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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 40

451 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 40

A good question, but I’d be real careful about losing the high-ground here, Sweetcakes…


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So! Looks like Tsunami has a few trust issues going on. It also looks like Spooky doesn’t much like it when his friends fight. (Although it does seem to make him look more adorable.) Looks like he’s trying to tell them something, too. I wonder if it’s important?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Yup.. oh dear

  • I get to see Mitch…. ^_^

  • So.. Tsunami.. pissed off or pissed off?

    • Saying what we’ve all been thinking / pondering that perhaps Kyle does need to be there and they know he’d be coming. He’s trying to keep as much of a level head as he can… but I get the impression something happened in the past too to spin his thoughts that way…

  • SofiaT

    *sigh* He went there. Why did he have to go there?
    As if Kyle needs more reason to think there’s something wrong with him.

    Be cautious Tsunami, but don’t be a jerk. >:(

    • mogoskier

      There were so many better ways for Gordon to get his point across. Why did he have to choose the worst to say it.

      • SofiaT

        Kyle can’t be trusted? I don’t see how he could have found a nice way to say that. :0/

        The rest… yes, Kyle may be needed there for the spell (although I doubt that, Duncan wouldn’t have left him in the storehouse if that was the case), and he could say that in a less antagonistic way; but I doubt that’s what’s going to stick with Kyle and Fluke. The fact he’s questioning Kyle’s trustworthiness -Kyle’s core- is the part that stings.

        • mogoskier

          I don’t think (okay I hope) that he doesn’t trust Kyle. He meant is that there are things Kyle doesn’t know and risk right now are too big not to have all the information.

    • TwilightDreamer

      No kidding. Being Honest is fair…being brutally blunt isn’t…

    • Hmmmmm…not 100% on this, but the way he said it might mean that he Gordon/Tsunami is offended/feeling betrayed that there were things that Kyle didn’t trust them enough to tell them. Something he didn’t even tell his two best friends. Tsunami/Gordon being the Papa Bear of the group I think is possibly having a feeling of betrayal that Kyle couldn’t tell them something that is such an important part of him.

      • SofiaT

        I can see why Tsunami would feel betrayed Kyle didn’t tell him about being gay -I guess that’s the part he’s referring to when he says “he hasn’t been honest with us for a long time”; his fling with Duncan is very recent and doesn’t qualify for that description.

        However, if one of my best friends didn’t feel comfortable enough to share with me a big part of who he is, I’d check to see if maybe it’s because of something I did to make him reluctant to trust me with his secrets. Tsunami is missing some much-needed introspection here. Also, what does Kyle being gay have to do with him being a liability in a fight? He could have said that his relationship with Duncan might make Kyle emotionally unstable and dangerously unpredictable in a fight; he’d be right there. But that’s not what he’s saying. Instead he’s playing the trust card -“he lied to us therefore can no longer be trusted to have our backs”.

        Poor form, Tsunami. Very poor form.

        • I want to say something but my head is still really bad so I cannot think of how I want to word it right, I will try remembering to comment it tomorrow.

          • SofiaT

            Hope your head feels better soon!
            Have lots of water and go to sleep.

  • TwilightDreamer

    *eye twitch*….I know Tsunami’s right….I really do know he’s right…..
    but dang!!! He’s making it reeeeaal hard not to get annoyed at him right now… >X(
    Anyone else a little on the edge of their seats listening to Spookys countdown? XD

  • SofiaT

    Flyboy seems to be horrified by Tsunami’s implications too.
    Amanda is suspiciously absent…

    • TwilightDreamer

      Though they’ve never been in this particular situation before, I imagine she’s probably used to their…uuh….bickering, by now…

    • silibub

      Heheh, much like a comments moderator, I expect Amanda knows to hang back and see if they can’t sort things out themselves before she steps in and shuts the conversation down.

      • SofiaT

        Well said, silibub.
        But even moderators have their own thoughts and theories so I wonder where Amanda stands in this argument…

        • silibub

          I’m curious, too! Tsunami says “Can you blame us for wanting to be cautious,” not “can you blame me,” so whether or not Amanda trusts Kyle less as the result of this whole situation, she probably agrees with Tsunami that it’s best to leave Kyle out of the fight since they don’t have enough information.

          • SofiaT

            I think that it’s best for Kyle to be left out of the fight too. Being cautious is ok. Doubting Kyle’s trustworthiness is not. I really hope Amanda sees it that way too. :0/

          • SofiaT

            I wonder if Tsunami uses the plural “us” in an attempt to seem less of an ass -“Hey, I’m not the only one who thinks that way, Amanda is with me… right? Right? …Amanda?” *telling silence*

          • silibub

            I’d really have to laugh!

  • I’m going to echo everyone else: Oh Dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear

  • Spooky’s Countdown translation: Hey guys, we are getting close you might want to wind this conversation down

    Umm GUYS, we are nearly there, shouldn’t we be strategizing instead of this?

  • silibub

    *rubs temples* The only thing Kyle’s been keeping to himself for a long time is the fact that he’s gay, and really, his sexuality is no one’s business — not even his friends’ — unless he feels like sharing it. I think the implication that not broadcasting his gayness to the rest of the team affects his trustworthiness is really irksome.

    I mean, I figure Tsunami specifically meant that Kyle didn’t mention his involvement with Duncan before things got out of control, but it came across as criticizing him for not coming out of the closet fast enough, which is crappy.

    • SofiaT

      *nods furiously*

      I’m inclined to like all the members of the team, as a default setting.
      But Tsunami is really testing me right now.

  • Kiki

    Really, REALLY irritated at Tsunami. There are so many better ways to phrase all of that. And dishonest? He wasn’t forthcoming about his sexuality because he’s obviously been ashamed of it for a long time. He was still trying to come to terms with it himself. And you didn’t exactly make him feel very comfortable with it with your reactions to the fan art. Yes, maybe he should have told you about Anni earlier but he finally found someone who he thought was trying to make him feel more comfortable with himself. His heritage with his father should not be held against him and he obviously feels bad about his naiveté in trusting Anni. Tone yourself down Gordon. Stop making this feel like an attack on Kyle if that’s not your intention because the way you’re acting with your body language and bringing everyone into the argument feels very hostile. It’s not making your point feel any more reasonable.

  • I’m still not a fan of how this argument is going, but I still can’t ‘blame’ Gordon for his reaction.

    It’s easy to say that he should find another way of saying his points, but honestly it would be almost ..strange if he/no one had a reaction – especially since Paul and he ended up in an argument the first minute they got on board.

    Remember Paul’s first reaction after he and Spooky went to get Kyle? He questioned Kyle’s thinking and why he didn’t tell them what he was doing.
    This scene must be going on within an HOUR of Kyle spilling the beans and telling the full truth to Gordon and Amanda.

    They’ve barely has time to process this before taking off to go towards battle. There IS a lot of unknown factors, not to mention there has to be questions that Paul got to ask that they haven’t had the time for.
    Paul is all up for defending Kyle, but I actually see a lot in common between Paul’s and Gordon’s reaction. The difference is that Kyle were all aplogizing to Paul when he was questioning him. Paul on the opposite side is now arguing with Gordon.

    The guy has barely had time to ‘digest’ all the news about Kyle before Paul is questioning his every intention and move.
    It really is like a family squabble, and things gets said the wrong way when things get heated.

    • silibub

      Definitely! From a writing standpoint, this is all very realistic and well done — you can’t get a group of diverse personalities together without creating some tension, even without throwing an impending demonic takeover into the mix. And no one’s perfectly rational and articulate in an argument, especially if they’re dead set in their opinions. It’s just easy to get annoyed at Tsunami’s apparent insensitivity because we’ve been there with Kyle while he’s gone through everything up until this point, and know how much the implication that he can’t be trusted must hurt.

      Good work pointing out the similarities between Tsunami and Paul’s reactions, too! Now the argument has a sort of humorous “no one criticizes my friend but me!” vibe.

      • I just kinda find it ironically amusing how Gordon’s reaction is being disliked/questioned now .. in somewhat the same way Paul’s reaction was earlier xD

        Oki, the dislike here is higher, but this time they argue and Spooky isn’t stopping them so it’s evolving. Still, the similarities are there in every way – even down to the reader reaction.

        • SofiaT

          While I agree that there are similarities, the main difference -and it’s a huge difference-, is that Paul accused Kyle of stupidity. Tsunami accuses Kyle of not being trustworthy.

          Paul was insensitive and blunt. Tsunami is being plain insulting.

    • SofiaT

      “There’s a lot of things we’ve just found out about Kyle”.

      I wouldn’t say “a lot”, not unless you count three as being a lot:
      1) Kyle is gay
      2) Kyle has been secretly dating a known villain
      3) Kyle is the son of a king of Hell.

      Of those three, only the second was done by choice. And while it was an unfortunate and dumb choice, it’s not an inexcusable one nor does it change who Kyle is as a person and a hero. The exact opposite, it shows that Kyle’s core is so good and honest, he’s willing to give the benefit of the doubt and see the good in people, no matter their reputation. Even if it means he’s wrong at times.

      I don’t like how Tsunami bags all three “unknown” facts together, making it sound as if being gay -or keeping being gay a secret- is a bad thing, or that Kyle is guilty of “bad blood”. Even if that’s not what he means, that’s what it sounds like. The direct result of which I predict to be: Fluke blowing a gasket and Kyle going back to self-flogging. Tsunami is being neither a good friend nor a good deputy leader right now.

      • Think the glider would crash if the back hatch was open? >:D

        • SofiaT

          I’m sure there’s a smart metaphor there but I’m too dumb to see it -help, please? 😀

          • No, just wondering if the glider would crash if the back hatch was open and Gordy was shoved out.

          • SofiaT

            Ha! I wouldn’t go as far as pushing him off the plane, but if there was turbulence and my elbow just happened to meet with his nose, it would be alright >:D

          • I’m sure I would throw a parachute after him.

          • Elrohir

            See! Now THAT would make it a reasoned response. Made me grin Admiral. 🙂

          • 😀 *takes bow*

            I like to thinks so.

      • Oki, I don’t want to sound like I’m defending what Gordon says here because, as I said, I dont like how he’s saying things..

        But that whole thing about Kyle as a person/hero, I don’t think/see it as him questioning that. I see him being worried about what it all means, and what can happen to them all. That includes Kyle.
        It IS some damn significant information they just got. About Kyle, but also something that could be world changing and releasing hell on earth.

        About his hints to Kyle not telling he’s gay. Gordon isn’t having the best reaction to it, but he has a human reaction. They’ve been told within the hour – and while it would be nice if it was like this, not everyone has the best reaction at first. No matter how supportive they are. It IS a thing Kyle ‘hid’ from them and while I fully understand that Kyle wanted to tell when he was ready, there will also be the ones wondering what else a person hasn’t told them if something like this was being kept a secret.

        It doesn’t even have to be about a person being gay but the question why someone, being close to you, couldn’t tell you something very important about themself.
        Did they not trust you? Is there something else they don’t tell you? Can you fully trust the person they are?
        This is not an uncommon thinking, even knowing no one shares everything about themself.

        Now add the situation, Paul being defensive and ‘agressively’ questioning him, Gordon’s personal reaction and ‘role’ and hardly having the time to even processing everything.
        He’s saying things REALLY bad, but behind it I also see someone who cares about Kyle, is afraid for his safety.. and maybe also being ‘hurt’ that Kyle didn’t trust them enough to be open with them.

        • SofiaT

          Oh, I don’t question the fact that Tsunami is having a very human reaction here. But humans can be jerks and no matter how you see it, he’s being a jerk right now. I like Tsunami but I hold on to the right to point out to him (well, to my fellow readers anyway, as for Tsunami I don’t really exist) when he’s being an idiot.

          And as he said to Kyle earlier, this isn’t about him. If he was being a good deputy leader right now, he’d take whatever hurt feelings he may have and put them aside. Instead, he’s spreading discord in the team -even asking Spooks (who is wisely trying to change the subject) for backup.

          • I like how you say “for Tsunami I don’t really exist” like we’re just as fictional for him as he is for us, if not more so. 🙂

          • SofiaT

            …aren’t we? 😀

          • Shhh. That’s not revealed until Chapter 4….

          • Elrohir

            Wait! WAIT!!! You mean SOME of you people are real?!?!?!?!
            ** Did NOT see THAT coming**

        • Elrohir

          I’m not in Gordon’s camp on this one. The statement of “hasn’t been honest with us for a long time” really irks me and taken with “A LOT of things we just found out” it borders on hyperbole. As @stickfigurefairytales:disqus points out there are only a few things and the only one that could really constitute a “long time” is Kyle being gay (dating Duncan was recent and being the son of a King of Hell is data that is only hours old at this point). Choosing not to broadcast one’s sexual orientation is NOT equivalent to being dishonest. When one chooses to share that information and with whom is and should be a very personal choice. NOT a freaking requirement of every busybody you work with. UNLESS I choose to discuss my orientation with you or I’m attempting some sort of romantic or sexual relationship with you (long term partner, friends with benefits, whatever) it’s not of your freaking business Gordon.
          To the point that @DanishWolf:disqus makes it is a VERY human reaction to be a little hurt when you find out that a good friend has a secret they didn’t share, but that’s a human reaction of insecurity. As the saying goes, “Being jealous doesn’t show how much you love somebody or how good a friend you are, it just shows how insecure you are.” Yes, I know it’s a human emotional reaction. So is throwing a tantrum when somebody takes a toy away from a child. However it’s neither an adult reaction nor a useful one.
          I’ll give him the point on whether or not Team Silver might be able to use Kyle as a key or an energy source for the portal. But to @smsif:disqus point it is better to have the team together and under observation. Splitting the team up at this stage would be a bad tactical response as it would allow for TYP to be, I believe the military phrase is, “be defeated in detail”.
          Okay…end of rant…but be aware Gordy…I am “THIS CLOSE” to holding the Admiral’s cape for her while she puts you out the hatch.

          • Well.. I don’t know how Gordon defines ‘a long time’, but Kyle has been hiding important info from them – and I don’t even mean the fact that he’s gay – and has been since when ever the prologue went on.
            Kyle didn’t tell them about seeing Anni around and interacting with him, until he needed to after their THIRD meeting: Bar alley, Hong Kong and date to hell.
            We know a week went on between Hong Kong and the hell ride, but how long between the bar and the trip to Hong Kong?

            Hmm, remembering the prologue now actually makes me quite worried about Kyle’s fighting skills. He did NOT do good in the fight with Anni >.>
            Unless that was ‘a while ago’ and Kyle has learned more in the days/weeks/months after that, I suddently understand a whole lot more why Gordon doesn’t want him/them at a battle scene.

      • Not to mention the second one hasn’t been going on for that long at all – 2 weeks at most. It started with the HK date, and Kyle then said his birthday was “next week”, so we are talking a matter of days here.

        Not “a long time”.

        • SofiaT

          Agreed. Mentioned that in a couple other comments, I’m trying not to repeat myself… too much! 😉

        • Remember the prologue, and their first meeting. Kyle didn’t tell them about Anni being around already from then, so it’s been longer.
          Kyle didn’t tell because he didn’t want them to know he’d been at a gay bar. It wasn’t a date, but he didn’t tell them that Anni had approached him.

          • Firstly, I wouldn’t count that as the start of their relationship/dealings – Duncan blackmailed a kiss from Kyle, and I think Kyle never expected to see him again. Definitely way different from accepting an invitation for a date.

            Secondly…I suspect it was still quite close in time to the HK date/Duncan turning up at the fire. Mainly because Duncan has seemed v. impatient with his plan, moving forward extremely quickly…likely because he just couldn’t wait for the Laampy pay-off, but also because the longer he waits, more the chances are that Kyle will eventually confide in one of his friends, who would put a swift stop to it.

          • Not only because he had been at a gay bar, but it’s possible that he was out past curfew.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    This is completely unrelated to the important things going on, but I have to say that Mitch looks a little like a DJ with his hands over those cylindrical things.

  • Toli Bera

    Tsu, again, it’s the WAY you’re saying it. you’re on point with your concerns but… a spoonful of sugar.

    • Dennis Grace

      N-n-n-n-n-nnoooooooo. Hi intentions may be good, but I have to say I think Tsunami’s being a bit of a dick. Kyle screwed up. He thought he was being careful, but the Anni played him. Now, Tsunami needs to get off his high horse and either help Kyle or STFU so Amanda can help him. The only thing Tsunami should be saying to Kyle is, “You got played. Nobody plays my friends. What can I do to help?”

      • kamishiro

        But he is making a point. Kyle is a key to all this for better our for worse ( we know he will save the day but do they? ) Because the writing is so good we get see another point of view, a more realistic one. When we get in a fight we don’t really keep our composure. And Tsunami knows he is saying too much and admitted but they are gonna save the world. And if Kyle can be either a risk to that, they should be cautions ( even tough he will save everyone but again, they don’t know, their risk is real for them ) I think this will eventually help Kyle have a more self-conscious that he is really a super hero. He will enter this battle as a teenager but come out as a hero, both in action and on the mind.

  • davefragments

    oh rats, I missed the camping. Just got to see the new page.
    Tsunami likes controlled situations.
    This isn’t a controlled situation. Never could be controlled. Never will be controlled.

  • Sapfo

    Hope my US friends are having a good holiday today!

    ….Really Tsunami! Really!?!
    So you have absolutely never had any secrets at all? Never wanted to keep something for yourself? Even things that others might need to know about?

    To be honest, I’m not sure how I should react to this page. I understand Tsunami when he says that he see the risk of Kyle going with them (they do not know it A and PP are “done” with him). But the way he says it. He is not a diplomat, that’s for sure. He should really think before he says something. Brutal “honesty” can do more harm than good. And if they had known all that Kyle thought, felt, wanted to do. How would that help?
    And last I checked, most people could not control who their parents are.

    A group is stronger.

    Sapfo takes one stick
    This is one person
    Sapfo break the one stick easily
    This is a group of people working together
    Sapfo taks out several sticks and try to break them. But together, these young sticks are strong and the mighty Sapfo do not manages to break them
    See Tsunami! Together you are strong! I know you have big strong arms, but you should not be breaking your sticks… I mean friends.
    (it is called a cliché for a reason ;D)

    Okay, so I do not really know how I should react to this new page. But Tsunami is bothers me. And it is making me ramble.

    Amanda, Where are you?

    Oh well..

    Alex, Adam and Veronica. Thanks for a great new page. and hope you are having a great day with friends, family, food and fireworks! The Four great F´s. 🙂

    • I’m with you, Sapfo!

      • Sapfo

        You are a nice stick… I mean friend XD

    • Fay onyx

      I agree that Tsunami really needs a lesson in tact. If you want to convince someone to stay out of a fight, telling them how much they messed up and that you don’t trust them is really the opposite of what you want to do. He’s basically giving Kyle more reasons to want to be in the fight (to redeem and prove himself). If you want someone to stay out of a fight, you give them an alternative responsibility (keep Mitch and Spooky safe, for example, or bringing a warning about what is happening to the military) or reasons why being in the fight could endanger others (Tsunami is trying to do some of this, but so badly it is having the opposite effect). I think Tsunami is trying to control Kyle through orders and shouting, rather than by understanding what Kyle is going through and motivating him (the more effective approach).

  • SofiaT

    So, what’s this now? 58 bonus pages in a row?
    Thank you to all who contribute for the extra Wed/day pages, you guys rock!

  • samae

    Except if they needed him they wouldn’t of let him go in the first place…..

    • timemonkey

      Aside from that other time they needed him and let him go twice? Maybe they needed him to bring the others to be offered up as sacrifices|? You never know.

  • Mary Klemzak

    Grrr went back a page and lost what I wrote. Was a pretty clever one too!

    Not liking Gord much. Definite trust issues, that one.. How dare he attack sweet, lovely, sexy, hot.. Um. Where was I going again? Oh right. Righteous indignation.

    Gordon: HOW DARE YOU!! Can’t even think of witty remarks, that’s how mad I am.

    Go get em, Kyle. And Commander. Geesh, men can be such Divas with drama!

    I like how Spooks and Mitch are just doing their jobs. Both take quite a bit of concentration to do. Spooks finding THE ONE location of wherever the baddies are. Mitch, I imagine keeping a whole ton plane even and going in a direction without everyone blowing chunks, that’s gotta burn a few calories and use up a few brain cells.

  • I think I have the urge to punch Tsunami under control. Maybe. It’s close. I’m still eyeing that back hatch and thumbing through the operations guide to the glider.

    Gordy, dude, you might want to take a sensitivity course. Maybe a class in leadership. The only reason I could see to be concerned with Kyle’s participation is his desire for revenge might make him a little reckless., but that’s it.

    Hey, Spooky, um, all your work in getting Kyle to not think of himself as a monster, that’s being torn to shreds. I mean wasn’t it your idea to get the band back together and kick some ass? Spooky, I know you’re busy looking for PP and Anni, but what’s happening now is not exactly healthy discourse.

    And Commander, you have the ability to look inside of Kyle’s head, I think now would be a good time to look inside that skull of his. I mean if you think he’s untrustworthy like Gordy.

    • Derkins

      “Gordy” XD — is perfect for him

    • Kiri

      To be honest – I think she already has. But getting the band back together, means that they need to be on the same page – and having them vent is a way of doing that.

      • Venting can be good, but I don’t think what’s happening right now is venting and I don’t think it’s very productive. Far from it actually. This is throwing a wrench in the team dynamics. And that’s not what’s needed right now. They don’t need the team to break down.

        At this moment, were I Kyle, I’d be tempted to tell Gordy where he could stick it, and stick it hard and deep, (I’d also be tempted to punch him) and once Spooky figured out where Team Silver was, go deal with the situation myself. But I’m a hot head that way. I don’t take someone talking to me that way very well.

        As for getting the band back together, I’m pretty sure that Spooky actually meant getting the group together so that they could go fight.

        • SofiaT

          I agree about Tsunami creating strife where they need to be united. But I can also see what Kiri means: these are obviously Tsunami’s thoughts and feelings. Amanda could have silenced him but she wouldn’t be able to change his mind; not without using her powers (I imagine she has a way to manipulate minds if she wants). If he feels resentment or distrust towards Kyle, whether he speaks his mind or not, the feelings will be there. They may as well get out in the open, where they can be confronted. Although his timing and his delivery sucks.

          I think Amanda will interfere soon though, can’t think of what else Tsunami may have to say -and as Spooky is trying to remind them, they’re getting close.

          • Maybe.

            I’m hoping Amanda speaks up soon because I fear that Kyle (or even Paul) would want to be on a team with some one with such an absolutely horrendous and inelegant way of sharing thoughts and feelings. Or worse Kyle begins to think he deserves to be treated badly because he is demon-spawn and/or because of his sexuality.

          • SofiaT

            Kyle doesn’t need more than a push (if even that) to start self-flogging and self-loathing again.

            As you pointed out earlier, all the work Spooks did, is now being undone. *sigh*

          • True. He’s walking on that edge of self-worth and one misstep… 😐

          • purplefoxglove

            “…Kyle begins to think he deserves to be treated badly because he is demon-spawn and/or because of his sexuality”.
            Been thinking along the same lines. Actually, my mind added another notch of angst and is afraid Gordon is unintentionally pushing Kyle in the direction of a heroic sacrifice…

          • Considering that I would want to tell him where to stick it and leave, to do it myself, that’s a very real possibility.

  • Cman65

    Its best to say thing and have it out in the open

  • DC

    Poor Gordon copping all this flak in the comments section, glad he can’t read it 🙂 Ok how old is he, 20 something, (I know I have seen his age mentioned before but can’t remember where), so from my perspective still very young and with so much responsibility on his shoulders. I can understand his concern about the ‘unknown variables, and as Dave has already mentioned he does not feel in control of this situation and because of his personality as well as being second in command feels the need to be in control. But it is puzzling as to what he thinks Kyle has been keeping from him for a LONG time that makes him dishonest. Kyle keeping from them that he is gay – not a reason, Kyle’s involvement with Duncan – too recent to be a long time, all the Hell stuff – recent. Is there something else I’m missing or is it just the concern, stress, responsibility on this young guys shoulders that is making him speak without thought for Kyle’s feelings. Quite human type behaviour, in a time of stress, that he hopefully will feel bad about later.
    And Spooky always adorable, and we’re getting closer to the action!

    • He’s 21 🙂

      • DC

        Thanks, even younger than I thought I remembered.

  • Sebastian

    Tsunami definitely needs a lesson in tact. Right now they need to focus on fighting the Annihilator and the Platinum Priestess, not each other. His points are valid, but turning it into a big argument will only make things worse.

  • bronakopdin

    I love how Spooky just does his thing nearly ignoring the others xD
    Mitch! Watch the….air… in front of you!
    And in the meantime I wonder how long this argument will drag on, seeing how it’s down to just seven possible locations maybe they aren’t even finished when arriving?

    Though Tsunami is speaking out what I thought for a while… that it might all be some kind of trap luring Kyle in there so that they can ban him again und use him for something 🙁

    either way, we’re nearing some action soon 😀

  • I’m a little late to the party but I gotta put my two cents in. Gordon hasn’t exactly specified thus far, but it sure sounds like part of what’s annoying him is that Kyle is gay (which all of us have noticed.) They take in these kids who have no one else, who have these strange supernatural powers that they can’t always control, and his being gay is a problem? I really, really hope that’s not where this is going, but something tells me it is.

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      I think he is a little more concerned with the whole Kyle-being-the-son-of-the-devil thing. Just sayin’.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Okay, I’m back from gaming, I’ve read the comic, and I’ve read the comments so far. My first thought was: Oh dear crap on a stick, Tsunami went there. Second thought was: but he didn’t go all the way there (Thought 2B: there’s still room for him to shove his foot further into his mouth).
    Third thought: cue the next page with Tsunami’s final barb being countered by Red Hot with the logic that we readers have already worked out: if the villains needed Red Hot for their spell then the Annihilator would have kept ahold of Red Hot when he already had the hero prisoner. Up until now Tsunami has had valid points to his arguments, even if he’s been obnoxious and overbearing in articulating them. (I wonder if this marks a turning point in the storytelling of the scene, where Tsunami – taking the part of the devil’s advocate character – has had the opportunity to present the arguments against why the younger characters should not be included in any conflict, but now he’s reduced to strawman arguments. Yergh, I hope not. My gut reaction is that would be clumsy storytelling.)

  • LauraMoyer

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see Tsunami accusing Kyle of being untrustworthy about hiding his sexuality from them. I do think it factors into the “things we’ve just found out about him” But as far as the accusation of not “being honest for a long time”… I think that refers to the fact that Kyle was effectively sneaking off with a known villain for at least a month now, and not telling them about it.

    Don’t get me wrong, this conversation/discussion should be handled under different circumstances and with much more delicacy, however, I can understand how Tsunami might feel a little betrayed. As a team, Tsunami and Amanda are basically the ones who take care of the others, encouraging them, guiding them and nurturing their growth as heroes.

    Now Kyle wasn’t trying to directly betray their trust, but he did show a significant lack of faith in them all through his actions and choices. He may of had his reasons, and as understandable as they are, he still made choices that have consequences- and one of those consequences is that, in failing to trust his team despite his fears, he has hurt them, and demonstrated untrustworthy traits.

    I guess it comes down to treat others how you wish to be treated. Kyle may be the main character of this story, but that does not negate the fact that Tsunami and the others have emotions too, and are going to react to emotional and psychological wounds the same way any other friends would in this situation. I actually feel bad for everyone in this situation, because Alex has done a wonderful job at this point of showcasing how various team members are being impacted by our main characters choices in a very real way, and that is something you don’t get in many stories.

    ((As a side note: I realize that this is a comic with a focus on a young man struggling with his sexuality and coming out, however, I feel like all the comments I read were a bit too stuck on the idea that Tsunami is judging Kyle primarily on THIS aspect of his secrecy. Alex and the rest of the crew have done a wonderful job up to this point of developing these characters as individuals and the story to look beyond the linear aspects of LGBT issues of coming out. While there is a precedence established in the side story that Tsunami is not terribly comfortable about the idea of male-on-male relations, the only basis we have for his distaste was his viewing of fan art online featuring him and his teammates– which I would say was understandable considering they are like family to him.

    Come on, how would you react to seeing yourself in a compromising situation with someone you viewed as a younger sibling, same sex or not? Probably not too favorably…

    I just think we need to focus on the facts that others have already pointed out:

    1) He’s had a lot of shocking, heavy information thrown at him, and he’s still processing it.
    2) He’s very human, with very human emotions, and is reacting as such, which only makes the story more authentic.
    3) He is raising valid points, and is only getting nasty the more he is being pushed- at no point before that did we see him expressing anything but concern for all of his team members, and while he is showing how upset he is now, he still keeps coming back to that concern for all of them… INCLUDING KYLE, even though he is justifiably upset with him right now.))

    All my love to Kyle, because this has to be hurting him like hell, but the fact of the matter is, our actions and choices lead us down hard paths, and we can’t give him a free pass from his responsibility for what is happening now, no matter how much we like him as our main character and understand his struggles. His growth is pivotal on him recognizing that, had he been open with his team in the first place, he would have benefited from their advice at the time and none of this would be happening now. He must now decide what choices and actions he will make not based on his guilt and anger and desire to fix his mistakes, but on his understanding of his REAL transgressions, acceptance of how his actions will affect those around him, and the knowledge that will keep him from repeating those same mistakes!!!

    As upset and hurt as Kyle is right now, he needs to trust his friends, especially Tsunami. He needs to trust them to trust HIM when the time comes. Because if he can’t do that, then he will have taken responsibility for nothing.

    ((So sorry for the long post… I just really got into the discussion!!!))

    • SofiaT

      LOL! I love it when people really get into the discussion! 😀

      I’d just like to point out that, while it seems like a long time to us, Kyle and Duncan only dated for a week -their first date was the week before Kyle’s birthday and now we’re on the day after his birthday.
      A whirlwind romance!

      On another note, if you verify your email with Disqus, your comments will be posted automatically, instead of getting stuck in moderation queue. 🙂

      • Miri

        Lol, maybe Tsunami’s shocked that Kyle’d jump into the sack with somebody he’s only known about a week, on their second date, and that’s part of the reason why he’s so miffed? 😉

        • SofiaT

          Slut-shaming? Oh no! Don’t give me more reasons to be angry at Tsunami now!

    • Derkins

      The thing that Gordon needs to remember is that Kyle’s honesty with them pivoted on his ability to come out to them, which at the beginning of this story was something he couldn’t imagine doing. It becomes a more sensitive issue than just whether or not he could tell them that he had met and was interested in a villain (who is also potentially one of the only people in the world that he was physically able to be intimate with). You’re right that it’s natural for Gordon to process it and feel betrayed on some level. I just want him to realize that, like what he said to Kyle, it’s not all about him (in regard to Kyle’s decisions).

    • “I think that refers to the fact that Kyle was effectively sneaking off
      with a known villain for at least a month now, and not telling them
      about it”

      It can’t be. Kyle has only been “sneaking off” with Duncan since Hong Kong, and HK was only last week. Remember at the end of their “date”, Kyle told Duncan his birthday was only just next week. So the thing between them may only have been going on for as little as five days.

      And as Kyle only learned about his parentage this night, the only thing he’s been keeping from them “for a long time”, is his sexuality.

      • Miri

        How long ago did he sneak off to the gay bar and make out with Duncan in an alley? Presumably, he didn’t go back to headquarters and say “So the Annihilator’s in town – or was an hour ago. I snuck into a bar – sorry – and he saw me when I left. He was all suited and ready for business. We got into a little fight – I’m fine, but he could have killed me if he’d wanted to. We had a weird conversation after. Just thought you should know.”

        If Spooks and Amanda had had that information back then, would things have panned out differently?

        • John

          I’m not convinced. From the looks of things Anni can get around the world, without or without zap portals, pretty easily. Him being in town, suited and booted, may be no more than a layover for him.

          On the flip side, I imagine the reaction to news of Anni being in town from Amanda and/or Tsunami would be a variant on the conversation now (just not as heated)

          “out of your league, leave it alone”

          They would then, presumably, alert the police and/or military who would likely do nothing about it.

          • Miri

            And if he hadn’t done anything concretely illegal for a while, the authorities wouldn’t have had grounds to do anything, anyway!

            I’m not convinced either, but the fact that he’d evidently sought out and engaged with an under-age superhero might have sent off some alarm bells. At any rate, Tsunami might be telling himself that if Kyle had mentioned that altercation to them at the time, none of this would have happened. People quite like “if only”s, and it’s human nature, when things go wrong, to try to work out what the person could/should have done to safeguard themselves. (It’s why rape victims are often asked what they were wearing, why they were wherever they were, etc. Something happened to them that shouldn’t have happened. If they did something wrong, then by not making the same mistake it won’t happen to the questioner… People suck, really, sometimes!)

  • Saxon_Brenton

    [Thinks] Okay, most readers who have commented on the idea (whether today or previously) have felt that if Annihilator and the Priestess had needed Red Hot for their spell, then the Annihilator would have continued to keep Red Hot prisoner back at the warehouse. Let’s look at the flip side of that notion.
    Question: Is there any circumstances that you can think of where the villains still need Red Hot but Annihilator was either careless enough or scheming enough to leave him to get free? I can think of two (well, actually, three, but the last one is silly…)
    * Firstly, Annihilator has become so infatuated by Red Hot, and is so conflicted between doing whatever he thinks necessary to gain his eternal youth and his regret at losing Red Hot’s companionship, that he carelessly let Red Hot go free. In this scenario the Priestess is not pleased. I consider this scenario to be extremely low probability, because the indicators are that the villains have been working on this for a very long time (so it’s not an impulse move) and Annihilator has been shown to be extremely intelligent and focused schemer.
    * Secondly, it’s a trap. The spell needs a sacrifice (or whatever) of a number of ‘beings of power’, ie superhumans. Again, I think this is low probability. Annihilator has already shown that the secret identities of the teen heroes isn’t so secret, and combined with the known abilities of Team Silver it would trivially easy to kidnap single members from various teams across the world with no-one likely to figure out what was going on until it was too late. The only thing that trying to lure the Young Protectors en masse into a trap would do would be to allow Commander to notify the military that something was up, which is tactically stupid. Even if the villains have nothing to fear from the military’s firepower, it’s still one extra variable that’s a potential distraction just the time when they need to focus their attention on casting what we know from Spooky’s comments to be an elaborate spell.
    * Thirdly, in the joke setting I toyed with on the last update page, the Priestess and Anni aren’t actually after immortality: it’s all just a ruse to plant false information so that they can mess mess with the Young Protectors for the lolz. Releasing Red Hot so that he can tell the others – so that the Priestess and Annihilator can watch them run around and argue about who gets to be involved in the fight scene – is the whole point of the exercise.
    Any other possibilities that the rest of you can think of?

    • Well, the only possibility that I see is that they need him there of his own free will for whatever spell they need. Kinda like when he needed Kyle’s full trust.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Hmm. Yes, that works too. A double whammy of ‘of your own free will’. The irony burns.

        • SofiaT

          How about a combination of 2 & 3?
          He needs the whole team there, on their own free will. Hm?

        • I’m hoping that’s not what’s going to happen. That they’re just arrogant enough to figure they can handle the dregs of Supers not away at the Trans World Whatchamacallit

          • Saxon_Brenton

            To be fair, for the purpose of this exercise it’s not a matter of whether or not we want the story to go this way or that. It’s a matter of whether or not a story direction is plausible. We have seen the spell element ‘victim must be willing’ used already, so there’s a precedent for it, and overall it works well as an explanation for why the villains are acting in a particular way when their actions otherwise make no tactical sense. Not only is the ‘willing victim’ limitation (or some variation of it) a far more plausible scenario than any of the ideas I came up with, but it also works to make other scenarios more plausible as well.

            Actually, thinking about it, this is quite serious for those of us who like to play the game of trying to anticipate which way Alex is going to take the story next. On a storytelling level it acts as a wildcard. It may constrain the villain characters to dealing with their goals in a particular way, but it simultaneously gives Alex more options because any number of otherwise nonsensical approaches can be justified as tactically necessary. If the hypothesis is correct, then we should be alert to the possibility of some serious out-of-left-field plot swerves.

          • No you’re right. I know Alex wouldn’t make his villains so foolish, but I hate the notion of the YP walking into a trap. 😐

    • purplefoxglove

      What about “they need one or more of the other team members and, knowing the team would rush in to save the day, let Kyle go to lure them to the site.” Remember Spooky was in hell once, and he found a way to step through one of the portals…

  • Kiri

    wowsers folks. Lots of speculation. Tsunami is clearly Tsunami in his emotions as well as his powers, so yeah – since when was a tsunami tactful or sensitive? However… they already know this about him. This is a guy they’ve known for quite a while and is a guardian figure, so how we react to that, and the implications we take from it are not going to be the ones they do – having seen him in emotional action before and seeing what those consequences are.

    I can see it being a trap – and I can see that being the son of a demon Kyle might have powers and tendencies that he’s not yet aware of that could put a spanner in the works and this is not the time to test that out.

    I also don’t see that letting Kyle go the first time, doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t need him later – but maybe later they need all his family with him for what they need to do. And him coming with all his family is the way to get them there.

    I think it’s worthwhile to note, that Spooky’s only part in this has been to confirm that he didn’t know about Kyle’s secrets. He doesn’t say No – but that’s not important, or No – and now we can’t trust him. He just says No.

    No qualifications. And no interruptions from Commander either – who knows exactly what’s going on in both their heads if she chooses.

    This is a venting – they need to get all of this out in the open. What will come of it later, only time will tell.

    • SofiaT

      Hm, I can see why Amanda would hold back till everyone has said their share -getting rid of the poison which, if not drawn out, will fester the wound sorta thing, huh?

      • Kiri

        Yes. But also about clearing up misconceptions and misunderstandings. If everyone knows what everyone is thinking and coming from, there can be a far more honest response than them going into the fray and then finding out there are a whole lot of new variables that they weren’t aware of on their own team.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh , Im so disappointed in Tsunami! I guess I should be more careful what I wish for; I imagined this conversation to go way differently than this. And shouldn’t Amanda be walking up to Tsunami already to smack him in the back of the head with her tablet in order to knock some sense, empathy and tact into him? I don’t think Spooky can keep trying to diffuse the situation now that he is so close to pinpointing their targeted location. :-

    • Sanbai

      I actually really like Tsunami right now. He’s young, but he really wants to put his foot down, eliminate all unknown variables and most of all, keep everyone alive. He’s a bit heavy handed, but all his points make perfect sense.

      Hey Alex, I looove your wriiiittinnnnnnggg! *blows kisses*

  • Zaneta McDonald

    Support your teammate Tsunami and acting like an ass! 🙁

  • Miri

    I’m quite amused that he’s apologising to Paul for being a jerk towards Kyle, and telling Paul that this doesn’t stop him from liking Kyle as much as anybody else does. Kyle is right there in front of him too!

    As I mentioned in a comment a few minutes ago, I’m not sure how much earlier the Prologue events took place? – when asked if he’s 16, Kyle replies that he’s 17, not “almost 18” so it could conceivably have been quite a few months earlier. Maybe Tsunami thinks that if Kyle had told them back then that the Annihilator was in town, suited and booted, maybe Spooks/Amanda could have figured something out back then, and all of this would never have happened?

    Maybe Gordy feels guilty, that they let down Kyle and that’s why he couldn’t come out to them and ended up doing the whole guilt and self-loathing thing? As other people have noticed, he can’t have found this all out more than a few hours ago; it doesn’t make blaming Kyle for not telling him OK, but it might mean he’s not quite sorted out in his head why he’s feeling angry and guilty, who he’s feeling angry with, and how to best express himself…

    I want to believe that everything’s a jumble in Tsunami’s head, that he’s trying to think things through and work out the patterns and therefore their best plan for survival, and that it’s still such a mess in there, and he’s not as good at separating his emotions from this as he’d like, and he doesn’t have the self-awareness to fully realise how he’s coming across (from Paul’s angry-face, he knows he’s not doing a great job, but he’s not had a chance to think about this from Kyle’s perspective yet, so has no idea how hurtful he’s being)…

    The boys have looked up to and trusted him for a while. Amanda made him second in command (which means at some point she probably had to decide whether Spooky or Tsunami would do a better job of it. While this might have boiled down to “Spooky’s a clown and one of the lads; they love him, they respect his abilities, but they don’t see him as a leader. Tsunami’s got a bit more distance from them and it will be easier for them to take direct orders from him as a result”, I can very easily see Spooks as a leader). I quite want him to prove himself to not be a git…

  • John

    OK guys just a note (most others have been thoroughly covered), I’m not convinced that the team knowing Anni was in town when they first met would have changed anything.

    From the looks of things Anni can get around the world, without or without zap portals, pretty easily. Him being in town, suited and booted, may be no more than a layover for him.

    On the flip side, I imagine the reaction to news of Anni being in town from Amanda and/or Tsunami would be a variant on the conversation now (just not as heated)

    “out of your league, leave it alone”

    They would then, presumably, alert the police and/or military who would likely do nothing about it.

    Given that, while Kyle maybe should’ve told them about Anni; the fact he was aroused by a known villain more than three times his age might have shaken his judgement somewhat. Not telling them about clandestine rendezvous with said villain is also understandable.

    Also, please remember more than a few of us, while skeptical, were actually rooting for Anni to be an anti-hero and weren’t saying ‘you should tell your friends Kyle’ while it was happening.

    I’m not saying this was inevitable but the only way this could’ve been prevented was if Kyle didn’t engage with Anni in the first place (which probably would’ve led to him hating himself for not going with his feelings) or if someone came with him to his romantic rendezvous. The only one who could plausibly have helped would’ve been spooks but I suspect it would’ve been Paul who came, not spooks, and I doubt he could’ve done much but call in the cavalry more quickly. Not even sure spooks could do something about the hellfont once it was formed so the pact probably would’ve gone ahead.

    And back we come.

    I always say it’s a sign of good writing when you take the reasonable actions that could’ve preceded an event and STILL ENDED AT THE SAME EVENT. Kudos Alex; too many stories have key mistakes protagonists made that could’ve derailed the whole plot (Star Destroyer gunner chief anyone?)

    • Thank you, John. Doofus ex machina (or as I like to call it the Idiot Plot Device is something I’m deeply allergic to.

      I won’t say I’ll never, ever move the plot forward because of bad choices—it’s human to make bad choices and one of my goals is to show the humanity in genre fiction—but, as a rule, I want readers to say “Yep, even if I wouldn’t have done that, it totally makes sense why that character made that choice” for choices that move the plot forward. 🙂

      • John

        Yeah, me too. Giant (usually old) machines that fix everything is just lazy.

        Clearly I mis-stated my argument (for which I apologise). Kyle made mistakes; 2 big ones and 1 little one. But they were human, believable mistakes. To be a teenage superhero, being in the closet is perfectly understandable. Being nervous about coming out is also very believalbe. Not doing so to your closest friends, while a mistake, is reasonable.

        But even if he had I suspect Anni would’ve still swept him off his feet. Literally.

        Not telling anyone about Anni literally sweeping him off his feet was also a mistake; but given the emotional turbelence that cuased (and that you conveyed so well) it was also, very very human.

        But telling people still wouldn’t have changed anything.

        Not telling his friends about his clandestine rendezvous, especcially on top of the previous items summarised above; very understandable.

        The choices I object to are usually the ones which are A) Really stupid and/or B) Out of character/inconsistent with the intelligence/abilities they later display.

        By all means have your character make bad choices. It’s human, and therfore humanising. Or in other words; keep up the good work!

      • John

        Oh, and I just read your Idiot Plot Device again and, honestly, I just really need to Watch Alien 1 & 2 again. Thanks Alex! I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed those films.

        I must admit, as an aspiring (and nowhere near as accomplished) aspiring writer myself, I often find myself writing something along those lines, then deleting it in a blaze of self-disgust. I’ll get there eventually.

  • Draymorden

    Yea this whole “Mitch Paul and kyle leave” part has a gigantic hole in it and if Tsunami cannot see it, he can’t become a successful leader.

    All three of those “go home kids” are going to be stubborn and not go home. They wouldn’t before and I doubt once Big T is done, they will be more willing to not go and even more willing to do what they want and either get in the way or become the “unknown” factor in this fight that could make things a lot worse.

    Im still waiting on Amanda to say something.

    I also assume Spooky didnt say anything other than no because he needs to concentrate.

  • Because of a reply I made somewhere below, I suddently have an extra understanding of why Gordon talked about fighting skills – and not wanting them around a battle scene.

    I got to think of the prologue and Kyle’s first meeting with Anni.. their skills did SO not match up. In fact Kyle got his ass handed to him quite easily >.>
    How long since then? Two weeks to a couple of months? Depends on how long between their first meeting and the date in Hong Kong (that happened a week prior to current time).

    As much as Kyle has fire powers (along with the others’ powers) and I want him to get even, I’m now honestly not sure how much I want them near a battle scene either at the moment.
    There really is a huge difference between a search and rescue and an actual fight, and I wonder how ready they are for that except in spirit?

    *needs a relaxing pill and pills for stomach acid*

  • purplefoxglove

    Guys, I know this is important, and things need to get out and get sorted out, and I’m not complaining about the what and how (this time), but you DO realise Mitch is flying the jet/plane thingy, and he seems to be kind of slightly distracted, with him looking back to where you are arguing and making a face like he’s about to make Admiral Jane’s fantasy about free flight and Tsunami become reality?

    • Klaus

      And Spooky is right now doing the work of the team singlehanded. A tricky job, most likely. Don’t break his concentration.

  • Hughlock

    Tsunami is no leader. You do not publicly shame a subordinate. He should have taken Kyle aside and explained his concerns, regarding Kyle’s “secrets.”

    If Tsunami’s homophobic and judgmental attitude is typical of the kind of people who are running The Young Protectors (consider the Commander’s silence), Kyle should reconsider. It might be nice being a Demon Prince.

    • Eve

      The last point he made is the only one that didn’t come out overly harsh, although that’s not what he intended. They all have their secrets; it’s unrealistic of him to expect Kyle to divulge all of his.

      • Maus Merryjest

        Context is everything. As a superhero, a *very* important secret you shouldn’t keep to yourself is “By the way, I’ve been going out on dates with one of the most dangerous super-villains on Earth.” If you’re part of a team whose lives you can endanger by your continued dating said villain.

        Or, in this case, the entire earth. Tsunami has a point, even if he didn’t deliver it well. Kyle withheld a secret that’s simply not excusable as part of a superteam.

        • Eve

          Well, you’ve got a point there about dating a super villain. You definitely put it better than Tsunami.

  • Maybe, you make some interesting points, but I’m not convinced. :

  • Tsunami is making sense…I expect him to be ignored. : /

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Sorry what were you saying? The fourth panel made my mind go fuzzy!

  • SofiaT

    “Down to seven,”
    *Sofia starts dancing: we’re going to see Duncan soon, we’re going to see Duncan soon!*

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Additional thought: Spooky is whittling down which site they’re looking for quite quickly if we compare it to the discussion taking place elsewhere in the plane. That suggests that Spooky needed to gain altitude and/or be moving quickly, which in turn suggests some sort of triangulation or parallax effect is useful for divinations.

      • SofiaT

        I have no idea what you said (you lost me at “parallax”) but it sounds smart and like you know what you’re talking about, so I’ll agree with you 😀

        • Saxon_Brenton

          [sporfles with laughter]

    • Now there’s someone I hope is hurting and won’t open his mouth much xD

    • Jackal

      I miss the ol’ bastard, too. He really brings some class to the joint.

      (Also, I was just reading Pacific Rim fanfic, so now the idea that Duncan has been off having tea with Hannibal Chau this whole time won’t leave my mind. XD)

    • Ready and waiting…

      • SofiaT

        Have you sharpened the pitchfork?
        I’ll be holding my vibranium shield ready.

        • You really think you can get between me and That Ass?

          • SofiaT

            One way to find out! >:D

  • GrumpyPanda94

    stop with the count down already!! you’re killing me here.

  • Jackal

    I love how homophobic the ‘you haven’t been honest with us’ sounds, and then you stop and go ‘oh wait, he’s gay AND half-demon, carry on!’

    • Hughlock

      Lest we forget, it was Kyle’s teammates’ attitude that made him uncomfortable with his being gay and not divulging it. AND we only have Laampros’s word that Kyle is half-demon, regardless of Spooky’s opinion of his pridefulness. What Tsunami says is homophobic as well as condescending.

      Who wants to follow Tsunami into battle anyway? Amanda would be a much better leader due to her innate communication skills.

      • Jackal

        I like to give Tsunami a tish more credit. I think he’s just really fucking cranky right now.

        And because of where we begin, we don’t *see* Kyle’s teammates making him uncomfortable. And the poor kid is totally fucked up about sex on his own account, with the whole ‘my orgasms cause house fires’ thing, so I can’t be sure how much is other people *actually* disliking teh ghey and how much is Kyle being messed up. *pets Kyle soothingly* There, there, baby. We’ll find you a ripped silver fox who *isn’t* a supervillain…

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Hmm. Running off on a tangent here, but do we have any idea what Red Hot’s taste in men actually is? I remember him describing at the start of chapter 3 how, as a child, he fantasised about rescuing the ‘cute boys’ at school, but IIRC that’s about it.
          I don’t think I have enough information to decide whether Red Hot dated Annihilator because Red was into villainously edgy ripped older men, or whether it was simply because Annihilator simply represented a case of ‘you’re here, you’re willing’.

          • SofiaT

            A bit *cough* biased here, but I imagine Duncan is everybody’s type…
            I mean, you saw him, right?

          • Heh

            Those packs….. those lovely, lovely packs… *sighs and look at the horizon all dreamy eyed*

          • N7

            Heh. Not in my case. ;3 I’m a total sucker for a few of our chubby-cheeked heroes.

            But, uh, am I the only one who thought Mr. Silver Fox was creepy…? (This coming from someone who likes the minors better -_-;)

          • Maus Merryjest

            I don’t know, I’d go for Kyle over Duncan.

            But then again I like my redheads. Big surprise, eh?

          • mogoskier

            We know a little about his taste in men but I’m not sure it official per say. One of the kickstarter updates from Alex was a lay out of the Romance trading cards and it was about Kyle. In it it said that the body part Kyle finds most attractive is arms and he would like someone older that could teach him.
            The problem is that some of the information on the card wasn’t right so this might not be true.

          • Klaus

            Kyle likes fireproof men.

  • Sterling Ericsson

    It’s that last point that is a good one, since i’ve been wondering that myself. He was needed to start the spell, maybe he’s needed to finish it.

  • Klaus

    Ouch. I just can’t see as anything but homophobia. It is not “a long time” since Kyle met Duncan. The only thing you could say that he has been dishonest about is his sexuality.

    • Heh

      He started out being reasonable, now he sound just plain mean.

    • Dave Nguyen

      I took it about being dishonest about running around with an S-class supervillian.

      Of course, there’s the double-connotations…

      • Klaus

        But he says “for a long time”. It is not a long time since he met Duncan.

        • Dave Nguyen

          S-Class as in the Mercedes Benz of the super villian world (both in power and style ^_~)

          • Maus Merryjest

            Suave class *nods*

  • Klaus

    We have an anniversary next Wednesday. How are we going to celebrate?

    • Saxon_Brenton

      An interesting question. In practical terms what options do we have available besides ‘lots of virtual cake and champagne’?

  • Klaus

    As for putting the world in danger, he could not have known that he would do that.

  • A.j. Zaethe

    Ok, we are starting wind down on the few week long lecture about kids and adults. HOORAY!

  • Heh

    And for the lied for the team, maybe if they do not took the fanart on the bonus as a big joke and laughed the shit out of it, he would have the courage to tell.

  • N7

    Tsunami, dude, I get where you’re coming from but your delivery leaves a LOT to be desired. DX (He’s dangerously close to breaking the first rule of being a superhero, no?) Still, I’ve had the same concerns about our Red Hot. Who knows what the hell could happen with him there, right in the middle of whatever will happen. (…Pun totally intended.)

  • davefragments

    I wonder:
    When Spooky gets to ONE or TWO locations, is Tsunami going to be as outspoken and effective as he believes he is?
    Are emotions going to take over?
    Will a gateway to another realm open before the military has a chance to arrive?
    Will the legions of LAAMPROS march through, large swords in hand, intent upon conquest?

  • purplefoxglove

    “Maybe they even need you there for this spell. Have you thought of that?” Well, even if the guys didn’t, I’m sure Commander did – and I guess she has some very good reasons for bringing Kyle along. Reasons that overrule your doubts, if you take into account that despite you not wanting to bring Kyle along, he’s standing right there.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      Duncan and PP don’t need Kyle anymore. If they did, Duncan wouldn’t have left him at the warehouse. He would have brought Kyle with him. He used Kyle and dumped him when he hand no more use for him.

      • purplefoxglove

        I know ^^ I’m just quoting and replying to Tsunami.

        I’m not so sure they really don’t need Kyle…they probably need Kyle + one of his teammates (e.g. Spooky, who was in hell and knows how to pass the portals, or Paul to have Lady Fortune on their side), or Kyle as bait to lure the teammate they need to them. But I totally agree that they most likely do not need him any longer.

      • Unless—and I don’t like this unless at all—they needed Kyle to be there of his own free will. :

  • AeeDee

    Mitch’s pained expression is hurting me.

    • purplefoxglove

      So is Spooky’s…:(

  • Maus Merryjest

    Well, to be honest, he is right about Kyle lying to them in one very important thing:

    It really isn’t that important what Kyle’s sexuality is as far as the team is concerned. The big faux pas is having consorted with an enemy. Check that, one of THE most dangerous enemies out there.

    I guess it’s a case of “You had ONE job…”

    Of course, we know that Annie took advantage of Kyle’s loneliness and naivete, but that still does single Kyle out as a weak link, and the possibility that Annie might need him to complete the spell is a very real one. After all, he knew Kyle well enough by then to know he’ll want to set things right- and ANnie is good at manipulation.

    • HermeticallySealed

      The problem is, that was a recent thing, not the “long time” which Gordon is accusing Kyle of. The only thing Kyle hid for a long time WAS his orientation.

      • Maus Merryjest

        I believe that somewhere else someone established a case that Kyle and Annie have been at it for a few months at least, since Kyle mentioned he was 17, not “almost 18.” In that case, a few months of consorting with a super-V is a long time.

        • SofiaT

          In America, a day before you turn 18, you’re still 17.

          • Maus Merryjest

            What a coincidence, that’s where I am 🙂
            Nevertheless, the pacing of the story and the way the characters have spoken does give the impression that this has been at least a few months in the making, not five days.

            I’d like to think Kyle has at least enough common sense not to pledge his virginity to a supervillain only two weeks after having known him, even if he’s acting really, really nice.

            It makes far more sense that Annie has been putting up a consistent facade over a longer period of time,wearing down Kyle’s defenses with a protracted “See? I’m not a bad guy after all” act. Having the character fall for it after only a week or two? Well, then that means Kyle is phenomenally dumb. Inexperience and naivete aside, he *knows* the man is a villain, a killer, and extremely dangerous. He’s not likely to lower his guard immediately.

            A moderately long (few months) courtship with a very good manipulator and actor, on the other hand, provides an excusable reason for his mistake when taking his inexperience into account. But an “Take me now!” after only a short time, as is being suggested, is a bit of a disservice to young Kyle as a character. If that is true, then Tsunami’s reservations are rather solid.

          • SofiaT

            They meet for the first time after the alley incident when they go to their Hong Kong date -that was only the week before Kyle’s birthday. No way of finding out when the alley incident was, but from everything, I gather it was only a couple of days before that. They could have met again after Hong Kong, but that still leaves less than a week for them to get to know each other.

            I don’t think that’s unrealistic, considering how deprived Kyle’s romantic and sex life had been before that, and how eager he was to believe in the good in Duncan.
            The Silver Fox can also be damn persuasive when he turns on the charm and he had it on full blast around Kyle.

            As for the age, where I’m from, the birth date doesn’t matter much, a couple of months before you turn 30 for example, you’re already considered 30; the same can’t be said for the States, so I don’t see Kyle’s line as evidence that they’ve been knowing each other longer than a couple of weeks max.

          • Maus Merryjest

            If it is indeed that short a time-span, then Tsunami has ample reason to want to keep Kyle from the confrontation.

            I mean, there are learning accidents, and then there’s “you might not be cut out for this job” accidents.

          • SofiaT

            Why? Because he rushed into bed with another man? That’s slut-shaming, and whether pointed to men or women, I’m firmly against it.
            Or because that man was a super-villain in the past? Kyle did his research anfdfound nothing overly worrisome. I consider Kyle’s propensity to give people a second chance the reason why he’s a great super-hero, not just “cut for the job”.

          • Maus Merryjest

            Jesus Christ. Spare me the social justice warrior outrage here. I’ve repeatedly written against and about slut shaming ( so don’t throw that on me. ASK before you make such an ungenerous and, honestly, insulting assumption when someone puts forth an argument.

            No, it’s not because “he went to be with another man.” I’m a reader in a GAY webcomic, that is obviously not important to me. The issue is that he went to bed with an enemy. Someone who is world-infamous for being a killer. Someone that Kyle *knows* beyond a reasonable doubt has been a bad apple and has a terrible rap sheet. He may not be cut out for the hero business not because he decided to sleep with a guy, but because he decided to sleep with a *major enemy* who could have used him to get to his team-mates, who could have used him to put the safety of his team-mates at risk without knowing it or, you know, open a gaping pit to hell and the entire subjugation of the human race.

            Which is what happened.

            He may not be cut out for the hero business not because he has the natural urges that anybody has- but because his judgment was atrocious on a major scale. And because of that mistake, there’s the chance that the entire earth will be in the hands of hell.

            I’d consider that a very good reason for Tsunami to be very wary of Kyle’s judgment— not his morals, only his ability to know what a good decision looks like, which means that he probably has good reasons to want Kyle out of direct combat. In Tsunami’s mind, no-one in their right minds, no matter how lonely they are, decides that taking a chance on a world-famous murderer and villain is a good idea. Especially trusting them with a secret about yourself- because these are people used to dealing with secrets and manipulating people, using secrets against them. Even as Spooky might say, that is all water under the bridge– but Kyle is still emotionally compromised: he was taken advantage of by a monster, for the sake of another monster. He wants to set things right, and as the leader Tsunami has to consider the fact that the zeal of wanting to put Annie in his place, the fury at having been used, and the lack of experience make Kyle a very volatile and potentially unpredictable member of the team. He could perform in a cool-headed manner — but most likely not, since he is a teenager and someone who is rightfully feeling many conflicting emotions after having been used in one of the most degrading and horrible ways.

            So, in short, Tsunami is right to have his reservations and to feel Kyle may be an unpredictable variable. This has nothing to do on whether or not Kyle is a good person, it’s simply that as a leader he needs to make sure the team has the highest chances of survival and a vulnerable Kyle may make that unfeasible.

            Of course, that is logic and that is what normally would happen in real life. Since Kyle is the protagonist of a story, and we know he will be triumphant, we know there is a very high chance that he’ll be able to pull himself together admirably and shove Annie’s head up his own tuckus. But the Protagonist Power doesn’t make Tsunami’s hesitation any less viable or reasonable, they’re simply subject to narrative casuality.

          • SofiaT

            The slut-shaming was referring to Tsunami: if that’s what he meant -which I think it’s not, or at least I hope so- then that’s slut-shaming, plain and simple. But I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt; he might be a bit of a jerk at the moment, but he’s still Tsunami, I’d hate to think he’s a jerk in general.
            I’m sorry if you took it to mean I was referring to you. That was not my intention.

            And with that said, I will bow out of this discussion, as it’s obviously not going anywhere. Lets agree to disagree.
            Cheers !

          • Maus Merryjest

            Perfectly understood! No worries!

            Now, I don’t think Tsu is slut-shaming him, he’s honestly worried about the safety of the team, and he has reasons to think Kyle may not be a cool cucumber in this fight.

            And if you think about it, he’s probably more on edge than he’d be any day of the week, since the fate of all civilization as we know it is in the balance.

            I’d be more than a little irritable if I had to consider the possibility that Satan is coming over to have tea, and he intends to use your immortal soul as the kettle :p

          • Klaus

            I do not see that Kyle had any way to predict what would happen. What could go wrong? If the Annihilator wanted to kidnap him, he could just grab him off the street.

          • Klaus

            The Annihilator had been putting up a consistent facade for six years. I don’t see how a few months would make a difference, given that they did not meet during those months. A couple of days is enough for Kyle to do his research.

        • Simba

          They’ve only been “consorting” a little over a week. Kyle mentioned after their date in China that his birthday was in a week.

          • We don’t know how long before the meeting in the alley happened. It probably wasn’t months, but I don’t think it was only days either. Could have been a few weeks.
            Maybe Alex can come out and tell us how long before the main story the prologue happened. I can’t remember if he’s done that at any point.

          • Simba

            Hm, good point. I don’t think it was months though…but maybe. :/

          • Alex has deliberately left this ambiguous for reasons, so I won’t be Word-of-Godding it. But it definitely was more than a couple days.

          • Oki then >.> Sneaky Alex on the prowl again.
            I’ll wait to see what that will mean when ever we find out 🙂

          • silibub

            Oh, now I’m really intrigued! I’m going to have to go off and mull…

          • b3nc0

            Don’t go, it’s a trick!

  • Klaus

    I like that Spooky is trying to get them to focus on the task without outright telling them to stop bickering. Sadly it does not work. Worse, Tsunamy tries to draw him into the argument, even though Spooky needs to concentrate.

    • Maus Merryjest

      Spooky: “Yes, go ahead, distract someone who manipulates arcane forces. That never goes wrong.”


  • Jay Demetrick

    Aaaannnd Commander, time to step in? You’re the telepath. You could literally set everyone’s mind at ease with a little mind link-up…

    • Maus Merryjest

      She’d probably ask for permission first. With Spooky, it was a different case, but in this context I think she’d rather first ask Kyle for permission than do an insta hook-up.

      But then there’s the possibility that Kyle might be a little embarrassed to open himself up like that. Especially if he has had ‘thoughts’ about any of his teammates.

    • Klaus

      All she needs to do is say something like: “Let’s give Mitch and Spooky peace to concentrate.”

    • SofiaT

      I’ve been thinking about it; as Maus mentioned below, I can’t see Amanda “violating” a teammate like that, not without saying she was going to do it first. And I think that -even though the world is in danger and it’s understandable if hard measures have to be taken- Amanda is smart enough to realise that even telling Kyle of her intention to look into his mind, he would take as evidence that she doesn’t trust him. Kyle is already blaming himself for what happened. I can see why Tsunami is frustrated but he’s not helping anyone with his “hard love” speech; he’s making things worse, for everyone. I want to believe that Amanda would be smarter than to create even more of a rift in the team.

      Spooky has already given his vote of confidence to Kyle, confirming that he trusts him and that he doesn’t blame him for what happened. I’d think that would be enough for Amanda, especially with the benefit of seeing the bond between these two that was formed in the bonus comic.

      What I’d love to see, is an Amanda stating that she doesn’t need to check Kyle’s mind to know if he’s trustworthy or not, because she knows it anyway. Even if she then agrees with Tsunami that she’d rather he wasn’t part of the fight.

  • Jay Demetrick

    All the friends fighting bad vibes here are probably charging Fluke’s luck up even further. He’s going to be positively glowing with it any moment now… Hey, he could zap Spooky with some luck to speed up his search, couldn’t he?

  • A2MOM

    Anxiously waiting for Kyle’s response. I love that Tsunami has the balls to be the cold hearted professional here. Someone has to in any story.

    I will also love it if Kyle tells him to go fuck himself. He made a mistake, (trusting Duncan), he wants to help fix it, and he should. That’s way more a part of growing up than having sex.

    • Maus Merryjest

      As long as Duncan isn’t counting on Kyle appearing for the ritual. Then things might take a turn for the Constantine.

      • Katsu Imvu

        Honestly I don’t think Kyle needs to be there, Duncan already used Kyle for the purpose to ‘Break the Veil’ between Earth and Hell. I think that was the only purpose Kyle will serve in all of this, other then possibly being the only one that can either stop it from happening or reverse the damage.

        Usually the one that creates the mess is the only one that can fix it or reverse it.

    • I don’t think Tsunami is being professional here at all. He’s making some serious leadership errors.

  • davefragments

    Any word on the update tonight?
    I’m just starting to get the night settled so I can crawl into bed.
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    Was reading on tumblr (thank you Alex for posting it) about romantic intrest in games. And I remember playing a few adventure / role playing game some years ago. In at least one of them I always ended with at least 4-5 wives and husbands. I guess just that I thought it was kind of funny to see how many I could get. Maybe that is where my lust for many (virgins) comes from XD

    Anyway, that is not what that artical is about. Here is some reading for thouse who want. I find it interesting

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      Thank you again for remembering that I talked about collecting playing cards, and also for your little brother to giving away his deck to me as well 😀

      • Simba

        I collect playing cards too, neat! I have my Seattle ones, ones from the Louvre with Monet on the backs and ones from Hawaii. 😀

        • Yay for fellow collector 🙂

        • I have some from Louvre too, but it’s not monet. It has some Egytian art on it.

          • Simba

            I opened them to play a game recently and laughed because they were in French and we had the hardest time… The Kings all had R’s on them, and we couldn’t tell the difference between the Jacks and the Jokers…

          • Ah yes, I know that one. I believe they go with Rex for kings. In Denmark we go with K (konge) for kings, D for queens (D is the word Dronning) and Kn (knægt) if it’s a local produced deck. Or used to. Newer cards often goes with K,Q and J’s now. Varies.
            I found an old used deck from the 1930s on a market once. That one has different ones.

          • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

            Jacks used to be called “Knaves” in English. (I think I learned this from Dickens.)

      • silibub

        Collecting playing cards, that’s an interesting hobby! I didn’t realize there were a lot of variations depending on where they’re from.

        • I have 50+ decks from various places and/or with various interesting themes on the images. My close family and friends know they should get me a deck if they can find one when they go on vacation. If they can find a ‘tourist’ deck with local images that’s good, or some with various weird/funny/interesting theme.
          I got just about ‘everything’ from various movie/books, countries/land scapes/monuments, historic, gothic, animal, erotica, art, logos, humor, zombies, fantasy etc.

          • Simba


          • stickfigurefairytales


          • Danish, this is why it would be great for you to be on Tumblr so we can see your decks.

            *backs away, waiting for the hiss*

          • Thank you to you too for the tarrot theme decks you sent me. They’re georgious.

          • Glad you like them! I did think that one with the cool images had to be up your alley.

          • You know me LOL

          • silibub

            That’s so cool! If either you or Simba wants a St. Louis-related deck I could probably track something down. I’ve never thought to look before, but I’m sure they’re out there.

          • Ooh.. would love to. One of my favorite books series, Anita Blake, goes on in St. Louis. That could be fun.
            I hunted ‘tourist’ decks every place/state I was in when going on vacation in US. Most airports have some kind of ‘local’ deck.

          • silibub

            That’s a good tip, thanks! If I find something, I’ll let you know!

          • Btw.. for me it doesn’t have to be new decks only. I’m just as interested in old/used decks as long as they’re not looking too disqusting xD
            Sometimes grandparents have some old decks they just have lying in a drawer.

      • Sapfo

        Do you think Hamlet got intressed in making decks? ;D

        • I hope so. I’d LOVE a SF deck one day.

          • Sapfo

            Well she did ask a lot of questions. 😀
            I would love a cardgame with SF, not just a deck.

          • I think she tried to understand if we talked about the same thing when I said ‘decks’ and didnøt specify it was playing cards. Fun that she used to collect disney decks 🙂
            Hope I got her interested in making a deck.

          • Sapfo

            She have done other things in the past the might seem strange. Like cain/abel knickers 😀

          • Simba

            @.@ That would be amazing.

      • b3nc0

        I thought of you 2 days ago, among the decks was there an old one with b/w photos of military guys? My dad lost his military school promo one & I was like: OMG, did I make a huge mistake while packing them?

    • Kuca

      Hi there!

  • Hi All, how’s it going? Not feeling very well so I’m not sure how long I’ll be on tonight.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well. I’m doing okay myself, but I’ll probably have to go soon too.

      • Thanks. Glad to hear you’re feeling okay, Sticky.

    • Feel better soon. You guys need to stop getting sick.

      • Eh. Only sort of sick, mostly just very burned out. I get this way at this time of year if I haven’t taken a proper vacation in the Spring. I’ve been struggling with it on and off since the beginning of Summer.

    • Aww. Boo!

    • Sapfo

      take care!

    • Simba

      Hope you feel better soon. ^^

  • Adam Black



    finally took my spot!

    • Sapfo

      I did?
      Oh Sorry. I did not mean to.
      Can I make it up to you somehow?
      Maybe a better used virgin or something?

      • Adam Black

        I saw Kyle on the train today, ( sorry no cell camara… )

        I guess that will have to do.

        but I will accept foot rubs.

        I dont need the notoriety anyways. Half the internet hates me now .

        But now everytime you log on, you will be that woman

        People will have expectations. You are the of the main posters. You are the “it” girl

        They will want to know you, shake your hand. Maybe they will even plot against you to take your spot.

        You will never have a moments peace again.

        so thanks
        Ive been trying for moments, to make some else take it;and you foolishly fell into my trap

        mwhaaaaa mwhaaaa

        • Sapfo

          Only half the internet?! I don´t think you been working on it hard enough then.

          A Kyle you say, or was it the Kyle?

          Oh well, I can still enjoy some of my kilt men. Have been seing them a lot lately in RL. Who knew? Guys walking around in kilts. I like this trend.

          This was a TRAP! Darn it!

          Well I demant that at least five of my virgins be with me in this prison to see to my needs. I am after all high mantains. Just so you know it.

          As for that footrub…. I think about it, while I brood on my revenge.

          (Good to see you)

          • Adam Black

            we will have to assume it was.

            Yelling, Hey firecrotch on the subway probably isnt the best idea

          • Adam Black


            not sure if anyone told you, but there is whole country of them.

            Wales, I think..or is it Alsace-Lorraine?

            I’m sorry. All of Euros, just look the same to me.

            Americans Invented soccer just find a reason to make you show up wearing your flag colors on a regular basis, so we can tell everyone apart.

            I am surprised you Euros, didnt see through that ploy.

            Still cant find you on a map, but its not like we are going to drive you home anyways.

            “I don´t think you been working on it hard enough then.”

            First, Take any heart medication and google “Gifwars” I even trended on twitter.

            No, I couldnt make any more of the internet angry without going after cats.

            ( SHH Im planning a war against “Caturday” . This time Ill sell tshirts )

            Well if they are still Virgins by now, you are probably doing it wrong. I could draw diagrams, or show the real reason for Kilts …

            Its good to see you to. Especially now that you are popular and famous on here.

            Now that will rub of on me, without all that hard work.

          • Sapfo

            Ah you are so sweet! Make me smile

            As for kilt´s here? Kind of the wrong flag you been looking at. Not really a kilt wearing country this is.

            You US think you are so smart with your ploys. But we Euros knows that US can not remember on flag from another. Muahahahaha!
            (And I heard that US schools sucks at teaching geography and sex ed)

            As for virgins. I keep some of them. Did you know that you can not break the original packaging. When its value is lost.

            I would love some diagrams AND show me the real reason for Kilts. I think I need that to live! You don´t want me to be hurt right? Please show me some kilts! o.o

            (are you on twitter?)

          • Adam Black

            last Q first.
            not really, I set up an account 2 years ago and only sent 3 tweets.

            phone broke.
            ( yeah im sure there is way to use twitter without a phone, but Ive been stuck on how to use grinder and scruff without a phone. Twitter will have to wait )

            So , no

            People just use twitter to talk behind my back.
            ( go ahead: search me on twittter. I told you so )

            thats the only use it has. If I were to use twitter suddenly no one would have anything to say .

            It will crash the cyber economy and people will hate me more, But they will have to hate me on FB, which is probably the worst kind.

          • Sapfo

            Broken phone?! But that is the reason why I use twitter 😀
            Or it might be that I want to talk to people all over the world and not pay for it.
            (could not find you. Or did not know which one is you)
            But now that I think about it. I do talk behind your back all the time. Would like to talk to your front sometimes.
            Phff! try and stop me from talking. I dare you 😉

    • Simba

      Hiya. 😀

      • Adam Black

        hi @simbahutchison:disqus

    • Sapfo

      Wait a minut now?! Is that my spot? o.O

  • themice has posted a lovely watercolor of Rafa for this week, I think normal updates are going to resume next week.

    • b3nc0

      Thanks, it’s beautiful. Haven’t been there in weeks, and I was already chapters late, too m(__)m

    • That’s beautiful! I love watercolors.

  • b3nc0

    Sweet! Disqus announced me a ‘new comment above’, so I scroll up and…
    …it was MINE, dammit Dis, I already read that one, while I was writing it‼

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Okay, I’ve got to head to bed now. Have fun, everybody!

    • Night stick!

      • stickfigurefairytales


    • mogoskier

      night, sweet dreams

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you, goodnight!

    • b3nc0

      See ya!

    • Good luck tomorrow!

      Edit: Goodnight!

    • Good night!

  • Well since I got a thread about playing cards started below, I’ll let you know that if you have (an old) deck lying around that you don’t use I’ll be happy to get it. Maybe older relatives have some they just have lying around.
    Actually, the older the better sometimes – as long as they’re not too ruined xD

    Now, I’m pretty broke at the moment so it’s not for right now, just so you might think of me and let me know 🙂 Later on I can send you shipping money when I’m ‘back on my feet’ financially. Just don’t throw a deck out, even if it’s missing a card or two. If the theme is interesting or the cards are old, I’ll take them anyway.

    • b3nc0

      Shoot, I just put an all /new/ deck on my desk for you… Guess I’ll wait a few years then ;°)

      • >.> New deck <3 I love new decks too *lol*
        I should be able to send you the money for shipping in a couple months. Do you still have my address from last year? Otherwise I think I might still have your email address and can write you when have the money.

        • b3nc0

          No need, I got me some spare money left after kicking ToY.

          • THANK YOU! I look forward to see what you send me.

    • Klaus

      Where are you? I have several old decks. If you can pick them up in Kongens Lyngby, there will be no postage to pay.

      • Er i Aalborg desværre. En skam, var ellers i KBH for en måneds tid siden. Første gang i et år jeg kom på de kanter. Måske næste gang det lykkedes mig at komme afsted, ellers må jeg spare sammen til frimærker 🙂

        • Klaus

          Med de priser Postdanmak tager i disse tider, er det måske bedre at vente til du kommer i nærheden igen.

          • b3nc0

            Sorry, you got me giggling there X°))

          • Because we switched to Danish? 🙂

          • b3nc0

            Yep orz
            I tried to read it out loud with a mixed Dutch/German accent…

          • I like there’s a fellow Dane who also comment regularly. Not often I know that for sure even though I’ve come across Danes online before.
            Of course he lives in the other end of the country xD

          • b3nc0

            I don’t think I ever came accross a fellow Belgian…

            I there any out here this morning?

        • Sapfo

          Du måste försöka komma till KBH så vi kan träffas igen.
          Jag ville också vara med i den skandinaviska biten 😉

          • Eller du må en tur til Nordjylland 🙂 Et besøg skal klart ske igen, og ikke for længe imellem.

          • Sapfo

            Ekonomi och pengar du vet. Phu!
            Fånga musen och jag kommer så fort jag kan. (förhoppningsvis i höst)

    • Danish, we’ll just have to keep our eyes out for some cool decks at Yaoi-con. I’m sure @starrwinter:disqus will help me look for something that’s appropriate.

      • Yeees~

        • Absolutely! Scared of how many cool things there will be there… *money flies in the breeze*

  • I wonder what Spooky is going to say next. Down to two?

    • “If you guys don’t shut up I am going to call forth a demon to eat the both of you”

      • DemureDesire

        “No one is summoning any demons to eat any of our team members.”

        • “I would send it right back!”

        • davefragments

          Just a tiny nibble – – buttocks are preferred

    • davefragments

      Tsunami believes this is going to go according to a plan.
      Nothing like this goes to plan.

    • b3nc0

      «Got it!»

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      A bolt of Kirby energy will shoot up from below, destroying the plane. As they plummet, Spooky will announce that he’s located their enemies.

      • Then they’ll miraculously land in that very spot, much to Tsunami’s annoyance.

  • Woohoo got my pizza done in time before update! (it tastes soooo good….)

    • davefragments

      aw grumbles – – now I gotta raid the refrigerator.

      • Sorry! Camping = hungry and have to get things ready for a pot luck 😉

        • davefragments

          I”ll go eat my pretzels and pout in my tea. . .

          moan, moan,
          wink, wink

    • b3nc0

      I get water for camping TTATT

      • Water = thinking about new episode of Free! tomorrow… so yes water! XD

        • b3nc0

          ‿‿‿‿ ⊱(⊂-©©)⊃‿‿‿

          • Swim Haru swim! Oh that anime… everything was so happy in the first episode which means it’s only downhill from here…

    • Sounds wonderful!

      • Smells like roasted garlic, brie and pesto in my house so all good. Both veggie at least with no meat, but had to have cheese…

    • *glomps starr* Yay!!!

      • *shares pizza* sorry if you’re a vampire though…. XD

        • bah, that garlic thing is just a myth….*takes big bite*

          • Hehehe… guess what I ordered last night Doki (sports anime is taking over my life…) hint:

          • *giggles* I will watch it when you get around to watching Hikaru no Go 😛

          • Well I don’t work this weekend so plan is to finish up Yowa Peda then I can start on it 😉

          • b3nc0

            Are they for real?

          • I’ll find out, but they were cheap enough I decided to take the risk. Good feedback on Etsy/Ebay so I don’t mind risking it 😉

          • Are you going to bring them for cosplay?

          • Yes that is the plan for Cain and Sugawara now 😉 *excited*

          • YAY!!!

          • Even though Haikyuu is soooo not BL, but we can make it that way. I’m quite in love with Reika’s Kuroo & Kageyama cosplay she had for AX. Wondering what she’ll bring for YaoiCon (probably/hopefully Levi…)

          • Have a feeling we’re gonna see a whole lotta SNK cosplay. Heck, I saw more than 15 folks at the mall in full SNK glory.

          • My beta wants to cosplay too which mean’s I’m thinking about it. Have never cosplayed though I do enjoy Halloween.

          • Zombie makeup I think is about the worst thing to have to do (and avoid getting blood everywhere…) but I find it so much more fun to go as a character to things. I’ll probably work in some blood/bruise makeup too 😉

          • Your zombie makeup wasn’t just…makeup. It was blasted epic.

          • *blushes* I am really tempted to just go train to do make-up/special effects one day. I think it is the one profession I would have fun with even when extremely stressful!

  • Klaus

    With todays update, we have had full year of two updates a week. How do we celebrate?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Also, I believe the halfway point of the story is coming up.

    • b3nc0


  • b3nc0
    • stickfigurefairytales


  • davefragments

    Did disqus quit or is everyone quiet?

    • Just waiting!

      • Sapfo

        I think you might have to refresh. there is a lot of talking going on.

      • Adam Black


        • Sapfo


        • Are we hunting wabbits

          • Sapfo

            I wana wrabbit! ^_^

          • You have enough wabbits, you need to share

          • Sapfo

            All mine! O.O

          • Adam Black

            wascily ones

    • b3nc0

      Disqus just put some weird “paragraphs” putting comments under unrelated ones?! But we’re still here…

    • Kuca

      I was downstairs making food, myself. Surprised I haven’t missed the update yet, really.

  • Elizabeth

    My power went out D< Good thing it came back on in time to camp

    • b3nc0

      Good Lord! That would have been awful‼

  • b3nc0

    Is there a special page/post/URL brooming for the anniversary? Alex /can/ be playful at times *wiggles-wiggles*

    • I hope not. It’s already one thing that so many of the ‘hunters’ are present right now 😉

      • *cat butt shake and wiggle* stalks off….

      • Sapfo

        I am not a hunter, I’m a collector of fine things.

        *Take a sip of fine wine*
        Now where are my butler when I need him?

        • Adam Black

          Thats what you get for not putting away your toys

          • Sapfo

            I got the “Black Butler” XD
            (Look up manga if you are wondering what that is)
            I´m sorry. Did not mean to not do that. I will put them all away after V hunt is over. Promiss! -_-

          • Adam Black

            Black Butler?
            African American superheroes ( present comic excluded ) get lamer all the time.
            Well if this is a manga hes probably a cyborg with tentacles. Does he wear a Kilt? Fight Shimmigammis?

            When I grew up, we had ‘Black Lightning’. He had some real sparks. NObody aksed him to clean after ,either. At least I hope not. because that would be awful.

          • Sapfo

            Well I did see “The Butler” this week. (good movie)
            Nope, No Kilt, that makes me so sad, but he is a demon.

            Have to look up this black lightning guy…. does he wear a kilt?

          • Adam Black

            Maybe in his secret identity

            But he what do you mean you dont know who he is

            He was on the super friends


          • Sapfo

            Oh that Black lightning! Well he can be my “butler” anytime he wants to. He look might fine in a suit

        • I am not on a Tumblr Starfighter re-blog tear while waiting… nope…. 😉

  • For a slow start, this camping session has now added 200+ comments.

    • b3nc0

      Yeah we!

    • And it’s been a lot of fun.

  • PoC updated….might be a little ominous?

    • b3nc0

      The chapter title wasn’t really of good omen, either…

  • Cman65

    Damm not here yet!!! off to work I’ll look when home again

    • b3nc0

      Sorry, see ya!

  • anonywolf

    We? Gordon – you’re doing all the talking here, and aside from Amanda agreeing that a real fight was different from a combat drill, and Spooky conceding he hadn’t known all this about Kyle…. no one has actually all out agreed with you so far.

    Also -what if they don’t need Kyle for the spell, if they NEEDED him for the spell then why did Duncan leave him behind to call his friends to come get him and escape? Wouldn’t it have been way more sensible for him to take Kyle with him if they still needed him?

    What if they were counting on you being like this and him getting his team to help out – what if the person they really need is Spooky? Knowing that Spooky would go to revenge Kyle a bit (and save the world) and that you wouldn’t send him home due to his combat experience.