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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 83

272 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 83

Hmmm… Where are you going with this, Mitch?

Alas, I’m still having computer problems. This is not likely to change for another couple weeks. Thus, these are work-in-progress colors. Your continued understanding is appreciated.

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So! Flyboy seems to have used his quiet time to come up with a bunch of questions. But Kyle’s been awfully quiet too lately. What will happen when these two start using their words?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • silibub

    Hmm, Mitch.

    • silibub

      By which I mean, maybe he’s learned something useful from all this — if it turns out Mitch is gay, too, and keeping it to himself (possibly because he’s close with Gordon, and we know Gordon has an attitude about the subject), then he’s made the connection that keeping it a secret makes him vulnerable like Kyle was. It would be great if one positive outcome of all this is that Mitch won’t be taken advantage of like Kyle was, because he’s seen that his team won’t bail on a member because of their sexual orientation.

  • *squee*

    • justkeepondriving

      Yes, this page is uber squee worthy ^_^

  • DC

    Mitch is very understanding.

  • Sapfo

    Oh GOSH!

  • Well, this is interesting. What are you trying to say, poppet?

  • silibub

    I still have complicated Kyle/Duncan feelings, but I really like the idea of Kyle and Mitch together, too — it’d be cute as hell. Dorks ♥ *messes up their hair*

    • justkeepondriving

      I feel the exact same way per Kyle/Duncan & Kyle/Mitch. Must be something special ’bout this page ♥

  • Sapfo

    It is hard being the youngest. people mostly forget about you, you have to stay behind when others go into a fight, you are kind of left to do a lot of thinking. I do think Mitch is about to come up with something really good.

    Sorry to hear that your computer problem is still messing things up for you Alex. The pages still looks great.

    • Thank you, Sapfo. Yes, this computer problem is… challenging. But I’m glad I was able to still get the page up in time. And I’m very glad you like what you see. 🙂

      • bandanajack

        i concur, in some instances the incomplete work, if i am seeing it right, actually enhances the look, the close up of kyle’s face, for instance.
        other strips could only pray for the quality of your artwork. kudos to the team.

  • (has read the page multiple times now and still…..) *squeeeeeeee*

  • Okay, mostly calmish now. So… what is in Commander’s backpack?

    And I might have a problem because I also like the way Mitch’s legs look in that panel.

    • I think it must be noted how adorable Doki is when she pretends to a faint ennui in regards to Mitch’s personal questions… when we know she’s really doing this…

      Squeeeeee free Doki!

    • justkeepondriving

      I was just wondering the same thing! I hope she packed a picnic lunch for post-battle hunger pains ;P (Or, y’know, useful stuff for the battle.)

    • JesBelle

      It’s loaded up with things and knick-knacks, too.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        (never mind)

  • Well Tsu makes Fluke look two feet tall in that second panel.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I think it’s a perspective thing, as they are walking down a gangplank at different points. Tsu is tall, but not that tall.

      • Maybe he grows as he gets ready for battle? Cause that would be AWESOME!

    • Steven K.

      Well, he might still be at least a few steps higher as well.

    • Klaus

      Fluke is in front of him, and thus lower on the ramp. Commander, on the other hand, almost bumped into the camara.

    • Wait until you see the height chart. 😉

      • Says the cryptic author. 😀

      • The problem with being insufficiently caffeinated is that I keep seeing this comment and thinking of a discussion in Scandinavia and The World about how Humon *could* have symbolised the relative flatness of the different Nordic countries.

      • Cydney Sabin

        Ohh myyy (a la George Takei)

    • hennerson

      High tide?

    • justkeepondriving

      Thank you for noticing that! Don’t know how I completely missed it. Too busy looking at Kyle maybe. cough

      • There’s lots and lots of pretty things to see on the page. 😀

        • justkeepondriving

          Indeed there is ^_^ As always, but this page in particular.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aw, I hope Mitch lets Kyle know his shoulder is available to lean on when needed. Hoping for more, but there’s still time for that. 😛

  • Precious

    Is it a bad thing to be freaking out right now?
    Yes? No?
    Okay ;A;
    Well, I’m going to freak out anyways > w _> Maybe? O_o

  • Choreocrat

    “Work in progress colouring”. Hah! so terrible. omg i can’t even.

    • Klaus

      Yes. If this coloring is substandard, the standard must be high indeed.

    • Stubbylegs

      Yeah, I would never have known if nothing had been said about it; I think the coloring is great.

  • Xalun K

    This actually terrifies me a little bit. As soon as Mitch mentioned Annihilator, my heart started to pound. This is either going to be very good, or very very /bad/. Oh Mitch… Please don’t make a scene right before the battle. Please be getting ready to be awesome and not awful. o_O

  • Oh lord, I’m so happy to see them get out of that ^%*^$#%#&^% PLANE!

    (oh sorry, guys, too much holiday travel and you get a complex…)

    Kudos to everyone who commented on the stunning “temporary” colors, I can’t do sarcasm better than @Choreocrat:disqus , so just re-read that post to imagine my harsh condemnation of Veronica’s beautiful work.

    And @silibub:disqus … “I still have complicated Kyle/Duncan feelings… WHATEEEVAH could you mean? In my response to DaveF recently you can see that I know nothing about Kyle and Duncan feelings, but I agree that those two pups are as close to adorable as it gets in spite of the Mitch being the ultimate twink… thing. I do love the idea of him having someone to talk too… whatever he discovers he wants to pursue. Kyle is such a wonderful example of the pain of isolation, whomever you wish to evolve into. Lovely suprise @alexwoolfson:disqus . Thanks.

    Is it wrong that I’m fixating slightly on Kyle’s pouty lower lip in Panel#5?

    (*chris shakes himself out of dangerous fixations and remembers to hydrate*)

    Thank you all three for overcoming Thanksgiving’s tryptophan induced stupor to get this wonderful page up, get us out of that plane before The Admiral kick Tsunami’s grumpy buns out the back door, GO SOMEONE TO MAKE KYLE SPEAK, made Spooky walk right by me (I felt his duster brush me and… *oh sorry again*… and let us see a little of the drama we KNOW is running around inside our Mitch. Thanks for a great holiday page.

    • No you aren’t the only one to notice that pouty lower lips of Kyle’s.

  • I wanted to add in my voice to the incredulity that these are only WIP colors.

  • Oh, can I just say that I pulled this up on a chance, while standing in an airline baggage claim area (having arrived home an hour late due to airline stoopidity) and waiting for one of the laaaaast bags to arrive via conveyor belt.

    (*we were close to a chris travel rage, due to non-stop talking flight stewards… shoot me NOW!*)

    But NO! All was saved by me remembering to check my iPad and thus, discovering cute super boys, and curious young men prepare for battle! Thus, I was calmed by Veronica’s soothing temporary colors and Mitch’s curiousity and so, my travel-rage eased. Lives were saved today, due to the arrival of the new page.

    So, just remember this, if you ever doubt the awesome powers of TYP. 🙂

  • This is gorgeous. It so happened that when I paged down to read the middle panels, what was right in my field of view was that clump of woodland understory plants in the lower right of panel one. They are beautiful, and that attention to detail in the art is one of the things that makes the comic such a joy to read. It helps to make Alex’s world feel like a real place.

    • Okay, now I feel really déclassé. @Jules Jones:disqus , you note this really lovely artistic detail, so true, all the while I find myself now zoning out while staring at Paul’s [insert tasteful euphemism for shapely male genital package here] in Panel#2.

      (*chris shakes head*)

      Maybe it’s just too much sugar over the holiday weekend… (*rolls his own eyes*)… yeah that’s it!

      • Well, it did help that the layout of my screen is such that the plants were what I found myself looking at when I paged down. 🙂 I did enjoy other points of interest when I went back to read through the page again.

      • justkeepondriving

        I also noticed the plants as per Jules did, but in Panel 2 it was Kyle’s shapely figure that caught my eye ;P

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I adore those plants! Such gorgeous detail.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Oh for crying out loud, people! I get back from gaming, find there’s two hours worth of comments, and *nobody* has made the *obvious* prediction for the next page?
    Red Hot: “Dude, please. There’s no need to rub it in.”
    Fly Boy: “I’m not rubbing it in, Kyle.” [gives Red Hot a quick chaste kiss on the cheek] “I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone. Now go save the world for me. We’ll talk when you get back.”
    There. Now, does that help?

    • Oh Saxon, we’re ALLLLLLLL thinking it! 🙂

      • Saxon_Brenton

        I know we’re all *thinking* it, Chris. But nobody was standing forth to *say* it!
        [edit] Okay, that’s hyperbole on my part. Silibub mused on it at the bottom of the page.

        • Oh? Then well done sir! I just didn’t want you to feel lonely… 😀

        • Doki was too busy squeeing, Sorry.

          • Garnasha

            Squeeeeeee. You’re not alone ^^

            Seriously, how many people are with us on HMS (or USS, for eagles) Firefly now?

          • justkeepondriving

            XD I like the name you chose for the ship!

          • Steven K.

            Been there for a long time here – almost ever since the big betrayal and mistreatment of Kyle.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      But he won’t BE coming back, will he now? Mwahahaha…!

      • Awwww heck, that evil laugh deserves at LEAST four more “ha’s” on it. I mean for pure speculative-evil alone? Yes?

        (*can someone get some smelling salts and revitalize Doki.*)

    • Steven K.

      A rather Panglossian prediction – but yeah, in the best of all possible worlds, that is what would happen. But so far, Alex has gone out of his way to give us circumstances or situations that were the unexpected ones and that made people – wel, me, at least – feel about as far from “warm and fuzzy” as possible. So, although that little scenario would get all of my “most favored” votes, I’m rather doubtful of the possibility. I am sure, though, from what HAS been said in the story, that Mitch does very much care about Kyle, so there is still a little spark inside that maintains some hope. But in my case life has been good at repeatedly blowing out those little sparks.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        There are indeed worlds of difference between what we’re thinking and what will happen. That’s a very good point to remember. I’m now recalling comments I’ve made waaay back in the day, about how Alex is a master at writing characters with ambiguity, so that at least part of what kept the readers returning for more was to find out exactly what would happen next.

  • I don’t have a lot of time to comment a I’m almost on my way out the door, but I’m gonna continue of the thought most of us have reading this page (yes @Saxon_Brenton:disqus it was my very first thought reading the last panel).. and I’m gonna take the speculation up a level.

    A chaste kiss on the cheek? Uh-uhhhnn! Nope. They’re on their way into a battle where some might get hurt or not come back. Time for chaste tellings are over, even for a 15 year old – or maybe exactly because he’s 15.

    If anything I predict a fast move forward, a quick smooch right on the mouth and then Mitch saying something, going back in the plane – and Kyle will stand there stunned for a moment … ooor maybe that just how I hope it will be if it DOES happen xD I was smooch, not chaste!

    P.S. The way that plane goes down, I hope they don’t feel that drop when they’re on the insde of that plane or I admire their stamina for not throwing up when reaching ground 😉

  • Toli Bera

    Oho, is Flyboy gonna confess deep dark secrets of flamey desires? :O #HotTimesTonight!

  • Nate

    I believe the appropriate response at this point is “Called it!” 🙂

  • Jason Wexler

    So back in the interlude between chapters one and two, I wondered aloud if Mitch had a “thing” for Kyle. These last several pages have left me struggling to resist the temptation to say “called it” too soon. On the other hand Alex has thrown just enough curve balls, that as usual most of my predictive guesses are wrong. After all, let us not forget the reason Kyle was intrigued by Duncan was that there was a possibility of sex without Kyle killing his partner. A brief aside, upon seeing the publicity photo oh Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with their toddlers, my (straight) friend said “if that’s what gay famlies look like, it’s straight marriage that should be banned”; I suspect that the pairing of Kyle and Mitch might be attractive enough to encourage people like my friend to start actively campaigning for such a thing. With that in mind I’d hope they’d only end up together, if they wouldn’t be sexually frustrated.

  • Mary Klemzak

    So Mitch has feels for our favorite redhead? I didn’t really see that coming, but maybe I’m not that sharp. Ugh, I hate being dense.

    Now I really want them to kiss, or for Mitch to blush and tell him not to get killed or something. I need to find some fanfics. If they’re on tattooed, there’s gotta be some fanfics. Unless the amazing creators don’t want them? Gotta take a look after.

    So where’s Mitch going with this? Guess we’ll see, eh?

    • justkeepondriving

      Don’t feel dense – it’s not canon yet, we’re all only speculating Mitch has the hots for Red Hot 😉

      • I agree justkeepondriving…

        Knowing Alex as we do, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is any number of things (make one up), maybe Mitch has a crush on Amanda, Spooky or Tsunami or someone entirely outside the story and is afraid to be honest… and is learning the possible costs of that. Maybe he just needs someone he cares for like a brother to know that he’d never abandon him.

        Given how tenderly Alex tends to tread in the romantic arena (UNLESS IT’S A BIG OLD HELL DATE) *oh sorry…*. I wouldn’t be surprised that he leaves his 15 year old out of the direct line of romantic fire in this book. It seems clear that to keep this book available to a wider age range, the underage issue is going to be well-respected.

        I’m very much guessing, but I hope Alex is planning to end this significant Graphic Novel with some specific romantic future for our Kyle. It meant a lot in ARTIFICE that Deacon and Jeff ended with hope and a future. It will be hard, in this story, to go through all of this and then be left expecting that Kyle has to wait 3 years (by TYP logic) for Mitch to be “of age”.

        Not to mention, of course, them figuring out how to make Mitch fireproof. I mean, eat a meal with Habanero peppers and the next day you too will understand that there are some areas a person just doesn’t want THAT hot. Indeed if you are intimate with a King of Hell… pregnancy is ALWAYS a possible issue that must be addressed. Right? (HA!)

        So, I’ll be surprised if Mitch’s concern is definitively romantic.

        But then that surprise would also be very Alex… and says nothing about Kyle’s feelings at this time. This is the ‘day’ after his night of violation and embarrassment. It’s pretty fresh stuff. He’d be fair to divert any approach from anyone today.

        I’d guess the Mitch ‘possible concern’ door is WIIIIDE open. 🙂

        • Steven K.

          Although … isn’t the “age of consent” 16 in a lot of States (at least in this reality)? Since Alex isn’t being all that graphic with the sexual imagery, some type of “young love” depictions could be possible – touching, hugging, kissing, snuggling, etc. And Mitch and Kyle would only be 2 years apart. Or one could go way off kilter and think up some wild scenario such as:
          whatever Llampros does to give Anni and PP never-ending youth, Spooky shoots off a spell to counter-act it, and maybe part of the spell misses the target or reflects or bounces off something and a bit of it takes a glancing blow off from Mitch, but by that point it is somewhat weak, so that the “anti-eternal-youth” spell causes Mitch to (physically, at least) age by a few years, etc. Would that count??

          • I hear you…

            However, I just keep thinking on what our Kyle is READY for… basically the “non-hell” HEA version of:


            What 15-year-old Mitch needs (chaste smooching?) is NOT what Kyle needs right now. IMHO. Just what I keep thinking.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I don’t know…personally, I think that Kyle is likely to want to take things incredibly slow before reaching that level of intimacy again with someone, both because of the betrayal he’s just gone through and because of his fears about his powers.

            Plus, there isn’t anybody else other than Duncan who has been confirmed to not be harmed by Kyle’s powers if they get out of control.

          • In that scenario, his body would age but his ID would still have his current age because his date of birth wouldn’t change. Now, what would be interesting, a random portal opens and sends Mitch at least 3 years into the future. He would be chronologically 18+ but physically 15.

          • Steven K.

            Yeah – but I’ve always hated any sort of time travel/distortion/dilation stories and all the messy “alternate timelines/realities” that then hypothetically extend from such premises, etc.

          • Klaus

            Very closed to three years. Mitch turned 15 recently, and Kyle turned 18 yesterday.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          This is the ‘day’ after his night of violation and embarrassment. It’s pretty fresh stuff. He’d be fair to divert any approach from anyone today.

          Yes, although I’d quibble that he’ll try to divert for longer than just today. Red Hot will definitely need time to get his head together. But the comments he made back at the warehouse (“I let myself have sex – Even though I know terrible things happen with me and sex” (p.29), “That I shouldn’t have been so reckless. That there are some things that should always be out of bounds.” (p.24)) strongly suggest that he’s already made up his mind to be eternally chaste.

          Of course, there’s a difference between romance and sex… but it might be too soon for Red Hot to appreciate the difference.

        • Klaus

          A crush on Amanda would be difficult to hide. Can she look through his eyes while shutting out his feelings? Can she do it doing combat, where most of her attention will be elsewhere?

          • Oh poo Klaus that is not the slightest problem… what’s going to throw Amanda is when she goes into Sircea’s mind and discovers that she’s obsessed with silibub… (yeahhhh imagine those images).

            Then things are going to become complicated!

      • Mary Klemzak

        Want. More. Fanfics.

        I look on and ao3 but there isn’t much.

        *sighs deeply*

    • Steven K.

      We know he cares about Kyle in some way, though we, unfortunately, don’t know that it is in any sort of romantic way.

  • davefragments

    Sorry I missed camping last night. I had guests and we killed the leftovers, slaughtered a cow, defeated the scourge of half bottles of wine and then held a movie festival. Something crazy about seven shit-zu’s and Jack of Diamonds, I think. … A much better time than arguing with in-laws the day before.

    It seems that Mitch has learned lessons about hiding and about winning battles with words first and with actions later.

    Sircea and Duncan think they are inevitable. That’s one of the great “evil overlord” sins. Hmmm, while sinning would be easy with her body, overconfidence and arrogance are a sure sign of impending doom.

    • “I had guests and we killed the leftovers, slaughtered a cow, defeated the scourge of half bottles of wine and then held a movie festival. Something crazy about seven shit-zu’s and Jack of Diamonds, I think.

      DAVE! I so want party at your house… add mead and it sounds a bit like an ancient Norse get together. Yeahhhhh. Nice holiday work.

    • Samurai Jack

      Not always. Sircea might be more like Ozymandias than Dr. Sivana.

      I agree about Mitch. Talk about a guy whose powers make him a loner… He sees too much and hears too much, and quite often it’s likely things people don’t want him to see. Who else can run off at Mach 2 when things bother him? Forming connections with others is bound to be difficult for him. Gay or not, I see him opening his heart to Kyle. He knows what it’s like to be alone, and Kyle’s situation with Duncan probably feels very real to him.

      • davefragments

        I know about enough about Ozymandias from WATCHMEN but nothing about Dr Sirvana.

        Ozymandias and Sircea do have commonalities. The disasters they cause have a purpose in their minds. Perhaps their deaths will be part of that commonality.

        As for Dr Sirvana, I can’t comment. I just can’t find out enough about him fast enough to make a comment.

        • Samurai Jack

          Don’t worry about it too much. The point was this: Ozymandias outlines his entire plan to Rohrshach and Owlman, who then plan to stop him. Except, as Ozymandias said, he’s not some comic book supervillain–He had pulled the trigger on his plan 20 minutes earlier, and there was nothing they could do about it.

          Dr. Sivana is/was a much more cartoon like villain, and the arch nemesis of Shazam/Captain Marvel.

      • zunden

        …..I uh…. I’m just going to crawl away and pretend I didn’t think that you meant King Ozymandias (aka: Ramesses II of Egypt). So I totally wasn’t thinking of how to compare a comic book villain to “‘Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’ Nothing beside remains.” (Percy Shelley)

  • hennerson

    Hmmm… I wonder if folks are being a bit premature about thinking this is about Mitch’s feelings for Kyle. I kind of read it as Mitch being terrified about the prospect of a very dangerous conflict and being afraid that his fear will let the side down – which is why the very telepathic/empathic Commander has given him an important role away from the actual fighting.

    It’d be hard to see yourself as the ‘coward’ when surrounded by a team of hard-core hero-types…

    • Nichelle Haliday

      Yeah, I agree. While it does seem that Mitch has something important to tell Kyle, there’s no telling exactly what it may be. It could be insecurities about the battle, or being important to the team. There’s also no way of knowing of whether Mitch will be able to spit it out; it could be a huge tease for us. Mitch could be just about ready to open up, and then Amanda tells him to get in the air, or Paul calls for Kyle and we’re left with a Mitch with huge puppy eyes kicking himself for not being able to spit it out.

      Hope I’m wrong, but it is a possibility.

    • justkeepondriving

      I like that idea, it’s not something I’d thought of.
      We’re only being premature because we want it to happen ;P
      In reality, I think he feels like they’re walking into danger and he’s trying to think ahead.

    • Klaus

      “For what lover would not choose rather to be seen by all mankind than by his beloved, either when abandoning his post or throwing away his arms? He would be ready to die a thousand deaths rather than endure this. Or who would desert his beloved or fail him in the hour of danger? The veriest coward would become an inspired hero, equal to the bravest, at such a time; Love would inspire him.” Plato: Symposium

  • Cydney Sabin

    Mitch and Kyle sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!

    • Steven K.

      One could only hope. Although …. is legal with underage romantic-ish kissing allowed??

      • Abbi Orenstein

        as long as there’s no nudity or sex its all good I imagine. hugs and kisses are in the same category as long as they have pants I think.

        the censors haven’t gotten that crazy.

      • silibub

        I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, as long as we’re not seeing Mitch’s business. Eighteen and fifteen isn’t an egregious gap, especially since Kyle and Mitch are probably on relatively equal footing as far as life experience since their circumstances are unusual. We’ve already seen Duncan and Kyle in an intimate context, and the age and power imbalance in their relationship was apparent even though they were both technically legal. By comparison, Kyle and Mitch having PG-13 interactions would hardly be alarming.

        (Oh, and I don’t mean to imply that showing Kyle and Duncan having sex was wrong or anything, especially since it was important to the story! Just that the comic in general has already included potentially uncomfortable material by going there, so showing a fifteen-year-old kissing someone three years older shouldn’t be a big deal either, as long as pants stay on.)

        • Steven K.

          I would tend to agree with and support all that you’ve said – but sometimes things regarding various rules/regulations/comments can be rather touchy – I just don’t want to “get in trouble” by saying or suggesting something inappropriate according to someone else’s rules and regulations. I don’t necessarily even have a moral problem with such a relationship – I would have given anything for a hot 18yo (or even a 30-something) to initiate me into the world of love/sex/romance when I was 15. I had to wait all the way till I was 19 to have ANY sort of sensual/erotic contact with ANYONE, when I pretty much knew for certain what I wanted and what I was interested in by the time I was 12.

  • larry

    Oooohhh! What’s about to happen?

  • Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Erm… I mean… Mitch, Mitch, Mitch.

    Any chance of this life or death situation creating the right kind of sexual tension that I hear causes a full-on shedding of super-uniforms and a great big pre-battle TYP orgy?

    Anyone? Anyone? *crickets* ε(๏̯͡๏)з

    Ooookay… I guess not. (Maybe it’s good that Alex is travelling. I’ll check back later on this issue. (*snort*)

    • Special non-canon art for the stretch goal Alex thinks he won’t reach in the next Kickstarter?

  • As a noted moderator once suggested… it may once again, with this page, be time to trot out Eddie Izzard’s “Cake or Death”! It’s all about the fact that, the more people die, the more distant we all feel about it.

    Thus, Sircea and Duncan are about to allow most of the world to be munched by demons. Near mass extinction, and yet, WE are all WAY MORE excited about Mitch kissing Kyle. So, as Eddie says…

    Your daily diary?: “… cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, lunch… death, cake cake, cake, death…”

    • Klaus

      Louis XVI’s entry in his diary the day the Bastille was stormed:


      In English: nothing.

  • DemureDesire

    I don’t know. I’m kind of fixated on the “because he knew you wouldn’t tell anyone” line. It makes me wonder if something happened to Mitch because “he wouldn’t tell.”

  • Abbi Orenstein

    awwwwww Mitch!!! *goes completely fan girl* even if they don’t kiss or Mitch isn’t gay this looks like its going to be a very touching scene. Mitch is showing so much wisdom he automatically seems like the oldest kid in the group.

    • Sheana Knight

      Me too my inner fangirl is saying “come on tell him how you feel!” <3

  • bronakopdin

    Oh wow

    I totally didn’t expect that now… apart from the timing xD
    though I do think it’s good to have this conversation it’s kinda a bad moment maybe to start this? Or well we still don’t know Mitch’s reasons ^^

    I’m really curious!

  • Mir

    Mitch is gay. Calling it now.
    (I have no idea for certain but I can only dream)

    If not I think this will be leading up to a scene where he reassures Kyle that what Anni did was messed up.

    • Mitch doesn’t have to be gay. He can be bi, pan, demi, ace, etc.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Or he could just be experimenting by sticking his finger up his butt. (I hope we get a splash page of that.)

  • James Wade
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  • Dark_Otter

    Mitch, no. This is the rough equivalent of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart in a locket just before your next bombing raid, or mentioning you’re one week away from retirement before going out on patrol.

    • …or this is your last mission before getting out of the business (The Italian Job, The Expendables 2 (I think either way it was at least one of them) …)

  • I think Mitch is going to tell Kyle how to use this “not a secret” against the Annihilator. Remember, the old guy doesn’t know that Kyle’s friends know and all accept him as he is.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      I think Duncan is going to fall afoul of the “don’t hurt anybody under 18” rule (if he was even telling the truth about that)

      • Klaus

        Self defense is OK. They are about top attack him.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Klaus is right – Duncan mentioned that that rule only applies outside of battle.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Next episode:

    Mitch: “But Kyle, there’s someone you can ALWAYS talk to, and his name is Jesus. Have you accepted Jesus, Kyle?”

    • Steven K.

      “Here – have a copy of The Book of Mormon – another testament of Jesus.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I’ve always thought “Free Agency” would make a great name for a superhero team! (Mormon joke)

        • Toli Bera

          favorite part of this is the point that kyle is also a devilbaby. so religious texts might be off on two points.

    • zunden

      …….*shudder* Stop… please stop…. hjskdahflkjasdhfjbsd….

    • silibub

      This makes me laugh every time I come back to it.

  • Tim

    Could it be another reveal? If so, i’ll say i’ve had my suspension of it since the fanart section. Reactions varied between the group ofc, but only the truly curious decided to snoop and explore on his own 🙂

    • Derkins

      I think he’s going to tell him that the enemy separated Kyle out cause he knew how strong they were as a team. and now that they are together, that have the strength to take them on. just my guess.

      • zunden

        SHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Quiet, Suzie. Let us think he’s gay for a few days.


        • Derkins

          ohhhhh i mean… uh… yeah. that. >.>

          • zunden

            Also, nice snowball you got there. Got any special plans for it?

          • Derkins

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  • You know, I just love the warmth in Kyle’s skin tone. It suits him so well. Granted most red heads are pretty pale, but I love that he has color; fire. So major kudos to Veronica!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      You know, that raises an interesting question… One of my sisters is a red head (inherited off mum) but she also has dad’s bronze skin colouration. Anyway, the practical effect is that her freckles are not immediately obvious. So now I’m wondering… Is Kyle heavily freckled and we just haven’t noticed it? 🙂

      • Well I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers to find out. 😛

        • bandanajack

          i’m in for a game of connect the dots, wherever they may lead…

  • Steven K.

    Kyle’s lips look rather sensual in the 5th panel.

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww, Flyboy is such a sweetheart 🙂

  • Klaus

    Kyle is 18. He needs no mask.

    • Edna hasn’t had a chance to make him a new suit yet.

      • Mir

        NO CAPES!

        • VoidDragon23

          It will be able to withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees! Completely bulletproof! And machine washable, that’s a new feature.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      He’s not concealing his identity from villains. He’s hiding it from paparazzi. Even superheroes need a private life.

    • silibub

      I thought of that, too. He’s probably just used to it, and wanted to feel fully suited up and in control for this since he’ll be encountering Duncan again. The mask could make him feel more grounded in his hero role.

  • Kalynn Osburn


  • stickfigurefairytales

    I’m so happy that Mitch is talking to him about this!!

  • Pikinanou

    If Mitch’s next words are “I’m asking you this ’cause I’ve been through the same thing and he did the same thing to me” I’m going to flip a table over and over again :O
    (sorry if that seems completely out of the blue, but I was struck with that idea, after reading that page for who-knows-how-many-times again)

    • Steven K.

      Even though he’s a liar, for some reason I’m going to take Duncan at his word that he would have kept to the rule he mentioned and that he would not have harmed or messed with anyone underage – and I’m including sexually in that.

      • rgleon9986

        I’m not drawing much of a line; he still predated upon Kyle.

        • Steven K.

          Yeah – you are right about that, of course. Even if Kyle was (just barely) in the “fair game” category by that point, he was still betrayed and abused and preyed upon and no one, of any age, deserves to be the victim of such things.

      • Klaus

        On the other hand, he might have taken advantage of his emotional vulnerablility without going all the way to secual intercourse.

  • Kiri

    I am very interested to hear what Mitch has to say. But I’m not going to pre-empt what he is going to say. I’m just wondering whether it’s about Kyle or himself and I’m coming up 50/50 here.

    • Klaus

      Or maybe what he said is what he wants to say.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, so we’ve had our fun imagining FlyBoy saying something romantic to Red Hot. But just to be serious (for maybe a second or two 😛 ) I want to echo Xalun K’s coment from further down this page about hoping Flyboy says something awesome rather than putting his foot in his mouth.

    The problem is, it could go either way. To repeat what I said about page 80 when Mitch had that fantastic announcement that he wasn’t some kid who would stuff things up by trying to prove himself: Alex had already given us a few instances of Flyboy ‘acting young’ that set us up to think that maybe Flyboy would behave irresponsibly. It would be nice to think that this newly discovered vien of maturity in Flyboy will cause him to utter some particularly wise words of wisdom. But Flyboy is young. (And besides, Alex likes to through nuance and complications into his characters. Once again I accuse him of doing this deliberately to torture his readers and keep us returning for more.)

    That said, I really like Marina Justyaoi’s idea that Flyboy will advise Red Hot to use the Annihilator’s misperceptions against him. The idea that the Annihilator (probably) doesn’t know that Red Hot has told the rest of the YP team *everything* and may try to use that against the youngsters and will therefore have it blow up in his face is quite appealing. But that depends of whether Annihilator or not has grokked the idea that ‘willing to go without sexual relief for six years’ strongly suggests ‘almost inhumanly self-sacrificing’ as part of Red Hot’s interanlised ethics. Annihilator seems to be selfish enough that that point might be beyond him.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Art nitpick: And once agin, when Fluke is wearing/putting on his helmet/facemask thingy, the neck of his costume extends all the way up under his chin. However when he doesn’t wear the mask, the neck only extends halfway up his throat. Hmm. I’m beginning to wonder if that piece of ribbed edge around the neck of his costume isn’t a piece of decorative trim, but is instead the excess material that’s been rolled down and is forming a raised clump of material…

    • SofiaT

      I think lots of details of superheroes’ costumes need suspension of disbelief to work. I stopped wondering where Clark’s cape is hiding when he wears a suit with the uniform underneath, a long time ago.

  • I haven’t had a chance to visit TYP in a long time because I have been really busy, but it so awesome to have spent the time to catch up. This is amazing!

    • Glad you think so. Welcome back! 🙂

      • Yeah, I was encouraging a dear friend of mine to follow her dreams of creating an story-driven and romantic homoerotica comic. I gave your work as an example. Apparently, she was already a fan and told me that you were the one of her big influences. At that moment, I thought to myself, “Gosh I haven’t visited Yaoi 911 in a while. I’d better visit and catch up.”

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Ooh, if your friend does end up starting a comic and posts it online, I’d love to get a link from you!

  • MichB

    Yes, where ARE you going with this, Mitch? I really hope it’s what I think it is.

  • silibub

    Speculating about Mitch’s feelings for Kyle is fun, but at this point I’d almost prefer for Mitch to just offer his total support and understanding to Kyle and leave his romantic feelings ambiguous for now. As sweet as it would be to hear Mitch say he’s interested in Kyle, realistically it’s just not a great time for that. They’re about to go into battle, and Kyle’s less than 24 hours out of a pretty awful experience.

    If Mitch does express feelings and Kyle takes it well, that’s one thing. But I worry that any romantic overtures would be too much for him right now. Expressions of solidarity and unconditional friendship, though — those are always awesome!

    • Amen! 😀

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I agree, and I’m personally hoping for that (or for Mitch to confess that he’s gay too and wants Kyle to know that he’s not alone). While I do think that Kyle and Mitch would make an adorable couple, the timing would not be the best for telling Kyle he’s interested in him.

      • Mitch doesn’t have to be gay, he has many options, he can be whatever makes him happy and comfortable.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Very true. Good point!

        • Adam Black

          he can be Bi, pan, he can be a pyromaniac, or aHellspawn-sexual.

          really, he has lots of options

  • pssssst We had a DING DING DING that is all.

  • Okay, all the major squeeing for Mitch out of the way (for now), I really don’t think that Mitch is going to confess his undying love to Kyle (though after the battle and when things have calmed down a bit I could see). I am just super happy that Mitch is finally getting his private talk time with Kyle. Fluke and Spooky had inside the warehouse, Amanda I would assume had a little telepathic chat with him, and well, we saw Tsunami….

    Mitch commented that he wasn’t going to be the kid that disobeys orders to try to prove himself, therefore I am expecting him also to not be the one that drops a bombshell on his teammate before a major battle that could leave the teammate’s head in a fuzz/distracted.

    That said, if Mitch doesn’t give Kyle a supportive hug before taking to the sky, I will probably scream…..and maybe throw a small tantrum. Spooky shouldn’t be the only to be able to give Kyle hugs!

    Gah I really want to see where my sweetie Mitch is going with this conversation!!!!

    • davefragments

      I agree. I never thought Mitch and Kyle an “item.”
      And my brain is a little too fuzzy to explain why but those two aren’t a pair, they are teammates and I think that camaraderie what Mitch values.

    • Doki = Mitch fan girl #1! *stretches up from nap*

      • Doki tries. ^_^ No need to get up! Let me cuddle with you. It will help the cramps.

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          • Sadly no to both! I will hand over the Free! doujins / art books though 😉

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yay, Free!! *dives happily into the stack*

          • Any of Onoda and Blue Quail Hair (his happy climber buddy on the other team)?

          • *walks up whistling & drops 2 zines in Doki’s lap* …maybe… XD

          • ^_^

  • Hopefully I arrive in time for camping! How is everyone? I’ll offer my perspective on the scene with Mitch before the next page arrives.

    I’m not going to speculate over what Mitch intends to say as it could be many things. Rather, I want to address the notion that timing is inappropriate for a tender confession.

    I keep in mind that this teem just received a grim reality check from Commander. Some of them might die in the upcoming battle. Given such news this is one of those times when a last-minute confession is wholly appropriate as who knows if anyone is coming back.

    Is this such a moment for Mitch? We shall see soon enough. Regardless, I consider anything he says, especially if it is personal and a bit embarrassing wholly appropriate given the danger. There, you have my two cents adjusted for inflation.

  • Well, I’m feeling sick as a bat and is awake because of that, so I might as well get something good out of being awake and camp for the page. Optimism and going for the good sides, right 😉
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    • Feel better, Ms Wolf. Being sick is evil.

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    These are awesome pages to read back to back

    • Thank you, Adam. 🙂

      • Adam Black

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        I wonder if Flyboy will even be able to finish this exposition before the fighting begins….

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          • davefragments

            Oh yes. The latest story is at 7500 words and might reach double that. All my previous story that reached 10,000 stunk to high heaven until I chopped them down by almost half.
            Other times, I simply can’t write the story because I don’t have enough critical knowledge. Sometimes its too much research there times its insecurity.

          • This story I’m working on, there is just so much story to tell and it intimidates the hell out of me. I’ve broken it down to sections, but dayam.

          • davefragments

            I know that feeling. You aren’t alone.
            The longer the story, the more structure you need.

          • Keneu

            Sorry to intrude the conversation, but I’m curious. What kind of stories do you write?

          • davefragments

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          • davefragments
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          • Yes, I suppose it does, so much more to keep track of, and room to go off track. Blarg!

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    • Morning Sapfo sweetie, and if they are using the dummies, please don’t get too attached…they don’t do committed relationships.

  • Don’t only want to bring being sick to camp, so a little input on what might be up next. While I’ve been so busy/occupied elsewhere in the last days that I haven’t read many comment, I know much of this has been more or less said by others.
    Still, even though I said I wanted Mitch to give kyle a quick smooch and not just a chaste kiss if/when anything like that was to happen, I don’t think now is the time.
    Oh, I wouldn’t midn at all if it did, but it kinda feels like it’s too soon storywise. There’s so much to come next, and things/emotions about what happened with Anni only the day before (jeez, it hasn’t been longer), it’s still about to have some kind of reaction.
    Even if Mitch DOES have a crush on Kyle, I hope he’ll get that there’s a good timing for everything, and right now seems better for support and not distractions of new feelings and questions. If it will come to it then it’s better with smooches later on, AFTER they saved the world and Kyle (and the others) got to have a little time to get to terms with all that happened.
    By then, I’m in for smooches all around for Kyle, be it with Mitch or someone else 🙂

    • HUG!!! THEY MUST HUG!!! Why should Spooky be the only one to get to hug Kyle???

    • silibub

      Agreed! It could be cute if Mitch gives Kyle a lingering look or something as he leaves, or some other kind of hint as to his feelings (if he has them). But after the quick and heady seduction by Duncan, fun as it was to read/see, it would be nice to have more of a slow build for whatever’s next in Kyle’s love life.

  • PFG9000

    I’m rarely here well, not true, I am always here I just rarely comment, though I always read. I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love their banter. It really adds to the story as it unfolds. If I ever had to choose people to watch a suspense thriller with. It would be all of you. You’re the best.

    So is Alex and the artists and this whole comic.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m so glad you have fun! I definitely love reading about everybody’s theories and ideas and humor. There are so many great people here! 🙂

    • silibub

      That’s really sweet! It’s a very nice group of readers here.

    • I agree. Commenting is a lot of the experience for me, along with theories/debates. Sometimes it brings things up I hadn’t even been close of thinking on myself, and/or it can be something to add to my own thoughts about what I’m reading and getting out of the pages.
      Othertimes it’s completely opposite my own interpretation which also is interesting, because a page can be read so different depending on views.

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          • TYP community works great for me!

          • I’ve kinda been trying to implement ‘Youngsters’ as a name the last couple of weeks. Don’t know if it will stick at some point xD

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      • Wow. My first comment on this site and I get the writer talking to me? I feel so honored!!!!!!! And thank you! And especially thank you for being the mastermind behind this!

        • It’s really my pleasure. I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying our work. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  • Red

    Kyle looks sooo mmmmm…. there.

  • Ninhursag

    I sense Mitch is more than just “worried” as a friend for Kyle, tehehe. I can only hope…Spooky is my favorite character until now, 2nd is Commander (her and Spook would make a cute couple) and third is Mitch. I would so like to have spin-off just fot Spooky, it maybe a side-story which tells the time he was in Hell, I would be so interested in that.