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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 55

341 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 55

Nah… Couldn’t be… I mean, could it? Nahhhhhh…

For a moment there, it looked like one of my favorite Cons, GaymerX, wasn’t going to happen for a third year. But now it seems like a possibility again! (Although, with a new, more inclusive name “GX3”.) I’ve attended this Con for the first two years and have had an amazing time both times. Wonderfully supportive and accepting space and a ton of fun. It looked like they weren’t going to be able to do another one, but if this Kickstarter succeeds, they will! So I just backed it.

If you’re a gay geek, you need to attend this. And if you want to support awesome events for gay geeks, you should support this Kickstarter.

(And, oh yes, if it happens, I’ll be there. 🙂 )

Oh, and…


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So! The Platinum Priestess is trying to put all of The Annihilator’s pouting puzzle pieces together. Will she be able to get to the bottom of the Silver Fox’s mouthy malaise? Could Kyle really be behind it all? And why can’t they seem to remember his name?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    new page!!!

    • silibub

      Nice catch!

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        thanks! 🙂

  • Oooh… not at ALL about a boy 😉

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Another armour piercing question, at the very least.

  • silibub

    Oh, god.

  • davefragments

    Now she’s starting to pay attention to HIM!

  • Yes, yes it’s about the boy! Ding ding ding ding!

    (I refuse to believe otherwise)

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “What boy? Who said anything about a boy? You’re talking crazy talk. Let’s go look at the Stargate’s progress!”

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Apparently she doesn’t like being questioned.

  • silibub

    Look at that clenched fist. You got a big storm coming, honey.

    • Not just that fist, those clenched teeth are quite preditory

  • mogoskier

    I wondring if that question me line is because she not use to him not listening or not trusting.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      maybe he’s never questioned her before?

    • silibub

      I imagine she’s talking about him suddenly not trusting her — all those “If that’s true…” sort of lines he was throwing around must have surprised her.

  • Toli Bera

    Come on PP we all know there’s nothing on the face of the planet stronger than the magic of butt touching. XD

    • Steven K.

      Well, for me it would be “thingy”(T.M. Alex Woolfson”?)-touching (doesn’t even have to be wholescale “smooshing” [T.M. again?]), but similar concept, I suppose.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    And we still can’t see what’s inside that glass thing.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      It’s gotta be the ninja flying pigs!

      • I’ll go with Sticky’s theory tho I hope there’s plenty of room for them, or maybe they’re terribly small ninja flying pigs that get larger when they’re let out of the glass?

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Like sea monkeys! (Wait, do those work like that?)

          • Not sure but we can assume they do for these purposes!

          • davefragments

            Monty Python’s Flying Sheep:

            The end of this just leave me helpless with laughter.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Hmm, that came up as the same link you posted above.

          • davefragments


          • stickfigurefairytales

            Do you have the link to the Monty Python’s flying sheep thing?

          • davefragments

            I fixed it above, too.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, thanks! I just hadn’t refreshed the page.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ha ha ha, that is wonderful!

          • Steven K.

            No. You are thinking of the tiny little fuzzy-looking toys of various forms that are made of some type of highly-absorbent stuff that, when you put them in water, grow to many times the original size. Sea Monkeys are just brine shrimp eggs. They do get bigger once they “hatch”, of course, if well cared-for, but that’s simply natural growth.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ah, you’re right!

          • Steven K.

            I was a disappointed when I was a little kid that the “sea monkeys” were nothing like the depictions of them as these aquatic-humanoid creatures as depicted in the ads in the comic books.

        • Steven K.

          So the glass receptacle has some TARDIS-like properties? I mean, some similar “relative-dimensions” type thing.

  • …..the metal part of her underwear looks like it would hurt in that close up. It looks like those metal edges might occasionally dig into skin or press into the skin

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Maybe it’s not metal at all, but some type of clothing that’s shiny and looks metallic?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        No, it doesn’t look like it drapes the way cloth would.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Hmmm, what about in the breast area? But you may be right. It could be some sort of magical material too.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I guess the question there would be the level of visual realism here. Actual clothing does not fit that way around breasts (i.e., acting as “boob socks”), but it is nonetheless commonly seen in comic book illustration.

          • davefragments

            She’s got the “old style” female costume – very revealing, high cut, sexy, high heeled boots, etc. It was all very sexist.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            I think it works for her because she’s a sorceress. If she were to use her physical strength to fight then it would not be practical. But then comic book female, or male characters for that matter, don’t have to be dressed practically.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I agree that that’s probably the logic at work. I just hope for her sake that she still has impenetrable skin even without her immortality!

          • Klaus

            Maybe it is an illusion.

        • Klaus

          It does not not flex at all. It stays in shape however she moves.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Maybe magic helps with that?

    • Maybe her skin is too tough to be affected by metal underwear.

    • davefragments
    • Steven K.

      Maybe she has on some underwear under THAT – some kind of softer protective padding in any case.

      • Steven K.

        Or maybe the suit itself has some magical qualities or some advanced technology – that it is some type of softer, pliable metal – not all rigid and uncomfortable.

    • Klaus

      The corners of the hip pieces look very sharp.

      • Steven K.

        Yeah – was going to say – especially those.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    I like her expression on the last panel. She really

    wants to find out what’s going on!

  • One thing is knowing in the abstract – a whole other thing is looking someone in the eyes and doing it.

    Duncan just got the reminder that it’s not a great feeling to do that. He had to betray someone he came to care about in a bad, bad way.
    Since I haven’t forgiven him for that one, no matter the situation, I like to see his conflict.

    • Steven K.

      But even if he did go ahead with betraying Kyle, there are things he could have done to make things a little less painful, shameful, and humiliating, which HE DID **NOT** DO – like leaving him some clothes, etc. If he really cared even a little bit, I think he would have done things like that.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Also I don’t think that Duncan knew that Kyle had that communicator thing with him, and Kyle couldn’t know if it even still worked after all that fire and energy that was released.

        So not only did he leave him naked, but also in the middle of no where…used, abused and discarded.

        • Exactly why I have a hard time with the thought of ‘forgiving’ anything he’ll do later despite how much he believes it might .. benefit.. the human race in the end.
          He’s not a sociopath, but in the end he didn’t do much to make it easier for Kyle either. He did it and left.
          That’s why i like to see him in doubt and feeling bad now. He deserves it.

          • Steven K.


        • Steven K.

          Exactly. I’d think that if you cared even a little bit, you’d treat someone better than that – and explain why this had to be done, instead of saying that he doesn’t owe him an explanation, or ANYTHING, for that matter,

      • Klaus

        His change of heart came too late for that. He did not bring any clothes, and he could not go shopping for clothes while Sircea was waiting for him to return with Laampors’ signature.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Yes, and it worries me that someone who’s got a reputation for being intelligent, and has been shown to be able to pull off a long term plan involving seduction and double-crosses, should have done that. Or not done that, as the case may be. That suggests to me that it was deliberate rather than carelessness.

        But even if that were the case, his actions are self defeating on several levels. On the one hand, if he was psyching himself by being a particularly ruthless and nasty supervillain in order to try to emotionally distance himself from the act of betrayal of Kyle then it clearly hasn’t worked. He’s feeling guilt, and even the Priestess has noticed it. And on the practical level, all he’s succeed in doing is pissing Red Hot off, so that now the Young Protectors are coming to wreck his scheme.

        Either Annihilator became too emotionally involved and distracted, and made a few careless mistakes as a result. Or he’s in full control, every act was planned, and he’s deliberately sabotaging the Priestess’ plan.

  • I KNEW the page would update as soon as I left to switch the laundry.

    Duncan is getting inklings. Small inklings telling him what he could have been, what could have been with Kyle. Duncan needs to watch himself or he might start thinking about “turning” to the bright side.

    People “turn” to the dark side all the time, right? Why not Duncan, the enemy, turning to the “bright” side and redeeming himself?

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Step into the light…all welcomed!! 😉 *that’s from Poltergeist*

      • Yes, it is!

        Do you think Duncan will find peace and serenity too?

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Hmmm, I really don’t know. I do hope Duncan is able to change and grow and become a better person.

    • Steven K.

      Nice thought. Darth Vader kinda sorta does it when he gets rid of Palpatine – but not really – kinda too late, in my opinion, and I don’t know anything he could have done that would have redeemed him from such things as being involved in the obliteration of entire world populations or, more personally, the mad, senseless slaughtering of so many innocent young Jedi children.

      • I agree that it’s definitely too late for Darth Vader.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I’ve gotta reiterate how much I love the details on Sircea’s crown thing and giant broach. They are just exquisite!

  • silibub

    More Maven-esque vibes from Sircea this page — she’s deducing things now, Duncan. God help you.

    I’m sure getting to know and respect Kyle has contributed a lot to Duncan’s sudden attitude adjustment, but I wonder if that’s the only reason. Just feeling bad about their methods doesn’t really account for him doubting Sircea’s word — like she said, he’s known what the consequences would be for a long time. Maybe he’s been doing some research of his own, and has reason to suspect that she’s hiding something? She’s been so adamant that this is the only solution — if Duncan’s turned up information that suggests they had an alternative all along, he might wonder what else she could be hiding from him. That mistrust, compounded by his lingering guilt over betraying Kyle the way he did and the unhappy prospect of actually having to do the huge evil thing instead of just planning it, isn’t the best recipe for teamwork. Villains. I ask you.

    This page makes me deeply uneasy — the whole scene has, actually, but now their conversation is definitely moving firmly away from familiar bickering and into angry territory. Feels bad, man. (Although I had to laugh at Sircea’s grasping for a name to put to Duncan’s emotions. “What is this — guilt? Indigestion, maybe? You know I’m bad with ‘feelings,’ Duncan, give me the first letter.”)

    Anyway, very interested (and nervous) to see where the conversation goes from here. Fantastic job on the page as always — Adam did such a great job with all the nuances of their expressions, I’m really impressed! And Vero’s colors are top notch — I love the work she does on the metallic parts of Sircea’s costume, gleaming but not distracting. Thanks, guys! ♥

    • Great comment!

      Maybe this is why he brought up Spooky’s abilities earlier. He might be realizing he’s more powerful than they gave him credit for. Plus, he must be feeling uneasy about the deal he made and about Kyle burning him when he shouldn’t have been able to.

      • silibub

        Thanks! And yeah, I remember Duncan telling Kyle that he “did his homework,” too — Spooky’s improbable sanity might have caught his interest, and maybe he looked deeper into the matter from there. And I bet being physically rattled his confidence, like suddenly this plan doesn’t seem like such a sure thing anymore.

    • LOL. You cracked me up with Sircea’s “feelings” questions. (Can I buy a vowel?)

      And yes, both Vero and Adam did amazing work on this page. Those nuanced expressions give this writer so much pleasure! 🙂

      • silibub

        Ha! I’m glad. And very happy that you have a dream team to make the comic outstanding.

    • This really is a great comment! Snickered over Sircea’s word search.

      • silibub

        Hee, thank you!

    • Steven K.

      “What is this — guilt? Indigestion, maybe? You know I’m bad with ‘feelings,’ Duncan, give me the first letter.”
      – Made me chuckle. Probably near the mark, too.

    • Love it. Guilt? Indigestion? ……. A rash? Something that causes the runs? You are so right. Unpleasant things all around.

      Yeah… even us gay boys have to appreciate Sircea for her poses and that body. 6,000 years worth of YES!

  • Guilt.. what a strange feeling.
    Guilt.. It isn’t appealing.
    Guilt.. Was this a blunder.
    Guilt.. It made you wonder.
    Guilt.. Isn’t it revealing.

    • This….reminds me of something….but my brain is too tired. T.T

      • IDK.. I just made it up *lol*

        • ….it definitely reminds me of something

          it isn’t the exact same thing, but it is familiar in…something…

          • Tell me if you figure it out 🙂

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Could it be that song “Kids” from Bye Bye Birdie?

          • ???

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Probably not, then.

    • bergulme .

      That…sounds like the lyrics to the musical number I imagined when I saw the first panel. I mean PP is dancing around pouty Duncan like a disney villain singing her song.

      • *lol* Guess the singing lyrics on previous page inspired me.

  • You know, when an average woman gives you that look it’s wise to step carefully. With someone as powerful as Sircea (and as desperate) starts in with it, you better run for the hills. Especially if you might possibly have a flaming hot soft spot.

  • Jason Wexler

    I had no idea these posted so early the night before… I’m usually offline by this time and now I see based upon the time stamp of the first comment that they apparently post at 8:30 my time…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Most of the pages aren’t usually this early, but we do get lucky sometimes. 🙂

    • This page was up 1-2½ hours before the time most pages are uploaded, but it usually spans between when this page was up and within the next 1-4 hours after that (the 4 hours is if it’s a really late page).

  • David Welbourn

    I still think the immortality deal is poisoned, specifically, that their immortality will last only as long as Laampros is alive and on Earth. And also, if they kill Laampros, they’ll die as well.

    But more immediately, I suspect that Sircea is going to now require some show of confidence from Duncan. If I were in her platinum boots, I’d shapechange one of the servants into the Boy’s likeness and ask Duncan to kill him. Right now. Or else.

    • David Welbourn

      ooo, I just thought of something else important: Walls have two sides.

      • Klaus

        These are magical walls. They may have three.

        • David Welbourn

          That’s fine. If they have three sides, then Spooky has two options.

  • AseretZone

    She can’t remember his name because she frankly doesn’t care. And he can’t remember his name because he might just be remembering him as “Hot Ass”. XD

    Joking aside, she’s looking preeeeetty annoyed. What will she do when our young heroes actually arrive? Surely she can’t violate the unwritten “kill no Junior Heroes” rule? I mean, even if he’s not a minor anymore, he still classifies since he’s in the team.

    And this IS America, he might still count as a minor to the Supers until he’s 21.

    Plus, I wonder if Duncan told her about Kyle being Laampros’ son? (And what happened to his mom?)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m pretty sure Duncan said that you are allowed to kill them if it’s in the context of a battle. You just can’t go hunt them down in their civilian life.

    • Steven K.

      I’m not even sure Duncan heard that part – what Laampros told Kyle.

    • timemonkey

      Assuming that `rule` wasn`t complete bullshit to begin with. They`ve clearly been watching him for a while before they approached him and just because Duncan and the PP don`t care enough to attack them doesn`t mean other villains are so indifferent. But it`s a good way to downplay the villainy to Kyle`s face Òh, we know who you all are, we won`t attack you though, because of morals, see I`m not so bad you can totally trust me

  • Rafael

    A bit late for the guilt trip duncan, it may have worked before leaving kyle all naked and alone on that base. I’m with Sircea, tough up, and take your future beating from the young protectors like a man.

    I hope you get a good beating from Kyle someday duncan.

  • Sapfo

    “You dare questioning me?!”
    “Not questioning, more wondering a little. Not much, just little.”
    Someone have a godess complex?

  • CH

    Tonight’s page set off the following in my head:

    “Let’s hear it for the boy
    Oh, let’s give the boy a hand
    Let’s hear it for my baby”
    So there’s that.

  • Keneu

    Could he be playing her? It was mentioned that Duncan was the one that noticed that Kyle was not a metahuman like the others – it was mentioned before the Hong Kong date. If that’s true, then he probably has had as much of a hand in the plan as Sircea and it’s as guilty as her. Also, he might have made his own plans without taking her into consideration.

    And about not remembering Kyle’s name, that only shows how much they care about him! Everyone knows parents don’t ever call you by your name – to them, you are “the kid”, “the boy/girl/pumpkin” or “your son/daughter “. And that’s if they don’t mistake you for your brother/sister or change your name altogether (like my mom.) Sircea and Duncan actually are expressing their concern over Kyle’s wellbeing by not being concerned about him. ¬¬

    • Steven K.

      Interesting idea.

  • Kit the Coyote

    “This couldn’t be about the boy, could it?”

    DING, DING, DING! We have a winner!

    • Dennis Grace

      “I’m sorry, Babe; I can’t help it. You just have to face the truth, Kyle has a much nicer ass than you.”

      • Steven K.

        And he has a penis …er, “thingy”.

  • YG_Frenchie

    That second drawing of Duncan… Wow! Foxy stud! I am giving the artists a very impressed applause 😀 Keep it up!

    I like Duncan with feelings. I hope he feels bad for using Kyle and goes to apologize ( which he’s going to need a damn good idea and maybe take a few beatings for ) then they make up and smooooooch then SAVE THE WORLD TOGETHER!

    I just want that happy sappy feeling I had when they got together to come back for them. I’m a romantic.


    • Dennis Grace

      Yeah, very Race Bannon in that pic.

  • Not The Boy! Anything, but the boy. Boy Cooties!

    Duncan you may want to run away, Sircea’s cure for that might not be very pleasant.

    • Sapfo

      Oh no! PP better get Duncan to a doctor. He got Boy Cooties!
      Only one known cure for that…. <.<`

      • Yes, a cooties shot. And we know how big those needles are.

        • Sapfo

          Is the doctor at least cute?

          • If David Rose finds out about this vaccine he may off the cute doctor to administer the injection repeatedly.

          • Sapfo

            Oh dear!

          • Oh My!

          • Steven K.

            (And there are too many possible innuendos or double-entendres in that to even comment on.)

        • Steven K.

          At least six inches (on average).

  • EMR has updated!! two pages! *does a lot of mumbling and grumbling*

  • There are an infinite number of ways that torture, betrayal and evil will come back and get us. Some easier and some harder. However, it always comes back. It always gets us. Personally, I believe in the idea of ‘karma’ in one form or another.

    Selfish… always hurts. First the victim and then the perp. Unless you are a sociopath and incapable of experiencing feelings… it’s THAT kind of hurt you are bound to experience.

    I think it’s pretty clear that Duncan is not a sociopath and he IS capable of feeling pain. I don’t know what he’s going to do or how he’s going to deal with this pain, but it’s clear that he won’t be ignoring it.

    Whatever happens I hope he, at the very least, learns what it felt like to be a boy longing for love and ending up experiencing the worst betrayal and HELL.

    Just that… would be a good lesson for him to learn.

    Sircea CAN’T understand. It will be very interesting to see how Duncan learns and deals with her inability to feel what humans feel.

    This is a fantastic page and I can’t wait to see how these two creatures proceed. Thank you Alex, Adam and Veronica. This is really special work. Each line of dialog couples with spectacular poses and expressions. Thank you for this very special work.

    • Sapfo

      And there is the man I was thinking of. I have a question: “Do you have boy cooties or is that just a myth?”

      I agree Learing is good, and I do hope that he does learn something form all of this. there is hope for his humanity

      • Honey… I’m practically ground zero when it comes to ‘boy cooties’. Even typing a post to me leaves you open to infection. The good news is that boy cooties are a really good thing. They heal most everything and make your skin smooth and silky, you get the best gossip automagically and your interior design skills get better all by themselves. Oh and if you have any rashes… boy cooties pretty much cure them outright!

        So all good. 🙂

        xo, C

        • Sapfo

          Is that why I suddenly have an irresistible urge to redecorate and try some new wines? Still waiting for the smooth skin part of this deal.
          You better give me a hug or two.

          Sleep well Chris.
          I am of to IKEA now 😀

        • *Writes reply to get closer to ground zero and those boy cooties*

          This is an infection I’d like to get.

  • Steven K.

    Below, CH was reminded of a little bit of verse in the usage of that phrase “the boy”. Myself similarly. But it made me think of Noel Coward’s “Made about the Boy”, along with this rather interesting rendition from “The Magic Christian”.

  • I can’t remember how much we have talked about this, but below Chris Dangerfield said this:

    “Sircea CAN’T understand. It will be very interesting to see how Duncan learns and deals with her inability to feel what humans feel.”
    It once again makes me wonder – IS Sircea human?
    With this I think, is she one of the meta-humans or is she something else? 6000 years old and used to be immortal.
    She could be a ‘fallen’ deity who became a priestess, or heck she could me more or less of demonic ancestery herself (or other non-human being). Maybe she either helped raise the dimension walls and/or moved to this dimension after they were created to be worshipped by followers on earth.
    Just to put this idea out in the mix (again?).

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I’ve also wondered about what kind of a being she really is. But we still don’t have enough information.
      If she was immortal originally, then she was never human. That would make her something else, but what?

  • Klaus

    On this page the bovine on PP’s headpiece definitely has horns. I still don’t see any on page 52, the best look we have had at it before now.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Yes I noticed that too Klaus. They are very distinct on this page. But if you look carefully at page 52, you will see that they are there but rather faint.

      • TheManBehindTheCurtain

        It depends how you look at it. On page 52 it seems more to be the flow of the fur/hair that makes the curves rather than actual horns to me.

        Maybe Alex can check and get us a definitive answer to such a vital and pressing point in this story. 😛

        • Indeed, TheManBehindTheCurtain is quite correct…

          When prioritising, one must always remember to give the apropriate level of bovine precision the dignity, awe and respect it is due.

          When ‘having a holy cow’, one must understand the beef… and understand it well.


  • LL

    Uh…From looking at her body language in panel 2 I don’t think PP likes young whippersnappers like Duncan to question her plans…Also I want to express my awe at Sircea’s body in general.

    • Klaus

      If Duncan had the impression that they were equal partners, he knows better now.

  • wohdin

    DINGDINGDING! Sircea be wise as fuck.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Well of course it’s at least partly about Kyle…that look on Duncan’s face when he first used the spell and showed his true colours…I still remember it…
    Still, I DO think it’s about more than just Kyle. He may have said a lot of things with the intention to win Kyle’s favour, but I reckon some of it at least was how he really felt.
    Don’t know why, but I really like how Duncan looks in panel 3.

  • AeeDee

    That last panel is perfect. Her expression is flawless; you can practically hear the dialogue leap from the page.

  • Nate

    Sircea: Mistress of the Obvious. 😀

  • disqus_PXAekcKS6y

    Art thou afeard
    To be the same in thine own act and valor
    As thou art in desire? Wouldst thou have that
    Which thou esteem’st the ornament of life,
    And live a coward in thine own esteem,
    Letting “I dare not” wait upon “I would,”
    Like the poor cat i’ the adage?
    What beast was’t then
    That made you break this enterprise to me?
    When you durst do it, then you were a man;
    And to be more than what you were, you would
    Be so much more the man. Nor time nor place
    Did then adhere, and yet you would make both.
    They have made themselves, and that their fitness now
    Does unmake you. I have given suck, and know
    How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me:
    I would, while it was smiling in my face,
    Have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums
    And dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you
    Have done this. If we should fail?
    Screw your courage to the sticking place
    And we’ll not fail.

  • Cydney Sabin

    Um… Is Duncan’s left eye supposed to be missing its iris? I just noticed this, and I don’t remember seeing it in previous panels.

    • Derkins

      I think he’s just glaring up at her from under his eyebrows, kinda like when a toddler is mad at you :3

      • Cydney Sabin

        Yeah, but then shouldn’t you see just a little bit of the eye? At least where the other one seems to point to. It’s just… kinda bugging me…

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          I think the iris is all the way to the corner of his eye. But yeah, it looks like it’s missing. It looks a bit strange. A little more prominent iris would have looked better.

  • timemonkey

    `Somebody`s not used to being questioned. I’m kind of hoping they end up fighting each other, give the kids a better shot at taking them out.

    • purplefoxglove

      Now I have a mental image of TYP standing speechless next to Team Silver’s minions, staring in disbelief as the two not-evil villains battle it out.
      After a while:

      Mitch: “So…shouldn’t we stop them?”
      Spooky: “Why? They’re doing a fine job of stopping themselves.”
      Kyle: “It’s a truly beautiful picture.”
      Paul: “Damn, I’m good!”

      Amanda would, of course, be the one to get them back to business.

  • never question The Platinum Puppies!!

    • John

      Carefull. The pouting princess can hear you! 🙂

  • Pikinanou

    Could the boy have cracked the forteress around your heart and made you start second-guessing yourself?! Oh Em Gee!

  • Yes it is about the boy! Yes it is yes it is yes it is

    I solved the riddle for you, Priestess.

  • PP’s crown thing has a deer in it. At least I think it’s a deer. Is it supposed to be a deer? Or am I imagining things? I swear it’s a deer. Why a deer?

    Lol ok got that out of my system. Fucek YES ITS ABOUT KYLE!! For an old as dirt woman, you’d think she’d piece it together sooner. Of course it’s about Kyle. Why wouldn’t it be about Kyle! Duncan has the hots for him. Come on lady!

    Any way, I love the detail in this page. Her head piece and clasp around her neck was surely a pain in the ass. I adore the facial expressions. They’re so life like it’s beautiful. You can hear the words so clearly it’s amazing. Thank you guys for another lovely page for YP. Tis greatly appreciated.

    • WarGoddess

      I see something there too, but I actually think it’s a bull’s head, not a deer. The face is a little too wide and the horns are short, curved, and pointed, not branching out like a stag’s. It would make sense, because the sacred bull was revered in many ancient religions, and if she’s really that old, she might wear it as a magical symbol of power or protection or something of the like. She might even be a Taurus for all we know, lol.

      • THANK YOU! That actually makes more sense. I was concerned, deer are often portrayed as the spirit of the forest or guardians of nature. Stuff like that. A bull makes more sense lol.

        • Steven K.

          However, the two animal figures on either side are stags – you can see the details pretty well a page or 2 back.

          • Well at least I got some of the detailing right lol. Thank you.

      • Klaus

        They are stags. Look at page 52.

  • bronakopdin

    now what will Anni answer to this?!?!?!

    and hell, the way she’s posing with that cold face in panel 2… all of her faces… she seems to be very furious… I wanna hide somewhere!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this to come back around to Kyle… And now I gotta wait until SATURDAY?? ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! 😉

  • WarGoddess

    Duncan, are we feeling remorse? Guilt? A wish to turn back the clock and do it all over again, make it better for the little hero? Dare I say it, a loving affection for your wronged firey ginger? I am feeling so giddy right now. Just like they said in the Emperor’s New Groove, “Nobody’s that heartless.” You care about all of the people you’re gonna be putting in danger, don’t get me wrong, but you mostly care about the one you’ve had budding feelings for. I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES MAN. (O_O)

    Anywho, I really do think that they will somehow convince the Young Protectors to help out somehow and Kyle will play a crucial role in repairing the walls. So will Spooky. Then we’ll dance, we’ll kiss, we’ll schmooze, we’ll carry on and go home happy, what d’ya say? 😀

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Love the Hades reference there. 😀

      • WarGoddess

        Yay!!! That’s my all-time favorite Disney movie!!!! 😀

  • Perverzak

    aw man… the way that one person can just enter our lives and in a matter of days change everything we knew, is amazing but at the same time OH SO terrifying…

  • Terri Sutton

    “This couldn’t be about the boy, could it?” Oh hell no!

    Can’t the reality of the situation just have hit him? Seriously he just had a first class ticket to hell, he hasn’t exactly been a nice and good person in his life and he is afraid of death.

    Can’t this just be a mid-life crisis where he becomes worried about his eternal soul? Seriously, we never read about those.

  • Shinashi

    “What’s with all these… what’s the word… Feelings?”

  • Kate G

    You know, now that I’m studying Metal Boobs, her costume her particularly interesting.Has anyone noticed her circlet has the image of a sheep-like creature? (I wouldn’t call it a bull or any other creature. It’s like a mix of a goat and a sheep.) It’s interesting because the goddess Hecate is associated with sheep; she’s also associated with the metal silver (which is what her circlet is made of.)

    Henna was a something people who worshiped Hecate did tot their hands and feet and you can see in her chest medallion a traditional Henna design.

    She’s very interesting. Very, very interesting.

    • Kate G

      Excuse me. I’m in Sherlock Holmes mode. I have a need to analyze.

    • Lunar Karma

      Just going out on a limb here, I am guessing the metals in her costume are platinum. Hence the name Platinum Priestess.

      • Kate G

        They could, but platinum is much softer than silver (or gold for that matter), so it wouldn’t be a good fit for armor.

        Also, platinum could refer to her hair (as previously discussed in other pages) as some people would refer to her hair as “platinum.” Some may call it “white” or “grey,” but perhaps in her youth it was “platinum blonde” (so blonde it looked platinum) and it became part of her name.

        There isn’t a right or wrong answer here.

      • Klaus

        Platinum is extremely heavy. 11% heavier than gold, 89% heavier than lead. You would not want to wear large quantities of it.

        • davefragments

          Jewelers alloy platinum with other metals to make it stronger and more durable. Also, much white gold and platinum jewelry is sometimes rhodium plated to be really, really shiny,

      • davefragments

        I thought platinum went with her hair. Other people have the same thought.

      • Wayne Lunkwitz

        Hmmm very possible …..a platinum boostier to hold up sagging 6000 year old boobs :)….OK done being a bad boy…going back to my corner now.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I don’t have anything particularly deep to comment on at the moment, so I’ll just throw out a small observation that I really like the transition in the final two panels. The Priestess doesn’t understand what’s up with the Annihilator and is engaged in an extended monlog/rant and happens to be looking off into the distance. Then she has a ‘Wait a second!’ realisation and her eyes snap back to Annihilator for her demand: “This couldn’t be about the boy, could it?”

    I suspect that if their overall plan involved Red Hot being disposed of after his usefulness as a hell-portal generator was over, then the next page will be where the Priestess finds out that ‘the boy’ is still alive (with all the tactical implications that that implies vis a vis imminent arrival of superhero teams intent on the whole thwarting business). And if this is the case, then the Priestess’ current mood will count as merely ‘mildly irritated’ compared to how she will react.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Hmmm, if they know that he is part demon and that is why they chose him, then they or Sircea might know that he is related to Laampros or some other demon.
      In which case it might not be a good idea for them to kill him, assuming that Kyle can be killed or easily killed.

      So maybe it was never their plan to kill Kyle.

      Duncan told Kyle something like: “I won’t hurt you”. I think he was speaking the truth there. Of course, Duncan meant physically because he put Kyle through hell emotionally.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Hmm. Good point. I’d overlooked that.

  • Derkins

    Last time she reminded me of Akasha. Today it’s the evil queen from Willow. The looks she gives! She does *not* like being questioned, and that face says she won’t hesitate to do whatever she has to in order to get what she wants, Duncan’s compliance be damned. And yeah, I can believe Kyle might have something to do with this change of heart. 😀

  • Derkins

    Also. Duncan is so handsome. <3

  • Aza

    IF Sircea was wearing just a LITTLE more, I’d so cosplay her. but those panty-things… nope. not wearing that to a convention, ever.
    I really like the way Duncan is sitting around on those crates, pouting. It’s such a fascinating contrast to the decisive way he always came across previously, giving him more depth. And showing that there was less acting involved in his behaviour towards Kyle than it seemed. He is reflecting on the ramifications of his actions… something that most ‘villains’ ignore completely.
    So… I am looking forward to the next encpunter between our boys (and Commander) and the villains. this is bound to be verrrry interesting.

    • Denise Cruz

      I’ve thinking about cosplay her, too. But, I came to the same conclusions that you did.

      Beside that, I’m a chubby girl. Wouldn’t feel good so… naked… I think. :-[

      About Anni, I’ve been his big fan since the start, so… but, yeap! He looks even better when looking a little bit more at his deepest thoughts/feelings.

      Let’s see what he’s going to decide, finally.
      It’s not going to be easy, although… Fluke wants to kill him. Kyle wants to kill him. Spooky wants to kill him. Aaand… I’m pretty sure that Sircea and Lamproos want/are about to want to kill him, too.
      Poor guy! xD

    • TheManBehindTheCurtain

      You could always make the botttom part more like a pair of short with partial skin toned leggings/thick nylons. You wouldn’t need much length since those boot go so far up and as long as they fit snuggly/like a second skin, i’m sure nobody would notice much.

      Just do a fabulous job on the head gear and no one will even notice at all.

  • Klaus

    Did Duncan really think that a 6000 years old sorceress would regard him as an equal partner? Being called “the most feared villain in the world” must have turned his head. He is in for a very rude awakening. My guess at what comes next: when Sircea shows her true colors, and Duncan realizes that she never intended to evict the demons, he will need to convince the Young Protectors to let him help defeat her.

  • Klaus

    I wonder what relations the kings of hell have with the rings. Does each king have a territory where he rules supreme, is it a big free for all or do they form some kind of comittee? Does each ring have its own king and each king his own ring? If so, what happened to the king of the ring that became earth? (No, I do not think Sircea was originally a queen of hell.) There have been speculation that each king may be tied to a specific vice. Does each ring have its own vice? If so, what was earth’s vice? (if Sircea was queen of a vice, I think pride most likely).

    • Steven K.

      Nice questions.

  • If he admits it’s about Kyle, will she call Duncan ‘a prurient child’ too? ^__^

    • Denise Cruz

      Oh, I don’t think she would have so much sense of humor, irf it was like that… xD
      She would probably feel a little… endangered, maybe?!
      After all, Anni could easily ruin with her entire plan… Not good!
      Not safe for any of them, too… Laampros would be furious!.. O.O

  • Klaus

    Is it so strange that Duncan gets cold feet at the last moment? Deciding that letting most of the world be overrun demons is for the best is one thing, actually doing it is another. Not next year, not next month. Right now. This is it. No “boy” required.

    But of course it is about Kyle.

    • flame821

      That and it seems he doesn’t particularly trust the Priestess to actually fix the problem instead of taking the power and ruling the world as a Queen/Goddess.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I think Duncan realizes just how powerful Kyle could be…..after all Kyle did BURN him!

  • Frater Gymnos

    NAILED IT!!!!!

  • Frater Gymnos

    Is someone going to sacrifice…..?

  • SofiaT

    “Is it about the boy?” Nooooooo…. what makes you say that?

    It’s definitely about the boy, but I think it’s not simply because Duncan developed a soft spot for Kyle and now feels guilty. It’s more complicated than that.

    People who have been loved all their lives, who have family and friends to support and care for them, often take that feeling for granted. It’s a safety net that is invisible but no less powerful for it.

    But Duncan didn’t have that in his life. Sircea seems to be his only friend, and even there their relationship seems to be a complicated one, with power-struggle dynamics, not one of unconditional support and no judgment.

    In his brief affair with Kyle, Duncan got to experience what it is to have someone look at you with innocent eyes, without judging you, and trusting you with the most valuable thing they have: themselves. That’s the kind of relationship that says “I’ll stand by you”. And it must have been a shock to his system, the idea that… hey, maybe I don’t have to do this alone. Maybe it’s not anymore just me against the whole of the world. Maybe I can have someone on my side for once, who’s not there just for their share of the pie.

    Maybe Duncan really didn’t question Sircea’s plan before, because the idea of him being accepted and aided by someone with no ulterior motives was so foreign, it never even crossed his mind. Before, the hard way was the only way. And if some million people got to suffer along the way, what was it to him? They were never kind to him anyway. And more people would get saved in the end thanks to him, so surely that’s enough?

    But once you get one crack in your armor, and see that one person is willing to be there for you, it’s easier to believe that the whole world is not out to get you. And maybe, I don’t know, you should give them a chance…

    No wonder he’s brooding. The way he views the world has changed and the earth has tilted on its axis. Kyle’s actions were unexpected (Duncan said that the spell needed Kyle’s trust to work, but did he really expect that kind of surrender?) and had an equally unexpected and deeply disturbing reaction. Going through a paradigm shift is a difficult and painful process, one most people would shy from -and I’m sure he’ll continue to shy from it for a while longer.

    He did, after all shy from it, right after they got back from hell:
    Why did he leave Kyle in the warehouse with no clothes or method of transportation?

    Was it to delay him from coming after him, to give himself time to complete his side of the deal with Laampros without worrying about Kyle ruining it? Or was it because the need to take care of Kyle was so disturbing he had to act like an asshole to balance it out and remind himself his is still a one man team? Clinging to the past version of himself, when in truth, one night had already changed him irrevocably?

    Silly, silly Anni.

    • Denise Cruz

      You did great considerations there, Sofia…

      I agree with you. Especially about Anni not knowing he could live without being a lonely fox and being surprised about Kyle’s sweet, trustful surrender. And all the changes that these things brought inside him.

      I do know it’s not going to be easy, (even less easier than before), for neither of them, but I just can’t wait them to see eachother again.

      I believe that that moment will be the real point of change for Anni; ’cause he’ll have to make a definitive choice, there. No way to step back!

      Will he really want to go ahead with Sircea and Laampros, and be certainly discarded, once they get what they want, OR will he rather to join his ‘Little Hero’ and his friends, to stop those freaks?!

      I’m still waiting for him to make the right choice. However difficult that may be/seem. (For him and/or to us).

      *v* Yeah! I still love him, too! <3 Our 'Silly , silly Anni' ! <3 lol *runs away to not get beaten* (Sorry! I can't avoid it! xD)

    • Nicely said! 😀

      • SofiaT

        When Duncan says on p.50 that before they had to act alone and now maybe things are different… He sounds like a child desperate to believe that Santa is real.

        And at the same time too afraid to believe.

        • Denise Cruz

          Awww… don’t make start crying, please… It’ not fair! :'(

    • Steven K.

      Very thoughtful comment and questions. Left me rather touched and teary-eyed (still wiping away a few) – esp. the 5th and 6th paragraphs (“In his brief affair…” and “Maybe Duncan…”). What you describe – what all of us really want in another human being, many having more success in ultimately finding this than others.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Or was it because the need to take care of Kyle was so disturbing he had to act like an asshole to balance it out and remind himself his is still a one man team?
      If that option is the case then we should be thankful that Annihilator’s default self-image seems to be ‘gentleman villain’, because that implies an internalised code of honour and sets limits on how nasty his react-without-thinking attempts to be an asshole could get. The Dark and Paranoid Conspiracy Theory Stick is giving me all sorts of unpleasant ideas of what a more thuggish individual might have done by reflex.

      But on more pleasant matters… I was reading through the .pdf penultimate draft of YP volume 1 that Alex released a few days ago, for the kickstarter backers to give an editorial nitpick on. I’ve just gotten up to the dinner date scene, and am struck by the appropriateness to your hypothesis of Annihilator’s line about Red Hot being a good man and how the Annihilator had met very few of those in his life. The problem, of course, is whether that comment had any basis in fact, or was a line being used to butter Red Hot up.

      • SofiaT

        I’ve never doubted that Duncan has a code of honor.
        Ok, that’s a lie. I did fear he may end up disappointing me, but that was only in the very beginning, while he was courting Kyle. He was too smooth for my comfort and I kept waiting to see what his motives were.

        Strangely enough, it was his betrayal of Kyle and the way it happened that convinced me he is not your usual cartoon-ish villain, evil and with no moral principles.
        From there on, it has been obvious to me that he does live by a code of honour; but his is the code of a man who had to take care of himself all his life -because if he didn’t, no one else would. In his book, Duncan comes first.

        And I think he was more his real self when he was with Kyle, than he cares to admit (even to himself). He didn’t have to do as much acting as people think…

        • Denise Cruz

          Agreed! I also think that Duncan is, actually, a nice guy with a soft heart. The problem is that he had to take care of himself alone for all his life, as you’ve already said. It kind of obligated him to harden and cool his own heart. Maybe too much.

          It seems like Kyle got to warm his heart again,without previous notice and enough to make him remember who he really (still) is. And that’s what is causing all this internal tsunami, as we’re seeing on this page.

          It’s never easy to look at yourself and admit you were so very wrong in something you decided before… even harder to make the right choice and try to correct it, if it’s possible.

          I hope he doesn’t get too scared about it, to the point of paralyzing himself. He may not have a second chance to make amends, later…

          Beside, how will Kyle react, even If Anni truly change his mind? Will he and his young friends believe him and allow him to help them through that extremely dangerous situation?!

          Well, none of them will have much time to think about it…

    • silibub

      *whispers* Why must you hurt me this way?

      (Really, though — beautiful analysis!)

      • SofiaT

        I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to! 🙁

        • silibub

          Nah, I think it’s a credit to Duncan’s depth of character that he can be so heartbreaking!

    • Very nice analysis, Sofia. Much fun for me to read. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        Analysis, obsession, whatever you wanna call it is fine by me. 😀

        It is, after all, your fault for making Duncan so damn fascinating!

  • Thanatopia

    Kinda reminds me of that old saying: “If you want a steak, you’d better be ready to kill a cow.”

    I’m guessing that it’s more complicated than that, but that that’s a basic element deep in there. Sacrifices are so much easier to write off before it’s time to actually make them. You may have to burn one orphanage to save a hundred others, but do you really want to be there to light the fuse and hear the screams?

  • Sapfo

    Oki, I been looking at PP body for ages and I would not mind licking chocolate sauce out of her belly … I mean: Where do you exercise dear PP?
    She is up to no good, but she look fabulous doing it. And joke about licking a side, I would not like to get on her bad side.
    Alex, you can really turn great looking, females intelligent(PP and Mave) into some great villians. I like her.

  • SchalaRenee

    Holy shit. Sircea becomes sexier each time I see her. Age difference or not, I’d leave my wife for that sexy bitch. She’s SO evil it’s amazing. I want more PP please. I know this is a gay comic, but how about a bone (euphemism) for us lesbians? Give me a naked Platinum Priestess!

    • Klaus
    • Steven K.

      I’m gay and not necessarily into female eroticism, BUT, I think it would be great if there was some sexual tension between P.P. and Commander. What an interesting parallel it would be to Duncan-Kyle if Commander found herself being seduced by, and actually falling for, as well, the Priestess. Then she couldn’t be too hard on Kyle – knowing that attraction and affection are not always logical. I’d be willing to deal with some lesbian digression to further an interesting plot complication like that. (And no offense to anyone, just a matter of personal taste, like so many things, but I think I’d rather “watch” a little gal-on-gal action that any gal-guy stuff anyway – our culture is more than flooded with the latter already and hard to get away from even when one wants to.) But still hoping that things wil be “fleshed” out eventually with some hefty helpings of some more juicy – and hopefully happy and emotionally positive next time – guy-guy homoeroticism.

      • silibub

        I think this is the second or third time you’ve brought up the idea of Amanda being seduced by Sircea, and correct me if I’m wrong, but it always seems really important to you that the relationship would not just serve as narrative parallel but would also make Amanda unable to criticize Kyle. I’m just curious why that is, since so far we haven’t seen anything that suggests she’s been hard on Kyle for falling prey to Duncan, nor has she indicated that she believes attraction and love should be “logical.” Actually, the only characters who have expressed surprise or distaste at the notion of Kyle being attracted to Duncan are Fluke and Tsunami, and so they seem better candidates to “learn” from falling for an older or same-sex villain.

        I’m not trying to be critical of you at all, but I’m curious about your personal interpretation of Amanda so far, since it seems like you almost want her to be taken down a peg?

        • Steven K.

          Oh – I know – you are right – she hasn’t – which I’m very proud of. Actually, Tsunami seemed to step into that role. Maybe he and PP would make a better parallel, but that would make a heterosexual story, and I’m tired of heterosexual eroticism breaking in on a good gay story (for example, it happened frequently in Brokeback Mtn – I had to watch more heterosexual sex scenes than those between my cowboys). This was partly just a response to the idea of someone maybe wanting something Lesbian-related, and it just reminded me of what I thought might be interesting. And so far those have been the only prominent female characters. Oh – and your last statement – about wanting “her to be taken down a peg” – not at all – that wasn’t my intention. I’ve just found that sometimes, when you have someone that is very rational, and logical, and balanced, and mature, throwing in a love-interest or something emotional that might go against a lot of what a person thought they were all about – that can make for fascinating self-reflection as well as interesting dramatic possibilities. Duncan’s potential response to things surrounding the “Kyle” situation are a good example of that. I’m glad that both Spooky and Amanda are more empathetic than they could have been. I didn’t have any hidden intention or motive in my suggestion.

          • silibub

            Thanks for clarifying! 🙂 A lesbian parallel could be interesting, although the female cast is limited at the moment — maybe in a future arc, though.

            I totally get the frustration with the ubiquity of heterosexual relationships in media, even when it’s a story aimed at the LGBT community. It would be nice to see the ratio flipped sometime — suddenly everyone’s gay and there’s maybe one token straight character/couple, if at all.

          • Steven K.

            Exactly! 🙂

          • SofiaT

            How about True Blood?
            After season 1, pretty much everyone was either gay or bisexual.

          • silibub

            For whatever reason, True Blood never really grabbed me, but I might try it again sometime!

          • I heard Again and Again that only the first few seasons are worth watching. Apparenlty the last couple of seasons weren’t that good and over all it ended idiotic.

          • I watched the first episode of this season… and that was it. I agree it jumped the shark after season 4 and just couldn’t get back into it again.

          • SofiaT

            Just like the books.
            They were great till book 9, and then they went downhill -mostly because the author forgot what her characters were really like, tried to copy TB and they ended up being a weird hybrid of their book self combined with their TB equivalent. Sookie and Eric especially were both unrecognizable by the end of the series and the last book was a big middle finger of the author to her fan base.

            There are more ways to assassinate a character than kill him in a plot. Her original contract was for 9 books anyway, and she stretched them out because True Blood made them popular and her eyes filled with dollar signs. But it was obvious she didn’t even like her own characters any more and she was only writing to make her publisher happy.

            In response, I know tons of previously loyal fans who will never purchase one of her books again.

          • That is too bad. I’ve heard this happens to some authors where they get tired of a series or their characters. You lose so much credibility when that happens especially when it’s obvious you’re doing it just for the money, and fans won’t trust you ever again.

          • SofiaT

            There were so many discrepancies and plot holes in the series after a while that some people started to wonder if it was even her doing the writing or she had hired a ghost writer. I think it was herself, but she just couldn’t bother to go back and remember what she had previously written. When fans asked about the inconsistencies in the plot she pretty much told them to fuck off.

          • Untrustworthy and rude, sounds like.

          • SofiaT

            I’m definitely among those who will never buy a book of hers again. I don’t have much money and I’d rather give it to authors who love what they do and respect their audience -like Jeanine Frost, who finished her Night Huntress series one book too early because she felt that the arcs she had in her head when she first started had already played out. She didn’t want to push it and write “filler” books just so she could get a few more $$ out of her fans.

          • davefragments

            A set of characters can run out of steam and that’s it. Sometimes the story arc ends. Other times (like statek) the plot ;ones get so wild and goofy the characters lose to the plot.

          • SofiaT


            I only managed to watch till the first episodes of season 5 but by season 4 I had already gotten sick of it.

            It started out good and then turned into a total mess.

  • Quiet camp tonight… what is everyone up to?

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      Hi! I’m training my Pokemon team, like an adult. How are you?

      • Good! Watching sports anime like an adult 😉 I know the Pokemon feelings… still have my original red + Gameboy color w/ Mew stolen with a Gameshark… ah the good old days…

      • mogoskier

        Who on your team?

        • silibub

          I’ve been switching it up a lot, but I’ve pretty much landed on Delphox, Milotic, Tyranitar, Crobat, Mawile, and Lopunny.

          • mogoskier

            Nice, I’m training my eeveelution right now. I got all of them but one.

          • silibub

            I love all the eeveelutions! Which one don’t you have?

          • mogoskier

            Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and a shiny Sylveon

          • silibub

            Oh, lucky! Sylveon was a great addition, although I still hope we get a ghost type evolution at some point.

          • mogoskier

            That would be cool. I want a flying type, just to imagine flying around on it.

    • SofiaT

      I’m preparing lunch.
      Spaghetti with cream cheese and tuna -I had a new fridge delivered yesterday and don’t have much food in the house, had to improvise.

      • Good old tuna… I never used to like it with pasta, but do now! Although having the new fridge will be lovely once filled 🙂

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          Went to a huge online grocery spree last night, it will be delivered later in the afternoon (I have no car and the weather is rainy so thank The Force for home deliveries!)

          • I wonder how long it will be before everything becomes centralized and the only option is ordering to your home.

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            Hopefully we’ll be able to meet you at some of them.

      • Yeah, I’d love to be at DragonCon as well. Hope your head will be better soon.

        • I had a really great experience the last time I was there and also got a lot of exercise walking from panel to panel at different hotels, and all the great people I got to see and meet!

          • Sounds like so much fun!

          • I was! I took most of my con photos at the parade. ….my picture taking finger hurt a lot after that….

          • I really want to see the kilt blowing wih Jenny Breeden if I ever make it there.

          • Yaoi-con is the only one I’ve been to and that’s because I live here. I should go to Fanime and A/X sometime. Fanime is only an hour’s drive and A/X is a short plane ride away.

          • A/X looks like it would be fun too!

          • Yeah.. and signings and panels with Laurell K. Hamilton. After I managed to snatch one of her signed books (via an online friend) a few years ago, I really hope I can get one signed personally one day. Basically only way is to catch her at DragonCon (the one con she attends regularly herself) or make it to one of the few Q&A arrangements she makes when a new book is out. That’s a narrow time line to have a chance xD

          • Heh, I didn’t even think of getting my book signed by Aaron Allston when I went to his panel on it. I saw someone before things started ask him to sign their book and he did and then I was like…I have my book…I could get him to sign my book too! ^_^ I just wish I had brought one my Mercedes Lackey books to see if she would sign it….maybe next time….

    • I was getting through my Twitter feed when I realized what time it was. I was wondering why you guys weren’t around.

      • I thought I would be a bit late too… must be a busy Friday

        • I got off work early too 😀
          but had to go downtown to get wedding presents.

          Tomorrow is the last wedding of the season. It will be nice but I am worn out from all the expense and social interactions. Social events take a lot out of me.

          • Especially weddings monetary/social-wise. Still sad summer is almost over though then… winter *shivers* I need to move somewhere warmer…

          • I’m sad too but I don’t have the same weather that you have. I’m super, super spoiled, weather-wise.

          • davefragments

            I have to get a housewarming gift eventually. My niece is moving in this weekend

          • Something for the kitchen, maybe?

          • davefragments

            No. We usually ended up cooking for family affairs and we’re both tired of that. It’s my Mom’s house and my niece redid the floors and painted and is getting new carpets. I’ll see Monday when I visit.

          • That sounds very nice! And she obviously worked very hard.

          • davefragments

            Yes, and I think this gift has to be personal and only pay lip service to “house” .

        • Camp usually don’t start much until around now-ish, but it should speed up 🙂

          • We’re at the tail end of low camping. *nods*

          • Yup.. the high camping is starting around now.
            (btw. I like that you have adopted my low- and high camping terms *lol*)

          • I think I threw in medial camping but I’ve noticed that camping usually goes from low to high pretty quickly.

    • Sapfo

      honey, I’m awake 😉

      • Hi Sapfo, dear! Glad to see you.

        • Sapfo

          yes, but it seems to be only the two of us. Would you like a cup of tea, coffee?
          You mentioned up there ^
          that PP looked scared. I do think that might be right. Duncan is her companion and if he is not by her side, what does she got? Minions?

          • Tea please, for me. Thank you!

            That is true. I can’t imagine her having many allies now that I think about it. I wonder how they met and how they became partners? Did she seek him out?

          • Sapfo

            “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, he walks into mine.”

          • XDDD

            That’s fantastic, Sapfo!

      • Morning sapfo sweet!

        • Sapfo

          Oh one more for some tea. Hello sweet Doki!

      • Sorry writing Free! things… XD tea would be lovely!

        • Sapfo

          Tea it is my dear. Did you do your nails?

          • Bath first after upload then nails otherwise they’ll come right off 😉

  • Camping time.. For the last time on my parents’ computer – after a friday that went nothing as expected.

    A planned two hour nap to help a headache followed by cleaning, doing laundry and watching movies turned into almost 8 hours – and me sleeping all day. So not planned XD

    I DID wake up to the news that I was one of the winners in an online competition and I’ve won the all new hardcover book, from one of my favorite urban fantasy authours, that will be published next week 😀
    The squee I made reading that email, and looks like my name was even the first that got drafted LOL Sure saved the day.

    • Good morning, Danish, and congrats on your win!

    • Lucky Danish! Want to rub off some of that luck on my lottery ticket for tonight? XD

    • Morning Danish sweetie! And Congratulations again!

    • SofiaT

      Urban fantasy series? What’s it titled?

      • The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs (also writes the excellent spin-off series called Alpha & Omega).

        The new book coming is an anthology of previous published short stories -incl. the novellette that started Alpha & Omega – and some all new stories. Most of the book will be new to me and I can’t WAIT to read it. It will shorten the wait for the next Alpha 6 Omega that will be out in march.

        • SofiaT

          I’m a huge fan of Briggs, have read all of her books (including the Hurog duology).

          I didn’t know a new book of hers was coming out!!

    • Congratulations, Danish! That’s awesome! 🙂

  • Several people have commented on PP’s great expression in that last panel but after studying it more, it seems like she almost looks scared. She must really need Duncan to make this epic event happen so maybe the idea that he would have feelings for Kyle is making her worry.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if something mentioned this already.

  • davefragments

    I just thought of a way to finish my short story so it makes sense.
    This is turning into a good night.

    • Good writing!

      • davefragments

        I got paid for a story today – second story that eve paid me. I’m going to spend it all at once on a good bottle of wine.

        • OMG! Congrats, Dave!

          Enjoy the rest of your weekend and that bottle of wine.

          • davefragments

            thank you.

        • Indeed congrats!

          • davefragments


        • Steven K.

          My favorite “spoil-myself” wine is Chateau D’Yquem. But I like the sweet stuff. If I don’t have the $ for that, a nice Moscato D’Asti or Brachetto D’Aqui works. Or maybe a snifter with some Cointreau or Drambui or Galiano or Creme de Cassis.

          • davefragments

            I”ll put them on my list to try. Thanks.

        • Congratulations, Dave! That’s awesome! 🙂

          • davefragments


  • I got called Deimos again ^_^ on twitter ^_^

    • davefragments

      You mean like Phobos and Deimos?
      Or an overactive spellchecker?

      • Starfighter Deimos. ^_^

        • davefragments

          That sounds good (I think). What’s a Starfighter Deimos?

          • Sapfo

            another comic.

        • SofiaT


    • Hehehe *sneaky Doki Deimos*

  • silibub

    Not to be weird, but I just felt really sick/disoriented for a minute, and when my head cleared I noticed spots of blood on my bedspread. Just a few flecks, but I can’t see where I might have scratched myself. What the hell?

    • Nosebleed?

      That is scary, Silibub! I hope you’re okay.

      • silibub

        I don’t think it was a nosebleed — could have just been a really shallow, papercut-type abrasion that’s closed already. I feel fine now, it was just strange!

    • SofiaT

      Go to the mirror and check your ears and nose. And then call a medical hotline or something. Do you have that in the States?

      If not, I’d say call a doctor. Don’t want to scare you but better to be safe than sorry.

      • silibub

        Nothing out of the ordinary in the mirror, but I’ll see if I can look up a hotline. Thanks!

        • SofiaT

          Hope you’re ok!

    • Could you in your confusion have bitten your tongue or lip? Anything hurting?

      • silibub

        Nothing hurts — it came and went very abruptly. I found a hotline number, though!

        • Sapfo

          It may have been a rapid fall in blood pressure.

        • SofiaT

          I once coughed blood and it scared the shit out of me. Thankfully I was living in London at the time and in the UK the healthcare system is fantastic. I called the NHS hotline and they were great in giving me instructions.

          More often than not it’s nothing, but things like that should better not be ignored. And going to a hospital for what can turn out to be nothing is just a waste of time, hotlines are the next best thing.

          Hopefully they’ll reassure you that it was just low blood pressure, like Sapfo said.

    • Yikes. Yes, please let us know what the hotline says. Is there a friend you can call to hang out with you right now?

      • silibub

        I will, thanks! My mom’s close, so if I need to I’ll call her.

    • Sapfo

      I would more go for, take it easy, see if you can find where the blood came from, drink water, if it happens again call the doc, otherwishe just take it easy.

    • Hope you’re okay!

    • silibub

      That was way more efficient than I expected — the nurse I talked to said it was probably a drop in blood pressure, yeah. I’ll call my doctor’s office tomorrow just to be safe, since I’m about due for some blood work, anyway. Thanks for your advice, guys, sorry to worry you! ♥

      • *hugs* Stay healthy sweet, and take care of yourself!

      • I’m so glad to hear you’re okay. Rest up and take care.

      • Do take care! Big hugs.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank goodness you’re okay!

  • Not long now…

  • silibub
  • Adam Irving

    There’s something that fascinates me about her face. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s that crown (awesome yet very weird headpiece, to be sure), or that suit. This is not a complaint, by any means! It’s like my eyes are having trouble processing the images on these pages into a coherent mental image, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

  • I love Sircea’s face in the last panel. You can totally tell that it just dawned on her why Duncan is feeling guilty. And it clearly irks her immensely.

  • Kabbalist

    Good grief, that’s one scary beautiful grand dame! Very kind of her to answer most of my questions and suspicions over the last few pages, allowing me to entertain hopes that Duncan might possibly become an ally to the Young Protectors at some point. The again, maybe “frenemy” would be more realistic. I can’t help but notice that the part she’s most upset about is that he’s questioning HER.

  • CaeruleaTigris

    *whispers* whoop, there it is