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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 54

225 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 54

Looks like it might be time for some Mr. Cranky McCrankypants to be put down for his nap…

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So! The Annihilator may be getting sleepy, but The Platinum Priestess is right there with a nice bedtime story about the majority of the population easily surviving the Hell Apocalypse because demons apparently want us all to live for… reasons. Will this finally get The Annihilator to buck up? Or will there be yet more sulking? Is “more sulking” even humanly possible for the Silver Fox? Or has his Sulkometer finally hit eleven?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • davefragments

    oohlala, as they say – not just another “Le Hot Dog”

    • davefragments

      in case I was too obscure – SIrcea doesn’t sound authentic. She’s not realistic.

  • close

  • Sapfo


  • silibub

    Ha! Snarktastic.

  • SofiaT

    I like that if.

    • silibub

      I know — if Duncan has reason to suspect that Sircea’s withholding information, this doesn’t bode well at all.

      • SofiaT

        I like Sircea’s astonished expression too.
        Oops, someone hasn’t been doubted before.

        • silibub

          I’m sure she’ll take it in stride. *eyeroll*

  • It seems Duncan is becoming a little…skeptical about the legitimacy of this plan.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    Any reason why we only see tiny parts of that glass thing and not the whole thing?

    • SofiaT

      It’s the art of teasing. 😀

      And it verifies my suspicion that something important (and enlightening) is in it.


    Not because I’m dying of curiosity here. Not at all. It might even be empty xD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Maybe there’s another Kyle inside it – like his long-lost twin brother!

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Sacrificial virgins maybe? 😛

      • TwilightDreamer

        I think my mouth would fall open if you ended up being right XD lol.

      • Kyle from another dimension >.>

      • purplefoxglove

        More radioactive goats?

    • Sapfo


    • Jen Roberts

      the DHD is in there; they don’t want the minions playing with it

    • David Welbourn

      Yes, we should speculate on what’s in the large glass box since obviously we’re not going to see it until Alex and the rest are good and ready to. Possibly we don’t get to see until Laampros does? In any case, I doubt the thing is empty.

    • Klaus

      The first key was kept in a crystal ball. The secend may be kept in a terrarium.

  • silibub

    I love that he stomps back over to the Brooding Crate after all that. Excellent job, Sircea. Very persuasive.

  • Mr. Cranky McCrankypants and his sulkometer.
    Alex, you have me in tears from laughing.. is it really this funny?

    • silibub

      I think it’s hilarious!

  • silibub

    Plus: “Sure, the demons will feed on the souls of billions while they’re alive to experience every moment of torment, but it’s not like they’ll die or anything. Laampros is a dignified monster.”

  • SofiaT

    Is that a tool box or a laptop on the table where the minions are building that ring or gate or portal, or whatever it is?

    I had this hilarious image of them checking out the manual of How to Make a Portal to Another Dimension online, like furniture from IKEA.

    “No Bob. It screws counter-clockwise.”

    • stickfigurefairytales

      “Where the hell did that Allen wrench go?”

    • silibub

      “No, goddammit, you use the long screw on Segment A, and then the short peg on Segment C. There is no B.”

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Does anybody else wonder where evil occult organization members get their hooded robes, or is it just me?

    • SofiaT


    • davefragments

      Every Franciscan Brother had a few of those robes.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        But what colors did they come in?

        • davefragments

          Plain brown, sparkling brown, holiday brown, festive brown, and the new one, deep dark secret brown.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            You see? So where are all these other guys getting robes in colors like black, red, or purple? Maybe they could dye them, but I’m not sure if brown wool takes dye very well.

          • Dave Nguyen

            Went to walmart, picked up a bottle of RIT dye.

            One of the acolytes tie dyed his robe. He didn’t last very long.

          • Garnasha

            Deep dark secret brown?

        • wineflask

          cappuccino colour. That’s where the name cappuccino comes from, it’s the colour of the hooded robes of Franciscan monks.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            That squares up with most depictions of monks that I’ve seen, but didn’t Klaus say that Franciscans wore gray robes? [Edit: Never mind. Looks like it’s a matter of difference between the Observants and the Capuchins versus the Conventual Franciscans.]

        • Klaus

          Grey only. That is why they are called greyfriars. Black robes are worn by the blackfriers, a.k.a. Dominicans.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            So did PP’s minions get their robes from the same place the Dominicans get theirs?

    • hennerson

      It’s a sure sign that an Occult Organisation is infiltrating your area when you come down in the morning and find your curtains* have been stolen…

      This was one of the reasons for the decline of OO’s in the 80’s and 90’s because, y’know, floral prints…

      *particularly the red and black ones…

    • Irishyankee


  • They need to have a snark contest at some point. This only counts as a semi-final.

    I’m not sure Anni’s stomach quite likes it either. All those sour expressions.

    • CH

      It’s a snark off!

    • silibub

      That’s the real reason they’re bringing Laampros over — they need him to judge.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Yes! scrapped in just before work! ;D
    O_O…oh man…*backs away from screen*….I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of anger/frustration on Anni’s face before…..scary…..
    Hmmm…I suppose they both make valids points….but I’m still siding with Duncan on this one!

  • silibub

    I’ve got to turn in, but I’m sure I’ll be back with more detailed rambling later on. Thanks for a great page as always!

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yeah, me too. Sleep well!

  • davefragments

    The majority of the population should easily survive 4 or 5 years of torture and domination by demons while she works away without Laampros stopping her.

    And she said it with a straight face?
    What I said below was true – she isn’t just another . . .

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Hmmm, I think she’s most likely planning on screwing Duncan and everyone else.

      • davefragments

        Hoe does she expect to hide from Laampros?
        Does she think Laampros will be so busy messing around with humanity not to watch her?

        Where’s that big eyeball – George? Was it? – who was watching everything?

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          There is no telling what she is really planning. She may leave half the world to Laampros, or try to destroy him and take over the whole world herself. If she gets her immortality and all of her power back Laampros might not be able to harm or stop her.

          • davefragments

            The deal that Duncan proposed to Laampros was that they would get the Americas and Laampros could have the other continents.

          • EyeDontNo

            She really wants to step into Laampy’s hell dimension and take over while he is over here. It’s just a stepping stone to her taking over all of the Hell kingdoms.

  • SofiaT

    Duncan seems to be snarling on the second to last panel.

    Yep, he may have the stomach for it, but it’s still hard to digest.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      The more I listen to her the more convinced I become that she will most likely try to screw everyone she’s working with.

      • SofiaT

        Yeah, and I think Duncan is catching on to that as well…

    • Adam Black

      ive been burned… I may have figured out ,the Plot!

      YP cant stop PP ! Its not possible! That leave only one other solution: They have to repair the walls themselves

      Sppoky, and he can use Kyles Powers ( another mega Firegasm? ) and maybe Annihilator. He has a link to Laampros. It may cost him his immortality. . Fluke. hes fully charged. I think there is more to his powers than we know.

      then there is Flyboy.

      Is he Annhilaator sons? Is he a Youthed- Duncan. ?

      im calling it now.
      The Long Game is On

      • Phyre Storm

        I hadn’t noticed it before, but Duncan and Mitch do look like they could be related. Same eye color, similar face shapes, and Mitch is pretty buff for a 15-year-old.

  • David Welbourn

    Incidentally, is Sircea’s plan the only plan Earth has for survival? Like, we might want to consider that, y’know, she might be right. This horribly dangerous plan might be the only shot in our locker. And if she’s right, we might be faced with the problem of convincing The Young Protectors to help her. And then, if they do help her, it’ll be TYP’s problem trying to convince the rest of the world that they did the right thing.

    Superheroes. Supervillians. Hell yeah it’s complicated.

    • I think it could be the only plan that allows her to get her immortality back and recharge the battery on her powers.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        And maybe become ruler of the world after she gets rid of Laampros. And who knows what else.

      • David Welbourn

        I definitely wouldn’t trust her very far. She’s obviously out for her own interests. And considering her current power level is enough to teleport people to the other side of the planet, transmute clothing, and make invisibility powder — well — what feats could a supercharged Platinum Priestess do? Turn the US Army into so many plastic toy soldiers? Reshape the continent? How big a threat will she be if she succeeds?

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          If Sircea is the original Circe, she most likely will turn them into pigs.

          • SofiaT

            Why is everyone so prejudiced against Circe?
            As far as gods go, she wasn’t half-bad.

            She turned the men that arrived on her island in animals, so what? What do you think a bunch of sailors in ancient Greece were gonna do to a woman living alone in the middle of the sea? She was protecting herself, and doing it much better than any other goddess; Artemis would have killed any man on sight. She let them live happily, well-fed and peaceful on her gardens.

            She doesn’t deserve her bad reputation, if you ask me.

          • I think most female goddesses aren’t deserving of the bad reps they’ve been given.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            No? And only the male gods do Admiral? Why those evil nasty men! 😛

          • SofiaT

            Zeus raped everyone that got his interest, and pretty much everyone got his interest. Hercules, the greatest of all heroes, killed his music teacher when he was a teenager because he didn’t feel like doing his homework, Apollo chased Daphne to rape her, forcing her mother Gaia to turn her into a plant to save her, Odysseus slept with every woman he came across while his wife was faithfully waiting for his return for twenty years, Hephaestus, one of the nicer and more humane gods, tried to rape Athena. Dionysus kidnapped Ariadne and brought her to Olympus, only to tire of her soon and turn her into a constellation, to get rid of her. Poseidon cut off all water from the city of Athens, because its citizens chose Athena as their patron goddess instead of him -and he sent a sea monster to Argos to eat everyone, because he felt they didn’t worship him enough.

            None of them has a bad reputation, they’re all hailed as examples of male prowess and/or great heroism.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            A lot of the females goddesses don’t come off well either. There was that pesky Trojan war started by Hera/Aphrodite/Athena over the golden apple. And then there is Hera horribly punishing every female that Zeus seduced, etc. We have an overabundance of stories with male gods as the main characters than female ones, but they all could be very nasty because they were very powerful and didn’t hesitate to use their power.

            By the way, Zeus said that all his seductions were Aphrodite’s fault. She kept making him fall in love constantly. 😉

          • SofiaT

            The difference is that the goddesses had the reputation to go along with the actions. Their male counterparts did not.

            When you hear the name “Hera”, the first word that comes to your mind is “bitch”. When someone says “Zeus”? “King of the Gods”. Or “lightning”. Certainly not “rapist extraordinaire”.

            Everyone remembers Hercules’ heroic acts, nobody remembers him killing his teacher or raping his nephew. Circea turns some men into animals and people won’t shut up about it.

            As for Zeus, blaming your inability to control your lust (aka Aphrodite) for raping, is not much of an excuse.

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            Because Circe, like many female characters, appears in a supporting role. There are not many stories about her, so people focus on the main story about her. For example, the Odyssey is about Odysseus’ journey not about Circe.
            As I said before there are tons of stories concerning Zeus, Heracles/Hercules, etc. The male gods had lots of stories written about them, and they were often the protagonists of the stories while females were secondary characters. So we have a lot of stories about male gods doing stuff to people.

          • Um…what Sofia said.

          • The Platinum Priestess would have your back on that one. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            Um, not sure that’s a good thing… *Sofia goes to check her morals and make sure they’re all still there*

            Phew. I thought I had turned into a minion for a moment.

          • silibub

            *flaps black robes at you* Come onnn now, these are so comfortable!

          • SofiaT

            They’re itchy!

          • silibub

            Huh, you must not have the Deluxe Minion set?

          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            A lonely woman living alone on an isolated island all by her helpless self? She was a goddess, not so helpless.

            Yeah many of them weren’t half-bad, but I wouldn’t want to meet any of them. One moment they were helping you and the next they could be cursing or killing you, most of them sound schizoid.

            (And yes, I’m aware that the social mores of those times when the stories were written were very different from the present. And that almost all of those stories, if not all, were written by men who often portrayed women as evil seductresses and therefore the men were blameless when they became lustful and driven to have sex with them.)

          • SofiaT

            I never said she was helpless. Hence the turning-them-into-animals part.

            But just because she was protecting herself, she’s condemned? They were trespassers on the island of a woman who happened to be a goddess. Not as easy a target as they thought she’d be. They got what was coming to them.

          • silibub

            I read a very nice analysis of Circe recently that’s similar to what you’re saying here — she turned Odysseus’s men into pigs, effectively unmanning them, but pigs themselves weren’t necessarily associated with filth and beastliness in those times. In many respects they were sacred animals, symbols of fertility, so that transformation might not have been the heinous insult it’s often considered. Moreover, when Odysseus pays his dues to Circe, she changes the men back younger and more beautiful than they were to begin with. She’s not a wicked being, just beyond intimidating to these men because she’s resourceful and not vulnerable to them. If Odysseus hadn’t been clever and god-favored in turn, he would have been transformed with the rest of them, but even escaping that fate, Circe still controls their relationship in her own way. I think she’s pretty awesome!

          • SofiaT

            I’ve read a different interpretation of Circe: a beautiful woman, forgotten on an exotic island. She’s queen there, but she’s the queen of her loneliness. And when a ship of men arrives -men that have been out at the sea for far too long- she welcomes them into her bed; and they lose their minds in passion. The image of them turning into animals (for there were other “animals” in her garden besides pigs; tamed lions and wolves) is a metaphor rather than an actual spell.

            The difference with Odysseus, is not that he held back. When he arrived late at her palace (he had sent his men first to scout the area while he waited on the ship, but when the men never came back he went to search for them), he partook in her as much as the others. The difference is that now it was she who lost herself in him. Just like Circe was not just a woman but the absolute female, he was the absolute male. He was a man like no other she’d ever met and he consumed her the way she had consumed the other poor fellows.

            So after having Odysseus in her bed she refused to allow anyone else there, and the men slowly but steadily got the memo and got their wits back together. And they were turned human again 🙂

          • silibub

            I’m not surprised there’s a metaphorical reading of that scene wherein a male hero confronting a woman who represents a threat to masculinity would manage to overpower her wiles with his “absolute” manliness. I do see the sense of romance in that interpretation, but ultimately it seems too aggrandizing of male sexuality for my taste (but that could just be the mean old lesbian in me, haha).

            It’s been a bit since I read The Odyssey, and longer since I looked at the Greek, but from what I remember Hermes had to intervene and give Odysseus the antidote to Circe’s drug (whether literal or metaphorical), and so he was able to keep his wits about him and threaten Circe with his sword (*cough*) until she agreed to restore his men to their human forms. She agreed on the condition that he would go to bed with her, and because Odysseus is clever beyond measure and could see another potential threat to his manhood, he makes her swear not to do him harm. Then they become lovers, they all live in luxury for a year, etc. All that suggests a real power struggle beyond Odysseus simply overwhelming her in bed, so I suppose my problem with the interpretation you’re describing is that it glosses over that sense of danger mixed with sensuality, which is a potent quality of witches in The Odyssey in general, and makes Circe rather passive. There’s a “battle of the sexes” quality to Odysseus’s encounter with Circe that explains how one could interpret their characters as representative of idealized manhood/womanhood, but my personal opinion is that it dilutes their characters too much to think of them that way.

            (I’m really loving the mythology discussion going on here, so I hope that didn’t come across as dismissive or anything!)

          • SofiaT

            I love mythology! And I like analyzing it with you. You have a sharp eye for such things which make it a very interesting discussion 🙂

            The man who came up with the interpretation above, was Prof. Liantinis, a professor of philosophy who thought there’s a bigger truth in ancient myths but that the poets lied. Homer didn’t create those myths, he simply adapted and retold them and Liantinis believed he told them the way they suited him. In his interpretation, it wasn’t Hermes but Athena who cautioned Odysseus (Athena being a metaphor for his own cleverness and cunningness) but when Odysseus met Circe, that went out of the window because they were each others’ matches.

            There is a definite battle of the sexes there, but that’s in Homer’s version, not Liantinis. The ancient Greeks feared and hated Circe because they feared and hated female sexuality. Even in statues, the women look pretty manly, if you’ve ever noticed ancient Greek art. It was the only way for their beauty to be accepted without derision, because little boys had to memorize Homers’ poems at a young age (we studied both Odyssey and Iliad, the original version in ancient Greek, when I was in high-school and it took us a school year for each, these things are huge! No idea how small children, or anyone for that matter, could actually memorize them, line by line and be able to recite them by heart!) and learn that women are fickle (Helen), dangerous when in power (Clytemnestra), dangerous in their sexuality (Circe) and sometimes they are “proper” enough to stay home and waste their lives while their husband lives his (Penelope) and that final one is what they should be looking for in a wife. I mean, look at the myth of the Amazons! The Amazons didn’t exist as a tribe, but their story was created as a cautionary tale of how horrible it would be to live in a matriarch society. Just because we admire Amazons today, doesn’t mean that’s how their myth was viewed in antiquity. They were an anomaly and -of course!- they were overpowered by both Hercules and Theseus, as they should. Duh.

            In Liantinis’, the “overpowering” is not about the sexes, it is about acknowledging that we can all lose ourselves in one another because we’re all nobody.

            And actually, here is the synopsis of the book where you can find that myth, the man himself describes it better than I can: “We start off our lives insubstantial, untested, non-existent, anonymous.
            Our starting points lie within the ontological oblivion, and inside the
            opaque fog of concern. And this concern wages out a persistent battle
            against our being so that we do not have the chance to build strong
            bonds of kinship with the deeper essence of our existence. Each one of
            us begins with the name N o b o d y.”


            All that said, when I first read Gemma years ago (and it’s been years since I last read it), I “hmmm’d” at some of Liantinis’ points, not just in the Circe myth but the rest of the book too. He has a style of writing that reminds me a lot of Kazantzakis, and while I grew up loving that man’s books, I can’t read them now (old and wise as I’ve become) without seeing a certain fatalism in there, especially when it comes to human nature. Not sure I like that.

            Which is why my post above read a bit “lyrical” (or at least that was my intention when I was writing it, not sure if it came out that way), which is usually a clear indication that I’m trying to reign in a heavy dose of sarcasm but it manages to shine through 😀

        • This is what concerns me. She has a five year plan and after those five years plans to be strong enough to dispose of Lammpy. Yeah, that kinda concerns me.

    • davefragments

      we already hear the commander say that all the adult superheroes and the aliens are off planet trying to find a solution.

      • David Welbourn

        I thought the off-planet event was unrelated to the weakening walls problem. I’ll go reread what was said.

        • Klaus

          !Crisis of colliding trans-world identities”. To me this sounds a lot like barriers between parallel worlds failing.

  • Oki… *takes deep breath*.. I’ll try a serious comment here in the middle of my tired giggly mind thinking.

    So Sircei expects it will take 4-5 years to get back to normal, and that she can get rid og Laampy and all his demons.

    Lady must have had some maaajor kind of ‘Umpf’ at some time if she is so sure she can do this, but oki if she (helped) made the walls in the first place then yeah.. umpf! >.>

    It say something when this is the best and short version of them saving the world from demons. Yikes!
    It’s pretty interesting to see that Duncan is directly questioning her plan, and how much they bicker at each other. Either they have known each other a long time or they found together in a wobbly partnership those years ago because PP needed a partner to help her do this.

    I wonder if Duncan has questioned various parts of this the whole way, or if it’s just in recent time more doubts are showing.
    Some pages ago, Sircei asked him about his ‘second thoughts’ showing she knew he has his doubts and this most likely isn’t the first time they’ve talked about this.

    I keep on wondering if Tweedledee and Tweedledum got that power dampener as a part of the plan or if Sircea wanted to show Duncan how it is to be powerless.
    He knew they’d attack but all the way he showed surprise that he got hurt and almost killed. If Duncan already showed some doubts before that moment, it would be the one thing to make him follow the plan again. Only way to show him how it would be was to let him experience it.

    The question, IF they’re the ones who also hava the 2nd power dampener, what will they use it for? Does Duncan know there was two?

    Still the current big question.. what’s up with that glass box? o.O

  • John

    Hmm, I noticed some statements with her sarcasm in that last panel.

  • EyeDontNo

    Just musing here, but…. CHap 2, page 38 is where Duncan first states his terms to Laampros. Laampy keeps interrupting him and filling in details. He seemed to know of Duncan’s terms, and that his accomplice was female without being told. Is Laampros telepathic or was Duncan unwittingly fulfilling a set role agreed to between Laampros and Sircea eons ago?
    (Going back two pages Duncan states that he should have been expected. Presuming the message was sent by Sircea, did she do it two days ago or two millennia? Is this really the Long Game mentioned below?)

    • SofiaT

      And that’s the real question, isn’t it? Whose side is Sircea really on? Other than her own, I mean.

      Duncan knew that he was expected and he didn’t insist on making clear all the terms of the deal, making it obvious that the deal had been hammered out between Laampros and Sircea in advance and he was there just for the typical part of sealing it -literally, with Laampros’ seal on his arm.

      But when exactly that was and what was specifically agreed for between The Priestess and the King of Hell, is yet to be confirmed.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        I wonder how much Laampros knows about Sircea. Laampros took an instant dislike to Duncan perhaps because he was associated with Sircea.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      On page 48, panel 3, Sircea says about the agreement with Laampros: “One that took months for me to hammer out through intermediaries, one that he cannot break…” That’s why Laampros knew all about the arrangement before Duncan got there.

      At least, that’s what she told Duncan.

  • Kit Jamea

    I’ll take her 5 years to repair the walls!? So much for Spooky swooping in and saving the day.

    • john Johnson

      We don’t really know just how powerful Spooky may yet turn out to be. Maybe he could snuff the old lady in silver, with a little help from the new prince of hell?

  • AseretZone

    Dang, sounds like the world (aside from America?) is gonna suffer what Spooky had to. Sounds nasty.

  • fusrohdahskryim

    Sorry old girl but I aint buying you have a prince of hell and Spooky now you cant tell me they wont have some influence here and what if ole platinum priestess is using our dear Duncypoos? I dont believe for one second this is the only shot they have there is always some supernatural get out of jail free loop hole.
    I really think the evil here is Sircea she might not be in her own time but holy crap she is in this era.
    Either way love the emotional conflict and questions this comic brings up.

  • purplefoxglove

    I don’t know about you guys, but the more Sircea talks, the more terrified I get…and the parts where she’s trying to reassure Duncan that they’re doing the right thing are especially frightening.

  • john Johnson

    Sircea sounds more and more demonic with every page. On an evil to good scale of 1~10 if we peg Laampros at 2~3 I wonder where she falls?

    • Dakejev

      At least 3. Duncan would be 6 or 7.

      In terms of D&D alignments, I’d peg Duncan to be chaotic neutral and PP neutral evil. Tempting to make PP chaotic evil, but she’s not quite yet a psychopath.

      • john Johnson

        I was think chaotic – she just hasn’t shown her true colors yet.

      • Giving my characters D&D alignments tickles the geek in me in ways I can’t even number. 😉

        • Dakejev

          Heh, glad to be of service, then. I’m currently putting together a new campaign for a few friends, so thinking in alignments is kinda at the top of my mind.

  • timemonkey

    Depending on the nature of the demons in question they could easily want people to survive for as long as possible. But we lack the information to know one way or the other.
    I wouldn’t trust a word she says though.

  • Nate

    Yeah, she’s definitely underestimating Spooks.

  • Dakejev

    At least Duncan has earned the right to say “Told you so!” to her, if everything does fall apart.

  • davefragments

    I had a thought this morning – – (remember, it’s before caffeine and sugar so it’s a pure thought from a night of dreaming) – – it would be fantastic if Duncan and Sircea fell into each other’s arms and shared kisses and embraces. Two lovers before the storm.

    • Frater Gymnos

      nooooo! His heart belongs to Kyle!!!!

    • TheManBehindTheCurtain

      Eeewww. She’s like granny x 600.

      • davefragments

        I don’t see no wrinkles.

        • Soubi

          Like I said in a previous page, magic certainly does keep one firm and supple.

      • JozefAL

        Says more about you than anything else.

        Don’t forget when Duncan was revealing the plan to Kyle, he said that if Kyle had been straight, Sircea would’ve done the seducing.

        And Kyle didn’t exactly give off any “Ewww” vibes about that prospect.

        • Phyre Storm

          Kyle was too busy with “OMFGI’MGONNAKILLYOU” vibes to bother with “Ewww.”

        • davefragments

          Kyle doesn’t know her age. He met her only in that quickie transform before the lunch that Tweedledum and Tweedledee interrupted.

  • Kit the Coyote

    Evil sarcasm and saving the world by destroying it. Ohh I like her!

  • Kit the Coyote

    Those two monks are still talking there at the base of the whatchamacallit.

    M1: COMCAST is raising rates again!
    M2: Yea, I wonder if we could pick up cable signals with this?

    • Kit the Coyote

      M1: So you think demons are really coming out of that thing?
      M2: Nah, I’m betting it will be SG1.

  • thebitterfig

    Priestess Side-eye!

  • Frater Gymnos

    I think somebody would rather be with his hot, young friend right now…

  • Garnasha

    So… Given his earlier behaviour, and Circe’s comment just now, I think Laampros is an alias (or has an alias), and is also known as King Asmodeus, 32nd Demon of Hell according to the Lesser Key of Solomon, also one of the Seven Princes of Hell, who each rule a cardinal sin, and in that context known as Asmodeus of Lust.

    Actually not that bad a choice if you have to let one of those seven rule here for a time. The others are probably more permanently destructive/lethal.

    Ps. Umineko inspires the learning of too much demonology…
    PPs. And now the YP are going to stake out PP&A… (don’t worry if you don’t get this one, just go read Umineko)

  • SSF

    The art has been awesome during these last few pages. Loving all the different angles.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    She going to kill Lammpros?!?! Anyone else see either a huge lie or a huge flaw in this plan?

    • Klaus

      If the presence of these demons on earth will make her powerful enough to do this, the temptation to keep them here must be huge, whatever her intent is now. Just another two months, so I can fix …

      • TheManBehindTheCurtain

        Yeah, but what makes you think Lammpros cannot draw on the same power? Even better than PP considering all the demon are sworn to him?

        • Klaus

          Sircea thinks so.

  • The thing is, the Annihilator is a good actor. And when he was with Kyle, he spoke a lot of sense about enjoyment, consent, fun, and sex. How much of that he actually believed I don’t know, but even if he did believe it on an abstract level, he was using Kyle (obviously). In fact, we don’t even know whether he’s actually into guys at all.

    And he’s no fool. And he does have a stomach for desperate measures. And he can be cold and calculating.

    Maybe this sudden show of humanity and misgivings is also a show, and he has some trick up his sleeve to take on the Platinum Priestess too.

    I wonder.


  • Ellen Harman

    I know the Annihilator is part of this, but is he being lied to? The Priestess in the last panel, it seems she so is pleased that he gave in and since his back is turned she can let her real face show. She also does not seem to care about children the way he does. Does that mean she would attack children regardless of age? Of course, he is now guilty by association.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I think she’s playing him the same way that Duncan played Kyle. And she will betray him just like Duncan betrayed Kyle if she has to, except that she will feel no remorse whatsoever.

      She needs him for now, lets see what happens when she has no use for him anymore.

      There is still a lot we don’t know about their relationship. Are they related perhaps? Is he one of her descendants? If he is, then she might be nicer to him.

      • Klaus

        It is he whe has Laampros’ signature. She can not do without him for now. It is also he who will suffer if the deal is broken. This may be an important part of PP’s plan.

  • I am showing a DING DING DING

  • Soubi

    Perhaps it is not they who went crazy with magic but the Platinum Priestess. I mean, she has been alive for 6000 years, and rationalizing killing women and children to gain her immortality back…something has to have snapped within her mind. There is now way, simply because she is coherent, that this magic she holds within her is not in any way affecting her mind.

    • Richard Grant Muir

      Technically, 6000 years ago, the societal manifestations of benevolent sexism that gives women & children special dispensation hadn’t been established yet. So she is thinking simply from an older mindset, not necessarily a pathological one. No one is special in terms of suffering.

      • Soubi

        This is true, but she is living in the modern world and she has certainly become accustomed to seeing (?) which truly makes her evil. But, yes, I rather like that she still has the same mindset.

  • Richard Grant Muir

    Wow, a time-frame of YEARS to fix the barrier!! Honestly, that makes PP’s motives far less circumspect. She knows the amount of time left before the walls collapse is nebulous, so having to put the world under Llampros’ reign temporarily is a rational move, in many regards. “The greater good”, as it were.

    Ostensibly, I am still certain Duncan will have a change of heart and go against the ritual. The problem then becomes that Llampros carved the details of the contract into his arm. Kyle will find out that Duncan betraying Llampros will end in his death, but Duncan does it anyway… and on Duncan’s deathbed, Spooky points out as a Prince of Hell he’s allowed to rewrite contracts… and Duncan gets saved.

    Sircea, of course, becomes pissed at the loss of power… until she realizes that Spooky is able to handle magic because he is the physical manifestation of the walls themselves as a magical being, a sort of Nexus Being. Shall we say a great start for Chapter 2…?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Could be that the demons have a (sexual) appetite for human flesh from both sides (male AND female) OOOOOO this could be good!

    • anonywolf

      Bypassed the gutter and wait straight to the gutter in an otherworldly hell dimension huh? ….. I approve.

  • Kate G

    Uh oh, Metal Boobs has that Look in the final panel. That Look mothers get when they know you are up to something, but they don’t know what. Every child hates that look, especially when they ARE planning something. DUNCAN, CREATE A DIVERSION!!!!!

    In other news, somebody wish me luck. I have to go up north today and attend my mom’s godmother’s 50th anniversary vow renewal (phew.) Why did I RSVP to come with my mom and dad again? OH THAT’S RIGHT, I was still grieving and clearly not thinking properly. No autistic in his or her right mind wants to spend two-four hours surrounded by dozens upon DOZENS of people (we are talking about my mom’s family here; IT’S HUGE.) God save me; I’d rather mop my kitchen floor and we all know how much I looooooooooooove mopping. <-most detestable chore of all time

    • Good luck hun and stay safe!

    • Klaus

      I hope you had good time. Failing that, a not too bad time.

      • Kate G

        We totally and utterly missed it. We slept in and by the time we noticed it, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late. I think we’re still on edge waiting for the call.

  • bronakopdin

    Well…. IF she is talking the truth then our Duncan seems to have the best interests in mind for everyone… IF we can trust the words of Circea… and IF she even plans to close those walls up again?

    Oh lord I get a really bad feeling about this and it’s getting worse page by page…

    And now Anni is going to stare at that glass thing again, just what is inside?!?!?

  • purplefoxglove

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that Buying Time has updated with the first page of chapter 5.

    I think Galvin need a Spooky Hug™ – at least I need one now.

    • SofiaT


    • Yes, yes he does need a Spooky Hug™.

  • kireb

    if she lived for 6000+ years, she most likely see the humanity as a collective and not as individuals. it is just a way for the brain to protect itself from getting crazy. there is only so much death a person can withstand.

    i don’t think that she is lying when saying that this is the only option.

    she don’t want to die, don’t want the world to turn into hell again, and most likely she learned in her long life to count only on her own power.

  • Yukiness

    Again with those construction workers in black robes! I can imagine them arguing over the floor joists and what kinds of screws. “We need to keep the platform leveled. You need a solid foundation if you’re gonna be opening portals and what not.”

    Oh god, imagine Mike Holmes doing this!

  • So, Duncan. Are you aware of how completely dependent you are on Sircea and your faith in her? You know almost nothing about what you’re dealing with, and it would be incredibly easy for her to pull the wool over your eyes and lie about what the options here are. Have you considered that PP is refusing to bring Spooky in because she doesn’t want you to get a second opinion and find out she’s manipulating you for her own ends?

    Have you not wondered about just how confident she is in her “ends justify the means” strategy? Not just confident, but completely blasee. There isn’t the slightest regret about the “necessary evil” of dooming so many innocents to a literal hell on earth. Have you considered that such disdain rather jars with her commitment to save these very people in the long term? Someone shows zero concern or regret about women and children suffering in the short term is unlikely to be preoccupied with stopping their suffering in the long term.

    So her goal has nothing to do with protecting people. It’s about increasing her power. Coupled with your lack of knowledge, doesn’t that make you just the teeniest bit suspicious? Is she going to betray you for Laampy because she wants her former powers back and to rule as a god? Is she going to betray Laampy and seize power for herself and let you take the fall for it (as she mysteriously seems to have avoided joining you for the trip to Hell and getting the obligatory not-so-fetching tattoo)? Have you got her to sign a binding contract that she actually will try to put the walls back in 5 years time? Nope, didn’t think so.

    Oh yes, and it’s far too late for you to actually start thinking logically about all the people you’re going to hurt and whether there is or isn’t another way. Also, you really should have left Kyle some clothes. Please to be bending over, you bastard.

    • Steven K.

      I’m sure those are ALL pretty good points- but, yes – he really SHOULD have left Kyle some clothes. Though, for Kyle’s sake, kinda glad Sircea wasn’t along for the trip – would have just made things feel even more freaky uncomfortable for him.

  • Phyre Storm

    I think Duncan may actually be pretending his second thoughts right now so he can then pretend to be convinced by Sircea’s rebuttals. Why? Because he’s already got a plan to betray her For The Greater Good (TM) and knows she’ll get suspicious if he raises no objections at all.

    That, or he’s so arrogant he can’t imagine anyone being able to fool him like he fooled Kyle.

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    I am just really tired. I think hospitals have an energy drain thing going on, any time you are there for an extended period of time, your energy is drained from you.

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    • stickfigurefairytales

      That sounds utterly exhausting. I’m glad that your grandmother is doing okay, though.

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    • I echo what Sticky said. Utterly exhausting. I’m also glad your grandmother only has to take some antibiotics.

      I find hospitals super energy sapping. So much waiting and worry going on. All those fluorescent lights don’t help. Glad it’s over for you.

      • Well, it wasn’t too worrisome with my grandmother, when we got to the ER, her bp had returned to normal, so it was pretty much just getting her hydrated and waiting for lab results. We probably would have been out sooner, but around 5 the ER got really busy, a lot of trauma patients came in.

        • That’s good. I’m glad her bp was normal by that time. At least you can look forward to sleeping a little later after the page updates.

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      Whew, I’m glad she’s all right, but that sounds like an awful experience. Hospitals are terrible.

      • Our ER nurse was really great…..when we got to see him ^_^

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  • Will there be an early update tonight? Oh, yes, I think there will…

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    Will we finally see what in the glass box? Do we want to see?

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    • Morning Danish sweet! and which Aladdin song?

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          • Prince Ali! Mighty is he! Ali Ababwa!

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          • There’s no question this Ali’s alluring- Never ordinary never boring-

            Everything about the man just plain impresses…

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            (You know, I’d never known that bit properly.)

          • Hmm .. there’s a several Disney movies where I have never seen the full original English version. I know most of the songs but haven’t seen the full movie.
            Until they started coming out on DVD, only the Danish version was on most of the VHS tapes. You had to pay more to get teh other version as well. I had 30+ movies on VHS 🙂

          • Wow! I don’t have many VHS tapes but I do have a VCR. The rental place down the street has a bunch of rare films found only on VHS so I hooked it back up to the tv. Very good for when I’m doing a film survey.

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            We still have a lot of our childhood Disney movies on VHS. My sisters and I have been slowly acquiring some on DVD, but we don’t have that many yet.

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          Ha! That was the first one I thought of when you mentioned an Aladdin song playing in your head (and specifically came to mind when I thought about songs that would make it tough to sleep).

          • Yeah, all those drums and nice rythm 😉

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      • I don’t know the English lyrics, only the Danish somewhat.
        .. this is NOT a hint xD

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          I only half-remember them myself!

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          It must be weird to hear it the songs in a different language than you’re used to.

          • I hear soundtrack songs of course, so have heard a lot of the songs but far from all in English. Sometimes I like the original version better and some time the Danish.
            The ‘weirdest’ thing is when I have seen a Danish version all my life and then hear the English voices. Denmark has always done a lot (at least earlier) to have voices sounding a lot like the original but it’s always different.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I’ll bet! I remember being a little weirded out watching the French dubbed version of Beauty and the Beast in school (like the last day of French class).

            Hey, have you seen that video of “Let It Go” being sung in a bunch of different languages? (from the official dubs)

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  • “It’s ONLY going to take four or five years, the majority of them should EASILY survive.”

    *wipes tear away* Sircea, you realize your only making it easier for our Silver Fox to enlist the Teenage Team?