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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 110-111

544 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 110-111


(In the book, this will be a double-page spread. You can see a larger version here.)

OK! A few fun things!

First off, thanks to the amazing, awesome support of the Patrons, I’ve now fully upgraded the site and thus, as a Milestone Goal, was finally able to create the single most-requested feature I’ve gotten since I began making webcomics: a bookmarkable link to the most current page. It’s looks like such a small thing but if you create a bookmark with it, it has the power to take you to the most current page of The Young Protectors in one click:


Also, you all have continued being totally amazing with the Patreon! Since the last update, we’ve gone up over $250/month to $4867/month in support! You are simply the best readers in the world!

That means that we’re coming up fast on the next Milestone Goal at $5000/month: a Patreon-Exclusive Wallpaper—that all Patrons get to vote on! If we hit this goal, Patrons will get a chance to vote for their favorite character and I’ll then commission one of my artists to create a Patreon-exclusive wallpaper featuring that character for all Patrons to enjoy!

So, that’s pretty cool. But the thing is, it’s going to take at least a few weeks for the votes to get tallied and for an artist to make the pin-up. And hitting $5000/month is just too big a deal for me to have my awesome Patrons wait so long for a reward. So, I’m sweetening the pot. In addition to starting the vote for this new wallpaper, I’ll also post up a NSFW, full-monty, fully nude pin-up of The Annihilator as a Special Digital Reward. He wasn’t included in the Sexy Height Chart for the Guys, so if you’ve been wondering about the exact size of the super-villain weenie that made Kyle’s jaw drop, or whether he is cut or uncut, you’ll now be able to find out. 🙂

And then at $5250/month, I’m adding a new reward. Y’all gave me such positive feedback on the “How Spooky Got His Cap” short story I wrote, I wrote a new one. This one will answer the question “What it’s like to kiss Spooky?”, it’s from the perspective of one of his teammates, and it’s totally canon. Have you ever wondered what kissing Spooky might feel like? If you’re a Patron and we hit this Milestone Goal, you’ll get to find out! (Oh, and just a heads up, this particular story is about 3x longer than the first one and actually got a bit steamy. All right, very steamy. You’ve been warned. 😉 )

Of course, an earlier Milestone Goal allowed me to start posting up the NSFW Full-Monty Digital Kickstarter Rewards as Special Digital Rewards. The full-color, “Full Monty” art shows full-frontal nudity of the adult characters of The Young Protectors, something that I’d never show on this site. And that meant, last Wednesday, I posted up the Sexy Height Chart of the Guys, which shows all the male members of The Young Protectors team lined up by height. Curious how our boys measure up? Wondering who’s cut and who isn’t? Now you can find out! 🙂 (But you’ll have to act quickly, because unlike the other rewards, I’m only going to be keeping NSFW rewards on the Patreon Page for 60 days before removing them.)

If you become a Patron now and choose to receive the Special Digital Rewards, you will be able to download a wallpaper version of the Sexy Height Chart. You’ll also be able enjoy all the other rewards so far posted, including the “How Spooky Got His Cap” short story that folks have liked so much. And, of course, Patrons who chose to get the Special Digital Rewards (which is the vast majority) continue to receive Digital Kickstarter Rewards every Wednesday and get to see special Sneak Previews on Sunday.

600 of you have already become Patrons in the last six weeks. There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron, and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits!),

please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron. 🙂

Finally, we have new Fan Art by Lineage comic artist, Chris Tsuda. It features all the main characters of The Young Protectors (including Laampros!) and it’s pretty cool. You should totally check it out! (Thank you, Chris!)

So! Usually I end my note with a bunch of questions. But this time, there’s really only one: is Spooky right? Is there, in fact, time?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

  • Oh damn.. oh damn! How hurt is Mitch, and will Spooky get Anni again?

    Someone tell me when this is over, I’m having trouble watching *closes one eye*

    • I know… her majesty fell asleep against her keyboard and “accidentally” got the “V”…. ho-hum. Where will she find the room to store this one. Honestly, this is when the really big stars who get too many Academy Awards start putting on in the bathroom. LOL.

      Edit: Congrats Miss Wolf! 🙂

      • D. Garrett

        ikr. its just so effortlessly accomplished by danish.

      • LOL.. and me who just told D.Garret on previous page that I wasn’t sure I had the energy to try for another one. Energy wasn’t needed as it turned out 😉
        I’m gonna need a bigger apartment soon.

        • D. Garrett

          or rent storage space.

          • *Checks out big closet* There might be room for one to sleep here.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Start using them to construct your world conquering Doomsday Device

          • Tyler Griffin

            Oooo. Ooooo. Ooooooo. It can be a weaponized gadget, made from the “Essence of Firstness” which removes the V right out of any target, make sure that it has single target and AoE settings though.

          • Adam Black

            I actually have just such a “gadget” .
            So if you need to borrow it…

          • Tyler Griffin

            I’m sorry. I don’t accept sloppy second Doomsday Devices from other villains. Homemade from scratch all the way for THIS evil lab.

    • Adam Black

      How did you know?

      • Know what?

        • Adam Black

          that it was 2 pages

          • I didn’t. The direct link Alex shares in the page note opened to it. I actually had a tab opened just with page 110 at first, and then when I tried the direct link instead it worked – just in the right time to get first comment 🙂

          • Adam Black

            i didnt see this page note

          • Patreons got to see it first a couple days ago. It wasn’t mentioned on the TYP site until today.

          • Adam Black

            oh , you mean you got the bookmark link early?

          • Yes. It was shared on patreon thursday after the new TYP site update. That I managed to use it wrong in my first attempt is a different thing 😉

    • Sapfo

      My virgin!

      • Nope! You go snuggle your own harem.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Wait, where is eveyone getting these virgins from? I swear it sounds like a Old Testament Bible Story up in here. I want a virgin to pet and snuggle and sacrifice to dark and forgotten power.

        • Sapfo

          the virgin is the first comment on a new page. Some of us have a few to play with.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Yeah, I was just playing along.

        • *lol* This whole V-fight was there early on, but really started with me and Sapfo having a bit of a competition to get them (after I suddently got loads of them xD ). First on Teahouse and then spread to Starfighter and TYP – since they’re what we call the ‘The Big Three’ of comics (sadly Teahouse has now ended *sobs and pets my TH virgins*).

          Then it sorta spread to other readers.
          Of course we also have virgins on a few from other comics we both read, but there’s no camp or such around those so they don’t get the same attention.. though not less enjoyed 🙂

    • Saxon_Brenton

      will Spooky get Anni again?
      You mean: Will Annihilator have learnt from last time, and try to dodge at superspeed? (Which admittedly does assume that Spooky’s magic grappler’s don’t have automatic targeting, which would otherwise kind of make dodging futile.)

      • Exactly! What I in my first fretting didn’t have time to specify in a great way *lol*

  • Sapfo

    New page and a great save?

    • D. Garrett

      the impact though…

      • Mitch is still smoldering, and not in the good Cary Grant way.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Talk about your Road Rash.

          • Adam Black

            Sadly some people get so accustomed to rug-burn they need deeper and harder fixes.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I haven’t a clue what you’re getting at. *locks the door to the AleoE skincare room*


    • That is exactly what I was thinking. What are the chances of THAT!

      • I think that’s what most of us were thinking so nothing that exciting. 😛

        • OMG… I was thinking THAT too!!!!

          • NO!

          • D. Garrett

            we know what hes gonna say next lol…:)

          • Yup!

          • WHUUUUT? 🙂

          • Indeed!!

          • Hear hear!

          • Cheer cheer?

          • Tyler Griffin

            Beer, Beer?

          • Chris may need it if something happens to Spooky.

          • Okay, but only if Spooky gets out of that last panel alive!

          • Or at least takes Duncan with him? Well, that would still be sad. Dammit. Okay.

          • Ummmmm no… nothing can happen to Spooky if we’re getting steamy Spooky prose soon. Just sayin’ Word-of-Chris!

          • Word o’ Chris is powerful stuff. You need to be careful and not abuse that.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Adam will be arresting him for also having powers of Prophecy, next.

          • Yes ma’am!

          • I agree!
            (Even if the prose we’re getting soon is something that already has happened in the TYP timeline)

          • YES!

          • HA! Knew it.

          • Adam Black

            Handcuffs @chrisdangerfield:disqus This is for your own good.

          • “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.”
            ― Mae West

          • Adam Black

            Tosses Magneto helmut over @chrisdangerfield:disquss head. There wont be a third time tonight

          • Mickey Phoenix

            I usually express that sentiment as “I’ll try anything twice. I might’ve done it wrong the first time!”

          • HA!

          • Tyler Griffin

            Well, anything except THAT. I truly know for certain that THAT does nothing for me.

          • See, that’s what matters! You know what you like!

          • Tyler Griffin

            Don’t threaten him with a good time.

          • D. Garrett

            oooooh adam. get more handcuffs! @tyler read my mind!

          • Adam Black

            Passes @disqus_2uZdiWRcNW:disqus . use them wisely.

            Chris probably left you an open book. I did warn you .

          • Tyler Griffin

            *already knows where to plan to catch me at and begins shopping at a different grocery store. BTW, that was a very naughty mental image of Anni, I loved it*

          • The Chrisonomicon…

          • Adam Black

            you are in enough trouble without adding unlicensed conjuring

          • D. Garrett

            i was joking!!! *refuses cuffs.

          • Adam Black

            Well you better watch out. he has psychic paper.

            One touch and he has your passwords, screennames, favorite positions, pickup lines that work, the locations … just be careful

          • D. Garrett

            dont u worry bout me. im cool. (and i gotta give u props on being creative. 🙂 )

          • Adam Black

            against your position eh?

            Well you can start a kick-starter and for enough money bribe me into modelling gold lame. Everyman has his price

          • D. Garrett

            im sure u look breathtaking in gold with that sexy neck of yours. surely u can post a pic for me??? 🙂 what will it take to make it happen capn?

          • Adam Black

            We try not to. But I cant guarantee his husbands actions

          • Adam Black

            Don’t worry, @admiraljane:disqus he wont get away with it

          • Adam Black

            Double the crime, Double the time.

      • Adam Black

        Way too low, I’m afraid. At least you are ready to confess.

  • DC

    Lookout Spooky!

  • davefragments

    Someone is protected from up on high by the Prince of Darkness.
    Good page

    • Are you calling AW the POD now? Wow… how quickly sentiments shift on these emo pages. HA!

      • davefragments

        I’m a little dense tonight — AW?

        • D. Garrett

          i have those moments too. aw=alex. 🙂

          • davefragments

            I blame them on irregularity.
            I know, TMI, TMI.

          • D. Garrett

            lol. umm try crushed red pepper to “stimulate” that system from time to time. if u dare…muah ah ah

          • Tyler Griffin

            Don’t apologize, own it. It gives you something to blame crappy thoughts and clunky dialogue on when writing. 😀

        • AW > Alex Woolfson. “protected from higher up”. WOG. POD > Prince of Darkness. Okay I think I’m a little dense tonight also… worry not! 🙂

          • davefragments

            WOG and POD both have the First Power but POD is more manipulative with the Power.

        • Adam Black

          Throws @davefragments:disqus in Density lake .

          Nah, you still float.
          Lucky you, Id hate to have to burn you at the stake.

          • D. Garrett

            those poor people! *shudders

          • Adam Black

            It could be worse. Its not like started reading minds without a license, tugs on prisoner behind him…

          • D. Garrett

            ha. dont think thats worse though. go easy on chris. plz?

          • Adam Black

            Thats isnt really up to me. Thats up to the Meta-Court to decide.

            Besides dont you think his Victim of his mental trespassing deserves more sympathy?

            Who knows what he did while he was in there?
            Was he after coffee recipes, romance plots? it could be anything ….

          • D. Garrett

            u know, u could just give him a warning officer…

          • Adam Black

            I DID!
            He was completely recalcitrant and publicly admitted his third attempt. He’s just lucky i stopped him in time.

          • D. Garrett

            guess ill have to send some cool greeting cards then…

            @chris. i tried.

          • Adam Black

            Dont you worry, not only does he probably know that.

            He probably planned for you to say that in case he was caught .

            scans @disqus_2uZdiWRcNW:disqus for mental interference …
            I’m so sorry …

          • D. Garrett

            omg covers my head with aluminum foil…

          • Adam Black

            You do know that acts like an antenna, right?

            There has to be some annoying pop-song you know that you can hum for protection. That wont actually stop someone like Chris, but it will keep him busy until help arrives.

          • D. Garrett

            well i know chris wouldnt manipulate my mind. i was putting on foil to block ur scan…who knows wat damage that could do??? and aluminum is the closest thing i have to magneto’s helmet. 😛

          • Adam Black

            All humans manipulates each other minds. Its simply part of having language. Unfortunately, when criminal telepaths break into minds and rummage through them always leave a mess behind.

            The Straightening out -process leaves a terrible delusion of gullibility, something like “well i know chris wouldnt manipulate my mind.” . Its very sad.

            It will wear in its own.
            In the meantime, try not to watch any commercials for the next 36 hours. Dont purchase anything you cant return.

            the scan is rayless and totally safe.

            We tested it on gerbils, and other the stray erection, it appears to have no biological effects whatsover.

            We are working on developing Highly Unattractive Robot scanners to even prevent that. But apparently some gerbils found them even more attractive than humans .

          • Tyler Griffin

            That’s what all Paladins say, but I’ll have you know that the death rate of beings subjected to Detect Evil Scans without a Warrant are significantly higher than the death rate of beings who have not been scanned. I’m suing. It’s unconstitutional search and seizure! I’m being irradiated!

          • Adam Black

            Of course you are being irradiated. We all are. Thats simply the cost of living on the surface. ( Google : sunshine )

            But we dont use “Detect Evil Scans” . Thats ridiculous. This isnt some rin-tin Dungeons and Dragons outfit you are dealing here.

            Its just e meta-breathalyzer test. We test out-breaths for excess electro-meta-charge.

            Unless you have Metamagnetphobia you are fine.
            And if you do, I really dont care, I’m not Meta-Therapist.

          • Tyler Griffin

            I don’t believe a word of it *Hands you Court Ordered Cease and Desist Order* You’ll find all the proper signatures and seals there. There will be a hearing in approximately 2 months where the medical evidence shall be presented, I gotta say, the statistics are NOT in your favor.

          • Adam Black

            Looks over paper closely.
            /holds it up to light….

            eyes @disqus_z5FoIJToFP:disqus up and down slowly.

            just one second….
            Flips it over quickly and presses it onto @Tyler Grffins: disqus hand.

            An image of @disqus_FidZAwLkzS:disqus appears.. sort of…
            It looks loike Adam Blacks head photoshopped onto an underwear models body.

            That’s so tacky. I would never wear gold lame ( but thanks ). Here is your psychic-paper back.

            I already have one prisoner as it is. Tugs on @chrisdangerfield:disqus ‘s handcuffs. Thats enough paperwork for one night.

            I would suggest you hide this. Impersonating A Meta-Court order is Felonious Fraud. Youve got your one -warning.

          • D. Garrett

            yeah adam. wat he said! *chuckles

          • Adam Black

            You got to be careful in your vulnerable state.

            next thing you it, He convinces to hold your breath, and you wake up the star of some internet reality show.

          • D. Garrett

            adam i am in control of my own mind. @chris is too honorable to stoop that low. so u r wrong. here is proof. i would love to cyber strangle u for a little while, nothing fatal, just a few seconds. i would feel satisfied with that. and no one has planted that idea in my mind! and dont dare call me a sleeper cell!!! we need to settle this with a third party. if i go and get scanned by someone (even though i dislike the idea of the scan) u will accuse the tester of being bought or coerced. i will think the same of u if u back the scan. so we need a neutral 3rd party who is on my side. 😛

          • Adam Black

            /shakes sad sadly.
            Sure you are buddy, sure you are. You will shake off this feeling of mental invulnerability off tomorrow.

            People with those actual abilities dont advertise them , because they are tapped to work for Mental Interrogators Agency, or counter-Intel.

            If this feeling last more than a week go and see them.
            they will gladly break it down for you, or offer you a job.

            The last thing you need right now is to go up to up to strangers and ask for mysterious invasive scans. Look, I just had this thing calibrated.

            Even if it was on the fritz, manic psychic invulnerability is Classic symptoms of a mental invasion. Its like when a burglar over cleans a house to trick people into thinking no one broke in.

            Just do something relaxing, and stay away from any used car lots for a day. I mean, unless that is your job something.

            As for my neck. I cant help thats its attractive. You will just have to learn to deal with that .

          • D. Garrett

            just my luck. im up against a friggin comedian. *laughed way too hard.


          • Adam Black

            I’m afraid Dragons are outside my Jurisdiction.
            You should really save that for your Defense.

            “The Dragon made me do it” is highly sympathetic to the right Jury

          • Tyler Griffin

            Lived by the sea, and frolicked in the autumn mists in a land called…

          • davefragments

            When a writer uses a character that powerful, the writer has to be careful not to overshadow the climax of the story with that character’s power. Or alternately have the character use the power so much that the story becomes farce or satire.

      • davefragments

        My thoughts were more to these few pages are the end of Volume 1 and I don’t think that the first volume can end on a death of the youngest member. That leaves volume two for revenge type actions. I think Mitch walks away hand in hand with one of the other guys. Happily looking forward to marital bliss.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Uhm, Annihilator’s still got forward momentum.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Unless, Tentacle WALL. SMASH into slimy, gooey, static buzzy appendages of personal violation with all the force that superspeed and near invulnerability can give you.

  • syllibub

    Spooky works quickly! But he caught Duncan unawares last time — this could go either way.

  • Oh my, more sturm and drang! (so not surprised)

  • Xithyl

    Time will tell 😛

  • D. Garrett

    omg omg omg. im just repeating aj! omg!

    • Don’t worry the “OMGs” are going around. It will pass. The Admiral promises.

      • D. Garrett

        thx. i feel better now.

  • syllibub

    I’m glad Mitch got a cushioned landing. Hopefully he’s more stunned than gravely injured.

    • Indeed. Just a little wibbley wobbley…

      • Tyler Griffin

        and Timey-whimey?

        • Sure, I’ll give you that. It’s a zippy page.

        • Adam Black

          we’ll see.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Ohh, fan art. Everyone go and drool over the spiffy fan art.

  • I have the feeling that if it wasn’t for Spooky’s magic pillow Mitch might not have survived that fall.

    • Your feeling is correct.

      • When it is safe, I want to completely mother Mitch. Then give heartfelt thanks to Spooky, then go back to making Mitch uncomfortable with the smothering mothering.

        • Tyler Griffin

          Carefully and subtly removes all pillows from the vicinity of Doki and Mitch. 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            But not the magic pillow! We need that!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Even without Alex’s confirmation, we can suppose: Presumably Spooky has a better idea of Fly Boy’s abilities than we do (still waiting for the powers card, darnit!), so if he thought Mitch needed an airbag, then there was need for an airbag.

  • Mitch is really going to need Danish’s chiropractor. I’m in pain just looking at that position he’s in. Reminds me a little of some of the spills I’ve taken off my horses.

  • SofiaT

    Oh, Duncan.
    I love you but you’re so damn predictable.

    Is your pride hurt? Do you have a booboo and you need me to kiss it better? Because it looks like Spooky is about to deliver a second strike.

    • Ha!

      • SofiaT

        Alexander the Great used to count to ten when he was angry, and kept counting till he calmed down, rather than attack someone in rage and risk to lose because his head wasn’t in the game.

        If Duncan is after world domination, he should take a page out of Alexander’s book; he wasn’t called Great for nothing.

        • davefragments

          Newton’s law of Action and Reaction is going to come into play. All that forward momentum is going to launch him somewhere.

          • Adam Black

            maybe thats what the heat it is. it could have absorbed the momentum

          • davefragments

            Mitch is still a little toasty thanks to Sircea. Duncan reminds me of those funky experiments on pool tables with an eight ball. He bounces, hopefully into Sircea.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Laampros’s hoary lap?

          • davefragments

            That would certainly make an interesting frame of the comic.

        • That’s awesome. I did not know that.

          • SofiaT

            A little trick Aristotle taught him. 🙂
            “Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but
            to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”

          • Nice! 🙂

  • EldrinSMP

    Anyone else just waiting for Kyle to ignite, go all “I am the son of Laampros, my power comes from the fires of HELL and YOU, Platinum Pricncess, just royally F*UCKED UP.”

    • Mickey Phoenix

      I assure you. You are not the only one to be having that precise thought.

  • WarGoddess

    And Spooky hits Duncan in the face with a giant dildo. My life is complete.

    • Adam Black

      I’m so sorry.

      There are so many people here that could have helped you— if only you had asked us.

    • Tyler Griffin

      THAT, is the best mental image I’ve had all month. What with all the stupidity in my state’s government this week, thank you for that laugh!

      • Ah, I can guess which state you’re in then. My condolences.

        • Tyler Griffin

          You mean the one who’s Supreme Court just stated that Federal Courts have no jurisdiction of State Laws? Yup. THAT one. Thanks. Condolences always accepted.

          • Adam Black

            I guess you can own people again. Fun times.

          • Tyler Griffin

            They’d like that.

          • Adam Black

            Should test it out.
            Have 2 men sell half sell each other to each other, and be joint co-owners.

            Its not like you have any state laws against it

          • I took a great deal of pleasure announcing on Twitter that Alabama had seceded from the Union. Even tweeted it directly to the official Obama account.

          • Tyler Griffin

            At this point. I really AM waiting for that. I know it sounds ridiculous, but if you LIVED here and heard these people talk, you’d know. They WANT a state vs federal fight, and it’s kinda scary.

  • D. Garrett

    sircea needs to die now. that would have been a mortal blow to a fifteen year old. she could have just incapacitated him. *hates sircea forever.

    • davefragments

      Not until she opens the gateway to Laampros.

      • D. Garrett

        no. after she and spooky fix the walls. then she is disposable.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I still love her, in the fabulous way, not the romantic way. I maintain that Mitch was a valid tactical target and she is still in “No harm, no foul” territory. This is a fight. Battle for the Earth. All that jazz.

      • D. Garrett

        it was an unnecessary degree of ruthlessness.

        • Tyler Griffin

          She’s a villain. What did you seriously expect?

          • D. Garrett

            some villains seem to have some limits.

          • Tyler Griffin

            Difference between a villain and a SUPER villain.

          • D. Garrett

            u have a point.

          • Flowers, chocolates, a nice massage… the usual.

          • Tyler Griffin

            A phone call the next day?

          • Mir

            That sounds pretty reasonable.

    • Cman65

      She is EVIL and I should know

      • Tyler Griffin

        EXACTLY, What do you REALLY expect from a true villain? There is no unnecessary degree of ruthlessness for those planing to rule the world, or be worshiped and a goddess

        • Yes, as I WELL know now, I have to accept it, but I don’t have to like it. Heh.

          • Tyler Griffin

            OH, come on, revel in her gloriousness. You know you wanna. *ReVeL. rEvEl. ReVel!*

          • The only evil I revel in is my own. ….well there are a few exceptions.

        • D. Garrett

          i know she is evil. and a villain. she still needs to die. soon. but i must ask if a 6000 yr old evil person can possibly be redeemed? is it feasible at all? or is death the only answer?

  • Fabulous Alien

    *pleaseletMitchbeOK* *pleaseletMitchbeOK* *pleaseletMitchbeOK* And also
    *pleaseletSpookybeOK* *pleaseletSpookybeOK* *pleaseletSpookybeOK*

  • Precious

    Y u do dis? Y must u make me cry? ;~; -Sniffs-

  • Klaus

    All it would take is for PP to distract Spooky for one moment.

    But why didn’t Kyle roast her when she was concentrating on Mitch?

  • Okay, Spooky deserves a prize for that one. Creating something that large, that quickly, and enough substance to be effective? wow. Just wow.

    And apparently Annihilator runs slower than Mitch falls, unless the blast caused Mitch’s abilities to propel him toward the ground. Which makes Sppoky’s feat even more remarkable.

    With Spooky being just that darned good, Annihilator is going to discover the joys of a concussion. Spooky doesn’t seem winded or drained, so he could bring that same awesome competency to bear very quickly. With the elasticity of the ectoplasm he just created, Duncan’s fist won’t get close enough to touch him.

    I love it when the arcane heroes kick it up a notch, and keep going.

    • Curse you Alex! Going back to writing “Grandma’s Conspiracy” is going to nearly impossible now.

      :grumble: :grumble:

    • Mitch isn’t just falling to the ground, he was being slammed into it by PP’s magic.

  • Uhm, @alexwoolfson:disqus .. I almost don’t dare say this, but I’m not sure the new direct link work 100% as intended.
    It works when you put it into the address bar, but I saved the direct link as my new bookmark on previous page. When I tried to load the new page via my bookmark it stayed on page 109 (and still do but the page address changed a tiny bit).

    I first tried to open this new page with my bookmark a few times but that didn’t work. I think it’s because the bookmark (after loading page) still changes the address bar to what the newest page is, and when you save it as a bookmark it saves that address.
    It was when I tried putting the direct link in the address bar again that it worked for me, and I got the correct page.

    So it works that way, as it should, but not as a savable bookmark that leads to newest page. Then again, I don’t know if it was intended to 🙂

    • I seem to be working as expected??? Hmmmmm…

      • Hmm, could be my computer did something. I’m gonna save this page as new bookmark and then see if I get another result when next page is uploaded.

        • You’ll need to use the exact URL that I list above, the one with the ? in it. That’s what tells my Web site to give you the most current page. Is that what you’re doing?

          (Think of that URL like a computer command. By itself, it’s nothing, but when entered into the browser either manually or via bookmark, it does the computation and spits out the most current page. But your bookmark must be that exact URL in my note, not the one that converts into. Does that make sense?)

          • Yes, I pasted it in the address bar and loaded the page. Then saved page as new bookmark, since the address bar changes to the new page right away after putting in the direct link.
            Hmm, now I’m not sure if I tried loading my bookmark first or if I tried f5’ing for the new page – which in my head should work since I tried refreshing the direct link’s page.
            Was that what I could have done wrong? Anyway my previous bookmark stayed on page 109, but I’ll see if the new bookmark works on next page.

          • No, because the link resolves to the address of the page, when it loads. You have to save the exact link as the bookmark. Right click the link from above in the notes, and save it as a bookmark that way. don’t let it load before bookmarking it.

          • Hmm that might have been my mistake on the previous bookmark. I probably loaded the page first as you usually have to do to save a site as bookmark. I think you just solved it. Now I did save the direct link before loading it this time, so it should work next time I guess.
            Thanks 🙂

          • Glad to clear that up.

          • Thank you for doing a better job explaining it than I was doing, Mik. 🙂

          • Glad I could help.

            Back to the grind for me.

    • Hmm. What happens if you Edit the bookmark to the proper URL?

      (And by proper URL, I mean: )

      • davefragments

        I had to do that – – open my bookmarks and paste the new URL into it.

      • Just made a new bookmark with the direct link again. I’ll let you know if it works when next page uploads or if it does this again (staying on the old page).

      • That’s the ticket!

      • That link would have meant I saved page 110-111 still, and not the direct link, and would have started from that again. The mistake I did on previous page.

        Mik helped me below to get it right where I saved the direct link before loading it – opposite of what you usually have to do 🙂
        At least I think it will work now.

        • So long as the link in your bookmark is NOT one with an actual page number in it, but IS exactly what was in my note above (it’ll have the “?” in it) then it should work. 🙂

          If you usually add bookmarks by waiting for the page to resolve, then yep, that won’t work. You aren’t saving a webpage as a bookmark, what you actually need to save is a special URL address — the special URL address in my note above. The one with the ? in it — that’s what you need to see when you go to your Bookmark Manager in your browser and see what your browser actually saved as a bookmark.

          As folks noted, there are two ways to do this. In your browser’s bookmark manager, you can edit an existing bookmark and copy-paste the URL in my note to replace whatever is there. Or, in some browsers, you can right click on the URL in my note and save that as bookmark directly.

          Hopefully that helps. If you continue to have trouble, please let me know. I’ll create a screencast. 🙂

          • Nah, I think I got it solved but thank you. I’ll find out on next page if I’m still doing it wrong but I don’t think so this time. Just had to do it a little different than usual.

    • SofiaT

      I’ve bookmarked it on my phone and it always leads me to the latest page. Haven’t bookmarked it on Firefox yet, but it should work?

    • It changes to the page number once clicked. I had to copy and paste it into my browsers bookmark manager.

      • Exactly what I had to do also.

        • Adam Black

          took me 3 tries to figure that out.
          I tried going offline and typing it, ( to bookmark it ) AND it pulled up the cached page instead!

      • Right click and Save Bookmark works too.

  • Mickey Phoenix

    Quite frankly, I’ve been thinking since the beginning of this fight that, given the sheer power level of The Annihilator, they should have had at least double, if not triple, redundancy on keeping him under control. Not that the team has that much spare power running around, but…I’d at least have stationed Fluke right next to Spooky, so he was available to stick out an appropriate Roadrunner Leg (or whatever similar fate-related impulse strikes him) at a time like this.

    The whole single-point-of-failure approach to keeping one of the world’s most dangerous super-villains from literally ripping the whole team apart in seconds just doesn’t feel wise to me, and makes me question either Commander’s judgment or her experience. They’ve got one (one!) flying member, and everyone else is unconscious or dead within 20 seconds or so of when The Annihilator hits the ground. There’s nothing they can do to hurt him, nothing they can do to slow him down–and nowhere they can go to get away from him. Keeping him bottled up should be way, way higher on their priority lists than it seems to be.

    • D. Garrett

      maybe commander can make him believe he is a little girl like xavier threatened wolverine in one of the xmen movies? maybe he will spontaneously begin playing hopscotch? trying to style sircea’s hair??? no. oh well.

      • Tyler Griffin

        Are you positive that he hasn’t tried to braid Sircea’s hair before? I mean sure he’s pretty masc, but he is still gay, and I don’t believe in people being total stereotypes, and common LOOK AT HER HAIR< how can you NOT wanna brush and braid that glorious wig.

        • D. Garrett

          i d k. if u accidentally take out a smidge too much hair while brushing it, the consequences could be dire.

          • Tyler Griffin

            SOOOOOOOO worth the agonizing death by tentacle violation.

          • HA… for a sentence I can positively say I’ve NEVER read before. LOL.

          • D. Garrett

            oh my god lol

          • Adam Black

            Sad, you can take the Boy out of the Killer-squid Pit, but they always want to climb back in

          • Tyler Griffin

            Well, I never said I LIKED it. Just that it was WORTH it.

          • Adam Black

            Hey, no one is judging.

            I mean, no one is judging in words, and out-loud.
            and thats really all that counts.

          • Tyler Griffin

            The Risk/Reward Ratio is acceptable

          • Adam Black

            There is always a career in Hentai Modelling.
            How do you look in a japanese School-girl uniform ?

          • Tyler Griffin

            A little… fluffy, to quote Gabriel Iglesias, very hairy. Total bear type here, I don’t think I’d appeal to the target audience. Not to mention, not really the submissive type.

          • Dakejev

            …now I have to demand photos of you in a Japanese school-girl uniform. That’d make the world perfect. XD

          • Tyler Griffin

            I have to refuse

          • D. Garrett

            but if they r killer squid doesnt that mean they r dead when they get out?

          • Adam Black

            Shhh , not so loud. @D.Garrett: disqus
            First, you know… rude.

            Second Ixnay on telling the Quidsay ombieZay hes eadzay. Thats How it starts. Just let him be.

            Sooner or later he will jump back in and fulfill his lifecycle. They always do. In the meantime, just pretend like everybody else.

            There has been enough brain-eating in one night.

          • D. Garrett

            u know zombies deserve to know their status in life. how else can they plan to overtake and consume the brains of everyone? *supports zombie rights. >:-)

  • AseretZone

    Ohhh, sexy fanart! Very nice! <3

    Now, about the page itself, thank goodness for Spooky's speed! That blast knocked Mitch down at a speed that would've KILLED him for sure if he hit the ground, and Spooky managed to save him AND turn to attack Anni! He deserves a medal!

    But, Alex, I thought I distinctly asked for Anni to go splat? Why did he not go splat? Much disappoint. *pouts*

  • Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Okay what that lacked in poetry it makes up for in sincerity!

    What a page you guys. This ROCKS. It says something that I’m in a different state, spending time with much loved family, but I’m up tonight after everyone else is asleep because I CAN’T miss this page. Thanks for that.

    First, before any art talk. Alex your notes are too damn much. First thanks for the link. One little TYP link in my browser bar that I never have to update is so much more elegant. In fact, now that I’m used to it, the whole page is more elegant. So thank you for what I know was a LOT of effort. I hope this somehow makes the process easier for you in the long run (probably not) but thanks anyway.

    Ermmmmmmm… “…the super-villain weenie that made Kyle’s jaw drop, or whether he is cut or uncut, you’ll now be able to find out.” Oh golly-gee, I don’t know if I’d like to see that or not (you can’t know how fast I clicked that link to that old but delicious page, even knowing how I feel about Duncan’s behavior. Shameless, I’m shameless.

    AND THEN, on top of that we’re talking about more smoldering Spooky prose… Unnnnnnnggggggggg. WHY NO, I have never ever EVER wondered what kissing Spooky is like… why would you even ask? (SNORT) I’m kinda vapor locking here at the excess of nom nom nom. Yep, totally shameless.

    The Height Chart (as I’ve said before) is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

    (chris takes a sip of a cool drink and puts a cooling cloth on the back of his neck in and effort not to get over heated)

    Panels #1-6: This whole page is so amazing in it’s layout and colors that I just want to comment on all the panels as they flow so superbly to paint a single coordinated feeling of inexorable motion and power. The first four are just 1,2,3,4 steps in perfect motion. Mitch plummeting, Duncan landing, the impact, Mitch smoldering (all so clear) and the way those four quick steps (all so well set up in the previous pages) create this great sense of energy and urgency in design, framing and in the color choices of the humans against that magic. Amazing.

    Then those two long horizontal panels. Oh My God! the first creating such anticipation and the second ramping it up such that I don’t think there could be more “what next” tension. I FEEL Duncan’s speed. I love Spooky’s competence and confidence. I fear Duncan’s momentum can’t be stopped in time.

    I hate that Sircea and Duncan in the last pages and this one are trying to flat out KILL these guys. If Duncan landed that fist in the last panel and Spooky didn’t have a defense up. His facial bones could be believably shattered.

    It’s incredibly sad to see what the two humans have come to, no matter how exciting and fascinating they are as villains. These pages show two very believable villainous characters (no mustache twirling) with no concerns but getting what they want at any cost.

    Absolutely we can argue that, that IS the definition of a great villain, and that is also true. However, to think they were once human beings who might have cared about killing a minor or even a young man like Spooky is a sad thing as it relates to me watching what they’ve come to. I do understand. It’s a necessary part of this genre, so I guess I’m just complimenting you guys for making them real for me. Real enough that I care and feel that.

    The energy, motion, tension and emotion of this page is just top notch. Thank you guys and I’m sorry for boring, but I must once again repeat… I’ll be anxiously awaiting page day! Thank you.

    • Adam Black

      wait, does it show Mitch too ?

    • Glad you like my notes, and that link. Yep, it was a lot of effort, but I know it’s something folks have wanted for a long time, and I’m very happy to finally be able to deliver it. 🙂

      Glad you also like the new Milestone Goals. That Annihilator art is being colored now, and it’s already something extra special—I’m really eager to be able to share that with you. And I really can’t wait to hear what you think of the story. I had a ton of fun writing it.

      And this page… this page is something I’ve been eagerly waiting to share with you all since I finished the first comics draft of the script many months ago. It’s rare that I have a clear idea in mind for panel layout—ordinarily, that’s something I trust to Adam’s genius more than my own limited abilities. But having this be a double-page spread with four panels in one row up top and those two long horizontal panels beneath just felt so right in my head for this moment that I called it out in the script, and Adam totally nailed what I was going for. This page was a “darling” for me, and both Adam and Vero knocked it out of the park. I’m really glad you like what we did here. 🙂

      Thank you as always for your thoughtful and fun reaction!

  • Cman65

    and Annie is back Up, up and a-gay

    • Tahir Raines

      You get 2 points: 1 for the great pun and 1 for the assatar.

  • Tahir Raines

    Is it wrong that I want Anni to get in a punch before Spooky’s power grips him? Or for Sircea to attack Spooky before he can fend off Anni.

    • D. Garrett

      yes. *_*

    • SofiaT

      I do find it a tad disappointing that they haven’t proved to be more dangerous opponents so far.

      • Adam Black

        Dont worry, the walls to hell could just break down in the meantime. Then everyone will have to coopertate

      • Wildroses

        And that is why I have been utterly terrified for the weeks the fight has been unfolding. I could see it was going way too well for the heroes, and no good story has everything happening easily without anguish and trauma for the protagonists.

        So the only possible explanation I could see for the ease in which the heroes were doing so well against the villains was to make it all the more tragic and frightening when things DID start to go wrong.

        I don’t think Spooky is going to manage to incapacitate Duncan. It’ll be the other way around. Things are about to get hideously bad for the Young Protectors.

        • SofiaT

          I’m not terrified.Things might get bad -really bad- for a while but in the end TYP will triumph.

          I’m more disappointed in that the two most dangerous villains in the world haven’t really done much to prove their reputation right, so far.

        • Eve

          I agree. Things have gone too smoothly and now I think things are about to fall apart.

      • Klaus

        As Amanda said: We will have luck on our side at first, but we will be burning it fast.

    • Tyler Griffin

      No. As much as I love Spooky, and he really is a badass, there comes a point where the villains have to be villains, and be good at it. The heroes have had an amazing entrance, and done a lot more damage to the baddie plan that most would have credited them for, but it’s time for things to even out a bit.

    • Dakejev

      I’ve been rooting for Duncan since the encounter began. I don’t want him dead because the demon summon doesn’t happen.

      …and before all the Spooky-lovers lynch me, let me add that I don’t want Spooky dead either. =P

  • Klaus

    Chapter 3 is now longer than chapters 1 and 2 combined.

    • It’s gonna be a good size comic in print. Maybe Spooky need to have one made fast to smack Anni with.

  • Tahir Raines

    I finally became a patron. I couldn’t resist any longer.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Welcome to the PARTY! Go ahead and go get your full monty wall paper. You’ll need a minute to bask in how amazing it is (and how nice the boys are) and we’ll all be here putting out the celebratory cake and muffins when you get back.

      • Tahir Raines

        I already saw it from the kickstarter, but I couldn’t help myself taking another gander.

    • WooHoo!

    • WOOT! Awesome.

    • Go look at all that hot stuff, also the temporary shared art (maybe especially that)!

    • Thank you so much, Tahir! You rock! 🙂

  • One last mention before I get my ass to bed… DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR…

    If you haven’t already, click the link at the top of Alex’s notes where he notes this is a double page spread. Download that bad boy. Open it up and zoom way in.

    1) Totally appreciate the massive CUSHHHHH of Spooky’s magic pillow, as Mitch lands. I so want to bounce on that and it’s so impressively large. Adam and Vero nailed it.

    2) Blow up and appreciate Spooky in the last two panels. His awesome body position. The sweep of his coat as he moves. The totally freaking sexy intensity of his expression in both panels as he, first totally concentrates on Mitch’s save, and second as he doesn’t budge an emotional inch in the face of a speeding Duncan. Spooky has seriously large brass. I admit I was/am worried when I saw the panel small and missed so much detail in his face and posture.

    I may still be battle scared if my Spooks gets clobbered, but I LOVE that he sticks that chin out and everything on his face says to Duncan, “BRING IT”. DUUUUUDE.

    Thanks for a great two-page spread guys. This had to be serious work and it’s worth every pixel. 🙂

    • *lol* I’ve been looking at Spooky on the zoomed in page on/off for the last 10mins. That is one intense and pissed off look he has. It’s hot! xD

      I’m just praying that he’ll get Anni back in his magic grab in time, and that PP isn’t about to hit him next to prevent this.

    • My only complaint is that I have been missing that fractured-static-lightning look to Spooky’s ectoplasm for the past few pages. But I figure that’s because the spell was more unstable at the beginning, and now it has stabilized.

    • Adam Black

      I downloaded it , as you say.

      For some reason it looked pixelated ( at 5x ) .

      • Dakejev

        Spooky’s spell effects pixelate for me too, otherwise it’s crisp and clear in full size.

    • I love the expression that Adam gave Spooky in the last panel. It’s just perfect for him. 🙂

      (And, in fact, the last thing Vero and I were working on before I posted the page was making sure that expression could be read clearly.)

  • D. Garrett

    gnite everybody. @adam. u win.

    • Adam Black

      But I didnt even buy a ticket

      • D. Garrett

        ha ha. thats is okay. i will get u one day. *says inspector gadget villain style!

  • Mir

    That fan art is gorgeous! Love that laampros was included.

    Thank baby Jesus for Spooky’s quick thinking. He really is a skilled dude. Now lets que in a great punch to the face, but from whom? Dun dunnn dunnnnnn.

    • Klaus

      I have been much in doubt about who to vote for for the wallpaper, but now I am thinking Laampros.

      • Dakejev

        …I am oddly drawn to that idea. Especially as we’re getting Duncan anyway.

    • Adam Black

      Wait , did Spooky get his powers from baby- jesus?

      Is that another of these Patron-only reveals .

      • Mir

        Yep! Don’t tell anyone, but.. Spooky can also turn water into wine thanks to the good ol’ 8 pound 6 ounces new born infant baby jesus. (props to anyone who knows what movie I quoted that from)

    • Thanks. If you’d like to download and use it for wallpaper on your computer, here’s a link to my DA site:

      Hit the download button on the right.

  • Mersharr

    Well, to answer this question we need to look at what time IS. Once we have a definition, we can deduce if there is time.
    At the moment scientists believe that time does indeed exist.

    • Klaus

      Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

      • D. Garrett


    • Dakejev

      That is made more difficult by the fact that there’s objective time and subjective time…

    • Indeed, the time between pages such as this is infinite and thus, infinitely frustrating, thus I believe in Spooky, I do believe in Spooky… LOL.

  • Mary Klemzak

    There’s always time to save a bro!

    More respect for Spooky. Like there wasn’t a buttload of it before. Wow. Just. Wow.

  • Nate

    And now that Mitch is out of (immediate) danger, it’s time for Duncan to prove just how much of a hypocrite he is. After all, he could be running to attach Spooks OR Sircea.

    • Dakejev

      I’m not sure where you get the idea that he’s a hypocrite? Aside from the necessary fooling of Kyle in the beginning, he’s been very up front and honest about everything. He even confessed it all to Kyle, though he didn’t have to.

      • Xithyl

        Of course Anni had to confess it all to Kyle… We would have been hunting him down with pitchforks if he didn’t 😛

        • Dakejev

          Some people seem to want to do that anyway as is. =P

      • Nate

        It’s quite simple. He claimed that hurting someone underage is forbidden. Is he going to put Sircea’s plan ahead of that or not?

        • That still assumes that his statement to Kyle about underage heros being subject to special protection was not just a simple straight ahead lie. His entire purpose in that scene, leading up to bed and hell, was simply to get Kyle’s trust, which was an essential element in order to activate that transport spell.

          Just being a big fat liar does not make Duncan a hypocrite, although other things may. Like I said above, I’ve always found it hard to apply simple labels to Duncan.

          It may be just that he’s constantly changing. I don’t know. He sure is an interesting character though.

          • Dakejev

            “leading up to bed and hell”

            …I’m going to steal that phrase. Sorry, but it’s simply too good not to. XD

            And yes, the “just plain lie” had occurred to me too… It’s nice to having to guess at character motivations and what all they’ve told – us the audience, as well as other characters – is true and what’s not. After all, he and Sircea are sort of trying to lie to Laampros too.

        • Dakejev

          Considering how Sircea holds his life in her hand (or her staff, more likely) right now, and likely the world’s fate on her palm, it’s unlikely he’ll turn on her yet. But if they were to pull off the whole scheme, including banishing the demons back to their All-Seeing-Eye Hell, I can totally see Duncan taking her on to enforce that rule (and trying to kill her while doing it, too).

      • It’s a fine line and a tricky distinction. IF Duncan is a hypocrite…

        Defined as a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc.. that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

        Then he’s definitely an unconscious, or confused form of hypocrite. When a posts suggests he’s “conflicted” about Kyle or acting out his plan with Sircea (his soul-searching scene with Sircea is a good non-Kyle example), but yet still acts against that stated inner belief and conflict, that can imply a lesser form of hypocrisy.

        It’s just not as venal as when someone acts counter to their beliefs knowingly for personal gain. (i.e. the closeted politician who runs as a homophobic to get a religious vote).

        Duncan’s beliefs, desires and actions are definitely tangled in several conflicting ways. Makes him hard to label.

        • Dakejev

          Labeling people leads to placing expectations on them that they’re more than likely not anticipating and thus not (knowingly or not) intending to fulfill. It’s one of the reasons why Duncan is my favourite character – he’s sort of both anti-hero and anti-villain both rolled into one, and we have no way of knowing which way he’ll eventually go.

  • timemonkey

    Question, couldn’t Fluke have intervened at some point in the last few pages? Deflected PP’s shot? Tripped Anni? Hell, tripped PP since she’s all flipping around and dodging everything? Is he all lucked out?

    • Klaus

      Does he have that kind of fine control? Or do things just tend to go his way when he is charged up?

    • Tahir Raines

      lol Now I’m imaging PP tripping over a pebble in the grass and faceplanting due to Fluke’s powers.

  • Toli Bera

    Yikes… he looks kinda rag-dolly. D:

    Hope duncan bounces off the barrier all silly like! :O

  • somebody

    dude, that’s torture
    why do you do this to us?
    how will we survive till wednesday without knowing what will happen?
    DUDE! y u always do this?

    • Dakejev

      Because our collective energy in jumping up and down on our seats is what keeps the planet spinning. 😉

    • Everything I do is because I love you.

      • D. Garrett

        everything u do is because u love torturing us. XD

  • Dakejev

    The news of the special digital reward of naked Duncan literally made me dance with joy! =D

    Also, I love how Spooky used his magic to make that pillow – since they’re a Search & Rescue team, he would of course be familiar with the physical versions used by the non-superpowered rescuers. It’s details like this that make their world seem more real.

    Now I’m thinking what is Duncan’s max speed in running? Alex, do you have everyone’s powers charted up in terms of what each can do?

    • I do. 🙂 And some of those answers are included in the upcoming Trading Cards.

      But I remember in one of the Buffy comics, someone asked “Exactly how much can Buffy bench press?” And I remember Joss Whedon answering “That’s exactly the kind of question that fans love to ask and writers hate to answer. Because the moment you answer it, you’re locked in.”

      I took that to mean that it’s always better to get locked in for a good story reason, instead of arbitrary whim in advance. Keep those options open, until that quantum state is forced to collapse. Good advice, I think. 🙂

      • Okay, clear as glass. Then I vote that Duncan be… Not. Fast. Enough. And, we leave it at that. 🙂

        • D. Garrett


      • Dakejev

        It IS good advice, and a solid enough reason that I won’t pester you more about it. Now I’ll instead have to try to work his speed out from the factors given in the comic…

        As a complete guess based on the last two panels I’d say Duncan’s moved 6-8 metres within the time it takes Spooky to say “there’s time”, which can easily be said within 1-2 seconds. So something from 3 m/s to 8 m/s, I’d say.

        So ranging from about 11kmh (a bit shy 7mph) to 29 kmh (18mph), which isn’t as much as I thought it would be, but then Duncan went from a standing start to that within couple of seconds as well, so I’m guessing it’s not his max speed and he’s in fact still accelerating.

      • someonelse

        Yeah, trust Joss to be the pragmatist on that one! I was just chatting to my boyfriend about that awkward line between maintaining consistency and having the freedom to tell good stories.

        I’m fascinated by the “expanded universes” that arise around TV shows, for instance, but mostly it’s the fans who bring them into being more than the writers. I saw a picture on Twitter of production notes for the original Star Trek explicitly instructing writers to refer to “the sensors”, and generally be vague with the details, so they weren’t beholden to them later.

        On the other hand, I think world-building is an important part of Speculative Fiction (SF, fantasy, etc) beyond a very short idea-piece, because it’s no fun reading about a world where you’ve no idea what’s possible. There have to be some rules to remove the temptation to bring in a Deus Ex Machina when the plot reaches an awkward turn, and some consistency so that people’s guess of who will win the fight is only wrong for an interesting reason, not just handwaved to move the plot forward.

        • Oh, I agree. And I think it’s important for the writer to know the answers to these questions before they start writing a scene. But to say it out loud makes it “canon.” And you don’t want to have to do that if you don’t have to.

          I’m someone who plans things out to the nth degree, but it’s the times I surprise myself in the middle of a story when I have the most fun. Which I think has the chance to create the most fun for readers. 🙂

          • someonelse

            That sounds like a pretty good method – make sure *you* know the details, but also give yourself some room for surprise and interpretation.

            Also helps avoid infodumps, of course, because it forces you to show, not tell, however tempting it is to just blurt out to the readers all the cool details you wrote on the back of that napkin while you were waiting for your tacos. 😉

          • Exactly. 🙂

  • jreed3842

    Oh wow! Holy shit! I LOVE this page! It looks amazing and it’s action-packed! Whew! It blew me away!
    So good news and bad news… I made it to the 3 step in the interview process of this new job… which is great! Bad news is I’d be making just a little bit less than I am now… So that means my dream of being a Patreon are further out of reach. *angry sigh*
    Maybe someday!

    • jreed3842

      (Also. That fan art is amazing!!! I love it!!)

    • Thank you, jreed. 🙂 And congrats on getting to the 3rd step!

  • Niggle

    I’m actually kind of glad I’ve been averaging two to three pages behind on my reading, so I wasn’t waiting anxiously between the last three pages. ~flail~ o.o

    • D. Garrett

      but the suspense and camping is so fun.

  • You do that on purpose, don’t you? lol. I’m DYING to see that next panel!!

    “Keep ’em coming back for more!” You guys really do!!

  • Shane

    When will the patreons or the Kickstarter donors see the NSFW, full-monty, fully nude pin-up of The Annihilator?

    • We’re finishing up the coloring now and the Milestone Goal was hit, so I’ll send it out to the Patrons who chose to receive the Special Digital Rewards by the end of next week. Hopefully sooner. 🙂

  • Rhiannon D’Averc

    OOOH things are getting interesting. Can’t wait til Wednesday to find out if he makes it!

    • Dakejev

      Which one of them? 😉

  • Klaus

    Congratulations Alex!

    $5000. Who to vote for? Not detective Boxer, I think. Hmm…

  • davefragments

    Should the Patreon “goals” on the left side of the Patreon page reflect the revised “goals”?

    • davefragments

      YAY! Thanks.

  • ProudPlatypus

    That looks like a pretty sweet magic cushion, where do I get myself one of those. Preferably one that will actually fit in a room.

    Anni is gonna be reaaaaaaly annoyed if spooky just catch him in time, like mm’s from his face. Assuming he isn’t as pissed as possible yet.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      After all the antics that the Protectors pulled on him earlier in the fight, Annihilator may be close to maximum pissage. In fact it may have been the whole point when Spooky gagged him and made that comment about self-serving pomposity.
      Hypothetically Anni should/might be vulnerable to that sort of thing. He could be so used to getting his own way that repeated defeats topped with a dollop of mockery would be just the thing to make him angry and take foolish risks.

  • someonelse

    I felt sure someone would have pointed this out by now, but can’t see it – the larger version linked to in the description is missing the dialogue speech bubbles.

    Funnily enough, the spread still works quite well without them, but subtly changes the story – it looks like Spooky’s reacting at the last minute because he made a mistake, rather than taking deliberate risks with his customary confidence in his own powers.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      A good observation.
      It also puts to rest the question I had on the last page update: was Spooky simply reacting on impulse or was he taking a deliberate risk. Now we know. (But now it makes me wonder how much Commander is going to yell at him later, or whether at this point she’ll think it’s not worth the effort.)

      • HA… that’s observant. She’s been dealing with Spooky for a long time. I suspect that if anyone knows when not to bother with getting him to do anything other than what he thinks best, it’s Amanda. LOL.

    • Yeah. I goofed there. I’ve updated my site with the correct page, but because I use a CDN, it seems to be taking a while for the cache to clear. Even though I told it to “purge cache.” Hopefully folks will see the correct page soon.

      • someonelse

        Just re-clicked the link, and once I refreshed the page to clear my local cached copy, the words are all in place, and Spooky is back to his over-confident self. 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So, once again we have ‘what will happen next?’, ‘in a conflict between these two characters, who’d win?’, ‘dramatic tension…’, and ‘thank goodness we’re funded for twice a week updates rather than once a week,’ etc.

    My take is that Spooky may be awesome, but awesomeness is not binary. It’s possible that in his concern for Fly Boy and his self-confidence that he’s overreached himself. This incidentally also ties in with a comment Tyler made lower down the comments page: “there comes a point where the villains have to be villains, and be good at it.” And I will repeat my irritation at the Annihilator from a number of pages back that all his bluster with no follow-through really makes Anni look like a punk.

    The counterpoint is that Spooky is an occult detective who’s been fighting demons since he was thirteen, without backup and certainly without the backstop of Fluke’s luck powers. If he wasn’t really freaking good at this he’d be toast by now. And as Someonelse pointed out immediately below, Spooky’s dialog makes it clear that he’s taking a deliberate, calculated action.

    If Fluke’s luck hasn’t been used up yet, then I automatically expect a last second triumph by Spooky. If the luck has been burnt up then I really don’t know what will happen. As I’ve said before I expect that in the end this fight will go to Team Silver simply so that the Young Protectors will have something to struggle against in chapters 4 and 5, but how a specific action plays out will depend on how much time is left before the end of the fight and hence how long Alex has to play with specific character matchups and cliffhangers and dramatic tension and suchlike.

    Either way I can imagine a closing quip from either of them. If Annihilator takes out Spooky then he can repeat the line about age and treachery overcoming youth and idealism. If Spooky’s the victor then he can make a snarky line that refers back to the apartment fire in chapter 1, about the standard supervillain tactic being to endanger other people to use as a distraction.

    • Klaus

      Did the hit on Flyboy recharge Fluke? If so, YP would seem to be unbeatable, at least when it really matters. Any serious setback will turn luck in their favor. The only tactic that could work would be to take out Fluke.

      • EldrinSMP

        Oooh, good question! It would seem like that kind of change of tide in the battle would give Fluke a good charge.

      • Tahir Raines

        Wouldn’t it only have recharged Fluke if Fluke had been hit? IIRC Fluke’s powers is activated by his own personal luck, such as his car being wrecked and Sircea’s bad luck directly leading to his personal good luck.

        • Klaus

          Fluke says that what the Annihilator did to Kyle has charged him up as never before.

    • For me, I think Duncan has relied so much, too much, on brute strength and his speed for so long, he doesn’t take anything else into consideration and so is tripped up when a bunch of kids come running in with their wacky plans of defeating Team Silver. Does he know how to do anything else but use his strength and speed? Does he have any sense of finesse? I mean just looking at him, he’s telegraphing his moves. Yes, he’s moving super fast, but still telegraphing.

      As for Spooky. It’s possible he’s over confident and of course that would be his downfall. I’m fully expecting a collision of some sort between him and Duncan. A really not pretty collision.

      • Good observation about Duncan. He’s been top-dog for a LONG time (okay not Sircea long, but normal long) and his complacency shows.

        I saw someone mention disappointment at how long Team Silver has been held back by a bunch of young people. I’d guess a major reason is that they are NOT observably working as a team.

        Sircea is doing her thing and Duncan his. They have totally been reacting since this started and the battle has been roughly following the Commander’s outline. Not even Duncan’s shuriken in Spooky’s leg was a game changer.

        It was only when the Sircea showed everyone that her staff was bigger than theirs, that things have changed. Still, just now, it seems that Duncan is again reacting in isolation and not in coordination with Sircea.

        Of course, I know I could be wrong, but that’s what it seems on the surface of Team Silver and may help explain why it’s taken them a few seconds (pages) to start to get the upper hand.

        That’s one other thing to remember. The pages illuminate various pairs dealing with our villains. I’m assuming that everyone is acting simultaneously so the running time of the battle is actually very short. Kyle/Tsu>Sircea. Spooky>Duncan. The Commander and Paul>Minions. I’m assuming no one is stopping to wait for the others to act so all those pages are, in essence, stacked on top of one another time-wise.

        So, actually, Team Silver may be turning things around faster than our serial reading experience seems.

        Just a thought.

        • I heard or read somewhere that most fights really don’t last that long. We’re tricked by movies and tv shows with how many strikes a person can take, how much they can handle being thrown around. These things are drawn out for effect.

          So you’re right, this fight has only been going on for only a few minutes tops. Of course being involved int he fight makes it seem that much longer, because time seems to slow down for some reason.

          • I’ve gotten complaints that my fight scenes are over too quickly, and there are no real set-backs. The difference is the protagonists are planning things ahead of time, as much as possible, and have near-perfect speed-of-thought communication. The antagonists are scattered, not cooperating, and really thought they’d have everything their own way.

            People who think like that are not good at reacting to their delusion being shattered, and most people can’t cope with something they didn’t plan out ahead of time. No planning means bad reactions.

            I think you’ll see that the situation here closely mirrors that, and I am glad Alex recognizes these factors (it was getting kind of lonely).

          • But at the same time, being too organized, too planned out, can backfire as well.

          • D. Garrett

            yep. gotta be flexble for unplanned responses of your opponent. (like spooky above.)

          • Very much so. Gotta be able to roll with the punches as it were. 😀

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I’ll agree totally on Annihilator relying overly much on brute strength and speed – but I’d also add to that that he’s been relying overly on reputation. We saw examples of both during the fight with Hunter and Killer in chapter 1 and now against the Young Protectors. First he tries a monolog attack to psyche them out, then he attacks with his speed and strength – and if those don’t work he’s tended to end up looking a bit silly. In particular, back in chapter 1, after the power dampener has been activated and he knows he has no super abilities because he keeps getting thrown into walls (p.31) or sliced up by Killer (pp.36-37) he tries to rush Killer on p.46 and is effortlessly dodged.

        There was a time waaay back towards the start of the story when I assumed Annihilator did have finesse and the ability to outthink his opponents. It was a combination of several things, but in particular I took Killer’s insult of Anni being a “pompous pseudo-intellectual” and translated it according to whose side I was supporting during the great dim-sum demolition derby in Hong Kong. I’m pretty sure I even wrote something along the lines of Anni being dangerous not because of his powers but because he had a brain and was not afraid to use it. Now, for the purposes of this discussion, I’m wondering if perhaps I should take Killer’s description of Anni being a pseudo-intellectual literally.

        And there is an even nastier prospect. Back when the Priestess revealed that she was 6,000 years old, I combined that fact with her use of the phrase Bibbity-bobbity-boo to write a mini-essay exploring the idea of how someone like that would have to work to keep up with cultural trends. What if Annihilator is self-aware enough to recognize that effort and know that he doesn’t have it in him? What if the fears of becoming weaker that he confessed to Red Hot in chapter 2, pp.47-48 included the fear of mentally ossifying as well as of becoming physically creaky? What if after this fight with the Young Protectors – just like after the fight with Hunter and Killer – Annihilator reviews his actions and intellectually knows he should have done something tactically flexible and creative, but that he couldn’t stop himself from falling back into bad habits and that scares the freaking daylights out of him?

        • So interesting, Saxon. Duncan was a mob-enforcer at one time. So that’s a man with all Duncan’s power acting as (I think was) “Luca Brazzi” in THE GODFATHER.

          So this was not usually a job given to the brilliant(?). So, intellectually he may be a smart man, and has clearly become a cultured man of money and some sophistication, but maybe not a genius.

          So, as you suggest, if his entire identity is based on his super physical abilities, then that would explain a lot about the fear that goes with possibly losing those abilities. It would also explain more about the way he fights and why he is so easily led into acting out of anger or insult. (The hurt child who says I will never be bullied again?)

          Interesting thoughts about a complex character.

        • I would agree about relying on reputation as well.

          Funny, I had been thinking of the date in Hong Kong and his subsequent ass kicking by Killer and Hunter when I wrote my above paragraph. He didn’t change tactics (using basically the same ones as above) once he realized about the dampner. He just kept trying to charge through it, to smash what he found annoying after he couldn’t use being the Annihilator to make them leave.

          The very fact that H & K knew his routine definitely says something. And I don’t know if he can change. He would have to get over his fears to do that. He would have to stop stagnating. We all know how scary change is

          It almost seems that since he got his strength as a boy, he turned into the bully so he wouldn’t be bullied. He didn’t think like Capt. America to use that strength to help the smaller guy once he was no longer the smaller guy.

          But I think that’s what you were saying. So I’ll go back to saying I agree!

    • A nice analysis, Saxon. 🙂

    • Well said. Totally. And I agree, thank you for two-pages a week or I’d melt down. I love the observation about Spooky’s year in hell with NO back-up. That’s a fine reminder. However, I do understand and agree that it’s taken EVERYTHING out team could do just to delay them in a minor way.

      I’m still writing my congressperson about how late the military is. This was only EVER supposed to be a holding action. Ouch. As you and others have said, it should be no surprise that this young group would eventually make a mistake in the face of that much power and experience.

      The open question is the upcoming cost? Thanks Saxon!


    Godamnit, this is the WORST! page to catch up on!

    • I feel your pain. That must be horrible, since just having waited one page is nerve wrecking.

      • ZHODY

        I read like 30 pages to catch up. Started in the 70s or so, near the beginning of the planning of the event. When the old guy was doubting himself.
        Your sarcasm failed.

        • Wait, sarcasm? I think you got me wrong. I was serious.

          I, myself, think it’s horrible when you’re reading an new comic and/or catching up on one, and you reach a big cliffhanger page as the last before you have to wait again.
          With TYP it’s hard enough to go page by page waiting at the moment.

          (Edit, had I been sarcastic it would probably have been much more clear that I was)

          • ZHODY

            Yeahhh… I thought about it and technically both pages could be terrible cliffhangers. Sorry.

          • No worries 🙂

  • I’m really starting to like how the Patreon goals go, as we now reached another one..

    The amount goes up a great deal in the hours after every page update, slows down a little bit only to reach the needed amount the following page update and/or a week after – depending on wether there’s $250 or $500 between the two stretchgoals. Basically how it’s been the last month, after the two most busy first weeks.

    Wohooo, now $5000 and an exclusive wallpaper + a nude Duncan pic 😀
    I feel the the day coming where TYP will be Alex’ only job. I’m sure he’s starting to see it in the near distance too.

    • It’s starting to feel possible. And I feel so grateful to you all for that.

      • Tahir Raines

        It’s amazing what a great story and the internet can accomplish. And of course, one cannot discount the lovely art.

        • Dakejev

          And sexy gay guys. 😉

      • I really wish I could sit down with you and pick your brain over how you did it. I’m seriously thinking of hiring an artist and starting a Patreon of my own.

  • Every time I see that panel 3, I start hoping with all my heart that Mitch isn’t hurt too bad.
    Besides worrying for him, and the reast of the team, the though of Doki going Godzilla also scares me.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Poor, poor Mitch! Somehow the effect of the smoke wafting off him in the second panel (fourth panel? Could be either one) makes me feel even more for him experiencing the jolt he got from Sircea’s “staff-o’-asskicking” blast. D-:

    And Spooky! While it was awesome that he did what he did to save Mitch from terminal impact, I really hope Duncan does not get his hands (or fists!) on you before you can land an ex-plasm punch on him, or I will be very upset with the situation indeed.

    Congrats Alex on reaching yet another milestone! Your dream of being a full-time creator is getting closer and closer! I will be watching my mailbox for the email that will let me get my Spooky wallpaper—er, I mean, vote for the character in a fair and democratic poll. *off to figure out ways to stack online poll-voting*

    • LOL. Thank you so much, fujoshifanatic! I’m so grateful to all of you. You are such super-heroes to me.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I don’t like cliff hangers like this….I come here to relax and enjoy….after a very rough stressful week….and at the end of this….I feel like……D awwwww! Here we go again!

  • Ah dangit. You Americans change daylight time early this year compaired to Europe (how the dates are placed) so the difference is an hour less for three whole weeks. Last year it was only two weeks of inner clock being messed up.

    Means that for the next three weeks camping will start earlier than it already does for me, in my timezone, so the pages will update before – or around the buttcrack of dawn xD

    • davefragments

      I’ve been having trouble with this daylight savings time thing since roughly 1964. I missed Sunday Church services that year. Does that count for much?

      • Klaus

        That is a question only you can answer. Is church service important to you?

        • davefragments

          it was back then but that is a sordid story of growing up with nasty nuns.

          • Dakejev

            …probably not as kinky as it sounds… but it sounds kinky as hell. XD

          • davefragments

            Oh my! I never meant that!
            A whole group was mean and nasty in a very bad way. There is nothing like an old-school Nun to drive guilt and shame while teaching school. They made a BFD about missing church.

          • Dakejev

            Well, guilting and shaming can be a form of sadism, so, um, sorry, but I think my mental image of BDSM nuns is going to stand. =P

          • davefragments

            When I was in College, the Drama department did a production of THE DEVILS by John Whiting (from The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley). It was an excellent play about conscience and morality. Adult and satisfying to an experienced college crowd. A number of years later, Ken Russell did a movie of the play. The movie has near-naked cavorting nuns, all sorts of sordid behavior and is just the most confused pile of twaddle ever. For a few months I had a drama major as a roommate in the dorms. He balanced out my chemical engineering nerdiness.

    • Oh, the BUTTCRACK OF DAWN… the poetry of the enraged Danish soul. Awwww heck, I live here and I hate that time change too. Most of us do. Sorry Danish, that just sucks.

      • D. Garrett

        omg im crying. buttcrack of dawn! i shouldnt drink before reading comments. oh wait. maybe i should alwayz drink before reading em. so funny!

    • I like to use stupid o’clock in the morning. 😀

      Edit: I looked up when Daylight Savings was when I was in High School. In 1991 when I was a Sophomore, is was on April 7th. I don’t know why it’s now happening in freaking beginning of March.

      • HA… a timeless favorite! It works in any timezone!

        • It’s perfect for anytime that is too early or late or that you think you shouldn’t be up at. 😛

          • I have devout religious reservations against having to wake up before noon. I try to avoid daylight as much as possible. No, I am not a vampire, I just get migraines from bright light and glare.

      • Here it’s always the last whole weekend of March (both days still in March), so it usually varies between the 2 or 3 weeks with a different time difference from year to year.

        And it was changed from April to March to be able to use the daylight hours better.

        • Congress is run by special interest groups. It’s after Halloween now because of the candy lobby. I don’t know who or what caused the beginning of March.

  • [flails] I hate Disqus with a fiery passion right now. This is the first time in over a week I’ve been able to see the comments, and what’s the betting it’ll bounce me when I try to post? Also, I am away from home and forgot to pack my Patreon password, so I can’t comment there either. :-/

    Anyway… with being away from home, I’m on the laptop’s own screen, with a smaller display area than my home monitor — and thus I didn’t realise at first that Mitch landed on a magical airbag. I just saw the smoke rising, and went “Waaaaah!” 🙁

    Beautiful double page, and as usual I can’t wait to see how this looks on paper. Weirdly, I’m still feeling rather sorry for Duncan – he’s doing a bad thing for more or less good reasons, and I don’t think he likes having to take down the kids. Especially as even a few minutes earlier he was wondering if it would be possible for them to work together to sort-of-save the world.

  • Tahir Raines

    Decisions. decisions. I can’t decide who to vote for the nude wallpaper. I’m leaning towards Hunter & Killer since the YP guys already have the nude height chart and Anni will have the nude pin-up.

  • Kate G

    SPOOKY SAVES THE DAY!!!!!!!!! Go Spooky! Go Spooky! Go, go, go Spooky! *waves pom poms*

    Ooooo, I don’t like the steam emanating from Mitch. MEDIC! MEDIC!! IS THERE A MEDIC IN THE HOUSE?! WE NEED A MEDIC!!! *running around like a crazy Despicable Me Minion looking for a medic* WE NEED A BLOODY EFFING MEDIC!!!

    Oh, before I forget….CATCH THE BLOODY BASTARD, SPOOKY!

    /may or may not have had one too many Dr. Peppers.

  • We’re less than $100 ’til the next Spooky story!!

    • $83 now… this fanbase is freaking amazing. I can’t wait to read about Spooky and the magic lip-lock (I made that title up, but I’m letting Alex use it for free). KIIIIIDDDDING!

  • I’ve been on the road, so it wasn’t till I got in today that I was able to see that everyone had blown through the last milestone, which is SO so awesome.

    I know others have said it, but I just gotta say, I’m so thrilled about us making the last milestone, let alone being close to the next one. The fact that Alex is doing all the extra work to get us a look at Duncan’s personal (ahem) annihilator… is so extra awesome.

    It’s so hard to loath and despise Duncan (and Sircea) when they are so sexy. I blame Alex, Adam and Vero for that. I refuse to accept that it’s because I’m a perv. Nope. Just nope.

    And, ignoring my earlier ridiculousness about the Wallpaper, I’m so excited to have Wallpaper on any of the gang at this point that it is just plain cool. I’ll be honest, I put up the NSFW height chart on my screen for a while, until my Partner totally busted me when he borrowed my laptop. Yes, he thinks I’m a geek, but he says I’m a sexy one to him… so I think I squeaked by on that one. LOL.

    • Heh. Sorry to hear you got busted, Chris. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. 🙂

      So glad you’re looking forward to the upcoming goodies. I just saw the next rev of The Annihilator pin-up and… well, let’s just say, I can’t wait to show y’all the final. 😀

    • Sapfo

      You lucky boy Chris. Give dude a good hug from me. We all got to love thouse who love us Geeks for what we are.

    • D. Garrett

      ur partner is right. nerds are totally sexy! (i use nerd and geek synonymously.) and yes u r a perv. but its so cute!

  • Lillihandra

    I know it’s unlikely (given the nature of the fanbase), but I have to admit I’m really hoping for a good strong wallpaper of Commander being badass. It’s probably going to be Red or Spooks or Mitch at this point, but still. Maaaaaaaaaybe Anni if we’re all a bunch of impatient p.i.t.a.s, but I’m betting not.

    • Oh no, I agree, the Commander rocks. A kick-ass wallpaper of her (like that one of her para-sailing in) would be awesome.

  • YAY! Awesome with awesome sauce Master of Spooks!

  • Megan Staples

    I love my new avatar pic! ^__^

  • OMG… $19 to the next milestone. No, no, I’m calm… why do you ask?

    (Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing…Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing… Spooky kissing…)

    • You need to kiss Starr now 😉
      Spooky story is reached because of her *lol*

      • OMG she needs a Spooky kiss! This is unbelievably cool. Starr is definitely heroic… And so is everyone else who has kept jumping into the pool. This group is the ultimate. This addict thanks you for helping me mainline a little Spooky! (What a little raw? This is amazing news people, and I just have sparkling water! Well, it will have to do…) CHEERS!

        • Hehe everyone is so amazing!!! (awesome stretch goals help too!) That story was absolutely worth it!!!

        • davefragments

          Beards are rough, you know, when you kiss.

  • Feyling

    I’m really jealous of the patreon extras. Alas I have no moneyz :/

    • Ditto

      • Klaus

        That makes me sad.

      • It’ll get better guys. True TYP fans get extra Karma! Hang in there.

        And Doki, no one can Squeeeeee Mitch to safety like you can. So, little Padawan, trust in the Universal power of Mitch, and one day you’ll be getting a Mitch lip-lock story… I believe.

    • D. Garrett

      me either. 🙁

  • *Jumps up and down* Spooky story, Spooky story, Spooky story.. Spooky kiss, it will be heeeere. I love the Patreon milestones *flails*

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    It seems likely that we will reach 666 backers sometime tonight. Maybe that is what Laampros and his considerable forces need to break through.

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    We’ll read about Spooky kissing *sings happily*

  • John Blue

    Most recent page link? The thing, the ONLY thing I could have ever listed as a negative in this awesome comic (which actually is not even part of the comic itself!), is now included?


    • Just remember that you have to copy/paste the link in the address bar and then save it as a favorite before you load it (click enter), otherwise it saves as this page.
      I made that mistake the first time.

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    • Glad to hear you like that, John! 🙂

      • John Blue

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        • Thank you, John. I wish I could do it even more. Y’all are so awesome, it’s fun to connect when I can. 🙂

  • I’m 20k feet up again headed home (thank god) and I get on the wireless to discover milestone madness… Yayyyyyyyy a little Spooky lip-lock is so good for whatever ails anyone! Thank you all! So great.

    You know, Monday just sorta morphed into a page-type day. In fact, I think Duncan is going to trip tomorrow and face-plant, Sircea’s staff is going to get tangled in her hair, Mitch will shake it off… the bomber jacket is just slightly singed, and the Sun just got warmer…

    What? Too much? Okay… SPOOKY KISSING!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy….

    • fujoshifanatic

      I just finished the story. I am verklempt. You will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to your response. I made a feeble attempt. Alex has rendered me a babbling fool. I think I need to lie down.

      • My work here is done. 🙂

      • Not that I don’t enjoy every other comment/reaction to the story, but somehow I’m really looking forward to Chris’s xD

  • davefragments

    Three cans of lysol! That’s fun.

    • it’s just a Spooky kiss Dave… Not that many germs. I’ll bet he’s got a disinfectant bottle in that coat so you won’t need to spray any Lysol on his lips. 🙂

      • davefragments


        • fujoshifanatic

          I don’t think Chris realizes what you’re referring to with the Lysol. Once the story is read it’ll all make sense. 🙂

          • davefragments

            I know but I’m still going to tease him a little bit.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Alex, I know you are strictly dickly, but you just gave me a literary hard-on that I won’t recover from anytime soon. Thank you so much. That’s all I can say for now, other than the feeble rantings I mustered on Patreon.

    • You’re very welcome, fujoshifanatic. Writing prose fiction is a new thing for me, so it makes me really happy to hear you liked the new Patreon short story. 🙂

  • Alex, I might get lynched for even saying this, in case it could give you ideas, but should you ever get tired of doing comics for a while – then please spend ALL the time writing instead!

    The comic already shows you got a talent for telling a story, but dayum. The details you can get down on paper in words.

    • Well, that’s a very sweet thing to say, Danish. So glad to hear you liked that new Spooky Patreon story. 🙂

      I have no plans to stop making comics, but I really am having fun writing the prose. And one of my secret fantasies with the Patreon was that it might give me time to actually write a novel or two while working on the comic…

  • Twila Lin

    You know I have to say this… while I’m in full support of the work done here. It makes me sad you guys are now making more in a month then I’d make in two years in my 13hour a week job. 🙁

    • fujoshifanatic

      I can totally relate to how you feel, especially now since I have been looking for work and would LOVE a 13 hour a week job right now. But the way I see it, having worked in media for many years and being a creative person myself, I understand how much time, effort, sweat and soul it takes for any person to produce creative work that is a) top quality b) consistent and c) resonates with others in a way that leaves them wanting MORE. Alex, Adam and Vera are doing this, and have been doing this, in a professional way that I RARELY see in creative individuals with this level of talent. They. Earn. Every. Single. Penny. They. Make. And then some.

      Now that my savings are rapidly dwindling, there are many, many times where I think twice and three times about where my money goes, even for the basic necessities. But I can honestly tell you that what goes to Patreon, because of what I get out of here, I consider money well spent. Do I wish I could solicit that kind of support for my work? Heck yeah, who wouldn’t? And I am working towards that goal for myself someday. But seeing Alex reap the rewards for his efforts only inspires me to get off my duff and put in the kind of massive effort that he does to receive what I feel is only a fraction of the rewards he deserves. 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    While everyone is (justifiably) squeeing over the second Spooky Jones prose story, I will also throw out some love for the Sneak Peak Sunday #7 email: the one with the pencil art of the Annihilator and his evil partner Red Hot pulling a heist. Great stuff.

    Meanwhile, in a not-quite-cannon-but-we-can-now-see-that-its-close-enough-to-share-spit counterpoint to the prose story, I will remind everyone of a little something that was reposted on Alex’s tumblr page: an entry by Countlessuntruths in a shipping challenge from April 2014, this entry for Spooky/Commander: I imagine this will have added poignancy in the current context 🙂

    And to round out the round-up, here is a link to two Young Protectors fanfic stories on Archive Of Our Own that I haven’t seen posted here yet:

  • fujoshifanatic

    Couldn’t sleep, so I went back and reread the comic from start to finish, especially the interludes. So. Much. Fun! Camping ought to be interesting indeed tonight. 🙂

  • So, my fellow readers, the next one to sign up for Alex’ patreon will be #666.

    Who will claim that number? The scarily appropriate number, given the actions in the comic right now, and hell is about to break loose 😉

    • *lol* 7 hours later and still no one has claimed #666.

      • It looked like someone did for a moment, but then it disappeared. Poo!

        • davefragments

          It’s at 667.
          When I moved into my house it was box # 666B (yes the post office considered it possible to have 666A,B,C, and D.) I suffered no form of eternal damnation or un-luck due to the number. . . A few years passed and they added another rural route and it became 642. After that, my county decided to step into the modern age and add a three digit emergency system (911) and to do that requires street names and not Rural Route numbers. SO now my address is not even in the 600’s. In terms of numerology (Which I, as a scientist, view as something of a religious cult and gambling adoration) my new number is very mathematically nice and not near religiously implied as the great number of doom and evil. Astrology and numerology are to my mathematical mind, silly. So are streaks in poker, roulette wheels and three-card-monte.
          Realism can be such a downer!

          add – – Not this update but the next one will occur on 3/14/15 … dot … 9:26am – a truly significant time to party.

          • Do you say that it’s your birthday?

          • davefragments

            Sorry, no. . . It’s Pi day – – 3.1415926 (I think I got the last two digits right. Regardless, they are not significant in most calculations). {wink, wink}
            My birthday is late April. I’m a Taurus (not the car, think the stubborn, horny Taurus)

          • Drrr… I is bad at math. 😐

          • davefragments

            I’m a chemical engineer. Numbers are easy for me. Pi is one of the Transcendental Numbers. It has a decimal that doesn’t repeat and therefore is very special. Now that’s not to be confused with Peter Schikele’s TRANCE and DENTAL Etude for diverse instruments. That was inspired by his dentist.
            Pi, however, has been known from the Greeks who could use the diameter of a circle to calculate its circumference. From that tidbit, they could calculate the circumference of the earth and do sines and cosines (Although they didn’t call those functions that).

          • davefragments

            PS – I can be a real nerd, huh?

          • haha! That’s cool! Be your badass nerd self!

  • Amaya Redfern

    I’ll be commenting sporadically, but I need to finish some school work in less than three hours. >_< My sense of time is off.

    • Good luck on the school work! It’s hard to believe it is March and almost spring already!

      • Amaya Redfern

        Oh gosh I can’t wait till my Spring Break (in April.) I get to go home and see my boyfriend! ^_^

  • OnyxLight

    … oh the suspense is going to kill me!

  • Ooh Bucky’s birthday AND Patreon #666 day? LUCKY! XD

    • Yay! Happy Birthday to Bucky! And we are at 668 now.

  • I’ll be in and out tonight for camping. Trying to get some laundry done. Hope everyone is doing well!

    • I was going to do that tonight… but putting off until tomorrow *lazy*

      • Really running out of clothes otherwise I’d wait XD

    • DemureDesire

      Did a load of laundry (scrubs) this morning. Will probably do a load of sweats and rat stuff tomorrow sometime after I clean the cage.

    • D. Garrett

      hey. hope ur doing well too gg.

    • Do not put the PINK under-garments in with the whites… that’s all I can tell you. 🙂

      • davefragments

        unless you like pink

        • FACT… or you’re comfortably masculine and you know that the pink underpants beneath your Levi’s is perfectly fine and doesn’t mean a thing other than you shouldn’t work at a laundry…

          I mean I was already GAY before I ferked up my wash… right?

          • davefragments

            I can’t wear red. I look like hell when I wear red. Certain pale greens and yellows, too. I’m a navy, brown, olive, and earth tones person. Not RED. First rule in life — not red.

          • Yep… yellow is death on me.

        • D. Garrett

          im coming up so u better get this party started!

      • Erf! What if I put white and pink under-garments with the darks?! I might have done that…

        • stickfigurefairytales

          You should be okay if you washed them on cold temperature.

        • HA! How do you feel about grey? (okay, I’m guessing. LOL)

  • D. Garrett

    hey everybody. *starts working on a massive fire. (brought my two large green fluffy pillows again. and a large red mystery bag.)

    • Amaya Redfern


      • D. Garrett

        goodies. ive got a fruit platter, a veggies platter. candy bars and potato chips. and i also have some tang and foam cups. everyone can help themselves.

        • Amaya Redfern

          Gimme dat fruit.

          • D. Garrett

            *grabs a strawberry and hands u the platter “enjoy”. 🙂

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I’ll take a little of everything to munch on, thank you!

          • D. Garrett

            *pours tang, hands u the cup. puts an apple and some blueberries in a sandwich bag. puts some carrot and celery sticks and green olives in another. grabs an almond joy and bag of bbq potato chips. “here u go sticky. enjoy.”

          • stickfigurefairytales

            *hands back the olives* Thank you for the rest, though!

          • D. Garrett

            *munches on olives. yw!

    • Not sick, but wanted/made noodle soup (minus chicken!) it’s good too!

      • D. Garrett

        oooohhhh. that sounds good. 🙂

  • davefragments

    How much trouble can I create tonight?
    A Tuesday night when even the naughty friends are trying to behave since they now remember what their hangovers.
    I just discovered that in the USA on April 30th, certain AMC theaters will show AVENGERS 1 and right after premier AVENGERS 2 (Ultron) in either 3D or IMAX.
    Later this year in Great Britain and the USA, certain theaters will show all nine AVENGERS films.
    Now, I’ve been thinking about that extravaganza. It’s 29 hours of movies starting with THE HULK and ending with ULTRON. Think of that; twenty-nine hours in a movie theater watching the various AVENGERS. I would speculate about what that theater will be during that time. It is frightening to think of the theater at mealtimes and potty breaks.
    It’s the burritos and Sriracha that scares me, most. It’s frightening to contemplate that for 29 hours, you share companionship with a gang of soda swilling and popcorn munching avenger-nerds.
    Add to that the fact that the person two rows behind you might not be eating Limburger Cheese but have his shoes off.
    That’s sufficient naughtiness tonight.

    • Oh yeah, that’s right, you poor guys have to wait until April 30th for the premiere. Here it happens a week before on the 23rd. But a long marathon like that sounds kinda fun. Wonder if they’d do that here too 🙂

      • davefragments

        I might go. It depends on the Pittsburgh Symphony schedule.

    • I just love that our D-Frag plays the role of the retired country squire…

      When, in fact, he totally plugged in and clearly a culture magnet. YOU GO DAVE you party monster!

  • Amaya Redfern

    Camp is quiet tonight. >.> Anyone up for a game?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’d be up for one!

      • Amaya Redfern

        Awesome! We could play that sentence by sentence story thing, truth or dare, um…I dunno, crazy eights? 😛

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Let’s try the sentence story one!

          • Amaya Redfern

            Okay! Pick a genre friend!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hmm, how about…adventure!

          • Amaya Redfern

            Okay! I’ll start if that’s cool. Hmmm…
            It was a day like any other, bright and cheery, not a cloud in the sky.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            The Young Protectors were exploring a remote forest, searching for signs of a rumored smuggling operation.

          • Amaya Redfern

            Though the day was warm, the further they explored, the more a foreboding chill fell over the party…
            (Anyone can jump in by the way! :D)

          • stickfigurefairytales

            The trees were too dense to allow Flyboy to do an aerial sweep, and so far Commander was not picking up anything telepathically apart from her own teammates.

          • Amaya Redfern

            Spooky however, could feel an evil presence nearby (I hope I’m getting his powers right) and though he worried for the safety of his friends, he knew they had to press on.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            (Eh, why not? We’ll bend the rules if it isn’t actually part of his powers.)

            They decided to split into three groups in order to cover more ground: Tsunami and Red Hot in one pair (so as to forestall potential forest fires if Kyle had to use his powers), Spooky and Fluke in another, and Commander and Mitch in the third.

          • Xithyl

            As Commander sent out psychic pings, Flyboy scouted ahead for any unusual activity.

          • Danny

            Suddenly, there came some suspicious mechanical sounds off to one side of the team, closest to Tsunami and Red Hot.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            They crept closer to investigate while doing their best to think loudly in Commander’s direction.

          • Danny

            Commander responded just as the two reached the source of the noises, ordering them to carefully scout out the situation and report back. What they saw surprised them.
            (Oops, more than one sentence…)

          • Xithyl

            Despite being a run down looking tiny shack, the mechanical sounds and light ground rumblings denoted something colossal was afoot.

          • Danny

            The two heroes crept up to the windows, trying to peek into the shack without being seen.

          • Xithyl

            Somehow, Tsunami or Red Hot triggered a mechanism to open a trap door, several feet away.

          • Danny

            And out of the trap door popped…. Hunter and Killer!

          • Xithyl

            “It’s a trap!” exclaimed Hunter, as they attempted to flee!

            [Not a Star Wars fan, nope cough cough :P]

          • Danny

            Perplexed, both heroes decided to detain the two clowns and get to the bottom of the situation.

          • Xithyl

            “We received an anonymous tip that there was a smuggling operation going on…” started Hunter.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            He was cut off abruptly as one of the smugglers, attracted by the sound, hit him with a sonic blast.

          • Danny

            “Hey! No one gets to hit him but me!” shouted Killer, aiming his rocket launcher at the smugglers and the shack.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “Hold on just a minute!” Tsunami yelled, knocking the rocket launcher out of Killer’s hands with a powerful jet of water.

          • Xithyl

            Angrily, Killer pulled out a small blaster and attempted to neutralize Tsunami.

          • Danny

            Suddenly, he dropped to the ground, clutching his head, as Commander appeared from the trees!

          • Danny

            (Hey folks, I’m off to bed. Someone please keep this going! I’ll look forward to reading it when I next visit this page.)

          • Xithyl

            Taking advantage of the chaos, the smuggler reloaded and fired at the group, hitting Killer squarely in the face.

          • Phyre Storm

            Hunter and Killer looked at each other and made an attempt to communicate, which almost immediately degenerated into “What? I can’t hear you! WHAT?! SPEAK UP, YOU OAF!!”

          • Xithyl

            Commander sent a disabling mental attack to the smuggler, as Tsunami and Red Hot scanned for additional hostiles.

  • I hate daylight savings time.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I hear ya.

      • It was the #1 bestest thing about my year in Arizona.

        • In my home province (Saskatchewan) they also do not observe daylight savings. When I moved to Alberta back for University it was a rude wake-up call… >___<

          • I just hate it so much. I would consider moving back to AZ just to get away from it

          • Amaya Redfern

            I’ve never actually lived without daylight savings time – I didn’t realize there were places where it wasn’t a thing!

          • There are! There are actually lots. 2.5 states I believe plus other countries in the world.

          • I remember reading that the AZ First Nations do observe Daylight Savings though still? Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that does not observe it in the whole country 😉 it was nice…

          • That I have no idea about that. But that would be kinda confusing.

            Edit: but yes, it was very nice.

    • davefragments

      I’m having a lousy thing tonight and I think it’s my body trying to catch up on sleep.

      • Most likely. I’ve been struggling the last couple of days myself. I go to bed early and sleep alludes me, but during the day I’m lucky if my eyes stay open.

        • davefragments

          I know that feeling. But today was two loads of laundry, the sink of dishes, and other household stuff. I hate when that happens. I want to write.

          • Dude, Hemingway would tell you that clearly you’re not drinking enough hard liquor as a writer to see your priorities clearly… LOL!

          • davefragments

            My alcohol consumption is limited to one glass of wine. Beyond that, I get silly and huts and run into walls, break doors. And I’m not violent, just clumsy.

          • I’ve been having trouble concentrating for writing.

      • Meeeeee tooo… last night too!

  • Made it here 🙂 Wasn’t sure I would before the update with the new daylight saving difference. On that count it will be a long three weeks until Europe follows suit.
    At least it’s usually a shorter time in the fall.

    • Kitkat822

      UK clocks change on the 29th, so just over 2 weeks 🙂

  • Ninhursag

    Epic Spooky is epic.