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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 121

306 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 121

Yeah, you should’ve know that. And a whole lotta other things, Duncan…

I have a new Milestone Goal over at the Patreon Page! The first two Spooky Jones short stories were so popular, I’ve decided to create another one! The new short story shows him solving one of his first cases when he was just 15. It’s a big chunk of story, even more than last time, and it’s packed with action and danger for our young Occult Private Detective. Curious what Spooky is like on his “other job”? Wonder what he was like just months after he returned from Hell? If we hit $7,250/month in support (just $52/month away!), you’ll get to find out!

Edit: We’ve hit the Milestone Goal and the story has been posted! Here are the first two paragraphs:

It took five days to find the lonely, white farmhouse, and that was at least four days too long. Locating things with magic was always difficult, and Spooky Jones had become only marginally better despite months of practice. The photo in his hand provided a fragile, untrustworthy thread of connection to where they’d been keeping her. It showed a straw-thin, 8-year-old girl with purple-ribboned pigtails and a wide grin. She proudly revealed a missing front tooth, her eyes bright with mischief.

He had promised Isabelle Jackson’s mother that he would find her little girl. With every hour that passed, it became more likely he’d find her dead. Spooky needed to try harder, push himself harder. Twenty children had gone missing in the last six months, snatched “out of thin air.” It stank of magic and more would certainly follow. They needed a champion they could count on. Spooky hadn’t slept in two days.

Also, for $5+ backers, I just posted up the full-color Romance Card art for Spooky Jones where he’s just in his underwear. And next week, those backers will get to see Spooky without the underwear, full monty!

If you become a Patron now and choose to receive the Special Digital Rewards, you will be able to download wallpaper versions of the Full Monty Annihilator Pin-Ups as well the Sexy Height Chart which shows the male members of the team. You’ll also be able enjoy all the other rewards so far posted, including the “How Spooky Got His Cap” and “What Is It Like To Kiss Spooky?” short stories that folks have liked so much. This is in addition to special back-stage access to script pages, thumbnail pages and penciled pages for all new updates. And, of course, Patrons who chose to get the Special Digital Rewards (which is the vast majority) continue to receive Digital Kickstarter Rewards every Wednesday and get to see special Sneak Previews on Sunday.

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So! This is what winning feels like, huh? Duncan sure doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it much. What will it take to put a smile on this man’s face?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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  • davefragments

    more discussion and such informative discussion

    • And you got the V.. on one of the most catty pages of the whole comic. Let’s hope the virgin doesn’t behave the same 😉

      • davefragments

        Thanks. After Tonight I think Disqus and computers hate me.


    • Congrats dave!

      • davefragments


    • Congratulations on your V-ictory. Oops. I’m sure that’s been done before. Silly me.

      • davefragments


  • Sapfo

    Someone is enjoying this a bit to much I think
    And then someone else is not enjoying it at all, oh well, not as much

    • Sircea never did understand the concept of delayed gratification.

      • Klaus

        If that was so, she would not have lived so long. But does seem rather overconfident. The military may still show up. He had better be alert.

  • SLEEPING? Can I kick her? Can I?

  • Of course, he’s attached to Kyle! He can’t help it!

    • Having Hannibal Lector attracted to you (and can’t help it) is an iffy thing. You know? (I don’t know why you make me wanna hurt you baby… you shouldn’t be that way…it’s your fault you make me this crazy…)

  • Regrets, Duncan? I think you’re a little late for that!

    • Saxon_Brenton

      I suspect he’s trying to figure out a ay to have his cake and eat it too.

    • I’d say he’s had that regret since he stepped out of the door back at the warehouse. It was too late already then.

    • Really? I thought there was always time for ONE MORE regret when it come to Big D.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Damn it! Disqus took forever to load for me!

    • You are correct. Disqus is the Devils tool. (oh and I mean ‘tool’ quite literally).

  • DC

    Of course he wouldn’t give up.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Glad to see that the water seems to be subsiding to non-drownable levels.

  • So Mitch on the next page then?

    • I hope so. He hasn’t been seen in a long while. We can set up a prayer circle next week.

      • Yes, but who are we praying too. Sircea??? Seems like a lot to ask… Laampros? Not likely… So off-stage case yet to be identified? I’m with you… but it’s not simple, is it?

    • Eternally hopeful… you are so adorable!!!

      Trust me, maybe not in THIS book, but Mitch’s day will come………….. and you’re young enough that you’ll see it. I BELIEVE!

      • I believe Mitch could get some minor “saving the day” in without taking anything away from Kyle.

  • syllibub

    *bursts from the pumpkin in a spray of seeds and goop*

    What did we say about mooning over Kyle in front of Sircea, Duncan? Fight-fresh and deadly confident is not the condition you want her to be in when you give her a big reason to find you disposable.

    • Words of wisdom!

    • davefragments

      He thinks that she needs him and he’s safe.
      Little does he know, Bwahahahahahahahaha

    • Soirbleu

      Bursts from pumpkin?? Wow, that was quite an entrance, there!

      • Tyler Griffin

        Bibbity Bobbity- PFOOF!

  • Alt+F7

    For some reason I just imagined Sircea and Duncan making house together with all TYP as their adopted children, so yeah, that’s a mental image I have now.

    • Klaus

      I have heard about dysfinctional families, but this …

  • TwilightDreamer

    Yes you go and feel guilty Anni, whilst we frown disapprovingly at you >:(

  • davefragments

    Remember “Puny God” in AVENGERS 1.
    Just a hint, nothing more. Just a hint.

    • The best scene EVER!!

      • davefragments

        Yes, yes, yes.

        • And then afterwards, when it pans to Loki staring shocked and dazed at the ceiling. Loki utters his greatest line yet with that teeny tiny groan.

    • WarGoddess

      OMG that and the scene where Thor gets punched were the best. I almost died watching that movie.

      • davefragments

        I hope you saw it in theaters. The audience got more than a little giggly. The punch got a huge laugh and “puny” got cheers.

  • I’m betting on the Big Backstab happening within three pages.

    I’m also considering that Laampros might not be as stupid as Sircea thinks, and won’t take kindly to his son being smacked around.

    • Klaus

      But does she know he is Kyle’s father? I don’t think so.

      • I have news for you. “I didn’t know” is never an excuse that a demon will honor. In fact, I can’t think of a single excuse a demon *will* honor, especially when offspring, minions and other property is concerned.

        Then again, Sircea is of the opinion that people who bargain with demons can somehow come out on the winning end of the deal, especially people who bargain in bad faith.

        • Klaus

          No doubt because she has done it several timews before. That doesn’t mean that she will get away with it this time.

          • Is that canon?

          • Tyler Griffin

            She claims to have experience dealing with demons from before the walls were originally raised I think, *I* would assume that that meant both in combat and negotiations. As well and who knows what activities SINCE the raising of the walls.

            Actually, that brings to mind a fun conspiracy theory idea. My usual disclaimer; I’m not putting this out as a theory I believe in, just as a possibility that seems viable given the info we currently have available:

            Laampros actually benefits somehow from having the walls in place, by some means that we are currently unaware of, however they require such a big bit of magic that they cannot actually be put *permanently* in place. Enter Sircea, She was a champion of humanity in its infancy and understands how humanity needs the walls in order to flourish. So, every couple thousand years they do this song and dance, some “catastrophe” weakens her and she becomes mortal (in actuality this is the first evidence that the spell maintaining the walls is faltering), Sircea then sets out and recruits some would be world savers. These are selected either from the ranks of heroes gritty enough to accept the high cost of success, or less dark villains who can grasp the value of saving the world in exchange for a little personal gain.

            During the course of the scheme, the “deal” that Sircea negotiated with Laampros on Duncan’s behalf was actually just a renewal of their long standing arrangement. The next step is Laampros coming through, deliberately ripping down the faltering walls and ending the spell in a controlled environment. Demons reign over most of the world for awhile, as Laampy and Sircea prepare for the renewal ritual. During this time Duncan gets to basically rule over N. America where humanity is being preserved for repopulating the world post wall restoration. At the time of the restoration a “God” must be sacrificed, Duncan is being elevated along with Sircea to fulfill this role.

            As one General Tarquin of Order of the Stick feels, being a super villain evil overlord is all about perspective. Sure, eventually some plucky little band of heroes will come along and give your your comeuppance, but in the meantime, you got to rule with absolute authority and fulfill your basest and most decadent desires for what, 20-30 years?

            It’s very similar to the way Dante propogted the myth of the Philosopher’s Stone, then claimed to “Punish” those who sought it while actually driving them to create it so that she could keep body hoping in the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

          • Klaus

            No, but given how old she is, and how confident she is in her bargain, it is likely.

          • Well, according to the new story about Spooky, it *is* now canon.

      • Hikaru Takemori

        She might. First there is that tentecle thing she did to Kyle before his date and there is Duncan who might have mentioned it.
        I think ‘does she know’ is not the right question to ask but rather ‘would she care even if’.

        • Klaus

          Duncan did not know before going to hell. If he had, his conversation with Laampros about touching Kyle would have gone differently. If Duncan noticed, he would have told PP. I don’t think he noticed. He was huddled in pain (which he is not used to, being invulnerable or near enough) some distance away.

          If PP knows, she does care, unless she is certain that it does not matter to Laampros. Anything to get an advantage against him.

    • Hikaru Takemori

      I’m not so sure about that, considering what we know about Laampros. Think about it: Laampros has not shown any kind of concern for Kyle before and only seemed to find him noteworthy after he got that attack though the spell and depending on when Laampros knew/realised that Kyle was his son Laampros seems to not mind incest.

      Seems to me that Laampros might as well feel only slight disappointment that Kyle was not as strong as he seemed to be in hell. Not one to be proud of after all.

  • Starting to hurt, isn’t it Duncan? Or maybe it’s been hurting ever since you realized you were going to see him again, a kind of dull pain, dampened by the adrenaline.

    Are you going to exceed my expectations and do something about that pain? No? I didn’t think so.

    But I have a small hope.

  • Megan Staples

    I don’t like the way Circea is looking at Kyle!

    • SleepingDragon

      I do wonder if she’s going to do something stupid, like decide that “I can just finish him off for you and spare you the moral dilemmas”.

      • Madock345

        Sircea’s been around a long time. I don’t think, she would do something *that* dumb.

        • SleepingDragon

          Especially since this would be throwing out some serious leverage against her “ally”. I guess I’m always getting worried this is going to fall back on some villain cliche.

          • Soirbleu

            I’ve stopped worrying about that. So far, it’s been full of surprises. I think if it hasn’t become a cliche so far, it’s not likely to…

            Of course, I have been mistaken (*ahem* I’m looking at YOU, “Lost Girl”) before. However, a lot of times, I think when things get truly cliche, it’s because the authors are more concerned with commercialism than authenticity, no? Alex seems a lot more concerned with authenticity than commercialism, so I don’t really see that happening, probably…

          • And some authors might argue that having authentic character actions and interactions is actually the most commercially successful choice to make.

          • Soirbleu

            I have some friends who are writers who insist on the opposite…on making their characters behave inauthentically because it will “sell better.” It makes me sad. In truth, I think all it does it make a lessor story, and a less compelling one. I am glad for what you said. 🙂

        • larry

          I don’t think she would do it, but that doesn’t mean she won’t tease him with it just for fun.

  • Mikki

    It might still be coming, but I was expecting/hoping for a little bit more of a show down between Kyle and Duncan, not just an easy knock out, but like I said, it’s probably still coming…?

    • Klaus

      There are two more chapters coming up. You will have your show down, I am sure.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Like Klaus, I’m pretty sure that showdown is coming. The big question will be whether Red Hot defeats Annihilator utterly with some superhero puncheminnaface, or whether he is able to redeem him.

      • strangeangel24601

        Why not both?

    • Derkins

      I expect it to be something like when they were in hell. It’s going to have to come down to an emotional blowup for Kyle. He’s got to turn on something he doesn’t usually even realize he’s got. But yeah. Every climactic story pretty much ever that has a fight at the end will let the enemy look like it’s winning for a sec, to create drama, and then have the hero come back to win once pulling out some deep inner strength. Happens in kung fu a loooot. Think Rocky. in the end, the good guys tend to win. and i do think this is that kind of story. this isn’t a tragedy we’re reading, where everyone is going to end up dead or enslaved.

      • Keneu

        I’m imagining Alex holding a mug of cofee while reading these comments and chuckling to himself. I hope you are right, though.

  • Madock345

    Some confirmation that Fluke is not actually drowning right now would be nice.

    He’s kind of face down in the water. And unconscious.

    Maybe drowning is unlucky enough for him to turn this around!

    • Klaus

      If they switch off the dampener.

    • Well he does have that face mask on his helmet. Hopefully that’s keeping his face from the water.

  • Mickey Phoenix

    Oh, god, my feels! The look on Duncan’s face in panel 5…aaaigh.

  • Kaatje Van der Zee

    HEILIG N**KEN STR*NT! Dont let it end this way! I’m hoping someone or something drops a house on Sircea and Duncan!

    • Tyler Griffin

      And her little dog, too!

  • I need a Mitch doll to cuddle.

    • Tyler Griffin

      Ooooooo, TYP Plushies……….. Merchandising, Listen tot he Great Yogert

  • Klaus

    If Duncan is clever, he will say something like: “It is not just the boy. We are turning over most of the world to an army of demons. I know we have no better option. But don’t demand that I be happy about it.”

    • Derkins

      He’s pretty much made that point to her before. She’s just got no feels.

    • Tyler Griffin

      That was pretty much his reply before, and Sircea saw right through him and called his ass out, lol

  • AseretZone

    I’d say that a smile would be put on his face by having the love of his life by his side and not fighting him. XD Bit late for that, though. Pretty sure Kyle hates him.

  • So “winning”, huh? So is Sircea hanging out with Charlie Sheen? 😛

    • Kaatje Van der Zee

      I was thinking the same thing. She’s channelling Charlie Sheen!

  • Kiri

    I can’t see spooky in that pile either (or for that matter in the one before). Am i just blind, or do we have 2 TYP that are currently out of shot? And if they’re out of shot, then what are they going to be up to next?

  • James Belnap

    Yes, you should have known. You were an absolute moron for thinking he’d do anything else.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Hm, victory isn’t quite so tasty when your paramour lies helpless on the ground by your hand, is it Duncan? I hope you’re satisfied (not).

    And I see that Sircea continues to channel Maleficent by chewing up the scenery with flair. It would almost be a shame to seer her get taken down–but not if someone says “bippity, boppity, BOOM!” while doing it.

    Come to think of it, Angelina Jolie in a silver wig would make an AWESOME live-action PP! I know other good names have been bandied about (Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchette), but that’s my pick.

    I’m just hoping there’s a good reason Mitch and Spooky are not in the shot in panel four. Also, YAY for the fact at we’re $35 away from another Spooky story!
    Can’t wait to dig into that one! 😀

    • Soirbleu

      I just saw “Cinderella” last night (my friend dragged me to see it), so your comment made me laugh. They did not lose any of the “bippity boppity boop” in it, though the fairy godmother seemed terrifyingly manic. I’ve never liked that particular fairy tale (hapless, helpless woman who is rescued by a man off wealth and power) so I was fully prepared to hate it, but I enjoyed it rather more than I expected to. The costumes were outstanding and I was only rolling my eyes a few times.

      ….cynical, party of one….your table is ready….

      • Tyler Griffin

        You know, I used to think of Cinderella from that perspective as well, but I have seen several people discuss how much they love the movie, because as survivors of abusive families they see it as more about Cindy having the personal strength to keep carying on and survive, not just physically, but managing to still remain kind and honest, and not let the situation make her bitter and angry, because if she’d lost herself to the bitterness then she would not have been able to recognize and and seize the the out she was given when the Prince fell in love with her. It’s still not a perfect story, but I can tell you from the experience of a couple of personal irl friends who grew up in abusive homes, NO ONE rescues themselves from those situations, they either just survive until the get old enough to move out on their own, or someone comes along at the right moment, when they are in the right frame of mind and pulls them out of it. And when you think of it from the abuse survivors perspective, having the Prince come along as a way out, doesn’t take Cindy’s agency away, or reduce the degree to which it is her strength and perseverance that saved her. Sure, Charming IS a way out, and a wealthy one, but the point is more that Cindy managed to remain in a positive enough frame of mind and self view that SHE was able to walk away from that family (something abuse survivors notoriously hve a hard time doing), but go on and live happily afterwards; both things that no prince, charming or otherwise, could have done FOR her, it required HER strength to leave her childhood behind and it required HER determination to be happily ever after.

        Not to say you are wrong, again, even from this perspective the story isn’t perfect, but it’s just a different point of view that I was made aware of through those who lived similar lives, and I am in turn passing it on.

        • Soirbleu

          I had never thought of it that way before, but oddly enough the movie Cinderella kind of seemed to convey that, what you just said? like almost exactly. Perhaps that is why I liked the movie better than I thought I would. Usually I don’t think that’s the focus of the story…I just mean I’ve never noticed it to be before.

  • bronakopdin

    Well victory isn’t always desirable…
    As Duncan not only sees right here but seems to know from (probably many) situations before which he was facing in his supervillain lifestyle.

    His attachment to Kyle is nice but what he did to him will not help him making excuses…
    gosh I’m still so curious as to what the friggin backgrounds of this are! Maybe we’d understand Anni better if we knew it all. There must be something we just can’t expect yet.

  • WarGoddess

    It may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m more sympathetic towards Duncan right now. Now that it’s obvious that Kyle’s unconscious and he isn’t just putting on an act, we can tell by his expression that he did indeed grow attached and that he doesn’t take much pleasure in winning. Oh Duncan, my heart yearns to fix everything for you!!!!!

  • I absolutely love that Duncan’s taking so much time to look at and think about Kyle right now. I also really adore the words, “this is what winning feels like,” from PP. I think that certainly is something for Duncan to think about. And I like that look he had when she said it. This is a page that I really needed and wanted for Duncan. I don’t think it’s going to change what’s going to happen, since he seems the type of guy who follows through once he makes a choice and, for better or worse, he’s made his choice. But, I like to see that he is having inner turmoil about it nonetheless (and I especially like that a lot of centers around Kyle).

  • Pikinanou

    “Children will make quite a mess, if you let them. But I must admit they do look adorable, when they are sleeping.”
    Ah PP, this mother of two totally agrees with you 😛

    • HA! PERFECT!

      Kid: You guys think YOU have it bad? Well, my Mom is SIRCEA!
      Friend of Kid: NO WAY!
      Kid: WAY!

  • I can’t become a patron as I don’t have a credit card.
    Really hate these you need to list your credit card things as it isn’t as common to have a card in Europe as it’s in the US.

    • I’m pretty sure I saw earlier that it’s also possible to sign up via paypal. I think a paypal account can be made directly with just your bank account number. I know my paypal is directly connected with my bankaccount (but also my creditcard number so not 100% sure), so believe you can do it with that.

      I almost can’t imagine not to have a credit card today. I remember how annoying it was, going into a bank to withdraw cash from the register every time you need some, when I was a kid.
      I thought that just about everyone in Europe had a creditcard you can just put into a machine to withdraw.
      What part of Europe is it less common? I know pretty much everyone (except for maybe some elders who only have a bankbook) to have a creditcard here in Denmark. Btw, I use my debit card if you don’t think that can be used and you DO have one of those.

      • The card you are referring to is an ATM card. You can use that too withdraw money from ATM machines or pay in shops. The difference with a credit card is that an ATM card uses the money in your bank-account, so you are not paying on credit. If the money isn’t in your account you don’t get any.
        To have money taken from your Paypal you need to have a credit card set up. Or at least it asked me to supply a credit card when I tried to do that.
        I also do not have a debit card, so that doesn’t really makes a difference for me.
        I’m in the Netherlands and to be very honest I know very little people with a credit card. And every single one that I do know that has one got one solely because of a holiday trip once to a country they are common.
        Never tried for a credit card myself as I think my bank has a minimum income for it and I doubt I make enough. :}

        • Marie

          It may depend on your country, but in Canada, I used paypal for years without a credit card (and disconnected my credit card again recently). You can attach it to a bank account, or leave no payment type and wait until someone pays you, and work from that balance (but you can only receive certain kinds of payments without your own bank account/payment type set up, since those also serve to verify your identity).

        • Well in that case, ATM cards should work just fine I think. I have a Visa card (started out being called something else), and I can’t withdraw more than I have on my account. My paypal I signed up with that card and my bank account number.
          I don’t own a credit card either and haven’t for years (I’m too poor for the bank to give me one). I just use the card number on my card when I sign in info online. All I needed was my bank to make it available for international purchases too.

          As long as your card also work for store withdrawals, I’m pretty sure you can use it to sign up with (again, just have the bank open it for online use if it’s not already). US sites just tend to call it all credit card info.

    • elizabetheatrics

      I don’t know what Europe you’re talking about because in my part of Europe EVERYONE has a credit card or visa debit. People who don’t have cards are the uncommon ones!

      • What’s your part of Europe? Monaco?

        • I think the confusion here is that US sites tends to categorize it all as ‘credit card info’ when you have to sign up. Pretty much all ATM cards work for online purchases too, be it national or international – unless it’s closed for it by the bank, and in that case it’s usually just to contact them to have it open for that.

          I don’t own a credit card, as it’s fully defined, but I’ve been doing online purchases for years. I’m signed up with Patreon, Kickstarter, Paypal and such via my card – which is not a credit card per say, since I can’t withdraw more than I have on my account.

    • Terri Sutton

      I know right. It took me ages to just get a debit card and they aren’t considered “credit cards” everywhere.

    • If it helps, Patreon should accept Debit cards as well as credit cards. (So, ATM Cards that have the Visa or Mastercard logo on them.) It also accepts PayPal as payment too which should connect directly with your bank account.

      EDIT: Ah, it looks like other folks have weighed in. Yep, as far as I know, you shouldn’t need a credit card to use PayPal. Just a bank account. I think it will ask for a credit card as a “backup” but you should still be able to set up an account without one. 🙂

      • I did not know a ATM card can serve as a Debit card. I’ll look into that. Thank you everyone. :}

  • Dakejev

    Heh, funny thing: when was trying to get from last page to this by clicking “next”, accidentally clicked “random” instead, and it dropped me on the page where Duncan apologizes to Kyle about using him for the Hell spell. What a coincidence! =D

  • Graduateartist

    Hmm. My only issue is with page navigation. When I click on the button for the latest page, it redirects me to pg. 109, without fail. I have to scroll down to the comments, find the link that someone posted for page 110 and then hit the proper button to get the current page. Is there any ETA on when this glitch might be addressed? It’s been doing this for a few weeks. Just an FYI.

    • Eland

      I usually use the shift+right arrow to skip me ahead. Sometimes I also have issues with being redirected to a not-last page, but clicking shift-right again always fixes it. Less of nuisance to shift-right a few times than scroll down for the NEXT button or searching through comments. Hope that helps! :]

    • Hmm. This should be fixed now and for a few days already. Please try clearing your browser’s cache (and, if that doesn’t work, trying in a different browser) and let me know if you still have problems.

      When you hover over the “Last” link on each of the pages, the URL you should see should be

      Is that what you are seeing? That’s the URL that is there now. (If you can’t see the embedded URL in the Last link by hovering, please try right-clicking and choose ‘Copy Link Address’ and then immediately pasting that into a text document without actually clicking through the link.)

      If you’re still having problems, please let me know what browser you are using and one of the readers or I will see if we can’t find more specific instructions for clearing your browser’s cache.

      • I sometimes try how it ends at page 109 too, the first time I click Last. Usually I’d just have to click Last again to make it to the actual last page when it happens. The times it happens usually IS just after I’ve done a complete clearing of the computers cache, having deleted all cookies and temp. files.
        That 2nd clicking on Last then stopped it from happening again until next time.

        Now I have the other link, so no issues 🙂

        • And now the “Last” is that link, so no one should have any more issues with it ever again. At least, not once their browser cache is cleared so the “Last” uses that special link instead of what it used to be before I changed it to the special link a few days ago.

          • Graduateartist

            I’m afraid that DanishWolf is correct. After clearing the cache from FF (latest version of that browser) and restarting the computer, just to be certain, I returned to the comic’s main page. Clicked on the ‘Latest’ button and it was back to 109. Once on page 109, hitting ‘Latest’ again sent me to the current page instead of sending me one page ahead, as it was doing. This problem doesn’t happen with Chrome, so it’s definitely a browser issue, or maybe a FF issue. May have to delete FF and reinstall it. Will see if that fixes things.

          • Yes. It must be a browser cache issue that won’t die in FF. The actual link has changed to something that shouldn’t bring you to page 109.

            Unless copy-pasting


            into your FF browser brings you to page 109, then you might need to pursue the nuclear option of uninstalling and reinstalling FF to get it to really let go of that old cached link.

            Of course, if copy-pasting that link into FF does somehow bring you to page 109, then something even weirder is going on.

            It might be useful to know what the actual URL is for the Last link on the main page in your browser, just so I can confirm that it hasn’t been updated in your browser. But uninstalling/reinstalling FF will probably solve the problem regardless. 🙂

  • Theo

    Anyone notice in panel 2, that Kyle is flipping them the “Bird” with his left hand? Nice touch! I’m thinking the team is playing possum for now!

    • Keneu

      Woah, I didn’t notice it! hahahah nice touch! >:D
      I think they are knocked out but that could be an unexpected twist.

    • OMG… so great. IT CAN NOT BE UNSEEN!!! Adam is a genius. LOL.

  • Derkins

    Looks like Kyle gave PP some pretty close calls, judging by her arm. Maybe she should reel back the patronizing tone a tad :p

    • Exactly… mouth and ass burns are particularly painful and nasty! I so agree.

  • WarGoddess

    Also, something I’m really really REALLY hoping for is to see Duncan in his prime and immortal. I desperately want to see this. I NEED to see this. Not that he isn’t super mega ultra lightning sexy right now, I fancy seeing him look a bit closer to my age. Yummy. 😉

    Edit: Knowing my luck, it probably won’t happen at all. Sadface.

    • SofiaT

      I’m not sure how I feel at the idea of the Silver Fox not being silver anymore. :0/

    • Klaus

      If not in canon, there is always “what if” stories. Or if you are willing to do without the immortal bit, a background story. Either of these could be e.g. a bonus comic for the next kickstarter. Better start lobbying right away.

    • Oh be positive… it MIGHT happen and you might get it in HI-REZ! LOL.

  • xLizardx

    Wow, Platinum Priestess is really outdoing herself in the snappy, quotable, potential soundbites here 😀

    “Smile Sweetheart. This is what *winning* feels like.” could definitely become a meme or song lyric [or excellent avatar].

  • Mir

    I feel like when PP says Duncan has an attachment for Kyle she sees it as a less of a romantic attachment but more as something that has developed into empathy because at one point in his life he was like Kyle. (PP has compared younger Duncan to Kyle before saying he had a lot of hope/good before “the world showed it’s true colors” and whatnot.)

    • SofiaT

      I think she means both.
      I don’t know how long these two have known each other, but I wonder if Sircea knew Duncan when he was more like Kyle, and if she was the one to “help” him see “the world’s true colours”.

      • kamishiro

        i would love to see how they meet and became this villain duo :OO

        • Oooh, this would be awesome!!

          Alex!! This would be awesome!!

        • SofiaT

          Me too -although I suspect if it happened the way I think it did, I’ll have a strong urge to punch Sircea afterwards >:D

          • How do you think it happened, Sofia? 🙂

          • SofiaT

            I have a couple of different scenarios, but they all have a common theme: We caught a glimpse of Duncan’s childhood and we saw he had a happy family, parents and a sister. Yet, that must have changed along the way. Either his parents cast him away, or they died. I think the first is more likely (similar to Iceman’s parents on the second X-Men movie).

            We also know that Duncan was bullied for his sexual orientation as a young man and it must have taken a while for him to come to terms with it. So, he was someone who had a happy life in his very early years but then it all went downhill from there; just like Kyle.

            Unlike Kyle, Duncan didn’t have a support network like TYP. But he didn’t become The Annihilator until much later… He told Kyle he chose the name in his late twenties, and I see no reason why he would have lied about that. Which means that all the things that happened to him in the past may have helped form him but didn’t break him. Think Anakin avenging his mother’s death but not turning into Darth Vader till his own fears for Padme consumed him.

            I think that’s where Sircea comes in. She needs a partner in crime and Duncan is ideal for the job. I don’t know how, but she must have had a hand in what made Duncan snap and think that there’s nothing but darkness in him. And she probably did it in a way that made it look as if her way is the only way, and Duncan should be grateful for her presence and friendship. I highly doubt she gives two cents about him but he seems to care about her and consider her his friend.

            So, yeah. I guess Sircea is Emperor Palpatine.
            I just hope that doesn’t mean Duncan will have Darth’s end…

          • Klaus

            Duncan was bullied because he was “timid”, a word Duncan seems to choose with some care . He came to terms with his sexual orientation only when he was the most feared supervillain in the world. Until then, it was a secret. and the next page.

            If you trust anytrhing he says, that is.

          • SofiaT

            You’re right, I forgot the “timid” part. Or just assumed it had to do with him feeling “different”.

  • I REALLY don’t like that Priestess b*tch. But I guess that’s the point, eh? Lol.

    • Wayne Lunkwitz

      Glad to see I am not the only one who doesn’t like PP…..Or Anni for that matter….I keep hoping something good will come of this.

  • Kit the Coyote

    “You did indeed become quite attached to that boy, didn’t you?”

    But don”t worry dear, he look quite fetching in a flame red ruby slave collar and leash. MUWHAHAHAHA!

    • Keneu

      Someone please draw this.

      • Kit the Coyote

        Yess Please!! I so wish my drawing ability was a little better than stick figures.

      • Klaus

        I would much rather see PP wearing the leash (and colonel Charlieboy wielding the lash).

        • Okay now I cannot get THAT picture out of my head. Yep, the Colonel is quite the Dom. LOL.

        • Keneu

          Well, every heroine needs an evil stepmom? xDD

  • Dinosaurs=Rawr

    PP looked like a real queen of evil stuff with her white, flowing cape. But now she looks like a elderly stripper with a staff.

    • Only in one panel and that’s a MAYBE… she’s a hot little minx 99.99% of the time. Come on!!!! Ha!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Hot damn, it’s story time! Can’t wait to get home from Pride (it comes early to my neck of the woods to take advantage of the tourist season) so I can see what kind of adventures our Spookuns got up to in his youth! 🙂

    • My city will have it’s first Pride parade this year, in a couple months, and I think that’s awesome. It will be the 3rd or 4th city in my country to have a Pride day, which is pretty good considered that it isn’t a large country 🙂

      • That is exceptional news. I hope it’s a happy day. My first pride was a pretty massive experience. I mean there is gay, out-gay, and then super massively publicly out-gay. It’s kind of amazing for some of us.

        (and then there is always the guy in the leather jockstrap dancing on the back of some super gay float that you see when you’re standing next to your mother and she just smiles at you and you want to die… but oh well.)

    • “our Spookuns” … love that… you know you are channeling Burl Ives pretty strongly there. Nice.

  • Keneu

    Someone please roll Fluke and Kyle on their backs so they don’t drown.

    In the last pannel it looks like Duncan is looking away from Kyle despite what the PP says. I’m still rooting for TYP but Sircea has a lot of sass.

  • justkeepondriving

    Sircea telling it like it is… That can’t be good news for Duncan. Or anyone really.

  • Sooo…. What are the big phallic thingies in panel 3?

    • They are the stone markers that were on one side of the path from the ring to the platform where PP and Anni were doing the ritual.

    • Klaus

      When correctly viewed …

    • davefragments

      Stone plinths that circle a round pice of dirt at the bottom of the platform that was.

      • Well… as I posted today on tumblr… “autocorrect has not yet figured out how often i swear and how rarely i talk about ducks”

    • Must be wishful thinking on my part. 🙂

    • Pffff.. I went back and checked. Now I can’t unsee how much that first stone looks like something else 😉

      • Sorry!!!

      • Klaus

        Enhver ting er enten konkav eller -veks
        og har derfor noget at gøre med sex.

        • No fair mixing sex and geometry in the same post, but using a different language. HA!

      • HA!

    • OMG… finally I’ve been asking that question for years and years!

  • Jose O. Gonzalez Lopez

    I think that something is gonna happen. Something unexpected. Something that smells like love and punches a bitch in the face.

  • Sunfire

    I forsee a swift staff-blow to the back of Duncan’s head now… (with the right magical energy to actually affect him of course :p) Unless he turns around on her first.

    • I hope HE is the sacrifice…

      • You mean in a “LAAMPROS BA SUKOTH BA SUGGAROFF” kinda way? I’m with you!

  • davefragments

    There’s this news article with a nice-looking guy with Pinkish-Red, spiky hair. He kinda, sort-of, looks like Kyle in a few years. He’s doing a nice thing.
    Our Kyle still has those pudgy boy-cheeks (now behave, y’all. He’s doing something good)

    • Oh he’s crazy adorbs… in a cos-play fuschia-hair sorta way. And yes he is working for a good cause. Nice. Make him ten years younger and we have a whole gang of cos-play experts who’d jump him quick! LOL.

    • Freaking a-dor-able man who is doing good things for this world!

      The pink/fuschia really suits him.

      • davefragments

        It really does.

  • That moment where you wish your seventeenth birthday was your eighteenth birthday and you actually had a job.

    For reasons.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Wait, wait… I don’t understand? Isn’t the eighteenth birthday the… erm… open-a-doorway-to-hell birthday? I think you might want to be patient. Spooky will explain. 🙂

  • (ding… dong…)

    me: (speaking through closed door) yes?

    muffled voice: Mr. Arlsburgerhhh?

    me: who?

    muffled voice: Mr. Johannesburrr?

    me: who is it?

    muffled voice: [pause] flowers

    me: flowers for whom?

    muffled voice: [long pause] plumber, sir

    me: hey! i don’t need a plumber. you’re that clever demon aren’t you?

    muffled voice: [pause] candygram

    me: candygram, my foot! you get out of here before I call the police! You’re that demon, and you know it! i even smell brimstone.

    muffled voice: wait. I’m only a giant floating eyeball sir.

    me: a giant eyeball? well… okay then. [opens door]

    (laampros leans in through door and bites chris’ head off)

    (tonight’s story proceeds)

  • *Gryph runs up to the campground*

    In the middle of stuff right now; be back later 🙂

    *runs off*

    • Heyyyyyyyy…. no……. come back….
      (Damn that Gryph is illusive)

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      • And I maintain this ESP is how you always get the “virgin”… it’s a weird 7th sense or something.

        • *lol* Well, I originally had my clock set for 5am, but now I’ll try and get myself a little more sleep. Just a power-nap. I got an apointment mid-morning, so probably won’t be able to get a nap after the page today.
          I’ll be back in about 45mins-ish.

          • (chris calculates the minutes with suspicion that this is another virgin ploy from the expert in virgin abduction)

      • Morning Danish. Did you dream of Mitch saving the day like I suggested?

        I unfortunately had a dream about getting bit by a poisonous spider this morning, though at least this time it was a regular sized spider. It was kind of funny, but not long after I was bit (aka mid freak out) I told myself “chill, just a dream, you didn’t really get done in by a spider” and next thing, dream finger is all better, no more bite. Though I did wake up to killer cramping.

    • Sapfo

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          • A portrait in innocence you are….

          • Sapfo

            Allways my dear Chris.

          • 🙂

  • I’m so going to reuse the line, “But if it offends your sense of Feng Shui, we have PLENTY of time to set it right.”

    Who knew our sweet Alex had such a good snarky side… HA!

    • davefragments

      I wonder: Is she is baiting Duncan? Does she want him to strike her?

      Imagine living with that level of sarcasm for a couple hundred years.

      • That is how domestic violence calls to our local police get started… 200 years of cranky gets on a persons nerves…

        • davefragments

          I’m thinking: “Say Hello to my little friend” type violence.

  • I hope the Admiral has had a muffin… (or a fritter)… or she’ll be cranky.

  • Good Evening ah ah ah ah… *narrows eyes and dares anyone to say anything against (Sesame Street’s) The Count*

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    YAY! — HBO has JERSEY BOYS and I can listen to it and still pay attention to our little dilemma here. Also, HBO is going to do a special on Bessie Smith,
    Long live the BLUES!

    • Oh indeed. I LOVED the Jersey Boys on stage. Great show! And Bessie is in a class by herself.

      • davefragments

        The guy playing Frankie Valli has a really annoying nasal twanging to his voice. It’s got to smooth out.

        • Not when I saw it some years ago on Bway… but I understand! Fair enough.

          • davefragments

            They just hit American Bandstand (which I did see on those awful B&W tube TV’s and that shows my age).

          • Don’t worry buddy. I know who the Golden Girls are also. 🙂

          • davefragments

            I did the twist to Chubby Checker. I don’t have all that gray hair for nuthin’

            wink, wink

          • No worries. I can twist too. LOL.

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          • Oh puhleeeze my Australian friends say the same things, but they still want to come visit the past… LOL.

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            (If you like to talk, email if you like)

          • Sapfo said it, so I won’t repeat, but that goes from me too.

    • Klaus

      I usually get up at 6:30, but I have a vacation now, so I switched off the alarm clock. Still woke up at 7. (It is 7:20 here now.)

  • Saxon_Brenton

    Having read the third Spooky Jones story, ‘Choices’, my mischeivous brain wants to include ExSec Agent Hastings in the universe-spanning teamup pinup – looking slightly hard put upon that his career path has brought him to such a situation.

    But that’s just at the moment. No doubt I’ll get distracted by something else between now and voting time, less than $200 away…

    • Vote for Amanda!
      (I’ve decided to be on Team Dark Horse for that one. I want someone but the ‘usual’ to win this time ^_^)

  • Hey all. Back from doing all my stuff. Hope everyone is good.

  • Well that became a wee bit more than 45mins xD
    I did get my 45mins nap, and then spent another 45mins dozing off while hitting the snooze button every 5mins.

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