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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 118

370 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Chapter Three—Page 118

Well, crap.

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So! The Dampener has been activated. The team’s powers have collapsed. And The Annihilator has just hit them hard at super-speed. Are things really ov- for The Young Protectors? Or will they be able to turn this around?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  • Not good. Not good. Not good at all.


  • Nooooo! Anni, you suck!

    • justkeepondriving

      Again, you said exactly what I was thinking. After last time over at Buying Time. Great minds… 😛

  • davefragments

    Duncan is doing his thing and it’s more than expected!
    Bad Duncan, Bad Duncan!

  • DC

    oh Duncan you horror

  • Madock345

    Well, SHIT.

    • Madock345

      *Reads author comments*

      Alex and I seem to be on the same page.

  • Well, well, that bunch of water looks like it still could maybe perhaps take out the dampner. I mean that was a lot of water.

  • ….at least Mitch wasn’t punched by Anni

    • Madock345

      Probably would have hurt less than what did happen to him. 🙁

      • But to have an Anni punch after what PP did? I would go nova.

        • timemonkey

          What would be the point in punching him now, he’s already down? He he was willing to do that he’d be willing to just kill them all.

  • Mir

    I saw this coming! I knew Duncan’s little machine would give him a kick. How dare he even touch Kyle >.>

    • justkeepondriving

      Kyle is gonna be so pissed… Or at least I would be if I were him!

  • I did not realize until this page how out-of-sight Duncan was. From their line-of-sight, it would have looked like he had run off.

    I’m still confused though. Why does Kyle’s (infernal) fire go out, but Sircea still has magic-glowy-stuff going on?

    • Klaus

      It does not work on magic.

    • timemonkey

      Kyle’s fire isn’t magical, this was said by PP after she magically checked him out before the date.

      • Phyre Storm

        No, actually, she said it wasn’t CONVENTIONAL magic. I’m taking that to mean demonic magic is unconventional.

        • timemonkey

          If Kyle’s been spraying magical demon fire this whole time don’t you think Spooky would have noticed?

          • Phyre Storm

            Maybe? But maybe he has to make a conscious effort to detect that kind of thing, and he never scanned his friends for that?

  • Alex, if others have the same problem I have now then they might not be able to pledge in time unless this stops soon. Luckily I already have the $10 pledged.

    I’m unable to log in to Patreon. When I write my log in it loads and send me right back to ‘your’ frontpage where it tells me to log or become a patreon to access material. Strangely enough I WAS logged in about 15mins ago. It was a refresh that logged me out.

    • davefragments

      Patreon was doing funky things earlier so be patient.

      • It’s just that the option to pledge for the $10 high res. art (offered for March only) runs out in a couple of hours, so could be a problem.
        I don’t need to log on now, so I have no issues with waiting until Patreon goes un-funky. This isn’t the time for it to go April Fools 🙂

        • timemonkey

          People can still log in, it just takes a couple tries sometimes.

    • Patreon is being funny for me too.

    • They are currently converting their entire Web site from PHP code to Python code — basically rebuilding the plane as they are flying it. So, I’ve also noticed a few bugs over the last week.

      While I don’t have any control over that, if you or anyone else notices something weird, please reach out to — at least they’ll look into it. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 🙂

  • Toli Bera

    what the? How come he got to keep his zippyness while everyone else fizzled? Hax!

    at least Kyle knows how to deal with it… the question becomes: will there be time?
    or maybe Dad’ll show up and see how his son’s being treated and give Anni a severe ear-twist for being such a naughty lil-goose?

    • David Welbourn

      Obviously, Anni’s force field gadget is protecting him from the dampener, I assume they’re both alien tech from the same aliens.

      • Toli Bera

        or some time travel shenanigans.

    • That thing Anni has on his arm, and he activated, it protects him from the dampener.

      • Toli Bera

        Still gonna call Hax >3>

  • Damn, why isn’t that water hitting the dampener and knocking it away?

    I now want to ask the same question that Kyle asked in chapter 1: How far is the reach of that thing?

  • Fabulous Alien

    No. I mean it. I refuse to consider this page. In my mind, they have defeated the bad guys and are having pizza and ice cream to celebrate their success.

    • I shall join you in this ending! Mmmm pizza!

      • purplefoxglove

        Mmmm, ice cream! Me have craving for ice cream. *joins*

    • timemonkey

      My headcanon says beach party.

  • Even though this was coming for a few pages… I still don’t like it D: Hoping that Kyle might be able to do something here…

    • Klaus

      Kyle just got knocked flying more than 6 m. He is not going to do anything but moan.

  • SofiaT

    Duncan runs faster than you can say “over”.
    And, crap indeed.

  • justkeepondriving

    Everyone’s gonna be mighty bruised and aching for days after this beating from Duncan >.< owww

  • justkeepondriving

    Alex, I thought the Patreon full monty art was staying up until the end of April?

    • It is, but I’m offering something special for those who pledged $10 or more for March. After their pledges clear (and Patreon tells me that’s happened), I’m going to be sending out special high-res JPEGs of The Annihilator Full Monty art which has twice the resolution of the mobile wallpaper (and also shows more of the background.) 🙂

      • justkeepondriving

        Ah I see. It’s a shame I’ll miss out on that, but it’s only fair to all those wonderful supporters who pledged a month ago or more.

        • There might still be time — it’s hard to tell exactly when Patreon pulls the trigger on charging people’s credit cards.

          But this reward has been so popular, I’m going to find something special for the $10+ backers for April too. 🙂

  • AseretZone

    Whoa, wait, did he just SHOVE Kyle into the water?! That’s sure to put a damper on their relationship, if nothing else.

    • Klaus

      I don’t think there is any relationship left to dampen. Kyle will get damp, though.

      • AseretZone

        Well, darn. And I was so rooting for them to patch things up, too.

  • Klaus

    The water keeps its distance from the glass box. Magic? Maybe Tsunami could not have saved the victims after all.

  • Alt+F7

    Oh no, this is the perfect set up for *dun dun dun* a villainous monologue!

  • Don’t forget to vote for your favorite comic —>

    The tallies have started over with the month.

  • Mersharr

    I find it rather interesting that the power dampener works on all sorts of powers from completely different sources…. I’m looking at you Kyle

    • Klaus

      What is a power anyway? The dampener did not work on Hunter’s cyber ears, or on any of his hardware. Is that a suit, How much of that is grafted on, BTW? It did not work on Killer’s martial arts moves. So these are not “powers”, it would seem. It did work on Duncan’s (mutant?) abilities and on Kyle’s presumably demonic abilities. It does not work on magic, at least not on Sircea’s magic.

  • purplefoxglove

    No, no, no, no, NO! I mean, I saw this coming, but still…NO!

  • Tobyan

    Insert Voldemort quote: “You have fought valiantly, but in vain…”

    • “And now young Skywalker you shall see what a fully operational Deathstar can do!”

      • Tyler Griffin

        At Terra in this fateful hour,
        I place all Heaven and it’s Power,
        And the Sun with it’s Brightness,
        And the Snow with it’s Whiteness,
        And the Fire with all the Strength it hath,
        And the Lightning with it’s rapid Wrath,
        And Winds with their Swiftness on their narrow path,
        And the Waters with their Deepness,
        And the Rocks with their Steepness,
        And the Earth with it’s Starkness,
        All these I place, by God’s almighty help and Grace,
        Between TYP and the powers of Darkness

        • Did I ever tell you about that time I played Charles Wallace in a community theater version of A Swiftly Tilting Planet?

          Good times…

          • Tyler Griffin

            OMG! No one has even admitted to getting that reference before! When I was in middle school the Wrinkle trilogy was required reading. L’Engle’s thoughts on interconnectedness and the power to change to world for good through the sheer force of the most everyday and innocuous acts of kindness accumulated from living a life of kindness positivity had SO MUCH influence on shaping my ideas of right and wrong treatment of others

          • Very cool.

            For the play, I had St. Patrick’s Rune memorized. But I’d actually been introduced to it in the 3rd grade. I had a fascination with the occult at that point and one of my teachers introduced it to me as a “spell” to get me to read the book. It worked and I developed a deep love for those books. I’m certain they influenced my concepts of right and wrong quite a bit as well.

          • Tyler Griffin

            That’s awesome! You know, those books are now on the banned book list in about half the public school districts and almost all private religious schools because the Mrs W’s are viewed as witches. Which is so amazingly odd to me since going back as an adult, it’s shocking how blatantly christian much of her writing is.

  • somebody

    aaaaaaawwwwww come on boys!
    beat the crap out of that old man! he totally broke you friends heart, are you not mad enough to get at least 50% stronger?
    I wonder what batman would do xD
    I feel like a cheerleader right now haha

    • Klaus

      50% stronger is far from enough.

      • somebody

        well that’s true…….
        gosh I can’t wait for saturday

        • Guest

          At Terra in this fateful hour,
          I place all Heaven and it’s Power,
          And the Sun with it’s Brightness,
          And the Snow with it’s Whiteness,
          And the Fire with all the Strength it hath,
          And the Lightning with it’s rapid Wrath,
          And Winds with their Swiftness on their narrow path,
          And the Waters with their Deepness,
          And the Rocks with their Steepness,
          And the Earth with it’s Starkness,
          All these I place, by God’s almighty help and Grace,
          Between TYP and the powers of Darkness.

          • somebody

            dude you are really cool

  • TwilightDreamer

    well *beep*……this is SOOOOOO not good DX

  • ProudPlatypus

    He’s skipping them like pebbles D:
    Look like they are all joining poor Spooky in the broken rib club.

  • Adam Black

    Shit, things looks bad…

    BUT maybe not.

    The ritual is probably already ruined.

    Now that everyone is safely down, Annihilator can grab Sircea and leave.

    Then Kyle drowns, becomes a full-blown demon and eats him.


    But why is he Pink?

    Does he have a portable-dampener?

    • Klaus

      The answer to your question is on page 113.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      I keep trying to read this as a poem.

      • Adam Black

        It has potential to rhyme,
        if only the the words, you’d recombine,
        the rhythm following after

  • Adam Black

    Tsumami? More like Tslow-nami


  • Klaus

    It is ov-!

  • timemonkey

    Okay, so the fight is over, now we get to see how effective they are. And if PP and Anni are going to turn on each other it’ll probably be now, she’ll likely want to kill the kids.

  • TheManBehindTheCurtain

    3 things:

    1) PP pwoers are still working so the dampener doesn’t work against magic
    2) I wonder if the dampener is water proof cause it looks like it’s about to get soaked
    3) Mich is most likely well beyond the dampener’s effective area so he may be able to fall back and come up with a plan if he wakes up quick

    • Wildroses

      I was wondering about Mitch as well. Maybe he could use his flight powers to throw something heavy at Duncan. Spooky may be able to stagger back into the fray at some point too. He was last seen bouncing off into the stratosphere, and we haven’t seen him land yet. I’m not willing to discount Kyle either. His demonic heritage might give him access to powers not effected by the dampner. The problem with all three of them is they have all been wounded, possibly badly in Mitch and Spooky’s case. And Duncan may end up turning against the PP. He’s already having moral qualms about their plan, and there was a popular theory at one point that she was planning to betray him.

      • Klaus

        Spooky is shown landing on page 115 panel 3.

  • Eh, I’ve only one bone to pick with this page … okay, make it several. If you get that then your mind is truly filthy. Anyway, my bone is physics. Water that is rushing forward is going to continue rushing forward. Fluid dynamics don’t just stop because a hydrokinetic is no longer directing the wave. Perhaps I’m not seeing it right but the water appeared to stop and drop straight down. My head, I do scratcheth it.

    Aside from that, Gorgeous page, painful turn of events, literally. Alex is a grandmaster of keeping the pace racing and the cliffhangers coming. Okay, I’m stopping now before my dirty mind does more damage.

    • timemonkey

      I don’t think the water has stopped, Anni’s just moving so fast it looks like it’s stopped in that last panel there. Of course PP’s probably going to block it next page or two.

      • Perhaps that is it. I don’t know. I see in panel 1–water rushing forward. Panel 2–water rushing forward like a tidal wave. Panel 3–wave clearly drops straight down ignoring all momentum. Panel 4–splash indicates a radial pattern. This seems to confirm that the water fell straight down. If a telekinetic throws a boulder with his power, does the boulder suddenly lose all kinetic energy once the telekinetic is no longer directing it?

        • Tyler Griffin

          Behold, the mysterious powers of Plot!

  • Pikinanou

    He moves quite fast for someone of his age 🙂

    • One must move fast at his age to evade the long arm of the law.

    • Klaus

      So much to do,. so little time.

  • Finhawk

    And then the great Annihilator ran around bitch slapping everyone with unnecessary force.

    • Cman65

      He is a bad man

  • HelenB

    Maybe this was already in one of the comments and I’m just really late with it… I was re-reading the comic from the beginning and realized that Kyle told Duncan what their weak link was (chapter two, page 11 “Flyboy’s just 15…”). Not that Mitch was the weak link, but that the others would be protective of him. Attacking him would distract the others.

    Not that PP and Anni couldn’t have figured it out themselves.

    Ooo! And the next person that Kyle talks about is Spooky, and he was the second person taken out.

    • Klaus

      Don’t tell Kyle. He feels bad enough already.

      • timemonkey

        You think that was news to them? They already knew their real identities, that Flyboy was the youngest wasn’t going to be anything new.

  • baranchi

    I don’t know why after everything Anni’s already done, but I feel like him punching Kyle in the face without hesitation is the death knell for any chance of him turning his character around.

    • Klaus

      We don’t actually know he punched him the face. But hit him he did.

      • baranchi

        I was mostly saying in the face for dramatic effect, but upon reexamining the comic, it really does look like Anni’s arm is face height when he floors Kyle.

  • bronakopdin



    And really now, how fast can you be Anni!?
    I wonder if he couldn't have done that sooner? And where is Spooky and What is he doing?!?!
    Seeing to Mitch?


    I'm depressed…

    • Klaus

      Spooky is in a bad way. He was first hit by Duncan, with a blow that musthave hurt him badly. And the he was thrown high in the air by an explosion.

      • bronakopdin

        true… I think my brain tried to forget on purpose, my poor Spooky T__T

      • bandanajack

        and he has a bleeding wound too close to the femoral artery for comfort…

  • fujoshifanatic

    *Blink, blink, closes jaw after initial shock* Damn. Duncan has almost annihilated me with stress over this page. I say almost because I know for sure now that the dampener does not work on magic, so…is it Saturday yet?

  • Alex, BUMMER (kidding mostly). Adam and Veronica you are the heroes of this monstrous page. Adam, the level of detail in each panel is so clear and precise, and there is SO much of it, that you may take the rest of the day off, have a cold beer and relax. If Alex gives you grief just send him to us. Veronica the color is so consistent and beautiful. It’s so perfectly clear who is who and where and moving how much. It’s just stunning. Thank you both for making what must have been a major amount of work such a pleasure to look at.

    Ok, AW, I had to laugh at your… “Oh crap.” Yep that about sums this page up! Serious poopage.

    I think the thing that is most amazing about this page is the ON to OFF effect the dampener brings. It’s a complex idea and we see it so clearly in every detail in every panel. Brava/o.

    Panel#1: Seeing where everyone is, is rather wonderful. Tying this in to the last page with Amanda’s head is great. Although I had to laugh at Sofia’s comment about the fact that (in the last panel) “Duncan runs faster than you (or in this case Amanda) can say ‘ov-‘er.” Now that’s too true. The Road-Duncan (beep-beep).

    Damn. I loved seeing the remains of the burning hell-sphincter. It’s easy to forget bits of the detail and nice to be reminded of them. Someone else mentioned that Duncan is a ‘bit’ hidden from sight and that’s sorta true, I hadn’t realized that. Also nice to see Tsu’s wave in relation to everything else. I do sort of agree with Donald Burch about the falling water. In the last page it wasn’t so clear to me that the crest of the wave was about to curl and fall so I thought it might collapse straight down… here it does look as if it might have it’s own momentum. So, I agree with him that it’s a ‘quibble’ but a legit one.

    Of course considering the amassed impossible super powers, magic and alien tech, I suppose it’s rather goofy to worry about physics too much. Ho-hum.

    Panel#2: The dampener rings and the fading of powers and Amanda’s BGTH (big giant telepathic head) is just perfect. I like the way you and Adam flattened the expanding rings as opposed to the canted version in the thumbnails. Just looks better. This is an amazing panel making a very complex set of ideas very clear and engaging.

    Panel#3: Despite physics, did love the falling water. Beautifully drawn and colored. Like the lines trailing Duncan’s charge. Love Amanda’s shocked turn toward Paul and the approaching Duncan, and the little pilot light going out above Kyle’s head. I am surprised that Sircea doesn’t take the opportunity to zap him for singing her cape.

    Panel#4: Well this panel is so right for being so very WRONG. HA. Crystal clear what Duncan is doing. My first reaction (because I’ve recently done a re-read) was an impulse to go back and include links for everyone highlighting all of Duncan’s lies… the burning building full of peeps… setting up the Hong Kong attack (I do think Killer was blasting at Kyle to kill, and that would have slowed down their trip to Hell), also having all the Kontari tech stolen and the alien killed… each and every promise to Kyle pretty thoroughly broken.

    But then I realized, if one doesn’t get that Duncan has been thoroughly false, as a good little villain should be, right from the beginning… either one needs a re-read or they will never understand. So let’s pretend I made the effort and call it done.

    Okay questions… that I’m trying not to call QUIBBLES (like Tribbles they multiply, but I’m trying).

    • So they were prepared for this from the beginning??? Soooo why not have his nullifier on and the dampener on from the get-go and the minute our TYP meddling kids approach have Duncan do exactly this (Sircea could sit and do her nails). Thus, minions are still intact, hell-sphincter is undamaged and Sircea’s cape is unsinged. Why wait until now to go all dampener?

    • REALLY??? As Klaus said somewhere, (paraphrase) ‘power is power’ … So the Kontari could anticipate Kyle’s hell dimension (magic/power/thing), but not Sircea’s? Spooky got his magic during his time in hell… so is he nullified with Kyle? I had a hard time parsing Kyle’s Hell magic from Sircea’s ?-magic.

    Is Sircea from a dimension that the Kontari don’t know about, so her ‘magic’ is different? I was more ready for this scene to happen, but for Sircea’s white light to dampen out also. Power being power… and then after Duncan knocks out the team. They turn the dampener off and she’s back to full juju. Or, I thought we’d see Sircea click her own nullifier on at the beginning of this page. So I did find the selectivity of the dampener here a bit confusing. Not a huge deal, and I’m sure it can be explained, but there you go. Questions and quibbles.

    • I agreed, with all the notes about the dampener being washed away until I read Alex’s note in the script page about it being on its “sturdy stand.” Still it’s looking a little vulnerable there. If it has a little mini-force-field like the one in Hong Kong… that’s not showing. I know, total visual QUIBBLE.

    Well for all those calling for the battle to be over… it certainly seems it is. AW noted that Mitch was “Slammed to earth” by Sircea’s beam and that “Spooky was hit very hard.” So I think it will take magic for them to pop up, so I’m not expecting it, but hey, I never know with AW.

    Thanks for the excitement guys. I think my heart can take it until Friday night. It was time for some glassed in sacrificial dead peeps and a welcome party for Laampros anyway. SO BRING IT! LOL. ‘Til Friday!

    • Matt

      A few educated guesses to some of your questions.

      I still think the original plan for the dampener had something to do with Laampros. Knowing what Kyle was, and that his powers were not conventional, they tested the effects of the dampener on him in Hong Kong. Realizing it worked, I think they planned to use it on Laampros as well (since he and Kyle both technically have ‘hell powers’), either to gain power but stop him from taking over the rest of the world, or to trap or defeat him (not sure how possible those things are), but after they get their youth or immortality or whatever it is they want. Who knows, maybe they are just looking for more leverage to get a better bargain.

      Sircea says that Kyle’s powers were different from the magic she knew, so I’d leave them in their own separate category, and guess that the dampener doesn’t affect “conventional” magic, like Spooky and Sircea’s (the only two magic users we know of who aren’t crazy). My guess is that conventional or ‘old’ magic, or whatever we want to call it is used by so few people, and so unique, that it wasn’t worth including in the dampener’s programming.

      If that was their original plan to use the dampener (which was hidden initially) on Laampros, it will be interesting to see how this attack by the YPs has impacted their plan…

      • That would be interesting. Although, ‘they’ didn’t see Kyle being affected by the dampener in Hong Kong. Duncan was busy with pony tail boy inside and Kyle was invisible, outside, dodging Mr. Blasty.

        The other thing is that Sircea makes the point that Kyle doesn’t function by ‘conventional magic’ as I assumed she did, and only Solomon really understood the ‘old rules’. So that leans me even further away from the Kontari NOT understanding ‘conventional’ magic, but rather understanding something only Solomon supposedly did.

        (chris stomps a quibble until thoroughly dead… and then three more times… just to be safe. lol)

        However, all the rest of your suppositions are certainly as good as my meanderings. For me, I’m just sharing stuff I wonder when I’m reading. There can always be an explanation for anything and if there isn’t… we bring in the FLYING ROBOT NINJA PIGS.


        • Matt

          Great point, and thanks for the link, I’ve been having trouble tracking that page down (Idly wishes for a separate computer screen with relevant tabs of YP constantly open).
          I was just trying to share my own meanderings as well, so we are definitely in the same boat. I agree with your analysis, and was just trying to add to and discuss it.
          I also just realized that in Panel #4 Duncan is moving so fast he is tearing up the earth. You can see the brown trail isn’t present until after he speeds through. Nice detail!

          • Oh he is isn’t he? Dang… so much detail I didn’t get that one. Thanks for that. Now if only Laampros would arrive and eat him. And NOT in the good way. HA!

          • ….he could always do both?

            …wonder if there are any praying mantis type demons?

    • Klaus

      Interesting analysis. One small quibble: Killer did not attack Kyle. He was busy fighting Duncan.

      • Oh sorry… name switch then. I mean the one with the armaments not the pony tail and the sword.

        • Klaus

          Such a long ponytail must be even worse than a cape. Easy for your openent to grab, easily caugt in various machinery.

    • Thank you for another lovely play-by-play, Chris. Fun to read. 🙂

  • Maus Merryjest

    Anni is now irredeemable. He deserves an eternity in hell.

  • Amaya Redfern


  • Anni saved Kyle for last… Significant?

    And what are all the folks in the glass box doing while all this is going on?

    • Klaus

      Dying, I’m afraid.

  • stickfigurefairytales

    Hey! How come Jerky McJerk’s powers weren’t affected?! No fair!!!

  • Comic updates make for some of the best birthday gifts.

    Even though this is just the update day XD.

  • It’s a four-player K.O.!

  • Shinashi


  • bandanajack

    i suppose it was rather naive of us, or at least me, to think that a bunch of wet behind the ears kids, no matter how well coordinated. would be able to take out nearly eternal and rarely hampered bad asses. they are severely overmatched.

    no matter how embarrassing, now would be a good time for the senior heroes to swoop in to save the day, now that the kids have tired the two villains to the point of near exhaustion.

    on another note, has anyone been watching a new one hour drama created by and for PLAYSTATION about a world in which the super powered and the normally equipped humans must coexist? it is called, unsurprisingly, POWERS.

    i am enjoying it, and eddie izzard is quite literally chewing up the scenery…

  • Kaatje Van der Zee

    Where’s Fluke? Cant he turn the bad luck into good and have our heroes win?

    • If you look at the 3rd panel, Fluke was the first to be knocked out when Anni went Speedy Gonzales.

      And that dampener he activated nullifies the Team’s powers.

      • Kaatje Van der Zee

        * insert various Flemish invectives here *

  • KatKaleen

    Yes, “Well, crap” sums it up nicely. If I was a nail-biter, I’d be chewing on my wrist by now. GAAAHHH!

  • Kate G

    Uh oh. And Team YP is down and out in 3, 2…….Anni didn’t even let me get to 1!

    Well, nuts, did you have to knock out Kyle too? What a meanie! You just really want to make my day worse, eh?

    Oh, by the way, there is no better prank than putting Post-It Notes on the bottom of your dad’s computer mouse. He came upstairs holding his wireless mouse, called me a little shit (in jest) and then stood in front of my mom and said, “Look what your daughter did. I thought my mouse needed new batteries when I saw this.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The Post-It note had the word “ha” written all over it. *snort*

    • Klaus

      You need one of those mice that have a power switch on the lower surface. Longer battery life, and instant discovery of post its.

      • Kate G

        My dad’s mouse has really long battery life, but he is just really lazy and doesn’t like turning off his computer so it lasts longer. He thought it was pretty funny. I don’t play pranks on him much, but when I do, I try to be a “clever snot” as he likes to call me. I’ve taken out the batteries to his remote control and then hidden all of the AA batteries for the remote, I’ve hidden his beloved cherry sour candy in the freezer, and put dog cookies in the cookie tins (I had made Spritz cookies for the holidays and bought Zena dog friendly frosted cookies.) My brother ended up ruining my dog cookie prank. That was PRICELESS.

  • Hihi.. I just upped my pledge with 7 cents.

    This now means the amount is 7,077.07 (707707). I got a screen print of it before it changes.

    I just HAD to do that when I saw the opportunity, and 7 is kinda my lucky number 😀

    • *giggles* love you Danish

    • Oh my good goddess, you mad wolf, you are so not kidding. At this exact moment, Alex’s Patreon is at $7,077.07.

      (as our danish wolf takes comic fandom to a whole knew level. woot.)

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      • Klaus

        Someone changes their patronage, and now the floodgates are open.

        • Klaus

          But now it is back to $7,077.07 (from
          $7,067.07 last I checked).

          • And now it’s $7,102 There will always be that rebellion that wants to change their pledge or sign up to change the number. I got people to react 😉

          • Danish wields the power wisely, she does!

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    1 Luck-Boy 2 Miss Bossy 3 All-Wet 4 Little-Red that everybody down in one page Shame PP (or from now on PooPoo) has a damper-damper too

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      Euh… c’est pas un peu déplacé de mettre une photo de tes fesses ici ? c’est pas super classe, hein 😉

  • Nope, nope, nope. Thought time would give me a different perspective. But definitely NOPE. You still kinda suck there Anni. You’re a big fat cheater against a bunch of kids no less. And AND after all you’ve done to Kyle you go and punch him.

    • Yeah… Now would be a satisfying time for Sircea to put a big bow on him and give to Laampros as a bonus. She did negotiate that deal on his arm after all… Ahhhh just thinking about that possible future makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

  • God, I hate that bastard.

  • Katsu Imvu

    “This isn’t ov–”

    Yeah, it’s pretty much over for you. c:

  • WarGoddess

    Duncan: Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!!
    Me: Way to go, channeling your inner France.

  • Sunseahl Silverfall

    Plot twist…. The “civis” in the box are all curious cultists who went to the interview(as none of them seem to be children or even young teens for that matter)… but were kidnapped instead.

  • Dinosaurs=Rawr

    Watch out, looks like we got a badass over here!

    • Klaus

      One could get that impression.

    • If by “bad” you mean totally hot looking ass… Well, yes, I guess we do. LOL.

  • Jojolightningfingers

    Well crap. This isn’t gonna go well is it.

  • Okay is anyone else sliding into ridiculous pessimism after this page, or is it just me?

    I just keep finding myself thinking about every impossibly bad thing that could happen next page. Even if it won’t. Even if it’s very unlikely that AW would EVER go to such silly places. My brain is stupid and won’t do what I tell it to. Even stuff that AW has WOG’d us will not happen … dumb stuff:

    • Sircea blasts an unconcious Kyle to help keep Duncan focused. (I know WOG, I know, I told you…)

    • Someone gets kidnapped by Team Silver. Everyone freaks.

    • Laampros arrives and eats someone we like.

    • Glass box splatter.

    • Laampros kidnaps Amanda and takes her to hell and makes her his Hot Demon Queen. You can customize this, but here you go… (SFW).
    She returns to earth rocking horns, boobage and the whole DQ fashionista thing and promptly kicks Sircea’s ancient butt, seduces Anni, but cuts him off and dumps him in a warehouse naked and… (Wait that’s actually a pretty cool story if you’re a 14 year-old boy… or just immature like me.)

    • Spooky has to go to the hospital and we have to see him wearing a cast (shadddup… it bothers ME).

    • And my WORST scenario — TEAM SILVER gets what they want! (Don’t judge me! I know they’re villains but I’m STILL cranky about the hell-date.)

    Okay, thanks for the therapy gang. It usually requires me spending money at Amazon to get over this stuff.

    • Klaus

      It could be worse. Laampros arrives, The military nukes him. Exeunt the YP and Team Silver. Laampros is now radioactive, in a very bad mood, and there is no Sircea, Mr. Jones or Kyle to stop him.

      The only WoG I know of guarantees only the survival of Kyle. The people in the box have no such protection. I think Alex has put too much effort into Spooky to kill him in the first story, though.

      • All very correct, buy I claim to close relationship to sensible logic. Heh.

    • Klaus

      I don’t see this as overly pessimistic. To take your points one by one

      1) Quite possible. Kyle will, however, prove more resilient than Sircea expects.
      2) Likely
      3) Possible if unlikely
      4) Almost certain
      5) I don’t think so
      6) Very likely. Though he can do healing, so once he is capable of doing magic again, things may speed up. Or he may have something in one of these bottles.
      7) Likely, but if it happens it will be only temporary

      • Klaus, we need to work on your bedside manner. LOL. Basically you’re saying it’s all possible except the Demon Queen one I sorta like… (but thanks for reminding me that Spooky is a healer)

        • Klaus

          That I don’t think so does not mean that it is impossible.

          • Thank you, sir… 🙂

          • Klaus

            Several people have speculated that Kyle’s origin includes time travel. That would work rather well with your demon queen scenario, I think. Only where did he get his red hair? But with demon genetics, who knows what is possibloe?

    • BUT regarding #5. What if she went all Dark Galadriel (you know when she was tempted by the ring) and chose to be dark etc. That’s really not plausible, I think the Commander’s core is too strong for that. But that scene plays in my head reading that suggestion. 😛

      • Are you saying that Galadriel wasn’t as strong as The Commander… Wwwwwwhhhhhaat? Okay, I think I might buy that. 🙂

        • Maybe.

          • Well either way the giant fan would have blown her dress up and she would have turned sepia toned for a moment. I mean even Amanda can’t totally counter-act the costume and makeup department when she’s fighting the insidious forces of evil. 🙂

          • Maybe. But I don’t know if Amanda would be wearing diaphanous gowns in the first place. Of course that would require a WOG from Alex regarding Amanda’s clothing style.

            (Actually I think she was turned into a negative-ish image)

          • Yep that Sauron and his power to desaturate everything around him. An insidious power indeed!

        • Tyler Griffin

          Well, TECHNICALLY Galadriel PASSED the test, she just gave Frodo a glimpse of what he risking in his offer. Additionally of note, since she was was not actually in possesion of the One at that moment, what was seen was actually only representative of what Galadriel could have been had she used to the gifts of her Elvenkind and the ring she already possessed cruelly, wit the One she would have been even much muchier.

          • Hmmmm… I think she’d probably have lost her muchness.

          • Tyler Griffin

            So happy I didn’t have to explain my bad grammar. It’s disappointing how often that line…

          • As long as your eyes grow digitally impossibly large when you say that line… all is well. LOL.

    • Saxon_Brenton

      Ridiculous pessimism? Not really. For some reason my imagination doesn’t seem to want to play ‘Let’s imagine the worst possible outcome’ just at the moment. Then add in the fact that one of the possible story directions that I’ve been expecting is that the big mid-story-fight-scene ends with the bad guys winning – which then gives the heroes the remainder of the story to fix things. (You recognize the story structure: Downer ending to ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and all that.)

      So overall I’m pretty much sanguine. Here, have a chocolate Eater Bilby to make you feel better.

      • Thank you S-B… you are a life-saver. You words and a smart cocktail may just return me to sanity. LOL.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s ridiculous pessimism for me, because I was basically expecting them to lose one way or another. Had it not been here it would have been at another time. It’s more HOW this is going down that has me despaired.
      I don’t like watching them getting their asses kicked this way, and it makes me worry about what will happen after/when that hell gate open and Laampros shows up. I want them at least able-bodied enough to get themself away from there.
      Any possible bad outcome after that, I refuse to think of at the moment. They’ll get away and that’s it. Actually I think I might try to be ridiculously optimistic in stead.

      • Go optimistic Wolf… And take me with you. 🙂

      • Tyler Griffin

        You mean you don’t want to see them all captured and placed in Laampros’s sexy torture dungeon? But, just think of all the RP’s that could be carried out. 😛

        • *Shoves Anni and PP in the way* He can have his fun with them instead. They already invited him to play anyway.

      • Oh, I was expecting to lose, but know that folks are unconscious and vulnerable I’m all emo about it. Blarg.

        • Saxon_Brenton

          Ah, I think I understand now. In that case you’d better steel yourself Chris, because I think the next few pages are going to be unpleasant in that regard. Triumphal gloating and possible monologing from the villains, probable rough handling of the heroes, almost certainly the execution of the sacrifices. (Hmm, you know, up until now I haven’t considered whether or not that’s likely to happen on-screen because of tone-of-comic issues… I mean, Alex was perfectly happy to have Deacon go into arm-ripping-off mode onscreen in Artifice. Have to keep an eye on how that gets handled.) Oh, and the arrival of the demon hordes, who will probably need to be seen to do Nasty Things to maintain their cred.

          One thought that occurs to me is the question of whether or not the Platinum Priestess will push for killing the Young Protectors out of hand and have the Annihilator talk her out of it. However, I still have a nagging suspicion that this may have been a trap for the heroes (things like why Annihilator left Red Hot alive and free to escape back at the warehouse, why Team Silver didn’t have lookouts, and why the power dampener wasn’t deployed prior to the ceremony).

          You know, I was going to say I’m in wait-and-see mode, but the more I think about it, the more I realise that I’m moderated interested in the next few pages. How Team Silver, and the Priestess in particular, react once they have the heroes captured may very well sort out a few long-running mysteries.

          • “…possible monologing from the villains…”
            Oh NOEEEES… the horror… the ultimate horror…

            (I may have to look at this page with my eyes covered until someone tells me it’s safe to look. LOL)

          • Klaus

            Sircea’s magic should be capable of producing mustahces.

          • HA!

          • Sûrement!

          • Klaus

            I just can’t resist posting a link to this fine example of mustache twirling

          • That’s great.

          • Klaus

            There may be reasons not to overuse the dampener. It may wear out quickly, or it may be costly (in resources or in time) or difficult to recharge. Or any of this may apply to the device shielding Duncan from the dampening.

  • Here… it’s not page night… so this might help you. Eddie Izzard explains what will happen to THE YOUNG PROTECTORS when the American Film Industry gets ahold of it and remakes it… watch this and be vigilant!

    • Tyler Griffin

      You mean, Spooky turns Caucasian, Fluke turns into semi hot Brit, Gordon becomes the token Black, and Amanda goes Blonde.

      • Auuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhh…

        (click, beep, boop, beep, bop, beep, beep……)

        person: Dewey, Cheatum and Howe… good afternoon.

        me: Hello! It’s an emergency. I need your toughest lawyers right away. We have to protect Alex Woolfson from Hollywood’s white-washing casting practices!

        person: Don’t worry sir. I’ll transfer you to our Anti-racist-misogynistic-homophia department immediately.


        me: Whew! Just in time…………….. (click)… Hello…..

        • Tyler Griffin

          *stereotypical receptionist/call center voice* Don’t worry Mr. Dangerfield. We have the Woolfson account well in hand, and are working to address all concerns regarding truth i casting. In fact, as a special bonus, Kyle is being reinvisioned as a one dimensional sassy and flamboyant PosterGay as part of our inclusionist market strategy!

          • Auuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh…

          • Tyler Griffin

            lol. Ok. Sorry (not really), but it was funny. I’ll stop now, hee hee hoo hoo hoo

          • I had a horrible QUEER AS FOLK flashback… I’m fine now. (It was all accompanied by the image of Amanda being cast as the super sassy “gal-pal” that made me faint.) Heh.

          • Tyler Griffin

            LMAO, Yeah that would be the true horror, reducing our Commander to the starbucks toting suburban white girl “gay’s best friend”

          • Every time someone say Queer as Folk, my mind backflash to me being around 20 years old and watching the UK version (haven’t seen the US one). Watching an 18 year old Charlie Hunnam, playing a 15yo, in the scene where he’s reacting to getting his “bottom” licked xD

            The first handful of SoA episodes was really weird for me, because it was basically the first time I saw him on tv in another role, and what a difference LOL

            (and in the UK version the BFF sidekick girl wasn’t blonde xD )

          • Tyler Griffin

            Hmmm. from Queer as FLok, to Sons of Anarchy? Yeah…. that would be a heck of a jump, lmao.

          • He had a couple of other (I think minor-ish) roles in between, but I have not seen those. So watching SoA the first time I sat there with a ‘isn’t thaaat?…omg, it is!’ *instant flashback to two guys in the middle of hot tongue kiss* :-p

          • There is a special level of hell (far below where Dante got to) that is reserved for American television executives.

          • I often wonder how they change things. Like, some roles are suddently made to be played by someone who’s PoC, most often to make it more ‘political correct’ (in some cases the gender switches)… and then there’s another movie where they go and make an iconic role that originally wasn’t white, and have a white person play the part.
            Sometimes it’s oki, and could even make sense, but other times it’s just messing with a very known story.

            One of the latest clear examples is the coming movie, Pan, Which is supposed to be the kind of prequel to the known story. Except for one teeny tiny little detail (that had me go wtf???): Tiger Lily and her people isn’t Native American.
            Someone seems to have forgotten to tell the casters that.
            Oh, and she’s also a grown up where Peter Pan is a young boy, but that part seems to be pretty non-important next to them changing this about someone significant. There’s already a lack of Native American figure roles in movie history (outside of a westerns), and then they go and do this.

            Then again, in this movie Wendy is black, so is Bishop, and Mr. Smee is Middle Eastern, so I guess they’ve changed a lot of things around.
            It looks interesting enough, so will probably watch it, but I still find some character changes weird.

          • Tyler Griffin

            So… they cast all their minorities as villains…. interesting

          • I read somewhere that in the series Buffy T-V-Slayer, the character of Willow was originally (in the pilot) an attractive actress of some ‘size’, but then when the series got the go-ahead they replaced her with the thin Willow we all know. I don’t know if that’s true, but I believe it is possible, knowing how Hollywood operates. ARG!

            Because we know that if any of us are not genetically perfect we can’t be on television. The genetic lottery does suck. BLARG.

          • In many of the early TV westerns (think pre-Bonanza… or the Lone Ranger) type stuff… the Native American’s were often all played by Jewish actors with lots of tanning lotion applied. Once you know, it’s almost impossible to un-see. It’s pretty appalling.

          • Klaus

            Sometimes it is about he actors. When they made the Daredevil movie, the director knew just the man to play the Kingpin of Crime. That is why he is black in the movie though he is white in the comic.

          • Tyler Griffin

            That’s true, and I loved that change.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Yeah, but the Kingpin was a white supremacist, which made the change a little weirder. And also the Daredevil movie was terrible (or so I am told).

          • Tyler Griffin

            I liked it, all the comic book to movies from that particular era were kinda bad, not as bad as armor nipple Batman era, but still kinda bad. Marvel was testing the waters to figure out what worked and what didn’t, desperately trying to stave off bankruptcy, and selling “Good” titles left and right for fast cash windfalls. So, If you go into it knowing that and expecting the odd pendulum swings from slight under/over acting and melodramatic set ups against semi underwhelming followthroughs. They are not unenjoyable, just don’t go into it expecting a precursor to the current Marvel Studios era

      • Adam Black

        Is Fluke Jamaican or Nigerian ?
        I could get behind this

        • Tyler Griffin

          I think Fluke is just your ordinary run of the mill American black guy, but Tsu is a pacific islander? or something like that? Isn’t he? SO he is actually a separate ethnicity from Fluke

  • $7,102.07 (page day woot)

    • Klaus

      It has been fluctuating between $7,102.07 and
      $7,097.07 for some time now.

      • That’s okay… I try not to check too often, that way it seems as if it’s steadily going up, which it is.

        Right now it’s $7,092. So it’s clear that a couple of people were agonizing over that extra $5 for a hi-rez Rum-Locker Duncan and, honestly, I don’t blame them a bit. You know it’s going to be delicious. This awesome fandom is clearly doing what they can and it’s a lot. The Patreon has come a long way in a short time.

        We’re going to reap the rewards. Alex just spilled the beans in his Patreon WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY post that, “I’m still super busy with that new Spooky short story…” Erm… serious WOOT!

        The woot-age shall continue! Onward!

        • Klaus

          I did reduce my patronage back to $5 as soon as the March payment was collected.

          • The Patreon email interface is not tremendously sophisticated, Klaus, and is set up for recurring payments. When all the payments have been processed (should happen by Monday) I will be sending out an email to “$10+ Patrons who have been processed at $10+”. If you would like to receive the reward you paid for, please make sure your pledge is at the $10 level until you receive your reward.

          • Klaus

            Thanks for the heads up.

    • Klaus

      We have symetry again. $7,099.07

  • davefragments

    Tonight – – will we find another YP’s dilemma or a plot twist of Hitchcockian proportions or a Shakespearean “leave them on a bloody dead stage” update?

    • I vote for tragedy tomorrow, but comedy tonight. (hey?)

      • davefragments

        I, Milos Gloriosis. . .

  • Phyre Storm

    Waitaminute. Why are Sircea’s powers still working?

    • Eland

      Two Theories.

      1. Magic is something else entirely from the other sort of “superpower” we’ve seen.
      2. She has a glowy special orb too.

      I personally think it’d be the former, myself. As it is, we cannot see Spooky anywhere to see what his response to the device is. I don’t remember any magic interaction with it in the past, so I cannot remember whether it affects magic users or not. He may be the best hope for TYP, but he’s sort of outnumbered and outpowered alone, I say.

      Although they may have gotten ambushed, it’s sort of clever of PP&A to target Spooky, whether it was simple reaction to his domination of their situation or just a convenient sequence of events. It so far seems as though they clearly expected some superpowered resistance.

      Just my thoughts on that. : )

      • SofiaT

        During the Hong Kong Date, Kyle’s powers were affected but he was still invisible thanks to the magic power.

        That shows that the dampener doesn’t work on magic.

        • hmmm – I think it’s not really consistant to make a difference between magic and superpowers – manipulating fire or water are classical magic skills – but hey – it’s not my comic universe – I can accept it.

          • Being a fire- or water bender could also be some kind of telekinetic power where each of them can manipulate one element.
            Like how Mitch also can make an object pretty much weightless by touching it.

          • that’s right – but i think it’s still the same – if we make a high fantasy story we call it magic – if we make a modern one we also can call it superpower.

          • Phyre Storm

            Kyle doesn’t just move fire, though. He makes it.

          • Oh, I got that said wrong. Instead of telekinetic I should just have said kinetic, since his ability is pyro kinetic (included being able to create fire) where as Gordon’s kinetic powers seems to be water bending only.

          • SofiaT

            They’re both supernatural but seem to have different origins.

            Even Kyle’s brand of “magic” is different than Sircea’s, which would explain why the dampener works on him but not her.

    • OMG, thasssssss what I said!

  • I should be sleeping, but instead I’m still up and slowly starting to get tired here now when camp will soon start. Typical as I’ve been so sleepy all day and suddently my energy boost came way too late xD

    Now I just hope I won’t crash before the page. Might try to get a short nap soon, if I feel I can sleep.

    • Hang in there. xD

    • Total diversionary tactic to try to be first on the new page… if any of you fall for this… I have no sympathy. LOL.

      • Danish? Use subterfuge to get the v on a new page? Surely not! *sarcastic shock face*

      • No fun at all this time. I just laid down again, trying to get a nap and no luck. It’s now 4.40 am and I have to get up again at around 8.45 (from when ever I sleep – or IF I get to sleep).
        If I Do get really sleepy before the page is up, I’ll have to skip camping and see the page after waking up.
        Otherwise I’ll have to wait to sleep until noon-ish >.<

  • Amaya Redfern

    I leave for Texas tomorrow morning! And on a plane instead of driving! *sighs in contentment*
    Unfortunately I know I won’t be sleeping because stress lol, so I am here to camp!

    • Yay for camp. Do I assume Texas is home?

      • Amaya Redfern

        Yes, it is. I get to see my family and my boyfriend – been four months! 😀 Its only for a week (spring break) but I’ll actually be moving back not long after, so I’m not too bummed about it ^_^

        • So yay for going home!!

          • Amaya Redfern

            SO excited!!! 😀

          • Yayyyy… my point! Have a wonderful trip. 🙂

        • Spring break + boyfriend + 4 month absence + not having to drive… What happens in Texas stays in Texas… Have a wonderful time.

          • Amaya Redfern

            I should be offended but…well…hehe

          • It’s hard to be offended at, Chris 😉

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Hope you have a great flight, and an even better visit home!

  • hmmm. I need a nice firm pillow for Rory.

    • Yup! *hugs Axis tight* I may also have a Rin/Haru one and smaller Suga one… 😉

      • Rory is almost life size…I am 5.5ft and it is almost as long as I am tall.

      • Sapfo

        only a small Suga? But?

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          • I was not expecting as much as she sent….

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        • Going okay. A bit of a headache again, but doing okay.

          Granted I almost bit the dust while cleaning up after making cookies yesterday. Turned around to put the Kitchen Aid away (we call it the beast because the sucker is like 20 lbs, its one of the bigger ones) and my dog had laid down right behind me and I hadn’t seen him. I don’t know how, but I caught myself. Had a whole slew of thoughts while this was going on. It’s interesting what goes through your head at such a moment.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Oh my goodness! I’m so glad that you managed to catch yourself!!

          • Me too! It really is a surprise that I did.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Maybe Spooky caught you with one of his spells!

          • YAY!! It’s now headcannon!

          • Spooky likes cookies!

          • Alex, does Spooky like oatmeal cookies?

          • SHADDDDUP… of course he does. Only the heathen and godless don’t like oatmeal cookies……….

          • You never know. There are such heathens.

          • Well… that IS hell. “No oatmeal cookies.”

          • True…

          • Spooky has not met a cookie he has not liked.

            Well, maybe the really dry supermarket ones. But with milk, they can often be saved.

          • This is good to know!! If he did indeed save me from disaster yesterday, then I owe him a plate full of the oatmeal cookies. 🙂

          • And then he would gladly eat the whole plate right there and then. 🙂

          • Yay!!

          • All your baking passed before your eyes?

          • Ha! No. I did wonder how we’d replace the beast.

          • Kitchen Aid or the Dog?

          • Well as I was carrying the kitchen aid and moving away from the dog.

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        • I already have 🙂 And Reeshan have been a voting confirmation option for me a few times on TWC now. Either as one of the three names and/or the image.

  • davefragments

    Are we going to see the skies open and demons come through?
    Or are we going to have a few pages of “evil overlord” monologuing?

    Maybe a barbecue with George?
    Tonight is like one of those songs from Sweeney Todd — “Have a Little Priest” comes to mind with all sort of giggles and smirks about dark matters.

    • One of my favorite songs in the world. When I saw Angela Lansbury (with Len Cariou) sing that song it was perfection… “Just a little FAT… Where it SAT…” so perfect.

      • davefragments

        I have a DVD of the stage version with Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou. She’s so utterly demented in that version and such fun.

        • I enjoyed parts of the film, but that is what Helena B Carter couldn’t bring to the role… was that mad cap happy comedy that Angela brought. I mean Mrs. Lovett was already talking about making people into meat pies… you don’t have to add to that… you play against it, and have fun. I’ll bet that video is lovely.

          It’s sorta like Laampros TRYING to be scary. Dude! You’re already there… have fun.

          • davefragments

            They took the funny comedy parts out of the movie. It’s a comedy first and a horror second.

          • DFrag speaks truth!

  • LOL.. I just went to the Patreon site and tried to log in (still can’t, but know it’s a Patreon bug). I now see that he tnumber ends on .00 again, so someone gave something that ends on .93 because I haven’t been able to log on to change my pledge back from the 7 extra cents ^_^

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    • Good morning, Ms Strawberry!

    • Morning! ^___^

    • Adam Black

      looks around …
      ‘good’ you say?

      • Sapfo

        well there some more words in there, like morning, if you like to be a morning. Or people, you might feel more like people. You dont have to be good.

        • Adam Black

          well i definitely dont want a morning.
          I would have no where to put it.

          depends. You say they are good, but what flavors do they come in?

          • Sapfo

            Well when it comes to people you could add flavor. I heard of some using whipped cream and chocolate sauce uses. I think however gravy would be a bit harder to use.
            Edit, all in a non cannibal way…. just saying …. o.O

          • Adam Black

            I’m supposed to add flavor myself?
            Thats too much work, I’m an american. This is an outrage.

            NO, I expect the flavor, pre-injected, home-delivery,
            30 mins or less Or I get my money back.

            what kind of outfit are you running?

          • Oh YOU… You just need a good spice rub or a nice marinade and you’ll be fine.

          • Adam Black

            finally someones talking sense.
            @smsif:disqus . You need to add this person to your flavor team.

            Cleary they dont understand the american market.

            So , Mr @chrisdangerfield:disqus Sapho will need to your list of 50 available people marinades.
            and so do I , I am getting hungry

          • Sapfo

            you really think there is a makert for this? USA is a strange place.

            Oki Chris, what would you like to cover people in?

          • Adam Black

            why wouldnt there be a market?

            wait, you mean you were just giving away free samples?

          • Sapfo

            I am handing out the flavor bit. You need to find a partner yourself to like it of. That part I can not provide for you at this moment.

          • Adam Black

            wait, I get your angle.
            These people are addictive , arent they?

            First time is free, and then you have customers for life.

          • Sapfo

            Well i got the idea from coca cola flavored condoms. No! I mean! I have no idea what your talking about. *Panic*

          • Adam Black

            You get your flavor man ready;

            I want an order of honey-BBQ blonde,
            and a side order of teriyaki Red-head,

          • Sapfo

            Sorry Sir! It seems you are living outside the deliver area. Maybe you should try someone a bit closer to your residens. *Deeeep*

          • Adam Black


          • (omg chris gets a lubricious shiver)
            Uhhhhhh… ung… well the choices are myriad… let me just thannnnnk about that for an hour. Nom nom nom.

          • Adam Black

            I’m sure a few things….come…right to mind

          • Who’s … yours or mine?

  • syllibub

    So, fine, they’ve managed to knock out the kiddos after a (what should be, for two infamous supervillains) embarrassing struggle, but aren’t they more or less hosed now that the ritual site is destroyed? Way back when Duncan was brooding over the Hostage Cube, Sircea made it sound like any mishap would put them in serious jeopardy, and this is pretty disruptive.

    • stickfigurefairytales

      True, but maybe all of the stuff that got destroyed was just stage dressing. Maybe all they really need is the key in the blood orb and maybe the hostages.

      • syllibub

        You’re probably right. I guess they would have been more panicked when Tsunami knocked down the hell ring if it was a critical piece of the ritual.

    • Madock345

      As far as I’ve seen, their accomplishments extend to knocking the circle over and setting it on fire. I get the feeling any problems caused by knocking the ring over will be more than made up for by having it be spewed with hellfire. (Hellfire that is specifically tied to Laampros, even.)

      My bet is they’ve actually made it way easier for him to cross by throwing hellfire around and filling up the area with the very demon-friendly energies of violence.

      • syllibub

        Good point! I would have expected Spooky to think of that, though — that’s why I wondered.

    • I just keep thinking that Sirc. @ 6,000 years old would have figured out how to do all this without getting her cape singed… I mean six thousand years… after all?

      • syllibub

        She must not have been expecting Kyle’s particular brand of righteous rage. Hell hath no fury?

        • OMG… so right… as a homo scorned! Ohhhh it looks bad for Duncan.

        • davefragments

          Is it possible she underestimates humans?

      • Madock345

        She did say she lost most of her power and youth when the thing happened that drove all the magic people crazy. So she’s working with a body that suddenly isn’t as strong and fast as she’s used to, and powers that don’t work as well as she expects them to, maybe a lot of powers that don’t work at all. Not surprised she’s coming off a bit rusty under the circumstances.

    • Tyler Griffin

      I’m wondering if the gate is less than necessary for Laampros’s arrival. Like, Duncan didn’t need a gate for his initial transaction. The Gate created itself within perimeters set by the spell. The Gate probably made things much easier by providing a structure, But may not have been entirely required?

  • So just watched TMNT. It was actually better than I thought it would be. Granted the plot was nothing original, it was still fun.

    • …which TMNT?

    • stickfigurefairytales

      Good to know!

    • davefragments

      The very first (long ago) TMNT did me in for that franchise.
      If I can watch it for free then I will but I’m not paying for it.

      • I’m trying to remember how it would compare. The mythology was a bit changed in this one.

        • davefragments

          I have some friends I play “Dave Craps on a Movie (Again) and play critic. Lately, I’ve only gone to the theater or used Pay-Per-View for movies I like but sometimes there is a real stinker. I remember that very first one. It was worse than THE LAST AIRBENDER which falls into my category of the worst ever adaptation of children’s movie. The Marky Mark decided to be a Texan and play opposite a stuffed animal. Now those two movies were bombs of the purest stench imaginable.

          • Well anything with Marky Mark is a big turd just for the sake of having Marky Mark in it.

            I think this was better than that, probably a lot better than that, but it’ll eventually make it to Netflix.

          • I agree. He peaked with his teen underwear bill boards… poor thing.

          • A bit. He then opened his mouth beyond Good Vibrations.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            Why don’t you get Netflix? Then you wouldn’t have to pay for individual movies.

          • davefragments

            I thought about it but for a long timeI had to be frugal.

          • stickfigurefairytales

            You might also be able to get movies from your local library. A lot of them offer DVDs too.

          • davefragments

            I just watched the Blu-ray of INTO THE WOODS tonight. Tomorrow, I will listen to the director’s commentary.

          • I want your review.

          • davefragments

            I like INTO THE WOODS. I think it’s a great movie for kids and adults. But then, I’m a Sondheim fan.

          • me to.

          • Ant-Man

            you can find lots of free movies here_ i hope you enjoy


      • Ant-Man

        you can watch it for free here_ along with lots of other movies- i hope you enjoy_

  • davefragments

    I was going to give this as one reply but I was laughing so hard at it, I had to share it all. . .
    My Niece offered to babysit a yorkshire terrier puppy name something officious like “Miles” of some other foo-foo name. That little puppy is bad. It won’t learn what a pad is. It won’t wait for outside. It terrorizes the bigger dog. It’s on;y ten pounds of Yorky but that’s all it takes for a Yorky to be bad, bad, bad, So for a week, my Niece and her son had to play cleanup. They are puppied-out.
    The other night she gets home and her son says “I think there’s a tur-d loose in the house.” And she asked why?
    He says that the little doggie decided to have a dump and part of it stuck to his fur, scared him and he ran away under his mother’s bed. Her kid never found the little remnant.
    SO they renamed the dog “Dick”. . . They told the owner of the dog when she came back from her trip and now the owner calls the puppy “Dick” too. And not it answers to that for as much as it will be good.
    The adventures of small doggies.

    • davefragments

      Aw well, I guess you and to be there!

  • Sapfo
  • Elin Gregory

    So ….. does this mean that up to now Duncan has just been humouring them? Seeing what they’ve got? But now he’s bored.

  • Alan Michael Williams

    “Are things really ov- for The Young Protectors?” — haha, that’s my kind of silly humor.

    “This isn’t ov–!”
    “Actually, yes, yes it is.”

  • Dakejev

    This page made me go “Yessss!”. I like Duncan being a badass, but then I’ve been rooting for the villains as soon as this battle started. =D