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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 34

298 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 34

Hmm. Something tells me Fluke isn’t 100% onboard with that plan…

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So! Looks like another Power Dampener won’t be easy to find. Our team has taken to the air in search of The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess. And Fluke has a few questions about the current plan. Is it going to be an army life for our Young Protectors? Or will they be left cheering from the sidelines?

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  • Will more of the Kontari Asset and the power dampener secrets be revealed?

    • Congrats, Starr!

    • Congrats Starr!

    • Heh

      I like when you are the first one because your avatar looks so damm proud! Its really cute, haha

      • It is Cain from Starfighter as a cat, so I always think he would look that proud 😉 I always imagine my self as a cat while typing things, and just a bit sassier than normal!

  • Sapfo

    Up up and away they go!

    • Sorry sneaky Sapfo… (my virgin…)

      • Sapfo

        *pocke at virgin*
        I wana have one -_-

        • You have plenty! 😛

          • Sapfo

            But I want that one ;_;

          • Hahaha (it’s my work Abel… sorry…) ^V^ mine…

            Just get the SF one… I have a feeling it will post tomorrow night (for me) when I am working…. 🙁

          • Sapfo

            The problem with SF is that I want back to bed (headache) and…. Abel? Am I Abel? o.O

          • I have an Abel doppleganger at my work… seriously… I look forward to casual Fridays because he wears everything I would want Abel to wear and always so stylish.

            Today Cook glasses, brown sweater, dark awesome jeans, and boots with a thick girl style heel. I am in secret love…

          • That’s nice to have around you on a daily basis. *sweet sigh*

          • The trick is learning the art of staring / gazing longingly without being caught! …

          • That one is already taken hun…

          • Sapfo

            But I only want to play with it. I be really good….

    • I’ve also been taking stealth tips from Doki… they seem to be working very well… *evil grin*

  • Wow. Lucked out. Never been this close before.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    “Guys, we have seats with seatbelts for a *reason.*” (Spooky’s the only one using his so far!)

    • Toli Bera

      *Ms.Frizzle Voice* SEAT BELTS EVERYONE~!

    • Because Spooky knows a seat belt is cool to wear.

    • Heh

      ‘ I’ve survived a lot worse guys. Im not dying by this!’

  • Kuca

    I understand Fluke’s frustration but, there isn’t really much else they can do, at least as far they know. Certainly, they could help any other teams that’d be called in but, they’d never let these guys help I’d think.

    • I have a feeling they’ll find a way to help out with this situation…or something/someone will come to them

      • Kuca

        Oh, I don’t doubt that. Will be interesting to see how it comes about.

    • But aren’t most of the teams off planet with that Transwhatchamacallitthingy

      • Kuca

        Forgot about that thing, been a while there. Perhaps then the army would ask for help once they’re done getting their ass kicked.

        • Yeah, it has. Hong Kong was… *trying to count* Well okay, in TYP time it’s only been about a week. lol

          • Kuca

            lol, yeah. Crazy how that happens with stories in progress.

          • Yup! 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    Ain’t no one said they wouldn’t be involved. they need to soften the enemy before the army steps in. you don’t send mundanes in against magic.

    • Kuca

      You shouldn’t send them in, no. But, what people should do often differs from what actually happens. Seems like that’s what often happens in stories with magic and those without.

    • Perhaps as part of the plan The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess are counting on Kyle becoming involved again? There are still some hanging threads of things left to be done in my mind…

  • Wait, Mitch is flying a plane now without using the wheel? Okay, Imma stay here on the ground

    • Was thinking that too… using movement / hand gestures maybe?

      • stickfigurefairytales

        That makes me think of driving in MarioKart (or any racing game), and the fact that leaning in the direction you want to turn is a totally viable thing to do.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        More like grabbing ahold of one of those metal cylinders and just guiding it by pure intent. We could argue that those metal cylinders are reinforced as part of the superstructure of the plan, and that he therefore he directs the plane by physical strength – but he didn’t do that when he was flying Spooky’s car by holding on to the seats, so it can’t be *purely* by physical strength.

      • That’s what it looks like. Meep.

        • IamM

          It looks like he grabbed that post that’s part of the plane in order to levitate it. I think his power does something like manipulate the momentum or gravitation of anything he’s touching. I’m hoping his power stunts include catching up to knives thrown at super speed and reversing their momentum with a touch.

          • I went back to the previous page, there are apparently two posts he uses. One for each side of the plane I’m going to assume.

            Doesn’t make me feel any better to be on the plane. 😐

            I hope we learn more of his powers soon.

    • Vik-Thor

      Well, he wasn’t using the wheel or anything when he was flying the car, was he?
      Will say, that using him as the engine for their plane must save them a ton of money in the fuel category!

      • No, but his hands were at least ON the car. And well I’m not certain I woulda wanted to be in that car either. o.O

        • Mitch can fly me anytime in anything. ^_^

        • Saxon_Brenton

          And any time he protests that he’s *perfectly safe* when flying, you’ll counter by bringing up that pesky almost-dropped-the-car incident, right?

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “Yeah, but I caught it!”

          • Of course! I know, it’s mean, but almost dropped!

            Actually I feel pretty bad for him. I hope he’s getting paid for this. I mean Mitch fly us here. Mitch fly us there. And yet they never let him join in the good stuff.

          • Saxon_Brenton

            And yet they never let him join in the good stuff.
            Hmm. That’s a very good point. I’d forgotten about the conversation they had while flying to retrieve Kyle. The weary look on his face just before the dropped-car incident tells us that he’s heard it all so many times before.

          • It’s really unfair. I hope they offer some appreciation.

      • thebitterfig

        Probably still true even if they turn the engines on once cruising altitude and heading are reached… I mean, you wouldn’t want Mitch tired out for the battle.

  • SofiaT

    Are Dumb and Dumber part of whatever plan Duncan is trying to thwart?
    Hm…. Although I seriously doubt they are the masterminds behind whatever threat is looming over the Earth; a threat that’s apparently worse than an army from Hell.

    • silibub

      I doubt they’d have the brainpower between them to assemble Ikea furniture, let alone mastermind a secret mega-crisis. They could be pawns of an as-yet unknown Big Bad, though, which would actually be great because it might lead to my favorite trope ever — the heroes and villains teaming up to eliminate a common enemy. (Please, author god!)

      • SofiaT

        Hear, hear!!

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      They may not be part of any plans Sofia, but Amanda probably feels that they may know more about stolen tech.

      • SofiaT

        I don’t think they have made any plans -they’re not smart enough for it.
        But there’s no way they stole the power dampeners just to go against The Annihilator. Someone has another goal in mind: probably dampening the powers of all superheroes. So whether they know it or not, my bet is they are part of whatever is going on.

        • Jakk Anthony Guzman

          Yes, and Amanda can read minds so she would know who they are working for or who gave it to them, etc.

          • IamM

            Unless Sircea approached them directly with the ‘tip’ that lead them to Duncan right when he was expecting them, I doubt they know anything immediately useful.

        • Very interesting. All superheroes and villians having to rely on their “humanness” to reach their goals.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Ooh, I like that notion!

        • IamM

          They were unwitting pawns in the plan to win Kyle’s trust. On top of which, I think Sircea probably arranged for one of the power dampeners to fall into their hands to reinforce Duncan’s resolve with a reminder of how much it would suck to be a notorious supervillian with dwindling powers and/or to make sure it works on him, so she can seize control once the world’s conquered.

          • SofiaT

            That’s a plausible theory. But Duncan seemed genuinely surprised to find his powers not working -he didn’t know what the power dampener was. So if the tech was stolen by Sircea, Duncan was unaware of it. Either Sircea has her own plans then, or there is someone else orchestrating this.

          • IamM

            Sircea has her own plan (and it probably doesn’t include sharing control with Duncan for eternity) is my theory to explain the power dampener. Duncan knew H&K were supposed to be coming to ambush him, but he didn’t know about or recognize the inhibitor gizmo.

          • SofiaT

            Yes, as said earlier, that’s definitely plausible.
            While I’ve seen enough of Duncan to be able to peg what kind of man he is (and to realise he has a code of honour -such as it is- that he stands by), Sircea is an unknown quantity. Her association with Duncan is all we have to go by, so far. He’s given me the impression he cares for her and trusts her, as far as he gets to trust anyone at least, but does she care for him?

            Part of me would love for Sircea to be the real baddie here, but another part of me hopes she’s a real and honest partner to him. I’ve never hidden the fact I like Anni and it saddens me to see him alone, like a corrupt Superman in his Fortress of Solitude. Sircea seems to be the only friend he has, so I want her to be true to him.

    • If they are, I wonder if they even know that they are. 😐

      • SofiaT

        Most likely not.
        They’re the kind of idiots who are (expendable) pawns thinking they’re in charge the whole time . *shakes head*

        • Should be interesting. Wonder if they’d ever figure it out.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    By the way, here are the pictures I took of the Parade the Circle preparations this afternoon/evening!

    …Feel free to ignore everything else on that page, though.

    • So COOL!!!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I know, isn’t it?! This is the 25th year that it’s been held, and it now gets about 75,000 people in attendance. 😀

        • Yer gonna be plenty busy tomorrow! Have fun with it.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Thanks! I’m actually just going to watch tomorrow, though. 🙂

    • Very nice!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thanks! I was happy to get the chance to help with some of the stuff.

    • Heh

      Cool! Very good pictures!

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Thank you! 🙂

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Mitch coolness alert! At first I thought that when Mitch says “Roger that” he was responding to Amanda’s comment in panel 2 about power neutralising tech not being an option. But he’s not. He’s responding to Spooky’s instructions to take the plane up to 5000 feet. That plane isn’t a loaner: it’s a custom made job that Mitch is flying – just like he did with Spooky’s car! Whoa! How much mass can this kid carry? (And how much do they save on fuel?)

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Also, does Mitch make airplane noises as he flies?

  • silibub

    Something makes me think that even if the plan is to let the military handle it, the team will get drawn in by necessity once they actually locate the villains — either because of a trap or because the gate will be opening as they arrive so they’ll have no choice but to try intervening. This is gonna be a nail-biter!

    • Kuca

      Wonder if the demons will eat the army in that case. I almost hope the Annihilator and PP succeed, at least the short term-just to see what happens to the story.
      Though, whatever best reveals what this “greater threat” is, I suppose.

      • silibub

        My personal bet is that they will succeed in opening the gate, although what Laampros does after that is anyone’s guess. I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t manipulate the contract to Duncan and Sircea’s detriment somehow.

        • Yes, it seems to me that these types of contracts were made to be manipulated, loop-holed by someone like Laampros.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            “Ah, but your no-loophole clause is void because today is OPPOSITES DAY!”

          • Heh

            ‘ That mark on your arm was just my Autograph, it never meant anything guys, geez ‘

        • Kuca

          Detriment, yes-death? That’ll be the question. Once he’s on earth though, he’ll be on more even ground with the Annihilator. At that point, the Annihilator won’t be weakened by the fabric of the reality he’s standing in and it’d be a more even fight.
          But, then again, he is marked. Dunno what would happen with that.

          • silibub

            Well hopefully not death, that would suck beyond all sensibility. I’d kind of like to see Duncan and Sircea fight together against Laampros, though, if he cheats them and pisses them off. That would be so badass!

          • Kuca

            That it most certainly would be.

  • I wonder what Mitch’s top speed is?

    I am sorry I missed camping…the unintentional couple hour nap I had earlier skewed my time perception.

    …and also when I was napping our cats were apparently playing with a baby snake in the room where I have my computer.

    No one knows how the baby snake got into my computer room.

    • 1001 comments, Doki.

      Baby snake? Sounds like it took a very wrong turn.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Poor baby snake! Is it okay?

      • Maybe? This all happened while I was asleep….completely passed out on the couch. My brother said he put it outside, but he didn’t specify if it was living or dead.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I hope it’s all right.

  • Xalun K

    Spooky, Commander didn’t say there wouldn’t be an effort made, just that it’s not likely to happen. Also, I imagine going through SOMEONE’S head right now is something akin to, “If it was that easy to manipulate one of us, how likely is it that we’ll come out clean if we engage them?”


  • Heh

    Fluke and I think alike, but i understood commander’s viewpoint. They MUST gather more info before just going like ARRRRRRRHG into battle – PP and Anni have just too much experience with evil plans to leave a HUGE GAP LIKE THAT. Sending the military will let them have a clearer idea of what is going on. [ I hope so! ]

    After all, they have their own ways of assuring their protection, magical barriers and stuff like that included. A surprise attack might not be so effective – and it’s not even THAT surprising since Anni has to know by Red’s personality that he won’t let things just stay that way. He’ll detect them miles away!

    Also im lovin the fact that the guy who flies by himself, Mitch, is also the one to fly the plane. Im laughing so hard ’cause it makes SO MUCH SENSE, but somewhere in my mind i was sure it would be commander’s duty. I don’t even know why. Maybe the image of a mother hen associated to her that hard in my mind?

    Ps: How do i use italic/bold on disqus? I almost just show my face around here, so i never thought about it until today.

  • Heh

    On a side note [ god im rambling a lot today ], I spy with my little eye some cable there! So lets play a game: What do you think TYP would watch in tv there in their few free hours?

    [Yes, im aware that it might not be for THAT purpose the cable thingie that i dont know the name in english but we call antena here it’s there. I just want to know your opnion, guys ] 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I think that Spooky would watch competitive cooking shows – not religiously, but he’d watch if it was on.

      • Heh

        I can totally see he watching top chef already!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Wow, well that’s energy efficient flyboy…;P (yes I had to say it).
    Well not that I think Amanda is planning to “just hand it over”….but it certainly won’t turn out pretty if they have to sit out, I’m pretty sure Paul is eager to “greet” a certain anarchist…;P…as much as the rest of them I’m sure.
    I’m curious, but I really can’t picture how things are going to go when Kyle and Duncan meet again….

    • Kuca

      I can only imagine now-them standing there all awkward or arguing while everyone else is fighting and the army is being eaten by the demons.

      • TwilightDreamer

        lol, either that, or the second Kyle lays eyes on Duncan, he’ll lose it and try to smash his face in XD (if Spooky and Paul don’t beat him to it).

  • And up we go.. I’ve said the whole time that I want one of those glider planes. That it apparently needs Mitch to fly it only adds and extra bonus since I’ll need him too 😉

    Damn cool that he can manipulate material like that .. I just hope he remembers not to let go of the steering-thingy *lol*
    That plane must be all new and custom build for him, since he’s the newest on the team, or there’s more than one way to fly it but this was build secondary because it works with Mitch.

    So who released dumb and dumber? I know some of the plan attack was planned along with Anni, but he seemed genuinly surprised about the power-dampener factor. The question is if PP took it a step further than agreed with Anni and/or who is ‘playing’ on two sides .. because something in this doesn’t add up right.

    Besides the whole heroes vs. villains going on, in the fight to save the world, there also seems to be some kind of villain vs. villain mysterious thing going on.

    The question is who’ll side with who in the end?

    • Kuca

      That’s always the question, isn’t it?

      As for dumb and dumber, I almost think the Annihilator took a quick detour and went back to dispose of them after the fact. Though, that may have required time he didn’t have. We’ll see!

      With Mitch flying the plane, perhaps they’ve had it for a bit and the commander just used her powers to fly it before and along comes Mitch who has an affinity for flying and is able to do it better. I doubt they had it built just for him. How would they have known he’d be able to pilot it like that just because he has the power to fly?

  • TSunami is a big guy! It’s been clear the whole time, but panel 2 really points it out.
    I can’t wait to see the trading card with his personal info on it.. to see ALL the trading cards with their info. I’m so happy the kickstarter managed to reach all the card stretch goals so 4 complete sets are being made 🙂

    I wonder how much info the cards will give about Hunter and Killer. After this scene my curiosity has spiked a LOT about those two.

    • silibub

      Tsunami really is huge! And he doesn’t look uncomfortable standing right by Kyle, either, which to me indicates that he doesn’t think the gay is contagious, at least, haha.

      • Brian Bartholomew

        or he does not know Kyle is gay.

        • silibub

          That’s possible, if the rest of the team hasn’t been fully informed about how Kyle got mixed up with the Annihilator, but it’s hard for me to think of a way to explain the events in Hong Kong — which Amanda alludes to right in front of Tsunami — without Kyle’s sexual orientation becoming fairly obvious. I don’t think anyone would buy that Kyle accompanied Duncan to China for a bout of platonic arm-wrestling (or…whatever straight guys do).

    • There are indeed some nice, juicy tidbits about H&K in the cards. Looking forward to sharing that. 🙂

      • Wohoo 😀 .. omg just the thought of the categories for the cards, and in relations with those two. I can’t even imagine what you’ve come up with LOL

  • SofiaT

    I just now realised that the pattern on the front of Fluke’s uniform forms the letter “F”.
    Duh, Sofia.

    Anyone else had missed that or am I the only blind person here?

    • Kuca

      No, you’re not the only blind one here, I can promise you that.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Whoa! I hadn’t noticed that either!

    • LOL .. well then I wasn’t the last one to notice this after all. I had that ‘Duh-moment’ back on the first pages of this chapter when Kyle calls him.
      I decided to stay quiet about me not noticing it then, because OMG why hadn’t I seen that before?

      • Heh

        Second that, haha!

      • Klaus

        Third that.

      • Simba

        That’s about when I first noticed too. Felt pretty derpy. ^^

    • TwilightDreamer

      Nope, I missed that to 😀

    • Cman65

      I have been too busy looking at his butt

    • Saxon_Brenton

      IIRC I had noticed it back in chapter 1, and thought something along the lines of ‘Hmm, his initial is integrated into his costume in a way more reminiscent of the X-Men costumes than of Superman’s chest shield’ and then I thought no more of it.
      And since then… Well, these days when I think of Fluke’s costume, more often I’m struggling to understand how the length of his collar only extends halfway up his neck when he has his helmet-mask off, but extends all the way up past his nape when he has his helmet on. (Go on, go back and look at the burning building scene in chapter 1 where he’s fully masked – particularly the rear shot on him on page 9. Then compare that to any scene where he’s unmasked.) I’m also more likely to compare and contrast the way the white parts of Fluke’s costume are reflective silvery when compared to the non-reflective matte white parts of Red Hot’s costume. But that causes me nowhere near the bamboozlement that Fluke’s collar does.

    • fujoshifanatic

      I totally missed that–I was too busy admiring the muscle definition underneath and imagining the view without the uniform. Then I was busy feeling bad because I have socks older than him. :-

  • IamM

    Mitch levitates plane.

    You go, Flyboy!

  • Klaus

    The air traffic controllers are not going to be pleased.

    And Fluke: locating the target is being part of the operation.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Another hectic work week, but glad I for the weekend and my TYP fix! I like all the exposition dialogue offering all the juicy plot details. And I like even more all the speculation and theorizing going on in the comments. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how the Kontari, the second dampener, and H&K factor into the plot as it develops.

    That plane is not only cool-looking, it’s also green! As I understand it, the bulk of the fuel used in high-speed aircraft is expended during take-off, so I imagine a Flyboy-powered plane would be insanely fuel-efficient. Not surprising for a crew of socially-concious young heroes.I wonder why the crew is standing up during take-off–that can’t be very safe! At least they are holding on to the grab bars though.

    And I have a feeling that the plan Fluke outlined is going to go to hell pretty quickly once they get into the thick of things, so he needn’t worry about standing on the sidelines while the authorities nab the bad guys.

    • They aren’t sitting down because Flyboy Air is a very smooth ride. ^_^

    • Danny

      Excuse me for the possible bad pun, but did you mean literal hell or metaphoric hell? 🙂

  • bronakopdin

    Oh wow!
    Right now I wonder up to what weight Mitch can move to the air?! I already paid my respects for him with that car and 2 dudes inside but that reaaally big ship with all of them?!
    Does he even feel “weight”?
    You’re such an awesome runt xD

    and wow, I somehow like Commander for her very dry way of discussing things, it always sounds as if she’s not even interested of what she’s talking about! So VERY different from what she was 6 years ago when cheering up Spooky, makes me wonder why tbh! Does she only show affection when needed?
    maybe at some far away future point we might get a BG story continuation? *wigglybrows*
    Though admittedly, with that attitude AND lipstick she really resembles mommy Charleyboy a LOT!

    Well Spooks is still too concentrated to listen to anyone else right now but Fluke seems rather dissatisfied atm, hopefuly they won’t start a fight among themselves now, BAD timing >_>’

    a great page though! Again!
    Also I like the design of the ship a lot 🙂 it’s not too fancy but useful and the inside has lot’s of potential visitor seats xD
    no seriously, just blend out the safetybelts on the seets and panel 2 could be a tram!
    I guess the purpose is for saving lots of people in case of an emergency?

    (and btw I just saw the donation bar flipped over, new page on Wednesday Aug 6th! We’re in AUGUST :D)

  • David Welbourn

    Fluke, if the YP wasn’t considered part of the effort to stop the bad guys, you’d all be staying home. Like, duh. Try considering the military as a extremely well-trained and well-equipped ally. If there’s a horde of minions, illusions, or demons to contend with, you’ll be glad to have some extra manpower and expertise on your side — especially with the entire planet in the balance. Teamwork, Fluke. Rah rah.

    I’m reminded of a video game in the Quest For Glory series where you play as one of several contenders for the kingship of some island kingdom, and the elders have set you various tasks to prove your heroism and worthiness; they supposedly want the best leader possible. Ludicrously, the tests tended to involve a lot of combat, even including single-handedly defending the island from waves of invaders at five separate places along the coastline. I couldn’t believe how bad a test that was. A king that runs off to fight 200 invaders all by himself? Regardless of his fighting skills, how the heck is that good leadership?

    • Kate G

      ^I now think all of those red dots are dungaree-clad yellow minions creating mayhem for Spooky.

  • bergulme .

    Mitch flying the plane is awesome. This way the team can be extra stealthy. No jet engines necessary as the design shows. Good thinking!

    • Klaus

      I don’t know. If the plane had engines, Mitch could go scouting in one direction while the rest of the team flew in another.

  • Pikinanou

    Poor Fluke, he was looking forward to go get the bad guys and now he realizes he might end up playing water boy for the army :O Don’t worry, buddy, in superheroes stories, its usually the superheroes that do the fun stuff 😛

  • purplefoxglove

    Yes, yes, Alex, the heroes are rushing in to thwart the big evil plan, options are considered, all very interesting, but, please – can we get to the part where we learn how Commander, Flyboy and Tsunami react to Kyle’s revelations? Pretty please?

    Don’t look at me like that, people, I’ve been so convinced we’d start off with just that happening, I feel like the coyote in roadrunner who ran off a cliff and is just now noticing that there is not ground under it’s feet anymore. I missed something important!

    • SofiaT


      I have a feeling that Alex will address that issue at some point, one way or another.

      Maybe right after they find Sircea and Duncan and they manage to distract them from performing the ritual, with the help of the flying robot ninja pigs?

      I’ve been waiting to see those for a long time too! 😉

      • purplefoxglove

        Pigs? I thought they were cows! (O_O)

        • SofiaT

          No, no. They’ve always been pigs. Flying. And robot ninja.

          • I think purple might have been remembering the zombie pirate conspiracy cows….

          • purplefoxglove

            Oh, yes, thank you for clearing that one up. Must update my forum notes…can’t have me mixing things up!

      • Flying Robot Ninja Pig!!!

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      Maybe they can all buy him a cake decorated with rainbows, Barbara Streisand, two men commiting sodomy, or some other gay symbol!

  • Holly

    I don’t know why, but the more I see of Paul the more I question his maturity. Maybe I am just reading it oddly after the first part of the chapter, but I don’t think Paul really considers the implications of things.

    • I was going to say something about my opinion of Fluke, but then decided it is safer to keep my mouth shut. ^_^

      • Heh

        I dont talk about mitch, you don’t talk about fluke, we can hug and dance together ^0^

    • I think that’s quite normal for a barely turned 17 year old. It’s a time where they’re in between maturing, and learning a lot, and that child-state that sometimes makes you want to knock some sense into their head.

      Before I moved to where I live now, I rented rooms in a house where a mom lived with her two children, a boy and a girl. By the time I moved he was a couple months shy of turning 17, and let me tell you… sometimes it felt like every intelligent/logic brain cell I knew he (and his friends) had had gone on vacation 😉

  • Sapfo

    I am trying to come with a really good comment right now, but all I can think of is that Tsunami have really big, big, big arms o.o
    Is he good at hugging?

    Oki so Tsunamis arms is not the only thing I am thinking about.
    Panel 3: Is Mitch/flyboy using his powers to make the “plane” to fly?

    And the last panel: Yes Paul, the rest of the comics is going to be all of you having a teaparty. Yay! Tea for everyone!
    (Really Alex? I would never anticipate this turn in this comic. But you are the writer, I guess a teaparty will do…..Can they at least be wearing kilts while they are having a teaparty?)

    Thank you for a great new page!
    Get better Alex. The new week is soon here with the best day of the year midsummer!

    • purplefoxglove

      Here I am, unsuspectingly reading your comment, and BOOM! the mental image of the whole TYP team wearing nothing but kilts while having a tea party burns itself into my brain. And adds Duncan. And…there was this add by Dale Lazarov a short time ago…it included men in kilts…

      Brain happily mixing…

      I’m going to nosebleed in private now.

      • Sapfo

        Oh Dear!

        • purplefoxglove

          You started it! 😛 😉

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        The “Better Together” campaign should totally use Lazarov art to drive home the awful consequences of Scottish independence!

  • OnyxLight

    The Army is not equipped for this… not even remotely

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      This does raise the question of the demons’ vulnerabilities. Can they be shot? Does holy water work?

      • Heh

        I suppose they can, yes, be shot. If spooky can take the head of one of those off, and pierce trough one of them with just the materials he found in hell, im assuming physical attacks work.

        Of course, spooky could just hit them with magic – but if the physical damage on the start of his year in hell did not work at all, i think that his chances to survive enough for his powers awake are very, very small.

        So my bet it’s in Yes/Maybe. Who knows when dealing with Alex, right? I would say no to the second but the guys always makes me surprised.

  • Patrick Handley

    The guy behind kyle would make an excellent… Love interest for him me thinks I mean all those muscles and that genuine personality and those tattoo’s… Zomygosh

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      I’m with you on that Patrick! Of course I have a “weakness” for “chocolate” in any form 😉

      • Patrick Handley

        Oh believe me the felling is very mutual. 😀

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Wait–who’s the enemy here? Invading demons, or human magic-wielders? Because if a bunch of “crazies” get together for some magic ritual, their activity should enjoy First Amendment protections, no? Don’t devil-worshippers have freedom of religion? Certainly it would be wrong to shoot drones at them, nuke them, and whatnot. Now the demons are in a different category, since they can be construed as an armed force, and it is unclear to what extent human-rights protections ought to apply to them anyway.

    • SofiaT

      I would imagine that what Sircea and her “crazies” are doing, constitutes a conspiracy to overthrow the government and establish a coup, rather than the exercise of religious freedom. Not to mention planning to bring a demonic army to US territory is on itself an act of terrorism.

      • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

        What if it were a conspiracy to have Jesus return to earth and begin his millennial reign?

    • Klaus

      The crazies are just doing whatever magic they want. They probably do not even know what they are beign used for. Of course they should not be nuked. It is PP and the Annihilator’s ritual that needs to be stopped at just about any cost. The reason PP has, by whatever mean, got the “crazies” sll doing magic at the same time is that it makes it harder for Spooky to find the one ritual that needs stopping.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Let’s hope they aren’t in over their heads!

  • Heh

    I like spooky’s personal style. I already tought he were cute with the short hair on the bonus comic, but i like the way his longer hair just slips by his cap now. I wonder what he would look like with a reaaaaly long hair. *eyes sparkle*

    I’ve been tempted to draw that fanart [ Future magic ‘time traveling’ (??) Spooky ] but my art its not all that good, so meh. :/

  • Heh


    I want to nap there.
    ….. Please let me nap there.

  • Kate G

    I guess the Young Protectors will never ever EVER have to worry about running out of gasoline on a long haul…they just have to worry about running Flyboy out of steam (or Flyboy protesting they are using and abusin’ his powers.)

    You know, Flyboy, I have a jacket that looks ODDLY like that one, only it’s the “leather” is a taupey color and has two zippers on the chest, two on the bottom and zippers (all of the zippers have functional, albeit shallow, pockets) on the side of the sleeves so I can make the sleeves skintight or loosen them up. Is that close enough to call it twinsies? It did come in a chocolate color, but my friend has that color and said the material looked like fake fake pleather so I got the lighter color which looked like real leather.

    Photo here (well say we’re honorary twinsies):

    ANYWAY, has anyone ever thought that Fluke’s costume is a little slightly funny in a total teenage way? I mean, he does has a big pointy F pointing to his penis (we’re mature adults….most of the time) and it’s like he’s saying, “HEY, LOOK AT MY CROTCH EVERYONE!!!!!!” (At least Kyle’s flame points up towards his head because he literally would have a firecrotch.)

    I may or may not be high on cake batter and frosting and Dr. Pepper while typing all of this. I baked my dad a father’s day cake two hours earlier and the sugar is finally starting to kick in.

    • Let’s just hope they don’t fly right over the power dampener!

      • And why Imma stayin’ on the ground, thank you very much.

        • Kate G

          Or have the plane filled with gasoline….just in case. HEAVEN FORBID.

          • Ha!

          • Kate G

            “Flyboy, why is the plane losing altitude?!” concerned Spooky.

            “I CAN’T FEEL THE PLANE! WHERE’S THE PLANE?!” Flyboy


          • “Um… how do we fly the plane?”

          • Kate G

            “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..QUICK, find the owner’s manual! There must be an owner’s manual somewhere! Right? Do jets come with owner’s manuals?”

          • “That got burned in the oven. I don’t know why the operating manual was in the oven.”

          • Kate G

            “Somebody Google it STAT!”

            “But, but….our uniforms don’t allow room for our iPhones!” Kyle

            “We’re screwed guys. Absolutely screwed.” Fluke

            “EVERYBODY SHUT UP SO I CAN THINK!” Commander

      • Kate G

        *mimics the sound of bomb dropping*

      • Klaus

        The plane has wings. It should be able to glide.

        • Kate G

          But jets are incredibly heavy. Have you ever seen an airplane run out of
          fuel? It’s like *imitates bomb going down* They can land safely, but
          it’s difficult. If the power dampener is especially large (which it
          probably is), yea, that jet is goin’ down down down and depending how
          fast Flyboy is going, it won’t be pretty. Do NOT hit the power dampener.

          • Klaus

            This is no jet. Engines are heavy. The whole fuel system, even when empty, is also heavy. As far as we can see, this plane is mostly empty space. It is much lighter than a jet. And the plane does not have to land, it just has to get out of range of the dampener. On the other hand, we do not know if Mitch or Spooky can fly a glider. And if it is close to the ground when Mitch gets dampened, it could still crash regardless.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I like to think that most of their fuel costs go to buying Flyboy snacks.

      • Kate G

        Or buying themselves better gear….and getting Flyboy his favorite treat.

  • Klaus

    Something about page 33 that I failed to notice ontil now: In a single night, where she presumably has much else to do, Commander manages to “ask around” and get the details of a higly secret project. She (or her mom) has some serious clout.

    I wonder what rank her mom has now. Bird colonel? Maybe brigadeer?

  • You know.. the more I look at this page, the more I realize the trust Mitch is being showed here.
    Mitch is 15 and he’s flying this with the powers he has – powers we’ve already seen that he CAN lose focus of – and besides Spooky strapping in then no one seems worried about leaving the control to a 15 years old.
    He’s literally holding their lives in his hands here.

    That’s true faith in him 🙂

    I also don’t believe Amanda is planning for them to stay out of this completely. If so they wouldn’t be taking off towards the action. She’s willing to let the army take action first, but they’ll be there to step in with extra assistance if she think it’s needed. She’s just not letting them go in first without knowing what they’re facing. She’s team leader. She won’t risk them unnecessary.

    Paul wanting to kick some villain ass *CoughEspeciallyDuncanCough* is forgetting this right now 😉

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Hmm. Good points. I know essentially nothing about definitions between different types of powered vs unpowered (vs superhumanly manipulated) air vehicles, but nevertheless it makes me think Amanda and/or her mother must have pulled strings to get Mitch a pilots license.

  • Wonderful kewl page packed with lots of fun bits of information, hot young dudes, and the unexpected. Thank you Alex, Veronica & Adam!

    Being lofty and intellectual I’d like to start with the last panel and say whatever Paul is talking about … (?) … whoooooo-boy that body. Sorry, Alex, but this was one instance where your dialog took back seat to Paul’s physical presence (coughHOTcough). I’m sure he’s speaking… so whatever he said… lets all just agree with him… and won’t someone tell me a shower scene is coming up? Yes, fine… even with steam in all the appropriate places.

    Yeahhhh Paul. The power of luck is certainly working overtime with him at the gym. And by the time I did get a chance to re-erm-read that panel for the third time, I was actually able to make out the WORDS. So, I realized that even though our boy may not have Spooky’s subtle emo-touch, still having a good-hearted, friend-til-the-end, bull in a china shop, pal, with a huge heart, on a life-saving team, is also a wonderful thing. Whatever you say, that fearless, protective, “go-get-em” energy, is so very needed on a team like this. Just as needed as our Spooky, who knows when a heart is bruised and knows how to help. So I really love these guy’s energy.

    I had the good fortune to read our @DanishWolf:disqus’s comment below. Wow do I agree. They all trust Mitch so much. I do love the evolving awareness Alex is giving us about Mitch’s powers. I love that we saw him bring a weightlessness to a human rescue, himself floating over that mountain Tsunami to get a look at the porn (in the interlude), then flying the Kyle rescue convertable (so cool), and now this jet.

    How great is that take-off! So right. He seems like an awesome pilot and that shot of them effortlessly going vertical before taking fully off at speed is quite beautiful and really unique. I spent some time thinking about what human flight would be like if we conquered gravity. You know it’s a great image when you find yourself pondering it over and over throughout the day. I started thinking about how quiet that jet must be inside if there are no engines?

    I love that we get a little peek at Mitch’s (and everyone’s) powers bit by bit. It reminds me that we’ve seen only tidbits of young-Amanda’s, young-Spooky’s, adult-Tsunami and mysterious Paul. We may have seen Kyle go pyro-gasmic and then burn Duncan, yet I still don’t think we’ve seen him in full control of himself. Even putting out the fire in the building seemed a little tentative as if he’s still very much learning. I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t surprise us hugely when he goes full-on. I think we have surprises coming from all of them. Can’t WAIT!

    Side note to Mitch: When you turn your next expense report in to The Commander… include an allowance for jet fuel because you’re saving them a bundle! LOL.

    On panel 1-2 (ish): Love the sepia of the H&K memory and how it reminded me of how Duncan left H&K tied to that tree (had forgotten that) and how mysteriously confusing all that Hong Kong business was. So great that Amanda gives us that nice bit of extra info regarding the Kontari and that (as a whole) they’re beings that earth would get in touch with again, IF they could.

    Again not everything is explained, but the picture gets fuller. I have to go back to my framing-love and say that the layout makes this page so subtly cooler. The inset of the sepia memory, The way the jet’s nose crosses frame into the final panel. All those little artistic touches just make this cooler than cool.

    OH AND @alexwoolfson:disqus, are you trying to kill me with that male line up — Kyle, Tsunami and Paul behind Amanda? NICE… it’s like the hunk variety sample pack. One of each please. Yesssss! (AHEM… okay I’m having an intellectual day, so sue me).

    Maturity, experience, power… it made me think of the difference in Kyle being an 18 year-old boy just coming in to his power, as opposed to watching Duncan play with Kyle, by showing off how confident he was in the fullness of his adult power when they first met, prior to Hong Kong.

    Who’s breath wouldn’t be taken away by the charming Duncan? However, these are still young kids with LOTS to learn about life and power. When everything is comparison it’s hard to remember that even Amanda is ‘young’. However, just as a discussion point, I think telepathy and a good mother will age a person up. It’s got to be hard staying to innocent when you have that kind of information streaming in. I’m not sure I want to know what most people are thinking of me. Talk about a power that will age you up fast. Fortunately she’s had support, but still… Wow.

    It will be fun seeing them grow. I like the pace that Alex is revealing it. It’s a lot of information to share while still trying to keep them human. Small reminders that keep us noting how young they are and what that age was like and yet still wanting to be a hero… Lots of us geeks can remember that feeling. Wonderful and terrifying, all at once.

    I must admit to being a fake-geek… or I was before ‘fake-geek’ was a thing … or I was a geek when no one wanted to be a geek… or… whatever. When you only had a few dollars in your pocket and you stood in front of the spinny comic book rack and tried to read as much as you could before the shop owner yelled at you and you had to buy the only two you could afford before ‘friends’ caught you there and laughingly reminded you about what a NERD you were! (It was a hard nerd-life prior to internets and big summer VFX films).

    So my point is that having a super-powered team, who just happens to be hot looking, led by a hot looking kick-ass woman, with cool tech and jets and an HQ that puts Austin Power’s pad to shame… (oh and a Kontari asset) oh and rather important (to me anyway) THERE JUST HAPPENS TO BE THIS GAY DUDE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL…

    Well, it’s just a whole lot of coolness to squeeze on to a too small page. Thanks so much for all this effort Alex, Adam & Veronica… it makes me very happy.

    • Klaus

      Do you worry about what people think of you? Let me tell you: they worry about what you think of them.

    • And your thoughtful and enthusiastic insights and reactions make me very happy, Christopher. 🙂

      It’s interesting you bring up Fluke’s bod in the last panel. Originally, I had broken his dialogue into two word balloons, but after seeing how Adam had outdone himself, I couldn’t bring myself to cover up any of his physique — so one word balloon it became!

      Very much fun reading your reactions to each panel (and the sharing of your childhood.) And you’ve got a nice bead on who Fluke is—which you’re going to see a bit more of in this scene. 😉

      • Sanbai

        *rubs a little dribble from the corner of her mouth* Ah, yes, um, thanks for that Alex….

    • *Reads the 10+ paragraphs* .. yes, yes, yes,ye-.. oh just yes to all you said ;D

      I also think it’s very cool that we get to see the Kyle vs. Duncan and the difference in knowing your powers and coming into them.. no, maybe the words are more Kye coming into himself and his full potential.
      I think we’re going to see Kyle (and probably some of the others) surprising himself with the powers of what he fully can do, because that time he burnt Anni was only the top of the iceberg. There’s unexplored powers there 🙂

      As for shower scene.. oh just the thought (wet sexy guys *weak knees*). Maybe not that, but more than ever do I now look forward to the locker room poster that is being made. That will come near 😀

  • Sanbai

    Fluke is all like: ‘”AW-aw! No one messes with ma boy Kyle and LIVES!”

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  • In for camping. I say good morning from my timezone. It is a lovely 4am and the sun is on it’s way up. I’m ready for a bit of camping.

    For readers of Fox Sister, I come with the news of an updated page after the hiatus 🙂

    • Morning!

    • Good Morning to you Danish! How are you dong with the game?

      • Varies. Only tried a few times, but have to get used to which face turns into the next. It’s easier with numbers.. but not as fun 😉
        My highscore is 6000-and something, but I managed to get a ‘licking face’, and love the orgasm face 😉

        LOL.. people not knowing what we talk about must be confused.

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      Good morning to you! Good evening/night here.

  • Here is a game to camp with….as far as I know I am still holding the high score at 7496. try to beat me if you can!!

    • No, no, no, Doki! I need to do a bunch of stuff tonight! Stop waving those seductive bits in front of me!

      • *trudges back dejectedly from the 2048 field, muddy and tired* Well, Doki, I only made it to 1408 but then again, I was never good at games.

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            But I love them with a lemon omelet ;D

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      But i envy your strawberries. Hmm, strawberries… *drools*

      • Haha tea and a brownie. It is a tea kind of night 😉

  • LOL.. I didn’t see this fanart for Alex until now, but I’m loving it 😀
    I’m sure Alex appreciate being distanced behind a screen while being sick xD

  • silibub

    I’m gonna toss in a note of appreciation for Amanda’s profile in panel two — I got used to her baby-faced teenage self, and it’s striking to see how mature-looking and beautiful she is now!

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I keep coming back to panel two. Because damn

    • ….Panel 3

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Aw yeah…we’ve got ’em all. (Except Anni and PP, I guess. And Laampros.)

      • We know, Doki, we know 😉

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Whoa, it just started raining really hard outside. I hope it keeps up – we needed rain. But I also hope it doesn’t turn into something that knocks out the power.

    • Heh

      Still using your powers Stick? Good look with your practice, stormborn girl! Don’t knock out any trees so we can have the pleasure of your company today.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I think I need more practice at controlling these things. We’re getting some thunder and lightning now.

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    Times is now 4:56 am and I am soon of to work 😛

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      • Thanks! Have you had a lot of bad storms lately?

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          • I feel your pain… rain/flood warning here with 200mm expected (almost 8 inches). It’s been raining steady/hard since last night…

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh my goodness! I hope you don’t get flooded.

          • Me too.

          • I’m up higher as most of the river is in the coulee here. but the houses in the coulee / downstream are going to be in for some trouble…

          • davefragments

            Hope you are safe. I’ve seen a few floods around here. Pittsburgh once flooded over the big fountain at the point. That’s where the rivers meet and is in all the pictures. I built my house on a hill high enough to be safe. I’ve seen streams that can’t stock fish overflow in rain deep enough to flood out a car.

          • I used to live in the redwood forest along the river. Every winter the river would go from an idyllic stream to a roiling, muddy, unstoppable monster. We had to evacuate one time, and the only reason there wasn’t three feet of river water inside the house was because it was higher up on the hill than the rest of our little neighborhood.

            One of our neighbors lost his dog that night during the evacuation. It was very sad.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh, that is really sad.

  • davefragments

    I just got to the computer and came over here to see what’s up. I missed the last two pages when they went up.

  • Heh

    Hello guys!
    How are you all doing?
    Im doing fine, thank you. Still a little worried about my mom’s condition since she was in the doctors room just yesterday, but she seems to be feeling quite normal again, so everything is cool.

    On a happier note: Having the world cup in your country feels just amazing! Everywhere i go i see some new decoration thing and a lot of interesting people. I can’t wait to take some pictures so i can show you guys.

    Today we might get some action [ Not that i dislike the planning part, au contrarie – it gives so much thinking material] so im excited. What is more hero like that having to fight in the air all of sudden, just when they tought things have calmed down a moment? Well, its just my silly wish, anyway.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I’m glad that your mom is feeling better!

      • Yes, I am glad too. I’m also glad you’re having fun with the World Cup!

        • Heh

          You guys are such sweethearts. Thank you!

          Fwc is always fun, but it can make yourself really tense after you just paralize in those moments of ‘ is it now? can he score the goal?’

      • Heh

        Thank you, Stick, for beign so kind! It relieved the hell out of me too tbh.

    • Glad your mother is feeling better sweetie!

      And stay safe during the festivities! Sporting events get crazy! Just look at what happened at the Quidditch World Cup Ireland vs Bulgaria!

      • Heh

        Thank you for your consideration!

        Yes, im aware that it can get quite messy [ or Messi, if you like the traditional Brasil x Argentina rivalry jokes ], so i just watch from my tv and eventually go the streets. Hey, nice fwc and all, but i like my tv and i like sitting down in absolute comfort while cheering on my team.

        Nice example, but please don’t worry, haha.

  • Welp, time to run.

    Have fun camping and I will see you later…on the other side.

  • davefragments

    Yesterday I ordered a 55 gallon garbage can (Rubbermaid, with wheels, lid and handle – the cadillac of garbage cans) and tomorrow, Amazon delivers it. Gee, I wonder if they boxed the garbage can? It’s a trivially fascinating point.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      If so, that would be a great box to play with.

      • davefragments

        The last big box I received held a tool box. I filled it with 22 supermarket bags bulging with old, shredded tax records. I’m clearing out my Mom’s old papers and my old tax stuff. I have 5 more bags waiting for this week’s garbage

    • strangeangel24601

      I regularly have 50 lb. buckets of coconut oil shipped to my soap making workshop, and they’re always delivered as-is, no box. If Amazon DOES send your purchase in a box, that’d be something I’d like to see.

      • davefragments

        If it does, I’l going to take a picture and have fun with it. You might actually get to see me if someone else is around.

    • silibub

      I hope so! I mean, they still box refrigerators, don’t they? It seems like it would be easier to ship a large item that way, and then you’d have an awesome box.

      • Heh

        You could even sleep in a box that size, like a giant cat!

        • davefragments

          kids and doggies do it all the time. Me, I prefer a nice soft bed and and soft sheets. wink, wink

      • davefragments

        My refrigerator was delivered and plugged in. No box. When my washer died in a fit of breaking plastic agitator, The replacement washer and dryer came with installers and not in a box. I’m not mechanically inclined about such things as refrigerators, washers and dryers.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Aw, that makes me sad. Refrigerator boxes are, like, an honored tradition!

          • davefragments

            yes, and for the mechanically inclined. I, for one, am mechanically declined and electrically moronic. My friends get the giggles and snickers about it.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            But couldn’t the installing people bring it in a box? That would be sweet.

          • davefragments

            Most likely they did but they didn’t bring the box.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I would request the box specifically.

        • silibub

          Ah, bummer, you could have started a huge box collection…

        • Heh

          They took your box before the delivery, man. Go save your box, it needs you!

  • davefragments
  • Saxon_Brenton

    From the fact that not all the passengerds are bothering to strap in, I’m wondering if the plane accelerations (and hence the buffeting, etc) may be considerably less than would be otherwise be expected, simply because Mitch is levitating it rather than in having to undergo the normal ‘thrust & lift’ to overcome ‘drag & gravity’ balancing act.

  • Harry Underwood

    I like the no-wheel/grip steering of the plane. It is something that I think can be prototyped in real life for smaller aircraft.