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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 89

376 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 89

Gosh! It looks like even thinkingCalgon! Take me away!” in front of a Hell Gate can be dangerous…

(Alas Vero’s Internet trouble continues. These colors are work-in-progress. Should have final colors up tomorrow night! 🙂 )

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So! The Nine Elements (along with, I’m sure, at least 11 herbs and spices) are now in place! But there’s fire! And migraine headaches! And a huge wave of water! What could this all mean?! Could it mean I’m finally going to get to see my flying ninja robots?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • davefragments

    I got it

    • Yes you did 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Way to go!

    • Oh my. Well I didn’t see that plot twist coming. Congratulations Dave!

  • Sapfo

    Have all wearing their hats?

    Duncan! Where is you hat!!!

    • silibub

      Sircea, this is what happens when you insist on being the only one to get a tiara!

      • Sapfo

        she is a mighty women

  • Well they didn’t expect that did they.

  • silibub

    Oh, dear. How chivalrous of you not to leave her to be drenched, Duncan!

  • davefragments

    Duncan is much more attentive to what is happening and faster than I thought possible.

  • And here they come!

  • Wait did they drop the key there in the last panel.

  • Lillihandra

    No plan survives contact with the enemy.

    Especially with reflexes like that…

  • Sapfo

    Oh Alex! You better not be teasing me! You know I need some flying ninja robots action (what ever happened to the pigs o.O)

  • silibub

    I wonder if Duncan dropped the book or if it’s floating along with them like the key and Sircea’s staff seem to be. Anyway, it wasn’t as dramatic an effect as we saw in Amanda’s sketch of the plan, but that psychic blast was pretty debilitating nonetheless — that’s impressive! Spooky might have a tougher time catching Duncan to restrain him than they thought, though.

    • I was just wondering if they dropped everything as he leaped them away. Maybe Sircea dropped it in the sudden rush, what with her being under psychic attack.

      • silibub

        If they dropped everything on the platform, though, it shouldn’t be flying all the way out there with them, right?

        • Well unless as he leapt it scattered.

          • silibub

            I guess we’ll find out — is it Wednesday yet? It should be.

          • Yes! Here Wednesday Wednesday! *whistle whistle whistle* There’s a good mid week day. Here Wednesday.

  • 11 herbs and spices. I’m having a sudden craving for fried chicken.

    • Sapfo

      I have a craving for old spice 😉

      • silibub

        I just pictured you taking a bite out of a stick of deodorant.

        • I think she was more thinking of taking a bite out of the Old Spice guy.

          • Sapfo

            well between herbal lady and spice man, I will be alright 😀

  • Here we go! *excited at edge of seat* I’m really interested to see what parts of the plan will work, and the others that will drastically change.

    Perfect thing to come home to from work 😉

  • This is a very pleasing to look at page. (sorry I will add to this later…cookies want baking!)

    • “Oh WAIT? Is that Mitch entering the frame?”


      • … actually made me go back and double check the page. -_-

  • Before I dash of to cookies again, Duncan has an interesting expression in that last panel.

    • And we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I was hearing the Super Friends theme.

    • silibub

      “Wait, I’d know that inconveniently timed fire anywhere!”

    • davefragments

      Duncan is in danger if nothing the portal isn’t opened. Any interference is his death. He’s going to be desperate.

  • Cman65

    Did you think it would be that easy? Big Red is happy to play both sides for the win

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    There’s antimony and arsenic, aluminum, selenium,
    And nitrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium…

  • silibub

    Sorry to pick over everything, but it seems like Duncan’s other arm should be looped around Sircea’s waist or something in the last panel for an easier carry — I can’t quite parse what he’s doing with it right now. Minor detail!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Thong lift.

      • silibub

        Insult to injury! He’d be a dead man.

    • I think it’s on her back?

      • silibub

        I think you’re right, it just seems like a bit of an awkward placement. But maybe that’s just what worked best for that area of the panel — too much crowded in one area might have been distracting.

        • She’s in an awkward position too.

          • silibub

            But hey, when a tidal wave is bearing down on your heads, you don’t have time to jump prettily, you just grab what you can and amscray.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Wonder Twin powers! Form of…an enema!

          • No, that’s true. But I’m sure Duncan will not be happy with the lecture he’ll receive if she wakes up with a sore back.

          • silibub

            “No, really, don’t worry — just let me push my arm back into its socket and we’ll pick up where we left off. …Moron.”

          • *snort* LOL! Exactly.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Panel 4: “Not now, Duncan, I have a headache.”

  • Hours Left

    Oh my gosh, stuff is happening!!! Can’t we all just talk it out over tea instead? O_O

    A side note for Alex, the link you posted for this page on Tumblr is through Facebook.

    • Gosh, really? Thanks for the heads up. Let me give it a look…

      EDIT: Weird. FIXED!

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    “Ow! It feels like our ring is on fire!”

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Your ring of fire has hemorroids, Duncan.

  • I guess the tiara doesn’t protect against psychic attacks. Sometimes I guess we make things more complicated than needed and we overlook the simpler things. But then again, she’s Sircea, I’m sure she was certain NO ONE WOULD DARE!

    • silibub

      Like she’d wear something made of tinfoil!

      • I know! She couldn’t be the Tinfoil Priestess. No one would have taken her seriously.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Is this a character from Adventure Time?

          • I wouldn’t know.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            The show has a Bubblegum Princess, for example. I think there are others.

        • PR issue… easily solved.

          • Yes, turn anyone who calls her that into a taod.

          • Oh no… this ones on you… you’re the only one beside Solomon who knows THAT spell. Humph.

      • Oh dear you’re right. She let vanity rob her of the protection of a good tin-foil hat! So so sad.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      I’ve been looking at that tiara. Could she be White Buffalo Calf Woman?

      • Don’t know if she would wear a tiara if she were.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Not to be confused with White Woman Buffalo Calf.

  • I like that we got the attack plan from Amanda earlier, because now we get it from the villain view point but we know what’s going on around them and don’t need a lot of visual explanation outside of how Anni an PP react to being under attack.

    It logically doesn’t happen 100% as Amanda set it out, so will our villains manage to escape before Spooky gets both of them caught in mid-air?

  • davefragments

    I enlarged the page to look at the last panel.
    Duncan has one arm in front of him holding Sircea’s hand that’s over his shoulder. His other arm is at her right armpit of shoulder blade and is holding her so she doesn’t fall.
    Sircea has her left arm around his back holding onto him.
    The Key to the kingdom being round is kind of just alone for the ride and nothing is holding it.

    • silibub

      Eh, well you know how it is with keys. You let go of them for one second and they just float off to any old place.

      • davefragments

        I foresee a rather undignified fight in the mud for the key.
        Quite possibly between the Commander and Sircea.

        • silibub

          Ha, any straight boys in the audience should be hitting that upvote button now.

          • davefragments

            It ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.
            Back when I was in college, the one Frat house held a “Plank Joust” over a mud pit. It was a 4×4 inches with pillows and several of their members landed in the mud It was vulgar, messy and scratchy. They all ended up at the nurse the next day with road rash/ creeping crud/ of a sort you don’t ever want to think about.
            The calisthenics in the mud were just disgusting.

            I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

          • silibub

            Ugh! I’ve gotta say, I’ve never seen the appeal in that particular fantasy scenario. Just thinking about having to scrape it all off in the shower — and then deep clean the shower — is enough to give me the shudders.

          • davefragments

            That was the other problem – – it clogged their shower drains and the plumbers charge $$$ to fix it.
            I mean, I think the showering in a shower with metal drain was obviously NOT the thing to do.
            Think garden hose and naked time in the backyard.
            (yes, I’m rolling my eyes)

          • silibub

            So it would really be best if Spooky just snagged the key with his magic ectoplasm and spared everyone the indignity.

          • davefragments

            That’s one other way. . .

          • Tsu could hit it with water whenever someone tried to reach for it.

          • Gotta love water sports… see this is why everyone loves Tsunami despite his cranky moments. 🙂

          • davefragments

            A comment I haven’t made on the page – there plan was to separate Sircea and Duncan. Right now they are together.

          • Whooooopsie… a wee snafu!

          • See that’s why I like you. Practical. To the point and solving problems right and left. NOW just don’t give the key to your wife. 🙂

          • Frater Gymnos

            I’m rolling something thinking about it and it isn’t my eyes.

          • Adam Black

            Thats what gym showers are for with concete floors.

          • Also um the garden hose.

          • Annnnd… your fantasy…

          • Not really. Though it might help sober them. 😛

          • And… your fantasy…

          • Honey… deep hot baths with many minions with soft bath brushes to clean the mud away… Think spa-day and you’ll understand. It’ll be okay. Promise.

          • I remember when girls would get in a real fight in middle or high school and the guys would step waaaayyy back. Because girls are dangerous and fight for REAL. Do NOT get in between them or bad things happen.

          • Frater Gymnos

            I’d watch that. What were the jousters wearing?

          • davefragments

            It was guys and they went bare chested with cutoffs and no shoes. There were lots of things with sex on campus but not nudity. That was an expulsion offense and the draft for Vietnam argued against that.

          • That’s what SHE said.

          • Silly silly straight boys…

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          If only they could think of somewhere to hide it…

          • Adam Black

            spooky could feed it to a demon

          • Klaus

            Rather risky, don’t you think?

          • Digestion issues for the demonic? Klaus… your compassion knows no limits!

          • davefragments

            That is another possible path for the story.
            A third is that Sircea could push the key into the portal. somehow.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            And then do the Satanic version of the Tim Tebow bow!

          • You are way too worldly… now I cannot get this image OUT OF MY MIIIIIIND!

            (so evil)

          • “pushing” … “key” … “portal” … WHICH IS NOW ON FIRE… you all are killing me these euphemisms… I thought this was a PG-13 webcomic. WHY WON’T MY BRAIN COOPERATE?

            (chris goes to have a lie-down in a dim cool room with a cool cloth on this forehead and a sip of chamomile tea to calm down).

          • davefragments

            heh, heh, heh,
            I’m writing all sorts of demonic things right now.

          • Keep on, keeping on. Love it!

    • dereule101

      It’s in the nook formed by Sircea’s hip, Duncan’s knee and his bulge?

      • davefragments

        I just dropped my cellphone so I’m not thinking that falling things do good things. Or things held that loosely.
        Think: Crash and shatter, if you know what I mean.

      • See… this is the problem. I was totally tracking your sensible comment until the word “bulge” then my gay brain locked up and I found myself staring at the panel for an hour. No, no, I don’t blame you, but it’s just so disconcerting.

        (sorry…. what was I saying?)

    • Klaus

      Is it a physical object at all? Or just some manifistation of the ritual?

      • davefragments

        I hadn’t thought about that possibility.
        My mind has been on the ending of a short story.

  • Adam Black

    Is that a first-world problem headache I see on our silver-haired Goddess?

    Quick Henchmen, a cup of Chamomile , stat

    • silibub

      That is the exact look I get when Whole Foods is out of my preferred brand of quinoa. The horror….

      • Sapfo

        And this is silk tofu! I wanted organic firm tofu! How hard can this be? *huff!*

        • Derkins

          I mean. Those are two very different things. You can’t just replace one with the other! >.>

          • Sapfo

            I guess here is the part where I reveals that I actually know the difference silk and firm tofu XD

      • And I thought your minions shopped for you…?

  • Keneu

    Yay! Finally some action! *puts on pompoms and starts cheering* Go TYP!

    I love how the water is colored, it’s really beautiful. It even has sparkles. That’s some nice attention to detail!

    Just a doubt: what is that bar in front of Sircea’s leg in the last pannel? Her staff?

    • silibub

      I believe so!

      • Honestly, there goes my orb holder theory and there goes the orb!

        • silibub

          I’m waving a sad farewell at both.

          • Oh Gad… I can’t bear a sad silibub.

            Don’t worry dear one. I’m sure your wife is about to spread death and devastation all around her… Hey there’s always hope when blood is involved. Right?

          • silibub

            Aww, you always know just what to say to me!

    • It is. That’s one of the things that will change in the next pass of colors, to make that more clear. 🙂

      • Keneu

        Thank you for clarifying that!

        • Your avatar is making this comment mentally lock up for me… Deacon with pom poms… can you please send pictures to help us lowly hoomans process?

          Many thanks. 🙂

          • Keneu

            Hahahah, I’ll see what I can do. 😉

          • Keneu

            For the time being, enjoy a Christmas Deacon:

            I’m making another one, I’ll edit this comment when I finish it. >:D

          • Oh well done. Once again proving that there is really no situation in which Deacon is not totally sexy and desirable. Thanks for that.

    • Deacon:
      Give us a “K”
      Give us a “Y”
      Give us an “L”
      Give us an “E”
      What does it spell? “Kyle, Kyle, Kyle… Goooooooo Kyle!”

      I like your spirit!

  • Klaus

    The book will get wet.

  • LimpBiskit

    This looks wonderful, thanks for posting so quick! I can’t wait for the booooook…. Just wish I could afford to donate again, but I’m all tapped out now, couldn’t even swing the light bill this month and last :-/

  • I wonder what exactly the nine elements are.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Let’s see…earth, fire, wind, water, heart (if I remember my Captain Planet correctly), then metal and wood to cover the old Chinese elements, then, uh…magic? And friendship. Definitely friendship.

      • Spirit would be one. Do I dare assume blood?

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        love is “The Fifth Element” in that Bruce Willis movie

        • Klaus

          Also in the Elementeens team from the Pack of Heroes game.

        • Best element EVER!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Good call.

      • Klaus

        The fifth element in the Japanese five element system is sometimes called void, sometimes sky.

        • Samurai Jack

          I think the Greeks called it Aether.

        • stickfigurefairytales


      • Friendship is totes magic.

      • Tahir Raines

        Don’t forget blood.

      • Kate G

        *sings happily*
        Captain Planet, he’s our hero,
        Gonna take pollution down to zero,
        He’s our powers magnified,
        And he’s fighting on the planet side

        Captain Planet, he’s our hero,
        Gonna take pollution down to zero,
        Gonna help him put us under,
        Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

        “You’ll pay for this Captain Planet!”

        We’re the planeteers,
        You can be one too!
        ‘Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,
        Looting and polluting is not the way,
        Hear what Captain Planet has to say:

        “THE POWER IS YOURS!!”

        I can’t believe I remember that song.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Dude, me too! High five!

      • Jen Roberts

        I know what you mean by “metal” but my brain is giving me the musical genre. Because, honestly, IT’S ACTION SCENE TIME! We need some shredding guitar goin’ on in the background here!
        That is totally a required element. *nod nod*

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Maybe we can change “earth” to “rock” too while we’re at it.

      • Pfudor already has all the answer you desire!

    • Klaus

      Water and fire seems to be unwanted.

    • Samurai Jack

      Maybe the ancient ones? Blood, bile, etc?

      • Good question. I don’t know if they would have thought of them as elements though.

    • Lube, Lube, Lube, Lube, Lube, Lube, Lube, Lube and Lube…
      Hey did I win? Am I right? What? Hey?
      Humph… straight people don’t understand what’s important.

      • Nope, not touching this one. Nope nope nope.

        • Sapfo

          *Put down lube*
          Why not… -_-`

          • I don’t know where it’s been?

          • Sapfo

            Yes ma’am… Chris get all the fun elements 🙁

        • Yep… it’s a slippery subject. 😀

  • Thats amazing for a WIP….wtf, Vero. Stop being amazing. (Lets not forget Adam, ofc)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    One of the minions: “‘All that we desire will AAH’? What does that even mean?”

    • Klaus

      I wonder what she has told the minions will happen.

      • Jen Roberts

        Probably something along the lines of “Everything I’ve wanted for so long is going to come true and if you know what’s best for you you will NOT get between me and my goal.”

        Either that or pizza party.

        • Klaus

          “Fellow seekers,” “all that we desire”. I do not think that is meant as a royal “we”. She has led the minions to expect to get something out of this.

          • Jen Roberts

            Then totally a pizza party.

          • Tahir Raines

            Give them more credit then that! A pizza party and then an ice cream/sundae mixer.

          • D. Garrett

            and band-aids.

          • Nom nom… do we need invites or will the robes and bloody palms be good enough for entrance to the after party? 😉

          • Tahir Raines

            Well, you may need to sign a contract in blood without reading it first. But beyond that, it’s free to attend.

          • Noooo Bell Peppers! Or this minion is right OUT!

  • Tahir Raines

    I hate how much I love PP’s & Anni’s partnership (friendship?) b/c I’m so sure she is going to betray him or he will betray her by turning all goody-goody. Dang it! I will just enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Derkins

    Maybe someone already said this, but… so far so good!

  • Kate G

    Hey, migraine headaches are no laughing matter, Alex! Have you ever had one of those 2-week migraines? They. Are. MISERABLE!!! Of course, is Sircea even capable of having migraine not induced by Amanda?

    By the way, Sircea, I don’t have any Vicodin for you; even if I did….I’M NOT SHARING!!!!

    Why didn’t you just leave her there, Duncan? You had the perfect chance to be free of her and you saved her! You dumb ass. Think with your penis for once and not your brain. (Not often I get to say that?)

  • fujoshifanatic

    YAAAAS! It’s going down now, and I’m so excited! Judging by the unexpected quickness of Anni’s reflexes, it looks like this fight is going to be quite the nail biter, especially since it looks like Anni’s going to give Amanda’s plan a run for its money! Gorgeous page as usual–the second and last panels are truly amazing in their detail and sense of action.

    And it looks like Christmas came early to my email box as well! Oh my gosh Alex, that chart is just stunning! I felt so many things while looking at that chart–surprise (Spooky! Tsunami!?), appreciation (Hellooo Kyle! And Paul! Heck, and all of y’all!), curiosity (why you look so confident, Paul?), the need to give hugs (awwww Mitch, honey!), and some other feelings I’m too ladylike (HA!) to mention.

    Thank you Alex, for another wonderful Kickstarter update, and the new page as well. I feel blessed to be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, as well as those of all your artists. You all make stepping into this world for a while such an enjoyable experience, and for that I am truly greatful to the TYP team!

    • Glad you liked the page update and really glad you liked the Chart. It was very fun to read your reactions, just what I was hoping for. 😀

      You’re very welcome for all of it. It’s awesome to have you on the team!

      • Frater Gymnos

        When do we see the size chart for the , ahem… other side. I miss seeing Kyle’s naked butt. (I have to keep rereading old sequences!)

        • Adam is already contracted for that, but he’s working on the Romance Card art first, so when that’s wrapped up, the “Shower Scene” should be next. Stay tuned. 🙂

          • Frater Gymnos

            THanks, Alex. I was just kidding… but you guys are the best!!!

    • The chart’s wonderful – I can’t wait to get my hardcopy, even if I’ll have to hide it under the bed when my parents are visiting. 🙂

      • Frater Gymnos

        I love the fact that Mitch and Paul have matching boxers. And i love Paul’s… confidence. Would’ve thought Tsunami would be the one to cover up, though.

        • I think Tsunami would cover up if given the option – but everyone 18 or older is required to show all. 🙂

          • Frater Gymnos

            AH… that makes sense. I forgot that Paul wasn’t yet 18.

          • Easy to forget, because he’s remarkably sensible for a teenager.

          • fujoshifanatic

            And BUFF too! Damn that physique! *Remembers he’s a kid, calms the heck down*

      • LOL! I look forward to sending it to you! 🙂

  • Kit Jamea

    They must have known this was going to happen, they must have had some kind of plan, they can’t be that stupid.

    • Klaus

      Sircea does not seem to have a defense against mental attacks in place. That is odd.

      • SofiaT

        Maybe it’s just the fact she was caught by surprise.

    • David Welbourn

      I thought for sure Sircea would have some wards up around the ritual site, but apparently not. Maybe she felt wards weren’t necessary, thinking all significant threats were off-planet. Or maybe she didn’t want to waste her magic; I have no idea what sort of limitations she’s working with.

      But anyway: Yay for the good guys. The Young Protectors managed to gain initiative and managed a surprise attack, and staff, key, and book seem to all be falling away from the villians.

      (A moment of sadness: that book is gonna get wet. Poor wrinkly pages!)

    • timemonkey

      They may not have thought a bunch of kids could locate them in time.

    • D. Garrett

      maybe they thought what happened to kyle would cause the team to lose focus?

      • Klaus

        Maybe Sircea did not expect Duncan to leave Kyle alive, free and with a working communicator.

        • D. Garrett

          definitely could be true.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Alex has specifically said (during the publishing of Artifice) that he doesn’t like to write supposedly intelligent villains who nevertheless occasionally do stupid things for plot purposes. Annihilator may or may not have allowed himself to be distracted be his emotional conflicts about Red Hot (his protestations to the contrary), but the Priestess has no such blindspots that we know of. So the logical inference is that Something Is Up.

      And to be fair this is only the first page of combat, so there’s time for a dramatic reversal of fortunes during the fight and/or a reveal that explains this apparent discrepancy.

      But not posting lookouts strikes me as odd, given the number of minions that Team Silver have at their disposal. Now, okay, maybe Commander used her telepathy to do the Jedi Mind Trick (these are not the superheroes that you are guarding against…) but (a) someone as methodical as Commander would probably have mentioned this while she was outlining the plan to her team, and (b) Team Silver should have been able to anticipate that Commander could do something like that since they are known to have researched Red Hot and at least some of his teammates. There’s also the matter that David Welbourn mentioned below, about how the Priestess placing magical wards around the site would have been a good idea.

      Okay, crack theory time. Suppose our (ie, the peanut gallery’s) collective fear that the Priestess will betray Annihilator is correct. Suppose the Annihilator is in fact either the real or maybe the main sacrifice for the ritual, and the people in the box are either distractions or supplementary materials. Does it make sense that she should arrange for Annihilator to “fall in battle”?

      On the one hand this would explain why the Priestess did not react to the presence of the Young Protectors: her wards have told her that they’re there, it’s just that she’s pretending otherwise to keep Annihilator in the dark. But on the other hand… Unless the ritual specifically calls for that sort of manouevre it’s an incredibly convoluted and clumsy way of killing someone. (Especially considering that Annihilator has already been willing to take on painful magical scars. I think there would be easier ways to trick him into doing something fatal.)

      Anyway, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

  • DuSky Glider

    I gotta ask do you use models to draw over to get the poses you need since it doesn’t feel like you do this all free hand it just feels like you either have a real life model or use a program like…Daz and trace over them to get a nice drawn feel. Same for the backgrounds.. 🙂

    • Adam and Vero are just that good. Artists who really know their stuff and can produce it with their own minds and hands! No tracing here!

    • I heard that Adam has the new hand’s free auto-pencil. Apparently there are all these little buttons just below the eraser (THAT NEVER GETS USED, THANK YEW) and he just pushes: expression-angle-pose-uniform-background and a few other parameters and it’s all done in the computer (he goes for coffee). Same with Vero… one button and, BAM, blue night sky #b60000H4… it just appears. Man that’s the life of an artist. I’m going to do THAT in my next life. Sweeeeet.

      (Sorry… I’m being too silly. As Marina says below, “They are just THAT good.” Lucky us.) 🙂

    • Hi DuSky!

      I’m not familiar with Daz.

      I do occasionally use SketchUp to design backgrounds that I’ll need to be redrawing a lot at many different angles, but i prefer the organic hand-drawn feel, so I only use those designs as a reference for the actual drawing.

      For most elements on any page it’s a combination of many things that help me get across the finish line.

      After I do rough lsketches of the pages and Alex has given them the thumbs up, I dig into drawing them up into finished pages. If I need photo reference for anything, my preference is to take my own photos. If that’s not possible, I have multiple filing cabinets full of reference and tons of reference books to fall back on. Generally, an Google search can help me find something if I’m still hunting for some specific reference. A detailed anatomical model sits in front of my drafting table and a mirror is always great to have handy for things like facial expressions.

      And, sometimes I’m lucky enough to have things just flow from my head to the page without having to look over at something else as a guide post.

      But, yep, all the figure work, for better or worse, is done the old fashioned way– just me and a pencil (or pen, brush, Wacom pen, etc.). No figure-modeling software.

      • DuSky Glider

        Ah that’s cool to know, I;m like you then when it comes to how to do things. 🙂

        It’s just that I know some people who do use models so I wanted to ask since you have a lot of different body types in this comic 😀

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    Well… far so good everyone…keep it up! (of course the luck won’t last…but hey, gotta make the most of it while they can XD)

  • Go Kyle and Tsunami. !!!!!!!!!!

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    so at least the beginning of the plan is working!
    And as it looks now Sircea even let go of the key, so some of our heroes might be able to catch it 😀
    though none of the planning did predict that Duncan would help out Sircea there now I wonder how this will go on?

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    • Kit the Coyote

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      • Sure except for the fact that my stupid robe itches and my palm has this big dang slash in it (so I’m not holding the broom!) and I’m weak from blood loss. SO CLEAN IT UP YOURSELF!

      • Toli Bera

        well that and “What the _____ is all this?”

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    • Klaus, if it was anyone else but you, I’d expect this was a complicated placenta euphemism. However since you are an analyst of rare class and dignity… I must ask…


      • Klaus

        Oops. A very unfortunate typo. Fixed.

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    • Why do you sound hesitant Cydney… is it because you know tricksy Alex all to well and are preparing yourself for… surprises? Say it’s not so…. LOL!

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        • Wise you are. Clearly NOT your first time at this super hero rodeo!

          HA. I’ll leave it at that.

          • Cydney Sabin

            Wait, there’s a rodeo, too? Where?!

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    Looks like Spooky missed his queue. He was supported to suspend Duncan in mid air and strip him of his weapons at the same time as PP was attacked and Kyle burned the arch.

    • D. Garrett

      is spooky distracted by the presence of the key? realizing it to be of greater importance than neutralizing anni?

  • D. Garrett

    sircea’s words make me worry. did they already do enough for laampros to come through?

  • davefragments

    I thought the plan was to separate Sircea nd Duncan and keep them preoccupied with separate battles. Duncan grabbing Sircea to get her away from the water blast has put them together.

    Remember, Duncan met Laampros and only bargained for “his sow and witch” as Laampros referred to her. I wonder if Sircea always intended to stay in the background doing her magic thing while Duncan was the face of the invasion. OR if Sircea has a double-cross for Laampros that Duncan doesn’t know about.

    All possibilities.

    • Kit the Coyote

      As the saying goes, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

      • davefragments

        oh yes, yes, yes,
        We’re all playing at “what’s the next page” by guessing the possibilities.

        • Ohhhhhh, got it. Well that’s something fresh to do. I wanna play.

          A huge werewolf with his enormous junk barely restrained by an unbelievably strong jock, suddenly bursts into the clearly and wreaks havoc. I mean blood and body parts EVERYWHERE. Certain boys and girls in the existing cast (and readership) swoon with desire. Said werewolf’s almost non-existent refractory period is not discussed for three more chapters.

          Did I win? Huh? Huh? Did I?

          I’ve been reading too many paranormal genre romances lately haven’t I?

          (chris slinks off in shame.)

          • Have you been at the Christmas eggnog already? :^)

          • HA! Well, I’d have to say it immediately began after Thanksgiving………… 🙂 But other than that… no?

          • When you asked NINE HOURS AGO… no.

            But NOW? Yessssssssssss… and it is GOOD! 🙂 Nom nom nom…

          • I’d just like to point out that some paranormal romance authors do research appropriate refractory periods, and I hope the NSA enjoy my Google search history. :->

          • Kit the Coyote

            And this ladies and gentlemen is why I love this discussion group! Don’t worry Chris you are not alone in that guilty pleasure. *grins*

          • Can you read to many of those?? Uhmmm.. well then..

            (*Starts to shove the load of books into the closet, away from the shelves*)

          • No, you can’t. I don’t have a vested interest in this at all, and nor do any of my friends…

            (Note to self — I really need to work on making some Project Wonderful ads for the paranormal titles as well as the contemporaries.)

  • Okay I’m not a punctual follower of Purpurea Noxa, but I have to say they have done a really fun holiday panel. If to your taste, enjoy. It had enough cute boys and fun spirit for me!

    • They do make some really funny and sexy holiday art. And they keep getting better 🙂

  • Oh you Team Tricksy… just when we think we know where we are going it’s (yikes) halfway between what we’ve predicted and something entirely unexpected. I THINK you may do this on purpose… and I LIKE IT. So, thanks Team Woolfson.

    Did someone mention “Flying Ninja Pig Robots?” Anyone?

    (chris is aquiver with antic……i….pation)

    P#1: WHAT NOW YOU MENTION NINE ELEMENTS? Well, I guess you do. WTF does THAT mean? TYP… honestly. However, misplaced, I love Sircea’s absolute confidence as she begins to monologue. I mean, come on people, that is what 6,000 at the top gets you… DAMN GOOD and confident public speaking skills.

    P#2: I love that fire starts on destroying the sphincter of power… it was the first thing I noticed. This means our Kyle has decided that sphincters are never going to be used for evil EVER again. Not on his watch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little shocked comic rays coming out of Sircea and Duncan’s eyes. See? That’s how we know they are REALLY shocked. No doubts. Well stylin’ Adam and Veronica.

    P#3: Okay I loved Sircea being hit very unexpectedly (for her) by our Amanda. Go girl (Amanda). That sucker hurts. I can FEEL it. I know that our 6k Sorceress is not down, but I love that Amanda has some seriuos chops. The art-rays scream it. Her “AAH!” says it. The dropping of the staff, I mean when was the last time PP was made to drop her staff? Honestly. I internalized this as the moment in the movies that all men, of any predilection, relate to. When someone slams them HARD in the family jewels and EVERY MAN IN THE AUDIENCE makes the “ooooooof” noise in sympathy, regardless of whether that evil male character deserved it, or not. Genetics. This panel hurt and the following one just confirms. MIGRAINE!!!! Good work Amanda, Adam and Vero.

    P#4: I really like her expression and Duncan’s. I believe them. She’s shocked and hurting. I feel the shock. How long since something actually hurt her… (kinda like Superman being punched with brass/kryptonite knuckles, OUCH). Duncan looks and sounds honestly surprised. Given how much we’ve pondered these moments, I like their honesty in execution. Thanks guys. Great work.

    P#5: Okay I know there was a lot of technical discussion below. This is what I enjoyed: as fore-planned, water follows fire. However, a tad unexpectedly, Duncan is FAST. This reminded me of these page-moments, so deftly done. Best line evah: “Oh for Pete’s sake…”


    Okay, you all know how I bag on Duncan, but DAMN anyone who can do all this… how surprising is his blazing swift reaction here to danger? I’m not surprised one bit. She’s dangerous, but he’s a warrior, with a soldier’s reaction-time. Okay a stinky hell-date, but still… nom nom nom… sexy soldier dude. (ummmmm… chris succumbs to gay icons… where was I?)

    P#: Duncan saves the moment! Okay, I read all the thoughts below about what’s happening with the props, but it simply looks to me that Duncan grabs what’s important — Sircea, and all the rest of it scatters.

    Staff, globe and book scatters. Nothing more. Dum Da Dummmmmm… so who knows. I do agree that if we saw Duncan’s right hand curled around Sircea’s waist on the right side, we’d all feel like we know how she’s being supported, but it all still seems pretty clear to me. ABANDON SHIP (no that’s not a romance euphemism… well maybe it could be? we’ll see)

    Love the action page. We got emotion with Mitch and Kyle and then a page with Paul. Then we got mystery with the creation of the BLOOD KEY. And NOW, we get — THE FECAL MATTER HITTING THE ROTARY BLADED AIR CIRCULATOR!! Love it. Thanks Alex, Adam and Veronica. Great page. I’m energized to relax with my tea and look at the page some more. GO ME!

    • Ha! Thank you again for another play-by-play, Chris! Fun! 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Go you!
      Chris, you are word smith, I think you are getting a bit to much pleasure out of some of the panels 😉

      (and it almost feels like you got a frog on your head…. What?! <.<`)

      • Well head frogs aside… Let me just say there is not such thing at TYP as “too much pleasure.” Nom nom nom…

        • Sapfo

          Very true! Happy Winter Solstice Chris! 😀

    • *Reads while smiling big* I love this whole post but “sphincter of power” had me laughing out loud. I can never not think of that as the name for the gate now. You just re-named it in my head xD

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Paranoid observation: On the previous page the automated sacrifice countdown was at 34 minutes 12 seconds. On this page the Priestess says “in a few short minutes”. Now, maybe that’s not such a discrepancy when dealing with a magical ritual that possibly involves waiting years for the correct stellar alignments. But…

    I am put in mind of an old Hulk comic written by Peter A David where (IIRC) the Leader was threatening to detonate a gamma bomb at a particular time, the Hulk turns up to stop it with what he thinks is plenty of time to spare, and the Leader detonates it early.

    Is the timer a fake-out for benefit (detriment?) of the Young Protectors to lull them into a false sense of security?

    • That has always been in the back of my mind. I mean, what better way to give the people who might stop you time they think they have? It is only going to take ## time to complete the ritual to make the key ready? Set the timer for an extra 30-45 minutes on the hostages. It will fool those who might interfere into thinking they have time to actually come up with a plan! While they are planning, we will be concluding business and they will be too late. *evil sorceress laughter*

      • Kit the Coyote

        I think that is an idea out of the evil overlord list. *grins*

        • Well it is right up there with the little green bottle of “teleportation mist” in the pocket of Spooky’s duster that instantly transports all of the victims out of the glass box (with convenient airholes) and moves them to the jet…

          So sure, mess with the timer and we’ll mess with you.

          Or they die for … reasons … you know. 🙂

    • Klaus

      Oldest trick in the book.

  • Megan Staples

    Ah. Part 1 and all goes as planned.

    • Klaus

      Except Spooky’s part. What is keeping him?

      • AseretZone

        He’ll show up.

      • Maybe he doesn’t want to use his magic tentacles to ‘feel up’ Duncan? I’d like to say I’d shun the Silver Fox with my magic tentacles, but I fear that would be a lie. I only dislike Duncan in theory… In real life… mmmmmmmmm… Silver Fox.

        (chris’ ethics get shamefully shoved into a closet for a hot villain)

        Ummmm I think we need a villain NSFW height chart… did we Kickstarter THAT? And, if not, what were we thinking? Gad!

        (now chris is obsessed with thinking about what Duncan’s penis might look like in it’s nest of silver hair…)

        You’re thinking about it also now… right?

        • We needed to leave some stretch goals for the *next* Kickstarter, remember?

          Yes, I am thinkiing about it now. I will be thinking about it all morning, and I’m supposed to be going to the gym. Bad Chris.

          • Well the Romance trading cards will come with the NSFW option as well. I think I remember they would be in a pin-up style (or something would be that) so, if not the front, there should be a good chance of getting to see some nice firm buttocks 😉

          • Since I had the Kickstarter post open in another tab — yes, sexy pin-up style is mentioned. And of course we hit the stretch target for the shower scene.

  • Klaus

    The heigtht chart would say more about their personalities if they were all in the same state of dress (or un-). Paul is not at all selfconcious, unlike Gordon. Because he is not naked? Or because that is the way he is?

    • Madock345

      My head-canon is that they’re actually naked too (it is a medical exam after all) and the underwear is being “edited” onto them for our benefit.

  • Klaus

    Let me re-ask the question I bungled so thoroughly yesterday: what happened to the vessel with the blood?

    • Kit the Coyote

      “The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!”

      Actually I figured you were trying to say bird bath. Don’t have a sure answer. I figure it was either knocked off the platform in the excitement or PP magiked it away once she picked up the key ball as not needed anymore. I betting on the latter.

    • Alan Michael Williams

      Heh, probably an art mistake. It happens.

  • Glad to see you’ve got your computer back Alex! Sorry I missed the last update!
    Everything seems to be going well for our heroes so far…I can’t wait to see it all be ruined. 😀
    (I’ve got a thing for villains. What can I say?)

    • Thank you, Amaya. So far so good, in terms of the computer. Knock on wood…

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    s: I totally forgot about the Black Friday sales!! >.<
    d: Let hurry! we might still find some Christmas discounts!

    and they lived happily ever after. the end 😮

    • jreed3842

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  • Sapfo

    Just a bit of rambling non comic.
    It seems like the first American animated television series mostly aimed for a younger audiences (I am young then ;D), ended with some cute gal-loving. Korra/Asami is no longer a fanshipping. They are canon!

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  • John

    Is one of the nine elements surprise?

    I hope it’s surprise.

  • Klaus

    About the word “ba”: On Fyn and the south sea islands (that is Lolland, Falster and Møn), the soft d is silent. So the word bad (meaning bath) is pronounced ba.

    • *lol* Yes.. the Danish accents. The accent around my place often ‘eats’ the endings of some words where as in the places you mentioned the letter ‘D’ often seems to be missing in the dictionary unless the word starts with the letter xD

      • Keneu

        This is very interesting. I am currently learning Danish and sometimes it’s a bit confusing listening to people from different parts of Danmark. Not that I can understand that much yet, though.

        • Oh? Now I’m curious to where you’re from? I’ve always assumed you’re American (which of course you still can be) but now I’m guessing I might be wrong there. What made you interested in Danish?

          Yeah, for a country not bigger than it is, we have quite a bunch of accents – even though many of the more small town area accents are dying out in the later years. Still the larger area accents remain.
          I’m Danish and *I* can have trouble with a few of the (very local) accents and slang xD
          Danish in itself is said to be one of the harder languages to learn. I bet the accents doesn’t make it easier. Good luck learning 🙂

          • Psssst Danish…ummm, I saw the SatW comic…. ….. ummm just how much truth is there to that?

          • Keneu

            Well, I’m not Danish, but according to my teacher, people in Danmark do put flags in everything whenever there’s a special event or holiday (ranging from putting them on the Christmas tree to a birthday cake or having flags in the garden.) However, the flag is more a symbol of celebration than nationalism?

          • Exactly. We do use the flag for all these things, but it’s more celebration and just old tradition than nationalism.
            One thing that’s a bit amusing (to me) is that sometimes when some country has protested against Denmark for some reason, they burn our flag as a meant insult… but for us it’s actually not.
            Through some old tradition it’s actually the proper way you should destroy a Danish flag when disposing of it. From that the attempt of an insult it is showing our flag the proper respect xD

          • Actually burning the flag I think is the proper way of disposing of it in a lot of places right? I mean I know people burn them in protest or whatever, but I think burning them is usually seen as the proper way to dispose of them.

          • Keneu

            ^ I had no idea about that. :O

          • It was the Danish flag pig that really boggled me when that one popped up in my LiveJournal feed.

          • Thanks for that. 🙂 It’s nice to get a bit more information about it.

          • The more I look at that pig in the cartoon, the more I want it for my user icon on SatW (not that I actually ever post to the forum).

          • This is very hinted at the history around the world war and earlier. As it also can be seen with it being Nazi Germany speaking. During WWII we Danes didn’t like being told what we couldn’t do, so we protested the passive agressive way – like putting the Danish flag on out x-mas trees when we weren’t allowed to have the flag up. It started all the way back about 150 years ago. After we lost a war with the Germans in the 1860s we weren’t allowed to show wave the Danish flag, so it was shown in other ways. The Danish breed of ‘Protest Pigs’ that is shown was much used too 🙂

            Today we still have several official flag days but we’re not nearly as flag obsessed as earlier *lol* The Danish tradition of having Danish flags on the x-mas tree can still be seen though, but I think there’s other countries that are much more flag oriented today. US being one of them.

            Edit: And Keneu just added some good points.

          • Keneu

            Thank you! I’m not American though, I’m a Spaniard. There wasn’t a single reason to pick Danish – I was interested in learning a Nordic language and Danish was the only one avaliable. I also want to visit Danmark someday. And as a professional translator, it doesn’t hurt to know another language. 🙂 I believe you when you say it’s one of the hardest languages to learn. I am currently studying noun plurals and I never imagined something so apparently simple could get you so many headaches. xD

            For some reason I find it fascinating when a language has many different accents, dialects and even words for the same things and within the same country. It happens with Spanish -within Spain and Spain and other American countries, but I guess that’s expected since it’s a larger land area.

          • Awesome 🙂
            Yes, we do have a LOAD of words where one spelling, or the way it’s said, can have two, three or in a few cases even four diffent meanings from context.
            Grammatical I think German is really hard, but I can easily see why Danish is hard with the many similar words that has diferent ways to be handled grammatical depending on meaning.

          • SofiaT

            I studied Castellano and couldn’t understand a word when I visited Barcelona.
            The Catalana language sounds like a mixture of Castellano Spanish and French to my (Greek) ears.

            Basque on the other hand sounds a lot like Greek (not in grammar or words, the actual sounds). Which I find strange because, as far as I know, there’s no relation there.

          • Keneu

            The same thing happened to me when I first went to England – I only understood half of what I heard. Then there was also the habit of not pronouncing letters or even entire syllables, that only added to the confusion.

            Really? That’s surprising, since Basque’s origins are unknown – there are a lot of theories regarding its origin, but some all of them have certain political connotations. Catalan sounds a bit like Spanish and French to me too, haha. ^^’ I don’t know much about either of the two, since each minoritarian language has coofficial status along with Castillian only in each region they are spoken. It’s the opposite to countries like Canada, for example, where both English and French are official in all the country.

  • Keneu

    This is not exactly “the 9 elements”, but it’s interesting:

    • That is really awesome! ^_^

      • Keneu

        I just found out some minutes while reading another comic, haha.

    • Nice! I bookmarked it for myself even. 😀

      • For yourself? Selfish Admiral… maybe some of us would like to bookmark it also!

        • 😛 I’m certain that your bookmark button still works, silly man.

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