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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 33

193 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 33

The “Kontari”? Wait, who the heck are the Kontari???

In other news, I helped out a reader with preparing a panel her company was putting on for Fanime about the different views creators might have about fan works, and she and her bosses actually commissioned some Fan Art themselves to thank me! Created by Omniopticon, it looks like Kyle is giving me a little assistance with coming up with ideas. Do check it out. 🙂

Oh, and…


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So! Looks like the military has a few options to deal with super-villains and their evil plans. So, what do you think it’ll be? “Boots on the ground” or should they just nuke the entire site from orbit? (It really is the only way to be sure…) And who the heck are these Kontari dudes? (And can they help me explain that lost time I experienced when driving through a Kansas cornfield last year?)

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    New page!

    • Holly

      wow jakk got it

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        You did a good thing by going to sleep Holly. The page was very late due to computer problems that they were having.

  • Seriously.. I want an iScry xD

    .. and to know who that dude in the last panel is.

    • Madock345


      • Yeah.. but where is that? An alien suddently adds a whole new dimension to the comic and how big the current known univers is 🙂

        • Saxon_Brenton

          If we play with superhero comic cliches then we can make a guess. He comes from a species starting with a ‘K’ – like the Kree, Khunds, Klingons, Kzinti and whatever others my mind is blanking on at the moment. Odds are that the Kontari are an alien species with habit of empire building through interplanetary conquest, tried to invade Earth at some point, where beaten back, and at least one individual (the asset scientist pictured in panel 5) either got left behind or decided to deliberately defect.

          (This is something that should, logically, be happening a lot more in superhero class universes. I think I first encountered it in an early Ninja High School comic, where the aftermath of a thwarted alien invasion had a one panel throwaway gag showing the left-behinds integrating into Earth society by becoming shopkeepers and the like. Kurt Busiek made a more serious stab at it as one of the issues raised in the Maximum Security crossover, with Earth authorities arranging to repatriate the extraterrestrials that had been dumped on Earth as prisoner-exiles.)

          • That’s awesome Saxon… now be honest. Alex got you to write a 50 page Kontari back-story didn’t he? Which kickstarter goal was that one? I want it! 🙂

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Ooh, it looks like we’ve got aliens.

    On another topic, we need to decide on an awesome theme song for the team. Any suggestions?

    • Klaus

      With a Little Help From My Friends.

    • purplefoxglove

      Wild Boys. No? Too dark? Bad Things. Hey, don’t look at me like that. It’s what comes to my mind when I see the gang.

      I’d say Lindsey Stirling’s Roundtable Rival, but we can’t sing to that since there are no lyrics. And Krieger des Lichts by Silbermond is not in English.

      Hm, what about a classic – We Will Rock You.

      • stickfigurefairytales

        I could get on board with We Will Rock You.

  • Do they have a fridge in that thing? Cause if so…

  • So “identity hiding” head wear is not needed once “inside” the jet.

    I get the feeling that Mitch might want to get his hands on one of those dampeners and play with it. ^_^

    And it looks like everything has been told.

    • Jakk Anthony Guzman

      I don’t know about everything, but I’m sure just about everything that was important. 🙂

      • Pretty much what I meant…but my brain is already more than half asleep. ^_^

  • Hours

    Hear that? That’s the sound of the world expanding.


  • Jay Demetrick

    Someone might want to ask where Tweedle Dumb & Dumber… er Hunter & Killer got theirs’ from…

    • Klaus

      Not part of Duncan’s plan. That much we know.

      • Jay Demetrick

        I was referring to the power dampening sphere. Commander might want to ask the authorities to look into where those two idiots got it from.

        • Klaus

          So was I. Duncan manipulated them into attacking. He did not expect them to have a power damper.

          • IamM

            Of course Duncan’s dear friend the Platinum Priestess knew all about the date and the set-up with Hunter and Killer. Maybe she thought a taste of vulnerability would steel his resolve? And the other dampener could put her shiny metal bikini on the throne after the deal with Lampros.

          • purplefoxglove

            My first thought was that Team Silver took them, too, but then I realised that Anni would never have slipped them a dampener – too much of a danger to him, and he seemed genuinely surprised when his powers did not work. Yes, he’s a marvelous actor, but aging and becoming powerless rattle him so much he’s (almost literally) willing to make a deal with the devil, so IMHO it is highly unlikely he put himself in that position.

            I have my doubts about the PP, too. Having Kyle rescue Anni may have helped to convince Kyle that the incident was not a set-up, and changed the dynamics in Kyle’s and Anni’s relationship, but the risks would have been far too high:

            The PP would not have known if Anni could handle the two vigilantes, how Kyle would react (I doubt she would have counted on Kyle saving Anni…or even expected Anni to need saving). Hunter & Killer should be well-known for their violent actions, going by the way the two of them did not care about collateral damage and violence in public and very crowded areas. There would have been no telling if they would not end up killing Kyle or Anni…and both possibilities would have thwarted the big plan. Plus, the dampener would have worked on the PP’s powers, too, so not only would she not have been able to interfere if things got too rough, she might have put herself in danger, too. That’s something I just don’t see happening.

            The PP could, of course, be far more cold and calculating than I imagine her to be, but even if she was willing to sacrifice Anni – what for? And again, there was a high risk that Kyle could get seriously hurt or even killed – that jackass fired a friggin’ *rocket launcher* at him. In public. In. A. CROWD. Well, not that much of a crowd anymore after the shot at Kyle with his machine guns AT A CROWDED MARKED PLACE-

            Ahem. Sorry about that. To sum up, IMHO, giving Tweedledumb & Tweedle-dumber the dampener would have been far too risky, with too little to gain.
            End of rant.

  • mogoskier

    It an alien. oh my god it an alien. this story just became 20x better. Didn’t think that was possible.

  • An alien wearing his own name tag and WORKING, not being worked on, in a lab.. I think that’s pretty much a first for me in a comic 🙂

    That they know about that power dampener weapon shows that they’re been told all the details. Brownie points for not diffing too much into it, but focusing on the crisis at hand.

    I said it on the previous page, but after seeing it from the inside.. that plane/glider thing, I need me one of those. I wonder how many of them can fly it.

    • Should get all of us to our preferred destination/beach/vacation/castle pronto!

  • Toli Bera

    So we got magic, Dimentional hoppers, Mutants (possibly aliens) does that mean we get to meet a sassy jive talkin’ robot any time soon?

  • Klaus

    Let that be a remainder to us all: Always have off site backup of all important data.

  • Madock345

    Lol, my first thought when I saw this page was “Damn Mitch is tiny!”

    Turns out the perspective just threw me off for a second, but if I squint he still looks like a midget, and that’s hilarious.

    To me, what’s more interesting than the existence of aliens (Not that aliens aren’t amazing, but It’s a superhero comic, if there weren’t any aliens I would be shocked) is that she talks like they already know about them. I wonder if aliens are public knowledge or if they have the superhero inside scoop… If the latter, It brings into question how much clearance they have given the apparent mistrust other superhero groups have for the team.

    I feel bad for the guys who got shot up, alien included. You guys really managed to convey the pain and shock in a way that makes me sad to see them get hurt even though I’ve never seen them before.

    • Well back when the Platinum Priestess was doing the tentacle probe on Kyle, she made mention to Duncan about Kyle not being Alien or Mutant, so I’m going to assume that aliens are a known quantity.

      • Madock345

        Maybe… But if there’s anyone who knows more than they’re supposed to it would be those two.

  • Um, I’m wondering what kind of trouble there might be because the Kontari asset was murdered. I don’t think that could be good. Not good at all.

    • Maria White

      I read it as Konami. Then I thought for a second there, the thieves stole the plans for Duke Nukem…..
      But since the alien is blue… I can finally make this comment! “PINK SKINS!”

  • Heather Kallinger

    Why am I not surprised to read that you’re helping out a reader? Because you’re just that kind of guy. And yeah, who the heck are the Kontari?

  • David Welbourn

    Hold on a second. I thought that Hunter and Killer had flung the power dampener into the restaurant way back when, just before they entered the restaurant themselves. So did H & K, who are supposedly on the good guy side (at least nominally), have anything to do with the deaths at the ExSec raid? Or did Anni and PP have goons that did that part of things, and send in the dampener just before H & K burst into the dinner date?

    It seems we either have good guys doing really evil things, or that Anni conspired to deliberately de-power himself and Kyle during their battle with Hunter and Killer — who didn’t even know the dampener was there? I wonder if Commander contacted H&K to find out their version of those events.

    At least I now know why Kyle didn’t try to get a power dampener of his own for safe sexy times; the things are a lot rarer than I thought they’d be.

    Also, yay on the expanding universe that now includes aliens.

    • Klaus

      I think it is quite clear that the dampener was a nasty surprise for Duncan. See his reaction to being powerless, and also panel 5. On the other hand, he did seem to know that it was going to blow.

    • Klaus

      Hunter and killer did kmow of he dampener. panel 1

      • David Welbourn

        hm. You’re right. hm. It’s still very strange. Even if H & K got the thing as the spoils from a tussle with an as-yet-unnamed baddie like, uh, the Jade Komodo, you’d think they’d return the thing to its rightful owner instead of feeling free to use it themselves.

    • I have no idea if it matters, but I don’t think Kyle (in Hong Kong) uses his power. He just get’s a face full of inviso-dust (which is NOT affected by the dampener) and then blows it up with a rocket launcher. So fun.

      So, it may not matter, but it’s interesting to note that we don’t know if that dampener would have dampened Kyle (so to speak). It didn’t dampen Sircea’s magic dust. It obviously DID dampen Anni’s mojo, but not H&K’s tech. Hmmm?

      • purplefoxglove

        It did dampen Kyle’s powers, see here:

        H&K seemed to be genuinely surprised the dampener did not work on the invisibility. Duncan probably not so. But does that mean the dampener does not work on the PP? H&K said it should work on all super powers. The PP seems to be doing (traditional?) magic. Does that not count as some sort of super power? Or does the dampener probably only affect the powers of people, but not of objects? Like it needs life energy to work?

      • Klaus
    • purplefoxglove

      Heh, I just posted a nice long rant about that topic above, so I’ll try to make it short.

      Hunter & Killer seem to worry little about collateral damage – they fire machine guns and rocket launchers in public and busy places. They also aimed to kill Anni, not to arrest him. Yup, they claim to be the good guys, but their actions speak for themselves. Re-reading the scene, they even point that out here (panel three):

      I also doubt Team Silver would have slipped them the dampener – too much of a risk for them with too little to gain; plus, Anni is so scared about becoming old and weak, I highly doubt he would have crippled himself. He could not count on Kyle coming to his rescue, either…and if Kyle would have gotten hurt or even killed (Machine guns. Rocket launcher…), Team Silver could have kissed good-bye to having a date with our favourite hellspawn’s daddy.

  • Dennis Grace

    Kontari. I keep hearing that word sung to the tune “Volare.” “KAAAAAHHNNN-tar-eeee, whoa-oh! Kon-tar-eeee, oh-whoa-oh-oh!” Yeah, I’m dating myself. Tant pis.

    • David Welbourn

      I had that tune in my head too. I just didn’t remember what the original word was.

  • Another one of those stunning detailed panels. 🙂

    So someone stole the power damping technology, and killed the scientist who created it. Methinks the latter may have been on purpose. Which raises a couple of questions – how did someone know about it to think it worth stealing, and why did Hunter and Killer, supposedly two of the Good Guys (at least in their opinion, if not mine) have one of the prototype?

    And then there’s the issue of where’s the second prototype, and how much trouble is it going to cause when they run into it at the worst possible moment?

    • Klaus

      I think I have the answer to your last question: lots.

  • Jakk Anthony Guzman

    It seems that someone/some group didn’t want the government creating power dampener things to use against superheroes and therefore killed the Kontari and stole the prototypes as well as all the research material.

    • Klaus

      Or against super villains.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        Yes, I should have said any super-powered person that was a danger, like super-villains.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I think a direct comparison would be to the way various groups react to power dampening technologies in both the X-Men comics and movies: among both the powered and non-powered communities here are some who like the idea and some don’t like the idea, with militant groups on both sides who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it and/or deny it to their opponents.

      I’m guessing that at this point there are too many hypothetical groups with wildly divergent agendas to guess at why, precisely, the theft was made.

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        I see two possibilities, one is that it was to stop the government from mass producing the dampeners, or another possibility is to acquire the knowledge on how to make them.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          So, broadly boiling down to people who either see power dampening tech as a threat and want it removed into safer hands (their own, of course), or who see it as a useful tool in furthering their own agenda. Gotcha.

  • Adam Black
  • Tyler Griffin

    Is it just me or does Kyle have one he’ll of a package in that group shot. Or maybe I just need to get out more, lol.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Looking at the panel, I am honestly undecided. However, I will suggest that since the red parts of Kyle’s costume are made of particularly shiny material (and these will highlight every curve of his body) that regardless of how well he is or isn’t endowed the design of his costume will draw attention to his groin.

      (Further, if superheroes were sensible they’d have an armoured cup to protect their genitals, and that would further enhance the size of their groins. But by the same token, if they were sensible superheroes would wear fully armoured costumes and end up looking like technicolour swat squads.)

  • Cyberium

    I really miss City of Heroes reading this comic. Kontari almost reads “Rikti” in my head.

  • TwilightDreamer

    I know I’ve said it before, but I really like seeing the group back together like this 😀 don’t know why…guess it just adds that fun element to it ^-^
    Man this is exciting to read! The suspense is so torturous!

  • Jac
    • bronakopdin

      sadly it tells me I’m not lloud on the server or sth, is it a region thing?
      whatever too bad 🙁

  • Hamish Kanakaredes

    I’d rather never getting the back story on the aliens. Little background tidbits like in this strip make the whole world richer but over explaining would taek away from the story we’re here to see unfold…

    • Sanbai

      Yes! It’s actually a narrative tool authors rarely seem to use – introduce important elements that are never explained, because all you need to know about their importance is through how the characters react to them in conversation. Adds depth and underlaying material to a world that never needs to be truly explained to be important. I just read about this in a book about narrative craft – so nice to see an example!

      I think more videogames would benefit from leaving things un-explained, but… *sigh* Most developers don’t seem to value player intelligence that much. At least we have webcomics…!

  • Pikinanou

    Nuclear weapons against Laampros… not sure if it’ll be good enough :O

    • Klaus

      Nuclear weapons against the cultists trying to open the gate.

      • Pikinanou

        yeah, okay, depends how many of them there is XD

        • Klaus

          And what defenses they have,

  • Vik-Thor

    OOO! Aliens!! 🙂

  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    “Kontari” sounds like “Chitauri,” “Ferangi,” “Centauri,” etc. Is this an Arabic nizba, or some kind of Slavic plural?

  • Ladies, gentlemen, mixtures of the two, the undecided and those with personally unique genders, please put your seats and trays into the locked and upright positions. Our Captain is predicting a bumpy flight.

    Thank you and welcome aboard Young Protector Air. On behalf of Captain Woolfson and our cabin crew, thank you for joining us. We at YPA(ir) are aware you all have many comic travel choices and we’re grateful you’ve chosen YP Air for your flight today…

    I share everybody’s “cake & eat it too” thing… honestly missing our bonus comic gang, and yet I’m also so glad to be back.

    Most serious grateful thank yous for all the generous birthday well wishing from everyone and the very kind mention from @alexwoolfson:disqus. I’m so bad remembering stuff like that, you guys make me blush. I have been traveling, but it’s great to be back home. Sorry couldn’t join you last night… birthday with the Dude. If I had even opened my iScry (love that) he would have been all over that. I think he has “page night” figured out now… hmmmmm.

    I love these last two pages. Talk about being thrust in the middle of the action. We had lots of emotion, angst and triumph with Spooky and Amanda, which in every possible way made this return so much richer for us readers. That break point may not have been originally planned, but boy was it perfect!

    I also love that Alex has left himself open to all the emo-talk with the team that we could ever wish for regarding Kyle and Duncan. Yet, in these two panels he reminds us that these guys are truly young professionals and (as someone already mentioned) our Commander would never allow personal bad behavior to take precedence over world saving, even IF anyone was inclined.

    Unbelievable compliments to Alex, Adam and Veronica on the composition and layout of both pages. Visually so complex and finely detailed, yet I always felt relaxed and comfortable with the visual information. I knew what to look at and where I was. Busy, yet clean. That is so hard to do in still images and they make it look so easy. Bravo/a

    Re the first panel in 33… for those who taught me about the pose-spine-s-curve (coughadmiralcough). I would like to point out that A,A,V did a lovely job of sharing Paul and Amanda’s faces AND posteriors (nice), Tsunami’s fine torso, Kyle’s everything, Spooky needs no help, and Mitch’s innate adorbness in panel #3 (I refuse to publicly lust after F-Boy until he’s puts on a few years… and… well… Doki would kill me). So classily done guys. They all look darn yummy. My kind of world saving crew. Thank you.

    Alien tech? Yay Alex. Your world just get’s more complex and interesting as you go. And, I thought you had too many additional stories to tell already. You go! (Does anyone else think the lab assistants who were blown away were cute looking… damn shame that).

    So, Spooky just pinpoints the spot and the government sends in the Flying Robot Ninja Pigs and we’re done? Wow, that was simpler than I expected somehow.

    These pages do one of my favorite things… they drop us directly back into the full flow of forward action. Hurt feelings, explaining mistakes, love, support, nerves can all come out and be explored… AS WE ARE ON THE MOVE!

    Once again, Alex (no filler) Woolfson you haven’t wasted an inch of page space and we can feel the energy. So well done. It’s hard to remember that this isn’t really a starting point, but an odd break due to the bonus comic. It certainly feels like a special launch.

    There’s a lot of work in these two pages and every bit shows. Thanks Alex, Adam and Veronica. This is a great way to taxi on the metaphorical runway before we… TAKE OFF. 🙂

    • LOL .. love this comment.. and I’d love a travel with the YPA 🙂
      I knew thos robot ninja pigs would come in handy at some point.

      Great to have you back and that you had a good birthday.

    • Donald Burch

      I agree with everything stated in this comment. I can add nothing to it. Kudos to the creative team!

    • Now Chris…I would not kill you…stop exaggerating….You know very well that as much as I would like Mitch all to myself (when he is legal) if he turns out to be sexually attracted to males, I will only be very slightly disappointed. Remember, I built/helped build the Kyle/Mitch airship. I also know that I could sneak Mitch away from you while you are ogling Paul/Fluke. ^_^

    • Thank you, Chris, for another wonderful analysis and reaction in your comment. Even though I’m still fighting a nasty cold, it’s perked me up, because it was so much fun to read. I hope you had the most awesome of birthdays! 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Chris is our wordsmith. maybe the words have some healing power that will make you better soon.

      • purplefoxglove

        I have to say I really enjoyed the ride, too. Get well soon, Alex!

      • bronakopdin

        oh? colds suck, hope you’ll getter better soon!

      • Oh no.. you got the plague of colds as well? I’m still fighting the last bits of mine. It kinda ruined a lot of the fun for me in NY, because I felt like crap while exploring..

      • Do get better soon, Alex. Being sick is the evil.

    • purplefoxglove


      Happy Belated Birthday!

    • purplefoxglove

      That greeting is truly epic 😀

      And I can’t agree to your analysis enough, oh mighty wizard of words.

    • bronakopdin

      haha! That introduction so cracked me up, I just LOVE it!

      and I forgot about the Ninja pigs! Thanks for reminding xD

    • I was half expecting the whole thing to be done in that flight attendant voice. And here we see… 😀

      Nicely said, Mr. Dangerfield!

  • bronakopdin

    It sounds so Japanese but sadly that word doesn’t exist (yeah I looked it up xD)
    when I looked up the two syllables though:

    …tari just means the plural for people… so there are “kon”people, yo!

    Kon can mean:
    -marriage (seriously!)
    -southwest (hm… so their star and planet are in that direction?)
    -darkblue (well at least blue he is xD)
    -familiarity/friendship/forthrightness (giving hints on their mentality?! seem to be nice guys :D)
    -soul/heart/mind (same here, I kinda like them already ^^)
    -root/radix/radical (everything from plants to mathematics and chemics… maybe a hint on their ingeniousness? yet Nature lovers :D)
    -get-together (just read: Con(vention)?)

    just choose any xD I love to look up this stuff ^^

    well somehow it didn’t even came in as a surprise that Aliens arr NOT uncommen in the comic! As we were listening to Duncan to “sit that one out” when they talked about some intergalaktical war?!?! Oh whatever it was called ^^

    but that Kontari guy, sure looks likes ET’s cousin! Get me an autograph, will ya? oh… forgot he’s got killed… Ok, guess I need to find someone else…

    I wonder what kinda thing that “power dampening ball” we talk about?! Probably the one from the date in Hongkong?

    Seriously, I somehow can’t wait to see a little action soon 😀

    • Klaus

      Kon in Kon-tiki means sun, so perhaps they have to with the sun? Or maybe they are con men? Or maybe they work well together, since con- means together (as in consul, meaning yoked together, or conspire, meaning hoping together). Or just with, as in con amore.

      • bronakopdin

        as a Latin student I of course know about con from Latin derivation 😀 but yeah of course those are possible, too! I only concentrated on the Japanese stuff I looked up because for me it somehow sounded so Japanese xD

        still: thanks for adding to the possibilities! ^^

  • Midwestmutt

    Love the fan art. Tsunami Smash!!

  • I’m SO curious about Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum right now (Hunter & Killer) and how they got to have that power dampener.

    It was stolen shortly before the incident in Hong Kong, meaning they got it from who ever stole it. They claimed themself as heroes, but acted more like villains without any respect for human lives.

    Any new weapon technology in the hands of a group like this.. NOT good. Can’t wait to see what this will add to the story later on.

  • Klaus

    I don’t know who supplied Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber with the dampener, but I am rather certain that whoever it was is not pleased that it was destroyed.

    • Shjade

      Well, who stood to benefit from throwing those idiots at the Annihilator and Kyle on their date so that the Annihilator could purposely not kill them in front of Kyle and look like not such a bad guy as a result?

      Not like those derps just stumbled across the date in progress by accident, and the Annihilator seemed pretty confident he could handle them without his powers and he packed powder to hide Kyle AND he recognized something very wrong was about to happen as soon as Kyle drew his attention to the dampener acting unhappy.

      Maybe not a sure thing, but I’d call it a safe bet.

      • Klaus

        Duncan admitted to Kyle that he had set up the attack. But he seemed genuinely suprised by the dampener. And he almost got killed. He was very lucky to survive (which he also admits). I just don’t see him taking that chance. On the other hand, does Duncan think that Hunter and Killer are so stupid that they would attack him without a dampener or something similar?

        • purplefoxglove

          Going by the nicknames he gave them, yes, he would have expected them to be dumb enough 😉

          And yes, yes, yes, again yes to your points why Duncan most likely did not slip them the dampener.

        • Shjade

          Eh, I guess.

          If they weren’t so thick-headed I’d consider the dummy duo directly responsible for the theft themselves (no doubt thinking they might need the help to take on the Annihilator – and rightly so), but no. While a smash-and-grab job killing the researcher in the process seems like their style, I don’t think they could have pulled off something like that, disregarding moral issues of “heroism” altogether.

  • Pikinanou

    Omniopticon’s fanart is great, btw. Spooky looks bored, though 😛

  • Heh

    Ohhh aliens. I like aliens.

  • Holly

    Ooo aliens. Exciting. Really sad I missed the hunt.

  • YangYueLan

    Whooo! New page after final! ^.^

    • How did it go?

      • YangYueLan

        Weeelll it was 3 essays…I got really tired of writing about the same base topic. It was also at 8 am, and I am soooo not a morning person.

        • I hate writing essays.

          • YangYueLan

            Im a history major so its par for the course. I like writing essays when I like the topic, then I just wont shut up. 😛

          • A liked topic makes it much easier I will admit. For me, I was just never very good with the rules of essay writing. Then again, I’ve never been very good with any rules when it comes to writing. 😀

        • I never was one for early morning essay writing. Other than writing three essays with the same base topic, do you think you did well?

          • YangYueLan

            yeah, I stayed on topic 😛 also I was taking the class pass/not pass, so I did fine!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Hmm. Way down at the bottom of this page I speculated that because the Kontari had a name starting with K that they were a extraterrestrial warrior race with a habit for conquest – like the Kree, Klingons etc.

    But that was me be analytic. Now, having slept on it, I know find my mind drifting towards Kon-tiki – the name that Thor Heyerdahl used for his raft in his late 1940s expedition, and which wikipedia informs me was used an alternate name of the Incan sun god, Viracocha. And from there my mind plays further word-association games to get to Contiki – the package tour groups. So now I’m visualising the Kontari as a group of either peaceful explorers or annoying tourist gadabouts.

    • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

      It has never been explicitly stated that the Kontari are extraterrestrials. While this particular specimen certainly resembles the aliens of pop culture, he/she is obviously humanoid, to the point that if I saw him/her in real life, I would assume that I was looking at a burn victim, or someone with congenital deformities, perhaps. In a comic-book world, the Kontari might represent some parallel line of human evolution–on an alternate timeline, for example. That might also explain the name “Kontari” (not its meaning, whatever it is, but the fact that the grapheme is obviously human speech, while truly alien communication should be equally alien).

      • Jakk Anthony Guzman

        I’ll have to disagree with you. The Kontari wouldn’t look human to me at all. A blue person with four finger and a weird face and shaped head doesn’t look human to me at all. Humanoid yes, but not human.

        • Klaus
          • Jakk Anthony Guzman

            But was he blue? 😉

          • Klaus

            This was back when everything was black and white.

            But seriously, I don’t know if there are any conditions that would give a human that grey-blue color.

          • There is. Consuming/inhaling/absorbing something with silver nitrate can have that effect. It happened to some people – more back in the days when work safety and science was as progressed. but there’s a rare case here and there happening still.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        It has never been explicitly stated that the Kontari are extraterrestrials.
        This is true. I was going with the ‘missing time while driving in a Kansas cornfield’ comment, which could be anything from a literally correct indication of their alien-ness through a throwaway gag through to a deliberate piece of misdirection.
        (Goodness I must be getting paranoid. I don’t do it often, but there’s definitely a persistent theme of me wondering out loud if Alex is misdirecting us in some of my analyses…)

      • Klaus

        Kontari is what humans call them. Look at what we call each other. Germans e.g. have so many unrelated names in various languages.

  • Hey Alex!

    It was awesome meeting you at the Queer Comics Expo at the Cartoon Art Museum this past Sunday! I just wanted to give a huge thumbs up for all the Young Protectors work and say that I’m really glad I bought an Artifice book, it was even greater reading it for a second time. I’m really glad to have a voice like yours in comics, and I can’t wait to see what else you have cooking!

    • Thank you so much, Travis! It was great meeting you too. I’m glad you enjoyed reading Artifice in print (that’s how I always meant it to be read) and I’m very glad to have you onboard here at The Young Protectors! Hope to see you here in the Comments Section again! 🙂

  • Summer

    Every time I think I know what’s going on, you put something in that throws me off.

    I LOVE IT.

    I can’t wait for the next page! So exciting! Tell me more of these mysterious Kontari 🙂

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    Alex, you tell Adam and Veronica that they are doing a great job, and after that get some soup and get better. Pillows are your friend.

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    Been reading since somewhere around the end of Artifice, figured I’d finally post because well, I have to concur with everyone-aliens are awesome! I really had to laugh at Alex’s coment at the end of his intro.

    Well, really, I camp most times too so, it finally occured to me to just be done with it and register.
    Thank you for doing this Alex, I have enjoyed reading it. It’s been nice to have decent stories with gay characters that I can read.

    At any rate, best I run to bed, can’t let my schedule get too out of whack..

    Peace out! I’ll be around.

    • Welcome, Kuca! Glad to have you hear and glad you chose to chime in. So glad to hear you’ve been enjoying reading. I hope we’ll see you here in the Comments section often! 🙂

      • Rick

        Hey Alex is there a page after this in production?

        • Howdy Rick,

          Next page will be up on Friday night. Readers tend to start “camping” in the comment for it around 7-8pm PST. 🙂

          • Rick

            Hey Alex, Thanks so much for the info. I’m really liking this comic and your work..keep up the good work. / heh I’m thinking a spooks /red head pairing in my head haha.
            Thanks again

          • So glad to hear you’re enjoying my comics, Rick!

            (And you aren’t the only one who might like a Spooky/Kyle pairing. For the Kickstarter, the readers voted for a NSFW art print featuring those two together. It’ll be available to the general public after the Kickstarter backers get their copy. 🙂 )

    • Welcome to the comment section, Kuca! Hope to see you next camp.

  • Nate

    I just can’t shake the idea that Spooky is staring at _us_ in the first panel.

    • timemonkey

      Spooky is watching you, Nate, always watching.

      • purplefoxglove

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        • Heh

          Well, THAT would make his expression just right.

          • purplefoxglove

            And uncover one of the many uses of his magic bowl 😉

      • Nate

        If he wants a hug, all he has to do is ask. 😉

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    DING DING! Thank you to all who have contributed.

  • Klaus

    Spooky is not wearing his Spooky cap in the fan art. And I just noticed he is wearing it on my desktop either. I have had Save the Night as desktop background for months, and I only notice it now.

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    Oh, by the way, Zena has not been a good doggy. You know, dogs are supposed to help their people when they don’t feel good. Zena has pointedly IGNORED me the past eight days. I hate her. <-sarcasm (I still love the little rascal, even if she annoys me half to death with the whining.)

    Oh, and about Kontari, have y'all ever thought it could be something related to the word "contrary?" They are quite similar in spelling and sound (depending on how you say the word "contrary.")

    And now, I will go take some more sudafed, slap an ice pack on my face and hope my headache finally dies. THANK YOU.

    • Kate G


    • Sorry to hear about your grams, thoughts and hugs are with you. Hope the headache goes away.

      That’s an interesting take on the Kontari name.

      • Kate G

        It’s gone for the most part. I’m almost positive it will come back when I get my hair cut (damn Ulta! Why can’t the perfumes be in a different room?!)

        Thank you for the condolences. We knew it was going to happen, but it hurts all the same. I only had one grams and now I don’t have any. It hurts quite a bit.

    • I’m very sorry for your loss, Kate. My thoughts and hugs are with you too.

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      That it interrupted your nap made it all the worse.. hope you got it good.

      • I got it the 2nd time. The first I smacked it with my hand and the damn bugger just flew away like nothing had happened. The 2nd time I made sure by using a fly smacker .. more than once >.>

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    • Ugh mosquitoes… I took out my first wasp of the season in the house a couple weeks ago, but never did find it after I squatted it. Worst fear ever that it wasn’t dead at first…

      • Zombie wasp?

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          Well, along comes this giant dragon fly-my dog downs it and its corpse(or what I thought was its corpse) was just lying there; my dog had eaten off the bottom half entirely.
          Then, when were all getting up close to it to take a look and try to keep my dog from eating the rest of it, damn thing, with half of it’s body entirely gone, just flies buzzes and flies off. Freaked us out.

          • GAH!! That would freak me out too!

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  • Hi all, was pondering philosophical questions on Twitter but I’m here now.

    • Thinking & drinking? I was having a dream about work Abel while napping (and I normally do not remember my dreams…) I really need to train my brain for lucid dreams…

      • Lucid dreaming, ideal in that situation. 🙂

        Actually, I really was pondering philosophical questions on Twitter. One of the guys I follow is a philosophy prof and three of us were having a discussion under the hashtag #AskAPhilosopher.

        It became a bit unwieldy tho. I don’t know why but our 45-55+ replies when we’re talking about beaches and castles are seamless and easy to follow but I kept getting replies out of order and was having difficulty figuring out who was replying to what.

  • Quiet on the campground but I’m a-hangin’

    • I was watching the last of Paranormal Activity 3. They sent #2 and 3 here tonight. Of course since it’s friday the 13th 🙂
      Then took the chance to be afk to get something to eat.

      • Did you like Paranormal Activity 3? I haven’t seen any of them.

        • Don’t know if I’d say I liked them, as I in generel aren’t a fan of horror movies (don’t know why I sometimes watch some anyway) 😛
          I have only seen the 2nd and the 3rd – this was 3rd time I watched them and can probably now say I’ve seen all of them LOL
          They have a few scary times, but the build-up for them is imo almost worse xD Sitting there, waiting for the next one to happen.

          • silibub

            I kind of wish they hadn’t made sequels. The first one was the best in my opinion, and part of the reason it worked was that it left things more or less ambiguous. Going out of the way to explain the creepy phenomena dampens the horror for me. It is tense waiting for the next scare, though!

          • I will keep this in mind and look for a different scary movie to watch in honor of tonight.

          • Insidious! I haven’t watched the second one yet but the first one really creeped me out (in a good way!) I cannot watch the Saw movies or Hostel though.

          • I’ve heard Insidious is seriously scary. And The Conjuring too.

          • IF I ever watch them, those I KNOW I’d need to watch more than once before I can say I’ve seen all of them 😉
            All those times I’d look away, until i know more of what’s coming so I can watch a little more of the scene next time.
            I really aren’t good with watching horror. I’m to visual for that. I can read horror, but live images with sound and I’m a wimp.

          • It’s the sound that really does it for me. Sound, music getting me all freaked out.

          • I flat out refuse to watch movies like Saw and Hostel where it’s torture movies, but at least for me.. movies like Paranormal Activity (in this case 2 and 3) are pretty scary. Psychological stuff where they build up tension freaks me out, but it’s still the ones I sometimes watch – at home on tv. No horror movies in cinemas for me. I’d have my eyes closed even more than at home xD

          • Yeah, I watch horror movies at home too…so I can hold my pillow in front of me during the scary parts. Awkward doing that in the theater.

          • It’s funny you and I cannot watch Saw or Hostel movies, but they just make me severely uncomfortable.

            I laughed at all of the Paranormal Activity movies so far… the bf was shuddering in fear and I had a full belly laugh going. Don’t know how we both made it through Insidious.

          • Kuca

            Not much of a fan of the saw/hostel types, myself. Seems so over done, what they do in those movies. If I’m going to put myself through a horror movie, I’d prefer something with a good amount of thought into the plot.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            I can’t watch horror movies of any kind – I just get far too freaked out, and it sticks with me for way too long.

          • I’ve gotten ‘better’ at it after I’ve read books that was more horror than what I’ve watched in a movie, but I haven’t watched that many and I’m extremely ‘picky’ at which I’d even try. I still usually end up having my eyes closed or looking away through a lot of it *lol*
            Some impact me more than others. The more realistic it’s made the worse when it comes to the psychological side. On the macabre/bloody stuff I just don’t like it that much.. also why you couldn’t pay me to watch the Saw movies. I’d be sick.

          • This is the first image on my Tumblr right now… seems appropriate to this discussion:


          • *clicks with causion* Yes it is.. and nope, nope, nope xD

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Eeep. Not cool.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yeah, I once watched Sin City because I wanted to challenge myself on my tolerance to violence and gore, which was a big mistake. I ended up spending half an hour afterwards shaking and clutching a trash can because I felt so nauseous.

          • Sorry you had such a bad experience there, Sticky.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Aw, thanks. At least I had my friends around to make sure I was okay. Lesson learned: movies with a lot of graphic violence are not for me.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        Currently reading the Saturday newspaper and having a nice cup of tea. Later I will probably read some more of this week’ comic pull. And later still… well, I’ll probably find something else to procrastinate with.

        • Procrastination should be my middle name. It’s one of the things I do best 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hi! I just got back from volunteering at this big parade event that’s happening tomorrow. It’s put on by the Art Museum and everything in it is made by hand and human-powered. There is so much gorgeous art.

      • Fun! You should post some pics if you get a chance.

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I definitely will!