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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 66

271 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 66

Well. Looks like things just got real…

Oh, and…


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So! They found them. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Now what?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    civilized people at last!

    • Yay! You got one again. I saw your comment pop up just as I finished scrolling down 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Happy camper here. It was so long since I got a new virgin. All the other virgins will be so happy.

      • silibub

        It’s uncanny how both of you arrive right before the page goes up.

        • Sapfo

          Just like Spiderman have spider senses, we have page senses

        • I don’t knowm about Sapfo, but it was my 2nd refresh. Did one just after I sat down and then this 🙂 Guess feeling that I should get out of bed now was spot on.

  • I’ve missed them 🙂 Right time to get out of bed, minutes before new page.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hi Danish! Guess what – now that Nimona has ended, I can officially confirm that it’s okay for you to read it.

      • Aaah, oki 🙂 Then I might check it out some more. Originally the art didn’t ‘attract’ me to read it, but I’ve heard about it some times, so might give it another shot.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          The art has also evolved since the first strip, so you might like it as you get further along.

        • DemureDesire

          The art isn’t what we’ve been spoiled by with this, Artifice, Tea House, Fox Sister, etc, but the story is really touching.

          And, no. Those are not tears in my eyes from having just read the last page. Nope. It’s allergies, that’s all…

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I also highly recommend reading the comments, too. It’s another amazing community, like here.

        • The art isn’t like what you get here, but the story really does pull you in and keeps you coming back.

  • Ooooh! Eagle eyes.

  • silibub

    All right! I was hoping this page would be the team’s discovery of the ritual site. And I love how angry and determined Flyboy looks — whether or not he feels romantically toward Kyle, it’s sweet that he cares about him this much, enough that seeing these powerful foes who hurt Kyle makes him revved up for a fight instead of scared.

    • SofiaT

      “NOBODY messes with MY friends”

      • silibub


    • Steven K.

      I was disappointed to not have (visible, to us) a Kyle/Mitch reunion. I would have loved to see, as the others were coming out of the warehouse, Mitch rush up to Kyle and give him a big hug and say something along the lines of “Buddy – you’re OK!! (at least physically) – I was so worried about you!! I’m gonna …er…..we’re gonna get back at that asswipe for doing this to you!”

      • silibub

        I agree, it would have been neat to see how Mitch behaved toward Kyle when they spoke together after that scene, especially since he obviously feels so strongly about Kyle, whether as a friend or something else. Maybe it’s being purposefully left ambiguous for now?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        While that would definitely have been nice from a fan perspective, I can see how that might not have flowed well or might have felt redundant from a story-writing standpoint, though.

        • Steven K.

          Well, nor did Spooky or Paul deliver the message that Mitch told them to give to Kyle from him. That would have helped too.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Good point!

        • Steven K.

          I think Mitch says to Spooky and Paul before they go in something like “Just tell him [Kyle] that I’m here for him, though, ok?” And Spooky promises that they will, but I don’t think they do tell him, or at least not that we are aware of as viewers/”listeners” to that scene. In any case, I think Mitch saying that shows he has some rather deep feelings of some type, fraternally and/or romantically.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh, I definitely agree with that!

  • DC

    So does Mitch have super eyesight?

    • silibub

      Looks like it — eagle eyes, owl hearing, super-fast flight. He’s got an interesting assortment of avian powers.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        The energy of a hummingbird!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Was he attacked by the entire population of a radioactive aviary, do you think?

  • Mitch eagle eyes, spotting them before anyone else. He’s in for a scary sight.

  • Steven K.

    Gosh – I’m still having erotic conniptions over the cuteness of Kyle’s and Mitch’s hair. Cuteness, or adorability – one or the other.

  • Jac


  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hmm. Any speculation as to what that ornagy-red wash at the top of panel 2 is? If it’s a few hours later I doubt if it’s early morning glare from a just risen sun – although if the YP have had to fly westwards to reach their destination that might be an answer.

    On more pressing matters. The Protectors have found Team Silver. The Commanders plan was that once they identified where the villains were, that they would back off and call in the US military. What possible reason could there be for the heroes to *inevitably* get into a fight with the bad guys themselves. I’m thinking that perhaps the ritual has started and there just isn’t any time to call in backup. Any other ideas?

    • silibub

      It says “hours later” so it could be approaching sunset. If it’s the radiant glow of hellfire the team’s gonna have a bad time.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [slaps forehead] Doh, yes, of course ‘hours later’ could mean they’ve been at it all day. I should have thought of that.

        • silibub

          The ritual starting is a possibility too, though! And anyway, I never get all the details of a page on my first read.

    • Evoru

      I find myself wondering (like you do)…

      If Mitch accidentally flies the plane into the ground, does that count as the sacrifice? 😀

      • ….Mitch would never!

        • Klaus

          This is the second time we have seen him fly a vehicle. He has only dropped the vehicle twice. No need for concern.

          • He has temporarily dropped them, he has never let them crash.

    • davefragments

      Take it from a person who drove East to work in the mornings and West back home in the evenings. That’s the way sunrise and sunset look from a hill in the countryside over farmlands and forests. So since we’ve already had morning and this is “hours later” then the sun is setting and the reddish glow is sunlight bending through the atmosphere around the curvature of the earth. The trees in half-red light and green below are that time I referred to below as “magic time” when the light seems flat and skin tones are rich and pretty. Blame it on the wavelength of blue light. Although skin tones are great, the green of evergreens and the darker trees (walnuts and maples) look funky half-lit in reddish light.

  • CH

    Come on Mitch, be a nerd and mention that they have a stargate…

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I had almost forgotten about Mitch’s eagle eyes…

  • silibub

    I wonder if we’ll be treated to “Mitch-vision” on upcoming pages and view the ritual site through his eyes, like we got a look at Sircea’s memories/imaginings.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      That would be cool! Especially if it’s annotated with his own thoughts/observations, like labels written over his teammates: “Nerd (with fondness)” “Big Brother”, “Hottest Guy Ever”, etc.

  • Sapfo

    My tired brain looks at this page laughing. The plane looks like a XD
    Sorry people, I get a bit bad when I am tired. ;P

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Aw, poor sleepy Sapfo.

      • Sapfo

        Oh dont you worry, sleepy Sapfo is having a lot of fun 😉

  • I love how everyone is reaching out towards Mitch. I also love how the plane zooms in on the space at the same time Mitch sees their targets.

    • silibub

      I’m curious about that — are they reaching toward Mitch, or just trying to keep their balance as the plane tilts? (Poor guy probably isn’t keeping the plane level as he looks, haha!)

      • Ooh good point. But I like the notion of reaching out, supporting.

        • silibub

          Me, too!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “Mitch, what do your elf eyes see?”

    • davefragments

      perhaps he has eyes like an bird of prey. I watch those birds flying over the farmer’s fields near my house. They see moles and nice on the ground with unbelievable accuracy from 100 feet in the air.

    • Ha!

  • My guess is that panel 1, the small one, indicated that Mitch made some kind of sound.

    Panel 3 is Mitch having a WTF?- reaction while the others clearly wants to know what caused it. If I was Mitch, I guess I’d have a reaction just like his. Even Spooy can only ‘see’ the scene as a blip on his iScry.
    Seeing this scene must be something. Next page must have quite a reaction from the others in the group.

  • Sapfo

    Now for a more seriously look at this page. The first thing I see is that there is so much color. blue, red, brown, yellow, gray and black. Compared with PP and Duncan this group seems so much more alive somehow.

    And for some reason Amanda, Paul and Kyle is having their hands just behind Mitch. Is there any specific meaning in this or is it just concerns that Mitch has been working hard the last few hours to fly the plane and seeking?

    Well it is a lovely page of the gang, and even if the big news is that they found the right place, it is also nice seing their concerns, maybe both for Mitch and what is to come.

    As for your question Alex: Now what?
    I guess the send out a call and then sitt down and wait for the adults to take care of this. Just like all other kids would do….. <.<`

    and there you see how much more civilised I am with some tea in my body 😉

  • You don’t suppose that Duncinator and the Priestess have some dummy sights set up do you?

    • Sapfo

      with scarecrow Duncan and PP standing absolutely still 😉

      • That and bunch of minions having a square dance

      • Klaus

        It would prbably be easier to disguise some minions than to use animatronics.

        • Sapfo

          Most likely yes. But I do like the idea of two scarecrows just standing still in the middle of a battleground.

          • davefragments

            The Two Amigos (rather than three alap the movie) and the minions “sewed like the wind” . . .

  • Ahhhh our gang. The super hero sorbet. I can feel my palate refreshing as I type. Go get ’em kids!

    I love the outside and the sense of landscape below, even with the jet feeling like it’s headed somewhere with great purpose.

    I agree with the comments below. It’s great to see Mitch with such energy and purpose. I also love everyone reaching out to him. It could be for so many lovely reasons — They want Mitch’s sense of purpose too. They want to support their hard working Mitch. The plane IS diving and they see Mitch as the stable point (although, as usual, my swell Spooky looks pretty relaxed about the whole thing), and finally, of course, all focus is on the guy who’s controlling the journey and, for this moment, it’s our Mitch.

    That final panel and Mitch’s expression is just delicious. Such energy. Such purpose and our boy has “blood in his eye” … he has definitely spotted his prey. Go Flyboy!

    Thank you as always Alex, Adam & Veronica. You give me a pick up and a jolt of ’emo go juice’ just when I need it most. As hard as things are sure to get, I’m glad to be in the jet again with my friends!

    • Thank you, Chris! (And lots and lots of things are better with friends. 🙂 )

    • Adam Black


      ~ also love everyone reaching out to him. It could be for so many lovely reasons ~

      Who are you kidding? They are terrified he’s about to drop the plane.

      Commander and spooky even have created a Human-chain, in case he gets surprised and let’s go ( Again ) .

      • HA (back at ‘cha)!

        Fair enough, but I like my over-romanticized view of our gang and the thought of everyone up there standing at ready for each other. Oh, and don’t think I’m concerned if the Commander and Spooky are tad over-prepared, as usual, when it comes to everyone’s safety (i.e. your human chain quip). That’s just the way those two are. 🙂

        Besides, I know I could be wrong, but I think there is a difference between ‘worried Mitch’, who is upset because his friends are fighting about our half-demon Kyle and ‘battle-ready Mitch’ who is eager to throw down with the baddies. I think at the moment he looks like the latter of the two… and, if he inadvertently puts the jet into a bit of a steep bird-of-prey nose dive, Spooks will probably gently help him land quietly. So I’m not worried.

        We’ll just have to see! Heeeeeeeee…

        • Adam Black

          I bet you are not worried.
          “steep bird-of-prey nose dive” in your lap maybe.

          O wait, hes only 15 and I dont know the age of consent in CA . I’m sorry.

          ( its only 14 in VT. hes got a plane too but thats provided you marry him. Its cool for kyle tho. they have a Romeo and Juliet law ( 15 can consent to 19 )

  • Klaus

    So we did not get to see some of the crazies. Cut to the chase.

  • Mary Klemzak

    The hands behind Mitch is so cool! Would be great if that gave him extra strength. Controlling a huge flying metal tube with wings must take a LOT of concentration.

    And, ugh, the utter distain in the last panel! Muah! Priceless!

    Go get em, babies! Hopefully the grown ups will let them have some of the fun. They’ll probably have to rescue the hostages. Now to keep the hotheads calm enough not to immediately go and attempt to kick the bad guys asses. Kyle, Spooky, Paul and definitely Mitch. Gordon and Ananda will have their work cut out for them!

  • PP and Anni really set this up in the middle of nowhere. Far from people besides themself, the minions and those prisoners in the box. Of course some privacy would be needed. It’s pretty hard to build a huge weird looking ring anywhere easy to spot, but it also meaning they’re harder to find.

    I wondered a bit earlier why they were still in US, if this was the place Laampros was to avoid. Oki, it’s where Anni and PP will stay to have as theirs (the American continents), so they wouldn’t have to travel back – but we know PP had that portal option she could make. Then by logic it it stuck me that it also means PP could create it again for Laampros, after he arrives because, now seeing the box I’m not sure that a dozen people are enough to ‘feed’ Laampy (and his demons?) on their energy.. life force.. terror.. what ever it is they feed on.

    Heh, I’m not even sure WHERE I’m going with this comment right now. All that was just what came to my mind seeing them flying towards the ring in panel 2. It took a second look at the page before I noticed it was even there ^_^
    I’m tired and maaybe a bit irrationally joyfull that we get a panel with the whole group on, now that we switched scene.

    • Klaus

      The ring may not be a gate for the demons to enter the Earth. It may be a gate for them to leave America.

  • Pfff.. when I saw the ‘stargate’ in the 2nd panel, I almost felt like I had spotted Waldo 😉 My attention was more on the plane before the 3rd panel took my attention.
    From that itty bitty look, it seems to be done so our heroes arrived at the right time.

    • Klaus

      The scaffolding is gone. I wonder what it was needed for? Some of it for the big ring, but what about the rest?

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        There is a little red structure right in front of the ring too.

        • Klaus

          A stucture? Or the ritualists?

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Well, you can see the ring, the red structure right in front of it, and next to that what looks like the glass box.

          • Klaus

            I took that to be not a structure, but a group of people.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            You may be right. But it has a reddish color to it, like wood, and the minions all were wearing dark clothing.

          • Klaus

            However that may be, the scaffolding continued some distance to the right of the ring. And there was a second scaffolding at right angles, more or less in line with the left edge of the first. They and the glass box followed three of the sides of a rectangle. Yet there is only the ring to be seen where they were.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            You may be right. The reddish glow could be a reflection of the setting sun on their clothes. We’ll find out soon enough…hopefully.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    If the military arrives they are probably going to use missiles to destroy the place. That means that the TYP are going to try to rescue the prisoners or they are going to be blasted too.

  • TwilightDreamer

    I had a feeling we were going to go back to the gang after that last page, good to see them again :)…uh oh… we go…trouble time! XD

  • Nate

    Even when he’s trying to be tough, Mitch is cute. 🙂

    • Steven K.

      That’s for sure.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I still think it was sloppy of Duncan and Sircea to leave Kyle free after using him for the ritual.

    Apparently it was never their intention to hurt him physically or keep him captive after the ritual. Sircea tells Duncan that he can forget the whole thing if he wants and go and beg Kyle’s forgiveness. That means that she knows that Kyle is alive and well because that was part of the plan.

    It’s true that Duncan may not have known that Kyle had that communicator with him, and maybe Kyle was in the middle of nowhere. But none of that guarantees that Kyle couldn’t have found a way to get back to his team fairly quickly and warn them.

    The logical thing to do would have been to make sure nothing could interfere by keeping Kyle captive until they completed the ritual.

    It could be argued that maybe that’s what they wanted, to bring in the team. But again, they couldn’t be sure that would happen in time. If that was their intention, then Duncan should have given Kyle a lift to make sure he would be able to warn his team.

    If you don’t want anything to go wrong, then you don’t leave anything to chance if you can help it.

    Or maybe they don’t care if anyone knows, maybe they think that they are so powerful that no one can stop them.

    • Klaus

      When the team shows up, I expect PP to say something like- “Ah yes. The final ingredient. Just in time.”

      • Tuolu

        I sure hope so. What a perfectly witchy line. Hahaha.

    • Aza

      maybe killing the son of the devil they have a pact with would have been such bad manners that they wouldn’t dare it in fear of alienating him?
      And taking him with them, and actually CLOSER to the action without seriously incapacitating him might have been just impractical. He could resist the spell Duncan invoced that SHOULD have kept him silent. I think Kyle’s powers are more powerful than we know yet, and he is a wild card neither Duncan nor Sircea actually WANT near them – and leaving him alone on that mountain was the more probable option to actually get him out of their hair long enough for the ritual to be under way.
      Kyle did a LOT of things that were not entirely forseeable – he HAD a communicator on him, he actually CALLED his friends – in time – and they were able to get to him a LOT faster than normal, it was after all >1 hour of flight – on a mountain, so if they had had to drive, it would have taken several hours to even get to him. So, basically, Kyle called friends, they got to him a lot faster than probably anticipated, and they actually have a magician that could detect some activity. The range of Spooky’s abilities does not seem to be known!

      So, leaving him on that mountain doesn’t seem all that stupid a plan to me^^.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        They didn’t have to bring him with them. They could have kept him prisoner in another location.

        Even without the communicator Kyle could have gotten lucky and found people camping or hiking or hunting in the mountains. That’s a needless risk that they took. All Kyle had to do was get in touch with his team and their plan could be at risk.

        I agree with you about Spooky. They underestimated him. But that came about because they allowed Kyle to go free and contact his team in time.

        Yes, Kyle had a communicator which was unforeseen by them. That is my point exactly. You don’t leave things up to chance, you make sure things go exactly your way if you can help it. All they had to do was hold Kyle somewhere for about 18 hours and they wouldn’t have had to deal with any of this.

        Incapacitating Kyle? Easy, have a few minions there when they got back with a couple of innocent hostages, “Come with us or they die”. I’m sure Sircea could have whipped up some magic to deal with him if she had wanted to.

        • Evoru

          Unless their plan is for Kyle and the young heroes to come to them. Maybe the people in the big glass box aren’t the sacrifice…maybe they’re the bait.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Yes, if Duncan knew about the communicator it would make more sense. If Duncan didn’t know about it, then he couldn’t know that Kyle would contact his team in time.

            Kyle was in the middle of nowhere, it could have taken him a long time to get in touch with his team. If that was the case and Duncan wanted them at the ritual site and didn’t know about the communicator, then the best thing to do would be to give Kyle a lift and drop him off near his team’s headquarters to make sure he got the desired outcome.
            Or maybe anonymously contact his team and tell them that Kyle was in trouble and give them the location.

        • Aza

          all of this would have needed Sirceas time and attention to work. But she did seem a little busy to me… Why waste time and energy on an enemy you already HAD incapacitated in the amount you were going to? Taking him with them and keeping track of him would have taken more time and attention.
          Yes, Duncan made a mistake not checking for a communicator. But otherwise? He left a vulnerabe teen naked and alone in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. A teen who had shown repeatedly that he was VERY afraid of coming out to anyone – so how likely was it that he actually would call his team straight away, having to explain to them just HOW much he just fucked up? Because that’s how Kyle felt it, and Duncan knew that just too well – and probably counted on it.

          I think Kyle was Duncan’s assignment. He made a tiny mistake – but he’s not actually capable of magic and would not exactly have had a way to properly restrain Kyle. And blackmailing him was also a risk – Kyle has a strong sense of right and wrong, he might just have tried to free any prisoners, and tied up even more of Duncan’s time and attention. And those a re the commodities I doubt they want to spare right now – so the plan wasn’t tooo flawed, they just underestimated the abilities of Kyle, Flyboy and Spooky.
          As for finding someone else even if he didn’t have a communicator: I think Duncan took care of THAT.

          Well, we shall find out how they react to the YP showing up.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            How is Kyle supposed to rescue two or three hostages being held by minions with a gun to their heads or a knife to their throats? Roast all of them including the hostages with his fire? Kyle is a hero, he wouldn’t have risked the lives of hostages.

            They allowed a witness, someone with knowledge of all their plans to go free! Just on assumptions?

            If you kill someone and you allow a witness to your crime to go free because you ASSUME that he/she is not going to go to the police, you are making a very big mistake. One which could cost you your liberty. Are you going to take that chance? Maybe an amateur, but someone who’s supposed to be a pro?

            Assuming that Duncan didn’t know about the communicator (and maybe he did know), everything is an assumption. He may have assumed that Kyle couldn’t get help because he was in the middle of nowhere. He may have assumed that maybe Kyle was too scared or traumatized by the experience, etc. Too sloppy, you make sure you don’t assume anything.

  • Kit the Coyote

    It just occurred to me the HUGE advantage Flyboy Mitch brings to the team, though there looks like there might be some jets or rockets on the rear, the plane is being flown in by Mitch’s levitation power which means its practically silent.

  • LL

    They’re all reaching towards Flyboy. I wonder if he caused a little…emotional turbulence?

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Or maybe the plane pitched forward suddenly?

    • Stubbylegs


  • Pikinanou

    *Me shaking pom-poms* Go go, T-Y-P!!

  • WarGoddess

    Flyboy, what do your hawk-eyes see? They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard!!!! ……..Wait, wrong story.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Made me smile!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Acres of vegetation are no match for eagle-eyed Flyboy! Now go free those poor people, TYP–and don’t drop the plane, Mitch!

    It would be interesting to see if Anni and Sircea were “expecting” them as part of their plan. Considering how many bases they tried to cover, I wouldn’t be shocked if this wasn’t quite the ambush that TYP is hoping for. But we don’t have long to find out.

    Great page as always; it took me a while to find the “Doomsday Stargate” and glass hamster cage in all that foliage. Props to Adam for all that detail!

  • bronakopdin

    wow…. even if it’s saying “hours later” that sure was fast now xD
    I have to admit I sure like angry Mitch’s face 🙂

    now what will they do? go according to plan and only tell the officials their location?
    or will they check out themselves? because I bet Mitch will also tell them about the hostages soon…

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      It looks like it’s near sunset at the ritual site. If you assume that they left shortly after daybreak, that would make it at least 12 hours depending on the sunrise/set at that time of year and at that latitude.

  • Madock345

    Next page: “That’s what it’ll sound like when one of you spots them.”

  • Inuhime

    Oh yeah, here we go. XD” I can’t wait to see when Annie sees ‘the kid’ again XD””

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Bring on the fireworks! Please,please ,please tell me we won’t have to wait for the 4th of July!

  • D. Garrett

    last panel reminds me of independence day when will smith’s character says he is anxious to kick et’s ass. (i hope im remembering that right!)

  • Guest

    hoo boy. here we go! *sits on edge of seat. eats popcorn.*

  • Derkins

    buckle up, everyone. *grabs the popcorn*

  • Sorry to miss camping but here I am! Let me plunk down in my digital recliner and give this page a look-see. Lovely use of colors. I wonder if it is my monitor because colors seem a bit faded. I wonder if that has something to do with printing? Most print comics are 80% saturation because the printing process uses vivid inks. Am I imagining this or is this a trick of inking Veronica uses? Regardless, while not as vivid the colors are lovely and enhance the overall look and mood of the story. Kudos to Veronica for making it look so clean and professional. Moving on to the panels.

    I like the creative use of panels. I assume this is Adam’s handiwork as he is in charge of translating Alex’ directions into a visual medium. I like the isolation of the glider in the small panel. A “start here” visual button with the next panel arrangement flowing like arrows through the rest of the images. Subtle, nice work. I appreciate these little tricks of the trade that makes the story flow smoothly in my imagination. Now, for my interpretation of the main panel.

    I see it as everyone moving to brace since the glider is banking suddenly downward. That gets their attention on Mitch who follows through with “Yep, there they are.” I enjoy how many others see a gesture of support toward Mitch and I find it entertaining to imagine a gesture of figurative support taken from a gesture of physical support. Of course I make a supposition as to what is taking place same as others. I only imagine the action and enjoy the many layers of meaning applied to the same action. This strikes me as a “power play” like getting a flame gem in “Bejeweled.” A lot of elements coming together to form a great synergy. A hallmark moment of storytelling in a visual medium. I address my next comment to Adam.

    I promised to offer feedback on Adam’s progress with his figure drawing. Mitch is the central figure on this page. I see a pronounced improvement in the way Adam illustrates his face. Compared to previous head-on images of Mitch the face looks age-appropriate. The face isn’t unusually wide with more definition to the jaw. The eyes are larger and the hair frames the face in a more natural and attractive manner. The expression conveys the appropriate emotion. I appreciate the challenge of conveying a subtler emotion like “disdain.” Adam managed it well in this image. My closing remark goes to Alex.

    Alex seems to pace his pages in bite-sized chunks to maximize interest and emotional impact. He appears to communicate this with his creative partners to masterful effect. Adam could not have come up with the “start button” glider graphic and the subtle visual references to guiding arrows without inspiration. Likewise Veronica can’t know what colors to pick in order to convey subtle emotions and shifts in urgency without clear information from the writer. As an artist I know the joy of collaborating with others who know what they are doing. The synergy of purpose and clear communication is like a heady drug and seeing the way the readers respond to that effort is amazing validation. I offer that validation to you, Alex as well as your partners, Adam and Veronica.

    You are captain of the ship and they your officers. There is nothing like having a good CO and officers on the bridge. You just know this team can achieve more than expected and that is a great feeling. Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning to you all! Thank you for another job well done.

  • A couple days ago I read an article about great abs on (hero) comic characters and after scrolling down I agreed it was some mighty fine abs, but also came to the conclussion that author behind it had never read TYP 😉

  • davefragments

    Every since I saw this page, I’ve been reminded of two things in my life. (This might be a good time to run for the hills.)

    A) an older neighbor of my Mother’s just moved to Florida and asked another neighbor to drive her car down to her new house. I am guessing that this was the first and longest drive that the car enjoyed without the car feeling in fear of its existence. The older neighbor never met a car that she didn’t wreck from almost the day she got her license on the 6th attempt.

    So that lurch in the first frames and the hands outstretched in the second frame is like the airship’s anthropomorphic response.

    B) I have a neighbor whose son had to ask his grandmother for a ride to his hockey game. He’d just lean red to drive and was astounded to discover the real reasons for his grandmother’s reputation with cars. The woman never met a car that she couldn’t ding, dent, sideswipe, total and/or burn the transmission by hauling a horse or two. He reported that he kept one hand on the dashboard and both eyes closed – just in case and that he prayed to many deities, including a few he invented, that his Mother would never be unavailable again.

    So that lurch and those hands produced fuzzy-warm memories of good family times. (yes folks, I’m a little odd today)

    • PFG9000

      We love you a little odd.

  • Commander, there is a lot that is concerning about the situation that you all are apparently about to enter.

    First, “apparently” :

    Unsure as to the parameters of your psionic abilities also unclear if you can use Fluke or Spooky to act as secondary validation to your own scans, as it is possible that you are entering a trap of some sorts…

    There are a number of flags suggesting this, starting with the fact that Kyle’s supposed “father” is this “demon” Laampros or whatever may be his title….

    It is very disconcerting that Laampros even tolerated much less approved of Duncan’s use of Kyle as the signal beacon etc to communicate with him.

    Furthermore, it is very unusual that if Sircea speaks true that she and Duncan are motivated by concern for the boundaries between your specific world space and the other-

    That’s exactly it…Sircea spoke as if the weakening boundaries were much more than mere divisions between your world and a “hell” or whatever…it would seem as if she’s articulating something related to interversal space…which is actually not really something that anyone or anything can simply traipse across…so I am not sure why she and Duncan are projecting this ideation related to saving your world by…yeah it doesn’t really make sense…

    In many respects, I’d say that you all should actually get away from there, as if Sircea is actually referring to the true interversal boundaries, it’s going to be much more than a “hell” that comes through or whatever-

    For starters, any and all of the narrative tracing anchor points that either I or another have placed, will pull immediate responders that are designed to simply annihilate any and all threat that-

    See, Jadis, Arioch, Savah, and I suspect that Duncan has not been at all honest with Kyle period, and in fact, what they are trying to do is either snare and trap one or more of you, or worse, actually use the supposed weakening of these boundaries to then exploit first responders so to speak…

    This is fine, I can’t precisely say how Jadis, Arioch, and Savah have readied their responders, however, I’m frankly curious to see how Duncan and Sircea plan on dealing with everything I alone will be sending their way…

    …which will totally screw with their plans and those of any allied with them as first, my apologies, but if Sircea and Duncan are at all attempting to weaken boundaries related to my creations, their just going to be hit with massive world…maybe now it’s a galaxy…whatever of water…that’s just for starters…

    And then Jadis et al have their _-p-_ to actualize as well…

    …so maybe just hold back for a bit…it’s really not at all wise or sensible or whatever for your team to engage Duncan and Sircea at this moment

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      The Commander wouldn’t have any way of knowing what Sircea has been saying.

  • Andy Diehl

    It’s times like this I wish I had the Young Protectors trading cards so I could check Flyboy’s power stats.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    This page reminds me of Cannibal Holocaust.

  • Artemis

    What do you see Flyboy?
    What do you see with your elf eyes?

    • mogoskier

      Finally! I have been waiting for someone to say it.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Hey, I said that… *pouty face*

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          WarGoddess did too. 🙂

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          • Indeed!

          • Simple home truths… a la The Admiral. Do you have these out in a coffee table book? Your posts always leave me hungry. Heeeeee.

          • Only if it would make me a ton of money.

          • Of course you will be the Martha Stewart of Admirals and … thus… a BRAND! Everyone will want an ADMIRAL book for their home. Yayyyyyy!

            Of course once you get rich and fancy there will probably be no living with you. But… oh well.

          • YAYYYYYYYY then i can borrow shamlessly!

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            We have apple cake for dessert.

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        That’s a fun movie.

        • Evelyn: Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am.

          Rick: And what is that?

          Evelyn: I… am a librarian.

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            Damn straight! 🙂

  • So the parental units rented the new Transformer movie. -_-

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          • Good point. Maybe it’s time to do some cleaning out.

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  • *cries* apparently youtube won’t work in safe mode…I was going to post the link for that scene in The Mummy but if I cannot watch it to be certain sure it is the one I want, I am not going to link it and then cross my fingers and hope it is the right one. -_-

    • You can DM me the link and I’ll check it out for you if you want.

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  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    This reminds me of the jungle-flyover scene from Cannibal Holocaust.

    • silibub

      Hopefully this won’t go quite the same way as the rest of that movie…

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I’m not familiar with the movie myself, but I think I could make an educated guess…

  • davefragments

    I wonder if Mitch is going to fly the plane into the clearing with the circle thing, Sircea and Duncan or if he’s going to get other orders from The Commander?

    • I say the more Mitch and his pretty blue eyes, the better.

      • The more Mitch period, the better!!!

        • Yep. Have a weakness for those eyes…and that purple hair. *throws up hands* Don’t worry, Doki. I won’t come within five feet of him! XD

  • OH, I and I just want to assure everyone, that just because I haven’t been actively gushing over my precious Mitch, doesn’t mean I love him any less. He is absolutely precious on this page and I was going to say somethings but I forgot what they were, as I was still a bit sick when I first thought of them.

    • Sapfo

      Hope you feel much better soon.

      • That was mostly Tuesday and Wednesday, but I have also been dealing with computer problems. -_-

        • We all know how you feel about Mitch but look forward to any comments you want to make.

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  • Adam Irving

    I love how re-readable this comic is. I mean, never mind the story is engaging and entertaining, but it’s also fun to watch as the art evolves over time. Not to knock in any way the early stuff, because it’s all fantastic, but the details are fun to pay attention to, specifically because everyone concerned has put the time and effort into them.

    And, uh, in other news, I may have just bought a bookstore. In Seattle. Not sure that’s sunk in yet.

    • davefragments

      What was that little thing at the end?
      You bought a bookstore!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Wow, a bookstore?! That’s so cool!

    • A bookstore! Wow! That is cool! Any particular theme or is it a general bookstore?

      (And I’m particularly looking forward to sharing the art for the next page…)

      • silibub

        *heart pounds* Now I’m looking forward to the page even more! You and your teasers…

      • Adam Irving

        Thanks Alex (and everyone!!). It is a sort of niche place, but I’m pretty psyched. I don’t want to spill details before all the legal/financial stuff is in place (hello, confidentiality agreements), but had to share at least the basic good news with SOMEONE after the owner accepted the bid. Details to follow in another few weeks. 🙂

        Can’t wait for the next page, either!

        • davefragments

          wait for the closing – I sold my Mom’s house and signed 24 pieces of paper at the closing and I swear my niece who bought the house signed 48 pieces. It was a paper and signature festival that day.

    • silibub

      That’s amazing! Clapping my hands for you, literally!

    • So cool! Rooting for you!

    • Wow! Congratulations to you. I’ll have visit when I’m up there next.

    • Sapfo

      Happy for you! I love a good bookstore, make the heart beat faster knowing that all the books there needs a home 😀

    • I’d LOVE to own my own book store. A big congratz on the new purchase 😀

  • Morning, from a minor Scandinavian country 🙂 Signing in for camp with a friendly remindert that a new month has started on Voting for TYP ->
    Over there in the black box. Remember to do it at least during every camp, as I do 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Yeah, how does it feel little Danish sister. Big sister is here over you 😉

      • Oh, so you’re gonna use country size as an excuse to call me little sis, eh? You forget I’m a month older than you, my little pseudo twin 😉

        • Sapfo

          Pseudo twin is going to have that over me forever, is she?
          Well older little pseudo twin, Jupp I am 😀

    • Morning Danish sweet!

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      Good morning to you, Danish!

    • Good Morn!

    • Morning (or evening…) & all voted 🙂

    • Good morning, Danish. Voted!

    • Adam Irving

      I didn’t think there were any minor Scandinavian countries (minus Wisconsin?)…they all seem pretty fantastic.

      • Looking at landmass Denmark in itself is one of the minor countries in the world. Number 130-something out of around 200 countries. We only have a land mass of around 43,000 square meters, devided in a peninsula and around 400 more or less small/tiny islands where some are unhabitet by any humans. Of the Scandinavian countries we’re the smallest, unless you go and count the Farao Islands in, which they sometimes are, even though they technically aren’t if you really look at it.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I basically only know about the Faroe Islands because of SatW.

          • Yea. They’re kind of a semi-independant country that ‘belong’ to Denmark.

          • SofiaT

            I’ve known them for the whale killing too.
            I have a Danish friend whose grandfather was from the Faroe Islands and she has steam coming out of her ears every time someone with no connection or idea of how people there live gets all judgmental about it.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Japan, on the other hand… (Is it okay for me to get all judgmental about Japan hunting whales?)

          • SofiaT

            LOL! The Japanese won’t starve if they don’t kill whales and they go after endangered species all year round. They’re also sneaky about it, pretending to conduct scientific research. So feel free to be judgmental there!

            From what I’m told, the Faroeans only kill whales once a year and they depend on their meat for the whole of winter. And the whales they kill are only a tiny fraction of that species, it’s never endangered.

        • davefragments

          I never looked at Denmark that way.

          • Of the Scandinavian countries we’re the flat one 😉 Not a mountain to be seen.

        • Adam Black

          Greenland is still, isnt it?

          • Greenland still belong to Denmark, but is pretty much also running independant today. Has own government, and a couple representants in the Danish government.
            Danish government is made up of 179 representants/seats. Greenland and Faroes has two seats each of those. Except for some financial support and a few laws and rules, and some shared police force, the two countries more or less take care of themself without Danish interaction (as far as I know of them).

          • Adam Black

            prime real estate once that Glacier melts.

  • Evening everyone!

    Can everyone do me a favor and wish/send energy for nice weather this week… it has been BLOODY COLD! Two days of below 20 temps and snow (gasp!) and frost… where did summer go???? 🙁

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    • I will take your cold weather!! Send it to me!!!

    • Sending warm weather from San Fran…I will think warm weather thoughts for Starr!

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    • Take the next week from the California High Desert!

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        • You are certainly welcome though I don’t know how long these summer conditions will last.

        • It was 91 today. Though the house stayed cool and we didn’t have to turn on the A/C. I expect winter to soon be here.

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      Btw I found a Swedish song, that if you understood the text would have loved. It is called “Just sports”

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