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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 73

336 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 73

Looks like you’ve got a mean right cross there, Amanda…

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So! Looks like both Amanda and Fluke are planning to deliver the smack down up close and personal. But how long can they keep this up? Is there any more to this plan?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • New page up! & again loving all the water & fire effects! ^^

  • davefragments

    Now this part of the plan I totally believe (not!) . . .

    • davefragments

      and I think I know what Mitch is going to do!

      • Yes! What is Mitch going to do? I’m sure he’s not going to just stand around.

        • davefragments

          quite possibly fly away with the hostages/sacrificial victims

  • silibub

    Ay yi yi.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “And Flyboy will keep watch.”

    • davefragments

      fly away with the glass box, maybe

  • …and still no Mitch? 🙁

    • Mitch will have an important job *nods* just read your messsge from the powers that be 😉

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I don’t like the sound of that “might,” Amanda.

  • And now… we wait for Murphy’s Law to interfere…

  • CH

    Is it weird that after the awesome fight scene the next thing that drew my eye was Amanda’s booty? Am I a horrible person?

    • Nope!

    • Samurai Jack

      It’s your duty to admire that booty!

  • Oooooh!

    Um… Will all that water and flame create a storm system? That might prove interesting

    • davefragments

      rain for California’s drought

      • We could use some rain. There is rumor of an El Neno this year. That would be good. Maybe it’s Tsu and Red’s fighting.

        • I hadn’t heard that. Would be nice.

        • davefragments

          El Nino isn’t trying to happen this year. It’s sitting there like a fickle child trying to decide what to do.

  • Toli Bera

    oh man, if Commander and Fluke take out the audience who will see the bawdy vaudeville number?

    • YangYueLan

      The hostages will enjoy it!

  • Terri Sutton

    Question; is Fluke’s pose possible?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Based on what I recall of Olympic vaulters and my own experiments just now, I would say that it is.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Also Olympic pommel horse routines.

      • Terri Sutton

        When I see a weird/strange pose I immediately ask myself; could my 5 yr old self have contorted myself into that position for kicks.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      It’s listed in the Kama Sutra.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Kicking one person in the face while bashing two others’ heads together? Wow, the Kama Sutra really does have inventive sexual positions.

      • Terri Sutton

        What is the position called?

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa


          • Choreocrat

            That’s Sanskrit enough that I’m worried it’s true. *goes Googling*

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    I predict the plan fails because Duncan threatens to kill the hostages.

    • Samurai Jack

      Let him. That would spoil the ritual and do what they want.

  • silibub

    I’m curious about the staff — like if Sircea needs to channel her power through it, or if it’s just her preferred style and she can free-hand it like Spooky if the situation calls for it. I also wonder what a “psychic blast” entails — mental over-stimulation, like hitting Sircea with a wave of psychic noise? And is it possible for a magic-user to shield themselves mentally to prevent that kind of interference? Anyway, Amanda’s ability seems pretty versatile for a “passive” power, since she can project images and thoughts into other people’s heads directly as well as reading minds — I really like her! She looks right in her element beating the shit out of those minions, too.

    As disabling as a combined wave of water and fire and an overdose of psychic chatter may be, though, all it would take for this plan to fail is for Sircea to shield herself unexpectedly, or even to get off a concentrated blast of power at Kyle and Tsunami and interrupt their assault. I’m not too optimistic about their chances, honestly, and I don’t think it’s my personal biases at work either. But other, smarter people have already pointed out the weaknesses in this plan, and the possibility that Amanda actually has something else in mind and the whole point is to fake Duncan and Sircea out with predictable tactics before changing her strategy. Since she can just shout the revised plans into her team’s minds, it’s doable.

    (If this is the real plan, then is it terrible that I want it to fail? Not that I don’t want the Protectors to succeed in the end, just that it would be kind of letdown if villains as notorious as these two, with so much time invested in their plot, could be taken down so easily by a ragtag team with a last-minute strategy — no matter how adorabadass said team is!)

    And a random question to end on: how are they getting off the plane and busting into the ritual site quickly enough to keep the element of surprise? Is Flyboy going to sweep the plane down low so they can hop out and sprint into position, then double back to add his support from the air?

    • Well you know the Scooby gang’s plan always went awry, but some how they stumbled into capturing/subduing the bad guy. It’s possible that there could be that banana peel for the Silver Duo.

    • Tahir Raines

      Going by The Commander’s dialogue, it seems more like Sircea can channel her magic through the staff to make it a long distance weapon. Like a laser gun, I imagine. Regardless, Sircea doesn’t requite her staff, but without it she becomes more of a close ranged fighter than a long distance one. So the difference between a rogue in D&D with a bow or dagger. Both can be equally powerful, but one is long-ranged whereas the other is not.

      • silibub

        Makes sense! Based on the flashback spread, it looks like channeling through a staff has been her method of choice throughout her life — I wonder if she’d be at all at a disadvantage if forced to cast without it, or if she keeps her close-range skills honed.

  • Sapfo

    Yay! The young protectors win!
    Wait… this was only the planing of what to do…. a nice plan guys, but now you have to do it…..

    • Morning Sapfo!

    • Good Morning, Sapfo!

      • Sapfo

        Good morning to all three of you. Had a hard time getting out of bed. It was so warm and soft.

        • So cozy. I love that feeling.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Ohhh, I know how that goes.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hi Sapfo!

    • Morning!

      *shaking pom poms* Go Team!

      • Sapfo

        Yes, yes! Go team!

  • Jason Wexler

    Aren’t they forgetting the Anhialator?

    • Sapfo

      If you look at the page before you see that Duncan the Anhialator might be a bit busy with small magic fingers steal his “buttons”

      • Jason Wexler

        Does this suggest, I might benefit from reading the previous page again before reading new pages? LOL, I seem to have forgotten what Spooky was actually doing in this plan, I misremembered him doing something more “impressive”.

        • Terri Sutton

          How is Spooky molesting Duncan with ectoplasm not impressive enough?

    • Klaus

      No, but what about Flyboy?

  • TwilightDreamer

    aahh, the suspense grows with each page! I’m excited to see Amanda get involved in the battle to 😀

  • SofiaT

    This is a great plan actually.
    As good as it gets.

    Problem is, now that we’ve “seen” the scene unroll, chances of it happening that way are very slim.

    Is it bad that I’m excited in seeing how the plan is gonna go south?
    I mean, we know that in the end it will all be alright (as is well-known, if it’s not alright then it’s not the end) so we may as well enjoy the obstacles that pop up in the meantime… Right?

    [Or I’m just in a wicked mood, courtesy of Elphaba; I’m at the theater watching Wicked (I really do like a controversial villain) and I took the chance to see the new page during intermission.]

    • Choreocrat

      And of course we’re all jealous of you. Well… I sure am. So on the Good-Anni/Bad-Anni side of things, I guess that leaves you on “Wickedness must be punished”? Or “No good deed goes unpunished?”

      • SofiaT

        I love Anni.
        What do you think? 😀

        • Choreocrat

          I’m totally on the Anni-train. I like an older, confident and ambiguously evil guy.

          *considers* Mmm… Angel.

    • Adam Black

      NO, A good general attacks her own plans, and Commander doesnt seem to have done that.

      This working is based on a very unlikely perfection.
      maybe she is counting on Fluke to make an unlikely Defense translate into a successful offense.

      If they are planning for them to arrive this will go down disastrously.
      I forget how much plot-time is left, but I’m fully expecting DaddyHellbucks to come swinging thru that gate.

      Its going to be much more intersting story if he makes it through anyways — perhaps without the Entourage .

      • Amanda’s plan is all over the field. Distract Sircea, levitate Duncan, destroy torus, beat up cultists. Each of these objectives can fail spectacularly. A mind blast against a 6,000+ year old magess? Really? I’m going to sit back and watch because at this point I’m ready for this to get smacked down from the moment Kyle steps onto the field and sets his eyes on Duncan.

        Think about it. What happens when one has been severely traumatized, and only recently at that and he suddenly sets eyes on his abuser? Kyle is no wimp but he is only human. I suspect he might at the very least freeze, wrestling with emotions he never expected. That gives the bad guys ample warning to swarm. Gordon might have to shift his water attack to washing cultists away from Kyle. Regardless, what happens next is going to be epic.

    • Klaus

      This fight is not going to go as expected. We all expect this plan to fail. I think I just ran into bottomless recursion.

      • SofiaT

        “It’s not going to go as expected” and “it’s going to fail” are not necessarily synonymous.

        They might still make it but they may have to improvise?

        • I agree, Sofia. I don’t think the plan will “fail” so much as go drastically off-course from what Amanda expects, forcing her to think on her feet.

    • Samurai Jack

      The biggest problem is that this plan doesn’t include Mitch. It’s going to make him feel slighted and useless, and he’s going to do something he probably shouldn’t. Even if there’s no part for him in the plan, she has to give him something to do.

      • SofiaT

        But he’s piloting the plane.
        Surely someone needs to stay in their only way of transportation to make sure they can get out fast, as soon as the ritual has been disturbed?

        Strike fast and leave quickly, that’s the strategy to follow when your enemy overpowers you.

        • Nobody stays with the quinjet when the Avengers assemble, just saying. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            The Avengers are not rookies though, little more than kids.

            The Young Protectors wouldn’t even be there under different circumstances.

      • silibub

        I sympathize with Mitch feeling overlooked and under-utilized, but the fact is he’s part of a team, and if he wants to be a functioning member he has to be able to take orders even if they don’t involve him getting a slice of the main action — especially when he’s the youngest and presumably least-experienced member anyway. I hope he’s gotten some version of that lecture before and would be mature enough, and trusting enough of Amanda’s judgment, not to do anything rash that could compromise the other members’ safety.

  • Klaus

    What staff? I see no staff here or on page 68.

    • Guest

      Dudes in black, breh.

      • Klaus

        They are her staff. And she is using them to do magic. You are right.

        • Samurai Jack

          Can we start calling them minions? Maybe they’re tiny and yellow under those big black robes…

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            They’re actually midgets perched on each other’s shoulders.

  • Midori Ren

    But where are they going to put the plane?

    • Klaus
      • Mary Klemzak


        Kinda almost died laughing here. It’s almost 4 am and hubby’s sleeping deeply. Thank god.

      • Midori Ren

        Woodwork and furniture? I don’t see your point.

        • Shella_Bluey
          • Midori Ren

            Oh, how punny. I see.

        • Klaus

          There are five planes in that tool chest.

          • Midori Ren

            But the ‘redundant’ comment was how I understood it as being a pun, since my entire knowledge of woodworking comes from NCIS.

          • Klaus

            When you click “reply to” in the mail from Discuss, it shows only the comment you reply to, the comment that is a reply to, if any, and so on. It does not show any other replies to those comments. So I did not see that somebody else had already answered you. (And that is also why I write “somebody else”. )

          • Midori Ren

            Ah. But the other comment disappeared from the entire page of comments or Discuss is confusing my computer (not terribly difficult) so I didn’t realise the comment of explanation was from someone else. I went to this the actual page of comic and only saw yours… It’s probably my computer. Sorry then.

    • john Johnson

      They could crash it into the platform. Even a failure would certainly disrupt the ritual.

      • Not taking into account that there is a shield around the platform strong enough to deflect missiles I like how you think.

        • john Johnson

          Just getting her to flinch would throw off her concentration, and timing. And I doubt she’d expend the energy to shield the acolytes. Evil seldom looks out for toadies.

          • I concur that Priestess Palpatine would gleefully throw her subjects under the bus to save her metal-boobed beauty. I however question Amanda’s ability to make PP flinch. I keep in mind that PP has gone against much more powerful and experienced opponents. The only real advantage that Amanda might have is one of audacity. She might bloody PP’s nose simply because PP wouldn’t think Amanda “stupid” enough to risk PP’s ire. Oh, for how I do so love the arrogance of villains. It is delicious when they get Gibbs smacked.

  • Klaus

    The stair has a concrete and steel foundation. Why? It would be much easier just to make it of wood.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Union rules.

    • Samurai Jack

      Arriving hellbeasts from a fiery dimension, perhaps?

      • Klaus

        That is what I thought. Maybe those stairs are to carry the entire host of Hell, which will arrive not through the ring, but on the platform with the font.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          I’m picturing a handicapped demon waiting forlornly outside the portal while they get the ramp up to code.

  • Sapfo

    “All this violence! Can we not just sit down and talk instead. Maybe they will see that this ritual is not the solution to their problems. And afterward we can all go camping” 😀

    • Adam Black

      <<< Insert Inappropriate joke about gamergate , and fighting comic book villains is less stressful

      • Sapfo

        Oh you big bad boy!

  • karmakat

    i just hope she has more “safety nets” in stock in case

  • bronakopdin

    another very awesome page 😀
    and today it’s Amanda’s butt we’re presented with, I can’t even complain, it’s looks solid 🙂

    more action! I just hope they can make this plan into reality, if just one of them might miss once it could go very wrong >_<'

    AND I wonder if Mitch will play a role in it?! Or whether commander lets him stay in on the ship so they could make a fast escape?

  • Preludetoa

    This is just too cute. Y’all are crazy if you actually think this is going to work. Lol

  • This leaves Mitch to save the sacrifices, right? .. right? They DO need to save the prisoners and, despite having to get them all fighting, I can’t really see Amanda putting him into the worst risk – despite how many powers he might have.

    He’s not going to want to be left out, and the best way to give him something important to do is that. Only other option I can think of as her plan right now, is for Mitch to be some physical back-up for Spooky against Anni.

    I might have been influenced by Tsunami’s ‘mother-hen’ attitude, but so far Mitch has been very much not-mentioned in Amanda’s plan and that makes me go uh-oooh about what might be up – if not the hostages part.
    He might be one of the most multi-powered, but of all of them he’s the least trained.

    He’ll need something to do, or he’s possibly (probably) going to end up doing something on his own >.>

    • Klaus

      Doing something endangering the sacrifices would force the bad guys to protect them. But this is so unheroic that thay are not going to do it. Not intentionally, anyway.

    • john Johnson

      We need an anti-hero, if he wiped out the prisoners before the timers hit zero it would get his teammates, and the rest of the world, out of of danger. The baddies would probably leave as fast as possible.

    • Nate

      Mitch has an obvious role:

      “Exit strategy”

      By keeping him out of the fight, Amanda has a way out for if/when things go very very badly. Although, I suspect that Mitch may not see it that way.

      Speaking meta-textually, it also gives Mitch a chance for a Big Damn Heroes moment. 😀

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    Now to watch this plan GLORIOUSLY fall apart…. Because STORY…

  • Mary Klemzak

    And Mitch? I hope he has a big part in this.

    Otherwise, the rest sounds fantastic. Specially Amanda and Paul being badass and basically opening a huge crate of whoop-ass on scary minion dudes.

  • Megan Staples

    Of course, no battle plan survives past 1st contact with the enemy…

    • john Johnson

      If they want to distract her, set the platform on fire right in front of her face. Then bring the whole thing down. They only need a second to disrupt the cadence. And PP doesn’t have time to start the whole ritual from scratch.

      • That assumes Sircea doesn’t have a spell of protection on the platform but I like the way you think.

        • john Johnson

          okay so the way claiming acolyte at her.

  • Nate

    The only problem I have with the excellent tactics of the last few pages is the sinking certainty that it will all go very very wrong,

    • Nichelle Haliday

      Yeah, they wouldn’t provide all the great artwork of how it’s going to go unless we aren’t going to see it when the actual plan goes off. My only concern is how badly is it going to go wrong.

      • EyeDontNo

        They might provide the artwork NOW if it means more close-ups during the actual fight. More “It’s Complicated” conversations rather than focusing on the fisticuffs.

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          And then the last two chapters really will just be relaxed vignettes of the team watching porn.

  • larry

    SINCE WHEN THE HELL IS SHE PSYCHIC? Did I miss something?

  • Keneu

    Fluke, where is your other leg? o.O

    Anyways, I have the feeling this plan will fail as soon as they put a foot on the ground. Even without her staff, I’m sure Sircea has other tricks up her sleeve.

    At least Gordon is not putting objections to enter combat with Kyle.

  • Alex asked for my alternative plan in the comments on the last page so I leave the details there for you to look up if you’re curious. I’ll focus on this page in specific.

    Once again the colors are vibrant. I appreciate the eye candy, thank you! The juxtaposition of Kyle’s fire alongside Gordon’s water is lovely. Kudos to Veronica for doing such a spectacular job. It looked like she and Adam had a lot of fun. I appreciated using a consistent graphic to indicate Amanda’s mind blast against Sircea. It cuts down on confusion and if I may, it looks quite painful. Lastly, I truly enjoyed the action poses in the panels. Good old-fashioned comic-book whomping. Paul’s maneuver is plausible which is more than I can say for some comics keeping skimpy costumes on their ladies in the heat of battle.

    Lastly, the plan; what can I say but in my opinion it is way too obvious and predictable. Amanda is spreading her forces thin with different objectives, each of which can fail dramatically. The idea that she can psi-blast Priestess Palpatine drew a bark of laughter. That got me to think, though.

    The comic clearly states that Duncan and Sircea are two of the most powerful and dangerous supervillains in the world but how does TYP stack against them? We’ve never seen them cut loose. For all I know Amanda knows exactly how her team stacks against the opposition and she is delegating responsibility appropriately. That says nothing about Mitch who, I suspect has all of us saying along with him, “What about me?”

    Sure, they need him to stay with the glider. He is the key to their getting out of this alive but that doesn’t mean he will like being left out of the action. “Nobody stays with the quinjet when the Avengers go out” I imagine him scuffing his feet.

    Thanks once again to Alex, Adam, and Veronica for a stellar page. I look forward to Wednesday!

    • Samurai Jack

      I’ve got your alternate plan, and it only really requires Mitch and Amanda. We’ve seen him fly a car and the glider. Presumably two very heavy objects. I assume he has to breathe like the rest of us, so on his own he probably sticks to low altitude. Give him a military pressure suit and breathing apparatus. And a boulder. A very large one. Fly to high altitude and then dive bomb the portal. He can accelerate towards the ground to keep it on target, then release it and fly away. The impact would be devastating, destroying the portal and the dais, and burying the diamond cage under a layer of dirt.

      Now I’m sure our heroes don’t want to kill anyone, and that’s where Amanda comes in. She can telepathically alert the villains to run. They might not, but then again the rest of the team could lure them off the target just by showing themselves. Afterwards, Tsunami and Spooky can dig up the cage and release the sacrifices. Ritual successfully disrupted.

      • Klaus

        They do not have time to get a space suit. And the cage would get crushed. Diamond is extremely hard, not extremely tough.

        • Samurai Jack

          Not a space suit, a pressure suit. The kind fighter jet pilots use. For all we know the glider has them. It’s obviously pressurized for high altitude flying. A loss of pressure would be catastrophic if Mitch passed out, so they probably have a contingency for that. As for the cage it’s tough enough, but if you’re worried about that let Spooky protect it.

          Alex asked Donald for an alternate plan. That’s mine, and sure, it might be every bit as reckless as Amanda’s. 🙂 What’s yours?

          • Klaus

            Vide supra.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I read this after typing the same idea above! Les grands esprits…

      • I bow before your superior plan-fu.

  • Alex asked how I would plan the battle and invited anyone to offer their ideas in his comment to my WTF post on the last page. I’d like to see everyone jump in. How would you plan the battle?

    • Klaus

      Start with a sneak peak at Duncan’s mind. Sircea’s is probably booby trapped. Use what you learn to form a plan.

      • Sneaky! Reconnoiter defenses by rifling around inside Duncan’s mind. I approve.

        • EyeDontNo

          Or the minions’ minds. Samurai Jack has some good counter points to attacking Duncan like this..

          • Klaus

            But do the minions know anything useful?

      • Samurai Jack

        I don’t know. Duncan and Sircea have been working together for a long time. She’s likely fortified his defenses too. Or she’s otherwise keeping close tabs on him that would alert her to any manipulations. For some reason I get the impression they don’t really trust each other all that much. But this is a great idea, provided it doesn’t tip them off to the presence of our heroes.

        • D. Garrett

          or she could have fed him false plans in anticipation of his mind being compromised. thats a section 1, la femme nikita move! ←~∋(。Ψ▼ー▼)∈

    • Even though I answered on the other page, I thought I would put this here as well. Just be prepared for scattered thinking.

      How would I plan it?

      I’ve always figured there are two main reasons a plan might go awry. 1) Lack of or over confidence – Either someone sabotages themselves by not believing enough (ahem Tsunami) or they over look a detail because they think too highly of their abilities (the Silver Duo) and 2) Over or under estimating the other side – How crazy/desperate the other side is. (I suppose that just supports reason 1)

      Of course there are other reasons plans go badly, but those are my main two. (And I see both all over these pages which is partly what makes me so nervous)

      In any case one needs be flexible in a plan. Sure a good plan helps, but when you have a wild card like Fluke (or reason number 2 as well from the other side) (or Kyle because reasons), a plan needs to be free enough to improvise.

      Now, for me, I don’t think it’s a good idea to directly challenge the Silver Duo. Yes, they need to disable the Duncanator and find a way to keep PP busy, but I would feel better if the team would come at it sideways.

      I would have them try to sneak in from the treeline to disable to Ring o’Death ™, maybe remove a couple of the minions. See if they can do something about the hostages.

      There are probably wards and other defences protecting the Silver Duo to keep such things from happening. I would expect no less of a 6000 year old magic worker and The Duncanator (I mean they’re in a forest, a bear could come along). They haven’t gotten to where they’ve gotten by being sloppy. This of course could be that over confidence I spoke of.

      Then again, they could be planning to have Team YP interrupt and jump start the Ring o’Death ™ so Big Red can come through. This would be Team YP under-estimating their opponents.

      I really have no idea how Alex is going to handle it. I really have no idea how I would handle it. We all just believe/know that the plan will fail because that’s what plans have a tendency to do, especially when Team YP really has no experience with the Silver Duo, just rumor, conjecture and news stories. This would be a point in the Silver Duos favor, because they could have been watching Team YP all these years and know their strategies. Of course they could just be thinking they’re a bunch of foolish kids playing hero and that’s a bad idea. (Again see reason 1 & 2)

      Not really a plan is it. I’m just a back seat driver.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Can Flyboy fly into space? How fast can he get there? Can he use his levitation powers to call down a nuclear-level meteor strike?

        • Tahir Raines

          If Flyboy could fly into space, wouldn’t he die horribly due to the lack of oxygen and cold?

    • Madock345

      First big flaw in the plan that I see is telling Kyle to burn the book. No. That book is now the designated loot of the party wizard, by all decent party laws. Spooky needs to take that book and use it to learn even more awesome magic/figure out what the bad guys are really up to.

  • James Marshall

    Wouldn’t it throw the whole ritual out of whack if they just killed their sacrifice too soon?

    • Klaus

      Would out hero do that?

      • EyeDontNo

        Would the Annihilator do that to stop PP?

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        It might turn him into a full-fledged demon.

  • Klaus

    Let us recap some of what we know:

    Using magic, even once, makes you crazy.

    Sircea uses magic often

    Sircea is convinced that
    – The world is about to end (even without her deal with the devil)
    – Only she can stop it
    – She is more than 6000 years old
    – She was once immortal
    – She was once a goddess

    The only corroborateing evididence we have for any of this is Spooky’s statement, on the day of his return from Hell, that the walls are “weakening”.

    I will leave you to make your own conclusions

    • Good job keeping to the facts. It might serve us well in the future.

    • Samurai Jack

      Is that really true about using magic? All of the magic users on Earth at the time of the Grey Working went crazy, except (allegedly) Sircea. Spooky either wasn’t born yet or was in another dimension, so he’s fine. That implies new magic users should be ok, right?

      Of course, it’s also possible that Sircea and Spooky are also both crazy–or one or the other of them is.

      Anyone can be a god/goddess, you just have to show a few “miracles” and get the weak minded to worship you. (Any sufficiently advanced technology and all that) It’s that way for all deities, as faith never requires proof, only obedience…

      • Klaus

        It seems that ever since the grey working, anyone who has worked any magic even once, has gone insane:

        Except, for unknown reasons, Spooky. And Sircea, or so she claims.

        • EyeDontNo

          Odd thought. Someone down below mentioned that the ‘black robes’ are PP’s Staff. With Commander stating that PP has to keep her staff with her, and PP seeming to be the only sane magic user (Besides Spooky, of course) wouldn’t it make sense that PP is directing her ‘craziness’ into her staff to keep her sane? Knock out all of her minions and let the crazy flow back to where it came, PP’s mind?
          as I said, odd thought.

          • Samurai Jack

            I think the “black robes” as staff was a joke. Earlier, when she teleports Duncan and Kyle she had a physical staff in her hand.

          • Tahir Raines

            So kind of like Glorificus from Buffy, but instead of random people who she injects with her craziness, it’s exclusively her own minions.

            I like it.

        • Samurai Jack

          Ah yes, I forgot that line from the bonus comic. I wonder what Amanda’s source is? Still, in the book so it’s the gospel.

  • Vincent

    Will you make more webcomics after this one is over? I loved Artifice but just can’t seem to get into the young protectors :S You’re a great storyteller so I hope you do more after 🙂

    • Alex opened this comic with a movie marquee advertising “Artifice 2.” I’m holding him to that.

      • EyeDontNo

        And if we weren’t donating enough for a new page every Wednesday, perhaps he could already be working on it. We could have a full year’s buffer ahead before he started posting the story.
        Who am I kidding? I love having two pages a week!

      • silibub

        I’d love to see a continuation of Artifice, before or after a new arc of The Young Protectors, and with Winona on board. Whatever Alex does next story-wise, his audience is going to (lovingly) run him and his artists ragged!

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        Electronic Boogaloo?

    • We’ll see. 🙂 If there’s interest, I have another arc of The Young Protectors focusing on a different character that I might begin. But we’re only halfway through this arc, so I’m not sweating it too much at the moment. There are some other writing projects that I’m working on, but right now this is where I’m putting my comics energy.

      Thank you for the kind words, Vincent. I’m sorry to hear this comic isn’t working for you.

      • It focuses on Mitch right? right? 😛 ^_^

        You had to use “that” word in that note on the Mitch card you signed which Starr and Gryphon picked up for me. That wording is still making me wonder what you have in store. ^_^ You tease! ^_^

        • Now I want to see a pic of that note ^_^

        • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

          Whoever it is, this announcement effectively confirms that the team has another gay (or conceivably bi) member.

      • silibub

        There is such an interest. I alone have enough interest for a thousand people!

      • mogoskier

        Would it take place after these events or be a backstory?

        • Now that would be telling. I’ve only given assurances that Kyle will survive this arc. And since the next arc will focus on another Young Protectors character…

          • D. Garrett

            i hope the new character is a sexy, young, gay guy who just happens to be flame retardant. (((\(@v@)/)))

      • I might have to fall off my chair laughing. IF there’s interest?

        • Alex is either too modest or he is baiting us into commenting. I suspect it might be both.

          • I am leaning more towards ‘baiting’ ( 😛 ). This isn’t the first or even the second time he has used the whole “if there is interest” thing…

            ^_^ Love you Alex! ^_^

            He has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to take his readership for granted. Our modest and humble sweetie pie Alex.

          • Adorable, isn’t he? Though, the reaction of a fan base gives a solid indicator about how profitable a future project might be. So far Alex has had rock-solid funding for TYP for nearly 70 pages. Those are numbers that impress sponsors. Jumping in now to yell our support gives Alex something tangible to show the money people.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Another awesome page! But like the other posters below, I have concerns about how many moving parts are involved in making this plan successful. I am hoping that the “bad luck” Fluke experienced in having the fight with Tsunami on the way there will factor into the plan coming together A-team style when it gets underway. If only for that reason, it might have been good if he and Gordon might have (briefly!) come to blows enough to get a black eye or something. That would have been good for at least Commander to be powerful enough to knock out PP with her psychic blast, in my opinion. 🙂

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Is anyone else worried that the Hellspawn will be lighting up the portal to Hell? Given how Kyle has been manipulated from the very beginning, it may be that PP and Anni were relying on his do-gooder rage to be the catalyst they need to make the ritual work.

    • silibub

      I’m with you — I’ll be really surprised if it turns out they weren’t expecting Kyle to show up, with or without his team. Nowhere in Duncan and Sircea’s conversation did I get the impression that Duncan originally intended to kill Kyle (or otherwise incapacitate him) after using him to get to Laampros, which would be the sensible course of action if they wanted to keep the ritual a secret. If that was the plan, but Duncan couldn’t go through with it after getting attached to Kyle, it seems like Sircea would have mentioned that in her diatribe. She was scornful enough about the notion of Duncan having feelings for Kyle.

      I guess there’s always a chance that, out of complacent arrogance or something, they just never entertained the possibility that Kyle would rally, get his team together, and crash the ritual site. But I don’t think one makes a long and successful career out of villainy by neglecting the details.

      • EldrinSMP

        There’s also the thought that they might have WANTED too, but Laampros might have been just a might pissed off if they went and killed his son.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        On the other hand, that makes the VILLAINS’ plan dangerously complicated and subject to decisions beyond their control.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Yes. I was thinking that they may be trying to trick Kyle into killing the hostages himself, thinking that this was necessary for the greater good. And then he ends up with big red demon horns etc. But you’re right–hellfire meeting hellgate is also suspicious. Looks like Spooky may be sleeping on the job!

      • Gregory In Seattle

        I’m inclined to think that the hostages are the incentive: set the gate alight and we let them free. Refuse, and their deaths will be on your conscience.

  • Jose O. Gonzalez Lopez

    Why…… Why do i think that this plan is too good to be true.

  • I’m so excited because the second they come out ready with their plan something huge and surprising is going to happen to make their plan completely obsolete and I just want to see it already.

  • Ellen Harman

    I read this page and my first thought is – “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men” – none of this is going to go according to the plan.

    • Klaus

      Ah, but Amanda is neither mouse nor man.

  • Madock345

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Alex is using these pages to let us see TYP being awesome one more time before they start getting their asses kicked.

    • Shinashi


      • Sanbai

        Yeah, unfortunately, this feels fake. Sorry Mr. Author, I’m not buying it…

        • timemonkey

          The imaginary fight seems fake?

          • Sanbai

            Fake as in “Why is the author setting all this up? I feel like I’m seeing right through it. It’s fake.”

  • Denise Cruz

    I wonder if Kyle’s presence and his powers won’t work as an aid to open that damn portal; if, instead of complicating the lives of those crazy, it won’t end up helping them in some way… Damn!! Those young guys are about to have a really hard time ahead!.. ><

  • Saxon_Brenton

    As a way of distracting everyone from all this speculation about how the heroes’ plan can fail:

    I’m looking at the first panel, and I find myself wondering: “If the Commander’s powers are psionic, does she really need to be striking a Dramatic Action Pose to launching a psychic blast at the Platinum Priestess?”

    Looking back through previous pages, there seems to be mixed evidence on this. Back in the bonus comic on page 14 she was able to read Spooky’s mind while just by sitting and enjoying a chocolate bar. On the other hand, on page 66 of this chapter it seems that she needed physical contact with Fly Boy in order to allow the others to see through Fly Boy’s eagle sight enhanced vision.

    • SofiaT

      Maybe it depends on the kind of psychic power she’s using at the moment.
      A psychic blast sounds to me like sending a forceful wave of power straight onto your target, which means it is directed to a specific location -you don’t want to blast everyone on the scene.

      Maybe the physical action either helps direct that psychic movement or gives it an extra boost of strength.

    • science

      I don’t think the Dramatic Action Pose is for the sake of the psychic blast… She’s running at the dudes in black robes, about to start that awesome combat. Multitasking at its finest 😉

    • Sarah314159

      Maybe the pose just makes her *feel* like she’s blasting someone, which helps her blast them harder. Kind of like a kiai in Karate, which doesn’t directly make you hit someone harder but helps you breathe better and feel your energy better, which in turn help you to hit harder.

  • You know.. all this talk about how Amanda’s plan can/will go horribly wrong, because we’re being told up front, and I’m starting to get another sneaking suspicion.

    Alex being Alex.. and his usual ooh so sneaky self.. it wouldn’t suprise me if this plan actually goes right as planned, and THAT is what will make it all go so horribly wrong.
    The big open, and unanswered, question here is: What will happen after this ‘controlled’ arrival is prevented?

    1) The ‘doors’ between dimensions has been breached before. Spooky did it. Heck, Laampros must also have done it before if Kyle is actually his son. How else did Kyle end up (being born?) on earth?
    2) If Laampros make it to earth on his own, isn’t the deal with PP and Anni off? There will no longer be ‘limits’ to Laampros reign – or at least his atempt to.

    The paradox might be that succeeding isn’t a good thing here.

    • EldrinSMP

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m starting to think the action sequences we’re seeing are as it’s actually happening, and something Really Bad ™ is about to happen because of them interefering.

    • Hmmm….you know…we all just assume that Kyle was born on this side of the walls. What if Kyle was actually born on the other side, and someone smuggled him out through a tiny whole in the weakening walls. In the bonus comic Spooky did say that there were some demons already on this side…

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking too a few times. We don’t know for sure where Kyle was born. We only know he somehow is an orphant who ended up in a foster family.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Spooky doesn’t remember anything before he found himself in hell, if Kyle was born on the other side maybe he doesn’t remember anything before he found himself on this side?

        • Or he was too young to remember anyway like 0-2 years old.

      • flame821

        Maybe his mother was some sort of sacrifice? A blood bride, if you will. Supposedly magic using blood and/or sex tend to be extremely powerful.

    • Klaus

      Birth does not require the presence of the father. For the father to be
      absent at the conception is unusual, but by no means unheard of. So it is for humans. For demons we just don’t know.

      Spooky is a creature of the earth. This may make it easier for him to get back to earth. Similarly, it may be much easier for a demon to return to hell than for a human to go there.

      It may be that assistance from the other side is needed – or at least very helpful – in crossing to the side where you do not belong. Laampros, who we presume is immensely powerful, seems to require it.

      Was Laampros’ cooperation necessary for Duncan’s spell? Duncan does name him in the spell. An invocation? Or just a specification of whose part of hell to go to?

      Anyway Laampros may have come to earth to conceive Kyle, though I think this the less likely explanation. Or his mother may have gone to hell for the conception, willingly or not, and returned to give birth to her son. Or born him in hell, in which case she may have eventually returned to earth, or not. Or Kyle was conceived by some kind of artificial insimination, with or without his mother’s consent or even knowledge. Or his mother is (or was) not from earth herself. In which case she may be from a population of humans living in hell, or a demon, or something else entirely. Or demons may reproduce by budding. There are just so many posibilities,

    • The ultimate irony of “too much of a good thing”? I like this. It strikes me as a great way Alex can turn the comic book trope on its ear. The heroes get exactly what they want and endanger the world.

  • Syrenia

    A plan only lasts until the first engagement with the enemy…

  • science

    So what’s Mitch gonna be doing?

  • Lulzlullylulz

    So, this plan is either going to go horribly wrong or horribly right. It should be interesting either way.

  • Holly

    I love that thanks to the magic of Dramatic Irony we all know how bad it will be if our heroes actually succeed in preventing the ritual. I am really torn on who to route for. If we get Hell on Earth does that mean I can see my Darling George again?!

    (Also, I miss everyone like crazy, schedule just doesn’t seem to work well with camping. I will trying on Halloween though!)

    • Holly!!!! *glomps* Hopefully we will see you then!!

      • Holly

        The issue is that while I USUALLY have Saturday off, and I USUALLY don’t work too late on Fridays, my roommate/sibling has no human interaction until I get home so I need to hang out with him. >_>

        Since I work Wednesdays usually, that camp is definitely a no go.

        • Get him hooked on TYP and camp together?

          • Holly

            No Doki, I don’t think I could get my brother to read a Yaoi. No matter how awesome it is.

          • As this comic isn’t that bad, I am sure a couple of pages could be skipped (aka the only ones that deal with actual sexy times)….

    • Klaus

      I think that it is a safe bet that the demons will not get to dominate most of the earth for several years. It would go against all super hero comic tradition.

      As for stopping the ritual or not, in the usual superhero story the dastardly deed that must at all costs be stopped would not be stopped despite the very best effords of the heroes, The heros would then find another way to save the day. I don’t know if that is going to happen here. But I am sure that things will get worse before they get better.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Okay guys, Plan B, if you have one, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT ONSCREEN!

  • Saikkusukka

    It’s suspicious how they’re showing the fighting scenes now, before they are attempted… Maybe we won’t see them later on for some reason. :0

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Nothing suspicious about this at all, it’s a technique known as poetic parallelism. Don’t worry, nothing will go wrong.

  • I think we all know, this plan will go wrong! They all will end up in this cage, all except Mitch. He will save the day by lifting up the cage and flying away with it. xD

  • Markond

    Am I the only one seeing a simpler solution to the portal? They have a plane at their disposal: Fly in low and set the autopilot in a straight line so it skims the top off the gate breaking it. Worst case scenario they need a new plane, best case scenario they need to repaint the undercarriage of the jet and the gate to hell doesn’t open.

    • SofiaT

      Mmm, I think the worst case scenario would be for the plane to get magically stuck on the gate and for it to transport (along with everyone in it) to Hell. :0/

      (I just woke up and I’m obviously in a pessimistic mood, but it’s understandable: it’s Monday morning).

      • Bauke

        Hence the Autopilot bit….

      • EyeDontNo

        MMMM…. Laampros flying the plane back through the portal, protected against water and fire attacks by the plane’s hull, Fluke physical assault now useless, leaving Mitch to try to save the day by flying the plane ona course into the sun…
        I think worst case can always become worse.

        • Sarah314159

          …And then Laampros harnesses the fires of the sun to fry everyone who opposes him…

        • Samurai Jack

          It’s a glider, right, and not a plane? It has no engines. It’s sole source of propulsion is Mitch. If he’s not in contact with the glider, it doesn’t go anywhere…

          • I believe it is a plane as it has been mentioned somewhere that Amanda and another could pilot it should the need arise.

  • If Sircea “owns” Tsunami… having convinced him that KYLE is both a gay abomination and the son of a King of Hell… Well that would be a harsh surprise when he and Kyle supposedly go “off” to take Sircea on with their “distance” powers as Amanda suggests.

    I suppose if this dark supposition were at all likely, then Tsunami would not have been so difficult on the jet. Still I fear that tricksy Alex is going to break my heart again. I start imagining the worst. (?) Who is going to send KYLE down the dark river of betrayal this time?

    • Who said that it would be a deliberate betrayal? One of the oldest tricks for a mage to play is to cast a mental illusion of one’s worst fear. Kind of a “cast and forget” spell. She wouldn’t have to know what fear to target. She could do this to Gordon and he visualizes Kyle betraying the group just as he feared. He might turn his power against Kyle in an effort to save his friends.

  • So.. I have fretted a bit about Mitch, and then about the plan unfolded on this page. What I haven’t mentioned anything about is Fluke.

    Dayum, dude got the moves!

    He might ‘only’ have trained for battle, but if he can do what Amanda is laying out here, I’d not hesitate having him at my back.. as long as his fluke of karma isn’t switched to bad 😉

  • Tahir Raines

    I just got to say that the artwork has improved beautifully compared to the already decent art from the beginning.

  • Josh

    I am so worried about this. I know TYP are doing what they think is right, but I’m afraid that The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess need to succeed in their plan. TYP might make things worse by trying to stop the bad guys’ plans.

    I can’t wait!!

  • Derkins

    I’m not a huge fan of Tsunami, like most of us, but the way he and Kyle are drawn together, using their powers side by side, with the direct juxtaposition of fire and water… it’s really beautiful. Also love the gleeful Fluke taking out 4 guys at once in the last frame. Going to be sooo interesting to see how well this all goes off (or not).

  • Adam Black

    suddenly realizes this is not Friday/saturday

    • EyeDontNo

      Or even Tuesday/Wednesday 🙂

    • EyeDontNo

      Or even Tuesday/Wednesday 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales


  • Shjade

    1 – I hadn’t noticed in the earlier page that Tsunami’s tats glow when he’s splish-splash make ’em all take a bath-ing. Nifty.

    2 – I have to say it makes a lot more sense seeing dialogue in comic action sequences when the action is all in their heads being planned out in advance. Much more reasonable than back and forth chatter mid-fistfight somehow talking at the speed of smash.

  • Sunfire

    Woo – back again! Heh. Life took a helluva turn for a bit 😛 (As it does). Was great doing the catch-up reading though! Long sum-up short, PP is behaving pretty much how I thought she would – a bit of tunnel vision coupled with mega maniac who has a self-inflated sense of entitlement. Duncan also how I thought – and I *knew* he and PP were lovers and not related lol. He’s def having the second thoughts.

    In keeping brief, I just have to say WOW I am SO impressed with Amanda’s leadership and Spooky too. She’s looking at every angle as well as every teammate, directing them where their strengths will play, as well as keeping them close enough to have each others backs. This is, however, the first page in a LONG time where Gordon has for once seemed to just LISTEN to Amanda, and give his assurances to her as a teammate, and be less of a subtle (but still whiney) bitch about things with Kyle’s sexuality. (I still say a potential hiccup is there though if Kyle somehow saves the day or ‘converts’ Duncan around to good. I don’t think Gordon’s quite ready to accept a gay superhero winning out over him)

    Can’t wait to see where this is going – hope Flyboy gets his chance too – and I hope Amanda hasn’t underestimated the black-robe guys as being solely hand-to-hand. They could have anything in those pouches – flash powder, components for basic defence spells.. *shrugs* Just me and my paranoid mind I guess :p

  • Alan Michael Williams

    Does Tsunami spawn water from nothingness, or is it a waterbender kind of thing?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      The Commander’s comments back on page 71 about seeing a river close by, and Tsunmai “moving” as much water as he could to knock down the scafolding, strongly suggest that it’s waterbending of some sort.

    • joshsusser

      In addition, way back in Chapter 1, we see Tsunami distinctly *not* creating water when they were trying to fight a fire. All he could do was move existing water around. I wonder if he can freeze or boil water too.

  • So quiet, I guess no one wants to watch The Witches with me while we wait?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Unfortunately I’m in the middle of the usual Wednesday afternoon wrangling on book requests. Then I have to rush home and do some housework, including decorating some cake I baked last night.

      Hmm. That reminds me, the rest of you might want to try some of the virtual version of the cake. It’s mulberry bread, because, you know, it’s mulberry season here in the southern hemisphere.

      • Never had mulberry anything before. Never even knew it was eatable.

      • I cannot remember if I have had mulberry or not before

    • Ooh… I was looking through my HQ!! Tumblr tag and laughing evily ^^

  • Lillihandra

    *Sets up tent*
    *Starts bonfire*
    *Hands out marshmallows*
    Anyone have a good ghost story for the last camp-out before Halloween?

    • Well, I just put in The Burbs, just started. I really like most of the actors in it.

      • Lillihandra

        Sounds like fun. Never watched it, but it looks entertaining.

        • …..never…seen….*faints*

          • Lillihandra

            Don’t take it personally. I don’t watch a lot of T.V. shows or movies. I tend to prefer interactive media if I use media at all. My friends and family are trying to rectify that.

          • Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Corey Feldman, Henry Gibson, Bruce Dern…

          • Lillihandra

            I only found out who Tom Hanks was about a year and a half ago. I promise, there are attempts to rectify my ignorance.

          • …Sean Connery? Harrison Ford? Emma Watson? Daniel Radcliffe? Will Smith?

          • Lillihandra

            Yes. I’ve watched things with all of them. Some were less successful than others (*Cough Wild Wild West Cough*), but I’ve seen things with all of them.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      That reminds me. The supermarket on the other side of the street has both Halloween decorations up, while at the same time having Christmas trees prominently on sale as well. It’s the first time I’ve seen that particular bit of double-booking, mainly because Halloween usually isn’t a big thing in Australia. Does this sort of thing happen regularly in the States, or are the stoes better at keeping their merchandising opportunities separate?

      • Lillihandra

        Oh yeah. It’s a huge thing here (much to the average person’s chagrin). The winter stuff will sometimes be up even before the Halloween stuff. It’s awful.

      • …..Christmas things are actually making an appearance before Halloween things in some places…..the horror of it all!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          It is very distressing. Personally, I don’t like to start Christmas stuff until the day after Thanksgiving.

          • davefragments

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          • stickfigurefairytales

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          • davefragments

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          • Buying gifts early is not the same thing!

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          • That is being practical! Though I know a few people that get their Christmas shopping done in January when a lot of things go on sale.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Or sometimes you find something that would be a perfect gift for somebody, so you buy it then.

          • Yep!

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            I used to take my Mother, My Aunt and my brother’s FOUR kids out Christmas Shopping on Black Friday and let me say this – I never, ever, absolutely, positively shop in January after that outing.
            Jeepers, golly, whizzes – Takes months to recover.

          • My family has an unwritten rule: Don’t Leave the House on Black Friday Unless it is an Absolute Emergency

          • davefragments

            I don’t do that anymore. The kids have grown up and have their own kids. I buy off Amazon now or go in November. I don’t shop in December anymore. Too many crowds and I’m a bit claustrophobic.

          • I do most of my buying online as well.


          • It wears you out by the time xmas comes along.

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          • Yep, with ‘Christmas’ coming earlier and earlier each year, by the time the date actually gets there you are just so sick of it all…

          • Yup yup!

  • Terri Sutton

    Happy Camping Day people! Hope all of you are well.

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      • Steven Klimecky

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          • silibub

            Ha, I set that rule for myself at the beginning of the year and my life feels about 30% more in control, so there’s something to be said for the restriction.

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            Not long ago I drank TWO glasses of wine at a birthday dinner (Not mine) and was so effing buzzed up it wasn’t funny. I drink 1 glass of wine and no more. Something about my metabolism and alcohol.

          • silibub

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          • silibub

            Wow. But I agree, once you get to the pleasantly buzzed point there’s nothing to be gained by going further.

          • That’s actually a good rule.

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  • davefragments

    Over the weekend I saw Daniel Radcliffe in HORNS.
    That’s the movie from Joe Hill’s novel about a guy who is accused of killing his girlfriend and after a really bad drunk develops horns growing out his head.
    I’ll say this – Danny Boy (Harry Potter) has left the good guy image far behind him.

    • Hmm, I would say he has broken out of playing good guy roles, I wouldn’t say that he no longer has a good guy image.

      • davefragments

        I didn’t much care for “Kill Your Darlings.”
        It’s the story and not the actors.

  • SofiaT

    On my way home (2hrs early!) after a meeting in the city.
    I may even be able to camp a bit before the page updates *fingers crossed*

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      Love those short days!

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        And I did have a problem keeping my eyes open during the meeting but thankfully it’s all over now!

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  • Steven Klimecky

    Starting to watch Season 9 of “Supernatural” on Netflix. First few episodes seemed good, but Castiel finally has a complete sort of sexual experience for the first time, which kinda burst my fantasy bubble – as long as he was asexual or not particularly interested in those sorts of activities with the gals, I could still have secret-fantasy-type-hope of the possibility of him being the subject of my gay dreams and imaginings.

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      I don’t watch Supernatural, sorry.

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    • Just emailed you. So it works! Just a bit slowly. LOL.

  • Reading Alex’s note… I don’t know why I didn’t see before, but laying the smack down? I’m having flash backs to watching wrestling (hush) and watching the Rock. Ha! Good times.

  • Funny story: I have gotten after JesBelle for not putting a warning on some of the recent updates for ARH in the Yaoi of the WIld West forum. …she just posted on the thread and put a warning with the page this time. NSFD = Not Safe For Doki

    A very accurate description of the new page. -_- ^_^

    • JesBelle

      Wouldn’t want your ovaries to explode or something.

  • Yay! Made it to camp. Hoped I would. Europe (or a lot of it) had time savings last weekend, so I took the chance of not getting up an hour earlier than usual until US has their time switch.
    That one hour less for 1-3 weeks, twice a year (since US change earlier and later than EU) always ruins my inner clock for camping early :-p

  • And just in time, I see.. page is up 😉

  • heck.
    it looks like paul is pretty dang good at taijutsu!

  • Zeruk

    Is anyone else thinking Platinum Priest face is just saying “I WANNA ROCK!”?