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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 68

338 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 68

Why is he looking at Fluke that way?

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So! Apparently the military isn’t going to get there in time to stop the ritual. What will this mean for our young heroes? And why is Tsunami glaring at Fluke that way?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Alert! Danger, danger! Must react now. Code red.

    • Sapfo

      Happy Wolf!

      • I got it? Oh, on my screen you got it. I thought you were a split second before me xD Wohoo, It’s been slow in the V gathering lately.

        • Sapfo

          I know what you mean. But now you got one more dear. Keep him warm, keep him safe! Or I come and get him

  • Sapfo

    Floating heads!

  • davefragments

    And we still don’t know. . .
    I was hoping we’d find out what the box is all about.
    The page is great.

  • Yay dave is saved!!!!!

  • SofiaT

    Tsunami seems familiar with Murphy’s Law.
    Isn’t that Fluke’s specialty?

    But then again, it is Fluke he’s giving the side-eye to…

  • I want the superpower to become a floating head at will.

  • What is Tsunami’s issue with fighting. I get it, they’re not all experienced, but experience is gained by the doing.

    • silibub

      I think ideally they’d want to work up to opponents like these!

      • True, they’re being thrown into the deep end of the pool first outing, but I just feel like there is more to Tsu’s story

        • silibub

          Probably! He is really cautious, which makes me think he might have lost someone important to him (and possibly believes it was his fault).

        • Samurai Jack

          Well, with a name like Tsunami a loss of control could easily make him a weapon of mass destruction. We might find out, given that the ritual is taking place next to a large body of water.

  • silibub

    Fluke…what did you do?

    It raises an interesting question about his powers, though — is the “lucky” outcome whatever Fluke personally deems most desirable? That could be perceived as a major flaw in his ability, since luck is so subjective. What seems fortunate to him in the short run could actually have very unlucky long-term consequences.

  • Anyone else think that Tsunami’s ears are weirdly small in comparison to his head?
    (No offense)

  • Lillihandra

    Looks like you have to let the younger ones fight after all. At least we know it can’t get too much worse.

    • You just had to say that. 😐

      • silibub

        Pfffft. What could possibly go wrong?

        • Nothing, nothing at all. *snort*

          • silibub

            I’m sure this is actually a big misunderstanding.

          • Yes! Just a misunderstanding. Something got lost in the email. I’m sure it’s in the spam folder!

          • silibub

            They’ll go down there, Duncan and Sircea will explain the harmless thing that’s really going on, and they’ll all have a big, friendly laugh.

          • Exactly! A nice laugh and then they’ll pull out the picnic and eat lunch and later watch the fireworks….

            Oops. Right. What could go wrong? 😐

          • What to eat in the picnic. I think that’s the critical thing!

          • That’s not a good question to ask. Just eat, nod and smile.

          • davefragments

            Sircea’s going to fight like hell (sorry for the pun)

          • Lillihandra

            Yes, but they’re ready for a fight. They know there’s a demon of great power higher in the ranks coming to their world. They know there’s a human sacrifice in the making. Even if they fail, there’s not much more that could go wrong. Their mission parameters are at a point where there is literally about to be hell on earth. How much worse can it possibly get?

          • davefragments

            What’s the worst outcome for Sircea?
            the answer is losing her bid for immortality.

            What’s the worst for Duncan?
            Quite possibly losing Kyle because he’s conflicted.

            What’s TYP’s team’s worst outcome – Hell on Earth and demons wandering around looking for them.

          • Lillihandra

            Exactly! Nothing they haven’t already planned for, or at least considered happening.

          • Duncan sounds like he’s got the best deal in that roster.

          • EyeDontNo

            How much worse? Try a SECOND demon lord trying to move in at the same time as Laampros- and without a contract to limit his influence. Or an Angelic dimension deciding they need to ‘save the Earth’ by starting a Holy War. Or maybe … Nah, I’ll stop there. 😀

        • See I like the way you think!

    • Klaus

      It could be raining.

  • Sapfo

    Looking at the glassbox. That is a lot of people. I wonder if it is a specific number of people or just the most they could get.

    • Sarah314159

      Everything else seems so precisely crafted that I bet it’s a specific number. A number of sacrifices for a certain level of power for the spell, or Laampros’s favorite number, or… something.

      I suspect Duncan and Sircea could round up a lot more victims than that if they had reason to do so.

      • Samurai Jack

        Well… There are the flunky wannabes too. Bleeding into a bowl might just be the start.

  • Tsunami really don’t want them in a fight. I don’t want to think it, but I can’t help it after the way he’s looking at Fluke…

    Is Tsunami silently questioning Fluke’s bad luck to be the reason they got there too late for the military to arrive?

    I wonder what ever Tsunami’s dislike of going into a real battle is. It might be why he’s still a part of YP and was rejected for any of the ‘grown up’ teams. I’m very curious about his background and if it’s a belief thing, not wanting to harm anyone, or maybe the opposite.. that he HAS hurt someone bad earlier (by accident) and it’s made him reluctant to ever go into battle? Especially with minors around.

    • silibub

      My first thought was that Tsunami’s giving Fluke the side-eye because he suspects Fluke manipulated their luck to ensure they had to confront the enemy in person. He was eager for a fight.

      • The look on Tsunami’s face: You just HAD to jinx it, din’t you?

  • Sapfo

    I am looking at Mitch right now. He does not say a lot. But I do like how his looks at diffrent things and that is the focus of the page. Wonder if he is even tired by all the things he done so far. If he is, then he sould sitt back and regain his powers again

    Alex, Adam, Veronica. A great page. and the story keeps on pulling me in.

    • Samurai Jack

      I’m worried about Mitch. He’s just the kind of kid who would sacrifice himself to save the world. Or at least his friends.

      • Klaus

        Is that “or at least sacrifice his friends” or “or at least save his friends”?

  • davefragments

    I have to think about this page.
    Why is Tsunami such a downer?
    And what if Mitch slips and lets the plane lurch again?

    • That’s what I said last page. Should they be distracting Mitch like this?

      • davefragments

        Mitch is 15 and thinks he’s invulnerable like all 15 year olds.

      • Steven K.

        Well, if he weren’t guiding an aircraft (and were legal), I know how I’d be trying to distract him. Maybe I’d have to use Kyle as bait, though – then take up position in the middle of the sandwich.

  • One last thing.
    Spooky is wearing a hat with himself on it.
    I can’t decide if I should roll my eyes or laugh.

    • davefragments

      I think you will be able to buy one eventually. Someone here knows for sure.

    • It’s a part of his image and the merch that’s made for his fans… now also literally, because it’s going to be on sale in the shop later on 🙂

      • >///> Well I feel stupid. I will shame-buy the hat.

        • *lol* I believe Alex told us back at some point that Spooky has his own tv-show and such in the YP world. He’s a pretty known guy.

    • Klaus

      This is the best look we have had so far:

      Though the main content of that panel is very distracting.

    • Jay Demetrick

      His hat has the magic power of recursive Spooks. If you look closely, the decal of Spooky on the hat is wearing a hat with a decal of Spooky on it, wearing a hat with a decal…


  • karmakat

    my god tsunami grow a pair at times…

    • Sarah314159

      Yeah, quit your belly-aching and get on with saving the world!

      • karmakat

        yeah it’s either a freaky case of “mother hen” and i would be scared to see him in a dress and bra.
        either mr gonna grow balls and use his powers for more than “control fire” or do “SURF ON THE BEACH”.

        i had the hots for him…now i feel like using him as a mace to hit the “platinum priestess” lol

  • davefragments

    I must sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow.
    Good night.

  • Sheesh! That ritual to open the portal. Going slow and old fashioned with the key, probably as needed, but doing it the 21st century with the sacrifices.
    Well, you have to improve somewhere. Might as well make it easier to kill several people.

  • Klaus

    That’s right Gordon. Now is the time to argue among yourselves.

  • bronakopdin

    why is he glaring at Fluke?

    Obviously because the discussion from “a few hours ago” … I wonder how Commander will decide, now that we’re sure the officials won’t make it in time… will she allow the youngsters to take part in the fight?
    If it really came to an all out war like situation I guess she won’t really have a choice and seriously… even if they somehow can stop the timer or mechanic spell casting… you need more people to still protect all those hostages from being killed “manually” 🙁

  • ClosetPervert

    As someone who’s not a native speaker, could anyone please tell me what calvary means in this context? Or is it supposed to be cavalry?

    • I think it’s supposed to be cavalry.

    • I thought it looked weird, but it sounded right xD

    • It’s supposed to be cavalry, just a common typo.

    • Klaus

      Gordon is very religious, and more used to talking about calvary than cavalry. Therefore this slip of the tongue.

    • Steven K.

      Supposed to be cavalry.. To “send in the cavalry”, or “here comes the cavalry”, etc. is a set of idioms in English that refer to a rescue or a group or force of rescuers. Literally and originally the term refers to a group of soldiers or warriors ON HORSEBACK, that had more speed and advantage over foot-soldiers, or members of the “infantry”. “Calvary” is a place in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, also known as Golgotha (“the place of the skull”), and is the site of Christ’s crucifixion (in case you are not of the Christian faith and/or not all that into comparative religion).

      • ClosetPervert

        Thank you 😀 I knew both words, and I thought that cavalry would make sense here, but I was wondering how Calvary fit into this context, or if it had a “hidden” meaning… I can see how those two would be easy to mix up, though. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if I’d ever used “Calvary”, but the only other occasion I heard it was in that one line in Les Misérables… I’m pretty sure German translations of the Bible use Golgotha.

        Thank you for taking the time to explain it so thoroughly 😀

  • Nirgal

    God DAMMIT, Gordon!

  • TwilightDreamer

    aww, poor Tsunami was hoping….don’t blame him in the slightest.
    this is getting exciting and nerve wracking.. XD

  • Shjade

    “So! Apparently the military isn’t going to get there in time to stop the ritual. What will this mean for our young heroes? And why is Tsunami glaring at Fluke that way?”

    …really? I didn’t think he was even looking at Fluke until I read that in the comment below the comic. To me it just looks like he’s staring at nothing and being worried (for all the reasons he mentioned previously). What glare?

    • SofiaT

      I thought “what is the side-eye for?” and commented on it before reading Alex’s commentary. So, I guess it’s subjective how one reads the scene? To me the glare stood out immediately.

      • Shjade

        The set of his shoulders isn’t facing Fluke, his head’s in line with his shoulders; to me, I can’t picture him looking any direction but straight ahead. Since Fluke’s way off to his right, I just don’t see it. *shrugs* That and the wrinkle of his eyebrows looks more like “worried” than “angry” to me, like under other circumstances he might be about to break down and cry (which would explain Fluke’s “Uh, you gonna be okay?” expression).

        But hey, that’s just me.

        • SofiaT

          I didn’t think Tsunami was angry until people started commenting on it, theorizing he’s accusing Fluke of causing this (again, the interpretation is subjective), whether deliberately or subconsciously.

          My first impression was that Tsunami is used to having bad luck when he travels or goes out with Fluke and he was grumpy rather than angry; I imagine they must have gone to a movie theater to find all tickets sold out more than once, or he’s used to them riding a car only for it to break down in the middle of nowhere…

          • Shjade

            Aaaand now all I can think about is the Young Protectors’ Summer Road Trip. Which ended prematurely with the gang in their van somehow, miraculously, out of gas just outside of town. Again.


            “It’s not my fault! D:”

    • Marz

      Yeah I just thought he was staring off into the distance, but I was curious about Fluke’s expression. It makes more sense if Tsunami is supposed to be glaring at him.

  • Sidonie Ancelin

    I think Tsunami is glaring at Fluke because Fluke’s power is drawn from bad luck. I *think* he can voluntarily cause bad luck in exchange for powering up. Remember the comment about “Yeah, I’m full up, I crashed my car earlier.” waaaay back when. It’s just conjecture though. If so, then Tsunami might think he has something to do with the very nasty timing.

  • Terri Sutton

    Tsunami is glaring at Fluke? I thought he was glaring at Kyle who was off-panel and Fluke was staring at him warily waiting for whatever “insight” he has to come out of his mouth.

    Why is it whenever I have managed to convince myself that Tsunami is a decent guy he is on the next page and says or does something that implies (to me) that he may be a hero but a real arsehole.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Notice how the order of the heads is completely random–not only does it not match the team’s configuration on the aircraft, but it changes from panel to panel. Perhaps they are mere symbols to indicate who is speaking. Do the little heads see each other? What happens when one of them sees its duplicate? Can he talk to himself?

    • my guess on the halo / nimbis is she is using her powers to project what flyboy is seeing into the minds of her companions… this making things quicker and easier then having to verbally relay what is going on……

      • ^ This. Commander is a telepath. She has apparently linked her mind with everyone on the team to project what Flyboy sees to everyone. The nimbus around her head is a visual cue that she is using her power. The “floaty heads” represent who is engaged in the mind link. One might not speak but he can be paying close attention to what he is getting from the link.

        It is a common comic book trick to use visual cues to symbolize powers like telepathy. Avid “X-men” fan here so I’ve seen plenty of Professor X “floaty head” scenes.

  • Librarican

    There are some comments that imply that Fluke creates his powers by doing things that others would consider “bad luck”. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the possibility that he can do that because it strikes me as very similar to the argument that there are no truly selfless acts in the world. If you do a good deed, you aren’t doing it for others, you are doing it for the warm feelings you get as a result. So if Fluke intentionally crashes his car to amp up his powers, then it isn’t bad luck in his mind and therefore wouldn’t result in a power increase. I thought he drew his powers from genuine accidents, or that he could allow but not initiate bad things to happen. He could leave his wallet in the middle of the street where it could get stolen, but he can’t actually hand it to the thief and say “here, take this.” If he was taking a turn too quickly and legitimately got into an accident, that’s one thing, but driving it off a cliff would not be bad luck because that was the intended outcome.

    Does that make sense? Am I the only one scratching my head?

    • I believe Fluke’s power operates off the premise of flipping existing misfortune or “bad luck” to his advantage. Bad luck serves as fuel for his power. It is possible that he attracts misfortune as a consequence. Perhaps that is why Tsunami glares at him. It is just as likely that the misfortune of the cavalry running late to the party only offers Fluke “juice” with which to work.

    • Marz

      I got the impression that he uses his powers to give himself bad luck so that he can give good luck to other people. Like he turns his powers to “give me bad luck” and as he’s going to the grocery store, an unlikely series of events happen that results in his car crashing. My impression isn’t that random accidents give him power, but he can create bad luck for anyone and through some universal law, that means good luck must also happen, and he can store that good luck for later, if that makes any sense.

      • Librarican

        If this is the case, then do “bigger” bad luck situations give him more power? Is there a cap or maximum of how much bad luck he can “store” and make into good luck? And if the good luck can be given to other people, then can he reap benefits from bad luck that happen to other people?

        What constitutes lucky or unlucky occurrences? Kyle’s manipulation and betrayal could be considered good luck for Duncan, but bad luck for Kyle, so then does Fluke not get anything since all the “luck” was spoken for? But really is it luck, since that was a planned outcome on Duncan’s part?

        • Marz

          I would presume that he would get more power from, say totaling his car than from forgetting his keys. And I think it was implied he could use his power for personal gain at the cost of others, but he doesn’t because he’s selfless like that.
          I have no idea if there’s a cap and going into what constitutes luck is probably whatever the writer says counts as luck. I would guess anything that could be described as random counts, like if instead of seeking out Kyle because of his demonic heritage, Duncan picked him because he happened to run into him outside a gay bar, that would count, but really it’s very subjective and boils down to “It’s magic! Just go with it!” (Okay, I don’t know if his powers are explicitly magical, but my point stands).
          And like I said before, I think Fluke only gets power from bad luck he specifically caused, not from the universe, but until Alex clarifies exactly how it works that’s just my interpretation.

    • I think a lot of bad luck happens around Fluke and Tsu is seeing it as such. Of course we have to fight, it’s just bad luck the military won’t be here in time, and oh look we have the bad luck magnet on the plane. So of course that makes it all Fluke’s fault.

      Which really doesn’t say anything good about Tsu. He seems to like to place blame on everyone for things that aren’t really controllable or at least things that he’s unable to control.

  • Kit the Coyote

    Well of course it is! hehe

  • Outstanding page as always. I begin to associate the colors in a given scene to the “side” in question. Example, the blue background shows up consistently in the YP scenes when not viewing the sky. It reminds me of scenes from “The Matrix.” When inside the Matrix everything is tinged green. It’s subtle but effective. It might also be my imagination. No worries!

    Alex, Adam, and Veronica likely grow weary of my compliments but your skills remain consistent with this page. The use of perspective with the digital numbers. The use of “just enough” detail to illustrate the interior of the glider without distracting from the focal point of the faces. Once more Alex offers a morsel of information that provokes more questions. I truly enjoy this series in case you haven’t noticed. Now, my thought about what the team needs to accomplish.

    YP is a search and rescue team. Capturing bad guys isn’t their specialty and in this case, can get them killed. To foil the spell they only need to free the sacrifices and rescuing people in danger is the team’s specialty. There are a lot of people in that box so it is likely the team needs to take out the timer and the device intended to kill sacrifices. Getting those people to safety will be a nasty trick what with so many robed “Oo-la-tek” cultists ready to jump to attack, nevermind Annihilator and Platinum Palpatine. So, the group needs to get the civilians to a defensible position and hold out until the military arrives or when time for the spell passes, whichever comes first. Now, for my take on the last panel.

    I see Tsunami glaring accusingly at Fluke. It is consistent with their previous argument where Fluke was gung-ho to jump into the action. In my imagination Gordon glares at Fluke, “happy now?”

    Distraction in the ranks. A lot of civilians to rescue. Robed cultists and two global-threat super villains. Emotionally charged characters at odds. Damn, but Alex knows how to set up an epic scene!

    • Thank you, Donald. I always enjoy reading your thoughful speculation and I’m glad you’re enjoying the work. Thank you very much for the kind words! 🙂

  • Lynda Depe-Taylor

    Automatic sacrifice…very evil, but you can’t argue with their effeciency….

    • Terri Sutton

      Yeah because listening to them scream like stuck pigs is so 15th century.

  • Lynda Depe-Taylor

    How do I get a Spooks hat? I didn’t see one in the store 😉

    • Coming attraction. After the Kickstarter backers get their caps. 🙂

  • WarGoddess

    It’s always too late!!!! The end is nigh!!!! Repent, repent, the end is nigh!!!!!!! 😀

    You guys can take ’em. Flyboy, Kyle, and Tsunami, you take the douchecanoe on the right, and Fluke, Spooky, and Commander, you take Mrs. Shiny Sparkle Bitch on the left. You’ll probably all initially fail, be captured, then used as an additional spell catalyst and when the spell is complete Laampros will take hold of Kyle and use him as a weapon against his friends and then his friends will have to force Kyle to get a grip at which time Kyle will use his latent hell powers to defeat Laampros and kick all ass. That’s just how I picture all hell breaking loose. Get it? HELL breaking loose? AHAHAHAHAHA it’s funny.

    • Terri Sutton

      Isn’t Shiny Sparkle Bitch a character on My Little Pony?

      • Klaus
        • Terri Sutton

          If I wasn’t a serial link clicker and have found some really messed up (read: interesting) stuff myself; I would be questioning how you found that?

          • Klaus

            Google. I first heard about it many years ago, in a news group. Anyone else out there who remember Usenet?

          • Heh… of course not… I have no idea what you old timers are talking about. 🙂

      • Steven K.

        Ha – that deserves a grin.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Douche Canoe and Shiny Sparkle Bitch? Do you realize how hard I laughed over that??? Geez!

    • Steven K.

      I wish we knew what sort of entity Kyle’s other parent is/was. Kyle looks human enough, but would a human ever mate (at least willingly) with Laampros? (Well, I suppose if she’s a super-size queen; though, perhaps more importantly given Laampros’ “attributes”, COULD a human even mate with him?). Perhaps only some sort of entity with beyond-human strength and capabilities could mate with an entity such as Laampros. Perhaps an angel COULD. Kyle is also rather angelic looking, or at least rather beautiful. If angels do in fact have wings, though, and if his other parent was one, it is odd, then, that Kyle has none – since in that case BOTH parents would have had winds, and thus, even if being winged was some kind of recessive trait, Kyle should have SOME type of wings. If tails are recessive, that would account for his lack of a tail. But the bigger question in the angel-case is WOULD an angel ever mate with a being such as Laampros??? And, if so, why would this be – HOW could this be? Some wayward angel babe on some very naughty or rebellious bender?? Then there is the Djin theory – which might make sense – as they have great powers and are said, I believe, to be beings derived from fire. This seems more plausible to me all-round, though maybe not as dramatic. But does that explain Kyle’s physical appearance – I don;t know enough about the possible variables of Djin forms, or the range of forms they might be capable of taking or in which they might manifest themselves.

      • Ant-Man

        Lampros can probably shape shift.
        I do like the idea of kyle being 1/2 demon or dark angel and 1/2 reg/good angel. 1/2 yoda 1/2 vader

        • Steven K.

          Yep 😉 (That’s all I can say, cuz your avatar has me rather mesmerized and hot-and-bothered at the moment. – talk about shape-shifting!)

          • Ant-Man

            Do image search for Kellan Lutz

  • EyeDontNo

    Odd… The line of minions going up to bleed into the Silver Cup doesn’t come back down from the platform….
    Is the Key inside the cup absorbing their bodies after getting their blood?

    • Jenny Craig.

    • Cydney Sabin

      I’m guessing that guy might be the first one in line?

      • EyeDontNo

        But the previous page(s) showed minions already bleeding into the chalice. Accidental oversight of the artistic team would be my thought, but I still like the “drain the blood, absorb the flesh” scenario too.

        • Klaus

          It is the same minion who bled, who is now waiting for Duncan to finish reading.

  • “Automated sacrifice. Very 21st century.”

    Okay that made me snort my Cheerios out the wrong nostril. FANTASTIC. It’s hopeless. I’m doomed. I’m madly in love with Spooky and he’s likely to be the unavailable one. All my joking aside, I do try to read the writing on the wall… and I’ve always avoided falling for non-gay characters (it never ends well), but I do love him.

    You know I’m still working on who the cute demon he was rescuing in hell was. I keep wanting it to be Kyle in his demon form, but I can’t quite make all the pieces work with the bonus comic… so my theorizing still needs a good bit of work.

    Dear Team TYP… the art is always first class. I’m loving the balance in color and saturation that you’re using to focus our attention. I’m not sure why floating heads aren’t making me laugh in the wrong way, but they still seem like a classic style choice and very well executed, so I’m loving the look of these pages. The last panel on this page is absolutely beautiful… expressions, composition, color… just love it.

    If I have any issues at all… it’s with the information flow. I know that’s due to the serial nature of our weekly wait. I WANT TO TURN THE PAGE. I want to know what’s going to happen. Argle Bargle!

    I will be honest Alex and say (okay not totally unusual) there’s a lot emotionally that I don’t really understand right now. Which is fine, like I said, soon I’ll be able to turn the page, but just feedback for feedback’s sake.

    What IS Kyle thinking. He’s gone a bit mute lately and you know I’m dying to know how he’s feeling and what he’s thinking. He is our hero. So just my cross to bear of the moment, but HOW is our boy?

    I’m also not quite sure about keys and sacrifices. Stuff like the globe-key Duncan left with Laampros and yet now it seems they need dead people to activate the hell-sphincter. That seems a logical way to open hell-gates when it’s not someone’s birthday, I guess, but still the two halves don’t link up in my brain yet.

    Was the first half just to get the deal scorched onto D’s arm? But, then why did Laampros have to keep said globe-kay and fly off with it. No globe-key on the earth side, or we just haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure someone more logical than I has a good idea, but I’m a bit lost re the key thing.

    I’m totally lost with Tsunami’s emotions on this page. I never really sorted the jet trip and his hissy there.

    I have to agree with @disqus_P2huBPd9nS:disqus , my first reaction was that Tsunami was directing that look (and line?) at Paul. If not, then I totally mis-viewed it.

    Either way, I have NO idea why he’s feeling what he’s feeling. For someone his age, he seems rather overprotective of his colleagues. I don’t buy that he’s responding as a father figure, legal precedents aside. Tsunami has to know what they were all in this team for. Simple recues just couldn’t be guaranteed when you have life saving powers… or it seems not to me. So this kind of scenario would always be a background possibility? Yes? No?

    I would also imagine that Tsunami would logically get the alternatives here. Save THE WORLD and hopefully the hostages… OR NOT. So the unhappiness is a mystery to me. I get that, that’s the intention. I really hope it’s not more of the type of anger he dumped on Kyle for being untrustworthy as a gay, lying son of a demon… or worse… as has been suggested in comments that he would think Paul would rig the odds just so they could fight as opposed to the military.

    I just don’t want to think Paul WOULD ever do that and to think Tsunami believes it of him makes me question him as a part of this group. That’s a pretty hefty level of distrust if true. Of course, I’m sure you have a twist (I hear you keep a drawer full of tricksy plot adjustments for moments like this. Heeee)

    Finally (another list suggestion), if Tsunami has some sort of PTSD situation due to a previous death in his life/career then what’s he doing on this team? Why didn’t this come out in his review to be a member of TYP? How would a telepath like Amanda miss something so significant? Just mysteries I’m excited to understand.

    Oh and I’m right out of step as always… I have NO idea what Duncan is REALLY thinking or going to do. I’m honestly hoping there’s some redemption music playing in the score just now.

    Last bit of my confusion (everyone breathes a sigh of relief) … Mitch’s sly look in the 4th panel makes me worry that he’s going to do something foolishly heroic. As @davefragments:disqus said well… he’s 15 and that’s the age when we’re all immortal and invulnerable and our parents age 10 extra years out of sheer worry. I’m a bit scared for all of them, but that is a REALLY scary idea. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just that extra helping of the little brother juju. The hell-date really got me… so I’m putting my emo-armor again.

    So, this is just a very long-winded way of me saying I’m not sure what’s going on emotionally with almost everyone.

    Thank you three for another wonderful, nervous making, page. You are wearing out the edge of my seats. Honestly, it’s simply light years away from Saturday and that can’t be good for my health. Much appreciated!

    (*chris checks craig’s list for a time machine to get to the next page sooner.*)

    • JozefAL

      You have a nostril dedicated to snorting Cheerios out?

      Color me impressed. For me, neither nostril is acceptable for snorting out solid objects. Liquids, yes. Solid food, not so much.

    • Klaus

      Remember that all save Spooky have been rejected by the other teams. Why they would reject Amanda I don’t know. Rejecting Gordon makes more and more sense.

      • Thank you. Thus my longing for the Spookster makes even more (or less) sense… erm… (never mind). 🙂

    • Heh. Thank you for another thoughtful and passionate reaction to the page. Many of your questions will be answered in this chapter, some rather soon, so you’ll have to let me know how your understanding is informed by the upcoming pages. But I’m certainly glad that you found this page engaging. And hopefully your Argle will get unbargled very soon! 😉

    • Steven K.

      That WAS a rather cute demon, as I recall as well, now that you mention it – at least as far as demons go, I suppose. Is a Hell-king or lord the same as a demon in terms of the type of entity, or something greater? (As a balrog/valrauko is something much greater than an orc, or even an orc-king or “great goblin”, as it were. So I’m just wondering if Kyle would be half-demon, or is he half- something greater as a prince of Hell, etc. In some mythologies, Lucifer, as a fallen angel, is something different and greater than a basic demon, although other mythologies would say that all demons are fallen angels or derived from them somehow. I’m trying to remember if that cute demon – or whatever he was – had a tail. I’d think a prehensile tail would be rather handy/useful in terms of sexual practices and positions – being able to do various things with that while still, then, having both hands free for other activities and explorations.

      • zunden

        Funny that you would mention balrogs, considering that they are corrupted maiar, which are the Middle Earth equivalent of angels, while discussing demons and whether or not fallen angels are greater than normal demons….

        • Steven K.

          Exactly. That’s why I thought is was an adequate parallel. They were Maiar spirits of fire that followed Melkor to middle earth, as the other fallen angels followed Lucifer.

    • I thought we got a look at the globe key on earth on previous page, low left panel, but maybe it’s not Clave’s sibling and something else 😉
      As for Tsunami being on the team. He’s a reject from other teams, like the other members. I question more why Mitch was rejected, or if he’s there now because he’s still too young. Sort of like a safer junior training place to be. Aplace that will keep him out of trouble and in control.

      Amanda and Spooky made the team, and I can see them approaching other young meta-humans who for some reason was rejected from other teams. They still have powers so it’s unlikely they aren’t being kept an eye on by someone in the government. They might not be considered fully fit for more dangerous situations, but rescues they can do.

      I can see Gordon being powerful with water, but something has happened that made him unstable as a team member during battles. Something we also see here where he’s reluctant to enter one, especially with minors around.
      I made a comment on this page where I theorize that Tsunami might have experienced something where one here cared about was hurt when he was younger. He’s so over protective, especially of Mitch who’s the youngest.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    So where do we go now? Do they have any Smart Bombs? or do we fight fire with Kyle?

  • SSF

    Damn, Tsunami, why are you in such a bad mood? It’s not like the world’s ending… Oh.

  • Pikinanou

    Daddy Tsunami’s “it’s-not-gonna-end-well” sensor is tingling, me say.

  • Megan Staples

    I thought that Tsunami was glaring at Fluke because Fluke has every intention of diving into the fighting right alongside everyone else… Tsunami said that he only wants himself, Commander and Spooky out there, everyone else is too young. I don’t think he’s remembered that Kyle is 18… or was it because he thinks Kyle is too vulnerable to Duncan? I think he suspects that Kyle is a gay freak who’ll run straight to Daddy-dear and Duncan and betray everyone.

    Is that severe adolescent rebellion I see Flyboy displaying? He has every right to resent Tsunami for his high-handed ways, but it might be better if he did stay out of temptation’s way. He might be too weak to resist blandishments.

  • The more I seem to grasp Fluke’s powers, the less I’d want to be him. I also get why he was probably rejected from any hero teams.
    We know the guys on the team didn’t make it into a hero team, and it’s getting more clear why.

    Kyle. He traumatized from hurting his foster sister when his powers kicked in, and he’s been affected by that ever since. Even being a year older than Paul in age, even Paul sees him as the younger one. And in some way I guess Kyle is.
    Tsunami. We have seen him be a bit switching in temper, he’s quite protective around the minors and he’s reluctant to face a fight. Much suggest he has his own kind of trauma we don’t know about yet.
    Mitch. I’m not sure why he’s there. Is he also a reject for some specific reason, or is he still a bit too young to join a team? He just turned 15, so maybe it’s more about having him somewhere were he’s getting some training and has supervision rather than being a reject. Someone with Mitch’s powers is too risky to be left alone and untrained. Maybe he’s already been close to harming someone.

    Amanda and Spooky made the team.
    Amanda. I’m not sure she’s a reject as much as she joined up with Spooky, and with the connections of her mother she takes the ‘rejects’ under her wings. I can see young meta-humans with powers, but not the stability to join a team that does more than search and rescue. The government will still have an eye on them and they’re ‘unsafe’ to be left alone on their own premises.
    Spooky. We know he’s been approached more than once to be recruited, but he’s turned them down. I think that at first no team wanted him around, but when he showed he’s stable again and had the *oompf* to be good on a team.. well at that point Spooky was just fine were he is, and in no need to change that. He has his own little group of ‘family’, his friends, and he has time to do other things on the side. He can help people and team mates, hunt demons and have his own tv-show and such. He’s comfortable where he is.

    Now back to Paul. To Fluke. What an appropriate hero name. He has power, but I guess the unpredictability of them simply makes it too risky putting him on most teams.
    A fluke, a chance of good luck or something happening – or something bad. From what we have seen earlier, Paul’s powers seems to be based a lot on the balance of good luck/bad luck. If something good comes to Paul, it might reflect badly on someone close to him or someone he’s sent out to help.
    On the other hand, the more unlucky Paul has been the more good luck he seems to ‘store up’ to be able to use to pass on to someone else. It must make the need to keep your life in a balance pretty hard.

    Paul will have to live with often being a bit unlucky, like the time his car was ruined, or be VERY careful what he wish for. It might just be his luck that it happens.
    We saw Paul’s desire to get into the fight and now they’re going to do just that. Tsunami seems to hint that of COURSE this would happen, because Paul wanted it badly enough. Well Paul got his chance, his fluke of luck, but now the situation is bad over all. If this really is what Paul could create then his powers are dangerous, not only for others but himself.

    I can also see that as another reason to why Paul spends more time in the gym than any other team member. Where the others can use their powers more freely, Paul would have to keep a lot of his in check and rather trust his physical strength for helping people.
    He’s bound to sometimes get in situations where the fluke of a chance is a touch of bad luck. He’ll have to be physical strong for that also + he’ll have to work on being pretty ‘zen’. He literally has to be careful what he wish for. That is something that matures you in many ways mentally. No wonder he feels that Kyle is the younger of them on an emotional/experienced scale.

    • Awesome character analyses. I definitely agree that the more you think about it, the more you feel pretty bad for Fluke. He is pretty much the embodiment of “be careful what you wish for” because everything that happens in his life has direct karmic repercussions. Personally, I would never be able to handle that much anxiety. Every time something good happened you’d be just waiting for other shoe to drop.

      I’m actually very curious about Amanda though. You mention that she’s taken sort of a mothering role by taking all these rejects in. But I still feel like she’s a but of a reject herself. Just based on the way she related with Spooky in the flashback and the way talks about her “cred” with the army, I think she also is seen by some as a reject. It could just be that she has trouble being taken seriously because her mother is an important person and no one believes that she earned her station. But I think it goes deeper than that. I think there are mistakes in her past, perhaps relate to her telepathic abilities. She did point out the destructive potential of her powers at one point.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      A thought just occurred to me: I dunno if this has been speculated on before and I simply missed it, but… Is it possible that early on in Spooky’s career as an occult detective he also got tarred with the ‘He’s a true magic-user and therefore must be insane’ label? Of course, after a while he established his reputation as being quite sane, thank-you-very-much, after which those offers from the two regional superteams (as both intern and full member) would have started to turn up.

      And little wonder why. He’s one of only two known sane magic-users? That’s a flexible and useful power while also being a resource as rare as hens teeth. Heck, given that many superteams in this setting are run by the military, I’m genuinely surprised somebody hasn’t tried to draft him.

      But Spooky has stuck by the Young Protectors. Quite apart from the various reasons that have been speculated on previously (I’m still fond of the idea that he’s choosing to pay forward by helping troubled super-youths), he’s sticking with Commander in the same way that she stuck with him – both in the sense we saw in the bonus comic and the speculative sense I’ve outlined above.

      • Oops, I can see that I didn’t specify it in my comment even though I thought it. My thought of Spooky being stable is exactly that he showed he’s still sane 🙂

        As for why he turned down the teams who tried to recruite him. I think it’s a mix of the reasons you give. I also don’t think he wants to be ‘contained’ by having to follow the rules of a team or the military either. He has that contact via Amanda and that suits him just fine.
        He was questioned by authority in the very first hours after he got back from hell. After that he was probably questioned, examined and such by others for a while. I know that if it was me, I’d probably had enough of that at some point.

        Where Fluke’s powers might be too risky for a team, Spooky’s might be to easy to use in the wrong way. I believe the main reason Spooky keeps his sanity is because he doesn’t let his powers get the best of him. His friends, his his rescue work and counceling others – it helps keeping him grounded.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          It’s cool Danish: I wasn’t responding with a counterpoint to any of your ideas. Your post simply prompted me to wonder whether anyone had ever speculated that Spooky had ever been accused of being insane, and I got so wrapped up in the idea that I failed to notice that that was essentially what you were saying in the first place. [shrug] Not the first time I’ve embarrassed myself like that.

          • Embarrased yourself? Not at all. You specified something that I didn’t really say 🙂

      • Steven K.

        Did you know that actual hen’s teeth were produced many years ago in the lab in a fascinating series of tissue experiments involving the induction of long-inactive genes?

    • A very nice analysis, Danish. 🙂

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Oh wow, it wasn’t until I read your comment that I realized them being too late could be related to Fluke’s powers. Poor guy. Great insight, though!

  • Ant-Man

    Shouldn’t the military have already been mobilized? I thought she had the military notified & prepped.
    They’re dealing with the fate of the world & didn’t have the army/marines/navy/airforce prepped & ready?
    No wonder they’re the loser/reject team.

  • What? No! Where’s the ‘next’ button.? How can I have caught up already? I need more updates! Well, I guess if there’s no more to read I should actually give my thoughts on where this is going; that I’ve been holding in for almost a year.

    Although many have given up hope and moved on to other pairings, I still am rooting for Anni and Kyle, and not just because villains really “Rodger my Hammerstein” (to borrow a Futurama quote). However, I totally acknowledge that there are a lot of issues to be resolved if that’s ever gonna work, and here’s my theory on how it will happen.

    The thing is, Duncan’s “noble” intentions aren’t enough to counterbalance the mistrust that he earned by betraying Kyle. The only way for them to feel like they’re truly on the same side is for Anni to experience equal betrayal. That’s right, it might seem a little barbaric, but this time I think “an eye for an eye” has some validity. Nothing brings people together like empathy and I think a stab in the back might be just the thing to give Anni the perspective he needs to win Kyle back.

    Now, as for who will be delivering this Judas’ Kiss: easy money would be on Laampros, but that’s too obvious and not really something that would hurt Duncan. The only true betrayer would be Platinum Priestess. Now, that’s not as much of a wild call as it was back when I first thought this 2 chapters ago, what with all the new info we have. But I still think this holds water, and my reasoning is the last cell of Chapter 1, page 21. Platinum Priestess makes a remark behind Duncan’s back about “wanting more” and even with the new backstory, I think there’s a lot she hasn’t revealed about her true intentions. After all, why would a 6,000 year-old goddess want to share the throne with an over-the-hill supervillain.

    Anyway, that’s just what’s been rattling around in my brain. I can only hope this provides a glimmer of hope to the rest of you AnnixKyle shippers out there.

    P.S. “Women and children receive no special dispensation” is my new catchphrase =D

    • Welcome back, VileTybalt! Thank you for the thoughtful post. 🙂

      (And glad to give you a new catchphrase. 😉 )

  • Jac

    As someone who’s trying to enlist now, I feel for them. They’re gonna be waiting a LONG time before the military shows up.

  • DD

    I really, truly hope that Kyle finds someone better for him than Duncan. Someone who won’t betray his trust Like Duncan–who did it in one of the worst possible ways. The more I read this comic the more I hope that it doesn’t become a thing because Kyle deserves to be happy and unmanipulated.

    • Well said. Life is hard, but that’s the truth. Everyone deserves to be happy and unmanipulated. I’m wishing the best for our Kyle.

    • Terri Sutton

      I am kind of shipping Kyle/Flyboy at the mo, but alas FB is underage and we all know how comic book time goes.

    • Steven K.

      I was super-geeked about their relationship originally, but once that betrayal happened, and in that particular way, my feelings have been in agreement with yours. And a Kyle-Mitch pairing would be so adorable.

  • Klaus

    How will Spooky react when the guy from the top of page 23 shows up?

  • Happy Page Day!!

    • Steven K.

      Not quite so happy for our heroes and innocent people in our story here at this moment in the action though 🙁 .

      • Steven K.

        So wondering if I’m going to have a frown or a happy face (been awhile) after the update.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Steven, if it weren’t for the bad guys the story would be over right away. There would be no conflict. Do you want that?

        I’m sure that Duncan and Sircea don’t want to be bad, but they’ve decided to sacrifice themselves and be the bad guys just to keep YOU entertained, and on the edge of your seat! 😛

        • Steven K.

          Ummmmm …………….Well, more than a few non sequiturs there. I just made a simple observation – not a major judgement about anything. Although, now that this has made me think about it, other than Kyle’s feelings of accomplishment and affirmation, etc. after going into the gay bar, and some of the playfulness in the interlude, there haven’t been a lot of truly happy or “feel-good” moments so far – the only other seemingly happy moments so far were all a fraud. And for a yaoi story, the only gay sex so far was a fraud, in a way, as well (wasn’t even for the sake of sex, or a relationship, or feeling good or happy with someone, etc. – just being used and abused for another’s ulterior motives). I guess I’m just getting antsy for some balance, and for some hot, steamy, actually sincere feel-good (physically and emotionally) gay sex – at least in the queer stuff I read, since it has ever seemed to be lacking in my reality.

    • I’d like my ‘page day’ muffin please. Just toss this-a-way, I’ve got my muffin catching net! 🙂

      • Sorry just pumpkin roll cake!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Ooh, I had pumpkin roll cake a couple of days ago!

          • This is our first time making it. We had to improvise the pan. So it’s not exactly right, but it’s good enough. It’s chilling in the fridge right now

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I hope it turns out delicious!

          • Me too!

          • And it did! It’ll be even better tomorrow too

          • nom nom nom

        • SofiaT

          What’s that?

          I got me 2kg of almond meal, and I was thinking of making almond-pumpkin muffins tomorrow.

          But I’m open to other ideas too. Care to share the recipe?


            That’s the one we made. I’m hoping it turned out. Never made a roll cake before. I do know the filling is pretty dang good!

          • SofiaT

            It looks decadent!
            I’m going for something more healthy and nutrients-rich, so I’ll stick to the almond-pumpkin muffins idea.

            We don’t have pumpkin puree cans in Australia so I’ll go buy me a pumpkin today and make it tomorrow.

          • Yeah, pumpkin can be had year round here with those cans. 😀 Of course it’s the time of year for pumpkins so it could be done from scratch, but I’m too lazy. 😀

          • You guys are killing me with this cornucopia of deliciousness… (drool)…

          • Mwahahahaha

          • SofiaT

            We have pumpkins all year round here.
            And I usually make everything from scratch anyway.

            But cutting pumpkin is not my favorite thing in the world and sometimes I wouldn’t mind the convenience of a can, especially if it’s for pumpkin bread or pie. Soup, that’s another matter.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            It seems like pumpkin is tough to cook down enough, too.

          • Soup yeah, that would need to be from scratch. We’ve done some pumpkin from scratch. Though I don’t mind dealing with acorn or butternut squash


  • Terri Sutton

    Happy Camping Day people.

    I think I found out where PP and Duncan are getting their minions.

    • SofiaT

      That is awesome!

      • Terri Sutton

        I have to say I prefer henchbeing to henchperson. But I blame Original Trek and their use of the word gentlebeings.

        • Cis-minion? LGBTQM? Equal pay for minions? There are so many issues I need to learn about. Thanks for the kick-start Terri.

          • Terri Sutton

            May I ask a question? What does the QM stand for, I have found myself using LGBTAD.

          • SofiaT

            Q is queer, I’ve never seen the M before. :0/

          • Terri Sutton

            I have to say that is a word I am personally not that comfortable with, but that is because I live in an area where the original meaning and original slang meaning of the word is still in use.

          • SofiaT

            My understanding is that a lot of people like to refer to themselves as “queer” because as a word it’s not limiting, it’s all-encompassing.

            I don’t see it as a slang word but as an outsider I don’t really have a say in the matter.

          • Terri Sutton

            It’s slang meaning means “crazy”. And as an Ace and who suffers from depression I have had insensitive a-holes connect the two, so I personally get twitchy about it. I have no problem with a person describing themselves as Q, I have a problem with people describing others as Q.

          • SofiaT

            I thought the original meaning of the word was “strange” and it meant any deviation from what’s considered the norm. Which, in itself, is neither good nor bad.

            But I could see how it could have bad connotations.

          • That’s how I always understood it (what you said).

          • Terri Sutton

            I have always assumed that the LGBTAD community using Queer as one of those “reclaimed” words, like how some Afro-Americans use the N-word or certain waves of Feminism use the word Bitch.

            You know, like how in the bad old days homosexuals were sent to asylums and given shock therapy and chemically castrated and then were forever labelled “Queer” or “crazy”.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “Queer” is indeed another reclaimed word, but there are still many people who find it hurtful and don’t want to use it, so it depends largely on the individual person’s feelings.

          • Terri Sutton

            That is why I love the word gay, it is such a happy word. And it is also a word the community has used for itself since at least the 20’s.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            My understanding (which could be wrong, so don’t take this as authoritative) is that some people use “queer” as a sort of umbrella term that encompasses all the other acronym letters. The Q can also stand for “questioning.”

          • SofiaT

            But gay people are only a small part of that community.
            And there are those who haven’t figured out where they fit in yet and all those different “categories” make it seem like you need to figure it out NOW… Too many labels -it’s like there’s a division. I like “queer” because it doesn’t discriminate between different groups (unless you’re on the other side of the fence and you want to use it that way -but then again amy word can be misused like that). It’s a uniting term.

            Again, as an outsider my opinion doesn’t count for much but this is it, for what it’s worth.

          • This comment fits me to a T. I suppose you could label me as bisexual but I never really felt like it accurately described me. I’m one of those people who feel confused about the whole thing and intimidated with having to categorize myself.

          • SofiaT

            That’s the impression I was given by my sister.
            In her teens she identified as a lesbian, now (in her early twenties) she identifies as bi. But I think she finds the whole thing of “choosing sides” a bit awkward.

          • That’s kind of how I see it, “choosing sides” or one side out of many. Definitely feel awkward about it too.

          • Librarican

            I’m not sure if we need all of those categories personally. Who you want to date or what you like or don’t like to do with whom is none of anybody’s business. I’ve talked with a few people who aren’t afraid or against homosexual rights, but they really don’t want to know what anyone does in the privacy of their own home. Some people, regardless of their sexuality, see liberation and equality as doing away with privacy and personal boundaries.

          • I definitely respect anybody who wants maintain privacy and boundaries for themselves. In fact, I maintain quite a bit of my own but I also don’t mind people talking about their significant others, no matter what their gender or how they identify themselves.

          • This is a very interesting discussion and I really appreciate (although I’m not surprised 🙂 ) by the respectful tone people are using while engaging in it.

            I actually have written a bit about why such labels (categories) can be useful:


          • Thanks for sharing that article Alex. Well commented and well replied.

            I suspect there is no logic to categories or labels. They are ever changing things that help each new generation to define themselves in a way that helps foster pride and strength. Heck, language as a whole changes generationally with new words, slang, phrases and labels continuing to be created. It’s no surprise at all that the same is true for all things sexual.

            It’s never easy to be in any sexual minority. Partly because anything “sexual” gets people extra worked up and, also because eventually (when asked for the 400th time) you DO have to inform Aunt Edna that you won’t be bringing a GIRLFRIEND (assuming you’re a gay boy) home for the holidays… and then you deal with the fallout from that when you eventually you do.

            I really like everyone’s comments on this subject, because it speaks to an endlessly fluctuating spectrum shifting and changing over time, as we age and learn. Which, I suspect is the truth of humanity.

            We are attracted and curious about various things (especially the sexual) over the course of our lives. Hopefully, regardless of the ‘label’, we can find happiness, partners we love and who love us and, (most important) learn to love ourselves.

          • Terri Sutton

            “Gay” started out as an encompassing and all inclusive word, which was used for code for non-heteronormality way back then. Then people started using it for only homosexual men, because heterosexual men dressing up as women, heterosexual women dressing up as men, homosexual women (another rant for another time) were things that people did not talk about or even consider existing.

            Even though I am from a wave of feminism that embraces the word bitch, I would not refer to another woman as a bitch. It must be my personal line in the sand.

          • That makes perfect sense. ‘Gay’ is a commonly accepted term, but I grew up when it was very derogatory and is still a casual term referring to things that are lame (“OMG that shirt is so GAY!”). So I know what you mean.

            One of our earlier members (who is much missed) is a smart funny contributor to a gay political blog in which such things as “LGBTQ” are vehemently argued over. People very much disagree with each other as to which subgroups should or shouldn’t be included in the group of letters… and what should be in it or not. “Q” was added quite recently and is still much discussed.

            I’m NO expert as to which political groups advocate which things or why, but there is a lot of information on the webz on it.

            You’re right though that all the terms have had a variety of meanings over time. Gay was “fun and carefree” before it became “lame”, Queer once simply meant “odd”… and so on.

            Personally, I haven’t come to any clear understanding of what the creation and evolution of that acronym has done for the various communities politically over time. If I were to guess it will continue to evolve as people continue to find ways to define themselves.

          • Steven K.

            The “queer” is kinda covered by the L and G, etc., while the “Q” actually stands for “questioning” (at least in my part of the U.S. and in a lot of national literature as well) – those people who are not quite sure of their orientation; or haven’t self-identified as one of the other groups yet; or might not have a lot of experience yet and they might be leaning toward an alternative sexual orientation but haven’t quite “taken the plunge” with anyone yet; or someone who may have thought themselves straight previously but may be reconsidering that assessment in light of new feelings, attractions, etc. – it can have several different aspects.

          • Well the Q stands in for queer
            I added the M for minion…
            The question mark clearly shows I may be highly confused… 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            The D is for demisexual/demiromantic, right?

          • Terri Sutton


          • Librarican

            I haven’t seen LGBTAD before. Then again, I think Ace and Demi aren’t as widely recognizable…. By the general public anyway.

            Edit: you could switch the letters around to spell TAD LGB?.. Easier to pronounce.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            True. I have a lot to thank tumblr for as far as educating me on that front.

          • Librarican

            I don’t know a whole lot about Demi. I have been investigating Asexuality for the past couple years. Aven is a really great resource, although due to the fluidity of a definition / description it is difficult to determine if someone really fits that classification.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            As I understand it, being demisexual means that you only experience sexual attraction to someone after you’ve already formed a strong emotional bond to them. Demiromantic is the same thing but with romantic feelings/attraction.

          • Librarican

            And for me, that just sounds like a normal relationship? The better you get to know someone the deeper your relationship grows, whether it is romantic or platonic. Can you be an asexual demiromantic? And at what point does all this translate into just really good friends?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s fair, but I think that someone who’s demisexual wouldn’t find strangers sexy (although I don’t know if this includes celebrity crushes), and would definitely not be into things like one night stands.

            I think that you can indeed be an aesexual demiromantic (or homoromantic or heteroromantic, or aromantic). I don’t know about the delineation between friendship and nonsexual romantic love, though. I agree with you that there is probably some overlap, but I don’t know enough to say anything with certainty on the subject.

          • Librarican

            “That’s fair, but I think that someone who’s demisexual wouldn’t find strangers sexy (although I don’t know if this includes celebrity crushes), and would definitely not be into things like one night stands.”

            It’s interesting you describe Demi that way, as I took both attributes as a sign of asexuality. Asexuality to me meaning not interested in sex. I might have to look into Demi more.

          • Terri Sutton

            “And at what point does all this translate into just really good friends?” Um, co-dependency.

            But that could be the aromantic in me speaking and being a total smartarse.

          • Librarican

            Takes me back to my college days when we had an LGBTRC. Translated it stands for LGBT Resource Center, where they did programs and advocacy for that population.

        • I learned about the word “Ganymede” while doing research on a project. Apparently, around the turn of the 20th Century there were two terms in common use to refer to gay people. “Ganymede” was used in secular or intellectual circles while “Sodomite” was used as a pejorative by many religious circles. Interestingly, word choice immediately revealed where an individual stood on the matter. I’ll use “Ganymede” occasionally as a hook to invite conversation and discourse.

          • Ganymede is one of Jupiter’s moons, and largest moon in the Solar System. I’d never heard of it being used that way. Interesting.

            Ganymede was the cupbearer of the gods and Jupiter’s lover.

          • SofiaT

            Gamymede was kidnapped as a boy by Zeus.
            That would make him the passive one in their relationship -maybe it has that connotation?

          • That’s sort of how I’ve interpreted the two words, not knowing too much about Ganymede. That sodomite was often refering to those who did actively and ganymede was more passive.
            It’s not two words I’ve seen more than a few places though, so might have gotten them wrong. I think it was a book I read once (not sure which) that gave me the impression.

          • SofiaT

            Neither is a word I’d use in any case.
            Both have an air of… Derision? Yes. That’s it.

          • Terri Sutton

            I’ve been hesitant to post this as Sofia T is the expert on all thing Greek Mythology. But I always connect Ganymede to the story of him being abducted and raped by Zeus, with his age (depending on the myths I’ve come across) ranging from early to mid teens. I feel that term promotes the thinking that homosexuals are paedophiles.

          • Just glancing at the art over the ages which depicts him bears out your impressions though Sofia knows more about this subject than I do.

          • SofiaT

            Damn, have I scared everyone from speaking their mind? 🙁

            …I agree btw, Ganymede is not an example I’d use to describe homosexuality.
            But then again, in ancient Greece, with the exception of the army, the only acceptable form of homosexuality in a civic environment was pedophilia.
            So I’d hesitate to use any example from that time. :0/

          • Terri Sutton

            Sacred Band of Thebes, please tell that is true. We could use that if its true.

          • SofiaT

            Completely true. 🙂
            The fiercest warriors of their time, more feared than the Spartans.
            Which is why I said the army was excluded from that general rule.
            If it makes you a better soldier, go at it!

            …If you’re a citizen in times of peace though, the rules are a bit more complicated.

          • I will say that I’ve always been fond of Ganymede as the largest moon in the Solar System (plus it has its own ocean!). I had to memorize the planets and moons as a child and Ganymede was my third favorite, after our own moon and Charon.

          • SofiaT

            I’m not sure I’d be fond of any moon named after The Boatman. 😀

          • I’ve always liked The Boatman for some reason and have often thought of writing a story about him. Odd, right?

          • SofiaT

            He’s neither bad nor good, he’s just doing his job.
            But that’s how we still refer to death nowadays so it’s not a name I’d give my dog, lets put it that way.

            I’m not really superstitious but it does make me want to go “ftou ftou ftou” when I hear him mentioned. 😛

          • That’s very interesting!

            Sofia, can you tell me the correct way to pronounce his name? With a hard K sound?

          • SofiaT

            No, more like “h” in Harry.

            In ancient Greek it’s Háron, in new Greek Háros.

          • Thanks for the lesson, I’m so pleased now!

          • SofiaT

            My pleasure 🙂

          • Terri Sutton

            If it wasn’t for the boatman you would be stuck on shore. There are no other ways to enter Haides right?

          • You could go by the way of Cerberus though encountering the three-headed dog isn’t very pleasant.

          • Terri Sutton

            Could I bring my recorder?

          • SofiaT

            There are quite a few routes you could take, actually.
            Not sure how many but more than one.

            There are a few Mountains in the Peloponnese said to hide entrances to Hades.

          • Shhh, don’t expose the secret escape door 😉

          • SofiaT

            You can only go in, no way out 😉

          • davefragments

            I thought Orpheus came back

          • He did but at great cost.

          • SofiaT

            That too. :0/

          • SofiaT

            He was allowed out by Plouton himself.

            If you can get the same treatment, you’re a lucky man! 😀

          • davefragments


          • SofiaT

            There is also the exception of Hercules and Odysseus.
            In both cases, they were allowed to exit by the king of the underworld.

          • Also, his wife but only because the king allows it (or has to allow it).

          • SofiaT

            Gods can come and go, being immortal and all.
            Hermes, for example, who is the guide of the souls to Hades in the first place.

          • Sofia, you haven’t scared me off. 🙂 I only mentioned the story of Ganymede as a hook for conversation and wow, it worked! Your knowledge and insight on the topic is always welcome to me.

          • The term is certainly dated. I don’t presume to debate it’s meaning or worth, only to mention how it was used by 19th Century secularists as an attempt to regard gay people with a term of respect. The story of Ganymede has many interpretations. The one used at this time depicted the boy as Zeus’ lover, not rape victim and so it is possible that the story seemed romantic to people of the day. Keep in mind that these same people approved of men marrying young girls as soon as they began having periods. All things taken in context.

          • Terri Sutton

            I have heard it used in a modern context.

          • Possibly the same way as people back then attempted to find a way to reclaim a story or classical figure to represent themselves. Heracles was in no way a superhero and yet he is commonly taken as such by modern minds. Going so far as to have a Disney movie. The story of Ganymede can thus be altered to something more palatable, more representative of modern sentiment.

    • Nice find! A website and everything.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      *sigh* Organised minions.
      I’ve got to admit that I’ve always favoured the ideas of villains with mind controlling powers kidnapping people at random and corrupting them, y’know? Here, I’ll show you: One of the stories that I once wrote for the Legion of Net.Heroes shared universe setting involved just that idea:
      [The mind-controlled-recruitment-into-being-a-minion is in the second half. The first half is basically a ‘Been there, done that’ list of the type of nonsense that pizza delivery boys have to put up with in a superhero invested city]

      • Terri Sutton

        I am sure there are tonnes of Villains and other “benign” megalomaniacs who do kidnap and brainwash people. I always figured they were of the chaotic evil type. The lawful evil types would so understand and respect the unionisation of their minions (especially when the “heroes” take everything that isn’t nail down in their house while they are tending fields).

    • OMG, I love this. Those Laws of Power! 😀

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Just stopping in for a quick hello before I have to head to bed. How is everybody?

    • Tired from baking and making food for the pups. But good! How are you?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I’m good! My sister came home for a weeklong visit on Wednesday, and my dad got back today, so I’m no longer solely responsible for taking care of my mom. Plus, since Dad is back, I get to sleep in my own bed tonight instead of on the couch (in case Mom needs help in the middle of the night)!

        • Sleep well tonight, then. Sounds like your Mom is still recovering well?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yeah, she’s making lots of good progress. I’m really happy for her!

          • And proud too it sounds like!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yep, I’m definitely proud of her. She’s such a determined person.

          • Excellent. Well wishes.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Thanks, Chris!

        • Yay for help! Hope she’s doing well. 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yes, having help is amazing. She is indeed doing well, thanks!

          • Glad to hear it!!

    • Hey, Sticky!

      Doing pretty well. Tiring week so I’m glad it’s Friday. Nice to see you and thanks for checking in!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Glad your tiring week is over, then. Good to see you too!

    • Hello. Early to bed. Early to rise? OMG I’m so impressed. Hope you are swell.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Technically this is just because I’m going to a dollhouse miniatures show tomorrow and have to leave by 9.

        • How fun! Post pics tomorrow?

          • Please to what Gryph said! Pix!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            One of my friends suggested that I take pictures with myself as Godzilla, but I think that might cause them to ask me to leave.

          • I kinda like that idea though XD

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Perhaps with my own collection. 😀

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I will try! 😀

        • Okay that sounds like a good Saturday!

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Darn right. I have to be back home by 2, though, because we’re going to a wedding in the afternoon. (Some family friends are coming to stay with my mom while we’re gone.)

    • Doing good 🙂

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hi Danish!

  • *Stumbles in to camp on sore legs*

    Hi all 🙂 I’ve been active today.. not sure I like that word >.>

  • “I’m here, I’m here! Roll out the red carpet. Bring out the dancing (boys), ’cause I’m here!” Sorry, flashing back to Warner Bros. for a moment but I’m possessed again. Feverish and groggy but you have me. How is everyone this camping eve?

    • Happily eating dessert

      • OOH! Whatcha having, Admiral?

        • Pumpkin roll cake!

          • Sounds yummeh! I just got home from dinner out. We had chicken strips with honey mustard. Divine. Tomorrow we’re celebrating Georgia Pride with a table top game and pizza. Life is good.

          • Mmmm, pizza! Which game?

          • We play “Pathfinder,” a kind of Dungeons and Dragons spin-off. I play the group’s healer and so I must be present. 🙂

          • With great power comes great responsibility. 😀

          • I’ll remind our resident wizard of that fact. He tends to be a little free with his fireballs.

          • Pashira83

            Doki played an elven alchemist in a BESM/Pathfinder crossover. She was the most kick a** in the party.

          • davefragments

            I hear that the troops overseas are getting Pumpkin Spice MRE’s

          • Sometimes I think we over do the pumpkin spice. But since it’s only this time of the year, it gets over done

          • davefragments

            BTW – that was a joke,
            wink, wink

          • Ha! Funny.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, now I really am leaving. Have a good night, everyone!

    • davefragments

      good night. Sorry to miss you. Sorry my fingers hit the wrong key too fast.

    • Night Sticki!

  • Ooh, you guys have already had an actice camp this night, and with a lot of great comments on a great debate of the meaning of words … and some delicious sounding cakes 🙂

    • The meanings of words always makes for an interesting discussion. How are you this morning, Danish?

      • Doing good. I got an amazing 12h of sleep yesterday. My body is still living high on that 😉
        First time in months I haven’t woken after 3-5 hours top. I used to fall asleep again most of the times, but it’s still a break in sleep.

        • Yes, I saw that. So glad you’re feeling good! I hope it continues.

    • Terri Sutton

      Mmmmmm . . . cake.

  • Sapfo

    Good morning Campers.
    Hope you are fine this morning

    • Good morning, Sapfo!

    • Morning Ms Sapfo

    • Terri Sutton

      I am doing well this afternoon. Bit sleepy but that is insomnia for you.

      How are you

    • Morning~ *hugs*

      • Sapfo

        Awu, a wolf hug! Thank you dear!

  • Sapfo

    I was looking at cute cats and I thought one of them might look like me. Can you guess which one?

    • I see that cat trying for the strawberry >.>

      (Btw.. I think most of them *couchALLcough* could have been me *ahem*)

      • Sapfo

        Jupp, they can ^_^
        They are so cute little thiefs.

    • Ellen Harman

      Looks to me as if their servants need to feed them.

      • Sapfo

        food servent is not doing their job!

        • Food servant serves the boring food. What servant will eat must be much more interesting to try out.

          • Sapfo

            Food servent is doing a bad job at scratching behind the ear

          • Ellen Harman

            Master is too loud with her complaints.

          • XD

    • I had a cat that would do this. She would stick her paw onto my plate, try to steal spaghetti or steal dorritos.

  • SofiaT

    Crap. I have tickets to Dracula Untold in an hour and I haven’t even started getting ready yet.

    Will have to hurry, happy rest of camping, everyone!

    • Ellen Harman

      Enjoy the show.

    • Have fun and thanks for all the great info!

    • Terri Sutton

      Enjoy yourself.

      I may have to wiki that to see if it something I want to see.

    • davefragments

      Let us know if this is a war Dracula or a Sexy Dracula.

      • Terri Sutton

        Why can’t he be a Sexy War Dracula?

        • davefragments

          I haven’t seen that Dracula yet. Stoker’s Dracula was sexy and he was played by Frank Langella. I suspect this Dracula is a general. the nearest war Dracula on film was Jack Palance. Even then, he was a lover and not a fighter.

      • SofiaT

        I have a feeling it’s both.

    • Sapfo

      Have fun Sofia, tell us if the movie is watchable.

    • Enjoy the movie!