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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 94

270 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 94

Oh, there you are! 😀

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So! The Demon Stargate has taken a tumble! The Annihilator tries to reason with these rascally kids. And then Spooky comes along to pull the old slip-on-an-ectoplasmic-banana-peel trick on him! Will the children finally wise up and listen to this man of experience? Will Spooky be able to keep “the most dangerous supervillain alive” up in the air and out of trouble? And will any readers be able to actually see past Kyle’s gorgeous booty in the last panel to notice?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Is Sircea cranky?

    • You got it!

    • Sapfo

      Chris! What are you doing? Do you even know what to do with a V?

      • I’ll experiment until I work it out… LOL.

        • Sapfo

          Well If you need some help, I do have a handbook on V care.
          1 do not feed after midnight
          2 do not expose them to direct sunlight

          wait what… oh, this is the wrong handbook. Oh darn…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Way to go, Chris!

    • Congrats sweetie!

    • Woo! Takes shower & new page up, which is what I was hoping for ^__^

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Good work, starr!

  • syllibub


    • My Spooky arrives!!!!!

      • syllibub

        Just in time, too. I wonder what kept him so long though? Argh

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Strategy! Also dramatic timing.

          • syllibub

            30% of one, 70% of the other?

          • See THAT is why I keep thinking he’s gay. Dramatic timing!

          • What ever he is he’s FABULOUS.

  • Oh the downfall ..

    • Loving it. How the arrogant get tripped up by the very tentacles that they used on Kyle!!!! Loving it!!!

  • Sapfo

    I think I need to have a talk with the minions union after all

  • davefragments

    Keep him up in the air and off guard.

  • SofiaT

    Apparently they do have the power. *pats Duncan’s back*

    • syllibub

      At least he has the power to keep his hair looking perfect through all this.

      • SofiaT

        That’s one hell of a super power.

        I can’t keep my hair to look perfect inside my own house, ten minutes after I’ve styled it.

      • That’s a good brand of hair product!

        • syllibub

          Seriously, is that gel or gorilla glue?

  • Nice butt in that last panel Kyle.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Even nicer than usual.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    The Stargate of bones is falling down,
    Falling down, falling down!

  • Enter Spooky, Stage Left!

  • Xalun K

    THERE’S SPOOKY! Was waiting for him to show up. I’m so pleased with the last 2 panels…. not only are they amazingly well drawn, but the combination of Spooky’s sudden appearance and Anni’s utter confusion just tickles me! Hah, I think this might be one of my favourite strips so far. XD

  • Okay, I’m hearing the music from Benny Hill.

  • syllibub

    Poor Duncan, though, this has to be a shock. It’s usually his hapless dates who find themselves trussed up in unexpected tentacles, not him!

  • TwilightDreamer

    *grins*… shouldn’t giggle….shouldn’t giggle….
    oh what the heck!?
    HAHA!! XD
    I know I’m nudging at karma by saying this…but…in your face Anni! XD don’t underestimate these kids ^_^….and each one of them has a very big bone to pick with you right now ;P
    Random I know…but….did anyone else get the song London Bridge in their heads at the first and second panel? 😛

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Now, IIRC there were several people predicting that Spooky knew exactly when to make his entrance. (Please form an orderly queue for your acknowledgements 🙂

    And that wish list I made on the last comments page? The one about Annihilator recognising that his ego had been played and that he needed to defeat the Young Protectors by blocking their tactics? Looks like it ain’t gonna happen. (Unless his bluster on this page was meant as some type of bluff to psyche them out.)

  • Sheana Knight

    So far so good does anyone predict that something may go wrong soon?

  • syllibub

    Is it the angle, or does Kyle seem a bit off-balance in the last panel? I wonder if Sircea’s pushing back at all or just blocking the fire.

    • No, I suspect that Sircea is regrouping to do something very very bad in the next page or so… I DO NOT count her out. But I’m going to wallow in this small triumph for a few days and feel jolly good. THEN Miss Sircea can open a can of whup a** , but not today!

      • timemonkey

        With the gate down Tsunami’s likely about to lend Kyle a hand with that as well.

  • I have this childish desire to loudly go naana-nana-naaah… knowing this will probably very much too early to even do so…

    … No, for this one page I WILL do it. We haven't gotten the next page yet *takes deep breath*

    • Klaus

      If you made a role playing game of the old Adam West Batman TV series, it would have the simplest combat system ever: In episode one the bad guys win, in episode two the good guys win.

  • WarGoddess

    Duncan: WAT.
    Spooky: Lol!!!! X-D

  • One of these days, Alex, surely we will see Duncan’s hair mussed. It seems only right. Right?

    • WarGoddess

      Exactly what I was thinking! He must use some kind of cement in that hair of his.

      • He must. Or do Supervillains have their own brand of hair supplies

        • WarGoddess

          When Dapper Dan can’t help your mop, wear the top selling hair cement for any supervillain man…Super Dan!!!!! Hair care designed for the unrighteous and unfair!!!!! Good guys beware!!!! You just might get a little bit more than you bargained for from a super not-so-gentleman wearing Super Dan!!!!!! Buy now from this special Discus offer and get the Monologue Recorder free!!!!! Perfect your dastardly speeches of unashamed wanton violence today!!!!!

    • syllibub

      I’m weirdly invested in seeing Duncan’s hair messed up.

      • I think we need to form a group of some sort.

        • syllibub

          Yeah. There’s something about people who look composed and perfectly coiffed all the time — it would just be interesting to see them in a state of physical or emotional disarray, because you know the situation would have to be pretty extreme.

          • We need to bug his house. Surely upon waking, coming out of the shower? Anything?

            I have to know!!

          • syllibub

            You could try, only to find out he sleeps face-down so his hair doesn’t get displaced. Coming out the shower, his hair’s already slicked back from the water. He seems to anticipate you at every turn! My god, is his hair even a part of him or a separate, intelligent entity?

          • I would say while cleaning the house, but you know he has a housekeeper and maid, probably butler too. Maybe getting caught in a storm? Maybe playing with a puppy.

          • You haven’t even asked who his hair-dresser is?

          • Flow Bee?

          • Ahahahahahahahah

          • 😀

          • Klaus

            Does he wear a hair net in bed?

          • justkeepondriving

            oh my gosh… is it a wig?!?!

          • purplefoxglove

            I’m listening, I’m listening! First, I’ll do Mitch for Doki, next, I can give Duncan a try. Once I got this semester’s exams done, that is…

      • How about Sircea’s cape wrinkled? Is there equality of muss herein?

        • Her cape burned. I think we’re do a little messed up hair. I mean he’s hanging upside down for biscuit’s sake.

          • justkeepondriving

            Did I hear someone say biscuits?

          • Baby Buddah’s Biscuit. 😀

        • syllibub

          Wrinkled, askew…I don’t know about burned off, that’s a bit extreme!

    • Never happen until he loses his powers. BTW… what IS Duncan’s kryptonite?

    • joshsusser

      Gray aside, Duncan has apparently had the same hair style his entire life:

  • …I’m waiting for Sircea to ‘lay the smack down’ so to speak and say cast a spell that freezes everyone in their tracks or something. There is a tension point coming up and I spell a villain speech 😉

    • syllibub

      Hopefully if they turn the situation around on the Protectors, they’ll resist the urge to monologue. But then again, these are career villains: monologuing is like 80% of what they do.

      • davefragments

        I’m fairly sure there is going to be a discussion between Kyle and Duncan.

        • syllibub

          That, I’d like to see. Not so much Duncan talking at Kyle for pages, haha.

          • That’s a special side bonus lecture that Alex is working on for Kickstarter peeps… LOL.

        • Indeed… “If I’ve told you once young man, I’ve told you…” yep we’ve all heard that one…

      • And lord knows, they do it well!

    • Next page, next page. Wallow in this one for 24 hours and then we can worry. 🙂

  • Cman65

    Up, Up and a-gay

  • Elizabeth

    Kyle’s butt game is strong

    • The force is strong in these buttocks….

      • Klaus

        But if you look just a little bit beyond them and to the right …

        • IKR? It’s like double buttocks love between the two of them… (ahem) whadda page!

  • Cydney Sabin

    Gorgeous booty, indeed… Yo, Spooky! It’s about time you showed up!

    • Damn gay! I mean right on! I mean …….. yeah!!!!

      • Cydney Sabin

        Now I wonder whether you’re talking about Spooky or da bootay…

        • Ummm… “YES?”

          Actually I started to right ‘damn straight’ and that would just be just plain wrong… so… it got confusing. 🙂

  • davefragments

    I have to close my eyes.
    Have fun and stay warm.

  • We all know things WILL go wrong… However…

    P#1: I love this panel of just pure destruction… water and fire causing calamity for our villains… maybe I’m reading too much into this, but there is something copacetic about Kyle and Tsunami’s powers working together to bring down the house. Yeah, maybe I’m being a big marshmallow about tolerance and gay and straight (?), but I like the idea that sometimes things can work out even when we are sure they can’t.

    P#2: Duncan’s expression at the collapse is worth it’s weight in gold. Everything has gone his way for so long and he has been so smug that how could I now love this panel? Even if Sircea pulls the ultimate rabbit out of her cape next, I still have this moment of Duncan giving us WTF!!!!! I’ve needed this since the hell-date!

    P#3: “Pointless?” WTF is he talking about. Foolish children? Even if he’s empirically right and the end of the world happens next. It’s his fault. He chose not to include the “foolish children.” He chose not to do right by Kyle. He chose to do everything possible to cast himself as the ultimate villain. Vanity thy name is Duncan. Right or wrong… Duncan… foolish YOU.

    P#4: Oh MY SPOOKY… the timing of interrupting Duncan’s vanity and arrogance like this is worth everything. If only I could believe he would learn from this… I love MY Spooky more than ever for this surprise attack. He rocks TYP world. I said it before, but I must say it again. The very tentacles that fecked over our Kyle before Hong Kong now yank poor Duncan. It so does not break my heart. No matter what happens next, he needs this comeuppance!

    P#5: WHAT? Indeed. Did you never think the things your partner does regularly could be done to you? So pleasing. I think I’ve been waiting for this page for a year. Thank you Alex. Now please don’t kill anyone I love.

    P#6: I love the action and motion of this page. I love Spooky rushing in to do his part. How it must have killed him to wait for the perfect moment. Again (maybe I read in to much) I love Tsunami working his water and, I know @syllibub:disqus suggested Kyle might be off balance, but I want to believe it’s the off balance we all feel when in the middle of real action, so not unexpected (?) just me. I really loved the sum total of this panel.

    Thank you so much Alex, Adam and Veronica. I totally understand why this could not be a double-page spread with the previous page. THIS IS A DOUBLE PAGE ALL BY ITSELF. Whatever trials and tribulations are to come, and I don’t doubt them knowing you, thank you so much for this special triumphant page. It satisfies is so many ways.

    (oh and where is our demon boy… just checking it… lol)

    • Sapfo

      Dear Chris.
      Spooky is not in right now. He is helping me putting up shelves. Other then that, well observed and worded.

      • Bad bad Sapfo to taunt Chris in his moment of glory. But NO you shall not bring me down. SPOOKY IS AWESOME!!!!

        (he can help you with household projects tomorrow)

        • Sapfo

          I do not taunt my dear Sir. I am only telling the truth. Honestly, we get 2 pages a week (and I do give you a big thank you for this), but there are 5 more days in the week. Do you really think Spooky just sits around waiting for a new page day? No, he is not.
          (and this is the part where I should be going back to bed XD)

          • Gnite beautiful!

          • Sapfo

            A wonderful page to put me to sleep and I got a real nice warm bed 😀

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Well summarised, as usual Chris.
      However, over the past few days I’ve been wondering… What if the Young Protectors’ plan doesn’t go wrong.

      Now, I’m on record as predicting that since this is only chapter 3 of a five chapter story that at some point there’ll be a dramatic reversal, Team Silver will complete their ritual, the world will end up hip deep in demon incursion, and the rest of the story will involve the heroes trying to clear up the mess.

      But over the past few pages I’ve been wondering whether there might be a story swerve: the Young Protectors successfully kibosh Team Silver’s summoning but the villains escape, and as a result the remaining two-and-a-bit chapters of the story involves the Young Protectors trying to prevent the dimensional walls from collapsing while at the same time fending off sniping attacks by the villains who are out for revenge.

      • Klaus

        Or maybe Duncan will support them, seeing Spooky as the world’s only chance now that Sircea’s plan has failed, while Sircea is out for revenge. In this case, they will need some way to undo Ducan’s deal with the devil.

        • timemonkey

          If the mark is the source of the deal then the simple answer is to destroy it before he can punish Duncan. All they’d need is very, very hot fire on Duncan’s arm. It’ll heal….eventually. Shame if the markings healed too and they had to try again and again and again.

      • Exactly! I asked that same question a month or two back. What if their plan don’t fail.. then what?

        Said that I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they do succeed…

        But there’s going to be a grumpy demon king knocking on a hell dimension door, and if going by Kyle being the son of said demon king .. well, he made it through before.
        What about the deail about leaving some of the world alone (The American continents) if things ddoesn’t go as the villain plan was set?
        I’m worried.. both if this goes right or if it goes wrong >.>

    • Another lovely play-by-play, Chris. Much fun for me. Glad this page was fun for you. 🙂

    • dereule101

      Fool of a Took!

  • So will Duncan’s next words be: You can’t do this! Do you know who I am?

  • On your left.

  • Stubbylegs


  • dereule101

    Laampros is going to be irritated when the lift doors don’t glide open and instead he has to climb out the service panel on the ceiling.

  • dereule101
  • Precious

    That booty though O_O Er -Coughs- Nice view- I mean page! Yeah, nice page is what I meant >_>

  • bobbyjoeguy

    “…and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” ~Duncan

    • Jen Roberts

      If only they had a dog…

      • “ShpooookyRooooo”
        (sorry writing that voice is harder than I thought. snort)

  • D. Garrett

    in the first panel i think its cool to see water and fire being used together to destroy a thing as opposed to water being used to put out fire. also when i first saw this page i laughed so hard from the look on duncans face when he’s being lifted into the air, upside down! wasnt exactly how the lift was imagined and i find it hilarious!!! and panel 4 with kyles pose….sooooohhhhh hot!!!!

  • AseretZone

    Didn’t even notice the booty, was too busy looking at Spooky’s Spooktacles. :p
    Maybe he can try addressing the leader? I don’t know if the kids are gonna listen.

    Sorry I missed the last few updates, was making plans that would earn me money and doing holiday stuff and being anxious about my beeba.

  • Spooky tripped him up. He’s not going to be happy about that. No he isn’t.

  • DemureDesire

    What if….

    What if Duncan is trying to stop the team for their own good?
    What if he had his own plans to thwart the ritual?

    What if their plans clash with his plans and that’s what makes both plans go kablooey?

    • Derkins

      hadn’t even thought of that O.O

    • Klaus

      Just like in one of the diskworld books, where an imperial advisor decides that the emperor must be killed with poison and his body disolved. For his own good, of course.

  • Sunfire

    Awww yeah – go Spooky!

  • bronakopdin

    Seems like Anni is starting to get really pissed there ^^
    But here comes Spooky 😀
    I wanted for his epic entrance 🙂
    and I enjoy the view of Kyle’s and Gordon’s butts :p

    Now I guess we’ll either see how Anni tries to get off Spooky’s spell and/or what the PP is doing in the meantime
    Really now with so much action going on (and somehow with waiting what might go wrong) the waiting for the next page gets harder and harder here xD

    • Guest

      If there is one thing we learned about Duncan from the date night in china (right?) that Duncan is quite susceptible to magic. Magic is Spooky’s whole thing, so I’d really be surprised if he did get out of this, without something happening to Spooky. Not that I think something is going to happen to Spooky. I’m just saying.

  • Toli Bera

    oh no!

    I guess they didn’t like it so they didn’t put a ring on it?

  • bandanajack

    i hadn’t noticed the physique work because i am too engrossed in the action… until you pointed it out @alex

  • Nate

    Yay! Spooky!

  • Phyre Storm

    Ugh, DUNCAN! Calling your opponents “children” is a villain cliche AND an old fart cliche. I thought you were better than that.

    • John

      I think he’s a little… washed up 😛

      • Derkins

        you forgot your sunglasses

      • Phyre Storm

        That was terrible. 😛

        • John

          I have no shame

  • justkeepondriving

    I have to say, I’m surprised to see their plan is so far going to, well… plan. *knocks on wood ferociously* KICK THEIR BUTTS YP!!!

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    I suspect that if the hell door doesn’t open on time that things WILL get much worse. The runes on Duncan’s arm could very well be used to allow Lamppros to posses him to see what is going on on the Earth side of the door.

    A Duncan possessed by an angery Lamppros would be rather a scary sight I think. And a very formidable foe to fight too, considering he would have Duncan’s powers and his own (to a degree). Lamppros would probably be alot more ruthless in using them too.

    Why talk when you can super speed and super strength snap everyone’s neck?

  • John

    Dear Duncan,
    Dear, silly Duncan,
    Dear, silly, floating, Duncan.

    You should really know better than to try to monologue.

  • RustyBurrell

    Lemme just say…. Kyle’s ass looks great in that last panel >.>

    • IKR? That I didn’t use bold-faced capital letters to discuss it at length last night is… well… like a crime. In my defense I was totally Spookied… However, thank you for the note of butt-preciation!

      • that last panel is really bootylicious for everyone involved haha

    • Sarah314159

      Kyle’s ass *always* looks great.

  • BrotherFlounder

    So I’m not the only one who fears that this will all go Horribly Right instead of Horribly Wrong, yes?

    • Nope,I’ve speculated about the consequences of that.

  • NOTE FOR GREX!!!! —
    Do not miss the Tsu Tsu buttocks in the final panel. It’s a tossup between him and Kyle for who’s going to win “Best Cheeks”. Hello tush-patrol!

    • Jeffrey Jacobson

      It’s the ancient and honorable martial art of butt-fighting, where the ass is posed for perfect viewing with every move. You can even see some Fluke cheeks in the distance.

      • IKR? Shame on me for being distracted by the first level tushes and not look deeper for our Paul! Good going. Thanks.

        • Jeffrey Jacobson

          It’s not easy to see around the Kyle and Tsu Tsu rumps.

  • sstogner1

    oops! He didn’t see that coming 🙂

  • Pikinanou

    Tch, that stargate wasn’t very sturdy, was it? That’s what you get when you hire lunatic satan-fanboys over Facebook instead of certified construction workers to build your evil gate to Hell.

    • dereule101

      10 to 1 it wasn’t a union job.

    • D. Garrett

      or it was built sturdy and kyle and tsu r some badass mofo’s. 😀

  • fujoshifanatic

    Another fantastic page! The destruction in the first panel is quite beautiful to look at. Anni’s face in panel three is so intense; if his eyes could glow red, they would be right here. And Spooky! I was wondering where you were at! When are you going to conjure up the dragon to take a bite out of Duncan’s ass? Speaking of assess, that last panel…oh my! You can really see how tense Kyle is in this battle, can’t you?

    Things are going great for TYP…so far. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Another awesome job, TYP Team!

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    Booyeah! So the portal is down, but is it broken?

    Laampros could still climb upward out of it. Might be less dignified, but I doubt he would care.

    • Sarah314159

      Or he would care, and would emerge royally pissed off.

      • Derkins

        And how would he respond realize his baby boy was responsible? ;O;

        • Probably with a little bit of pride, but still angry.

          • Derkins

            Yeah that’s pretty much how i was imaging it 🙂

      • rgleon9986

        Though probably proud at his son’s gumption.

    • Ahhhhh, the old dimensional hole in the roof of hell trick. That old chestnut!

      Laampros: “GFE! Get me a ladder. Yes a ladder. I don’t know. FIND ONE. How in Earth am I going to get my demon hoards to take over the world without a Lucifer damned ladder?”

  • Okay…Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks The Anni is waaaaaaaay over-doing it. Something tells me he was ready for this. And he has a plan.
    I’m scared. o_o

    • Derkins

      Well, there could be a reason, as we were previously speculating, that they had little to no safeguards against an attack like this. The fact that they are doing this thing so out in the open like this. His attitude, and that fact, could mean that at this point, after completing the thing they just did, that the ball is already rolling, regardless of whether there is a nice portal set up, or not.
      Or on the other hand, as I have been postulating, it could just mean that they are so overconfident in their own abilities, that this whole attack is just boggling their minds.

      • Klaus

        It may also be that they chose stealth over brute force. Bringing in more manpower would mean a greater risk of being noticed early. Also, the supply of minions is not unlimited. And Sircea may already be stretching her powers to the limit.

    • OH? So you’ve met Alex. Well, very good then. You’re all prepped. 🙂

  • Niggle

    bwauahahha. Seeing Anni so “bwuh?!” made me cackle. Go Spooky!

  • Derkins

    hehe everything Duncan does just proves my “he’s way too cocky to win this fight” theory. 🙂 Go ahead, Duncan. Just be yourself. >:D

  • PFG9000

    Where did the Platinum Priestess go? What trouble is she making for our guys?

    • Derkins

      Kyle is shooting fire at her off screen. His job is to distract her, and he’s doing a great job. Everyone is!

  • Ooh. Target Acquired.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Has anyone noticed that Tsunami’s tattoo finally started to glow?

    • Klaus

      Yes. They do still not glow on page 92, though.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Looks like Anni spoke too soon ………Go Mitch!

    • You mean go Spooky?

      • D. Garrett

        [im holding my hand out, palm up.] chocolate now please!!! *takes 2 pills…u promisedd!!!

        • *gives you a bunch of m&ms* ^_^

          • D. Garrett

            ty. ty! 🙂 [funny, ive been eating m&m’s for 2 days now.]

  • Falconfly

    Nice to see he’s at least trying to reason with them/explaining himself. He really does think his actions are for the greater good.

  • I shouldn’t have laughed when Anni got flipped over in mid-air but hahahaha

    • Klaus

      I don’t see why not. Go ahead and laugh.

      • Indeed… please laugh. See, it’s all in the mathematics of comic-comedy:

        Professor Woolfson’s TYP Theorem:
        Self-important character (i.e. Dowager Duchess) + Banana Peel = Hilarity ensues

        In this case we substitute Duncan for the ‘Dowager Duchess’ and achieve the same results. (And you lot worried my parents had wasted their money on my college tuition… silly you.)

    • D. Garrett

      oh i laughed pretty hard. nice moment. 🙂

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    If Ani’s only powers are speed, strength, and durability, Spooky has him pretty well neutralized.

    • Jeffrey Jacobson

      But he does have those throwing knives. Could get dicey!

  • Jac

    oh snap!

  • Plot twist: The ‘door’ was just PP’s own little secret distraction, it wasn’t even necessary for the spell. All needed is the keys, some blood and the spell on Duncan’s arm – which is why she needed him to go to hell so her life wouldn’t be bound to a possible ‘master’. A goddess can have no master.

    Until more is known it’s a plausible, wicked little thought xD

    • davefragments

      I’ve had the same idea. I never said it. I just thought it.

      • Dave, Dave, Dave… thoughts have POWER!!!

        • davefragments

          just a half-formed little inkling. . .
          I didn’t want to write it down.

  • Kate G

    Um, you were saying, Duncan? I think one of those “foolish children” has you pinned.

    Oh, and just to let you know, you’re wet behind the ears. Literally, anyway. Figuratively is up for debate.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      It’s almost as though Annihilator had been tempting fate 🙂

      • Kate G

        I know, right? He’s like Jafar with Aladdin. HOW many names did Jafar call Aladdin? And what did Aladdin do? He tricked Jafar into turning himself into a GENIE thereby trapping HIMSELF into a MAGIC LAMP.

        We should keep a list of all of the names Annihilator calls these kids. I bet he’ll be turning himself into an evil genie in no time.

  • David Welbourn

    hm. The ring is down, but not obviously broken. As long as it’s still an unbroken circle, I bet it’s still dangerous.

    Also, um, “Levicorpus!” (Sorry. I just had to. Forgive me.)

    • Megan Staples

      If something is lying across the line of the circle, it’s broken.

    • LEVICORPUS: List of spells in Harry Potter

      Spells in Harry Potter occur in the fictional wizarding world of the series of books by author J. K. Rowling. Magic spells are used by many of the characters to achieve useful effects without the benefit of modern technology. The main depiction of a “spell” in the Harry Potter books consists of a gesture made with the character’s wand, combined with a spoken or mental incantation. In the books and the associated film series, the names of the majority of these spells or the incantations used to effect them are derived from the classical languages, particularly Latin. These names are not grammatically correct in any language; most spoken phrases resemble Latin words of appropriate meaning but are not proper Latin themselves.

      (well some of us needed help……….)

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    Also, the colours are magnificent, with strong but muted background colours acting as contrast to the almost day-glo superpowers. This in turn makes me wonder: In real life water isn’t actually blue, but instead reflects the colours of the stuff around it. So, is the blue water here simply visual shorthand, or is it the case that Tsunami’s superpowers make any water he’s animating glow blue just like his tattoos?

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    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

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      • justkeepondriving

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    Then I either woke up or started dreaming of something else.

    • stickfigurefairytales

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