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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 122

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Of course, it’s not the end of The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy, we’ve got two more chapters to go! But our heroes are in a bit of a pickle, aren’t they? How will they be able to turn this around? Will they be able to turn this around? There’s lots more fun ahead and I can’t wait to share with you what comes next!

But first, I need to give Adam and Vero a short break. The truth is, we’ve been working without a buffer of pages for almost a year now and that’s been… hard. It’s meant that when life comes up, we have no leeway for them to take a day off—they either deliver two comic pages each and every week or we can’t post. It’s also meant that I haven’t been able to take a vacation in over three years because I need to be at my computer ready to give notes on last-minute pages for the same two days every week. I didn’t want to have another interruption in the middle of Chapter 3, but now that Chapter 3 is complete, I need to give Adam and Vero a couple months away from the pressure of twice weekly live updates so they can build up our buffer of pages. It’s in their best interest and it’s in the best interest for The Young Protectors.

Ordinarily, this is where a webcomic would say it’s going on “hiatus.” But I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’ve hired a guest artist to create a fun, standalone comic that I’ll be posting up here twice a week: the “Truth or Dare” comic that was one of the Kickstarter stretch goals. This isn’t filler, it’s canon and it has our heroes answering all kinds of personal questions with shocking honesty. Much like the Interlude, it lets you get to know our heroes a lot more deeply. It’s sexy, it’s funny, and because it’s me writing it, what happens in it will also be important to the overall story.

Chapter 3 was a roller coaster ride for the emotions. It’s now time for some fun. Some sexy fun. And it starts this Saturday.

In other news, things are going well over at the Patreon page. After we hit the $7,250/month Milestone Goal, I posted up my latest Spooky Jones short story over the weekend, “Choices”, and comments have included “THIS WAS AWESOME!! AWESOME!! It’s all connected isn’t it? All of it.“, “Fantastic good read Alex! This storyline is sucking me in deeper and deeper!”, “What is most exciting is the way this story links with the previous two and leads us so seamlessly into the man we know ‘today'”, and “I’m loving your prose stories and every time I finish one, I want another :)”.  All Patrons get to read this and the other two stories I’ve written (including the very steamy “Demons” short story.)

And then tomorrow, I’ll be posting up the fully nude, full-monty Spooky Jones Romance Card Art for $5+ Patrons to enjoy (and $10+ Patrons will get the high-res of that at the end of the month.)

If you become a Patron now and choose to receive the Special Digital Rewards, you will be able to download wallpaper versions of the Full Monty Annihilator Pin-Ups as well the Sexy Height Chart which shows the male members of the team. You’ll also be able enjoy all the other rewards so far posted, including the “How Spooky Got His Cap” and “What Is It Like To Kiss Spooky?” short stories that folks have liked so much. This is in addition to special back-stage access to script pages, thumbnail pages and penciled pages for all new updates. And, of course, Patrons who chose to get the Special Digital Rewards (which is the vast majority) continue to receive Digital Kickstarter Rewards every Wednesday and get to see special Sneak Previews on Sunday.

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I want to send out my warmest thank yous out to all the new Patrons who have joined in the last few days. As you can see in the comments below, a bunch more folks have had a blue, silver, or gold YP badge added to their Disqus avatars, which means they are a Patron. If you see one of these folks, please join me in extending my thanks for directly supporting the making of this comic! And please also send out a special thanks to those exceptionally generous backers who are on the Leaderboard of Awesome page. You all ROCK!

So! Chapter 3, with all its drama, is done. And that means this Saturday, the fun begins! Curious what sexy secrets our heroes might be keeping? Wonder what the Spookster is like in a game of Truth or Dare? How about Tsunami or Commander? And Flyboy? Every hero gets their moment in the sun in this standalone comic — you won’t want to miss it!

Tune in this Saturday to get to know our heroes like never before. Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • No, no, no, no, no! NO KILL.

  • davefragments

    She really wants him to smack her around with that continued guilt and more guilt. —

  • BLARG!!

    Unless unless Duncan is under cover and has to do all these bad things because well because that’s what undercover agents do. Right?

  • I love predictable divas…

    • Thank you, Chris! But while Adam and Vero will be working on building the buffer, I’ll be right here as always — but now giving notes on two comics at the same time! 😀

      So, no rest for me… yet! Quite the opposite, actually. But if this works as I hope, it will mean I might be able to take a week off in the future without stopping the comic. And that would be a beautiful thing. 🙂

      • My fingers are crossed for you all! Thank you so much.

      • Take that week, even if it means no comic updates for that week (unless programmed ahead). You’re SO going to need it after all the KS stuff 🙂

      • purplefoxglove

        I’d been afraid you meant “everyone gets a vacation but me”. Poor Alex is slaving away for us 🙁

        I second Danish; I can totally do with a week without updates if it means you get some rest. Re-reading the comic will keep the withdrawal at bay, hopefully 😉

        And, yay! Truth or Dare with TYP! This is going to be great 😀

        • All three of us will be working hard over the next few months, but then we’ll be able to plan an actual vacation. And that will be awesome.

          And I’m glad you’re looking forward to Truth or Dare! I wrote the script some time ago and I can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂

  • Wait.. no, do kill! PICK HER! Snark, banter, fight each other!

    That’s TOTALLY how this works *nods eagerly*

  • Good thing Mitch is “off screen” for this.

    • Yes, lazy Mitch just wallowing on his magic Spooky pillow… well they will be having a chat with him back at HQ!

      • …..I know I read that wrong, you did NOT just call Mitch lazy…. 😛

        • You know how 15 year-olds tend to over sleep.

          Shame really, now they all have to die simply because Mitch is being all comfy and doesn’t feel like getting up…

          Oh, and BTW… I’m ‘right’ for the next 59 days… LA LA LA… 😛

          • I doubt very much that Mitch is comfy, PP may not have successfully killed him, but he DID get hit by an extremely powerful blast from her staff. If he doesn’t feel like getting up it is probably do to pain, but then again he probably doesn’t need to move much to fly.

  • Matt

    Did anyone else just change their mind about Laampros suddenly showing up? Because I just did .

    • You mean as in wanting him to come along and eat Duncan, but first roasting him, then sauteing him and then flame broiling him and then mincing him and then … um pouring hot sauce on him all while he’s alive and can feel the peppers burning every little slice and dice?

      • Matt

        More just him showing up an interrupting whatever is going on here. The roasting would be a nice touch though.

        • There is that. But then proceed to roasting. 🙂

      • DC

        A good roast needs some stuffing, maybe with some of those chilli peppers. Burn him inside and out.

      • Xithyl

        I recommend a nice pan sear and then create a nice white wine reduction sauce… 😛

        • Oooh, that can be added in right after the flame broil! We just need to add a few peppers to that reduction!

          • Xithyl

            Great idea!! (High fives)

          • … and with a soupçon of 6,000 year old sorceress blood. Mmmmmmmm mmmmm good!

          • I’m not certain where you’d get sorceress blood. That shit’s hard to get. Rare rare rare…

          • Yep, probably as expensive as a hummingbird omelette.

        • …perhaps preceded by an amuse-bouche of the perfect Duncan-testicle… Nom. (lucky Laampros)

      • purplefoxglove

        …weren’t you the captain of ship Redemption? O.o I think you may have steered a little bit off course…

        • Welllll, there’s no reason why he can’t suffer unimaginable pain on his way to redemption, right? Actually I think it’s a requirement!!

  • Hi Alex, Just to clarify there will be two months off until Chapter 4? This is fine but I wanted to ask to be sure.

    • There will be a comic update this Saturday, just like always. And we’ll continue to update twice a week, just like always. But for the new scene that I’ll be posting, I will be using a guest artist.

      I’ll still be here — both as writer and editor, just like always. But Adam and Vero will be working behind the scenes for the next couple months building up a buffer of comic pages for the next scene which I’ll start to post as soon as Truth or Dare is complete. 🙂

      So, not really two months off. (We’ll still be posting canon TYP here twice a week — and as part of the Engaging the Enemy arc.) Just two months with a different artist with a fun, standalone scene. 🙂

      • davefragments

        I don’t know how you worked without a buffer for this long.

        • It was… not easy. But Adam and Vero are rock stars. And we’d all walk on fire for y’all. Because you are awesome. 🙂

          • davefragments

            I worked turning rock hard coal into oil and that required large amounts of highly compressed hydrogen gas. So as you think about the Hindenburg falling in flames, and as you take in that thought, understand that the “blast” walls I worked behind were 18 inches thick steel-reinforced concrete – – just in case. . . If that hydrogen blew, it would have level four of my buildings into gravel. I did the blast numbers myself.
            So “walking on fire” is a neat trick but only sustainable if you have asbestos feet. No one does it alone and no one does it forever without help.
            This is a rich and fertile story with good characters. It will be great fun and (I hope, delightful) to see all of the surrounding material that you have planned. the enjoyment of any story is when it takes a turn from the usual into the unexpected. You keep surprising me. Adam and Vero create pages that are delights to see.
            So good work. Keep it up.

          • Thank you for sharing that story. Very interesting for me. So maybe we wouldn’t actually be able to walk on fire, but we’d try for y’all! 😀

            And thank you for the kind words about the story and the art. That means a lot to me. 🙂

          • davefragments

            Thanks very much.

        • Agree with Dave!

      • Okay, got it, Alex! And I do hope you can take a week off very soon!

  • Duncan is justifying his cowardly self AGAIN! “He knew what I was.”


  • SofiaT

    Great place to end the chapter.
    Alex is an evil genius…. Which explains why he writes such compelling villains. He’s one of them.

    • HA!

      (Or should I say “Mwa ha ha…”)

    • Was that a sarcastic tone I detected when you said “Great place…”? 😛

      • SofiaT

        Not at all.

        • Oh yes I completely agree there. I just meant I wasn’t sure if you were secretly cursing said skills of Alex’s at this point in time ;P

          But yes, TO BE CONTINUED indeed. I can picture the bold typeface too.

  • DC

    Enjoy your break! Looking forward to the guest artist.

  • jreed3842

    Ahhh! My heart is beating out of my chest! I’m scared! The Truth or Dare Comic will help calm me down and prevent me from going into a panic attack!

  • Cman65

    Oh lets just them to BigRed when he gets here I’m sure he will make his son kill them and turn him nice and evil

  • He knew what I was.

    Yeah and YOU knew who HE was. Are you really that effing shocked he showed up to stop you??? SERIOUSLY???

    • SofiaT

      Duncan is (usually) no idiot but not realizing Kyle wouldn’t give up trying to save the world -even if it meant sacrificing himself- is one of the dumbest moves ever.

      I don’t know what the hell he was thinking there.

      • Just proving that PP has all the brains in this duo. And that the smartest part of Duncan is probably his di*k. Maybe.

        • SofiaT

          I think Duncan was just fooling himself.
          He’s quick to call Kyle stupid but he chose to let him live *hoping* he wouldn’t follow. He’s not as cool about it as he pretends he is.

          • Well said. He’s fooling himself. He doesn’t really want to fight Kyle.

          • SofiaT

            If you’re gonna pretend that you can’t stand it when personal feelings get in the way of logic because that’s one of your pet peeves, you may want to actually not allow personal feelings to get in the way of (villainous) logic yourself, mate.

            In short, pot meet kettle.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I am torn. The romantic part of my mind reminds me that Duncan hinted that he was attracted to Kyle’s dedicated hero personality, and it is hoping that his words here are bluster to convince both the Priestess and himself of how Eeeevillll he is. The cynical part of my brain is poking me with a stick to remind me that it wouldn’t be th first example of Duncan blatanly lying to Kyle. [sigh]

      • SofiaT

        I still bet on Duncan playing false bravado for Sircea.

    • Good one, Doki!

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Tsk. It’s looking more and more like my facetious prediction from a few pages ago – that the chapter would end on a cliffhanger, with questions still outstanding, and then jump straight into the action again when chapter 4 starts – is going to come true.

    On a more positive note: Between chapter interlude ‘Truth or Dare’ story with guest artist, giving Adam and Vero a break. Yay!

    • Double yay!

    • Klaus

      Chapter 4 starts with our heroes congratulating each other. “That was a good escape.” “Great plan, Amanda.” and so on. After that, nothing more is said about it.

  • Alt+F7

    I would have worn a harness if I’d known this cliffhanger was coming.

  • Someone get Kyle’s face out of that puddle of water, or who to kill first might not be a question to ask >.<

    I just want a miracle now, to save our team. Be it the military, some other superheroes who returned from that meeting.. heck, be it Laampros in some way, I could almost be just fine with him creating havoc in the long term of the next two chapters.

    • Mitch being sneaky! I mean stealthy!

      • YES! That would be awesome too… though, if he made a move, wouldn’t that put him smack in the middle of the enemy ‘fire’ once again? Do you want that?

        • Heh, but I like the idea of since PP knocked him out of the sky they consider him “out”. And being the youngest and being able to fly and having superb eyesight and hearing, easily discounted. Also playing on “out of sight out of mind” so hopefully they have quite forgotten about him. Then Mitch being sneaky stealthy, using his “useless” abilities and the new techniques he has been working on, saves the day long enough for Kyle to wake up and kick a**. He can sabotage things while PP and Anni are “otherwise distracted”.

    • Columbine

      My theory is Flyboy and Spooky. We can’t see either in the big splash of fallen heroes, they both would have fallen a significant distance away (and possibly near each other?) and they’re both smart enough to use what they’ve got well.

      • Klaus

        Actually we did see Spooky fall.

        The picture is too small to show all the damage described in the script, but he is in a bad way. I hope that he will wake up and heal himself surreptitiously, but I am not betting on it.

        • Columbine

          So we did. I stand corrected.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I like the idea of Fluke’s luck powers kicking in big-time and making Anni and PP both slip in the puddle of water and smack their heads together hard enough to knock them both out simultaneously.

  • davefragments

    I have to sleep but any villain who says “all should tremble before me and do as I think” is looking for a rather nasty downfall.
    I’ll be back tomorrow.

    • Awwwwww damn… I so wanted to say that!

      • purplefoxglove

        Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’re not enough of a villain (yet) for this rule to count. Go ahead and have fun!

  • Klaus

    Another advantage of a buffer is that posting will not be delayed every time Vero has trouble with her internet connection.

  • Hmm, I have a ‘theory’ question to throw into this, since we now have a while to speculate about further plot: Have Duncan actually killed someone before?
    (I don’t remember a mention in the comic that he has that)

    We’ve been told directly, more than once, that Duncan has HURT a lot of people – and we’ve seen it – but there’s a difference between hurting someone, even badly, and killing them. Has he done the last?

    I’m not sure he has, unless he managed to hide that part from the files. I think (hope) that Kyle would have reacted differently about meting him, if he’d killed people prior to that ‘nothing big for the last 6 years’.
    I wonder if Sircea is trying to push him past a line that he might not have passed before?

    Edit: She knows him, but is that knowing he has commited murder before, or that he’s too ‘squeamish’ in her mind to do it?

    • I thought he implied that he’s dealt with people who kill minors in the “harshest” possible way but as others have pointed out, he was likely lying during his courtship of Kyle.

      • Hmm, yeah. That one could imply it, but it’s still not a specific saying.

      • Oh, of course ‘hurt a lot of people’ could also be an underplay of how he has killed people, but didn’t want Kyle to think too much of that ‘little’ fact, but more than he hadn’t done much LATELY xD

      • Klaus

        Not quite. He will if it comes to that. Which implies that it has not, yet.

    • SofiaT

      He was a mob enforcer. I think it’s safe to say he’s killed before.
      Has he killed (not carelessly placed in danger, but *killed*) innocents before? That’s the question to ask…

      • Yes, there is that difference. I forgot the mob enforcer thing. It was innocents I meant with my question, and if he’s crossed that line before. That mob thing. There it’s probably a yes.

    • If he hasn’t done it directly, it’s possible he did it through collateral damage. I mean he lit that fire to get Kyle’s attention. Someone could have easily died.

    • Klaus
      • Oh yeah, thank you. I had forgotten that part of their talk (I might have been a bit distracted on that page *lol*). So that and knowing he’s been a mob enforcer means it’s a yes for sure, on having killed someone.
        Now the main question remains if he’s killed ‘innocents’ before now. There’s a diffent kind of line there, and he doesn’t seem to like the thought of the sacrifices. Because Kyle has awoken in conscience, or because that’s generelly not him?

        • Sorry… for me? Actions and choices, not regrets define the person. If someone screws me over… they DID it. It’s sad if they feel bad about it, BUT THEY DID IT. Knowingly. IMHO, killing innocents and “not liking the thought of sacrifices, but allowing it to happen purposely or passively” defines the person… not how they feel about it.

          Don’t get me wrong… enjoy the delicious villainy, but like Sircea… “We Make These Choices.” It’s called life.

          • Klaus

            It has also been his choice to refrain from deliberate killing. Those sacrificial victims mark a departure from the standards he has held himself to until know.

          • Sorry Klaus, I respectfully disagree. ‘standards’ would mean you refrain from KILLING. Period. I read this ‘justification’ as similar to a rapist who only rapes young pretty white women (see how good he is) because, he has ‘standards’. And SEEEEE how many other woman that saves?.

            It’s just how I personally am going to view Duncan’s ACTIONS. I don’t think being sad about being a rapist, but continuing to rape selectively, is any different than refraining from killing in a certain way or to a certain degree and having that change the fact that killing is KILLING (bad killer… bad bad killer…).

            I’m just trying to enjoy Duncan’s villainy.

            It’s when I try to make it okay in my head that it gets whack-a-doodle for me personally. Nope, for me: rapist, killer, BAD-GUY… check.

          • Klaus

            In his own mind, he has overstepped a line.

          • Well said. Thank you.

          • “It is our choices that define us.”

      • I did love the way Kyle said, “Never on PURPOSE and he hasn’t done anything bad in a really long time. And he seemed like he was reforming.” That is so adorbs. “Really long time” from an 18 year old and that highly experienced informed character judgement from a sweetie-pie who just had his first date. It’s too cute… BUT NO KYLE HONEY… Duncan is a bad guy. Sorry.

        • Klaus

          If you want to know exactly how long that “really long time” was:

          • HA. I know. I love that, to an eighteen year old, six years is forever… I can remember the years leading up to me being allow to drive. Each year was 100 years packed into one. I’m sure Mitch is counting the minutes to 18… Thanks Klaus, that’s just a great page.

          • Klaus

            And such beautiful colors.

    • Blowing apart the Kontari? When he stole (or had stolen) the alien dampener tech? Then, Kyle was almost accidentally snuffed by Mr. Blasty in Hong Kong (I know that would have been a boo-boo, but still…). Burning that building to set up a date with Kyle did cause a Dad to toss baby off the roof. If Mitch hadn’t saved the day, I don’t think Duncers would have saved that baby. “Mob Enforcer” sorta says it all… we have seen THE GODFATHER haven’t we? I’m sorry, one doesn’t break into Fort Knox, the most heavily guarded fortress in the U.S.A. and not snuff a few guards.

      Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that in the last 40 years Duncan has killed a number of people of his own volition. I doubt Sircea put a spell on his lily white butt to make this happen.

      I get that many readers are searching for excuses and ulterior motives to switch Duncan from villain to some kind of excusable anti-hero.

      However, strictly for me, no ammount of sad pouty regrettish looks from him will excuse the actions he’s ALREADY TAKEN ON PAGE since the very prolog.

      He is a VILLAIN… and a good one, but a VILLAIN through and through. His actions are NOT excusable. One can like him all they want – sure that’s choice – but actions say it all. VILLAIN. BAD GUY. LOOK. RIGHT THERE.

      Even if he betrays Sircea tomorrow at 2:00 pm at tea time, and then promptly helps an old lady across the street… That still does NOT mitigate HIS EVIL ACTIONS to date. Those cannot be undone. He has chosen to be A VILLAIN.

      Sircea is the same. She just admits it, is honest with herself, and has fun while doing it.

      Of the two, I find her refreshing honesty much more appealing.

  • DC

    “a very…pleasant distraction” Duncan you…you..beep beep!

  • Xithyl

    Alex says he’ll write more origin short stories if there’s enough interest. Please help me spam this poll so we can get more origin stories! 😀

    • Klaus

      How about an origin story for the diabolic duo?

  • Hours Left

    Ack! Another intense cliffhanger!! X______X I (not so) secretly love it.

    I’m looking forward to this new interlude as well, and it’s very admirable to make sure that the entire TYP team is able to work at a healthy pace. Kudos to that Alex. See y’all on Saturday. 🙂

  • As Sofia reminded me below, Duncan used to be a mob enforcer.

    Now I wonder if it was PP who secretly got him out of that ‘simple’ status and into the world of supervillains, herself being unknown behind the scene, or if Duncan himself found out he was able to ‘step up’ and go much further than that?

    I really want to know how long they’ve known each other.

    • SofiaT

      We should pester Alex till he gives the story to us.
      Another Goal?

    • Klaus

      A match made in Hell. Possibly even literally.

  • I think we almost crashed the site again. Took me a few tries before the site would load.

    I sincerely hope that when the main story picks up again, it will be, at most, a few minutes later, not months later as slaves under our demonic overlords or something.

    • Klaus

      700 year ago …

    • Kaatje Van der Zee

      Mik, what you said reminded me of this:

      • That was pretty much what crossed my mind as well, except with more anatomically-compatible demons.

        And I would like to go on the record as *not* being into the whole sexy-demon-thing. I’m allergic to melodrama, and demons are some of the worst drama queens in the multiverse (right up there with “intelligent” artifacts).

  • Are we taking any bets on who’s faking it?

    • Klaus

      Not Adam or Vero, that is for sure.

      • Yeah, nice one Klaus.

      • HA! I think all three of them need a nice SPA day… complete with manicures, pedicures, a little judicious waxing, ho-hum, whatever makes them all feel pretty!

  • Klaus

    How does the rule against harming minors work here? Killing Mitch and Paul would certainly not be unprovoked attacks, They attacked the diabolic duo, and may well be a danger again soon. On the other hand, calling it self defense would be stretching it. But since these are no doubt the most powerful members of the supervillain community, such as it is, it is up to them how far to stretch it. In the end, it all comes down to Duncan’s conscience.

    • Columbine

      They might be thinking that once they’ve established Hell-on-Earth (a mere 20-30 min away) they won’t have to worry much about things like the super-hero response to attacking minors. Everyone will have bigger things to deal with.

    • You know the supposed “rule about minors” keeps coming up. Given that the only place readers ever heard that was from Duncan (when he was ‘wooing’ Kyle’s trust) and we DO know Duncan lies. That’s suspect right there for me. I think we’re bringing that to this situation because we live with an attempt at those rules. NOT that they do.

      In addition, Sircea pretty much SAYS IT in the last panel of this page:

      • Klaus

        But Duncan still thinks it matters, on that page. And why are the teen heroes still alive, if there is no such rule?

        • Dakejev

          They’re still alive, because I’m not 100% sure Duncan has the strength (or resolve) to knock someone’s head off with one punch, and PP is going for Miss Stupid Villain award with her gloating stance.

          • Klaus

            I mean why have they not been killed long since? Something must have held the villains back.

          • Dakejev

            Maybe bargaining chips so that the military wouldn’t just carpet bomb the area?

          • Klaus

            But why have they not been killed by some other villain last year?

          • Why has the Colliding Dimensional Thingy referenced in Hong Kong not happened? Why has the sun not gone super nova? Why hasn’t Sircea GOT A NEW FRICKING CAPE ON? OMG! It’s insane around here.

          • Klaus

            It is happening. The sun is too small for that. She has nopt had an oportunity to change.

          • Dakejev

            I’m not sure they’ve ever crossed paths with other villains, what with having been a Search & Rescue team. Also, most of the adult teams are currently off-planet, if I remember correctly – they might not have been last year, which means that going after teen supers would’ve amounted to suicide.

        • True… Duncan seems to mean a lot of different things depending on the mood and the moment. Hormones. Mood swings. Men get them too.

          As to why they’re alive. Heck, Team Silver is just taking a well deserved breather. Hmmmm suspiciously like Adam and Vero’s breather… COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT! HA.

  • bronakopdin

    instead of Idiocy I’d call it bravery and resolve.
    Anni is forgetting that he seems to know something that our heroes don’t know and that all they wanted was to avoid a catastophe for the world so they at least tried to take the action they were able to take…
    If someone told you later that they rather didn’t come because they “knew who you were” when they could at least try then I guess you’d say they were wimps… whatever action they had taken they couldn’t have pleased you it seems…

    but really now… Are you eff’in serious!?!? T____T
    Now this is one of the worst kinds of cliffhangers Alex….

    • Klaus

      Kyle is a hero. As he sees himself, that is his defining characteristic. Heroes do not let the monsters win. Duncan should have known that. I guess he let wishful thinking cloud his judgement.

  • Oooh. Cliffhanger. As much as I NEEDTOKNOWWHATHAPPENSNEXTARGH, very excited to see Truth or Dare as well 🙂
    In order to make it through this tense break, I am going to just happily flit along in my headcanon where Kyle is about to wake up and give those doey eyes and Duncan is going to look at PP and say “….You.”

    • purplefoxglove

      Kinda reminds me of the Dark Brotherhood Questline of Skyrim…:D

  • Columbine

    Alex you troll! That ‘THE END’ comment was just cruel!

    In seriousness I’ve really enjoyed this chapter (and the last couple of pages of Kyle sprawled on his front, I question the practicality of spandex but I’m not arguing with the aesthetic) Looking forward to Saturday.

    • Klaus

      Is this the end? Will the world be overrun with demons? Will PP and the Annihilator rule the Americas forever?


      • Except when Laampros breaks through, Kyle could grow demon-horns with a little flame in between (like Hellboy) and get much bigger and very smexy. Then he’ll bite Duncan and Sircea’s heads off (nom nom nom) and take over the Americas himself.

        Sure he’ll be America’s demon lord, but he’ll be a sweet sexy demon lord, so it won’t be so bad. I LIKE IT!

        ALEX — please make it a milestone!!!

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the chapter and are looking forward to Saturday, Columbine! It’ll be fun! 🙂

  • L. Bellamy

    I know I’m probably the odd one out, but my gut is telling me to not give up on Duncan just yet. To me, it seems he has something up his sleeve. I mean, does he really trust Sircea that much to simply assume that she’s going to keep her word about their deal? Duncan is the one that made “the pact with the devil” and will have to pay up if their deal goes south—their entire bargain with Laampros is unbalanced as Sircea assumes no risk. And, regardless of his unpopularity at the moment, Duncan has never been presented as a fool.

    This page( specifically Duncan and Kyle’s mentalities) reminds me of the words of one Capt. Jack Sparrow: ” . . .a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.”

    *I mean, you could even juxtapose the characters from “Pirates” to this comic. Sircea(Barbosa), consumed with a need for power, is willing to use(betray/abandon) someone that trusts her, i.e. Duncan(Jack Sparrow), to acquire it. However, her scheming doesn’t go quite as she thinks, and she’s forced to collect power(Cursed gold coins) and use Kyle’s abilities(Bootstrap Bill Turner’s blood) to return her to “her former glory”. She has no qualms in killing Kyle(Will Turner) and company to restore her to her original/ideal state. After all, Kyle(Will) is only important to Sircea’s plans because of his father, Laampros(Bootstrap).

    Okay, that’s enough of my speculations(Sorry for the length).

    P.S. Alex, Adam, and Veronica, please enjoy your break! You deserve it. ^_^

    • Klaus

      It would make no sense for Duncan to turn on PP now. If he does not intend to give her a chance to mend the walls as per her plan – the plan she has shared with him – he should not have gone along this far.

      But of course he may balk at murdering the helpless YP even so.

      • L. Bellamy

        True, he won’t turn on her now.

        A smart villain would let her do all the hard work of restoring the walls, since it needs to be done to save Earth regardless of personal feelings or the outcomes of these events. I mean, Duncan isn’t a sorcerer and what’s the point of ruling over a world that is about to fall apart. Duncan isn’t some pure-hearted hero, he still has selfish desires. After all, he may be using Sircea’s knowledge/abilities the same way he used Kyle—as just a means to get what he wants.

        I’m just saying that I think there’s more to Duncan than what we’ve been led to think. Unlike Sircea, who looks down upon others, he seems to still maintain a connection to humanity. Only time will tell us of the full scope of Duncan’s objectives and motivations.

      • You know, maybe you (or someone) can explain the wall vs. Sircea thing to me a bit better. Here’s where I’m slightly confused.

        1. 6,000 years ago. NO WALL between us and Hell. Sircea is at full power and a goddess in her own mind. Happy PP right?

        2. Solomon(? or someones) erect wall to keep bad Demons out. Still I think Sircea was okay-ish???

        3. A number of decades ago… foolish magic users try a spell of some sort that damages wall (causing it to decay), all go crazy, causes Sircea to lose immortality and lots of mojo (?amirite?)

        4. Since then Sircea is trying to (?) get wall back down to restore her mojo and immortality, but (and here’s where I really go off the rails) then she wants to put a NEW wall back up? Or…… (chris looks about confused) what?

        So, the whole wall up, wall down, good for Sircea, bad for Sircea has got me slightly confused in all its manifestations.

        If anyone has a handle on this wall thing… I’d be very grateful.

        • Klaus

          We know so little about this. Your timeline might be correct. Or it may be something like this

          1. a myriad or more years ago: somehow the walls are erected, and what was once another circle of hell (whatever that means) is now the earth we all know and love.

          2. 6000 years ago: Sicea is born into this earth as just another mortal. Over the next years she manages to achieve immortality and great power.

          3. Some decades ago: Someone tries to steal all the power they can get. This weakens both the walls and Sircea.

          4. Now Sircea has two problems: she wants to get back her power and immortality, and she wants to avoid having to live in hell, as she will if the walls break down.

          In other words, I am not so sure that the walls and Sircea’s immortality are directly linked. We do not know if she was born immortal, acheived immortality or had immortality threst upon her.

          If Solomon is the biblical character, I do not think he seperated hell and earth. Written history in Egypt and Mesopotamia goes back more than 2 000 years before Solomon. So does archeological evidence.

          • Klaus

            Another thought: it is interesting that Sircea did not demand magical power as part of the deal. She expects the mere presence of so many demons on earth to augment her power. That says something about the source of her power.

          • Okay this doesn’t necessarily un-confuse me, but it’s good.

            However, question, if Sircea’s power is derived from Laampros-ville… then why does the dampener stop Kyle and Spooky, but not her? Veddy interesting……

          • Klaus

            The dampener was started only after Spooky was knocked out. We do not know if it works on him. My guess is no.

    • Oh dear… I read almost your entire post with Naomie Harris’ sort of Jamaican accent in me head. LOL. So, which chapter does Duncan end up in a hell that has a lot of crabs in it? Now, THAT’S the chapter I want to read. Heh heh heh…

    • Thank you for the thoughtful response, L!

      And thank you for the well-wishing for a break — but we won’t be getting one yet. Adam and Vero will continue working on pages every week to build up the buffer and I’ll be still posting up two pages a week of canon TYP here with a guest artist — while giving notes for pages on both comics at the same time.

      But once we have the buffer — then! Then a break becomes a possibility because we’d be able to take a week off without stopping the comic. 🙂

  • Becky

    Oh right, only heroes stop at leaving their enemies harmlessly unconscious, and wait for the cops to come take them to jail. PP means BUSINESS.

    • Klaus

      Usually in action movies and the like, the villains capture and the heroes kill. Not in superhero stories, though.

      • Except the military might show up just about now… interrupting said killing so that we can have a Chapter 4… (WHAT? I could happen?). LOL.

        • Klaus

          It could. It is not what you would expect, but that would not stop Alex.

  • lordavon

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    No, not feeling much better.

  • Kit the Coyote

    Endings like this make me think of my favorite episode of Cowboy Bebob, where after defeating the evil fridge monster, the crew is all floating unconscious as the ship’s autopilot take them on. The young girl Ed does the end of episode voice over, “And so they all died, tune in next week for our new show Cowgirl Ed!!”

    And so they all died, tune in Saturday for our new comic The Young Villains (eternal youth was part of the bargain right?), The Princess and the Annie. Maybe they will save one or two of the YPs for pets? hmmm?

    • Klaus

      The Young Priestess vs. the Platinum Protectors?

      • That’s a lot of young men in metal cod-pieces and skin tight, thigh-high white go-go boots. I don’t know if I’m disturbed or turned on… Let me get back to you on this story line. LOL.

        • Dakejev

          I still maintain it’s perfectly legit to be both at once… 😉

        • Kit the Coyote

          I vote for turned on!

    • Ummmm, is it wrong of me to say that I got the munchies from just reading you describe COWBOY BEBOB? LOL.

      • Kit the Coyote

        Considering the monster in that episode was something that went ‘bad’ and crawled out of the fridge, not surprising. As the saying goes, if leaves the fridge on its own, let it go!

  • Pikinanou

    you guys have been more than awesome, over and over again, you deserve that break. I’ll be eagerly waiting for next chapter 🙂

    • Thank you for the very kind words and thank you for the well-wishing for a break, Pikinanou — but we won’t be getting one yet. Adam and Vero will continue working on pages every week to build up the buffer and I’ll be still posting up two pages a week of canon TYP here with a guest artist — while giving notes for pages on both comics at the same time.

      But once we have the buffer — then! Then a break becomes a possibility because we’d be able to take a week off without stopping the comic. 🙂

  • Wildroses

    Mitch, you need to stagger into the fray now. Right now.

    • They’d just get a big Duncan-punch… (K.O.) have a heart. Let the cavalry arrive first, and then they can come out. ‘Kay? XD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I definitely want to see Mitch do something awesome, but I’d also like to see Paul’s luck powers come into play.

  • I just (re)noticed this line in Alex’s notes:

    “Chapter 3 was a roller coaster ride for the emotions. It’s now time for some fun. Some sexy fun. And it starts this Saturday.”

    Exactly. I was JUST thinking we need ‘less fighting’ MOAR ‘snogging’! For readers are not meant to survive upon witty evil one liners from 6,000 year-old ex-goddesses (it’s like too much dessert).

    And lo and behold the Alex looked down upon the AU and said unto the reader-peoples, A TIME OF SMEXY FUN SHALL BEFALL YOU. And lo the people were happy indeed… and for so it came to pass. And, for sixty days and sixty nights a guest apostle artist (sorry got carried away there) did come into the land of TYP and brought snogging and all manner of sexy time……… and the reader-peoples pronounced it GOOD!

  • joncarllewis

    Aieeeeeeeee! OK, I admit I need a little break from the drama… But what a cliffhanger!

  • I just noticed this page is like Minion recovery central. What’s up with that? Are these energizer bunny minions? WHAT?

    • seekmore

      They were mostly getting pummeled by normal-strength people, though. Unless they got really lucky hits in, you can recover from that relatively quickly. As opposed to Duncan’s augmented speed and strength hits, which put the heroes down hard.

      Especially since these guys have been down for a few minutes at least. And some of them appear to have just been dazed and on the ground, not actually out cold.

    • Terri Sutton

      They must have one hell of an union. And awesome healthcare (like those super pills in Injustice).

  • You know, maybe someone can explain the wall vs. Sircea thing to me a bit better. Or direct me to the comment page where it’s all been figured out and I was sleeping that night… Here’s where I’m slightly confused.

    1. 6,000 years ago. NO WALL between us and Hell. Sircea is at full power and a goddess in her own mind. Happy PP right?

    2. Solomon(? or someones) erect wall to keep bad Demons out. Still I think Sircea was okay-ish???

    3. A number of decades ago… foolish magic users try a spell of some sort that damages wall (causing it to decay), all go crazy, causes Sircea to lose immortality and lots of mojo (?amirite?)

    4. Since then Sircea is trying to (?) get wall back down to restore her mojo and immortality, but (and here’s where I really go off the rails) then she wants to put a NEW wall back up? Or…… (chris looks about confused) what?

    So, the whole wall up, wall down, good for Sircea, bad for Sircea has got me slightly confused in all its manifestations.

    If anyone has a handle on this wall thing… I’d be very grateful.

    • Sunfire

      lol you’ll confuse ppl by posting this twice – they’re already answering to your previous same post of this further down :p

      • Ah HA! But you will see that I cunningly redacted my post below to avoid such confusion. Mwaaaaaahahahahahahaha…

    • Klaus

      I will just post a brief synopsis of my reply below here:


    • Tahir Raines

      What I understand, is that numbers 1 & 2 are true. Sircea was okay with the wall going up b/c (1) she still maintained her powers+immortality, but now she was also potentially the most powerful person on Earth due to the demon world being sealed off. (We know how powerful some demon lords are).
      However, due to the events in #3, she needs the wall to come back down so as to regain immortality via her deal with Laampros. The wall coming down may also allow her to tap into (what I assume) to be the magic that would flow back into the world when the demon world becomes connected to it once more. That would replenish Sircea’s powers and possibly even make her stronger than she ever was before.
      That said, she wants the wall to be erected right back up to (1) keep the demons out b/c even she doesn’t want them there and (2) become the most powerful entity (sans Anni) again in a world free of demons but with her having godhood again.

      • Wow. Nice! Thanks. Now I’ll chew on that for a bit.

        I think it’s hovering around the immortality deal… See if dampener works on Kyle, but she’s unaffected, then why would she want demon magic… unless it’s all wrapped in…

        • had immortality (somehow)
        • lost immortality (somehow)
        • needs Laampros to get it back (somehow)

        I’ll continue to noodle on the rest. Thank you to both you and Klaus for making this effort to make my brain comprehend this sucker. (I swear it’s worse than the NY Times crossword).

  • fujoshifanatic

    Eeep! I was wondering how this chapter would end, and as usual, it was totally not how I expected, and on a perfectly evil note! And while I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens next, I’m looking forward to the break in the tension the next few weeks of comics will bring.

    Good luck on this next stretch of work, Alex! Hope it goes as smoothly as planned so you can take that much needed break you so deserve! 😀

    • And all the Mitch. ^_^ Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch

      • Oh, there will be Mitch in the next scene. And then, after that, maybe even some Mitch Mitch.

    • Thank you, fujoshifanatic! 🙂

  • Sunfire

    Alex you are cruel and wicked to leave us on such a cliff-hanger! I have no choice but to wish but to wish your evil self and cohorts the very best recuperation/break-time! 😀

    With regards to the comic page, I can see the cogs turning in Duncan’s head, (from his facial expression) and not necessarily in an ‘evil’ way. More like a careful plotting. After all, PP has less to lose than Duncan if this deal goes south, seeing as it’s Duncan bearing Laampy’s mark and who made the pledge. If he suspects PP is further testing him to be loyal with this ‘kill one of them’ demand, he may try to eloquently stall. Duncan’s never much liked the fact that his role seems to have become more towards a puppet of PP’s – fetch the key, make the deal, use the boy, do this, this, and this… He’s smart, whatever else he may be, and he’s no fool as to let PP pull the wool over his eyes, and all her testing would probably just keep annoying him more. He may yet have something up his proverbial sleeve.

    • Surely he’s got to realize that two is a crowd when it comes to godlike power and dominion over the Americas. There is no way she is going to share that with him. She’s hardly the type to recognize an equal.

      • Madock345

        Sircea’s not even the type to HAVE an equal.

        • purplefoxglove

          Poor silibub O.o

          Wait, she knew what she was getting into before the marriage, right?

          Still…poor silibub.

          • Oh nooooo… our Sillibub is wise and crafty. She saw the truth of Sircea long before the rest of us and pronounced it “GOOD”. I’d guess that Sillibub has a little patience for the passive aggressive and likes her ex-goddesses simply… AGGRESSIVE.

            Long live Sillibub (still I’m not sure I’m going to the reception…. snort)

      • Klaus

        She still may like to have a companion that lasts longer than those mortals. And an underling that actually will have time to learn how best to serve her. But she will not keep pretending that they are equals longer than she need to, I think-

      • At this juncture I hope EVERYONE has Mr. Pointy on speed-dial until we see who Duncan kills…… (shifty eyes)……….

    • I personally thought that he didn’t even really seem to like the idea of human sacrifices, though he realized it was necessary for what they were doing so like it or not it had to be done. I wouldn’t expect him to be all happy about having to kill the heroes, either, and I think he’d avoid that if possible. I also still side-eye the idea that he’d allow her to kill Kyle. I agree that this is probably a test, because PP hasn’t really struck me as believing Duncan’s denials about whether he truly became attached to Kyle, and she seems to really like to mess with Duncan. Not to mention I think it’d give her great satisfaction to catch him up in the lie and rub it in his face, even if it would complicate things to have him attached to Kyle.

      • Sunfire

        Yeah it’s definitely giving PP a perverse kind of self-satisfaction needling at Duncan, and I agree with you Mouse that PP def hasn’t 100% bought Duncan’s dismissal of his feelings about Kyle to her.

    • A very nice analysis, Sunfire!

      And thank you for the well-wishing for a break — but we won’t be getting one yet. Adam and Vero will continue working on pages every week to build up the buffer and I’ll be still posting up two pages a week of canon TYP here with a guest artist — while giving notes for pages on both comics at the same time.

      But once we have the buffer — then! Then a break becomes a possibility because we’d be able to take a week off without stopping the comic. 🙂

      • Sunfire

        Thanks Alex! 😀

        Best of luck for a smooth buffer-build period then, and for some well-deserved and much-earned rest after! lol

  • Dakejev

    This is why bad guys tend to fail. “Don’t ponder about how and in what order you’re going to kill the heroes. Just kill them as fast as you can. Give them or Murphy’s law any time at all and something’ll go wrong.” — Villains 101

    • Mildly Evil Duncan: All right guard, begin the unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism.

      [minion starts dipping mechanism]

      Mildly Evil Duncan: Close the tank!
      Much More Evil Sircea: Wait, aren’t you even going to watch them die? They could get away!
      Mildly Evil Duncan: No no no, I’m going to leave them alone and not actually witness them dying, I’m just gonna assume it all went to plan. What?
      Much More Evil Sircea: I have a gun, in my handbag, you give me five seconds, I’ll get it, I’ll come back down here, BOOM, I’ll blow all their brains out!
      Mildly Evil Duncan: Scott, you just don’t get it, do ya? You don’t.

    • Klaus

      But this time she has a good reason. She is goading Duncan.

      • Dakejev

        Pfft, goading a fellow co-conspirator is pretty high up in the “100 reasons why villains fail” list. Even if she considered him her minion (which I’m sure Duncan would protest to), goading a minion is no better. =P

    • stickfigurefairytales

      And don’t forget that Murphy’s Law is Fluke’s personal playground at times like these.

      • Oooh! That makes me wonder if Fluke is having any effect on Duncan right now. I know he’s out cold, but would that really stop all his luck? Maybe if Fluke hadn’t been there, Duncan wouldn’t be feeling as weak to his emotions as he does right now.

  • Homoaesthete

    I’m getting the distinct impression PP isn’t aware that Laampros might not take too kindly to anything untoward happening to little Kyle. Did Duncan not happen to overhear that exchange way back on page 45? Or did he just conveniently neglect to mention it to her?

    • Klaus

      He was huddling in pain some distance away. He showed no reaction to this startling revelation. I think it likely that he did not hear.

      • Homoaesthete

        Good point. He and Sircea may both be in for a few less-than-pleasant surprises.

  • Wayne Lunkwitz

    Hmmmm……getting the idea this could be Duncan’s way of getting PP out of the way…..He let’s her choose first….she takes Kyle….orders him to kill Kyle, when he does and has to answer for it….Duncan points a finger and she gets vaporized. BTW Kyle won’t die because of the dampening shield…..he might just “disappear”…..remember the “date” they went on?

    • Klaus

      But it was Sircea who supplied the invisibility powder.

  • Epistasthai

    “The End”
    Hoo boy, reading that sure gave me a good cardio workout! (that scream of anguish you heard about noon-ish HST was me). Then when I scrolled down the page I read the rest.

    thank you so much for all the lovely hours of reading you’ve given us! And now you’ve given us a break filled with yummy interlude reading. Usually a break between volumes is, well, a blank period filled with anxious thoughts along the lines of “OMG what a cliffy – when is the next volume coming out?” But you’ve eased (some) of the anxiety. It’s still “OMG OMG what a cliffy!!!” But at least I know when the next chapter is gonna start. Plus there’s the interlude readings to look forward to! yay!

    I’m glad you can now set up a schedule where everyone can get a breather, arrange for a buffer of material for RL emergencies, and recharge creative energies.

    thank you!

    • You’re very welcome, Epistasthai! I very glad to have given you lovely hours of reading and I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next little “Interlude” story as well!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Ok….that is just MEAN!!! XD leaving it there!!!
    Rofl, naaa, you all deserve a good break 🙂 Young Protectors is of course, more than worth the wait ^_^
    Oh, and Anni? We ALL know what you are…a master of deceit, so don’t think you can fool us about how much you care for Kyle >:(

  • Red

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  • Adam Black

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  • AseretZone

    I’d say to start with the telepath. Do you really want to kill Kyle, when his butt is so nicely shaped and visible in that suit? Really, you should keep that one alive. We don’t need the water-bender, so go ahead and kill him. I’m sure the demons want their toy back, so don’t kill Spooky. Mitch…well, no need to kill him. He’s hardly a threat to the villains. Fluke might be a problem, though.

    I’m glad you guys are going to build up a buffer again, and I look forward to the guest comic. 🙂

    • Ummmm have you ever had your water heater combust and flood the first floor? I thought NOT. Then you wouldn’t be so quick to throw our water-bender under the villain bus. Any sorta flooding and I want me some Tsu to shift the H2O around………..

      • AseretZone

        In that case, they ALL have their uses. We’ll just keep them around as slaves.

    • Xithyl

      If they ever decide to get a cat like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, they would totally need Tsunami. Ever tried to give a kitty a bath? Ranged H20 powahs = lifesaver 😛

  • davefragments

    quote: “And why do we have to do the killing when we can put them into the chamber with the rest of the sacrificial victims?”

    • BAD Davefrag… bad bad Dave! No helping the evil people!

      • davefragments

        But I wasn’t helping them — think hard about what might happen.

        • (chris is getting a headache…)

          • davefragments

            Only my speculation. You’ll be OK. So will Kyle and the rest of the YP’s.

      • Xithyl

        And as they are putting them into the chamber, the dampener runs out of batteries, the heroes wake up, and victory ensues 😛

  • stickfigurefairytales

    I’m sorry I missed camping last night – I was too tired to make it! And holy #$&@, what a cliffhanger! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

  • andrea

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  • stickfigurefairytales

    “Well, you’ve got to be feeling a little tired from all that spell-casting and getting-set-on-fire earlier, Sircea. So why don’t you just go take a nice long bath and maybe a nap while I kill all the heroes. No need to check back on me! I’ll definitely make sure they’re totally dead. And not hidden out of sight while still alive or anything. Nope.”

    • HA! (exactly… maybe with some Stick-coaching there is hope for Duncan yet?)

      • stickfigurefairytales

        Although I’d still be very much on board for Spooky using his magic tentacles to bonk Duncan’s head against the ground repeatedly though.

      • All I’m picturing now is Stick in the form of a little conscience on Duncan’s shoulder, saying “Noooo noooo, you don’t want to kill anyoneee~ Yessss, you want to hide the young heroooossss~ Yessss, come to the good sideee~” although that makes her sound more like the evil conscience…but then he is a villain after all, I suppose his conscience could be inverted! XD

    • *bats his eyelashes at Sircea*

  • Xithyl


    Alex needs to know that we really appreciate his origin stories and to write some more 😀

    • Terri Sutton

      What origin stories? Have I missed something.

      • Xithyl

        Alex has been posting some really awesome stories on the Patreon page. =)

      • Alex tells about them in his notes under the pages.

      • Klaus

        If they are origin stories is a matter of definition. The prose stories Alex has posted on Patreon.

        • Terri Sutton

          So in other words, I am missing out on something on Patreon because I can’t afford it.

          I thought it was agreed that we keep Patreon stuff out of these comments.

          • Klaus

            It is very hard to do. Especially the script reveals so much. When discussing if Spooky is consious, the answer is in the script. Are those other gadgets under the pulpit going to be used? The way they are described or not in the script gives a strong hint. And so on.

          • Just like people are welcome to discuss the merchandise in my store here in the comments, readers are also welcome to discuss the Patreon rewards.

            I completely understand not being able to afford something appealing. When I was younger, I had that experience a lot. There are plenty of times I have it now. But without the financial support of people buying merchandise and supporting me on Patreon, I wouldn’t be able to pay Adam and Vero and I wouldn’t be able to pay my own rent and other expenses. At this point, now that I’ve burned through my savings, I wouldn’t be able to continue making this comic. At least not for long. When readers let other readers know about things they like with the Patreon, they are helping to support our work here.

            Should people feel guilty about not being able to support my Patreon? Absolutely not. I’m delighted to offer these webcomic updates for everyone, free to read, twice a week. Really, I mean that — it makes me happy that so many folks are able to enjoy The Young Protectors.

            But one of the most powerful ways to support our work here is to help spread the word about things that others, who do have the means, might enjoy. When people do that in an honest, upbeat way in the comments, that are helping to make these Young Protectors updates possible.

    • Klaus

      I would vote for how Duncan met Sircea.

      • Xithyl

        That would be interesting. What if Sircea manipulated Duncan’s childhood so that he would be on the evil side? :O

        • stickfigurefairytales

          I dunno…I kind of feel like that would be undermining Duncan’s responsibility for his own choices, and also doing a disservice to the prejudice he faced as a kid.

    • Keneu

      Noone voted about reading Gordon’s backstory yet xD Come on, he can be a bit stiff, but I’m curious to know why he is considered a reject. His powers seem fine.

      I voted for Red Hot’s backstory since he’s the TYP member I like the most, but I’m curious about all their backstories.

  • Derkins


  • Klaus

    In an earlier comment, Chris wondered how it was that so many minions are suddenly getting up. Try putting yourself in the shoos of one of these minions. Would you be in a hurry to get up while the YP were going?

    • A lot of them also got themself a cold river ‘shower’ a couple minutes ago. That can wake people and/or make them get up faster unless they’re completely knocled out cold.. like our team >,<

    • Kit the Coyote

      Norm: All right Al you can come out its all over.
      AL: (peeps head out from under wreckage of the bone ring) OH? Ahh Oh yea, lucky for them, if I hadn’t gotten my pant’s leg caught on a nail here I would have shown them what for!
      Norm: (rolls eyes) Yeah right.

  • SofiaT

    After reading the script for this page and the last lines about Anni’s smirk, I have a feeling the next person to die will be Sircea…

    • I was just about to write about Duncan turning about and engaging Sircea.

      “Why yes, my dear, the first one to die is you.”

      • SofiaT

        There is no way Duncan would enjoy the death of innocents.
        He’d do it, but he wouldn’t enjoy it.

        The smirk tells me he has something else in mind.
        Although I always thought he considered Sircea a friend, it will be interesting to see if I’ve been wrong.

        • Of course I fully expect to be wrong. I’ve been wrong each time I think he’s going to do something.

          From previous times, my expectations is him attempting to weasel out of the deed in some way. Maybe like Dave suggested down below, that of adding them to the box.

          Alex is an evil genius and I can only sit helplessly and wait until Ch4 picks up.

          PS – I have my fingers crossed that he’s deep undercover because it was either the only way he could keep himself out of jail or he decided that Sircea was insane and couldn’t stand the idea of what she was planning.

          • SofiaT

            I’ve been surprised by events, but I’ve never been surprised by Duncan.
            He’s always acted the way I expected him to.

            I’d be very, very surprised to find he’s happy about killing TYP or the people in the glass box. There’s absolutely no chance of that happening.

          • I wouldn’t think he would be happy at all, but it would be a decent stalling tactic and/or a way of not killing them directly.

            It’s not so much that I’ve been surprised but felt a certain disappointment that he chose the path he chose. If that makes sense.

          • SofiaT

            He’s a master at pretending so we’ll see what he’s really about… Eventually.

            Am I disappointed that Duncan chose the path he chose in life?
            Yes, because I love him and the path he chose doesn’t lead to happiness. I want him to be happy.

            Am I disappointed he’s acted the way he’s acted so far in this comic? Not at all. His inner fighting is 90% of this story’s excitement. He’s by far the most interesting and complex character and his actions reflect that.

            I can’t wait for chapter 4.

          • This reminds me a little of when I watched professional wrestling (so so long ago) and alliances would be made and broken and made and broken. The audience strung along as “friends” would betray each other and more alliances would be made and broken with more stringing along of the audience as we all ate up the narrative being played out.

            So what to believe? I just don’t know anymore. But I’m definitely on tenterhooks! :

          • Oooooooh undercover. ExSec had dirt on Duncan that was compelling enough to force him to go DEEP DEEP UNDERCOVER with Sircea… Hmmmmmm… first theory I’ve heard that makes me wonder if I could accept that as a justification for his actions.

            Those undercover agents have to do some pretty scummy things for the greater good.

            Okay… you got me. Hmmmmmmm???

          • Or they caught him and the only way he can say keep his powers (I bet the gov. has a top secret experimental serum that would block a super’s powers) is to again go undercover to get the big boss.

      • Xithyl

        That would be an epic plot twist :O

      • I love the drama of that line… but she seems so smart and experienced about all of this that I’d be shocked if he could handle her so easily. Remember the dampener hasn’t effected him at all.

        So, threaten all you like Duncan… one Bibbity Bobbity and you’re in Hong Kong… and that’s the GENTLE option. LOL.

        • Well he is wearing the dampner dampner. But all she would have to do was smack that thing with her staff.

          I didn’t say he would be successful. Just that he might try.

          • I know. I’d like to see him TRY!

          • It wouldn’t be pretty. She’d probably cackle while playing with him, like a cat with a bug.

  • I’m hoping and wishing for Spooky laying somewhere off-page and healing himself right now, so he can recover and heal Mitch, so that they can get the others away in time.

    Please, don’t have Spooky be unconscious from his injuries!

  • Kill? She said kill? Why kill?

    • Klaus

      Safest in the long term.

      • But there is no reason to. The devil guy is going to show up soon. Then they will have a heck of a time staying out his reach and then since they are heroes, they will be stretched thin keeping some of the other humans safe when the other demons start causing havoc.

        • Klaus

          Better safe than sorry. But there is more to it than that. She is testing Duncan. As she sees it, there is no reason not to kill them. If he disagrees, he is weak.

          • That sounds sensible. She’s watching Duncan closely and has been since his pre-battle waffling. She is obviously very clear that Kyle effected him in some significant way.

            I suspect that if Duncan thinks he’s confused her he will be rather surprised. Whatever her plans (and I really don’t know) I think she’s very clear on what her (relative) toddler of a partner is struggling with.

            I think his youth amuses her. What’s the different? 5,940+ years between them. I don’t think any of Duncan’s emo-struggles surprise or threaten her at all. When she talks about “children making a mess, if you let them” — I’d imagine that includes Duncan also (in her mind).

            She may have lost the ability to emotionally connect. I don’t believe he has at all.

            It will be fun to see the truth of any of that.

          • Klaus

            What is the difference? In 100 years they will be dead anyway. I think it would be hard not to lose the ability to connect emotionally if you live that long. If you are the only one, that is.

  • Kate G

    WHAT?! KILL?! Now, see here, PP, that isn’t very nice. Why can’t you, I don’t know, use your super duper psychic powers to take them to Dark Side?! *trying to keep her characters*

    Also, horse show is on Friday and you can tell because I have HIVES. Why do I always get hives?! Curse you sensitive skin! Chapter 4 of Young Protectors: YP vs. Evil Hive Minion. XDDDDD

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good luck with the horse show!

      • Kate G

        Thanks! It’s small and I know I’ll do okay, but I’m still a little nervous. I don’t know the whole procedure and this is the first one without my grams present, so I’m really sad too. She was at everything!

        • stickfigurefairytales

          Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that. It must have been really special always having her there.

          • Kate G

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          • stickfigurefairytales

            That’s really nice that you can carry her brooch with you.

  • OMG you said the end and that freaked me out! I did not scroll down because I am an idiot.

    • But yay, Truth or Dare sounds fun!

      • Glad to hear you’re looking forward to that! I’m looking forward to sharing it! 🙂

  • Klaus

    Is Sircea really the brains and Duncan just muscle?

    It was Duncan who planned using the invisibility powder. It was Duncan who suspected Kyle’s demonic connection.

    • SofiaT

      I was thinking about the “what you suspected…” part and what it could mean just the other day .

      But while it does raise some good questions, it still proves nothing. Kyle’s demonic heritage could be something Sircea already knew or suspected herself and then planted the idea into Duncan’s head, so he thought he came up with it.

      I like to think that things are more complex lthan that though, and we won’t find out the true dynamics of this pair till much later.

    • An aside: There are hints (just hints) in the latest Spooky backstory (“CHOICES”) that Sircea was working on connecting with an Arch-Demon when Spooky was just 15 years-old. We don’t know that that was necessarily about Laampros, we also don’t know if Kyle was on anyone radar yet as an option, but it does seem to imply that she had demonic goals 6+/- years before ‘today’s’ events.

      Duncan isn’t mentioned, so it’s just an interesting point about all the various machinations and Sircea as the spider in the center of the web.

      • Klaus

        It seems that I must read those stories some time. I read the one about the hat, but the one about the kiss was just too long to read from the screen. I must give it another try sometime.

        • I found downloading the .pdf format version the most enjoyable, as Patreon’s editor is limited. Once you have the .pdf you can adjust page size and layout and it’s much easier on the eyes. Enjoy. I found this last story to be really superb.

  • Keneu

    Is Kyle conscious? He seems like he’s frowning, and his left leg is bent, but in the previous page it wasn’t. If that’s the case, Sircea’s and Anni’s dialogue must have hurt him. Poor baby.

  • Rocky Williams

    Ya know, I hope the Annihilator is full on villain. No last minute redemption or other stuff. Might not be a popular hope romance wise, but so many villains get redeemed, that I like it when one just flat out is the bad guy he says he is 🙂

    • Klaus

      His one redeeming feature is that he is an unmitigated villain.

    • He’s constantly trying to “justify” himself to himself when it comes to Kyle, if you’ve noticed. “I don’t owe you an explanation– I don’t owe you anything at all.” “You know what I am.” /Entire monologues explain how bad and selfish he is/ and now, “He knew what I was.”

      We’ll see how this pans out, though.

    • Terri Sutton

      I hope so too. Although I wouldn’t mind an Duncan/PP superpowered bitch slap fight. Just a little; “I’m betraying you before you betray me and so I can have ultimate power without having to share”.

  • Yinith

    I’m sure this team can still do something to save themselves, but at least we know there were reinforcements coming.
    And I also noticed Anni’s smirk in last panel. We’ll see what happens…

    • I don’t mean to be a downer, but if you do a re-read… Duncan does a whole LOT of smirking all the way through. I do agree with you that we will indeed see what happens.

  • SchalaRenee

    I don’t think Laampros will be too happy if they kill Kyle. He had great plans for his little “Prince of Hell” after all…

    • I thought “Kings of Hell” liked death and destruction, regardless. I mean, Laampros can always find another human woman and have another kid right?

      Maybe he’ll just be bummed that Kyle was too weak to beat Team Silver.

      Depressing, but possible. Demons are such downers.

      • Terri Sutton

        “Demons are such downers.”

        Strange, I had always thought it was the Angels that were such Debbie Downers with their whole “G-d is watching you masturbate” spiel.

        • There is truth in that. Clearly I have no idea. Laampros SEEMS like the fun snappy type of demon… I mean he clearly get’s ‘sarcasm’. So who knows?

      • Klaus

        The kings of Hell are not all alike. At least according to PP.

  • Kat Hedgecoth

    Wouldn’t playing Truth or Dare against the Commander be hard? If she can read minds she already knows everything she wants to know and she knows your worst fears and what dares will freak you out the most. Could be interesting or terrifying.

    • I think it would be more of her getting the others to admit to things that she feels the others need to know but the person is reluctant to reveal. She would also be a good referee making sure everyone stays honest.

    • See, you just think REALLY hard in Amanda’s direction about the incredibly embarrassing things you’ll DARE her to do (I dare you to make out with Spooky in the closet for x-minutes).

      Well we KNOW where that goes. Just let the Commander know that you’ll tone down your DARE, IF she doesn’t ask for that certain embarrassing TRUTH. I’m sure you can negotiate with her. She’s nothing if not practical.

      Mitch: (to the group) Why does Paul always get all the softball questions from the Commander? What’s going on?
      Paul: (smugly) Maybe because she telepathically knows I’m pure as the driven snow and I have nothing to hide–
      Kyle: (covers up a snort)
      Tsunami: (rolls his eyes)
      Amanda: (shakes her head) Enough you guys… Gordon it’s your turn.
      Mitch: WHAT? What you guys? Hey no fair keeping secrets.
      Spooky: (not paying attention because he’s conjuring a tiny demon to put ice down the back of Gordon’s shirt) Sorry… what?

    • Klaus

      I got the impression from the bonus comic that she only reads minds when she chooses to. I would trust her not to cheat.

      • Kat Hedgecoth

        True I guess she would be above doing something like that considering she’s pretty straight laced. I guess I’m just more of a cheater than she might be lol

        • That is so exactly what I thought… telepathic ethics don’t count during Truth or Dare… amirite? 🙂

  • Truth or Dare starts tonight. *giddy with antici

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            In Greece the take away options include 1) pizza or 2) souvlaki.
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  • So, I’ll be posting up the first page of Truth or Dare in the next 30 minutes or so, but this comic has a little prose summary “Prologue” that it would be good for y’all to read first. I’ve posted that up in the notes under the title page here:

    I thought it might be fun for you to take a look at while camping. The first comic page will be up very soon! Enjoy! 🙂

    • Fluke cocked an eyebrow. “If we can’t ask Spooky about his sex life or
      his time in Hell, that pretty much eliminates anything he hasn’t already shared with the whole world.”


      Guess that means getting inventive for Spooky’s truths?

  • Sapfo

    I have not really comment on the last pages that been up. A lot have happened and well, it does not seem like it is going our young heros way right now (understatment) But with what to come or not to come. Is it really smart to kill Laampros son?

    • Is it smart to kill anyone’s son? Parents tend to get a bit miffed when you kill their progeny… just sayin’ 🙂

      • Sapfo

        Maybe take it easie with the killing until daddy says it is alright then? Or maybe he got a lot of spawns

        • Adam Black

          No, it does seem to be a classic blunder.

          Laampros own them or Duncan anyway.

          • Sapfo

            yes, but when someone got the power to burn of your arm or face, then maybe you should hold your killing hand. Just saying

          • Adam Black

            i think we are saying the same thing

  • Kabbalist

    Oh good Lord, that woman is going to dig her own grave if she doesn’t stop wagging her tongue like that. She already knows that Duncan is having second thoughts about the more extreme measures, and now she’s *poking* at him! At least, that’s the only way I can see for our heroes to get out of this mess short of a very timely arrival by the military, but if I remember, Commander said that they wouldn’t arrive in time to stop the timer on the Box ‘o Death.

  • KiannaLeigh

    I’m sorry. I know they’re the “villains” and they want to take over the world and they’re cool with killing innocent people and everything, but I really want them to win. They have their shit together. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it even if it mean getting their hands dirty. You gotta admire ambition. Yea, I know Kyle is on a journey to be one of the greatest heros the world has ever known, but I just really, REALLY hope that it’s not at the expense of Anni and PP’s well being. I want them to be safe and at least content in the end. Please, god (and by god I mean Alex), I just don’t want anything really bad to happen to them. That’s all I’m asking for.

  • moneyfields19

    I don’t really see the appeal of the Witch. She seems to have done almost infinitely worse things than Duncan has.

    And I don’t bye that her age is the sole reason behind her cruel and selfish personality.
    She just seems old, power hungry, and cruel; while Duncan at least has some semblance of morality and guilt.

  • SethBlizzard

    This comic is absolutely amazing. Not only is the art out of this world, but the writing is masterful too. I love that we can understand the villains and their twisted motives. Can’t wait to see more!

    • Very glad to hear it, Seth. Thank you very much for the kind words. 🙂