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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 45

403 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 45

Prince of Hell, Smince of Hell… It’s just adorable to see you with your arm around Kyle, Spooky. Now kiss!

Oh and…


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So! Kyle is officially a “Prince of Hell”… Why does Spooky think that will even the odds? How will Commander react to this new information? And now that he’s a royal, will Kyle be able to avoid the inevitable hordes of paparazzi?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Edit 7/25/14 2:30 AM: You’ve done it again! Thanks to your generous donations, and in addition to our regular Saturday updates, and bonus pages on Wednesday, July 30th (page 47!), Wednesday, August 6th (page 49!), Wednesday, August 13th (page 51!), Wednesday, August 20th (page 53!), Wednesday, August, 27th (page 55!), and Wednesday, September 3rd (page 57!), there will now be an additional bonus page (page 59!) on Wednesday, September 10th! You all ROCK SO MUCH! Thank you! 😀

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  • We have our very own Prince of Hell

  • RD

    “Hordes of paparazzi.” I wonder if demons have news media? Their paparazzi would be terrible!

    • Klaus

      Maybe even as bad as the human ones!

      • David Welbourn

        I can just imagine: “Prince Hottie! Is it true that you’re not wearing any underwear under your hero suit? What do you think your missing mother would say if she were alive?”

  • Woo! You tell’um Spooky!! Our boy Kyle is gonna even the odds!!

  • EldrinSMP

    I’m cracking up over this. I’m not sure what’s funnier, Kyle’s “What the heck just happened here?” look or the rest of the team’s “Well, THAT’S not what we expected him to say” look.

  • Mary Klemzak

    The description. OMG.

    Anyways. You tell em Spooks!

    And why do I hear Queens “We are the champions” ?!?

    Scuse me, getting a little choked up with Spooks being awesome and bro-ey.

    • HermeticallySealed

      Hmmm, I think “Princes of the Universe” is more fitting.

  • I love how the answer to everything is for them to kiss. Do it Spooky kiss him! *looks on innocently* What?

    • Admiral… are you reading my mind again? Stop that this minute.
      (kissing ensues…)

      • Nooo, you’re projecting your thoughts.

        • Yeah okay… my Kyle & Spooky shipping cognition does get a little loud upstairs when I get worked up. I’ll make sure by brain door is firmly closed so as not to bother you. 🙂

          • But, but.. ooh poop.

            But I’m not closing MY brain door 😉

          • Thank you! 😀 Ear plugs only do so much, ya know.

      • EyeDontNo

        First things first… In that last panel, Kyle needs to turn his left hand so its back is towards us readers… No, don’t move it yet… 😛

  • *lol*.. Spooky looks a lot more sure of that than Kyle (or the others) do xD

  • SofiaT

    Hell yeah!!! (Pun intended)

    Go, go, Hellboy!

  • samae

    Is that dean Winchester?

  • I really love the first panel and the blue/background for Spooky! Odd thing to pick out but I really love that panel for some reason (plus it’s SPOOKY!) XD

    Spooky and The Commander so such an amazing job in pointing everyone in the right direction gently while taking their feelings/ideas into account. The support those two show is one of my favorite parts!

    Kyle absolutely is going to have his chance to shine too (can feel it in my bones) just like Spooky says, although I do not think Kyle likes his new nickname all that much Spooks…

  • mogoskier

    Spooky is so going to experiment on Kyle when all this is done. (Not like that you dirty people)

    • Phyre Storm

      Hey, maybe like that too. He could be bi.

  • HermeticallySealed

    I don’t think Kyle is nearly as jazzed about the “Prince of Hell” title as Spooky. lol

  • SofiaT

    We’ve known from the start that whatever the threat to earth, it would be Kyle who would save the day. Ya know, him being the protagonist of the comic and all.

    I like that Spooky understands -and acknowledges- that too.

    Kyle isn’t just wanted in this fight. He is needed.
    And it feels good to be needed.

  • Kuca

    I love that look on Tsunami’s face. It just screams, “God, why?”

  • Jen Roberts

    Yeaaaaaah Spookster!

  • silibub

    We don’t know what other demonic powers Kyle inherited besides his pyrokinesis. He’s already been able to go above and beyond his normal ability levels when under stress — in a critical situation like this, maybe Spooky’s thinking Kyle will be the only one who poses a real threat to Duncan in a fight, or that he might be able to interfere with Duncan’s contract with Laampros through some other ability?

    • SofiaT

      He might even be able to command the demons?
      In the Kate Daniels’ book series, Kate can command the undead, bypassing even the commands of their navigators, because it was her father who created them and his power is in her blood.

      It would be awesome if Kyle could do that.

      • silibub

        Ooh, that would be so excellent!

        • SofiaT

          Of course, the question is, in a face-off with Laampros himself, who would win?
          And I’m not sure I like the answer to that one.

          Unless Daddy Dearest chooses to indulge his offspring and let him win.
          But I think if that happened, it would be because Laampros has plans of his own, and they are scarier to contemplate than anything Anni or Sircea have planned…

          • silibub

            Yeahhh, something tells me Laampros isn’t all about paternal indulgence. I do wonder what’s going to happen when the gate opens, though, since it sounds like Duncan and Sircea are plotting to put one over on Laampros (although you figure a hell king would be able to anticipate pretty much all the tricks by now). Without knowing what the bigger threat is, or even what’s going on with the trans-world identity crisis, I can’t really speculate about what they’re trying to pull.

          • SofiaT

            Totally with you.

          • Maus Merryjest

            One thing I’ve wondered— being that Laampros is a demon, would he have the ability to sense falsehood? After all, demons are supposed to be kings of liars.

            If that is the case, Duncan and Sircea are going to have a rather nasty surprise.

      • Steven K.

        I’ve always been thinking/hoping that there might be some possibility like that.

      • LOVE Kate Daniels, character and series. Awesome connection idea to have sweet Kyle navigate the undead. If we think everyone is giving us a WTF face on this page… well I’d pay money to see the group’s expressions if he could do that and/or boss some demons around.

        Oh, excellent fun.

        • SofiaT

          Kate is the definition of badass. I’d love to see Kyle be as badass as her.

          Of course, this is a case of “be careful what you wish for” because that kind of bad-assery (and on that level) can only be the byproduct and outcome of some serious hardships & suffering…

      • purplefoxglove

        Sofia, I love you. The Kate Daniels series rocks!

        And that’s a very good point about Kyle. Just imagine: Anni: “TYP are interfering with my plans. Destroy them!” Kyle: “No, I don’t think so. Destroy HIM!” Demons launch themselves at Anni + PP. Team Silver: O.o

        • SofiaT

          LOL. I don’t know why but the voices of both Anni and Kyle in my head when I was reading what you wrote, sounded like the Transformers.

          And as for Kate Daniels… new book is out next week. I’ve been counting the days!

          • purplefoxglove

            Ooooh, thanks for reminding me! *happy dance*

          • Heh (me too). I’m pre-ordered and watching my iPad. Yes to her bad-assery!

  • davefragments

    oh rats. I missed the page.
    And the paparazzi.
    Someone finally said the obvious – – Laampros is going to stick with kin and that makes The Annihilator and the Platinum Princess vulnerable.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Dagnabit, I missed camping again! And I’m going to be away this Friday, so I’ll have to wait until next week to get my next camping fix. I ended up spending another night at my friend’s house on my way home from my job interview rather than driving the entire way yesterday (the interview went well, by the way!), but as a result I’ve gotten really confused about what day it is.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    You tell ‘im, Spooky!

  • Steven K.

    YAY! This page made me even tear-up a bit. :_ ) (Happy tears though.)

  • Steven K.

    I’m surprised we don’t get a reaction from Mitch as well on this page – maybe another “bit of turbulence” again as he reacts to Spooky’s “Prince of Hell” pronouncement.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Mitch can’t be distracted Steven. But you can tell he took it well since the plane didn’t take a sudden nosedive. 😀

      • Steven K.

        Well, was just surprised that it DIDN’T cause a distraction for him and thus cause him to make another accidental swerve/dive, etc.

  • TwilightDreamer

    aaawww!!! Spooky!!! XD Dang he’s such a sweet heart, can’t stop smiling now! 🙂

  • Phyre Storm

    “They’ve made a pact with one of the most powerful demon kings in existence.”
    Actually, that was technically just Duncan. Theoretically, Sircea could try and screw Laampros over without him claiming her soul or whatever happens when you break your word to a demon.

  • I really love that sly look of Spooky’s face. He knows just what he’s doing and what impact he’s having. The high drama of it all, it’s… I’m trying so hard not to quote lucky charms cereal.

    • Nate

      Well, Spooky IS magically delicious….

  • Oh god.. why did my brain just go there, and think of this pun line?

    *Hnng-nuuhhh* *Tries to look at last panel and not go there*

    *Looks more* .. I can’t do it.. *tries to resist* .. I have to say it.. Spooky is.. just too …*sighs and goes there*…

    “Tell me about it.. stud”

    …I’ll just take myself back to bed now /headdesk

  • 0 minutes *throws confetti*

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday deat Starr
    Happy Birthday to you!

    And many more on Channel 4
    Keep it alive on Channel 5

    *brings out cake*

    • Sapfo

      *STRAWBERRIES* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

    • Ahhhh!!!! *blushes and catches/dodges strawberries* XD

  • David Welbourn

    Wonder what Fluke thinks about this. Like, “evening the odds” is Fluke’s area of expertise, isn’t it? And Spooky (coincidentally?) is looking at Fluke as he says that. Mm, maybe I’m just over-reading this. All hail our new Prince of Hell.

  • Sapfo

    Sorry for taking so long to comment on this new page. It is not every day I meet a royalty. I had to change clothes, put on petticoats and some other stuff.

    I must say that everyone’s facial expressions in the last panel, XD.
    There are not words enough to express how entertaining they all are.

    (Mother-Hen Tsunami: “But my baby chickens!”)

    Thank you A.V.A!

    Kyle, you only took the tital Price for you thought it sounded cute. KING IT UP! 😉
    ….Do you get to be king if you daddy dies? o.O

    • You say thank you to A.V.A.
      I’m now struck with the (for me) funny irony that there’s another webcomic called ‘Ava’s demon’

  • Kit the Coyote

    That Kyle is a Prince 🙂

  • Jeabro21

    Yeah but Wht if he goes down there and the flames of hell gives him super-mondo strength that he is unable to control and then he becomes consumed by it enabling his “father” to control him and do his bidding against his teammates…..hey, just sayin.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So I’m back from a meeting and discover the page has updated early.
    And like a number of other commentors I note the WTF looks on everybody’s faces. In particular my first thought was that Red Hot was going “I know you mean well Spooky, but I could really do without the mention of the ‘Prince of Hell’ thing”.
    And upon further reflection, that will probably be a Thing with Red. I mean, right from the prologue he was worried about his reputation and being seen as a role model for others. Remember, it was the Annihilator’s threat of revealing that Red was gay that got used as leverage for that first blackmail kiss. So if various hardliner groups would be up in arms about Red Hot being gay, how many more people (even in the mainstream) would be put off by him being hellspawn, or worse, a prince of hell?
    If this gets out if will require spin control in the media. But of course, they have to save the planet first…

    • anonywolf

      I get you – but the best spin will be Kyle continuing to do really good things.

      Hardliners tend to seem to believe gay guys are already hellspawn so it’s not really going to make TOO much of a difference to what they’d be saying.

      But if he continues to be a good dude imagine all the “He was born hellspawn yet does good – you can totally turn your life around the same way” inspirational stories producers could come up with.

  • Lillihandra

    <3 Spooky!!! <3 Yep, definitely my favorite character in the series. Now go kick some magic ass, guys!

  • OMG Spooky, you are so fabulous right now. x3 <3

  • Cydney Sabin

    So… is Kyle gonna rename himself Hellfire? Just wondering…

    • Eve

      I like it!

    • John

      I think it’s taken by a Marvel villain… I’ll have to check.

      • anonywolf

        Hellfire club is a real club (actually several) – Genuine thing:

        Not exactly Marvel exclusive…

        • Cydney Sabin

          There actually was a semi-villain-type guy named Hellfire. From what I can see, he didn’t last long. Oh well.

        • John

          You’re exactly right. I knew ‘Hellfire’ was in Marvel and misremember it as a Heroic Anti-hero.

          Upon further research however, it was just the club. I hadn’t intended to suggest ‘Hellfire’ was exclusive to Marvel

    • mogoskier
      • Cydney Sabin

        That movie still terrifies me.

  • Klaus

    What is the proper style for a prince of Hell? Your/his infernal higness?

    • Nate

      In Kyle’s case?

      Your Royal Hotness works for me. 😉

      (And Spooky once again proves he’s the best.)

  • Cman65

    all hands on the crown jewels

  • Was re-reading some of the pages of the comic, and this song starts on my playlist. It’s seems kinda appropriate for the comic 🙂

  • Derkins

    Yaay! This makes me so happy. I wish Spooky were real so I could kiss him! <3

    And the look on Tsunami's face XD

  • Omega Entity

    Are you just looking for someone for grammar and spelling? I’m pretty decent at that.

    • Lynda Depe-Taylor

      Yeah, general grammar and spelling. I’m good at editing peoples’ pieces, but I need someone objective. My e-mail is, just put Book Edit in the subject line so you don’t end up in my spam filter…

  • I can’t help but be.. happy about Spooky making some of the worst news Kyle have gotten about himself into something possitive.

    In any other case it would SUCK, but Spooky is like ‘Good, that might actually save us all now’ – and doing while shooting down any doubt of why Kyle should be there with them.

    If I hadn’t found him Spooky-licious already, I sure would have after this page.

  • Maus Merryjest

    If Kyle is a prince of hell… what will happen to him when he eventually dies? (if? do half-breeds get immortality?) Will he be obligated to go down there and Prince it up, or does he get a choice of which afterlife to go?

    • Steven K.

      Sort of, kind of like the Half-Elven like Elrond or Arwen?

      • John

        IF it’s like Elrond, he’ll get a choice between choosing to live as a human (Elrond’s brother) or as a Demon (Elrond)

  • ClosetPervert

    Doesn’t that skintight suit just call for a little kissing and groping?

    • John

      So I’m not the only one. Good to know 🙂

  • bronakopdin

    as much as I love Spooky for take side with Kyle, I still hoped his evaluation will be “let’s not fight” ^^’

    I’m getting more and more anxious when I think about what is to come >_<'

    very cute from Spooks to put his arm around Kyle though ^^ I could stare at them for a while 🙂

  • Kiri

    OK. To start with – this is not new information. What this is, is a new
    spin on old information. It was just a few episodes ago that Tsunami saw
    Kyle’s demon parentage as a point of mistrust.

    What it is, is a
    reiteration of Commander’s evaluation that this is a not a shoe-in
    sure-fire bet that they will win. And you can see that on all their
    faces as it gets absorbed. However, it is definitely a thing that gives
    hope – turning on the same point – that in their supposed weakness is
    their ultimate strength.

    The last frame you can see it in their
    faces – Tsunami has travelled the furthest, from assuming they will win,
    to realising that they may not, and now to understanding that they may.
    All the power and fire of the worry that he was sitting on has been
    defused. He’s looking up.

    Kyle and Paul have also taken a long
    journey from wanting to fight to prove that they are grown-ups and
    thinking that they will win, to getting that they’ll have to fight
    regardless of their grown-up status. Being told they will fight whether
    they’re ready or not is pretty much a pin in that bubble. For Spooky to
    say that Kyle is their strength, gives them back some feeling of power –
    but this time it’s realistic. It’s about what they can and may do, and
    what they can aspire to.

    Commander and Spooky make an amazing
    team – and have you noticed – in one fell swoop between the pair of them
    they have completely defused the heated argument that was going on
    between their team. By dealing with the real points rather than the ones
    that were being argued at large.

    Seriously, seriously cool story writing. Really impressed with it.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Kiri, and the very thoughtful analysis! Fun to read. 🙂

  • purplefoxglove

    *Fans self. Looks at Spooky in the last panel. Fans herself some more. Reads text again.*

    Okay, Spooky. Now you did it.

    *throws panties at Spooky*

    • Well Spooky is THAT cool. He is the BEATLES, ELVIS and FRANK SINATRA of magic dudes. That’s for sure. I think panty throwing is traditional in this situation. 🙂

    • HA!

    • camelotcrusade

      I didn’t even notice, I was looking at Kyle. If it helps, he’s that red head in a body suit with a flame on the front that starts at his business end (in this panel, anyway) and roars all the way up.

      • purplefoxglove

        The trouble with this comic is that there are so many hot male characters, once your eye got fixed on one, it refuses to leave to ogle the rest 😉

  • Librarican

    I was thinking the same thing as Omega. I’ve proofed stuff before, and I’m working with a friend right now on a picture book idea she has. I’ve been talking to her recently about page turns and how they can impact pacing.

  • John

    While I appreciate the support Spooky is giving Kyle right now, there’s a part of me mentally tagging ‘so no pressure’ at the end of that.
    Judging by Kyle’s expression, I think he might be too.

  • Dennis Grace

    Frankly, I was afraid Tsunami’s objection would be old fashioned homophobia, possibly couched in “trust issues.” You know, the “Kyle’s been living a lie, so how much can we trust him” jive. Personally, I was with Spooky on this already. Annihilator used Kyle, showed him his own true power, and then let him live. Now he has a Prince of Hell (completely untrustworthy) on his side and another against him. I have to give the odds to the kids.

  • Pikinanou

    Aw, that’s what I love about Spooky, he always sees the positive side of things. I want to hug him for being this awesome.
    (I want to hug them a lot, maybe I should change my username to iluvtocuddle or something like that haha)

  • A2MOM

    That last panel is just artistically perfect; expressions, proportions, shading and anatomy. The drapes and folds in Spooky’s coat alone are really well done. NONE of that is as easy as it looks.

    Speaking of, notice the look on Gordon’s face. I sense he has the class to admit Amanda’s right, as well as the fact that she’s the ultimate leader.

    This comic, and particularly this chapter, are stunning. Every week I think this story can’t get any better, and it does.
    (edit for grammar; I’m full of painkillers right now )

  • Whoa… just whoa. You three are amazing. I thought a naked-Kyle-page was the best thing ever, but now a good old fully clothed Spooky-page is right up there neck and neck for pure awesomeness. Really well done you guys.

    First thing, another quick entry of a Non-sequitur hypothesis regarding The Mystery of Spooky’s Cap. See, when Spooky was in hell, he was at the 13-year-old slightly pudgy phase. That tells me he IS actually human and not an alien. It’s a well known fact that aliens do not have pudgy phases. Second humans do NOT always say the perfect thing. Using this page as my supporting proof — so far Spooky always says the right thing. To the point that I questioned his humanity. In my next life I’d like to say the right thing half as often as he does.


    Perfectly stitched on every square inch of the inside of Spooky’s cap, in the invisible lettering of Old Enochian (the celestial speech of the highest order), are runes perfectly and finely intertwined. They spiral from the top of Spooky’s head in a coil down and around to the very brim of the inner Cap. Spooky had to stitch this himself (with stitching advice from Feverfew) using the hair of albino gay virgins, found in only one monastery in Tibet, and using a needle carved from a dragon’s tooth (they DO to exist). Spooky had to stitch all this, naked, blind-folded, in the dark, because one glance at these runes might have permanently blinded him. It took him 40 years of work to complete (yessss… in a pocket dimension where time ran differently), and then some time to for it to be absorbed by the cap and become invisible to the naked eye. SO, NOW THE CAP ENSURES THE WEARER ALWAYS SAYS THE RIGHT THING! Awesome huh?

    Think about it. Spooky ALWAYS says the right thing. I’d accuse Alex of creating an unreal character, but since that’s not really possible… this may be the only answer. A magic cap! Right? Think about it.

    (sorry A2MOM just said some of this, but since I’ve written it… I’m repeating. Feel free to skip)

    ADAM AND VERONICA — Oh My God. The line and color work on this page is off the scale. In every panel the level of precision and information in the way you two have handled cloth and clothing and facial expression is amazing. I recommend everyone just have a look at the clothing in every panel. The folds and shadows. The definition is just gorgeous. I got stuck on how complex Spooky’s simple layered street-wear is. The shadows defining how his hoodie folds around his neck. Gordon’s tats… so consistently cool. Kyle who looks gorgeous panel after panel and Paul who’s just delicious. Take a look at the last panel and start with the Commander on the left and really enjoy the fact that she’s wearing real honest clothing… with seams, ribbing, definition and dimension. So often, super heroes have super smooth armor simply because it’s so much easier to draw. This whole group looks amazing. Everyone is unique and everyone beautifully detailed. Veronica’s use of highlights and shadows both on the characters and those huge swaths of light and shadow on the back walls so beautifully define the space and, best of all, it’s all done in a way that doesn’t ever distract. It was only on my 4th or 5th read that I started to really notice it. It’s just a great visual page. This is some real effort. Thank you.

    Finally, as usual, the facial expressions are so complex and intriguing. That’s what gives us the wonderful idea of how much Spooky is enjoying being the cat amongst the pigeons (he’s my favorite stinker). Our Admiral said it perfectly, and Spooky’s expressions so perfectly support this idea…

    Also the conflict in Kyle’s face. Who said, “Be careful what you wish for?” Tsunami in that last panel. As cranky as I’ve been with Gordon, that worried facial expression absolutely goes to the heart. I also love Paul’s “everything” non-expression in the last panel. As if he’s excited, concerned, nervous and ready to kick ass… all at the same time. That just seems like Paul in a nutshell.

    I’ll stop now, but really a cornucopia of cool work Veronica & Adam (sorry I just needed to change up the order of the names to wake us up, heh).

    Finally Alex, just great energized dialog. Yes, stinky Spooky is loving the spotlight and making the most of it, but he’s pretty brilliant. He revs them all up and makes them all cautious at the same time. He sticks it to Gordon, but also lifts up Kyle and freaks him out a bit also. He reminds everyone of how formidable Anni, PP and Laampros are and then lays out the fact that they may not survive. I can’t imagine him doing more for the Commander than this. It’s a speech like this that makes me think the only reason he’s not #2 in the group’s pecking order is that he doesn’t want to be.

    Hey, you three… THANK YOU. This page made me damn happy. I’m armored up and ready for ‘adversity’ (okay total LIE, but I’m as good as I’ll get). Much appreciated.

    Question(?): Noticing the credits on the bottom. Adam has the prime Kyle crotch placement. Do we think A,A & V fight over optimum credit placement? I mean Alex is getting a bit of Kyle-fist and Veronica is getting some Spooky-hip. It seems like Adam really wins this page. We’ll have to keep our eye out re this issue. 🙂

    • Sapfo

      Oh My Chris! 😉

      • WHAT? 😀

        • Sapfo

          Someday (like today) you just make it better.
          Lot´s of warm (very warm) hugs to you.

    • Sapfo

      Oh My Chris! 😉

    • Klaus

      I think you mean theory.

      It may be related to Marten Reed’s worry hat or Gyro Gearloose’s thinking hat. No tin foil is in evidence on page 5 or 6.

    • Hahaha.. Best Spooky-cap theory yet. It’s so plausible that it has my vote 😉
      And now you had me looking longer than I expected at Kyle’s crotch. It’s cheating, because Kyle’s hand cover Spooky’s crotch, taking Veronica’s ‘spot’ away from her :-p

    • Another lovely analysis, Chris, that’s got me grinning. Thank you. 🙂

      (And since the watermark is consistently placed with every page, Adam holds all the power for what names wind up where. That said, I’m not 100% sure any of us realized the true value of such placement until now… 😉 )

    • Feverfew_M

      Yeah, I found it very important for him to do his stitching practice in the nude, too, for authenticity, ya know… Serious business, stitching runes…
      Mr. Dangerfield, you made me laugh. A lot! XD

    • I think the only thing you forgot is the kitchen sink. 😛

      But well said, Mr. Dangerfield. 😀

    • Steven K.

      Not sure why some aliens wouldn’t necessarily have “pudgy” life-cycle phases, or why others might not be pudgy all the time or throughout their life-cycle. Ya know – all those billions and billions of galaxies, each with its billions upon billions of stars – and how many potential worlds with life-forms? How can one make such CERTAIN assertions about the aliens? 😉

      • Feverfew_M

        Good point. I’m actually not sure if e.g. the Adipose ever grow out of their pudgy phase. The Doctor might know… ;D

    • Steven K.

      Am jealous of Adam’s “crotch-placement” though.

    • Samurai Jack

      Spooky’s cap is an ancient shape shifting alien/demon symbiote. It merged with him while he was in Hell, and it’s responsible for keeping him alive and getting him back to Earth.

      Have I mentioned how much I love your posts? 🙂

  • Dave Nguyen

    No pressure, kyle…

  • Bobby Bardot

    I hope we make a record breaking 100 bonus pages 😀

  • Frater Gymnos

    Spooky hugs Kyle! awwwww……

  • I absolutely adore Spooky.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Spooky is right , and he knows it!

  • SofiaT

    Alex, I meant to ask. No SDCC this year?

    • Nope. No mainstream cons until the Young Protectors book is out. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        You mean Vol.1?
        Because I’ll do my best to get my hands on tickets for next year and I sure hope you’ll be there if I am!

        • Yep. Vol. One. As soon as I’m able to sell that to the general public (i.e. after I’ve sent out the Kickstarter backers their copies), I’ll be doing another run of Cons, both mainstream and targeted. 🙂

  • Kalynn Osburn

    I really, really, really, really, REALLY want to see Kyle introduce himself on a date as Prince Of Hell.

  • Jac

    Is it just me, or does Kyle look a little older now? I can’t place what it is. Shorter hair, maybe? Sturdier jaw? hmm. This isn’t a criticism, I like it. Our boy is growing up! :’)

  • A question for the room:

    If you could ask one single question to one member of the Young Protectors team (no follow-ups) and were guaranteed a true answer, what exactly would you ask them?

    • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

      I would ask Tsunami: If you had the chance to go back in time and undo one negative event in the life of anyone you know, yourself included, with the only consequence being that the event, and all repercussions of the event never happened (AKA, if Spooky never went to Hell, he’d never have met Commander at the police station), what negative event would you undo, if any at all?

    • Klaus

      Spooky, why do you need that cap?

    • For Spooks: Did you make any friends in hell?

    • SofiaT

      Paul. Soooo… You like Kyle?
      As in, “like-like”?

      • anonywolf

        *suggestive eyebrow double-raise*

    • Mitch. What haven’t you tried to do with your powers yet?

    • Which ever member feels like answering (rule breaker, that’s me): If you could have chosen your power, what would it have been?

    • Cydney Sabin

      Kyle: Do you ever get hot? Like on really sunny summer days when someone forgets to leave the air conditioner on?

      • Garnasha

        That’s… actually a really good question. Required Secondary Powers would suggest “no, of course not”. However…

        The answer should be he’s always hot, in every sense of the word, it just doesn’t bother him.

        • Cydney Sabin

          Required Secondary Powers would make him immune to the effects of fire, though not necessarily non-fire heat. That’s more the question I’m asking.

        • Steven K.

          He IS ‘hot” though – you are right about that – so much that he gets my temperature to rise(and a few other things) every time I see him, even though he’s a fictional, 2-dimensional comic character being viewed from a computer screen. Hmmm – maybe that’s why my computer overheats so often – I do leave this site and the latest page up/open 24/7.

    • Elrohir

      To the Commander: “Does being able to look into peoples minds fill you with hope? Or with despair?

      • Steven K.

        I’m constantly going back and forth between those alternatives in my mind as I continue to experience the varied aspects of my fellow human beings and their thoughts and actions in this world.

    • Phyre Storm

      Spooky: Will you go out with me? Oh wait, I’m engaged. Never mind. What I meant to say was, did you ever reunite with your family after returning from Hell?

    • Just one. Difficult, I could find one or two for each of them finally decided on this one:

      For Spooky: How did you get out of hell?

      Damn, not being able to ask Duncan a question. For him I would have one clear question: Do you wish you could go back and change your actions in the last 12 hours?

    • silibub

      For Amanda: have you ever had to reject someone that wanted to join the team, or wanted to recruit someone who then declined to join?

    • Heh

      Paul: Hey, beauty, care to tell me your best pick up line?

      • Klaus

        “Do you feel lucky?”

        • Elrohir

          “Well do you punk?”
          Sorry, just couldn’t resist a Dirty Harry line. 🙂

    • Adam Irving

      Fluke: what is the most memorable unintended consequence of your powers that’s ever happened? Because really, that has got to be one of the oddest, most unfortunately unique superpowers I’ve come across in a long time.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      [immensely mischeivous] To any (but only one) of the team members: “What one question do you want me not to ask you?

      • SofiaT

        Cheeky…! But no follow ups, unfortunately.
        They tell you the question “not” to ask but you’ll never get the reply to it.
        It will only stroke your curiosity further.

        • Yes, but it might say something about what they don’t want to be asked. Yes it will stroke more curiosity, but you also might get more insight to a character.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          [innocent face] That’s perfectly all right. I’ll just pass-the-parcel and lob the question to the next fan-in-line-who-doesn’t-have-a-question.

          • SofiaT

            I like the way you think. >:D

        • bronakopdin

          then just someone else asks the question ^^
          … was I about to say until I saw the same answer below, I’m simply too tired xD

        • Steven K.

          Nothing wrong with prolonged stroking.

      • Klaus

        “You just did.”

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I would like to know the reason or reasons for Tsunami’s reaction to the porn Fluke found.

    • Garnasha

      Mitch: Do you secretly have the hots for Kyle?

      If not, I’d also be really interested in why else he’d be so insistent on wanting to be the one to help kyle at the abandoned warehouse, but asking that would give him wriggle room to avoid admitting it’s because he like-likes Kyle.

      Only problem with a “yes” answer would be that at that age, 2.5 years is still quite a gap. Kyle is innocent enough to count him as mentally younger than he is (as Paul mentioned), so that might reduce the impact of that. Hell, Mitch is probably less innocent than Kyle 😛 But even assuming that, given circumstances, it wouldn’t be too weird for them to date, there’s AoC issues.

      So, I’m cheating and taking another question:
      Alex: What’s AoC in the TYP universe, and if legal (or chaste) would you be comfortable writing Kyle dating Mitch, possibly after the latter turns 16 and/or matures a bit?

      • Age of consent in the TYP universe varies by country to country and within the U.S., state by state and (unless I have a very compelling reason to change things which is hard to imagine) would match the same AoC laws in our world.

        And while there would be limits to what I would be comfortable showing visually with underage characters, I’d be comfortable writing about almost any relationship if it made for a compelling story. It’d be unlikely that I’d choose to explore a relationship that was cruel or sadistic—that wouldn’t interest me much, TBH—but if it make for a compelling story, particularly one that explores themes that matter to me, I’d be comfortable writing about pretty much any kind of relationship that I thought I could tell in a realistic and engaging way. It basically would come down to how good a story it would make and how deeply that story would let me explore important themes.

        • Steven K.

          This makes me so happy, since this answer means there is still some hope of a Kyle-Mitch romantic possibility, since I’m holding out for that as well (at least if Duncan doesn’t totally reform, make up for his past transgressions, realize that he’s totally in love with Kyle, confess this to Kyle, beg Kyle for Mercy and forgiveness, make some huge sacrifice for the sake of Kyle, AND help Kyle and the other Young Protectors save the world).

      • Steven K.

        I’m right there with you in all this, Garnasha!

    • anonywolf

      Spooky: Did you choose to stay in the Young Protectors rather than going to the adult teams because you have the hots for the Commander?

      Lets face it – he’s the only one in the team who wasn’t rejected for internship with the adult teams – he was in fact pursued to join those teams even as a regular member. So there had to be SOMETHING special that made him choose to be in the Young Protectors… and given the little flashback we saw surrounding his origin I’m guessing it has something to do with a certain telepathic military kid.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I’ve already asked my question, even if it was a rather silly one.
      However, a serious question *finally* occurred to me, so I’ll give this to someone else to ask:
      To Commander: “What were your reasons for establishing a team consisting mainly of teenagers who are rejects from the development programs of other superteams?”

    • bronakopdin

      to Spooky: as of today when you seem to have come to terms with it do you still want to learn about your past and if yes how great is the urge to know about it?

      (I hope this counts as just one ^^)

    • EyeDontNo

      Mitch: What was your honest reaction to finding out your comrades were looking at pornographic fan art of themselves?

    • I came to think of a new question I really want to know:
      Spooky, tell me your real name, if you (secretly?) have gotten enough of your memory back to do so.

    • Sapfo

      My question is for Spooky:
      “Would you be willing to do some photos where the clothing optional… as in the option no cloths at all?”

    • Steven K.

      I’d ask Mitch if he “like likes” Kyle (ya know – if he has a romantic crush on his older team-mate).
      Oops – just noticed Garnasha already basically asked this – and some great follow-up inquiries – so this counts as a second vote for that!

    • EyeDontNo

      Paul: your power is basically described as taking the negative energy created by destruction and converting it into positive energy in the form of ‘happy’ accidents. How do you get ‘act of god’ insurance if you benefit from such ‘acts of god’?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      I would ask Spooky to clarify the relationship between the “hells” and “demons” he deals with, and the eponymous artifacts of Abrahamic religious belief. Is this the afterlife? Are there angels and God(s) as well? What makes devils “evil”?

      As a stand-by, almost any character might give a revealing answer to “What do you think about when you masturbate.”

    • purplefoxglove

      Spooky: “Who was that red demon Amanda saw in your mind in the flashback?”

      Aw, you’re not allowed to give away spoilers? I’ll settle for “wanna join me for a cup of coffee?” then.

    • purplefoxglove

      Tsunami: “What is the meaning/purpose of your tattoos? What does it feel like when they’re glowing?”

      or: “Can you sense water?” I mean, if he can control it, he has to somehow perceive it, doesn’t he?

  • Guest

    Fluke: what is the most memorable unintended consequence of your powers that’s ever happened? Because really, that has got to be one of the oddest, most unfortunately unique superpowers I’ve come across.

  • Adam Irving

    I love the look that Kyle gives Spooky. It’s that “thanks but no thanks” kind of look that good friends usually share. I’m pretty sure I’ve caused and given that look myself a few times. Our very own Prince of Hell!!…uh, yay?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Gotta collect ’em all?

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Sweet smell of ‘Ding’. Yay.

  • Aza

    My question for Spooky:
    Did you ever even consider wearing a spandex-y superhero uniform?

    • TruthStings

      omg visual orgasm

  • TruthStings

    I came across this comic by accident but oh my Jesus Christ I’m so glad I did.


    • Welcome, TruthStings! Glad to have you with us! And glad you’re enjoying The Young Protectors! 🙂

      When you say “by accident”, do you remember how you found the link?

      (Oh, and I’ll be posting a new page tonight. “Camping” usually begins around 7:00 P.M. or so PST if you want to join.)

      • TruthStings

        I may or may not have google image searched “gay Indiana Jones yaoi” or something along those lines (LOL I SWEAR TO GOD it was in the suggestions box). I saw a clip of this comic and thought it looked really cool, clicked on it, and now here I am! This was all like ~3 hours ago. The artwork here is simply sublime and I’m in love with the characters/plot 🙂

        • SofiaT

          *whispers* Go check Artifice too.
          It will keep you nicely occupied till the page updates in a few hours and it’s a work of art on its own.

          P.S: welcome to the fandom! 🙂

          • TruthStings

            thank you! 🙂 And I actually am right now LOL. I’m on page 29 right now, and it’s been keeping me hooked so far!

        • LOL. Indiana Jones. Spooky Jones. Same difference really.

          Thank you very much for the kind words! 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, I’m going to wander off for my Saturday superhero RPG, and see you all in about six or seven hours on the new page.
    In the meantime, I’ll leave this camping question for discussion: will Red Hot’s reply to Spooky be genuine “Thanks for the vote of confidence, dude” or a rueful revel that Kyle reads TV Tropes when he says “I’m gonna have to work on my rep as an anti-anichrist, aren’t I?”

    • SofiaT

      I need to go to the post office to pick up a parcel but this rainy Sydney morning makes me really hesitant to leave the house. So, kudos to you for having more will power than me! Enjoy your RPGaming. 🙂

      As for your question… I’ve kinda stopped guessing how the members of the team (Kyle included) will react to what’s going on in the pages, 9 times out of 10 they take me by surprise! I can easily see this go a number of ways: Kyle torn between feeling grateful for the vote of confidence, petrified because “no pressure!”, uncomfortable because he really, really doesn’t like the idea of being called the Prince of anything, least of all Hell, and determined because, hello! he’s a hero, and a hero is gonna do what a hero’s gotta do.

      Which is most likely? No freaking idea!
      It could be all of the above. *sigh*

  • Yukiness

    I love the look of Kyles face in the last panel. It’s a cross between “I love you so much for sticking up for me bro,” and “I dunno about Prince of Darkness thing man.”

    Question for Flyboy, when you know your buddies aren’t looking to you fly around going “WOOOSH!” and “ZOOM!” or even “Up, UP, and AaaWAAAaaaayyy!”

  • SofiaT

    Ugh, I missed my “anniversary”. On July 24, it was a year since I discovered this site. Can’t believe it’s been a year already since I became part of this community.

    Thanks Alex for the great work (and thank you Winona, Adam & Veronica)!

    And thanks everyone else in the fandom for the fun times discussing every little detail of this comic. Hip, hip, hurray! *raises glass*

    • Have a piece of my cake! It is chocolate with buttercreme (aka the traditional) icing. *hands Sofia a big piece* I have a lot of cake left over!

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        I’m having a lazy Saturday morning in (the weather is terrible and I had a rough week so I’ve decided to be a hermit this weekend), and it would be the perfect opportunity for me to bake, but -alas!- my oven is still out of commission.

        A piece of cake sounds lovely 😀

        • I also have some “juice” but it might be a little early for you?

          • SofiaT

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            Or, to be more accurate, I rarely do, and never hard liquor. 🙂

          • ^_^ I use to not like beer at all, but now I pretty much will drink anything. ^_^

          • SofiaT

            It’s not a matter of taste; my mother’s second husband was an alcoholic.
            I had to live in the same house with him when I was growing up -and these were not happy years.

            Amongst other stuff, I was left with a deep dislike for alcohol. 🙂

          • *hugs* That is understandable. ^_^


      I’m so glad you found this comic. Thank you so much for being such an awesome mod and such an awesome reader. I feel very lucky you’re here. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        I feel very lucky to be here 🙂

        • Elrohir

          And we, very lucky to have you. 🙂

    • Happy Anniversary! I’m with Alex, so glad you’re here! 🙂

      • SofiaT

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    • silibub

      All right, happy anniversary! It’s pretty cool that you remember the exact day — I just know I found the comic part of the way through the first interlude, and sort of lurked for a while before I started commenting. (You should have treasured that silence while you had it.)

      • SofiaT

        I only know the day because I still have my welcome email, from when I subscribed 🙂

        And I’m so glad you didn’t remain silent and lurking!

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    • Yeah for Chocolate Cake!!! Happy Birthday again, Doki!

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          • But she got the sugar coma icing….

          • Mmmm, I’m good with that. 😀 Especially I like to sometimes freeze it and eat it that way.

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    • Happy birthday, Doki! I hope you had a great day! 😀

      • Thank you Alex, it didn’t start off all that good, but it ended nice ^_^ I got to hear my 2 yr old nephew say “happy Birthday” …apparently he said my name earlier, but when my sister got him on the phone he wouldn’t say it, but it is good.

    • purplefoxglove

      Happy Birthday, Doki! 😀

  • You know, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I truly love how Spooky just came over and threw his arm around Kyle’s shoulders. He just glomped on to his buddy Kyle and declared his belief in him. I like that very much. There is no finer way any of that could have been done.

    Well other than hopping on his back piggy back style. That would have been awesome!

    • silibub

      I think you’re right — verbal expressions of trust are all well and good, but given where the argument was going before Amanda stepped in, Spooky’s nonchalant physical contact with Kyle is an especially strong endorsement.

      • Indubitably. It’s just so easy. I’m hoping Kyle is smiling next page. At least a little.

  • Howdy, y’all. Vero is at SDCC and she’s let me know that I won’t be getting me the colored page for another couple hours. It’ll definitely be up tonight, but it won’t be an early one this time. Just a heads up. 🙂

    • silibub

      Thanks for the notice! Actually my rabbit just drank out of my diet coke so I might need a couple hours to recover. I did not sign on to put my mouth where he does…

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I’m pretty sure the coke will kill any rabbit cooties.

        • silibub

          True, the stuff can dissolve a tooth over a period of 72 hours so it probably does a number on bunny germs.

    • So she made it alright? I saw some tweets about being stuck in Atlanta I think?

      • It was definitely an adventure getting there, but yep, she made it OK. 🙂

        • That is good ^_^

        • silibub

          I’ve been hearing about some issues at SDCC, so I’m glad everything’s working out for her.

    • Sapfo

      Tell her to have a lot of fun! (Wish we wherer there)

      • Elrohir

        @smsif:disqus I’m thinking that there ought to be a rule that none of Team TYP are allowed to attend major shows/events without a suitable escort consisting of volunteers from this community. Don’t you agree? Perhaps the Admiral should assemble a squad for immediate deployment? 🙂

        • SofiaT

          If I manage to get tickets for SDCC 2015, and Alex is there, I volunteer my services at his stall (so he can enjoy the comic-con like a normal person, maybe attend an Arrow panel or something)

          • That’s a very sweet offer. The truth is, I pretty much never get to attend any of the regular events at a Con when I’m tabling.

          • SofiaT

            Oh, that sucks!
            Being a creator is awesome, but you need to be free to be a fanboy too!

            So, yeah. I know that the SDCC tickets go faster than it takes to blink, and my chances don’t look so good, but if I manage to get there, count me in for booth time -and then you can go join an event or two.

        • Sapfo

          Dear Mr Elrohir!
          I do belive that you are right in this. Admiral should get on this right away 😉

    • Steven K.

      More time for additional people to vote for asking Mitch how he really feels about Kyle. 😉

  • davefragments

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    • I am having cake and trying out the new flavors of vodka I got today ^_^ There is a link in a reply to Sofia of what I have. ^_^

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        IT might even taste of cake.

        • Not trying it -_-

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            I lack willpower late at night.
            I used to buy cakes from the supermarket and then eat too much at night. So I started at buying cupcakes and for a while at one after dinner as desert. Then one night, I ate three before bed. Another night six. Too much sugar.
            So now I don’t buy cupcakes or cake or any of that.
            I buy pretzels and when my tummy growls, I eat a few pretzels.

          • Pretzels are good ^_^

        • Steven K.

          Well, that sounds rather nifty to me. Do they have that for pancakes too?

          • davefragments

            not yet as far as I know.

            What frightens me most about “cake in a can” is the other news story about Walmart ice-cream sandwiches that are so processed the ice cream doesn’t melt away into a puddle.

            that is – cardboard cake without taste.

          • SofiaT

            I eat plenty of carbs and plenty of fat, yet I’m slim (and while having hypothyroidism). The reason is that everything I eat, healthy or indulgent, I make from scratch.

            I don’t touch processed food, and I sure as hell wouldn’t touch a “cake” that comes straight from a can. *shudders*

          • silibub

            I didn’t realize making food from scratch made such a big difference! I know I eat way too much processed food — right now I’m focusing on phasing out soda, so maybe once I’m settled there I’ll work on freshening the rest of my diet.

          • SofiaT

            Processed food affects your metabolism. Too much crap in it that messes with your body’s chemistry.
            When you make food from scratch, your avoid all the nasties.

            Granted, I also walk 5km a day, but considering I do a desk job and I have a metabolic disease (and I like food, a lot) I’d say it makes a world of difference!

          • silibub

            That’s enough of an endorsement for me! Youthful metabolism and the occasional exercise binge are all I have going for me right now, so I might as well sort it out while I have the energy, haha.

          • SofiaT

            Try following the Mediterranean diet: lots of whole-grains (unless you have an intolerance for gluten), legumes, veggies, and good fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts), eggs and lean protein (up to 2 eggs a day, red meat 2-3 times a month, chicken once a week and fish 2-3 times a week).
            Avoid sodas and fried food, cut back on the dairy and you can indulge on sweets and big meal portions all you want; the food will taste delicious because it’s all natural, it will be filling and will keep your body in perfect shape. And all that without getting hungry or missing on the tasty stuff.

          • silibub

            That sounds delicious — I’m writing it down! Thanks!

          • SofiaT

            No worries 😀

            Oh! Also, don’t fear bread, potatoes and pasta. I live on the stuff and I have a BMI of 18.5. (I often have bread with pasta).

            I hate that carbs have such a bad rep. It’s not the amount of carbs that’s the problem, it’s the kind of carbs and what you escort them with. Go for wholemeal instead of white, roast potatoes with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and oregano instead of packing them with cheese and sour cream, spread almond butter or avocado instead of butter on your toast in the morning and you’ll see a huge difference on your body 🙂

          • silibub

            Bread with pasta is awesome. If you’re not going to double-down on the carbs, why even bother?

            I’m glad I’m going grocery shopping in a couple days so I can stock up on this stuff. You’ve basically written my list for me, so that’s convenient!

          • SofiaT


            I have penne with meatballs on tomato and red wine sauce (with only some cinnamon for spice) for lunch… and I think it’s time to go eat!! All this talk about food made me hungry!

          • silibub

            LOL! Enjoy it!

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Then why are so many Greeks fat?

          • SofiaT

            Because they no longer follow the med diet.
            We’ve been Americanized.

          • Oh snap 😉

          • davefragments

            I have too many food allergies so I cook 9 out of 10 of my meals and all fresh (well, I freeze raw meats). It tastes so much better. I can’t stand overly spiced fake food in a box anymore. Even down to vegetables. I buy them raw and make the effort.

          • silibub

            I’m with you on the veggies — I hate frozen or canned vegetables.

          • Steven K.

            Hmm – I find that certain frozen vegetables can be rather decent – esp. frozen peas (and those blocks of frozen orange squash). I also don’t mind frozen green beans and corn, but fresh of those is still so much better – and different, esp. corn-on-the-cob. Just like NO brand of processed or pasteurized orange juice that I have ever tried – not pure premium, not grovestand, not simply orange – none of them – taste anything like or as good as freshly squeezed orange juice. But, on the other hand, I don’t think frozen vegetables are bad. Canned, on the other hand, not so much. Compared to canned peas, frozen peas are amazing.

          • silibub

            Could be that I’ve just been exposed to bad brands of the frozen stuff. But I think the order of deliciousness is fresh > frozen > canned.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Oh, the non-melting ice cream that was invented for the space program? That’s pretty good! They’ve sold it for years at NASA.

  • Morning. Finally managed to get a little nap, but seeing the page won’t be up for another for at least another 1½-2 hours, I’ll go back at try to sleep a bit longer.
    See you again soon 🙂

  • mogoskier

    I just got back from seeing Lucy. It was bad, so deliciously, beautifully, hilariously bad.

    • davefragments

      The critics have been trashing it.
      That usually means the critics lack a sense of humor.

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    How many sites have you narrowed it down to now, Spooky? Or are you just surfing…?

  • Sapfo

    I am having camping experiences, by doing camping stuff. Like paying the bills! Wow! Living life on the wild side ;D

    • reading Hikaru no Go fanfic ^_^ and I watched the 3rd episode of

      Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

      • Maybe that does explain the creepy demon clowns… XD

        • …..but they are hot not creepy….mostly….

  • Back for camping. I’ll just name the last two hours ‘The nap that didn’t happen’.. but I got a lot of reading done 😉

  • Erista

    Does anyone have any recommendations on some good m/m books? I’ve been looking for a while, and it (finally) occurred to me that maybe this would be a good place to ask because, although this is a comic and not a book, the people who like this comic surely also read books. Yes, the power of my intellect is stunning, hehe.

    • mogoskier

      Book books or comic books?

      • Erista

        I’m looking for book books, although comic books would also be spectacular.

        • SofiaT

          I don’t have a lead for books, but try Alex’s link page.
          I found TJ & Amal there, and it’s one of the best comics, m/m or mainstream, I’ve ever read.

          • Erista

            Ooh, thanks! I didn’t know Alex had a link page. I’m so excited!

          • SofiaT

            No worries 🙂

            Buying Time is also excellent, but on hiatus at the moment.

        • mogoskier

          This one is really cute, it called element of surprise.

        • Sapfo

          As for books.

          I think Josh Lanyon is good writer, mostly modern scenes.
          And then there Lynn Flewelling if you want fantasy.

          Or you might find something here.

        • mogoskier

          If you like manga there this one called Fake that about gay New York City cop.

    • The Frontrunner (TF) by Patricia Nell Warren.

      An amazing gay classic that is still considered one of the best books written in the genre. It was published the first time in 1974, and seen as revolutionary, but I found it as a teenager when it was re-published in ’94 because of 20th anniversary (which actually makes it its 40th this year), but it doesn’t feel like the book is that old at all. I have read it several times.
      A note, TF is a stand alone book but there was many requests for sequel so it was made. There’s actually two sequels made, published in ’94 and ’97, but I’ll recommend you don’t read anything about them – or their blurb – until first book is read, since they give away spoiler details for TF.

      • Sapfo

        Don´t forget Mary Renault

    • Erista

      Thanks to much for the recommendations! I have to run off to bed now (boo having to work tomorrow!) but I’ll check back again tomorrow. Mwahah!

    • Plan B by SJD Peterson. Set in normal daily setting during + after college.

      Captive Prince by C.S Pacat. I really like these.
      Will be a historic fantasy trilogy and book 1+2 is currently. Possibly trigger warning for a few things, even though most are implied or happened/happens off-page. First half of book one have the most rough parts when it comes to the possible triggers.

    • Klaus

      The Heritage of Hastur by Marion Zimmer Bradley

    • Feverfew_M

      Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English-series. Classic whodunnits, and they keep getting better over the series.

      • SofiaT


        • Who did it. Crime/detective stories or something like that.

          • SofiaT

            Ah! Got it, thanks!

          • Feverfew_M

            Yep, exactly. 😀

      • Sapfo

        I have most of his books. They are good.

    • Feverfew_M

      Oh, and check out ‘The Slash Pile’
      It’s a very useful recommendations and discussions page. Because there’s more m/m fiction, free and for sale, than anyone could ever rec here. 😉

    • Shella_Bluey

      This site has a lot of reviews for m/m books. I’ve found many nice books there. Sadly it’s closed now, but the reviews are still online:

  • Bwahaha.. just read this comic strip, and I had to share.

    • silibub

      That’s so accurate! Fire Emblem: Awakening was basically made for shippers.

  • LauraMoyer

    ANY QUESTION?? In that case, I’d like to ask Kyle how he feels about the irony of him not only being a”prince of hell”, but also a ginger since it is commonly joked about how they have no souls?

    However, if that is too meta, I’d like to ask him how he feels being the only one on the team with a different hair color ( because seriously, everyone else has BLACK HAIR) ?

    • Hihi, I have silently been a bit amused by the hair colors.

      Pfff.. the gingers without a soul is something II’ve heard so often within a group of friends that the irony about that joke flew over my head on this page. As in I forgot it again since it’s been joked about on older pages /facepalm

  • silibub

    Does Tsunami ever have to worry about his pants slipping down? They’re awfully low-slung.

    • mogoskier

      I thought the gold part was a belt.

      • silibub

        That would make the most sense! I couldn’t see a visible clasp, but then again I can’t see where Kyle zips up his suit, either.

    • SofiaT

      I always thought that gold band was a kind of belt…

    • Shhh, he might just start to wear suspenders 😉

      • silibub

        That would be some experimental fashion…

      • SofiaT

        Suspenders with no shirt are S.E.X.Y!

        • silibub

          He’d be like a sexy firefighter — it’s actually kinda perfect!

          • SofiaT

            I’m kinda weird in what I consider sexy on a man.

            Totally naked: nope.
            Jeans, no shirt and barefoot: hell yeah!
            Three-piece suit: someone bring me a fan.
            Three-piece suit and sleeves rolled over the elbow: fainting!

          • silibub

            Aesthetically, I’m right there with you! I tend to think complete nudity is kind of boring.

          • Sometimes it’s more about what isn’t shown that works best – also for the fantasy 😉

          • SofiaT


            A glimpse of tanned, muscled forearms or that delicious v on the hips disappearing on low hung jeans is much sexier; a tease to keep you interested and guessing in what the rest looks like.

          • silibub

            Right on, unless they’re getting naked with you and you can appreciate them with other senses, it’s best to leave some of it to the imagination.

          • mogoskier

            I’m with you until the rolled up three-piece suit. Don’t ruin the nice looking dress jacket. Any other rolled sleeves though, that awesome.

          • SofiaT

            The jacket is off when the sleeves are rolled, obviously!

        • I agree, but with those tight pants and huge bracelets it might look a little off 🙂

  • Page up very soon…

    • Mitch?

    • And the high hunt begins

    • Sapfo

      How soon? o.O
      Soon soon, or soon now?

      • Should be before midnight PST.

        • Sheana Knight

          Thank you Alex for all your hard work we appreciate everything you do! 🙂

          • You’re welcome, Sheana. 🙂

            And… there are upload issues from Vero’s hotel in San Diego. Will keep you posted…

  • Clef

    My question would be for each of the Heros….

    If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say?

  • Marko

    Am I the only one that snapped his fingers at Gordon’s face on the screen (thrice, like an angry black stereotype) when Spooky said “If anything’s going to even the odds down there, it’ll be Kyle”?

    • Sheana Knight

      You arent the only one. I have mad respect for Amanda for putting him in his place. Lol

      • Marko

        She is so awesome…I have a thing for female authority figures dsfgsdfhsfgj

  • ….I want to fix those steaks I have in the fridge… 2 41 am….

    • mogoskier

      I know that feeling. Don’t do it though because it means you are not going to sleep for the rest of the night. You will just keep cooking.

      • ……but if I cook it and it fills me up….it might finally put me to sleep?

        • Eat something lighter than a steak.

          • ….but….steak…..

          • DC

            steak, steak, steak, eat the steak 🙂

          • You’re probably craving protein after all that cake and liquor.

          • but I had lots of chicken at the place we went to for dinner…pepper, coconut, honey, general tso’s, with broccoli, and I know I am forgetting a couple….

          • Hey, shhhhh, I was offering you the perfect excuse!

          • …I actually haven’t had that much, just two 50 ml bottles…

          • Well if you really don’t want that steak. 😛

          • ….actually now I am kind of craving eggs….totally blaming mogoskier for that

          • Ha! Well enjoy either way. 😀

        • mogoskier

          Yes but you can’t just have steak by it self, you need something with it. Then you are making sides and then you want something sweet. It a viscous cycle don’t do it.

          • ……O.o I cannot just have steak????

          • mogoskier

            Only if it already cold. Then you can just take the bone and tear every bit of meat on it until it bleach white.
            And now I want steak.

          • I would have to cook it and they are just small boneless pieces.

          • mogoskier

            Hmm, you can wait until the morning and have steak and eggs.

          • ….isn’t it technically morning?

          • mogoskier

            Did you go to sleep yet?

          • ……ummm…..I have manged to scrap maybe 5-6ish hours in umm…..about 37-9 hours? (actually really surprised that I haven’t passed out yet because alcohol makes me sleepy)

          • mogoskier

            5-6 in 37 hours! Mother mode activating have to hold back. Can’t tell adults what to do. Gaaaaahhhh it too strong…..

            Sorry about that, it happens sometimes.

          • …..well it isn’t like I wanted to be awake this long….I had trouble shutting down to get to sleep even though I was tired and then I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep…..I even took the “knock me out for a nap” allergy meds and those didn’t work. Seriously, I would be asleep if I could.

          • mogoskier

            I know, no one wants to be up for that long. If your still hungry I have heard bananas are good for tying to find sleep and if that doesn’t work zzzquil works wonders.

          • Unfortunately I don’t have either 🙁

  • Sapfo
  • Vero has continued to have Internet trouble at SDCC so I’m going to be posting a WIP page. Should be up in 5 minutes. 🙂

  • So…how long till somebody calls him Hellboy? ;p

  • Kabbalist

    I can just imagine Kyle thinking “Gee, thanks, Spooky. Are you sure it’s a good idea to try turning that into a selling point?”

  • Jeff Baker

    I’d ask Spooky where he got that hat!