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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 84

205 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 84

Um, how did you let Kyle down here, Mitch?

I’m going to be at the Webcomic Rampage in Austin, TX this weekend along with a ton of other, much cooler webcomic creators (including TJ & Amal‘s E.K. Weaver!) I’ll have some fun The Young Protectors and Artifice greeting cards for the holidays as well as Artifice books that I’m happy to sign for whomever you’d like. The Webcomic Rampage is a ton of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing some of y’all there!

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So! Who let who down here? What did Flyboy choose not to say before? And how does he plan to “make it up” to Kyle when this is over?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Hugs and chaste kisses on the cheek for Mitch.

  • Adam Black


  • AWW!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hug him, Mitch! Hug him!!!!

  • Amberella

    Oh Mitch! You are breaking my heart so sweetly right now! GET OVER HERE AND ACCEPT HUGS

  • HUG!!!!!!!!

  • davefragments

    My goodness. It’s true confessions times.
    What did Mitch do!

  • DC

    Oh Kyle you are not an idiot. You didn’t let your friends and team down 🙁

    • timemonkey

      Except that he was and he did.

      • DC

        I don’t see Kyle as an idiot. He was coerced by lies and then forced. I don’t see that, him being used and abused, as letting down his team. I also think Duncan and Sircea would have forced him all the way if he had not co operated at first.

        • timemonkey

          He encountered the so called greatest supervillain on the planet and didn’t tell anyone. He then went on a date with him later on, and made plans to hook up a third time and again not tell anyone. That’s a lot of idiocy.
          Sure, maybe they could have forced him, but at least then it would have been them forcing him and not him stupidly wandering into an obvious trap.

          • DC

            I still don’t see idiocy. Maybe a bit naive to trust Duncan, but Duncan had plenty of us readers deceived as well. In hind sight we can see the trap, especially if you had read all the comic pages together and not slowly week by week, but it is very easy to understand how Kyle was conned. Some of us even had hope weeks ago that Duncan had changed his ways. Naive maybe but not an idiot.

          • timemonkey

            Just because a lot of people were dumb enough to fall for it doesn’t make it not a stupid thing to do. Romantising a criminal is a dumb thing to do.

          • DC

            I don’t think a lot of people were dumb either.

          • My computer is still dead but I’ve been able to borrow a laptop to catch up on the comments here. Calling one of the fictional characters an idiot in the comments is of course fine, but I feel these comments were coming dangerously close to calling other commenters/fans idiots/dumb, which we don’t do here.

            It’s been a few days and it doesn’t seem like a flame war resulted, but even if we’re only talking about other real people indirectly, I’d ask that we go out of our way to use a tone of respect here, especially when talking to or about people we disagree with. That helps keep things about the ideas and the main topic of the discussion—in this case, whether Kyle should have known better, which is a very good question.

            Thank you. 🙂

          • timemonkey

            Yeah, that was getting a little close to personal attacks, I apologise.

  • Spit it out, poppet! What is it? How did you let anyone down? Or did you know that Kyle was gay and said nothing, didn’t back him up when Tsu was putting his big foot into his mouth.

    • And god is that so hard… Are you allowed to jump in and support someone you care about, but maybe then you accidentally ‘out them’ and spill the beans to people they aren’t ready to be outed to?

      It’s like a snarl of yarn in an knot. Even when it’s your best friend, how do you know (in everyone situation) what you’re allowed to say?

      Gay and in the closet is nothing but hard for both the gay and his loved ones. So hard. It breaks my heart.

    • Klaus

      First we have the big fight. Then, if both survive, and nothing else gets in the way, Mitch will say what he has to say. Probably. I hope.

      • Nothing better happen to either of them dammit. I have to know!

  • Ooh… is he referring to standing up for Kyle to Gordon… interesting! *sends tons of love Mitch’s way*

  • Demie Duken

    Please don’t tell me he’s gonna say what I anticipate is coming soon…

    • EyeDontNo

      Nope, He’s known for a while what Kyle’s secret is. He passed Kyle’s room late at night and heard Kyle moaning guys’ names in his sleep.

      • Demie Duken

        Well I was more thinking along the lines of making MitchXKyle my new headcanon but that’s okay too.

  • I have the destinct feeling that Mitch has a couple of secrets of his own 😉
    (Like that wasn’t stating the obvious)

    However.. I don’t think it’s about possible feelings only, but I’ll wait to elaborate on what else it could be until we know more for sure later on.

  • This page is almost too much for me. if anyone needs me….I am going to be that puddle of adoring Mitch goo…please don’t step in me

  • Sapfo

    I passed the webtest (the one I have to do before the CRP course) and I get a new page!
    But Mitch what are you up to? You look so…. guilty?!
    YOU did do all thouse pranks we talked about. Bad little boy

    • Yay for test passing!

    • Congrats on the passing the webtest, Sapfo! 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Way to go, Sapfo!

    • Adam Black

      Your heart stopping, would have been a terrible birthday present

      • Sapfo

        Thankfully no! My heart will go oooon! 😀

        • Adam Black

          I had a girl at work who would belt that out all day long.

          …and now you’ve reminded me of that trauma

  • Missy_Z

    Oh man, Alex, you just HAD to figure out how to drag this out for one more page! Master of the tease, you are!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    There’s a level of maturity, and more importantly of self-awareness, in Flyboy’s speech – especially in panel 4 – that simply makes me tingle with glee.

  • I love the look on Kyle’s face in that first panel. I also love how they give that look towards Tsu and Fluke (but mostly Tsu I’m sure). They all state so much intent and emotion.

  • silibub

    Okay. The first explanation that comes to mind is what a lot of people have been expecting — that Mitch has been keeping quiet about his own orientation because he was afraid of what the team (Gordon) would think, and now he feels that if he had only spoken up before, then Kyle wouldn’t have felt so alone and therefore wouldn’t have been vulnerable to Duncan. So now he wants to make amends because he thinks a lot of the responsibility is his.

    If that’s true, then dude, just jab at my heart with a cactus already because that’s hurtful. A fifteen-year-old shouldn’t feel like he has to be totally comfortable with his sexuality — or even have it figured out in the first place — much less be confident enough to come out to a team that includes a somewhat overbearing and conservative big-bro figure. That would be scary even for an adult.

    I think all of the Protectors must be courageous, altruistic people to devote their energy to saving others and put themselves at risk in the process. The fact that a lot, if not all, of them come from troubled backgrounds only makes that more impressive. But then you have a situation like this, where Kyle and now Mitch seem determined to blame themselves for not being perfect when conditions were stacked against them from the start — this is real, tough stuff. And as easy as it would be to blame Gordon for unknowingly causing some of this strife with his attitude, I figure he’d feel terrible if he knew he was causing his teammates this kind of grief. I hope they can all work things out.

    …All this kind of assumes that the “Mitch is into guys” theory is correct, but you get what I mean. I love me some villains, but I’m really, really impressed with the depth and integrity of the heroes in this comic.

    Now let’s see a fucking hug, huh?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      All of the upvotes for you, silibub.

      • silibub


      • Yep… all! (*chris empties out his pockets looking for spare up-votes.*)

    • A very cool and thoughtful analysis, silibub. 🙂

    • Whatever the truth of Mitch’s concerns, @silibub:disqus, that is very well said and applies no matter what. Thank you for sharing that thought and sharing it well.

  • I have some things to say about this page, they might even be almost intelligent, but I need to un-goo my brain and that might take awhile.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hope you get some good rest, Doki!

  • SQUEEE!!!! As if this page wasn’t enough my HnG fanfic that I have been waiting to update updated! I was almost getting worried it wasn’t going to… It is a good night for Doki. ^_^

    • justkeepondriving


      • Hikaru no Go it is a manga and anime. ^_^ And there is no way anyone can convince me that Akira and Hikaru do not hook up at some point….those two are so lovely together.

        • justkeepondriving

          Ah ok, sounds interesting ^_~

  • TwilightDreamer

    Dang I grow to love each character with each page! XD
    Mitch? O.O nnoooo!! I want to see the next page now!! rofl!

  • Toli Bera

    Oh just kiss him already you big lug!

  • Thank you all for a wonderfu,l tense, exciting and hugely appealing page.

    Every frame is looking right where I want to be looking and every look and expression is so heart-full and heartfelt… I really can’t compliment Adam and Veronica enough in the rushed (TYP) moment for cramming in so much emotion that words can’t cover.

    Alex, compliments on the fact that I don’t feel like you’re leaving us on a cliff-hanger with Mitch. I suppose you might be if I cared WHAT his message is (gay, not, something else entirely), shockingly it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is that I really feel that he want’s Kyle to know he cares deeply and it’s important to him that Kyle knows this… before it may be too late.

    That emotion sings through loud and clear and my compliments to you, Adam and Veronica for making the most important bit of what Mitch is struggling to communicate sound out loud and clear. Kyle is bearing a freight of guilt and shame and nothing could help more than knowing that at least one critical young person doesn’t feel that way and would help him more if he could. I think Kyle is confident of Paul… Spooky made himself VERY clear at the warehouse, and now Mitch has weighed in (even with an incomplete thought) and said, ‘he’s behind Kyle all the way.’

    Finally, after all Kyle went through last night, I love that you’ve given Kyle a clearly distinctive relationship with each of the team members so far… Paul is his loud mouth buddy who would do anything for him, Spooky played the perfect big brother who said, ‘I’ve been there too and you’ll be okay.’ and now Mitch is the consummate little brother who struggles to say, “you’re still all important to me and I wish I could have done more.”

    I love the distinction you’ve give each relationship. It’s not an easy thing to do with and ensemble cast. Bravo(a) to you all.

    Knowing you… dire things are about to happen, but with this kind of love and support I think I can hang on until there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Heh.

    Thank you again for a VERY satisfying page. These are the moments that make us feel that family is going into the trenches, together, to fight the good fight and that makes the outcome all the more important and emotional.

    Loving it!

    • Thank you very much for the thoughtful reaction, Chris. I especially like how you described the different relationships Kyle has with Paul, Spooky, and Mitch—well put. Yes, family is going into the trenches together with all the love and support and everything else that that entails. I’m glad you’re along for the ride. 🙂

    • Eve

      I think you’ve nailed why this team reads like a family.

  • AseretZone

    He likes Kyle, pretty sure. That’s what he never told him before, that he’s gay and he likes him. But he’s not going to be all crazy and kiss him when the others could turn around at any time and see him. He let him down by not telling him and so Kyle went to the silver fox on the bad guy side.

    • Steven K.

      I once didn’t tell a guy that I really liked him, and instead he got together with a guy who ended up shooting and killing him.

      • AseretZone

        Ouch, I’m sorry that happened, man… *hugs and gives cookies* Luckily for Mitch, Kyle didn’t get killed by The Annihilator after he was finished with him!

      • AseretZone

        Ouch, I’m sorry that happened, man. *hugs and gives cookies* Luckily, Kyle wasn’t killed by The Annihilator after he was done with him, so Mitch has a chance!

  • al, i am impressed that you have managed to get a few of your readers’ hopes up, that mitch is also gay

    i hope flyboy isn’t.
    (it’s, ah… …gordon who has to be kyle’s love interest.
    for Obvious Reasons.)

    • Mary Klemzak

      That’s the way it usually goes. Yaoi or not. Biggest enemies are the biggest ship. I kinda don’t want it, but I can see why it would be a ship.

      I mostly ship Kyle with Mitch and/or Paul/Fluke.
      Gordon is mostly big brother/guardian type. IMO.

      • if only for the sake of not traversing the too-trodden path, do i hope al defies the direction that might be expected of him

        technically-speaking, there really isn’t anyone amid the Young Protectors who i want to ship with kyle; more than anything, it is likely ky-ky will “end up” with someone completely unbeknownst to us.

        that is, assuming such a thing is even in kyle’s future to begin with.
        furtherly-assuming, he survives this mission.

        • Klaus

          Kyle needs either someone fireproof, or to learn to keep back his fire while ejaculating. I can well understand that he did not want to ask Amanda for a fireproof room to practise in.

          • practice “what” in?


          • DelorgesDee

            You know exactly what. 😉

          • heh.

            (we’ll leave That to an enterprising fan who wishes to have their own interpretation of events that transpire with The Young Protectors™.)

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Guess it’ll have to be Tsunami, then.

          • DC

            Could he maybe safely have an orgasm in waist deep water? Would his super hero fire ejaculation defy science and shoot out of the water? But yeah I think he will someday learn to control the fire, makes more sense.

          • I think it would boil and steam the water.

          • DC

            Maybe a huge body of water like a lake. But I wouldn’t want Kyle to boil or scald himself or anyone else with him 🙂

          • Sarah314159

            Being fireproof, he’s probably also scald-proof, but this could still be problematic for a partner.

            For solitary pleasures, he’d probably be fine in a rocky or sandy setting. (Nothing like a nice bonfire on the beach…) He’s probably never explored such options because his train of thought ends at “Me+sex=BAD THINGS HAPPEN,” and he’s too caught up in his guilt to give the matter any logical analysis.

          • DC

            Oh yes of course he is fire proof. Sometimes my menopausal mind forgets some of the basic facts 🙂

          • Klaus


            Fire comes from his hands, feet and eyes. Maybe Duncan’s spell has something to do with that, but if you go back one page, you’ll see that the fire comes first from his eyes.

          • timemonkey

            it’s possible he could learn to control it. He had one bad experience and decided not to replicate the circumstances. But as we’ve already seen his powers don’t work quite how he thinks they do.
            We could be looking at an Elsa situation, where his fear of it keeps him from controlling it.

    • Never gonna happen SUPER HERO… we all know that Tsunami only has eyes for one Super Hero… and his name is REX! (you’re just being shy). Kyle is not green enough for Tsunami. Fact! 😀

  • Mary Klemzak

    Kyle. Your face. Is. Too adorable!!

    Was kinda expecting a confession type. Maybe later. For now it’s more like “I wanna be a grown up but not yet” and “Gotta prove myself so gotta up my game. Stat!”

  • Matt Lohkamp

    flyboy already knew, and he thinks he should’ve mentioned something earlier? flyboy is gay and closeted / bicurious? there was some suspiciously convenient shielding him from the fanart that the gang was looking at earlier, so we don’t exactly know what his genuine reaction was (aside from the initial when he sneaks back to peek later)

  • I’m happy to wait to find out what Mitch wanted to say – as Chris D says downthread, right now it’s about the emotion expressed so beautifully on this page. My guess is that it’s about realising a while back that Kyle was gay and not making Kyle feel it was safe to come out, but given the way Alex’s story twists and turns, I’m not about to bet on it. And maybe being told that he should stay outside while Spooky and Fluke went into the warehouse made him feel as if *they* thought he wouldn’t accept Kyle being gay.

    Beautiful composition on this page. And that last panel makes me feel that yes, there really is a two to three year age gap between these two, at a time of life when it makes a big difference.

  • Eeeee! I want to know! So exciting 😀

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my. If I’m reading correctly all the doki in between the lines on that page, I will be perpetually squeeing until the next page. Regardless if there was a romantic subtext to what Mitch had to say to Kyle, there’s no denying the fact that he cares for and supports Kyle completely, and it’s so heartwarming to see how important if was for him to let Kyle know that before it was (possibly) too late. Alex, you are as gifted at painting beautiful, complex layers with your prose as Adam and Veronica are with their stunning line art and color. The only thing that would make this page more perfect is if Mitch stole a quick kiss from Kyle–and it was Mitch’s first kiss! I know it can’t happen because of who might be watching, but just the thought of it…*melts into a puddle of squeeing goo*
    Thanks for another awesome page!

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for such an awesome comment that’s got me grinning here. 🙂

    • HUG (Though I really really really would like a kiss, hug seems most likely)

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    The clock is ticking, you degenerates! Heh heh, wouldn’t it be funny if the hostages all died horrible deaths thanks to their stopping to gossip?

  • kireb

    talking about the future and how good or important things will happen after something dangerous is never a good thing to do XD

    “i will sign the will after i return”/”i will marry you when it all ends”/”after this i will retire and take you to the honeymoon we never had” all ends with death 😮

    • Klaus

      After the war, I will buy a farm.

      • Terri Sutton

        Is that where “buying the farm” as a euphemism for death came from?

        • Klaus


          • Soirbleu

            That’s so sad!

  • Samurai Jack

    Yeah, this is something I kind of alluded to in a comment last week. Mitch sees and hears everything. Those super senses of his likely clued him in the minute Kyle entered that gay bar.

    • Sarah314159

      …OK, you’re the second person on this page to mention Mitch’s “super senses”–where is this mentioned? ‘Cause I totally missed it! :-/

      • Samurai Jack

        Go back a few pages, when the glider is hovering at high altitude and Amanda asks Mitch what he can see on the ground. Just to give you one example. There are others earlier on. Unfortunately I wasn’t around early enough to get in on all of the special offers that revealed extra details about the characters.

        • Sarah314159

          Ah, got it! I never really thought about the fact that they were too high above the ritual site for him to see the details he did, and just went past that stuff on the assumption that the guy flying the plane would be the guy looking out the window.

      • Steven K.

        There was something a little ways back about Mitch’s “eagle eyes” and “owl hearing”.

      • Klaus
  • Nate

    Say it, Mitch. You know you want to.

  • bronakopdin

    gosh all my feels

    I’m so proud of Mitch right now… and curious on how he’s “make up” for whatever he did wrong 🙂
    when is Saturday again?

  • Caffienated

    Alright where’s the KxM ship? I wanna board!

    • Their is plenty of room aboard the Kyle/Mitch airship. ^_^

  • Cydney Sabin

    “When this is all over…” Right… Any bets Mitch gets kidnapped? Or something? Anyone? Just me? Okay…

    • Hate to say it, but I’ve also been fretting about that possible fork in the road for a while now. Here Amanda tries to route the young one out of harms way and then, BAM, Sircea blinks in and he’s gone. Gah… now THAT is some Sturm und Drang.

      Well, I suppose that rescue would give our Kyle something heroic to do on slow afternoons.

      Erm… so… no, not just you. Dang.

      Hmmm… Laampros? GFE? Duncan? The harmonic convergence? Tsunami’s hissy fit… well it wouldn’t be boring, that’s for sure.

  • Pikinanou

    OMG NO Mitch! Ned Stark in Games of Thrones told Jon Snow the same thing and we all know how it ended!! Don’t keep it for after, you won’t get the chance!! Say it now!!

    • Eve

      Yes and poor Ned left us all wondering who Jon Snow’s parents really are. Darnit, Ned!

    • Stubbylegs

      Knowing that Ned Stark was going to be played by Sean Bean meant that most people knew from the beginning how Ned’s storyline would play out.

  • Jose O. Gonzalez Lopez

    Oh Kyle I doubt you are the biggest idiot in the world.

    • Klaus

      No of course not. There are many bigger idiots. For starters there are … Just let me think a minute, OK?

  • DoktorNauk

    Before I jump on ship, how old is Mitch?

    • larry

      14, I believe.

    • Klaus


      Read the first paragraph of Alex’ text just under the comic page:

      Also, Paul’s 17th birthday is very close, either in the past or in the future. Since it is a theme of this story that birthdays have power, my bet is on the future.

      • DoktorNauk

        Still too young for me to ship.

        • Megan Staples

          15 gets ya 20 😉

  • Jason Wexler

    You liked my last comment, and then publish this page? You are making it very very difficult for me to not claim “I called it”.

    Mitch, I get the need for dramatic tension, but you have to realize your living this not watching it like we are, unlike us you don’t have a reasonable expectation that your team is going to pull off this mission successfully with few or minor/survivable casualties. Please just say to him what you need to say.

    I’m so going to look foolish when it turns out that Mitch isn’t wanting to confess his romantic love for Kyle, but rather his long known knowledge that Kyle is his brother (half-brother?) and that Lampros is their father.

    • Dusty Youngs

      I haven’t been following the comments, but is there a camp that just thinks maybe Mitch’s super-senses let him find out something Kyle thought he hid better? Because it’s feeling to me more like Mitch is ashamed because he’s known all along, and feeling guilty because if he’d just said something to Kyle then the latter wouldn’t have felt the need to hide, and none of this would have happened (at least to his thinking).

      • Sarah314159

        Yeah, my first thought when I read this was that it sounded as if Mitch knew Kyle was gay all along and is regretting that he was too chicken to say anything. I’m not aware of Mitch having super-senses, but it could even be as simple as his having seen Kyle go into the gay bar.

        Alternate interpretation: this really doesn’t sound like the prologue to a confession of romantic desires (I don’t see any passion and desire here, just the guilt and seriousness of someone who feels he’s let his pal down), but it *could* be that Mitch is queer too and realizing that if *he* had come out of the closet, it would’ve been a lot easier for Kyle to do so.

        • Takehai

          Mitch’s super-senses, eagle-vision and owl- hearing, were first established here:

          As for what Mitch is going to confess, I’m not sure either. I suspect he is gay, as Alex has left enough clues scattered around the comic and in his comments, but I’ve been wrong before. As far as romantic feelings, it’s quite possible as well, but Kyle probably won’t act on them immediately, as he sees himself as a role model. Just will have to wait and see.

      • timemonkey

        Isn’t Mitch the computer guy on the team? It’d probably be easy to find out from there.

      • silibub

        I think that’s very possible — he doesn’t have to be attracted to Kyle, or gay at all, to care about him and wish he had been more clearly on Kyle’s side in the past.

  • I’m thinking Mitch just feels bad that he (and the others) let Kyle think they’d turn on him just because of this.

  • Megan Staples

    Maybe he’ll confess undying love. lol

    • Red

      I hope so hehehe!

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    This could go wrong in so many different ways….but then…..tune in next time for ???!??!!

  • Zachary Lucido

    I think this other, strugling comic is amazing, I don’t know where else to post about a gay, romantic, occasionally NSFW webcomic that has a chapter cover that the artist set on fire to texturize.

    Good man timeshares his time on Earth with ‘demon’ for artistic ability. Demons are forbidden from doing good works, includes being good AT things. Forbiden from embodying their old aspects. Angel of Joy invents Wrath to remain ‘happy’ in hell.

    Devoto: Music in Hell

    • Zachary Lucido

      This comic is also great, I think Kyle will take over most of earth in place of his dad.


      This is a great place to share recs and to be alerted when comics are updated. Devoto has been recommended and is one of the 70-ish comics that is currently being kept up to date.

      • Zachary Lucido

        Thank you!

  • Kate G

    Mitch, in what world are you supposed to feel guilty for what happened to Kyle? Like, seriously? You have the most adorable of intentions, but you have unless you could have known about it at the very last second and then flown at super speed a la Superman (enter Superman theme) to save him, honey, there was nothing to be done. (Besides, I don’t even think super speed would have helped anyway.)

    You know what. I just noticed how much the red of Kyle’s super suit clashes with his hair. It only took me…..two chapters (three)? I blame my grams’ illness everyone, she was very ill and so no noticing of clashing colors.

    Being 18 and all, does that mean Kyle gets a suit upgrade after this (granted he survives?) We fangirls would love a suit upgrade! *chants* NEW SUIT NEW SUIT NEW SUIT! (Anybody?)

    • cthulhu


  • Abbi Orenstein

    he’s an old man trapped in the body of a 15 year old isn’t he?

    • Klaus

      A teenager trapped in the body of a 15 year old.

      • Well that pretty much accurately describes what my teenage years felt like.

  • james

    I don’t think this bodes well for Mitch!

  • You know? I woke up this morning with a bad cold. Yeah, kleenex and all that. So, I’m home today and feeling really lousy, but I think to myself, “WELL AT LEAST IT’S PAGE DAY…”

    And then… ‘DOH!

    Sometimes fate is really an S.O.B. You know?

    • John

      I know, right? I’m SO LOOKING FORWARD to the next page!

    • Sapfo

      Oh dear Chris! I can not like this at all. How could you forget which day it was? Oh and to bad about the cold.

      If you want I can send over nurse Sven. He will take care of you, he is blond, knows how to put IKEA furniture together and he have armpit hair, so no worry.

      Take care!

      • Steven K.

        Hey! I could use one of those! I’m on dialysis, so I think that should trump a little ol’ cold. And being able to put furniture together and having a decent amount of armpit hair is very important to me – so he sounds ideal. And I’m sure that, with the weather the way it is here, Sven would feel right at home.

      • Well that doesn’t sound like a hairless animé elf… so goooood. Thanks Sapf.

        • Sapfo

          Nope no elf at all 😀
          Sven is btw a real person XD
          One of the tallest men I know and very blond. Just dont piss him of….

    • Well, Mr. Dangerfield, it’s now Friday. 😛

  • Gregory In Seattle

    At a guess: Mitch is also gay (or maybe trans; his apparent youth could be because he was born in a female body) and figured he could have come out safely after seeing the fan porn in Chapter 1 but didn’t. He now feels guilty because if he had, Kyle would not have felt the isolation that made him easy prey for the Annihilator’s seduction.

    • Soirbleu

      Trans Mitch? That’s an interesting idea.
      Part of his youth, though, does have to be because he’s 15.

      Ps, I’m in Seattle too!

  • andraknoby

    Mitch just kiss Kyle already!

    • Soirbleu


  • D. Garrett

    kyle is hot in panel 5. i dont ship mitch and kyle. i want anni to have an epiphany and turn into hero. so he and kyle can be together. although i wonder if it would be possible with laampros’ mark of ownership on anni. and the likely death sentence to anni by laampros if deal breaks. maybe kyle could intervene and protect him somehow from laampros? “father, i love him!” and then of course anni would have to grovel, beg, plead for forgiveness. kyle forgives him after a time and they reunite. so “good” anni does heroic deeds as an individual cuz the other heroes dont trust him and everybody lives happily ever after. *did everyone like my cyber acid trip? lol.

  • I think it’d be cute if Mitch has a crush on him. But, knowing that he’s 15 and Kyle’s newly 18, they’d probably have to wait :P. Yeah, yeah, 3 years isn’t that much but you’d be surprised on how upset people get if an 18 year old dates anyone below 17.

    I’m terrible. First I entertained the idea of Kyle and Spooky, and now I’m doing it for Kyle and Mitch. I have Yaoi-fangirl syndrome. Someone, cull me from this curse. I ship too hard and too much.

    I kind of want Duncan to let everything go and be like, “You’re my forever-man, Kyle!” but at the same time, I’m really on the fence about that. He hurt Kyle so badly and really betrayed him. Unless he’s now playing Sircea, he’s even sacrificing millions for his own benefit. So.. if he’s going through it still, he’s too much of a bad guy for me. Like Mr. Salvatore said, if you’re going to be evil, be evil with a reason– because you’re not worth forgiving otherwise.

    • *evil laughter* One you have it, you can never get rid of it! I think this AMV sums it up and it is quite catchy. Though I would personally avoid starting shipping wars…

      • Guest

        Well, it does really depend on where you’re from. In the US they might have to wait 3 years, but the legal age here in the Netherlands is 16 and nobody would look funny at a 19 year old dating a 16 year old. For that matter even in the US they’d be just fine in plenty of the states, since many of them likewise have the legal age of consent set at 16, rather than 18.

        In other parts of the world the age of consent is even lower. Even in the western world. In France, Greece, Sweden and Denmark for example it’s 15. In Austria, Germany, Portugal and Italy it’s 14. In Spain it’s lower still at 13.

        Of course, if someone over 18 years old tried to date a 13 year old in Spain, while legally acceptable, it would undoubtedly cause serious moral and ethical objections. An 18 year old (and just barely at that) like Kyle dating a 15 year old like Mitch though, would probably be just fine.

        • Steven K.

          Dang – one more reason why I wish I could have spent my youth in Europe. Maybe I wouldn’t have had to wait until 19 to have ANY sort of sexual experience whatsoever (apart from auto-erotic activities), and 23 until I had a half-way decent one.

          • Steven K.

            Of course I would have been so much happier in Europe for all kinds of other reasons as well.

          • Guest

            The age thing can be funny really. Consider Kyle and Mitch for example. We know Kyle literally just turned 18. Mitch is 15, but we don’t know if he’s early 15 or just a day away from turning 16 himself. In the latter case, there’s not a 3 year difference like Rowan said, but really only a 1 year difference.

            Still, in real life, all some people are likely to see are those two numbers, 18 and 15, and those people will indeed immediately take issue with the idea of an 18 year old dating a 15 year old, no matter the actual circumstances.

    • Ermmmm… this entire graphic novel has taken us all this time to get here and it’s only a few “days” into it’s story. If we have to wait three years… (*chris translates that into TYP time*) then that means you’ll could be 72-years-old when they get to consummate their relationship. I just thought you’d like to know. LOL.

  • WarGoddess

    I AM the Annihilator’s future younger version, I’ve come from the future using arcane magic spells crafted by the Platinum Priestess, and I’m here to help prevent the calamity that I caused. My innocent blue eyes look SO familiar, don’t they?

    Hahahahaha that could never be it….it’s just my imagination, I’m sure. But….the blue eyes…the fact that black hair usually goes silver with age…he’s wearing blue and a silvery white …I think my brain has finally gone nuts……..I’m gonna go sit in the corner now guys………

    Edit: What else does he have to be sorry about? Does anybody else see this? I’m probably completely wrong.

    • silibub

      Ha, that would be an incredible twist!

    • I hadn’t thought about that but…Mitch’s apparent concern when he found out that Duncan was the one who hurt him did make me wonder. Maybe he’s Duncan’s and PP’s son?

    • Midori Ren

      Red hair also goes silver with age. Possibly more shiny a silver. And red hair – blue eyes is a really common combo.

      Maybe Mitch is sorry because he knew about Kyle’s orientation earlier but didn’t say anything. Or maybe Mitch had some strange intel that said Anni and the Priestess were planning something but thought it wouldn’t effect them.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    People have already talked about Red Hot’s expression in panels 1 & 2 as he recriminates, or about the way Red Hot and Flyboy lean together conspiratorially in the last three panels. Well, I’d like to draw your attention to Flyboy’s stance in panel 4.
    He starts his big speech about his own shortcomings, and puts his hands on his hips, making it look as though he’s somewhat irritated at himself. Not so much embarrassed, since in that case I suspect he’d be showing body language where he shoves his hands in his jacket pockest and his arms would be straighter, pushing the jacket down (you know, the same type of pose Red Hot has already shown a couple of times when he shoves his hands in his pants pockets).
    It’s an interesting combination of teenage bravado when combined with the self-awareness that Mitch is exhibiting.

    • silibub

      Nice analysis of his body language — I wasn’t paying attention before, but you’re right, it does tie nicely into the mature perspective he’s had about all this. I think Alex did a great job of setting Mitch up to look like an overeager kid and possible liability, but now the art and his dialogue are showing the opposite. Teamwork!

    • Really like this analysis. I’ve always enjoyed how Alex, Adam, and Veronica use body language in this story. Most of our communication is non-verbal so their emphasis on that adds an intriguing layer to what’s going on.

  • davefragments

    I’m impatient for the rest of Mitch’s speech.
    Until then, There are screening happening of the movie INTO THE WOODS and few people in the audiences report that people are walking out because “They don’t want to see a musical” . . .
    I wish Mitch’s revelation is better than that piece of information. I wish to see Kyle’s curse of birth reversed. I wish to see Duncan and Kyle at a fancy ball. I wish to see Sircea, the red coat of humanity defeated. I wish to see a gang of yellow Sircean minions, I wish to see a many things.

    • silibub

      I like this adjective, Sircean. I just looked up “Into the Woods” and it looks interesting — I’m surprised people reacted that negatively to musical numbers, and that they didn’t do the most cursory research before paying to see it.

      • davefragments

        The opening number “I wish” or “Into the Woods” is about 12 to 15 minutes long and is nearly all music. It’s like Phantom in that nearly everything is sung, or Les Miserables.
        How do people not know that and get a free ticket?
        I would beg for a ticket to a free musical.

        • silibub

          You’d think they would have read two sentences about it. Then they could have sold or given their tickets away if they knew it was something they’d hate.

  • In for camping though I’m doing it from my new tablet in a hotel room. Should still work, right?

    Anyway, going to check some comments. This page has some real pins and needles stuff so I’m looking forward to the next one.

    • Isn’t Mitch just the best?

      • He’s tip top, cream of the crop!

        • How are you doing, Doki?

          • Not too bad considering, you?

          • The same. I can’t complain at all. Just really tired right now. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

        • What do you think of my festive avatar?

          • LOVE IT. Damn, your hair is getting long… I know it grows fast but the difference is still startling.

          • Yeah, I really need to get it trimmed.

          • Steven K.

            Setting aside all the crap that Anni pulled, still might be kinda cute, just for the holiday season, to see a pic of Anni dressed in a Santa outfit with Kyle sitting on his lap whispering into his ear what he wants for Christmas – or Yule – or Solstice – or Saturnalia – or Festivus, etc.

          • davefragments

            Ready for the season!

      • Steven K.

        I really wanted the Kyle-Duncan situation to work out originally, before things took Hellish turn, because, among other things, I thought it was refreshing to see an older-guy – young guy relationship openly depicted and shown in a way to an audience containing a lot of young people that such a thing isn’t as horrible or nasty and could even be sexy (before the old guy ruins everything, including that idea). But now, I have to say that, if it were possible, a Kyle-Mitch relationship would make THE most adorable comic couple EVER!

    • *waves* forgot to ask did they end up finding your bag?

      • *glomps starr* hello!

        • Stretches from cat nap… *hugs tightly back*

          • I am making a halfling rogue to play in an online campaign. ^_^

      • They did! It was delivered to the hotel and to my room around 4am that night so everything worked out.

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          • I’m of course muy jealous!

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            Granted I can easily redownload the newer one, but I don’t want it to mess up and erase the older one. If that makes any sense!

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  • One of the things that kind of really like about this page is that after Mitch says “But then…” he looks at the others (of which we see Fluke and Tsunami) and then leads Kyle just a bit further away from them before speaking again. In Panel 6 even though he is talking to Kyle he is looking at the others to make sure they aren’t listening in to what he has to say. And in the last panel when he is saying the important things he is looking at Kyle. With his powers he has probably seen and heard MANY things that he probably shouldn’t have. Bad things, Good things. Having super-powers you are forced to grow up a little faster than others, but with Mitch’s abilities…I think he would a lot more worldly than they give him credit for. He is still a 15 yr old, but I have to kind of wonder just how much of his innocence is left.

    Okay I was going to try to write this without doing this, but…

    OMG MITCH IS THE CUTEST MOST ADORABLE….I just want to hug him and squeeze him and love him forever and ever. Mitch is the best.

    • Steven K.

      I know – I feel your stirrings/inclinations! But it’s worse for me cuz I’m 50, and having such feelings for such a youngster would be rather controversial to say the least – but he is depicted rather maturely and it isn’t my fault that he is drawn so cute and adorable. I just keep pretending he’s older.

    • Good insights on Mitch! And he so fricken adorable and clearly a good person. Now…I’m running to the next page to see what else he has to say.

  • Jason Equality King
  • Tahir Raines

    So I’m going to assume that Flyboy is bisexual and has a crush on Kyle and wants to make it up to romantically later.

  • OnyxLight

    This has so much promise!

  • Ninhursag

    So you’re going to make it up to Kyle, eh, Mitch? *wink*