same thing for awhile.

      • Ouch.. feel with you too. I’ve had some short moments feeling stings of pain for a while, but hoped it was just sensitivity after being at the dentist a couple months ago. Sadly it got worse around x-mas but it’s not until the last 4 days it’s gotten frequent and today is pretty bad. If it’s as bad tomorrow, I’m calling the dentist, but I hope it might just be an infection that can be handled with antibiotics or something like that. I REALLY can’t afford it right now if it’s a root canal, especially not this one month 🙁

        • Steven K.

          Hang in there – will keep my fingers crossed for you.

        • *hugs* Danish love you poor thing! I have had tooth pain that no amount of pain relievers could do anything about. So I know how bad it can be. *hugs* I hope it clears up soon!

      • Oh poor dude. Feel better!

    • D-Wolf you have my fullest sympathy. My flu is clearly passing (with how obnoxiously verbose I’ve been the last two days). I know how it feels when you feel like crap. I’m still tired, but not so so bad.

      All best wishes and feel better SOONEST!

  • Dark_Otter

    Fluke’s expression in panel 4: “Did… did you legitimately say that just now?”

    Fluke’s expression in panel 5: “Good Lord. I’m surrounded by doofuses.”

    • Funny… I saw that last Paul look in panel #5 to be “oh brother… *eyes to heaven*”.

      Spooky, his big brother, was right again (SO OBNOXIOUS and yet such a relief) and is going to be totally insufferable about this.

      So it’s both a good and obnoxious thing at the same time. That classic look you give to a good friend when you lose a bet (or something like that.)

      Anyway that’s what I saw.

    • totally

    • I interpreted the expression in panel 5 as “Good grief that actually worked?!”

  • Steven K.

    Adam DeK. seems to have the ability to draw guys’ hair in the cutest, most adorable, sexy way possible – esp. for Kyle and Mitch. I don’t know too many other comic artists who can draw things so well that even the way the hair looks on the boys gets me all hot-and-bothered – and makes me just want to yell – AWW – it’s SOOO CUTE!!! *AND* I don’t think I’ve ever encountered another illustrator in this genre who is so skilled at drawing expressions and doing so in such a way that they communicate so much and so well of various moods even without any dialogue. I’d called Adam a true master of facial expression depiction – and, yeah – the hair as well.

    • Go SK…

      “AWW – it’s SOOO CUTE!!!”

      • Sapfo

        Oh our two boys are going all fanboyish over some hair (this time head hair and not armpit). You two are so cute ^_^

        • Sapfo love, you have to admit that Kyle and Mitch’s hair are done very well. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            I admit nothing!

            Fangirl squeal: “Iiiiiiii!”

            I admit absolutely nothing!

        • Sapfo, for shame, you clearly do not know how difficult it is to draw good armpit hair on a young lad or, for that matter, that awesome Duncan body-hair that everyone wanted Alex to sell as a pillow. (I think Denise went and secretly made one of her own)

          (Agnes: IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!)

          Our artists are crazy talented!

          • Sapfo

            (hiding the razor and shaving cream behind my back)

            Hmm? What did you say? Yes Fluffy! Fluffy is good!

            (Kicking away the t-shirt with big hearts around the words “AAV = True Art” under the couch)

            FLUFFY!!! ^_^ *innocent*

          • HA!

          • Denise Cruz

            Hahaha!! ^v^

          • Steven K.

            That is difficult – they’ve got the head-hair down really well. But if an artist takes the time and attention to detail to depict the furry sexiness of the axillary area at all, then I’m rather pleased. I’m not sure it would get a “squeal” out of me, but other things might happen.

          • Denise Cruz

            Just to let you know, dear Chris: I made myself two of those! XDD (It’s true!)
            OH! And absolutely agreed! The artists are freaking amazing!! <3

        • Steven K.

          Oh – believe me – if we got to see any axillary hair recently, there would be an appreciative comment as well 😉

    • Denise Cruz

      I loved this comment of yours, SK! You are absolutely right! (as always, it seems! lol)
      I’m still amazed by this entire page! Especially by the 1th and the 5th panels.
      Adam seems to have his own heart on his hands when his drawing.. Wonderful results!! Always! 😀

  • SpookyDomme

    *SNORT* Well that was just the best.

  • These graphic novels are brilliant manuals for making films, and some day there will be an outlet (like Netflix etc…) that will allow Alex enough contractual creative control on the making-of-journey to say “Yes” to it.

    Also, this might sound daft to some, but digital distribution outlets are absolutely the wave of the future and TV and Film are becoming niche markets. So the digital outlets are becoming ever more desperate for GOOD creative content and (say) ARTIFICE would make an awesome movie for a Netflix type download source.

    If Alex were to walk in with script, fully developed characters, backstories like this, and a world that can be so clearly and visually understood by the unimaginative MBA’s who control the money, not to mention a plot that makes sense… oh and a dedicated group of followers… IT WILL HAPPEN.

    Someday it WILL happen and I just hope I live long enough, so I can open some really good champagne on that day.

    Oh, did I mention that then Alex will be able to support himself by dedicating himself to making yet more Graphic Novels… heh heh heh. WHAT? I’m only thinking of him, I am. Honestly. 🙂

  • Nicthalon

    Well, they ARE teenagers. Nothing like some lowbrow humor to lighten the mood!

  • *sigh* I was going to go to bed but then my room got too hot. My room with the vent closed is close to making me melt. I had to close my window earlier because the wind took my screen away again and my curtains were going out the window…..the one downside to this house in winter. If even if I close the vent and shut the window, my room becomes an oven. If I don’t have my window open I become a Dokidokibaka being cooked. So let us see how tying the curtains back so they don’t fly out the window works…

    I wanna sleep dang it! Hurry up and get cool enough for me to sleep!

    • Garnasha

      Up until I read your edit I was wondering where you lived. Actually, I still do, but my guesses no longer start with Australia and South Africa, where right now the season should be right to complain about heat. Timezone assuming a somewhat normal sleep cycle places you somewhere in Alaska? That can’t be right, that’s too far north. West coast USA? *checks* o.O California weather reports belong to our (Dutch) summers. Could be Mexico too, of course, but that looks relatively uninhabited in the likely timezones.

      Of course, that’s ruling out anything actually IN the South Pacific.

      Anyway, hope you got some sleep after all. Hot nights shouldn’t be caused by the weather.

      • Wow, almost everywhere but where I am. ^_^

        Ok, here are how things work in our house. Grandmother controls the temperature. So in the winter, the thermostat is set at about 80 F (26 C). I start getting hot at around 72-76 F (22-24 C). One would think that closing the heating vent would be sufficient to keep my room from getting too hot in the winter yes?

        Nope. My room just happens to be situated right above the heating/cooling unit. So despite said closed vent, my room heats up very quickly. Which is why in winter, my window is at varying degrees of open.

        Yesterday/last night, the wind once again blew my screen out and caused my curtains to play in the wind outside. This caused me to be forced to close my window. Because despite living in the middle of nowhere, it bothers me that people could see inside my room late at night.. Though it finally got so hot in my room that i couldn’t sleep so I was forced to tie back the curtains so they wouldn’t end up back outside and open the window again.

        At about 5-6 am I was finally cool enough to sleep.

        I would also like to say that at 32 F (0 C) I am fine going out in either just a thick sweater or light jacket. I bring out the coat at about 19-25 F (-7 – -3 C). At times I wonder if I was adopted because just about everyone else in my family gets cold easy, but I get hot easy.

        • Garnasha

          You sound a lot like me in terms of preferred temperatures. While I need to be well-rested (else I get cold really easily), I can comfortably go out in a t-shirt while it’s snowing. Even when I need gloves to keep my fingers from freezing of on the bicycle.
          That admittedly looks stupid, but it’s really nice to be able to cycle all out and not break a sweat even while getting winded.

          And the only place I didn’t mention in that timezone is Canada, I think, for much the same reason I ruled out Alaska. Since you’re being boiled by your grandmother, rather than the weather, I guess that elimination goes out the window. Also explains why there’s snow on the pictures you posted in another comment. Conveniently, Canada has plenty of middle of nowhere, which fits :P.

          Of course, now I’ve said that, you’re going to reveal you actually live on the other side of the Bering street, or your Santa is actually female and your grandmother.

          • Hmmmm…..would it help any if I told you that I usually go to bed between 2-5 am?

          • Garnasha

            Yeah, it tells me I’ve been guessing about 3 timezones west of where you live. 10-2 was where I was looking :P. 5 o’ clock places you in Greenland. 4:30 in Newfoundland. The next timezone to the east would have you in bed at 8 o’clock (Iceland), to the west, Canada and USA (and Mexico, but no). Everything else is either tropical or southern hemisphere. Or too small to easily spot on a time-zone map.

            The guessing game is fun, but finding the answer by exhaustively trying everything feels lame 😛

          • Hmmmm right at this moment it is 9 13 pm

          • Garnasha

            Canada again, east coast (USA again), Carribean, southern hemisphere. And everything above Florida is bloody cold at the moment afaik, not the kind of weather where you’d pop open a window to let some cool (slightly freezing) air in.

            How can I hit every single place in a 500-mile radius around wherever you live except where you actually live?

          • LOL. You at least mentioned it this time…East Coast. ^_^ South, but north of Florida. ^_^ Hmmmm the weather sites have my area at about 4-5 F (-15ish C)

          • Garnasha

            See, that’s why I couldn’t find it. I can’t imagine opening a window far enough to have curtains blow around at -15 C.

            … Actually, I might, if my bed offered enough in the way of isolation. Problem is, I don’t dare risk waking up to a room at -10 C That’s so cold I wouldn’t want to come out of that bed to shut the window. Also, waste of energy since you’re cooling the rest of the house and the heater’s going to go crazy.

            So your Google Plus wasn’t outdated(and I’m tired of not cheating), and you’re hanging around somewhere in that extra episode of Winter’s Worst in Tennessee. With your windows open. Enjoyed the wild goose chase?

            *edit* hang on, is that east coast? East yes, but it looks landlocked.

          • Well, I keep the door to my room shut, so the rest of the house is always warmer. And it is never as cold in my room as it is outside. When it gets too cold in my room even for me, I close the window. Right now, I think the wind is just sucking the hot air out my window than blowing cold air in. ^_^

            WInter’s Worst? …..well there was that centimeter of snow on the ground for a little while today before the sun melted most of it….though it has been rather windy and cold-ish. I walked down to get the paper Sunday in just my pjs and my high school fleece band jacket.

          • Garnasha

            Hmm, that doesn’t sound like winter’s worst, no. I heard about -30C, lots of snow and wind. Further north maybe?

          • Well, I am at the relative lower altitude of the mountains (we are more hills). Though H mountain not too far from here often gets snow when we don’t.

            Though that area you are thinking about might be the more mountainous counties a little further east. I am not that far from the VA border… there isn’t too much area to be further north in Tenn.

          • Eh, it is close enough…i would argue that the extension I live in is close enough to be considered part of….

            ….Though that might just be my aversion to admitting I live in the South. Please allow me this tiny bit of escapism… I was soooo happy that I got to go to college above the Mason-Dixon line….so happy.

            Though I think I might technically qualify as a West Coast girl…..I was born in/at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA.

    • Steven K.

      I think I’ll trade you. Having the opposite problem here. Even with the heat turned up and 2 space heaters, it’s still chilly in bed. Outside tonight at the moment it’s -3F (-19C), and the wind chill is -26F (-32C), and we haven’t reacched the overnight low yet.

      • Sounds lovely, nice and properly cold. ^_^

      • Denise Cruz

        Wow!! Where, for all that’s sacred, do you live? Soooo freezing…

        • Steven K.

          Now it’s -22C. I’m in the state of Michigan, U.S. Ironically, it’s colder now and tomorrow here and in nearby states than the current temp. in Alaska. Anchorage, Alaska was hovering around the relatively warm 0 C for the daytime temp. today.

          • Garnasha

            I should perhaps migrate to Alaska. 0’C sounds about right for a delightfully fresh day.

            … Nah, I’ll stick to my original plan and go to Sweden, I think they got similar temperatures and I’d like to stay on the same continent as the rest of my family.

  • Sapfo

    I know this tea is not made for this fandom. But would any of you want a cup anyway? For George!

    • Are you implying, my dear Sapfo, that this fandom is not civilized enough to appreciate a nice cup of tea?

      FINE! I’m going to get me a tumbler of Jack Daniels and a cigar and get right back to you. XD

      • Sapfo

        No Chirs, I am sorry to inform you that none so far have made any George flavored tea. So therefor we can not tast George. But some day there might be George Tea for all of us. Or even better, Spooky Tea! I will dream of that day. ^_^

        Edit: I wonder what George would tast like o.O

        • Denise Cruz

          A little bit of spicy, maybe?! lol

        • Sapfo you are amazing… you can make even tea sound salacious! 🙂

        • Draymorden

          I would say pipe smoke/tobacco and old leather.

          • …..I LOVE the smell of pipe smoke. It has such a better aroma than cigarettes or cigars…..

  • Otoyomegatari

    Holy shit, thats just what i was saying!

  • Shinashi

    I like how Spook took a stab at everything that’s troubling Kyle in one joke, but with a familiar arm around him while he’s buck-naked. I have a friend like Spook, and a couple family members. Very nice.

    • You are a lucky guy/gal (?) to have such a good support group. 🙂

    • Denise Cruz

      That’s so good to ‘hear’! It’s also pretty rare!

  • “soooo. . . . .what were you saying about treating ki-ki like a fragile baby, pauly?”

    — © Smug Snake, 2014

  • grimsister21

    Spooky just turned out to be my favorite character.

    I mean, Kyle in FREAKED OUT. He thinks he’s friends will stop loving him and caring for him just because he’s gay, and then Spooks just shows him that he’s ok with it. He doesn’t treat him like he’s made out of glass, or like he can transfer HIV by touch or whatever, He’s just like: “So you like dudes. Big fucking deal. It’s your life, not mine. Do whatever you want ,man. We’re still friends.”

  • Denise Cruz

    Is anyone else having trouble with the ‘vote down’ arrows?
    I’ve never used them! Never! And these freak things are showing up as if I had… I’m starting to hate them! Ò.Ó

    • Are you on a computer?

      • Denise Cruz

        Yes, I am!!

        • Hmm… Is your mouse in good working order? Cause sometimes those boogers are really a pain.

          • Denise Cruz

            Yes, it is! I just found out that “I” had ‘downvoted ‘people who I hadn’t even seen here, before… XD Well, at least, it seems that it stopped, for now… ^v^

            Edit: could anyone else have done it?

          • Then I shall blame it on the Discus Gremlins… Someone keeps feeding them after midnight.

          • Denise Cruz

            All right! XDDD (Discus Gremlins was the best of the week!! ) XDDD
            Thanks, AJ!! At least they left my downvote arrows alone, after yesterday night! 🙂

          • 😀

  • I love this scene. I love that Kyle is finally relaxed. I love that Spooky knows exactly how to relax him, and is comfortable with the situation. I love that Kyle has forgotten to be embarrassed about his nudity, and that Spooky clearly doesn’t give a fig.

    I also love Fluke. Realistically, he isn’t comfortable in the situation, but he cares. At first, he’s shocked at Spooky’s levity, frightened that it’ll have the wrong effect. When it does work, Spooky gives him a cheeky/smug grin. That’s a nice touch too.


    • Nicely put!

    • Totally agree… about the page and about the nudity… I think being chained naked to a traveling slab for about 90 pages would immunize you to being to uptight about being nude. So not the big issue… at the present moment. HA!

      Great comment. Thx. 🙂

      • Steven K.

        Or make it worse – possibility that when he’s nude it just recalls all of that vulnerability and dread and horror – not to mention various other types of emotional pain surrounding the situation and sexual experiences gone bad, etc.

        • I’m just going by how relaxed he looks on this page.

          There’s nothing sexual about the nudity. Earlier with Duncan it was ABOUT the sex, now it’s just skin and his buds… (hey I’m trying to cheer myself up here).

          I think he looks mellow at the moment. I’m going with that.

          • Steven K.

            The good thing about laughter is that it is a spontaneous response – reflexive – and for a moment your mind is off from your adversities/situation, which is another way and reason it is helpful.

          • Sapfo

            If you put you hand over the rest of the page and only look at the last panel….not so bad then 🙂

    • KryX

      I especially like the way he put his arm around Kyle’s shoulder. It reinforces the you’re OK with me talk. Spooks wasn’t kidding when he said he knew how to deal with trauma cases.

  • OMG that green extra-page bar is soooooooooo close. $11 away at this point. It’s like sex when you’re just thaaaaaat close to a great big…

    WHAT? Too crude or too true?

    Excuse me while I go to check behind the cushions on my couch for spare change. I need a DING (yes, that is a euphemism). Be right back…………

    • Steven K.

      My green bar must have a longer refractory period. Mine only shows $229 at the moment (as of Mon. 9:00p.m. EST).

      • OMG!!!! Refresh page refresh page refresh page… I’m only up to 46 cents in change. So bar better be an old amount, or I’m going to need my crying towel. LOL.

        • Steven K.

          Hmmm…why was I assuming that that updated automatically ? I guess I used to refresh the page more often than I do these days. I’m less likely to do so now because, when there are a lot of comments, the fact that the presence of new comment responses and their locations are marked makes them easier to find – but that disappears when the page is refreshed.

        • Don’t worry. Mine says $389 as well. It was $229 yesterday. It’s haunting me too and I can’t even add $2 dollars to it. Everything I have to spare will be going for the dentist. I can’t get around it 🙁 It’s centered to one tooth now, so not just an infection that can be handled without an expensive dentist visit and some painful treatment.. and getting in contact with a damn needle again ;_;

          • Sapfo

            Don’t you worry Danish. I try to get the hero-pin for you. If you are brave I make you a hero 😉

          • No dear Danish you take care of your fangs. A wolf with bad teeth is just NOT DONE! We’ll get there!

            You feel better soonest! 🙂

            xo, ChrisD

        • I’m showing $4 left, but it should be more cause I just scraped a little together. It should show $2 left.

        • Kelsey Marie

          I’m showing $2 left. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a DING 😉

          • It shows $398!!! You totally win the NO SPARE CHANGE DOWN THE BACK OF THE SOFA AWARD!!! for being totally awesome.

            You’ll be getting a tiny bronze sofa with bronze lint, but no change behind the cushions to represent your diligent search for essential PAGE pennies.

            We all bow down in thanks! That is very cool and I’m going to sleep better thats for sure. 🙂

            All best,

        • SofiaT

          You can put the crying towel down, Chris. $402 says my browser 🙂

  • stargrabber5

    Spooky looks so smug in the last panel.

    • I know… Spooky in that last panel reminds me of my big brother when he was being an insufferable shite for being right all the time. Still, he did fix my car once. Obnoxious sob. He enjoyed every minute of being totally superior about it.

      Now of course he has kids and must SUFFER and I get to remind him of all the “benefits” that come with being “GAY”. 😀


      • bronakopdin

        now I guess to you and everyone else it will sound strange… but actually what you just described between your older brother and you describes my me and my father… YES that way around xD he always thinks he’s got the best plan/method whatever until I come along and say “no it’d better if…” and he’s just like “…, yeah got it”

        no hard feelings I love my father as he loves me and actually at times he’s even proud… at times… after regenerating his own pride xDD

  • SofiaT

    Ding, ding ding!!! 😀

    • I rejoice in the caroling of the Bells! Thanks Sofia! And everyone else who dug in the sofa cushions! Awesome!

  • Lillihandra

    HAH! Spooky is now officially my favorite character. Reminds me of the first friend I came out to. “So you like chicks?” “Yeah.” “HAH! I knew you were checking out her ass!” “Shut up.”

    • That’s excellent! You were wise in your honestly…

      • You just looked at his junk.
      • Did not!
      • Did too, I saw you glance at it.
      • Shuuut up.
      • It was nice wasn’t it?
      • Shuuut uppp!
      • He had on the right Levi’s too. Nice.
      • I’m not listening.
      • You so just did. HA!
      • Auuuuuuuuuuugh…

    • Sapfo

      If I remener correctly, all buildings made by the “county” (region/landsting) is required to put 10% of for art of some kind. (Count = hospitals, transport, culture). Sometimes it is just a mess, but sometimes there Will. E absolutely wonderful things to look at.

      • That is unbelievably cool and makes me cranky with the people who run *shakes fist in air* my stupid city. Take care.

  • John

    I’m trying to decide if Kyle looks like he’s close to crying in the first panel or not… thoughts?

    • I agree I thought the first panel was Kyle-agonized and wrote my thoughts here…

      Then, in the next few panels, Kyle just looks uncertain, then slightly surprised, until that great final panel and that moment when it snaps together, he gets it and laughs. Those last two panels are amazing, especially when you consider how upset he is in the first panel and it never felt rushed.

      I’d bet that you’re right and one of the reasons Spooky jumped in so quick, was to stop Kyle before he really got going with the self-hatred and more misery. Kyle probably wasn’t far from the tears in that first panel and Spooky just yanked him right off that track quick. It was great to read.

  • Steven K.

    I’d say he is at least very agonized.

  • For those that read Purpurea Noxa:

    • b3nc0

      Thanks, I’m waaaay late, it seems =°P~

  • silibub

    I had a dream about this comic last night! It was a hypothetical update page where the scene switched to Duncan and Sircea watching these proceedings through a crystal ball or something, and Sircea was like, “See, he’s fine, can we please move on to other things now because I’m bored as shit,” and Duncan was being all conflicted villain-y. I guess the point was to show us that he was at least checking to make sure Kyle got home safely. Always fun to have things I enjoy invade my subconscious, haha!

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I don’t think that Duncan really cares. If he had, he wouldn’t have left Kyle naked, in emotional distress and in the middle of nowhere. If he really did care even just a little bit he would have taken the time to at least provide him with some clothes and/or assure Kyle that he would get help for him. Even if Duncan had realized that he had failed to plan for some clothes for Kyle, he could have given him his shirt or pants to show Kyle that he did indeed care for him just a tad.
      So I can’t picture him gazing into crystal balls to see if Kyle is alright.

      • Steven K.

        Hey there kiddo – that’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking! Though you said it better and more explicitly!

      • Steven K.

        So, yes, you are totally right (!!!) – but we can’t fault the course of action of someone’s dream, since it is rather (well, pretty much totally) involuntarily and subconsciously put together. Now if Ms. Silibub had written a fan-fic little episode to tag onto the main story so far, that included the mentioned elements, we might be able to critique with more justification 😉

    • Steven K.

      It would at least be something if he was worried about that, and worried if Kyle was OK and such, and was, as you say, “all conflicted villain-y”. But if he was really worried about Kyle, he would have left him in better circumstances and better provisioned – or, better yet, after giving him something to get dressed in, had Sircea pop him back home. I know – I’m being silly and picking apart YOUR dream – lol. Actually, though, like I said, it would be at least something positive if there were some remorse or worry shone – I guess that would indicate he hasn’t turned completely heartless.

    • I think that is awesome. (personally I don’t know enough about either to have a clue about any truth) But I love that you have a random scene run through your head while sleeping… how cool is that? The funniest part is that I can totally imagine Alex *facepalm* saying, “I wrote Sircea saying exactly that line, now what am I supposed to do?” LOL. It totally sounds like I’d imagine her. BORED with the kids. Kinda like when she sent Duncan and K. to Hong Kong… sorta indulgent and (yawn) whatever… LOL.

      I also love the “please move on” part. Like they have nothing else to do but to be like us, and wait for the page to materialize.

      Great Silibub. That gave me a huge grin. Thanks for sharing!

      • silibub

        I actually “write” quite a bit in my sleep, but it’s especially fun to dream about comics because my brain thoughtfully provides a page layout too!

        LOL, I’m glad you found my dream version of Sircea to be in-character, because that’s essentially how I read her during the alley scene, too. “Indulgent” is a great word for it — I read comments about her “shipping” Kyle and Duncan but disagreed, since she seemed sort of amused if anything by the idea of Duncan playing with (in her opinion) a child. I imagine she would be very impatient with Duncan if he acted conflicted about his treatment of Kyle in front of her.

        (You’ve opened Pandora’s box now, Chris — for all my fawning over Sircea I rarely get to analyze her!)

        • Oh please open P’s box. Sircea is a fascinating character. One that I think we just haven’t been allowed to enjoy yet. We all ramble endlessly over ‘what if’s’ regarding the male characters. Sofia’s done some good thinking about Amanda (and a little which I suspect isn’t too off on Sircea) but I’d guess you’d have some really fun thoughts on the maybes of her.

          So as far as I’m concerned, PLEASE bring it on! 🙂


          • silibub

            *rubs hands together* You’re too kind. Granted, it’s hard to do much besides speculate since we’ve only seen her in one scene…but I’m kind of curious, since Alex likes to play around with tropes, if Sircea might turn out to be a twist on the femme fatale stereotype? She’s not a central character, though, so there probably won’t be a lot of room to devote to her characterization…but hopefully we learn how/why she and Duncan became friends, at least. I wonder if her sexualized villain persona has anything to do with it — since as far as we know Duncan’s gay and not susceptible to her physical charms, he might be one of the few men she’s been able to bond with on a personal level. It would be interesting (and kind of sad) if she hasn’t had many meaningful relationships — romantic or platonic — because of the way she seems to use her sexuality as a tool.

            And speaking of her and Duncan’s friendship, I thought the line about how Duncan would “love to spar with [her]” if he had time was interesting, since it gave me the impression that they either snipe at each other for fun (like some friends playfully rag on each other), or tend to butt heads a lot but get along despite their disagreements. And if they do have a lot of differing opinions, I wonder if Duncan’s mixed feelings about Kyle will eventually drive a wedge into their friendship and pit them against each other (Sircea turning out to be one of the Big Bads is sort of a pet theory, but I wouldn’t be too sad to see it disproven since I’d also love to see a strong hetero friendship in a comic like this. Spooky and Commander have some sexual tension going on so they might not fit the bill.)

          • Love that.

            There is something very interesting about a friendship between two people so powerful that they are only safe with each other… so they can butt heads and fight (as friends do) because neither is fragile. It might indeed say a lot about who they are and why they are so important to each other.

  • Steven K.

    With that laugh from Kyle (and if anyone needed that, it would be our dear, sweet, undeservedly betrayed and messed up little flame-tufted hero), I find I’m not quite so much dreading every page now and can relax a little bit for awhile. I’m Just hoping Mitch gets to show Kyle some supportive bosom-buddy love as well during this sequence. Remember, Fluke and Spook, you promised Mitch you’d let Kyle know that he is there for him as well!

    • Okay I have to admit I’d like the three of them to walk up to a worried Mitch and have Paul give Spooky a smug look and gesture with his hands in that “Go ahead. It’s all yours” type of fashion. Have fun explaining all this to the 15 year… old hot shot.

      I’m sure Spooky can handle it just fine, but it would be fun to see Paul give Spook back one of ‘those’ expressions.

      We’ll see.

      • Steven K.

        Well, Spooky does say to Mitch: “Give Kyle a chance to suit up and we’ll figure this all out TOGETHER” (my emphasis) – but you bring up a good point of how would they go about filling their youngest team-member in on things, or how much Kyle would even want him to know. And if Mitch really does harbor any romantic feelings for Kyle (I remember having some major crushes on some late-teen and early 20s boys when I was his age), I think Mitch might be broken-hearted – and doubly wounded – not only did Kyle give himself to someone else, but that someone else was who he was, AND, that someone else who got to have the pleasure and honor of being Kyle’s first experience, betrayed that gift of body and trust and used him in such a horrendous way. Then we have another lad in need of some therapy. Though he could then channel his anger and despair into getting even and vowing to avenge Kyle’s betrayal of him by Duncan and be the first to lead the charge in seeking the revenge for the wrongs committed by Duncan against his beloved Kyle. Just playing with ideas where some additional drama might be introduced, cuz goodness knows this comic could use a bit more drama, right?

    • KryX

      Kyle may be laughing now but he has been through a trauma. He will likely swing toward depression too as he works to put the pieces into place. This is common for those with PTSD as they come to grips with what’s happened. The rides not over, but Spooks appears to know how to handle it.

    • KryX

      The thought just crossed my mind. We don’t have a very deep back story on Spooky. I suspect that he has either been through a major shock himself or someone very close to him has. That would explain his skill with dealing with this sort of thing.

  • jreed3842

    HELLO! Fellow campers! How are you all today?

  • Timni16

    I love Spook’s “in yo face” look in the last panel.

  • Sandy

    Sometimes you need that one friend who wont treat you like a ticking bomb

  • omg I love Sparks facial expression in the final panel what a great comic, seriously amazing.

  • AJ Jung

    Know I’m a bit late to the party, but Spooks is my favorite thing in life so far.

  • Curt Clark

    Spooky missed his calling in life as a stand-up comic. Eh, maybe he can open for Zatanna.