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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 37

152 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 37

A Mitchable Moment for all you FlyFolk out there. 🙂

(Don’t worry. He’ll have his day…)

I’ve got a couple updates about conventions I’ll be at:

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So! Both Kyle and Fluke have compelling reasons why they should be in the fight against The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess. Flyboy yet again shows why it’s best not to be distracted while flying heavy objects. And Tsunami is currently being totally ignored. Will Commander listen to the boys and let them open a can of whup-ass on the Silver Fox and his Platinum Partner In Crime? Will we find out what exactly it is that Flyboy has learned to launch? And will Tsunami just throw up his hands and let Kyle, Fluke and Flyboy waltz into a war zone?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • lol Mitch, hands on the steering.

    • You JUST beat me ;)p quote above is very appropriate now…

      • Kuca

        Lol, yes indeed. Saw that one coming.

      • It certainly woke me up. I was actually gonna make that the last refresh before stepping back from camp to sleep – since I have to get up in around 2 hour xD

  • In anguish we uplift A new unhallowed song: The race is to the swift, The battle to the strong.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Great! Our team members include both swift and strong people!

  • Awwww…..Mitch just wants to help!

    • Danny

      He’s definitely got a lot of potential, but he also needs some polishing in the control and concentration departments.

      • I cut him some slack as he is only 15 and as the youngest is probably getting left out of a lot things. He just wants be included and really feel like a part of the team.

        • Jen Roberts

          I really identify with Mitch a lot – that desire to prove how useful he is, anyway. He’s a sweet kid, and he’s gonna go places, I can tell (and take the rest of the team with him xD).

          • Danny

            He’s a great character, and Alex, Adam and Veronica have written and illustrated him very well. I wonder how that desire to prove himself will play out in the battle ahead? Not that I think that Mitch will become a villain by any means, but best laid plans can go astray by those with something to prove, who move before the time is right and jeopardize their teammates.

        • Danny

          I agree with that. And I can definitely see how his age isolates him somewhat from the rest of the team – everyone else is an adult, or almost so, while he’s the “baby” of the team.

  • mogoskier

    Kyle= I have a way to hurt them if it comes to that.
    Fluke= And I really need to punch someone.

    • Omar Cantu

      I also thought that about Fluke and then I realized he meant that was SUCH bad luck that his powers must be at their strongest.

      • mogoskier

        That true.
        I thought the bad luck had to happen to him to get good luck, but having someone close to you having bad luck dose feel like you yourself have it.
        Mr.Alex can we please have a word of god on this.

        • Yes. For Fluke, bad things happening to his friends counts as some really bad luck in his own life. In fact, he’d consider it worse than he, himself, suffering directly. So, it can indeed “charge” up his powers.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Aw, I love Fluke!

      • David Welbourn

        And if the demon horde actually invades Earth, that would be extremely bad luck for Fluke too, wouldn’t it? If there’s no upper limit to Fluke’s power, …well, let’s just say things are gonna get serious.

  • Kuca

    Mitch needs to improve his attention span if he’s going to keep doing stuff like this!

    And now that I’ve seen the page, time for bed. Sleeping pill is very much kicking in now.

    • stickfigurefairytales


  • davefragments

    Good day – bar brawl on internet, elections, and a nice update!

  • See! I told them it wasn’t a good idea to distract FlyBoy while he’s flying the plane.

    • That you did! First thing I thought of when I saw the page… XD

      • 😀

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Yes, it was also the first thing that I thought of too…

  • silibub

    Poor Mitch. I hope he gets at least one kickass moment to make up for almost dropping all these vehicles.

  • Well, several things i want to say about the page, but as I mentioned below.. I’m on my way to bed, and not even the unexpected of getting the update on my last refresh before doing so is enough to keep me awake right now 😉

    I will be back later today to comment on the page, after I get back home. Right now I’ll say ‘night and get my two hours of sleep before I have to get up to catch a bus.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Sleep well, Danish!

  • Sapfo

    Spooky keep an eye on Flyboy. This almost began with a chrash!
    Keep your eyes on the road Mitch! Hands on teen and two!

    Oh Mitch you are usefull. You are flying a the big ass plane!
    Jupp there is a lot of fight in them all. and they are so young. Impatient and full of enthusiasm. Oh ga, I am going to sound so old. But they are going to end up in a lot of trouble if they don´t take it a bit more easy.

    The art on this page is so good. The colors on this page are wonderfull and poping. Thank you “Team Three” for a great new page.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I know you meant “ten and two,” but I couldn’t help thinking that the Mitch/Kyle shippers would very much like Mitch to keep his hands on a certain teen…

      • Sapfo

        I am all for skipping people. But right now I can see a cool Spooky trying to teache Mitch how to drive….

        • Spooky (sitting in the front with Mitch): Just go slow. Get a feel for her boundaries. That’s it.

          Mitch (looking at Spooky directly): Wait, shouldn’t I be…? (plane suddenly lurches then goes into a deep drop)

          Fluke (stumbling back, grabs strap hanging from the ceiling just in time): Arrrghh, Mitch! Get a hold of her! Dammit!

          Mitch (recovers plane after a few seconds): Okay, sorry about that, guys.

          (Kyle says nothing, he’s too busy strapping himself into the seat. Fluke frowns then sits next to him, doing the same thing).

          Spooky (adjusting his cap): It’s all right, Mitch. Just relax now. Focus.

          Mitch (so determined that he’s gritting his teeth): I can do this guys, really. (the plane picks up speed smoothly, gradually accelerating)

          Spooky: That’s good. Keep her on course. Relax a little more and it won’t take so much effort. (the plane is cruising nicely now)

          Mitch (grinning): See that? What do you say now, guys? (he turns his head to look back at Fluke…annndddd the plane goes into another deep drop)

          Fluke (yelling): Get a hold of it, Mitch!!! (Kyle lurches against him and they knock heads) Owwww!

          Mitch (all red faced and flustered): Got it now, really! (plane lurches forward so fast that Spooky’s cap flies off).

          Spooky (deep breath): It’s all right. You’ll get this…eventually. Someday. I hope.

          Mitch (facing forward, focused on the wide blue sky in front of them, eyes narrowed, face determined): I got this now, guys. I promise.

          (the plane flies smoothly forward, no lurching, no dropping, it continues this way for the rest of the practice)

          Spooky (patting Mitch on the arm): Good job, kid. Proud of you. (jerks his thumb towards the back of the plane) See? Even Fluke took off his seatbelt.

          (Mitch smiles)

          • Sapfo

            All better! Just like I like it.

        • IamM

          Magic seat belt.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Aw, Paul is Kyle’s best friend! I know we learned that before (back when Anni and Kyle were having their dinner date), but it still makes me happy.

  • Danny

    My first thought upon seeing this page: Why, yes, Fluke, Kyle was screwed over. Literally.

    — shot —

    ((Please excuse what I use for a sense of humor; it is slightly twisted & pun-filled.))

  • I just want to hug Mitch sooo much and tell him that I care that he is learning to do new things with his powers!

    …..and I think he needs to take a few lessons from Spooky on how to join a conversation without it distracting him from flying various vehicles…

    But he is just TOOOOOOO cute!!!! *basks in all the Mitch on this page*

    • DC

      Before I realised he was being distracted I thought he was practicing his ‘launching’.

  • Hours

    I find Fluke’s comments the most interesting. Other people’s bad luck affects him too? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I was very touched by Alex’s Word of God down below that for Fluke, bad things happening to his friends counts as bad luck in his own life – and that he’d consider it worse than suffering himself. I think that says a great deal about what kind of a friend Paul is.

      • Hours

        Yeah, I just saw that. Very interesting.

        So I guess that opens up another question. What exactly quantifies what “luck” is? I wonder if luck actually has nothing to do with it, and it’s simply mental powers that are unlocked when Fluke is under duress. The fact that it only seems to happen when bad thing are happening to himself, and people he cares about, might be why it’s being attributed to the laws of chance.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Hmm, interesting notion…

        • Librarican

          Instead of “fight or flight” response, it’s a “fight, flight, or fluke” response? That makes total sense, since magic trainers always talk about “opening yourself up” to the power, whether it is witchcraft, magic, or your own power, in order to control it. I wonder if Fluke trained more he could create that fluke frustration, like the Hulk cues up his anger inspired abilities….

  • Erf. Went to do some writing and got…distracted so I missed camping.

    Mitch looks so determined in that last panel. They all do. Fired up and ready to do some serious ass kicking! It what they want and what we want!

    Agree with Doki. There’s so much Mitch cuteness on this page. I love that second panel. Mitch, you got a pretty profile!

    • Sapfo

      Welcome to post camping.
      Enjoy some fine art and tea!

      • Thanks, Sapfo!

        Any biscuits left over?

        • Sapfo

          I have an onion, I was kind of hoping ot eat that one myself. But you are my friend, so you can have it ^_^

          • How about half?

          • Sapfo

            *look at onion*
            Oki, half it is then! ^_^

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Did you get some writing done?

      • I did, thanks! I was re-working a sex scene and…and had to watch some…films for reference. Really! It was all just to get myself going in the right direction.

        • Uh huh…..sure….. 😉

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Hee hee! Way to go!

  • Sargon

    I think I just realized that Mitch is based on superboy with the tactile powers and his handsome good looks and the spandex-coat outfit. I might be imagining it but I seriously want to see Kyle with him since they will make a cute couple but I think they are too much alike for it to work.

  • Always Raining Here updated…..all I have to say…. “SO FREAKING CLOSE……”

  • Cman65

    I caould use my powers to launch,,,,,,,,,Myself at Kyle’s butt????

  • Klaus

    Answers to Alex’ questions: no, but something will come up and they will have to anyway. Yes. No.

  • Um, I just had a thought. Mitch is so cute now but I have a feeling Alex will finish this story then start the next one in this series. And Mitch will have grown up in the new story. And we’ll get our first look at a taller, more buffed, beautiful Mitch with a strong jaw and chiseled cheekbones (courtesy of losing his baby fat).

    And all of us are going swoon and faint and stuff…

    I’m really looking forward to that. 😀

    • And Doki will guard him closely from other women, because she has prepared for such a day. 😛

  • Saxon_Brenton

    So Red, you’re ‘pretty sure’ you can do it again, huh?. Kyle, we don’t whether the power increase was because – as Spooky has said – that for magical purposes birthdays are a thing, and you leveled up; Whether it was because you were in Hell at the time and had direct access to a whole dimension of elemental flame; Or because you were Hulking out and in order to pull that trick again you’d have to tap into a level of visceral hatred that would risk corrupting you into the very monster that you’ve been saying that you fear to become. How about you do some tests or at least get Spooky’s opinion before you start offering suggestions to the Commander that you might not be able to carry through with.

    • Klaus

      Or because the Annihilator is weaker in Hell.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        [blinks] Hmm, yeah. That too.

    • David Welbourn

      My current theory is that maybe what Laampros wills to happen in Hell, happens. I think Laampros was curious to see what Kyle would do if he wasn’t quite so constrained, and the Annihilator got burnt. And the Annihilator was vulnerable in Hell also because Laampros wished it to be so. Once Laampros had seen what Kyle did with his taste of semi-freedom, Laampros was no longer curious, and so the chains reasserted themselves.

      So this trick wouldn’t normally be possible on Earth under this theory. BUT. I think there’s a significant possibility that it will be possible if 1) Earth becomes annexed as part of Laampros’s demense (and thus subject to Laampros’s whims) and 2) Laampros wishes that his son Kyle’s powers can act howsoever Kyle wishes. Duncan’s hiney is gonna get burnt.

  • Danny

    Here’s an idea. Mitch is without doubt the “baby” of the group and has a lot to prove (to himself and to his team); that last line of his seems to be a sort of foreshadowing. I already mentioned this in a comment below, but to reiterate: what if Mitch is so determined to prove himself that he makes a move before the time is right and jeopardizes himself and/or his teammates in the upcoming battle? He’s young and he’d got a lot of potential, but he seems very unpolished as far as control and concentration are concerned. (“Tragic flaw”, maybe? At least we know the story won’t end as a traditional Greek tragedy… happy/satisfying endings are in the long-range forecast.)

    The battle will be interesting and full of heroics, I’m sure, but a “difficult-battle-with-heroes-eventually-coming-out-on-top” kind of fight doesn’t seem to quite fit with Alex’s style — it’s too simple, it’s too short, and it lacks Alex’s characteristic subtlety in design (not to mention unexpected plot twists). Some ruined battle strategies, a partial world-takeover by the forces of Hell and/or the capture of one or more Young Protectors, possibly Laampros double-crossing PP and Duncan, maybe PP and Duncan forced to join forces with the Young Protectors, even Laampros bargaining with Kyle and wanting Kyle to come to Hell with him in exchange for something/someone… There are so many ways that this can go, but it all requires a fulcrum, a catalyst. Just as Kyle fell for the wrong man and catalyzed the possibility of Hell-on-Earth, so might Mitch bring about the next major turning point in the story.

    Or even Paul. A lot of what I said could apply to him, too, though for different reasons of course.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    • Klaus

      Duncan’s motivation is a key point, I think. That much bigger thing that is going on. I have no idea what it is.

      • Danny

        Agreed, Duncan is still a wildcard. He’s shown that, even though he has made a deal with the Devil for eternal youth and strength, he is still very human.

    • I think if the team stopped telling FlyBoy he’s a kid and let him participate in more of the “adult conversations” he might not feel the need to prove himself so much and might not get so easily distracted. And probably would be less inclined do something stupid when they get into the battle.

      • Danny

        Yes, I think so too. But I really don’t think that that will happen soon, because they are in the habit of thinking of him as a kid. And his dropping the car and almost dropping the plane reinforce his image as someone who isn’t fully mature yet. His powers seem to necessitate some responsibility, at least as a mode of transportation, but he’s still growing into his powers and thus he’s still “clumsy”, child-like. And the clumsier he feels, the more he’ll want to prove that he isn’t, which in turn leads to more mistakes and his team treating him like a child. Seems like a vicious cycle.

        • This exactly, a vicious circle. And because they see him as a clumsy kid, every little mistake seems bigger than it is because he’s trying so hard to show them he’s not. So ultimately he’s not getting the experience he needs to learn the proper control and focus. The poor kid.

    • Kiri

      Absolutely agree with this one. Specifically about the ‘difficult battle with heroes eventually coming out on top’ – this IS TYP not The Avengers. And I don’t think that we can really put a finger on what PP and SF are doing – I have never seriously believed that this is about eternal youth for them as an end in itself. There is something that they need that for, to do what they need to do with it. And the risk of Laampros indeed taking over the earth or even most of the earth was worth the risk for them to do it, which means that whatever it is, it is really big. Laampros and his minions are not the final boss fight, that’s for sure.

  • Adi Zeller

    Mitch is such a sweetie!

  • TwilightDreamer

    aawww Mitch :)….he must feel a little left out sometimes since he’s the youngest, but he’s right, he’s still part of the team, and he has abilities to help his friends.
    It’s hard to know what they should do; they certainly can’t jump head first into a fight with Annihilator, Plantinum Princess and demons, but they can’t stand by on the sidelines either….

  • Nate

    Poor Mitch. He clearly wants to be more than just “transport”.

  • Librarican

    Anyone here planning on attending the Girls with Slingshots tour stop next weekend? I know there is some crossover fans….

  • John

    Side-ass. Yum.

  • Pikinanou

    aww now I wanna pinch Mitch’s cute little cheeks because he’s so cute! Come here, Boy, come see Auntie :3

  • Hamish Kanakaredes

    I’m sure Mitch could be VERY useful to Kyle!

  • purplefoxglove

    With Mitch being 15, does that mean he learned how to fly a plane before he learned how to drive a car?

    • Sanbai

      I’ve known farm kids who could drive when they were 14. But I live in Iowa, so…

      • JozefAL

        A couple of my cousins were driving when they were 12. Of course, they lived in a very rural area and this was several decades ago (for reference purposes, without giving away the ages of certain innocent parties here, this would’ve been a couple of “Mitch-lives” ago). Of course, they were also driving tractors before they were 12.

    • bronakopdin

      as we know from before, he CAN drive a car… the question is WHERE xD

      • purplefoxglove

        That’s more like flying a car, isn’t it? 😉

        • bronakopdin

          don’t be so narrow minded xD

  • bronakopdin

    here goes my hope that they understood, but yeah they’re still teenagers xD

    Mitch is so cute… I can’t help but find him cute!
    ESPECIALLY when he insists on being useful ^////^

    and I believe he really is! Though that stunt surely wasn’t in his favor xD

  • SSF

    This is my favorite part of the comic so far. They’re all so eager to kick some ass!

  • Heh

    Mitch, we saw that coming a long time ago, buddy.

    But is so cute that he is trying to proof he can fight as good as everyone else. Makes me wanna pinch his cheeks.

  • Dave Nguyen

    Give it 3 years and I can show him how useful he can be >_>

    • Heh

      You have to get in the line and make reservation for that wish, sire.

      • Dave Nguyen

        You think he’d be ready for that? Usually you have to work your way up to handle a line of guys.

        • Heh

          He’ll grow stronger [ and we’ll no longer need the consent of his parent, the god of this universe Alex ] so go get you pass number. 😉

  • JM

    I can’t be the only one here who seriously ships Mitch and Kyle

    • Spencer S

      I personally call it the Myle High Club, but that’s just me XD

      • N7

        Ha! It’s not just you anymore ;D

      • Beatrix Muircastle

        thats fricken’ awesome!

    • I helped build the airship long ago. ^_^ Though we could never quite agree on a name for it. ^_^

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      no yer not, I’ve been shipping them together since he hacked in to the computer, saw the history and said “Oh Wow”

    • Heh

      I don’t quite ship the two of them [ I ship him with anni with all my might ] but i agree that they would make a cute couple.

    • Steven K.

      I’ve been in that camp ever since the big A. (hole) used Kyle for his Hellish nastiness and then we saw how upset Mitch was when he heard Kyle had been “done wrong” and how much he wanted Kyle to know – and how much we wanted Fluke and Spooky to tell Kyle – that he was “there for him”.

    • Steven K.

      A “fire-fly” sort of thing.

  • bergulme .

    Mitch, dude, you ARE useful. Maybe been “the driver” seems lame, but without you the Young Protectors are sitting ducks. Also, I assume you learned to launch objects without touching form the distance (to the logical way to advance Mitch’s powers), but don’t do something stupid, just because you like Kyle so much. (Shipping ahoi!)

  • Shinashi

    Poor Mitch feels left out. Well, he is being literally left out of the conversation, and out of Kyle’s more personal problems, and the yaoi fanfiction of all of them… Okay, he’s being left out and he’s definitely feeling it!! XD

    • Steven K.

      I had hoped that there might be a nice Kyle-Mitch “reunion” after the other guys brought Kyle out of the warehouse, where Mitch could show his support and his caring and concern for Kyle.

  • Ishvaara

    I do hope you come out to New York sometime! I can’t go all over the country (outside of FEMA deployments), so all I get to do is enjoy your work here and hope that you’ll get out to NY eventually…

    • Not to worry. I was just out there for the Lambda Literary Awards and I’m sure I’ll make it out there again once The Young Protectors Volume One is out. I had a great time at NYCC a couple years ago… Maybe we’ll get a chance to meet in person there. 🙂

    • Yukiness

      I second this notion and raise that you must eat at Juniors before they close it down and build a high rise on a landmarked building

  • Megan Staples

    I know how Flyboy feels. It sucks to feel ignored and useless, and have the sheer WANT to be useful. He’s already useful, of course; who else can fly the plane?

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    I know how they all feel. I get very angry when I am TOLD that I cannot do things!

  • Syniq

    Man, I really hope this ends up with Mitch and Kyle getting together, because that would just be so <3

  • AeeDee

    I love the page as always, but I almost feel like the orange is a bit too distracting. I understand that it’s a dramatic moment (and a great nod at Flyboy’s personality), but the stark background almost pulls me out of the scene. It almost feels like an assertive “This is important! Foreshadowing! Look at this!” decision that makes those panels seem detached from the rest of the scene. Especially given that this story relies on such subtle, realistic nuances.

    It’s just my opinion, though! (Apologies if someone else mentioned this in the comments somewhere… I haven’t read them all.)

    • Klaus

      Was the color changed? The orange color grabbed my attention immediately this morning. It did not the last two days.

    • I guess I saw it as Mitch’s internal fire to prove himself to his team. 🙂

  • petros0359

    Sorry, but every time I see those subway train hand straps it makes me giggle.
    :: just sayin ::

  • petros0359

    …but seriously, I think Mitch definitely feels being the youngest member of the group and he really wants to prove to the others his worth to the team. Patience grasshopper!

  • Warning: Another TLDR (Elrohir: TLDR = Too Long Didn’t Read) 🙂

    Okay guys this was a GREAT great family page. Major cheers for nailing a perfect character page. One of my favorite things.

    I love this first panel it’s JAM-PACKED with family goodness.

    Okay, if I ever complained about Tsunami being a meanie it’s time to have the surgeon remove my foot from my mouth. His FACIAL expression in this first panel is perfect… I can tell that if this picture were moving he’d start rolling his eyes… right about… NOW. The ultimate big brother at the end of his rope. That face just radiates ‘god help me I’m going to kill these two squirrels’.

    Anyone with siblings remembers that even a year or two between siblings is the equivalent of centuries. So Tsunami clearly has forgotten that he was a squirrel himself like about five minutes ago, and I’m sure both Amanda and Spooky remember it well. Now these two hoodlums (Kyle & Paul) are totally ignoring his ultimate big brother wisdom. Notice the younger sibling technique of ignoring the all-wise older brother (yes… I WAS an older brother… why do you ask?) and are bypassing him (gasp) and going directly to The Powers That Be (The Commander).

    Look at Amanda’s face. It’s perfect! I want to put a thought bubble above her: “Oh yeah and I need to remember to put that fabric softener on the shopping list so this damn uniform doesn’t itch. Humph, are those boys still talking ? Oh yeah, need to call Mom when we get that location… I wonder what’s taking Spooky so long?” Amanda is awesome and so not concerned with their baloney, even though their body language screams that this is the most important issue EVER!

    I swear, I think Alex nicked one of my family photos for this. This was the one where my younger brother (250 years younger) was trying to convince mom that he NEEDED to go to a party with me. I am Tsunami and I’ve just explained that he’s too young, but of course I’m not.

    It’s all right there, in their faces. So great.

    @alexwoolfson:disqus , Kyle’s line is another of those genius info-bombs that you drop in so sneakily from time to time. A line that smooths out at least another 40 questions we all have about what happened after the warehouse, yet doesn’t slow us down a bit. Oh yeah, Kyle was in hell and all the details about Duncan’s plans have clearly been revealed. I’m dead sure that Paul has blabbed about this being a date gone terribly wrong, because that’s what BFF’s do. So, I’m sure Kyle got no slack regarding that. Yes it WAS a sucky birthday. I hope they take him out for some cake or pizza or something when this is over. Spooky picked up the details regarding the rest of the mess, so there is NO DOUBT that the beans were all thoroughly spilled. Tsunami is so completely annoyed with both of them right now that, if he were some horrible homophobe, it would definitely have spilled out by now. So, maybe he’s a little uptight about being in a porn comic, but he’s clearly over it and he’s not afraid of catching gay cooties from Kyle by standing too close. So clearly there is more to learn about Tsunami’s character.

    I do LOVE Kyle’s delivery… “I burned him… I’m pretty sure…” Oh god. Going up against Duncan and Sircea with a “pretty sure”. OUCH. Tsunami is making more sense by the minute. Paul is genius at being 17 years-old. We were all immortal and impervious at 17. I can just remember using a perfect excuse like this with my parents… “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, my best friend NEEEEDS me to go battle the super villains with him.”

    I know gays can adopt, but boy oh boy am I glad that we can’t get pregnant by accident… it would be just my luck to have a kid just like me. Ouch!

    Now I know that lots of you are concerned about Mitch. Remember this isn’t his book so we aren’t seeing all the TLC that the youngest gets. It’s slotted in-between. Like when they are nice to him on the flying car ride home. Don’t worry, they’re not bullying him. 1) Amanda, Spooky and Tsunami would never let anyone get away with it, even if they were inclined. 2) Feeling put upon is what little brothers are for. 3) They always get spoiled in the end. 4) 1 year difference in sibling years = 100 teen years… so Mitch is 300 years younger than Kyle and 200 than Paul, therefore he can’t go to the rock-concert with them? See? One day Mitch will be the ancient Tsunami of the group (repeat: ancient) and he’ll be trying to talk sense to future little YP-squirrels and making that pained face too. His time will come.

    If you doubt me about the youngest spoiling thing, then think about this… Amanda’s uniform budget is probably much higher now than when she just had Spooky and Tsunami in the days of long ago. So, Mitch has a much better quality leather jacket now than he would have had in the “olden” days and he doesn’t even know it. Don’t worry little Mitch fans, if he doesn’t crash the jet, his day will come!

    Spooky’s gentle little word about “eyes on the road is just perfect. And why do I just know that Mitch actually will be “useful?” Did I miss a WoG on this? (snerk). Trust me… he is too cute to be useless. Ha!

    Hey just a bit of repetitive, but well earned, art-love. I love the way all the panels lay over a background of a single sky that ramps down from a really stunning morning blue down into the clouds. It’s truly beautiful and, once again, a lovely example of an aesthetically beautiful detail that a lot of comics wouldn’t bother with, yet it subtly reminds you for the entire page that they are way up there, so that when Mitch has his hiccup it’s really a whoooops that you can feel! I love that little open space after panel-2 when you see the unframed jet in the clouds and the little lurch that pulls everyone’s attention right off of their baloney and back to business. Except Spooks who, as usual, looks completely unfazed.

    It’s just a great family page. They do seem their age in these pages. It does make me worried that Duncan and Sircea are going to slap them about a bit. I do hope our young Mitch doesn’t do something… erm… YOUNG? and heroic. Or Paul who’s only 100-200 years older. Clearly for Paul there’s charged up and “charged up luck-wise.” I hope he’s charged up in the luck category, because I suspect they’ll need it. I am also glad that Amanda and Spooky have a clue about what to do, because I think they’ll need that even more.

    Alex, Adam & Veronica, once again a page that gives us everything we need and a little bit extra. There are some good comics out there, but this one always makes my day better… well except when it’s mean to poor gay boys… but I’m getting ready. I’ve stocked up on kleenex and I won’t be fooled by that nasty Duncan again! Thank you all. Truly great work!

    • Heh. Another really fun and insightful comment, Chris. 🙂 I love that you refer to this as a “family page.” Yep, there are definitely older, middle and younger brother dynamics going on here, some connected to age and some more connected to personality. (And yes, bypassing Big Brother to appeal to the Powers is a very useful tool in the toolkit. 🙂 )

      But the big question is: did your little brother get to go to that party with you? 😀

    • Well, if we go by the various shounen manga like Bleach or Naruto etc, the heroes always get smacked around by the bad guys for a moment before the fire in their bellies, the searing passion in their souls for doing right and protecting their friends and the world, takes over and well the bad guys better look out. Okay, if they are defeated a time or two, they always come back stronger.

      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      As for siblings? People always forget the middle child. 😛

      • I mean to start watching SnK, the other day, but I couldn’t get it on my nook, so I started re-watching Bleach. I cannot wait for Renji and Toshiro’s appearances….^_^….OH and Ulquiorra Schiffer ^_^ of the Espada……I think I cried when his end came…

        • It was very sad when Ulquiorra bit the dust…literally. sniff.

          The Bleach manga has continued where I understand the anime ended with Aizen’s defeat. I need to catch up on the anime.

          • The anime goes beyond Aizan’s defeat….there is sometimes a long wait for the newer episodes. I remember I was getting the disks on Netflix and I had possibly 8 disks that they put up that they would have available at some point. But I had already gotten through the defeat of Aizen with the disks and I think most of the Ichigo trying to get his powers back arc…and I know there is the anime arc where the zanpakto’s are running amuk and that is after the Aizen story

          • The zanpakto’s running amuck were before Aizen’s defeat. I’m pretty sure of that.

            Well I guess I heard wrong about the anime ending. I’ve been following the manga at this point.

          • Huh? Are you sure about that? Because I don’t remember seeing those in the disks I had seen, I only caught a few of those episodes because they where on the Saturday Night Anime thing on Adult Swim/CN

          • Eh, I just looked up an episode list and apparently there is a Zanpakto interuption in the Arrancar arc….huh…oh well, just means that I really needed to re-watch the series ^_^

          • Sorry was making bread.

            Yeah, it was a filler arc. I think that they caught up to the manga or something and so threw the crazy Zanpakto arc in the middle of everything. I actually kinda liked that arc. No reason why. Well anything that sorta stars Byakuya.

            Do you watch it in Japanese or the English dub?

          • Heh, usually Sub, but there are a couple of English voice actors that I just adore…so I sometimes watched dubbed…..though sometimes after watching subbed, I cannot handle watching it dubbed…

          • After I started watching the subs, the watching the english dub became painful. Plus, some of the jokes get messed up. 😐

          • Yep. Which is why sometimes (when I had nextflix) I would order the disks to be sent instead of watching in on instant, because they didn’t offer the sub version of some animes. 🙁 You had to watch the English dub on instant. 🙁

    • You say a bit repeative art love. I say a little repeative comment love 😉
      Awesome comment that words a lot of my thought, as well as yet again giving me a bit of new to add to them.

      I fully agree on the sibling dynamic in the group. I see Tsunami as the ‘rule rider’ (to translate directly from a Danish word) – the big brother who follows the rules, and the logical ways, until it’s impossible not to break them. Mitch, as the youngest, is the one who especially needs his protection which is why he reacted as he did when Mitch was about to see the porn sites. Barely turned 15 and innocent.

      The youngest half of the group are at the age between child and growing into an adult. A time where you want to prove yourself to the ‘older’. Especially Mitch wants to prove himself usefull, being the junior in everything.
      They’ve all been involved in a ‘grown-up’ fight, and they refuse to be left out no matter the logic or the rules ‘big brother’ gives them.

      [As a side note I’m pretty sure those 350 years there was between me and my little sister during our teen years is the reason I found my first three grey hairs on my 25th birthday 😉
      I was happy around the time her common sense finally started to show SOMETIMES here and there. At least that’s how I felt when I was 19 and she had driven me nuts more than once.]

      • ….One of my teachers pulled a gray hair out of my head in….6-7th grade… (two younger siblings, 500 and 1000 years difference?)

    • Elrohir

      Chris, you mention something that had been nibbling away at the corner of my mind (my explanation for where all my higher cognitive powers have gone…nibbled away by thought processes that never finish…like a biological version of a memory leak in code). That clearly the whole team has been briefed on what Duncan did to Kyle. “My best friend has just been totally screwed over!” and along with Alex’s WoG that Paul feels even worse when bad things happen to friends/family than he does when it happens to him.
      So, Tsunami clearly knows all the details now, and Spooky already did. I’ve got to go with the belief that Mitch does too (although @alexwoolfson:disqus can we pretty, pretty please have a scene/moment between Kyle and Mitch where Mitch gets to give him the Flyboy version of the “Spooky Hug”? Please? Can we? Huh?) and yet everybody is solely focused on the problem or on getting Kyle some payback for the injury. Other than Paul’s original, “What were you thinking?” speech, nobody seems amped for recriminations against Kyle for being young and gullible. I do not say foolish, because foolish would require that you did something your previous experience tells you is a bad idea.
      The glory (or one of them) of Youth is that open and trusting heart. It is experience that tends to make people cynical and paranoid. A percentage of that is okay as a survival instinct. But I always feel so sorry for the people I meet/know who have lost the capability to openly trust another human being. Not because their view is informed by their experiences and it may be “the way of things”, but because to see them lose that open, honest heart saddens me; it is “the way of things” for a flower to go from full bloom, to fading, to the flower dying and dropping to the ground. I do not mourn its nature, but I am saddened by the loss of beauty. And so, for me, with people.
      I hope for Kyle. I hope for the resilience of youth; the love of family and friends. For it is, I think, truly these things which sustain us. In such company, would I dare great dangers to stand against evil. Whether such dangers come dressed as arch villains; or the trials of every day life. And THAT I feel, is one of the things that makes this comic great. That Alex creates a story that feels so much like people/relationships we know that we are completely enraptured by it. That Adam gives the story a face and expression (body language, scene) to give the story depth and breadth. And that Veronica gives the story a scope and reality that succeeds in capturing the eye and the imagination.
      In concert they create food for the eye, the mind, the heart and even the soul. And that they do it so beautifully I think is no bad thing. Well done Team TYP.

      **With deference and respect to Chris, I’m keeping my definition of “Terrifically Luminescent Dangerfield Review”
      in this one instance we must respectfully differ.**

  • Klaus

    Is Flyboy teasing Tsunami here? The moment he lets go of his strap, the plane dives.

  • AseretZone

    Okay, Flyboy is REALLY making me think of Matsuda from Death Note. XD “I can be useful! I’m not just for carrying things around! You’ll see! I can be almost-deadly to super-villains too!

    I wonder what he’s learned to launch? Will we ever find out? XD

    Lovely group shot, and the jet dipping is also really well done. 🙂 You can see the motion in the panels!

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    Is it just me or is the donation bar reading $422.73? Can I get a “Ding” from the congregation? 🙂

    • Not just you!

      Ding ding ding ding ding!!

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        Good, very early, morning Belgium! 🙂 I believe that it crossed the mark sometime during Pacific Time day today (as it wasn’t over $400 this morning for me but was later in the afternoon and it’s still incrementing as it’s now showing $447.73). So no, I do not believe it has been reset since yesterday.

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          still have to gather my senses back after end of school year parties should be able to attend camping wednesday

      • Pssst… good camera died at the beach when I went to Savannah and so I haven’t been able to catch many sunsets since. T.T

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    • SofiaT

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    • I was, but I was up all night with stomach issues last night didn’t go to sleep until 10-11 am, Grandmother woke me up about 2 30ish. I am going to go pass out my bed because I don’t think I can stay awake any longer. I may or may not be back….depends if I wake in a couple of hours or if I wake up tomorrow morning….

      …..just met the stuttering ventriloquist…..

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        Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well! Either way (if you’re back in a few hours or not), I hope you sleep well!

        (Also: awesome. I think that this case may have the weirdest collection of characters of the games, which is saying a lot.)

    • In an out. It’s that time where I have to feed my dogs and get dinner ready for the rest of us. 🙂

  • Well I got tired of being alone on the new page.. so, it’s up 😉

  • Johndar

    I love Spooky here. Doesn’t flip out at Mitch, just a cheerful reminder.

  • Leela Flint

    Excuse me, Alex.
    When will ‘The Young Protectors’ book be available to buy?
    I was totally gutted when I missed the kickstarter…

    • Volume One should be available for sale after all the KS backers get their copies, so early 2015. 🙂

  • Sarah Lebowicz

    Aw, Mitch just wants to be useful. :3

  • Curt Clark

    “Mitchable Moment” — I don’t know if I’m madder that that phrase exists or that I didn’t think of it first.