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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 74

214 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 74

Translation: “How hot and bothered are you going to be squeezing the Silver Fox’s man parts with your ectoplasmic tentacles?”

BENT-CON 2014 in Los Angeles is coming up in just a couple weeks and they’ve just listed what panels I’m going to be part of. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun so I hope to see a bunch of y’all there! 😀

Oh and…


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So! Twenty on two ain’t no sweat for you and Fluke, huh? Good to know! I wonder what her plan is for the hostages?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • o_o Love those moves.

    • ..the question on everyone (especially Doki’s…) mind 😉

      • Sapfo

        *Zombie.Sapfo* tea…. teaaa….. teaaa
        Oh sorry!
        I´m supposed to to be thinking of Mitch?

        • …..keep your zombie bite away from Mitch… I don’t want Mitch to be a zombie!

          • But he could be a zombie like in Warm Bodies.

          • ….*looks at floor and mumbles* haven’t seen that yet

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I definitely recommend it!

          • You must!

          • Sapfo

            Oh I dont think you have to worry my dear. I am a tea zombie. I only bit tea? o.O

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “Meanwhile, Mitch will continue to act as lookout.”

    • davefragments

      Possibly, he gets to fly away with the hostages.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I’m guessing that will be what’s coming, presumably with some assistance from Spooky if he can spare it.

  • davefragments

    This is going to be the interesting part of the plan!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Ha ha, Sircea’s getting wet. Uh, in the imaginary implementation of the plan.

  • SofiaT


    Fluke is channeling Karate Kid in Amanda’s brain.

  • silibub

    Oh no, Sircea getting doused in the background of the first panel has me in metaphorical stitches (and probably literal stitches if she were around to witness my mirth.) Even funnier are the minions punching each other in the face, which is better than stabbing each other in the face, I guess? Great visuals!

  • OMG…. ALEX!!! Translation: “How hot and bothered are you going to be squeezing the Silver Fox’s man parts with your ectoplasmic tentacles?”

    I have too many different responses to that!

    • I have too many more or less naughty suggestions for that 😉

      • …. me too, not sure if I should be disturbed by that…

    • silibub

      Would he even need to put his tentacles there?! Spooky Jones, going above and beyond the call of duty.

      • D. Garrett

        would be an excellent way to distract him.

  • silibub

    Can Sircea summon her staff out of thin air, or did I miss seeing it propped against the railing or something in earlier pages?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      They, uh, forgot to imagine it before.

    • Bibbety bobbity boo… *poof*

      • Now where is that thing? I know I had it somewhere… Oh yes! I put it away!

  • Ummm…. is Mitch going to be on the next page? You cannot leave him out forever…right?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Plot twist: Mitch gets covered up by dialogue bubbles even when he is in the panel.


        • stickfigurefairytales

          That would be so evil, I’m sorry for even suggesting it!

          • *glares* You are no longer my friend!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Nooooooo, please take me back! I’m sorryyyyyy!

          • …. I will think about it…..


          • stickfigurefairytales

            That reminds me – I still need to mail you your presents!

          • …and here I thought they would be showing up any day… 😛

            What are we going to do with you Stick?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’m sorry! I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes. ;A;

          • *sigh*


      • silibub

        Makes me think of Mike Wazowski. “I can’t believe it…I’m finally in the page!

        • ….

          • silibub

            Ah, I’m sorry. Mitch is so cute, I don’t see why Alex would even be tempted to obstruct your view, even as a gag.

          • Everyone feels bad for Mike, but he is always so ecstatic about it….

          • SofiaT

            *pats back* There, there. They’re only joking.
            I’m sure you’ll see Mitch soon…
            …er or later. ;P

    • silibub

      I like how you’re even more eager for Mitch to have a part than Mitch himself! I hope he pipes up soon, too, if only to ask what he’s supposed to do while they’re tearing shit up down there.

  • SofiaT

    Sircea looks like she’s playing an imaginary electric guitar on stage on that first panel.


    • silibub

      *puts up devil horns*

    • I was thinking of more: she was wielding a trident.

      • SofiaT

        That too makes sense -especially if you imagine that she’s controlling the wave instead of it being about to swallow her.

        • Or Neptune is trying to take it back. 😀

          • SofiaT

            Remember who you’re talking to: Poseidon, if you please, not Neptune. :p

          • Yeah I realized that as I was typing it, but then I didn’t want to spell Poseidon wrong. 😐

        • silibub

          It looks like she’s too off-balance for that right at this moment — I think she’s being knocked backwards still. It’s kind of ominous that she’s even holding the staff, since she’d have to have some of her bearings already to get hold of it.

          • SofiaT

            Which brings us back to my initial imagery: look how she’ll lifted her leg, as if she’s resting a guitar on her knee.

            I’m telling you, she’s Bill&Ted’ing it! 😀

          • silibub

            Hahaha, I love it!

          • But I highly doubt she is living by “Be excelent to each other.”

  • Toli Bera

    wow, there’s a lot of multi-tasking, and a LOT than can go all oopsie-tootsie.

    • I think Duncan is going to be a big part of the wrench-in-the-works part of that plan *nervous*

      • Toli Bera

        I think he’s had his big wrench else where too. 😛 *Filthy*

        but yeah, what if PP’s shielded from her fancy tiara (which I think is new since her make over in the alleyway?) or the offering bowl gives a protection? a lot of the constructs around seem… strategically rickety to me, especially since they’ve had time to plan and ready themselves for the ritual. why use a wooden staircase? they could have used stone. why is the scaffolding still there. she should have had the site ready before now. I dunno to quote a meme this seems like a tarp.

  • Okay, I love panel 3. Fluke leaping and the minions three stooge-ing it…er two stooge-ing it. Ha!

    • SofiaT

      He’s doing The Crane!

    • silibub

      I know, I really like the unexpected bits of comedy Alex throws in to offset the tension. (It’s also telling that he doesn’t dilute the seriousness of some scenes by including humor inappropriately — overall I think the balance in tone is excellent.)

      • SofiaT

        Hear, hear.

      • Indeed!

      • 🙂

        • Adam Black

          when are you coming to Boston/NE, next ?

          • At the moment, I haven’t signed up for any Cons in the NE. I have to keep an eye on my travel expenses. But I’ll keep y’all posted. 🙂

  • Darrien

    One of our heroes has to meet their end now.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      While they’re still on the plane? That seems premature.

      • SofiaT

        And I’m really immature because when I read the word premature, I want to make a joke…

    • silibub

      I hope not. The only character I’ve seen serious death flags for so far is Duncan, and the whole redemption through death trope can be subverted. I do worry about Sircea being an “expendable” villain, as she presents most of the threat with none of the humanizing remorse. As far as the team, killing one of them off would be really dark, and unless it’s absolutely necessary (and not just to give the other characters motivation, since they already have it in spades), it might be too much.

    • Noooo. Don’t even say it, not allowed! o_o .. and that comment coming from such a cute icon somehow seems so wrong LOL

  • I look at those awesome moves, and Kyle’s good question .. only to end up focusing on how cute Spooky look in the last panel. That is a horribly distracting panel to end the page with, in the best horrible way possible *lol*

    (What IS it about that lock of hair that make it look so good on Spooky where I’d often find it to look too dorky? Then again, it’s Spooky. That is probably answer enough xD )

  • Sapfo

    This page kind of reminds me of when I plan my workout. I think it will be so easy in my head. I will move the right way, nothing will go wrong and it will be great…. then I do the workout…. It is never the same as I thougth it would be 😉

    • Things always go better in my head. Sound better, work better. Like being graceful. 😐

  • Klaus

    Where did that staff come from?

    • SofiaT

      Considering this is an imaginary scenario playing out in Amanda’s mind, I’d say her brain, like everything else in those “plan” panels.

      • Could make a half decent pitchfork…

        • I have a feeling there is never a dull moment with you. 😛

    • Irishyankee

      A really sketchy Temp Agency, “Minions are Us”

  • Mary Klemzak

    Omg the translation killed me.

    And Fluke is seeming very cheery, innit? Very un-Flukish. Maybe he just needed a good fight, or plans of a grey fight, to get him out of being kinda a downer. He’s actually kinda cute a couple times. No, right off the bat! I can see his grin. Looks like an amusement park for a hero!

  • David Welbourn

    I can’t help but think after the full plan is agreed on, and Commander says “Let’s go!” — the next page will be a full page “15 minutes later…” spread with all our heroes defeated and the only dialog is Platinum Priestess saying “Nice try, kids.”

    • Gaël Cassetari

      With this much exposition of a perfect plan, there no way it can happen as described.

  • bronakopdin

    Spooky: “depends whether his knives are sharp enough to shave him”

    … no forget that xD

    Kudos to Adam for giving us this study on pained expressions from many angles 😀
    I love the first panel again!
    and today it’s Fluke’s booty shot 😀 well… not only his booty :p

    so between swallowing my toast and leaving for part-time: great Page! I wonder why, probably it’s really due to the action elements but somehow I even feel the pace of the page affects my pace of reading it ^^ it’s like I finish too fast and need the next one like NOW >A<

  • Jeldenil

    May I take a moment for appreciation of tight latex?

    • Marko

      Yes please <3

  • D. Garrett

    really great page. love panel 3 cuz fluke looks incredible. i think he owned this page. im a little worried about amanda with the minion at her back with the knife. ヽ(・_・;)ノ i cant help but think amanda and fluke are simply out-numbered. 🙁

    • Dakejev

      Take it this way: the more there are enemies and less there are allies, the less restraint you need to use, as the likelyhood of hitting an ally is very small. At least until enough baddies are down that you’ll have greatly evened the odds.

      …playing freeform RPG with friendly fire in effect – and knowing that if you accidentally kill someone else’s character, they’re sitting at the same table and are allowed, by the standing houserule, to come up with a fitting punishment in real life – tends to give you insights like this a lot. At least if your friends are very imaginative with their punishments.

      • D. Garrett

        whoa. irl punishments for rpg? i think i need a cpl examples of what ur imaginative friends came up with.


        • Dakejev

          Last time there was an “oops killing”, I wasn’t involved, but the punishment was to ride the bus to work next day, wearing bunny ears.

  • TwilightDreamer

    lol, love the action scenes even if right now they’re only plans, still looks awesome.

  • MaddBookish


  • Terri Sutton

    I now have two questions;

    1, How badly is this going to fail?
    2, Is Mitch guarding the plane, well away from the battle or something?

    • KryX

      I think we are seeing everything that won’t happen. We may be in for a long stretch of bad.

  • Pikinanou

    Ha, Ha! They punch each others! I love Fluke’s power, even if it’s just for the “lol” 😀

  • Klaus

    OK, who think Spooky is going to answer “yes”?

  • Librarican

    So, who is dressing up as a character for Halloween and who are you going to be?

  • Sapfo

    Hint! It is someones birthday today. Is that not right birthday girl DanishWolf?

    Happy birthday Wolf! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    • Is that true, Danish?

      • Sapfo

        Yup! She have no secret for me 😉

        • I still have one or two, but not that one ^_^

          • Sapfo

            You holding back secret from me? Why do you do this to me? 😉

          • Why do I suddenly see you donning a trench coat, a fedora and binoculars stealthily making way to Denmark?

          • Now I am also seeing it.

          • That we know Sapfo so well… it’s an easy image to hold!

          • LOL .. that inner image I have now xD

          • Just keep an eye out. I have a feeling… XD

      • Yes it is. For a whole month I’m older than Sapfo in numbers 😉

    • SofiaT

      Happy Birthday, Danish!

      (And thanks for the heads up, Sapfo!)

    • Happy Birthday, Ms. Wolf! Hope it’s a good one. 😀

    • bronakopdin

      Happy Birthday Danish 😀

    • Thank you <3


      Happy Birthday to you!
      Happy Birthday to you!
      Happy Birthday dear Danish!
      Happy Birthday to you!

      And many more on channel 4!
      Keep it alive on channel 5!

    • silibub

      Happy Birthday, Danish — I hope it’s been excellent!

      • Thank you and yes it has. Nice and calm, just as I wanted to do it this time.

        • Oh, sorry to be so late with my well wishes Danish, but I’m glad you had the party you hoped for, and all my wishes for many Happy Birthdays still to come.

          Now about the “Nice and calm” you mention. I was able to find a morning after shot from your party. It looks like everyone needs it to be VERY quiet and relaxed. 🙂

          Because of the delicate classy sensibilities of our readership, I avoided the shot of the semi-naked woman passed out on the picnic table surrounded by booze bottles and I also skipped the picture of the guy in his underwear, totally passed out face first in the garden flowers and covered with what looks to be beer. You may all thank me later. HA.

          • >.< WHO TOLD YOU!?

            *lol* Thank you, Chris.

            Hmm.. now, that guy in his underwear.. where did he go? He could be of use – after a shower or two.

          • purplefoxglove

            Happy belated ^^

        • Saxon_Brenton

          What? I go away for a few days and people have birthdays?
          Okay then. [blows a noisemaker; I’ve literally had a packet of them sitting in a bottom draw at my real life workplace for about a decade now]
          Happy birthday.

  • Jackal

    I think Duncan should always be restrained by a hot younger man.

  • Jeabro21

    I thought they were actually DOING the plan but towards the end I realize that they are just talking about it and it hasn’t happened yet, but Yea, Platinum and Annie definitely have a plan for them. They are not going to let centuries of planning go to waste by a bunch of kids, ahem i mean,young adults

  • Dakejev

    –Translation: “How hot and bothered are you going to be squeezing the Silver Fox’s man parts with your ectoplasmic tentacles?”–

    …damn you. Now I’m going to have to have that in a dream scenario tonight. It sounds too good to pass. XD

    • Terri Sutton

      I think I now know why Spooky is such a hit with the ladies.

      • Dakejev

        …annnnd that makes me abandon my original plan. Sorry, but just one word to THAT mental image: eww. =P

        • Nothing will make me abandon my Spooky. I’m sure every tentacle is fresh and sparkling clean. No worries. Spooky is just that kind of nifty wizard. 🙂

          Yes I used the word ‘nifty’. What of it?

          • Steven Klimecky

            I still use that word – was something the matter with it?

        • Good. That will have one less hunting my Spooky 😉

      • Jac

        …. OH. Oh MY.

  • Anyone win the lottery? Anyone? Hello?

    Here’s my new idea and it’s way better than world peace, feeding the hungry, buying new clothes, etc…

    See, I’m always wanting to see and hear more Kyle and Spooky.
    Doki and others want more Mitch.
    Sophia and others want more Duncan.
    Silibub could use a big hit of Sircea.
    I’m sure everyone is covered by their fan-base.

    Soooooo… we take a whack of lottery money and Alex designs this story from each character’s POV. Easy. Multiple versions running along the same story line but from each character’s POV. Alex has all that spare time, no problem. He’ll run an empire of artists and writers. Like a young skinny George Lucas telling stories we really want. Great idea huh?

    As long as Kyle/Spooky is first… no problem. You are all welcome for this brilliant idea… someone just needs to speak up when they win the lottery. It’s all about priorities.

    *chris runs as alex looks for something heavy to throw*

    • Sapfo

      You forgot my Spooky! You are trying to take all the Spookiness for yourself 😮
      But I think I use my part of the wining to travel the world. I know some great people I like to meet

    • *Dives behind wall before speaking*.. BRILLIANT idea. Now we just need the large lottery winner.

      <..> … <..> No one? Damn! Someone speak up when they do.

      Oh, and if I ever win I’d also be traveling to meet a lot of people.. and if Sapfo wins I’m making sure there’s room in her suitcase for me. She should be able to buy one big enough 😉

    • Hey! I’m all for this Mr. Chris but I thought if someone won the lottery, WE were all going to meet or move into one of those castles/beaches that The Admiral sometimes retweets!

      I mean we all picked our rooms an’ everything!

  • Sarah314159

    I am loving all the action scenes of Mitch as a fighter. I couldn’t say exactly why. Fight scenes aren’t usually my favorite thing, but those poses are just so awesomely rendered, and maybe extra cool because I’m used to seeing Mitch in heavy talk/think mode.

    • ….. you mean Paul aka Fluke. Mitch isn’t on this page and I am sure I would remember if there were any scenes of Mitch fighting so far.

      • Sarah314159

        Argh, yes, of course. I still get muddled up sometimes over everybody’s two names.

  • Tahir Raines

    I’m enjoying seeing the YP guys kicking butt b/c once the actual battle starts, I feel like it will either be a curb stomp battle or a slightly less curb stomp battle with the Silver Duo winning.

  • Jeffrey Jacobson

    They are SO over-planning this. It’s gonna be ugly.

    • Knowing Alex, I’d guess less “ugly” and more “unexpected.” Just my suspicion.

      • Jeffrey Jacobson

        LoL. Yes, true. Hopefully there will be plenty of wardrobe malfunctions.

  • Happy Halloween!!!

  • Steven Klimecky

    Would have been a fitting day for Laampros to show up. But don’t think we’ll get to that due to all this depiction of what battle-plan attempts might look like.

  • So.. who will get Alex’ next comment, the 6969th 😉

    • That is the question Danish love! …. Aren’t you up a little early? Did you get enough sleep?

      • Actually it’s the other way around. I’m up late and haven’t slept yet. I think I’ll get a little nap soon 😉

        • heh, at a certain hour “up late” and “up early” are the same. ^_^

  • Tonight’s Movies with Doki are: Hocus Pocus (currently playing), It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!, and Dracula.

    • Hocus Pocus! It was one of my fave movies as a young teen. I had a little crush on ‘Thackery binx’ and Omri Katz. Opposite first mentioned, which is the character ame’, I can’t remember what Omri’s name was in the movie.. but his real name is special enough that I for somereason never forgot it *lol*

      Btw … Imagine my reaction when I saw the movie again last year, after 10-12 years, and realized that the child actor playing Thackery Binx is none other than Sean Murray aka. McGee from NCIS.
      I nearly died xD
      (Not kidding, as I almost choked on a mouthful of popcorn and soda when I recognized him LOL)

      • Holy sh*t! OMG…..HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT!!! And he was the hottest guy in the movie, so how could you not? Though his friend wasn’t bad either… Omri played Max.

        I am now going to go hide in the cave of shame for not realizing that… *goes and hides*

    • davefragments

      Today Turner Classic Movies is playing all Vincent Price movies and this afternoon they screened “The Abominable Dr Phibes” and “Dr Phibes Rises From the Grave” – both quite fun and moderately scary.

      I watched HORNS earlier this week and that has some surprisingly scary sequences in it. And to answer the question – Yes, the horns are demonic.

      • Hmm, the other I was watching a Dracula trilogy on either TMC or AMC. I think staring Christopher Bees?

        • davefragments

          Christopher Lee played Dracula several times
          Peter Cushing played both Dracula and whatever Vampire Hunter wanted to drive a stake in his undead heart.

          The sexiest Dracula was Frank Langella. Female members of my family saw him in the stage play on Broadway and were acting quite undignified in my youth.

          • I was almost close… I remember that it was short and had two e’s…

          • davefragments

            Don’t worry about it. You don’t know how many times I sneak back and edit my posts because I type horrendously.

          • Not sure if I should put in Dracula (Bela Lugosi) next or Great Pumpkin… they are both getting watched, but not sue about the order…

          • davefragments

            well, If you are feeling warm and fuzzy perhaps the Great Pumpkin should rise or if you want the first and best bloodsucker of all time – Bela Lugosi chasing Mina halfway around the world because she has a good neck.

          • I have decided on the Great Pumpkin. ^_^ and watch Dracula next. ^_^

          • Steven Klimecky

            Oh – when you watch Dracula, keep an eye out for both an opossum or 2, AND some armadillos(!), as both were used to emulate, I think. big and what were supposed to be scarier-than-normal rats!

          • Steven Klimecky

            Which I suppose would have worked if one was not particularly zoologically literate.

          • Steven Klimecky

            2nd fave horror movie is the Werner Herzog remake of Nosferatu, which he makes into a very cinematic retelling of the Dracula story, but with a bit of a twist – esp. at the end. And with a wonderfully evocative score as well.

          • davefragments

            The worst was the 1992 Dracula with Gary Oldman, Winona, and Keanu was my worst experience. I had a roomful of teenagers (my brother’s kids and their friends) and suddenly there’s tits and writhing nearly naked females in the movie on silk sheets.
            I couldn’t quite turn it off and hadn’t through about editing it. Gary Oldman was good but no one noticed Dracula in THAT tiny audience.

          • Steven Klimecky

            Yeah – agree with you about that one.

          • SofiaT

            Other than Keanu Reeves’ appalling fake-English accent, I thought Coppola’s Dracula was superb. I absolutely loved it; it followed many elements of Stoker’s book but, where Stoker’s Dracula was a soulless monster, Coppola’s cursed count had you feel for him -he was both the villain and the hero.

            Also, Gary Oldman was fantastic in this role and so was Hopkins.

          • Gary Oldman reminds me of the Duchess from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when he licks Keanu’s razor.

          • SofiaT

            I haven’t watched that -but I assume the Duchess had an interesting hairdo? 😀

            I didn’t care for Dracula’s hair in the beginning, but it served a purpose: it made the transition from monster to man that much easier to believe. The movie begins with a Dracula you hate and fear and it ends with a dark prince dying in the arms of the woman he’s loved for centuries. *sigh*

          • His hair is what makes him look like the Duchess XD and I agree with you about the transition. I thought it was very effective.

          • davefragments

            Yes, but no one else in the room with me saw that with all the other carryings-on in the movie.

          • SofiaT

            I can only remember two such scenes: one in the castle with the female vamps and one of Dracula looking like a werewolf, raping Lucy. They didn’t last long and they weren’t too explicit: you see some boobs on the first scene and some naked thigh and rhythmic movements on the second. That’s it.

            For a vampire movie (with vampires being a metaphor for sex since the Victorian era) it was not a very risque movie, I thought… And I watched it for the first time around 1995, when I was 12yo.

          • davefragments

            i agree, but that’s not what the teens in the room thought was great about the movie.

          • Steven Klimecky

            Don’t worry either – I don’t type all that horrendously and I still need to do that.

          • Steven Klimecky

            Yep Christopher Lee was Dracula in most of the Hammer International Studios Dracula films, and was often paired with Peter Cushing in many a Hammer horror flick – long before either was in a Star Wars film.

      • Steven Klimecky

        OK – Best Vincent Price movie ever – and my fave horror movie ever – Theater of Blood (also with Diana Rigg).

    • Gryph needs her own movies tonight but will probably watch some horror movies.

      • I have been going through my “Halloween” dvds all month. ^_^

    • We’re watching Dark Shadows tonight. I think it’s our most Halloween type movie. Well well, we do have Dracula: Dead and Loving it.

      • I saw Dark Shadows for the first time today on ABC Family. -_- I will definitely need to look into getting the dvd.

  • Now Playing: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

  • Will we have an early update tonight? Oh, yes, I think we will… 🙂

    • Wee, now I don’t mind that I’m still up and can’t sleep 🙂
      And I got my answer from below. An early update notice got your comment #6969 😉

    • Thanks, Alex!

    • davefragments

      You say you have a party to get to?
      What’s your costume?

      • Where did he say that? I wanna see if he answers 😉

      • LOL. Nice deduction, but sadly not true. The party’s not until tomorrow. Vero was just able to get me the art early today. 🙂

        • davefragments

          Just a guess.
          Of course guesses like that made my last job easy.

  • Bela Lugosi’s Dracula is now playing in Theatre Doki.

    • I love Bela!

    • Steven Klimecky

      Don’t forget to watch for the opossums and armadillos pretending to be big rats!

      • I laughed so hard the first time I saw that as a kid!

  • Terri Sutton

    Hello Everyone.

    I suppose I should wish everyone a Happy “Encourage Your Child To Take Candy From Strangers” Day.

  • Who wants pizza while we wait? *yum*

    • Witch kind of pizza is it?

    • Terri Sutton

      Now I’m craving pizza. Damn it.

      • Two of us now.

      • Sorry! X( Needed to celebrate work costume contest victory with pizza & watching Hocus Pocus!

  • Adam Irving

    Have to admit, Amanda and Lucky look pretty good kicking butt.

  • Keneu

    But if Amanda is controlling the PP to make sure she doesn’t interfere with Kyle and Gordon, that means Paul is going to be twenty (forty?) on one for a certain amount of time before Amanda can leave the PP to the tsunami of flames. Does Fluke’s powers really go that far as to protect him in such a dire situation?

  • Sarah Lebowicz

    I’m really dumb! I just got what fluke’s power is… -_-