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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 11

420 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 11

Tough to see your buddy like this, huh, Fluke?

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So! Kyle’s friends have found him and have given him something to wear. They’ve got a little catching up to do, don’t they? I wonder who will be first to break the ice?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Oh. My. God!

    Chriiiis. I neeeeed Chrrrrisss *lips wibbles*

    • Sapfo

      Yeah, where’s Chris? he was supposed to distract Alex.

      And i got a towel for him, just for him to come and get 🙂

      • It feels sooo odd without him around….it is actually a little on the scary side…

        • He is very much missed!

          • Sapfo

            The Holidays hit hard on the comments. ;_;

          • Yes, they did. The comments should pick up again, especially when the actions picks up again. 🙂

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Poor Kyle. 🙁

  • Holly

    WOW, after all that happened he has to get dressed in his Red Hot Uniform? That just seems a little insult to injury! What a page to come back on. *shakes head*

    Poor Kyle looks SO defeated.

  • This isn’t as bad as I feared. It’s not.. as bad. No big tears. I can handle this..

    I still haaate it *sad eyes*

    • Steven K.


  • Vasyl

    Kyle needs hugs. Lots and lots of hugs from naked hot men resistance to flames.

    • Holly

      I need Kyle needs hugs. But like the warm cuddly, friendly comforting kind. He is not ready for sexy naked hugs yet…

  • mogoskier

    Three things,
    1. Kyle face, oh god that is the most heart breaking face I have ever seen.
    2. Paul not the time to be embarrassed about nakedness.
    3. Spooky get that smile off your face this is not the time.

    • Holly

      I think he’s more embarrassed that he couldn’t find some civvies for Kyle to wear, instead of his uniform. Like your friend just inadvertantly started the end of the world and now has to dress up like the hero he’s supposed to be. That is just…unfair.

      • mogoskier

        I could see that but still look him in the face.

        • Holly

          Yeah I agree.

      • Adam Black

        It would be more embarrassing if they get into a skirmish and Kyle burns his civvy clothes off.

        Dude needs some fireproof Cod pieces

  • Frater Gymnos

    beautiful sense of timing and space…

  • Cid Highwind


    • Jeabro21

      Ur profile pic is cute what anime is it???

  • JustStoppingBye

    Is that a look of “it’ll be alright” or a look of appreciation from Spooky? C’mon Spooky, there’s a time and place for everything. *chuckle

    • b3nc0

      He might also be desperately trying not to break a joke…

  • Holly

    I have to say though, I am in LOVE with the first panel. The use of light and space just makes Kyle seem so small yet so central. It just WORKS. Adam and Veronica hit for the fences once more.

    • I agree. They totally nailed that first panel. Glad you think so too. 🙂

    • I was just thinking the same thing, Holly!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    You know, Spooky could offer Kyle his coat…He’s already wearing a hoodie anyway!

    • b3nc0

      We had hints about his cap being related with his powers, maybe he needs every piece of clothing to be fully effective?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That would suck during hot summer days!

        • Holly

          The trench looks pretty breathable.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I suppose, but he’s still got the hoodie and a t-shirt (or whatever it is he has on under the hoodie). Plus the jeans. I guess it would depend on how hot it gets where they live and whether Spooky can use his magic to keep cool.

  • Vik-Thor

    poor Kyle 🙁

    Can’t wait to learn more about Spooky’s powers!

  • Oh my goodness. More comments to come when I’m not at the gym/on my phone but wow. Look at that first panel. Amazing.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I have to say that if I were a superhero I would definitely want my costume to be more along the lines of Spooky’s. I want layers and casual comfort.

    • Holly

      I have to agree, though honestly I wouldn’t know exactly what i would want until I had powers. 😛

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Good point. Although my absolute first priorities are 1) pants, 2) an actual shirt, and 3) no heels.

        • Holly

          I’d be fine with leggings if I get shorts (Proper shorts, not briefs). Plus I want a jacket!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            What kind of jacket – a waist-length one or a long one like Spooky’s?

          • Holly

            I dunno. probably waist length. maybe a mid thigh skirted peacoat type number. I would also be fine with leggings and a skirted coat. I just want my butt covered and no freaking briefs. Though I dunno how practical the peacoat would be. it would depend on my powers…

            In Altered Fates Lacy wears a lab coat with like, normal clothes. And Crim has kind of a Super Boy look going on. There is actually a part when Cole becomes Crimson where he swears never to wear spandex again. 😛 *punishes self for not working on scripts*

        • I’m with you there!

    • Terri Sutton

      I’d want a cape and an awesome looking helmet because I’m a Superhero, f*ck practicality.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I think that capes would be kind of a pain if you couldn’t that they’d billow dramatically instead of, say, smacking you in the head, though.

        • Terri Sutton

          I have actually tripped because I have caught my big toe in my trousers leg, I can only imagine the amount of damage I could do to myself if I wore a cape.

      • SofiaT

        Well, the only superheroes that wear capes are Superman, Batman and Thor. I can’t think of anyone else at the moment, most of them are cape-less.

        • I wonder if they have quick releases on the capes?

          • SofiaT

            Like a parachute?

          • That would work. Something that allows them to escape if their capes were caught up in something.

          • I don’t think I could see that on Superman’s cape, but I could see that on Batman and Thor’s.

          • If they were smart, that’s what they would do. 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I think that Batman’s cape is actually a cowl, so his mask is attached to it.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Those are definitely the only ones I can think of who are currently well-known, but I believe there are a lot of others in the comics world.

    • silibub

      I think I’d want something like Commander’s costume, or Black Widow’s outfit in the Avengers movie — flattering, but utilitarian. If I had a long coat or cape I’d worry about it getting grabbed by an enemy or caught on something. (Although if I had magical powers that let me shield myself or at least fight from a distance, maybe I’d go for a badass long coat, haha)

      • Hikaru Takemori

        It all would depend on your powers and fighting style. With the right training almost everything can be used to aid you in a fight.

  • silibub

    I’m in complete agreement with everyone who’s complimenting the use of lighting and space to set the mood on this page! Fortunately my appreciation of the artwork is pushing aside my emotions, because Kyle…could you be any more heartbreaking right now? Augh…

    I’m kind of chuckling at Fluke, though, because I can actually hear his tone — that awkward “Heyyy, buddy…” is distinctive anywhere! And the contrast between his and Spooky’s expressions is excellent.

  • So the page gets put up while I was quickly making some macaroons.

    How somber. Poor Kyle. I know that there isn’t any humor in Kyle’s situation, but I like that Spooky looks ready to tease his friend for some night of partying.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Mmm, macaroons!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Poor Kyle 🙁
    His friends are good to him.

  • Steven K.

    OK guys – time to just turn around or snuff the light and let Kyle get dressed with maybe the tiniest bit of privacy and dignity.

    • Adam Black

      Me think spooky might have lantern envy

  • b3nc0

    I knew that couldn’t last very long, we were so proud of Liam in Thursday’s page of Tripping over You and then so happy for Lee (& for Frank) in yesterday’s page of Prince of Cats… Just gimme a sec to grab my tissue box, this nthn one is tote soaked‼ TTATT

    • Oooh. I’ve lost track of Prince of Cats. Must reread and catch up. And yes, Liam is awesome right now.


  • Trying to look past the emotional and focusing on the page as a whole…

    The only thing that was in Kyle’s locker was the spare uniform.

    Does this mean that he lives elsewhere (maybe alone) or that they just wouldn’t enter his room at the headquarter with him not there? Now I wonder if any/how many might live there or not.
    We know Fluke also lives elsewhere, and with Mitch being 15 probably him too. I don’t know why, but I just assumed that Kyle and some of the others lived -or at least all has their own room – at the headquarter. Especially the 18+ other members who no longer lived at home.

    Panel 1 is so well made, in all it’s sadness, and gives that effect of Kyle being alone and vunerable. I like how Spooky just magically turn the light on with a flicker of his hand in panel 2, something that’s hardly taken notice off while they take a look around the place.

    Fluke is so cute in his adorable akward attempt to excuse the suit while not watching Kyle – with Spooky looking all the way. Another thing that show an opposite side of their personality.
    Opposites being good frinds, but it might be Kyle who’s the one that makes this friendship complete to work.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hmm, that is a good question about Kyle’s living situation, especially since we know that he was in foster care when he was 12 (and may have grown up entirely in foster homes and/or other state-run facilities). I’d also kind of assumed that he lived at the YP headquarters.

      • Holly

        Yeah I assumed they all lived, or at least had temporary quarters at the HQ. I thought Kyle lived there full time.

        • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

          Maybe YP HQ is the Commander’s apartment and the others live elsewhere.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Although we do see Mitch going on the computer to find the porn site when he’s there at night, so that could be a point in favor of him living there.

          • Or it could be one of his nights on ‘duty call’, and they switch being there just as Fluke was up when Kyle called for help.
            They could still have rooms there, but they switch being on guard during the nights.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That also sounds quite plausible.

    • b3nc0

      About Spooky flicking his light on, he’s also taking over Kyle’s flame and saying: “It’s okay, buddy, we’re here now…”

    • If he had a room there, why would he have a locker at all? I suspect he lives elsewhere.


      • They could have a shared bathroom where each have their own locker – like at a gym.

  • krissdevalnor

    great page as always Alex 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    Uh,,, Spooky’s checkin out the goods. There”s no where else that eye-line goes.

    • Eve

      I had the same uncomfortable thought at first.

      • Madock345

        Me too, if by “uncomfortable” you mean “exciting”.

        • SofiaT


  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, I’m off to bed now! Goodnight everybody!

  • SofiaT

    I overslept and missed camping 🙁

    Kyle looks like he’s run out of fire. Not literally, of course.
    I hope he gets it back soon…

    Do like Hulk and be angry, boy. Be angry.
    Anything but this. *sniff*

    • Page was up kinda early today, so you might have missed it anyway. There wasn’t that many comments in the hours before the page was up.

      • SofiaT

        Catching up to them now, they were a little over a hundred. Usually we have hundreds of them! o.O

        • Holiday season hitting hard 🙂 There was only a few hundred comments in total. This is normal that there’s a time of the year when comments slow way down. It’s actaully a bit surprising that it didn’t happen on here during the summer, but maybe it’s the clearest proof that many readers are 21+ and no longer in some kind of school.

          • I mostly haven’t commented in the last couple of months because by the time I get to the page there are several hundred comments already and someone else has already said everything I might want to say. I have commented this week, because the comment rate in the first couple of hours has been so low compared with recent months.

          • You shouldn’t let that stop you. There will always be some/many who say the same thing just as many won’t have read the first times it was said. I far from read every comment when there’s hundreds.
            You could perhaps add a little detail here and there with your thoughts on a topic that might not have been considered by others. Comment away 🙂

          • Yes, but I’m old enough to remember Usenet, and the usage of AOL as a synonym for “me too”. 🙂 I’m long since conditioned along these lines. I do often upvote comments that say what I would have wanted to say, though.

    • Sapfo

      welcome to your new time zone 😉

      • SofiaT


    • Steven K.

      As if Kyle was a real existing fellow, I keep finding myself wishing we could all somehow telepathically send our collective thoughts and feelings of comfort and support and loving emotional embraces to him.

  • Okay, my first impression of panel 4 was that Fluke was looking at Spooky, concerned about him acting appropriately. The more I looked at it, I realized that Fluke isn’t looking at Spooky, but avoiding looking at Kyle. Now I know that Fluke is probably trying to do the nice thing and let Kyle keep a sense of modesty, but for some reason I feel like this is currently the wrong approach and it bugs me. I feel that Fluke should be looking at him head on and be reassuring. However, when Kyle starts getting dressed, I think they should both turn around so his modesty is as intact as it could be. There is just something that is really bothering me about Fluke in that panel and I am having trouble placing it.

    I really think Spooky is on top of things right now and acting completely appropriate. He is looking at Kyle, not avoiding his gaze. He really gives off the air of “It’s okay Kyle, I am here for you buddy.” ….That might be what is bothering me about Fluke, he doesn’t seem to be giving off that vibe. At least it doesn’t feel that way to me at the moment. I really don’t think Fluke should be giving off that awkward vibe right now. That combined with how he was placing blame on Kyle on the page before last, it just isn’t sitting right with me. And yes I said he placed blame on Kyle. He used the would “fault” which is a blame placing word. It wasn’t Kyle’s “fault” for the way things turned out the way they did, but Kyle is responsible for his role in what happened. “Responsibility” and “fault” are two completely different things. Maybe that is why I am reacting so negatively to Fluke on this page. Oh crap….what I want to say just popped into my head, but I cannot get it down to my fingers……grrrrrrrr. Hmmm….a less well way to say it Fluke is making me feel like his friendship with Kyle is partially conditional. I am not getting a “rescuing our friend” vibe from him at the moment but a “saving someone in need” vibe…a bit impersonal.

    Kyle in that last panel is just too heartbreaking. I don’t think he has looked at either of them in the eyes, or in Fluke’s case the face. I think he just looked up enough to see them standing in front of him.

    Team A A V: Thank you for a very awesome page. The artwork is very well done and conveys a lot.

    *sits back and waits for people to stick up for Fluke and anticipates a lecture from Chris about being harsh on Fluke just because she likes Mitch better. ^_^ *

    • Ellen Harman

      I agree with what you said about Fluke. He should not be hesitate in his speech either, which is what helps prove your assessment. However, Spooky should not have that weird little smirk. I can just see the wise crack forming, which will be in very poor taste and will probably not be good for Kyle to hear as this is probably the lowest point in his life.

      • Spooky’s smile did bother me at first, but the more I looked at that panel, the more I preferred his reaction over Fluke’s. Until he opens his mouth, I am going to stick with that. When Spooky does finally say something, I am hoping it will not be in poor taste.

        • Eve

          Spooky seems a little smirky to me, too. I hope he doesn’t start cracking jokes in poor taste but his face seems to say that’s coming. However, he cares about Kyle a lot, so I’ll hold out for some sensitivity. It’s interesting to see how differently people perceive things. Fluke’s stammering and use of the word “fault” didn’t bother me so much until I read your posts. Yes, Kyle fell for a villain, but he’s young and Duncan has decades of experience on him. It’s not something he should be blamed for. I’m hoping Fluke was being pragmatic and not placing blame when he said that, because everybody needs to be helping Kyle with his guilt, not adding to it.

          • I am really kind of hoping I am wrong about Fluke, but that is kind of how he is starting to come across to me. I am getting the feeling that even though Kyle is his friend and he cares about him, he thinks less of Kyle because of what has happened. I really hope that isn’t the case.

          • Jeh Y

            How boring. Everyone’s supposed to be perfect and flawless and act/react appropriately? No offending, no biases, no faltering? Yes, perfect little automatons, eh? Not humans, no that would be too real and hurt those delicate sensibilities.

            [Comment edited by Moderator]

          • Jeh Y

            By the way, mods, go right ahead. Keep the air of fake niceties, if you’d like, reinforce my point.

          • A ‘hear me roar’, eh?
            There’s a difference between a critique and a personal attack. Agreeing with Doki or not, which you clearly don’t, but there’s no reason to go to these measures to tell that.
            Didn’t Alex tell you just the other day to stop the personal attacks and deleted your comment? Is that why you do it again?

          • SofiaT

            This isn’t about “fake niceties”, Jeh. It’s about being respectful to other people. Which is the cornerstone and essence of our comments policy. I’m sorry if you can’t distinguish between the two but people who refuse to play nice with others and continue to make personal attacks will be removed from this comment section.

          • JeyY — I promise you it’s not MODS and we readers are not stupid or naive as you imagine.

            Not to the point that all of us have been raped. Some sure… Maybe, to to the point of being transported to hell…. sure… but still… bad bad date. I don’t mean to be pathetic, but I’ve been damn close to hell on some of my bad dates!

            We don’t need your eviscerations to let us know that.

          • Chris!!!! *hugs for 30 minutes* You are still alive!

          • Jeh,

            That’s out of line. Everyone here is free to analyze or not analyze the comic as they like, agree or disagree with the various posts, but it must be in accordance with the comment policy which asks for a tone of respect. Of which this post is seriously lacking. You don’t have to like what Doki is saying, but you may not attack her with your response.

          • I never said I expected anyone to be perfect. I was only expressing how Fluke is coming across to me at this point in time. I typed out how I am feeling about the matter in order to have a civilized discussion about opposing viewpoints and to see if anyone else could possibly help me figure out just what is bothering me about Fluke. Because I would really appreciate others help in helping me figure out what is bothering me so much about Fluke at this time.

          • Jeh,

            This is another personal attack and I’ve already given you one warning about doing that here. This is your second. There won’t be a third. The next action I take will be to remove your commenting privileges on this site—something I’ve never had to do before and, as I do believe you have valuable things to add, not something I’m eager to do.

            In order to comment here, you must use a tone of respect when talking about or to other commenters. Disagreements and even critiques of others’ ideas are fine, so long as it is clear that you respect the other commenter and no personal attacks are made.

            Based on what you’ve written, I think you do understand that your response to Dokidokibaka falls outside of our Comment Policy. You appear to be making the argument that to use the tone of respect expected here in making your point would be equivalent to “keeping an air of fake niceties” and that using the tone you chose is perhaps keeping things more “human and real.” (Please let me know if I am misunderstanding you.)

            You are, of course, welcome to your opinion about what’s a “real” interaction and what’s fake. And there are, of course, many unmoderated places on the Internet where folks are free to talk to each other using any tone they’d like. But this is not one of those places.

            The argument that ad hominem attacks are justified because they are somehow more authentic is not uncommon. I’m not sure if this will change your view, but I recently read this exchange between a moderator and someone offering this argument (among other arguments) on a site for peer-critique. (That site is for writers critiquing other writers, but I think the same principles apply.) I would appreciate it if you took a moment to give that link a read. Perhaps it might help illuminate why using a respectful tone is actually an aid to honestly and clearly making your point (vs. some sugary “we-all-agree-and-are-all-the same-kumbaya” fakery.)

            If it does help and you can make your points while using a sincerely respectful tone from now on, you are very welcome to continue commenting here. You have made valuable contributions here in the past and I’d like you to continue to be able to make them. There are just a few rules that I ask everyone here to follow. Whether you would set up those rules on your own site, can I trust that from now on you will at least respect my wishes here?

          • Steven K.


        • I think one could say of Spooky’s look is that he’s letting Kyle know he doesn’t think any less of him, that he’s not upset with him, and he’s his friend no matter what. Spooky is comfortable, confident, which I think is good for Kyle.

          • Yes, I would much prefer to cling to that interpretation of Spooky’s look.

          • Me too.

          • Steven K.

            That would be the best possible outcome.

    • Jeabro21

      WOW you put alot of thought into this, didn’t you?

    • Thank you, Dokidokibaka. An interesting analysis. Please keep me posted on your thoughts about Fluke as this scene progresses. 🙂

    • SofiaT

      I tend to like all of the YP team by default. While that doesn’t mean
      they’re perfect (they’re human after all), it does mean I tend to think
      the best of them all. Just because Spooky and Fluke seem to be handling this differently doesn’t necessarily mean one is doing better than the other, or that I will analyze their every move to find faults. Not until they give me reason to, anyway.

      Considering the circumstances, I didn’t think Paul’s comment on the previous page was out of line or placing blame on Kyle.

      • I am not saying I don’t like any member of the team, there is just something that is bugging me about Fluke right now. which might be causing me to be a bit harsh on him. I really wouldn’t mind being proven wrong about my current interpretation of him. I really wouldn’t. There could be a completely logical and innocent explanation of that panel. Heck it might just be completely in my head that something feels a bit…off….in that panel. I have been known to have an overactive imagination, and although I would love to believe the best in people, my personal experiences make me mistrustful(?). I might also spend too much time inside my head…..which isn’t really that happy a place most of the time. Once you are betrayed by someone who should never lose your trust, you kind of develop a skewed way of interpreting people when you even care enough to try.

        But there really is something that is bothering me about Fluke and I really cannot place what it is.

        • I’m thinking that Fluke may be out of his depths with this one, that it’s his friend that needs rescuing. I think maybe he’s averting his eyes because of this uncertainty. It may also be because his buddy is buck nude and well, I’d probably avert my eyes as well if my friend called me and was stuck naked, so I wouldn’t stare and possibly make the friend that much more uncomfortable.

          • You can look at someone with out staring and you can focus looking at the head and not the body. I think I can kind of see the uncertainty angle, though I think to me still feels a bit like avoidance?

          • It could very well be avoidance, but I’m guessing along the lines of uncertainty now that he’s there and his friend really is naked. I really think he doesn’t know what to do.

          • Cydney Sabin

            It looks to me like it’s more embarrassment than uncertainty. Definitely uncertainty, but moreso embarrassment. That’s what I see, at least.

          • That’s a good possibility too.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I know that for me personally, if I were stuck somewhere naked and feeling terrible, I would appreciate my friends averting their eyes until I got dressed.

          • Much appreciated.

          • Steven K.

            Same here!

    • Steven K.

      Actually, I agree with and empathize with so much of what you mention in this wise and thoughtful posting.

      • Steven, you are far too kind. While I will admit to putting a lot of thought into this, I am not sure if I qualify as wise.

  • Edgar

    DX WHY SO SHORT now i can’t wait for next page for how kyle will explain all of this.

  • jreed3842

    Well! I was super late to the camping party! I didn’t get to camp at all (I was distracted by my Christmas present, Super Mario 3D World, lol)
    Damn… I feel so sorry for Kyle, he’s so vulnerable. But at least he’s FINALLY getting clothes!

    • I think we all missed on camping! I was making macaroons and BAM! the page was up.

      • Kiri

        Feel free to send some of those macaroons my way! 😀

  • Hikaru Takemori

    I think Kyle’s uniform became invisible again in panel 3. Indicater that Kyle is not the only one who doesn’t want to be there. That or I stayed up too long again.

    • No, I thought that too but if you look closer, it looks like it’s draped over Fluke’s left arm. There’s more white and redish than just what his bracelet would be.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        No, not forgotten. I belive it became sentient (somewhat) and a superbeing on its own, maybe empathic, and does not know how to response to the situation at hand. So it jumps between visible and unvisible.

        • Yup.. that’s totally it 🙂

          • Hikaru Takemori

            Glade I’m not alone with this assessment ^_^.

  • SofiaT

    Does anyone remember The Little Match Girl?
    That’s what the first panel reminds me of.

    Excellent work Alex, Adam and Vero.

    • Such a sad story.

    • Thank you, Sofia. 🙂

    • steelie

      Had to look that up and read it since I’d never encountered it before. I agree – the physical look is similar. I think Kyle’s flame is similarly struggling to hold back the darkness, but I don’t think it’s bringing him any bright images of hope and promise right now – although it is leading his friends to him, so hopefully he won’t meet the same fate.

      • SofiaT

        It was the isolation that did it for me. The little girl with the matchsticks was all alone, people didn’t notice her until after she had died. Even with his friends there, I think Kyle must be feeling so alone right now.

  • Jeabro21

    Kyle just looks defeated and at his lowest point but I am hoping that he takes this pain and puts it into something positive, like kicking Anni’s (round, firm)

  • RustyBurrell

    Why does Spooks look like he’s just DYING to make a smartassed comment…..XD

  • Donald Burch

    I enjoy the care the creative team places in body language. Paul looks to me like someone who is embarrassed by nudity, nothing more. Spooky seems completely at ease as I expect from one with mystical training. Fear, discomfort, uncertainty; these are things that can cause concentration to falter and for a mage concentration is critical. I also suspect he might have counseling training. TYP is a search and rescue team after all. They deal with traumatized people as part of their work. As for what Spooky is looking at, I suspect he is peering under Kyle’s brow to get a look at his eyes. Regarding the comment about clothes? I don’t read much into it. Perhaps Kyle wore his civvies to meet Duncan. Perhaps he spends most of his time away from base. There is too little information from which to base a solid theory. Regardless, I’m left wanting more and so Alex and company succeeded in spades. Thank you again for sharing your story. I appreciate your hard work and your consideration for your fans.

    • You’re very welcome, Donald. Thank you for your thoughtful analysis here. 🙂

      • Donald Burch

        The pleasure is truly mine, Alex.

  • Sapfo

    I guess it would be to much to hope for a nude hug from Paul and Spooks? It might even be to much to hope for one when he gets the uniform on.
    boys and their Pride, there is nothing wrong with hugs so don’t be shy <3

    • Donald Burch

      It depends on how much adversity the team has endured, Sapfo. It is my experience that groups that face danger together regularly develop lasting emotional ties. Cops and firefighters hug, so do military buddies. In my opinion it is a mark of emotional maturity, of having faced death together and fought for each other at the cost of life and limb. If TYP is a new team they might still retain that youthful awkwardness in their relationships. Given how Paul and Spooky talked about Kyle, as if they shared a lot of his life and understood his weaknesses better than he did, it is my opinion that they indeed have this strong bond of love and loyalty. We’ll see soon enough.

      • Sapfo

        That may be, but most of those hugs when there is either a common joy or sorrow. In Kyle’s case, he has not only been the sole victim of Duncan. he probably blames himself for having been deceived and exploited. He is a victim in this situation and although he would need hugs, the risk is that he might not think he deserve them.

        • Donald Burch

          Let’s hope Spooky knows that this is exactly when Kyle needs hugs most, even if Kyle cringes.

          • Sapfo

            And I hope that Spooky’s good enough at reading body language and hold off until Kyle is ready to accept a hug.

          • Adam Black

            and not talk about the first thing that comes up

          • Sapfo

            I think you should read my comment a bit higher up 😉

        • Steven K.

          Awww. :_( We’ll all just have to show Kyle just how wrong he is about that then. Anyone who has endured all of what he just went through is the most deserving.

    • Adam Black

      For a limited time Only,I am offering up myself to give hugs to nude sad boys, or sad nude hugs to boys, just point the way.

      • Sapfo

        Chris is right! You are a giver!

        Love a good bear hug. But Adam if you ever hug me. Please keep the pants on 😉

        • Adam Black

          Just for you… But I have never seen pants on a bear before.

          I am perfectly willing to overlook this pants-fetish while hugging, and i will not waste any time of thinking how you be imagining me in all sorts of jeans, sweatpants, and leather leggings.

          ( what colors do you prefer? )
          But i warn you now , I do not own any latex pants.
          Im willimg to “dress-up” for your hig, but i cant break the bank.

          • Steven K.

            Well, I’m not burdened by that pants fetish – so you needn’t bother with them on my account.

          • Adam Black

            A man with low standards—i can work with that!
            But if you are taking me to the Opera , i think something more formal is appropriate.
            Here, how does this velour towel look?
            I dont want to upstage you.

          • Sapfo

            Jeans, or maybe leggings in bear-fur?
            NO! I got it! I want my bear to be in a kilt!
            Please Bear Adam, can I get my hug with you in a kilt?


            Nobodys safe 😉

            But If you don´t do kilt, jeans will do. If James Dean can rock them, then so can you ^_^

          • OMG Sapfo…..I LOVE YOU!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! *hugs*

            Can I also get a Bear Adam in a kilt hug?

          • Adam Black

            have you seen James Dean Lately?

            I would have thought Sapho, that your were more into the pre-mortem look.

            I’m not really into ribbons. Fur Leggings, now that sounds like an idea

          • Sapfo

            Hmm. I must admit that I like warm living bodies and do not mind a little strategically placed fur. I will wait for my platonic Adam hug!

            By the way I’ve always wondered what the two big strong men do together in the bedroom with the door closed. After a thorough investigation, I have finally arrived at the this answer. You are doing your taxes …. and eating banana …. Right? o.O


          • Guest

            Hmm. I must admit that I like warm living bodies and do not mind a little strategically placed fur. I will wait for my platonic Adam hug!

            By the way I’ve always wondered what the two big strong men do together in the bedroom with the door closed. After a thorough investigation, I have finally arrived at the final answer. You are doing your taxes …. and eating banana …. Right? o.O


          • Guest

            Hmm. I must admit that I like warm living bodies and do not mind a little strategically placed fur. I will wait for my platonic Adam hug!

            By the way I’ve always wondered what the two big strong men do together in the bedroom with the door closed. After a thorough investigation, I have finally arrived at the final answer. You are doing your taxes …. and eating banana …. Right? o.O


          • Guest

            Hmm. I must admit that I like warm living bodies, that looks warm and alive, but I do not mind a little strategically placed fur. I will wait for my platonic Adam hug!

            By the way I’ve always wondered what the two big strong men do together in the bedroom with the door closed. After a thorough investigation, I have finally arrived at the final answer. You are doing your taxes …. and eating banana …. Right? o.O


          • Sapfo

            Hmm. I must admit that I like warm living bodies that looks warm and alive, but I do not mind a little strategically placed fur. I will wait for my platonic Adam hug!

            By the way I’ve always wondered what the two big strong men do together in the bedroom with the door closed. After a thorough investigation, I have finally arrived at the final answer. You are doing your taxes …. and eating banana …. Right? o.O


          • I guess Disqus just loved it so much that it had to repost it 5-6 times?

          • Sapfo

            Thank you Doki!
            That makes it feel a little better and not really my fault for being impatient when the comment is not published straight away. Which is probably the more likely reason why it came up so many times.

            Love your new avatar! <3

          • Not sure how long I will keep it, but that is me.

          • Sapfo

            I can understand that. But it is nice to have a real face on someone I “talk” to. I like it. 🙂
            Happy new year!

          • Adam Black

            I could have told you that: Wrestle for top!*.
            ( *Which , sadly, really means one guy demands the other guy pretend to struggle just for a few minutes , or he will be so bored they might not as well bother, and they just go back to watching TV >
            “Cant I give in yet?”
            ” NO, stop begging,and pretend you are not an eager slut” )

          • Adam Black

            i havent set up my computer yet. Ive had no sound for 9 months.
            not TV for 2 years…

          • Sapfo

            How needs Tv änyway?!
            But I don´t understand the other part. What do you mean not having your computer set up….It´s horrible! Do i need to rescue you? I am so ready to get my flying car and save your soundless furry ass…. if it not for the fact that I have to work and do not really have a flying car.

            Have a good new year Adam!
            And if you don´t have anyone to snog at midnight, here is a hug from me to you!

          • Adam Black

            Its a box for 6 months because i dont have a decent surge protector, ( and my wiring is ungrounded )
            that was how i fried my last HD

      • I want a bear hug! I want a bear hug!

        (but Sapfo’s right, keep the pants on 😛 )

      • Steven K.

        It would be a standing or on-going offer from me – no limited time offer here! If any nude sad boy needs a hug, I’m open 24/7 for all their consolation needs (and unlike other purveyors, I’ll even customize the hug to exactly the type that each client wants or needs).

        • Adam Black

          I could never compete with that!
          I am far too much a craftsman.

          Its true folks. Steven is available, at all time for you for free hugs , to sad nude young men.

          If you are certain that you already know the best way you should be hugged, and you can explain it perfectly, and having to customize it to meet some fleeting fetish or fashion wont completely destroy the timeless unique value, then you should go Steve, whenever its convenient. He will still be here.

          Otherwise , for 1-of-a-kind integrity, for the bearhug, you wont ever forget— unless you miss out forever… always wondering if you missed —not the hug you thought you wanted, but the one you truly needed— Act quickly.
          Remember , after i close shop there wont be any more. Steve can still help, with any hug you might want to try— except for one. Mine. Guaranteed forver. I will still accept returns

    • Steven K.

      I think they just need to give Kyle a little privacy to get his suit on, then it would be awesome if they each gave Kyle a little hug and ask him if he’s holding up OK and that they are there for him – and that they are his friends unconditionally. They should also remember to tell Kyle that Mitch is there for him as well and that he is very concerned for him.

      • Sapfo

        I wish it was so easy, but most of the time it is not.

  • steelie

    That first panel where Kyle sits alone and flicks just a little flame so that his friends can find him… that’s powerful and painful in the loneliness and shame it portrays. His body language and that small area his flame is lighting make him look so vulnerable and lost in the dark. I almost wish this had been a longer range shot to emphasize the vastness of the dark place in which he has been left (both physically and emotionally), but I think the third panel accomplishes that when Spooky’s guiding light seems barely bright enough to get them through to Kyle. The whole thing has a “Mines of Moria” kind of melancholy and emptiness to it.

    Looks like poor Paul has been accustomed to feeling like a rescuing hero when he’s been involved in situations before. It’s a lot different when it’s up close and personal and the trauma is so evident. It’s one thing to be the immediate “rescuer” over the phone and to plan and execute the actions needed to effect the emergency rescue. Paul likes saving people, and he’s good at it. Now he is faced with confronting the aftermath of a “save” and he doesn’t really know how to deal with it. I suspect Spooky is actually going to be the one who has “got this one.”

    And Kyle’s face and body language in those last two panels are just heartbreaking. There’s no quick and easy fix here. Especially when the threat of Duncan’s plan and an invasion of demon types looming means there is no time to help Kyle recover. They’re going to need him and his powers, and they are going to need it NOW. Perhaps the only good thing that Duncan (makes me want to spit whenever I type his name) demonstrated for Kyle was the ability to leave regrets and shame behind so that cannot hamper one’s current actions.

    I do think it looks like the suit is missing again in panel three. It’s a little jarring and distracting in the continuity of the piece.

    Nice work Alex and Adam and Veronica – as always.

    • Yep, looking at this now, I agree that suit could be more visible in Panel 3. I’ll ask Adam and Vero to look into that when they get a chance.

      Thank you for the kind words and thoughtful analysis of this page. 🙂

    • Donald Burch

      I agree with you, Steelie. I get a strong impression that Spooky is truly the one in charge here. Paul has his heart in the right place but his awkwardness shows. I appreciate that because it is easy to forget exactly how young these characters are. The flame in the darkness strikes me as metaphorical. It symbolizes to me both how much Kyle suffers as well as what Kyle might become to others who face the darkness later.

      • steelie

        I like that last image of Kyle’s flame as a future beacon to help others find their way out of the dark. Thanks for that – that’s a much brighter thought on which to go back to bed…

  • Vinny Gothika

    poor Kyle….just ouch the feels, this comic is really coming along great

  • Good to see that Kyle isn’t afraid to use his powers, even though it’s just a flicker. he could have been traumatized about everything related to his powers…

    as for Paul looking away: I don’t think he’s offended by nudity (no sign of that in the interlude), He just noticed how Kyle avoids eye contact and reacts on Kyle’s embarrassment, not wanting to make it worse.

    • SofiaT

      Very good point about his use of power!

  • Sapfo

    right now I just get a lot of flashbacks to my crisis management lectures.
    I think we have arrived at the stage of “shut up” and “endure”. Wonder if Paul and Spooky know how to do?

  • Madock345

    Spooky looks like he’s checking Kyle out, or maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see.

  • Kyle: *little ball of sad* I’m here
    Floating lamp: *floats*
    Fluke: Uniform, buddy?
    Spooks: *slight playful look*
    Kyle: Thanks 🙁

    • Sapfo

      Please don’t tell me that you are trying to come up with namnes for Kyles little ball of light andfloating Lamp 😉

      • >_>

        • Sapfo

          ……..Damn it! Now I want to know!

  • So that look on Spooky’s face in the second to last panel is playful. My Spooky sense is tingling.

    • Soubi

      Spooky, now is not the time to be checking Kyle out! On the other hand…I ship it. -nodnod-

      • Cydney Sabin

        I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that….

        • Soubi


  • dereule101

    Jeez, Spooky, lend the kid your coat! 😛
    Gotta say, I love the way his magic is drawn and colored.

    • Steven K.

      Good idea!

  • Soubi

    And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly hurt any more…you prove me wrong, Alex. I’m gonna internally sob like a baby.

    • Steven K.

      Awwww …..can empathize. Hugs!

  • Feverfew_M

    Oh, Spooky, what are you about to say? He looks just so mischievous…
    Whatever it is, I bet Paul will be scandalized. But a little bit of the usual Spooky banter might be just what Kyle needs to feel better.

  • Visually and emotionally stunning, for all the reasons mentioned by others. The composition on panels 1 & 3 is incredible.

    I think this is one page (and sequence) that does show up the difference in impact made by reading as it’s posted weekly/biweekly as opposed to reading it as a graphic novel. The sequence as a whole would feel a little too drawn out when waiting for weekly updates, and yet you really do need every panel of the last few weeks to set up the emotional impact of this page. The flip side is that I think the cliffhanger nature of waiting for the next update, even if we only have to wait have a week at the current rate of bonus pages) has more impact than simply turning the page.

    Hmm. It probably will make a subtle difference in the reader’s emotional response whether this page is on the recto or the verso of the print edition.

    • Cydney Sabin

      I have mixed feelings about waiting for updates, though I do mostly agree. On the one hand, there’s the whole “you mean I have to wait to see the next page? That’s like the longest commercial break ever!” On the other hand, it’s constantly on your mind. Mulling it over, wondering what the next update will bring, whether Billy truly loves Suzy and if Bob can really make a truck out of popsicle sticks. The suspense brings back the reader for more, just so they can get closure, but it’s just another cliffhanger in a huge cycle of waiting for gratification. But it’s worth it.

  • Hours

    The first panel of this page is incredible. It so succinctly, yet poignantly sums up Kyle’s state of mind right now. Great job TYP team.

  • Megan Staples

    The first panel was so poignent and sad. Poor poor poor Kyle, how are you ever going to get over this?

    By kicking Duncan’s ass so hard he’ll be peeing out his nose and defecating from his ears!

  • There’s been a couple of suggestions and theories behind Spooky and Paul’s different reactions, and after staring at the page long enough I want to add something myself.
    I think both Paul’s and Spooky’s reaction is pretty normal when you look at the circumstances.

    Paul is just around 17 – maybe having just turned 17, but he’s so physical big that it can be easy to forget his age. There’s a bigger chance that he’s still a virgin and especially in that age there’s that ‘don’t check out the other naked dudes in the locker room’ thing.
    They just walked in to see a sad naked Kyle, and if you look in panel 3, where the light has just been turned on, we can see the top of the bed as the first real sight they get. Awkwaaard. The clear proff that your buddy has just had sex (for the first time). I don’t think Paul knows exactly how to react while he’s still worried about Kyle.

    Spooky on the other hand. He’s 20, I doubt he’s a virgin and much more comfortable with nudity. He’s not fazed by watching Kyle, and we already know he’s taking things more calm. I’m not judging that smile because it can be his way to handle things. Smile and maybe brushing it off.
    I know personally that if I get shocked/spooked I have a tendency to giggle or laugh. It’s my reaction and I just have to get it out, otherwise I end up sputtering in the attempt to keep it inside (it’s caused quite a few looks sometimes when it was a bad timing).

    In each their way they’re there and ready to help, and looking at their personality and age/experience I find their reaction totally in character.

    • This makes a lot of sense to me. Paul’s very level-headed, but he’s still not quite an adult. This situation has probably tripped him up on the level of stuff he knows about intellectually but hasn’t had to deal with in real life before. Spooky being that bit older matters here, even if it might not normally.

    • You said what I was thinking a lot better!

    • *hugs Danish* I love you! Reading your comment I seriously felt that annoying sense of something bothering me about Fluke go poof! Like something just clicked into place in my head. Not sure what it was you said that did it, but thank you!

      • You’re welcome. I understood what you said below, but I felt there was something that was ‘missing’ and then taking a look at it, it came down to the age factor. In many ways Paul is very mature, but we also have to remember he’s still young and less experienced.

        • I am not entirely sure if it was the age factor or one of the other things you mentioned. I am just happy that naggy feeling of something bothering me is gone…..It was seriously starting to drive me crazy. While Fluke’s reaction still a bit problematic for me….the harsher overtones are gone. ^_^ *hugs Danish again*

    • Perverzak

      Yes that was exactly what I thought when I read the page! Let’s face it there’s also the fact that in his heart Spooky is very chill, he seems like the type to accept everything that happens in life and just go with it, there’s no point dwelling on the past, so he takes everything with a joke and smile.
      Paul on the other hand is not so quite comfortable with everything he has to face, and of course he also knows that this is a delicate situation especially one he hasnt been in before so he mostly has no idea how to react, and the fact that he obviously cares about Kyle just makes it that much harder.
      Both of them are great really arent they? 🙂

    • purplefoxglove

      I think you put Paul’s reaction very nicely; in addition to feeling awkward, he probably doesn’t want to embarrass Kyle more than necessary by staring at him. It’s obvious Kyle feels uncomfortable being naked on top of everything that happened.

      As for Spooky – first, his expression in panel 4 made me pause: “Really, Spooky? Smiling?” Then I looked a little bit closer and saw his eyebrows are furrowed. This is usually a sign of discomfort or confusion, probably anger (though I don’t think the latter is the case here, not with how Spooky acted in the last few pages). Put that together with the smile, and you get mixed emotions. Mixed emotions are pretty hard to read, let alone to portray. One possible meaning could be that he is worried about Kyle yet at the same time Spooky-cheerful. Another interpretation might be that he’s worried, but trying not to show it and instead gives Kyle an encouraging smile.

      Thank you for sharing your well thought out ideas with us! 🙂

    • Sai

      The way I’m reading it Paul knows more about what happened, or suspects more about what happened, and is being respectful if a bit awkward. Spooky on the other hand looks like he’s about to laugh and say “What happened? Bad guy stole your clothes?”

    • fujoshifanatic

      Excellent analysis! Couldn’t have put it better myself. 🙂

    • Danish — best comment EVER (lets pretend it’s mine),

      We all have friends who appear, like Paul does right now, like they’ve come over with ice cream and will talk to us for as long as needed and help get us in a new emotional head space and work out the details until we understand that “the end of the world” (and it really seems so to us) isn’t solely our fault and we’ll get through it. They take it as seriously as we might and work it out with us slowly but surely.

      Then there are friends like Spooky. No less caring, but they live by the “quick knife” theory. In one quick sentence he made it clear that “all is well.” Quick Knife: Big Mo + Son of Satin… all done.. we can deal. And, just like that, Kyle knows his friends won’t abandon him no matter what. Hurts more… over quicker. Also Spooky may have just felt that Kyle needed a quick snap out of a bad bad head place (hell?).

      Different friends, different cures. Only the next page will tell us which cure Kyle would have preferred. If it was the gentle version, I hope Spooky is wearing his asbestos underwear. KABOOM. 🙂

      Good stuff. Alex never disappoints. Is it Saturday yet?

      • Adam Black

        I think Kyle tortured himself long enough

  • vessto

    Kyle’s expressions makes my heart to stiff. And I wanna erase Spooky’s stupid smile from his face, no matter if it just his character, it seems stupid anyway.

    • I like spooky but that stupid smile… it didn’t work for me…

      • vessto

        Hello, magician!;) My finger was still on the left mouse button when I someone rated my post up and replies.:D

        Yes, exactly, he’s nice boy at all, and this is his style. But there are situation where a “cool smile” way just doesn’t fit.

        • Cydney Sabin

          On the other hand, he might be using his “cool smile” to show Kyle that everything is all right and that nothing will change from the way it always was.

          • SofiaT

            That’s how I had perceived it. Also I thought that maybe Fluke wasn’t avoiding looking at Kyle but keeping an eye on Spooky instead.

          • Cydney Sabin

            I don’t think his eyes line up right for that. I think it’s more of an involuntary reaction to look away to give him some modesty and a modicum of privacy so he can change into his suit. Or maybe keeping an eye out for anybody/anything that might still be out there.

          • SofiaT

            Hm. To me it looks like he’s looking right at Spooky.
            It didn’t even cross my mind that he might be avoiding looking at Kyle till people mentioned it. :0/

        • I know! but I can’t wait new page 😀 What he’s going to say to him lol

  • I don’t want to cry *sob* no… Helli,why are you smiling like that my dear spooky? Wanna slap_?

    • John

      I think thats meant to be an encouraging grin rather than anything else.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Paul/Fluke’s expression says it all. Uncomfortable, unsure what to say or do, or wants to give Kyle some privacy.Spooky seems totally fine, but seems to be thinking up something snarky to say. Paul will either smack him upside the head, or glare. I’m thinking Kyle might be fine with it, depending on how long he’s known them. Familiarity can be comforting.

    Now to find a corner where he can have some privacy to change. Or get them to turn around, while they have the “what the heck happened? ” conversation.

  • Cydney Sabin

    Fluke’s body just doesn’t fit with his head right now. His body looks mature and powerful, while his face looks young and vulnerable. A great contrast to make the point of just how young he really is.

    And, looking through some of the comments, I see that I’m not the only one who thought that Spooky looked like he was checking Kyle out. Darn my perpetually gutter-living mind….

    • HermeticallySealed

      Yeah that kind of stood out to me, as well.

  • Joann Fuhs

    its best not to sat anything. let him talk about it and give advice and be there for him in time he will tell everything . just listen and let him speak on everything kyle need to have a friend in this case.

  • Cman65

    We will help you with what you need to do now. Be that just get home or kick butt! But rember that Arse-hole-Anni has to pay and when you own a Devil its hell to pay

  • WarGoddess

    Man, I’m really hoping that Duncan gets the beating of his life for this…then finds some way to redeem himself. I may get pitchforked in the ass for saying that, but I really don’t think Duncan will be a super mega ultra lightning douche sometime in the future. I’m still optimistically hoping for butterflies and sunshine!

    • Jackal

      I know that feel, bro.

      • WarGoddess

        And oh what a feel it is.

    • LimpBiskit

      OK, so “super mega ultra lightning douche” just made me inhale a corn muffin, but through my spasms of esophageal agony, there were also tears of glee. Thank you so much 😀

      • WarGoddess

        Lol sorry about the corn muffin, but you’re welcome for the laugh. 😀

    • Steven K.

      Long shot, but more power to you (!) if you can still hold out for that. I wish I could be that optimistic after what’s happened!

      • I have seen longer shots get pulled off. So it isn’t completely impossible. ^_^ Though I would still prefer for Mitch and Kyle to hook up. ^_^

        • Steven K.

          That would be adorable upon adorable – in all senses of that.

  • LL

    Real smooth there, Fluke.

  • i’m digging the “mundane utility” of panel 1, and the green-shrouded latern in panel 2

    spooky: you totally could have spared that overcoat to our vulnerable friend, if not for a couple of hours.

  • Susannah

    Spooky seems to like what he’s seeing. Can’t blame him though. Kyle is damn nice <3

    Ok, but in all seriousness, let's not hate Spooky. Sometimes people smile because it's easier to deal with something laughing then taking something situation with seriousness. I think he might even crack a joke or something inappropriate, but I doubt he's being mean or a d*ck on purpose.

    Also, aw, poor Fluke he looks so embarrassed 🙁 Must be hard for the poor boy XD

    • Denise Cruz

      Agreed! Spooky’s face actually made me laugh. It was good! Once we’re in such a bad situation with them, it’s really nice being able to laugh a little bit…

      Let’s hope that Spooky can lighten things for Kyle, too. At least, a little bit. I know it’s kind of unlikely, but… let’s hope!

      I understand exactly what you said about ‘dealing with things laughing’. I’m one of those people. ^v^ Not everyone is able to understand that!

      About Fluke… well… he’s so funny like that! lol Poor guy! He’s having a hard time right there. lol

      Come on! Let’s put some clothes on that redheaded baby! This is going to help (almost) everybody to feel better!
      (Almost, because Spooky is liking the view. So am I! lol)

      But, jokes aside, our redheaded needs some care and affection, now. It’s better help him! Finally! 😉

  • Amy

    Poor Kyle.

  • Cookie

    And Spooky’s just standing there like “Hee hee, nudity!”

  • Sapfo

    57 minutes + the flying scene!

    Kyle on the phone for about 10-15 minutes with Paul, explains as much as he can handle to say.
    5-15 minutes Kyles emotion takes over and he is crying again and then collect himself.

    Then I can almost see how Kyle tries to find a place for Spooky and Paul arivel. Sitting on the bed for a while (felt uncomfortable), hiding behind one of the pillars (felt uncomfortable) going around in circles (felt uncomfortable) and eventually sitting ​​down making himself as small as possible. Trying to find a position where he feels he can protect himself, Arms and legs crossed to give himself support and protection. (Do-not-come-near-position! and conting to feel uncomfortable).

    it is no coincidence that Kyle sits where he does and also not a coincidence that he has the posture that he has.
    57 minutes + some are a long time to think and doubt.

    Would love to do a little analysis about how Paul and Spooky should do to move closer to Kyle, to make him feel secure to open up. But I wait a bit with this.

  • Preludetoa


  • I know the look on Kyle’s face, but he’s being a baby. I’ve picked my passed-out friends up off the floor of a crowded bathroom in a gay club and carried them out. That seems worse. Definitely more embarrassing.

    • Syncx

      Which one seem more embarrassing , walking out with an unconscious friend from a club that probity gets that every other night or havering you colleagues that you work with bring you clothes after being tricked into a sexual deed that opened the door for satan to take over the world ? I’m confused from the way you wrote it ?

  • Kikim

    Hello !
    I am from france and I would like you to be indulgent with my poor english …
    I just realize that the last panel with this beautiful high angle shot is exactly Spooky’s viewpoint, Paul is not looking at him. It is the first time that we can look at Kyle with his friend’s eyes and it must have a intersting meaning but I can’t grasp it !!!
    Anyway what a beautiful story and so rich in details than evreryone can just shed new lights on it and then make it deeper if it’s possible !!!
    Many many thanks from a passionate french reader !

    • SofiaT

      Welcome to the comments section Kikim! Your English is fine 🙂
      I hope we’ll see more of you around! 😀

    • Welcome, Kikim! And thank you very much for the kind words (and insightful analysis of the angle of the last panel!) Glad you’re with us! 🙂

    • Great thoughts. By the way, your English is much better than many English-speaking people. 🙂

    • Adam Black

      Your English really is fine.
      and Most Americans find a French accent quite classy and sexy.

      If you visit us, speaking from experience, the vast majority of Americans are too polite to put down Euro spoken English, and will even gladly help you master English,
      as long as you dont make the classic mistake:

      When i was younger, I worked in a youth hostel and met many wonderful gracious Europeans… but occasionally ( far too often ) a European would brag to me ( in broken English ) their mastery of English was superior to Americans, merely because they learned ‘Brittish English’ . Aside from being arrogant, it was never true.

      Most of us know you cant master conversational English from a book,
      ( every rule has 10 exceptions and there is 2-3 times the vocabulary , not counting regional slang ) and are only too happy to help someone through its quirks. English is a Big Club, not a clique., So welcome.

  • Jackal

    Aw, poor tiny Kyle in the first panel. He needs hugs and violent video games and underage drinking. And to like, talk about this shit with another human being. That’d be good too.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Maybe I am over thinking this, but, with the fire that destroyed Kyle’s clothing….wouldn’t his communicator have also been destroyed if it were in his pocket? Something doesn’t seem right about that.

    • Syncx

      The communicator is most likely fire proof just like his uniform and was probably in his ear or an implant so as to be accessible at any time or in any situation

  • Syncx

    Is it just me or dose it look like he’s checking Kyle out ? I don’t blame him though that’s some HOT eye candy

    • Adam Black

      even straight guys do

  • Lilka Lilianna

    As much as I adore Spooky, I want to wipe that smirk off his face with a punch, really… there’s time and place for friendly joking, and then there’s time and place where the same kind of joking can be extremely hurtful and humiliating, even if well meant.

  • This makes me cry. I’m so sad for Kyle. I can’t wait to see him kick some serious ass!

    • Steven K.


  • Inuhime

    Poor baby… He needs a hug…Not from Spooky… He’s being a hentai on panel 4…)_)”’

  • Steel_Man

    Totally called it…”Cue naked boy, huddled in the corner, sobbing/sad face…ready to generate sympathy.” Time to buck up and be an adult about all this! Face your mistakes, own up to them and fix what you’ve done! Or…blame it on your childhood, live in the past and beg sympathy from your pals.

    • Siyris

      This is really kind of offensive — as someone who has been assaulted, you can’t just ‘buck up and be an adult’ about it. Even if it’s with fictional characters, show a bit of respect. This page conveys through images a pretty accurate view of what sucking it up looks like. The fact he even called friends to help is incredible.

      Even if your remark is directed towards/about a fictional character, there are people who will read it who have been in similar circumstances to those shown here, and it’s really inappropriate to say ‘be an adult’ about being sexually assaulted. Unless you know what it feels like, you shouldn’t talk about getting over it in such a cavalier way.

      • Steven K.

        Well said. I totally agree. Thank you.

      • Steel_Man

        As someone who has been in a similar situation, beaten and left on a street corner, I’m not being cavalier about it. What I am saying is that sitting huddled up in a corner didn’t help me deal with my own situation. Just as your own experiences color your viewing, mine do too. Sometimes you really do just have to “buck up and be an adult” because that’s what life forces you to do. Notice the rest of my comment about facing the mistake and fixing it. Before you write me off as an ass, take in the full comment, please.

        • Siyris

          I was not meaning to write you off as an ass…. Just point out where things are a bit different. I have no problem with the idea of getting up again, but directly after a sexual assault happens there tend to be one of two reactions — either a complete shut down for usually a few days, or pretending nothing happened and trying to wipe your mind of it. A physical beating is insanely intense and terrifying, but a sexual assault is a deeper sort of pain and guilt and self-hate and shame and fear and pain all combine together. So while yes, getting up and fixing the mistake is the next step, the first step…. The step of putting the shattered pieces of yourself back togethr…. has to come first. That was what I was reactin to in your comment; it seemed as if you were writing that necessary step aside as childish or weak.

          • Steel_Man

            I hate to split hairs here…but Kyle entered into a sexual situation with Duncan of his own free will. There was no force, no coercion, no “sexual assault”. There was manipulation to get him INTO the situation but there was no sexual assault, here. Kyle chose a bad sexual partner – it happens to all of us. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t feel bad…but to belabor the point for another following 6 pages will be DULL…the same way a soap opera stretches out even the smallest detail for a month of episodes.

          • Siyris

            I see where you are coming from but very much disagree. Just because he -initially- consented does not mean that it was not assault. Also, in a court, a situation like this is very fuzzy ground. If the consent was given under false pretenses, then it doesn’t really count as concent in many courts. Either way, whether legally an assault or not, that -is- what it is and what it would feel like. And he needs his time.
            Again, I would say if you have not personally experienced being violated in that kind of way, consider a bit more carefully before condemning how this character is, quite realistically, reacting.

          • Steel_Man

            There were no “false pretenses” – Kyle went there to have sex. He wasn’t that naïve! He undressed. He got into bed. He let the other man do what he did. He went there to have sex – he had sex. The sexual act and the shifting to another dimension are two separate acts. They’re linked together because of how it was presented – but the Annihilator could very well have just lured Kyle to an abandoned warehouse and did the same thing – without the sex. And since we’re airing dirty laundry, I was sexually violated prior to the beating I mentioned so, yes, I have experienced a number of violations and speak from an educated standpoint.

          • Siyris

            I’m sorry you are getting so involved on this. I did my inter any personal attacks or to seem to e belittling you. However I stand by what I say. If you don’t see this situation as linked, that’s your view and you are welcome to it. I do, and I am welcome to see it that way. The fact remains that your comment, whether intended or not, came across as dismissive, cold, and offensive. I commented I what I had hoped was a reasonably civil way and poured out that it could be read as dismissive. I’m sorry if I have seeme dismissive of your opinion or your experiences. That is not what I was trying to do.

          • Steel_Man

            I am hardly dismissive of the situation, as it happens in real life. What I am dismissive of is how that situation is being presented as a weak plot device to generate sympathy for this character. As for getting involved, isn’t that what Alex wants? For us to be involved with his characters?

    • HermeticallySealed

      Yeah, sorry, but that isn’t how real life works. I know too many people who have been assaulted, and it’s not just something one “bucks up” over. Let us also not forget, he is only JUST technically become an adult. He’s still a pretty inexperienced individual in the ways of the world.

      • Steel_Man

        While true, that shouldn’t define him. It also makes for soap-opera-esque storytelling when it’s dragged out too long.

    • silibub

      I would argue that immediately contacting team headquarters and telling Fluke the situation is owning up to his mistakes and taking the first step toward dealing with the problem. That couldn’t have been easy, especially for someone who’s emotionally the “youngest” of his friends, and given the embarrassing way he was tricked. I know this is fiction, but it would push the boundaries of believability if Kyle didn’t have this realistic emotional response to what happened. You seem to think Kyle doesn’t deserve the luxury of feeling bad, or sympathy from his team or the readers, and I find that surprising. He’s been alone in that warehouse for over an hour, waiting for help and no doubt dreading facing his friends and teammates and whatever judgment they might pass. And even though his decision to trust Duncan ultimately lead to the current disaster, it was a decision he was manipulated into — it’s important to remember that Kyle is still a teenager, and a vulnerable one thanks to the isolating effect of his powers, and Duncan exploited that. I think Kyle completely deserves whatever support and sympathy his friends can give.

      • Steven K.

        Hooray and thank you for that lovely post!

      • SofiaT

        I very much agree with your analysis @silibub, and I’d like to take it a step further.

        People are not separate from their experiences. It’s not like we walk around with a personality already formed and our experiences simply glide over us, leaving us untouched and unchanged. The things we live through, sometimes the things we survive through, make us who we are.

        That incident, back when Kyle was only 12 years old, is a scar he carries, a childhood trauma. The situation here is reminiscent of that: him “letting go” has caused -once more- for people to be put in danger’s way. And this time in a much bigger scale. When Paul said in the previous page “and with what happened to him when he was twelve…” he didn’t use an excuse to absolve Kyle of any responsibility his actions may have had, he’s simply acknowledging that his emotions at the moment are especially fragile because this isn’t just a simple emotional trauma; it’s a childhood trauma revisited.

        Even without taking that into account, even without factoring in how his previous experiences have affected Kyle, it really is amazing that he can function at all at the moment. As you so eloquently said, him calling the HQ and explaining the situation must have already taken emotional reserves and strength a lot of us would probably not have in his place.

        Kyle is already showing us he’s made out of the stuff of superhero greatness, even when he’s naked in a fetal position on the floor. He doesn’t just deserve sympathy. He deserves admiration and respect.

      • Steel_Man

        You misunderstand my comments. It isn’t that I don’t think Kyle deserves sympathy from his team or the luxury of feeling bad. Exploitation and bad decision making are a part of a lot of people’s lives and, in that sense, it’s realistic. I just don’t want to see it become a crutch and a cliche.

        • silibub

          Oh! Thanks for replying — I’m sorry I misinterpreted, and I hope I didn’t come across as too accusatory. I do understand where you’re coming from, although I wouldn’t worry — I think this emotional conflict has been introduced so Kyle can process it, overcome it, and kick serious ass, not just to have some drama shoehorned in as a substitute for fleshing out Kyle’s character. The way I’ve read the comic so far, it seems like Kyle’s past has certainly influenced him, but it doesn’t define him, and from what I’ve seen of Alex’s storytelling, that should continue to be the case even after this setback!

  • YangYueLan

    Its 4:20pm where I am and I just got to this page! I was wondering why I missed the update, then I realized yesterday was my b-day and I was sitting in a theater watching the hobbit: part 2/ going out to dinner with my dad.

    Can I make a request of Alex? Alex, when you get the test Spooky hat, will you post a picture of you in said hat?
    Thank you!!!!

    • Not to worry! When I get the prototype, I’m definitely going to post an update for the Kickstarter backers with photos! 🙂

      Happy (late) birthday! Hope you had fun!

      • YangYueLan

        Thank you! I had lots of fun, and I got to show my dad a movie he would not have seen on his own. (He has read the book, but he is not a movie person)

    • Happy Birthday!!!

      • YangYueLan

        Thank you!!!

    • b3nc0

      Happy belated birthday b^^d

      • YangYueLan

        Thank you

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Happy belated birthday!

    • Happy belated Birthday!

      The Hobbit (2) was a great movie!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh, that first panel…the feels…still, I can see why he would rather be found by his friends huddled against the wall rater than on that bed. I think that would have been a little too awkward for all of them, assuming Paul knows a good bit of what happened there. Hopefully, once Kyle has some clothes on, he can get in the proper mindset to deal with the problem at hand, so he doesn’t have to dwell on what’s happened to him. Still, when he’s ready, I hope Paul will be a good listener and help him with an open heart, even if he’s having trouble knowing where to focus his eyes at the moment.

  • You know just a thought, about Spooky’s smile? It might not be in relation to Kyle at all. Fluke just got through telling Spooky to be “cool” and here Fluke is acting so completely un-cool. Spooky’s lurking snarky comment might just be aimed at Fluke and not Kyle.

  • b3nc0

    I know a lot of us like the first panel (& I do too) but my favourite one is the third panel, it looks like it took forever for Spooky & Fluke to get there and it will take them another forever to reach Kyle *angst*

  • Adam Black


    I get fluke slight smirk. Notice, the Slight Brow raise..
    Notice Kyles position with his legs raised…

    ( has Spooky seen this before… ? THINK…. )

    Look in this background and peer into Spookys dirty mind :

    Spooky is just thinking what we all are:

    Adam, Veronica, “I think that would be a hard perspective to pull off”

    Nice Art guys.

  • Sapfo

    Had a pretty interesting work night. Many patients who were in a poor condition and one of them was a 15 year old girl who was afraid of needles. But the fun of it all was that I asked what she liked and very soon we began to talk about comics. She really likes Marvel 🙂
    And my mother who thought I was wasting all my time in a fantasie world of comics, she’d be surprised.

    Nerd Nurse Sapfo! ^_^

    • Go you! 🙂

    • Kate G

      Poor patient with fear of needles. I’ve had my blood drawn since I was 6 months old, so I can never figure out that fear.

      I think the trick to making the IV in for those is getting them distracted or using a smaller needle so it doesn’t hurt. I had a friend who had to go in to get the 4 hour gestational diabetes test done on Friday and she is terrified of needles and I told her to bring a book and ask for a butterfly needle (I hate those adult needles. I always ask for that butterfly needle!) That seemed to help her as she said she wasn’t as nervous with a book.

      You should get little pins of superhero characters and put them on your scrubs. “Look at Superman!” HA HA HA!

      • Jaden Levi

        Oooooh, I’d forgoten all about that. lol

        • Kate G

          I’m afraid to ask this, but forgotten what?

      • Sapfo

        I also have trouble understanding the fear of needles, but needles are a tool I use daily in my work so I am used to them.

        I usually work with adults, but I know that kids departments hero pines they usually give to their young patients when they have been a hero. Maybe I’ll sneak in and take a few, for I also have some heros ^_^

        • Kate G

          Hey, you never know. My dad LOVES Batman; like seriously, every time a new Batman movie comes out, he HAS to see it. Where do you think I got the Batman bug from? I had to get it from somewhere and it wasn’t my mom although she watched the old Batman & Robin shows too. Nope, that’s all my dad’s fault along with shooting straw wrappers like missiles. Superman? Eh, ye ol’ Clark Kent is cool, but Bruce Wayne is better.

          Of course, nothing beats those two like Bugs Bunny. I’m just saying. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN BUGS BUNNY SHORTS…particularly those with Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. I’m sorry, but no. Nothing beats that.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        *waves* Hi, other me!

        • Kate G


    • I’m terrified of needles. Phobic. I can handle a blood test, but more than that and I HATE it. Ex. at the dentist I close my eyes tight and sometimes hold the assistant’s hand >.> One thing I fear is to end up in the hospital or something like that where I’d need a drop in my hand or stitches *shiver in horror*.
      Six years ago my D-vitamin level was so low (couldn’t even be read on the scale) that I needed both pills and FIVE injections, three weeks apart. I barely kept myself from having a panic attack on the phone when the doctor secretary called me to get me there instantly.. barely, since I did start to cry in the end. After that I had to call my mom (now full out ugly crying) and have her help me through a panic attack. That day I was mommy’s little girl xD
      Even seeing a big needle on tv can make me feel dizzy and faint.

      • Sapfo

        Oh poor Danish, Maybe I should get you a hero-pine also 😉

        But make sure you get some more sun and eat fat fish, then maybe you will not get a low D-vitamin again

        (maybe you should get some help with that at some point. We are not getting younger)

        • Uuugh.. and just after I wrote previous reply I go on FB and one of my friends had posted an image showing several needles. I scrolled by FAST.
          I’d love a pin though xD

          I’ve apparently had issues with D-vitamins for at least a decade, probably much longer since often got/get colds. Don’t absorb it well. One of the reasons I don’t have the best immune systen and other things. It just wasn’t until ’07 that my (at that time current) doctor thought to ask if I’ve ever had my D-vitamins tested. I’d felt slightly sick and low on energy for a while but tests showed nothing.
          3 years ago I got it tested again and at least it could be read this time, but was still told I ‘had a level like an elder person from a nursery home who barely saw the sun’ – directly translated quote from my doctor :-/
          Also have problems tanning and/or being directly in the sun for long. I get easily sunburned and red, but then I turn pale skined again pretty fast.

          • Sapfo

            I’m so sad. Was just inside the children’s ward and apparently they do not do hero pins any more. *sad panda face* ;_;

          • b3nc0

            Being kinda redhead, I’m rather fair-skinned so to prevent sunburns, I avoid… sun since childhood, so had been low on D-vit, took injections & capsules in my teenage *OUCH-es*
            Took to hiking regularly to grant UV dose…
            Then I’ve been on bi-therapy for epilepsy, for more than a decade now, which got my D-vit on jeopardy again ¦°[
            Ouches? «No, said the doctor, capsules will do.» =°D

          • bronakopdin

            I have the same skin problems but never had my vitamins tested… maybe I should consider it

          • I don’t know if it’s connected, since I have sensitive skin in generel, but it’s quite possible since sun is the main factor for D-vitamins and I have trouble being in direct sun.
            I would say getting your vitamins checked every few years is a good idea, especially if you have period where you don’t feel completely well but aren’t sick either. Ask your doctor. It can have great importance and is often something that isn’t checked at all in normal blood tests unless it’s asked for.

        • b3nc0

          And Danish should check bone density, too!

          • yeah, i should probably have that checked. I’ve always had quite think bones, but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy.

      • Valja

        Same here. The sight of needles scares the hell outta me… And I’m not that healthy, so I often need a blood sampling. Some years ago, I had my blood taken while I was lying on the hospital bed, so that I could avoid having my pressure fall so low in an instant. Then, I waited for a while, calmed down and in the end I got up and went out of the room, thinking about the breakfast I’d be doing then. I was so happy I felt well and not dizzy at all.
        And suddenly, when I was in the middle of the corridor… Bam! Pressure drop. Belated. I had to run to the nearest bathroom as well, because I also had to suddenly throw up.
        I haven’t overcome it, but I was able to endure the last vaccines injections I had, thinking about other things (mainly strawberries with cream, they’re super-effective!) and getting angry whenever I started feeling a pressure drop, in order to raise it. I guess I feel lesser bad with vaccines because they don’t require my blood being withdrawn.
        Now I’m quite worried, because my studies require some ability to at least withstand the sight of a needle. It takes all of my willpower to watch the blood being handled through those damn tools.

        • I nearly didn’t get my vacination back when I was 12. One look at the needle and it was my mom and my doctor holding me in the chair that kept me from running away. I know the fear is quite silly, but damn if I can get over it. I’m a LITTLE better if it’s something that can be given with a small needle in my butt cheek xD
          That way I won’t see the needle, and i have my back turned to the door before the doctor bring it.

    • Steven K.

      That’s a nice affirming story. Just shows that all our diverse interests can be valuable at one point or another. Good to hear you were able to help someone in that way with your mutual interest.

      • Sapfo

        It is great when I get to work with a patient and get them to overcome something that might seems so hard for them. And having the same interest helps a lot.

        • bronakopdin

          that’s totally true 😀
          I have a freind who visits evening school to make a higher degree of school education (in Germany there are 3 different ones) and she always had trouble with her one teacher… until they met in the bookstore in front of a certain Manga genre xD

          now she gets invited fro Xmas barbecue ^^

          • Jamie Dutton

            Yes, the wonders of comic books and manga to bring us all together!

  • SpookyDomme


  • Vincent

    Spooky is totally looking at him all pervy. Not that I am judging, I would do the same.

    • Steven K.

      If Spooky is straight, he might not be thinking anything of it (looking at Kyle) – he might be one of those people who is totally comfortable with such interactions (unlike myself – I tend to be very shy, like Kyle seemed to be) – Spooky might not realize others are more sensitive about showing their bodies or being displayed that way – particularly in a situation where it is not by choice.

  • bronakopdin

    I saw the first panel… and it wrenched at my heart ;(
    I saw the last panel and it got worse… poor Kyle…

    awesome expressions Adam and Veronica!

    • Steven K.

      You are not alone.

      • Guest

        Nor is Kyle,

  • Frater Gymnos

    I’m struck how comfortable and matter of factly Kyle takes the suit from Fluke. He doesn’t do a whole dramatic – Oh, go away, don’t look, i’m naked! He doesn’t do that. They must be a relatively close-knit circle of friends for Kyle to act with this level of self-confidence in a situation where anybody else would be freaking out about his friends seeing a few extra cubic inches of flesh!

    • Madock345

      I saw it differently. To me, the way he’s sitting says he cares a lot, the way he takes it is more like resignation and defeat than comfort.

      • Frater Gymnos

        Yeah. Comfort is the wrong word. But he doesn’t seem like he’s too concerned about his friends seeing him naked. He seems comfortable enough with them to not hide himself – as he could have done – if he were at core more prudish about his body.

        • SofiaT

          I think this is the “I’m feeling so numb, I don’t give a shit” phase.

          Although that might change in the next page or two.

  • b3nc0

    WOO-OOT (^^) (/^^)/
    it’s really great news but can’t really say it’s a surprise

  • Thank you, AeryonSun! That was very exciting to see! 🙂

  • GingerChris86

    Spooky is smiling watching naked Kyle… thats a little… Spooky…

    Thank you thank you,
    I’ll show myself out 🙂

    • b3nc0


      (^^) ,(–), (/^^)/

  • Valja

    Go guys! Go!! I’m counting on you! Support poor Kyle, he sooo needs it!
    I think the two of them are the most suited to be there in this situation. I know that’s obvious, cause they are his most intimate friends (though sometimes it’s easier to confide in strangers rather than tell a friend your secret), but I mean it from a psychological/emotional point of view… with their different personalities, they’d make the perfect Combo Support Team: one who deeply listens and understands him and the other who cheers him up the best way possible!
    By the way… I’m loving Spooky more and more and more and *goes on for a while*. His attitude, his demeanor…Oh, and I love his clothes. That trench, and the way he wears it…
    *Shakes off the idiotic dreamy smile* Uhm, sorry. Let’s get back to the serious business.
    Kyle. Please. Stay strong. Looking at you like this is… disheartening. I hope you’ll find strenght in your friends’ love.

    • I believe Spooky is 20. 🙂

      • Valja

        Oh, I thought he was older! But now I see he’s closer to my age than I thought 😉 *pretends not to be interested in the fact*
        Still, they’re so young… and they’ll already have to face all of that. And with “that” I’m referring not only to what’s happened to Kyle, but also to the possible upcoming feared Age of Laampros… *starts singing with the notes of the “Aquarius” song*

  • Steel_Man

    What I’m saying is, instead of blaming your childhood, face up to the fact that you’ve made a mistake. Take some time, reflect, meditate, have a sandwich…whatever…just don’t say that the present-day mistake was because something horrible happened in your childhood. Look forward, not always behind. Face the mistake, learn from it. Grow from it…don’t wallow in it. It’s cool that he’s got people to help him but if they just end up helping him wallow? Not cool.

  • Jinxbrand

    Anybody else love the way that Spook is looking at Kyle?

    • Automaton

      ‘Looking good, buddy. Look…in’…good…’ is definitely what’s going through his mind right about now.

    • Garnasha

      Hmm, either Kyle’s been sharing that closet, or Spooks just appreciates fine art.

      Anyone got a name for that ship?

      • Jamie Dutton

        Um, I hope someone does a better job than I jsut did ><;
        "Kooky" is sooo not cute *blushes and hides behind a pillow*

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Spook looks like he is checking out Kyle’s ass…..O_O

    • Pashakitty

      I was just about to say something very similar.

  • Sapfo

    Alex, Adam, Veronica.
    Thank you for put a silver lining on this year!

    And to all my fellow commenters, been having a great/fun time and hope for more of this to come.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Happy New Year Sapfo!!

    • You’re very welcome, Sapfo! Thank you for being such an awesome member of our community here! 🙂

    • Happy New Year, Sapfo!

  • SofiaT

    T -minus 9 hours and 15 minutes for 2014 to arrive for me. 😀
    Preparations for dinner (chestnut soup, wild boar roasted in beer and
    thyme honey and -of course- vassilopita) are underway.

    Happy New Year to all in the YP community! Glad to have “met” you lovely people. Definitely one of the highlights of 2013. 🙂


    • Jamie Dutton

      Wow, that sounds delicious!
      Happy New Year to you too, SofiaT!

      • SofiaT

        Thank you, Jamie! 🙂

    • Happy New Year Sofia!!!

      • SofiaT

        Happy New Year, Doki!!

    • That does sound delicious… 🙂

      Happy New Year to you too, Sofia! Thank you for being being such a great member of our community and for all your help!

      • SofiaT

        Thank you, Alex, for introducing us to this awesome universe of yours!
        Happy Holidays and a fantastic, productive 2014 to you!

    • Happy New Year, Sofia!

      This community was indeed a highlight of this year. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        Happy New Year, AJ!

  • Garnasha

    So, let’s guess at the team mates’ mentalities relating to Kyle’s upcoming coming out.

    – Fluke found and shared the porn site, but other than that, I’m getting a “straight and slightly prudish” vibe from him. But he’s very decent and will definitely help Kyle.
    – Spooks is very cool and laid-back. Feels bi, but I think he’d be out of the closet already in that case. Either way, very comfortable with nudity and sexuality(as with everything), and I think quite broad-minded. No problem at all, and another great help.
    – Commander… No idea, but probably takes it matter-of-factly. She’s got more important things to worry about.
    – Mitch is difficult to predict. He expected girls in the interlude porn, but expectations might not match preferences. And he seems to care so deeply for Kyle that some comments already suggested he might have the hots for Kyle. If so, that’s great. Otherwise, well, he really wants to help, and didn’t seem particularly disturbed on discovering no girls, so I’m not too worried.
    – Tsunami… seems quite conservative and heteronormative. Most problematic by far. Let’s hope he learns.


    • SofiaT

      Your thought process is pretty solid and especially the parts about Spooky and Mitch are things I’ve considered as well -Spooky could easily be anything, but whatever he is, he’s comfortable with it so no reason to hide. And Mitch, too early to tell but he doesn’t seem to have negative feelings for homosexuals either way.

      Poor Tsunami we’ve labeled as a possible homophobe but maybe he’s just prudish and he would have reacted that way no matter who was in those drawings with him. Personally, I tend to think he’s the most likely one to be gay other than Kyle.

      Another possibility is that the whole team is gay. Of course that would be beating the odds -what’s the ratio supposed to be? One in ten?

      So if the whole team was gay (or bi), it would be no happenstance. Which immediately would make me suspicious of that universe’s government.

      • Steven K.

        Although, as I’ve speculated, if in the AW/YP world, superpowers have some genetic basis, and that the genes for superpowers are somehow linked to genes that are expressed in having a homosexual orientation, then it may not be surprising. Thus those that have superpowers are also likely to be gay, or that primarily those from the gay population would be those that also have superpowers. There are all kinds of examples of such ‘linked”genes in the natural world, where if one gene is expressed, another is likely to be expressed along with it, or certain GROUPS of genes are often expressed together.

      • Garnasha

        Hmm, armoured closest Tsunami is a definite option. I somehow doubt Fluke is gay though, ruining the option of a fully gay team. Feels pretty straight, although not uptight.

        There’s one ‘but’ to Mitch: he’s pretty young, so unless he is or knows someone he respects to be gay, it might surprise/shock him a bit to learn about a close friend. But he’s still unlikely to have a problem once he’s had a chance to collect his thoughts.

        Steven’s genetic linkage story makes sense, although the genetics of homosexuality are quite unclear and probably very complex. But yeah, it seems linked to handedness, no reason it can’t be linked to superpowers.

        Let’s assume 20% gay/bi male superheroes and exclude Commander (female and doesn’t seem to be in Kyle’s peer group but a superior). Chances Kyle has at least 3 gay team mates out of 4 guys (Kyle himself, as a known, doesn’t count): 4*(0.20^3)+(0.20^4)~=3,4%. Unlikely but far from implausible.

  • Oki, so I’m getting picked up in a few minutes and I’m gonna miss camping completely this year (first time in months ;_;) since I won’t be home for the next day’s time.
    Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for the good times we’ve had. I look forward to the good times in the coming year.
    Alex, Adam and Veronica. Thank you for your hard work, and Alex thank you for creating a place online where we can enjoy such and awesome comic and good times with each other.

    • Jamie Dutton

      Happy New Year’s to you too, Danishwolf! You’ve been so awesome in this community!
      Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings us, hopefully some cans of kick ass will be opened and our favorite Red Head will heal!

    • Happy New Year Danish!!! *hugs* You will be missed at the camping!

    • You’re very welcome, Danish! It’s really been my pleasure. Thank you so much for being such an awesome, engaged reader and fun member of our community here!

      I’m sorry we’re going to miss you tonight!

    • Happy New Year, Danish!

  • Simba

    … Is it too early to start camping?

    • Jamie Dutton

      *hands you a mug of hot cocoa*
      It’s the holidays so go for it! You’ll get a good seat closer to the fire, anyway! 🙂

    • Never, it is never too early for camp. 😀 Have a fortune cookie for the new year!

  • Galopa WXY

    I love Spooky’s face on there. Like “omg naked Kyle is awesome”

  • SofiaT

    It’s not his full time job… yet!
    From what he’s said in the (recent) past, the profit he makes from his comics is less than minimum wage at the moment so he can’t afford to leave his day job (as a freelance film editor) just yet. We all hope that will change soon though, because who wouldn’t like more AMW comics?! XD

    I’m just speculating here so I could be completely wrong, but I doubt that even if this was Alex’s main job he’d be able to update The Young Protectors so often -that would also depend from Adam’s and Veronica’s schedule. My guess is that he will be able to create and produce more comics, not necessarily with everyday updates each. Although 3 updates or more of TYP per week would be pretty awesome!

    …and now that I think about it, an excellent wish for 2014!!! 😀

  • Steven K.

    If Kyle felt comfortable being all naked and exposed like that, especially given his psychological state and what just happened to him physically/sexually, I don’t think he’d be all huddled up like that. After being forcibly spread-eagled and completely displayed and vulnerable for all that period in the hell-realm – and in front of the man who just took his virginity while betraying and violating him and his trust and using him and his body for evil purposes, AND in in front of a demon-lord that claims to be his own father, etc., etc. – I don’t think Kyle is feeling that he wants to be on display in that state any longer, and really doesn’t want any more attention on his physical body. Even if Spooky is comfortable with nudity, I don’t think Kyle shares that comfort – especially as the one who is nude, and especially right now – so Spooky should be a little more respectful of Kyle’s situation and head-space. Certainly he shouldn’t be gawking at him wit a smile on his face. After being ogled and fondled by a giant horrific hell-lord, you might even be closely related (even more awkward), I don’t think Kyle is in the mood for ANYONE else to be staring and smirking at him.

    • Sapfo

      Yes, there’s a reason why Kyle sits with his back to a wall. from there, he overlook most of the room. there’s also a reason why he is sitting with arms and legs crossed. all suggest a person who feels insecure and have a need to control their environment. which is not surprising considering what he had just been through.

      but I can not find that Paul and Spooky doing wrong here, they themselves do not know how to handle the situation. Their only fault is inexperience, but maybe all three of them can learn together.

  • Yep, what Sofia said. 😉 (Although, because of that Kickstarter I’ve essentially taken the last couple months off to focus on the extra writing and vendor management I’ve needed to do. But once that’s done, it’s back to the salt mines!)

    And even though The Young Protectors has always been intended for (and will go to) print, she’s also right about it not being realistic to expect Adam and Vero to deliver 4 or 5 pages a week, every week for 52 weeks a year. For this level of highly-rendered, naturalistic art, my artists are already near their limits of what’s reasonable to expect in terms of page output (especially with extra material for the printed books). Asking for much more would likely mean sacrificing quality which I’m not willing to do.

    But if I ever decide to run a second comic in addition to The Young Protectors, then I might indeed be able to post 4 pages a week. And I know what the second comic would be. But to make that happen, I really would have to quit the day job and we’re not there yet. 🙂

    Hope that helps!

    • Sapfo

      *crossing my fingers and screws up my eyes really hard*

      Desire, want, wish for Artifice 2: more epic adventure Deacon and Jeff, also known as the second comming of Mave.

      Or do you have something even better storys to tell us?

  • well, the old continent reached 2014, so happy new year from europe to the world – anyone camping over there at the shores of last year?

    • SofiaT

      I’m still up in the old continent (and the new year) but I don’t know for how much longer…

      • Well, I’ve switched from sparkling wine to coffee, and i’m still a bit high from all the sulfur in the air, but I’m not sure how long this will keep me awake.

        Sidenote: a Bonus comic of Kyle and Spooks battling for the perfect fireworks would be a great way to greet 2015. Did I mention i’m a fireworks junkie?

        • SofiaT

          We had just started eating when the year changed but we took a break to go watch the fireworks from the terrace. There were some green ones that looked just like Spooks’ magic. XD

          We’re still on the table and the wine is flowing for everyone but me -I very rarely drink alcohol. Some coffee sounds like a good idea though, I’m about to cross the line from food coma to catatonia.

          • So you’re eating at midnight? you’re from Greece, aren’t you? “Germany” eats somewhere around 18:00-20:00, but with an extra serving of soup (normally Gulasch, though I opted for pumpkin soup this year, because it’s just as delicious when served cold) somewhere between 23:00 – 1:00.

            btw: I can prove that fireworks-Junkie-thing, I even made a fireworks plugin for TES IV:Oblivion:

          • SofiaT

            Yep, here we always sit on the table at midnight on NYE and Easter.
            Children too.

          • steelie

            The fireworks were lovely! I may have to refer to you as Gandalf from now on rather than Garak.

          • thanks, but “Gandalf”, in terms of Elder Scrolls modding, is a voice actress who had roles in some of the biggest german Oblivion Plugins, so that might cause some confusion 😉

    • Still in 2013 here!

      Happy New Year to those where it’s the new year!

    • I will be in the old year for about 5 more hours. ^_^ Happy New Year Garak!

    • Cman65

      Here in Oz we get the new year first (ok not really but NZ don’t count)

    • steelie

      Happy New Year to you. It’s still 2013 for about 3 more hours here – doing my best to wait up for 2014 to arrive along with a new TYP page, but I usually don’t make it. I’ll probably wake up at my usual 3 am; realize I’ve fallen asleep at the computer; and then flail over the new page (and in this case, the new year).

  • So, what are folks feeling? Would you like an early update tonight or would you like to camp for a while? 🙂

    • It doesn’t really matter to me, whenever you want to update it is always fine with me. ^_^

    • Um… Update??? 😀

    • Sapfo

      Do what is best for you 🙂

    • steelie

      I have the patience of a chihuahua on Ritalin. Update now!!!!! Or whenever you are ready. 🙂

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I’m fine with either option, though I’m leaning more towards early update than waiting.

  • So for anyone that is around what are your New Year’s Eve?New Year traditions?

    We watch Leno for the ball drop and drink Sparkling Grape Juice. So wild we are, yes?

    • We’re starting one with having chinese and watching some movie (meaning I don’t know which one is in the player)

    • Sapfo

      New Year’s Tradition? Pizza the day after 😉

    • Page is not loading at all for me…are you sure?

      • Yup. David Rose got first comment. Try clearing cache?

        • …..I have repeatedly tried your link and the “other” way all I get is ‘page not found”

          • Hmm. I wonder what’s up. I just tried the link myself. Maybe try manually, changing the 11 to 12?

          • tried that still “page not found”

          • Have you tried clearing your browsers cache?

          • Eh, is all good, just closed everything and opened everything back up and all is good now

  • Matt

    When you come back after Reading legendary and realize Spooky is definitely checking Kyle out in panel 4.