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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 38

242 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 38

Something tells me that Fluke doesn’t like being referred to as a “children”…

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So! That’s it! Completely resolved! Kyle, Fluke and Mitch are totally not going to fight The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess and that’s that! There’s just no way that Fluke won’t accept Tsunami’s well-reasoned argument. Right?

But is it possible that Kyle might have a few things to say about all this?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Determination..

    Stubborness vs. Tsunami xD

  • o.o I’m still alone here?

    • SofiaT

      Sneaky, sneaky Alex.

      • Oh, I think it might be because disqus has issues again. I have to refresh to see new comments. Don’t know if that’s just me, but might explain why.

        • SofiaT

          Yeah, same with me. Disqus is being difficult again.

          • Heh.. yeah. Made me refresh a few times to be sure I DID have the V on the page 😉 .. because I first thought I had written three comments just me and suddently AJ was in the middle of it after a refresh >.>

            It’s shortly worked but now it’s being difficult again.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          No, I was having trouble too. It seems to be better now, though.

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            Email notifications just started coming. Lets hope it lasts.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Wait, scratch that last part.

  • Actually isn’t Kyle 18? I think he has a say on the matter there buddy

  • Very interesting that Tsunami hasn’t seen real combat, but ‘only’ rescues – and he’s 2nd in command.

    Also that Amanda and him are their legal guardians. Also for Paul who we know lives with his parents? Maybe it’s to be able to make/take decissions on the underaged’s behalf.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      My guess is that they stand in loco parentis for all underaged members.

    • SofiaT

      Do we know for sure Paul lives with his parents? The address Duncan gave could be where he is from, not necessarily where he lives now…

      • Hmm, no you’re right. I probably just concluded that in my head since Paul just turned 17. Now I wonder how many of them are orphant or if they live seperate from their parents even at the age of 15 and 17. Do they live together some of them?

        So many new questions just popped up 🙂

        • Elrohir

          Well, it’s a fairly common theme for youngsters with talent/gifts to be sent away for training/instruction especially if their parents are mundanes/ungifted/headblind/muggles (choose your term) and don’t have a method of safely training their gifts. So I’m going with @stickfigurefairytales:disqus on this one for the “in loco parentis” that usually applies to students away at school who have not yet reached their “majority” (I think that used to be the term).

  • SofiaT

    Um, I think Tsunami is forgetting that Kyle is an adult now.
    Granted, it’s only been a day since he turned 18, but he’s an adult nevertheless.

    I’m sure Tsunami or Amanda can order him to get back to HQ, as the superior officers, but the whole “you’re a child and I’m your guardian” argument is not gonna fly with him.

    • I feel the need to say jinx. 🙂

      • SofiaT

        LOL. Your comment didn’t show up till after I’d refreshed a couple of times. And I don’t get any email notifications either… Touch red? 😉

  • bobbyjoeguy

    I want to know when Tsunami and Kyle are going to have their little chat… I feel like the comments Tsunami made in the introduction were kind of setting us up for some kind of moment between them. Will Tsunami be accepting? Will he be angry? I HAVE to know! lol

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Well, Kyle and Paul both look like they’re going to be perfectly agreeable and obedient on this issue, don’t they?

  • No_One_Special

    I know two young men that are not happy campers they look totally pist

  • TwilightDreamer

    whoa, really? I didn’t know Tsunami was their legal guardian…or even Amanda (even though she leads them)….that’s cool.
    *grins*….Sorry Tsunami…you’re completely right, and it’s totally sweet you want to protect them….but I can’t help laughing XD good luck trying to keep them under control XD

  • Pikinanou

    You’re too young to vote, you’re too young to go drink in a bar and you’re too young to go fight against terrorists who want to bring Hell on Earth. That’s it!
    I didn’t really have an opinion about Tsunami, before this page, as he hadn’t said nor done a lot, but I have to say that I like him now. He’s like a daddy 🙂
    He’ll argue with you and probably prevent you from having fun but its for your own good.

  • Elizabeth

    oh, poor Kyle look so upset

  • Amanda doesn’t look like she’s buying exactly what Tsunami is selling either. Actually she looks like she’s trying not to laugh at all foolish boys bickering.

  • Sapfo

    Kyle and I have one thing in commen. We are quiet until we speak 😉
    I have spoken now, and I do belive that Kyle will have something to say on the next page.

    As some of you already pointed out, Kyle is an adult now. And I do not think he likes the idea of being left out of a fight if there is one. (Darn it, he needs to confront Duncan!!!). I really do like the last panel. Tsunami is such a mother hen. Big, strong and wanting to protect his small chicks 😀
    Amanda really do look she is entertained by the situation.

    I do need to point out that they are not following the standard procedure for taking of with an aircraft. Should not they at least sit down, with belts on while Tsunami going through security checkpoints.

    Emergancy exits are in the rear of the plane, over the wings and in the front. In case of an emergency, lifeboat Mitch will take you all kids to safty! Thank you for flying with air Young Procectors!

    I say thank you to the pilot Alex and his two co-pilots, Veronica and Adam for a safe landing.

    • You’re welcome, Sapfo. 🙂 And Tsunami will indeed protect them all!

    • mogoskier

      Not only that but Kyle dose have the most fire (fugitively and literally ) power and has proven he can hurt Duncan. It would be very foolish to leave him out of the fight.

  • Actually, Kyle looks like he’s ready to tackle Tsunami over this insult. At least poke him in the chest several times. Children! Humph.

  • Legal guardians what? o_o That’s a twist I didn’t see coming! I like it. C: (And if I should have known it… I blame the fact that I read a lot of web comics and the little things get lost)

  • mogoskier

    If Amanda and Tsunami are there legal gradians dose that mean that none of them have parents.

    • Eve

      I also wondered that. I’m guessing parents are MIA or have either over rights. Legal guardianship ends at 18, though.

    • EyeDontNo

      It means that, similar to a boarding school, the designated adults act as parents (in loco parentis) rather than continually calling the parents any time they need permission given for medical tests, field trips or activities that may injure them. They also have legal rights to discipline them, be it through physical means or extra chores, or some other method previously agreed to when the in loco parentis was given.

  • Xalun K

    Hah, Kyle’s 18 now, and I’ll bet he’s got something to say over whether or not he gets to participate in a fight he’s already directly involved in in other ways. Aaaaaaaand, I don’t blame him one bit. He’s probably going to fight to let everybody else stay and fight also. Like, “I WAS IN HELL. A DEMON TOUCHED MY NO-NO PLACE. LIKE HELL I’M SITTING THIS ONE OUT.” Or something. XD

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Only it wasn’t his no-no place when he touched him.

  • Oh dear…

    • Sapfo

      * look at Tsunamis chest*
      Oh My!

  • davefragments

    oh rats, got home late and missed camping.
    Nice page.
    Tsunami is preaching to the choir but the choir ain’t listening to the meaning of his words.
    What is the one characteristic off teenagers (Aside from lumpy, grumpy, and monosyllabic) that we all know and love? The ability to to exactly what we don’t want them to do.

  • Heh

    So amanda is the mother hen and now tsunami is the papa?

  • Elrohir

    Two quick observations for this evening:
    1. I am really finding it delightful how Amanda is distractedly participating in the conversation while engaged in her tablet. Does it remind anybody of a certain Lt. Colonel paying attention to her smart phone and only distractedly participating in the conversation? That apple didn’t fall far from the tree…just sayin’…
    2. Am I the only one who sees a face/visage in the tattoos on Tsunami’s chest. I was first trying to decide if the nipples were eyes or if the eyes were just above the nipples (or maybe both sets are eyes) but it kind of struck me a couple of pages back and I finally thought I’d mention it and see if anybody else thinks so.

    • Darkanimefox

      Nope, you aren’t the only one seeing a face(or more). To me it looks like his nipples are the eyes and under it’s ‘head’ it has it’s arms up in a ‘muahaha’ pose.

  • silibub

    Kyle and Paul’s expressions…that’s what you’d call convinced, right? No question! Ha. Haha.

  • I wonder if there is something in Tsunami’s past to have him be so very cautious. Did he lose someone? Is he as much the orphan as Kyle and Spooky? (Since he doesn’t know who he is or his family that kinda makes him an orphan) Has he maybe lost control before and so keeps himself buttoned down? Or is this just natural part of himself? Yes they have youngsters on the team, but a little trust in the training and in his team would be good.

    It’s like Sofia said: Tsunami claiming their inexperience on the battlefield when he hasn’t any experience in the battlefield isn’t going to fly.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I wonder if there is something in Tsunami’s past to have him be so very cautious. Did he lose someone?
      Hmm. Possibly. Red Hot said that everybody in the Young Protectors except Spooky was a reject from the official superhero intern programs. (And I’m still wondering whether or not that includes Commander; as team founder she might not count for the meaning that Red meant…) But, yeah, Tsunami having screwed up in the distant past and be deemed to have trauma issues, the way Red Hot has been, is one obvious option – while the other is having powers deemed to be unsuitable, ala Fluke.

      • I forgot about that, that much of the team were rejects of some sort. But it would indeed fit the narrative, that Tsunami has issues.

      • Derkins

        That’s a good point. Though after getting rejected by the outer world, I’m sure the three younger guys would appreciate it if their own team mate and guardian would have a little faith in them.

    • purplefoxglove

      I’m wondering if Spooky really still doesn’t know who his family is…after all, he’s been a very active superhero the last few years, isn’t camera shy, and doesn’t wear a mask or do anything else that would hide his identity. With him clashing with the PP several times, fighting demons and rescuing people, what are the chances that no member of his former family saw him on TV at some point? If I had lost a family member and, several years later, saw them on TV, I’d totally contact them.

      Which leads me to another line of thought…why would there be no contact?
      a) there is no one left (because he was an orphan before, everybody was killed, or they were sent to hell, too);
      b) he was sent to hell by his family, and now that he’s back, they’re afraid of the consequences;
      c) getting in contact with him might endanger either Spooky, the family, or both;
      d) his family does not have access to a TV or public media;
      e) there was contact, and we just don’t know it.

      • EyeDontNo

        f) He spent a full 365 days in Hell, but time in that dimension is different in relation to time in TYP dimension and was really gone 30 years from TYP dimension. His family is looking for a 40 year old when he got back, not a 14 year old.

  • silibub

    What with Flyboy’s determination to be “useful” and Kyle and Paul’s determination to be part of this fight, I wouldn’t bet on them staying away even if Commander and Tsunami order them back to HQ. I just hope no one pulls any reckless stunts and gets hurt.

    • Derkins

      not without a chaperone!

  • Nirgal

    “Mitch’s gonna fly the three of you back…”

    Yeah, right.

  • Jay Demetrick

    Didn’t Kyle just become an adult…?

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Not quite. There was no penetration.
      (Rimshot, so to speak!)

  • Aza

    hrm. if i remember correctly, 18 is the age of majority in the us as well, thought you still have that drinking idiocy with 21. that would make kyle an adult able to make his own decicions. just sayin’, y’now, Tsunami. And reminding older teens that they are children never really gets them to act along with what you want…

  • Klaus

    Kids, you are teenagers now! Behave like adults!

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Who’s yo daddy?!

    • Derkins

      the king of hell?

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I meant Tsunami here. But who knows–if making a deal with the devil gets you a tattoo, then Tsunami may have made himself a really involved deal, with lots of hidden curly-cues and codicils.Maybe he really is the king of hell!

  • Marcus Dionte Scott

    Tsunami: “They Ain’t Fightin’!”
    Fate: “Oh, how sweet~~~you actually think you have a say in the inevitable. Here’s a lollipop, little boy. Now take a seat…in fact, take several~~”

  • What everyone else said about Mother Hen Tsunami. He is adorable in Mother Hen mode. 🙂

    That’s really impressive artwork on the tattoos, keeping a complex design like that consistent across various angles and postures.

  • N7

    Pretty sure the King of Hell is Kyle’s new “guardian.” Silly Tsunami. XD

  • Mersharr

    I believe someone just had his 18th birthday.

    • bergulme .

      *sharply inhales* OMG! You are right. Kyle is his own man now and if anybody has a reason to kick ass, it’s him.
      Also. I have the feeling that Amanda is about to put her foot down.

      • Derkins

        I’m hoping Amanda will be the voice of reason. We’ll see.

  • kamishiro

    Well i do feel happy about Tsunami speech. Fluke and Mitch aren’t 18 yet. I do expect for Kyle to enter the fight but i agree with Tsunami that is unrealistic for a bunch of “kids ” without combat experience to win against the two most dangerous villains plus now that they have a pact with the demon without some kinda of ” loss”. He just don’t want a young life to be possibly lost.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated matter…
    [Counts] Hmm, I only just realised: My 100th donation will fall on Weds 30th July, just a few days before my birthday on the 1st Aug. I must make sure to have lots of virtual cake ready…

    • Wait, what? Your birthday in on Aug 1st too? I’ve never met anyone with my birthday before. 😀

  • Klaus

    Only if you have combat experience will you be allowed to take part in combat. Hmm, I think I smell a logic flaw.

    • Derkins

      It’s like trying to get your first job all over again. What? You need experience to get experience? Nuuuu!

  • bronakopdin

    Daddy is speaking the truth lil boys~
    don’t make those grumpy faces, you’ll get wrinkles too early!
    Look: here you get some candy, now go play with your toy cars
    Hey Mitch, that is NOT a TOY CAR!!!


    Oh my, I really think Tsunami is right but I feel the misery of the guys, too… yet they’ll have their chances later on… I just hope they won’t do anything stupid… In the end it would just prove them to be… children ^^’

  • David Welbourn

    Oh dear. Wish Tsunami hadn’t gone there with that ‘children’ remark.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Poor Tsunami. Not only did that comment provoke a whole lot of frowny faces, he’s probably single-handedly goaded those two into doing the exact opposite of what he wants, just prove that they are too up to fighting supervillains.

      • Derkins

        And we already know Kyle is.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Whelp. That thoroughly reasoned, mature speech didn’t rile up the young’ins. Nope. Not one bit.

    Sarcasm aside, calling a newly-minted young adult (who would be on the front line if this were the army) and his cohort (who is what, like minutes behind him in age?) children is probably not the best way to protect them from a potential fight, especially considering the following:

    Kyle–the new adult–has technically just come back from what could be considered a combat situation, if you will, and what’s more, has demonstrated that he can hold his own, at least against the Annihilator, by burning him with his powers.

    Fluke’s powers don’t seem to require hand-to-hand combat to work, so I would think he would be the best candidate (besides Spooky, of course) to be able to throw a monkey wrench’s worth of Murphy’s Law into any spell-casting Sircea would do, and all from a relatively distance (with a little cover from Tsunami maybe).

    As for Mitch, well, good luck trying to send him away when he knows he’s the getaway driver; I have a feeling he takes very seriously the concept of “no man left behind.”

    The discussion is settled alright–settled in the fact that when the shit hits the fan, the team will stick together, whether Tsunami likes it or not.

    Speaking of important discussions to be had, while I think it’s cool that TYP is treating the circumstances under which Kyle became a part of this current conflict as a non-issue, it would have been nice to at least see Tsunami apologize to Kyle for the homo-shaming comments he made earlier? Maybe explain exactly what he meant when he said those comics were disgusting? It would help to remove the tiny little cloud of conflicted feelings that is hanging over Tsunami’s head for me. Not that I doubt he cares about Kyle or has his back, but still. :-

    • Klaus

      Mitch has just turned 15. He is the youngest by almost two years. This means that Fluke’s 17th birthday is close, either in the past or in the future. I don’t think that is an accident. Birthdays have power. I think Fluke’s birthday is going to fuel something, be it good or evil. So my guess is that Fluke is only 16, though not for much longer.

      Tsunami did not make any unequivocally homo-shaming comments. It may be homosexuality he does not like, but it may as well be porn, or it may be specifically porn of him or his friends.

    • Derkins

      I hadn’t read your post yet, and basically just echoed everything you just said, in response to someone else’s comment. Get out of my head! :p

    • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

      He wouldn’t be on the front line, he only just turned 18 which means he could only just now enlist, and then go through basic and advanced training….he would be almost 19 before actually being on the front line.

  • Sapfo

    Starfighter have a new page up 🙂

    • bergulme .

      One thing I like about the crowd here is that you get also updates about Starfighter and Teahouse.

  • purplefoxglove

    Things not to do when reading the new TYP update:

    1. Drinking
    2. Eating
    3. Sitting

    No, seriously. I almost fell of my chair when I read the last panel.

    Amanda is their legal guardian – OK. We already knew she was the boss. She definitely had a mother hen vibe – somehow, my subconscious had already filed her as everybody’s mom. But Tsunami!? O.o Don’t get me wrong, it totally makes sense to have either him or Spooky as the second guardian, if one is needed. It just never occurred to me…and Tsunami didn’t seem to have as much authority over the gang as Amanda does. Look at the interlude; he’s just one of them. Acting like the big brother, yes. But not like someone who’s the second legal guardian.

    That makes me look at the whole dialogue between him and the younger team members in a completely different light. I mean, I was like “a little bit much of an older brother there, dude” when I read panel one. “Woa, what makes you qualified to take on the bad guys, then?” in panel two, three and four. And, of course, “You’re forgetting Kyle just turned 18, aren’t you, pal?”.
    Then, panel five. Sucker-punched yet again by our beloved Mr.Woolfson.The fact that all of this does not only make perfectly sense, but also is a facet that is actually often missing in other young superhero comics/stories once again shows how well thought-out TYP is.

    After getting over the whatthefuckdidyoujustsay moment, I wonder…if neither Kyle nor Paul are to be involved in combat, why let them come along in the first place? They were at headquarters. They could have left the boys there, safe and sound. Of course, Mitch is needed to steer the plane, but Kyle and Paul? Had they stayed at headquarters, not only would they have been safe, they would not have had a chance to know where to go for the party, and with Mitch gone, they would not have had a means of transportation, either.

    Or are they backup in case Team Silver decides to attack the departing plane once the ritual site is discovered?

    • Guest

      I’m honestly not a fan of Tsunami. It was probably the homophobia that rubbed me the wrong way at first… and now this. It just feels like he’s got on this papa hat cause he’s the guardian, but he’s nowhere actually mature enough to be a father figure. Seems like he’s trying to step up into the role, and be protective and firm like he thinks a dad is supposed to, yet he’s failing to respect the “kids.” He’s treating them like they are fragile and useless. I’m sure they didn’t sign up for a super hero team so they could sit on their hands.

      • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

        I don’t think that not wanting to see pornography of yourself and you male teammates is the same thing as being a homophobe. I doubt he would have enjoyed seeing porn of any of them and Amanda either. I think you people are projecting on Tsunami. I never got that vibe from him.

        • N7

          Nice to see someone else who thinks the same. 🙂

    • Derkins

      It just feels like Tsunami’s got on his papa hat cause he’s the guardian, but he’s nowhere actually mature enough to be a father figure. Seems like he’s trying to step up into the role, and be protective and firm like he thinks a dad is supposed to, yet he’s failing to respect the “kids.” Even if I they were actual children, this would be an inappropriate way to speak to them. There is a lack of maturity on his part that bothers me. I didn’t mind it before we found out he was the guardian, but now that we know he has a say over he other team members, I really don’t like some of his failures in facilitating respect and equality.

      I admit, the homophobia incident earlier in, with the gay porn, was the first thing that rubbed me the wrong way about his character. He doesn’t have to like it, or even look, but it drives me nuts when guys act all macho and disgusted about anything gay-related.

      • N7

        I didn’t feel that Tsunami was being homophobic. To me it felt more like “I don’t want to see pornography starring ME and/or MY FRIENDS.” It seemed like he was just really, very, extremely embarrassed.

        I agree that he should have a more respectful tone/word choices, though. But, yeah, he is human and concerned and isn’t that much older in the first place. (Is he the pot calling the kettle black, in this case?) He’s just trying to be realistic, and not everyone likes that. It usually is a total mood-kill. -_-“

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        I like Tsunami. Maybe “children” wasn’t the best word to use, but his instincts are right, and he’s talking sense. Yeah, he’s young–they’re all young–but no moreso than a lot of fathers (albeit of younger children), who have to figure things out as they go. He’s doing his duty, as best he can.
        On the other hand, if the alternative is a world ruled by demons, then maybe a few rules need to get bent.

    • Loved reading your reactions, purplefoxglove. And those are all good questions. 🙂

      • purplefoxglove

        Ooooooh, your devious smile inspired some answers to my questions – Fluke went with them because they need his extra luck to find the site faster (as mentioned by Tsunami), and Kyle is there because Amanda both remembered that he’s now 18 and knows there is no way in hell (pun not intended) that he is going to stay away from the action. Better to have him with her and keep an eye out for him, right?

  • I’m sure this can’t possibly be foreshadowing!

  • Yukiness

    Although Big Daddy Tsunami is genuinely concerned I don’t think he is wording this all too well. The kids look like they are gonna throw a tantrum and Mama Commander looks like she hasn’t had her morning cup of coffee just yet.

    Jokes aside, I do like this page a lot. It demonstrates that there is a deeper bond here than that of just “team” or “club” going on here. For all sake and purposes this is a family having a family moment. Nice.

    • Derkins

      That’s true. And it’s totally understandable why they would feel that way. I’m just not so sure what hydro power is supposed to do against the two they’re going up against. Spooky could surely help, but villains as powerful as Anni and the PP have often trained themselves to resist mental hacking, in super hero stories. Knowing Kyle had success attacking Anni when they were in Hell, and he’s the only one who as seen him in action, and given he *is* 18 now, AND he’s only one that is already caught up in the middle of this… it’s feel unreasonable, cruel, and unwise to ask him to leave.

      I have a feeling Kyle will be unwilling to go, anyway, once they find ’em. He feels it’s *his* responsibility for what happened. He wouldn’t ever be able to forgive himself if something bad happened to the world or his friends, and all he did was hide away.

      And though it’s true they’re showing a dynamic here that is very much like a family, they are acting like anything *BUT* a “team” right now. It’s mom and dad ordering the kids as what to do. I’d really resent that if I were Kyle and Paul, who view them as peers/friends who are just a couple years older. It’s highly patronizing for someone a couple years your senior to call you a “child.” They may be minors, but they are not “children.” And if they are, so are the other three.

      • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

        Kyle only turned 18 a few days ago which makes him legal, but one does not magically turn into an adult overnight. Yes he’s involved up to his teeth, yes he’s probably the only one who can actually do anything, but I agree with Tsunami. I would be doing the exact same thing if I were in his place (though maybe be wording it a little more tactfully). I went into the army at 18, although I never saw combat, but I have a great imagination. I would NEVER let a younger person (especially a FIFTEEN year old) near that. And that peer who is only a couple years older is their LEGAL Guardian which means he’s been taking care of them, and does have a responsibility for their safety. He isn’t just a jerk pulling rank, he’s trying to protect them. You can resent him all you want, but damn, he’d be saying the exact same thing if he were their actual father, so what difference does it make that he isn’t?

        • Derkins

          I just think that if he were his actual father he’d still be out of line… at least in his wording. That specific wording is the antithesis of how to give respect to and therefore influence a young person, or anyone else. Blunt force like that will only get you cooperation so long as your back is turned.

          And I don’t resent Tsunami, but I said if I were Kyle then I would. I certainly don’t blame him for wanting to protect the guys, especially Fly Boy. But if it’s a matter of “legal guardianship” then technically Tsunami doesn’t have a say over Kyle. And tender care isn’t what Tsunami is emphasizing here. He’s not saying “we care about you, and as your guardians we want to protect you, so we need you to stay back.” — something someone might actually respond positively to; he’s literally saying “I’m sorry, but you’re children, and there is no way we’re letting you do that.”

          Of course Tsunami is young and he’s trying his best. I just kinda feel bad for everyone involved, given how he’s fumbling the situation. And given the particular manner in which he is fumbling this, on top of a couple other situations, let’s just say… he’s not winning a ton of points with me. >.> (I’d need his back story to potentially like him at this point)

      • Draymorden

        I wonder if being in hell superpowers Kyle’s abilities…. and now that he isnt there…

        Doubt that haha

        • Derkins

          That thought had actually crossed my mind, too, but I think I let it go cause I wanted to think that he’d just sort of leveled up or something. It might have been the emotional urgency of the situation, tho. If he hadn’t been enraged, it might not have happened the same way. In comics super powers are often connected closely with one’s focus and emotions, after all.

    • john Johnson

      I thought she looked more like she knew there was no way of keeping the kids out of it.

  • LimpBiskit

    But Kyle’s 18 now,not a minor anymore…

    • Derkins

      Yep. He’s also the only one they know for a fact that has been able to actually damage Anni. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to see him again, though…

      • john Johnson

        Vengeance! No one makes a fool out of the son of a demon lord, even if I don’t like the old man!

  • Derkins

    I foresee Tsunami getting knocked down in a heartbeat, and the team *needing* Paula and Kyle to come in for the rescue.

  • john Johnson

    Just how does he intend to fight the enemy and stop these three from fighting at the same time?

  • RustyBurrell

    Had Amanda and Tsunami being their legal guardians been established before? That shocked the hell outta me actually…

    • Klaus


  • Ellen Harman

    Is not the whole reason this all started not because Kyle is now a legal adult?
    Or did they somehow go back in time and he is 17 again? They can’t make him leave just because he has no experience since as an adult he no longer has a guardian.

    • Klaus

      It takes some getting used to. For himself, and especially for others.

    • JozefAL

      I’m guessing it’s really not about Kyle’s age as much as it is that Kyle might (MIGHT) be a bit less interested in working as a team and looking for a little more individual revenge. Or there may be a concern that Kyle might (again, MIGHT) not be in the best psychological frame of mind the next time he sees Anni. We don’t really know how much Kyle’s told the WHOLE team about what happened between him and Anni (certain things might have been glossed over–such as the romance-and-sexplay that led to Kyle’s little time in Hell; we see this kind of “only-need-to-know-basis-and-you-don’t-need-to-know” thing on virtually every cop drama when a suspect hides something that he’d rather go to jail over instead of “disappointing” someone else if they knew the truth) so it’s possible that Amanda is the only one (beyond Paul and Spooky) who knows the whole truth (even Tsunami might not know everything–we just don’t know).

      As to the guardianship deal, bear in mind that in many states (and even countries), just because you turn 18, that does NOT entitle you to all the benefits/privileges of being an adult. In the US, at least, drinking is still prohibited until you turn 21 (and a lot of states ban tobacco use to anyone under 19). Many states require people under 21 to have a parent or guardian co-sign for many contracts and loans in order for the contract or loan to be valid. And depending on the nature of the laws in Alex’s superhero world, “supers” may only come of legal age at 19 or 21; for instance, when Anni was assuring Kyle of his friends’ being “safe” due to their age, he didn’t specify (at least, not to the best of my immediate recall) what the “minimum age” was for a villain to do serious harm to a hero. Remember that Anni didn’t actually do any physical harm to Kyle during their encounter (and demons aren’t bound by human laws at all–just ask Spooky) and that seemed to be what Kyle had been most concerned about when he revealed a couple of real names. Anni might have no problem turning Amanda and Spooky and even Tsunami into pavement splotches (since they were apparently NOT on the “safe list” per Anni’s little talk) but I’d be willing to guess that the Heroes community might be willing to give Anni more than a little slack if he accidentally killed a minor-aged hotheaded hero who decided to take on a villain when he clearly didn’t have the necessary experience. (Most of what we’ve seen the YPs do up to this point has been of the “getting kittens out of trees/saving babies from wells/putting out burning buildings” kind of jobs–not the more serious threats.)

  • Adam Irving

    I really like this page! I was caught off guard by Tsunami having joint legal guardianship of the younger ones. Of course, if he and Amanda are only in their early twenties, that could explain why they’re not model parents – I know I wasn’t parent material at that age. Still not sure if I am now, come to think of it. 🙂 Does make me smile, having the earnest reasoning that you know will end up coming to naught.

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    I support Tsunami 100% You go papa wolf! I was not liking the idea that a FIFTEEN year old in a combat situation. And as a 26 year old, 18 year olds are babies too me now too. No way I want them near the danger zone. >:{ But they will find themselves in the thick of it anyways, I know. Either for, plot driven drama, pure rotten luck, or some of the boys (mainly the ones being referred to as ‘children’ running off to prove that distinction) doing something….stupid. So I’m just gonna watch it unfold and enjoy the show, because at least Tsunami is trying to take care of them, and I love that.

  • Kate G

    Kyle’s response to Papa Bear’s respone: PISSED OFF. Somebody wants some serious revenge here.

    Not that I blame him or anything. I would want some serious revenge served on a platter too. However, being 18 does make him adult…and a kid still. It pains me to know there are 18 year olds over in war torn areas. It kills me even more to know there are children who are made soldiers in 3rd world areas. The amount of stress they are exposed to is astounding; even fully grown men over 26 (men’s brains stop growing at 26) have a high risk of developing PTSD after coming home from war. I cannot imagine how a child deals in that situation.

    So, there is no right answer and no wrong answer here. According to State laws, they can fight. But morally, I can see why Tsunami doesn’t want them fighting. Combat takes a toll on a person and a family in every single dimension. I don’t remember my dad much before he went to Kuwait or after, but I do remember him before and after Korea. It’s very scary. It’s still eggshells some days!

  • So.. Tsunami’s spech/lecture on this page. He might not get a long way with it, but I get where he’s coming from.
    Except for Spooky and Amanda, no matter how much they have trained they ARE inexperienced in a real fight. It say something when Tsunami puts himself in that group too. So far they’ve been a search and rescue group, and that is a whole different thing than facing a serious fight where some actively might try to kill you. It’s a world apart and Tsunami is right about pointing that out.
    This isn’t even a ‘small’ fight they might be on their way to, it’s a ‘save the world’ issue. They should have gone after a more.. ‘suitable’ fight first if that’s what they want to change in to.
    Then there’s the whole guardianship part of it. Yes, Kyle just turned 18 -and I don’t doubt he’s going to mention that fact – but it was a DAY ago, and what a day.
    Without doing any wictim blaiming it IS a fact that most of the choices/decissions Kyle has made on his first day being 18 hasn’t exactly been smart. Now, we don’t know (yet) what was said when Kyle told them what he did, but even Paul asked him what he was thinking making these decission. If either Tsunami and/ro Amanda hasn’t asked him the same question I’d give brownie points for their restraint.
    Tsunami has been the de facto father/brother/decission taker for Kyle for what? A year..two, maybe up to three? (since he’s 21) for Kyle. Just because Kyle is now 18 and a day old that isn’t something he’ll just be able to turn off. That’s not how emotions and ‘family’ works.
    That leads me to Paul and Mitch. As much they don’t like it. They ARE kids in the eye of the law. Even if you look past the emotions Tsunami has involved in this then there’s rules. No hero or villain is allowed to hurt an underaged member of their ‘league’ without paying for it – as Duncan said – swiftly.
    Deliberately taking them to a fight where they might get killed.. I think that qualifies as breaking that rule xD
    I’m quite amused about Paul actually. Just a few hours ago in TYP timeline, he was the ‘annoyed big brother’ towards Mitch asking a lot of questions. Now he himself is the persistant little brother to Tsunami telling him what to do 🙂
    I know that I (and most of us at least) wants to see Anni, PP and Laampros have their asses kicked but, like it or not, from anything Tsunami has been saying on the last two pages.. he’s right.
    That he probably won’t get it his ways that is a whole other thing *lol*

    • Kate G

      Okay, my brain is slightly fried here (from everything that’s been going on, I guess that’s not surprising), but which superhero is Paul again?

      My brain has Kyle (Red Hot, 18), Mitch (Flyboy, 15), Spooky (Spooky? Who’s age I have no idea), Amanda (Commander; no idea on age), Duncan (Annihilator, 60 something), Sircea (the Priestess lady; she must be old as time) and then it peters out. My brain is slightly malfunctioning.

      And I suspect Tsunami won’t get his way. Do teenagers ever listen when it comes to something they really want to do? Nooooooooooo. They either do it behind the parents’ back or they nag until the parent gives in (I was of the latter. I was a very good beggar/nagger/whiner/bargainer. Still am actually.)

      • Paul is Fluke and he’s 17. And Spooky is 20. Amanda is 22. Duncan is 58.

        Though I’m not certain Sircea would like the notion of being old as time. 🙂

        • Kate G

          Ha ha ha ha ha, she certainly looks like she’s ancient. Oh, now I’m just being mean! Something about her being old and her being able to manipulate time in a way makes for jokes about time.

  • Something tells me two of the three in the last panel are both plotting acts of open defiance – if things get into a combat situation… Tsunami only thinks he’ll be able to send them back to HQ.

  • Draymorden

    I like how the Commander isnt exactly supporting Tsunami either.

    Also, Kyle probably doesnt feel the love from Tsunami right now, not after the gay porn incident anyways.

  • Sai

    Protip Paul: Pouting when someone calls you a child just kind of proves their point.

  • SofiaT

    Are Tsunami’s tattoos some sort of tribal protection, I wonder? Were they done to him after his powers manifested or were they part of the reason he has the powers he has to begin with? The circular one in the middle looks like a wave, and the tattoos glow when he uses his powers, so they’re definitely connected to them somehow.

    If they were done after his powers manifested themselves, maybe they’re there to assist him to control said powers better -water can be a very destructive force, just like the phenomenon Tsunami is named after. The tattoos could be there as much for self-protection as to protect the world from Tsunami loosing control.

  • AseretZone

    Wow, Tsunami is really going “big brother mode”

    here. And, of course, the others don’t like it. It makes sense, though. Even though it’s frowned upon for a superhero or supervillain to intentionally hurt a young one, it doesn’t make them liable if the idiot kids run into danger and get hurt all on their own. And as for Laampros? He’s not human, those rules don’t apply to him. Furthermore, Kyle is a bit of a liability. What if he decides that to get revenge against Anni, he’s gonna side with his dad and get all kinds of powers and perks? There’s a fine line between a hero and a villain, and having an evil parent can tip the balance. So, they might also be taking that into account – not that they’ll tell him that.

    As for the people claiming that Tsunami is a bad guy because he’s bossy and a homophobe? Dudes, if I saw porn of me and my friends/family, I would FREAK! And I’m as supportive as the next guy! It’s not so much that he’s against gay people. It’s that HE was being paired with people he considers FAMILY, and it was freaky! It was something he would never, ever do and the fact that someone drew it was freaking him out!

    As for the page, the panels are great, I love the expressions, and Amanda looks like she doesn’t want to be involved in this conversation anymore. XD

    • Klaus

      I am sure they trust Kyle. Kyle is first and foremost a hero. That is the core of his being, and the others know it.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    I’m going to get a bit meta, again. Just so you have fair warning.
    Subject for my over-analysis for today: Tsunami. My line of thought started out by looking at the first panel and thinking, ‘You know, he has nice, open, friendly features when he’s not doing the scowly-face thing’. Kudos to the artists for being able to make the lines of his facial expression work against the patterns of his tattoos; he actually looks earnest and a bit vulnerable in that panel. In fact, I might even speculate that since he hasn’t had much luck in simply laying down the law to his rebellious teammates on the previous pages, he’s now trying to tone it down just a little bit and try sounding just a little bit conciliatory… which I suspect might be why he mentions that only Commander and Spooky have had actual combat experience (he leaves himself out of that category) before going and stuffing it up with the ill-placed description of the others being children.
    However my main line of thought relates to the ongoing argument of whether Tsunami is actively homophobic, or is simply squicked by the idea of him and his friends being objectified by strangers in their porn fanart. I will admit that while I would like for it to be the latter, I still don’t have enough information to make a decision one way or another.
    And then (and this is the IMPORTANT bit) I wondered: ‘And why don’t I have enough information about it yet?’. To which the answer is: ‘Alex hasn’t included that information yet and that’s probably deliberate’. Consider this: We’ve had an apology by Fluke on p.24 for the gay jokes making Red uncomfortable. We haven’t had any sort of corresponding scenewith Tsunami. Now, okay, firstly we’re only assuming that literally *everything* about Red Hot’s involvement with Annihilator has been revealed to the rest of the team, and hence that Tsunami even knows; and secondly the way Tsunami put his foot in his mouth suggests that he *might* be clueless enough to not realise there’s a need, even if all the information has been made available – but be that as it may…
    At first I thought the transition from the ‘retrieve Red Hot from the warehouse scene’ straight to the current ‘flying to find the bad guys’ scene was one of keeping story momentum going. As in, alternate from a scene with a lot of talking and teh feelz to a more action oriented scene. I was a hoping to see Red Hot’s briefing to Commander, but I shrugged it off as necessary for the plot. But then the paranoid part of my mind kicked in and now I’m thinking, ‘Hold up, this is a bit like the ongoing arguments about whether Annihilator was being honest with Red’s affections. It’s an extended controversy to keep the readers emotionally engaged and coming back for more.’
    And with that in mind I will go out on a limb and predict that we won’t find out for certain what Tsunami’s actual feeling about homosexuality in general or about Red Hot in particular for a long time. I will also do my best Evil Monkey impersonation, point dramatically at Alex and proclaim, ‘And it’s all his fault!’

    • Elrohir

      @saxon_brenton:disqus I’m going to have to have much coffee and re-read your post a few times before I make a longer response. But two quick things came to mind:
      1. Intriguing discussion…wait! That was one of your points! Wasn’t it? 🙂
      2. Really, really GOOD Evil Monkey impersonation! The Wizard Woolfson is indeed Tricksy!

  • I can hear the “I’m 18 and officially an adult!” Argument just bubbling under the surface.

  • Evoru

    Huh. I confess, I had thought Captain Tattoos was just as young as the rest of them. I also think it takes a pretty brave (read: suicidal) man to believe he’s got any say in what a human flame thrower is going to do.

  • Patrick Handley

    Some how I seriously doubt that the priestess or anny are going to give them that opportunity Beside Anny might decide he wants kyle as a bargaining chip when faced with dear old dad.

  • Johndar

    But Kyle has seen combat, he fought Hunter and Killer, and he handled himself quite well.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    Wow, super teen guardians who are actually responsible adults who don’t endanger the lives of their charges. What a nice change from the X-men and the Justice League!

  • Nate

    While he is right, he did leave himself open for an obvious rejoinder:

    “How can we GET experience in combat if we never actually GO into combat?”

    I’m not sure who’d come up with that, though. In my mind’s eye, I see Mitch doing it, but not as a snarky comment but as more of a querulous “um… I have a question…” thing. I can even see him raising his hand, asking for permission. 😀

  • Mary Klemzak

    Ahh the age old “how will we get experience unless we’re trusted to get it” conundrum.

    Paul will have issues for sure. Always trust a big guy, people! Buuuut. Who made him team leader anyway? Or do Amanda and Spooky trust his judgement?

  • amanda

    yeah… he just screwed up there. everybody knows “never tell teenagers they can’t do something…” they will find a way to do it anyway

  • Sapfo

    Hi you all!

    For you who are following Spindrift, there is a new page up. And for you who have not found it yet. Spindrift is a really great comic. Worth a look!

  • John

    I’m sure the PLAN is that they get nowhere near a combat zone.

    But we all know the adage about plans now, don’t we?

    Plus I rather suspect both Platy and Anni would love to have Kyle for opening a portal to hell; I suspect his presence alone would be helpful.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      If the team doesn’t end up in combat I’d start to think that this storyline is running low on narrativium.
      But on the other hand, if the Priestess and Annihilator needed Red Hot for opening further inter-dimensional portals, then they should have kept him in their posessesion when Aniihilator had him all conveniently trussed up. Only if something had just recently started going wrong with their scheme would they be looking to get ahold of Red again.

      • John

        Oh I agree all three points.

        I was just saying that, while they don’t NEED red for further portals he maybe USEFULL. Perhaps inadvertandely so on both sides

        “Only solomon really understood…”

  • Klaus
  • Siphrania

    Can’t decide whether or not to confess I am waiting for this story to get shmexy again…

  • A2MOM

    Tsunami could have said “minors” instead of “children”; I wonder if there’s something in his backstory about Child Soldiers?

    Also, is he just gesturing or touching Paul in the last panel? I know they are far apart but he does have pretty long arms. I think he used touch with Mitch once to sort of ‘big brother’ him. Sorry, that’s probably a lousy euphemism but it’s been a long day and I’m tired….

    • Sarah314159

      Yeah, my first thought was that “children” was a brutally tactless word choice. “Underage” would’ve sufficed too…

  • b3nc0

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  • SpookyDomme

    If I was reading this as a 17 year old, I would be all “Aw man, so unfair!” but as an adult I’m like, “YES solid strategy make sure to watch out for the babies.”
    Of course the “babies” are probably, in the tradition of teenage heroes in all sorts of fiction, going to leap in feet first, but that leads to drama and all kinds of things suited to good storytellin’.

    • Curt Clark

      Obv. 😀

  • D. Garrett

    he told them. and i kind feel exhausted just looking at the tattoos the artists have to draw and color over and over again. um um um. thats alot of work!