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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 12

876 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 12

In Spooky’s defense, he did just see Clueless and he’s been dying to use that “411” phrase…


Oh and…


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So! Seems Spooky’s has gotten “the 411”, the download, the low-down, the skinny, the buzz, the scoop, the jibber jabber, and maybe even the straight dope… I wonder what Kyle’s reaction will be?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

    • Congrats David!

      • Thank you! I’ve never gone for a ‘first’ before, so feel especially lucky to have the New Year one.

  • Yay made it just in time. I’m writing from a slow ass iPad that I figure out how to use xD Took mé forever to be allowed to log in but I see I’m right on time 🙂

    • Aw, I thought I had first a few minutes ago…but then I refreshed, and the comment was gone… *confused*

      • You did. It’s there. Discus has gremlins

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        • Sapfo

          Btw i have a hero pine for you now 😀

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          I lóve all thé wêird åccents ;°)

          Hang on!

    • Sapfo

      Nice accent Danish 😉

      • It won’t stop doing it xD Writing ón this is annoying, but soo better than nothing right now. Damn spellcheck though, and I’m basicly sitting in a Window to get signal. What I dó to Camp. 😀

        • Sapfo

          Same here, camping fr.o.m. Work on the phone. A nice quiet new years night in the hospital 🙂

  • So close!

  • OMG! This page. Spooky, I love you.

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

  • Amanda


  • Sapfo

    Happy new page! Happy new year!
    Have a good post camping

    I would react JUST like that to try to lighten the situation. Then go “don’t worry, Kyle. Me too.” *winky face*

    Well…technically I’m bisexual but whatever. Semantics.

    • Garnasha

      Would be so great if Spooky followed your lead. And Mitch working up courage for a few days after hearing this and then fessing up to a massive crush on Kyle 😛 (Ok, that’s over the top. But Kyle does need a healthy, safe relationship, and I’d be fine with firefly, or comparable alternatives)

      • Frater Gymnos

        I’d like to see him with Fluke.

  • No_One_Special

    Next picture, Fluke punching Spooks face in..

  • Kyle: Spooks….
    Spooks: Hey, buddy
    Kyle: So…you know?
    Spooks: That you’re gay and the spawn of satan? Fuck yeah, buddy.
    Fluke: AAAAGH!

  • This one was a little hard to cliff note. It is pretty much it’s own cliffnote…

  • Miss Quinn

    Nicely done Spooky.

  • Susannah

    You gotta love Spooks. He didn’t bat an eye. He took everything in stride and is even joking around. How can you not love the guy?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS! I hope 2014 is an amazing for all of us, I hope Alex has a very successful year and that Young Protectors get even more readers, so we can add more people to this amazing community. Y’all awesome!

    • Thank you for the good wishes and for helping to make this community amazing! Happy New Year!

  • JustStoppingBye

    Spooky…tellin’ it like it is. I like Spooky. lol What you see is what you get. (Or is it? *winks*)

  • steelie

    OMG – Spooky! He knocks the tension out of all of us and Fluke at the same time. Touche! I only hope it does the same for Kyle.

  • Marcus Dionte Scott

    Happy New Year to You All! May Peace and Merriment be the gifts you receive most on this Holiday! Have fun, reminisce, and then when the clock strikes 12, fuck your lover til their eyes roll back, their toes curl and they scream your name like you were the Second Coming of the Messiah, and then curl up together and read this comic from page 1…or, you could read it while you’re fucking. Now THAT, boys and gals, is superhero ability! Go Superman Dat Ho! *Chocolates for whoever gets the reference*

    • Jamie Dutton

      OMG, that was awesome! Hope it happens for all of us 😀
      Happy New Year’s Marcus!!

  • Okay, I wish I could stay but I don’t want to use all the power on my friend’s iPad and writing on this thing is difficult.

    I got to see the page, so now I’ll go to bed. For the ones reaching the New Year about now. Have a great night.
    I’ll come back in a day’s time to give a better reaction to the page when I’m back home 🙂

  • Fluke says what everyone’s thinking.

    Happy new year! Can’t wait to read more of this comic!

  • mogoskier

    I’m not sure if that was the best thing to say or the worst.

    • Jamie Dutton

      But it was Awesome, regardless!

  • So there I was sitting on the couch eating Chinese food for New Years (fortune cookie at midnight y’all) when I first saw the page. There was poor Kyle startled to see Spooky, his face long in the second panel, feeling embarrassed, expecting some judgement. Aww poor Kyle.

    And then Spooky happened.

    I just started laughing. That’s dangerous you know (with Chinese food)! 🙂 I knew Spooky had something to say by that smile of his on pg 11. BUT I wasn’t expecting that. And then Fluke’s exasperation… This page is fantastic. It shows each of their personalities so well.

    So… Alex (Adam & Veronica too), thank you so much for making my 2013 so much brighter with your wonderful comic (even when I was biting my nails). The community you’ve fostered has been a real joy to “hang out” with and be a part of. And I look forward to spending 2014 here with y’all.

    • Thank you so much, AJ! I’m glad Spooky gave you a little chuckle there and that you’re enjoying The Young Protectors (and the personalities of our boys…)!

      Thank you also so much for all your help with the moderation and being such an awesome contributor to the comments section. Both you and Sofia have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on the fun part of responding to comments (and writing more The Young Protectors!)

      I’m glad you’ll be here with us in 2014 and I hope this year brings you much joy and success! 🙂

      • For you as well! And truly it’s been my pleasure, Alex.

  • Summer

    LOL. Did Spooky just check out Kyle’s goods and tell us something? He might have!

    I really hope that they are able to provide some comfort, all joking aside.

  • silibub

    Dear lord I needed that laugh. I love everything about this! Way to usher in the new year, Alex — I hope it’s full of excellence for you, Adam, and Vero…and everyone else here, of course!

    • Thank you, silibub! I wish the same for you in the New Year! 🙂

  • b3nc0

    Yaoi New Year‼

  • Actually, thinking further on this page. I think this was the best thing to happen, with Spooky’s comment and Fluke’s reaction. I have a feeling this is a common dynamic between the three of them. Which is good, it’s giving Kyle some normalcy. I think Kyle needs some normalcy after the evening he’s had.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Usually I’m not one to champion “Normal,” well except as a setting on the dryer. But in this case, I’ll agree that Kyle could use a little right now!

      • True. Usually I hold no notion what “Normal” is, but here…it works. 🙂

  • Sapfo

    It feels as if Kyle is holding his clothes like a security blanket. Please Paul, Spooky, give him some space to get dressed 😉

    • Steven K.

      I thought that too. Yes – please.

      • b3nc0

        At least they gave him the place to stand up without bumping in them. Bumping against his best friends. Against them with his bare skin.


  • mogoskier

    Hey Alex,
    just thought I give you a heads up. In the archive for some reason page 11 for this chap is not there, it just goes to 12.

    • I noticed that too when I was trying to get to this page earlier.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Should be fixed now! 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    Thaaaaaaat’s Spooky~! Dedle-lee-deet-dee-dee~! <3

    • Frater Gymnos

      Spooky has a theme song?

      • Toli Bera

        Totes. why wouldn’t he?

      • Toli Bera

        yes. Of all the YP members who else do you think would have one really?

        • Frater Gymnos

          Fluke, i think. I don’t see Flyboy or Kyle having one. I could see Spooky giving Kyle a theme song, however. One that Fluke would probably hate!

  • Jaden Levi

    I don’t know why I am so overly serious all of a sudden (it’s not like my world is about to undergo and Apocalypse)…but I just wanted to strangle Spooky. Until his eyes bugged out and that stoner smirk was wiped out of his face.

    • Fluke might help you. 😉

    • Garnasha

      That’s too harsh. He means no harm and although he’s blunt, he did have to admit he knew, and this way he immediately makes clear it doesn’t bother him at all. That kind of casual acceptance is a great relief to gay people who feel awkward coming out, and while being hell-spawn is quite horrifying, the same approach might work.

    • purplefoxglove

      Careful there – Spooky might summon a demon to eat you 😉

  • SofiaT

    HA! I didn’t see this coming.
    Spooks likes doing things his way, huh? And I’m glad he’s such a rebel, I think this is exactly what Kyle needed right now. I just hope Kyle will agree with me.

    On another note, I went to bed at 3.30am and woke up at 5.30am just to read this page. If this doesn’t say I LOVE YOUR WORK, I don’t know what does. 😛
    Thank you for the 2013 obsession following me into 2014, Alex, Adam and Vero. A very happy new year to you all. 🙂

    • Hehe. Sorry to interfere with a good night’s sleep, but I’m really glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors, Sofia! Thank you so much for all your help as a mod and for the great presence you give here in the Comments Section. As I told AJ, y’all have made my world a whole lot easier. 🙂

      A very happy New Year to you as well! 😀

      • SofiaT

        It’s my pleasure 🙂

        And there’s a phrase I’ve been dying to use too (and I’m never able to, because I’m always the first one in the group to succumb to sleepiness).

        “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. 😀

        Also -now that I’ve started with the clichés- I must say to Spooks: “Keep it real, bro”.

  • Xalun K

    Kyle’s face in panel 2…. he just looks SO insecure and nervous. 🙁 Spooky seriously needs to keep his mouth in check before Paul punches him (or Kyle’s flames accidentally get the better of him during this tumultuous time period).

    Story is getting GOOD Alex, and Adam & Veronica, good job conveying the emotions through posture and expressions. Makes me squee a little. 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t commented in so long, I’ve had a lot of… ehm… life happening, and totally withdrew. It’s been a poopy couple of weeks, and today just was the icing on the cake (had to take one of my pups to the emergency vet), so hopefully next year is better. <3

    *EDIT* Also, Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

    • *hugs Xalun* Poor puppy!! Will it be okay? I hope things are indeed better for you in the New Year.

      • Xalun K

        She’s all right, fortunately… has some kind of severe infection in one of her ears and now I’ve got meds for it, but she had to be sedated so the vet could take a look so I was at the vet for HOURS and HOURS. Ugh. Worth it, though, for my puppy girl to be ok. 🙂 And thank you. <3

        • Glad to know your pup’s going to be okay.

        • Hours and hours at the vet can be really rough, though I am really glad that your puppy is going to be okay. ^_^ Yay for puppy!

    • Sorry you’ve had a rough couple of weeks (and I’m sorry to hear about your poor pup!), but I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic. Here’s to hoping that this next year brings you much happiness and that your puppy feels better very soon!

    • SofiaT

      Sorry to hear about your pup, Xalun. I hope things get better for you from now on. Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Steven K.

      Sympathies! Here’s to hoping that 2014 is better for a lot of us!

  • *sigh* Okay, with this I can no longer hold out….Spooky, you are indeed, “the bomb”.

    I am laughing. Laughing a lot. Spooky’s words in that panel are just great. And for those that are going to nit pick…..Kyle asked, and Spooky answered in Spooky fashion. ^_^ *giggles…..411…* And then Fluke……*bursts out laughing again* *gets laughing under control and wipes away a tear* these guys are great.

    You have Fluke trying to be all “don’t look at nude Kyle to (spare him embarrassment?) ” and “let’s tiptoe around the issue” and “be cool about this” to Spooky and then ends up being “not cool about this”.

    And then you have Spooky that is being so cool so Spooky.

    Between the oh so chill Spooky and the not so “cool” Fluke….this might just be the contrast of friendship Kyle needs. (Still prefer Spooky’s reaction to Fluke’s….it kind of bothers me that he won’t look Kyle in the eyes at the moment….even for just a second.) Sometimes it helps you get through things when you see your friends bickering like this. So very nice.

    I really like the angles of the panels. In the first panel you get to seem them as group from Kyle’s right, when on the last page we got the them from Kyle’s left. This angle shows off Fluke’s “uncomfortable with the current situation” posture. ^_^ And Spooky being his “chill” self. Though…..*looks around furtively* shhhhhhhhh! *leans in close and whispers* I don’t think Spooky is as chill as he seems to be….after making SFL his hands haven’t left the pockets of his coat…..they might be there so as not to give away how “un-chill” he feels inside.

    *coughs* So the next panel I take is Spooky’s view of Kyle since we cannot have a Fluke’s view of Kyle since he refuses to look at him. Kyle in this panel is a bit not heartbreaking….but something along those lines…Kyle’s look of uncertainty and vulnerability about how his friend is going to react to the news of….well…everything. I just want to hug him and assure him that everything is going to be okay.

    In panel three, from the angle I would say it is Kyle’s view of Spooky, which is nice. We get to see how Kyle is physically seeing his friends……and I swear Spooky is the only one who could deliver that line, in such a way as not to be ……hmmmm…..”un-cool”? And while Spooky’s face is facing *giggle* Kyle, I don’t think his eyes are currently looking at Kyle. Though that is probably just how sometimes your eyes naturally move when answering certain questions. (Though I think I am more concerned that Spooky has apparently been watching Clueless….I couldn’t even make it all the way thought that thing.)

    In panel four we get “Kyle Vision” of Fluke. Where is Chris to wax so eloquently about Fluke and his physique? I can see that comment leading to a “heated discussion and while those two are playing word games and Spooky is having fun, Kyle gets dressed while his friends are otherwise occupied. ^_^

    Thank you Alex, Adam, and Veronica for a wonderful page!!!

    I hope you all have a fabulous fantastic joyful fun-filled wonderful New Year!!!

    • Xalun K

      I don’t disagree that it’s just them being them, I just think this situation may require a little more tact than Spooky seems to have. LoL. Happy New Year. 😀

      • Garnasha

        Maybe it’s like ripping off a band-aid quickly? Don’t drag it out, just get it all out of the way and then comfort and reassure him?

        • KryX

          I totally agree with you on this one. One could beat around the bush and in effect leave Kyle out to hang for a while longer, or you can get to the point and past it. Whatever shock this might be to Kyle, he now knows that his friends have already moved on and the only issue is seeing if he’s alright. This is how guys, gay or straight, deal with intense emotional moments, with humor. Any less would not be treating him as the friend he is.
          I’m not in any hurry for Kyle to get those cloths on.

          • Calahara

            I think that applies to most human beings, at least I hope so. But some people do say I’m a rare sort of human being. (Something to do with both loving sciences -biology ♥ – and art -playing piano-. )

          • KryX

            Chemistry/Computer Graphics

    • Thank you, Dokidokibaka, for such a wonderful, thoughtful and thorough analysis of this page! And thank you very much for being such a wonderful member of our community here!

      I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous, joy-filled New Year as well! 😀

    • Garnasha

      Hmm, what would his hands give away? That coat is open, he’s hiding nothing 😛 (And what does SFL stand for? I get that it’s the lamp thingy, but can’t expand the acronym) I think his hands are in his pockets because they have to be somewhere, and this posture works to convey a chill image.

      Anyway, yes, please let Kyle get dressed. After that, hugs and support. He needs some platonic love, after forbidden love blew up in his face so badly.

      • Hands can give away quite a lot. They could be balled up in anger over Kyle’s state, flexing as if itching to strangle a certain someone for hurting his friend….any of the little gestures the hands could make that would conflict with Spooky’s image of chill. Of course, they could be doing nothing but sitting all chill like in the pockets, but I would like there to be some reaction from Spooky about the severity of the situation. And as I cannot see his hands I would like to believe that his expressiveness is being channeled there. ^_^ He doesn’t want to have something that will contradict his “chill”.

        Spooky’s Floating Lantern ^_^

        • It may also be a way to keep himself from fidgeting with his hands.

          • ……which would still be a sign of agitation which would still contradict “The Chill” 😛

          • Exactly. It was just one more reason I could think of why he might be hiding his hands. The pockets are a great place to put them when you don’t t know what to do with them, especially when one isn’t feeling “The Chill”. So basically, just agreeing. 🙂

          • Cydney Sabin

            Or maybe it’s cold in the mountains and his pockets are warm? That was my original thought.

          • That’s true too!

    • I keep laughing too!

    • Heather Elder

      I think flukes awkwardness might just be to his friends nudity. And speeking from personal experience just because you are initially awkward about a friend coming out of the closet does not meen you do not support them, I honestly did not know how to act around the first friend who came out to me not because I am homophobic but I had never been around a gay guy before. The awkwardness does fade once it stops feeling like news. While flukes reaction may not be the best one he is trying and clearly supports Kyle. I like spookies reaction better though, he seems to be acting more normal.

      • Yes yes. I have never really had that awkward reaction at all though when finding out someone I know is gay. As it was something I don’t really care about, it wasn’t something I really paid that much attention to. I remember in high school I had the one friend that although he was always surrounded by girls, I could never see him having a girlfriend (he had guy friends too…..he was just one of those popular with everyone type of guys). After high school ended for both of us I found out he was gay and I was like….”oh, huh, that explains why I couldn’t picture you with a girlfriend”. Though in college one of the first friends I made was gay, but I didn’t realize that until my sophomore year. Which is funny because despite ALL the signs….I was mildly surprised at that one….Seriously I am either very intuitive at times or clueless at others. But even then my first reaction to him actually telling we was, “We could have gone guy shopping together!” Yes, I am an odd duck.

  • Hi Beck! Alex answers this question in the FAQ on the last page of Artifice. 🙂

  • davefragments

    YAY SPOOKY – I was expecting a line like that and Spooky came through.

  • steelie

    New Year is about to hit here. Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone much happiness in 2014.

    And I’m still grinning over Spooky’s statement there. Alex, the timing on this is just genius! Bravo!

    • Happy New Year, steelie! And much happiness to you as well.

    • Glad you liked that. 🙂 Happy New Year, Steelie! 🙂


  • Loneliestoflulabies

    Happy New Year!!! And I just have to laugh at Spooks what else can you do?

    • Happy New Year Lonliestoflulibies!!

    • Happy New Year, Loneliestoflulabies!

      • Loneliestoflulabies

        Happy New Year to you too ^_^

  • fujoshifanatic

    Happy New Year one and all!

  • Kate G

    *smacks hand to forehead* Can I please kill, Spooks? PLEASE? I mean, can he be any less ruthless? Poor Kyle. *hugs Kyle possessively* The poor boy has been through enough. A little more tact would be, you know, NICE.

    Of course, had this been me, I probably would have been worse. Autism, it’s a lovely thing. Tact is not known to me. I’m rather bloodcurdling brutal.

    It’s not quite new year’s here, but happy new year anyway! Too bad my dog didn’t stay awake for it! *looks at dog snoring* What am I talking about? All she does is sleep! She’d win a gold in the Sleeping Olympics.

    • Heh…,,I know how that is…and when they get all huffy, I am like “What did I say? That’s the way things are!” …..Yeah, tact and me, we don’t always get along so well. ^_^

      And HA HA! My cat was awake and we toasted (in a way) the new year. 😛 ^_^ Happy New Year Kate!

      • Kate G

        Mine is more the “they start crying and Mom has to send me to my room, explain that I’ve once again stepped over 500 lines and then be forced to apologize” honesty policy. My brain and my mouth have no censor system. Well, my brain and my fingers have no censor system either. Okay, I’ve learned to edit the fingers somewhat. If only my mouth would learn to edit. I have no editing system!

        Zena, if I can guess, is at the moment slowly pushing my dad off of his bed. That’s her second talent. She’s a bed hog. Yes, that dog you see in my avatar, all approximately 40″ (including the shnoz and itty bitty teeny tiny stubby tail) will steal an entire queen-sized bed. You start with 1/2, she starts with 1/2….you end up falling off–or nearly–in the morning. It’s a particularly good talent of hers. You have to stumble around the bed to the other side to get what she stole if she hasn’t gone spread eagle on you if you want to go back to sleep. She’s probably digging front paws into his back too. So glad I’m not in charge of her tonight. HA HA HA!!!! (I mean, she’s warm as heck, but I love my bed, you know?)

        Happy new year!

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year from the east coast. 🙂

    • Happy New Year, Jakk!

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Happy New Year AJ! May it bring you lots of happiness and health. 🙂

    • Happy 2014 Jakk!

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Happy New year Doki. 😀

    • Happy New Year, Jakk!

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Thank you Alex. A very happy and successful new year to you and your team! 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Wow – super early page tonight! I loved the combination of Spooky and Fluke here. Those guys are great (and awesome friends)!

  • A2MOM

    In the first panel Paul looks like he’s thinking, “Please don’t say anything; please don’t say anything…”

    Yep. Spooky is gonna give Paul grey hair :).

    Happy New Year from Michigan!!

  • Rae Goldberg

    I don’t know what Fluke’s prob is… I mean I prefer my friends to be how Spook’s goin about it, just totally cool with it, not at all weirded and just themselves with it… -.- it’s just awkward if they’re any other way

    • Cydney Sabin

      Fluke thinks that Spooky is being insensitive. He himself is walking on eggshells when he doesn’t have to, in my opinion.

      • Rae Goldberg

        Yeah, -.- they’re friends… Kyle needs a pal who’s not gonna tiptoe around him

      • Steven K.

        But just as Fluke tells Spooky on an earlier page, he didn’t hear how Kyle was on the phone, how his voice was, etc. In fact, for the majority (as we know now) of the conversation, none of us heard how Kyle was either – we heard a few broken words and saw some tears, and if that is some indication of the rest, maybe there IS a good reason why Fluke is “walking on eggshells” – because only he heard Kyle talk about and confess all the horrible things that happened.

        • Cydney Sabin

          Very true. Fluke has a better understanding of Kyle’s mental state. However, he’s also way more tense than he should be. Speaking from experience, if you’re trying to help someone through a tough time, if you’re tense, they’ll subconsciously pick up on that and it’ll make things worse. Spooks might be a bit too laid-back right now, but I think it evens out with a really good contrast that should help Kyle pop back up, maybe even stronger (emotionally) than he was before. That’s my hope, anyway.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    [rolls eye – partly form amusement, partly from exasperation.] Okay, yes, cute line. But the thing is that we *know* that Spooky can be serious when he wants to be. During interlude 1, he was the one who called ‘playtime over’ when it became clear that Commander had life saving work ready for them. And, intellectually, we can also assume that since magical training requires a considerable amount of dedication and self-discipline (especially for something as potentially dangerous a summoning demons) that Spooky can’t be a total goofball.

    So I’m leaning towards Spooky testing Kyle just to see how fragile the team firebender is at the moment. And if that’s the case then I expect Kyle will pass with flying colours, because I’m in the camp that has been praising Kyle’s dedication to ‘doing the right thing’ for the past few pages when it became clear that he put forward all pertinent details to Paul. I’m expecting he wanted to keep things relatively secret from Tsunami (and maybe Flyboy) but that as soon as he gets back to base he’d have wanted to update both Commander and Spooky.

    But as an alternative, let’s contemplate dark and paranoid conspiracy theories. Maybe Spooky really is just a goofball. Maybe he didn’t have to put any dedication into his magical training. Maybe he’s one of those natural adepts who just wills magic to happen without having to have ever to put effort into training, and as a result developed the attitude that everything exists only for his entertainment, like whatshisface over in Order of the Stick, Xykon… In which case, yeah, maybe all the commentators who say they want to kill Spooky right now are more correct than they realise…

    [finishes shit-stirring, ducks and runs for cover, giggling]

    • *giggles* You said Firebender….Can Kyle learn from Zuko because he made a great teacher for Aang. ^_^ Oooo Oooo or Uncle…..I love Uncle. Or both! Yes both! Kyle must now go to the Fire Nation to receive training from Uncle and Zuko. ^_^

      ……as to your last paragraph all I have to say is……


  • bobbyjoeguy

    *gay gasp* Fluke said a BAD word! …I think I like it when super hero’s are a little naughty… 😉 and Happy New Year to Alex, Adam, and Veronica! … and to everyone else here too!

  • Vincent

    Classy way to handle that. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Happy New Year to this lovely community of people! Let’s raise a toast to Alex, Adam and Veronica for this amazing obsession called “The Young Protectors”!
    May 2014 be full of health, good food, awesome friends, and even better Yaoi! Oh and less (LOTS less) drama except in the stuff you choose to read!

    I love all you crazy, beautiful people here and yes, I think I’ve had a bit too much bubbly *giggles*
    Now to go kiss my boyfriend like there’s no tomorrow and emabarrass the heck out of my cat!

  • Happy New Year, Heroguna! And welcome to the comment section, hope to see you around in 2014.

    Just a quick FYI, if you verify your email with Discus, your comments will be around much quicker instead of stuck in moderation. 🙂

  • Jamie Dutton

    I keep scrolling back up and giggling like a loon after reading Spooky’s now infamous line. Although when I first read it, I wasn’t sure about what he meant when he said ‘mo…I almost hurt myself trying to figure out if he was calling him ’emo’, ‘elmo’ or something else. Never try to decipher stuff after 3 glasses of champagne ><;
    I finally got it though and I totally agreed with Fluke's statement.
    After the third read through and seeing how awkward Paul is, I realized Spooky said that not only for Kyle's sake, but for Paul's as well. It's like a splash of cold water in his face or a slight slap on the cheek to get someone out of their shock, I think. It's basically Spooky-ese for "c'mon dude, snap out of it! Our boy needs us, so pull it together!"

    • I agree, Fluke needed to relax as well. I keep laughing too, each time I scroll up.

    • silibub

      Call me ignorant, but I’d never heard anybody break “homo” down to just the one syllable before, so it took me a minute to process the slang. I hope Fluke acts more naturally now that Spooky went and detonated the ice!

      • Jamie Dutton

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one trying to puzzle that out!

      • It was used a whole bunch in Will and Grace. 🙂 At least in the episodes I caught.

        • silibub

          There’s my problem — I’ve only seen a few episodes here and there! And look at all the culturally relevant information I’ve missed out on…

          • Don’t feel too bad silibub, I am in the same boat…never got to watch much Will and Grace. So Spooky watches Will and Grace as well as Clueless?

          • Jamie Dutton

            Yeah, we are all three in the same boat! I’ve only seen a few eps of it and apparently not the ones that included that phrase… to add it to my pop culture manual so no further slips may occur 😉

          • Considering I’m behind in most culturally relevant information, I suddenly wish I had a cape. XD

          • AJ! What have we decided about that issue? I thought we were already clear on this……

            😉 😛 ^_^

          • Metaphorical cape? Or how about a short one that just covers the shoulders? Or… Aww, man, the first time I could use a cape and I can’t use a cape!

          • *sigh* We do not want to loose you to a cape related incident…..they are death traps!

          • Can I have a special pin for my admiral’s coat?

          • I don’t know, can you? (sorry automatic response drilled into me by……lots of teachers).

            Yes. Yes you may. *hands over the “Capt’n Pop Culture” pin to AJ*

          • 😛

            *grabs pin* Yay for special “Capt’n Pop Culture” Pin! *sticks in lapel*

          • Jamie Dutton

            No worries I got the Admiral covered! Didn’t even have to break out the sewing machine, lol 😉

          • Jamie Dutton

            Yep, you’ve earned your “Capt’n Pop culture” cape nicely!

          • At least a small corner of it. 😀

        • Steven K.

          Must have been in later episodes. Watched that regularly early on, but got bored after a while when there was a lot more romantic action for Grace than for Will – and we never got to see much in the way of gay romance in general – just a lot of gay jokes and stereotypes with Jack. I know that this changed a bit later on, but it took so long that I had pretty much lost interest by that time and never made the effort to come back.

          • I think it was in the later episodes. The one I recall most clearly was Will declaring that Dr. Frankenstein was a ‘mo because he was trying to build the perfect man.

      • Eve

        I’m sober as a saint and I still didn’t get that for the longest time. I kept thinking of moto but that didn’t make sense given the context.

      • Steven K.

        Been one practically all my life (gay/ ‘mo) – at least in proclivity if not in action all that time – but I also had never heard that either, so even took me a little bit to figure that out. I suppose they are more progressive with the lingo out there in S.F.

    • I’m teetotal, and still had to think about the ‘mo for a moment. 🙂

  • Jeabro21

    I was too “busy” with the new year but I am so glad I remembered it was Wednesday

  • Megan Staples

    Spooky’s saying just the right thing. He’s kidding. Showing Kyle that he knows, and doesn’t care. Good Spooky, have a cookie!

  • Megan Staples

    Happy New Year, dear ones.

  • silibub

    I’m not feeling terribly coherent (surprisingly not drunk, just ill!) but here’s what I took away from the page and the new questions I can add to my ever-expanding list:

    * Kyle has told Paul he’s gay, but not Spooky, and I get the impression that Paul’s known for a while as opposed to just finding out over the phone. Is Kyle closer to Paul, or has he simply not known Spooky as long and hasn’t felt comfortable telling him yet? Were Paul and Kyle friends before they joined the Young Protectors? How long has everyone been a member, and how long ago was the team formed?

    * Paul has taken control of the situation so far, which suggests he has capabilities as a leader, but he also snapped at Mitch and Spooky because of the stress. It seems to me that Paul could be an excellent leader, but he still has some growing to do as far as keeping a cool head and directing people calmly even when things get personal.

    * I like Spooky a lot, but something about him just nags at me — maybe it’s the deliberate unprofessionalism of his sloppy “uniform” that has put him in a category apart from the others in my mind, but he certainly stands out as an anomaly, and I’m watching him! *points fingers at eyes, then at Spooky* Yeah. (Of course his casual costume could just reflect his more easygoing personality, but until we know for sure…! *does the pointing thing again*)

    * I’m glad to see Spooky doesn’t seem put off by the “son of Satan” aspect — I was more worried about how he, as a demon hunter, would react to that information than I was about the gay thing. So far it doesn’t seem like he feels the need to exorcise Kyle from this realm or anything, so that’s a plus. No reason to make the kid’s night any worse!

    …Wow, I went on. I’m going to dose up on some meds and go to sleep. Happy New Year, everyone! I’m glad I get to share it with such a great community!

  • Sapfo

    Good night new year, and good night dear comment fields. May this year be great! ~_~*sleepy*

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    Happy New Year all. 🙂

  • Happy New Years from the West Coast!

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      • Still around. I have to watch you bunch. 😛 🙂

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          • Could I give a trillion billion upvotes I would! OMG That is the BEST THING EVER!!!!

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            Lol, I’m glad you like it. Feel free to download and do what you will with it. Consider it a late Christmas gift. Btw, hope you don’t mind the long flowing hair. It seemed appropriate with the heroic pose.

          • I am so going to make that my avatar!! Thank you. It’s absolutely perfect!

            (And that was me making the comment on DA)

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            I can’t wait to see what it looks like as your avy.

          • I have it up. 🙂 You may need to refresh. *happy dance*

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          • You so made my evening, Jamie! Thank you!

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          • Yes yes. I’ve been looking for a new one, but nothing quite fit. Finally! 🙂

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          • They never are machine washable. *sigh* I guess I’ll need to get a supply of woolite.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Maybe Tsunami can give you a hand or Commanda might have a few pointers?

          • Hope someone does. Laundry is not my forte! 😀

          • Jamie Dutton

            Mine neither, lol. I had to get up extra early and do laundry. I let it go and was down to a tank top and sweat pants…><;

          • I can usually get it washed. It’s the folding and hanging that gets me in trouble. My poor cape would probably be terribly wrinkled. -_-

          • Jamie Dutton

            *psst* I took a page out of Edna’s book and made it wrinkle free. You can wad it in a ball and stick under the bed for 3 years and it’d still come out without a crease. No guarantees it wouldn’t find spiders, dust bunnies, and spare socks while under there, though.

          • Woohoo!

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          • Thank you! 😀 I feel dashing.

          • It does indeed.

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          • Yes, yes it is!

  • Happy New Year, all. 🙂 It’s a wet and windy New Year’s morning here in South-Wet England. (That is not a typo.)

    Oh, *Spooky*… Poor Kyle. Poor Fluke, for that matter.

  • thejazband

    It is very very rare that I will crack a smile or laugh out loud at something I read or watch on TV or whatever, but Spooky and Fluke, on this page, made me grin, because they are exactly like two of my best friends; this dynamic is exactly what Kyle needs. The accepting flamboyance of Spooky will lift his spirits, and Fluke’s tentative caution (particularly regarding tact…), which errs on the side of protectiveness, will keep him level.

  • Happy New Year, Heroguna! 😀

  • Eve

    Um…wow. I reread that twice before I figured out what a mo is. Uh, I guess this is what Kyle needs because it’s totally unexpected, not unlike the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Becky

    I agree with Fluke, but I still hope Spooky’s straightforward summing-up makes Kyle laugh. He’s had enough seriousface emotional trauma for one night, methinks.

  • Kiri

    Dear Commenters – thankyou for explaining what ‘mo is. I haven’t watched television for over 10 years now, and I totally missed that pop culture reference. Amongst the people in my circles, we’ve never called it that. I guess that makes me very old. 🙁

    Oh and happy new year to you all! May you always have access to the interwebz when TYP is updated. 😀

    • SofiaT

      If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get that tv reference either.

      Happy New Year, Kiri! 😀

    • Happy New Year to you as well!

      • Sapfo

        Jane, happy new year! Happy new avatar?

        • Happy New Year, Sapfo! And yes, happy new avatar too!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Wasn’t Mo one of the Dykes to Watch Out For?

      • She was! One of the leads! And I’m not the only one that age anymore.

      • Ha! Yes!

        (Although my favorite was always Lois.)

    • Cydney Sabin

      There’s a TV reference? I didn’t know that. I had to figure it out on my own the long way…

      • Me too. I feel old now. (Well, I *am* old compared with a large chunk of the readership.)

      • It was used in Will and Grace. At least that’s the first time I heard it.

        • Cydney Sabin

          That’s what others have been saying. To be perfectly honest, the only time I’ve ever heard it was in a YouTube video that was all about “What if being gay was normal?” and one of the girls kept calling the main character a “‘ro.”

  • TwilightDreamer

    gah! I want to laugh at Spooks comment…but I more side with Fluke on this.
    Still, I wonder if it may help Kyle more for his friends to be themselves, rather than being too serious about it, even though the situation is pretty darn serious…I suppose he needs both the compassion and warm familiarity of those he can trust.
    *shrugs*…not sure, but great update still. 🙂

  • Cman65

    And so what? You are still my friend. If you had told me before I may of set you up with this guy I know, do you like them with hairy cheasts?
    As for the Devil is you dad thing, have you meet my Gran?

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Imagine that the Young Protectors was a 1970’s era Marvel comic. Who should be in the corner box? And what should the page-one “origin” text say?
    “His family–destroyed in a FLAMING INFERNO of HELLFIRE!!! And now, through an act of FORBIDDEN LOVE with one of the world’s most powerful SUPERVILLAINS, Kyle (do we even know his surname? it should probably begin with a K) may have doomed his new family (and the world) to a FIERY APOCALYPSE!!! Spooky Jones, master of black magic…Fluke, stochastic wonder…the avian-powered Flyboy…Tsunami, lord of the ocean waves…and the (what suitable adjective starts with a C?) Commander, mistress of mind control!
    Alex Woolfson presents…the (insert adjective here) YOUNG PROTECTORS!!!

    • Jackal

      The compelling Commander, mistress of mind-control!

      And it might just be the Young Protectors, titles that were already two words didn’t get the adjective treatment as much.

    • Cydney Sabin

      I seriously just read that in Stan Lee’s voice. Bravo. I applaud.

      • Steven K.


    • Steven K.

      I was all totally into Marvel back then, so this works for me!

  • Vinny Gothika

    nice Spooks….nice >.< real sentimental

  • so, Kyle was wrong after all: When Duncan said, the gay thing wasn’t an issue after deciding to become the worlds most feared Super villain, Kyle thought that wouldn’t work for him. I guess, being big red’s son works nearly as fine to over-shine the gay thing 😉

  • vessto

    I wanna punch Spooky in the face!!!! (ง’̀-‘́)ง But I should be also honest to admit maybe with his silly humor he tries to keep Kyle not to fall in deeper sadness.

    • YES!!!!!! Gosh!

    • I haven’t seen that emoticon before. That’s awesome. 🙂

      • vessto

        I use very handy Mozilla add-on called i2Symbol. ¯_◉‿◉_/¯

  • Somehow I cried when I saw Kyle’s face *sob* Just that

  • Feverfew_M

    Ha, I love Spooky’s reaction! I think it’s his way of saying ‘no big deal, we’re still friends, let’s figure this out’. And I bet it’s a lot more reassuring than being all serious would have been. ‘Cause he’s just Spooky being his normal Spooky-self, if that makes sense.
    Oh, and a happy new year, everyone! 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Happy new year, Feverfew!

    • Yes, which is great. Exactly what he needs. A touch of tact, however, might have been nice.

    • Happy New Year Feverfew!

    • Happy New Year Feverfew!

  • Pashakitty

    Took me a few minutes to figure out what Spooky meant by MO, I’m assuming he means homo? But I could be wrong.

    • Cydney Sabin

      It took me a few seconds, but yeah, I’m about 90% sure that’s what he meant.

      • Jay Demetrick

        Yea: ‘mo is short for homo.

  • Nate

    Palm. Meet Face.

    Oh, it’ll probably end well, but still….

  • Jackal

    Oh, Spooky. Well, you’re sturdy enough to take a punch, and you have your powers in case Kyle shoots flame at you, but if he starts to cry you are going to feel like such a dick.

    Though it is hard to resist, since Kyle’s literally a flaming queer.

    • I was gonna say that last line was harsh, but…. yeah. He literally is.

      • Jay Demetrick
        • Yep. I know other people have made that connection. Just not anything that ever occurred to me while writing the character and if it occurred to Adam and Vero while we were working on the initial pages, they never mentioned it.

          The truth is, I haven’t really thought of the word “flaming” in connection to with gay folks since since I was a teenager, so it wasn’t until some readers mentioned it that I saw the connection. (So, if it’s a “Stealth Pun”, it was below my radar too.) As you can probably guess by now, there were other reasons I choose fire manipulation for Kyle’s main power. 🙂

  • purplefoxglove

    Oh, Spooky…”Yes, I know, and I don’t care. That’s what friends are there for! :)” LOVE him.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Sapfo

    I have jumped back and forth between this page and the last. It seems that Kyle does not see Spooks until this page, indicating that he had not dared to look up to look at Paul as he entered.

    So Kyle, you told them about your daddy dearest 😉

  • Sapfo

    Currently performing the most sacred rituals that is in Sweden. Eat pizza and watch the movie Ivahoe on New Years day. And like every year I wonder, who will he choose: Rebecca or Rowena? The drama is unbearable!

    What traditions do you have?

    • SofiaT

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      We’re too full to eat cake by then but we tear it to crumbles because finding the flouri is the most important part of the day.

      …Guess who got it this year! XD

      • Sapfo

        I hope it really works! Have a good day! 😀

      • Are you saying YOU got the coin?! That’s awesome! 🙂

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          It was a bit of an issue this year because my mom made the pita and she had used a “konstantinato” (a replica of the coin used in the Byzantium). Those suckers are tiny. We all tore our pieces to, well, pieces, trying to find it, but the coin was a no show. Then we started crumbling them with our fingers and taaaadaaa!! Yours truly was the lucky finder.

          I think I got hate stares from everyone on the table. Mwa ha ha.

          • As far as I’m concerned, you deserve all the good luck in the world, Sofia! May this year bring you much happiness, love and success! 🙂

      • Jamie Dutton

        Woo Hoo, you go Sofia!!

      • Congrats on the find!

        • SofiaT

          Thank you. It’s kind of a big deal, finding the flouri, so I spent the rest of the day “casually” carrying it with me and leaving it places where people could see it. I got more hate stares. >:D

          • HA! That’s actually really awesome!

          • SofiaT

            Speaking of traditions, I forgot to mention that New Years’ is when we exchange gifts here, not Christmas. Our Santa Claus is Agios Vassilis (Saint Basil) and that’s when he comes. 🙂

          • Really? I’ve learned something new! Cool. 🙂

            So, did everyone like their gifts?

          • SofiaT

            Here, if you want to learn some more (go to the bottom of the page, the rest is boring)

            I had given everyone their gifts and gotten most of mine when I got off the plane but, yes, everyone liked them 🙂

          • Very cool. I may have to steal some of that at some point. 🙂

    • I’m making pancakes. I think we did that last year too. 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Apparently I maintain the tradition of getting sick over the New Year. Bla! 😛

        I rather make pancakes 😉

        • Awwwww Poor Sapfo! Feel better soon!

          • Sapfo

            Thank you Doki!

        • Ah man, that sucks! Feel better Sapfo!

          In other news, while making the pancakes it was discovered that we needed butter and were out of regular syrup and the strawberry syrup I had made at some point had grown mold. So my dad ran to the store for butter, my mom made syrup (which turned out okay, we used almond extract instead of vanilla because we’re also out of vanilla) and I let the batter sit too long. BUT, all in all, it turned out okay. At least there was bacon to make it all better.

        • Adam Black

          got waffles

  • Wonderful page. Thank you, as as always for the extra good stuff, Alex, Adam & Veronica. Wishing you and everyone a very very happy New Year.

    • Sapfo

      Chris! Happy new year!
      I missed you!

    • SofiaT

      Happy New Year, Chris!
      We were wondering where you’ve been. Good to have you back 🙂

    • Chris! *hugs* Happy New Year!! Missed you lots!!

    • Thank you, Chris! A very Happy New Year to you! 😀

    • Happy New Year, Chris!

      You are most missed!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Happy New Year, Chris! Feel better soon!

    • Sapfo

      *empathy soup and get well hugs.*

    • Feverfew_M

      A Happy and especially Healthy New Year to you, then. Get well soon!

  • Grifter Timber Wolf

    A model of discretion he’s not. It’s actually kind of cute.

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    Happy New Year to everyone, thank you to the creators for giving us this wonderful tale, and to all the people in the background who make shit happen, thanks to them to. Also: FOR FUCK’S SAKE, SPOOKY!

    • You’re welcome, Lindsey! And Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  • Kalynn Osburn

    Oddly enough, I think it kinda helps. I mean what’s better than your best friend going “So you’re gay.” *shrug* “Now being the son of an inter-dimensional demon…that’s news.”

  • Dakejev

    …is Fluke having a hard-on in the first panel?

  • Lillihandra

    Spooks reacted better than I thought he would. If I were in Kyle’s place I’d probably find myself laughing after that. He managed to make it sound both ridiculous and like not a big deal at the same time. I’d still feel like shit, but it actually would be helpful.

  • SofiaT

    Predictions for the next page?
    I can imagine Fluke bursting into a rant and Kyle interrupting him to say that it’s all good.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I think that Spooky is going to get a smile out Kyle.

      • bronakopdin

        I actually really HOPE for that, Kyle deserves a cheer up!

  • bronakopdin

    I actually needed to google for the 411 one… oh damn not being native has it’s disadvantages at times xD

    though I like how Spooky tries to light up the mood with jokes I think it might be a little harsh on Kyle right now 🙁 let’s see how he reacts on the next page…

  • krissdevalnor

    Love this page 😀 cant wait for his reaction

  • John

    I get that spooks reaction isn’t to everyones likeing, but I have a thought.

    Wouldn’t Spooks reacting differently to his normal self be worse? That would suggest that Kyle’s news changed how Spooks saw Kyle. While being the Son of Satan is a big bad deal, Kyle admitting he’s gay is big good deal (inasmuch as he accepts who he is).

    On balance I think spooks reaction is good; he doesn’t care who Kyle’s father is, so he shouldn’t react overly to that and being gay isn’t a big deal either. So spooks acts normal (if supportive).

    That said, I think he could take some lessons on phraseology.

  • DarkFeanix21

    Oh, Spooky.

    Don’t ever change. But maybe learn to be a little more tactful. Just a tiny bit.

  • YAY Spook! That’s what I would say. 🙂

  • For those that read EMR here is a link to the new pages ^_^

    • joncarllewis

      Thanks for the heads-up. Do they even let people know when they update?

      • DC

        I suppose it depends on what you mean by ‘let people know’, but I think this lets people know when it is updated 🙂

      • Well, EMR updates every Wednesday, so sometimes it will update while there is the Tuesday camping. I follow EMR on facebook and I signed up for email notification….which I haven’t been getting lately..I need to ask themice about that ..if I remember.

        I just post about it here as type of PSA. ^_^

        • I put my email address here on their “subscription” page and they’ve been alerting me regularly.

          • I have too, but I haven’t been getting them….I will do it again and see if that fixes things.

            And since I am now certain that you have seen this avatar I can change it now. 😛 ^_^

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on Spooky’s behavior, so I’ll add my two cents.
    To me it’s all fine, it’s in keeping with his personality. He’s not trying to make light of what happened to Kyle but instead he’s adding a little humor, sometimes when you’re dealing with a very difficult situation a little humor helps. And in his way he is telling Kyle that being gay or the son of a demon is OK with him because Kyle is his friend.
    I think that’s what Kyle needs to hear, that no matter what happened or what he is that Spooky doesn’t hold it against him and is still his friend. And I believe that’s exactly what Spooky is trying to tell Kyle with his humor.

  • xLizardx

    Thanks, Spooky. Everyone in the room is now looking at me, wondering why I’m laughing like a muppet. 😛

    • Jamie Dutton

      Um which muppet would that be, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • xLizardx

        Ah, it’s just an expression – I meant that I was laughing like an idiot, but I was trying to be politically correct, because “idiot” wasn’t the first word that sprang to mind, and “retard” is potentially offensive. 😛

        I’m not sure that I can do an effective impression of any muppet. My attempt at Kermit sounds like a mutilated Mickey Mouse.

        • Jamie Dutton

          lol, ok. I can do the Kermit arm thingy, especially when my favorite web comics update!
          I just wondered, because I’ve been accused of laughing like Animal when I’m really excited. Don’t know whether that is a compliment or what, though.

          • xLizardx

            Probably: Animal is pretty awesome, for a muppet. 😀 Can you play drums at all?

          • Jamie Dutton

            Unfortunately no drum playing, lol

  • Happy New Year, Isis! You’re very welcome! 🙂

  • Frater Gymnos


    • Frater Gymnos

      Thank you for letting Kyle not be upset about being naked. he’s got worse things to think about. Besides, he’s among friends he trusts. he will know – if he doesn’t already – that he’s safe with these guys. Safe enough to have a conversation with them rather than screaming “Don’t look! i’m naked!” and running behind a post like some of us might prefer [him] to do. In the semiotic of fiction, nudity has a number of connotations and denotiations. Vulnerability – and in the face of that vulnerability, trust speaks louder than words. Thanks for letting him trust his friends to show it in such a potentially provocative way.

      • Steven K.

        Please don’t penalize people for being shy – some people can’t help it. And we don’t know yet how Kyle feels right now. Some people are very comfortable parading around nude. Others are not. Neither is right or wrong – it’s just another part of who they are. Part of one’s diverse set of characters – to just be accepted, rather than judged.

  • You can say a lot about Spooky’s way to sum up the situation.. but behind it all he’s not wrong. It’s more surprising he lasted this long before he said it xD

    Love the last panel. Paul’s reaction and body language. I can hear him say it soo clearly in my head. That exasperated ‘you just couldn’t NOT say it’ is drawn to perfection.

    Also Kyle’s hesitation, the causious ‘fear’, while waiting for Spooky’s reaction is so greatly drawn. Adam has always done a good job showing emotions and body language on the pages, but I think when it comes to that area this page is one of my favorites yet.

    • I agree. 🙂

    • Simba

      I was going to say something very similar! “We should be glad Spooky waited until Kyle asked before saying anything.” We all know it was giving him fits to wait that long. 🙂

    • SofiaT

      The look on Kyle’s face here reminds me of the look on his face in the interlude, when it seemed that Spooks was agreeing with Tsunami about the drawings being messed up

      And I absolutely loved the relief and huge smile on his face on the page that followed. He immediately went from tense to relaxed.

      I hope we’re getting one such panel next too.

  • LL

    I’m not familiar with “big ‘mo” …

    • Short slang for homo.

      • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

        …I learn new things every day. Thanks Danish. XD

      • oh…is that what it’s slang for…i was thinking something else but oddly not sure what that was anymore…

      • SofiaT

        Took me a few seconds to make the connection too, mostly because “homo” is a word I never use. I always thought it was like the “n” word, only those who are gay are allowed to use it without it sounding derogatory.

        • I got it right away, but the word ‘homo’ is pretty frequently used in Denmark. Sometimes it IS in a derogatory context here but just as/more often it’s not.

          • Sapfo

            But there are worst words!
            And the only one how is aloud to use the Swedsih one is Jonas Gardell 😉

        • You’re understanding correctly. In the U.S., “homo” is considered derogatory (although it could be argued that “mo” might be a bit more playful/affectionate than “homo” because “homo” has been used in a derogatory manner more commonly.)

          But unless your name is Spooky Jones, I’d recommend using the word “homo” and any variations with great caution or not at all. 😉

          • Sapfo

            This it is quite interesting. Here in health care system, this word is not used at all but it’s the term “men who have sex with other men.” it is to inclued the men who do not see themselves as gay or bisexual, but still are sexual active with other men. this can is still a very sensitive area for many

            But this word is used only to describe the group, at the individual level it’s only written in the medical record if their closest relatives are boyfriend / husband or nothing at all. We write what the patient wants us to write.

          • LL

            I would say it depends on how it’s said, too. Spooky makes it sound endearing, haha.

          • SofiaT

            Aye, aye 🙂

          • b3nc0

            Adding ‘big’ to it makes it sound more playful, doesn’t it?

        • Guest

          Funny, in Dutch it’s the standard objective descriptor, and all other words are slang and/or derogatory.

          Maybe the term never became loaded enough here that the gay community felt the need to claim another descriptor for themselves? At any rate, we have nothing like the word ‘gay’ with its original meaning as preserved in gaiety.

          And while on the subject of offensive words, how absolute is the offensiveness of ‘ poof ‘ ? Vaguely recall Jo Brand using it affectionately (to refer to Stephen Fry?). Obviously offensive if used by strangers, but close friends might be a different matter. Also, I just like the sound of the word,

        • Garnasha

          Whoops, posted something unfinished there, misclick. Anyway, In Dutch, it’s the least offensive term, and the one all gays use and expect to be used on them.

          Funny how those things differ between languages even when the words exist and mean the same in both.

          On the subject of offensive terms: how offensive is ‘poof’/’poofter’ (in British, I think)? I seem to vaguely recall Jo Brand using it affectionately once. Personally, I think it sounds soft, as a word without considering meaning, and very suited to being one of those “insults if anyone else said it”.

          • SofiaT

            English is not my mother tongue so I could be wrong but I believe “poof” is like “fairy”, they are derogatory terms too. They have a connotation of effeminacy, which in our patriarch societies is, unfortunately, considered a bad thing.

          • Garnasha

            I, for one, don’t really mind being called effeminate by people who
            say it without malice, and I won’t be the only one, so that might
            explain why Jo could use it if she knew Stephen (I think) to not be
            bothered by it.

            What we need to do, after all these feminist emancipation waves emancipating women to essentially allow them to be like men(according to traditional standards), is emancipate men to allow them to be like women (again by traditional standards) without having to go against society’s norms.

            Starting with young kids (as with all change), who should be able to have ‘girly’ interests and sports without running a risk of facing ridicule at an age they are still finding out what they like to do but definitely don’t like, and aren’t prepared for, being laughed at. Same goes for older people but there, it should be the ‘effeminate’ character traits that need to get destigmatized.

            Add outward appearances (and those for all age groups), half on principle, half because I envy the amount of choices girls seem to have. Long hair is semi-accepted, although you’re very limited in what you can do with it. But a boy in a dress is like a girl in shorts was, before the feminists came. Sharing clothing options needs to go both ways 😛 That means dresses tailored to boys, by the way, not boys dressing up in girls’ clothing, just like trousers get tailored to girls now. Similarly, I don’t particularly like make-up, but it should be ours to refuse, not something you just don’t do.

    • Jamie Dutton

      No worries, LL. Apparently a lot of us had no clue what it meant.

    • Heh, I just thought of something…One of my friends refers to herself as a “no mo” (meaning she is essentially done with sex for good)

      • SofiaT

        Isn’t that from “no more” though?

        • well I separated it out but she always says it “nomo”

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Spooks……..does not do tact very well, does he. Not that….it is necessarily bad way to deal with the situation. Maybe not the most respectful, but it will show Kyle that his team-mates are not gonna flee from him, or be afraid, or hateful….and most importantly, Spook’s take on this shows that they also won’t handle him with kid-gloves or like he’s fragile. That is good. If Kyle is going to get past this incident and survive to continue to be a hero he needs to not be treated like he’s helpless.

    Although….eh. Spooks can act like it’s not all a big joke though. Seriously. He needs a little kick in the bum. Behave Spooks! Make jokes later.

    • Steven K.

      I would tend to agree with that assessment.

  • thebitterfig

    You know, technically, Spooks doesn’t say “Fluke told me” he just says that he got the information. I’m still leaning towards *already had* the information.

  • I’m new to the comic and OH MY GOD! I love it. The perfect mixture of sweet, erotic and tragic. I cannot wait for the rest of the story. *curls up in a ball on the floor and hopes for a happy end, but really just enjoys the story regardless of ending*

    • Welcome to the comic peninmyhair! You’re in very good company. I think most of us are curled up waiting for the ending with big wide eyes. 🙂

    • SofiaT

      Welcome to the club, peninmyhair!
      And Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Thank you, peninmyhair! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the story and welcome to our community here! 🙂

  • jreed3842

    I ALMOST FORGOT THAT THERE WAS AN UPDATE! I’ve been a dedicated camper, but the holiday just threw me for a loop!

  • Amanda

    Right now, in Kyle’s mind: “Note to self, always carry pants. Never tell Fluke anything ever again”

    • b3nc0

      & he doesn’t know yet that Mitch is waiting outside!

      • Amanda

        I think Kyle’s gonna be like, “Seriously, is this a party?? Is there anyone you didn’t call?”

  • NightArcher213

    A part of me wonders if hearing it said like that will be good for Kyle. Maybe hearing it put in such an irreverent, careless way will make the whole thing seem less overwhelming. Not to mention that it will help reassure him that Spooks at least doesn’t mind that he’s gay.

    • Garnasha

      Best way I’ve heard it put yet. Go Spooky.

  • JM

    I freaking LOVE Spooky. I love him so much. I didn’t know how much Kyle had told Paul, but I guess he told him everything. I’m kind of surprised he got into the whole Satan/Laampros thing too. Did they have that whole conversation on the phone?

  • joncarllewis

    Love the page! Especially Spooky. Your characters are so full and true to themselves and the art brings out nuances like a Vermeer.

    • Thank you, joncarllewis! I’m glad you think so. 🙂

  • Aaron Fitzpatrick

    I’m rather surprised Paul didn’t just smack Spooky’s hat straight off his head for that. But, maybe making it a little bit less dire-sounding will help. We can hope anyway.

  • Sapfo

    *Ding, Ding!* ^_^

  • Dark_Otter

    (removes Spooky’s hat from his head and drop-kicks it across the warehouse)

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      As a close friend did to me in fun once I would take Spooks cap off his head and slap him over the head with it ….THEN to make my point I would put it back on his head ….facing the right direction!

      • b3nc0

        «NOOOO, not frontward, what with my lock?»

  • Maus Merryjest

    Spooks rolled a critical failure in Tact 😛

    • Klaus

      Did he? Maybe this is better than beating around the bush. Yes, I know what you did, I know who you are, now let’s move ahead.

      • Maus Merryjest

        Geez, is that unwarranted hostility in your trousers or are you just happy to see me?

        Seriously, who am I, and what did I do to get your knickers into a Gordian knot? :1

        • SofiaT

          If I may butt in, I believe the “you” was referring to Kyle, from Spooky’s perspective:
          “Yes, I know what you did, I know who you are, now let’s move ahead”, I’m pretty sure is what Klaus thinks is Spooky’s rationale here, it was not meant for you. 🙂

        • Klaus

          This had me confused for some time, but I think I understand now. You think I am accusing you of something. That was not my intention. I was paraphrasing Spooky. Spooky knows what Kyle did and who he is.

  • La Belle Gigi


  • SofiaT

    What is very interesting to me is Spooky’s body language since he
    first showed up on this chapter. He isn’t pretending to be cool for
    Kyle’s sake, he is cool.

    I always thought the gay thing was not going to be an issue for him, but I
    expected to see a bit more urgency and concern regarding Laampros and
    the impending demon invasion. But Spooks is so relaxed and with that
    Joconda smile, I wonder what he knows that others (and we) don’t know.

    Does that mean he expects to be able to control Laampros and his minions
    when/if they show up, or that he’s confident he can stop the invasion in
    the first place? Is it something else entirely?

    Does he know something about Kyle and his ability to stop the Apocalypse?

    I know that Spooky is the “clown” in the group, but he also strikes me as
    someone who understands the gravity of things and acts accordingly when
    necessary. So his whole attitude here has me scratching my head and
    wonder what it is we’re missing.

    • Sapfo

      Cool Spooky! ^_^

      I been thinking of Spooky and demons. He is a magic user and he can summon demons, maybe that is the reason why he is not more freaked out about that part. He is used to handle demons, so why should he not be cool.
      And for the other part, he is Kyles friend and maybe thats just how he views him, as a friend. Kyle being gay don´t change that. (at least I hope that is what he thinks)

      Maybe that will ease up the head scratching, or maybe not? 😉

      • SofiaT

        I’m not perplexed about his reaction to Kyle -I doubt it came as a surprise to him anyway. And of course he’d be cool about it, I never doubted that.

        But an invasion from a demonic army sounds like something to worry about, even if summoning demons is something within your skill set.

        So yeah, still head-scratching I’m afraid… (・_・)ヾ

        • Sapfo

          What I did not mention in the previous comment is that this is perhaps Spookys self-defense, the only way he knows to react. Acting cool and making jokes are a way for him to survive. Not doing somakes him nervos.

          • SofiaT

            I’m sure there’s a back-story there about how Spooky came to his powers and what that has cost him or how it has affected his general attitude towards life.

            No need to defend Spooky to me. 🙂

            But my point is, from the moment he appeared on that first panel in the flying car and until now, he doesn’t look like he’s acting cool. He looks genuinely relaxed. Is he overconfident in his abilities or is something else going on?

          • Sapfo

            I do not think I have defended.Spooky agains you XD
            But I have a sneaky suspicion that he would like it if two women argued about him. 😉

            Overvconfident or something else? Now you get me to scratch my head. Hmm?

          • SofiaT

            I meant, no reason to explain Spooky’s attitude. 🙂

            I think we’re saying the same thing but just getting lost in translation XD

          • Sapfo

            Translation = I agree with you 😉

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Yes! [shakes fist at Spooky] Cures you Mr Jones, you smiling faced Machiavellian fiend! *What Are You Up To*!?

      [more calmly] Which maybe leads back to the theory that maybe Spooky knew Kyle was part demon all along and *that* was (part) of the reason he hung around with the Young Protectors rather than moving on to one of the fully sanctioned adult teams.

      • Interesting Saxon, if that’s the case and Spooky knew all this time, then save me from such “colleagues” who don’t think I’m worthy enough to be warned of such a thing.

        Then on the other hand maybe Spooky wanted the paralyzing, bondage, misery “date to hell” to happen for reasons we can’t comprehend?

        It is true that Duncan was very conveniently and casually waiting outside the first gay bar Kyle got the nerves to go into… almost like he was alerted by someone. Someone who hasn’t moved on to the adult groups for… a… reason. Hmmm… interesting.

        Well he has taught Paul one thing… (re-read Spooky in page 11). He’s taught Paul that he cannot be trusted.

        • SofiaT

          I have faith in Spooks. Whatever his reason for doing things, I’m sure it’s a good one.

          But it’s driving me crazy that I don’t know what that reason is!

          • Well, of course, I don’t want to believe any of my silly suppositions, but Saxon opened the door to a dark path and I wanted to explore it.

            I guess I don’t want to be a chump again.

            1) I know most of us (me included) hope for an HEA… But certain folk here will remember when Alex broke my heart with what Duncan did to Kyle. Great story telling, but I wasn’t ready for my trigger to be hit so hard (sorta the equivalent of Deacon having pushed that button) and my ranting went on for a good bit before many of those same kind folk helped me work around it.That said, Alex will have to be the best writer in the world if he expects the D/K ship to ever sail MY sea. Of course, if he succeeds, I’ll be the first to bow very low in appreciation of zomg super amazing writing skills. We’ll see. Today, I can’t imagine.

            I’m also much more prepared for sneaky Woolfson than I used to be as a neophyte.

            • What if The Commander won’t have a risk like Kyle on her team? FIRED. It’s the only family he has. Does this make him more vulnerable to Duncan and Sircea? Do they even care anymore? Will he?

            • What if Tsunami’s homophobia is too much to overcome? It happens everyday. It’s not even unusual and most of us, who have overcome a homophobic work place, know it’s not easy and people usually do NOT rush to your aide.

            • Mitch? — very young. Does this news freak him? Either way, hero or love interest. It can take years for a person to admit to themselves that they are gay. Few of us start out WANTING to be gay. It takes time and 15 is very young. BEING gay and ACCEPTING that you are, are totally different things. His reaction is totally unknown.

            • Paul — I have no fricking idea?

            So this is just me saying I’m preparing myself if Alex goes south with Spooky (who I clearly adore and wish was Bi) and has him turn bad on us. As Sofia says, “But it’s driving me crazy that I don’t know what that reason is!

            Me TOO!

            I agree with Saxon. I know that I occasionally go to the dark place to remind myself, and maybe all of us, who shipped D/K, how THAT went straight to harrowing fanfic-ville hell. Thanks to Saxon, I have my Spooky armor on now, since I was such a chump earlier as to throw my heart right into the D/K grinder.

            Sorry, I think I have to disagree with AJ about Spooky & Paul… look at Spooky’s sweet little face working Paul hard on page 10.


            All that sweet talk of: “Point taken.” and “Don’t worry, I understand what you’re saying. I deal with people suffering trauma all the time, we’ll get our boy sorted out.”

            In this case everyone forgets (conveniently) that the “truama” is Kyle’s first *date*. None of them know that. That’s pretty horrible. So Spooky is pretty arrogant here… but that may just be Spooky.

            I agree Spooky may believe that’s what he’s just done (Spooky style) on page 12 is the right way to handle their boy, but only time will tell. As for page 10… if Paul doesn’t learn a lesson there about when to believe Spooky and when he’s being “worked” he’s just a bit dim. If this ever happens again, I wonder if Kyle will bother to call Paul, since Paul’s judgement sure wasn’t on point this time. Regardless of the outcome. We’ll have to see.

            Sorry (NOT) SK — but I agree with AJ that Alex will not go into the dying issue of gay reparative therapy… I would never speak for him, but that’s a line this reader can’t cross. Sickness. So I agree with AJ on that hope.

            I guess I’ll have to agree with Sapfo… *conspiracies everywhere*.

            Thanks for exploring the dark-side with me. :/

          • Sapfo

            What can I say? I like a good conspiracy. I also like to be able to see through them.

            It´s good to see you “back”, commenting like the pro you are 😉

          • I’mma gonna get stubborn 🙂 (Too late right?) And say he still didn’t actually promise anything.

            Sure he understood what Paul was saying, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to do what he was going to do. I would also think Paul would know Spooky enough by now to know that that’s what Spooky would do because Spooky seems the sort to always follow his own path. So if he was actually truly surprised that Spooky said any of that…

            Now, speaking of dark side, I’m suddenly craving a chocolate muffin…or donut….mmm donuts.

          • Sapfo

            That is the kind of dark side that I like. But I will resist! I must! ^_~

          • That’s the best kind of dark side! I had no plans to resist at the store, but they were all out of donuts… :

          • Sapfo
          • LOL!! That’s how I felt at the store!!

          • Sapfo

            I thought so! Now I´m of to bed. Bed, sweet bed!
            grr argh! 🙂

          • XD
            Sleep well, Sapfo!

          • (begin… not of a rant exactly… but of a ‘something’)

            First: YES, it’s way to late to get stubborn simply because I’m being stinky.

            Second: Alex up-voting you just means he’s being stubborn too and it’s still too late (unless he wants to WoG something then HE gets a free pass and a stubbornness extension.)

            Third: So you’re saying Paul understands Spooky is goofing on him and he’s just a chump? Is THAT what you’re saying Admiral… for shame… thinking so poorly of poor distraught Paul when he’s clearly so upset about his friend Kyle. Shocked I am.

            *clutches pearls in horror* (fyi this can only be done properly by big mo’s, although it is not necessary to be demon seed… that’s a myth.)

            Fourth: MODs are NOT allowed to lie and I don’t believe you’ve actually stopped being stubborn at all. Actually, I’m not sure that’s actually possible. (discussion to be continued at further time)

            Fifth: Now I need chocolate and it’s all YOUR fault.

            (end… well not of a rant exactly… but end of a ‘something’)

          • Hmmmmm…. *tapping chin thinking of appropriate way of answering.”

            First: 😛

            Second: 😛

            Third: I think what I’m saying is that Paul shouldn’t have been so surprised. If he was surprised. He may have hoped Spooky wouldn’t be Spooky for a moment. But he’s Spooky, so the unexpected should have been expected. Yeah?

            Third part 2: 😛

            Fourth: 😛 There is stubborn and then there is digging one’s heels in and sitting down on the ground with arms crossed and the appropriate glower. 😀

            Fifth: Super Target has the best chocolate donuts with chocolate frosting. They bake them, not fry them and so they taste just like cake. You’re welcome.

          • Sapfo

            An attempt to soothe you … a little

            1. The Commander will not “fire” Kyle for being a internal threats. She will see the possibilities and benefits of having Kyle on the team. However he might gets a scolding her for not having been more careful. Duncan is after all a known villain.

            2. Tsunami’s homophobia. I don´t think he is really homophobic (I hope). But I do think that he will be uncomfortable in Kyle companion until he realizes that Kyle is still Kyle. (I hope)

            3. Mitch is young, but this need not be a problem. Some young people are less judgmental and more open to something they do not have much knowledge or understanding. I think Mitch will be a little too curious, ask a little bit too intimate questions. Mitch might be the awkward little brother, still look up to Kyle as a kickass bigger brother, but will put Kyle in many uncomfortable social situations with his questions.

            (I can see Tsunami trying to stop Mitch
            Trunami: “I don´t want to know!”
            Mitch: “But it´s just a simple question.”
            Kyle trying not to blush “Face-Palm”)

            4. Paul. I don´t know. Maybe he is “the-bro-how-knew” without Kyle saying anything.
            “Kyle, I have known for a long time!”
            I think that Pauls biggest problem is not Kyle being gay, but Kyle doing something that might end the world.

            Now I return to my conspiracy theories.
            I think I need an underground bunker for all my maps and beancans.
            “Wait a minute! If the sun sets in the east, then it could not have been Oswald how did it! I knew it!”

            (As for the “gay reparative therapy”. I really don´t want this story to go there. That would do better in another story that deals with only this. With all the flaws and problems it creats. I have a feeling that it could be a really dark drama or a tragicomedy)

          • Oh fine, I have an unreasonable rant and you sound all cool and collected… so unfair. Oh well I’m sure all will be fine when my flu medication wears off. 😀

          • Adam Black

            so when did you get flu-ey?

          • Exactly during the holidays when I should be feeling swell *grumble* and then it just tapered off into a week of exhaustion. I know I’m whining about a small thing, but I’m a lousy ass patient.

            Fortunately almost completely done…

          • Adam Black

            I have a lot more sympathy for the second than the first.

            ( my nonthanksgiving and my entire december was basically a washout )

          • Yeah, I know of what you speak. It felt like the entire holidays just skittered by and I missed them. Bleh.

          • Adam Black

            what is that.

        • Well, I’m not sure that Spooky promised Paul that he wouldn’t say anything. Just that he understood what he was saying and that they would get “our boy” sorted out. 🙂

          • Steven K.

            Hopefully “sorted out” doesn’t mean or include “reparative therapy” for being gay.

          • -_- I doubt very very very very much that Alex would ever ever go there.

          • Steven K.

            I know. That particular phrase just made me nervous though.

          • ever ever!

          • Sapfo

            I think you are scaring Steven, Bad AJ! 😉

          • O.O sorry.

          • Hey, she was mean to me too!

          • Sapfo

            She’s not mean, she’s scary. And scary is good….

            I mean, oh poor little Chris got scared by the big bad AJ! Come to mama! (but I do get the feeling you are a bit older then me, and this might scare me a bit more then AJ o.O)

          • Thank you, Sapfo! XD

          • Mean mean mean… all of you!

            *YELLS out to assistant*

            “BERNEICE GET ME LAAMPROS ON THE PHONE… I HAVE A SWEDISH/MOD PROBLEM……. NO NOT A MOD PROBLEM IN SWEDEN….. NO, THE MOD IS NOT SWEDISH….. NO IT’S TWO PEOPLE….. OH FOR PETE’S SAKE… JUST GET ME LAAMPROS…. OH JUST COME HERE…. just get… what? He’s unavailable because he’s marshaling troops at the portal? Who is there? GFE? I’m having a serious stubborn MOD problem who is aided and abetted by a troublemaking Sapfo and all I can get on the phone is a giant eyeball? WHO IS RUNNING HELL THESE DAYS? Yes, yes, yes… go to lunch. I’ll figure something out.

            *Shakes fist in air*

            Oh you Admiral and Sapfo… just you wait!!!!!!!!

          • My work here is done folks. 🙂

          • Humph!

          • *grin*

          • Sapfo

            *send over cookies to AJ*

          • Yay for cookies! *nom*

          • Feverfew_M

            …and the most important question: how did GFE even pick up the phone? *ponders*

          • Mwahahaha!

          • Ever? Like how long an ever?

          • To infinity, and beyond!

          • plus a second infinity…

          • Times infinity…

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Hmm. I’m not particularly worried about the idea that Spooky may be in cahoots with Annihilator and the Priestess. I might be wrong about this by assuming the picture represents any sort of canon, but: the ‘Something’s Brewing’ artwork done for the kickstarter showing Anni and the Priestess watching Red Hot via some form of scrying brazier ( ) strongly implied to me that those two were able to keep track of Kyle all on their lonesome.

          The rest of your suppositions are darkly plausible enough that I can only hope they’re wrong, rather than being able to marshal evidence against them 🙂 I’m just hoping that *if* it’s the case that Spooky knew Kyle was a semi-demon and was sticking around to help keep things from going pear shaped, then he was *merely* being a bit arrogant.

        • Sapfo

          I don´t think you have to worry about Spooky working with Duncan and Sircea. If Spooky is up to no good, then I think it is a third party not yet been introduced. Or maybe he is his own agent?

          Or maybe he is working wit you!? Chris do you have anything to hid?! Oh, don´t you hid behind your Meh, I am on to you!

          *conspiracies everywhere*

          Look with shifting eyes on @admiraljane:disqus , then @DanishWolf:disqus , @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus , it is always the one you least suspect @dokidokibaka:disqus
          But there is one how is not here! Mr. Black!

          • Adam Black

            I think this page was so good, I just had nothing to say

          • Sapfo

            Suspicions of conspiracy remains, Mr Black! But it´s good to have you back.

          • Adam Black

            The passive tense edudures to conceal Ms Sapho.

            I hear my front has its own pleasing qualities as well

  • SofiaT

    Hehe. Can’t believe January just arrived and we’re already covered for bonus pages till almost the end of the month. XD

    To all those who donated, you’re pure awesome!!

    • jreed3842

      God… If I had money I’d be donating left and right. I wish I wasn’t so poor! Haha.

  • Steel_Man

    EPIC response!! Love this!!! LOVE it!

    • Sorry to jump in, but I have to. This comment made me go back and read the really interesting volley discussion about preferred character development and how much is good and how much is too much.

      The only pertinent thing not mentioned was the Serial nature of our current process. One commenter seemed ready for the back-story to stop and the kick-ass supeheroing action to begin… the other seemed to enjoy the more moderately presented emotional backstory, that will (is Alex is successful) set up the superhero butt-kicking to follow in a believable fashion.

      I suspect when both parties HOLD the book in hand and can control the amount of time they spend on any given part of the character development then both will hopefully be happy. So Alex’s writing may or may not please everyone in weekly web-form… or it may?

      But it was a great discussion and I suspect when the readers are in control of the pacing… all will be well. I might venture to guess that Alex’s writing will be write on at that point. Pacing plays a much larger part in reader pleasure than many believe. As a man anxious for answers… I know this to be true… for me.

      Time will tell. Thanks for the interesting discussion.

      • Steel_Man

        I agree on the “pacing” issue. I think, for me, the main issue is…I don’t like Kyle. Nothing about him. I find him to be one of the biggest cliches and the more Alex tries and “humanizes” him, the more I find myself rolling my eyes and thinking “really”?! I want to trust that Alex is going to turn out a good story. I enjoy his work. The problem, however, is that, so far, he’s made this whole thing about Kyle and if you don’t like Kyle, it’s hard to like the overall story or care about what happens to him. It’s sort of like watching a “Conan” movie and not liking Conan. Or, like trying to sit through all the seasons of “Buffy” and not liking Buffy. I’m really trying to like Kyle. Really…I am.

        • I hear you, Steel_Man. 🙂

          And.. just in case you haven’t heard me talk about this arc before, it’s not that that “so far” I’ve made this whole thing about Kyle. The whole five-chapter “Engaging the Enemy” arc is in fact all about Kyle (and is completely written out and so not going to change in any way.) At this point and for some time, there have actually been no attempts on my part to “humanize” Kyle—if I hadn’t succeeded at establishing him as a believable, sympathetic person with a reader by the end of Chapter One, then by my lights, I think that ship sailed long ago.

          I think your analogies about Conan and Buffy are apt. Whether this is a good story or will eventually turn out to be a good story, I’ll leave to you and the other readers to decide. But whatever kind of story it is, Kyle will be at the center of it until the end of this arc. 🙂

          • Off topic:

            (great discussion, but this is really leaping off something Alex is saying here and so wont make sense on it’s own.)

            I really like the fact that the entire book is written and done. Even when I get all worked up about something possibly pertinent only to me.

            I’ve been on different groups where prose is evolving and, while that can be fine and often helpful. As a reader, one does end up double thinking a comment. Wondering if that casual comment or posted joke will cause an author to change course in a non-helpful way. Then, if you care, your comment becomes too weighty.

            I think that the gay men reading are actually a minority on this group and there are things that will be emotional triggers only for some of us. All depending on the many elements of our personal backgrounds. I also know that, as a gay man, Alex understands those triggers personally and has taken his stand. Whatever that stand is… ‘exciting or upsetting’ to any segment or demographic in his audience. So I know he’s never pandering or wandering randomly, but following his vision.

            So, for me, there is great comfort in knowing I can rant or tease here (appropriately… *side eyes at Admiral*), but none of my fuss will have bearing on character or story. It’s not about right or wrong. Or loving something or not. It’s just that anyone who has done any writing knows how hard it is to build the “whole.” It’s a particular and very personal perspective and none of us have it.

            Only the author has it, having worked hard for it, and I’m glad it can’t be influenced. May the good thoughts here, help Alex’s next Graphic Novel and the next and the next… to infinity and beyond.

            I think Alex is too thoughtful for this to matter in his work, but I must say I enjoy the freedom it gives those of us readers and commenters.

            Back on topic:

            @Harley69Love:disqus, I have a couple of friends permanently blind having been forced to jam pencils in their eyes due to one too many episodes of a stake wielding valley girl. Your concern is fully understood and exceedingly reasonable. Good luck to you.

          • Sapfo

            As long as we who comment are respectful to the creators and to each other. And as long as we can give good criticism without going to attack or not to take to much offense when anyone questions what we think or feel. Then I think this group will work just fine.

            (And only tease friends how I think I know can take it the right way 😉

          • Steel_Man

            It’s cool, Alex. I know how these things are done and I know that it’s already written out and not changing. I’m hanging on because the art is amazing, the side characters are great and who knows, I might find some other nuggets of goodness along the way, right? Although I’m along for the ride and I’m all about PayPal-ing the bucks to support an awesome writer, I’ll never be a Kyle fan.

  • SofiaT

    So. January is here and the lucky bast… er, backers who got to pledge in the Kickstarter are due to receive their PDF file soon. *Sofia turns green with envy*

  • Perverzak

    Everyone needs a friend like Spooky 😀 He’ll cheer you up even if you don’t know you need to be! At this point there’s what’s done is done… They need to get Kyle out of the funk, and kick some Anni ass!!

  • Michelle Grifka

    “the straight dope” haha. Alex is so funny.

  • Jac

    oh my god Spooky

    you can’t just say someone is the son of Satan

    • Sapfo

      1 or 2 maybe ^_^

      • So you like Kyoya. ^_^ I was trying to find one of his evil smiles that if you see it you should run…but those two are the closest I could find.

        • Sapfo

          more an all-knowing smirk then evil 😉

          • Heh, yeah….but there is this one particular smile he has when he is planing something that probably isn’t pleasant for someone that always sends chills down my spine….his plotting smile…You see that smile and you should have the “flight” response….because in one way our another, someone is most likely getting unpleasantly screwed. He is referred to as The Shadow King and Demon Lord #1. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            Doki the commentors fear 😉
            No, I think the smirk is better for you.

          • steelie

            I think number 1 has that kind of plotting smirk or maybe it’s an “I know something you don’t know” smirk. I think the black and white image of number 2 might show up better as an icon. At any rate, I like 1 and 2 best as well.

  • Oh, and here are a couple of pics of the first sunset of the new year!

    And it was such a beautiful sunset, but I was only able to catch the very last bit of it, I was not at home and away from my camera.

  • jreed3842

    So… One of the comics I follow, and have been following for quite some time, just ended. And like… I feel so empty inside. Then I realized, how empty I’m going to feel when Young Protectors ends; however, I hope that Alex will do what he did when Artifice ended and start us on a new project! 🙂

    • What comic was that?
      I’m always so sad when a comic ends. I actually had to dry my eyes when Khaos ended. It was one of the first webcomics I started reading at all.
      Don’t even begin talking about the end of TYP. The end of Artifce was bad enough xD
      The only thing that I ‘hate’ more than when a comic I have followed for a while ends, is if it get cancelled or worse, the artists doesn’t even bother to cancel it but just leave it.

      • jreed3842

        Oh, it was just a little silly comic that updated every Wednesday called “It Sucks to Be Weegie” where it jokes about Luigi from the Mario bros. and how he’s always under appreciated. It’s nothing epic like this, but I still enjoyed the updates and stuff.
        Khaos was amazing! I also felt very empty inside when that was over. I think it was one of my first comics as well… Advertisements around that comic (I THINK) is what lead me to Artifice! (My memory may be faulty about that… but I think I came to Artifice through an advertisement on the Khaos comics!)
        Oh yeah… I agree, cancellation or abandonment is just absolutely terrible!

        • Since you were also a Khaos reader, have you seen the short extra stories Tab is in the middle of doing now after he had his kickstarter for the Khaos box-set? The short story stretch goals was reached one after one so we get one of each pairing + even a Kelly story 🙂

          • jreed3842

            Oh! No! I didn’t hear about that! After it ended I kinda drifted over here and I haven’t really revisited the Khaos stuff!
            I have read a little bit of “Shades of A” that was started after Khaos, but… I actually haven’t been back to read that in a long time (and I’m not entirely sure why, I just… haven’t.)

          • Well the extra stories are on the same site as ‘Shades of A’. He’s in the end of the 2nd one right now. Mark/Steve’s 10-page story is absolutely NSFW *lol*
            Tab also moved the sidestories for Khaos onto that site. It’s his 18+ site 🙂 Shades of A started out a little slow, but it’s getting increasingly more fun, interesting and nsfw.
            The Khaos extra stories also updates twice a week as Tab usually do. I was happy I caught the kickstarter. I now have all the books at a reduced price compaired to what one cost and they’re in a pretty, signed box.

          • jreed3842

            Oh, cool! Thanks for the info!
            And I’ll have to revisit Shades of A for sure!

          • Edit: To find the 5th sidstory – the 1st of the new ones, you have to click on Discord Comic’s Archive (what Tab call his Shades of A site). I just went there and couldn’t find it. Saw how in a comment.

          • jreed3842

            I figured it out! Thanks though! I really enjoyed the Steve/Mark one. It was very sweet. I love the way it ended. But… yeah, thanks for tell me about that!

        • I cried when Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire ended. It was such a great comic

  • spooky.

    we’re gonna have alex make a t-shirt out of panel 3, okay?

    “you’re a cock-munching demon seed?

    “no problem!!
    “hey, let’s go play castlevania III after we get you back home!”

    • Garnasha

      Thank you for pointing out how much more insensitive Spooks could’ve phrased that. See, folks, Spooky is being very careful what he says!

    • Erm…. how is that bad? I mean most of the U.S.’s bible belt already believes this is true. So… YEAH!!!!

      • how is what bad?

        • Oh sorry… missed this question…

          “Being a demon seeded cock muncher.”

          I think my pops was human, but as for the rest of it, not bad at all. It’s worked out just fine for me… just sayin’.

  • Sai

    Is Spooky’s dialog supposed to be painful? It’s like, he wants to be cool and is terribly out of touch. Unless– *GASP* this takes place in the 90’s!?

  • Kelsey Marie

    I’m reading a lot of playa hatin that I feel is unwarranted. Here’s my view: Spooky is doing some masterful maneuvering here. He may be making light of the situation, but he strikes me as the type of person who takes things incredibly seriously – and is therefore forced to find humor in light of the weight he “sees”. (Not sure if that is the right word. His serious view can be heavy?) I can see how Spooky taking everything seriously can lead him to be considered irreverent – when everything is heavy, the things most people take with a huge spoonful of sobriety suddenly seem obvious and lend themselves to ok really guys calm down already. Not this situation specifically but in general.

    In this situation, it seems Spooks is actually being quite considerate of Kyle. Even though he came the moment Kyle called, Spooky’s not going to treat Kyle like he’s fragile. Kyle already feels extremely fragile, and he has to feel strong to be strong. It seems that by not rushing Kyle into action mode the moment they find him, by acting calm and unhurried, Spooky is allowing Kyle to turn around and face what is going on at a speed that is comprehensible to him. At the same time, Spooky will not allow Kyle to wallow in self pity or hate. “Yep. You’re gay. And the son of a demon. There will be a normal for you again, and if I have to will that into existence then by God I will. Because I care about you, deeply. So I’m going to be the one to act like all this is normal till you realize it is and own it. First lesson, coming right up”.

    And really, Spooky is the only one who could get away with this approach. It’s exactly because he sees so much seriousness where others don’t and because of his irreverence that he can walk the line between “I’m here for you” and “you will have to pull yourself together at some point”. He can help Kyle with the heavy stuff and then top it off with a giant whipped cream pyramid of humor.

    In sum: he’s the friend that will joke around with you until the cows come home (and then make jokes about making jokes about when the cows come home), but has a low bullshit tolerance and will call you on it every time. And your friend is fucking right.

    • SofiaT

      That is a great analysis, Kelsey! Glad you decided to join the comments section, I hope we’ll see more of you around. 🙂

      Welcome and Happy New Year!

    • Welcome, Kelsey. And I agree, that’s a great, thoughtful analysis. Thank you! 🙂

    • Okay that was the best analysis I’ve read in ages. Thank you. I love the idea that a man who “sees” a deeper (and possibly scarier) view of the world than most of us do, must find a way to manage that.

      Personally I think some of our strongest and best friends and partners are people we can trust to hold on to our self esteem for us for those moments, or longer, until we get the strength back to hold it for ourselves again. That is real strength and often the kind of support that keeps any of us from going under.

      Knowing you can share your pain without taking that other person down with you can be essential and Spooky is certainly that kind of strong.

      Yes, please keep stopping by. This was really smart, fascinating stuff and very much appreciated. 🙂

  • Klaus

    At least he did not call Kyle a big ho’.

  • Asch

    Spooky be like, dat band aid, I ripped it. BWAAAAAH.

  • i like the way his teammates are handling things.

  • Do those work for Avatars on disqus?

  • Klaus

    Who is least at ease in panel one, Kyle or Paul?

  • Hey guys, if you live in the northern hemisphere and are lucky enough to have a clear skye tonight..

    You should try to go outside now – or as soon as it’s really dark. Tonight (and some the next two nights) there should be one or the more rare, but really active meteor showers.
    It’s one of the more unpredictable ones, because this one origins from a passing asteroid, so it’s a bit unsure when the maximim time hits, but there can be as many as 30-120 shooting stars an hour if you get a good look.

    Sadly I live a place where it rains and the clouds are hanging low today and tomorrow ;_; Otherwise I would SO be out to watch.

    • Madock345

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Steven K.

      That sounds pretty nifty. Problem around here is that tonight is supposed to be -3C. And then on Monday the HIGH temp. is supposed to be -17C.

      • Wear warm clothes and bring termo bottle with hot drink? 😉

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Here is like a roller coaster. On Monday the high is supposed to be near 50F, but then it’s going to plunge again to about 16F for a high on Tuesday.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Unfortunately for me the temp tonight is going to be around -15C here. So not hanging outside tonight. 🙁

    • b3nc0

      Thankie, I checked a few times since the sun is down but it’s quite cloudy, had hope in the wind to clear that but as soon as I could point Orion the same wind brought new clouds *shakes raging fists to the sky*

      • I hope you got to see some. Otherwise there’s a chance tomorrow as well (sadly still not for me because of clouds). Not sure where on the skye it will come from so it’s about to keep a good watch 🙂

    • Perverzak

      tonight i walked my dog for twice as long because there were so many stars visible! It was beautiful.. no meteor shower yet though, but i really hope we will be able to see it ^^ thank you for sharing!!

      • Yes, it’s the perfect skye if you’re lucky enough to have a clear one. The moon isn’t too bad whick makes stars easier to see.

        • Perverzak

          Yes yes ^^ Keen eyes on the sky everyone!

    • D-Wolf, you bring us the most interesting tid-bits, as well as remind me how world-wide this group really is. Thank you muchly!

      • You’re welcome.. but where’s my ‘MeH’? Why are you also doing this to meee 😉

    • Every time I go outside to look all I find in the night sky are about 10 blinking lights from airplanes. ;_;

      • Hope you get a view. For some it should happen a bit low on the horizon when it starts. It MIGHT not be big until tomorrow but it’s hard to say because it’s one of the rare unpredicatable ones.

  • Steven K.

    You know, the first thing that crossed my mind while I was puzzling over “mo” was that it was short-hand lingo for the very colloquial “mo-fo”, as in “mother—ker” – and in this case meaning that Spooky was saying that he knew how big of a f–k-up, or screw-up Kyle had been. Though that seemed way too harsh to me, especially for him to be saying with a smile on his face. After a bit (you’d think it would have been a lot sooner) I realized that it was for “homo” – esp. when I noticed the apostrophe before the “mo”. Do you think it would have been WORSE or even more “indiscreet” if he would have just said “homo” instead of the abbreviated form?

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I can’t believe that you didn’t get it right away, Steven! And yes, I think it would have sounded harsher if he would have said “homo”.

    • Yep, I agree with Jack. ‘Mo’ is almost a joke with my friends. “Yep he’s a big old ‘mo’.”

      Years ago someone called me a fag and I stopped, paused, and then said, “Yes, everything they say ‘fags’ do… I do.”…… and left.

      I also have a good friend and if anyone said that to him he’d break their nose.

      So, it’s very personal and I very much agree with Alex’s smart comment… that any of these racial, sexual, gender specific terms have to used with great care and really depend on who is saying them, how they’re saying them, and who they’re saying them to.

      So for us in the real world it’s best to be safer than sorry, and make sure we know our audience well and take care with who we’re speaking to.

    • Adam Black

      I have only heard gays use ‘mo

      It isnt a slur

      • Sapfo

        “What does the cow say….”

        (sorry, I had that song in my brain all day)

        • Adam Black

          SpeakNSpell has a song?

          • Sapfo

            I might have changed the animal…. (fox)

          • Adam Black

            I dunno. Swedish radio sounds weird

          • Sapfo

            Sound okay to me.

          • Adam Black


          • Adam Black

            foxes dont talk

  • Thank you to @smsif:disqus and @disqus_nFKXO6JHnW:disqus for your kindness in helping me choose my new avatar from the options I couldn’t choose between!

    I hope everyone enjoys the new Kyoya avatar!

    • Oh, here is the scene from which my last Kyoya avatar was from (in Japanese with subtitles) (in English with sexy voice I mean with J Michael Tatum *swoon*)

      OMG – This video….so awesome

      Okay and the scene with my current avatar is at 9:30 in this video I could not find a clip of it so I had to find it in the episode. The “mall” fast food scene starts at about 6:30 if you want to watch the whole scene.

      Oh and here is a J Michael Tatum clip that deals with Kyoya. It is his favorite Kyoya line and how Kyoya would propose to Haruhi…which is a giggle.

    • Perfectly YOU! 🙂

      • Thank you so much Chris sweetie. Are you feeling any better?

        Oh I would also like to say that reading those stories you linked me made me see Cain and Abel in a whole other light and the current scene made much more of an impact. Because I can see how the Dom/Sub dynamic could apply to those two.

        • Thank you. I am. Everyday a little better. See, I’m causing more trouble by the day. Soon I’ll be back to normal…

          (stop that eye-rolling)

          I’m really glad you enjoyed the stories. That subject is a really tricky one because there aren’t a lot of authors who can deliver fully adult partners and create a power exchange dynamic that is entirely based around love and trust. So it does open one’s eyes.

          Interestingly enough, my reply to @kelsey_marie:disqus’s wonderful post had a mention of having someone in your life who can hold on to that emotional part of you that’s broken long enough to get your strength back when the shit hits the fan (and it does for all of us at one time or another). That’s just one of the many elements of power exchange in a relationship is giving someone else the permission to help you get yourself together, knowing they will let go again when the time is right. Great stuff when well written. Glad you enjoyed.

          • I wasn’t eye-rolling….I was grinning. ^_^

          • Don’t worry for a minute… that was just a general warning to the peanut gallery. I’d know your grin anywhere. 🙂

  • Chibi

    well .. spooky .. you kinda failed at being sensitive …

  • SpookyDomme

    Giggled for a solid minute. Then I saw the bit about “Clueless” and promptly giggled more.
    At least the first joke out of Spooky’s mouth seems to be made in the context of, “You’re still my bro, so no worries.” I hope that’s how Kyle takes it, anyway.

  • The Admiral, Sofia (a while back), Doki and several others have new Avatars and I was feeling left out. So here it is. I don’t even know enough about Yaoi to know if this is a headshot of a serial killer pederast world destroying son of Laampros… but I felt the slightly bemused confused look was more me these days than “Meh.” So out with 2013 and in with 2014, I say!

    And a good 2014 to all!

    • I like it!

    • Sapfo

      I just woke up and Meh is gone?
      Why do you feel left out? You where the first ont to change you Avatar. Well you cute new face is not going to make me let go of my strawberries.
      No, Sir!

      • It does sorta suit him… 🙂 I wouldn’t know what to do if you gave up your strawberries.

        • Sapfo

          My strawberries and I have become one. Ooommmmnn! Ooommmmn!

    • Jamie Dutton

      I like him 🙂

    • Adam Black

      “Meh” was meh

      • Fuckin-A!!!!

        • Adam Black

          I like the new one…

          ( but less so, if he’s shocked by tautologies, or startled by the immediate present.
          besides, the Hypersensitive Trope is occupado.

          Potentially manic, ironically camp sensitive is still open for you. Crying towel?
          Little man juice, for your icon’s do, for that come-F*ck-me bedhead look? ( sorry, i all out of of “crew” )

          • Oh, I am glad you like it.

            It is fun for the moment and I assure you not shocked or disturbed by ‘tautologies’ (although I would be less than honest to say that it may not be educated enough to constantly recognize the various tautologic states that exist and when they occur. In addition, Disqus’ quirky organizational structure does make that a challenge).

            Nor would I wish the avatar startled by the ‘immediate present’, for that is to be continuously startled. A state less than enjoyable in my perception.

            I do appreciate your trope-note, but (in this world) the ‘Hypersensitive Trope’ is ALWAYS ‘occupado’, always has been, and always will be. But no more or less so than the perpetual bearer of ennui that was “Meh.” So I see the choice as about equal, not unlike the choice of “no choice at all.”

            So change, good or questionable, is inevitable and, due to my lack of Yaoi knowledge this avatar, while fresh and funny, will be fun for me while it lasts. Perhaps less so for others, but that… is not my problem.

            Thus the ‘potentially manic, ironically camp sensitive and the random chance prop of the ‘crying towel’ is just intentionally and consciously generated transient fun. I suspect an effort to find deeper meaning in it will only serve to exhaust and indeed make us ‘ironically camp and sensitive’.

            Thus you see the conflict of too much attention to the subject and its associated paraphernalia. It’s quite nice to know it can all be abandoned and/or changed at will.

            I would be bereft if you worried yourself in any way about my hair products or my ‘bed head look’ and its needs. I have to accept it’s the closest I’ll ever come to Mitch. That said, I assure you, I have all the man-juice needed, from multiple sources and on a rejuvenating basis, to maintain it’s ‘come-f*ck-me’ tousled nature.

            Finally, the ‘crew’ of Disqus, just like the ‘crew’ of other social media and a surplus or lack of ‘crew’ in any such locale is well reflected in the nature of the avatar and the cryptographic encryption a generic one attempts to provide a user. I’m glad it pleases some, as that is all that ever matters.

            In the end though avatars hold little meaning and it is fascinating posts such as yours, which serve to keep readers interested, returning and paying attention until their ‘crew’ runs out.

            Anyway, I’m glad you’re liking the new avatar. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Adam Black
          • Thanks for the Google link, but actually, I had been thinking about the FREE hair products used in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY:


            Fight the Power indeed…

            If there’s one thing that has taught me about the undeniable truth of TYP’s Disqian tautology, it’s the ever-new arguments Disqus causes to occur via its very nature. Those arguments may not be contiguous in their nature, but they are unending.

            For example, I’ve come to accept that I won’t live long enough to see the total dissolution of the Redilator or the end of it’s discussed existance. Ah well, I am at peace with it’s partial destruction and will settle, peacefully with a LIFE OF PI image of Duncan in his life-boat of redemption.



          • Adam Black

            oooh Tigerfood.

            Duncan dies at the end.
            I thought everyone has accepted this inevitability.

  • Hmmm I just fixed a Stouffer’s Chicken Lasagna and have some left over if any campers would like some? It is really good, don’t know why my brother and Grandmother didn’t want any.

    • Steven K.

      Have found that, for pre-prepared frozen food items, Stouffer’s can be quite good. I really like their traditional lasagna – haven’t tried the chicken version – will have to look for it.

      • It is really really good. ^_^

      • Adam Black

        fat content on that is oddly high

  • A New Definition Of Marriage: Just interesting if you like this sort of discussion, as I do… (love Martina).

    • Sapfo

      Good one!

      (And I want a marriage so I can warm my feet. That is a benifit I like)

    • Dan is very wise.

    • Adam Black


      • Sapfo

        Summary: It is up to each married couple to decide how their marriage should be. Not society. Therefore, there are all sort of marriage how are all diffrent from each other.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Camping, yay! Oh I made a big pitcher of mimosas if ya’ll want some. Had to do something with the leftover champagne in the frig.

    • Jamie, you are the sweetest! I will have a glass, please. ^_^

      • Jamie Dutton

        Sure thing, doki. So how’s the new year treating you so far?
        *pours you a glass*

        • *takes the glass and sips* …Well, not too horribly bad for running out of Midol earlier and unable to go out to get more…but not too bad considering. ^_^

          • Jamie Dutton

            ouch, that happened me in November in the middle of a nasty snow storm 🙁

          • I am lucky in that I only need medication the first day. As long as I make it through the first day I am good.

          • Are we allowed to talk about this sort of thing on a gay themed webcomic? WoG… hello? We need a Wog here. 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton


          • WoG is glad that you’re clearly feeling better, Chris. 😉

          • Jamie Dutton

            Hi Alex 🙂 How’s the new year going?

          • Been busy with the day job for the last couple days, but so far, so good. 🙂

          • Thanks. I’ll take it and I’m glad you are surviving the workload!

          • I’m feeling another bubble of evil laughter brewing.

          • Steven K.

            You mean running out of Midol in the middle of a snowstorm? I’m trying to think of an at least quasi-equivalent male-related type of crisis to relate to, but not able to think of anything at the moment.
            We don’t quite have those monthly cycles affecting analogous parts with potentially negative repercussions – though we do have those often potentially pesky prostates that have been known to widely cause issues over time.

          • Chris, I think we have been really tame, but if you want we could go into detail?

          • Sapfo

            Sweating, cramps, pain, candy needs and a strange feeling of wanting, no not want, need to throw off people from the train because they eat apple too loud.

            And every time they bit into that apple they are only doing it to piss you of. Evil apple eating Trolls! >_<

          • Yes, wanting to kill someone and wanting to cry at the same time. That was my xmas. 😐

          • Steven K.

            Hmmm … I feel like that quite often and I obviously don’t have a similar source that I can refer to as an explanation of the problem. So I guess I can still empathize with you, even though it results from some different circumstances. Sorry that you were feeling badly at Christmas though. I was without heat or power here in Michigan. Finally got it back around 9 p.m. on Christmas day.

          • Jamie Dutton

            I’m so glad you got power back and everything! Are you doing ok now?

          • Good to hear you got your power back.

          • Adam Black

            Offers steve a piece of frozen banana
            ( as long as you are not one of those Crunchers )

          • Adam Black

            Actually, you might ( very loosly in the same general area )

            I was about to offer my advice of male-based pain that can be similar and even be refereed to other areas.

            But then I remembered you are an Anatomist. never mind

          • Adam Black

            God damn crunchers,

            They should do that shameful thing where no one has to hear it or see it.

            The whole world suffers under their Satanic -Inspired lust, and still those applea eaters munch it in your face, as if God himself , didnt ban it…

            One day we will pass a law. They can go live in the Orchards they love so much..

            ( hey @smsif:disqus want to share this frozen banana with me, its taste like icecream and God didnt ban it )

          • Sapfo

            (Must resist the urge to destroy Adam’s innocence)

            Crunches, yes, Adam, that is what I am talking about.

            I would love a banana. But how is this God person you are talking about. Never heard of her.

          • Adam Black

            If you think you could yo may have more than you think.

            Just some fruit-obsessed gardener. Probably a Vegan. Probably looks like the Chiquita banana woman with a whip.

          • HA… spare me your scare tactics. I’m not one of THOSE gays. I can spell cunnilingus as well as perform it. I’m just a little out of practice, that’s all.

            Okay a lot out of practice, but still my point stands. 🙂

    • I best stay alert, otherwise I would take a glass. Don’t drink and moderate, that’s the rules.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Well i can pour you some orange juice or jasmine green tea instead?

        • Tea would be great. 🙂

          • Jamie Dutton

            One mug of jasmine green tea coming up, Admiral.
            *hums along to Kelly Clarkson and hands you the mug*

          • Which Kelly song? *takes mug* I’ve been listening to opposite songs of hers. Stronger and then Cry. Walk Away and then The Trouble with Love is. I can’t make up my mind.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Actually it’s a song from her Christmas album, which I absolutely adore. “Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song)”


          • Okay, iTunes may have to take my money again.

          • Jamie Dutton

            I know isn’t it fantastic. I’ve had it on repeat since I first heard it. Oh and Mary J. Blige has a great Christmas album too! I couldn’t decide between em an splurged on both, lol.

          • Jamie Dutton

            The video’s a little odd but Mary’s version of “My Favorite Things” is gorgeous!


      • Steven K.

        There should be some joke in that somewhere about “everything in moderation” – but I’m too frozen – brain included – to work it out at the moment after coming in from salting the drive and sidewalks.

    • Steven K.

      That sounds refreshing – sure could use one of those – to face a lot of catch-up work over the weekend and a load of terrible weather – 6-8 in of snow and high temps of one degree F. afterwards – heading this way.

      • Jamie Dutton

        Hi Steven, sure let me get ya a glass. It’s just really cold and windy here. Glad we missed most of the snow this time around.
        *pours a glass, then eyes the pile of work and adds more* Here ya go 😉

        • Steven K.

          Thanks! 😉

          • Jamie Dutton

            You’re very welcome, Steven

      • Adam Black

        You are so lucky.

        we got about 18

  • SofiaT

    *yawns* I made it to camping? Awesome!

    • A triumph of will!

      • SofiaT

        And no alarm clock necessary! At 4.30am The Force just woke me up.

        I guess it’s strong with this one. 😛

  • SofiaT


    And a tip from the friendly neighborhood mod: if you confirm your email address with Disqus, your comments will be published immediately, instead of getting stuck in moderation. 🙂

  • Sapfo

    Have any of you seen Rantasmo? Or Nostalgia Critic/Chick?

    • mogoskier

      Yes, I love them. Have you watch the critic adventure time vlogs.

  • Denise Cruz

    Oh, Spooky… Why couldn’t you keep your mouth shut?!
    Although, perhaps it may have some positive effect in Kyle…
    I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t in me…

    • Denise, I almost didn’t recognize you!

      • Denise Cruz

        HI, AJ! 😀
        It’s just new make-up! lol

        • I must agree with Sapfo, looks good! I got me a make over too. 😀

          • Denise Cruz

            It’s nice! Sometimes it’s good and necessary change slightly … ^^

          • Yes yes it is, especially when the perfect outfit presents itself. XD

          • Jamie Dutton

            I just realized that DanishWolf is gonna freak when she get’s back and sees all the new avys. Though I think they look great 🙂

          • Denise Cruz

            She’ll probably have some trouble to recognize people! lol

          • Sapfo

            She is not the only one. o.o
            Looks great, but its going to take some time getting use to all the new faces.

          • Denise Cruz

            It’s part of the fun of New Year!! (kind of.. XD)

          • Denise Cruz

            I was just wondering if WE are going to recognize HER, once she’s back… LOL

          • Sapfo

            I think she made a promis way back never to change. She is and will ever be our Danish lol

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, that’s a relief! At least one familiar ‘face’! ^v^

          • I know, I was wondering about that. Uh oh.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I like your new look too!

          • Thanks! Jamie drew it.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            So cute!! Nice work, Jamie! (Shoot, how do I do that @ thing to tell people I’m talking about them?)

          • 😀

        • Steven K.

          Denise – I never would have considered you so cold-hearted. You’ve always been such a sweet-heart. But at least it looks like it’s melting. 😉

          • Denise Cruz

            HI, SK!! 😀

            Well… We’re living in ‘Mordor’, here… thermal sensation of 45°Celsius, today… so, it’s kind of inevitable the melting part… ^v^

          • Steven K.

            Well, the HIGH temperature here on Monday and Tuesday is expected to be 0-5 C.

          • Denise Cruz

            WOW! It’s such a shame that we can’t exchanging a few degrees, isn’t it?! It probably would be great for both parts! ^^
            I even caught a cold because of the high temperatures…

          • Steven K.

            I wouldn’t even mind swapping temperatures right about now – lol. But yeah – if we could exchange some degrees to even things out a bit, that would be great.

          • Denise Cruz

            Maybe we both get lucky untill the end of this month… (crossed fingers)

          • Adam Black

            You should use that as a pick up line @stevenklimecky:disqus

          • Adam Black

            We could try, but the attempt will create a hurricane

          • Denise Cruz

            Hi, there, Adam!! ^v^

            I don’t like hurricanes… O.O They hardly happen here, in Brazil, and when they do, they are quite small and last just for few minutes… just enough to uproot a tree or two and scare people a little bit… For me, this is more than enough. Thanks. XD

          • Adam Black

            Hi Denise,

            Ive never been in Brazil.
            ( But I have been in some Brazilians , and would happily repeat it 🙂 )

            Ive only seen a handful. We get more winter storms here. Some have been smowcanes tho

          • Adam Black

            I hope you are not complaining.

            its 3F right now ( -16 C )

    • Sapfo

      What is this? You got a new haircute or something?

      • Denise Cruz

        New make-up, Sapfo! lol

        • Sapfo

          Looks good on you! ^_^

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks. I try! lol

        • Jamie Dutton

          I like it, Denise

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks, Jamie! I like yours, too! 😉

  • mogoskier

    I’m borad with nothing to do. Anyone want to play truth or truth.

  • Okay, I am back, my uncle stole me away to clean off his book shelf and then he made me listen to his amazing sound system he hooked up to his computer which made me barely able to walk afterwards…

    • Denise Cruz

      Such an adorable avatar!! I love his eyes!! 😀

      • Heh…..I don’t think “adorable” has ever been used to describe Kyoya before…. You should take a look at the snime links I posted below…. heh especially that one that has OMG before the link ^_^

        • Denise Cruz

          LOL I don’t know this anime, indeed!
          I just thought he’s so cute… (his face, at least! XD)
          I’m going to take a look at those, right now! It’s probably a safer decision…lol

          • Ouran High School Host Club



            Live Drama

            Live Drama Movie

            A word of caution when watching the live dramas…..I nearly busted a gut laughing the first time I watched them.

          • mogoskier

            I could never bring myself to watch the live dramas. I saw one pic and was horrified.

          • I wouldn’t qualify them as horrifying, but they do verify the fact that certain effects in anime don’t really translate well into live action. I think the lack of the hair colors I was used to associating with each character made me a little sad, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

          • mogoskier

            It was the lighting for me. It was suppose to be a private school for the riches of the rich and it lit like a janitors closet.

          • I can kinda see that about the lighting.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, I’ve heard a lot about Ouran High School.. but I never got to really watch it…
            This guy is MEAAAANNNNN! Jeez! lol

          • I saw the anime first, but then I had to read the manga to see if there were more to some of the relations between the characters (so now I own all 18 vols). ^_^

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh, are you, also, one of those people who love the writing version of a piece much more than the recorded version of that same one?

          • For the most part yes. Though there are a few exceptions, I absolutely adore the anime Princess Tutu, but the manga based of the anime is horrible.

          • Denise Cruz

            Yeah… There’s always a freaking exception for everything…lol At least, in this case, they are very few… ^v^

        • stickfigurefairytales

          In contrast to Rei from Free!, who seems at first like he’s going to be the same type of character, but is totally legitimately adorable. And a huge dork at times.

          • mogoskier

            Ahh Free!, the anime that made me understand the appeal of Ecchi

          • stickfigurefairytales

            My sister just showed it to me when she was home for Christmas, and I absolutely adored the show and everything about it.

          • Denise Cruz

            I love Rei-kun, so much!! He’s my favorite character from Free! ^v^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Rei is tied with Makoto for me. Rei just kept getting more and more awesome as the series went on. Plus, as my sister pointed out, he’s one of the only anime characters who deals with unspoken dramatic tension by actually going to the people involved and *asking them directly* what the hell their deal is. And then refusing to let them palm him off with bullshit answers.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            And that’s not even going into how awesome he is in the last episode, which I’m not going to detail here in case people who might watch the show in the future don’t want to be spoiled.

          • Denise Cruz

            Agreed! He’s indeed, awesome!!
            I work with a brazilian group, translating Free! for Portuguese language.
            I don’t know why, but, right there,people like very much seeing Rei with Nagisa…
            I can’t understand it! He’s matches much more with Mak-kun!! ^^

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I also like Nagisa/Rei a lot, but frankly I think any and all of the characters have chemistry with each other. I think that part of the appeal with Nagisa and Rei together is that Rei is so focused on being all cool and collected and calculating, and then Nagisa just has the ability to explode in and destroy any semblance of composure he has. It’s pretty adorable.

        • Sapfo

          Fav anime charather with attitud: Wolfram from kyou kara maou. ^_^
          Or at least he is one of the first the I really enjoyed.

          • Not sure if I have watched that one yet, I will put it on my list. ^_^

  • LOL.. I just burst out laughing when I read the convo just a little below. @jamiedutton:disqus knows me soo well xD
    I was about to ask if the New Year made everyone feel like an identity change. All the new avatars. You meanies.
    Hmpf.. well I’M not gonna change MINE :-p

    • Hi Danish! *hugs*

    • Why should you, yours is perfect. 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      Lol, Happy New Year, Danish 🙂 Yeah, I remembered our conversation after I had changed mine.

      • At least you promised me to keep yours 😉

        • Jamie Dutton

          Yep, still here 🙂

  • Steven K.

    Is there any way here to set links provided in posts here to open in a new window? Usually that is what I would have happen, but if I click on links from within the comments here, it always replaces the current site and takes me to the linked site, instead of taking me to the link it a new window. It’s very inconvenient. I’m not overly tech-saavy, like most of y’all young’ns on here.

    • SofiaT

      Right-click, choose “open in a new window”.

    • I hold the ctrl key when I click on a link here and it opens in another tab.

      • Steven K.

        Thanks – usually I have things set to where that happens automatically (or as a default, but for some reason it doesn’t do so from here).

        • No, I’ve noticed that. Just need to remember to press the ctrl key when I’m here.

    • Jamie Dutton

      If you have the scroll wheel on your mouse just click that when you’re over the link and it’ll open it separately.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I usually drag it up to where my different tabs are (I’m using Firefox) and let it go when it turns into that little blue pin in between them.

      • Steven K.

        Ooo – didn’t even know you could do that with Frefox 😉 Shows how old I am I guess.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Yep! I forget how I found out about that – someone probably had to show me. I’m not the best with technology either.

    • Adam Black

      also right click, “open in new tab”

  • Sapfo

    Finally it feels like the comments are back after the Holidays slow period.
    *Warm feeling in side*

    • stickfigurefairytales


    • I nearly missed camping because I was about to fall asleep again. That damn mouse is back (the one I mentioned a while ago) and it woke me up 2 hours into my nap. Just early enough that I didn’t feel like enough sleep, and I was dozing off again.

      • Sapfo

        Oh poor mouse! Is Danish not feeding you? 😉

        • If it wasn’t because of the risk that it might rot away and smell inside my wall I’d buy poison, drill a tiny hole in the wall and drip it down where the thing is sometimes staying/eating at the inside of the wall. It’s driving me nuts. It shows up with days/weeks apart and have done so for months. And it’s always during the night it’s most noisy with it clawing at my wall. Just when I think it’s finally gone it returns. Worst part about it running freely inside the walls in a 3-floor house. No clue where it stays in the mean time 🙁

          • Sapfo

            A little bloodthirsty, Danish? 🙂
            It is kind of cute that you think it is only one mouse. Can you not talk to something how deals with mouse-problems?

          • Jamie Dutton

            if you can, get some mint or mint oil on a cotton ball, put it where it comes in or stays at. Mice HATE the smell or taste of it.

          • Really? Mint as in peppermint oil? -I know that has a strong smell.

          • Jamie Dutton

            Yeah or actual mint leaves. My grandma taught me that.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Wow! That’s so cool.

          • I’ll try something with that. I have a small bottle of peppermint oil. Smelling that directly damn near burn your nose hairs off 😉 Maybe I can drip some of that and hope it makes it go away.

          • Sapfo

            Your apparment is going to smell like toothpast 😉
            Good luck hunting!

          • Jamie Dutton

            lol, it could smell like worse things though

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Dead mouse, for instance.

          • Sapfo

            eucalyptus might also work.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I’m glad you didn’t miss it!

      • Ellen Harman

        You said mouse! Great now I have to walk on the furniture again. To bad I can’t let you borrow my cat, but she hates leaving the house. She is a great mouser, last September she killed 3 and a half mice. Of course first she had to let them loose upstairs so we could watch. Still have no idea what happened to the front half of that one mouse.

        On a different note, we have a squirral living in our crawl space. He keeps his nuts under the floor. I try tapping on the ceiling when I hear it moving around, and stomping on the floor when it rolls it walnuts around. We have 3 black walnut trees, so it has a ready supply on hand.

        • Ugh.. I feel you. On both the can and the squirrel. I knock/stomp the wall every time I hear the mouse. Makes it go away..for a while.
          My old cat used to bring me mouse-‘presents’ all the time too. I know it’s a good thing from the cat’s p.o.w. but i could be very well without more or less whole mice left in front of my bedroom door (to step on when waking up) or in my shower xD

  • Cris

    what’s a big ‘mo? (english is not my mother tongue)

    • Denise Cruz

      I wanted to know it too….lol

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Short for “homo”.

        • Denise Cruz

          Thanks, Jakk! ^^
          I wanna kick Spooks ass, even more, now….lol

        • Denise Cruz

          Just for the records… What a heck is a ‘411’?! Is it kind of a report or something like that?

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            information on someone or something.

          • Denise Cruz

            Oh! I see… Thanks! ^v^

          • Steven K.

            In the U.S. “911” is the number you call to report an emergency (crime, fire, robbery, other crime, can’t breathe, etc.). “411” is a similar number, but to get to the information line.

          • Adam Black

            and 711 is where you go if you overdose on Cannabis after midnight

          • Take note people… important stuff here.

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks, SK! I knew the ‘911’ . Here it’s ‘190’.
            The ‘411’, however, it’s the first time I hear about!..
            I believe that here it’s ‘120’. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            It’s a number you call for information services.
            I had to google it too 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yeah, it’s a strictly American expression.

          • Denise Cruz

            Thanks, Sofia! Here, it didn’t give me any answer for it… ^v^

          • SofiaT

            No worries, Denise 🙂

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            And 311 is non-emergency help/info, and of course you know 911. 😀

          • There is a 311? Did not know that….

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Me either!

          • Me neither.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I would post a “The More You Know” image at this point, but I don’t think we do images/gifs in comments here.

          • HA! Yeah. I’ll just imagine a star shooting across the screen.

          • mogoskier

            That what I use up here in New York, didn’t know about the 411 one

          • SofiaT

            I was discussing with my colleagues once about how when they want to call the police or an ambulance, 411 often comes to their mind instead of 000 (which is the equivalent Aussie number).

            Too many Hollywood movies and American TV. :p

            To make it more complicated, the number that’s stuck in my head since childhood is 100.

          • Adam Black

            I am still annoyed google ended 1800 Goog411

          • SofiaT

            I had to google that too 😛

    • SofiaT

      Apparently it’s a short (and possibly more affectionate) slang for “homo”.

      • Cris

        ah, thanks, I tried to urban dictionary it, but I couldn’t find it. (and googling it just showed me a very muscular man XD)

        • SofiaT

          With a mustache? Because when I hear “mo” that’s what comes to my mind 😀

          • Cris
          • stickfigurefairytales

            That much arm muscle can’t be healthy.

          • Terri Sutton

            That looks like steroid abuse.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Probably photoshopped.

          • Terri Sutton

            I have actually seen someone who used deep tissue injections of steroids in their upper arms to get that type of muscle development.

          • Eww.. oh god. That’s the dude who’s arms went so bad because of steriods. It’s called ‘exploding muscles’ or something like that. Sometimes happen that one area’s muscles develope to the extreme as a side effect. Most often biceps or thighs.

          • SofiaT

            Ha! Someone should teach Big Mo how to Photoshop properly, this shouts “fake!” from miles away! 😀

          • There’s a documentary about steroid abuse that’s called ‘The man whose arms exploded’. They look very much like this. It’s so disgusting.
            Don’t know if these are photoshopped, but they CAN come to look like this :-/

          • stickfigurefairytales

            *shudders* So gross!

          • SofiaT

            There’s no muscle definition, they just look swollen. If they’re real, I can’t imagine why anyone would like to do that to themselves.

          • Sapfo

            Kind of like thouse women how gets to big breastimplants that they should not be able to stand.

          • They’re nuts xD
            As some one with a natural big cup size, I would love to get them smaller. Big breasts are over rated. Possibilities of neck/back pains, head aches, it can hurt when you run, skin rashes can happen, it’s horrible when the weather is hot and you sweat – and can be just as bad if the weather is cold. It hurts like hell if your boobs get frozen xD That last one doesn’t get told about enough *lol*

          • Sapfo

            Agree, Agree, Agree!
            Hat it when I knox myself in the face with my boobs when I´m in bed XD
            Or trying to jump without holding them. 😛

          • Adam has a sports bra with your name on it, but you have to provide him with cookies for it.

          • Sapfo

            One sportsbra. pff! I need two to keep thies puppies down! 😉

          • Adam Black

            yeah, Adam should totally sketch one.

          • Indeed!

            If you get the surgery done, make certain you have a good doctor. I don’t think they often take the reduction surgery as seriously as the enlargement.

          • Just make sure they mark the penis you want removed in advance… it’s a common mistake in the medical community.

          • O.O Boobs, Chris, we’re talking about boobs. 😛

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Speaking of weird things, here is a link to a story of a man with TWO penises….picture too if you wanna see it.

          • SofiaT

            Gives a new meaning to “he’s twice the man…”

          • So it’s NOT about size, but about quantity?

          • Have you looked at the picts. He has size and quantity. 😐

          • Hate.

          • Naturally.

          • Adam Black

            Dont beleive it.
            If Lightning struck my tip and split it half It would look just like that ( check my nicknames on G+ )

          • Sapfo

            Can´t get into your +g via your Disques avatar. Could you put down the adress please.

          • Adam Black

            I forgot everyone can read

            I screwed over all the million other Adam Blacks and reserved the name.
            screw you , comic writer who google gives #1 listing to

          • Sapfo

            Thats when its cool to have name combination only a handfull of other people have 😉
            Way to go Adam

          • davefragments

            He says he’s bisexual

          • mogoskier

            yes, yes I do

          • That is a first time view for me 😉

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman
          • Aren’t you supposed to see a doctor if you have an erection of over four hours… or is that Viagra? Gad, woman have all the luck,.

          • Sapfo

            No, that hurts! Oops, did I say to much.

          • Never. I learn so much from you.

          • Sapfo

            TMI I get a cramp after 20 minutes 😉

          • It’s a not uncommon disease of body dysmorphic disorder that works in all directions… here’s a shot of Jocelyn Wildenstein, who is famously called the “cat woman” for being a very rich woman who is unable to stop having plastic surgery (not an unusual disease at all). It’s really quite heart-breaking.


          • Yeah, some use plastic surgeries and some use steroids to the extreme – some on purpose and some have the weird side effects. I think it’s all scary.

          • Yes very. When your self-perception becomes so lost (anorexia, etc… etc… ) then it’s just heart breaking. Reality becomes lost.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      And homo itself is short for homosexual. (In case you didn’t know that…)

      • SofiaT

        There are two “homos” one Latin and one Greek and they mean different things (“human”/”same” respectively). There are times when they’re used in phrases in English, I have to stop for a second and make sure I understand which one they mean 😛

        • stickfigurefairytales

          English is such a crazy jerk language. Sorry, entire world!

          • Denise Cruz

            OH… You don’t speak Portuguese, do you?!
            Believe me: It’s worse! lol

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Nope, although my brother is starting to learn it. I’ll have to ask him what he thinks!

          • Denise Cruz

            Even to conjugate verbs is harder!
            You, guys, (american people) usually say that Portuguese is a is a language sung, not spoken. ^v^

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Homo Erectus! :-O

    • Timothy Carpenter

      Big Homo, perhaps?

      • Adam Black

        Raises hand … looks around

        • Timothy Carpenter

          …and sees that there are lots of us out here…

  • Yukiness

    What better way to spend my days snowed in (i live in NYC and mother nature went all out all at once) than to camp out for the new page. Now who wants some cookies?!

    • what kind?

      • Yukiness


    • stickfigurefairytales

      Ooh! Me! Me!

    • Jamie Dutton

      Hi Yukiness! Yum cookies 🙂

  • jreed3842

    Hello fellow campers! I actually remember to camp tonight. I can’t believe I forgot last Wednesday O.o! How’s everyone doing?!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Doing well, thank you! Good to have you here!

    • cold and cramping but otherwise I am peachy keen

    • Terri Sutton

      Hiding from the heat.

      • mogoskier

        Wanna trade weather, we just had a snowstorm and I rather deal with the heat.

        • Terri Sutton

          Do I have to go out in the snow? If the answer is no, then yes lets swap weather (I don’t live in an area that snows so it will be a novel experience for me).

          The two years I had no air conditioner I got so sick during the summer (it easily reached 40-45 degree Celsius in my room).

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s awful! D:

          • I would have melted…I cease being able to function around that temperature

          • mogoskier

            Everything is shoveled so you don’t have to go outside. That is damn hot though don’t think I will be able to handle that. Come here anyway we will make a snowman.

          • I start getting hot at around 22-23 degree celsius

      • jreed3842

        Yeah… I’m with Mogoskier! We just had a real bad snowstorm, and it’s soo cold outside! I say we take our weather and meet somewhere in the middle. Haha.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh, and where are my manners? How are you, jreed?

      • jreed3842

        I’m fantastic! Good to know you’re doing well! 😀

        • stickfigurefairytales


  • Denise Cruz

    Well, that’s it, for now, guys… I need my bed!
    See you tomorrow! 🙂

    • Jamie Dutton

      Night Denise, thanks for hangin with us 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good night! Sleep well, and see you tomorrow!

    • Night Denise!

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      G’nite, Denise. 🙂

  • davefragments

    I am watching AKIRA while I”m waiting — and “Adult Swim” that has it for play has put commercials in it. It’s weird to watch because animation breaks away to animation.

  • Sapfo

    Alex, how are you? And how is it with that oven of yours? Can it still work miracles despite a long holiday?

  • Adam Black

    Alex is waaay to busy on the comic to make you cookies.


    • Sapfo

      NOOOO! No cookies!
      But Alex don´t makes cookies in his oven. He makes pages. Warm, hot, new pages. Mmmm!

      Long time not seeing you

      • Adam Black

        and a delicious Pidgin English greeting to you in return

        • Sapfo

          Anything for you my dear!
          (I´m not tired at all, nonono! Must stay awake for new page)

          • Adam Black

            I ll be up, probably…
            I didnt wake up till 8 pm
            ( but my sleep schedule has been weird… sleep 14 hours, up 36, sleep 11 )

            plus we were having a snowstorm m so i was all fuckit.
            and my apt heats actually works well when its very cold.

            I had an electric heater but it exploded 2 months ago…
            lucky the apt didnt burn down

          • Sapfo

            But it´s good to have a warm place to be when it´s cold. Stay safe.

            Btw If you want, I can always brag of my Oxford English basic education. But I must admit that it is more transatlantic than anything else. 😉

          • Adam Black

            Hard to fit that Dictionary in your pocket

          • No harder than it is to fit that English pigeon in yours.

          • Adam Black

            You got some seriously weird fetishes.

            But to your credit, if youve never seen a gentleman disrobe, the shape could confuse you.

            You see, when a boy grows to a certain age…

          • Adam Black

            I’m sure you would reference all over my “pigeon” ,

            teach it tricks, right?

            Lets just skip ahead. This is what you are REALLY thinking :

          • Sapfo

            Is that the Webster’s Dictionary? My English is kind of a hipster….

          • Adam Black

            Websters is American English,
            Oxford English is snobmonster royale,
            ( but its necessary for looking up small English prepositions Like “for, by on or play with 100 meanings apiece )

          • Sapfo

            And I am not much of a hipster. So it will work out for all 😉

            (But I did say that my dialect was more a transatlantic then British)

          • Adam Black

            I can manage a translatlantic.

            Its useful in L.A. when you want to outsmug people

          • Sapfo

            The best thing about it. I get to use all the cool slang from both the US and the British 😀

          • Adam Black

            Just sat away from Cockney rhyming slang , its just useless

          • Adam Black

            Thats wicked dope

          • Adam Black

            did you mean not the good Brittish or not the good translatlantic

            ( Is that a secret cheer for iceland and a covert insult of greenland ? )

          • Sapfo

            I take the worst from both US and the Brittish side and then mash it all up until people starts running the other way when I starts speaking.

          • Adam Black

            That sound like a reality dating show right there

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh jeez! I’m glad you were okay!

          • Adam Black

            me too.
            Of course the surge protector it was plugged into didnt flip.

            which is why I am afraid to plug a computer into it

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s probably a wise move on your part.

          • Adam Black

            I was lucky.
            I was right next to it and watched it happen, but was entranced by it.

    • Sapfo

      But if Alex don´t have time to make me cookies. Can not you make them for me? Please?

      • Adam Black

        ya but my oven is kind of crazy. ( no theremostat )
        they will probably burn

        • Sapfo

          Or undercooked….. You can always buy me cookies or make someone else make me cookies…..GIVE SOME COOKIES!!! Where are all the cookies! ;_;

          • This is why you eat them one at a time and not stuff them all in your mouth at once.

            *hands Sapfo the last cookies she has*

          • Sapfo

            Thank you Doki! ^_^

          • You are most welcome Sapfo ^_^

          • Adam Black

            I got a better idea, Ill just give you cookie dough and antibiotics for the E. coli.
            You got icecream?

          • Sapfo

            Icecream check,
            Cookie dough from Adam check.
            Antibiotic No, but I like living on the wild side.

            NFA not doing their job 😉

          • Adam Black

            Its America,
            that is more wild than you think. Hey, its your intestine

          • Sapfo

            I think I keep to the Swedish way of doing things, more controlled and ordered. Just the way it should be. Now stand up straight and hand me my cookiedough aproved by Swedish version of NFA

          • Adam Black

            Sorry @smsif:disqus matballs are the only “swedish” food sold in America, and i doubt even the Swedish chef would approve of them.

            Maybe you can just take this packet and dump it in Vodka or something.

          • Sapfo

            I feel so sorry for you. I will make some and send them to you. They will be at your place in 2-3 weeks.

          • Adam Black

            ill send you the address

          • Sapfo

            okay a batch of meatballs without preservatives … are you absolutely sure that you want them? I could just send you the Vodka

          • Adam Black

            I thought you were baking cookies…

            NO, then send Taquila

          • Sapfo

            Taquila? Sorry, wrong country. Maybe I should ask my Mexican Queen for some?

          • Adam Black

            I misread this as ” i will be over in 2-3 weeks”

            i have a couchbed, .. last person who sayed here secretly moved into my basement for a week, then got arrested for it. Which is a shame cuz he is built like “The gardener” .
            ( tho he was kind of a jerk. woke me up early, then kept me up jerking off. so I filmed it )

          • Sapfo

            I wish!
            No my US tripp will not be for at least a year or two.

            You don´t really have much luck with your overnight guest, do you?

          • Adam Black

            Actually I had a LOT of luck.

            you might have to see that clip sometime

          • Sapfo

            Pandora box! How knows? Maybe I will open it one day.

          • Adam Black

            In reverse. In this the good thing came first

          • Sapfo

            So I should stop after how many minutes?

          • Adam Black

            23 , or until I hit “context” and reply again

          • Adam Black


        • dereule101

          Get an oven thermometer at the dollar store!

          • davefragments

            I bought a countertop convection oven that on a very good day hits 350 deg F when set to 475 Deg F… It’s like owning a dog with bladder control troubles.

          • Adam Black

            @admiraljane:disqus has some Newspaper for the occasion. Its like a superpower 🙂

          • Adam Black

            I thermometer is NOT a thermostat.
            A thermostat controls the temperture to make it even.

            the oven gets hotter and hotter

          • This is a euphemism for a really good date… right?

          • Steven K.

            More like a really bad one if you note the details and the results. Or our poor Kyle trying to get some satisfaction with someone who isn’t fireproof and Kyle hasn’t quite learned to control his powers yet.

          • Sorry I wasn’t making an intelligent correlation about temperature control in cooking devices. I was just making a bad joke about hot male dating and escalating throbbing pounding urgent tumescent desire exploding into desserts heretofore unknown by chefs of the non-gay variety… but never mind. Back to everyone’s cookies. 🙂

          • Adam Black

            Don;t worry , i fixed that for you ,
            Nurse Joe will be coming around to check your temperature soon

          • I hope he’s that big guy who shaves you too…

          • Adam Black

            No, he;ll be busy for hours…

            Stand Bye for Josephine…Ratchet..
            ( she could use a shave tho )

          • Josephine… eh eh… me and Jack are following the indian out the window…

          • Adam Black

            Yeah see, that was just a hallucination
            Read the book. Jack stayed.

            Now flip over, your nurse has arrived

          • Well fuck the book with THAT ending… but if the nurse is named Joe and looks like I’m imagining, then I’m rolling… hello?

            Now excuse us, while we pull the curtain…

          • Adam Black

            you dont want to be with jack till then end.
            he got a lobotomy

          • oh damn… forgot…

          • Adam Black

            the electroshock ll do that

          • It’s the damn therapy that makes me forget these things… like… erm… who are you again? 🙂

          • Adam Black

            The One that can ölksdjgföaoilsdj

          • It’s mean to tease me just because I’m not double-jointed.

          • Adam Black

            What exactly do have against the Double jointed?

          • Actually, a very reasonable question, but one I think you must ask yourself. Just because I’m not one who can ‘ölksdjgföaoilsdj’, doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.

            And if it’s your intention to encourage the potentially manic, ironically camp sensitive with the crying towel… well this is just the way it’s done buster!

            *runs from the room*

          • Adam Black

            Flaming Creme ho-yay?

          • Adam Black

            I guess we are lucky are fireproof!
            standy bye for that Hug you wanted.

            I hope you have on your asbestos underoos

          • with the built in feetsies…

          • Adam Black

            Hey, Michigan is cold.

            You are just ….jealous.

          • Okay… he could manage a quick hug. It is cold out there.

          • Adam Black

            Yes, Steven isnt really using all that Skin , what could go wrong

          • Adam Black

            It would be of you have a medical fetish,

            i am going to assume you do

          • … but of course you are…

          • dereule101

            Ah, I misread. I had an electric oven in an apartment like that once. I was wondering why everything would burn prematurely, so I used an oven thermometer to see that it would keep climbing. Opening the oven to regulate the temperature ruins the texture of just about every baked good.

          • Adam Black

            yeah I need to cook while it heats up. its crazy.
            after a year I figured out frozen pizzas

  • Oh goodness! I made the camping! 😀

  • I hope everyone enjoyed New Years. 🙂 I had to work so it was meh.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Mine was good 🙂

  • Oh, I got a book from my really good friend called the shadow project by Herbie Brennan. Anyone know if/how good it is?

    • silibub

      I haven’t read that book, but I’ve read the Faerie Wars series by that author, and I enjoyed that! He has an entertaining writing style, as I recall.

      • If I like this I will look into the others, as much as I have read, I don’t remember coming across him before.

      • Okay, I picked it up intending to just read a little before going to bed, I ended up staying up until 8am reading it (I started about 3am ish). It was fairly good. A little bothered that we didn’t have a Danny’s PoV for the ending though we do know what his plans are…But really not that bad a read, I will definitely have to look into the Faerie Wars. ^_^

  • davefragments

    new page up

  • Sapfo
  • Marie Laurent

    What’s a ‘MO? Also, I’m kind of sad, I wanted them not to know yet.

    • Valerok Oni

      Actually, I’m not sure if it’s the right context but a ‘mo is also slang for ‘homo’, or homosexual. I’m not sure which one is being used here, it could be either I suppose. *3*

  • Honestly, is there a glossary????

  • Marie Laurent

    Oh, I would have gotten moe. Whoops

  • Monica

    I like Spooks, he is so relaxing and have a great attitude ^w^

  • Timni16

    That is actually great.Calling him a big ‘mo. Yes. *sarcasm*


  • Curt Clark


  • Zephyr10101

    lmao spooky