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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 49

400 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 49

Bah! Bah, I say!

Oh, and…


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So! The Annihilator knows who he is. But does he know what he’s about to do? And here’s something I don’t get: how did those dudes in the second panel stumble upon radioactive goats? Are radioactive goats a problem in this world? Do those robes offer protection from the radiation and if so, is that why everyone seems to be wearing them in this scene? Also, The Platinum Priestess seemed pretty angry. If radioactive goat encounters are not supposed to be a problem in this world, has she been trying to keep her secret, radioactive goat stash hidden? To what purpose? And exactly how many radioactive goats is The Platinum Priestess supposed to own anyway?!

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Sapfo

    new page, new action!

    • You got it! My chat wouldn’t load and I was sitting here cussing when there was 0 comments until the second I clicked on Post xD

      • Congrats! You and Danish should make V crowns to wear…

      • Sapfo

        Yeah to me!
        I am having a day of and a virgin. Life is sometimes great!
        Now we are both hunters 😉

  • Oh wow..


  • silibub

    Holy shit.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Sircea: I guess I can see how that would be interpreted as bad, from a certain perspective…

  • DC

    I’m still completely flummoxed as to why a hell on earth would benefit anyone

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Maybe those special heat-loving bacteria that live in sulfuric vents under the ocean?

      • Okay, I can see that.

      • strangeangel24601

        So THEY’RE the ones behind all this! I knew those microscopic b*****ds couldn’t be trusted…

    • Yeah, I’m not seeing the benefit here myself.

    • Klaus

      If the alternatives are creating hell on some of earth vs. letting hell happen of itself on all of earth, I can see the advantage of option one.

  • Klaus

    So they do intent to let the demons in.

  • Thank god there’s only 3 days till next page and not 4. Someone need to speed up the time because I want to know all the details in this! >.>

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, I’m off to bed. Goodnight everybody!

  • Ooooooooo! Well, at least one can say he’s self aware.

  • Duncan: I have done some bad shit in my time, but this feels like it is crossing the line somehow…

    • So my question is do you think this is just Duncan or maybe he’s been influenced by Kyle somehow? Or maybe he thinks PP has gone too far?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      A clearly defined and labelled psychological level for Red Hot and friends to use against him.

    • Keneu

      He is getting old. He just has to complete it with “when I was young, this would never have happened.” xD

  • Sapfo

    I am happy, I am happy, I am happy… WHAT DID HE SAY?!
    Hell on earth. That don´t sound like a good thing. It sounds kind of bad.
    Maybe it is a good kind of hell?

    • Only if you’re into that sort of thing.

      • Sapfo

        Are there any unicorns?

        • Only the kind with two horns, flame hair and are red with bat wings

          • Klaus

            Those are duocorns.

          • Those sound really cool!

          • I suppose saying they breathe fire only makes them more interesting?

          • And shooting fireballs from their eyes too!

          • I think that’s the horned bunny you’re thinking of.

          • XDD

          • ….can I have some as pets?

          • You know that exotic animals aren’t good pets. 😐

          • So they would probably eat my tigers, lions, panthers, foxes, wolves, and bats?

          • Probably.

          • *sigh* and my evil lair just keeps getting bigger….

          • You’ve got a dungeon to house everyone, right? Or maybe you’re finally running out of room?

          • …..I am not telling where I am going to have my evil lair…

          • That’s the nature of evil lairs. *nods*

          • Besides in a volcano? It’s always in a volcano. 🙂

          • Volcanoes, while awesome, are way to freaking hot. I would melt, and the ac bill would be horrendous. Though a lava flow might be nice…just not anywhere near my personal rooms

          • No no no, see, you have geo thermal dynamics and all that stuff to run the A/C unit which would keep you off the grid.

          • I could still use a lava flow for that, volcanoes just seem so iffy, and I am really enjoying the image of my molten river.

          • You’d just be too close to Superman and Santa Claus if you went the Arctic route

          • DC

            A lava flow would always be a heat source for cooking on. There are a couple of crazy guys from Australia called Hamish and Andy (they have a TV show here) who recently carried a lasagne up a volcano so they could cook it, lol.

          • Who needs an oven when you can cook things by lava?

          • Kind of like the piranha in a tank…or even your own fighting fish.

          • Well, I i felt I shouldn’t give my complete list….

          • Seems to me dragons might fit in with your menagerie, especially if you already have duocorns.

          • ……do I even have room left for dragons?

          • We’ve got castles going by constantly on the twitter feed, I would think we’d see one with a dragon ranch sometime soon.

          • Sapfo

            You make that sounds good somehow XD

          • Well shoot. Have fun then!

          • Sapfo

            Well we get Laampors and you get Duncan 😉

          • I’m sure there will be a black market and traveling oddity caravans.

          • Sapfo

            I would belive so also.

          • And then there would be the Hell creature activists sneaking in in the middle of the day (because it only makes sense since these are creatures of the night) and trying to save them only of course to get themselves killed in the process.

          • Can I move in with you? I bet some of Laampros’ demons will be hot….

          • I wanna play too!!

          • strangeangel24601

            Well if they had two horns then they wouldn’t be UNIcorns, now would they? 😉

          • Well there is the theory that they start off with two, but as the horns grows they twist together to form one.

            But technically I think they’re Hellacorns.

            Edit: At least that’s what I understand they like to be called.

    • Well…even though hell is generally a bad place, we might get a glimpse of George and that would be fun…for about an hour.

      Come to think of it, if the demons come through would George somehow come through too?!

      • Sapfo

        Oh let´s hope so. He have to go save Clave soon. I been waiting for that love story. I wonder how Alex is going to play it?

        Fate meant that they would get together. When Eyeball met Key, and the world was changed by their encounter. They where the starcrossed lover of all time. Oh and there is also some dude named Kyle in it

        • Klaus

          some naked dude

        • George Finnegan and Clave, together at last. Eons of longing for each other. Waiting for some damn jerk to bring about the end of the world to make it happen.

          *cue romantic movie music*

          • Sapfo

            That is the kind of romantic comdie I would watch. End of the world.
            *Sighs of longing*

  • silibub

    There’s a lot to digest here, but I’m about to fall out of my chair so I think I’ll try to keep it short and sleep on it. Looks like they aren’t actually planning to prevent Laampros’s takeover, though, which is…concerning.

    Very interested in the notion that “super-villain” lacks a certain legitimacy. Since comic books exist in this world, I guess it lends Duncan and his exploits a cartoonish cast. It seems like everyone has embraced the superhero/villain image, though — choosing names, dressing in costumes. Are the heroes taken entirely seriously or not? This all comes back to the meta-human/government connection I’ve been curious about — as in, exactly how the government and existing authorities relate to the new meta-human teams. There may be some resentment there.

    Also Duncan seems to be taking full responsibility for whatever’s about to happen — he says that he’s deciding the world’s fate, not that they are. Still wondering whose brilliant idea this was.

    Okay, I’m going to bed. Thanks Alex, Adam, and Vero — another fascinating and very visually appealing page!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Very interested in the notion that “super-villain” lacks a certain
      legitimacy. Since comic books exist in this world, I guess it lends
      Duncan and his exploits a cartoonish cast.

      It certainly throws a different light on Annihilator’s comments at the cliffside sunset about “classic super heroes written long before you and I made them real.” [sigh] Every time we get further confirmation of how much he was playing Red Hot, it hurts.

      But to get back to your observation, it might indeed relate back to the notion of superhero teams being sanctioned. I’m not sure how it would effect supervillainism however. Certainly it would cast the villains in a cartoonish light – but would they care if it only affects their reputations?

      OTOH, the supervillain schtick is basically terrorism in gaudy costumes, so would the politicians and shock-jock media be able to restrain themselves from playing the law-and-order card? I suspect not, and that would undermine the attempt to portray the supervillains as cartoonish buffoons.

  • CH

    That explains the robes of ritual perfectly! They’re lead lined.

    • purplefoxglove

      And Sircea is pissed because they were stupid enough to forget to wear masks and gloves?

  • Jen Roberts

    I get the feeling that Sircea heard she was being called a “super-villain” and just decided to OWN it. Explains the outfit, at least. NO SHAME, PP! WORK IT, GURL!

    • LOL 😀

      • IamM

        ‘Fashion Villians’ with Emma Frost and the Platinum Priestess on Style.
        “If you ever wear that again, I’ll throw you in the fire with it.”

  • That’s not quite so reassuring Sircea. Usually such remarks end with things blowing up in one’s face.

  • Wait? Radioactive goats? Are they going to become teenage mutant ninja goats now?

    • Klaus

      Sadly, no. Theyhave been slaughtered in this ritual. That is how you know it was an evil ritual.

      • The poor teenage mutant ninja goats! They never got their pizza.

        • Sapfo


        • timemonkey

          On the bright side they’ll never be made into horrible CGI abominations in a terrible movie.

  • Justinius Phoenix

    Hrmmm, very cleaver choice of words to keep us guessing but i like to interpret them like this… His being called a “super villian” being government market might mean though he see himself as a criminal a “super villain” he may not be, cause he himself see himself as an “anti-hero” (I hope so cause i have always view him as such)…. saying that some might benefit as well shows that this isn’t all a selfish act, could they know Lampros will come regardless of their actions here today and perhaps this is why he struck the deal to least save a portion of the world… this definitely still strikes me as “anti-hero” behavior…..

    And i still cannot stop reading Duncan / Anni’s voice a freaken Sean Connery >.<

    • Justinius Phoenix

      Be very curious to see who would voice the characters if this series ever became animated….

      Duncan: Sean Connery

      Not sure on anyone else tho, but think Zac Effron would make a good voicing for Kyle lmao

    • I could see Duncan not really considering himself a “super villain”… he most likely sees himself as a criminal who just happens to have certain abilities that most people don’t. Even his crimes don’t really seem “super villainy” just plain villainy.

      • Justinius Phoenix

        very true…. I mean he could have very well been a “super hero” had he not craved for money and power, and if people didn’t treat him the way he said they did to Kyle…. if he wasn’t lying who knows…. i think if will come down to how he reacts to the next time Kyle is in danger im sensing some kinda self sacrifice act, to either stop PP or Lampros from harming him… cause i think he really does have feelings for Kyle and it has him confused about what he is doing, this may be the 1st time he has truely ever cared about anyone but himself in a long time…. Very Selena Kyle / Catwoman when you think bout it

      • Though if he brings about hell on earth, he’ll be upgraded to super villainy grand master demonic moron.

        • Eh, but we can really just blame PP for that…Duncan really doesn’t seem the type to do that on his own….and even then I am sure PP had to do A LOT of sweet talking Duncan into it

          • *thoughtful*

            Perhaps it was her heavy play on the eternal youth/health angle. Since Duncan made a point of telling Kyle that a couple of times when he had him spread eagled, trying to justify his actions.

        • That would be Dr. Super Villainy Grand Master Demonic Moron.

  • Klaus

    Not “those who …” but “the men who …”. Is Sircea showing a contempt of men here?

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • Justinius Phoenix

      I def get the vibe she is just more pissed off she wasn’t invited to the gathering….. and really over estimates herself cause how long she has lived…. I see Lampros kicking her ass for her arrogance in this matter…

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random thought #1: So Annihilator, if being called a supervillain is “a sly bit of government marketing too ridiculous to ever take seriously” then why have you bought into it with the costume and the codename?
    It also begs the question of who gave him the label of ‘the most dangerous supervillain in the world’. Is it something like the FBI’s most wanted? Or did Annihilator buy into this ‘ridiculous’ bit of marketing enough to crown himself with that title?

    • Ego, it is all about ego, and while he doesn’t think it fits him, it probably gave him a warm fuzzy feeling when he first got called that.

      • purplefoxglove

        …or a giggle fit.

        A *manly* giggle fit.

    • Justinius Phoenix

      Might have just figured the fear and power these “catch phrases” granted him allowed him a lot of leverage to do exactly what he wanted to keep doing without worrying about every lowbie hero comming after him

    • Steven K.

      Early on, to Kyle, Duncan admits to “Annihilator” being kinda cheesy as a name, at least to make Kyle feel better about Kyle’s similar feelings regarding his hero-name of “Red-Hot”.. Or something to that effect. I have to admit to often being a little too tired or lazy to go back and find the exact page to confirm the dialogue.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random though #2. The description of the Grey Working seems to imply that whatever the bad thing that was done with magic was, it was a one-off event. I admit that I had the impression that it was a cumulative thing, done over decades or even centuries, by many many magic users doing a number of small but stupid rituals. This fitted with the idea that in this setting that magic has a tendency to drive its practitioners insane. Now I’m not so sure.

    • could be this “one off” event is what began the weakening of the walls between the human and demonic world….. and even PP said she would have killed them if she knew what they were up to. Shows me that even she would never attempt such a Ritual cause the consequences were too dire….

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random thought #3. This is just an open question to keep in mind for the future. The Platinum Priestess says that if she had known what the practitioners of the Grey Working were planning she would have killed them all. Okay, so how old is the Priestess? If she is, as she seems to be, a woman of late middle age, then that implies that the Grey Working only happened within the last few decades. On the other hand, if – as has been speculated – the Priestess is much older than that, then it implies that the results of the Grey Working have been a long time in coming, or possibly have been unnoticed until now.

  • Sapfo

    Oki, so I think I am done joking about Eyeballs and Keys.

    But I do wonder where the other key is, I also wonder what that “stargate” is (I am guessing a portal), and honestly, why do people try to open up hell. What is in it for them?

    For Duncan and Sircea, according to Duncans big speech it is about power, the power that does not age, the power to keep their forces. But what do you do after you got the power? Hell is to be a bad place to be. And does Duncan really belive that he can keep North America “Hell Free”?

    Now, if the rest of the world would be a hell on earth, then I think that people would start to flee. There are not many people who would like to be left out in hell, if there was a safe haven.

    I also want to continue to point out that there is a great deal of arrogance of these two. They should still know better.

    As for the radioactive goats. Alex, are you going to start selling robes for us. I think this new threat of radioactive goats might be a bit scary. You could sell a lot of them.

    Now to the art of this page. I do like how you made the metal look on this page (and the last one) The the design looks cold and not something you would see everyday.

    As for panel 2, It kind of make me smile that the robed man in the middle is holding up a hand. Just like he is about to say: “I am shocked at this. How dare the goats to be so…. so misbehaving?” And then the rest of them just have the look of horror.

    For the future. I have some wishful thinking that Duncan will repent. That he would be some sort of anti … well he’ll realize that maybe this was not such a good idea. And he’ll go up to Kyle and say. “Oh you, you want to have some fun again?”
    And Kyle would just give him a look: “Who the *** do you think you are!”
    Well I can dream of this right now. I hope Alex have better plans for this story than I can dream. Surprise me. Please!

    Thank you Alex, Veronica and Adam for this new great page. Love the lines, love the colors, love the story.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random though #4. On the previous comments page Danishwolf expressed the hope for more details of what the situation was. I predicted that Alex would dish out some information, but find would find some way to keep us wanting more. So now we have to ask: more information on what the Grey Working was, and what it was intended to do. Plus all the other questions.

  • Falling over. Time for bed. G’Nite!

    • Saxon_Brenton


    • G’Nite

    • Nighty night, don’t let the demons bite… unless they are hott and you’re into that sorta thing… then have fun with it LOL

  • Steven K.

    I see artiodactyls (!) being sacrificed. Looks like a goat and maybe a doe or a fawn. Not sure whether that supports any of the ideas about the animal face in Sircea’s tiara.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa


    • Steven K.


      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I wrote this before reading the editorial. It IS an odd phrase–most people today would say something more along the lines of “bullshit,” but then perhaps Sircea really is that old.

  • Steven K.

    Nice that “grey” is spelled with an “e” – I always thought that spelling seemed to be more “greyish” than “gray”, To me, “e” is a cooler, or more cool-colored letter, whereas I think the “a” is a warmer-colored letter, more like orange or red. Maybe I have a slight tinge of synaesthesia – though I don’t literally see colors around letters or words – just more of a “seeming” in the mind. BUT, the talk of the “GREY working”, along with the following panel showing individuals in hooded robes in a circle, reminds me of the Minbari “Grey Council” from Babylon 5.

    • Feverfew_M

      Interesting, for me an “a” is blue and an “e” is green. Doesn’t make that much of a difference with grey/gray. But I can totally see how orange would make the word look wrong. For me, there isn’t a single blue letter in the word “blue”. 😀

      • Falconfly

        “A” is also blue for me. “E” however is orange/red.

    • Klaus

      But “red” is spelled with an e. And “orange” is spelled with both.

      • Steven K.

        Oh – I know – lol – it isn’t logical, or anything like that! Especially in the case of “red” – but the “e” in “orange” is silent, remember. 😉

    • Danny

      I find myself in perfect agreement with you on this. “Gray” is the color of mist in daytime, about to be burned off by the sun; “grey” is the color of sorcery in the short winter twilight.

      By any chance, do you associate specific numbers, as well as letters, with specific colors?

  • David Welbourn

    A story so captivating, a plot so intriguing, that everyone ignores the crotch close-up. Bravo, all. 🙂

    So, “the grey working”, eh? How delightfully vague. The goats were obviously meant as a sacrifice to some entity and I can only suppose they weren’t acceptable in that case. I further suppose the goats would have been just fine in a lesser deal and that the magicians thought the demons/devils/spirits/whatevers would always accept goats because they accepted them before, not understanding the price scale or other factors. Possibly Platinum Priestess thinks that she has a much better understanding of magical economics? And guess we’ll see soon enough if she’s right.

    • omg you’re right it totally missed the crotch shot >.< i fail life lol

      plus that fact that PP is kinda Ugly when she's angry lmao (panel 1)

    • Terri Sutton

      Oh I saw the crotch close-up, I was just attempting to be non-naughty, by not mentioning it.

    • Klaus

      Penel 1 or panel 4?

  • Bah you say, Alex? Speaking of foolishness as well as give a voice to that poor sacrificed goat in just one word. Nicely done 😉

    So .. that Anni and PP’s actions will benefit some people. I can see the weird logic in what he’s saying here, what he’s thinking, because the people under their reign (living in the Americas) will get off easier/better than if devils and their demon minions just flooded the earth wildly and uncontrolled.

    This is if I read this right though. Are they going with ‘saving’ the American continents’ as a better deal for leaving the rest of the world to ONE devil as a better option than the alternative?
    This is seriously getting deep, intriguing and complicated, the more it looks like earlier ‘wild’ theories (mine and others) given back in chap. 2 moves towards what looks like being the actual situation in the comic.

  • Organic With Attitude

    Man, I bet she’s going to get tired of his second thoughts and try to use him as the sacrifice.

  • Sargon

    I don’t know if I should be happy that the Annihilator has second thoughts about the fate of the world or sad that he isn’t showing regret for Kyle. I’m such a sucker for romance and anti-heroes.

    • Well it’s always possible that Kyle inspired these second thoughts.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      But think of the millions or billions who will be able to live in a more anarchistic society. Don’t lose sight of the goal!

    • TwilightDreamer

      gotta love the anti-heroes XD

    • Eve

      I think he’s having second thoughts about all of it, which is refreshing to see.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    So…Western ritual magic (peppered with Crowleyan jargon) is the true religion.

    • Falconfly

      If it wasn’t, we’d had to acknowledge all them pesky non-abrahamic religious traditions.

    • HermeticallySealed

      We honestly don’t have enough information to make that claim. All we know is that there is a physical world and at least one other layer, which is filled with seeming demons and fire. Just because humans refer to it as “hell” and the residents as “demons” doesn’t make it the truth, or even strictly the only truth. Perhaps primitive people caught glimpses of this realm and it inspired their myths, much like sailors seeing manatees and reporting mermaids.

      There could be an infinite number of layers we haven’t seen. Perhaps each metaphysical element has it’s own reflection. Maybe there is a realm of light, one of death, one of pure thought, and even one of technology. We also know that there appears to be alternate dimensions. Perhaps “hell” isn’t another layer of reality, but another dimension entirely.

      We also can’t go by the “magic” we’ve seen. Is it the rituals and specific designs that work magic, or is it the intention and beliefs of the casters with the accoutrements as mere foci? Furthermore, does only one set of rituals work, or do all work, but by harnessing different properties of magic/reality. Is it even magic? Might they not merely be “hacking” into reality’s backdoor?

      • IamM

        Spooky said something along the lines of ‘magic is making belief real’.

      • Klaus

        ‘Perhaps “hell” isn’t another layer of reality, but another dimension entirely.’

        The difference being?

        • HermeticallySealed

          Think of a multiverse like a basket of fruits and vegetables, each one constituting it’s own reality and rules. One universe may be like an onion, it has multiple layers but basically occupies the same space. Another my be like an apple, fairly uniform, but with small bubbles of weirdness. What is reality in one is not in another.

          This comic’s reality could be a physical world, with alternating layers, each with their own properties, but occupying the same metaphysical ‘space.’ Magic/science could possible be used to shift through those layers. Or, it could be only a physical universe, and “hell” is another universe all together, but is ‘touching’ their world in spots.

          Both notions could work in this story, but each would have differing consequences for certain actions. The wearing down of walls between could mean a messy blending, or result in one universe ‘popping’ out of existence like a punctured bubble.

  • Sabishiioni

    All I want to know is how does she put on that cape? Is there a zipper or something in the back? Or is it the same magic that keeps that top on?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      The circle thing is more like a thumbtack, wedged into her tracheotomy.

      • Klaus

        The breast plates must be glued on.

        • IamM

          The breast clip just snaps on, the cape has Velcro, the medallion could be a tack, the freestanding sleeves are either magic or glued in place.

          • Klaus

            Now we are waiting for the cosplayers to show us exactly how.

          • Samurai Jack

            Inflatables or fluid filled. For when you need those special liquids or gases for specific spells.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Or fixed with little hooks that dig into her flesh.

    • xLizardx

      Magic, definitely 😛

    • esh

      Spandex, naturally. Pullover. The bosom armor has double-sided sticky tape on the inside, just like celebrities use.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        It’s held up by her erect nipples.

  • Steven K.

    When you are doing that much magical sacrificing, you can never have too many radioactive goats, as they are one of the few alternatives to virgin humans.

  • TwilightDreamer

    ><! gah…dang it! XD It's just impossible to dislike Duncan…I have to say he's probably one of my favourite villains ever! 😀
    I love how he's not over confident or arrogant about what they're doing…he knows there's still a mass of risks, and yet again, he doesn't deny that what he does is evil.

  • Kit the Coyote

    I would love a caption contest for what the two monks in the background are saying to each other.

    M1: “So Jay, you and wife coming to dinner Tuesday?”
    M2: “We’d like to Frank but the Missus’ coven is having an orgy.”

    • Kit the Coyote

      M1: “Do we get dental on this job?”

    • Klaus

      M1: [could be anything, really]
      M2: That’s what she said!

      • IamM

        M1: “Could be anything, really.”
        M2: “That’s what she said!”

    • Terri Sutton

      M1: “What are in these boxes?”
      M2: “Don’t know, don’t want to know and if you know what’s good for you, you don’t want to know either.”

    • Cman65

      does my butt look big in this?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      “Of course I have ethical reservations, but in this economy, what choice is there?”


      “Gay? Naw, I don’t see it.”


      “Why of course I have my Temple Recommend, it’s right here somewhere…”

      • Kit the Coyote

        Oh I love that first one!

  • bergulme .

    So, Anni doesn’t like being called a super-villian and thinks of it as ridiculous. He identifies as a criminal. A “the ends justify the means” kinda guy. A selfish one, of course… There is hope for you yet, Anni. We still don’t know what is going on here! Buckle up for a next climactic revelation, guys!

    the guys in the backround discuss the annual Evil Monks Barbecue.
    Guy1: Sally will make her famous patato salat.
    Guy2: Awesome! Tim has being nagging me to get the recipe all year.
    Guy1: Haha! That’s married life for you.

    • Maus Merryjest

      He’s not a super-villain.
      He’s a super-fabulous villain!

  • Jac

    Headcanon: the guys in the background are just construction workers, but PP required them to wear robes for this job. Because, you know, atmosphere is important!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      They’re supposed to be brainwashed, but the two of them in panel three are just chatting away.

  • Pikinanou

    “I can argue that at least some of them will benefit as well from our actions, here…”
    Who? WHO? I’m not sure I want to know!

    • Klaus

      If the world would otherswise have been overrun by demons, and if they really manage to keep the Americas demonfree, there would be some benefit. Not much, but some.

      • Maus Merryjest

        Who would benefit? Um…. the Ghostbusters! Yes! Who you gonna call?

  • Pikinanou

    “I can argue that at least some of them will benefit as well from our actions, here…”
    Who? WHO? I’m not sure I want to know!

  • SchalaRenee

    I can’t help it, but I’m starting to think the Platinum Priestess is almost as evilly sexy as Duncan. So full of bravado and pride, and that line “I would have killed them all!!” has sold me on her. I like her, evil or not.

    • Maus Merryjest

      She’s definitely incredibly assertive. I wonder if she’s Granny Weatherwax’s OTHER evil twin sister. A much younger one.

  • davefragments

    Thoughts after falling asleep last night:

    1) There’s a glowing pentagram beneath those “radioactive” goats.
    2) Why would goats open a portal or bring the power of Laampros under any human’s control?
    3) Why does the Plat=Priestess’s headband match the circle thing the minions are building.
    4) So Duncan is not a wizard but he has super powers.
    5) does that mean that the Platinum Priestess is a witch and not a super-powered human?
    6) “The Grey Working” – now that’s a whole mess of intriguing badness.

    • Klaus

      What is the difference between magic and a super power? Is magic something that anyone willing to expend enough effort can learn, or does it require immanent power? Does all magic involve demons?

      • davefragments

        I don’t know but we’ve seen evidence of that difference.
        Mitch flies apparently not by magic. That’s his ability.
        Spooky summoned a dragon to catch a falling man.
        Commander is a telepath of sorts.
        The Pl.Pr. has magical powders and uses objects to cast spells.
        She also says that Kyle is not a mutant, not from alien powers, and not conventional magic. There’s at least 4 types of power operating.
        Duncan recites some words to open the portal with Kyle’s powers. i.e. casts a spell.
        That blocking device cuts off only certain powers. That’s why Kyle was invisible. Also, Duncan hints that the Samurai and his over-weaponed buddy in Chinatown were partially powered by technology.

        So it all doesn’t come from one source.

      • Svnoyiinali

        I believe super powers are more genetic, or there is an outside force that gives someone power. Green Lantern acquired his ring of power. Superman was born with the potential of having super powers (as long as he absorbed yellow sun rays.) The Flash’s powers were from freak lab accidents that altered either the way his body worked or his genetics to allow him to move at super speeds.

        Magic, however, is an art, or at least it is in comics. A person isn’t just born with magic, they learn it. . .Though some might argue that someone has to also have an affinity for it. Zatara and Zatanna are magic users, they have learned and practiced magic. Zatanna is, at times, limited by what she can do based on the extent of her knowledge in the magic arts or her prowess in it, not by the limitations of her strength.

        That is at least my thoughts on what the difference is.

        • JozefAL

          Actually, Zatanna was “born with magic.” Her mother was part of a society of Homo magi, a race (maybe species is a better term) of magically gifted humans, presumably through a change in their genes many, many millennia ago. Her father was a descendent of the Homo magi. (Of course, this information is largely based on the post-Crisis/pre-New 52 DC and some things may be slightly different in the current DCU but the general consensus about Zatanna herself is that her mother is still part of the Homo magi. Whether John Zatara–her father–is still Homo magi-descended or not hasn’t been officially determined.)

      • davefragments

        I don’t know the answer to that in TYP worlds.

  • purplefoxglove

    “I’ve done many reckless things for wealth and power.” That makes me wonder…are we talking about influence power, or supervillian power? Anni said his powers didn’t manifest until puberty, but we don’t know if
    a) he was telling the truth, or just trying to make Kyle feel a connection (although Kyle may have checked up on that when he searched for information on Anni),
    b) his powers came to him naturally or if he somehow “earned” them or if
    c) his powers “grew” over time (and if so, again there’s the question of weather they grew naturally or with a little bit of boosting, like superpower steroids of something like that).
    And if he superpowered himself up, what price(s) did he have to pay?

    I’m also getting more and more worried about these super secret gigantic disastrous things Anni has been hinting at.
    The PP says if she had known what the men who attempted the Grey Working were doing, she would have killed them. To get rid of the competition? I don’t think so. She’s pissed they meddled with powers they did not understand. She also points out that she’s careful, which, in reverse, means they were not. The way I understood it, their not being careful led to the approaching catastrophe (Anni’s arguments hinted at that on the last page, too). IMHO, that means the PP does not want a catastrophe.
    Duncan is aware of the consequences of their action, too. He knows they “are literally creating a hell on earth” and that they are throwing every non-American human under the bus, or rather, king of hell. That’s a scenario I’d call a “dire threat”, to quote the PP, but they both still think it’s better to have Laampros and friends rule the earth than having their ominous threat come to pass. So, to rehash a question Paul has been asking some time ago…WHAT THE (censored) HECK IS SO (censored) (censored) DAMN DANGEROUS?!?

    I assumed that somehow, Team Silver did not really want to go through with their deal with Laampros, that it was some sort of trick, but right now, it sounds to me like it really is their master plan. It could be the beginning of a plan, maybe even a Xanatos Gambit ( ). I hope so. I really, really hope so. Because if not…Uh oh. O.O

    • Nice analysis here, purplefoxglove. Fun for me to read. 🙂

    • Klaus

      Diabolical steroids.

  • Frater Gymnos

    SOMEbody’s going to sabotage this…at the last minute!!!

    • My money is on the one minion who doesn’t have his hood up. He looks suspicious -_-

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    This gets more interesting as we move along…I wonder what connection Anni has to the “Nether World” on his own.

  • silibub

    Some additional (long-winded) thoughts now that I’m better-rested:

    1) That’s a very expressive first panel! I really like Duncan’s look and gesture there — he’s hit a nerve, and it seems like he would try to smooth it over except Sircea’s already on her feet and going off. I would have guessed they’d had this conversation already, but it doesn’t look like Duncan was expecting an outburst. Sircea’s posture is great, too — the fact that she’s jumped angrily to her feet, the disdainful sweep of her hand,and the look on her face all show she’s riled. Another tally in the “great artwork” column!

    2) Like Klaus, I’m curious about Sircea’s attitude toward men, specifically male magic users. I don’t know if her apparent disgust for the group who attempted the Grey Working is all due to their ignorance and its consequences, or if part of it is that they were male. There are definitely a lot of men who dabble in magic: not just the ill-fated group she mentions, but all the background minions and Spooky as well. So far Sircea’s the only female magic user we know of — is that just a coincidence? Have women historically been excluded from practicing magic, so there’s still a discrepancy between the number of men and women using it now? If that’s the case, I can see how that might make her bitter, and could have something to do with why she dresses so provocatively (effectively flaunting her womanhood).

    3) Speaking of Sircea, i.e. my favorite topic, I enjoyed the further insight into her character we got from this page. She obviously considers herself in a category or ten above the men who tried the Grey Working, and possibly most if not all other magic users as well. Her description of the men in panel two as “children, grasping after power they couldn’t even begin to understand,” eerily echoes Laampros of all people, who called Duncan “a child, afraid of the dark, begging the night sky for the sun on a platter” in chapter 2 page 41. It’s an interesting way of aligning the characters of Sircea and Laampros through their shared arrogance — hell kings are apparently infamous for it according to Spooky, and Sircea’s pronouncement that she knows exactly what she’s doing seems a little too confident.

    And the fact that she wouldn’t have just stopped the men who attempted the ritual, but killed them? Oh, babe — ruthlessness suits you! Maybe it’s sick, but I was pleased that she said that. The dangerous, cold-blooded killer reputation had to come from somewhere, and whether or not super-villains are taken entirely seriously, I’m sure anyone who crosses her learns to appreciate the threat she poses pretty damn quickly.

    4) Finally, I’m curious how Sircea will respond to Duncan’s last statement, there — whether she’s at all burdened by responsibility like Duncan, or if she simply considers it a necessary course of action and oh well, sucks to be anyone who doesn’t benefit. The next page should be telling.

    *massages hands* Right, that’s all I’ve got for now.

    • I’ve been wondering about Sircea’s apparent contempt towards male magic users. It would make sense in many ways if say women had been excluded from the ranks of magic users.

      But I was also wondering if male magic users might be more prone to insanity from magic use.

      Either way, those are some great observations and questions!

      • Maus Merryjest

        That reminds me a little of the Aes Sedai in the Wheel of Time series. I may be misremembering, but don’t men go mad if they practice magic in that world?

        • I haven’t read the Wheel of Time Series. But that sounds like an interesting idea.

        • zunden

          Yes, I believe so. I haven’t read it but my brother loved it.

        • SofiaT

          Yep. In that universe, magic is divided into male and female; one type of magic cannot be used by the other gender because they work differently. It’s like Yin and Yang complimenting each other. But Shai’tan, the Dark One, “tainted” the male type of magic and if a man uses magic often he turns mad and destroys everything and everyone around him. So any man born with magical abilities is hunted down by the female witches (the Aes Sedai) and either killed or separated by their magic, before they do damage to the world (the man known as The Dragon Reborn, in a previous life had literally destroyed the world and is prophesied to do so again. But since he’s also the one prophesied to go against Shai’tan with any chance of winning, the witches have no choice but to let him live… like a ticking bomb).

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        IRL women have historically been less educated, and thus excluded from “high magic” traditions like Hermeticism and Kabbalah, leaving them with “low magic” folk traditions like what we know as witchcraft (to the extent that lore *about* witchcraft reflects real practices). Also, many men entered via Freemasonry, which was (with a few national exceptions) open only to men. Today one finds a similar divide between, on one hand, “ritual magic” groups which are almost exclusively male (in the same way that many geeky interests are), and New Age or neo-pagan groups which are heavily female (just as Theosophy and Spiritualism were a century ago), even though they are equally well-educated, and also practice what we might call “ritual magic.”

    • This is also an excellent analysis and I really like the connections you’re making. Also very fun for me to read. 🙂

      And if you like ruthlessness, I think you’ll find your future wife won’t disappoint you… 😉

      • silibub

        “The men in the room suddenly realized that they did not want to know her better. She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.
        “And she held her sword, and she smiled like a knife.”

        (Terry Pratchett knows how to describe a dangerous lady.)

        • The Platinum Priestess would appreciate that description. 🙂

    • Klaus

      The only explanation we have got about how magic works is this: . Magic is about symbolism. Or stereotypes, as Spooky puts it. Male and female, man and woman, are very ancient symbols, or deeply rootet stereotypes. It may well be that magic is different for men than for women. How it is done, or maybe even what is possible.

    • SofiaT

      Things happened yesterday that prohibited me from commenting (although I did manage to see the new page).

      So here I was just now, finally ready to comment about the feelings and thoughts this page left me with, when I decided to re-read the comments I skimmed earlier aaaand…. I got nothing more to add! You covered me completely!

      Great analysis and wonderfully articulated too. 🙂

    • Really great. Thanks to you, Sophia and others for some really interesting speculation and analysis. I’ve had almost no time to participate, but I’ve really enjoyed reading your ideas.

      Thanks again.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Not sure why this wouldn’t load properly yesterday, but anyway…
    Duncan just makes it impossible to hate him! XD lol, and I love how he’s not over confident or anything about the situation…he knows well and truly that there’s still a tone of risk in what they’re doing, and yet again, one of my favourite things about him is that he doesn’t deny that what he does is evil, and that he’s a villain.
    lol, I think Duncan has to be one of my favourite villains ever 😀

  • Adam Irving

    Very nice. I love well-rounded villains, because hardly anyone whom history names villainous thought of themselves that way. It’s a label, even when it’s deserved. So I like the fact that these villains are at least discussing the moral consequences of their actions.

  • Killing goats for magic is always a bad idea. A very Ba-a-ad idea.

  • Amanda

    Say what you want, but Duncan is a sexy sexy man beast.

  • Keneu

    I was sceptical about Annihilator’s second thoughts, but now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, it makes sense. First, he has been on hell and he saw what the earth would become. And second, when Kyle burned him and Laampros carved the contract on his skin, it was probably one of the few times in his life that Duncan was physically hurt. It must have had a great impact on him, adding to the fear of aging and getting weak. Maybe being uncapable of experiencing harm made him feel detached from others, but getting hurt made him thought about how it would be for other people?

  • Maus Merryjest

    Guess the “Hell On Earth” part of the plan is still on, heh.

    My Sympathy for Duncan:


    I don’t know, I can’t seem to get myself to like a guy who thought creating hell on earth was a good trade-off for perpetual sexiness and studmuffiness. Even if he IS a delicious studmuffin….

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Random thought #5: [slaps forehead and goes “Doh!”] Of course, three classes of Supervillains Who Say ‘Bah!’!

    Sorry. The ‘Bah!’ comment was bugging me. After a bit of googling, I am remined that there was an old DC Heroes RPG adventure module from 1989, starring Ambush Bug, called ‘Don’t Ask!’. It was, of course, wacky. And in this adventure module it explained that there are three classes of supervillain who say ‘Bah!’: nihilists, semi-nihilists, and sheep.

    [gives the Platinum Priestess an assessing look, and goes, “Hmmm…”]

    Full review at Siskoid’s Blogspot:

    (The really embarrassing thing is that I made a reference to this in one of the superhero parody stories I wrote more than a decade ago for the Legion of Net.Heroes writing group.)

    • Excellent. Saxon, why do I just think that with your widespread expertise in all things geekalicious that you’d give great parody.

      Of course all I can think of after reading this is, “We are the knights who say BAH!”

  • LL

    How does the Priestess keep everything so tight? Damn…

    • Terri Sutton

      Hard work and clean living?

      • HA. “E” – All of the above.

        • Terri Sutton

          Well I was going to suggest weekend volunteer as a Lollipop Lady, but I am not sure if they ever had those in North America.

    • Artemis

      most definitely magic

    • Steven K.

      Collagen treatments?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Kegel exercises?

      • Steven K.

        Couldn’t hurt.

  • Sunfire

    (Yes this is a long post, but I just *love* a comic that makes me think as well as cheer/chuckle, so when such moments come I like to put my thoughts up 🙂
    I’ll admit at first I was a little…cautious about believing Anni’s second thoughts. But it’s not unreasonable that he’s having them this quickly either, due to the deadline fast approaching. Do I dare hope that being exposed to some humanity (Kyle) has actually lingered with him? I’m definitely hoping so/seeing it that way. There is very much a before/after thing here 🙂 I’ll try not to ramble :p
    During the deal, he seemed very convicted about what he wanted – youth, strength, life etc. He included the PP in the deal, and I am still inclined to see/call her as Anni’s lover, due to Laampy’s ‘your sow’ reference of her. He had no reservations about betraying Kyle in the lead-up to the date either.
    Then I think Kyle surprised him. Duncan went in spouting all the ‘don’t judge a villain by a label of the title’, and Kyle showed remarkable depth and insight about it, and was honestly open with Duncan, because in his innocence, Kyle thought Duncan was being open with him. It might be that Duncan had forgotten what such free-acceptance was like, as that sort of thing would have dried up towards him as he became more and more ‘the villain’ in the duration of his life. He’s spent so much time with his ‘old crowd’ (no pun intended), that when someone new actually ‘got’ him, it perhaps opened his eyes again, and he’s being forced to *think* about the world now, not just condemn it. Perhaps he’s even seeing he was being as quick to write off humanity with assumption as he felt they were about him.
    As for Kyle himself, again I repeat (from my comment a page or two ago), that it’s hard to *completely* fake where things went with Kyle – but his second thoughts had, of course, not kicked in by then, so he still did the deal. But then he found that Kyle left his mark on him in more ways than just his fire..
    Now it seems as if he is angry at the PP for all of this – but a sullen kind of angry, as if he knows he needs to be angry at himself too, but it’s easier to lash out/be grumpy with her instead, perhaps it even helps him reason with his new feelings of confliction by acting (or convincing himself) that it’s her fault/idea. I think he’s been detached and assumptive for far too long, and now that he has felt the touch of humanity again, and felt both the love and pain of it (physical as well as emotional), he’s realising that he is about to take away what so many people have, and replace it only with pain..
    Maybe I’m kinda right, maybe I’m waaaay off on this one, but these are just my thoughts :p Seems I always seem to get them after a nap – so apologies if any of it didn’t seem to ‘flow’ hehe

    • Sunfire

      (How come my paragraph spaces don’t show up?)

      • Disqus does that. Just click Edit for your comment and add them again. this time they’ll show up 🙂

        • Sunfire

          Thank you! 😀

    • Steven K.

      I’m feeling rather sympathetic to most of this – even made me tear up a bit if the analysis is true about Duncan. It only works for me, however, if he and Sircea are NOT physically/romantically involved (I still think she’s either his sister or his “supervillain” BFF), as I don’t think he’d feel that way you mention if this were the case, and I think that part of what started Duncan out along his path was being harassed from a young age about being different, etc – he kind of gives a bit of a picture of this – his earlier life – to Kyle when they are first getting to know each other. And from a few other things mentioned, along with seeming to be “good in the sack” with another male, I think Duncan really is gay, and not “playing both sides” just for the sake of seducing Kyle to get to hell to make the pact with Laampros, etc.

      • Sunfire

        Thanks! I also like the insight into your view of Sircea/Duncan connection, and I while it’s all-bets atm to see what their relationship really is, childhood harassment about anything of how/who a person is always leaves soul-scars, and I agree it’s would be a contributing factor – and I am inclined to believe Duncan back when he was saying to Kyle that as he gained more for himself at the start, he never intended for ppl to get hurt – but they did. Then more got hurt as he gained more. Now the biggest magnitude of people are about to get hurt – and perhaps those few lines with Kyle about himself (Annie) as a younger Annihilator reminded himself of how he felt back then, as opposed to what he became, and what’s about to happen now that the fervour of making the deal has passed.

        Good points about Duncan’s sexuality there too, and thanks for putting it forward so nicely – that’s something else I enjoy about this comments forum too, everyone’s *really* nice/mature in putting forward differing opinions 😀 Myself I always think there’s an air of flirtatious coyness about Duncan and Sircea in the times they’ve appeared – present both in language and drawn-body posture :p But that’s me hehe 🙂

      • Phyre Storm

        As you and others have pointed out, it would have been hard (pun totally intended) for Duncan to, er, perform with Kyle if he wasn’t attracted to men, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be in a relationship with Sircea too. He could easily be bisexual.

        I don’t want to go on a whole rant or accuse anyone here of anything, but as a Kinsey 2 or so, it bugs me when straight AND gay people seem to forget I exist.

        • Steven K.

          Well, that is, of course, true. But, as far as Duncan is concerned, I think I also remember a comment from Alex, when talking about his story, alluding to the fact that it is a work (and I’m paraphrasing) which just happens to have a gay superhero, AND AT LEAST ONE [gay] SUPERVILLAIN. (The CAPS part is closer to a quote.) So, I had been thinking that Duncan’s sexual orientation had already been rather firmly established.

          • Phyre Storm

            Ah. I must have missed that comment, or else it happened before I started reading.

            Are you sure he said *a* gay superhero? I’ve been sort of shipping Kyle and Mitch. (Of course, Mitch could also be bi…)

          • Steven K.

            I’m hoping for that pairing as well at this point! I think Alex has left the possibility of others open, probably to heighten our suspense and/or prolong the drama and tension for us. I think there was a comment or a few that Spooky likes the ladies, but I don’t remember any confirmation of the sexual orientation of the other characters (and I suppose technically Spooky could be bi as well). I was sort of hoping for some sexual tension to occur between the Commander and P.P.

          • Phyre Storm

            Pfft. Commander is well aware of the fact that she can do better.

    • Very nice analysis here, Sunfire. I especially enjoyed reading your insight into his interaction with The Platinum Priestess. You’ll have to let me know if you feel you got it right or wrong as the scene continues. 🙂

      • Sunfire

        😀 Wow thank you Alex! I’ve always enjoyed the way your comics make us all think and speculate as we go along for the same rides as the characters! You both, through writing and art, bring the story to life in such a fantastic way – I’ve loved it all! And I’ll certainly let you know more as I read further 😀 😉

    • silibub

      I like your perspective on Kyle and Duncan, and how that brief relationship could have resonated deeply with someone who has been cut off from purely “good” people for a long time. It seems like Duncan has spent a lot of his life closing himself off from regular people — he convinces himself that they’re ignorant and somehow expendable to justify the times he’s had to hurt them in pursuit of his own goals, and I think you’re right that spending time with Kyle has likely forced him to reconsider his worldview. Instead of dismissing Kyle as ignorant and overly trusting, he got under Duncan’s skin instead.

      And he goes straight to Sircea after leaving Kyle in the warehouse — talk about personality whiplash. I can see how, feeling regretful and conflicted fresh from his time with Kyle, he might find Sircea’s brash confidence and seeming lack of concern grating. You did a great job catching and pointing out the sense of resentment beneath the things Duncan’s saying to her now — deliberately prodding her about the role of magic users in creating the current crisis and dismissing her claims that she has everything under control isn’t the behavior of someone content with his choices and glad to have her help. But you’re also right that Duncan’s self-aware enough to recognize that he’s as responsible for this as she is, which is why I hope they won’t start playing the blame game and become divided over it — if they’re not a united front when the ritual begins, I think they’ll both be toast.

      Please keep sharing your thoughts, because this is a great and insightful comment!

      • Sunfire

        *blushes* Wow thanks! hehe So nice of you 😀 You brought your own great insight there too – esp about Duncan’s justifying. 🙂

        I’m hoping things don’t disintegrate either, as Sircea will need all her concentration. Though she seems a mature enough character to be aware of that, and hopefully (regardless of whether brother/sister, friends, or lovers) she’s seen Duncan’s moods enough times to develop a resistance to any needling. Though if she begins to have doubts to his loyalty there could be trouble – exactly as you say, divided fronts = toast 😮

        • Phyre Storm

          I’m hoping things DO disintegrate for exactly that reason. There’s nothing like seeing your oh-so-clever plan go to shit and threaten you with a fate worse than death to make someone REALLY rethink their choices.

          • Sunfire

            True, I just meant more as in the sense of a non-nuclear explosion disintegration that might take out a massive area or a certain few ppl of a super team 😮 🙁 All because you were needled by your cohort 😛 Would much rather the ‘Spooky-knows-how/when-to-interrupt-you’ disintegration hehe 😉

          • Phyre Storm

            Good point.

      • I love these posts. “Personality Whiplash” is a great way to put it.

        Just as with people in rehab, the first thing they want people trying to change life habits to do is disassociate themselves from the current people in their lives who reinforce the self-destructive habits.

        in this case, I like the way you’re suggesting that Duncan gets a clean blast of unselfish trust for the first time in (?) how many years? Duncan may not be clear yet at all, but I think you are both so right that coming back to Sircea after they time with Kyle has to be disorienting.

        It’s one thing to make a rather horriffic deal with the devil for what ‘seem’ very selfish reasons. However, it’s another thing to do it in front of a horrified audience of one, who judges you a monster. Hard to just blow that off if you’ve come to like that person.

        Very, interesting ideas. Thank you both.

  • And this children is why minions are bald to this very day. 😛

  • Eloh

    Haha! Love ya, Alex. That is all.

  • SofiaT

    Sircea looks amused on the fourth panel.

    “Ah, there he goes again. Silly man with a consciousness; I’ve told him to get rid of the pesky thing but he never listens.”

  • Another ding o.o .. so it’s now covered for all of august and september. This is so awesome 😀
    Thank you to all who (are able to) help us ensure pages twice a week for a long time forward. You truly do rock 🙂

  • Alex, you three have given us another one. Awesome.

    You gave us a page with some hard information. Solidifying some things we’ve been wondering about since the trip to hell. Yet at the same time you’re giving us new and fascinating character information about Duncan and Sircea, which raises as many fun questions (or more) than you’re answering. I remember now that these are the pages where I can feel the acceleration and I have to remember that when I have my copy of the graphic novel (my preccccious) I’ll be fully in TYP-time, while at this moment, I’m forced to stop and wait for that next gosh darn page, which is like running into a wall when I get excited and need to know MOARRRRRR. Okay, that didn’t sound like a ‘thank you’, but really it was. 🙂

    Okay first, I gotta say that Silibub and others have said a lot of what I was thinking, so I’m gonna just going to repeat stuff I got excited about but others have already said really smartly… erm, ooops… So, remember you can always skip away to your favorite fanfic. 🙂

    Love Panel#1. I love that at the end of last page we had Glinda The Good “Duncan Dahhhhling.” until Duncan pushed her button and BAM suddenly Baba Yaga is in town. Yikes. She was tweaking Duncan for his introspection and he knew exactly what button to push back. Yes, “Magic Users” caused this.

    I suspect that just like many of us, Sircea explodes most when there is some truth that she’d really like to deny about her own culpability in whatever the issue is. Very human. She certainly doesn’t like being lumped in with “Magic Users”. She’s quite adamant that she’s ‘different’. Maybe she is? And Maybe she just backed up the hubris truck (beep beep beep). Honestly, I don’t know yet.

    I do love what it says about her character though, that without a pause or thought she says, “I would have killed them all!” Killing is clearly no problem for her and she considers it her right when her problems need solving. Clearly Duncan has similar feelings regarding very specific justified ENDS, but it’s interesting that he at least agonizes over thema bit.

    Question: Is her complete lack of any sort of moral restraint just HER? Or is the “insanity of magic use” a contributing factor to people loosing their ability to consider the impact of their actions on anyone else. Does “magic use or abuse” reduce or eliminate empathy?

    Second question: Is it different for Spooky in that he was forced to learn his skills in a year of survival school. So, he pursued magic to save himself and subsequently others so a search for personal power didn’t isolate him and turn him inward.

    I have no idea… but I wondered.

    AW humor was in full swing. I’ve been laughing about goats in all of their glory since reading your page notes and then everyone’s riffs below. So fun. In Panel#2, I just think it’s so SPCA that they let the goats nap comfortably while all those ‘grey’ magic workers are being zapped. Clearly no goats were harmed while making this graphic novel.

    Panel#3 — It’s so interesting that Duncan was just talking about the perils of excess pride and Sircea certainly seems to be without doubts. She certainly wasn’t listening to him. I agree with someone else who mentioned the big tolling warning bell that seems to accompany her certainty. You know, when some character says… “What could go wrong.” BONG!

    Last page it felt to me like she was calming and trying to reassure Duncan, but now that she’s pissed I think she’s just saying what she honestly believes. She believes she’s got her Solomon mojo going on. Love Duncan’s little, “So you say.” and that sassy little look. (I know you are, but what am I?)

    I love the way Panel#4 opens up in the framing and how Duncan’s head enters frame over the bottom of P#3. I’m not sure exactly why but the composition is both really clear and engaging, but it’s also intricate and fascinating in subliminal way. And yes, I did very much enjoy the crotch shot. Sorry Kyle, but I’d be a big liar if I said otherwise. Honestly, conflicted bad types should just not be allowed to be so hot. (Voldemort was bad and he had no nose… see how it’s done?) Evil people need to look evil, otherwise how can we know how to pre-judge them? Alex you need to stop confusing us poor simple readers.


    Okay, I love that Duncan is all disdainful of being termed a “Super Villain.” However in P#4 through P#6 he rolls out a litany of choices and actions that pretty much earn him the title of… What was it our Admiral/Gryphongirl suggested? “Dr. Super Villainy Grand Master Demonic Moron.”.

    I mean, honestly, what does he have to do to earn the title? He says, “But tonight I am deciding the fate of millions, no BILLIONS of people … but you cannot deny the fact that we are literally creating a hell on earth.” DUUUDE, sorry, but that IS pretty much an awesome definition of SUPER DUPER VILLAIN and more so.

    What I thought even more interesting is that he is totally not deciding this tonight, as he states. Not even remotely. They decided to pursue the hell on earth scenario long long ago. They worked this plot up and made these decisions ?-6+-years ago. He knew exactly what he was doing the entire time he VERY carefully worked up Kyle trust emo-betrayal and then dumped his naked ass in the warehouse. So tonight? He seems to be just wrapping things up and then going out for beers with whoever is left on earth. Right?

    I think it’s also interesting that this is a very global cosmopolitan man. Hong Kong for dim sum… Montrachet? Duncan was not someone who confined himself to North America. Definitely not a shut-in. He clearly KNEW people and enjoyed a good life. So, I’m quite sure he did this knowing many people around the world who were going to be sacrificed. That’s a BIG “End justifies Means!” I wonder if he severely underestimated his ability to blow it off?

    I also think most of us would agree that Duncan is not a man without feelings. Conflicted ones sure, but he seems intensely emotional to me. My real-world question would be, why now? How has he suppressed all this emotion and concern so completely until now?

    Which begs the question then, do we really think that Duncan has pounded the empathetic emotional part of himself down so firmly and for so long that he’s been running on numb auto-pilot for years?

    Thus, do we think that it really WAS his exposure to the innocence, purity and trust he felt from Kyle that basically blew open his personal Pandora’s emo-box, and now all this repressed emotion is blasting out and it’s going to get worse? Definitely a rough time to develop a conscience.

    It will be interesting to see if Duncan decides Kyle needs to be protected from Sircea, because I agree with others who suggested that Sircea seems rather pure and un-conflicted in her ruthlessness. I feel more sure that she wouldn’t hesitate to try and dust Kyle if he gets in her way. I don’t know about Duncan. I’ve been wrong about him pretty much every time, so I can only wonder.

    Ironically, it may be true that Kyle can thank his lucky stars that he was gay. HA! Because, if Sircea had been the one to try and seduce him and take him to hell, I’d guess pretty strongly that he wouldn’t have survived the end of the night (much shorter graphic novel).

    Just a guess, but sometimes gay may be quite good indeed. 🙂


    Spooky: Kyle?
    Kyle: What?
    Spooky (watching Sircea in action): Dude you are so lucky you’re a Mo.
    Kyle (also watching Sircea): Spooks I think you may be right. She’s all yours. My present to you… our resident ‘ladies man’.
    Spooky: HEY??
    Kyle: What? I’m just suggesting that you don’t bend over in front of her when you reach for the holy water.
    Spooky (rolls his eyes): Nice dude… very nice.
    The Commander: Kyle, did you just make a joke at Spooky’s expense?
    Kyle: Yes ma’am. I did.
    The Commander (smiles): Well done, Kyle. Well done.


    Adam and Veronica, just a beautiful intricate and complex page. Always interesting and the facial expressions are great. I particularly thought Duncan’s expressions worked really with his conflicted emotions. Not an easy thing to do, but so nicely done.

    Thank you again guys. This was a really fun page. I can feel the energy ratcheting up again like the ride UP to the top of the coaster, before you crest and start the dive. I’m quite sure I don’t know how this is going to play out, but I’m going to hang on to the safety bar and I can’t wait to find out. Again, you guys lift my week in the best ways. Thank you for all the hard work.

    (Addendum: Where is that clear box? Stop hiding the clear box. We have not forgotten it. In fact, I suspect it’s filled with clear goats for the “silver working”. Right? :))

    • Another lovely analysis, Chris. I so enjoy the play-by-play of your reactions.

      And yes, no goats were harmed in the making of this graphic novel. Except for the clear goats. But you don’t know about them yet…

      • Phyre Storm

        WHAAAAAAT!!! How dare you hurt those poor clear goats! >:(

        Don’t worry, clear goats, I’ll rescue you! D:

        ….Crap. I can’t find them. -_-

      • Steven K.

        They must be in the big glass/plexiglass pen/cube/cage.

    • Hahaha! Nice, Mr. Dangerfield.

      And yes, it was indeed Dr. because I think these last few pages has definitely earned the villain his Doctorate of Super Villainy

    • Klaus

      He says, “But tonight I am deciding the fate of millions, no BILLIONS
      of people … but you cannot deny the fact that we are literally
      creating a hell on earth.”
      DUUUDE, sorry, but that IS pretty much an awesome definition of SUPER DUPER VILLAIN and more so.

      Which is exactly what he is saying. The government has long called him a supervillan, which can not be taken seriously. But tonight …

      Tonight he earns the name.

  • WarGoddess

    So, in response to Alex’s questions, here are the answers I came up with.

    1. Yes, he does know what he’s doing, he’s just having second thoughts about using the giant silver hula hoop of doom to allow demons to enslave the world. Well, all except the Americas.

    2. They got the goats off of Ebay. You can find anything there.

    3. They are only a problem when they take radioactive poos in the nearest fresh water source. And eat your pajamas.

    4. The robes should be made out of radioactive resistant material but sadly they are just the purest Egyptian cotton. They all wanted their skin to breathe through the fabric because there is nothing worse than sweating your figurative nuts off when blundering your way through simple satanic incantations like a drunk fat woman on an electric cart in Walmart.

    5. Yes, the Platinum Priestess does have some radioactive goats. What great sorceress of the highest order wouldn’t? That’s a no-brainer.

    • Sunfire

      When I first saw the goats, I thought it was a congregation of Spinny readers :p

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Not Ebay. Craigslist.

  • silibub

    This is completely unrelated to the page, but I’ve started watching The X-Files (way behind the times, I know), and I was surprised to find out that Mulder has the nickname “Spooky” Mulder and looks into the occult as part of his investigation into extraterrestrial life. So now I’m curious (and sorry if you’ve answered this before) — Alex, did you base your Spooky at all off Mulder or is that just a fun coincidence?

    • I was aware of the connection, but when I came up with the name, I didn’t have the X-files or Fox Mulder in mind. And, IIRC, Fox did not much care for the nickname—it was meant as an insult.

      Spooky owns it. 🙂

      • silibub

        Cool, thanks! No, Mulder doesn’t like the nickname — maybe he should have tried owning it like Spooky does! Although with a name like Fox, I guess he doesn’t really need anything quirkier…

  • Taking a quick peek at the campsite. Howdy to everyone!

    Will be back a little later after I finish my usual Friday night writing session.

    • silibub

      Good luck with your writing — see you around later!

    • I am here-ish I was up all night watching some SnK and then slept most of the day and then went out with my grandmother and mother to run some errands, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Tumblr is going to be a nightmare to got through….well not a nightmare, but very time consuming…

      • When I came back from my trip, I was actually afraid of my Tumblr feed. I just had to cut some of my losses and move on after about 20 pages.

  • davefragments

    Same here, a quick peek and I must be away from the computer until later.

  • Odd_child_1

    As a member of the UMLHM (Union of Mooks, Lackeys, Henchpersons, and Minions) Local 75 I would like to condemn the Platinum Priestess’s complete disregard for the safety of her underlings. No safety equipment, unsafe loose clothing, and using unskilled laborers doing work that obviously needs a licensed contractor and an experienced work crew. We may work in an unregulated industry, but at its core that industry requires trust in order to function properly. I hope that with their combined resources the Platinum Priestess and her partner the Annihilator can rectify this egregious breach of trust between villains and underlings.

  • Could there be an early update tonight? Oh, yes, I think there could be…

    • … and this is the comment I come online to! I had a feeling I shouldn’t sleep long tonight 😀

      • It’s at least 30 minutes away. You can hit the snooze button. 🙂

        • You tempt me, Mr. Woolfson… buuut I think it would be a bad idea to try and sleep again right now. I might actually fall asleep xD

  • Well.. signing in for camp. Since I’ve been twisting and turning, trying to sleep, only to be playing a stupid game in my sleep when I succeed – I came to the conclussion it was much more fun to be here 😉

    Hi to everyone on this fine friday night.

  • For SnK fans! This is a really awesome Paxis (?) Cosplay ^_^

    He is one of my favorite characters in the anime so far, I love him. ^_^

  • Pfff.. that panel 2. I can’t stop noticing that the guy in the middle has that *hurgh, you got me* pose you see in old movies xD Once that thought came to me, I can’t unsee it.

    • silibub

      “O! I am slain!”

  • silibub

    I wonder what the background minions in the last panel are looking at — the guy taking something out of the box on the scaffolding?

    “…Did Greg just fart? I think — hey, Greg! What the hell, man?

  • Looks like a pretty place but it will likely get scorched when they do whatever it is they’re going to do.

    I’m sure someone has thought about this but PP could be about to double-cross Duncan too. Or vise versa. Betrayal can go any number of ways here.

    • davefragments

      I’m wondering it those “doodads” are charms and the Platinum Priestess thins she can contain or trap Laampros?

      • Could be. I was just wondering what they were myself thought I concluded they’re being used to build the arch.

        • silibub

          Protective amulets, maybe?

    • silibub

      Maybe, although I hope not. I wonder what either of them would hope to gain by betraying the other, unless one of them wants sole control of the Americas for some reason?

      • davefragments

        I remember Laampros as being fairly sexist. AS I recall he made a rather nasty reference to the PP when he insulted Duncan.

        • silibub

          I think Laampros is an equal-opportunity human hater myself, since he insulted Duncan pretty regularly as well.

          • davefragments

            I take your point.

          • I doubt Laampros sees humans as anything but puny minions for his amusement – and his demons appetite perhaps 😉

          • Tasty human snax! Nom nom nom.

      • Her “I know exactly what I’m doing” seems to be over confident to me but what do I know?

        • silibub

          Oh it definitely is, I’m just not sure whether it points toward imminent betrayal or something going wrong with the ritual.

          • Sooo could be imminent betrayal or certain death and destruction. We shall see.

          • I know, I had the same confusion. 1) She may be THAT much better than the grey workers and/or 2) She may be seriously underestimating Laampros’ powers — I’m sort of assuming that she has NOT actually visited Hell since it sounds very difficult to do. So, unlike Spooky who would have great respect for their capabilities, she may actually think of them like magic engines to get what she wants.

            Someone said recently that the following is in every sci fi film: 🙂

            Scientist: I warn you General, don’t open the box it’s very dangerous.

            General: Ridiculous. I have all the resources of the United States government backing me up. What could possibly go wrong!

          • silibub

            I kind of figured Sircea would be one of the people Amanda would consider a foremost expert on demons and magic, if not for the crazy/villainous factor. So on the one hand it seems unlikely to me that she would drastically underestimate a hell king, but other the other hand, if you’re right and she hasn’t actually been to hell and encountered one for herself, she might not be as prepared as she thinks she is.

          • Exactly. She’s clearly wise and crafty, but Duncan said it as a ‘home truth’ … hubris!

            So, I agree, I have no real idea. However, if I was throwing down money in Vegas, I’d say she is one dangerous lady and, whatever happens, it won’t be easy for anyone… including Laampros.

          • silibub

            Right, I don’t know if Alex is planning to make all this have deadly consequences for named characters, but it goes without saying that if Sircea bites it, I’m gonna be in a bad way.

          • davefragments

            I’m thinking that a blast of hellfire from Laampros at her (intention, roasty-toasty) being absorbed or deflected by Kyle would be a great plot point.

    • LOL.

      “No officer, she seemed like such a nice neighbor. She mostly kept to herself and always kept her yard and house in such nice shape. She was so sweet, she even told me where she shopped for those lovely breast plates she wore. So nice. Honestly, none of us had any idea she was opening portals to Hell in her basement… and the goats in the backyard, well my son has a hamster, so we didn’t think anything of it. Well my husband always says it’s the quiet ones you have to watch for.”

      – Mrs. Bonita Felspath,
      16555 Supervillain Lane
      Bakersfield, CA 93263

      • Kuca

        That’s too much, I love it.

      • davefragments

        Seriously good. Is that yours? Or a wrote.

        • Aww you guys are so nice… just a silly, for fun. Thx.

          • davefragments

            I could make a short story starting from that. May I?

          • Yes please! Don’t you always find that the news has someone saying something like that no matter how much horrific blood is involved. Kookie.

          • davefragments

            Oh yes it does. Those interviews are simply excruciating to watch.
            I must say something about inspiration – mine starts with words like that.
            Thanks very much

          • You are most welcome. I hope you’ll feel able to share it with us when you hit the right point. Let us know if you feel you can. Good luck.

          • davefragments

            send me your email and I’ll let you know when I finish. It might take several months. Sometimes 2500-5000 words go slow, sometimes fast.

          • Sure, easy. I’m on G+ same name, same avatar. Anytime, I’ll look forward to it. I know how these things go. I’ll hope for proper gestation. 🙂

          • davefragments

            I’m dave at the rest of my name and you have to add a dot ws because that’s my website.
            There’s a short story you might like here:
            And a really creepy one titled “MetalCrank” in VOICES FROM A COMA here:

          • COOL. Thank you.

          • Ah, the firm belief that there must be a nice explanation, because no one evil can live almost at your doorstep. Maybe the doorstep of the ones living a street over, but not yours..

          • Well said, Danish!

          • Exactly!!! We don’t see what we can’t handle. That’s for SURE!

          • I like your ‘silly’s’.

          • Brilliant, Mr. Chris!

          • Sapfo

            Pfff! I´m not nice. I just like what you write. Makes me smile.

  • Kuca

    Sorry I haven’t been able to take time and say anything lately but, love the artwork on the Platinum Priestess.

    Two things are springing to mind atm-first, that ritual, at least as it is depicted here looks like it’s awfully low key to have caused any portion of the damage they’re talking about.

    Second-while yes, we haven’t seen the entirety of the place these two are working at, it doesn’t exactly look like there is any magic at all going on yet for Spooky to find in his tracking. If this is so, could that be something else to throw anyone looking after them off?

    This whole place looks like it’s been built by nothing but manual labor.

  • silibub

    I hope we get more conversation and insight into what’s going on here before Kyle and Co. show up and things get action-y.

    • Me too. I keep wondering what’s so dire.

      • silibub

        We might hit that critical point in the conversation…just in time for a certain plane to appear overhead and interrupt, haha!

        • Ahahaha… oh you’ve met Mr. Woolfson have you?

          M1: “Okay, lean in. The meaning of life is…”
          M2: “OMG they’re here… RUN!”
          Silibub, Gryph & Chris: “Wait! What? The meaning… what about the meaning??? ARG!”

          • silibub

            “No! If only we could have anticipated this unexpected turn of events!”

          • HA!

      • Oh, me three!

      • I somehow can’t stop wondering if it’s a good or a bad thing that Fluke is on the way. That good luck/bad luck thing – who knows to whom’s advantage that might go the good way >.>

        • silibub

          Or if making things go the team’s way will actually have the best overall results in the long run. Luck is tricky.

      • Also… where’s the clear box! Must see the contents of the clear box. A, A & V are being very crafty about the camera angles. Auuuuugh….. 🙂

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    Good morning people!
    I finally made it to a camping again.
    It feels like I should give up a hunting cry or something. But it is just fun to be here 😀

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        • It appears to be.:)

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          • Hey Lady Wolf… how are you feeling? Better I hope!!

          • Yes I am 🙂 Far from fully oki, but went to the chiropractor friday (yesterday) morning and he managed to twist something free, so my arm is noticably better, and hopefully neck should follow within a week – or I’ll have to go again for that.

          • Great news. I hope it’s a little better every day!

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        • once I get everything caught up episode 16 of SnK is on the list….I might finish it tonight, I can sleep when it is done. ^_^

          • Sapfo

            You have not seen all of SnK?
            Oh my, I love that show.

          • I know, bad of me right? But is okay, I am fixing that problem! I started at the beginning last night and watched up to episode 15 this morning (I would have watched more but I wanted to be legitimate asleep when this guy called) so the rest tonight, I think ^_^

            Did you see that cosplay link I posted? I think I also retweeted it.

          • anonywolf

            I can do you one worse… I have no idea what SnK is…

          • Sapfo

            Attack on titan in English. It is a anime/manga that I love (I think I can almost say we in this comment)

          • “we” would be appropriate ^_^…..I mean there is only so much Ultimate_Me and delusor one can take before having to watch the show….

          • Sapfo

            I do love thouse cosplayers. They are very good.

          • …

          • anonywolf

            I’ve heard of Attack on Titan – but have had no real urges to see it.

          • Sapfo

            Have you seen the fanart?

    • OH NOES… Everyone is Sapf… Hide your VIRGINS!!!!!!

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        Oh, you don´t need to pretent. I know you are not a virgin 😉

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          This is why pagans don’t try sacrificing humans any more – do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a virgin these days?

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    • Welcome 🙂 Join the fun.

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    So after much thought and much planning, I started thinking. Should not we start a fund to save all radioactive goats? Who’s with me? Let us go out into the world and spread this message.

    The world has had enough! Stop sacrificing radioactive goats!

    • anonywolf

      But if not radioactive goats – what? I mean – you can only sacrifice politicians so many times before they start breeding in larger numbers again..

      • davefragments

        Yes, a fund for goats.
        I once took my brother’s kids to a petting zoo and I’m sitting there, minding my own business and this one little goat decided to butt me. Cute but he was headed toward being the first against the wall when the barbecue started. With garlic and kalamata olive stuffing.
        wink, wink.

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        I am not giving up any of my virgins, just so you know that. But I do have some dustbunnies that might substitute

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          I tried that once. Morrigan was pissed at me for like – a week. My windows can only take so many crow droppings a day before I get the message that war goddesses demand sacrifices that actually bleed…

    • Steven K.

      If their radioactivity goes critical, there’s a blast and they turn into the PFUDOR – we just didn’t see the “after” in a following panel. And that’s one thing that P.P. is pissed off about – they screwed up the “grey working” by letting the goats go critical, and now the world is filled with more PFUDOR, which are antithetical to her practices, and even help counteract the powers of evil sorceresses. No wonder she’s pissed.

  • anonywolf

    So, for the newbie, how exactly does camping work? Do we all just sit here with the next page open (saying not found) and refresh until it’s a page?

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    • Yup. Plus lots and lots of chatting about things comic and not comic!

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      Also sharing things and doing small stuff. But as a newbie you have to watch this vid. It is mandatory

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          • We are all the heroes of our own stories. *phew*

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            Phu! That is good to know! So how did this go again: “WIth great powers comes great responsibility!”

            StrawberriePowers! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

          • Haha! Yes, that’s exactly it. Except when that man is playing Galaga.

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            Sounds like CinemaSins viewer to me…

          • I have a cure. Go find the 10h cat version of the GoT theme music xD

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          • I think that’s a trick.

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          But noone have seen it without going mad

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          • anonywolf

            Now if there was only a way to send a link of this, on ListenOnRepeat to people…. with something that stops them being able to close the window for 48 hours…

          • Is that like what they said about 10 hours of CarmellDansen? I love CarmellDansen ^_^

          • and yes, I have listened to the 10 hours ^_^

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