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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 88

342 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 88

Finding lost keys becomes child’s play when you’ve got a Hell tat…

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So! Looks like that tat was good for more than just introducing The Annihilator to the concept of pain! Looks like it helped them get a nice, shiny key encased in black crystal. What are they going to do with that key? How long will it take for The Young Protectors to show up? And what the heck does “ba” mean? Like, really?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    Bed monster have pulled herself slowly this way

    • Dammit, by a second!

      • Sapfo

        Bed monster does not know what she have done. Sniffs the air

        • One does not mess with the bed monster until metamorphosis.

          • Sapfo

            Coffee metamofphosis have not set in yet. I think bed monster is here to stay, or go back to bed 😉

          • Uh oh…. A hot shower?

      • IKR? That’s what Sircea is trying to do!!! Exactly!

    • Yaay, you got one.

  • Uh oh!

    • Sapfo

      How is the ship my dear Admiral?

      • It’s a little rocky, but we’re good I think. I hope

        • Sapfo

          I think you should keep to the water. Sailing on rocks is not good for the boat…

          • That’s why we have wheels for that.

          • Sapfo

            is it still a ship?

          • It’s whatever we need it to be at the time we need it to be it.

          • Oh for pete’s sake this isn’t Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

          • Blashpheme!

          • Oh fiiiiiiiine… since this is an evil page full of evil people doing evil things, then I’ll just curse everyone with…




            Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
            We love you and our pretty
            Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
            Loves us too

            High, low, anywhere we go
            On Chitty Chitty we depend
            Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
            Our fine four fendered friend

            Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
            Our fine four fendered friend
            Your sleek as a thorough bred
            Your seats are a feather bed

            You turn everybody’s head today
            We’ll glide on our motor trip
            With pride in our ownership
            The envy in all we surbay

            Oh, Chitty, you Chitty, pretty Chitty Bang Bang
            Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you
            And Chitty our Chitty, pretty Chitty Bang Bang
            Chitty Chitty Bang Bang loves us to

            High Chitty, low Chitty
            Anywhere we go
            On Chitty Chitty we depend

          • ^_^ ….once there it never fully goes away. It waits quietly and patiently in the shadows of your mind, striking at random!

          • No, because we won’t need to extend wings, we’ll just turn the sail into a hot air ballon.

          • Klaus

            No, it is afloat.

  • Tahir Raines



  • Sapfo

    Is that Clave? All coved in blood! No, someone most save him! (or his twin)

    • Klaus

      Why “him”? Duncan promised Laampros to activate the sister of the key he brought him.

  • Uh oh *hackles up* I don’t think this will end that well for Duncan…

    • davefragments

      That look on Sircea’s face is kind of disconcerting and troublesome.

      • Really kind of makes you wonder what all Sircea and all those intermediaries hammered out before sending Duncan to seal the deal.

      • silibub

        Dave, when is it not?

        • davefragments

          OK but there was a few scenes when she was charming and all sweetness. Now with the spell and Laampros getting closer to completion she’s all devious and “Evil Overlord” looking.

          • silibub

            Haha, I was kidding! I think she’s good at putting on a charming facade, but you’re right — the mask definitely slipped during her conversation with Duncan earlier, and now it’s just unbridled wicked glee.

          • davefragments

            Hey, I watched GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY four or five times this weekend. There weren’t nothing subtle about that. I’m a little Rocket and Starlord-ed blitzed and fried.

        • silibub hangs up yet ANOTHER screen grab of Sircea to her collection, and then leaves a yellow sticky next to her purse reminding her she’s out of votive candles….

          • silibub

            Oh please, Chris, as if I’d be so lax about maintaining my Sircea shrine!

            …I mean, pssh, what shrine? To a delightfully terrible and powerful sorceress who also happens to look really, really good all the time? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • I was just about to say something in regards to that. I’m afriad he could be one of the doomed.

  • davefragments

    Now all the players are in place
    Duncan, Sircea, Laampros,
    and our team of good guys ready to pounce.

  • Tahir Raines

    So now they have the key to presumably open/break down the barriers separating the demon realms from the human world. Due to the nature of climax, I’m going to bet that they succeed at least in breaking down the barriers. Hopefully, none of TYP get too badly injured when they fail to stop them.

    • D. Garrett

      i think it would be pretty hopeless if any demons get through. they are already greatly outnumbered and over-extended in assignments from commander. i think typ will interrupt before sircea and anni are able to utilize the key. and spooky destroys it.

  • Mir

    It’s Ani! Nice to see him again but…also not a good thing considering what he’s doing. I wonder if they could have prevented this if the group didn’t do the pep talk and plan-making? But then again without that they would end up in failure. Good luck YP!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Well, this doesn’t look good.

  • I’ve heard the word Moskanna before somewhere… Ahh, Alex, now I have to figure this out.

    Also, my pagan sense is tingling. The three-fold karma that Anni is about to bring on himself… whoa is it gonna be a doozy. o_o

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Wasn’t it part of the incantation Duncan used to take Kyle to Laampros’s dimension?

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Not that I think this is the case, but what if that key turned out to be encased in a huge piece of hard candy? Would all the minions have to start furiously licking it to get to the yummy dimensional key center?

    • Bahahahaha.

    • davefragments

      oh be still my dirty mind, be still ! ! !

    • How many licks does it take for a tootsie pop.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Are they singing some sort of Enochian Christmas carol, with the refrain repeated again and again? Or is Duncan some kind of Pentecostal? (But the rest of the service looks awfully Romish…)

    Seriously, I’m impressed that Duncan is able to read whatever language that is. The usual convention is that there are magic words or rituals which must be recited / performed correctly in order to be effective (or: not result in the demon turning on the celebrant), but there are limits to how well any second-language learner can mimic the native phonology, especially when we consider the complications arising from the fact that the target language may normally be spoken by non-human mouths. Although Duncan probably prepared for the day’s reading in advance, it would still be nice to see Sircea stop him and correct him on a point of grammar or vowelling or something!

    • Adam Black

      Its a Krampus Carol , of course

  • silibub

    Drop the bass, minions!

  • Sapfo

    It feels like it have been forever since I was here last.

    The page might be a wip but it looks great. I am happy for you Alex, that your computer is working again. Hope it is up for some ass kicking, for it seems this comic is heading that way. Only 34 min before…. Well let´s hope some kind of band of heros will come in and do something about this.

    It feels like Clave have joined the dark side… did they have cookies? 😉

    Am debating if I should take a screen shot of this page just to compare it to the finish result?

    Thank you Alex, Veronica and Adam. For all the lovely work you do

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’d love to see a before and after comparison!

      • Klaus

        Right click, Save image as …

    • Adam Black

      I was going to ask if the colors were dull or if it was my computer

      • Sapfo

        Now you know, and knowing is half the battle 😀

  • SofiaT

    “Well done, my darling” said the spider to the fly…

    • SofiaT

      …And is that an “oh, shit” look on Duncan’s face in panel 5?

      • silibub

        More like “Holy shit, that stupid chant actually worked? I thought she was messing with me!”

        • Tahir Raines

          Now I want a sitcom of Sircea constantly pranking Anni, making him chant spells that either do nothing or turns him blue/removes his clothes in poblic.

    • Adam Black

      She knows he will betray her first.

      Our goddess has lived long enough to have many play-toys like duncan

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Okay, what the hell does “ba” mean?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      It’s actually surprisingly vulgar.

      • silibub

        I knew it! Sheep are filthy.

        • The wool hides all the leather and whips.

        • BA!

          • silibub

            Watch your mouth!

          • I know!

            I was being silly and was trying to pronounce whatever words were in that spell… and suddenly body parts started to glow (never mind) and a hole opened up in my wall. Well I grabbed a letter opener and was more than ready for a demon incursion, but…

            No… apparently, my pronunciation was poor, or I lacked sufficient blood (I never liked my neighbor’s dog anyway) and so all I really have is a hole that let’s me look from my office to my kitchen. With the right kind of saw, I think I can make it larger and have a pass though for soup and sandwiches… so not a total loss, but still it gave me a start.

            I think Alex needs to put a warning label on these spells.

            So, I think you have the right idea. These spells are not to be messed with. So, no more sheep-talk for this reader. NO THANK EWE!

      • Well that’s certainly true, but there is an older translation, a dull translation. Meaning “of”.

        • Tahir Raines

          In what language? I wish to know.

          • I did say it was old. That’s been lost.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            All we know is that it has an isolating grammar and a morphology largely consistent with English. No dipthongs, and no “i” vowel (perhaps because it is normally spoken by giant demons whose voices can’t reach that high). Some interesting consonant combinations, and one double-vowel, if this is not just an orthographic flourish designed to avoid the English word “lamp.”

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          I was thinking something more along the lines of “the” or “O”.

          • The would make sense, especially when you look at “ba terrask”. That could be “the terror”.

            Or it could be an article much like Smurf.

          • Samurai Jack

            “The Terror” you say? Thanks for The Tick flashback. Can Man-Eating Cow be far behind?

          • Maybe?

      • Vulgar sheep… don’t like ’em!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          No one does…it’s why they have to be kept in pastures, far away from proper society.

    • David Welbourn

      “Ba” is the humbug predicate.

  • Brian Cherry

    Oh, you know she’s played him all along. I have no idea what’s going to happen, except I expect our heroes’ plan to go very wrong, and I still ship Duncan and Kyle. It is wonderful and awful to wait so long between installments! The suspense is glorious torture.

    • bergulme .

      We have already seen what “should” happen. It would be unnecessary repetitive for the story to show us all of this again. Alex could just cut to the end of a successful fight, but that would be anticlimactic and would waste the hugh build-up.

      This is gonna be bad. The question is: How bad is it gonna be?

  • TwilightDreamer

    Aaaaannnd, back to the badies ;P lol, practically bouncing in my seat from excitement! 😀

  • Tahir Raines

    Is it just my computer or is there a black dot under Anni’s nose in panel 5? I bet he thought a new beauty mark would win Kyle back. Tsk tsk.

    • Adam Black

      its just a speck of dust on the camera lens

  • SSF

    Oh yeah, there’s Duncan’s regret tattoo. Don’t most adventurous people have them?

  • Hmmm.. did this just transfer the power of Laampros’ seal to the key? Does it ‘free’ Anni or is he still caught by that deal even if it seemed it was necessary, for Sircea to be able to get the 2nd key?

    Questions, questions. I just know she looks so damn pleased and that raises more questions, because is it about Anni being able to do all he was supposed to – or is there more in that last reaction?
    Sircea is so unpredictable it’s hard to say. Can’t wait to see what next page brings to it.

    • Tahir Raines

      I assume that he didn’t transfer the power of the seal, but rather used Lampost’s power (as filtered thru the seal) to create the key out of the sacrificial blood or somesuch. I’m assuming that the seal either never goes away (as Lampost’s insurance that no one betrays him) or it can only go away once the exact conditions of the deal are met, which in this case should occur once they open the gateway to the various hells and allow Lampost to seek dominion over the nonAmerican parts of the world. May his flourescent hell-light forever shine!

      • D. Garrett

        or it could be a permanent sign of anni being owned / controlled by laampros. maybe sircea knows this and anni does not. what are the laws governing contracts between realms? probably “soul” possession is one requirement.

      • SofiaT

        I have a feeling that seal will only go away if either Duncan or Laampros dies…

  • Tahir Raines

    Toning down the blood in later panels to match the blood’s hue in panel 2 would probably be best since blood unfortunately lacks that tasty red-Twizzlers color. And no, I am not a vampire. I…I put that life behind me. I’m a recovering hemoholic. Thank you very much.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    The minions forgot to bring a podium or music stand for Duncan.

  • Tahir Raines

    I do wonder what the mark on Anni’s mark literally translates to. I know it’s the mark of his convent with Lord Lamppost, but is it actually written in any real world (or pseudo-real world) language? And if so, which one?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      I think I see Dr. Strange’s window symbol, and the pound sign. But the concept reminds me of Enochian

      or odd symbols from grimoirs like the Clavicle of Solomon:

      • D. Garrett

        really cool link (omniglot).

      • SofiaT

        The first symbol is an askewed version of the symbol for anarchism.
        I guess that stands for “Duncan”.

      • Tahir Raines

        Thank you.

    • Klaus

      Wash at 30 degrees. Tumble at low temperature. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

      • “Tumble at low temperature” rules out any re-match with Kyle, so I hope not.

  • Tahir Raines

    Before I surrender to another day’s slumber, I will say that I hope Sircea does not betray Anni unless he betrays her first (I include turning goody-goody and disobeying her to her detriment as examples) or she needs to do so in order to save his life or somesuch. I just really enjoy their BVFFN* dynamic and don’t want to see it end so soon.

    *BVFFN = Best Villainous Friends For Now

    • Matt Lohkamp

      yeah I can’t help wondering how committed she really is to him as an ally – I’m pretty sure she’d drop him first chance if she sees a way to profit from it, and that expression of hers isn’t doing a lot to make me feel better…

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I like the way that the green light flash coming from Annihilator’s arm in panel 5 has a 3-D effect: it jumps out of the panel and partly obscures the copyright statement running across the bottom of the page.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      That means this page is not legally copyrighted! Feel free to pirate it for t-shirts or whatever.

      • Don’t get too excited there bubba. 🙂 Look further to the right. The (c) is still there. 😛

        • Somehow Tricksy Alex always get’s his name on there somewhere… ah wtf… it’s a skill. 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So, that look on Annihilator’s face. Is it really a look of pain? The expression overall doesn’t lend itself to being pleasure, or even to surprise. But what if it isn’t related to physical sensation at all?

    Crack theory: Maybe it’s a sign of Annihilator’s sanity being snuffed out. As in, his part in casting the ritual was significant enough that he tripped over the limit of the ‘almost all magic users go insane’ curse. (Perhaps the Priestess didn’t implement enough protections to cover him? Purely by accident of course, not because she was planning on betraying him, oh good heavens no)

    Which would be a rather unexpected plot twist if the Annihilator was taken out of the story at this point…

    • Klaus

      Concentration, I think.

    • Saxon… I swear… you say the sweetest most uplifting things. 🙂 Although, kinda takes the wind outta Kyle’s revenge sails. Don’t it?

      (chris goes to get hot tea so he can read Saxon’s post again for holiday cheer!)

  • D. Garrett

    that hell tatt is hella kool! i want laampros to scrawl it on my ass. then i would FINALLY have a hell of an ass. ha!

    (minus a contract o’course.)

    • ….I have to admit that whenever JMT says that line in the dubbed version it makes me swoon a little.

      • D. Garrett

        ive gotta try dubbed now!

        • I watched dubbed just for his Sebastian. At the very end of every episode….the different intonations…..holy heck…

          • D. Garrett

            just watched dubbed “his butler able”. i c wat u mean! ty for the heads up. i dont mind starting over.

          • D. Garrett

            he is pretty cool and funny. i watched season 1 ep 3 sub to compare. i like daisuke ono’s voice too. i think ill have to alternate as i rewatch the series.

  • D. Garrett

    i love this page. the words for the ritual SOUND like something i would have expected. terrask relates to terra/earth? my favorite panel is panel 5 with the power emanating from anni’s hand and his hell tatt glowing. incredible work!

  • Klaus

    Is it just me, or does panel 6 look like an eye?

  • Jen Roberts

    I like how Duncan has to read it but Sircea has it memorized. And I’m being sincere in that: this isn’t his usual sort of thing, all this magic-y stuff. I am also all in love with panel 5; I love it when things go beyond the panel borders!
    That being said, this doesn’t look healthy. I hope you weren’t too attached to that arm, Duncan.

    • Samurai Jack

      The whole thing makes it look like Sircea is just using Duncan. She gets what she wants, but Duncan takes the risk and pays the price for the summoning. He’s meat–unless Kyle steps in to save him.

      • Derkins

        We all had suspicions about Duncan using Kyle, and we were right. Now everyone is feelin’ the manipulator vibe here, too. Again, we’re probably right.

    • Klaus

      The final part he has memorized, though.

  • Jeldenil

    So that mantra he needs to read from a book,while he says the spell from the top of his head?

  • Add me to the list of people who got to the second panel and thought, okay, so Duncan needs a prompt book to read the summoning spell, and Sircea doesn’t…

  • I know it’s been said, but I have to chime in (again) and say, I got the shivers, and not the good kind from Sircea’s “Well done, my darling”. I swear I see her using him as the first of the sacrifices. I have my hands up in front of my eyes again afraid to peek for what comes next update.

    • Derkins

      It’s hard not to get that feeling from her. And to think of it, I doubt she’d want another immortal around, potentially spoiling her world dominating romp. Someone with a growing conscious, like Anni, might be meddlesome in her Queen of the Damned act, and therefore a liability.

      • Keneu

        So then maybe it’ll be the team and the Annihilator vs. Laampros and the Platinum Priestess. Maybe Kyle will even have to save Duncan.

      • Very very true. Sircea definitely doesn’t come across as the sharing type. She probably ate Barney for dinner one night and the Sesame Street gang for dessert.

  • Kate G

    DEMON EYES!!!!!! Demon—ize? *Nightwing strikes again*

    It’s very inauspicious when the centuries old witch has the spell memorized and the old man has to have the book. That has to tell you something. Can it be that the old mad lady has tried this a few times?

    And is it just me or does Duncan look a little possessed? If it were me and my arm was being ripped apart AGAIN, I’d wouldn’t have that facial expression. It would have the expression of, “HOLY FUCKING HELL DOES THIS HURT!!!!” (I apologize in advance for my potty mouth but sometimes that is the only way you can express the level of pain.)

  • krissdevalnor

    Im in love with that orb – the way it is drawn and coloured O.O Will use this page for reference. Awesome page 🙂

  • Amanda

    I long for the day when George Finnegan will return.

    • It’s never really been the same around here since he left. I feel your pain. 🙁

  • bronakopdin

    I just can’t help to think that tattoo looks reaally nice… I can’t really say I’m into tattoos… but I like them a lot anyway! especially if they look kinda exotic like this one!
    I love stylish fonts and foreign writings, too, so I guess this is just perfectly hitting on many things I like at once xD

    And to just add sth relevant again once in a while: I totally like how Dunca seems to be totally unhappy of wht he’s doing there! YOu see he’s not into it like Sircea with her evil grinning… oh that grinning, I commented on it the last time we saw that! It’s an awesome grinning in a way… but Duncan’s face I like more here… just because I guess I didn’t give my hopes up for him to turn to the good side someday… Not that I’m forgiving him yet…

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Panel two: The next line is “I can’t stop this feelin’…”

    • Pikinanou


  • Kit the Coyote

    Gee, looks like while our heros have been talking and talking about the game plan, the other team is finishing up theirs. They might be a little late here.

  • Morgan

    I definitely get the “I am TOTALLY going to stab you in the back once you’re no longer of use to me, darling~” vibe from Sircea.

    • David Welbourn

      Hm, only metaphorically. His invulnerability and new immortality would make stabbity-stabbing a bit pointless.

      However, I have to worry about Duncan’s continuing usage of magic. As we know, all magic users — except for the Priestess herself and Spooky — have all gone mad. Whatever causes that madness may well claim Duncan too, after which Duncan will be little more than a toy soldier that Sircea (or someone else adapt at human manipulation) will be able to control at will.

      • D. Garrett

        or he could be completely uncontrollable in his madness.

  • john Johnson

    The look on Platinum Princess’ face bespeaks betrayal. And no good will towards her partner in the endeavor.

  • Pikinanou

    I’ve got nothing awesomely smart or funny to say that hasn’t been said already, but this page is great and I’m excited for next page!

  • KryX

    I wonder if Laampros needs a host body. The PP may have one in mind.

    • LL

      :O! I never even thought about that.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      To me it seems obvious that “The Host With The Most” has been reserved for eternity…..and Anni is it…..whether he likes it or not!

  • Andy Diehl

    Judging by how he’s holding the book, it might be time for Duncan to look into getting reading glasses. Or maybe he’s counting on Laampros to provide 20/20 vision as part of his eternal youth/perfect health package. Anyway, Sircea doesn’t need to see the book. She’s got the chant down like she used to play hop-scotch with it.

  • Maus Merryjest

    Oh Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. You used the one person you could have trusted, and trust the one person you shouldn’t trust.

    Something tells me Laampros is going to be moving into the Duncan Heights apartment.

    • SofiaT

      Now I have an image of Laampros manifesting on earth using Duncan’s body as the vehicle.

      A Laampros that looks like a Duncan. I’m scared. (And scarred).

      • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

        I’m more skeeved out that Laampros will be joy riding in body that did a sex act on Kyle. That’s like second hand incest right there!

        • Klaus

          Laampros finds it ironic that in paradise (by which he means earth) so much pleasure is forbidden. I don’t think he cares about incest taboos.

      • Maus Merryjest

        Laampros using Duncan as a vehicle.
        And here I must hold my tongue to avoid making gas mileage jokes, aaaaaaah!

      • Klaus

        Note, however, that Laampros promised Duncan that PP will get the same as Duncan gets.

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    She’s playing Duncan like a cheap violin.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      I have a feeling Duncan is fiddling just as hard as she is.

  • Anyone notice how the annihilator and red have very similar expressions of surprise?

  • Okay A,A&V… all my usual compliments about dialog and art. This is a pretty action packed, exciting and delicious page. Yet it’s a fat and juicy and packed with questions… (so here we go).

    P#1: Clearly a bunch of day-players are being paid minimum wage to die horribly in 34:12 seconds and that’s gonna work with this key… how? Shall be interesting.

    P#2: As has been noted Duncan’s reading and they’re BOTH saying the spell. I can only assume Duncan’s role in spell-casting is because of the seal on his arm? Maybe? It’s kinda like your Dad going to Hogwarts. Incongruous, you know? Heh.

    P#3: Now it’s interesting that Missy Sorceress has to tell him to do this bit alone. She looks cautious to me. Is this the one bit SHE can’t do without him? He’s got the arm glyphs so HE MUST SAY THE NEXT BIT and get all glowy? Is she nervous. Does he realize he had the ability to shut this down (if he did) right here and doesn’t take it? I have no idea, but very curious. Everywhere else she’s all ballsy confidence, but in this one panel seems almost careful. Why doesn’t she take part…?

    P#4: As somebody said below ‘Big D. memorized it’ … holds up the arm over blood-bowl. Love the angle guys, nicely dramatic.

    P#5: I think Jen Roberts said below and I agree… love the way this most important panel breaks frame. Love Duncan’s look of shock as he lights up like and evil Christmas tree. The effects are really fun in this panel and the color is great. Cool and yet a touch sickly in the Reds, Greens and Yellows on him and surrounding him. (That is so a compliment Veronica!)

    P#6: SOOOOO… they had to MAKE the key. The Blood-Key that will probably be empowered by the hapless guppies in the glass tank in something now less than 34:12. Now remember Duncan’s last key? All silver and sparkly?

    Where did our kids get that first key? Soloman had a garage sale? Occult Walmart? It was puuuuurdy. This one? Not so much. So why couldn’t they have two keys. Why is this one bloooood-red. Oh the questions!

    MFX: Dun Da Dunnnnnn!

    P#7: I don’t know if it means anything, but I like Klaus comment that it looks a bit like and eye, and I like Derkins assertion that Sircea has got a damn good QUEEN OF THE DAMNED thing going on. And for myself, I’d like to say that if Duncan REALLY doesn’t have a clue that he’s being used… REALLY? I’ve said many unkind things about Duncan since he turned out to be a bum-date… BUT, I NEVER said he was stupid. REALLY?

    Dear Duncan,

    Word to the wise: Crazy 6,000 year-old, power-tripping Sorceresses need to be watch! Carefully. (‘DOH)


    Chris Dangerfield

    Team Woolfson, thank you for a very exciting page. More links in the chain of events. Now when do the bodies start piling up? Laampros is coming and it’s only polite to have a snack ready for him. Oh, and Alex here’s praying that your computer runs smoothly from here on out… and remember selling your soul for a new laptop never goes well. Just sayin’. 🙂

    • All very good questions, Chris. 🙂

      (And I’m giving my old computer the hardcore stress test tonight. We shall see how that turns out…)

  • SofiaT

    Holy shit. If Laampros plans on ruling earth in Duncan’s skin, he “typically” holds to his side of the deal of granting him immortal youth. After all, he wouldn’t like to find himself in a frail, mortal body. And there would be no broken contract and no annoying anarchists with super strength to rise against him.

    …And if Kyle’s mother was a mortal woman, does this mean it wouldn’t be the first time Laampros piggy-backed his way onto earth that way?

    • silibub

      Nooo, why is this theory so hideously plausible?!

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Beecauuse… we’ve spent so much time trying to figure out the ways that things can go wrong for the Young Protectors that we’ve worked ourselves into a state where we can easily transfer our paranoia onto what can go wrong for Annihilator?

        • SofiaT

          I’m always worried about something going wrong for Anni.
          Afterall, I seriously doubt anyone from the team will be seriously injured, even if it goes wrong now it will fix itself eventually.
          But history has shown that the grey, ambiguous character with both bad and good qualities, striving for redemption (Darth, The Golum, Snape) is the one to end up dead.

        • I foresee you having no problem. AW is the man who answered the reader question at the back of the ARTIFICE book, “Does Maven die?” with “Maven is too cool to die.”

          Duncan is easily as cool as Maven. Let’s just see if the Woolfson has it in him to snuff a character as cool as Duncan (he really is pretty cool in an ethically-challenged villainous way *snort*).

          I realize that I’m less wrecked than some by this possibility but, there you go, something empirical to hang hats upon until there’s more factoids…

    • TheManBehindTheCurtain

      I’m not sure how plausible that theory is. They have started many times that they are making a portal for Laampros and his army to come to earth, not give just Laampros a body there on earth.

      • SofiaT

        Maybe that’s what the minions are there for.
        They’ll serve as vessels for the “army” (we were never told how large that army is going to be).

        It would explain why they all had to “feed” the key with their blood: have the blood serve as a connection?

        Farfetched I know, but did you see Hell coming back in the warehouse?

        • 🙂

        • Klaus

          Laampros’ forces are “considerable”. I take this to mean vast. Certainly manytimes more than the number of minions.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        The Portal may be a way to get Laampros and any minions out of the Americas once he is here. Duncan didn’t need to construct any special portal to contact Laampros, just Kyle and magical incantations.

        The Portal may not even serve any purpose. It may be just to fool Duncan into thinking that, that is the way Laampros is going to come and therefore not suspect anything else. (If Sircea is planning on using Duncan’s body to host Laampros, that is).

    • Samurai Jack

      Heh. If you were an ancient evil demon and you had a choice between Kai Winn and Gul Dukat which one would you choose? I mean Sircea and Duncan.

      (just kidding!)

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Eyyyyy, DS9 reference! 😀

  • Cman65

    I can see many very nasty things Big Red could do to Anni but I would give him his immortal youth but I would make him feel all the pain that I bring to earth, every time somebody died or is stabed or is RUFF-FUCKED till they begg to just die you are going to feel it Duncan

    • silibub


      • fujoshifanatic

        Thank you for deleting that comment, moderators. It was a little over the line, but I didn’t know if I should say something. :-/

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my goodness, here we go…how many pages do you think before Anni reeaally regrets his recent life choices? He started a while back, but only a little regarding Kyle. Now things are about to get crucial, and it will be interesting to see how he handles it.

    I don’t really wonder about that with Sircea; after 6,000 years, I doubt very much can affect her basic nature or outlook, except for the real possibility of ceasing to exist. After that amount of time, she seems to have a purely lizard brain mentality, and functions solely on the concept of survival at all costs, be it in a world ruled by humans or demons–who it is doesn’t matter to her, as long as they leave her be to live as she wants.

    Duncan is not that far gone (I think), so their respective reactions to the upcoming battle will be fascinating to see.

    Glad to hear that your computer is back from the dead Alex! I know I would be totally hamstrung without mine, so I can totally sympathize. 🙂

    • Ahahahaha… great post, but after all that human/demon talk and then mentioning Alex’s computer being back from the dead, I had an image of ZOMBIE-COMPUTER… (self-boots at midnight)…


      Alex I really need to read the end of this Graphic Novel, so please get your computer exorcized… just to be careful. Denomination of your choice. OKAY?

      (BWWWAINS… want bwaiiiins…)

      • Klaus

        Wouldn’t that be CPUs for a zombie computer?

        • You say potato… I say… it eats brains. It’s all good. 🙂

          • Mirilali

            How’s this: instead of brains v CPUs … We go with.. Memory! Sneaker that way too.

    • silibub

      I think you’re right about Duncan having more potential for a moral turnaround, but I’m not sure about the “lizard brain mentality” in regard to Sircea. She said right out that she isn’t content with merely surviving — she wants to rule over all of humanity like she apparently has done in the past. I think she probably does want to rebuild the walls and keep Earth separate from hell, not out of altruism, but so she can have a clearly delineated territory. To me, “lizard brain” denotes a kind of scrambling desperation to keep living, reacting in the moment, but Sircea is confident in her power and has goals beyond mere survival, which she’s planned extensively to achieve.

      I’m looking forward to their separate reactions to the Protectors’ arrival, too — I think it’ll be telling!

      • D. Garrett

        i agree with both of ur theories regarding sircea’s mind set. i think it is a matter of sequence as, to our eye’s, her existence appears to still be linear like normal humans. so her initial response to a challenge to her life might indeed be “lizard like” in that her base instincts may be controlling the actions she takes to survive. after that, thought processes kick in causing her to adapt her situation/circumstances to where she thrives. next/final step is for her to strategize / manipulate to attain goddess status. i believe her mentality is fluid in nature, which is as it should be, for longevity.

        • silibub

          I agree that her mentality is fluid that way, but everyone approaches direct threats to their lives like that — survival is your first priority, and after the threat has passed you worry about things like comfort. I was responding specifically to the notion that Sircea “functions solely on the concept of survival at all costs,” to the effect that those thought processes are in place even when she’s in no immediate danger — my view is that her self-assurance and planning for world domination contradicts that interpretation of her character.

          • D. Garrett

            “functioning solely on the concept of survival at all costs” could sum up her general view of living. some will try to prolong their lives to the extent that they would do anything required. others will endeavor to survive as long as certain principles/values are maintained. its possible this concept of survival at all costs could be the source of her general motivation, not necessarily governing every single thought or action. i believe its possible her self assurance and future plans may have origins in this basic motivation. so its her background influence imo. allowing her to function, plot, execute plans in the foreground.

          • silibub

            I see where you’re coming from. Still, I think “lizard brain” refers specifically to that primitive survival drive that governs every person — that is, it’s not specific to Sircea. Other factors that influence how far she’s willing to go to survive, and which distinguish her from other characters in that respect — a cutthroat mentality, or willingness to betray a friend (“friend”?) — don’t fall under the lizard brain category because those are conscious decisions she’s making, not an instinctive thrashing to keep her head above water, so to speak.

            Actually (and this is veering way off the point you’re making, sorry), I’m curious whether being immortal for so long would have inhibited her survival drive? She had to have been immortal for thousands of years, and unless “immortality” only means she won’t die of natural causes and could still be killed through other methods, that’s an extremely long time to go without having to worry about dying. When you consider all the ways the awareness of our mortality subtly influences our actions on a day-to-day basis, it’s really difficult to imagine what it would be like not to have the whole specter of death thing constantly in the back of our minds. In that case, Sircea’s self-assurance and grandiose planning would stem not from a “I need to survive at all costs” mentality, but from a more secure place of “I’m in no danger; I want to thrive at all costs!” It’s like she skipped an entire section of that “hierarchy of needs” pyramid because she never has to worry about just staying alive at a very basic level.

            For that matter, it’s also really hard to imagine what it must be like to go from never worrying about dying to suddenly having that vulnerability. By now her pattern of behavior — not just grasping at life, but clawing her way to the top of the food chain — is super ingrained, and her confidence in her own ability to survive whatever’s coming could work against her because she’s used to being able to take extreme risks like this current ritual. She might not have the same primitive lizard brain shrieking “Don’t do it, you’ll die!” as those with normal lifespans would.

            …Hot damn, you’ve woken the speculative beast! I hope I’m not coming across as an ass or anything — I think this is a really interesting thing to discuss.

          • D. Garrett

            ur not coming across as an ass and i am enjoying this discussion. i do have a tendency to be argumentative. so plz 4give me if that happens.

            “Amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation.” so lizard brain is governing sirceas (and everyones) motivation in the background and conscious thought governs her cutthroat, traitorous actions. therefore both are working simultaneously.


            sircea and duncan both have exhibited cutthroat mentality and both might possibly be planning to betray each other. i doubt they are true friends but think they are just using each other to accomplish a common goal. so sircea isnt distinguished from ALL other characters in this webcomic.

            in looking at sircea, she appears very young and healthy. we dont have any reason to believe any functioning of her body or brain is compromised due to the passage of time. so it is likely her amygdala / lizard brain is functioning properly.

            this story forces us as readers to accept the existence of hell, magic, super powers, and demons. perhaps it isnt old age, illness, car crashes, brain aneurysms or etc. that sircea fears. but other supernatural beings also in existence in this alternate reality that CAN kill her. if that is the case, her fear responses should be in tact through regular use.

          • silibub

            Ohhh, amygdala? I thought the lizard/reptilian brain was another term for the brain stem, or basically whatever regulates the most basic, unconscious survival functions. I might have been way off — explains why I was getting stuck on the terminology, anyway. Heh.

            Sircea does look healthy enough, but I don’t even know how a drastically altered survival drive would physically manifest. I wonder if that kind of basic function could be muted, even over such a significant span of time — that is, I don’t know whether I’m correct at all in saying that Sircea might have essentially trained her unconscious mind not to stress about death or send out panic signals since she had the security of immortality.

            I think what you’re saying about supernatural creatures being her main threat is pretty likely. If puny Earthlings can’t kill her, extra-terrestrial/dimensional shit still might. Speaking of threats, I’m still not sure Duncan’s on the same cutthroat level as she is — which would actually be a good thing, in my view. Even if he doesn’t fully trust her (and who would after that last conversation?) they’ve still been associates for a long time and he probably has some kind of emotional attachment to her. If it were a “her or me” situation, he might throw her under the bus to survive, but I doubt he’d be happy about it — and certainly not as willing to do it as Sircea would be in his place.

            After all, Duncan didn’t like betraying Kyle one bit, and he didn’t spend nearly as much time with Kyle as he has with Sircea. He still went through with it, but it sent him into a pretty big moral crisis — my guess is that, whatever Duncan has done in his career as a villain, he’s used straightforward methods rather than using people and then casting them aside. He really seemed to find the whole thing distasteful, and I think his awareness that Sircea would have done the same thing with total indifference probably soured his attitude toward her considerably.

          • D. Garrett

            amygdala is most often associated with fear response and recognition of fear / danger. its also involved with emotional learning and emotional memory storage. its connected to many other brain structures and sensory connections. my personal belief is its way more involved in our lives than the medical and scientific community is aware of. im just waiting for updated information.

            i dont think an altered survival response would physically manifest in her case. i think if she noticed her fear response was no longer effective she would use magic to alert her to danger. so no marks or scars.

            imo if she has had a well functioning amygdala all of her years, her response to danger is probably very sharp through sheer practice, repetitive use. she probably has trained herself to handle the reflexes and instinctual impulses better than an average human.

            i definitely agree with u that sircea’s level of cutthroat is way higher than duncan’s level. im not convinced she is capable of remorse or value’s life as a human with a normal life span would. (although many humans with normal life spans also may not value life) i would image that after cycles and cycles of watching humans killing each other in various aspects of human struggle would cause her to devalue human life itself. so i would image she distances herself emotionally so she wouldnt have to experience pain when they die. that would be my strategy.

            duncan def felt some remorse. what he did was truly awful. sircea in the same situation would have had no qualms. i agree his view of her was probably soured (even more?) after hell date. and if he has to betray her i think he would feel some sense of remorse even if he deems it the right thing to do. we have so much to look forward to (and debate) following this webcomic!

    • So far, so good, fujoshifanatic. Some apps are misbehaving a little but I think that’s probably a folder permissions issue, easily fixed once I hunt it down…

  • silibub

    Oh hey, I didn’t even notice that Sircea’s holding her staff, and Christ does it look heavy, with all the pointy bits. Pointy bits that look suspiciously well-suited for clasping something…orb-ular.

    (Actually probably not, since it’s basically a massive spear with some additional sharp things curving out of it — not exactly conducive to holding onto a spheri-key.)

    • Nope, you might be on to something. It might be a deluxe orbi-holder or something.

      That middle bit that looks all central spikeish MIGHT actually be the fifth claw-like holder on the back and is just tricking us with some perspectivishness, in which case it would be the fifth claw needed to hold the new speri-key in place. Thus she could thrust the key into the shimmering field that all the sacrifices will create without messing up her nails.

      You don’t make it to 6,000 years-old by being dopey about these things. Good catch.

      • silibub

        I went back to Chapter 1 to confirm that it’s a central spike! Such a hardship clicking through all those pages with the wife on them, I tell you.

        • Dang… well then the only other question left is… Are you going to frame the picture of the wife’s first kiss (just released in the Kickstarter update) or just pin it up… old school?

          And yes… she’s smokin’ and there’s bondage involved… and she’s not in it!

          • silibub

            Ha, I’m going to hold that one in reserve until we know the story behind it. I’m sure her love life has been all unicorns and fluff…

      • D. Garrett

        may i use perspectivishness? *giggles

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    And now Duncan is redundent and no longer needed. Queue the backstab by PP (as if she would ever share power with someone else).

    • Klaus

      Should we call hin Reduncan from now on?

  • Klaus

    This ritual is only to bring Laampros to earth. Once here, he will be able to bring across his forces himself.

    And they are … considerable.

  • D. Garrett

    my background song choice for the beginning sequence of the battle scene:

    esp. at 4:15-4:45. it seems like the lyrics were tailored for this webcomic.

    would love to listen to other battle scene picks. *puppy dog eyes…esp. u alex! PLEASE!!!

  • larry

    She is just so evil looking. He’s enjoying this whole thing way too much.

  • davefragments

    Did anyone else notice that in Panel Two Duncan is doing the “I don’t need glasses stretch” ? ? ?
    OR as I better know it – “I don’t need bifocals yet!”
    You know what I mean – – Hold that book at arm’s length and the eyes might focus if the print isn’t too small.

    • HA!

    • Klaus

      Likely enough, considering his age.

    • SofiaT

      The way both he and Sircea (who is not holding a book) have their arms placed, tells me it must be part of the ritual.

      Gives emphasis to the lyrics… um, incantation, or something.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Sircea only has one hand extended, the other one is holding the staff. He needs glasses!

        • SofiaT

          I find glassses sexy, so I wouldn’t mind Anni wearing them, they would make the colour of his blue eyes really pop. But my eyes see both of Sircea’s arms being extended.

          • silibub

            I’m headcanoning it now — Duncan usually wears reading glasses when he’s conducting whatever business he does, just not while he’s in costume.

          • SofiaT

            Clark….. Silver fox Clark…

            Now you did it, silibub!

          • silibub

            I try!

      • davefragments

        LOL – – I use these techniques:
        “take the glasses off to see the really teeny tiny print on bottles”
        “Raise the head near backwards to read the print on the top shelf of supermarket shelves (I’m short, sort of).
        “stand against the groceries on the opposite side of the aisle to read the boxes across the way”
        “Squint real hard to see the computer screen”
        “Get the reading glasses out of the case, dummy” when the eyes are red as coals.
        SO I know that “hold at arms length” or the “Poke the glasses up to see” stuff.
        Ah vanity, all my secrets are revealed.

  • purplefoxglove

    Hm, if I recall correctly, in Chinese “ba” is a particle that marks a sentence as a polite request or suggestion…and you may want to be VERY polite when dealing with Laampros.
    Still would be a bit overused in that function here, so I’m most likely wrong.

    • Klaus

      On the other hand, most of the other words looks very unchinese. The words ending in -os look Greek, but can a word end in -th in Greek? What sound does th even represent? The t sound, like teta in classic Greek? The Romans wrote it as th (and thus theta) because they did not have aspirated plosives. Or the thorn sound? Or the eth sound (as in English they)?

      • purplefoxglove

        Oh, they’re most certainly not speaking Chinese – I was just wondering if “ba” might serve a similar purpose here 🙂

  • Lost keys XD

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  • thisboybroken

    As always, love everything about all that you do Alex!!! I have a suggestion about the reading of the comic that is not that important but would perhaps make life easier, for myself as well as others, perhaps… Anyway, could you add one of those handy “last page read” markers here. I don’t know what they are called but I read other web comics and it’s nice to always go to read the updates and automatically go to the most current page… or the most current one I have read. Again. don’t know what the exact term for it is but… sometimes I go to read this comic and got to last and it is actually the page previous to last. Like I said it’s not a huge problem (definitely not 3rd world and all… ) but it would be nice! Again, LOVE ALL THAT YOU DO!!! Thanks for making my week better!

    • Klaus

      “Last” takes me to page 85. From there “Last” takes me to the latest page.

    • Thank you for all the kind words, thisboybroken! They really mean a lot to me.

      There currently isn’t a way for me to add the functionality that you’d like with my webcomics software (although I will suggest it to the developer.) In the meantime, let me recommend you check out Comic Rocket:

      They offer exactly the kind of functionality you’re looking for and the people behind it are good eggs. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • *Reads the latest kickstarter update* .. we’re getting our first NSFW reward!

    Oh my~ … Oh my, my, my. Alex you have my little heart going all pitter-patter … I’ll be stalking my inbox tonight for sure 😉

    *Feels like a perv while giggling in anticipation*

    • Yep. I’ll be showing parts of characters never before seen in official Yaoi 911/AMW Comics stuff. Glad you’re looking forward to it. 😉

  • davefragments

    the chanting seems to be to be an invocation of Moussaka which is a rather delicious side at any table. There are all sorts of great recipe’s on the internet. Nearly all of them lack blood but some do have red meat.
    wink, wink, wink,

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, so if we’re still making up crack ideas about what ‘ba’ means… I’m reminded that in ancient Egyptian polytheism ‘ba’ was the name (along with ‘ka’) of one of the various parts of the soul. So the chant could be calling forth the power of the soul of Laggoth and the soul of Moskanna.

    Unfortunately this idea completely falls apart once you realise that the ‘ba’ is the personality and the ‘ka’ is the immortal essence. In such a hypothetical instance, the Priestess and Annihilator would not be imbuing the key with power to open an inter-dimensional portal, but instead with awareness and self-volition. I imagine this would take the form of the key jumping around and making wise-cracks like a Disney-movie sidekick. So we can scratch that idea. Under other circumstances it would probably make for an amusing scene for an interlude, but it doesn’t fit with the big, end-of-chapter-three fight scene that Alex has been promising over on the donations thank you page.

    Next suggestion, please…

    • Klaus

      Ancient Egypt spans a period of more than 3000 years. The word “ba” changed meaning over time.

      But it is very unlikely that “ba” is a noun in these incantations. It occurs too often for that. Could it mean “and”?

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      I’ll have nightmares for three days thanks to you – – wink, wink, wink

      Terry Gilliam of the Monty Python’s used to do animation like that.

    • silibub

      I mean…I can’t really think of a more accurate representation of what would happen if you opened a hell portal, so. Well done?

      • Keneu

        Hahaha. Thank you? 😛
        The video was posted in a Always Raining Here strip and while I was rereading I stumbled upon it, so -of course- I had to share it with the world. xD

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    I”ll keep looking in but I’m not going to be a good camper because I’m right at the end of a story. I have to excerpt a few words from Paradise Lost about the Fall.

    • Startling apropos for this camp! Nice.

      • davefragments

        This is the story that is using Bonita Elspeth in one of the chapters. It’s fought back and troubled me at every sentence and suddenly the last act, the solving of the murder and the near destruction of the world came into focus. I am almost certain now that the actual title will be the working title – RAIN.

        • Dave your work is so beautifully written that I can’t wait. Good luck and god-speed.

          Don’t let that work-in-progress disrespect you, hold that sucker down and slap it into submission. Show it who’s boss!

          (chris realizes he’s getting worked up, and goes in search of a cooling libation…)

  • silibub

    Oh, so — do you think it’s significant that the magical effect Duncan produces is green and swirly like Spooky’s? Sircea’s magic is white and lightning-like (except for her tentacle probe in Chapter 1, which was purple-ish.) I wonder if there’s anything specific that affects that.

    • His green looks a little sickly compared to Spooks. But I’ve always wondered if it was the type of spell that affected magic or if it was the user that affects it.

      • silibub

        Yeah, like — if Spooky acquired his powers in hell and they’re associated with demons, and Duncan just spoke an incantation related to demons, maybe that’s the common link that makes their spells look similar. If it’s related to personality, well…I guess they both have a roguish charm!

        • That could be true, if the magic demonic in origin, that they both pulled green would explain that. Of course roguish charm works too. 😀

    • Now you’re having me considering this way to much *lol* That leaves room for various theories and possibilities, since Laampros’ magic is demon based where PP’s is meta-human skills .. as far as we know right now. Anni drew out Laampy’s magic here.

      If it’s intentional, is Spooky tapping his powers from demon based magic (he could have learned while being in hell) or is there more to is? Theories, theories.

      • silibub

        I was thinking along those same lines, that Spooky’s drawing on demonic powers — in the bonus comic he mentioned them being “inside” him, so maybe if he defeated them in hell he absorbed their power? Huh.

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    • DemureDesire

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        • Bedmonster needs a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate.

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          • Well I hope the bedmonster feels better.

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          • The newspaper is at your service. 😀

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    • Morning. Hope you feel better now.

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        Still headache, still nausea, still subfever. But not really sick either. Body is just acting up I think. Bad body.

        • Aww, same here. Tell your body that pseudo twins doesn’t have to go that far to be alike 😉
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  • Page should be up shortly. Within the next 15 minutes.

    (And NSFW art has been posted to the Kickstarter, for those keeping an eye out… 🙂 )

    • I just saw it. Now I don’t know if I’m feeling lightheaded because I feel bad or because I’m feeling good xD

      Oooh boy o_o

      • davefragments

        I don’t remember how to get to the kickstarter page

        • Backers should get an update in their email with a link. 🙂

      • Hopefully it’s because you’re feeling good. 🙂

        • Ooooh boy! .. or boys ;D

          .. and after staring at other parts of Spooky for a while, it finally dawned on me that Spooky isn’t wearing his cap either LOL

          • That’s, I think, the most startling thing in the whole piece. 😉

          • I agree!

          • Sapfo

            Oh blushing my innocent eyes can not take this XD

          • THUMP!

            (chris falls off his chair laughing…)

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            You do not believe this?
            Oh I thought that if I left out the innocent virgin eyes, people would believe me. I try better next time Chris my boy 😉

          • Your elves, with their hairless bodies and lonnnnng eyelashes, are probably gullible enough to believe you dear Sapfo… but we REAL men are not so easily beguiled by a pretty strawberry.

            (and @adamblack:disqus if that’s a euphemism… I’m not quite sure for what???)

          • Sapfo

            Oh my dear darling elves. I do love them so.

            But I do have some love for the more hair men also, they whoever do not believe me so easily 😉


          • Okay that is a lovely ‘Hamlet special’ … but I do think it’s adorable that THAT is your idea of hair. I think my sister-in-law has more hair than that. Ahahahahahah… you are perfect. xo.

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            Baby steps Chris! you can not rush things like this 😉
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          • Then you are perfect for real men(s) and elves alike. Brava!

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            Like your hat Chris. Not indecent at all 🙂

          • silibub

            I know! I thought, “My god, Spooky, where is your hat? You’re so naked!”

          • Backers voted for “the full monty” so they got “the full monty.” 😀

          • silibub

            I didn’t realize it was gonna be that full!

          • LOL!

          • LOL .. what part of ‘If the votes go that way, everyone over 18 will show the full monty’ didn’t make you realize that? 😉

          • silibub

            I meant I didn’t realize Spooky would lose his pants and his hat, haha.

          • Sapfo

            the pants yes, but the hat. Oh dear!

          • silibub

            So brazen!

          • Heh, right now it’s almost what we can’t see (Mitch and Gordon) that is more alluring .. because we only get an idea of what it would be xD

          • You know P.T. Barnum had a quote that covered your reaction Danish… now if I can just remember what it is…

          • Wanton even… yum.

          • Exactly! I was sitting there wondering what it was that was so different ..well, except that we have three ppl in the full monty. Then it hit me and and that was more suprising than anything 😉

          • silibub

            I wound up covering the top of his head with my hand for modesty instead of his junk.

          • Spooky would do the same thing. 🙂

          • I worry sometimes about you ladies and the fashion issues… I don’t mean to… but I do. Poor dears. (not to mention I’m sure Duncan is rumpling Sirceas silver cape…)

            (chris shakes head ruefully… humph… girls… a mystery)

    • silibub

      Uh, yeah, just got an eyeful, haha! Adam did a great job bringing personality into the chart! And I was surprised by some of the exact heights, too.

      • Which character surprised you most?

        • silibub

          Mitch did, actually! Kyle was about where I expected him to be, but even after seeing them right on-panel together I hadn’t quite registered what that meant about Mitch’s height.

          (And it’s always fun to look at a chart like that and be like, “Hmm, taller than you…and you, aaand maybe you if I’m in some truly impressive heels…”) LOL!

          • LOL. “maybe you if I’m in some truly impressive heels…” That’s awesome! 🙂

          • Btw.. I know it was set up to just be the guys from the start, but isn’t Amanda feeling a bit left out here? She’s part of the team as well. A very important part 😉

          • rgleon9986

            I wouldn’t say no to that NSFW poster 😉

          • It’ll likely be available for sale after the KS backers get their posters. 🙂

          • She was OK letting the boys do this one on their own. 😉

            But as an adult, she’ll gets a NSFW version of her Romance Card art, so Commander fans won’t be left in the dark. Not to worry.

          • Good! I was wondering about that card 🙂 Not that I’m particularly into girls, it was just the ‘fairness’ of it for everyone. I’m looking forward to see the art.

  • davefragments