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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 119

307 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 119

I hate to see you fall, Kyle, but I love to watch you land…

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So! It looks like the team is now completely at The Annihilator and The Platinum Priestess’s mercy. What will the super-villains do now?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you then! 🙂

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  • Sapfo

    New page and Kyle bits the grass.

    Can someone please get their faces out of the water.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Yes! I mean, I’m relieved that Kyle has his face turned to the side as opposed to being completely face-down, but I’d definitely be more comfortable if he were a little farther from potential drowning.

  • DC

    No that was supposed to be PP face planted not Kyle


    Don’t you two even look at them >.>

    • Adam Black

      Hands @DanishWolf:disqus spare Pitchforks.

  • Look what you’ve done! Just look at it. You punched him. You better feel guilty!! Where’s my newspaper?

  • Okay here we gooooooooo………

  • davefragments

    She’s scorched fairly bad.

    • DC


    • Samurai Jack

      I was debating whether or not those were scorch marks or runes of some type. Maybe she’s like Tsunami, and gets all aglow when she’s using magic…

      But I’m going to go with scorched. Well, singed.

  • Sapfo

    Does Sili know her wife got such a awsome looking tattoo? (or did I miss this part before?)

    • I believe that is from where Kyle burned her.

      • Sapfo

        She is going to have an amazing scare for Sili to heal. Hope Sili knows what she is doing.

    • Just a nice newly made one by Kyle. I hope it stings!

    • I think this must be her protection against the dampener

    • syllibub

      It’s quite a scorch mark. At least Kyle didn’t wreck her hair. Meanwhile, time to bust out the aloe….

      • Sapfo

        Please dont use aloe on a burn that big! Please!
        (been seing a bit to many burns lately at the clinic. That big aloe will just do more harm then help)

        • syllibub

          *tosses bottle over shoulder* Advise me then, nurse Sapfo!

          • Sapfo

            For real?
            Wash with salt water. Revise dead skin tissue. Take Lomatuell (a woundressing soaked in Vaseline). Take even more Vaseline, the more the better. Make an airy Cover wound dressing with sterile compresses.
            But then a wound that big, covering that much of the skine, I would say in to the hospital at once. the risk of infection is great and your wife will probably get pretty high fever and it will be painful.

            Unless she got some magic in thouse tight pants of hers 😉

          • syllibub

            *takes notes* Such a help! But yeah, probably best to leave the bulk of the healing work to the magic-user. I’ll provide the painkillers and emotional support!

          • Sapfo

            That´s a good Sylli!
            You should not play around with magic

          • syllibub

            Yes, I’m strange enough without the extra nudge toward insanity.

          • Sapfo

            You just married into insanity?

          • Since you’re on topic (and it’s good teaching), if the burn isn’t too big and too bad (as in open 3rd degree burn) wouldn’t it be enough with cool water – but NOT ice cold – for about 10-30mins and then just air?
            And I seem to remember that if the blisters haven’t ruptured, you shouldn’t bandage it. Only bandage if leaking blisters and/or a bit of skin come of while you have it i water. Maybe some kind of antibiotic creme, or is that only for later on a bad burn?

          • Sapfo

            Yes, that is true. And if the skine if whole then you can use aloe. There are some other thing you could also do, but I will not tell them here for they are not “the right way” to do it. With that I mean, I would do it to myself, but never to a patient.

          • Klaus

            It so happens that one of Wikipedia’s “did you know” articles deals with this :

        • Yeah, aloe isn’t for open burn wounds of any kind.

        • davefragments

          cold water and a sterile cloth

    • Tyler Griffin

      Gently Braised to seal in the flavor.

      • Adam Black


  • stickfigurefairytales


  • Just look at her expression as she watches Duncan… says it all…

    • syllibub

      Right? I mean, dude — you don’t want to start mooning over the guy you just punched out while your unsentimental villainous partner watches and judges you.

      • Exactly. I think this is my moment to sign off and sleep. This is creeping me out. How many times does this man get to have this kid paralyzed or unconscious. Eeeep. Someone tell him to go find a schoolyard to lurk around.

        • *Looks at clock* I should try and get some sleep now too. Been geting more tired in the last half hour, and I can nap for around 1½ hour. I’m off for now.
          Good night from here and good night to you.

          • syllibub

            Good night to you both! I’m about out of steam as well.

        • Adam Black

          You got it all backwards.
          This is obviously an new emerging super power:
          Sexy-Demon-ass trancefixion .

          Even PP is powerless to it.

      • Adam Black

        Nah, she cant take her eyes off Kyle either

        • davefragments

          And she is watching him for any sign of his helping Kyle or betraying her.

          • Adam Black

            Thats one theory.

            I think Kyles Bottom has betwitched the Witch

          • davefragments

            I don’t think she cares one bit. If she wan’t vulnerable to fire then she would have killed him. She’s heartless. Thanks to Duncan’s doubts, she watching Duncan just to be sure. If she thought she could get away with it, the YP’s would all be dead by now. However, she still needs Duncan to greet Laampros and then she’s somehow going to be rid of him.

          • Adam Black

            Everything you say makes sense.
            That is just further evidence that Kyle has a newly emerging power of: Hell’s Ass-hypnosis.

            Unlike his Fire, it must be magic-based.

          • Adam Black

            See, i think those factors are independent.

            If she didnt have an aesthetic appreciation she wouldnt be be dressed like that.

      • timemonkey

        He already blew that bridge earlier, he might have set their little argument aside but I’m sure it told her all it needed to.

  • Cman65

    Them damper things are good stuff but make a big boom boom if they gets broken 😉

  • stickfigurefairytales

    [channeling The Producers] “I’m beaten up by supervillains and I’m WET!”

  • As I pondered… it’s a deeply creepy page. Let’s lech over our unconscious victims……

    • Cman65

      I was just thinking how much better the page would of been with RedHot’s butt a little bigger

    • Adam Black

      Only, because everyone else is.

    • bandanajack

      in my drinking, hence less moral, days, unconscious worked fine for me, in fact it was a means to an end.
      i realize i shouldn’t really share that, but i thought it might make at least a few people feel better.

  • I don’t care if Anni should happen to feel somewhat bad about the scene he’s looking at now. He did it along with PP, no matter for what he felt as the needed reason, and looking at Kyle in panel 2 takes away all my current sympathies and thoughts – except for how they knocked out the team really bad.

    *Feels incredibly blood thirsty as well as frantic*

  • David Welbourn

    Hard to tell, but is the Annihilator looking at Kyle or at the glass box? Will they put our fallen heroes into the box?

    Also, someone’s gotta say it: Kyle’s got one lovely ass in panel 1. Very nice.

    • Mikki

      It almost looks like PP is looking at Kyle, while Anni is looking at the glass box.

      Looking at all the panels together, it almost looks like from Panels 1 & 2 that PP might have been planning to go after Kyle again as payback for the burns and what not as she sees Kyle go down. Then in Panel 3 it almost looks like Anni was worried that might happen, so it kinda looks like he’s worried and trying to rush in there next to her to keep her from doing something if she tried. And then there’s Panel 4 where he almost looks like he feels bad, while she’s just soaking it in. Maybe?

  • “It’s over”???? (from the script page)


    • Damn me not being able to log into Patreon. I want to see that script for the page.

      • Hey Danish,

        If you’re having trouble logging into Patreon, please email them right away at — they should get that sorted out for you right away.

        • I already sent a message to their support team, but from their twitter I know it seems to be a common bug they’re trying to fix.

          • Ah. Good to know. 🙂

          • Oki, I’m pretty sure they’re trying to solve it. I can see the Patreon twitter have replied to about a dozen others in the last couple of days who tweeted them about the same issue. From that I expect they know it’s a problem and are trying to take care of it.

  • syllibub

    Lots of nuance in this page, so huge props to Adam and Vero for their work! They do such an amazing job with dialogue-less pages — everything’s there in the characters’ expressions and movements. I really love how casually Sircea’s shielding herself from the water in the first panel, for instance — you can see it’s something she barely needs to focus on while she enjoys watching Kyle bite it.

    • syllibub

      (And speaking of the first panel, I’m getting kind of a “Birth of Venus” vibe from it what with all the water and the way she’s standing. I like!)

      • Adam Black

        wouldnt that be more like Pandora?

      • davefragments

        That’s a very famous painting that she might have posed for – – Venus on the half shell.
        Well really – The Birth of Venus by Botticelli commissioned by Lorenzo di Medici.
        Lorenzo was at that time THE power of Europe.

    • SofiaT

      She enjoys watching Kyle bite it and she enjoys watching Duncan watching Kyle bite it… There’s something mocking about her expression that’s not focusing on Kyle alone.

      She finds Duncan equally amusing (anyond else getting a Dangerous Liaisons vibe here?)

      • timemonkey

        I’ve long believed Duncan is little more than a tool to her.

  • Yes, thank you Alex, Adam and Vero for a complex and beautifully rendered page. The effort shows and is much appreciated.

  • Kyle…. ;____; That’s right Duncan… you better feel bad! (also with Sapfo and loving the bad ass Priestess tattoo!)

  • So.. strangely I just started to wonder how many of the hostages/prisoners in the glass box who might have peed themself by now. I know I probably would have, if I had just witnessed this scene o_o

    At first in this fight they might have been releaved that help was coming, only to see them get beaten badly. I think I might be near hyperventilating and fainting by now, if I was in that box.

  • Xithyl

    The villains will now take a selfie and Tweet: “GG heroes, but we won. #incomingdemon #theendishere.” 🙁

    • Adam Black

      PP is trying to save the world, afterall.

      Try to look on the bright-side. Its probably all for the best.

    • Klaus

      The end of chapter 3, that is.

  • WarGoddess

    Welp, craptasticals and a monkey. This takes the sticky wicket. The jimmies have been rustled thoroughly today. My panties are in a twist. There is a bee in my bonnet. Still, I cannot find any hate in my heart for Duncan. I wonder what’s gonna happen NEXT???!!!!!!! X-D

    • fujoshifanatic

      You win the internet with your colorful colloquialisms!

      • WarGoddess

        Yay!!!! It is one of the only other ways to win the internet next to using cat pictures.

    • Adam Black

      maybe …its just misplaced

      Have you checked your spleen?.

      • WarGoddess

        Ah, it just might be there. Buried underneath my spleen right next to my giant capability for forgiving and loving Duncan. Yep, there it is!!!! Duncan I hate you so much!!!!! But I so love you!!!!!!

  • Madock345

    What’s wrong with me that I’m actually really worried about PP’s burns? I should hate these people, but dammit, they’re too cool!

    Also, I wish we knew how Red Hot’s powers work when he’s wet.

    • I think his powers would work anyway, but that dampener takes away the option of him even trying once he’s conscious again.

    • Adam Black

      The new adventures of Steam-Boy

      • Soirbleu


        • Adam Black

          It could happen.

  • The last panel, Sircea looks quite pleased with the outcome. She almost seems to be admiring the after chaos like a piece of art.

    • Adam Black

      in all fairness, PP cant stop looking at Kyle’s ass.

      You see thats exactly where her eyes are.

      Same for Duncan,

      Its probably a new superpower emerging.

      I predict they will be fully under Kyle’s ass’s spell before he wakes up.

      ( Blast me if @Sophia T: disqus predicted this outcome last year . )

      • Frater Gymnos

        I love the idea of Kyle’s ass having it’s own powers. But if his ass has special powers, how about Tsunami’s?

        • Adam Black

          Granted, T’s toned and sculpted ( and it has powers over you ) , I just have not seen plot-evidence of this. Besides Kyles ass-power goes with fire. Its Hot.

          I shudder to think what ass powers would go with water. The most benign I can think of is attracting pacific Coat men to ride it

          • Frater Gymnos

            wow. i’d really like to go deeper into this discussion… but I’d better not.

          • Adam Black

            wear protection, or scuba

          • Frater Gymnos

            latex would *definitely* be a requirement!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oy! Every time I ask for the next update to come quickly, I get smacked with even more suckage for our heroes! Though I must admit, PP looks scorching hot (HA!) in panels one and three. Spooky, you better be healing yourself quick; your friends need you!

    Speaking of which, YAAAAAAAY for a new Spooky story!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with this one, Alex! 😀 In the meantime, I’ll just be over here wailing in anguish over my poor heroes until the next update. *SOBS*

  • Adam Black


    Look at the comic,

    read @alexwoolfson:disqus ‘s last few sentences,

    Then Look at the Patreon ad below

    • Adam Black

      I thought it was lol-funny
      Hint: They are reacting to todays comic.

      • Klaus

        Or to the next page.

        • Adam Black

          Had not thought of that.

  • Soirbleu

    The Platinum Priestess’s moon-shaped arcs in this are REALLY cool!

    • Soirbleu

      I just had to say that, and hello! But now I must to bed, goodnight everyone and have a lovely weekend. 🙂

    • Yeah, I really like what Adam and Vero did there too. 🙂

  • YangYueLan

    Its doing the stop at 109 again! I go from archive -> comics: YP -> Last (stops at p. 109) -> Last (stopped at 118) -> Last (this page). It worked fine for about a week’s worth of up-dates.

    Other wise, Great page! I dont see this ending well for our team of juveniles.

    • YangYueLan

      Ok, I just did it again and it went to p. 118 not 109. (I really dont mind the stopping at the page before the up-date when we just had one, its the stopping at 109 that I dont get)

  • Fabulous Alien

    Just a couple of thoughts before I go to bed. First, wow, this is painful to watch! Having these guys we love literally faceplant like this… I really need to see some glimmer of hope kind of soon if I’m supposed to keep my sanity.
    Second, as much as I dislike her, only a magnificent villain can look like PP in panel 1 having burns all over her right side and a silly-looking, crispy remain of a cape hanging from her neck.
    Third, and I feel this is the wrong moment to even think that, Kyle’s butt is beautiful!

    • DC

      Kyle’s butt is beautiful, but I find his face in panel 2 very lovely. My feelings are fighting between all protective, motherly concern for the sweet, serene looking, sleeping boy and how hot, attractive and gorgeous he looks.

      • Fabulous Alien

        Now I feel like the perv who sees butts and only butts, but I swear I also thought that Kyle in panel 2 looks beautiful, hurt and like he needs a non-pervy hug.

        • Adam Black

          Its not your fault.
          He’s just drawn that way.

          • Klaus

            Kyle’s mother is Jessica Rabbit?

          • Adam Black

            It would explain a lot.

  • Kyle got back… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Okay, a little silliness to lighten such an intense and well rather upsetting page. I think it would be kinda awesome if Team YP competed on the show WipeOut Superhero Edition. I think they would dominate.

    • Tyler Griffin

      *everyone piles on Mitch who promptly flies them through the cours and around all the obstacles*

      • That’s probably how’d it happen too!

        • Tyler Griffin

          *surprise twist* Anni hits the switch on the dampener a few feet from the finish line and they crash into the water. “You just got DUNC’ED!”

  • bandanajack

    from the look of the last panel, you aren’t the only one admiring kyle’s prone position. i sense a crisis of faith coming on…

  • Mikki

    Is it just me, or does it almost look like Kyle is starting to try and get up in the last panel, and maybe that’s why they’re both looking at him? Or maybe they actually need him for part of the ritual? Idk…

    • Klaus

      I don’t see it.

      • Mikki

        With the way his left knee is bent, it looks almost like his left hip is slightly off the ground, makes it look like he’s trying to almost get a leg under him.. His right hand is now a fist and the angle of his right elbow and shoulder, along with the ripple patterns in the water around his right fist, almost makes it look like he’s putting a fist/his knuckles to the ground in order to push himself up. Also his butt seems a little too raised off the ground to have him laying flat/ish. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just the way it was drawn?

        • Mikki

          One other thought, assuming he face/chest plants into the ground as he slides to a stop as it appears on this page, how did his right arm go from being kind of under him and pointing down to his feet, to being more comfortably posed up by his head, next to him? Unless there was another bounce or major flop in there, he would have had to have somehow, almsost dislocatingly, contorted his arm, to get it from the position in Panel 1, to the position in Panels 2 & 4…? Thoughts?

          • Klaus

            He is not all limp in panel 1, or his arms would not be pointing forward.

    • Guest

      One other thought, assuming he face/chest plants into the ground as he slides to a stop as it appears on this page, how did his right arm go from being kind of under him and pointing down to his feet, to being more comfortably posed up by his head, next to him? Unless there was another bounce or major flop in there, he would have had to have somehow, almsost dislocatingly, contorted his arm, to get it from the position in Panel 1, to the position in Panels 2 & 4…?

      • Mikki

        Sorry tried to delete this post to move it down but it came back somehow

  • SofiaT

    So, are there people in that glass box or was it all an elaborate illusion, meant to distract our heroes when/if they got there?

    Because, either the glass has turned opaque while this scene was unfolding, or they’re no longer there.

    • Klaus

      Or the angle between the light and the glass is such that nothing can be seen from this point.

      • SofiaT

        Or that.

  • bronakopdin

    I agree to the falling part… and the angle we see it from ^^

    but seriously T__T I’m so sad they didn’t make it!
    Who knoes if the military backup they ordered will even arrive when they’re still there and I’m really curious if they’ll just leave our heroes there or take all or some hostage (I could bet they’ll take at least Kyle because of his relation to Laampros and maybe Spooky because of his powers and experience with hell?)

    it hurts me so much to see them all unconscious there >////<

    On the other hand we STILL don't know whether it was for the better that our villains have won… but the longer I think about it the more I doubt that PP told Duncan the whole truth… but then if she did it just shows us that Alex is an amazing story teller to implement these thoughts of her expected betrayel in our heads 🙂

  • TwilightDreamer

    KYLE!!! D:
    Oh man!! I was really hoping they’d be able to hold their own…please let them all be ok… T_T (well I mean obviously they’re not great, but still…).
    Whoa, PP’s arm is really torn into… (serves her right >:s)….but now I’m interested…what are you going to do, Duncan?
    More than a little curious about what will happen from here…they destroyed the gate, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to keep Lammpros at bay…I’d say they were using it as a distraction, if it wasn’t sort of elaborate for something that was only meant to be destroyed….*shrugs*

  • lordavon

    Are they looking at Kyle? Or are they saying, “Woot! Our glass box is still okay!”

    • timemonkey

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • timemonkey

    What if Anni is looking at the cell and not Kyle?

    • Eland

      Although i like the A/K pairing, I am hoping this is the case, just because I don’t want Anni to be too much like a “Snape” character, I guess. 😛 /suddenly incites a mob

  • jreed3842

    Ugh! I despise Duncan…. You don’t get to betray someone and break their heart and then punch them in the face the very next day! Grrr.
    *Hugs Kyl then punches Duncan in the face because my pathetic human punches would be totally effective on his evil face.*

  • Brian Cherry

    I think Duncan is angry at the Sorceress for possibly hurting Kyle, and worried about Kyle. That’s how I’m interpreting the scene, but the beautiful thing is that we don’t know for sure either way. I’m still shipping Duncan and Kyle though.

  • Pikinanou

    Althought it sucks that they didn’t succeed, it was to be expected. We would’nt get to see Laampros, if they really did stop them.

  • Jeldenil

    That minion is getting up. I don’t trust it.

    • DC

      I think he would be safer just playing dead or perhaps running away, running very fast and far.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    My goodness. Such terrible, terrible luck. If the team succeeds now it’ll be just a fluke.

    • Klaus

      Does the dampener only prevent Fluke from causing good luck, or does it also prevent him from charging up from the defeat?

      • Tahir Raines

        It prevents all powers (excluding magic) so I assume he would not be able to charge up since that’s a part of his powers.

  • Frater Gymnos

    I’m supposed to be bummed about the chaos and stuff, but I can’t get my eyes off of Kyle’s beautiful butt (and neither can Anni, it seems). I’m pretty sure Fluke is going to change the luck of the bad guys, though, so i’m not being totally shallow!

  • SchalaRenee

    I’m starting to ship Priestess/Commander…we need some hot lesbians in here. The gay men are gorgeous, but I want some gorgeous girls too.

    • Syrenia


    • Alan Michael Williams

      Yeah, but even if Commander were gay, she would NEVER go for PP.

  • Matthew Cuellar

    I am just wondering if/when Kyle is gonna channel some of dear old dads power. It has to be there.

  • I really want to believe that Duncan regretted having to do that to Kyle and that’s what that backward look was for. But, I’m probably going to be disappointed. :p If the villains succeed, at least for now (I’m sure the heroes would find a way to set things to rights again…though an epic journey that may be), I wonder if the first thing that happens is that Kyle gets an unexpected supercharge. And just what he might do with it. Or if, perhaps, he’s just kidnapped instead with the intent to mold him into a proper hellfire-wielding prince and what that might do to the story and the characters.

    • Klaus

      This is the story about how Kyle became one of the most powerful champions the world has known. That is what the Kickstarter page says. But what cause will he champion?

      • There is also no guarantee that his road to that will be straight and smooth.

  • We need like a really hot 40 yr old to cosplay PP lol

    • Klaus

      But who looks good in a plate armor bikini? Can it even be made to be both realistic looking and reasonably comfortable?

      • Think the saying goes “It hurts to be beautiful” lol

        • Klaus

          I don’t hold with wearing ironmongery, whether it wears well or no.

    • Matt

      A white-haired Michelle Pfeiffer could do it (and she has experience playing witches). As far as regular people (whose careers don’t depend on being gorgeous all the time) go, it would take a lot to pull off PP’s look.

    • PFG9000

      Hot 40 year old? That’s far too young. Hally Berry is 48. Heck Heidi Klum is 41. Sofia Vergara is 42. Christi Brinkley is 61 and I’d kill to have a body like hers. Demi Moore is 52 she could pull off PP. Or imagine Cindy Crawford, who is 48 with a gray wig. She’d make a fantastic PP.

      • Derkins

        I think finding a decent Anni would actually be harder.

        • How about Dolph Lundgren?

      • lol looking back, I agree. Guys are still panting over my mom and she’s about to hit 50. Demi Moore would be pretty cool to have lol

      • I think Michelle Pfeiffer would make a great Sircea.

        • ^ This x10,000!

          • Yay! She really would be perfect for the role!

          • I am a huge Michelle Pfeiffer fan. If possible I would have turned straight for her.

  • Caffienated

    …Are they going to put Kyle in the glass box with the hostages?

    • Klaus

      I don’t think they will risk opening it.

  • Maus Merryjest

    Man, you have no idea how much I loathe Duncan and Sircea right now-

    Which just goes to show you how fantastic the writing is.

    But boo, Duncan, Boo! :p

  • Klaus

    The number of patrons have been dropping steadily but slowly for about a day now. From 952 to 948.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      Eh, I wouldn’t read too much into it. Some people can’t afford to donate every month. They give when they can and will likely be back later.

    • LL

      My initial reaction to this was a delighted squeak followed by, “Hamlet, baby!” and a frantic link click. So excited for the game.

  • Matt

    The image of the Platinum Priestess standing triumphant in the first panel, and Kyle lying defeated in the second, instantly brought the opening of this song to mind. Things are getting bad 🙁

    • That is actually a decent sound track for opening the gates to hell. Nice.

  • LL

    I want to hate PP right now, but she just looks so fierce in the first panel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still cheering for Kyle and the team…

    • Dennis Grace

      I don’t care if she looks like Audrey Hepburn as Liza Doolittle at her coming out, and Scarlett Johansen wearing as little as possible, and Angelina Jolie circa Tomb Raider, all distilled and rolled into one female confection of lusciousness–I still think I hate her. As the facial shots of PP sneering all brilliantly exemplify: hateful is ugly. A mean and spiteful heart always shows itself eventually, and PP is one mean nasty long-lived bitch. Yep, I’m positive: I hate her.

      • Indeed, she is karmically impaired.

      • LL

        I totally understand. I do like the image you created, though. 😉

    • Eland

      I don’t know that I support her methods yet (I can admittedly understand and respect her motives), but I am a huge fan of her character; you’re right, she does look fierce as all get-out most of the time, which is amazing. ^^

  • Meanwhile, Flyboy silently creeps up behind the two bastards, as they stand side by side, and then SKEWERS THEM AT ONCE WITH THE SAME PITCHFORK. AND THEN THEY DIE IN AGONY. AGONY.

  • JM

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        Suave means smooth, soft (as in the tactile sensation) in Spanish. xDD Doesn’t have anything to do with the English meaning.

        • IamM

          Means metaphoricly smooth in English. A smooth operator.

    • Anni and Kyle? Who doesn’t?

      • Tobyan

        Me. Sorry guys, I’m on SpooKyle team 🙂 Anni can burn in Hell, and you have to admit that he is on his way to do so.

        • Klaus

          Tune in next Wednesday, when you will hear PP say: “Hell will have no surprices for us, darling.”

      • timemonkey

        I don’t. I was cool with the age difference (I’ve shipped worse before) but lying, manipulating, using the sex to open a portal and the demon crap was waaaaaay too far. At this point I will never accept them as a couple, I want Duncan and Sircea dead.

  • Saxon_Brenton

    On the last comments page I made an observation (in reply to ChrisD) that now that the villains have won this fight that the way they react is likely to start giving us inferences about what Team Silver are up to. (Notwithstanding any last minute interventions by either Flyboy or the military. Why, no, I don’t fully trust the script page when it proclaims “It’s over”. Why do you ask?)

    Of course, the cynical part of my brain has since informed me that we’ll now end chapter 3, and cut straight to the action at the start of chapter 4, with Laampros and the demon hordes arriving and there being no time for plot exposition there, either. 🙁

    So does this silent page tell us anything? Well, it’s not much, but my interpretation is that the presence of the dampener was not a secret from the Priestess. She’s a supremely self-confident woman, so she’d still be smiling after a surprise victory – but if the use of the dampener was a surprise on Anni’s part, I’m thinking she would be raising a pointedly snarky eyebrow in one or both of the final panels.

    Which segues into my second points of discussion. What were the points of failure in Commander’s plan? Firstly, the fact that she didn’t know that Team Silver had the dampener at all. And this has a number of interesting implications: When Annihilator captured Red Hot back at the warehouse, Anni said that it was in fact himself who had set the apartment fire and himself who had tipped off Hunter and Killer. And then Annihilator made what seemed at the time to be an off-hand comment about how that part of his plan had got away from him.

    I am still undecided as to whether that comment is true, and Annihilator later tracked down Hunter and Killer to see if they had any other working examples of that technology, confiscated the remaining working prototype, so that he and the Priestess could incorporate the use of the dampener as a backup contingency. In other words, it’s an addition to their plans made within the last week before implementation. If so, they must have been giddy with joy at how lucky they were.

    Alternatively the ‘kind of got away from me’ comment was an artfully contrived lie to Red Hot, ultimately designed to trick the Young Protectors in general and Commander in particular into thinking the dampener wasn’t available. But that would mean that Annihilator would have somehow set up Hunter and Killer to acquire and use the dampener in the first place (possibly by employing H & K to attack, but far more likely to have leaked to them the info about the dampener’s existence in the dame way he leaked to them the location of the dinner date in Hong Kong). But in that case, why let Commander know about the dampener’s existence at all? From a story telling point of view the reason is obvious: the presence of the dampener in Hong Kong is foreshadowing for its use here – and as I write this I’m considering the possibility that it may get used as some sort of plot device later in the story. But from Annihilator’s point of view I’m not seeing the point.

    Ah well. Anyway. The second point of failure was Spooky disobeying orders. Commander specifically said that if one of the team falls the rest of them were to push on even harder. I’ve explicated this before: it makes sense that Spooky would be the one to do this because he’s an adult rather than one of Commander’s underage charges, as well as having a teasing not-taking-Commander-as-seriously-as-he-should relationship with her. Of course, since then other commenters have pointed out to me that this would be Spooky acting on impulse and in an intrinsically heroic way to rescue Flyboy, rather than Spooky consciously and deliberately choosing to be contrarian. I accept these corrections, and cheerfully revise the nature of the aspersions that I’m casting on Spooky’s character.

    • Very thoughtful and interesting. “Why, no, I don’t fully trust the script page when it proclaims “It’s over. Why do you ask?” Made me laugh out loud. I think you know AW way too well.

      One thought about Duncan’s line during the hell-date, about Hong Kong getting away from him. However, he set it up. It seemed to me that (?) Hunter (I hope I got the name right this time) was really going for invisible Kyle’s death. Now Duncan knew, because Sircea very purposefully handed him the inviso-powder, that they were a comin’, but I don’t think he realized that a defenseless Kyle was going to be blown to smithereens by Hunter. That would have certainly created hell-transport issue for Team Silver.

      So, in that sense, yes it did indeed get away from him. Sure, I can imagine a backup plan if Kyle had died, but I don’t think Duncan was envisioning that in his Hong Kong calculations.

      Regarding, Spooky? I think between him as seen in this novel and him as shared in the prose stories… it’s pretty clear to a fault that he can’t NOT save people (especially the young) in need. Is it a fault in battle planning… certainly… but I’m pretty sure Amanda knows him best and is aware that it is always a risk with him. And yet, the benefits of a Spooky on your side certainly seem to outweigh the risks.

      Time is going to tell us on that one. Thanks for this Saxon. Your analysis always makes it richer.

      • Klaus

        But why did Spooky not throw magic bottles at PP as planned? If she had been kept occupied that way, she may not have had the opportunity to blast Flyboy.

        • That is a million dollar question, Klaus. Spooky seemed to lag off-panel a lot as if he was busy with something else. I know Alex is up to something and the “what” of it piques my interest.

      • Saxon_Brenton

        With regard to the script comments: that’s as much knowing myself as having learned not to trust Alex. I’ve been writing occasional superhero parody original fic in the Legion of Net.Heroes group for something like twenty years now. Usually long form text format, but occasionally other formats as well. And on those few occasions when I’ve experimented with comic script format, I’ve tried hard to write for what the artist would need to make sense of the script. That usually means over-explaining – but occasionally it means making reference forwards or backwards to important details. And from my experiences I’m honestly wondering whether there are small parts of Alex’s scripts that might be being censored in order to not give away spoilers.

        Very good point about the invisi-powder indicating that Annihilator having set the whole thing up. I think I phrased myself badly there. I meant Hunter and Killer turning up with a toy (the dampener) that Annihilator didn’t expect.

        And as for Spooky: do we dare accuse him of having a obsessive-compulsive disorder: can’t not save people? 🙂

        • Oooops… I probably wasn’t very clear. I realize you were referring specifically to this script page, while I was just teasing about our tricksy Alex in general.

          You make an interesting point about needing to redact spoilers on shared pages. I assumed that was just necessary, but somehow I also assumed Alex would only remove the minimum necessary to preserve our enjoyment, yet let us see the page as much as possible.

          I assumed Duncan stole both dampeners and associated tech at the same time… (?), thus I assumed Duncan knew that H&K would have the one in Hong Kong. I never imagined that H&K would have the wherewithal to steal the Dampener-tech from government facilities. (Still that’s just a guess on my part)

          So, I read Anni’s “out of hand” line as that he hadn’t expected H&K to REALLY go for it (particularly in trying to kill Kyle) the way they did. They may have had a deal and then H&K thought it would be to their benefit to double-cross Anni at the last moment. Interesting Hong Kong question, I hadn’t really thought it through thoroughly.

          I also didn’t mean to imply that Spooky’s choices were driven by anything as extreme as OCD. OCD as a factor, would have to be Alex-explained.

          It just seemed in keeping with Spooky’s character as a victim who spent a year in hell and had to rebuild himself from the ground up. As is often said, one’s greatest strengths are also one’s greatest weaknesses. I honestly think Spooky thought he could do both — save Mitch’s life AND stop Duncan. He believed it right up until the moment Duncan torpedoed him. So, IMHO, he was well meaning, just wrong. Conversely, I would have been very surprised if Mitch would have had to die for them to win this battle. So, it’s a complicated call either way.

          Re: Klaus’ potion throwing question below. It’s true that on page 76, during the ‘battle planning’ phase there was two lovely images of Spooky casually keeping Anni in tentacles and smoothly throwing bottled potions at Sircea… (last two panels):

          I think there is no question that this was the intention, but it seemed to me that after getting a shuriken imbedded in his thigh, Amanda’s telepathic communications being ‘overheard’, Sircea’s power and the blast hitting Mitch, Spooky was working at his limits and again IMHO simply couldn’t do it all. So, that part of the initial battle plan didn’t go as planned. I just accepted it.

          Interesting thoughts guys. Thanks and a festive Easter to you all.

    • Indeed very thoughtful.

      Re: Hong Kong and the dampner etc. I think Duncan was expecting to put on a better show than that. He’s relied on his powers for so long, I think he thought he would be fine fighting. He has muscles yeah? He’s done plenty of fighting. How hard could it be? Right? Right?

    • A very thoughtful and thorough analysis with good questions, good character analysis, and good theories, Saxon! Very fun for me to read. 🙂

      (And you are wise not to trust my “It’s over.” note. While the fight may indeed be over, that kind of note is there to indicate the emotional impact I’m looking for Adam and Vero to convey with what we are seeing on the page—it’s not a comment on where we are with the plot. While I’m going to take a light hand with this, obvious spoilers of action on future pages will be redacted from any script pages I post up for the Patreon backers.)

      • Klaus

        However, you have already spoiled this by telling us that there will be five chapters. It is far from over.

  • Organic With Attitude

    Come on Flyboy! You have to save them! Find a way to destroy that thing!

  • I’m waiting for the dramatic moment when Flyboy dives in with “a boulder the size of Colorado” and yells at Annihilator, “CATCH!” Nullifier doohickey-thingamajig goes “crunch” and TYP gets their second wind.

    Anyone old enough to remember might appreciate this, “Congratulations! You just dug a three mile long trench!”

    • Klaus

      What is the range of the dampener? If Flyboy flies into the dampened zone, he is en grave trouble.

      • I doubt the nullifier/dampener has the range to stop a mountaintop traveling at Mach 2. I can accept that Tsunami’s will was the entirety of the kinetic force behind that tidal wave, but an object flying at that speed isn’t going to suddenly fall straight down. If it does then I’m going Stephen W. Hawking on Alex’ butt! Interesting visual, ahem.

        • Klaus

          No, but he will no longer be able to adjust the direction once within the zone, so he would most likely miss. And if he flies at mach 2, the air resistence may well kill him.

          • My thought is that an object moving at that speed has already struck its target by the time it enters the zone. Flyboy is never in danger of going inside, as he only needs to touch his weapon to make it fly. It’s like throwing a really, really big baseball. I place my bets on Flyboy being a great pitcher. Oh, dear, did I type that out loud?

          • *giggles*

          • DC

            He could fly the boulder straight up really high, while he is still out of the dampener zone, then fly over top, staying high up, and then drop it straight down. Hopefully the dampener effect reaches the same radius in each direction.

          • Archidel

            Dropping it straight down could work, but isn’t necessary and less effective than the alternative. Just remember Newton’s first law of motion (the first part anyway): an object in motion wants to stay in motion.

            Which means that Flyboy could simply pick up a projectile, accelerate to Mach 2, aim it at the dampener and let go before he hits the dampener’s field of effect. A stationary target is easy enough to hit. And even a lightweight projectile traveling at those speeds packs one hell of a punch.

    • davefragments

      Newton’s Laws are a real beast to deal with when objects get moving, aren’t they?

      • LOL! you’re right, Dave! I found your comment rather “moving.”

    • Keneu

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    • Klaus

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    And what did you give me? A Kyle Faceplant!
    Shame on you naughty boy. I have the newspaper rolled up and I am tapping my foot. So let’s see how we can work this out: I have a birthday this month, maybe, just maybe, you can worm your way back into my good graces and give Kyle a spectacular moment while giving Sircea a mud bath or proper failure.
    So will it be cheescake splatter or an IRS “We come to take your gold away” April?

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  • Keneu

    The PP looks totally badass in this page. I loved her pose and the magic effect in the first pannel – somehow it suits her nicely. Cool scarifications, by the way. xD
    It hurts to see TYP defeated – Kyle looks specially vulnerable in the third pannel.
    And maybe is just me but I’m sensing a “I did it so the big bad witch wouldn’t kill you” from Duncan.

    • syllibub

      I had a similar thought about Duncan’s brand of whoop-ass being more merciful than whatever Sircea was gearing up to do. Neutralizing them seems to have calmed her down for the time being, at any rate.

  • Damn, talk about bodacious.

  • I kind of have this lingering feeling that Red Pappy will burst out of hell– or come close to it–, call for Kyle, and make him go Demon Saiyan.

    But that might just be my unconscious fantasy trying to make it’s way into a possible canon.

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    (Also hi everybody! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, things have been… interesting here. Miss you guys!!)

    • Mitch. I know Kyle is the hero of this story, but the way everyone keeps downplaying and patronizing him leaves him a good spot to be an “ace in the hole”. We also haven’t seen seen him since Spooky saved him from death.He could totally be up to something. ^_^

      • Now THAT’S an attitude I can admire! 🙂

      • Xalun K

        You know, I’ve been saying Mitch is the man, the guy, the DUDE, and it’s slowly but steadily looking like that is correct. GO MITCH!

        • Madock345

          I hope he is, it would really work in favor of my favorite ship, which I like to call “HotBoy.”

    • Wildroses

      I’m fully on board with the “Mitch is Ace in the Hole” theory but I’m not willing to write off Kyle either. I’m hoping his demonic heritage are going to give him access to powers not effected by the dampner.

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      I feel like kicking the site as I haven’t been able to log in for 8-9 days, and the first suggestion didn’t work, so now they’re trying to figure out a new. And I know I’m not the only one. Who knows how many experience (some) issues.

      • It’s good to know that’s been going on and that they are working with you on it. I, too, have encountered some issues in the couple weeks…

        • I’m waiting to hear back if they’ve figured something out or if there’s something else I can try, but they first sent me a link to try and that didn’t work, so that’s where it’s stuck with so far. I hope it gets sorted out sooner than later. I went from being able to log in occationally to not at all. I think the last time I managed to log in to Patreon was between page 117 and 118.

          • All right. Please keep me posted. If this isn’t resolved by Monday, I’ll reach out to them directly on your behalf.

          • Thank you. I’ll let you know.

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